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And Retired to Mnko a Place for a
Domocratlc Politician. *
It. W. Hnclioi , of Virginia ,
or AH a Fit lU-proscnt-a-
live of tlio South E.\trn
Ho. si on Tnlk ,
513 FOUIITEBNTII Srucr.T , f
WASIUNOTON , 1) . C. . .Inn. 17. |
It. IB no disrespect to the retiring board of
the army that convened to-day to examine
Judge Advocate General Swnlm to state
that , although thut olfieor said under oath
thlH afternoon he was not unable to perform
the duties of Ills oIllCLanil was willing to
perform them if ho was pardoned by the
president , ho will be found Incapacitated ,
pardoned mid placed on tlio retired list ,
barring unforsecn Incidents. It lias been de
creed that General Swulm shall be retired
fo two reasons ;
1. To uiulio ti place for n democratic polltl-
'J. To smooth the consciences of those who
wcro responsible for placing him in the
position ho now occupies. So points
will bo stretched to meet the exi
gencies. It has been common comment
among all classes hero ever since Generul
Swalin was found guilty by a court martini
of "conduct unbecoming an officer and a
gentleman" In not paying a dellcit in his
Block speculation account with u brother ,
that Ifho wore guilty lie should have been
dismissed from the army , and , It intioieut ,
acquitted. It was one of these cases where
the accused could not have been a ' 'modi- '
fled" culprit. There lire nil sorts of stories
in circulation nbout who will ho appointed to
the vacancy if General Swalm is retired. It
Is not believed that either Generals Black or
Uoscnerans is eligible , inasmuch ns the for
mer Is drawing a pension for total disability
mid the latter hns Just luul a bill reported
favorably in both houses of congress to place
him on the retired list of the army. Thus
both arc made eligible to the retired list before -
fore they could receive the appoint
ment. The sciiuto would undoubtedly
rcfuso to confirm the nomination
of Black or Hoscncrans on political if on no
other { ( rounds , lilnck is responsible for
innn.v of President Cleveland's vioious and
abusive pension vetoes , and Uoscncraus
abused General Grant around the imlls of
congress in the vilest language tongue can
utter. IJoth believe no good could como
from republicans , and hence it would bo
stultification for n republican senate to con-
llnu the nomination of cither of them.
Judge K.V. . Hughes , of the United States
court for the eastern district of Virginia ,
who Is spolcen of favorably in Virginia and
other parts of the south , us : i ( It representa
tive of the south In President Harrison's
cabinet , is not now nor never has been con
nected in any degree with any of the feuds
or with either of the factions in his party In
Ills state. Tlio judge Is one of the few ox-
eonfedoratos who turned republican after
the war , who is believed by the people ol his
tate to have turned from principle ,
and not for pelf , and who therefore
has retained their confidence and respect.
He was once the editor of the Washington
Union , the accredited organ of the national
democracy , and subsuquutl.v of the Richmond
Examiner , with which tie remained until it
and Richmond and the confederacy wont
down together. From the hour of the down
fall of the confederacy the Judge has devoted
nil his energies to the work of roconcillating
the people of tlio two once hostile sections ,
and should ho bo appointed , his friends say
ho will bo enabled to accomplish more in
that line than would be possible for any
other ono man.
On the ground that the democrats do not
want an extra session , the passage of the bill
preventing an extra session of the Fifty-first
congress , it is believed , will bo reported from
the committee on appropriations. If it is re
ported it will bu passed by botfi houses. Mr.
liundall , chairman of the appropriations
committee , is embarrassed by the situation ,
and he may wait till tlio semite tariff bill is
received by the committee on ways and
means , before he takes up the free tobacco
bill. Meanwhile the democratic members of
the latter committee arc swearing at the
house for not referring the free tobacco bill
to them , knowing at iho same time that it is
notorious that they would not have taken
action upon it , and that that was the reason
it was scat to the appropriations committee.
Senator and Mr. Paddock entertained at a
muslcnlo last night a chosen ! )00 ) of their
friends. Dehldess their own spacious
suite of apartments at the Portland , they
hud the use of another suite adjoining Unit
of Mr , and Mrs. John Olmsted. The guests
began to assemble .shortly after 9 o'clock ,
3- . and did not separate until long after mid
night. The rooms were all docked with
flowers , mid the connecting halls made n
convenient and pleasant promenade. Hero
and there In quiet corners within easy access ,
Mrs. Puddock's thought fulness hud placed
largo bowls of iced punch. Senator Paddock
received their friends in the drawing rooms.
They were assisted In welcoming their
guests by Senator and Mrs. Miindcrson.
and the lattcr'H sister , Mrs. Matherson , and
Miss Paddock. Mrs , Paddock's gown was
of palb hollotropo brocade , effectively
trimmed in black luce. Miss Paddock wore
olive crepe and velvet , with bungled tulle.
Mrs. Mandcrson were light tnn faille and
beaded tulle , and Mrs. Mnthorson were au
salt faille- and guuzo , dotted in gilt , A
musical programme of u half dozen numbers ,
Including piano duets and vlollncollo solos
and the rendition of several songs by Miss
Mctzgor , of this city , and Madame Utro , was
lengthened by the repealed encores until
Imlf the evening was passed. The perform
ers were nil artists of local reputation.
There were Intermissions when everybody
talked , or strolled to the supper room , where
nn abundant hot and cold collation witli ice
champagne was enjoyed. Senators and their
families are always loyal to each other's hos-
pHtill'.les. Naturally , therefore , the upper
house was largely represented In thocompiiny.
among others whoso well known musical
tastes , In addition to his friendliness would
have brought to the gathering , was Senator
Palmer , who only loft the music room long
enough to get nn Ice for the pretty and clover
young lady ho escorted. Miss Lucy Corkhlll ,
grand daughter of Justice Miller ,
Theao were also present Senator
and Mrs. Sherman and Miss Sherman , Sena *
tor and Mrs , Quay , Senator nnd Mrs ,
Chandler , Mrs. Daniel , Senator Dolph , Sena
tor and Mrs , Davis , Senator Morroll , Sena
tor and Mrs. Kenyan , Senator and Mrs ,
Vance , Senator and Miss Voorhocs , Mrs.
Justice Miller , General and the Misses
Wheeler , Mr. and Mrs , Lamar jr. , Mrs. and
the Misses Duller , Kcprcscntutlvo and Mrs ,
Burrows , Mrs. and the Misses Darlington ,
Uuiircsontntlve unil Mrs. McAdoo , Miss
Fuller and Miss Muudo Fuller , daughters of
Iho chief justice ; Iteprescnuitlvo and Miss
Herbert , Delegate and Mrs. Voorhees , the
Clitics , Minister and Dr. Vow , Dr. and Mrs.
The good citizens of Iowa are flooding
congress with fictitious asking for the pass
age of a law which will require the faithful
obserrance of Sunday. The bill they are
pleading in the interest of Is known us the
'Sunday Host" bill. A largo number of
petitions are received from various parts of
the state and presented In both houses every
John 0. Kelley , editor and proprietor of
the Sioux City Tribune , accompanied by his
Wife , Is making a short visit to his mother ,
Who resides hero. Mr. ICclloy U a Wash
ington boy , who went west some eighteen
years ago.
Among the amendments to the sundry
civil appropriation bill proposed iu the sen
ate to-day wrw one by Senator Mandcrson ,
from the committee on military affairs to np-
propriatc ( > ,000 for the preparation of a slto
and the erection of n pedestal for nn eques
trian statue for the late General Phillip II ,
Sheridan In Washington.
A Clnnli of Opinions.
WASHINGTON' , Jan. 17. This morning the
scr.nto sub-committee nn finance , in charge
of the tariff bill , receive : ! delegations ofj carpet -
pot nnd woolen goods manufacturers and
wool growers , the former of whom desired
certain modifications in the wool schedule
tending to a reduction of omo duties , while
the wool growers wanted still additional du
ties levied. The views at time were widely
divergent and expressed with much vigor.
Senator Sherman proposed the following
amendment to trio bill , which the manufac
turers now have under consideration and
will exnress their opinion upon before the
committee to-morrow : Amend paragraph
311 to read as follows ; "Tho duty on wools
of the first and third classes which shall bo
imported washed shall bo twice the amount
to which they would bo subjected if imported
unwashed , The duty upon wools of tlio second
end class , which shall be imported washed ,
shall be 5 cents per pound additional to the
duty to which they would bo subjected if im
ported unwashed. Washed wools arcdcllued to
bo such ns arc washed in cold water on the
backs of sheep. The duty on wools of tills
class which shall bo Imported scoured shrill
bo three times the duty to which they
would bo subjected if impo'-tcd unwashed.
All wools which , when imported , shnll con
tain less than 1'J per cent of weight thereof
ofgretise , dirt or other foreign substance of
matter , shnll bo classified us scoured wool
and pay duty accordingly , "
Before they left the room some of the man
ufacturers asserted that such an amendment
meant practical destruction to their Indus
tries , and that as against it they would work
for free wool.
General Sivnlin'.s Oise. :
WASHINGTON , Jan. IT. Judge Advocate
General David G. Swain , now under sen
tence of suspension from duty , to-day ap
peared before the army recruiting board nt
the war department for examination for
retirement in obedience to an order from the
secretary of war. General Swalu stated iu
answer to an inquiry that ho requested the
president to restore him to his former status ,
after which he would bo willing to retire ,
but that ho did not care to be examined before -
fore being pardoned. Ho thought ho was
perfectly healthy and not incapacitated for
active duty. Doctors madu nn examination
nnd reported to the board that t hey had
found evidences of disease of the kidneys ,
and requesting twenty-four hours to com
plete the examination. In their opinion the
disease indicated would renJcr him inca
pacitated for active duty. The board then
adjourned until to-morrow afternoon.
Nebraska anil loivn Pensions.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 17. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Bui : . ] Pensions granted Ncbras-
knns : Original invalid William A. Johnson ,
Wilsonvillo ; Andrew M. Garrctt , Franklin ;
Lucius H. Hcnton , Hcnklcman ; William
Shaw , Schuyler ; Miner C. Vaughn , Ponca ;
George W. Gill , Harvard. Increase
William S. Hall , Hillsdale ; George W. Em-
inert , Grand Island ; Jacob W. Abbott , Chap
man. Reissue William P. Gilbert. Hartley ,
Pensions for lowutis : Original invalid
John C. Kobortson , Now York ; Luclon L.
Teas. Washington ; Christopher Hilbcrt ,
Spring Hrook ; James S. Hamilton , Andrew.
Increase James A. Tebay , Hampton ; Lo
renzo U. Greene , Corning ; Henry A. Browning -
ing , Boouo ; David E. Bedel , Lament. Re
issue Henry Li. Winsor , Wnverly. Orig
inal widows Mary A. , widow -of Joseph
Bonn , Hillsboro.
The Indian CoinnilHHloncrs.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 17. At the annual
meeting of the board of Indian commission
ers to-day resolutions were adopted deprecat
ing changes of Indian oftlcials for partisan
reasons , and urging the extension of the civil
service system to trio Indian service : oppos
ing the removal of tribes from reservations
where they are settled and are making pro
gress towards civilisation ; asking for liberal
appropriations for carrying out tlio land i n
severally net ; that immediate steps bo taken
for the industrial education of all Indian
children , and demanding that the sacred ob
ligations of treaties bo regarded in all ne
gotiations with the Indians.
A Veteran Postmaster.
WESTCIIESTEII , N. Y. , Jan. 17. A petition
Is being circulated among the residents of
Yorktown , asking the president to retire
Postmaster Lewis Purdy from active service
and grant him a liberal pension for the ro-
imimloi- his life. Purdy is said to bo the
oldest postmaster in the United States , both
in years and service , having been appointed
postmaster of Scrub Oak by President W.
U. Harrison , grandfather of President-elect
Harrison , in 1841. Purdy is now nlnot.v-
thrco years of ago , and his only assistant is
his wife , who is ninety years of ago :
Explaining tlio ComproinlHC.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , Jan. 17. [ Special Tele
gram to TIM ; 13i'.i.l Messrs. A. W. Perloy
nnd William C. Hayes , two of the committee
of nine who , In behalf of the "Q" strikers ,
mot with the ofllcials of the railroad system
in Chicago last week nnd effected the com
promise , were in this city last night and held
a conference with the St. Joseph brother
hood , and explained in full the result of the
Chicago conference. The switchmen and
brakemen in this city who struck shortly
after the engineers mid llromen , have de
clared their desire to return to work.
Messrs. Perley and Hayes left to-day for
A Tnx On
WASHINGTON , Jan , 17. A majority of the
Ford committee on contract labor decided
thut a 5 tax shall bo imposed upon Immi
grants. Chairman Ford proposed nn addi
tional section to the bill which has been prepared -
pared to glvo effect to the views of the com
mittee , and contemplates the exclusion of
aliens who do not Intend to become citizens.
This met with some opposition , and it was
resolved to present the proposition to the
house us an independent resolution.
Slilrklnu tlio RurfnoiiHlbility.
CiiioAiio , Jan. 17 , It was understood that
the malingers of the western roads were to
take some action to-day in regard to the de
mand of the board of trade that unifrm rates
should bo made on live hogs and packing
house products from the Missouri river and
Iowa points to Chicago. No action , however ,
was taken , and It is evident that the railroads -
roads have concluded to shift to tlio inter
state commerce commission the disagreeable
responsibility of deciding the question.
Now l > \v Post in iiHlcrrf.
' WASHINGTON , Jan. 17. { .Special Telegram
to TUB HRK.J The following Iowa post
masters have been appointed : Daniel Sulll-
'van , Forest Home , Powesheik county , vice
15. L. Deason , resigned ; Annlo V. Follet ,
Iowa Lake , Knimet county , vice Aunlo Fol-
let , resigned , nnd lUchurd Hattley , White
Pigeon. Keokuk county , vice A. H. Car-
uilchuol , resigned.
A White llousu Reception ,
WASHINGTON , Jan , 17. The publlo parlors
and conservatory of the whlto house were
crowded to-night with a large and brilliant
assemblage Invited to attend the uresldent's
reception to the diplomatic corps. President
nnd Mrs. Cleveland were assisted iu receiv
ing by Miss Bayard , Mrs. Fulrehlld , Mrs.
Hudlcott , Mrs. Whitney nnd Mrs. Dickinson.
Won on u Foul.
CINCINNATI , Jon , 17. A featherweight
fight near here this afternoon between Mike
Collins , of Cincinnati , nnd Tommy Burke , of
Minneapolis , resulted in favor of Uurko in
the sixth round on a foul.
She Admits Her Guilt , But Claims
Extenuating Ciroumstancos.
Drove Her to Tnko the Fatal
Hlcn Which Slic Clnlnia
She Not Try to '
A Drspurnto Kcmeily.
[ Copyright 1FW till Jama Oonlon tleimrtt. ' ]
PAIUS , Jan. 17. [ Now York Herald Cable
Special to TUB HUB. | The publication
of the Homans' story in the Paris edition of
tlio Herald caused great excitement , es
pecially among the Americans. Mrs. Ho
mans Is much excited , so is the Italian
prince , who talks nbout n duel. Mrs. Ho-
mans was seen yesterday In her elegant
apartments overlooking the Arc do Trlompe.
She Is Indeed n beautiful woman , and her ac
cent shows her create origin. She was in
tears and hysterics , but composed
herself in n surprisingly short time
and told the Herald correspondent that
she was the victim of a horrid
intrigue of her husband's ' children by his
first wife. She denied breaking Into his
room in Brussels , and said that Mr. Homans
was willing that she should bo there and
that his family was trylnc to blacken her
name , in order to obtain all the property.
"Kxcusing my frankness , but Is there no
more delicate reason ! " I naked.
"I do not deny my guilt. For several
years 1 have had a lover , but before I took a
step I had given Mr. Homans solemn warn
ing that such was my intention , nnd what is
more , Mr. Hoinuns know perfectly well
during these years that I had a lover. You
ask mo how such a thing is possible. I will
tell you. They have not spared mo ,
nor ' will I now spare them.
It was because there was a
ghastly skeleton In the inner life of tlvc fam
ily. I know this , and Mr. Homans know it ,
and that is why ho was blind to my linson up
to the time of discovery. I call God to
witness I had been n faithful , loving wife ,
but I was stung to the quick by this out-
ruseous treatment I became reckless , des
perate. Finding my love- for an unloving
husband growing cool , I made my first step
in the wronir direction. 1 did this almost
without concealment. "
"IJut if Mr. Homans tolerated this liason
so long , why did he finally denounce it
nnd "
"Becauso ho had been influenced against
me so by the intrigues of his family ns to
wish to leave his money to them and not to
me. Ho therefore looked upon a divorce
simply as a menus of severing his financial
obligations to mo. "
Mrs. Homans' daughter , by her first hus
band , a beautiful girl of nineteen , listened
to her mother's edifying remarks during the
conversation. _
Certain Statements From Wnshln -
toii Said to lie Unrounded.
ICom/rlahtlSSSbuJiiintx / ( Jordan Hennttt. ]
LONDON , Jan. 17. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to THE BEn.l A statement
having been made hero to the effect that Sec
retary liayard hud recalled the invitations
which he had addressed to various govern
ment ofllcials to take purlin the international
maritime conference , "owing to certain de
mands made by Great Britain , " I thought it
right to ascertain for you the exact facts
from the very best authority. Whether or
not Bayard has recalled the invitations is , of
course , better Inown in Washington than in
London , but I nm able to give explicit con
tradiction to the statement that Great Brit
ain has made any demands of a nature
to throw obstacles In the way
of the proposed conference project
original in an act of congress , nnd no ob
jection was made with a view of deciding
certain questions connected with the rules
at sea , lights , and other matters relative to
the practical work of navigation. To such
points alone was the action of the conference
to bo confined. That has been well under
stood on nil sides. When , however , action
had proceeded a little further it found cer
tain dinicultlcs with regard to the applica
tion of principles likely to bo discussed.
Great Britain , as the possessor of the great
est mercantile marine In the world , could
scarcely by called upon to accept proposals
which might have the effect of interfering
with the ordinary course of trade.
There has not been any disagreement .be
tween the two governments on the sub
ject. No "demands" have been made on
one side or rejected on the other. It Is found
in effect that the conference was impractic
able , and if held could lead to no useful re
sults for the present. Therefore it is in
abeyance , but I am assured that the British
government is perfectly willing at any time
to discuss an arrangement with a view to
the safety of vessels at sea , or any other
question of Interest to the powers , which are
engaged in carrying on International com
merce. If the conference provided for by
the act of congress breaks down it simply
will bo owing to the fact that the scheme
would not work , and that practical men
speedily recognized the fact when it came to
bo closely examined.
The statement mode by correspondents nt
Washington , therefore , are much exag
gerated , if not wholly unfounded.
Boino Correspondenoo Wltli Rcfcr-
onoo to tlio IJIIIK ! Agitation.
LONDON , Jan , 17. In the cross-examina
tion of Patrick Delunoy before the Parnoll
commission , the witness persisted In declar
ing that ho saw Bo.vton point out to Invinci
ble Brady thochnirinnn of the prison board ,
Bourke , for assassination. Attorney Web-
stcr showed a correspondence between Matt
Harris and Michael Davltt with refero nee to
tlio land agitation. The only letter that ut-
traded interest was ono from Davltt to Har
ris , written in Now York , in which Davitt
says :
' 'Perhaps you nro not aware that John
O'Leary is hero. Ho came from Paris to up
set my land league endeavors. Ho will go
back a wiser , though sadder , man. Ha is
supported by nobody save the bosthoons fol
lowing that bluntant ass , Kossa. Tlio na
tionalists on tills sldo are common sense
men. Hossu will ncuiovo more success upon
your Bide ) than upon this. Hu is a cowardly
ruffian , who has not thn courage to resent the
insult I ottered him In the Herald. Ho has
not sufficient courage to set fire to a British
haystack. Do your utmost to keep the people
ple within hounds. "
Justice Hannen asked It the letters of Par-
nell would bo shown to the Purnolllto coun
sel. Attorney General Webster refused to
be pinned to u definite time for the producing
of the letters.
Itfuinurok'ri Anlinita.
LONDON , Jan , 17. fSpocIal Cablegram to
TIIC Bee. ] The Pall Mall Garotte , com
menting upon the Gcffcken affair , says :
"The animus of Prlncu Bismarck against
Prof. Gedcken Is of ; long standing. Ten
years ago , nt a social luceting , in unreserve
after dinner , Prof. Qoffchen delivered an cx-
trnvngaut diatribe , declaring Bismarck hnO
not ono single noble trait of character and
was without trace of kindness , The words
were noted down in Olsmnrck's black book.
The whole affair recalls the story of Hainan
and Mordecal. The Gorman Hnmnii seeks
to glbbett his Mordccal by publishing nn in
dictment , the only result being to justify
Geffckcu In the eyes of the world ,
Another German Htnllon FnltH Into
the Hands of tlio Arabs.
XANV.UIAH , Jan. 17. The Arabs have de
stroyed the German missionary station nt
Titgvi , fifteen miles west of Dar-es-Snlem.
A majority of the slaves captured by the
uinn-of-war in the sta
German - - wcro lodged
tion. Ono missionary succeeded in escaping
from the Arabs , but eight others were mas
sacred. Three bodies , ono of them that of
nwomau , were found mutilated In a bar
barous manner. Tlio Arabs curried oft the
servants and slaves nt the station. The
French missionary stations , especially these
near Tugu , are In Imminent danger.
N\VH From Khnrtonm.
SfAKtM. Jan. 17. One of the messengers
sent from hero to Khartoum In November
lust , has returned. Ho brings a letter from
a Kuropean , which says that Lupton Bey
died on May 8 , It was reported that the
equatorial provinces had seceded to the
mahdl. Nothing was known of Kiuin Pasha ,
Slaton Bey and other Europeans were well.
SnbHtiinco of u Bill Introduced in tlie
Illinois LclHlniurc.
SritiNoriuLU , 111. , Jan. 17. Among the
bills introduced in the house to-day was one
providing that if a member or members ol
any corporation doing business in the state
shall create , enter Into or become a member
or party to any trusty pool or agreement ol
like nature to fix the prices of any commodity
whatever , such members or corporations
shall be deemed guilty of conspiracy to de
fraud und be subject to indictment and pun
ishment ns criminals The ncnnliy is fixed at
imprisonment in thopcnltcntlnry | for not less
than one nor more than live years , nnd the
corporation shall forfeit its charter or license.
Any persons or corporation Injured by such
trust may sue for and recover double the
amount of damages suffered.
The bill introduced in the house by Mr.
Jones , amending the general election law ,
embodies practically the Australian system ,
nnd is nearly the sumo us that now in force
in Massachusetts , rind applies to national ,
state , judicial , county and municipal elec
The bill Introduced bj Representative
Hurst , also amending the election law , line-
wise introduces the Australian system , but
with several amendments. It provides ,
among other things , ' that conventions or
caucuses representing n political party poll
ing 8 per cent of the vote cast in the
district in which the nomination is made
may nominate candidates and certify
the fact to the election officers. The
nomination of candidates to be voted for by
the stnto-nt-largo may bu made by nomina
tion impcrs signed by not less than 1000 qual
ified voters of the state. For electoral dis
tricts they may bo mtido by similar nomina
tion papers , which must in no cose have less
than fifty names. A , "voter who shows his
ballot after { in a secret compart
ment so ns to J.ct it bo soon how
he is voting , or mokes false statement of
inability to mark his ballot , or a man
who tries to induce a voter to show that ho
has had a marked ballot , shall be fined from
$5 to ? 100. Penalties nro also provided for
persons who falsely make nomination cer
tificates or destroy any that have been made ,
or who destroy ballots , or delay their deliv
ery. Public officers who wilfully neglect
the performance of their duty are liable to a
fine of from ? 1,000 to $ . ,000 , or imprisonment
in jail for a year or both.
A Fight in the Council Which Hellos
III For Cliurcli.
Bis.MAiiCK , Dak. , Jan. 17. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BiiK.J A novel fight is now
boinjj waged in the council , the higher
brunch of the Dakota legislature. When
the council was organized u combination was
formed In the interest of Smith Stimmel ,
who was elected president , but owing to the
fact that he has not given the members of
the combination satisfaction , there is a
movement on foot to depose him and reor
ganize the body , distributing the impor
tant committees among the leaders of the
now deal. The disorganizes held a secret
caucus last night und it is expected the final
break will bo made some time next week.
This revolutionary action will take with it
all the important railroad and tolegrauh leg
islation , and will work to the disadvantage
of Governor Church , who is ono of the tar
gets for the republicans who are dissatis
The legislature will leave by special train
for Grand Forks to-morrow to visit the ter
ritorial university at that point. Owing to
the approach of statehood the old sectional
issues which have kept the territory in a
state of warfare for many years are dcnd ,
and tlio only thing to bo guarded against now
is extravagant appropriations.
.Dangerously Shot.
ST. Louis , Jan. 17. [ Special Telegram to
Tun BIK. : ] Private advices to friends hero
announce that Znch Muliiall , a well known
ranch owner of Anthony , Kan. , and formerly
of St. Louis , was shot and dangerously
wounded near that lace yesterday by a man
named Landers. The story is that Mulhall
had Landers arrested for stealing , nnd the
latter met him und shot him In revenge.
Mulhall formerly lived in St. Louis and is
very wealthy ,
Sullivan on a Bonder.
NEW YOIIK , Jan , 17. [ Special Telegram to
Tun BEE. ] A special from Boston asserts
that Sullivan broke his pledge , nnd was
gloriously exhilarated vostordny. His friends
nnd backers In this city houo It Is untrue , but
they have fears that John Is going back on
them ,
DlHCljillnariniiH" Finud.
EXETEII , N. H. , Jan : 17. Thirteen resi
dents of North Salem wcro arrested yester
day on complaint of Jphn Welch for assault
ing and otherwise maltreating him. They
hud formed themselves Into a "White Cap"
band for the purpose of "disciplining"
Welch for alleged Immorality , Each man
was fined $15 und costs ;
Death From n Full.
NOIIFOUC , Nob. , Jali. 17 , [ Special Tele
gram to TIIK BEB , ] George Davis , n brakeman -
man on the Fremont , Kl It horn & Missouri
Valley , died suddenly ut the depot hotel. Ho
was thrown from a wajjon Saturday even
ing , and last evening 'commenced vomiting.
The Indications are that ho burst u blood ves
Fourteen Yearn for Aiuircliy.
INIHANAPOUS , Jan. 17. In the district
court this morning George Hacker was sen.
tcnced to fourteen jteara In the penitentiary.
Hacker Is the anarchist who brutally as
saulted his employer , James Buse , because
the latte'r expressed gratification at the elec
tion of General Harrison ,
Au lownnV Ken lucky I'lirolmso.
LEXINGTON , Ky. , Jnn , 17 , ( Special Tele
gram to Tun BBC. ] J , Talbert , of the In-
wood stud , has sold to Bowornmu Bros. , for
D , Stout , of Dubuque , la. , the bay mare
Utility 4 ; by Electioneer , dam Consolation ,
by Dictator , for < H00.
She RoIIovocl an Omaha Youuff Mail
of His Watch.
No Truth in the Humor of the He
inovnl ol' TlintInstitution [ to
Kenrno.v A liluont-
lous Doctor.
A Wnywnrd Daughter.
NEIUUSKA CITY , Neb. , Jnn. 17. fSpecia
toTiiB BKK.1 An Omaha detective w. s in
the city to-day with a warrant for the urres' '
of Bertie Jenkins , charged with stealing n
watch last Saturday from Frank W. Huth ii
nn Omaha wine room. The girl is the
daughter of very respectable parents living
south of town , who have until to-day , beoi
In total ignorance of her mode of life. Whei
the ofllccrs went to the house and informer
the parents what was wanted they were lor
ribly shocked to learn that their daughter
has been living a very fast life in Omaha
Instead of earning au honest livelihood , ai
she had led them to believe. The firl had
been at homo on Sunday , but left for Kansas
City on Monday morning , as she said , to
visit friends. He father promised to re
cover the watch and return it to the owner.
Crete Nolos.
CIIETI : , Nob. . Jan. 17. [ Special to Tun
Br.E.l The Missouri Pucillc railroad , whlcl
completed its line to Crete lust October , has
built a large freight depot here , and has in
process of construction a magnificent pas
senger depot. It has also built a thrco-stal !
round house for the use of its engines.
Uuck & Hopkins have just completed a
large grain elevator on the line of the now
A rumor is going the rounds of the press
that Doano college is about to be moved fron
tliis place to Kearney. There Is no founda
tion for the rumor , as the citizens of Crete a
few months ngo raised $1,1,000 to endow a
choir ; besides the college has three largo
brick buildings and a section of land adjoin
ing tlio town site. Doauc college is in Crete
to stay.
Ijio.nor Without n tilccnuo.
NnnitAsKA CITY , Neb. , Jan. 17. [ Special to
Tun BEE. ] Hermann Wnchondorf. the
Talmago saloonkeeper , had a hearing to-day
In the county court on the charge of selling
liquor in that ulllago without n license. Ho
was bound over to the district court in tlio
sum of $ , " 500 , which ho furnished. This 'is the
second tinio he has been bound over on a
similar charge. Immediately after his hear
ing he was again arrested on eleven other
charges for the sumo offense. Ho guvo
security for his appearance before the county
judge , next Wednesday , to answer to the
new charges.
Attempted Violation.
WESTERN , Neb. , Jnn. 17. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : BEE. ] Dr. Plckett , a specialist
ot Mitchell , Ind. , was arrested in this city
to-day for attempted rape on the person of
Mrs. Ewaldt. On account of some technical
error in issuing the papers ho was acquitted
on the preliminary examination , nnd utonce
fled the town before other papers could bo
served upon him. OIHcers are in hot pur
suit , but there are slight hopes of his capture
ns he had an hour's start with n lleet team.
The citizens are greatly excited and talk of
lynching , tar and feathers , etc. , can bo
Heard. Mrs. Ewalut is a highly respected
ludy of this place and has the sympathies of
the best people In the city.
A DlHreputnhlo Pair.
KEAHNKV , Neb. , Jnn. 17. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : BEB.J Hurry Earl , and a
woman whom he calls Frankie , have been
in the city a few days. Last evening they
enticed Charles Shultz , a young farmer from
Kenesaw , Into their rooms , where they pro
ceeded to divest him of his loose change.
They succeeded in taking $ ifl from him , but
in turn were taken in by the police. They
were sent to Jail in default of bonds , nnd will
appear before Judge Learn.
Injunction Dissolved.
Ei/woon , Neb. , Jan. 17.- [ Special Tele
gram lo THE BEE.J The temporary injunc
tion restraining the county officers from
moving to Ehvood was dissolved by Judge
Cochranoon the l , * > th. The ofllccrs uro mak
ing arrangements to move at once to El wood.
Dislocated IIIn Shoulder.
NonroiiK , Neb , , Jun. 17. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : BEU.I Hev. J. W. Martin , pas
tor of the M. E. church , slipped and fell on
the ice yesterday , dislocating his shoulder.
Rain fell hero most of the day , and was
followed by a norther.
Willie Kaul , of St. Louis , Dies Worth
Over $2 ( > , OO.
ST. Louis , Jan , 17. | Special Telegram to
THE BEE.J Willie Kaul , also called Koano ,
a little hunchback who has sold newspapers
in front of the leading hotels hero for mortf *
than twenty years , died lust Saturday nt the
ngo of thirty-eight. Over $ ; i)00 ( ) in green
backs was found in his room yesterday , and
to-day S17f > 00 was found In government
bonds in his box at the Safe Deposit com
pany office. Ho was a single man , und his
pinched fnco und crippled form were familiar
to all Iho cily and thousands of strangers
stopping here. Willie stood nt the front en
trance of the old Southern hotel for years ,
nnd when it burned down ho went to the
Lludcll , and later still returned to the new
Throw Nitric Acid in HH | Faun.
HAWUNS , Wyo. , Jan. 17. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tun BEE , ] This evening Frank
Hurt , u Union Pacific fireman , had a quarrel
with Frank Tooloy , during whfoh Tooloy
struck Burl over the head with a bar of iron ,
laying tlio scalp open. Burt then took n bottle
tle of nitric acid from his pocket und threw
the contents In Tooloy's ' face , burning the
right sldo of his face In a horrible manner
iind entirely destroying the oye-s'ight. The
trouble bus been of long standing und there
Is said to bo u woman in the case. Hurt had
evidently intended to curry out his rovcngo
ut the curliest opportunity , as ho purchased
the acid during the afternoon. JIo lied us
soon ns ho saw the effects of his work , und
; ho officers are now hunting for him. Ho
will , no doubt , get the full extent of the law
when caught.
Noiv York Contra )
NEW Yomc , Jan. 17. At u meeting of the
llrectors of the Now York Central ft Hud
son Hlvcr railroad to-duy , the resignation of
James Tililnghast , assistant to the president
since William H , Vanderbilt retired from the
ircsldency , was accepted , and Henry Walter
tV'obb was elected to fill the vacancy. Webb
'or ' several years bus been first vice president
of the Wagner Car company , and will retain
hat office ,
An Ice Palace
an. 17. This afternoon half
of the western wall of the Ice palace , In pro
cess of erection , collapsed owing to mild
veathcr. The thermometer registered * > 5 In
he allude. There is no Ice in the river , und
lie material for the palace was obtained
rom the canal ,
Iwancs Cloned Out ,
Piiii.ADEU'iiu , Jan. 17. Judgment notes
agcrcguling nearly 125,000 were entered
igalnsi Isaac S , Isaacs , jeweler , yesterday.
Au execution was taken out and the sheriff
cried upon the stock.
Dlncnsscd nt n Banquet of the Amer
ican Tariff ticncuo.
NEW YOIIK , Jan , 17. The American Pro-
tcctlvo Tariff league dined at Dolmonico's
this evening. There were present M5 mem
bers and guests. Hon. William McKlnley ,
of Ohio , nnd Hon. Thomas B. Heed , of
Maine , sent regrets. President Animldown
welcomed the guests and stated that there
are now 900 members of the league , who have
contributed over flKK ) to further its purpose.
One hundred and fifty million vavcs of tnrlff
statements and arguments have been sent
out to the states and territories.
Congressman Morrow spoke of "The Pa-
cine Const , Its Developments Under the Pro
tective Tariff. " Having touched upon the
Increased production of wool , raisins , fruits
mineral and sugar , Mr. Morrow said :
"Even the bourbonlsm ol free trade
hesitates ut this point and admits that tlio
spirit of democracy requires American
sugar. Let us maintain faith , and In n fuw
years every pnund of sugar consumed in the
United States will bo the product of ourown
soil nnd the reward of our own labor. I
want to impress upon you the Important
nud growing Interests of the P.iclllc
coast and its increasing power as a policy In
the whole country a power that insists dis
tinctly upon tha principle of protection for
the bcnetil of her pconlo and the develop
ment of her Industrial wealth. "
Hon. ,1. F. Hanson , of Gcont.i , In
speaking to the toast , "Two Souths , "
and having referred to the recent
campaign , said : "If the results of thnt cam
paign , as they indicate public judgment and
public opinion , will amount to anything , the
republican party is under a mandate from
the people to cut up the internal revenue
sysloni by the roots and secure tlio perma
nency of the American policy of
protection. Thut the political south
proposes to destroy the protective system
no man of candor and Intelligence will deny.
In view of this purpose the man or party
who will save the political south from itself ,
and save the country from the political
south , will best promote the Interests
of the south and the country. If the
cause of protection fails in this
country it will fall at the hands of the solid
south. "
When Hon. Warner Miller \vusintrodnccd ,
and allusions were made to a cabinet posi
tion for a New York statesman ,
there was a volley of cheers
and applause. Mr. Miller spoke
on the influence of the tariff on commerce
and shipping , und set forth by facts nnd fig
ures that the prosperity of the country \v.xs
solely duo to the high tariff ,
A telegram of congratulations to General
Harrison was read and followed with great
John Jarrett , Of Pittsburp , spoke hi be
half of the workinginen's interests in the
tariff , hinging his remarks upon comparisons
instituted by him to the advantage of pro
tection , between the English and American
Unites AVho Fool No Itestr.iinis of
Im\v or Honor.
JACKSON , Miss. , Jan. 17. A letter will ap
pear in to-morrow's issue of tlio New Mis-
sissippiun from S. 1) . Chambcrlin , from
Shngulnk , in which that gentleman confirms
the report made in these dispatches lust
night of outrages on negro families in Kem-
pos and Noxubo counties , perpetrated by
what ho terms "u mob composed of the most
depraved and irresponsible part of our com
munity , " which has been for tbre'c weeks
robbing and plundering defenseless women
nnd children and. driving them
from their homes without checker
or hindrance. Crimes , he says , have been
committed that the outside world would not
dream of. Brutes , feeling no restraint of
law and honor , have endeavored to see how
deep they could steep themselves in infamy.
The people who have been driven from their
homes had by years of industry and econ
omy paid for their lands and little supplies.
They have committed no crime , unless it is a
crime to bo born black. These who sent to
him yesterday for protection had been noti
fied to leave within live days , and are now
struggling through mud nnd rain to save
their wor'dly store from vandals.
Mr. Chamborlln calls for a repression of
these outrages , mid says that the governor
ought to uluco those people back on their
farms and protect them , if it takes all the
militia of the state. It is staled that Gov
ernor Lowrey is about to tulio active steps
in the matter.
DellcH tin ;
KANSAS CITY , Mo. , Jun. 17. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BEE. ] Uev. Father A. M. J.
Hynes , who has had charge of the Pierce
City parish for the last ten years , was last
week ordered by Bishop Hogan to appear be
fore him ana answer to the charge of con
tumacious disobedience in rcfusint ; to tiiko.
ehnrgo of the Higginsvillo parish , where
lie had been ordered last Juno , father
Ilyncs appeared at the appointed time , but
learning that the vicar general was to con
duct the trial refused to remain , claiming
that ho was cited to appear before the bishop
and no one else. Ho further claims to bo in
possession of an order from the propaganda
which denies to the bishop the right to In
terfere with him. The vicar general , however -
over , suspended him for flvo years. Father
Hynes thereupon appealed the case to the
holy see and preferred charges of perjury ,
malice , lying und slander against the bishop.
The case is exciting a great deal of Interest.
Overland Train H Cliungo Time.
CmcACio , Jan. 17 , [ Special Telegram to
Tin : BEE. ] A meeting of the general man
agers of the Missouri river roads was held
last evening to mnko now arrangements for
overland connections at Omaha , on account
of the changes by the Union and Pa
cific. Hereafter the trains leaving hero for
Dmnha at night , instead of these leaving
icro at noon , will connect with the overland
.rain of tlio Union Pacific. It was agreed
.hut these trains on the several roads inter
ested should leave hero at 100 : : ! p. in , and ar
rive at Council Bluffs nt 0:15 : p. m. the next
A Put n I Wrrolc.
MILWAUKEE , .inn. 17. A special from Ka-
cine , WiH. , says that last evening the wind
) low a freight car from u sldo track to the
naln track of the Chicago , Milwaukee & St.
: 'aul road at Sylvanlan , nour Western Union
Junction. A freight train ran into It , wreck-
ng the engine and seven cars , Harvey Urn-
taker , a brnkeman. of Freeport , 111. , uged
twenty-six , was crushed to n jelly , and En
gineer Flack was fatally injured by inhaling
Htcum. The head brukcman , George Otto.
was badly scalded und burned , Several
load of stock were killed. The damage
amounts toiOOOJ ,
Want Ewfoo In tlui Cutilnel.
SAN FUANCISCO , Jan. 17. A petition has
teen forwarded to General Harrison , signed
> y every republican member of tlio Nevada
cglslaturo , and by fifty-four out of fifty-five
republican members of the California legis-
aturo , praying for the appointment of M. M.
Csteo , of this state , to u position in General
larribon's cabinet.
Ord.-Mvd lo Samoa.
SAN FIIANCHCO , Jnn. 17 , There Is consid
erable activity nt the More Island navy yard
owing to the recent orders from Washington
o prepare the Yandulla und Mohican for sea.
Die former has been ordered to Samoa , and
ho latter , It Is belluvcd , to Panama. Yu-i-
erday an order was received to fit out the
store ship Monongaheluund dispatch her ut
once to Samoa with supplies' for the fleet.
A Lean For Life- .
DEI-KIIE , WIs. , Jan. 17. The explosion of a
boiler in the building occupied by the Stand
ard and Democrat newspapers this after-
loon resulted In the Injury of several em-
iloyes , who wcro forced to Jump from the
econd story windows to save their lives
rom the Humes ,
Joalons Mr. Hutno Hlros Dotootlvoa '
to Watch His Wife.
The Fnlihles < Woninn Shadowed t < l
tlio Apartments ol'n Young Loth-
nrlo , Where- Both Are Sur
prised nnd Captured ,
A Dark Imntrrn Exhihltinii. ,
ST. P.UM. , Minn. , Jan. 17. | Special Tel < J ' . '
gram to Tun Hin.l : SamucM S. Katon , jw/
and Mrs. Irene Hume were arrested at the )
residence of Samuel S. Knton at mldnighti
last night ami owing to their prominence
their cscapado has been
Till ! TALK Ol1 Tilt : TOWN .
to-day. They were lined at 10 o'clock In thi
municipal court for disorderly conduct anil
arraigned in the same court in the nfternoonV
on the ehnrgo of criminal fntlmncv. Thaf
complaint was sworn out by Kobert Hume/
the husband of the woman. Mr. Hume la thoT
superintendent of the Northern Pacific ex
press company and Katon Is in the real I'stntu' '
and Insurance business with his father in the ) 'I
German-American bank building. Hume ' |
has suspected his wife of Inlldolity fur
month nnd has had u detective from Chicago'
and several police olllcer.s watching her , Thd
Eaton family occupies mi elegant mansion on
the corner of Ninth nnd I trend way , and thd
father and mother arc at present visiting iu
the cast. Last night Oflleer Godfrey was
niidatSi : : ( ) ynttnir Eaton and Mrs. lining
were scon to enter. The officer informed Ilia
rtilcairo detective nnd they gained admission/ /
to the Kntoti mansion through thooonnivuiics
of the servants. At a few minutes after IS }
they uupoaredjit the door of the sleeping1
apartment of young Katon und in a loud
voice demanded to know who his companion'
was. The rays of u dark-lnntt'rn word
thrown into the room mid the guilty pairf
CAIT.IIT IN nisii.Miu.u ; . ,
They wcro hurried oiT to the central" sta *
tlon and registered ns "M. 1. Stevens" und ,
"Irene Wilson. " Ten mlnutos later the in * ,
jnrcd husband turned up with n revolver ana/ /
forced his wife to sign u paper stating thatt
she had occupied tlio same loom with KutoiH
from 8 : ! ! ' ) to 1 : Iil ) a. m. Mr. Hume will tlio iy
suit for divorce to-morrow.
As soon as Kalon had recovered from th
shock of his arrest , ho consulted a lawyeo
and resolved to bring suit against thuoftlcera
for unlawful entry of a private residence. ;
Chief Justice Gillillnn rendered a decision
lasl week holding that the police have na
riglit to enter private residences to umko nr
rests unless summoned there by some pee/
son in charge.
Shu In Foiled In An Attempt to So *
euro n Fortune. i
CniCAflo , Jan. 17. There was n tlrnn ; Q
disclosure to-day In the case of old Mrs *
Naomi Fairchild , who claims to bo the wid if ,
of a wealthy supposed hutoholor lumberman ,
Walter S. Bnbcock , who was mysteriously
murdered last year nt the house of Miss
Sarah Dodge , in Gm-dtler , 111. Mrs. Fair *
child has been trying through the probate )
court hero to secure u share of the IlnbcbcU i , ,
estate , and had almost conclusively shown y
thntBabcock actually did secretly sustain , f
marital relations with her , and has attempted
to prove that when she was in
an apparently dying condition ,
Babcoclr was married to her by Ilov. Mr. i
Burns , a Methodist minister. The testimony. f
of tlio clergyman loft no doubt that n wcdx
ding under tlio circumstances described hna J
taken place. To-day Mrs. Julia Brattan , sis *
ter of Mrs. Fall-child , was on tlio stand , and1
the fact crept out that the minister nt hooi |
marriage was the same Hev. Mr. Burns.I ,
Cross-questioning soon developed the factfj '
that in every detail of time , place and manner -
nor , the Brattan wedding was Identical wlttt1 |
tlio alleged marriage nf Mrs. Fairchild to
Colonel Hubuock , Tlio trial was at once wlj. '
jonrndd , nnd the opinion is that Mrs. Fnlrf <
child's case lias fallen fiat. . i .
Jlnrrlson'H VlHitor.-i. ' f
iNniAN'APOi.i.s , Jan. 17. General Hitrrlmn
hud an unusually largo number of c.illors to-1
day. Among his callers was H , W. Stone ,
messenger from the electoral college of
Minnesota , en route to Washington. Ila i
brought a congratulatory memorial from hla i
college to the urcsldont-elcct.
A prominent southern visitor was Ciintnta
K. W. Ward , of North Carolina. Captnln
Wnrd is an nnti-Mahone man , and came as a
representative of the North Cnrollnu ropiibll * '
cans lo tell the president-elect that his neo >
pie preferred ox-Congressman Dockory to
General Muhonc.
Colonel H.-D. Locke , of Mueon , On. , arrived -
rived this evening and will bo Joined lot
night by Colonel A. 1C. Buck , of Savannah/ /
and Dr. H. C. Arnold , of Albany , Ga. All 1
are prominent republicans in their sections ? . 1.ji
They will confer with General Harrison lo
morrow on southern politics. V
AHtoryhas been going the rounds of tha
press purporting to give an account ot' Mra/l
Harrison's being snubbed by Mrs. Bliilno on , '
a special occasion at the \rhilu liousu during
President Garllold's administration. It is ro-i
liably learned to-day that there Is no truth in f
this story , which consequently does Mrs * ! (
Blainc u cruel injustice.
G. A. 1C. General Ordor.s.
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , Jan. 17. [ Special Tola-
gram to Tun BIH : ] General orders No. .1
wcro Issued this morning from the national ,
headquarters of tlio G , A. H , They oonJ
tallied the appointment of thirteen iiBSlHtnii.
inspectors general nnd a number of uldes-do-i
camp for the different departments , Tlio
time for holding the twenty-third national
encampment Is announced for the last week
in August , in Milwaukee , beginning with th *
parade on August \ . Department com * } \
mandcrs are urged to send in their report
on tlio "Oth day of each quarter , and a gen *
cral request is made that all comrades wentl
to the libruriuu of congress any of the vnrli
ous records and publications of Iho G. A. IE.
In Iheir possession so that u G. A. H. refer !
cnco book may bo prepared ,
Tlio Tooncco nion'u Ultimatum.
Lot'i ! > vu.iR , Ky. , Jan. 17. A circular
signed by thirteen ot the largest tobacco
manufacturers In Uio country was this morn1 5
Ing addressed to the Louisville Tobacco
Dealers'association us un ultimatum , If re
Jccted , Ihoy propose to withdraw from thU
inurKot entirely. Their demands , In HuW Z
Blanco , are thai there bo ono uniform Insjioc-f
lion for nil warehouses hero ; that ware-rf li
housemen hi ) responsible In case tobacco la f
not ns good as the wimple , und thut there hoi H
no bidding by warehousemen or their oin- i
ploy us. The warehouseman replied tha 6 /
they would not agree to the terms. Tho.v i
said thut the great manufuctururs wish b/ '
their combinations to control this und othe *
markets In the country. {
.tlcMIIInn Uluuted Hontitor. )
LA.NHINO , Mich , , Jan , 17 , In Joint conven *
tion yesterday the two houses elected J 011104 i
McMillan United States senator , ho rccelv -
Ing 'JO votes against S3 for Melbourne H,1 .
t'onl. I '
Donlli oT nn IJilllor. v ff
TKIIIIK HAIITB , Ind. , Jun , 17. Perry S.
Wcstfull , editor and proprietor of the Hut * I
urdny Kvenlng Mall , died this morning , aged ) I
fifty-five , from a paralytic stroke. _ {
Honntor lo\v llinoiiilnnlMl.
HU.BM , Ore , , Jan , 17 , The rcjiiiblicuDg D
have rt'i.uiiiinuted Senator Dow. * *