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ori'ion. NO iii IMAIUJ ; sTiiniyr.
Jicllmcdbycnrrlir In Anv Putt of ho City a
M\umtj Cents 1'cr x.\ook.
ftf Tiui'iiotN : ;
w > i fiM Oiiur No. 43.
* * NKIIIT iuiToii. : .No. l.
N. Y. Plumbing rompany.
Coal and wood. K.K.Mayne , 010 B'way.
Thocitj council meets to morioxv evening
in regular session.
The smallpox scoio seems over. Thcro
wns never much to causa it , nnd thcro isn't
that much now.
llullding permits \\ern issued jesterday to
Mrs Lucy for n $ . " > 00 cottage , and to M. 12
Tiillcr for n ? 1,000 resilience.
.T. C. Mitchell , the ticket ncent , has fur
nished Tin. Ui'B xvlth the ImmUoniPst calen
dar of the season , it being issued by the Ohi-
CMBO & Northxvcstern load.
John I ) . Cohoon is the last to embark | ln
the loan business , He has opened mi onlc e
nt 10 I'eurl street , and xvill doubtless come
In for bis aliuro of the public patioiiagc
The annual report of the board of trade
has tlio list of the members nnd n page "in
mctnorlnm , " with the name of I2ijnh ! Klwm
Hurluicss , Unit ImliiK the only death during
tlio ycnr.
The meeting of the board of trade on Titos-
da } cxcnlng will be an iniportunt one ns It
involves the icorgnnization of the botml ,
election ofolllcers , ilnal rcpoits of commit
tees , etc. Kver.vono should plan to bo
The xvintoi vacation Is noxv over and the
public-schools xvill us usual to-morrow
morning. There will bo no changes outside
of those attendant upon the opening of the
ncxv AtliitiH building , which hnxo already
been mentioned in these columns.
t- Past Grand James r Spate , of Haxxkoyo
lodge , I. O O. F1. , and captain of the dCKico
team , xx-as presented Triday evening xvith a
handsome combined encampment nnd subor
dinate regaliu , bx the members of the degree
team , ns a tolten of their rogaid for him us a
leader nnd respcctcil member of the oiocr.
Business continues light in police court ,
and SimlroSchurr still oftlcintes ns magis
trate dining the illnessof Judge Aylesxx-orth.
Ycsteidnj's xlctnns mnnbeied butthrcc , and
wcio disposed of ns folloxvs : Casper Boek-
inan. drunk , { S 10 ; William Lnffoid and John
' . .Thompsonags , each sent to the county Jail
for txxontj dajs.
The petition of S. T Walker , to have a re
ceiver appointed for the Inter-State Humid ,
will bo heard by Judge Carson Tuesday.
'Iho Herald is now the Inter-State Demociat ,
nnd the olllcers of the former company are in
u rather mixed up condition. It is the dcsiie
of Mr. Walker to hax-o matters straightened
up and have all accounts settled.
Contiactor Chris Stiaub has completed tlio
biicic xxorkon tlio noxv four stor.x building
noxv in course of election as a factoiy for
the ICoyes Uros. Cart and Buggy company.
Tlio building is n handsome one , und ono that
will reflect great cicditon the city , it will
bo ready for oceup.mcj in about a month ,
and tliexxork done then xx ill give employ
ment to about UK ) hands.
AM old Citizen rctiuncd to the Bluffs yester
day in the poison of "Te-x" Baker , u notoii-
ous negro , xxho has just completed a jcat's
sentence at Ft Madison foi keeping a house
of prostitution hi this citi. His xvifo xxas
convicted at the same tune , and xvas sent to
Annuiosa for eighteen months Tltero is
plenty of evidence to be secured against nil
inerous other similar rcsoits in the city if
the county attoiney elect happens to take a
fieali in that direction
Mr. GCOIRO E. McMahon and Miss Nettio
B. Moomnxv xx-ero united in manlago jester
day ut tbo residence of the bride's parents ,
ton Logan street , by Uov. D. C. rianklin , of
the M. E. chuiih. The nexxly wedded couple
nro both well and faxornbly knoxvu in this
city , xvhcio tlio bade has nlwajs resided ,
nnd the groom has passed a pait of his life.
They will Immediately take up their icsi-
dcnco at his fium in Unrdiu township. The
best Jxvishcs of many friends uro theirs for
life's greatest happiness nnd prosperity.
Dr. Cleaver , 26 North Main. Tel. 147.
The OKI Ucllnblo Jcxvelcry Firm
of E. Burhorn , No. 17 Main street , has
laid in an immense stock of holiday
good's , xvhich xvill bo sold cheancr than
over. This is u special inducement for
thirty days. All goods lirst-class nnd
guaranteed to be just us represented.
It is nn established fact that you can
got the best goods for the least money
there. Call and examine the stock and
pet prices before purchasing.
See W. C. Stacy's ad.
Dr. C. C. Ha/.en , dentist , Opera house
Notice the beautiful finish ghon col-
lais , cutls and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company. (
Buy groceries , stationery and Christmas
goods of Kelley & Younkcrmau , 10J 13'xvay.
The annual renting of pews xvill take
place at the Presbyterian chinch Mon
day , January 7 , after prayer meeting.
Those xx ho desire to retain poxvb hold
last year xvill please notify tlio treas
urer , W. S. f'oopor , or any ono of the
trustees befoio Monday evening.
Pci'sonnl 1'arnjjrnplis.
Ernest Smith rejoices over being the
father of a hoy.
Hev. J. A. Skylos has been called to the
pastorate of the Congiegational chuichnt
Ax-oca. Ho is fiom Minnesota
Miss Kate , daughter of Contractor Callatr-
hnu , is rapidly recox'crinc from a sovcie at
tack of inllamatory rheumatism.
Miss Jennie Johnson arrived in the city
yesterday morning from Bent county , Col. ,
where she has Just proved up on a claim.
, She is the t'uost of her bi other , J. U. Johnson -
son , 72U Washington avenue.
T. J. Evans , general manager of the
electric motor line , has accepted an invita
tion to visit Tacomn , W. T. , xvbero several of
She leading citUons nro inteiosted in the
tmlldlng of nn electric motor road , nnd xvill
leave for that place next Tuesday.
Major. Hcndorshot brings with him
the original silver drum presented to
'film by Horace Grcoley for gallantry at
the battle ot Frudoi'lcksburg on the
llth of December , 1602 ; the drum pre
sented to him by the Woman's Koliof
Corns at Danger , Mo. , April 1885 ; the
gold mounted Garllold nnd Arthur
drum sticks of 1880 and the sivor tipped
sticks presented him by the George \V.
DoLong , postG , A. H. of Honolulu , ! . R.
Rook Spring coal , Gleason , 20 Pearl
Money loaned on futnituro , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value ut loxv rates of interest. No
publicity ; Jair and honorable dealing.
A. A. Clark & Co. , oflico cor. Broadxvuy
and Main , over American express.
AH grades luud coal , C , 13. Fuel Co.
Illinois and loxvu best soft coal , Glea-
Eon , 20 Pearl street.
Notice to Water COIIBUIIICM ,
The water rent for quarter commenc
ing January 1 , 1889 , is now duo. A
discount of 5 per cent on all bills paid
at this olllco before January 10 , ISbU ,
Council 131uTs ! Waterworks Co.
Pickled tripe and pigs' feet nt Tib-
bitts' , 1145 Broad H ay ,
Major Ilondershot , the original drum
mer boy of the Rappnhunnook , and his
eon assisted by the local talent xvill
give nn entertainment at the opera
house , Wednesday evening , tho. 10th
jnst. Major Uondorehot's performances
on the drum are simply xvondorful , und
the old soldiers almost Imugino the \xur
is not over yet us they listen to his imi
tations of u battle ,
The Coal Mon Deny That They Oom-
blno to Rob the Pooplo.
Telephonic Pnli-nns Who Will Xot Fol
low InstructIOIIH An Knuity I'oclo
cllionk In Court ItcxolutloiiN of
I IK ; KnlchtH JrnloiiH Htm" * .
Tlir tlrnloiiNy or' Ilio 8tnrs.
Tor the past txxo or tin ec dajs several of
the locnl p.tpcrs have been trying to deeido
xvho ought to hnvo the credit for the arrest
of tnu inun HI o , who was detected disposing
of the rare coins stolen from the Kilen
Musoe , In Oinnhn , n foxv da > s ago Ono
paper says Hint Chief Lucas worked up the
case with infinite skill , nud should hnvo full
ctcdlt , ntiil another details the experience of
Captain Ujer during his midnight vigil whllo
watching the fellow spend the money , and
insists Unit to him Oolongs the meed of
Chief Lucas leans very favorably to the
former version , but Insists that he is not
looking after praise He has no icputatloti
to make , etc. Ho wants the bojs to hnvo
full credit , and get nil they can. When
asked by u reporter foi the ntttnil Incts in
the case abovu refeired to , the chief was
iinlto reticent , but llnallj told his inteiro-
Kator to sco n colored man named liroxvn ,
who xxas present nt the dance where the ur-
rest was iniulo
"Well , but didn't Die" make the anesti"
quci icd the scribe.
"I never denied it , " responded the chiof.
"Wasn't ho there nil night , watching the
"Was ho ? .Tust nsh Hroxxn whether ho
\\nsornot. He will tell , \ on. "
Hrown was seen , and that xxorthx asserted
that the story told by Pier was tiuo , and
that the latter was watching Hico for
hours and finally nrtostcd him. The chief
then held u shoit private interview with
Urown , after which lie requested the scribe
to again question him , but the latter did not
deem it ncccssaiy. The cnlef nnnounrrd
that the papers were continually trying to
kick upu row In the force , but they did not
succeed because c\erj tiling was harmonious
The chief may bo sincere in his belief that
there is no discoid in the ranks of his force ,
but that fact is by no means apparent to out
siders. It will be remembered that a short
time since thoio xxns a serious dlsiuptlon ,
which threatened senous trouble , and the
chief denied for some time that there was
ani thing in the report until the matter as-
Humcd such proportions as bid fair to break
up the whole force , when ho hcean to look
into the case , and settled the whole thing by
vhtunlly saying , "liojs , iou must behave
iouiselvcs. Ifiou don't like jour Job jou
cnu quit. " Uverything quieted down fora
time , but the lire still smouldered beneath
the sin face. Nothing Declined to disturb
the serenity of olTnns until the night of the
policeman's b.ill. On that occasion , several
of the "llncst" could not withstand tempta
tion , ami indulged their appetites for "tho
eiathui. " The icsult was that they became
quite t.illcatixe , as the liquoi loosened up
their tongues In fnct , their tongues began
to w ag so gliblj that some of the disagreea
ble things weic tioubliiig them began
to leak out , and there weie soxoial lively
veibal diffeienccs. Tilings itept on in this
wny until well niph moining , when some ot
the number letired to a neigliboimg saloon
to settle tlieu dilTcicncos. What followed
was nuj thing but cicditableto the members
of a foico tliat is supposed to bo as haimon-
lous as the chief asseits.
When matters becanio too warm the con
testants were "Jlrcd" bj the saloon keener ,
and the battle was lesumed on the sidewalk.
It is stated tnat guns were diawn before the
mattei was finally settled , .lust what the
trouble was it is impossible to ascertain at
present , but it was hardly in keeping with
"harmony. " The Bluffs police force has
long been notorious for its disagreements
and internal bickerings. It is about time to
put a stop to it for all time They have
been hushcd.teinporarily , but that docs not
\xoilt to any advantage.
There is a discordant element that is con
tinually causing trouble , and that , combined
with n ccitain jealousy , is responsible for all
difllculty. A thorough overhauling ot the
force would undoubtedly bo productive of an
much good in the increased efllcioney of the
body ns would an increase in numbers in its
present unsatisfactory condition.
Ha\ our wagon call for .Your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
Weather strips for door * , and win
dows. Odoll & Bryant , 51I5 Main at.
Money loaned at L. B. Ciafts & Co.'s
loan olll'ec , on furiutuio , pianos , horses ,
xxagons , personal property of all kinds ,
and all other articles of value without
icmovnl. All business strictly conli-
W. S. Coonor has cash on hand to loan
on approved city property , No. 130
Main street.
Tlio following announcements arc made of
religious services to be hold to day :
Overtoil Mission Services at lO-iiO a. in.
and 7.UO p in. The evening service will bo
conducted by a portion of the Salvation
J3erean fiaptlst Church Morning text
Isaiah CO .1 ; evening subject , "What is Your
Life ! " Sunday school nt 11.45 a. m. The
week of praier will bo observed , All will bo
coulially welcomed to our services. 1 < \ r.
Thickstun , pastor.
Services nt the Harmony Mission to-day at
3 o'clock , conducted bv Kev. Dr. l'helis. )
Sabbath school nt 4 o'clock ; prayer meeting
Thursday oxening. subject , Math. ! ) .
Every one cordially invited to attend these
Broadway M. E.Church-Picaching nt 10-33
n in. nnd 7 W p. in. , by the pastor. Morning
subject , "Tho heritage of the church and the
seciet of power. " Sunday school at 12 ! in. ;
class meeting at 0.30. Sei vices each evening
during the week at 7iO. : ! Tfio public cor
dially Invited.
First Baptist Chnich Preaching bi the
pastor nt 10 HO a. m. ami 7.80 p. in. Wei-
coiau to now members at moining service.
Sunday school , 13 in. Young peoples meet
ing , (1JO ( : p in , All cordially welcomed ,
Presbyterian l'i caching as usual , by the
pastor , both morning nnd evening. Sabbath
school nUii.OO o'clock. Strnngeja and otheis
cordially invitod. Them will bo meetings
hero each evening of this week of prnxer ,
until Friday , Powholders desiring to retain
their pews for the coining year nro re
quested to mnko it known to the trustees this
moinlng. The rerouting of pows will take
place on Monday evening , nt 8:30 : p. in , at
the close of the meeting.
Betlmny Baptist Church Corner of Bluff
nnd Story streets. Services nt the usual
houis. 10 80 a. in. nnd , 'M p. m. Sunday
school lit 8.00 p. in. llov. U. N. Iluiris , pas
tor. All nro heartily welcome.
St. Paul's church Divine service at 11 n.
m. nnd 7:80 : n. in. ; Sunday school , 12:15 : ;
\oung men's bible clnss. 4 p. m , in Brother
hood rooms on Pearl street. Sciinon topics ,
inojning , "Thoughts for the Now Year1' ; '
evening seiuion , "Tho Marnago of Life. "
Young men and strangers always cordially
welcomed to these services. T. J. McKay ,
Congregational Services morning nnd
evening. Pleaching Dy the pastor. Morn
ing subject , "Redeeming the Time , " even
ing , "Tlio Way of Life. " A coidlal invitation
is extended ,
Blank uookb mndo to order. Can fur
nish patent binding for parties wishing
the Siuno. Cull and see samples nt room
1 , Evorltt block , Pearl street.
1t. K. Roe , dentist , No. 27 Main St. ,
over Jiicquomin & Co.'a joxxolry store.
. .I . *
Tlio Telephona Ring.
Manager Land Everybody feels nt per
fect liberty to kick if any mistakes are made
In tiio telephone ofllco , why shouldn't the
telephone folks have the like right to kick
when tbo patrons make mistakes. Wo
mustn't do It though But I'll telljouon
the quiet , that there isn't ono natron out of
ten thnt follows the instructions published
for the benefit of subscribers Now , for
Instance , you know that ono ring Is for the
central ofllce , and tlmt to call n subscriber
two rincs nro to bo given. There nro lots of
folks who try to call up n subscriber by ono
ring. If the operator nt the central
answers tbo signal , the first thing the
subscriber sings out will bo 'Say , central ,
whnt mo you doing ! don't cut in I want to
tnlk with so nnd so let np there. ' Then ,
when the subscriber has got through talking
with the other subscriber , bo wants to cnll
another number , nnd so ho rings for central
again. The operator , fearing that ho will of
fend by again icsponding , pays no attention ,
nnd nfter n llttlo irets another dicssing down
foi not answering. Lots of such cases occur ,
and it iscry perplexing. AVe'ro going to
make n strict rule nftor tills , and when there
is ono ring wa shall take it as being for
the central and shall cut in. It is
the only way to get the subscribers
educated to the idea that thcro must bo
sonic uniformity of slunals. Tlio telephone
system won't run itself. It's like nnj thing
else. We've got to have some system about
it If subscribers would onH pay n lltllo nt
tuntion to this , the service would bo much
more satisfactory. When xou have a llttlo
space to spare in TIM : Hi n 1 wish jou would
fix up something about it You know bow
I don't want to give olTcnsn , but jou ran
suggest it In some way that will strike them
all i Igbt. " _
S. B. Wadsxxortli & Co. loan money.
Bargains in ical estate in all parts of
therit.x , \V. S. Cooper , K0 ! Main frtreot.
All praties soft , C. B. Fuel Co.
The London "Tailor's" ' is the plaeo to
{ jot i our clothes made. ( W7 Bioadiiy. .
The Coal ItillH.
"Ha\c jou cot about ten minutes' " asked
one of the coal dcaleisesterday. . "I want
to shovviou some inxoiees and fieiglit bills
I don 't sio how nny business man can tlguro
as jou saj in the pnpeis The idea of there
being 10) ) pel cent piollt in soft coal is all
nonsense. In the th st place , no one is pay
ing to BO n ton for soft loal , Most nio soil
ing for * l . ; ( ) to * . " , according to quality. Now
heio is the quotation from the Whitebreast
mine , December 10. You see lump coal is
$2 ' .25 nt the mines Here's the fi eight rate ,
$1.44. That makes $ J GO a ton. Now
we arc actually nnjlng10 cents a ton
for delivoij' , and we cannot ligure
less than ! ! 5 cents n ton for shortage That
makes the coal cost us ? 1 .i I That leaves a
piollt of 00 cents a ton. You don't call that
too much , do jou I"
"Nut coal ! Well that's cheaper. It costs
$1 GO at the mines , nnd dollxered to the ens
tomcr it tigui es up * . ! (17. ( You think 40 cents
shortage is too much , oh ? Now let mo show
jou two cases. I admit they nro unusual ,
but there arc often shortages , although not
often sucli large ones Heic is one bill , nnd
here is the ccttificato of the weighmaster
showing tlmt there was 11,500 pounds shoit
on that carload. Wo have to stand it. Heio's
the other , lO.SIO pounds short. Thcio's most ,
alwajssomo shoitnce , but not of ten such big
ones. "
"But look at some more bills Heie's Con
tervillo coal at f-J a ton at the mines Heie's
the freight bill. It'sSl 5S Add the 40 cents ,
and 25 cents to th it , and you have the cost
? l 2 ! Hei e's Beacon ceal * l.r)0 at the mines ,
and the freight nt $1 04 That with shortage
and delivery makes it cost $ . ) 70. That's for
lump The nut coal of course costs less ,
but there's llttlo of that sold to private con
sumers "
"But is there not n combination among the
dealoi'i to maintain prices ? "
'No , sir , not that I know of. "
"There's some sort of -understanding ,
Isn't there ! "
"Wellcs , there's an understanding , nnd
thcic isn't very much difference in puces
Sonic make a difference of 50 cents a ton ,
and I've understood that some dealers hn\o
sold as low us ? t 23. All \\e , coalmen , ask
is a fair sho\v. Wo ha\o a good amount of
money invested , nnd theio aie so many
dealeishere that the proiits aion't very big
of them trade's divided . "
for any ono , up so.
House entirely new for saloon monthly
payments by C. B. Judd , 0015 Broadway.
The following lesolutions arc expressive of
the sorrow felt by many outside of the Older
who give olllcial foim to them :
Whereas , Brother E. J. Abbott has suf
fered a gi eat and nrepaiablc loss in the
death of his wife ; nnd ,
Whereas , It was her willing hands that
lovingly fashioned many of the robes and
much of the paraphernalia of this lodge in
its caily days ; and ,
Whereas , Hei kind woids and acts and
nioial worth endeared her o the order and
to all witti whom she came in contact ; there
fore , be it
Resolved , That we each nud all feel a
personal loss in the death of Mrs. E. J.
Resolved , That we extend to the family of
the deceased our sinceroand lieaitfelt sym
pathy in their great bereavement , nnd com
mend them for consolation to Him who
doeth all things well.
Resolved , Thai these lesolutions be pub
lished in the dally pnpeis and u copy sent to
the family of the deceased.
C. A. Tinmi * ,
A. B. COJK ,
Committee ,
Castle Hall St Alban's Lodge , No. 17 ,
Knights of Pjtlnas.
Major Ilondershothasa national repu
tation. The children road of him in
their school books , and every one in the
land should sco and hear him play on
the Ibth.
IMiicki-U n I'oclcotljook.
Klla Blown and Charles Burke were ar
rested vestei day on complaint of Mis. U.
Crump , for the larceny of a poekotbook and
f I 10 in cash. Tlio piosccuting witness , a
colored woman , alleges that she dropped the
wallet nt Mis Pralor's place on Lower
Broadwaj' , Thursday evening during a
dance , and tnat Buke picked it up and gave
it to the Blown woman , who said that she
owned it , but finally gave it up , minus the
monov , when Mrs. Crump threatened to call
the police. The case wus tried befoio Jus
tice Shurz.
The Brown woman has a rather unsavory
reputation , nnd although of white descent ,
she aniliates almost cntiiely with the col
ored population. She has llgured in police
court on piovious occasions , nnd is num
bered among the demimonde.
For Rent Two now store looms in
good location ; Nos. 787 and 730 Bioad-
\\ay. S. Saunders , HO Pearl st.
The family of Mr. W. Cnrtor nro conva
lescent ,
Messrs. Mothoral nnd Blngham niado a
trip to Avoca last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Harris have come to spend
the winter with their son , Q. G Harris.
The supper for the benoflt of Mr , Lippln-
cott , at Fuirviow , Is repoi ted a success.
Mrs. W. Vincent and Miss Estella of Nebraska -
braska ore visiting friends in the neighbor
Rovs. Shinn nnd Evans have been assist
ing Rov. Lippincott in the meetings at Cen
Mrs. Ward , Edith , her daughter , and Miss
Estella Fiost nro visiting Mis L. T.
Dr. Solomon of Avoca has been in town
Boveinl times recently attending the diph
theria rases.
The trade In Hancock has surely been ro-
inaiknbly good this season , from the busi
ness done by the P. T. 1' .
Diphtheria is in the family of Mr. rieico ,
who resides n few miles in the country. Ono
of their children tins been 'called away , und
another is down ,
Mr. Newt Crofts spent a few days with his
Miss Susie Swineharp , of Hnrlan , is visit
ing Oilio Thompson ,
Mr. William Lyniau nnd family have been
visiting in ilnrlan ,
Miss Clara Mann has started to Ohio ,
w hero she expects to attend school for some
llttlo tune.
Miss Cole nnd Miss Clrirron , from Red
Onk , nre making Altn Hlldcbiaml n xlslt.
A mntilmonial wave stiuck Oakland nnd
viclniu on Christmas day. Mr Ed.liurett
nnd Miss Sndio Walker were mai ried nt the
residence of the brldo > father , Rev. Shlnn
oftlcintlnc. At the homo of Rny Shinn were
innrilcd Mr Newton Kennedy to Miss Laura
Albright , Hex * . Hone , of Hnrlan , attended
Ilioeddlng of Mr.iDltvcr Morris and Miss
Matul ronw.iid. &
Ilie Danger of UnyVlrcs Attnultoil
to Polo ? .
An clelrlcal freak of a most peculiar
nature occurred on Common street ,
near Ltalivnr , sajs the Now Orleans
IMcajuno , which resulted in the do
strttclloii of a shade Hoc on Iho side
A guy wire lending fiom an olcclrle
sticet lamp at the corner had boon
iinulo fast to theticc. . and , as is the
case in many ulncns in this city , it
bocamc fullj charged \\ith the electrical
thud , the RUJ wiles inoino mailner
coming in contact with the line \\iro of
the Louisiana 1'lcotrio Light company.
Wlienoxor Iho xxcathor was damp or
rainy the current found ils way down
the guj wire to the tree , thence to the
heart of the ticc to the ground , and at
times a bright spark was visible \\hon
tlio who touched the trunk of the true
about bovon feel above the giound.
The facts were ropoitcd to the com
pany , but no attention was paid to the
complaint , although it XMH ctnisidoiud
as dangerous. Tlie other night the
contact between the wire and thu ticc
appeared to hu\o boon almost constant
nnd perfect , and the tieo commenced
smoking , whilu the odor of burning
xxood permeated the ntmosphoio in the
Uoiuity. The next moining the top of
the tree fiomhoro Iho wire * encircling
it full , btjing doubtlcbs pushed o\cr by
the strain on the wi.-o.
On examining Iho stum ] ) of the lice
it was found that the heart and wood
around it was much more charred and
burned than the bark , and the tree from
the top of the Khi m ] > down into the
giound was virtually a huge tube , the
I'uricnt having burned out , tlio wet portion
tion of tlio tree ( which was the heart )
in seeking the gtound.
At the corner of Roman and Canal
sticetb there is a tree which serves as a
biace for the corner-pole , and the wiie
extending from this to the electric
light post is also charged and highly
dangerous to life. Triio fact is that
xxhorox or guy wires arostiotchcd fiom
electi ic-light posts to trees or other
posts , planted to siiotain the poles tlioro
is extreme dnngur. The guy wires nre
naked , and where they encircle the
posts and trees are not protected by in
sulators. In dump or wet weather it is
more than piobablo that the electric
curiont , which ahxajb seeks the short
est possible mc.ins of reaching the
ground. i& divei ted to these guy whcs
and icndui- ) them Instruments of cer
tain death , mucli more daniroious than
xx quid be shotguns loaded to the nuwlo
with buckshot and slugs and standing at
full cock , for with the latter death .could
only come fiom a touch on the tiigger ,
while the hand inadvertently placed
against the tree or post would bo moduc-
tue of instant dc.ith and the wire tree
or post would be still charged to lull
thousands more should only portions of
tlioir body come in contact witli the
death-dealing current.
. -
Escape of a Iforso Thiel' .
Texas in 1SI ! " had no jails , and had
just cut loose from Mexico , and thcie
were but three modes of punishment ,
small xvhinping. largo xthipping and
branding for minor crimes. Tor mur
der , horse stealing and forgcrx death.
I was a soldier in Gon. Houston's army
and recall ono instance of hoi so steal
ing , where the guilty party was per
mitted to escape. It xvas in Montgom
ery county in 181(7. ( The man was tried.
found guilty , put upon tlio horse ho had
stolen , his legs tied under the horse and
ho was led out to the edge of the > timber
bx , some twentj or more members of the
' court , "all mounted and armed. Ar
riving at the end of the timbers , all dis
mounted. except the piisoncr , and set
ting their riilos against the side of a log ,
commenced looking around for a sin t-
abie gallows tree. One of the part.x dis
covered , about 300 jards out on the
prairie , such a tico with a la.'ge limb
growing at right angles to the trunk ,
some txventy foot from the ground. lie
icmarkcd that the Lord had planted it
thoie to hang our hoi so thief on.
Agreed , and the xxholo party walked ,
leaving the guns and horses behind ,
leading the condemned man still tied to
the horso. It xxas found hard to climb
the treo. Tlio discoverer of it asked for
a "boost. " Being a largo , fat man , it
took all that could got around him to
gixc the boost , but they did it , and ho
climbed to the limb. One end of the
rope was around the prisoner's nock ; to
got the other end fast to the limb was
the task set for the man up the ti'eo.
After sevoial tlnoxvn he caught tlio
rope , but the limb was so lariro that it
could not be easily brought mound and
unless the end was caught under the
rope could not bo tied. The big
man , lying on his breast , hold
ing the main part of the lope in ono
hand , with the other tried to throw
under the limb , butoxor.x time failed to
catch the end. The coininittcomcn all
had their ojes on him , looking up. The
prisoner nt the other end of the tope ,
xvas struck by an idea. Thoio was life
andliboityin it. IIo diove his heels
against tlio horse's sides. Luckily he
had stolen a good fast horse and like a
Hash axvay xvcnt homo and rider , and in
the alarm of the outcry the fat man np
the tree missed his hold and fell to the
ground , badly hurt of coin-so. The
fugitix-o xx-ont Hying oxer tno pruirio ,
the rope streaming behind his neck.
The vigilance party's guns and horses
xx era. 'iOO yards off. After the e.xcito-
mont was' over a inoeling of the court
xxas hold , to reconsider tlio matter of
nature having planted that particular
tree to hang that particular man upon ,
and it xvas unaniinously cained that it
not. '
_ _
The I'lsrslHlent I'linplo.
The American Analyst : A very com
mon error is the belief that a red no e
or chin , and pimples or "blossoms"
about that part of the face , arc the
rnsult of haid drinking , and are always
indicative of thai vice. With many
parsons this is the case. The accelera
tion of the movement of the heart , the
rapid heating of the body and the sloxv
xx'enkenlng of the blood , three of the
chief results of the UBO of alcohol upon
the system , too often llnd expressions in
the unsightly symptoms mentioned , as
xx'oll as others moro serious. Those
symptoms often rise from other and
very different causes. In some in
stances exposure to the sunlight will
produce results hardly distinguishable
from those of alcoholic indulgence , and
more especially xvlth those xvith impure
blood , or xvhoso habits have not been
marked by the regularity demanded by
health. Tight lacing or oven the more
xvearing of stays , no mutter how loosely
these may lit , or hoxv soft mid llcxiblo
the material from xvliich they are made ,
frequently oxoroiso the same effect in
every regard. Many u temperate
xvoman and abstinent maid has acquired
the reputation of being a hard drinker
from the appearance of her meo , xvhon ,
as a .mutter of fact , her only fault lias
been to desire to look attractive and its
foolish expression in the compression of
her x\-aist nnd alxlomen. Gluttony is
another common eau o of a rod nee
and cutaneous disorders of the faco.
And in this icgaul glutton ) docs not
mean the eating of largo mwnlitlos oi
food , but morelj of moro than the As
tern requires , Two and a half pouudsuf
mi til men t per diem may bo glutton ) to
n young man or xxoman xxbo takes
llttlo or nooxorciso , nnd passes the da >
reading light literature , or idly con-
\oising _ , xxhoro llvo pounds xxould bo
abstomioii3iioss to n joung collegian
phi ) ing ball nnd loxving txxolvo hours
out of the txxonly-four. Manj diseases ,
and moio partieularl ) the alTcetioiis oi
the cr.xsipelas clnss , tend to express
themselves in and upon the now nnd
face , not enl ) in nil their form1 ? and
stages , but oxen after they hnvo been
nominallx cured , lca\o or imprint u
tendency upon the sjstcm to the same
unsightly nnd disgusting s\mptoms.
However serious and deep-rented the
causes , it is nlwajs possible and oa\v to
euro and prevent the effects.Vhothm1
the original source of the tioublcllc * in
constitutional dtaoa'-e , depraved condi
tion of the sjstom , hard drinking , oxur-
t-ating , sunburn or tight lacing , it can
not produce the blemishes described
until after the blood has been sur
charged xxith humors and the vital
organs hn\o become weakened in tone
and activity. These nio in oxcry in
stance the immediate cause of the
trouble. If thubo stopped before they
reach their full development , no skin
disease will bieak out. If llioj bo piop-
orly treated nftor that point , the dis-
uaso soon dlHuppuais and the MI lie re r
regains health.
A Palling Inilimtry.
Puck : "And if jou can't make an , ;
money atour , trade , my poor felhnv ,
siid the old Indv , as she gaxo the trump
some luncheon , "xxh ) don't jou trvjour
hand at ' omothing elsoV" "Mo health ,
mum , ' ' ho replied , "won't permit mo to
undertuKo other work. It's a shtriker
Oi am , indado , mum ; but the business
appears to bo pretty well plumed out ! "
Who Will Snve You Money
C/3 r. '
O Bi A. 'O. >
_ c : I rK
O > ; IS SHOE SSg-B .
' ' "r * 1
3 House , o T 2
= 5
41" lUoiulwax ,
CQ Conni.ll llllllls.
THE BEST ; ? ! ; _ . !
2 CT3
= r
In \ }
. .
S-.3 "
As I i an pio\ebj ES CT3
' * § ? 3 r-5 ;
| I | S : tn
C , Lanzendorfer ,
I'm titular attention gixcn to r.mbnlmlng
\o. M \ . 0iiii ' st. , C'liiiiicil nil nils.
1 nrnltnro rop.ili Ing neatly dono.
Ollice tails nfoiKkd promptly day anil night.
UJ r r ac
o 1
Au l get the beta littiiitf Suit
3011 uiur Iinil.
No , _ 637Jroalwa7 , Council Bluffs.
lAl tLH ?
I must hnvo 1 00111or spnnp poods ,
and \\'ill soil all goods noxin \ htoek nt
pi ices far beloxmny cxorotlered bofoic.
This is no bail to p.itoh tlio tiadc but ,
a genuine clcnring-out sale , and ex cry-
thing miiht go.
Parlor sets , bcdtoom bets , lionting and
cooking stoxe-5 , liaiuling lam ] ) , oil
cloths. All goes xxithout refcorxc.
I liax'o a big stock and can suit jou in
xxhatovor jon
Come and bee me and e.Miinine my
floods. J must sell. No prices quoted ,
but no icasonablo oflorill bo refubod.
( JOU.II , ULUri , IOWA.
T7\0lt \ IIKNT 'Ihroo liandsomosix room cot-
Jl ta ianoith of I' . 1' . traiiHar. I lujnlro
Itlnnd Illshtou , oth and I'aclllc avof.
JIOIl HUNT Twostorv business house , No.
J iiO ) llrnadw ay opposite ( ) K < lun lion-so I'OH-
iisHloiiKivenMaiclil. Inquire of Alt x Wood ,
'ltl riank street.
7"ANTin-iood : dining room girl nt Noxv
T > I'aclllc hotel , Boutli Omaha.
HUNT Nicely furnished rooms foi man
FOIt wife or tv , o gi-nth men , xvith nsu of liath ,
heated by furnace , SSI b. 7th ht. , Amont block ,
Countll lllulls.
\7"ANTHO Hood dining loom girl at 1'acl-
| | c hotel , bouth Omaha.
nnrnjiJijiHim PJ ! COMPANY
Make the follcminn announccinents ,
\yantod Some small houses to sell on e.isy
terms and small pay in out down.
We have for sale nlco trackage property
on rirst uvenuc.
JJIg baih'ain in lots near tlioClectrio Motor
line.MVKO list acreage property for plattinK ,
fl.OO to iWO per acio less than nrosent xxorth.
Hnvo some of tlio best business piopeity
in the cit > for sale cheap
Hax'o good imiirnvod farms in xvcstorn
loxva end eastern Ncbiaska to exchange for
srouks of merchandise.
Wo have seine ilist-class business and
resldonco property to trade for No , 1 farms ,
well improved , In xxestein Toxxa and eastern
Some choice bargains In real estate. Call
and examine our list before you buy.
Money to loan on city and farm pioperty
at loxv i ate of interest. Money icady us soon
as papers are completed.
Como and see us and get our prlt.cs , teuns ,
etc. *
No. 10 1'earl St. , Council Kindt , .
SIZES FROM KspeclMlr Adapted for
POWER , Mills and Elevators.
Specifications nml istlmatos furnished for complete steam plants , Itegnlntlon , IlinnTilllty Oimr-
nntcod. latishoxv litters fiom unrs xxhuio fuel Kconoinj Is t-ipml with Corliss Non-t'oiiilonslnif ,
E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Send for Catalogue. No. 610 Poatl Sticet , Council HluIR
Tliis space is reserved for C. J. COL
BY'S Real Estate advertisement , which
will appear in our next issue. Look out
for "bargains.
- ) Altn INXITIl ) TO f U.IT ( -
And oo her I'm * line of HaiiT.omK FINEST HAIR
OltNAMKMS in the uty. NigHonuK , etc. ,
for Kent or Salts
. 2ft I ST. , :'lL , IEIL'rB\S
Taxidermist and Naturalist.
tlj lotateil at No. II Ninth I th t-t , opposite poitollico. oa
-Motor I.lnc , Couutil llhiHs , In.
If jon haxc ipcciincns don't x\nlt for p'lics. Send tlioin to him
liefoio thej spoil. K you don't x\uut tlieui nftor thcj aio niountutl
lie xx ill pay jou thelilKliest maiket prl otorthom. XX'lIljnakoa &iutT ) jity of he.ids nnd t
ins during the Intel.
Manufacturer of
114- Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa. t
Onleis for all lands of Dakota and Montnna panic filled. Buffalo
and othci hoadb on hand. Satlsfnutton jjuaianteed to
in xxoik to be dono. Buffalo lioins In noxcltios.
Manufnctuici bund Wholesale Dealers in
Oidera Piomptli Filled nnd Dolix'cicd.
No. 635 Broadway , - - Council Bluffs.
DR. C. B. JUDD ,
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WANTED Good Salesmen on l.irgc coiiuuissiou or salary.
WAVl'UU OCAL , AM > 'S It\ViLI.V A < ai\T. < OX C'OMrdl.SSl > .V
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I-JMIUY A 1)1)1 1 ION IjOl'S ,
UK VAN r A. Clj.XKK'.s
of thu best piopirty in toxxn for
Council Illuirr ) , l < mn ,
1 NTH , I L1I1 111.11 MJTIU. 1 \\II.I ' 'I I I.
Iowa Cattle Fedo lov/aCon / : !
And " 111 meat any Uonestconipntltloiioninlccfi
for IliHt-claas MU.IIB.
1"O Hrouilxvay , - - Trlcjih 1110Ol. .
'j v ouit
TllOB. OttH'HI , W. II , X | . I'UBBV ,
Corner Main and llroadwny ,
Pi-alfiu In forclKH ' .nd domestic exchaiiKO.
Collixtlons muOo and Inlcicst puld on time do-
I liuvo laid in u nice line of boots nnd
bhooBixhich I am selling nt the .smallest
living profit. J nin establishing a per
manent businessor I am hero to stay ,
nnd us my expenses nro small 1 can sell
you goods very loxv. Cull und convince
JOU1& ° U >
I , lilNNCIIAN ,
No Sifl llrotulxruy.
P"ROFU.'F' ' . O.eFOWLER.'MooilueConn.
i't\iu. :
nesiduiiL'Conflthnvo . , . .f Ji.OOO
licHldcnco on litli live . . . . . 1,100
lU'.sldciico on lilli iuo . . . lriUO
HcHiduiKO onlli ( axe . 1,000
llcsiduiico on Otli nvo . 1,000
Ucsidonn ) on lith nvo . 8"0
Ktsidcncoon ith ! t . O.fiOO
liLhidi'iicoon ( Hh ht . ) ,000
KcMiloiico onNoith Mb bt lot lUlx-
l.'id' ' , Iwrpraln . : i,000
Huniii ol IlioiisuhaniH lotbon JiJavu MOO
Kcsidciico on SioU st . 'J,000
Hobidunco on I'latnor st l''or jirico
and pai tluulai s inquire .
An ( lebldoncc on lAt nvo , ono
inlnuto xx-allc from Kovuninent
bulldlnfc' . For mice and puniitu-
lars inquire . . .
ritaidcneo on Otli u\'o . three iiilnutua
xv.ilk from county court houho.
r.ish . 3,200
HtsidPiico and four lots on ax-e "C , "
Street's add . 2,000
Store bulldins and lot on 1'auillo uvc. ,
near U. ! trnnsfcr . 1,600
Txvo story fi amo btoi c in toxvn ot Car
son . . . . 2.000
Soventy-Jlvo lot in Rqune's ndd. ,
north of tiansfor , cli'ijaiitly loca
tul , * .iOO to f 100 each .
Hunch of 11 lots , Cant ml sub . 1,500
Hunch of 13 lots , Crfoper , JtloMntion tt
.leltiicsadd. , If taken before Jan.
1st , for . 5.000
An elOKiint lot on bth st Cash . . . . 0,000
Thrco line lots on Hluff Btrcol at a
' bargain . > .
100 feet fiontago on Pailt avo. fo * JO
pur foot . . . . . .
HUBIIICSS pi opei ty on llroadxvay .
Duslncss propei ty on Main st. . . . . . . ,
An improved faun of ICO neius not far
fiom Cliautauqiia erouiids , con-
sistintf ot hill and dale. To r particulars -
ticulars Inquliu . . . . . . .
IB-auro tratt ono milo fiom Uroudxvuy ,
sulnirbiin location . " | WO
- 1 have x-aunt
In addition to tlio ubox-o
proiicrty In ne.irli every addition
to the city.
AO. M I > iAtCI ; < ST. ,