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The Malno Man's Frloncls Are Fool
ing Very Jubilant.
Tlio I > rcHldcnt Said to Have Deter
mined on tilvltiK the Knight n
Bunt in Ills Cahlnct Wnxh-
llllfll'H Pl'O leCtH. |
The Latest Aliont Illninc.
Nr.w YOIIK , Jnn. O. f Special Telegram to
TUB HM. J A. special from Washington to
night says ; "Tho republican members of the
ftcnntc , who arc opposed to Mr. Blalno enter
ing the cabinet , have heard some unpleasant
news from Indianapolis , nnd talk of nothing
else. The reason for tno depressed .appear
ance of Senator Hlscock upon his return
from Indianapolis , nnd the satisfaction ex
pressed by Senator Plumb at the same time ,
were explained yesturday afternoon by the
report that went swiftly from one senator to
another. It was that President-elect Harrl
son has practically i ! itcrir fed that ho can
not escape thu necessity of offering Mr.
Blalno a seat In the cabinet. This is not a
rumor , but Is a luct. General Harrison said
as much to ono of his senatorial callers , nnd
it was commonly \\ulkod \ \ of among the sena
tors hint evening In their private conversa
tions ; and n senator who is one of Mr.
Blaine'p bitter opponents said that from
tlio manner in which the information \VP.S
conveyed to them there can bo little doubt
that unless General Harrison , within the
next few weeks , finds some way , now un
foreseen , to assuage the conflicting Interests ,
ho will offer to Mr. Blalno the post of secre
tary of state. "
Morler With Forgery.
BKIIUN , Jan. O.-Tho Post practically ac
cuses Sir R. 1) . Morier of forgery. It says :
"The Bazaino letter , bristling with angll-
clsnm nnd solecisms , cannot possibly have
been written by n Frenchman. "
The IColnlschoCeltung , which first pub
lished the original charges against Morier ,
intimates that the letter convoys the im
pression that it was written by ati English
man , and that only the signature is Bazaine'H.
The Vossischo Xcitung says : "This new
accusation against Morier is one of such ex
ceeding enormity that it can only lilt Ger
man readers with a feeling of profound
Bhamo. Unless proof of Its unjiistness is immediately -
mediatoly tendered , the charge can hardly
Tall to havu almost an infuriating effect upon
foreigners. "
The Wescr X.eltuncdeplores the palpa
ble animosity displayed in the publication of
the charge.
Xlic Krcnch Klcationa.
PAitisJnn. ( ) . In thodopartincntof Somme ,
to-day General Montuudon ( Houlangist ) was
olccted member of the chamber of deputies
by a majority of 7,5 : . ; ) .
In the department of Charcnto Inferieurc ,
M. Duport ( Bouhuigist ) was elected by n
of 9140 the candi
majority , -140 over republican
At the republican congress to-day , at which
M. Clcmcnccau wan present , 231 of the ilTO
persons attending the meeting voted for
.Fucqucs , president of the council of Seine , as
n candidate for the vacant Paris ? eat in thd
chamber of deputies. Jacques was then pro
claimed , amid applause , sole candidate
against General Boulangor.
A Thriving Ijittlo Town.
Pr.Tniismnm , Neb. , Jan. ( i. [ Special to
Tin : line. ] Petersburg is n thriving little
village of over 200 Inhabitants in the north
central part of Boone county , and within
nbout 11 vo miles of the south line of Antelope
tcounty. It Is on the Albion branch of the
Fremont , Elkhorn & Missouri Valley rail
road , running from Scribner to Oakdalo ; Is
liirtcon miles from Albion , the county seat ,
nnd twenty miles from Oakdalo , where the
branch intersects the main line , and
is conceded to bo among the best
otations on this line , being sur
rounded by a prosperous farming
community. The beautiful Rae Valley in
which the town Is situated furnishes abund-
dant grass for stockmen , and several ranches
are located near by , where hundreds of cattle
nro fed annually and shipped to the eastern
market. Few towns of the size possess such
trade advantages. Nearly all trades nnd
wofessionn nro represented here. One can
hardly realize that all thcso changes have
been effected in a little over a year , nnd a
large business built up. There is u finely np-
pointed grain elevator nt this point , and its
business is not only flourishing , but rapidly
increasing. yyj- _
North Loup ItcniH.
NOIITII Lour , Neb. , Jnn. 0 [ Special to
Tin : Bin.l : There Is something of a scramble
over tli postoftlce In this place , with no par
ticular ono in the lead.
Ourgrain buyers are doing a heavy busi
ness.Thu trial took place Monday of the parties
concerned in the melee last Saturday even
ing , In which there was a great flourish of
revolvers , but no bloodshed , and rcsultoil in
one party being fined $50 and costs , which ho
refused to pay , and was committed to the
Jail , and the other was fined $1 and costs ,
owing to extenuating circumstances , which
was paid.
Wo expect something substantial In the
, way of brick buildings in the spring.
Ono of our billiard halls , where , it is said ,
Roniething stronger than pop was being sold ,
has been closed , us a result of the disturb
ance last Saturday.
With the Northwestern railroad running
through our town wo will bo a nlaco of no
mean Importance in thu near future ,
Civil Service ICnlcn Hovlaccl.
WAMIINOTON , Jan. 0. The civil service
commission has prepared and the president
has approved n scries of rules which are to
govern ndmisulons to nnd changes In the rail
way mall service. The rules nro extended to
all persona except the general superintendent
and his assistants. They provide that clerk
examinations shall Include not more than the
following subjects : Orthography , reading ,
nitilrcssi's. , penmanship , arithmetic ,
letter writing , luut the geography of the
United States./ The ago limitations for
examination are eighteen and thirty-five
years , r.xcoptas to honorably discharged sol-
dlcra and bailors. Competitors must have
attained a general average not loss than
seventy oii'ii basis of 100. though with eol-
dlcrs nnd sullora that will be sufficient.
Vacancies .shall bo II 1 1 oil by nominations All
aujiolntmonts shall bo mode for a probation
ary turm of six months , at the end of which
the clerk may bo absolutely appointed or dis
charged according to his record. Transfers
are authorized from the classified railway
mail sorvk-j to any classified jiostofUco , and
vice versa.
U.NDF.H T11U 1IOHS10S' P1212T.
A Lkltlo NowHtmy Prolmlily Fatally
Injured on Kurnniii Street.
A nowsbuy about ten yearn old , named
Ollli ) Smith , Hvinpat lOir , South Tenth street ,
met with a serious if not fatal accident last
evening on Furnam street. The boy got on
n street nar opposite Ho.vd'a opera house and
rode cast as fur ns Pollack's clothing store.
In jumping from thocaron the wrong-side
ho nllghtod In front of another car going In
the opposite direction and was trampled
under the bones' feet. The animals took
fright nnd began to run , the lad being
ilrnpt'cd with the car at the horses' hcelo.
The road bcliiR covered with Ice the boy slid
hair c block bc.'oro tli'o car could ba
brought to a standstill. J. M. Carney , buck-
man No , 54 , saw the accident , and rushing
to the rescue , stopped the horses. Ho then
took the boy in his arms and carried him
into Saxo's drug store. Ur , Chadwtcit
was summoned and found the lad
had n severe scalp wound six
Inches long , reaching from the
left sldo of the forehead to the back of the
right nar. The doctor bandaged the wound
and Carney took the jmtlonl homo In his
hack. From hero City Physician Ralph was
summoned and refused to come , saying the
child must bo taken to the city Jail before ho
would attend to him. Carney then went for
Dr. Summers Jr. , who examined the wound
nnd found that It required nine stitches.
The boy lives with his widowed mother and
sister , and by his exertions IE of great assist
ance to the family , The mother , on learning
of the accident and seeing her child covered
With blood , fainted , nnd was in n state of
nervous prostration late last night.
Cocrnlva McamiTe.s" Threatened If
China's Demand * are ignored.
SFIANCISCVI , Jan. 0. Tlio.lnpan Herald ,
received by the steamer City of Pckln , last
night , has advices from Seoul under unto of
December 0 to the effect that the Chinese
government hnd submitted tlireo demands to
the Corcan government , und threatens that
If the latter shows any disposition to object
to them , measures will bo taken to force the
Corcutis to acciilesce. | The demands wcro
thnt the king bo deposed nnd that the crown
prince bo elected instead , with his father as
regent ; that Corea shall declare hordclf to
bo depending on China , and that Chinese
ofilccrs bo placed r.t Fusi , Jurnsun nnd Jen-
chuiiii to exercise diplomatic functions. The
Corcan premier memorullzed the king , re
monstrating ngainstsuch n course , and lit the
same time offering his rcsiirniition. , luitio
Denny , the king's conlldcntlal adviser , also
wrote n letter to tlio king in which ho states
that on the day when China obtains her ob-
JectH as regards Corea , both nations will have
been brought under the rule of other power.
Affairs at Port-aii-Prlnco.
PoiiT-AU-PiiiNcn , Dee. 'Ji. : Since the re
lease of the Hayticn Republic , three days
ago , to the United States steamers Galena
and Yantic , an ofllccr and boat's crew have
been constantly kept aboard of the Hnytlcn
Republic nnd that ship kept constantly under
the shotted guns of a United States ves
sel. She will bo accepted to-morrow , as It Is
expected that her condition will bo then the
same us when she was captured , all parts of
her machinery Having been delivered. The
Haytien gun-boat , Grand River , left last
night late. Hying the French ( Ing , for Mole
St. Nicholas , now in the hands of the Hyp-
polltes , to cable to Martinique for iho French
licet to protect Port-au-Prince.
Lcgltimo's general , commanding his main
army , was seriously defeated at Ilinclilo , ton
miles from the San Domhmo frontier. Ilo
arrived last night with a report of the defeat.
He Is now at the French legation under tlio
protection of the French ling , as the r.ige of
the people li feared when they shall have
learned of the defeat , and it is believed that
the French minister immediately dispatched
a request for a French man-of-war.
A Steamer Sunk.
BAYOU SAUA , La. , Jan. 0. The steamboat
Paris C. Brown , from New Orleans for Cin
cinnati , struck u snug at Hermitage landing ,
Point Coupe parish , at 0 o'clock last nieht ,
and sunk to the hurricane deck. Two fire
men nnd one passenger aroimissing.
The Picayune's special says : Officers
Hannah and Blanks this evening report that
the Paris C. Urown is a total wreck , , with
only the pilot house and a small portion of
the decks appearing above the water , but
nothing definite was learned as to the loss of
life nnd property. Two roustabouts who
passed down on the Oliver Bierns say that
six of the crow and ono passenger wcro lost ,
but they could give no names. A large part
of the cargo will bo a total loss.
A Double Stage Ilohljnry.
CI.OVEIIDAI.B , Cal. , Jan. 0. A double stage
robbery occurred lust night. The down
stage from Medocino City was stopped near
Philo by a masked highwayman , who de
manded the treasure box , andholding a re
volver in ono hand , took the box from the
driver with the other. The stage had only
gone a few hundred yards when it met the
up stage from Clovcrdale , and the driver re
marked that ho had also been robbed , but
gave no details. The express boxes wcro till
that wcro taken.
A ! > ! Cut la Salaried.
ST. Louis , Jan , 0 , It is announced that a
circular will bo issued to-morrow from the
headquarters of the Missouri Pacifie railway
declaring that the salaries of all employes on
that system whoso pay Is 8100 per month and
over will bo reduced 10 per cent. This ap
plies to heads of departments ns well as
others , but docs not affect conductors , en
gineers , or those connected with the me
chanical departments. The object is to re
duce the operating oxponscs ,
The Coliiirn-ICunnard
Touw : > , Ohio , Jan. 0. A prize Hunt bo-
ttvccn Mike Coburn , of Manchester , England ,
nnd Jim Kcunurd , a half-breed Indian , of St.
Paul.Jtook place this morning for $100. The
men nro light weights. Nineteen rounds
wcro fought under Marquis of Queonsberry
rules , resulting la n victory for Coburn ,
A'loleut storms In Knropc.
LONDON , Jan. fl. Violent storms occurred
in the Pyrennes orientates. Rivers ovor-
llowcd their banks , nnd the streets of Pcr-
pignaii and country round about are Hooded.
Communication has been stopped , and an
enormous amount of damage and much dis
tress caused. It is feared the storm has also
wrecked vessels.
K. J. AVithercll Dead.
DBNVKII , Jan. 0. E. J. U'itherell , husband
of Emma Abbott , the prlma donna , died nt
the Windsor hotel In this city nt 10 o'clock '
to-day of pneumonia , contracted while ho
was en route to Kansas City from the Pacific
Sandy Forbes the Victim of n Myste
rious Assault.
Sandy Forbes , well known as the manager
ot Ed Rothory's sporting headquarters , is
now lying at the point of death , apparently
the victim of a sandbnggcr. On Saturday
night ho drove out to tha road house , jiear
Cut Off lake , accompanied by n woman of
the town known as May. After spending an
hour or two tneru liu started for homo , but
nt an early hour yesterday morning ho was
picked up inscnslblcj by Jim Trnlnor , driver
of hack 10. His companion was in the hands
of two or three men well known in Omaha ,
and was being walked up and down , to prevent -
vent her freezing. The colonel was taken
buck to the road house , where ho Is now
lying unable to bo removed. Ho Is yet un
conscious , und the attending physicians say
the Indications uru that he has been struck
with a billy.
The woman is also severely Injured but
able to tell u part of the story. She Bays
they wcro driving quietly along towards
Omaha , when Forbes fell out of the buggy ,
and the horse .Blurted to run. She was
thrown to the \round , and only recovered
consciousness lo find herself in the hands of
some men who wcro paying every attention
to her , and nonu to thu colonel. About the
same tlmo hack 1(1 ( came along and picked up
both her and Forbes mid curried thoin uack
to the road house where medical aid was ob
tained. '
The mysterious part of the affair Is that
the here attached to the buggy found its
way back to I Ionian's born without any
marks to ihow that It had run awav. . Even
the whip was la lU nlace , but the robe was
lound at the road house where it was-
brought by some of the parties who had
taken care ot the woman and left the colonel
lying on the ground. At midnight the vic
tim wnn still uncoii&ciuiui and unublu to make
any etatcmuut. ,
It Secures the Location of Union
Pnolflo Repair Shops.
A IMnnt Worth Half a Million to Ho
Krcutccl and ( Employment Ulvcu
to About Klvo Hun
dred Men.
Tlio U. IVs Imtost Move.
CmmiXNiVyo. . , .Tan. 0. [ Special Tclo
gram to TUB 111:1 : : . ] For sonic months rcpro
sontntlvos of the Cheyenne board of trade
have boon negotiating with the Union I'nclfk
ofllclnls with n view to securing the location
nt Chcycnno of the ear anil machine shops o
that company. A consummation of these no
gotlntions was reached lust night nt midnight
when the Choyanno city council formally
accepted a proposition in the form of a con
tract submitted by the railroad company. Hy
the terms of contract the city gets the loca
lion hoi-oof the general shops of the company
Buildings covering 100,000square feet will bo
croctcil during the present year nt n
cost of $ : > ooX)0 ( ) , won ; to bo
commenced within thirty days. The citj
gets frco freight for materials needed In
building extensions to the present system ol
waterworks , and also secures from the coin
pany at n nominal Jlgure 100 ncrcs of hind fern
n reservoir. On the part of the city , portions
of twenty-nine streets in the district to bo
occupied by the shops are to bo abandoned to
the use of the company. Viaducts , costing
? 'j,000 ( , nro to bo built across the railroai
tracks on three streets , nnd free water is to
bo furnished by the city for the shops ami
locomotives of the company.
The propositions wcro llrat submitted to the
board of trade by Its president , ex-Governor
Warren , mid by that body presented to the
city council , with n recommendation that
they be accepted. The council approved anil
ndoutod the propositions unanimously , nnd
directed Unit proper ordinances bo drawn to
carry them Into execution. The benellt to
Cheyenne will bo incalculable. At the start
, ' ! 00 tol.'iO mechanics and their families will
bo added to the population , and upwards of
n half million dollars expended. During the
next four years the shops will bo greatly
enlarged , and will ultimately employ 1,000 to
1,300 men.
The Shops AVI1I Not lie Moved.
Vice , President Holcomb was shown the
above dispatch. "You can say , olllcially , "
said he "that fur the is
, so as dispatch con
cerned , shops will bo erected in Cheyenne ,
but they will only be repair shops. The
Union Pacific docs not contemplate any re
moval of the shops or plant from Omaha. "
Another ofllcial of the road was Inter
viewed and said :
"I can neither afllnn nor deny the details
of the dispatch , but there is ono thing the
company must have shops m Omaha.
It has always been n favorite idea
with the directorate to establish
repair shops at some point further west , nnd
so avoid the necessity of sending broken
down engines or cars from the Western divi
sion to Omaha for repairs. In the interest
fo the company they should do so. and
Cheyenne is moro favorably situated for such
work than any other point. It connects with
lines branching out cast , west , north and
south , nnd Is 519 miles west of Omaha. Atone
ono time , some y < : ars ago , the company went
so far as to build the foundation of car re
pairing works , but it never went any further ,
nnd I suppose they are now about to carry
out the plans made years ago. "
Important Measures Jisforo the IIouso
and Senate.
WASHINGTON ; Jan. 0. The senate will
spend their week in further consideration of
the tariff bill. In the meantime probably no
other measure of importance which demands
any serious consideration will be taken up
except Mr. Edmunds' Monroe doctrine joint
The proposition to amend the rules so xsto
prevent flllibustering on the first and third
Mondays of each month against motions to
pass u measure , under suspension of the
rules , has thrown iho house Into a dead lock
which only the rule requiring adjournment
each day at 5 o'clock prevents from becom
ing as memorable as that which last session
was precipitated by the direct tax bill. Mr.
Reed , who has charge of the resolution to
0)1111170 ) the rules , has announced his inten
tion to keep the matter before the house
until n final decision upon it is reached. The
sundry civil appropriation bill will bo re
ported during the week ; but the course of all
business in the house hinges on the disposi
tion of the pending proposition to change the
AVnfihDiirn .Jubilant.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Jan. 0 , | Special Tele
gram to TJIB HUB. ] Tlio Minnesota legisla
ture speakership fight was considered settled
by the friends of Mr. Morgan , when they
heard of the action of the Ramsey county
legislative delegation last night. Ramsey
has six republican votes. Colonel Graves
and Mr. Morgan went before the delegation.
Mr , Morgan conceded thirty votes to Colonel
Graves , while Colonel Graves conceded
thirty-four to Mr. Morgan , That made
sixty-four , which Hanisoy considered settled ,
und it left twenty doubtful votes , not count
ing their own , The meeting adjourned until
evening and then Kamsoy went out to look
up the doubtful ones. They Interviewed nil
doubtful members , or their immediate
friends , and met again in the evening. Tlio
result of the comparison gave Graves forty
ana Morgan forty-four. When the meeting
broke up it was ainiounccd that the delega
tion would go four for Morgan and two for
Graves. The result of the Kamsoy meeting
was made known to the AVushburn lenders
nnd they were wild with enthusiasm. The
showing made by Hnmsoy county was con
sidered the most significant of anything that
has come to light since the inauguration of
the light. Washburn men are jubilating
everywhere and the ( lag was Hying from the
top notch of the flagstaff over the Was lib urn
Toll VH. Hail Ilond.
DEADWOOD , Dak. , Jan. 0. The Deadwood
& Lead City chartered toll road has enjoined
the Dcadwood Central railway nnd brought
suit upalust it for 50,000 damages. The
railroad crosses the toll road live times , ren
dering it unsafefor vehicles. Notwith
standing the notices duly given , tlio railroad
continued building. It Is claimed that tlio
railroad proposed breaking up the vehicle
traltlu between the two points in order to so-
euro a monopoly.
I'VII Six Hundred Foot.
UNIONTOIVN , Pa. , Jan. 0. Friday night
John Clark , engineer at the West Lolseiirlng
mines of the Connellsvlllo Coke nnd Iron
company ; William McFarron and William
Shearer went Into the cayo to go down the
shaft. Fireman Lewis Fuehor , who had
charge of the engine , started the cage , but
forgot to reverse the engine. The cage
went to the top tipple rapidly and there tlio
rope broke , dropping the cage nnd men to the
wttoin of the shaft , GOO feet below , killing
hen : instantly.
Scurlot Fever at Waterloo.
WATKIU.OO , la. , Jan , 0. [ Special Tolcgram
o TUB Hue. ] On account of scarlet fever ,
ho opening of the schools has been post *
toned to ono week from to-morrow by order
nlfio board of health to prevent the spread
of tho"wpldcmlo among the children , Six
Icatha have occurred. The estimated num-
K.T of cusus Is 1L
He Proves to Ho u Dltturhlnp ; Factor
In n Itrooklyii Congregation.
Nnw YoiiKJan. 0. [ Special Telegram
to Tnr. llnB.j Her. .Tu Sing , who ofilclntod
In tlio capacity of interpreter in the Chinese
school connected with the Central Congrega
tional church , Brooklyn , since its inception
seven years ago , Is a disturbing factor in the
congregation , September 29 , 1SS , the am-
bitlous celestial created a profound scns.itton ,
not only In the church but throughout the
country , by his clandestine marriage to Miss
Henrietta Elton SUll , the accomplished
daughter of n wealthy member. Now ,
through the refusal of the prudential com
mittee of the church to appropriate funds for
his employment longer , Miss Isabella
Shirley , superintendent , has tendered her
resignation. It is feared that her withdrawal
will break up the school. When the mar
riage of Ju Sing to Miss Still was announced
the congregation instituted an In
quiry as to Ju Sing's mile-
cedcnt.1 , nnd an extensive correspondence
was entered into with somoof Uio authorities
In San Francisco. The replies were decidedly
unfavorable to Ju Sing. ' Hy some it was
stated that liu had .abandoned n wife in
China , but this ho stoutly denied. lie ad
mitted , however , that such a ceremony had
been contemplated while on u visit to China
some years ago , but that n disagreement had
arisen as to sumo detail in the obligations ,
nnd their conjugal negotiations ramu to
naught. The Information received moved
the deacons of the church to establish n sort
of informal court -Inquiry. . The whole
matter WHS carefully canvassed , and It was
finally decided to express no verdict on the
monger testimony offered. While this was
lii progress Ju Sing remained in formal
communion with the church nnd continued
a * interpreter in the school. With his pretty
wife , however , affairs had assumed ft moro
serious posture. Her father would not brook
the burning disgrace , und she was denied
his homo und affections.
The Financial TrniiHnctions of the
Past Week.
HOSTON , Mass. , Jan. 0. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the Bee. ] The following table
compiled from dispatches to the Post from
the managers of the loading clearing-houses
of the United States , shows the gross ex
changes for the week ended January 5 ,
ISS'.I ' , with rates per cent of Increase or de
crease us compared with the amounts for
the corrcspondingwook in 1SS7 :
Stio Delivers Another Violent Spoach
to.the ChlotiKo Reds.
CHICAGO , Jnn. 0. Mrs. Parsons , the
anarchist , to-day made another violent
speech , similar to the one she delivered last
Sunday , and this time , ns before , she was'
unmolested by the police. Her audience
met \Vaverly hall , near police head
quarters , and was ostensibly a gathering of
socialists , whosa purpose was to discuss a
paper on "Salvation from Poverty. " Mrs.
Parsons said : "I nm a revolutionist , and I
believe that all moans uro justifiable to get
rid of the present + ndustrlal slavery. Tlio
capitalists , our musters , nullify the ballot.
Revolution by lorco must come , and the
sooner it comes the quicker your emancipa
tion will arrive. Behind the ballot must bo
n Winchester ride. " Concluding , the uark-
sklnncd speaker vehemently declared : "For
one , I am going to follow the truth if it takes
mo behind prison bars and if I have to die
for it. "
Destructive l-'iro at Hebron.
Hniuto.v , Neb. , Jan. (5. ( [ Special Telegram
to Tun Uui.J A lire was discovered this
morning about 3 o'clock , in the building oc
cupied by Mrs. T. M. Surbaugh as a millinery ,
store. The alarm was soon spread , nnd In a
very few minutes our citizens were out in
force. The lire , however , spread rapidly and
in a short time had cleared out an entire half
block , with the exception of one building ,
which was only slightly damaged. Most ot
the goods of the various owners ware saved ,
though greatly damaged by rough handling.
The losses by the lire are as follows : A. C.
Ring , drug store and building , $1 , 500 ; Werns
Hrothcrs' , hardware store , ' 51.000 ; H , A.
Hendcrshot , moat market , $ 00 ; H. D. Fergu
son , building , * 1,00 : ) ; F. J. Hondershot , build
ing , ? l.r.K ( ) ; Mrs. T. M. Surbaugh , damaged
goods , $ JOnJ. ; A. Hoivdlo , building , * l.OU3 ;
T. D. Landholder's bank fixtures , fl.ODU ; M.
A. Dlngman , furniture and goods , $300 ; R.
Klllson , building , $ 'X > 0 ; M. Rodes , on goods ,
P100. Hnd there been ajhlgh wind the greater
[ lortion of our village , would have been In
ruins. The cuuso of the lire Is unknown , but
was probably a defective Hue.
A Frightful Accident.
PiTTHiiuno , Jan. 0. A Now Hope , W. Vn. ,
special says that a frightful accident occurod
: hero Saturday nfterqoan. A number of
farmers gathered at William Porter's grist
mill , as was their custom on Saturdays , to
; ct their supplies of flour , when the boiler
exploded , completely wrecking the mill. Joseph -
soph French , Thomas , 'C.irtor , t ovl Shields ,
John Winner and Eli Shields were Instantly
( Hied , . their bodies belong blown Into shreds.
Pieces of llesh have 'dropped from the arms
of Wauo Sliuirelbarffer , exposing the bones ,
and his death Is momentarily expected. Jerome -
rome Cartnr and Wlllinin Carter were also
seriously injured , '
A Valuable Coat Find.
ST. PAUL , Jan. O.A Hpaclal dispatch gjves
an account of the flailing of another valuable
coal deposit In Dakqta , tlireo miles north of
2ontcrvillo. It wui'btruck by a party drill-
ng a well. One vein , eight feet thick , was
Irst bored at a deptb of 125 feet , and after
roiiig through sandttone and slate another
rein was struck. Active efforts to develop
ho find are being made.
T Htlinony Impeached.
PiT88iiuitu , Jun , 0. At a meeting of prom-
ncut Irish howe , rule sympathizers to-day
bo testimony * of Witness Flannlgun , who
were at th'e trial of Paruell that Stephen J.
tlcany had presided at a land league meet-
ng In this city , and collected funds to buy
arms , was denounced as fulso ,
The Bill Limiting Pension Azonts'
Fees Inspired by Splto.
MuKlnloy , Heed anil Uciulccson of
Iowa Thought to He In tlic ForeFront -
Front For Secretary of
the Navy.
WASIIIVOTON , D. C. . .Inn. 0. )
It appears after all that Chairman Mntson ,
of the committee on invalid pensions , had n
personal feeling in the work ho did tlio other
day In securing the passage of a bill In the
house limiting the fees of pension ngents.
The measure was framed since the election ,
at which Mntson was defeated for governor
of Indiana , nnd there can bo no doubt that
some things which transpired during the
campaign prompted the net , or that It is a
post-election measure. Ono of the leading
jtonson agents of Washington is the proprie
tor of n soldiers' ' paper having an enormous
circulation. The editors of the paper and its
proprietors and agents frequently visit
Matson's committee room in the interest
of pending measures , and therefore they
know exactly what is being done. Disgusted
with the duplicity and demngoger.v of the
chairman , this paper opened u merciless war
fare upon him as soon as ho was nominated
for governor of Indiana , nnd 33,000 were
weekly circulated throughout the state till
election day. Matson now "gets oven" by
having n bill passed which will cut this pen
sion agent's business Into shreds. There is
no doubt that the senate will agree to the bill ,
us the republicans In both houses have for
years been trying to have such n measure
adopted. It was not love for the soldier that
incited nnd Inspired the bill , however , but a
feeling of resentment toward the pension
agent. Thus good comes ol evil intent.
TIII : siMUKHitsiiii1 CANVASS.
Nearly all tlio rivalry In the speakership
contest seems to be between the extreme
eastern and western aspirants. It Is be
lieved that Cannon and Uurrows will pool
thpir issdcs mid go over to McICInloy , nnd
that Keed's eastern rivals will give way to
that gentleman , leaving McICluley , Reed and
Henderson , of Iowa , in the Hold. As be
tween Heed and McICInloy , should the Held
not center upon Henderson , thn Intter's fol
lowing would go to Melvinloy , which would
elect him. Two considerations will , however -
over , have more weight than geographical
location or personal likes. They
uro the position nf Uio candidates
on the tariff , nnd the leadership
on the floor. MclCinlcy is beyond question
regarded by nearly every ono In the house us
the ideal man on the tariff plank of the
Chicago platform , which ho framed. Heed
on the floor has shown mi ability for leader
ship which very few of the present repre
sentatives are willing to dispense with. If
the light should narrow down to a question
of the tariff , McICiiilcy will undoubtedly
win. Ho has made no antagonisms , und in
view of the fact that the next house will pass
the most important tariff measure proposed
formany years , and that McICInloy will
have much to do with its completion , he will
b.o given unusual prominence.
" " '
The more prominent bends ot bureaus in
the se-vevul departments are already prepar-
ing'to'ihovc out very soon nfter the inaugu
ration Your correspondent was in thoolllce
of-Ccanmlssioner of Internal Uevenuo Miller ,
yesterday , and noticed that ho was packing
away numerous private papers , which had
accumulated during his administration of the
internal revenue bureau. Ho had four largo
wooden chests In an adjoining room. In this
ho was also placing great bundles of docu
ments which he hnd had neatly nncketed , en
dorsed nnd classified. Ho said there was a
great deal ofinteresting matter in the ac
cumulation , which would make interestIng -
Ing reading if it were published ,
but ho could not uive it out.
Mr. Miller says that President-elect Harri
son would 11 ml his resignation on the table in
the white house on the nth ot March next ;
that ho anticipated his successor would bo
appointed within n week nfter that date nnd
that the decapitation of the ofllcial bends of
the various collectors throughout the. coun
try would soon .follow. Other ofllcers in the
department are In the same frame of mind.
Information comes hero that the boards of
trade in a number of eastern cities and sev
eral commercial organizations in Boston and
New York are arranging to make an assault
ti ! > on the silver dollar. They will hold that
silver dollars are inconvenient for circula
tion nnd that there should bo issued in their
place silver certificates , which are greatly
preferred by the trade everywhere.
The statement is made hero to-day that
Representative Gallinger , of New Hnmp
shire , will be appointed senator on tlio-1th of
next March , by the governor of that state , to
fill the vacancy which will be created by the
expiration of the term to which Senator
Chandler "was phoscn. When Uio legislature
meets In Juno it is believed that Senator
Chandler will bo re-elected. Dr. Gallinger
would thus bo given a three month's experi
ence as n senator , with only about four
weeks of actual service , as the senate will
remain in session during the most of
Marcn to act upon President Harrjson's
nominations. Dr. Gnllingor did not stand
for re-election to the house , having refused a
renominution. Ho is an extremely vigorous
man in committee nnd on the floor , and is a
strong and effective partisan. It will bo re
membered thai ho seconded the nomination
of General Harrison at Chicago , nnd was
ono of the lirst members of the house from
the cast , along with Representative George
West , of Now York , who announced his pre
ference for the Indiana candidate. This was
several months before the Chicago conven
tion mot.
roil sncimTAJiv opTiin NAVV.
Quito n number of the republican mem
bers-elect to the Fifty-first congress have
written to General Harrison in the interest
of Representative John R. Thomas , of Illi
nois , for the navy portfolio. They have
urged the selection of Captain Thomas on
the ground of eminent fitness nnd political
merit. Ho has for several years been a
prominent member of the committee on
naval affairs , and his recent work in designing -
signing steel cruisers has trlven him con
siderable prominence with those In congress
who nro interested In rebuilding the navy.
It is said that there will bo a petition , signed
by a largo number of republican hcnutors and
representatives , sent to General Harrison
soon in tlio interest ot Captain
Tnomas , and many of his friends bo-
llovo that ho will secure recognition
A united effort Is to bo made by many
merchants and the organized labor hero to
have the next congress make u urovision for
printing postage stamps nnd stamped envel
opes in Washington , cither at the govern
ment printing olllco , the bureau of engrav
ing and printing , or another bureau to be es
tablished. This has often been ngltatod , but
has novcr until now become a popular prop
osition. All other kinds of printing [ or Its
own use the government doca hero , nnd this
can bo done with but little extra expense In
the way of preparation , and what Is
described as "an elephantine monopoly"
broken up.
In view of the fact that the two parties are
BO evenly divided In the next house of repre
sentatives , the serious illness of Representa
tive Laird , of Nebraska , Is looked upon with
npprehcnflton by the republicans. A letter
bus been received hero from ono of Mr.
Laird's constituents which states that the
chances are all against his getting well again.
The writer says : "So far us I can Judge ,
and from reliable information , unices u great
change taken place , which does not seem
probable , Mr , Laird will never bo able to
occupy his neat again. Of course , in the
event of Lib death , his BUCCCBBOI- will bo a
republican , but ho may linger along for some
time. When the tlmo comes for voting on
organisation it , will bo dlftlcult to arrange
pairs. No able-bodied member on cither side
will probably want to pair with n sick man.
and unless there should bo an indisposed
democrat to bo paired with Mr. Laird in the
event of his Illness detaining him , the re
publicans might find themselves In n very
embarrassing condition. Every man on
both sides who Is able to will bo expected to
bo present.
General Paul Vandervoort , of Nebraska , is
in the city for the winter.
Pcuux S. HKATII.
A COUSTV "SI\T : w.vit.
IliUvlliiN County ( llnnsiiH ) I'ooplo In a
l-'evci1 ol' lOxuitcmcnt.
ATWOOD , Kan. , Jan. 0.-iSpocial to Till !
I3ni : , ] The commissioners of itawllns
county met at 1 p. in. yesterday , for the pur
pose of taking action upon the petition of the
lUakcmuu element for n vote upon tlio re
moval of the county scat from Atwood to
Hlakemaii. After convening as a board , the
petitions wcro quietly slipped Into the hands
of the chairman , who , together with Com
missioner llrlttaln. Is working body and soul
with the Lincoln Land comp.iny in the tin-
pleasant strife. As the district court was in
session at the tlmo In the court room above ,
there wore but few persons in the county
clerk's ofllce , whore the board was sitting.
The news spread rapidly , however , nnd in a
very few minutes a crowd of citlz MIS gath
ered around the board , and awaited develop
ments , The climax was reached at once by
Commissioner HriUaln movingthuttho board
call the election upon the afildavlt of G. W.
Piiulsome , and tnut the said petition con
tained moro than thrce-llftlm of Iho names
ot the electors of Rnwllns county , us shown
by the tax roll ol IbSS. This proposition
rightly called forth the indignation of those
present , who very soon began to manifest n
disposition to protect themselves , by force If
necessary , against this outrageous
movement upon the part of officials
wlio are sworn to do their duty without
prejudice. A demand was at once made by
the county attorney , who is an Atwood man ,
for tlmo to produce the law for them to con
sider before taking so rash a step. After
much discussion ono hour was grunted ,
which was occupied by the county attorney
in arranging injunction papers , and at the
expiration of the time the board was sum
moned before Judge Pratt , who warned them
of the consequences of so rash a step , and or
dered them to take no further action until 1
o'clock to-day. At that hour they were again
brought before the judge , who enjoined them
from any further action upon this petition ,
as a case is now pending in the supreme court
on a former petition presented by thu same
parties last February. It Is generally sup
posed that this is the death blow to the
county scat workers in Rawliiis county. A
great many farmers of the county were in
town attending court nt the time the board
convened , who became so indignant over the
audacity of Commissioner HrittuinJ that u
rope was strongly talked of as a means of
ending the trouble , and the commissioner
found it necessary to leave the city late In
the afternoon. At present everything is
quiet , and Atwood people feel that they have
again triumphed over the Nebraska corpora
tion known ns the Lincoln Land company.
A Nervy Sheriff.
DALLAS , Tex. , Jan. C. Friday night nt
Garland , Sheriff Moore started to take Jake
O'Brien , a burglar , to Dallas for safe keep
ing. While at the depot n masked mob of a
dozen men took the prisoner from the officer
nnd strung * n tree. Moore cut the'
rope in time O'Urion's life. Part of
the mob then held the ofllcor , while the
others took the burglar and strung him up
again. Moore finally freed hlmsolf , and ,
with a revolver in each hund , advanced on
the would-be lynchers and.again . cut O'Brien '
down. Both parties then opened lire , and
several of the mob were wounded , but it is
tiot known whether they were fatally injured
or not. Moore finally reached Dallas In
safety with his prisoner ,
A Iloominfj Nebraska Town.
DOUGLAS , Neb , , Jan. 0. [ Special to Tnr
Bni ; . ] Douglas , Nob. , is situated nbout half
way between Talmage and Crete , Nob. , on
the Crete branch of the Missouri Pacific
railway. It Is surrounded by a rich farming
country. Although only live months old it
now has a population of * 000 Inhabitants , and
most all kinds of business are represented
There arc two hardware stores , each carry
ing a f 10,000 stock nnd represented by Mr. C.
B. Castleman and M. F. Mahin , both wide
awake and thorough business men. The
firm of Haas , Page & Co. , with a $20,000
stock of dry goods , is doing a capital busi-
ties. Mr. E. R. Haas is manager'and Mr.
H. Sicks , clerk. Two moro clever men are
hard to find. II. Knglemos , with n $1D,000
stock of dry goods and groceries , Is doing a
good business. There are twn line hotels ,
furnish accommodation for the traveling
public , with free busses from the depot
to all parts of the town , and two line livery
barns , with Mr. T. J. Dakcn as manogor ,
and they are well equipped with good rigs.
Our town is yet without a bank , but lots
have been purchased for this purpose , and If
the weather permits , by spring there
will bo a fine bank anil opera
house built. There Is one line
drug store , owned by C. E. Clark & Co. , and
many other business houses to numerous to
mention , nnd there are good schools , nnd
churches of all denominations. Douglas is
growing rapidly , and Is the largest town be
tween Talmago and Crete , and before a year
will number 1,000 inhabitants.
A New Panama Canal Company.
PAIIIH , Jan. 0. The Petit Journal states
that the Panama Canal bondholders have
addressed a letter to Do Lcsscps offering him
the chairmanship of the new canal company
to bo formed by the shareholders In the
present company. The Journal says that the
now company will have a capital of Several
million francs , nnd will take over the concern -
corn from the old Panama company ,
Tlio debate in the American senate on the
Panama canal excites ill-will hero.
Occupation Tax Hnlta Contlnnoil.
BBATIIICK , Jan. 0. [ Special to Tin : Uci : . ]
The suits ugaiust the insurance companies ,
brought by the Beatrice city council , to col-
Icct an occupation tax for 16S7 and 1SSS of
$30 each , was continued by the agents of the
companies until Saturday , January 12 , In
order to give time to hear from all the com
panies. About one-half have expressed n
willingness to pay the tax.
The Wontlior Indications.
For Nebraska : Generally fair , slightly
warmer , except -western Nebraska ; nearly
stationary temperature , winds becoming
For Iowa : Light local snow or rnln ,
warmer , winds becoming northwesterly ,
For Dakota : Local snow or rain , warmer ,
except in western portion , nearly stationary
temperature , winds becoming northwest
_ _
Murilor mill Suicide ,
Nnw YOIIK , Jan. O.-Tho police report
that William Mann , forty-two years old , and
Carrie Jones , thirty-two years old , wore
found In n room on Kast Fifty-fourth utreet.
It is supposed that Munn uliot the woman ,
who was his housekeeper , and then shot him
self ,
Later It lm been ascertained that Carrie
Jones was his niece , nnd was n married
woman , but had been living with Mann us
his wife for several years.
Tlio Wedding I'oHtponoil.
HAMIIIMCO , la , , Jan , 0. [ Special Telegram
to TUB HKB. ] Theodore Fnrak , of Schuylcr ,
Neb. , was arrested here to-day.clmrgcd with
seduction. Ho was to have been married to
Miss Annie Snow , an cstlmablu young lady ,
here to-day. Ho U at present confined in
the county jail at Siduey , la.
Torrlblo Destitution in n Norwoglrm
Settlement in Dakota ,
Now Wliolo Families nro AVItliont
Siitliulont Clotlilii ) ; nnd llnvo ll.ircly
Food to lvc 'i > Them
From Starvation.
Destitution In Dakota.
F.uino , Dak. , Jan. 0. ( Special Tolcgram to
Tin : Hue. ] A most pitiable story of suffering -
ing among the Norwegians In the western
part of Walsh county , Dakota , comes In n
letter from the Rev. C. W. Richer , of Park
River , to the Rev. G. W. Ilimtloy , of this
city. Mr. Richer reports having made a
thorough canvass of Park Rlvor , ( .eliciting
nld for the sufferers , The goods were dis
tributed by two thoroughly reliable men ,
> -ho had Just returned and reported that
they distributed the goods as fairly as they
could among fifteen families , nnd that there
still remained between forty and IIfty fami
lies equally as destitute. The only menus of
sustenance they have , or have had for bomo
time , is In cooking their green frozen wheat
into a sort of porridge. They live within tha
belt where thu early frosts did the greatest
damage. They had relied entirely on thin
season's crop to tldo them over the winter ,
and this calamity left them with absolutely
nothing. Tln\v are principally of the
Lutheran denomination , and bccaimo
uncomplaining the true condition has not be
fore become known. Those who had been
moro fortunate. . In securing a crop of pota
toes , turnips , and other vegetables have
shared with those losR > fortunate , until now
there nro not enough ol these in nuy family
to last moro than three or four days. It is
related that the only clothing one woman had
on was a thin calico dress , not u nt Itch ot
anything eLse on the body , and no shoos or
stockings , while hundreds of others nro In
little better shape , and those that are cannot
possibly withstand the trials of a cold win
ter. In many instances boards have been
taken from the outside of the house to break
Into ilrowood , and should a decided change
occur in the weather It is but a question of a
few days until thuy all succumb. Provisions
of all kinds nro earnestly solicited , together
with clothing , ns ono without the t.ther
would bo of hut little benellt. Ministers of
denominations in Fargo will call attention to
the matter from the pulpits , and n committee
is now nt work collecting supplies to forward
to them.
Military Pouts.
FOIIT RoniNhfON , Neb. , Jan. ll. To the Ed
itor of Tin : BKI : : Forts Robinson and Nio-
brara , the two largest forks In northwestern
Nebraska , are of the greatest Importance to
the people , not only of western Nebraska
but of the whole state. Senators Mundorson
nnd Paddock , and Representative Dorsoy ,
seem to understand this , and are working
faithfully for the interest of the forts , but
the other representatives do not appear to
care much , and might ns well live in Iowa
or Texas , for all the good they
do Forts Robinson nnd Nlohrnrn.
The loss of these important military stations
would bo a real loss to the state , and I pre
dict that one , , or perhaps both of .them , will
bo abandoned" Inside of six years unless tha
representatives from Nebraska watch caro-
fully. Ono of tlio best ways to have them
Kept iii ) Is to make them cost as much as >
possible. The government will not Abandon
a post that has cost $ -0(1,000 ( , half as BOOH as
It would abandon ono that cost only 9100,000.
This post has had over 50,000 expended on
it , and there is $ ! 0COO moro appropriated ,
that will bo expended next Rummer. This
will not nearly complete the post. A now
hospital is needed , and for so largo n post it
ought to cost not u cent less than 0,000.
Then there are no Held officers' quarters. I
am living in a captain's set , and 1 think 1 am
entitled , after nearly thirty years' service ,
to live in n field ofllcer's house. There should
bo three sets of field ofllcora'
quarters built hero , viz : A colonel
or commanding officers' house , $5,000 ;
a lieutenant colonel's sot $1,000 , and a ma
jor's set § -1,000. This is to ba a full regi
mental post , and every field ofllcor should of
course have n house according to his rank.
It will take at least $50.000 more to finish
and lix-np the post as it should be. and Sen
ators Paddock and Manilcrsoii might as well
nsk for it first ns last. Lot an item for
$50,000 bo put In the next army appropria
tions bill , and when it comes up let the mem
ber from the "shoestring deestrict" and tha
members from all the other districts rustla
and help pass it , and not leave all the work
to Mandcrson , Paddock and Dorsoy.J.
J. S. B.
Mntanla IB Defiant.
BEHLIN , Jnn 0. Ofllcial ndvicos from Apia
confirm yesterday's announcement of an en
counter between Matnafa's followers nnd iho
Germans. On December 18 , the Gorman gun
boat , Adler , with tha Gorman consul on
board , proceeded to Lanly , Mutaufu'B chlot
position , with the intention of negotiating for
the disarming of the Insurgents In consequence
quence of the destruction of Gorman proper
ty nnd insults to Gorman sailors. A party of
men landed , uud while on their way to Vnlllo
plantation , they were suddenly attacked by
a party of rebels led by an American named
Klein. The Ogla , Adler and Kber landed
moro men , who succeeded in repelling tha
natives and destroyed some of their villages.
Llciitciuujt Sieger and llf teen men were killed.
and Lieutenants Spenglor nnd Hurclmrd and
thirty-six men were wounded. The latter
are doing well. Other accounts state that
the Germans retired to Ynillo and hold It
against the greatest odds until rulnforcbd.
Matanfa'a loss Is ten killed and thirty
wounded. The Germans bombarded Vaillo ,
Latoga , Lanty nnd Matafnga. Miitanfn now
holds a strongly entrenched position near
Apia , where treat excitement prevails.
The European women and children have
been placed on board tno mcn-of-wnr. Busi
ness is nt n standstill. Expecting further
action , Matnafa has obtained a supply of
ammunition. Ho declares hluiuelf ready to
appear before the commandom of the British
and American men-of-war.
as a Hutce Joke.
LOUI-CITV , Nob. , Jan. 0. [ Special to Tim
Bun. ] The excitement caused by tlio assign
ment of the Sherman County Banking com
pany docs not abate , in the least. President
E. E. Whalcy made n statement yesterday of
the financial condition of the bank , placing
the assets at * T2OaO and the liabilities at
f 11,113. This statement is looked upon by
our citizens ns a huge Joke , ns In their assets
Is included their book account against
Cashier Thols , of f.'S.OOO ; ofllco fixtures val
ued at ? lbOO , three or four farms valued'at
| J,0X ( > , on which Is fl.OOO iiicumbrnnco. The
excitement mid indignation is not confined to
our city , but is Intense at Lltchllold , the
former homo of ex-County Treasurer Pear
son , where , It is reported , n mob was organ
ized lust Sunday and a rope purchased for
the express purpose of giving President
Wliuley a "ncoktlo surprise. " ThU was only
prevail ted by diligent work on the part of a
few cool headed citizens ,
A M/.ni'd In HerHtomnoh. .
TOUONIO , Out. , Jan. 0 , Mrs , John Haw *
| ; | IIH had been treated for years forconsump- i
tlon , catarrh of the stomach , etc. , but could
ifet no relief from Intermittent excruciating
l > alns In the stomach till her medical attend-
nils came to the conclusion that there was a
lizard in her sUiinuch , and removed it. The
reptile wan eight Inches long and hnlfau
Inch thick.
Kteunihtilji Arrlvilf.
At New York } La Norniaiidic , from
Havre. *