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    8 THE OMAHA DAILY BEKfr JflRlPAY , JA UAIIY 18 , 18S9.
The fcubjcet of the Iccttiro fit the
ftVnnRORUo this evening \vill be
" 'Hnron Hlrsch's Views on Assimila
tion. "
r The stockholders ttnil directors of the
Amcrlcnn District telegraph company
hclil their nnnuul election of olllcors
A mooting of the Sovonlh Ward Ho-
nublicnn rlub will bo hold nt lltinscon
i'ark house this evening to Uis-
CUBS the city hull locution.
rcrfionnl P
J. K. Hlftlr , of Chicago , Is nt the Millard.
W. K. Hrock , of Chicago , Is nt the Paxton.
G. W. Wheeler , of Chicago , is at the Mur
ray.Paul Grubc , of Kansas City , Is at the Mil-
lard.C. A. Tyler , of LeMurs , is a guest nt the
D. C. Hcrrick , of Chicago , N n guest nt the
J. H. Cessna , of Hastings , 'is now at the
A. J. Knrlght , St. Joseph , Is registered at
the Millard.
F. J. Handle , of Mllwnuttco , Is a guest at
the Millard.
Charles i : . Mitchell , of Marion , la. , Is nt
the Murray.
U. II. Pratt , Frcdonln , N. Y. , is a guest nt
the Paxton.
F. L. Van Tassel , Yankton , is stopping nt
the Paxton.
John K. McC.ulrc , of St. Paul , is registered
nl the Paxton.
James C. Hourke , of Chicago , is registered
nt the Millard.
Denis Donohoe , Jr. , Now York , Is regis
tered at tlio Paxton.
Charles F. Kelley , of Cincinnati , is regis
tered at the Murray.
15. J. Stcinerand wife , of New York , nro
guests at the Murray.
George F. Doi-kman nnd wife , of Seward ,
nro registered nt tlio Millard.
Miss Ircno H. Face , very much improved
In health and appearance has returned , after
n four months'sojourn iimong the principal
cities and watering places of the east.
At the Harkcr : William O'Neill and wife ,
Chicago ; J. S. Henson , Lincoln ; J. H. Hall ,
Lincoln ; M , S. Hartlett , West Point ; W. C.
Cnthorwood.Mlair ; G. J. 'ihomasand family ,
Ilnivnrd ; J. W. Orcult , Chamberlain ; K. C.
Aiihtrcl. Chamberlain ; John WilliamsProvl-
dence , U. I ,
Dismissed llm C'IIHO.
The case against lid ward Roscwater ,
charged with obstructing the public street ,
was dismissed yesterday nt the special re
quest of Building Inspector Whltlock.
Vnii Hitfii Afc.ilii Free.
The supreme court has hold that Judge
Groff had no authority to make the order
oompolling Van Utten to renew his bond and
the irrepressible limb of the law is again ut
liberty pending the civil action.
Seventh \Viird Republican Club.
There will bo a meeting of the members of
this club nt the Park house this even
ing at 8 o'clock. It is expected to bo an im
portant meeting , and all republicans of the
ward are invited to be present and take part
In the discussion.
Tlio Folsoni Property.
The commission appointed by the court to
partition the Folsom estate , consisting of D.
L. Thomas , John L. McCaguo and Hryon
Heed , is holding daily sessions. The property
involved Is valued at $750,000. The commis
sion must report at the next term of the dis-
Uict court , which convenes in February ,
which it feels It will l > o able to do , because
there Is no contest in the partition.
Coin In ; ; Hearings.
Mr. Hmcrson , who is charged with ob
structing the streets with a fence at the
corner of Indiana and Thirtieth streets , is
to have a hearing of his case on Tuesday
Ike Guill , who has been arrested for violat
ing the ordinance prohibiting the sale of
liquors nfter midnight , has had the hearing
of his case continued until Saturday at
2 p. iu.
Gone Away.
The Swedish physician. Dr. A. Fcrnlunl ,
who , a little time ago , was accused of per
forming on abortion on Miss Skillman , from
Auburn , Nob. , but whoso case was dismissed
by Judge Horka because of want of wit
nesses , has left Omaha for Jamestown , N.
Y. , the reason being his practice amonir the
Swedes having suffered so much from the
charges made against him , of which he
claims to be innocent.
Clinrfjcd With Ijftrceiiy.
W. H. Hush and J. A. Brown were ar
rested ycstorday at the instigation of Storz
& Her on n charge of grand larceny. The
Individuals arrested conducted n saloon at
the intersection of Sixteenth nnd Farnam
streets until January 1. It is stated that
they gave Siorz & Her their notes forSH5.S3 ,
nnd that a few days ago they asked to see
the notes for the purpose of making a
memorandum. It was discovered immedi
ately afterward that four of the notes wcro
missing , and it is thought that Hush and
Urown purloined them at that time.
Tlio DiHtrlcl Court.
J. H. French & Co. entered suit against
George W. Farmer to recover Jlll.M duo on
n judgment already given by the county
John W. IJodefcr sued John C. Davis rt al
for ? ( i04.70 , duo for building material uud
labor furnished In the erection of a brick nnd
Htono dwelling house In Omaha , and asks
that n mortgage given to secure payment bo
Peter C. Peterson applied to have the title
of the undivided ono-hall' of lot ! i in block 1 ,
Campbell's addition quieted , and vested In
him. It was formerly held by Christian P.
Peterson , who died intestate.
Mr. Prlnco AcooptH.
OMAHA , Jan. 17. To the Kditor of THE
HEK : Hoferrlng to the challenge of
James J , Hardln for ICnapp , I hereby accept
It for J50 or J'1,000 , nnd will ineotlhliu at any
time or place to arrange stipulations. I
hand you herewith $100 us forfeit money , to
bo hold by you subject to the referee's decis
ion , and I shall demand that a similar
amount bo put up by Knapp's hackers pend
ing an agreement as to stipulations. Please
Btato that I shall have no objections to oth
er * entering the race , provided they will put
up a similar amount , nnd the winner take
the whole stakes. Yours ,
Jonx S. PHINCH ,
Tor the Unknown.
P. S. I will race Morgan or anybody else ,
but ono race at a time is enough.
Foil i' ThnpH . .
P. K. lioblnsoii , who resides on Doilgo nud
nnd Twenty-second streets , reports that his
house was entered by a thief , mid-day , Wed
nesday , during the absence of the occupants.
This makes the fourth thno that Mr. Kobln-
sou's house has been plundered and ran
sacked In daylight. The thief gained en
trance llrst through n window of the coal
shod , which Joins the house at the rear ,
Once Inside ho could pry open tlio back door ,
which was. securely bolted , without fear of
being soon by the neighbors. Ho carried
away n dress coat and other wearing oi > -
parcl to the value of about ? 'J5. There is no
clue to the thief , but Mr. Robinson's suspi
cions point strongly towards a man whoso
reputation is pretty well kuowi in the neigh
Henry W. Vales of the Nebraska National
bank was spoken to ycstorday with refer
ence to the bill to rognluto banks which ap-
jveared" another column of this paper , The
Instrument was introduced into the house n
Monday last by Mr. J. L. Caldwoll. Mr.
Yates said Unit the clearing house a ssociu-
tlon of this city had held several moetiiik'8
mid considered the bill drawn up by Mr , An
derson of Columbus , in tills state. To this
bill u uuuiuer of amendments were offered
nnd forwarded to Mr. Anderson and will bo
by him taken by him to Lincoln and offered
ns amendments to the Cnldwoll bill which is
the Ratnn ns that considered by the bankers
of this city. When these amendments shall
have been incorporated in the bill , the latter
will bo the Instrument , Mr. Yatcs snys whlcl
will bo supported by the bankers of thi
state. It Is thought , the bill m its nmcmlc < l
form will be Introduced into both houses ID
about a week.
" \Vo Point with P lito"
To the "Good nntno ut homo , " won by
Hood's Sarsapurlllrv. In Lowell , Mass. ,
where it is prepared , there is moro ol
Hood's Snrsiipnrilhi sold than all othoi
medicines , and it 1ms tfivcn the host n
BiUlsfnclion since its introduction ten
years njjo. This could not bo if the incd-
lelno did not possess merit. Ff you suffer
from impure blood , try Hood's Sai-sana-
rllln mm realize its peouliar cunxtivo
The niiiskut Laid Aside ,
A now edition of the work on rillo and car
bine practice , prepared by Captain S. E
Hliint , Inspector of small-arms practice ntthn
headquarters of the artillery , will bo pub
llshed on the Hist lust , This work lias beet
approved by the secretary of wr for the
usi < of the army , nnd will be adopted undci
the title of "Firing Itegulallons for Smal
Arms. " It will be distributed to the army
nnd the methods therein prescribed wil
hereafter be the nuihomcd guide In all mat
ters pertaining to the subject which I
covers ,
According to the above regulations all
company olllccrs and surgennts of infantry
and all ofllcers nnd enlisted men of cnvnlr.l
will be obliged tn tire with the revolverbotl
nl posts and in competitions. In accordance ,
with this requirement , n llguro of merit it
pistol practice will bu adopted.
The now regulations will institute many
important changes in the .system of instruc
tion , nnd mode of competitions , computation
of the ilgino of merit , nnd in the allowances
of amunilion ,
Kiom the Council ItlnlTH Nonpareil ,
Di-c. IU , IH ( ) .
We arc credibly Informed that the mortality
from diphtheria , under the treatment of Dr.
Thos. .leffcrls of this cily Is merely nominal ,
not exceeding ono-llfth of ono per cent. Such
being the case no time should he lost in plac
ing his remedy within the reach of every
family and thus save annually hundreds of
thousands of lives. Diphtheria is the most
universally destructive pestilence that has
allllcteu the world during the last hundred
Kxnct'iivn Ornrc , Oorxcii. Hi.urrs , Jan.
7 , Ibb2. 1 do not hesitate to say that the suc
cess attending the use of Dr. JelTeris' Pre
ventive and Cure for Diphtheria has no equal.
I spc.ik from experience , having used it in my
own family ; I am also well acquainted with
the facts connected with its use in our city.
W. U. VtuniiN , Mayor.
No physician required. Price of remedy
W. Addras , box No. 057 , Omaha , Neb. ( Dr.
Jefferis has retired from active practice. )
Ho ItiiHely Desert * Ills Wife And
John Widdergrecn , an apostle of the pres
ent democratic administration , has dissolved
himself into space and is seen auout the pub
lic thoroughfares ot Omaha no more. Wid-
dorgreen until about ono week ago , was iu
the service of the government as gu.tger at
Omaha. Ho was among the lirst to don the
governmental robes of olllce under the ap
pointment of Collector Calhoun. About ono
week ago ho failed to report for duty , and
being absent the following day also , the
theory that ho had deserted his position was
advanced. The matter was placed in the
hands of a detective to ascertain his where
abouts , but up to the present tinfo the search ,
though being made with vigor , has failed
to reveal his hiding place. He is married
and has a wife residing with her parents at
Oakland , Neb. Since his departure , his only
child died , and was buried at the expense of
his wife's relatives. Ho wrote u note to his
wife which ho directed to Oakland , the latter
bearing the post mark of Fremont , Neb. , and
it is stated that , in tlio noto. ho wrote that ho
had tired of his labors , home , family and
friends and had resolved to take Ills own life.
The missive is said to bavo been heavily in
terspersed with the thoughts of self-dcstoue-
tion , Whether ho has cari-od out his intent
or not has not as yet been ascertained , but
the opinion prevails that ho has simply in
tended to mislead his wife , who is said to
bo very much attached to him.
The last seen of Widdergrecn was
on Tuesday of last week , when
ho was met by a friend nt Fremont. Ho did
not state any of his troubles to bis nssociato ,
but it is said that on the contrary was Jovial
and in excellent spirits. At this point all
clue to his whereabouts fades from sight. As
to the manner in which he conducted his
Inters and deportment nothing could bo
learned , but a rumur is alloat to the effect
that ho has left affairs in a somewhat sus
picious condition. Widdcrgreen is said to
have been a lover of sport and fond of lead
ing n fast life , and that while in Omaha ho
availea himself of the opportunity of seeing
the city by gaslight. His wife , who is now
at Oakland , Is much grieved over his escap
ade , anil this , together with the death of her
child , has worked on her to such an extent
as to almost dethrone her reasoning facul
ties. Detectives are still making a vigorous
search for the wayward ollleial.
fioolc at This.
All kinds of merchandise and per
sonal property wanted in exchange for
improved farms and wild land. Foreign
Emigration Co. , r 2 ft 3 1502 Furnuin st.
Ho is Found In South Omaha With a
Car l < oad of Stook.
Wednesday morning a man giving the
name of Ed Walters arrived la South Omaha
with a car load of horses. His notions
aroused the suspicions of George Burke , a
commission merchant of that place , nnd ho
telephoned Slit-riff Coburn. Deputy Sheriff
Striker was dispatched to look into the mat
ter , and the description of Walters tallied
exactly with that of ono Gcorgo lirown , who
is wanted near Atchison , Kan. , for horse
stealing. It transpired that the horses
which ho had in his possession nro the prop
erty of 1 . S. Strecpor , ot Good Intent. ICan ,
Walters was arrested and is now in jail. I to
had nine of the stolen horses in his posses
sion nt the time of his arrest , and another
span of horses have been located at Nebraska
City , where ho disposed of them to M.
Covell of that place on his way hero for $200.
The supposed thief Is about sixty years of
ago. Ho had on his person n gold watch
once the property of Duke Simpson , the de
faulting treasurer of Otoo county , who is
now in the penitentiary. Walters Is sup
posed to bo a member of n gang of horse
thieves that have made raids iu northern
Kansas of lato.
That harking cough can bo soquiokly
cured by Shlloh'H Cure. „ "Wo guarantee
it. For sale by Goodman Drug Co.
A Chicago Opinion.
A number of ladles and gentlemen at the
Liuingur art gallery yostoraay were much
aniUKcd by the following conversation ;
Omaha Man Uy George , this is grand ,
qulto n number of palatines by old masters I
This is splendid , is it not I
Chicago Man I don't see anything so very
grand about it. the panorama of Gettysburg
at Chicago is twlco as largo as this.
Colunol Honry'u Ijoutnra.
The Plattsmouth papers .speak most en-
thuMssttcally of the lecture of Colonel Guy
V. Henry , delivered * by that gentleman in
that cit-y on last Tuesday evening. It was
well attended dcsplto the wenthor and
counter attractions. Ono of the papers says
that none who wore present will forget the
colonel's ' description of the long Journey In
the snow on u scouting expedition from Fort
Koblnsoa north , with the mercury < ut 40s
Jelowzero. His account of Ills part in the
battle of tlio Kosobud , his injuries , his ad
ventures on his way to civilization , while
blind and helpless were very affecting.
Croupy suffocations , night coughs
uid nil common attentions o ( the throat
nnd lungs nuioltly relieved by Dr. J. H ,
MoLoan'a Tar Wiuo Balui. 25 cents i\
bottle. :
flic Kxc'lmnse's Mve Dolngr ) .
At the mooting of Xlio board of directors o
tlio South Omaha live stock exchange Wed
ncsilay , evidence's of live interests ami nctlv
Interest tn tiffnlrs were manifested. Fou
very Important matters wore brought up nut
slightly discussed , which are of the Kreaten
Importance to the. city and citizen * of South
Oinnlin nnd the Union stock ynrds company
the parking houses the commission men nm
stock raisers nnd shippers. These. four matters
tors nrc : The umnaguinciif , of tlio Unloi
stock ynnh company : tlio inspection of cut
tic ; the transportation question nnd tlio
weighing of stooit.
Said 1'icsldeiit Foster : "While the /owes
mimbor of diseased cattle that 1 over knew
come to nny stock yards , comes here , no
more than barely n dozen a year , yet the fne
that all other yards have oattlo la
specters nnd the South Omaha jimls
do not , gives ground for the belief Urn
nny kind of cnttlo can be shipped to and mar
kctod in South Omaha. " "This report Is
without n ptirtlrlo of truth , nor Is there the
least L'routul for such a belief , " said Mr.
Hlancimrd , turning to Mr. Maitm. "Wo
both know that it is utterly impossible to
> ell diseased cattlu to any of llic packing
houses. " In this strain the conversation
was carried on , yet nil agreed that in order
to dispel this unloundeil belief that an inspector
specter would have to bo appointed.
It was not mentioned by nny of the members
bors , but it Is a f.ict well known hero thai
the packing house agents are most careful
nbout inspection of purchases , and under no
circumstances will cattle not perfectly sound
be taken. There comes the u.ul part of it
Local Omaha and South Omaha butchers
buy their rejected , and sometimes diseased
cattle , at a pittance , nnd dispose of tlieir
meat to their customers. Above all things
an Inspector is needed , and diseased stock
should bo used only In the romluriiig works.
Again the weighing was the subject of
considerable complaint , particularly for
causing delays and Increasing the freight
rates. As to the management of the Unioi
stockyards , while only a little was said , yet
the tenor of all indieatcd that in the opinion
of members a change in the doings would be
bcaolleial if it bo not necessary. The trans
portation question , Including liamperings by
particular lines , unnecessary delays , bai
connections , and generally inadequate facili
ties , was touched on , and loft the conviction
that the board of directors of the Live
Stock Hxehange were lit men , knew what to
do , how to do it , and had the courauo to
tackle nny and all questions gcrmain U
their business mid olllce , and would do nl !
possible for men to do.
Ijive Stock I \ ( ; : ; : IJonril MoiMH.
The board of directors of the .South
Omaha Live Stock Exchange met Wedncs
day afternoon. The resignations of the
members of the joint executive committee ,
wcro received. The bond of II. U. Host-
wick , treasurer , in W.OOO. with George
13urko and Hy II , Meday as sureties , nut
the bond of A. L. Lott , secretary , iu - 1,000 ,
with Andrew ( Jillosple , J. E. Uyers .1111
Draper Smith us sureties , were read imi
approved. Messrs A. O. Foster , James
Viles , jr. , Al. Wacgoner and .lamus G. Mar
tin , the old board , were appointed the join !
executive committee. A special meeting of
the stockholders of the as-sociation was
called for Monday , , tit ' - o'clock
in the afternoon , in room -11 , for the iiurposo
of discussing transportation questions ; the
inspection of cattle , the management of the
union stockyards , and the weighing of stoeli
by the Western Weighing Association anil
Inspection 13ureau. Adjourned.
Noten AtHiiir the City.
L. . B. Gorhatn , local stock agent of the
Chicago , Hock Island & 1'acilic railroad , with
his family , left last night for Detroit , Mich.
to spend a fortnight with his mother.
Misses Annie and Gertrude Glasgow wcro
at home to a few friends Wednesday even
ing. A most oiijoyablo evening was spent by
those present. Music , social games and refresh
mciits , together with tneircntertnininir abili
ties , made "at homo" one of the few in
South Omaha society.
All Indies attending the Ladies Day recep
tion at the Munition Friday evening , are re
quested to bring sandwiches , cups , saucers
and napkins.
The Odd Ilumbor Pleasure club , consisting
of the leading Third ward citi/ens will give a
ball at Uowley's hall , Thirty-first and 11
streets , Saturday evening , January 19. The
oflicers and committees are : President ,
James Homo ; vice president , P. J. Hand ;
secretary , ( J.llourigan ; manager , P. II. Con-
Jon ; treasurer , Fred Uowle.y ; reception , C.
Wooden , chief , and Messrs. . ) . P. Hourigan ,
William McCraith , J. C. Howloy and J. II.
Kyan assistants.
St. Martin's Protestant Episcopal mission
has anew church in the Third ward .inclosed
and ready for the windows. Within a short
time the edifice will be occupied. The so
ciety has three lots , the ono where the
church is being completed in the Third ward ,
one on Twenty-third street facing the Syndi
cate park and ono at Albright. Church edi
fices will bo erected early in the spring on
these two lots. The choir will meet in the
Third ward school house this after
noon after the close ol school , and will bo
drilled by Prof. Saxby , of Omaha.
Marshal McCracken ami an ex-coiincUman
got into an altercation Wednesday night in a
house of easy virtue , nnd wound up the settle
ment in u rough and tumble light.
"I cannot , for the life of mo , understand
what Mayor Sloane means , " said a conriarvn-
tivo but courageous business man , "in re
taining Mr. Al. C. McCracken as marshal
and chief peace ofllcer of our city. I am a
friend of Mayor Sloane's , but if he docs not
suspend Mr. McCrackon I shall suspect the
mayor nearly as strongly as 1 now condemn
the marshal. Mr. McCracken is utterly with
out moral character , has ligured in scandals ,
his wife got u divorce from him on the
proved charges of adultery , he went to Coun
cil Hluffs and got into a scandal , and hero at
home Is accused of making a bawdy house a
rcndc/.vous. To have such a man at the head
of our police department is a burn
ing shame and a publicoutrage. . Yes Mr , if
Mayor Sloane does not got rid of him the
people will have something to say about it.
He should be removed and at once ,
I'nrkH and IioulcvardH.
To the Kditorof TUB Hun : I ask you to
print the subjoined letter from Mr. Francis
Smith. You need no information from mo
as to Mr. Smith's standing in , and relations
to our city. His counsels , as well as his
money , and those ol hlsbrothor , have largely
directed and supported , and are now behind
our most important enterprises , oven if ac
count bo not taken of the hundreds of
thousands which they have invested in brick
and mortar In some of our most solid Im
provements nnd in loans. Mr. Francis
Stiilth is u wise man in everything that re
fers to Omaha's prosperity and progress.
Whilst his judgment Is prudent and conserva
tive , ho has proven , In n score of instances ,
that ho is liberal mid prompt in doing his
whole p.irt in any way that can ho done.
It is proper to add that the letter was not
Intended for publication.
Gnonni : L.
MIL HMini'B i.urrr.K.
Dit. O. L. MIU.IIII. Dear Doctor : In talkIng -
Ing with my brother , H F. Smith , in Boston ,
auout matters referred to In n recent letter
from you , and nbout Omaha mattcts In gen
eral , wo think it of great importance that the
city of Omaha and Douglas county lay out
two diagonal roads , or boulevards , ono to the
southwest and the other to the northwest ,
nnd cuming as far into the eity as Is practical
to do so. The need for these diagonal ave
nues will Increase as the city extends , They
should have been laid out years ago when
they could have come much nearer into the
center of the city than is now
possible. What a delightful drive It would
bo to go out such a southwestern
road , well macademl/cil , to Seymour Park ,
And what a bent-Ill It would bo to give the
city direct access to the southwestern part of
the county.and to the people Jiving out there ,
Instead of having to go In and out by BO many
turns and angles , n they will always have
to do unless those diagonal boulevards are
made before the city extends BO far on the
streets , us the maps are now made , to make
It Impossible.
We will do nil wo can to favor those south
west and northwest boulevards , us well as
all plans of the city to seeuru parks , which
.hey must do soon , or the cost will bo too
rcat to ever got them within reasonable dU-
anco of the city. As over truly yours ,
Fiust'18 SMITH ,
No. 20 Sidney Place , Uroofclyn , N. Y.
Will you Buffer with -dysnojwia mid
Ivor complaint' ! ' ShUoh'n YiUilizor Is
[ utiraiuceil to euro you. For ealo by
.Motor Company. Mi
A move Is noiTmn fool to re-orgnnUo the
Omnha Motor coinpnny. Heretofore it con
sisted mainly of Srl ! ) Mercer nnd John Hor-
bnch. It is now pnoposcd to enlarge by such
capitalists ns .1. -Hrown , K. W. Nash , .1.
II. Mlllanl and others. A largo amount of
material vn'.ucd ntubout fSOOOU has been or
dered to finish UicToml nud It will bo com *
pletcd as soon ns possible.
Hceclmm's PilU net lllto magic on n wcnk
The tTroolie Ilnll.
In order to accommodate those who desire
to attend the Crcclio ball nt the exposition
hall , nnd who have not ns yet provided them
selves with tickets , the latter will bo on sale
nt the box ofllct ] of the hall this
evening. _
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity
iungtli and whulvomcnpss. Moro economical
than the ordinary Uln Is , im-l cinnot bo sold in
competition with the muHltinU's of low cost ,
shortwoltrht alum ur phosphate powders. Sold
only In cans. Koval lli.klnts l'o\\dtt ! Co. , I'M
\Vall street , New York ,
' ' '
iAil CTLME Co O BO'VlLl'E'CAL . . ! |
Santa Abie : and : CatECti
For Sale by
G-oodman Drug Oo.
Mas Moyer-Establishsd 1866-Adolpli
General AgriUs I'or
and JAS , W , STARR
Story & Clark and Slioninpr-Bell Organs
Write for Cftttilouuo
Short , Medium and
Ilxtiu l.onn.
t A ward a
For Salts Kverytvlicre !
Sheeloy Uloi-k , Oinalui ,
amla."unnarJ'troi'b'es'v'- ' ' *
ly and safely cured by DOiri'UltAC'iui *
uuleu. tieveralcaHi-h cured In Beven day.1. bolil
. Cured br BI'ANISIlSI'KCmc. .
Clrcnlftr. ) ft a
X . Wtbfll.V lUUHWy CV , , , Keb ,
Made from the celebrated Worumbo Kerseys ,
of oveivojits to gentle-men who can npjH'eeinte perfect work tintl superior imiloriul , at the popular pri < 't >
\Yeimlnj-iitntingly state that overcoats initilc from these goods , cannot bi > purchuH'tl outside tlio
Continental for less thim $25.
We will send n ample overcoat tc tiny nddross for o.xamination , with the tuulersfcniuhng tint if it is
not as re pro cntcd , it may be returned at our expense.
For the purpose of keeping our large force of workmen employed , we have decided during the month
of .January to make to order , Men's Pantaloons , from over 100 s-tj'le ? of foreign and domestic fabrics at
§ 7.50 per pair. We include iu lh" lots offered , many of our finest Globe Wojlon CasPimcres and Wors
teds , Empire Woolen Co. , Rock iM'f'g. Co. , the Broadbrook Alills nnd a large variety of foreign and do
mestic cheviots. All the goods included in the sale , are fabrics that we have sold at from $10 to ? ! ! per
pair during the tegular season and our sole object 5u _ making this remarkable cut in prices is to keep our
best workmen employed during the dull season. This sale will continue during the month of January
only , and all patterns unsold on the ! 51st , will be withdrawn and no orders taken for them at this price.
OMAHA BOSTON Freeland , Loomis Co.
DES MOINES Proprietors ; !
Corner Fifteenth and Douglas Streets ,
Fathers and sons iniido comforta
ble with nieo overcoats ut very
moderate prices. All wo have left
| are clean , desirable goods. Wo
i shall imino.yon prices , from this date
which will induce you to buy , even
! if you do not need an ovorcout for
immediate use.
Dr. J. E , McGrew ,
One of the Most Successful
In the Treatment of all Chronic , Spe
cial and Private Diseases ,
Sexual OIKIUIS , absolutely euicd.
anteed ,
QtflM niQPAQF ? his treatment for which
GMll Ulor.HOi.3i Hives the most beautiful
complexion , and a perfect KKln ,
HomlMamp for teply ,
Oftlco Bushman Bloc * . 16th and
Douelns Sts. Omaha. Nee
N'envnufl , Cuiri.sic and I'HIVATK DISKASES o
I'Ii.N : and WOMK.V Hiicce fully treatej ,
FurTcrlnc from tlio eflecw of vontliful follloi orln
discretionorure Ironuled wllhVuakiioo , Nviruui
hulilllty , Ij'is ' of .Meinur ) , IH'tpondency , Avemlon tu
rlorlolT.KIdney'rroublo. urnn > < ll > easui > [ tlio ( ienlto
llrlnitrr oruniii.enri lier tlnd u rnfuitad Kpeudy curt ! .
l.'ImrecBrettsomtljIu espuclHlly to ll'o ' | iuor.
There BruinniiT troubled willt lee froequenl PVHO.
uutlons of tliu bluilder , often ucunmuunleJ br n ilitlil
paiHrthiu or buinlnu ellHnUor and woakenlnff ol tlm
yuleiu In a manner tlio imiu'nl runnel account , fur ,
On uxaiiilnliiK tlm urliiurv deuoslia n rouy iCKlnuenl
will otlen be lound , nnd kiimellmei niit : | puruclcn nl
Hlbiimcn win mipcKr.or tlio tulur will buof it Hun
nillklih liuu.nifnln ( liarmlnK tua ilnrn or turi.llaii-
pearunre , Tlieiearo ruuny men wlioillo of minimi *
tully , lunorunlot tlio tuute , whldi u ihe iiocond
Itageof nouiluul wcabneo. Tliu Uuclur win uuitr
untceH porfiHt euro In nil iucli c e und it nrnllny
irilormloiiul llm vcallo-urlnnrr or aui , CODSIIU | <
lion Iree , bend Jor 2 cunl itanili
"Young Man's Friend , or Ouldo to Wedloi , "
N. K. ( 'or. 10th \ Douglas SU. . or Nrttlonul Il5-
t'iua Hajilulu , City , Mo ,
MEXT , .1 guiir.tntbod Bieclllc for Hysteria , Illzzl
ness. Convulsions , Mts , Nervous Neuralgia
of tilc'ihol or tohacco. Wukufuluess , Jleiital lie
presslon , Softciilnirof llio Urnln resnllliiK In In
s.inlty and le.idhiK to inKery , decay and death
I'rematuro Old AK" . llarrenuoss , l.o-.s of power
In either hex , Involuntary fo-sea an-1 Spennat
orlima caused hy over-uxertlon of the hraln , ol f-
ahuso or overlndulKonco. l-'ach box contain ?
ono month's treatment. 41.011 a box , orslx boxes
forJ.'i.O'.feutby mall prepaid onrecelpt ofprlco
To euro iiuy case. With each order re-eivcd In
nsfortilx boxes , accumpaiiled with t\00wnwlf
send Ihe purchaser our written Knarantce to re
fund the money If the tieatment does not ollect
n cure. Cuarantees Issued only by Coolmnn
DrtiB Co. , DrttgBlsts , Polo Agents. 1110 I'aruam
stieet , Omaha. Neb.
20 to 60 DAYS.
This is n disease whieli lias heretofore
Uallled all Medical Science.
Wo have n llemedy.uiiknowii to anyoun In tlio
World untblilu of nnr ( 'nnipany , and ono that has
xzviie : : rAiins : >
to euro tlio mo n olmliinto c.isos. Ten days In
recent cases dot's tlio work , H Is the old chronic
deep settled cases Unit wu Hollclt. U'o hnvu
cured hundreds \vliu liavu lioun abandoned by
Physicians , and pronounced Incunihlu , and wu
chitlli'npo tlio world to brills u.s u casu that
will not curn In Icsslliun tilxty Any a.
Hlnni thn hlxtory or inudlclnu a true Hpeelllc
for .Syphilis hii uueu sought for hut never
louiiil until our
MAftic Etinri : ; > Y
wiisillscovuied , and wo are Juslllli'il inlaying
11 l.s tliu only Koinudy 111 Iho U'orld that will poi-
lilivly euro , hernnsu tlin latest Mi'dlmlVoiki ,
published l > f the knovii atiUiorltlus , f > .iy
iherottiiHiiovi'r uliitHDjioclllc huforu. ( Jiirri-m-
iidy will cum when ovorythhiK lhu II.IH lulled.
Wlivviiite your tlimi and monvj' with patent
medicines that never had vlrtuo or doctor ttlth
phvulclaimllmt cannot cuio you , you that have
tried everything else should come to UHIKIW and
Kut permanent leliuf , you nuvur can tet It else-
\\liuiti. Mark what wo Hay , In Din end you
Hliint tiiko our remedv orNfJVUlt recover and
you Hint have hoen allllcted hut a slioit time
hhould by all incaiiH coino to us now not olio In
leu of new ca 's over et permanently cured.
.Many get help and thluk they ani free from HID
dlstase , hut In ono , two or three voars after It
appear * agal'i In a more horrlhlcform.
This Is a blood Pnrilior and will Guru
any Skin or Mluod Disease when
Kvorythitiff Kino Fails ,
ItiHim 10 anil 11 , U. S. National Hank
linllilint , ' , Oinalia , Null.
narkatilo for
l' ' ) loue jillable action and it
Bol n > durabillly. i > J yuara' rcco
the haul gudrantca of Ilia - -
lecce of ineio lutlriiinento.
Nos. 3O3-4O4-I7O-6O4.
Procured Promptly ,
OIKiK K. I.KAfdS , Alliirnur ut l.uw ,
oi B rirtf45niii \vAsiiiNriTON. . i ) . u.
u.Jrt < ,
Cni'nr-n ' > roHESTABLISHED , 1861 I IQQ
MieiTOf Chloag0p , us. Jciarkst.
The Regular Old-Established
Is dill Treating with the Greatest
\t 3ZL i UAJEJX * ti- ! _
Cliroiiic , Neryoiis and Piwatc Diseases ,
Failing Memory , Exhausting Drains , Terriblal
Dreams , Head and Dock Ache and all the efTectf J
leading to early decay andpcrhips Consumption oil
Insanity , treated scientifically by new methods with !
never-failing mcccss. I
ff3- SYPHILIS and all bad Blood and Skin Dlo'l
eases permanently cured. i ]
* 3'KIDNEYand URINARYcomphlnts.aieetl
Gonorrhoea , Slrictu re , Vericocele and all diseaieif
of the Genlto-Urinary Organs cured promptly without
injuiy to Stomach , Kidneys or other Orgaiu. 1
J > y * No experiments , Ace and experience Im.f
portant. Consultation free and sacred.
tF * Send 4 cents postage for Celebrated Works oc-
Chronic , Nervous and Delicate Diseiii-s , '
-0jtf1hose contemplating Marriace send for
Clarke's celebrated guide Male and Female , each1
15 cents , both 35 cents ( stamps ) . Consult the old
Doctor. A friendly letter or call may savefutiiresutleH
inn and shame , and add golden > ears to life A3-1JOOV1
"Life's ( Secret ) Errors"suceiitssumps ( ) . Mcdlclntl
and uritings sent everynliere , secure from cxposuro.l
Hours , 8 to 8. Sundays 9 to u. Address
F. D. CLARKE , M. D. ,
186 So. Clark St. , CHICAGO , ILL.I
N , W. Cor. 13th < t Dodeo Sto.
Appllancs : for Doforaitie ! and Trusssj.
licit lnclllll"9 , npiurutns unil ri'mcille * . lor turcoil .
ful trpiilini'ii * nl nvery furm uf duraftu ru'iulrlni > 1
Mudltal ( ir hurt' cul Treatment
lloird iind nllcndaace ; bcsl liotpltul uc. onuuodi' , !
lions In tni ! Mail II
U'llITI iniHrilin < Ij < lllSiin DoloruiltlPjmi'l ' llrucof , f
Tiuiiri , Clnh Toct , furmtnra ol the fnlno , I'lleij
Tuinun , C'anujr Oulurrli , KruiitlillK , Inlnlntlun , i
KlHcirlrlty , l'unilr l * > , Kpll | iir KlilnuHUdUer1
h/c , lirir , Hkln imii lllnoil.nn J ull.Sinuicil upcrntluol , I
Dlsonsea of Women a Spoolnlty. ' ,
lldllli ON III-IKASK-I Ul' H'OMf.N ' KHKC I
IIAMNO A bl'H'Ml.TY or
All lllood OUcincs Blicccmfullr treutod Kyphllltlof
I'nlinii rciuovMcl from thu ; luiii nltliuiit inxrcu
Now ruilurntlvn uoulniuiil lor lint ol Vllnl I'ower/ ; !
I'oriiini unublo tu rl > lt ui uur bu Irunlml nl linn by J
rnrrritivndviicii. All coinluunlcHtloln dtntlaf.4
Me'llrlfieii'or ' Infttrurufnlu keul hy tnulltirexi
ncciiiely naukud. no marks lo InOlf.Uu runli'nti orl
BeinliT- Ono iniiional Interflow ( irufcrreil Cullamlri
roiiHUltus or tend ulnlorr of jrourcaiu , mid \ru wilt ]
send In plain wrapper , our ' 1
Upon Private , Hpcrlal or Nerruus l > l > patci
Ic'ii.- , H/Pliills , lileut oud Vurlcuiul ! , nllli < j
list AuJrc i
: jl/r/if / t and liuryical Inbtitutc , orl
I > ! t. k
NKDk "
Cor , 13th and Doilco HU. , OMAHA , NKD
succt-Mfully uiftd niontlily hy over 10,0X1
jtiHrw Are , SVi/f . Effectual and i'ltanant
' I"T ' ) < ' )3C hy mall.or at ( lni'Kl ( ta. firateil
J'ariiculirt2povu < n Ktanipo.
TUB UUItEIU ClIUMlUAb Co. , VaiitOlT , Micu.
For sule mul I'M mall ( > \i \ ( Ii > o < l Hill
Co. , Omit/tit , Xeb.
or. . tuily
AnyTu.t i > untoo4 , ri ' . J i/lll iiid a t ) u tl ;
hKlUo ( . I J ) rcnulnlni ; rull ) > .uUiuUi M
limt i'ur > , Irn of < . ! ir . AiMiri > ,
PROF.f.O ,