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Utllvtred 1)'Cfirrlpr In Anv Part of lie City a
Twrtityt'cnts I'cr Week.
til'MNK's OrurK JCo. 43.
N. Y. Plumbing company.
'oulnml wood. K. K.Mnync , 010 I3'wny.
There will bo soim and preaching
ficrviecH this evening nt the Ilolhniii
Bnptlst cliureh , Hlull street.
A innvringo license WHS Issued yester
day to .Ia fHT | Jensen mid Annie .lohnn-
iicuk K. .Mortenscn , both of this county.
Mrs. Antiii Slioltof Missouri Valley
gives free lectures this evening , mul to
morrow evening at the Overtoil mia-
bion. Kvn'vbodj" is invited to hi'iir het
on temperance.
The meeting of the iilutnni nssoHu-
tion of the high school will take pluco
at the Bloomer bohool , Thnr.sdtiy even
ing , at Tii : ; ) p. in. , and not on thuItli ,
us heretofore noticed.
A patient at St. Bernard's hospital
minted limning , died Tuesday night
nged forty yearn. The remains wort ,
forwarded to Silver City , where thu
deceased had a brother.
The boxes , bales and rubbish still oh ;
struct the nidewall < s on sncli prim'ipa"
Htrcols aa 1'carl. There is boinewhero
nn ordinance forbidding this , and pro
vldlng a remedy , but the eity marshal
has evidently mislaid it.
The Married Ladies' Progressive
High Five club will bo entertained to
morrow evening by Mr * Myers and
TUrs. Ilenrv Van JJuron at the residence
of the hitter , corner of Willow avenue
anil Fourth street.
When Kli Perkins was here two years
: igo there was a small uudienco to greet
him , owing to the stormy condition of
the weather. Many at that time ex
pressed regret at not being able to at
tend tlio lecture. Such will have
another opportunity on Saturday even
ing , when lie will lecture before the Y.
3U. ( J. A. in the Masonic temple hall.
The case of John Crooncharged with
assault aniT battery , was dispo > ccl of yo.s-
torday in Squire Barnott's court. The
prisoner was accused of striking another
delivery man with a whip. The prose
cution dismissed the case and the defendant -
fondant was discharged. The two boys
work foi1 rival markets and the dilli-
culty grow out of that fact.
The hackmen of the eity will give a
ball at Platner's hall this ovoning. One
of the features will bo a ten-round .spar
ring exhibition by Uharlcp Allo , a local
pug , and Billy Crockett , the champioa
colored middleweight of Iowa , now re
siding in this city. The exhibition will
bo for a purse of $ " > ( ) . for points. Six
ounce gloves will bo used. It was at
first intended to have a private mill ,
but the parties were induced to make
the match nubile and spar for points.
The lire bo.\s of No. 1 hooo house yes
terday remembered their absent com
rade , Morris \Viuks , who is running the
"Hescuo" lire steamer while she if >
doing service in the Lincoln lire de
partment , with a present , to .show that
though absent he is not forgotten. Thu
'boys sent him a fair-sized watch , nine
inches in diameter , with a suitable
chain. Morris will be the timer of the
Eisoman hose team next season , ami the
watch will also conm in play during the
state tournament.
The committee of arrangements of
the Elseman raving boso team will
hold a meeting at No. ! hose house this
evening to make final preparations for
the grand masquerade ball to be given
on the evening of February Ii2 at the
Masonic temple. The boys intend to
make it a grand alTair and hope to net
several hundred dollars. A new 4150
racing cart lias been ordered from
Seneca Falls , N. Y. , and handsome uni
forms will also be provided. For the
credit of the city the public should
patronize it liberally.
The only case in police court yester
day was that of John Johnson , charged
with forgery. The prisoner gave an
order for Sil./if / ) signed by "John Mc
Donald , yardmasterltock Island yards. "
The name signed is lietitions , and 'tho
order was given to Mrs. T. E. Clark , a
Scott street landlady , to satisfy a board
bill. She found put that the order was
worthless , and informed Chief Lucas ,
who arrested the fellow. Jlo had
squandered the proceeds of three
months' work husking corn , at the
gambling houses , and forged the order
to square himself with his landlady. IIo
waived examination and was bound over
to the grand jury in the sum of $1,000.
Committed in default.
Dr. Cleaver , 20 North Main. Tel. 147.
See W. C. Stacy's ad.
J. G. Tipton , real estate , CSV B'dway.
- it
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , culTs and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
Rock Spring coal , Gleason , 120 Pearl
I'orwMiul I
Miss Nellie Thomas , of Castana , la. ,
ts the guest of her sister , Mrs. James T.
Anderson , on lienton street.
-John Ii. Toinploton left yesterday
morning for York , Neb. , whore ho goes
in the interest of the llremun's state
tournament lo bo hold hero in Juno.
Frank M. Pusoy loft last evening for
Denver on a short business trip , having
just returned from Now York where ho
was.callod on a similar trip.
Mrs. Rose Tinloy , who with her son
EinmoftTinloy , lias boon at Galcsburg ,
111 , , attending the funeral of her bister ,
Mrs. Daniel Fan-oil , returned homo yes
_ _
Have our wagon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
Sleigh bells , sleds and skates at cost
tO Close OUt. ODKblj & BllYANT.
AH water rents must bo paid at the
olflco of this company by January 21 or
water will bo turned off without further
lift Pearl street.
Ollleo hours 8 a. in , toO p. in. ; Satur-
'dnys , 8 a.m. to 0 _ ,
Tired of 1,1 fc.
Annie Burke , the frail lonialo who
succeeded in lloecing a caller of $110
and was afterwards taken in tow by the
police , attempted suicide by the morphine -
phinoonto , She took enough to kill
nltorao , but Dr. Bellinger pumped her
out and she will recover. The attempt
was made in her rooms on Lower Hroiui-
tvay in the same building where Kthol
Urooks , another oyprian , committed
euieldo u few months ago.
Money loaned at L , B , Crafts & Co'a
loan ofllco , on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of .all kinds ,
nntt all other articles of value without
removal. All business strictly confi
Pickled tripe and pigs' feet at Tib-
* ! 815 Broadway.
A Judge Who Can Roaont nn Insul
Offered in Chntnbora *
They llqn ) ; rer on Kcotioiny An At
tempt , nt Suicide The City
Fathers nml Their Grips
Small l''ori'rles.
The Judge Him n Hot Ho\ ,
For some time past the city marshal's
ofllce In the city jail has l > con the loaf
ing place of a gang of chronic beats
whoso principal object scorns to bo to
keep warm at the oxpt'ii > e of some ono
else , and manage to kill time from OIK ,
day to another. Since the smallpox
cases have been attracting the atten
tion of the olllcials another crowd has
been added to the unsavory gang thai
haunts the jail. This is composed of
the guards who were employed to watcl
the housm where the patients were
con lined and to enforce the quarantine
laws. The original crew was bat
enough , and the police protested fecblj
against their presence , but whan the
smallpox guards appeared there was a
decided kick that bid fair to break out
in open rebellion. "The most decided
objection , however , was made by Judge
Ayli'sworth , the police magistrate. The
judge protested several times against
allowing the guardto enter the jail ,
but as thcp were still allowed to crowd
in there he removed his court to the
supreme court room some tilno aird , and
has since that time transacted all police
court business in the city building.
The court had no colliMoa with the
guards until yesterday , when ho had oc
casion to \ isit , the police station about
noon. Warming himself before the lire
stood one of the obnoxious personages.
"Are you ono of the smallpox
guards , ; ' " demanded the magistrate.
"Yos , " was the surly reply.
" \Voll , get out of lioro immediately ,
and don't come back. "
The guard failed to move.
"Are you going ; " ' demanded the
"When I got ready , " wns the answer.
For the space of half a second the
judge glared at the iiibolout fellow , and
then icizcd him by the nape of the neck
and fired him bodily into the street.
As soon as the court convened in the
afternoon , tin order was issued that no
ono bo admitted to the eity jail except
oa business. A notice to that ollict
was immediately posted on the door of
the jail , and all loafers wore refused
admittance. The jailer rcali/.ed that
there would now be some hope of keep
ing the ollico clean , and forthwith gave
it a thorough scrubbing , and for the
lirst time in months the room presented
a habitable appearance. After a thor
ough disinfection it is probable that
the room will again be occupied as a
police coui't room.
Mrs. E. E. Tlarkiic.-vj olTmvs for sale at
her residence , No. ( JOS Hlull' street , sonio
of her household goods and furniture.
L. E. Roo. dentist , No. 27 Main St. ,
over Jacquomin & Co.'s jewelry store.
. -
The London "Tailor's" is the place to
get your clothes mado. 0 ! ! " Broadway.
All grades soft coal , C. B. Fuel Co.
All grades hard coal , < J. B. Fuel Co.
Illinois and Iowa best soft coal , Glca-
FOII , 20 Pearl street.
\V. S. Cooper has cash on hand to loan
on approved city property , No. 130
Main street.
Tin ; Smullpov Hill.
During their labors of the past two
days the board of county supervisors
have given tlio city aldermen compris
ing the board of health some surprising
lessons in publiofinanciering. The two
bodies came together to consider the
smallpox bills incurred in the treatment
of the recent cases. The bills , as pre
sented and O. K.'d by the board , of
liealth , amounted to nearly r > ,000. As
cut down and allowed by the board of
supervisors they amount to barely two-
thirds of that sum. Several of the bills
wore thrown out altogether , among
the number being that of the city mar
shal for Mil ) .
The marshal estimated his services at
S3 per day , and appointed another
deputy to look after his business at the
city jail in order to attend the cases.
Now that his bill is rejected , the now
deputy will have to go , and if any work
is lo bo done in the matter , the marshal
says some one else may do it , for ho is
'done. "
Nearly every claim wascutdown more
: less. The board of health had al
lowed the guards $2.85 per day , and I ho
county board cut it down to' $2. The
supervisors exhibited considerable sur
prise at the freedom with which the
ildornion branded all of the claims O.
Iv. and attached their signatures. Considerable -
sidorablo has boon said heretofore re
garding the customs of the two boards ,
i'ho cijy council has been charged with
reckless extravagance , and the county
ward has boon accused of being exceed
ingly parsimonious. The result of the
experience of the past two days shows
Lho advantage of a conference between
the two. each holding the other in
check and moderating the two extremes.
An occasional conference on other mat
ters than smallpox bills might result
quite beneficially to the taxpayers.
Dr. C. C. IIir/.an , dentist , Opera house
Agents Wanted For Prohibition
Boor and Nerve Tonic. A strictly toin-
10ranco beverage. The best substitute
'or beer known. My "Happiness" has
10 equal. Send orders to L. M. Finkol-
stein , Omaha , Neb , , or Council Bluffs.
All persons having accounts with
larlaiesH Bros , are requested to call
md settle the same , Mrs. Watts is au-
.horizcd to receive money and can bo
found at Tin : HKK ollico for the present.
Bargains in real estate in all parts of
the city , W. S. Cooper , 180 Main btroet.
The City Fatliet-H.
The city council junkottingcommit-
oo , composed of Mayor Rohror , Aldor-
non Weaver and ICuopher , left last
evening for Des Molnes to inspect oloc-
rio lighting plants. Aldortnan Wator-
nan was to have gone , but declined at
ho last minute. The committee will
> o gone about a week. The council
iold a meeting before the departure of
bo committee to listen to the reading
of an ordinance prepared by City At-
orney Holmes for the regulation of
electric lighting companies.
Tlio ordinance , which was quite
ongthy , regulates the erection ami tul-
ustiuent of poles and wires , the space
o be occupied , rates to bo charged , etc , ,
and provides that any company may s > o-
curc n franchise for a term of yrars 1 > \
complying with the regulations. 1
does away with exclusive franchises and
was received by the council with c.\
prossions of approval. It was passed tc
a second reading , and there is no doub
of its Until adoption.
Monov loaned on futnituro , pianos
diamonds , horses buggies or anything
of value at low rates of interest. No
publicity ; fair and honorable dealing
A. A. ( 'lark & Co , , otlice cor. Broadway
and Main , over American express ,
S. 11. Wadsworlh & Co. loan money.
At Ditliany'n Ijant Kvcnltii : . '
The entertainment given at Dohany'
last evening under the auspices of the
ladies of the Presbyterian church was
very largely attended. The house was
completely Illled and the audience was
highly plea ed. A detachment of tlio
Dodge Light Guards gave an oxhlbitioi
drill in a very creditable manner , intro
ducing the manual of arms , marchinj.
and llring drill. Mr * . Fred Lyon recited
"Tho Drummer Boy of the Kupnuhan-
noek * ' in a very pleasing manner , evi
dencing unusual elocutionary ability.
Mr. Nat Brightim , the popular Omaha
vocalist , rendered several solo * with
II PO elTcct. Prof. Buetens nnd the
Strykon Blaaslust rlub played
number of line nolcetions , and the pro-
fopsor played a pretty violin solo of his
own composition. Several of the num
bers were deservedly encored. The
feature of the evening was the drum
ming of Major K. IL Ileiidorshot , the
drummer boy of the Happahannock , as
sisted by his sou , who played the llute.
Several'marches were ulayed , and imi
tation of an engine , battle , picket llr-
inir , etc. , given with surprising ac-
cilracy. A few additional numbers were
given'by special request , among them
the old' army --oug , "The Uld Army
Bean. " The audience applauded liber
ally , anil evidenced their approbation
The ladies did very wull financially.
llclil Kor tlu > 1'tMi.
Tn the superior court yesterday the
case of F.d Middleton , William Carua-
han and W. G. Hodges , for alleged
forgery , was on trial. Tim BKIS read
ers will remember the partieularsof the
case , which was given in those columns
about two weeks ago. Three forged
checks on the bank of Olllcer it Pusey ,
bearing the signatures of Chr's ' Straule ,
Henry Spetman and John P. Weaver ,
were passed at the stores of Motcalf
Bros , A. Goldstein and M. Millce. The
face of the checks ranged from * 22 to
$29. and wore cashed at the first and
last named places.
Goldstein win suspicious and called in
an olticer , who arrested Middleton and
Carnahan , and Hwigeswas nabbed the
following morning , when ho visited the
jail toco the others. The examina
tion proceeded very slowly , and was
concluded at dark. The court ordered
Hodges and I'ariiiihiin released , but bold
Middleton to the grand jury in the sum
of i-IOI ) , which ho failed to furnish , and
was remanded to jail.
Mi'.siiiu-i Valley.
The Shertvootl carriage factory , recently
started here , is turning out , some Hue worlc.
Tlie trial of John Ktflmrilsoii , for theslmot-
ing of 1,011 Uurkcr last summer , began ill
Logan , Monday , , lauu.iry It. It is cxpcutud
thai tlio case will consume the entire wool ; .
i\blu attorneys have been retained hy the
state and the defense.
As shown by the annual review in the
Nev.'s last week the private improvements
in Missouri Valley hist exceeded
$100,1)1)0 ) ) , the city oxpoiiditures for streets ,
etc. , . 5,000 , and Improvements in shop and
yard facilities of the Sioux City & Pacific
another ltt,000. ) ) It is expected that the
building in 1SVJ will far exceed that of 1SSS
The population of Missouri Valley is now
about -1,0 0. Now enterprises are seeking
room here every day. None would bo more
appreciated than another furniture store
ana a lirst-elass dry poods store.
MCo of Mr.- ; . Jay Gould.
Mrs. Gould was about fifty years old.
She spent herehildhood in Now York in
the homo of her father , Daniel O. Mil
ler who amassed a largo fortune as a
member of the Una of Leo , Dater it
Miller , produce [ and grocery deal
ers. The linn some years ago occupied
a prominent place in the commercial
circles of the city. The Miller home-
lead was at No. tt ! Hast Seventeenth
street , on tlio silo now occupied by the
C'ontury building , and it is there that
Miss ticlon D. Miller was married to
Jay Gould some twenty-six or twenty-
seven years ago. Subsequently her
father purchased a residence at No. 018
Fifth avenue , where he died about
seven years ago , and where his widow ,
Mrs. Ann Kip Miller , still lives.
Tay Gould was a partner , of
Mr. Lcupp , in the leather busi
ness at the time he married Miss
Miller , and she brought him a consid
erable fortune. IIo had also just en
tered upon his lirst railroad venture
and was president of the Washington
it Itutland railroad. The Gould family
liavo occupied their present homo for
live years , and for ton or twelve years
previous lived on the opposite side of
Fifth avenue , at the northwest corner
of Forty-seventh street. Mrs. Gould
liad six children , all of whom are liv
ing. George and his wife rcbide at No.
1 Hast Forty-seventh street , immcdi-
atoly in the roar of their par
ents' residence , and Kdward ,
Ilolon , Howard , Anna and Frank
live under the paternal roof. George1
Gould is about twonty-llvo years old ,
md Franlc , the youngest , ton or eleven.
When Mrs. Gould returned with her
husband early last September to their
country residence at Irvington from
Saratoga she timt began to show signs
of failing. The long yacht voyage from
which the family returned last spring ,
and the subsequent illnesso ! Jay Gould ,
during which time Mrs. Gould faitli-
fully attended him , had told upon her
naturally frail constitution , and she
was herself obliged to take to her bed.
In the latter part of September
Mrs. Gould had a light par-
tlytio attack which warned her
family that another of greater
boverltv might bo expected at any mo
ment. 'Her Now York physician at-
Lundeil her at Irvington several tlihoti a
week , but ho saw so slight an improve
ment in her condition that ho advised
ler removal to the city. Mrs. Gould
was accordingly brought down to her
city homo , No. TiT'J Fifth avenue , and
, ho change for the time seemed bono-
lleial. She was able to bit up in bed the
greater part of the day. The severe
> aralytio stroke which prostrated her
ilection day , however , came without
warning , and resulted in a complete
) aralysls on the right bide.
Advfcn to Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup should at-
wny bo usedforchlldrontoothing Jtsootho *
lie child , softonn the gums , allays all pain ,
curcsjwind colic , and is the best remedy for
llarrboca. .iSo a bottle ,
lout ? the Niokrl la tlio Riot Machine.
Dos Molnes Register : Tourists to the
stage driver in the Yellowstone region
Are there any wonderful curiosities
o bn seen In this region , driver ?
Stage driver Wonderful curiosities !
Well , I should say there wore ! WJiy ,
ou drop a rock down that gorge , como
Kick in three days and you can hear the
Ueo the surest remedy for catarrh
Dr. Sago'a. ,
Tlio Stranco t' ne of n Woman In
' "
: se\v York'
Now York Dispatch : , Recently Mari
etta Holly , u Washington .woman , cnmo
to tins city for troatm'Mit. She was ,
until ti yenr ngo , a largo , robust woman ,
possessed of great endurance nnd
strength. When she ivus admitted to
Hellovuo hospital Mio weighed only
seventy pounds nnd wns ( jntlroly help
less. Examination showed that tin
stomach was slightly fjwollen. tun
there was another protuberance nbovi
it , for whieh no explanation could U
given. The woman was starving ti
death , tind it was only her splendit
physical organization that had kep
her alive nt all. The patient wns pu
under the inllnoneo of other , nftoi
careful reparation been niiule foi
an emergency. After a ligature hat
been tied around the dimdemin
and the n'sophagus , they were
cut with a blunt scissors 'as neai
lo the stomach as possible , care heliif ,
taken to go beyond the diseased tissue
mul the stomach was removed. The
lieinorrhage was not troublesome. Tlio
arteries were all enlarged and UIL
stomach would have bled frightfully i
it liad been cut. After the abtiomi'nal
space had been thoroughly cleaned s
union wns made by drawing the cordii
and tlie pylorus together. The palient
remained unconscious for several days
and then rallied. Her body wnsruobei :
with oil , and food wns given her pei
rectumnndslic galnedstrengtli rapidly.
At the end of two weeks she \\as given
food through the mou.h , without any
liad ellect. Digestion went on In a per
fectly natural manner , nnd from this it
would bcem that the stomach bad been
thought to play n more important part
in digestion than it really does.
The patient will be kept at the hos-
pltnl for several moiithsso that the his
tory of the ease can be carefully noted.
Photographs wore taken of the stomach
and the abdqminiil space after the ca
nals were united.and a complete record
will apneiif next month in the Medical
Salt Hliciini
With its intense itching , dry , hot skin ,
often broken into painful ( Tacks , and
the little watery pimples , often causes
indescribable sull'ering. Hood's Snrsa-
parilla lias wonderful power over this Jt purities the blood and ex
pels the humor , and the skin heals
without a sear. Send for book contain
ing many statements of euros , to C. I.
Hood & Co. , Apothecaries , Lowell ,
dnse's Sull'-Coneelt
Nieolav anil ll.vy in February Cen
tury : The attitude of Mr. Uhase was
altogether different. As wo have seen ,
ho did all that man could do to grapple
with the problem of supplying the
ways and means of tbo giganlie war.
"UMth untiring zeal aiii\ \ perfect integ
rity ho devoted his oxtrjionUuary abil
ity lo the work of raising tUo thousands
of millions expended ' in the great
struggle which was crooned with a
colossal success. But liis attitude
towards the | ) re.sidcnt , it its' hiirdly too
much to say , was ono" Which varied
between the limits of active hostility
and benevolent contempt. , Ife appar
ently never changed his opinion that a
great mistake had been epminitted at
Chicago , and the predominant thought
whieh was present to him through
three years of his administration was
that it was his duty to counteract , as
far as possible , the ovih results of that
mistake. Tie felt himself alone in the
cabinet. Tie looked upon the president
and all his colleagues as his inferiors
in capacity , in zeal , ' in devotion
to liberty and general welfare. lie
sincerely persuaded himself that every
disaster whieh happened to the country
happened because his advice was not
followed , and that every piece of good
fortune was duo to hie having been able ,
from time to time , to rescue the presi
dent and the rest of the cabinet from
the consequences of their own errors.
IIo kept up a voluminous correspond
ence with friends in all sections of the
country , to whieh we should hesitate to
refer liad it not boon that he retained
copies of his letters' , and many years
afterward gave them into the hands of
a biographer for publication. These
letters are pervaded by a constant tone
of slight and criticism toward his chief
and his colleagues. lie continually
disavows all responsibility for the con
duct of the war.
Mr. J. Longliran , mayor of North Des
Moines , Iowa , say : "I have been using
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for the
past two years , and can recommend it
to anyone in need of a reliable cough
medicine. My boy takes it without any
trouble , and.1 know it has saved him
several times from a hard spell of the
croup. " All druggists sell it at CO cents
per bottle.
He ItefrieiKli'd a Mr.n.
Denver News : The friends of. Gen-
et'Hl J. N. Williamson , of Iowaformerly
commissioner of the general land ollico ,
will bo glad to learn that ho has re
cently fallen heir to a large fortune ?
The exact amount is not known , but re
ports vary from fc2o < ) ,000 lo . 00,01)0. ) "
Oonornl Williamson has been general
counsel of the Atlantic & Pacilic rail
road , riomo years ago an Irishman
named Casey , who had a contract for
construction on the railro-td , failed to
comply with the conditions thereof and
the olilcors of the road'directed General
Williamson to prosecute on bis bond.
If lliis had been done Mr. Casey would
have boon financially ruined ; but Gen
eral Williamson , after looking over the
ground , decided that Casey's failure
was more his misfortune than Ills fault ,
and earnestly recommended , that ho bo
given an extension of time tolinish the
job. The general finally obtained per
mission to compromise Hie matter with
Casey and the latter carried out the
contract , making considerable money ,
which was afterwards Inrgmy increased (
by other profitable contracts and good
investments. i
IIo was a bachelor , and before lie died
iti Albuquerque last January ho made
a will , bequeathing his entire property
to General Williamson 1 $ eoiisidora-
tion of the latter'ri kimliiCBs to him as
above described. Most of his estate
was in cash , blocks andnbonds , and was
immediately available. General Will
iamson learning that CIB0.V | Jml ( > 'O' -
tivos in Erie , Pa. , visltoU that city ,
wlioro ho found two brothqrs , and three
Histors. The former we're business n.on
in very good circumstancei and the lat
ter were wives of laboring men. IIo
gave each of thosiBtcrslQTOOOaiid each
of the brothers $ - > , OOU and received from
them stipulations in writing that they
would not contest the will. General
Williamson already had considerable
property , which , together wiU > this un
expected windfall , makes him inde
pendently rich. It is understood that
ho will very soon resign his position at
Albnquorquo and return to Washington
to reside.
A TriiKCll ) " of IH77.
Kearney Hub : An incident has just
tranfapircd that brings to mind an oc
currence of the summer of 1877. Those
who were residents of Kearney at that
time remember that a murder wns com
mitted Jin the room | iow occupied by
Jlubboll JJrothors , as a hardware store ,
then used by T. C. Roberts , a dealer in
general merchandise. Turner Cannon ,
ono of the clerks , slept in the store and
was shot and mortally wounded by a is supposed , who had olTocted
an entrance at tlio top of one of the
windows in the roar of the building.
The tragedy happened on tlio evening
of the 1st of August. 1H77 , and all sorts
of suspicions have since been expressed
as to who might have been the perpe
trator. A letter has been received by
a citizen of Kearnny from Alo.x
Thomas , of Terre Haute. 1ml. , that will
at least have the olfect to open another
Hold for speculation and possibly lead
ton positive and satisfactory solution of
the mystery. The concluding para
graph of the letter roads a. " follows :
There is a young man now in the in
sane asylum of Indiana , and physicians
who have known him for many
years claim that ho has not boon of
sound mind fora do/.on years or more.
In his incoherent talk 'his friends say
ho has said sonu-thing about shooting
ataman in the dark inour , cilv in
the summer of 1S77. and think that it
has been a source of trouble to him. as
the next day ho heard someone rending
in a newspaper that tin attempt at bur
glary had been inad-j an Kearney , and
on being detected one of the burglars
had fired on the discover and death
bad ensued. If you can give mo any
information on the subject you will
much oblige ; if not , please refer mo to
someone who can give information , if
anything of the kind occurred.
When you need a friend , select a true
one. Dr. Jones' Red Clover tonic , is
the host friend mankind has for all dis
eases of the stomach , liver and kidneys.
The best blood purilior and Ionic known.
60 co n Is.
101 i I'orkltn' Origin of tin Muv limps ,
Uli Perkins ; Kd. Quinn , of Log City ,
was a very wicked man , but one tiny ho
surprised every ono by leaving the
world and his wicked associates , and
joining the Baptist , church. He re
mained tin exemplary church member
Ihi'oo days , but coining into town one
day ho got drunk and the church turned
him out.
When puinn came back into the
world again the boys wouldn't speak to
him. They even went so fat us to hold
a mooting1 in the Bellow's hotel bar
room and resolved not to receive him
When I left Log CUylloft poor Quinn
dangling there between the world nnd
the church. I never heard of him for
years , lill he turned up in Kansas. He
was a mugwump and was making
speeches in favor of ' 'civil service ; "
Stanley' * IllKlit Name.
New York Times : Henry M. Stan
ley's real name is John Rowlands. He
was born in Wales , near the little town
of Denbigh , and his parents wore so
poor that he was feont at the age of
three to the poorhouse of St. Asaph.
When he was thirteen he was turned
loose to take care of himself. He was
well informed and taught school for
iwliilc. He shipped from Liverpool as
i cabin boy when he was fourteen , and
reached Now Orleans. Ho was there
adopted by a merchant named Stanley ,
who gave him his name. Young Stan
ley fought in the confederate army ,
lie ii now , if alive , forty-eight years of
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"o. , Omitlid ,