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Look at This and Then on This LooK at TWs and Then tn TliU
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tt Will Cost the People Ton Million
Tlio Young Kmperor tlio God of the
Nation His Character and His
Kdiic.-Ulon The Chinese
Holy of llolicti.
Contesting For Matrimonial Honors.
PEKISO , Dee. 8. [ Special correspondence
ol THE BuiJ All Peking is excited over the
boy emperor's marriage. The bride was
selected n few days ago and the first ofllcial
announcement appeared in the Peking Ga-
tottc. Now somewhere near a million
Chinese tongues are wagging inside of
orange-colored cheeks about the new empress
nnd the highly rouged daughters of the
Mnnchu nobility are wondering what kind of
a looking girl she is , and are envying both
her and the two sisters who have been
chosen to rank us the highest of the Imperial
Tlio announcement of the Peklnc Gazette
is ofllclal. It comes from the innermost
recesses of the forbidden city , nnd It was
dictated by the empress dowager herself. I
quote It in the translation which the
Chinese writer of our American minister
bus nrcparod for thu state department at
"Washington. It requires only one page of
the Peking Gazette to print It , and this
means u space not longer nor wider than the
back of a long ofllclal envelope. It reads :
"Special edict of the empress dowager. "
"The emperor having rovciently succeeded
to hU exalted inheritance , and Increasing
day by day in maturity , it is becoming that
lie should select a virtuous consort to assist
In the administration of the palace , to con
trol tlio members of his houshold and to encourage -
courage the emperor himself in upright con
duct. Let , therefore , Tet-Ho-Na-Ln , a
daughter of Deputy Lieutenant General
Kiiol Hslang , whom wo have selected for her
dignified and virtuous character become em
press. "
"Let Ta-Tn-Lu , ngod fifteen years , n
daughter of Chang Hsil , formerly vlco presi
dent of the board , becaino the secondary con-
lort of the first rank , and Let Ta-Ta-Lu ,
aged thirteen , also daughter of Chang Hall ,
formerly vice president of the board become
Imperial concubine of thu second rank. "
"Bcspoct thla. "
AI.MO.NH-milli I.OVI.IX1S9.
Thus Is settled n question which 1ms boon
pitntmg the Chinese court for the past
year , nnd which has cost thu families of the
Munoliu nobles mouths of trouble ) , hundreds
of thousands of cash and an incalculable
amount of bitter disappointment , China
has been ruled for more than two centuries
Iy Munehurlans , Poking has Its Chinese
city and its Tartar city , and the emperor is n
full-blooded Mauchu. It Is prescribed by
the IUWB of the court that lie nhall wed no
ono but n Manchu maiden , and during thu
pant year thu distinguished Muuchu papas ,
having daughters between the ngos of twelve
and eighteen , have been required to send
them to Poking In order that they might bo
inspected by tlio empress .dowager with a
view to tlio selection of such a seemed good
tor the Imperial harem , The first inspection
was hold last spring. The maidens came by
hundreds from Poking nnd from other
northern parts of the empire. They wore
convoyed in carts from their homes to the
palucuand their delicate frames wcro jolted
like jolly through tbo ruts of the Poking
tracts on tucfto springiest ) , heavy , box-liko
vehicles. Each girl was dressed In all the
tttravagunco of Chinesecostume. . Her
hair , rich , black and lustrous , was.
combed out over a bar a foot long
nt the back of her head , so that It stood
out for six inches on each side. Her face ,
originally of a delicate cream , verging upon
the bloom of the large yellow peach , was
overlaid with rouge ana paste , nnd her eyes ,
coal black , were [ lightened m color by arti
ficial means. The Manchu girls uro the most
beautiful in Chum , und an unadorned maiden
with her soulful eyes looking out of tneir
narrow , almond-shape slits is enough to stir
the blood of the coldest Caucasian. She is
plump and luscious , and she has not thu dis
gusting compression of foot which is always
associated with her Chinese sister. There
are no pipe-stem legs and mutilated feet
ubout the palace of the emperor of China ,
and the empress will probably wear a No , 2
These hundreds of mandarin's daughters
weio Manchus , mid they were the prettiest
Manchus In China. Their carts were led
through wall after wall through the great
city of Peking , and they arrived at the
palace at 12 o'clock in the morning. Much
of the work of the Chinese court is done in
the night , and it was dark when they wcro
curried across the little lake inside the
palace grounds und they ate their breakfast
at 3 a. m. , when ttio icst , of Peking was still
sleeping. After this they were given a little
tlmu for primping ami powdering , and they
were then ushered into the presence of the
empress dowager in groups of four and five.
Each girl curried a tablet bearing her name
and ago and these were handed to the em-
pi ess , who put questions to the young ladies
anil passed upon their beauty. The only
men picscnt were thu court eunuchs , of
whom I will speak further on , and the unsuc
cessful candidates were passed over to these
with orders that each should bo given n piece
of silver in the shape of n shoo , which
weighed exactly one ounce , nnd bo sent
away , 'ihu gicut majority of tlio maidens
wcro dlseurued at this first Inspection ,
Thu remainder wcie asKcd to come again ,
At thu second inspection a closer examina
tion was madu and thuro was n further
needing out of the least beautiful
ot the maidens. At this time the unsuccess
ful candidates were each given a roll of silk
and at thu third inspection which took placu
In the latter part of last month , the hundreds
had been reduced to fifteen , and it was from
these fifteen that thu above three were fin
ally chosen.
The mm Huge Is to take pluco on thu saino
day that President Harrison is to bu inaug
urated , and the preparation : ! for It have been
going on for months , Thu board of rites and
ceremonies have decided that It shall bo as
economical us possible , but they agree that It
must coat at leiiBt eight million tauls , which
Is considerably over $10,000,000. The royal
factories uro already at woi k making silks ,
satins , and other things for it , nnd collec
tions are being made In thu various provinces.
This wedding Iswith ono exception , the only
murriugo of an emperor in this way slnco
Hit I. The last emperor , Tung Chi , was mar
ried in Ibi'J. Ho was like the present emperor ,
u boy when he useended thu throne und his
empress was chosen in the sumo
way. Three ilnys before tlio wedding
ho sent the bride her phojnlx robes , and 01-
derud thu priests to burn incense at the altar
of hcuvcn as ho "was ubout lo marry Aleuteh ,
the good , \vlso and virtuous daughter of
Cheng , " Presents poured In from every
part of the capital , and on the day before the
marriage a tablet of gold was sent to the
bride , upon which was engraved the edict
elevating her to the thiono. The bride Is
hero known as the phumlx nnd the emperor
is known as the dragon , and the union is that
of the phuiiiix und the dragon , A grand procession -
cession escorted the bride to the palueo. A
Muuchu prlnco was nt Its head nnd thirty
wnlto horses followed behind. The dowager
empress received the bride. She stepped
from her sedan chair on to a golden saddle
nnd from that Into her hcine. It will bo the
same with the murriogo of this emperor , and
the empress will rule the isdies of the im
perial household. The number of females In
the royal harem Is not accurately known.
The emperor has tlio right to seven Icgnl con-
cublnos and to an unlimited numberof Illegal
ones. Every third year nftor March next
ho will receive the daughters of the
high rnnlt Muuchu officers over twelve years
of ut'o.aiid Will choose such as ho pleases for
the palace. Such of his secondary wives as
bear children to him will continue to remain
in the palace. The others may be restored
to liberty when they reach the ago of twenty-
five ycais. Muuchu girls consider it u very
great favor to be taken into the palace , and
their families regard it an honor. They have
no trouble in finding husbands if thny are
permitted to come out again , but wliilo In
the palace they associate with none but the
king and his eunuchs.
The ennuehs of the palace are the most in
fluential men of the court. They have been
the servants of the Chinese emperor as fur
buck us the time of Christ , 4iud they uro
mentioned in Chinese history as existing
1000 H. C. There uro : ) ,000 eunuchs in the
imperial palace at Peking according to a lute
report on tlio subject to the state deportment ,
nnd this report stutes thut no person not of
royal blood has the right to possess or em
ploy eunuchs , ft states that princes
and princesses of royal blood , sons
nnd daughters of the emperor
may use thirty eunicbs , but that nephews and
younger bens are restricted to twenty.
Every fifth year each of certain princes of
Chinu nro required to furnish for the use of
the palace eight yoiiui ; cunichs , and these
princes are paid about three hundred dollars
apiece for thum. The eighteen lama priests
who supply the spiritual wants of the ladies
of thu imperial household nrc cunichs , und
the two or three thousand men of this class
in divided into de-
the palace nrn forty-eight -
paitments. They have each their duties and
those of ordinary rank receive from two to
twelve dollars u month. They make more ,
of course , by their percentage on tlio sales
made to tlio palace , and some of them ,
through oftlcial favor , grow quite wealthy.
This is especially so as lo the favorites of
the empress dowager and thu leading ladies.
One of the eunichs of the court grow angry
a week or bo ago because n wealthy China
man , who lived not far from the pulicu
wails , had sent up a sky-rocket , the shaft
of which happened to full in his yard. Ho
concluded to bo revenged , and taking tlio
empress to the top of her palace , he showed
her this man's residence und told her that
she ought to hnvo It for n certain purpose ,
llu peisuaded her that ho was right ; und us
the em pel or und empress are supposed to
own nil China , a notice was sent to this
Chinaman that he must raise Immediately an
enormous sum of money or his palace would
bo confiscated by the empress. Ho could
not raise tlio money. Ho did not want to
give up his-palaco and In his despair ho hung
himself. This was about three weeks ago.
The empress dowager who , notwithstand
ing the boy empororhas ascended the throne ,
still remains empress regent , Is ono ot the
mist remarkable women In Chinese history.
She has ruled China for twenty-five years ,
and she became empress legcnt In connec
tion with the eastern empress in Ib51 , when
the emperor lilon Feng died , leaving
two wives , Tim custom cmpiess died
six years ago , and there was at this
time n great excitement in Puking because
it was thought thut thu western empress , or
this noted Lay , who was the leul ruler of
China , was sick. The most noted doetois of
China were culled to court. Their medi
cines availed nothing , and they visited Dr.
Dudgeon , an eminent Scottish practlc-
tioner of Peking , nnd nsked him for some
medicine iiud advice. Dr. Dudgeon replied
that if thu empress wanted his services ho
could call him In , hut that he did not intend
to risk advlco and medicine at second hand.
The result was that the eastern empress
died , und the present empress dowager
ruled , During the last sickness of thu em
press she could for a long tlmu tnko only
milk , nnd It took sixty wet nurses to keep
her allvo. The present empress regent Is
now over fifty , and she Is said to bo well
formed und dignified , Hho combs her hair ,
1 am told , in this butterfly fashion
common lo the Mnnchus , having horns
six inches long at the back of her
head , nnd she fastens It with a gold hairpin.
She Is rather independent In thought , and
does us she pleases , regardless of Chinese
ettlquette. She U said to practice archery
inside the walls of the puhr.-c , and she isio-
ported'as having taken lessons In boxing
from an old eunuch. Minister Den by tells
mo that she studies and understands all sub
jects committed to her , and that Hho is very
industrious. Ho thinks she will go down to
history us ono of the grunt rulers of the
world , and says that thiough her , China has
attained Its present high position among thu
From this , however , it must not bo thought
tLut Minister Denby has over seen the
empress regent. Not even the Chinese
see lier , anil she receives the most noble of
tlie court behind n gauze screen. Every
Chinaman who appears before this screen
1ms to get down on his knees and bump Mis
head against the floor , no matter if ho bo
Li Hung Chany or one of the princes , and
it is Impossible for an American to conceive
the sucrodness and the awful divinity which
hedges the body of the emperor and this em
press. The palaces themselves are sur
rounded by n yellow tiled wall , more than
two miles in extent and many feet high , and
around this tlieio is a wide moat. The in
terior is called the carnation prohibited city.
At the gates of the wall arc ofllcers in uni
form , and no foreigner over .steps within it.
The ordinary Chiimman never gets inside ,
and the masses of the empire suppose that
the palaces within are upheld by gold and
slier pillars. They thmlc they are walled
with precious jewels and that their majesties
walk on pavements of gold. Outside of this
city is the impenal city , which has a wall
fifty feet high , nml which is so wide at the
top that four good si/.ed carriages could bo
driven abreast upon it. H is from this wall
that the stranger can get his only view of
the palaces of the Chinese empire. They are
n wilderness of broad buildings covered
with curving roofs of bright yellow tiles ,
which glisten like gold under the bright sun
of noithern China. They look moio UKO
temples than palaces , and there aie many of
them centuries old.
Yellow is thn Imperial color of China , ana
his mnjesty'H foot is too holy to step upon
earth of any other hue. When ho goes out
side of the palueo walls the sticets through
which his procession is to pass is covered
with yellow el iy , and I saw u hundred liaif-
nakcil Chinese coolies pushing this in from
the country m wheelbarrows through the
frosty wintr.v air as I started for the Chinese
wall. The empress dowager was to have an
outing on the following day , and these miles
of dirty streets were being prepared for her.
lleie ana there shops whieti hud been erected
wcro being torn down , and the wide streets
of the Tartar city , whlcn are usually filled
with booths like those of n fair , were
being cleaned for the royal procession. Mat
ting was being hung up before the houses ,
and navy blue cotton was stretched across
the Hide btreets. No human eve outside thu
court must ever rest upon the emperor or
empress , and when they go forth all nro
warned to remain m-doors , and the foreign
ers receive notice through their ministers
that they must not appear on certain streets
at such times , nor can they go out while the
imperial piocession is passing. The proces
sion has archers with It , and there are few
shots so good as these Chinese bowmen. A
peeping Tom Is liable to get an arrow in his
eye , and tha Chinese got down upon their
knees mid kotow behind the mats.
TIIIMTi ; ! ) AS A HOD ,
There are certain gates in the city which
are never used except for the emperor , nna
in addrcbsing the throne oven the highest
ollleiuls and nobles act as though thov were
addressing a god. I have before mo a me
morial of Li Hung Chang , in which he states
that "upon bended knees as u slave ho looks
upward towards his sacred master and pios-
tiatobegs to say , "
The emperor of China IB the god of the
people. Ho oilers sacrifices for the nation ,
and ho Is more to them than the popa ever
was to Home. From the I'cking Guzetto 1
tnko notice of a number of nacrillccs which
lie has lutolj made , and I sou that ho usually
starts out to the temple of heaven at 4:110 : in
the morning , and 1 am told that ho is hauled
then ) by one of the sacied elephants. I vis
ited the elephant stables yesterday and by
liberal brlbiugs of the dirty , long-queued of
ficial In charge , buceeeded In seeing these
loyul animals. They uro as big us was
Jumbo and they have been taught to bend
their knees and bow in the presence of
the emperor , I noted that they appreciated
that I was an American prince , us they
crooked their legs In response to the motion
of the groom when I caino into their presence
and bowed to mo even us to the sallow-faced ,
almond-eyed moital , who poses as the god
and ruler of 400,000,000 of people. The em-
pel or prais for snow and ho Bonds up sacri
fices for rain. On the ttth of March I BCO
that he trotted out at 4:45 : a. in. and visited
thu temi > le of the god of wur and on the l.Mh
of last April ho started the ploughing for the
empire by going to the temple of agiiculturo
and holding a gold-handled plow with his
long llngcr-nullod hand. Ho looks over the
prayers that are to bo ofleied upon great oc
casions and ho is considered and culled by
the Chinese "tho BOH of heaven. " The royal
slaughter house Is connected with the temple
of heaven , and his majesty sacrifices during
the wee small hours of the morning , botl
heio and at other places every day or so.
mi : iu > \ r.Mi'inuw.
This boy emperor of China is now seven
teen years old. IIo is a slender , yellow-
faced , almond-eyed , black-cued young tartar
who , I am told , lias all the instincts of the
ordinary boy , and who likes fun as well as
any other boy among his subjects. A. few
days ago he wont out to visit some small
steam launches , and to the horror of his
eunuchs , rushes past them and down into
tlio engine room. IIo hero found u cooley
with a dirty handkerchief tied around his
head oiling the machinery. He asked him
his nationality , and the cooley replied that
ho was a Chinaman. A reply \yhich was
very pleasing to the emperor. It is said that majesty is not a very good student and
that he has a rather pytulent disposition. Ho
is variable in his tastes , and it may be on
this account that the empress regent still
holds the position ns royal advisor. Ho will
have , however , unlimited power in n short
time.and it depends upon him whether China ,
shall follow Japan in the inarch of Asiatic
civili/ation or not. The empress regent has
been one of the most progressive thinkers
among the Chinese , and considering the Iso
lation of Chum It seems strange to record
that in a short time these palaces will be
lighted with six thousand eleetrie lights , ami
that the emperor will eat , his breakfast with
ivory chop-sticks tipped with gold under the
ruys of electricity.
His majesty rises about 2 o'clock in the
morning , as f am told through his tutor.
Hu takes a light breakfast at about 20 ! !
and by II is ready for work. Ho receives
his ministers at 4 , 5 or It o'clock , and it is at
this time that he usually starts out to per
form his holy autlcs. Ho has his second
breakfast at 11 and he dines later in thn diy ,
going to bed very caily. His favorite dishes
are unknown to his subjects , but the Chinese
books state that there shall bo daily placed
before him thirty pounds of meat In a basin ,
and Hcven pounds boiled into a .soup. Ha
has the daily allowance of moio than a
pound of hog's fat and butter , and he has
also two sheep , two fowls and two ducks ,
the milk of eighty cows and seventy Hvo
parcels of ten. The empress receives the
milk of twenty-five cows , ten parcels of tea ,
twenty-one pounds of meat in platters and
thirteen pounds boiled with vegetables. Hho
lias one fowl and one duck , and it would
seem that the royal family ought to have
enough out of this and to spaio. The em
peror now takes his meals alone and his
eunuchs watch him closely and restrain him
If ho eats too much of ono thing.
It costs n great amount to keep up his
palace , and the supplies which are bent to
it are noted down in the Poking Gu/ctte.
Ono Item before mo announces the sending
of 1,0.x ) pencils and -00 sheets of red scrolls.
Another Is an order of dress materials for
the emperor , and in it uro the items of ton
Clocus each of bright yellow , brown , suphlro
hie , rice colored , tea colored , shrimp black
and silver gray gauze. Thcro are ninety
pieces of gau/o in all , and the silks sent eost
thousands of dollars. During ono year ,1,400
rolls of silk gau/o , 000 handkerchiefs , IIT. !
rolls of Mitin , , r > oo rolls of brocaded Hatln and
11,000 pieees of line calico were furnished to
I'lm from cue of his factories , and It Is an
open i.ei'iet at 1'eklng that seine of these tine
silks anil embroideries find their way out of
the pulaco Into the hands of such common
people as are able to pay well for them.
The emperor is not averse to receiving
presents from hm own subjects , and during
my stay in Tientsin eight gorircoua railroad
earn arrived from Franco. They wcro up
holstered In rich satins of the gaudiest col
ors , and the one for the especial usu of the
emperor had n downy divan of imperial yel
low. The test of Its finish was rod , satin
and plush , but the curtains , sirango to bay ,
were of white silk , an unpardonable mis
take on the part of the donors , for white Is ,
In China , the badge of death and of mourn
ing These car * are the present of u Froneh
syndicate doing business In China , who hope
through thorn to get the emperor's favor ,
and If railroads are adopted , to have thu first
chunco at the contract. The curs uro to run
on u little track In the Imperial palace
giounds , and thov will bo ono of the toys of
his majesty , The emperor , however , re
fused to receive them for nothing , and ho
takes them only oneondition that thu French
syndicate will accept 110,000 for them. The
curs cost-well up toward 100,000 and thu
syndicate promises to nave its work for Its
pulnb. FIUXIC ( J. CAiU'ii.vrmi.
Aiif'OBturu Bittern , thu colobratoil
nppollzor , of oxquinHo flavor , is imoil nil ]
over the world , Dr. J. O. It. Hiogort t j i
felons , bole in'f'rti. Ask your druggist. Q (
In i lie Soup.
- .
Whenever a dlwy theatncal crowil ,
Or a bccoml-rato minstiel troupe ,
Gets too heavy a load and busts up "on the
loan , "
They uiosaid to bo into the boup.
When M. do Lcssops could get no more cash
His creditors all to recoup ,
Then the poor and the rich fell in Panama's
ditch ,
And Do Lesscps fell Into the soup.
If Emperor William continues to boast
And threatens nil Europe to scoop ,
He may once go too far and get into a war ,
And find himself deep into the soup.
So let us all live in good will with the rest ,
Ihat our good fortune never may droop ;
Lach do what he can for his poor fellow-man
And keep everyone out of the soup.
Stripes nro very stylish jubt now.cspccialh' '
for wraps.
Sleeves to most evening gowns are full am'
reach almost to thu elbow.
Flower garnitures uro asraln in high favor
for low necked evening gowns.
An evening gown recently seen was made
up in velvet and jonquil yellow.
With the wide ribbon and velvet bolts now
used large silver bolt buckles are worn.
Tartan stockings in either wool or silk are
among the threats of the coming season
The favorite wrap of the season is the long
cloak with long loose bleeves over another
pair that til thu arm.
5a Parisians now wear the hair in bunches of
urlH low on the back of the head , but only
'or the theater or o pera.
London not only allows , but approves of
gowns of the brightest green , combined with
) ink or line falat yellow.
Hoses anil poppies entirely without leaves
ire the favonto llowors
for trimming tulle or
gau/o or lislu evening dresses.
Violet and rose hclbtropo colors are in
vogue , nowl.v imported shades in thcso colors
being very delicate and pretty.
The directory and empire bodlcc.i hnvo n
rival In popular favor in the "bo bo" waist ,
which is fast becoming a favoi ito ,
A very fashionable roil for street dresses
is called bordeaux. It is like nourpio and
garanco , and is a very deep shade.
White Is the wear alliio for youth and ago ,
and is first ehoieo for either balls or the
opera. Pink , however , is a good second.
Tim long veil grows in favor. It Is scon In
many new forms , but is always long enough
to completely cover the face and diapo the
Very young women who havu short hair
are much given to curling it into a mass of
fluff and tying It with ribbon Just below the
crown of thu head ,
English hats and bonnets are noticeably
low and lound. Some ol thorn , however ,
more than make up in breadth of brim all
they have lost m height.
Thu Psvi'lio knot is tlio correct thing to
wear with toque or round hut , unit bhnuld bo
accompanied by n pointed bang , waved and
frl/zed , but not icgularly curled ,
Full-dicss corsages are higher than for
jcarn. Often they are unly half low , ami
either V-shaped or pompadour with a filling
of lucu that comes up to the throat.
Alpaca grows In favor and In fashion ,
Thobo brought over for spring wear urn In
all sorts of colors , and striped and brocaded
till they quite discount the ra'nbow ' ,
Softly draping corded silks are made up In
Nco-Cireck fashion , with heavy medallion
shoulder clasps matching thu gold or silver
accessories on other parts of thu gown ,
Cashmere house di esses have princess
backs and jacket fronts , coining only to the
waist , over a luosu full vest that Is drawn In
by a ilbbon and falls qultu to the horn of thu
Debutantes thin season are wearing Uircc-
toriu gowns madu of uhitoor pale violet silk ,
They uru deml-tralned and gurniturcd with
gold or silver galouns , this trimming forming
the wide belt , the finish for the folds , and the
deep border al thu foot of the skirt.
If you want to bo a real fashionable young
lady , you must wear a dlrcctolro gown , u
Russian boa , a Connnmura cloak , Louis
Quinn sheen , no bustle , hair u la Cutogau , u <
Gainsborough lint , drinkyour lea n la Husso ,
carry a lorgnutto , and skip all your r'a.
Over one hundred and sixty women ma
triculated at the Philadelphia woman's medi
cal college last year. They represented
nearly every nation on earth , some being
from China and others from Australia , while
there were two or more from every state la
the union.
The Now Orleans Creole woman's exchange
is now an neconiiilishcd fact , and tlio early
stages of its career are apparently most aus
picious. Every sou of woman's work will
bo handled , and home-made articles will , of
course , bo the .special feature of the salu de
partment ,
Underwaists of either brorado or nmbioid-
crcd muslin aio now worn with low bodices
upon half-dress occasions. If the sleeves are
long , a puff matching the underwaihr appears
at the han'il , and if hhort , puffed sleeves of
muslin or deep cuff of brocade cover the arm
below them.
The working women of Mexico have been
cclebiating the anniversary of the founda
tion of their mutual benefit association by si
series of concerts. Whenever any special
phase of sentiment or enthusiasm is upper
most in the Mexican heart it beuum to need
either music orlower / displays to express
Walking and visiting gowns of cloth are
made up in such popular shades as suede ,
new silver , fawn , pile olive , and apricot.
The coats and toques accompanying thebo
gowns are trimmed with golden beaver , blue
fox , silver fnx , lynx , ustruehun , or kiemmer
fur. A corded silk or moire vest is set insldo
he bodice of light cloth , while the jacket has
a vest of fur.
'Jit For Till.
.A'eii' ' } " ) / , .Met f til H.
lo timidly climbed up the bownstone steps ;
Ho timidly rang thu bull ;
lo felt that this visit might he his l.xt ,
Though the reason ho couldn't toll.
As he stood In the door the winter wind
Whirled in the streets about ,
3ut above its roaring ho heard her say ,
"John , toll him that f am out. "
Then , timid no more , with stately mien ,
Ho said to the butler tall :
'Pray go to Miss Jones with my compliments
And tell her I didn't call. "
Nature usually makes ag.-illmit l
niiiht ilibOiiho.nud whoii hoi pud by Dr.
J , II. McLoan'H Htruiictlieiiiiif , ' Cordjal
nail Blood 1'iirlllor will eradicate Ufonn
tlio system.
A wnito weasel was captured in a trap by
an East Ciobbcn ( Chester county ) , Pu. ,
farmer , recently.
Tlio skeleton of a muModon has been un-
eaithcd In California , ft is thirty-nine feet
long and has tuskb bcumui six and buvcn
feet in length.
At Willows , Cul , a ( lock of wild geese sot-
tied down on a fortacru Hold of grain and
nicked it clean In two hourn. The number of
birds was estimated at T.'i.OOi ) .
A Cainden ( N , Jj eat has a toad for u
playfellow. She sometimes spends hours at
u time lousing thu toad into thn air and catch
Ing it like a ball. When tired of thu sport
she carries the toad to Its corner and lays It
down whore she picked It up.
cat crawled Into thu miif/lo of a loaded
cannon In thu llntish barraults at Capu Co )
on.v u short timu ago. When the evening
salute was fired Him was thrown n ilmtunco
of00 feet , but htrango to say , lived lor two
hours after her involuntary ( light.
In tlio Pine Uiovo mines , Esmoralda
count. ) , Nevada , Ihero Is a blind boy who 11
said to have a most remarkable faculty of
finding his way , not only through the mine ,
but about the town. "Ho goes to any part of
thu inino for loom , and nuver gees uslray.and
on dark nights ho guides thu other minors
from tlio town to tlio liouso where most of
thum lodge They cannot easily Jlnd thu way
without him , for the trail Is narrow and
crooked , and on eaeh sldo are many prospect
holes and old cellars. "
An Alisolueo Unrn'
Is only put up In largo two ounce tin boxey ,
and Is an absolute euro for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chapped hands , und nil skin erup
tions. Will positively cure all kinds of piles.
MENT. Sold by Goodman Drug Co. . at 25
ecu IB per box by mull 'M cents