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jComtrnjcd from .Vtromt P 0c.J
jot escape the eye of the vigilant assessor.
uhe Inequalities In the valuation of property
nre lee glaring not to bo noticed , nnd the evil
filiould bo remedied. The law should bo
equal In nil Its bearings alike ui > on tlio iwor
nnd the rich. Whnt is the objection to rat
ing all property , rcnl and personal , nccordlng
to n fair cash vnluo and rcipjlrlntt the own
ers la give n list of Ihclr property under
Oixfli ! The levy would then be mndo uixm
nil alike nnd would bo nt n very low rate.
Or you can , If In your wisdom It seem best ,
provide. by law that only onc-
linlf of It shall bo subject to
taxation. But whatever notion you take , I
respectfully urge that it snail result In re
moving the Inequalities nnd the injustice in
dicted under our present system of assess
ment nnd taxation. In my Inaugural ad
dress two years ago 1 said : "Let nil taxable
property , real und personal , bo npimilsod at
its full , fair , actual value. ' I again urge
this with renewed emphasis.
All parties , whether citizens or corpora
tion ! ) , must boar their equal proportion of
the expenses of Iho government. Parlies
.holding mortgages , bonds , certificates of
Htock , etc. , should bo taxed. Corporations
of every description , whether 'railroads , ex-
.press companies , cnr companies , common
cnrrlcis of every description , Investment ,
companies , loan companies or corporations of
whatever designation , must bo governed by
nnd subject to the same rules nud regula
tions and requirements which nrc applied to
private citizens. This rule should bo in-
cxonernblein regard to them.
A provision was inseiled In the Omaha
charter at the last session of the legislature
which Imposed Iho duty upon the governor
of appointing foitr commissioners of IIro nnd
police , two to bo selected from each of the
two great political parties , understanding
from this clause , Hint Iho commission
nnd ll.e police department of that city shall
bu non-partisan ,
I selected four gentlemen , Iwo well-known
democrats and two well-known republicans ,
Hot on account of their noisy activity
in partisan politics , nor ns n reward for nny
particular service that they had rendered
their respective parties , but from their well-
known probity nnd uprightness of character ,
nnd whose reputation during Ihclr long residence
dence- there was such thai it would Inspire
the people with the fullest confidence in their
I'Yom the moment that they entered upon
the duties of their olllees they were con
fronted by a violent opposition from Iho worst
elements of that city , and from the city
"council. Various obstacles were thrown
in their way to prevent the execution of
their duties : the compensation for their ser
vices wns denied them , nnd the pay of Iho
policemen appointed by them wus also re-
jnscd. It wus n long nnd bitter struggle as
lo whether Iho law should be enforced or
I he control of the city bo turned over to the
lawless and the vicious. Tl.c constitution
ality of the provision requiring Iho governor
to appoint these commissioners was raised
before the supreme court , nnd it was sus
tained by that tribunal. During
the continuance of the slrugglc
to which allusion has been nuulo the com
missioners and Iho mayor persevered \ Iho
execution of Iho law with a determination
nnd firmness which deserves great com
mendation. As a result they have the satis
faction of having given to Om.iha by far thu
best nnd most eflloicnt police force and po
lice government which the city has ever had ,
nnd which possesses ttmconlidcncc of all the
decent elements of society.
The report of the secretary of the stale
board of ugrieullure will not bo ready until
nftcr January 15 , the data llxcd by law. The
secretary says : "For 18381 can say : Crops
were bettor than in 1887 , in fact the whole
agricultural out put of the state was bettor
th m over before. Our annual fair and expo
sition was better in the , same proportion.
The archives , library and museum of thu
Bt lie board of agriculture nre now very val
uable , having bueu accumulating lor over
twenty-live years , und are voluminous. The
lionrd has never had a place for keeping this
property. It is boxed up and stored ns it
were , In garrets and cellars , The state
should provide rooms for U in its capitol
building , which is now of sufllcicnt capacily
lo provide for it. The annual appropriation
should be continued. "
sr.vTi : insTOinevi , SOCIBTT.
The secretary of the state historical soci
ety reports that Iho second volume has been
issued by the sociely , containing much matter -
tor relating to the early history of the state.
The third volume , it is expected , will bo pub
lished In the spring of 18S9. There are now
in the library of this association 2.031 vol
umes. This society has no abiding place. It
should Ibid a homo in the state capitol. The
records of the early hislory ot the state nre
valuable and will become moro so each year ,
and should bu carefully preserved.
During the last two years five new coun
ties have been organized , namely , Box Butle ,
Thomas , Grant. Perkins and Hock counties.
Four moro will complete their organization
on the 15th of this month , namely , Banner ,
Dcuol , Scotts Bluffs und Klmbnll. The last
four are being organized out of Cheyenne
The following Is a statement of tlio stnlo
buildings creeled by virtue of appropriations
made by the lust legislature and the
cost of each : Asylum for incurable
insane nt Hastings , cost fftf.OOO ;
Industrial homont , MilFord , cost * 13,700 ; sol
diers' and sailors' homo at Grand Island ,
f'2S)0J ( ) ( ; institute for deaf and. dumb nt
Omaha , n one-story brick building to bo usgd
for kitchen , dining room , storage and play
rooms , cost $10,000 : Industrial school at
Kearney , two family buildings and a build
ing for laundry , nlso a cookery und out
houses , cost ? i'J'Jr > ; hospital for insane at
Norfolk , two wings to main buildini ; , Qa
building for boiler house , engine house , nnd
laundry , and n building for kitchen , bakery ,
nnd chupol , and u frame baru , the cost , in
cluding the steam heating and machinery ,
$844'.i'J ; home for the friendless , a building for
a boiler house , luundry and bake shop. if.VJ.M-
JO ; penitentiary , nbuildlng forsliops , laundry
batu rooms nnd chapel , W9V00 ! ; feeble
inlnded institute nt Beatrice , n two-story
fcrlck building with stone basement , * 1S,3IS , ;
institute for blind , a mam building , also a
building for boiler house , laundry nnd coal
House , $30,700 ; Grant memorial hall , $111,100 ;
industrial college building ( Nebraska hall ) ,
The nggrcgalo cost of the public buildings
owned by the stnlo Is nearly $ .2,500,000.
Upon this property it has Insurance to thu
amount of $1,031,050. The amount appro
priated by the last legislature , f23,000 , was
C not sufllclent to place insurance upon the
two wings ( Just completed ) of the Norfolk
asylum and uuon the asylum for the me ara
ble at Hastings ( just completed ) and to meet
renewals of policies expiring between Uo-
comborl , 1SSS , and April 1 , 18SO. .The other
ntiitu buildings are insured in reasonable
The law requires the governor to keep nil
'v ' state buildings properly Insured. In order
to meet the demands for the next two years
fes nn appropriation of 0,001,12 will bo ncces-
sary and nn emergency should bo ntlached.
Ueoont occurrences have drawn atlentlon
to the condition of stuto banks mid banking
institutions. I respectfully rocomuioud the
enactment of legislation which bhull provide
for frequent examinations of these Institu
tions nnd which shall secure protection to
depositors and stockholders.
If wisdom and statesmanship can dovlao
legislation which shall suppress and destroy
a gignntlo evil which has grown up in these
* later days under the numo of trusts.whcroby
the strong oppress the weak , I pray you to
exercise Unit wisdom nnd statesmanshipund
blot out the great wrong.
I recommend the enactment of n law pro
hibiting the Introduction of a body of Pinkerton -
erton men , so called , Into the stale , or nny
other body of men not residents of the state ,
for the purpose of police and protection duty.
i > iii' WATUII UAituon.
The subject of a deep water harbor on the
Texas coast has recently received muc.h at
tention in the Irans-Misslsslppl region. The
establishment of such a harbor Into which
hlp of Iho heaviest draft could come with
out obstruction would remove the most
berlous obstacle to commercial tratUo over
the Gulf of Mexico , and would open a now
nud competitive route to the sea. I also ad
vise that you forward a memorial to congress
nuking It to lend a helping hand to the accom
plishment of this Important purpose.
In compliance with section 23 , article 5 , of
the Constitution , I herewith transmit the bi
ennial repprtu.of the secretary of Mate , * Ute
treasurer , auditor of publlo accounts , com
missioner of public lands nnd building ) ; , at
torney general , superintendent ot public In
struction , adjutant general , state librarian ,
principal for the Institution for the blind ,
principal of deaf nnd dumb institute , super
intendent of the reform school , superintend
ent of Nebraska asylum , superintendent of
Norfolk asylum , Insltuto for feeble minded
youth , warden of state penitentiary , com
mandant of soldier * mill sailors home , prin
cipal of tno state normal school , and board of
regents of the University of Nebraska. Also
transmitted are the annual reports of the
board of railway transportation , live stock
nanltnry commission , slate oil inspector , bu
reau of labor , board of fish commissioners ,
state historical society and report on salt
Appended to this rcjwrt will be found a
complain statement of nil the iwllcles of In
surance now In force upon the state build
ings. Also , n list of pardons nnd commuta
tions. Also , statement of railroads In the
stale , number of miles , numberof miles built
In 1S31 * . Also , statement showing assessed
valuation per mile , nnd the total assessed
valuation of railroads In Nebraska for ! Ss7
nrd ISss. AUto , n statement showing the
balance of e.ieh fund on hand , November 30 ,
IS fl , the receipts nnd disbursement to
November 'Hi , ls > > S , and lha balance remain
ing In the state treasury November 30 , lsy < .
Hlgld economy must bo observed In nil dis
burscmeiiLs of the public funds , and appro
priations should bo made only with a due re
gard to the public Interests. In considering
applications for un increase of force
in the different departments nnd the
estimates for appropriations for the ensuing
two years , the largo Increase of business
must bo taken into account. It must bo
borne In mind that the population , of No-
braskn has doubled In six to eight years.
What was sufticlont four years ago
is not sufficient to day. The doub
ling up of population doubles the
demands for benevolent , charitable , indus
trial and reformatory Institutions , Those
must be established. They belong to our
advancing civilization.
Gentlemen , I cherish the hope nnd fnilh
that your labors during the present session
will promote thu public Interests nnd advance
the public welfare.
Kox Cannot Afford to Itaclc Him For n
Nr.\v You ic , Jan. 3. fSpccinl Telegram
to Tin : BiH. ! ] The theme of conversation
in sporting circles to-day was the report that
the differences between Charlie Mitchell nnd
Hichard K , Fox , backer of Jake Ivllraln , had
culminated in nn open rupture ; that while
in St. Louis Mitchell had declared himself
antagonistic to Fox. Ever sincojtho fight In
Franco between Kllraln nnd Jem Smith ,
there has been n difference between Jake
and his backer. This was duo to Mitchell
having greater inllucnco over Kllraln
than that possessed by Fox , re
sulting not only in Fox's dissatis
faction with Jake on several occasions ,
but also in great financial outlay. Although
Fox is to saying anything regarding
the matter for publication , yet he has tola
some of his Intimate friends that the Kll-
raln-Sniith light had cost him "a world of
money , " some saying his output was ns
much us $ 1,000. This , it is said , was what
caused Fox to bo averse to backing Jake
against John L. , he arguing that if u fight
for $5,000 cost { 23,000 , one for * 10,000 would
cost $ lli,000 , and it was moro than he
chose to expend. What Fox's views on the
subject are may bo easily determined
by the words of Jim ICecnan , who is very
close to Juke's former backer , acting as his
reurescntativo in malting matches.
Kecnan , when asked if ho was interested
in ICilrain's stake , said : "Not u nickel. I'll
bet on Jake when ho fights , but 1 want noth
ing in the main stake. ICilrain has been a
costly customer to the man who backed him.
What do you think of putting ? 3,000out on a
man in one year , and then have him cable
for $1,000 to come homo on } "
Under the circumstances it now seems that
the proposed match between John L. and
Kllrain will not bo made. ICilrain is ex
pected hero in n few days und may make
some other terms , so that the meeting with
the Boston boy may bo arranged. His part
ner. Mitchell , will , it is said , leave for Eng
land within thrco weeks , unless the Califor
nia Athletio club agrees to give a purse of
$3,000 for Jake and Peter Jackson , who re
cently whipped Joe McAuliffe. This is looked
upon as an indication that Mitchell has con
cluded that tno proposed match between
Kllrain and Sullivan will not bo made ,
owing to Jake's inability to command
_ _ _
ICilrain Willing to Fi ht.
NEW Youic , Jan. 3. The following dis
patch was received by Hichard 1C. Fox this
morning from St. Louis :
"ICilrain will sign articles to fight John L.
Sullivan for SCO.OOO nnd the championship of
the world at , either Toronto , Ottawa or
Montreal. Both Mitchell and ICilrain em
phatically deny that they have any misun
derstanding with Hichnrd 1C. Fox. "
Would Not Itovcnl His Confederate.
ST. Louis , Jan. 3. Detective Haas , of
Chicago , arrived this morning with requisi
tion prpers for Thomas Vf. Vines , who came
hero nftor robbing Adams & Wostlakc , of
Chicago , of over $ -1,000. William Mangier ,
manager ot the city department of the firm ,
came down with Haas. Uoth proceeded to
tlio office of the chief of police , whore the
money taken from Vines was turned over to
them , which was found to bo $1-0 short.
When they asked Vines about the shortage
ho said ho paid SJOO to his confederate and
the balance went , for incidental expenses.
Who his confederate was ho would not
Governor Jjiico Inaugurated.
LANSINO , Mich. , Jan. 8. Governor Luce
was inaugurated at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
A considerable portion of the governor's an
nual address was devoted to the temperance
question. Upon this subject , ho says in part :
"Believing the sentiment of a largo portion
of the state Is ripe and ready for it , I com-
moml to your consideration the passage of a
local' option law , if ono can bo devised free
from constitutional objections. If our con
stitution prohibits us from securing un
oflicient law tor localities , it does not prohibit
a general law , and If wo are doaiod other op
portunities no doubt In the future this course
will bo resorted to , "
1'cmtal ClinniroH.
WASHINGTON , Jan. ! t , [ Special Telegram
to Tin ? UKU. | The following Iowa post-
ofllco changes have been made Mrs , Clara
A , Tu'bcrt ' appointed postmistress at Elport ,
Clayton county , vice S. J. Soystor , resigned ;
Mrs. Helen M. Church , Wesley , Kossuth
county , vice F. M. Butts , resigned ; the office
of Hyde , Winnoshftk county , discontinued
from January 20.
Nebraska A * postofllco has been estab
lished at Sacramento , Vholps county , nnd
Elmer E. Good appointed postmaster.
Advice 10 Mothers.
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup should al
ways be used for children teething , It soothe *
the child , softens the gums , allays nil pain ,
cureslwind colic , nnd is the best remedy for
llarrbroa. 2lic a hnuln.
SonteiujpH Confirmed.
DunuN , Jan. 3 , In the county court today -
day Judgn Kelly confirmed all the sentences
Imposed upon persons evicted from the Van-
delcur estates who previously had been
found guilty of resisting the sheriff and nt.
tauking the police. Judge Kelly denounced
the government for Us laxity nnd modera
tion in dealing with rebellion and said the
prisoners each deserved to bo imprisoned for
Uvo years.
Hooo'Jvor Appointed.
NEW YOUK , , Jan. 8. Charles 0. Allen was
to-day appointed receiver of the firm of
Henry Werner , wholesale dealer In hides ,
on the application of Simon Btraubs , Euro
pean paitnor of the firm. Liabilities are
said to bo $300,000 ; assets $3.10,000 Mil hides.
Thu receiver said a parlncrtinlp quarrel
caused his upponitment.
Difficulty of broathiiij * , lightness of
the chest and throat , quiclcly relieved
, by u few doses ol Dr. J. II. McLean's
Tar Y/i ino Lung balm. 25couts a bottle.
Governor Larraboo's Letter Highly
Satisfactory to Preston Oltizona.
The KhMt Dividend of the Illinois Cen
tral on Its lown Division Tlio Wl-
noun. & Southwestern Will
liulld to Oninlm.
Chester Turney.
PnimoN , Jan , 3. [ Special Telegram to
TUB HER. ] A letter was received hero yes
terday by Hon. A. L U.irtholampw from
Governor Larrabeo , stating that the people
of Preston need not have nny fears of
Chester Turney being pardoned or receiving
n pardon from him : it present , ns he had not
nllowcd the press or the people to make any
decisions for him. The governor's position
is the nil-absorbing topic , nnd is satisfactory
to the people who nro opposed to Turnoy's
I'ohonod Ily Canned Ilnin.
Cnr.sTov , la. , Jan. 3. [ Special to Tun
llii : . j At a dinner party Tuesday , given by
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Wilson , residing
twelve miles north of here , nlno persons
were poisoned by partaking of ham packed
In n zinc vessel. Mrs. Thomas Wilson now
lies nt the resideneo of lj. K. McWhinnoy ,
of this city , whither she nrrlvod about mid
night that day , in a very critical condition.
The other eight persons , who nro much
younger nnd stronger , WOJD only troubled
with violent vomiting. The names of the
persons poisoned are ! Thomas 1C. Wilson ,
wife nnd son Leroy ; Charles Wilson , wlfo
and son , nnd Mrs. Lewis Wilson nnd two
children from Dakota , Mrs. Thomas Wilson
wns brought hero for treatment , nnd n phy
sician Immediately summoned for the others ,
Up to the present time no death has oc
curred ,
Charged With ainrdor.
Dns MoiN'us , la. , .Tan. 3. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim Bun. ] The preliminary trial of
Agostlno Di Pompa , tno Italian charged with
assault with Intent to commit murder on iCd
Bluvin , who died from his Injuries on New
Years day , came up In the justice court in
this city this morning. December 21 , Slavin
and n companion went to the store of de
fendant nnd soon became involved in n quar
rel with the three proprietors , Tlio row was
transferred to the street and during the
melee Ui Ponipn crushcdJSIavIn's skull with
n hammer , from the effects of which ho
died , as above stated. All three of the
Italians were arrested , but the trial to-day
resulted In the holding of Di Pompa to the
district court , and the rolc.iso of the others.
Coal Mine Accidents.
VAI.CHU , In. , Jan. 3. ] Speclal Telegram
toTnr. Uuis.1 A miner , Dan Edwards by
name , was fearfully injured this morning bv
the falling of hoary slato. His breast was
crushed in , thrco ribs broken , both hips
knocked out of place and both legs broken.
Ho cannot recover.
Orri'MWA , la. , Jan. 3. [ Special Telegram
to THE Hcu.l Frank F. Hunter , aged thir
ty-two , was killed in Phillips' mine nt fiittO
last evening by n blast. He leaves a wife.
Will Pay n Dividend.
FOUT DODOR , la. , Jan. 3. | Special Tclo
gram to THE Ben. ] It is onicially learned
here to-day that the Illinois Central has de
clared and will pay during the present month
n 3 per cent dividend on Its Iowa divisions.
This is the flrst dividend since it completed
its extensive now lines in Iowa.
Will Build to Itoth Cities.
FOBT Donoii , la. , Jan. 3. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun 13EB. ] The important announce
ment made a short tirno since that the Winona
& Southwestern railroad hart abandoned
Omaha as Its principal Missouri river ter
minus has been oftlcially denied by Secretary
Simpson in the following letter received hero
to-day : "Wo haqo not abandoned the idea of
a Missouri river terminus at or near Omaha
and shall not , and yet if the way opens to us ,
as wo now think it will , wo confidently hope
lo build to Sioux City. Wo think our road
will pay to reach the Missouri at both
points. "
Both Sides Now Admit That the
Trouble U Settled.
CIIICA.OO , Jan. 3. This evening , for the
first time , the "Q" strike was admitted by
both parties to the controversy to bo prac
tically settled. The conference to-day be
tween the ofllclals of the road and the com
mittee of nine resulted in an amicable agree
ment on nearly all the points at Issue , nnd it
is confidently expected a complete under
standing will bo reached to-morrow morning.
The only hitch In the arrangements for end
ing the strike was on ono of the minor do-
"tnands of the committee , which the ofllclals
did not feel Justified in granting without flrst
consulting with President Perkins , nnd
the directors of the company in Bos
ton. They requested time , tnoreforo , to
exchange telegrams with the Boston
ofileo , and they have no doubt that full au
thority will bo received to accept any propoj
aition of the committee that Is fair and
reasonable. When the committee of nine
called at the general oiilces of the Burling
ton this inornlnc1 , VIce Presidents Stone uud
Peasloywero waiting ndviccs from Boston ,
nnd asked that the conference be delayed
until 3 o'clock in the nfternoon. Chairman
Cavcnor readily consented to this , and at the
hour named he and his associates returned
nnd were received. They were in session
from 3 o'clock until twenty minutes
past 5 , when they encountered nn ob
stacle in a point which tno Burlington
pcopla had. overlooked , and were not prepared
to meet without further advices from the
eastern headquarters. It was then decided
to adjourn until 10:80 : a. in. to-morrow , f lie
faces of the committees and Burlington olll-
cials were wreathed with smiles when they
parted for the night.
Tlmos will say : "It is understood that by
the terms of the agreement , the old
'Q' engineers will bo placed ngain
upon a square footing , instead
of bolnir blacklisted by nearly
all the railroads in the country. The Bur
lington road will Bet the example by giving
the strikers employment in preference to
others whenever vacancies occur , nnd by
burying completely out of sight , the hatchet
which was dug up ten months ago. "
Both Vice President Stone and Chairman
Cuvener decline to give nny of the details of
the meeting , or the nature of the conclusion.
Western I > ati > enttor AnsDolntion.
CHICAGO , Jan. 3. The general managers of
nil lines in the territory of the Western States
association mot to-day and unanimously
agreed to form nn association for the main
tenance of passenger rates In the torrllory
and for the conduct of passenger business in
conformity with the interstate commerce
law. The plan of agreement tint was rec
ommended hibt September wus taken up and
considered section by section. Encouraging
progress was made , but all articles had not
been passed upon at the hourof adjournment ,
The meeting will re-convene to-morrow to
proceed with the work.
To err la hiunun , hut you innko no
mistake if you use Dr. Jones' Rod
Clover Tonio for dyflpopsln , costlvonoss ,
bud breath , piles , pimples , UL'UO and
intilurin , poor upnotito , low spirits , or
diseases of the ludnoys , stomach nnd
livor. 50 coats. Goodiifim Drug Co.
Uliniirok'rt Health.
BIIUMN , Jon. 3. Great anxiety Is felt re
garding Prince Blsmarck-B health. The
chancellor has been ordered to remain in
strict repose und not to go to Barlin.
A 50 cent bottle of Dr. Digolow's
Positive Cure will promptly nud thor
oughly euro tho- worst cnao of rouont
cough , cold or-thront or lunjj trouble.
Buy the dollar hottlo for ohronio cases ,
to take. Goodman Drug Co.
Ho I. eft ChlcncO'hJt Acponnl of An
Affair of tlib Heart.
Cni < HOO , .Tnn. 3. [ Special Telegram to
Tun UuK.l There Is a romance in the career
of E. \Volcott , who , was to-dnv elected
Unllcd Slates senator from Colorado. Wol-
cott was graduated n V'nlo In the sauio
class with Louis .tames , the actor ,
nnd having fitted himself for the law , came
west , nnd located in Chicago to engage in the
prnctlco ot his profession. Ho didn't remain
hero permanently , however , nnd his failure
to do so was duo to n love affair with the
handsome daughter of nn eminent member
of the Illinois bar , It wns n enso of
mutual affection Inspired nt their
first meeting , Ho wns socially conspiclons
while here , nnd their subsequent meetings ,
but confirmed the Impression then made.
They became engaged , but when this condi
tion of affairs had reached the
parents of his Imunora , they stop
ped upon the contract with both
feet , nnd blotted it out forever. Ho departed -
parted hence soon after , nnd the young lady.
whom report declares xvns sincerely attached
to him , silently mourned thn hard
fate to which parental discipline had con
signed her. Ho located In Denver , und for n
period , nt Iea9ttlio lines of his life were not
cast In places altogether pleasant. But
the reward which comes to these who
labor and who watt has become his
portion , nnd ho Is to-day considered
ono of the londingmon between thoMissourl
river nnd the Golden ( "into , nnd the most
prominent factor in the republican party of
that section. The young ladv whom it Is
said * ent him to Denver , the victim of pn-
rental Intervention , Is married nnd still re
sides in Chicago.
The Iiar cst Dru llouss In the Coun
try Mnvrd to Tills City.
Tun Bun ot yesterday published a special
telegram from St. Louis in which it was
stated that the Itichardson Drug company
which wns burned out Tuesday morning , had
a meeting and decided to discontinue their
St. Louis establishment and transfer thu
business , or a largo portion of it , to Meyer
Bros. & Co. It nlso stated that tlie Oninlm
house would bo continued for the
present , nt least. The information upon
which this telegram was based seems
to have been unfounded. This assertion is
predicted upon the auhtority of the manage
ment of the Omaha house , who say that ,
owing to the advanced years of Mr. Richardson -
son , ot St. Louts , the senior member of the
well known firm , the house in that city will
not be re-established. The Omaha house
has been made the leading ono of the linn
nnd all ttio business of the latter will bu
transacted here. In accordance with this
determination , the homo management will
make immediate arrangement for the care of
the business and will place fourteen travel
ing men on the road with headquarters nt
this place. This will ho a welcome piece of
news to the mercantile world ot this section
nnd an accession to Omaha which cannot do
otherwise than nud to her commercial Im
portance and supremacy.
fay Indicted Tor IMunslauiilitcr.
DEXVEH , Jan. 3. [ Special Telegram to
Tnr. BUE.V. ] . II. Fay , President and gen
eral manager of the Denver Gas company
and Individually ono of Denver's wealthy
citizens , was to-day aWcstcd on n grand Jury
indictment charging him with manslaughter.
Fay was superintending the work done by
the laborers who were Idllcd by the cave-in
of the cable rend a week ago. Afler the acci
dent a verdict of "criminal carelessness" wns
returned against Fay und his indictment fol
lowed. Ho has been' rcaleased on $1,000
bonds , and has employed Thomas M. Putter-
son , recently the democratic nominee for
governor , to defend him. Ther case has ex
cited great , interest , and there is a feeling
of bitter indignation against Fay , Thomas
nnd O'Harn , his two foremen , who were also
indicted with Fay.
AVnslilngton Wants Ad mission.
EM.EXsnimo , W. TV , Jon. 3. Seventy-five
delegates attended the statehood convention
whicli convened hero this morning , ex-
Governor Watson C. Squire , president.
A long petition wns adopted praying
congress specially to admit Washington with
the Idaho pan-handle annexed. The peti
tion sets forth that the people in
the territory are fully prepared and willIng -
Ing to shoulder the responsibilities of
statehood , having a population of 340,009 , a
gain of IbO.OOO in tiiglit years. Democrats
and republicans are alike anxious for the
admission of the territory under the name of
Washington , which naino the convention
{ Statehood Convention Called.
YANKTOX , Dak. * Jan 3. The statehood ex
ecutive committee has issued a call for a
delegate convcnton of counlics in southern
Dakota , to meet January 10 , for the purpose of
taklne steps to further stnlo hood for South
Dakota. The commitloo behoves South
Dakota's chances ntWashington nro Waning ,
and many fear two or three years will elapse
before admission is achieved. It is urged that
action should be taken at the present congress -
gross , and In case such is not done the strong
est pressure possible will bo brought to boar
to secure nn extra session for the purpose of
admitting the state.
Another Itato War.
ST. Louis , Jan , 3. In spite of the fact that
an agreement to maintain passenger rates
went into effect January 1 , information
comes from Kansas City to-nignt that indicates -
cates another rate war. The Hock Island ,
acting on the report that the Mis
souri Pacific had sold tickets from
Kansas City to Denver , Pueblo nnd Colorado
Springs nt a cut rate , tills afternoon made a
cut of $3.15. Late this afternoon the Union
Pacific agent received orders to meet the cut ,
nnd the Missouri Pacific and other lines fol
lowed suit. A further cut is anticipated to
Tiio Weather Imlientions.
For Nebraska : Fair , sllght'y colder
winds , generally northwesterly ,
For Iowa : Generally fair , colder winds ,
becoming northwesterly.
For Dakota : Fair , clearing in southern
portion , colder except in extreme northwest
portion , nearly stationary temperature ,
northerly winds.
Major E. B , Kno , n well known provision
broker and exchange member , died last even
ing nt St. Louis.
Charles O. White , manager of White's
opera house , Detroit"died at un curly hour
yesterday of peritonitis" .
Information was -'received nt Now York
yesterday of the launching of the Heumborto
by the Italian government. It Is larger than
England's two largest war vessels.
The annulling of the election to the local
house at Quebec of Hun. James McShano for
bribery caused u sensation.
Boulungcr , In an address to the electors of
the department of the Seine , excoriated
these members of parliament who have been
working against him ,
John W. Walroth , of Minneapolis , crock
ery nnd glassware , assigned. Assets about
130,000 ; liabilities about fVJ.OOO.
ICilrain's backers b'ftcr to meet Sullivan's '
friends at Toronto oh 'Monday ' to sign fora
fight for | 10,00 , > ) a sldo > and the Polio Gazette
belt ,
The stables of Um Boston paving and
health department burned yesterday nfter
noon , Leas over $80,000. Two firemen were
badly hurt by fulling timbers.
The annual mooting of the Wisconsin
State Historical society was hold at Madison.
John Kyan and Charles and Fred St. Peter
were drowned while skating at South Farm-
higton , Mass ,
At West Superior , Wis. , n number of doe k
strikers attacked nnd unmercifullybeat the
Scandinavians who had accepted reduced
wages. Further trouble is feared.
By the explosion of a boiler hoop factory
at Clinton , N. C. , three men were instantly
killed nnd one fatally Injured.
Mrs. J. Ellen Foster , of Iowa , spake nt In
dianapolls yesterday , on woman's suffrage.
She will call on General Harrison to-aay ,
Steamship Arrivals ,
At Now York The Maine , from Bremen
At Hottorduui The Rotterdam , from Now
Consideration of the Tariff Bill Bo-
suruod in the Souato.
Mr. Push Knj-R Hi ere Cnn Ito No Con'
cession or No Comtroml ] o
Among tlio White People
llouso Proceedings ,
W.isnixoTOs" , Jnu. 3. A resolution hereto
fore offered by Mr. Voorhees , calling on the
secretary of the Interior for a list of nil
1101110310.111 , Umber culture nnd pre-emption
entries to public lands cancelled after issu-
mice of flnnl receipt nnd certificate thorofor ,
during the present administration , for causes
other -than voluntary rcllntiulshmcnl , was
taken up nnd agreed to.
The senate then resumed consideration of
the tariff bill , the pending question being
Mr. Vest's amendment to change the duty on
cotton thread , yarn warps , etc. The amend
ment was rejected by the usual party vote.
Mr. Vest called attention to other Items In
paragraph 31 ! ) , but said ho would not offer
any amendment or asic n yea nnd nay vote
upon them ; but ho would simply romaru that
the duty on those Items was Increased
In order to exclude nil foreign competition ns
fur us possible , so ns to enable American
manufacturers to hold the market nt what
ever price they saw lit to impose. Ho moved ,
however , to amend paragraph 31-4 , relating to
thread of cotton ' -70
spool , by striking qut70
per cent per dozen spools" nnd inserting 40
per cent ndvulorem. Ho quoted from the
statement made by spool cotton innnufnc-
lurlrs before the tariff commission In tSS'J ,
nnd before the ways and means committee In
ISS-I , to show that they asicud u less ram of
protection in 1SS4 tlinn in 1SS2.
After n lengthy discussion the amendment
was rejected yeas 18 , nnya 21.
No further amendment was offered to par
agraph 31 1. nor was any offered to paragraphs
315 , ; il > or ill" , all relating to cotton cloth.
Mr. Vancu moved two amendments to par
agraph 31S nnd ono on IHO , both of which
wore rejected.
Mr. Pugh proceeded to address the senate
in n set speech on the tariff. In concluding
his remarks ho reverted to the question of
race supremacy in the south , and said as to
that there could bo no concession or no com
promise amonc the white people. Whoever
was u friend of the white race In regard to
supremacy in government was his friend ir
respective of politics , and whoever was an
enemy of the white race on the question in
volving race supremacy was his enemy. The
fidelity of white men to o.ich other on the
race question has been unfaltering , and is
bound to prove Itself in action on the side of
maintaining the actual supremacy of the
white race In the possession ami exercise of
all governmental powers. Such fidelity of
the white men to each other in the southern
states for such purpocos had been estab
lished under the dire necessity of self-pres
ervation. and white men everywhere might
rest assured that no allurements of ofilce and
no difference as to tariff laws could over de
grade them to the recognition of negro
Mr. Vnnco moved to amend paragraph 320 ,
relating to stockings , by reducing the rate
from H5 to 30 per cent ad valorem , and asked
for the yeas and nays.
Mr. Aldrich pleaded to Vauco not to de
mand the yeas and nays , as there was prob
ably no quorum present , and ho wished to
get through the cotton schedule to-day , but
Mr. Vance would not consent , as he did not
want the schedule ilmslied to-day.
The senate then , having disposed of three
and ono-half pages of bill to-day , adjourned.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 3. Mr. Reed of Maine ,
from the committee on rules , reported a reso
lution providing that during the remainder
of the present session of congress , there shall
IKS a call of states and territories on the flrst
and third Mondays of each month. These
Mondays arc what are known as suspension
days , and the object of the resolution
is to prevent the opponents of
the Union Pacific funding measure
and Oklahoma bill from filibustering
against the attempt to pass these measures
under suspension of rules , introducing vol-
umnious bills under call of states , nnd con
suming the day by the demand for their
reading In full. Mr. Ileed demanded the
previous question on the adoption of the resolution
elution , which called forth a vigorous pro
test from Mr. Anderson of Kansas , who has
been the chief antagonist of the Union Pa
cific bill. Mr. Anderson demanded the yeas
and nays on ordering the previous question ,
when no quorum voted. A call of the house
was then ordered. The called showed the
presence of 171 members , being "eight moro
than a quorum , but the margin was too nar
row a ono and proceedings under the call
were not sustained. The sergeant at arms
was dispatched to hunt up and arrest absen
tees and the house drowsily waited for him to
make a report. As this was not forthcom
ing by 3 o'clock the house adjourned.
Land Ijnw Reform
WASHINGTON , Jan. 3. The house commit
tee on publicjands to-day took action on the
semite bill relating to public lands , by means
of which it Is hoped the legislation at this
session of congress will greatly modify the
publlo land policy of the government. The
house passed during the last session a bill re
pealing the pre-emption and timber culture ,
and otherwise amending the land laws , but
no action has been taken on the measure by
the senate. In order to facilitate the passage
of the essential features of this general land
bill , the house committed to-day took up the
bill passed by the senat3 in December , pro
viding that the public lands of the United
States now subject to private entry , shall bo
disposed of under the homestead laws only ,
After making numerous amendments to
the bid , Holman was instructed to report it
to the house and ask its early consideration.
It Is the purpose of the commlttoo in this
Way to endeavor to throw the proposed land
reform legislation into the hands of n con
ference committee of the house and senate to
secure , if possible , the substantial changes
desired to be effected In our land laws. The
bill agreed upon by the committee to-day
provides that public hinds chiclly valuable
for agriculture or subject to private entries ,
shall bo disposed of under the homestead
law only , ana that the pre-emption laws shall
bo repealed. Persons who have made pre
emption or homestead entry of the
land , but have not forfectcd title
thereto , are given the right to make
another homestead entry. Whenever a
settler upon the public domain Is unable , on
account of destruction of crops , slukncas or
other unavoidable cause , to secure support
from the land located upon , the local land
officers may grant a leave ot absence from
the claim to the settler for not exceeding ono
year. Homestead settlers who liavu made
entry tj > less than one-quarter section ot
land , are given the privilege of making
another entry , the aggregate quality under
entries not to exceed 180 acres.
Nobrnska nnd Iowa Pensions.
WASHINGTON , ; Jan , , [ Special Telegram
to THE I3KE. ] Pensions granted Nebraskans -
kans : Increase Burlington Cunningham ,
Wayne ; Lawrance Duggan , Omaha ; Charles
S. Galloway , Charles Sontag , Harada. Orig
inal widows Minors of William M. Urey ,
Elm Creek. Mexican survivors Henry T ,
East , alias Henry Tliornhill , North Loup ,
Pension granted lownns ; Original in
valid Samuel T. Wales , Uurlington ; Clark
Smith , Colfux ; William P. Weaver , Croseo ;
John Moore , Ottunnvu ; John II , Young ,
Lucas. Restoration reissue F , Sterns , Vin-
ton , Restoration and increase Will-
Ian F. Playlo , Ewart. Increase -
crease Michael Mattemore. DCS Molncs ;
John CInther , Wovorly Guebrund II. Ness ,
Washington Pralrio ; William 1C. Laughlin ,
Fort Dodge ; Edward Ioran , Bristol ; J. A.
Patterson , J , Lockridgo , Spring Hill ; Samuel
Luce , Fayottc. Original widows , etc-
Minor of Isaac L. Jotinson , LcCluIr ; FruncU
M. , brother of Klclmrd Hathaway , Suther
land ; Fanny S. , mother of Chester Clifford ,
Mouto ; Sarah , widow of Frederick Sterns ,
Pears' Soap
Fail * white hands.- .
Bright clear complexion
Soil healthful skin.
" PEARS'-Hie Great English Complexion SOAP-
Vinton ; Lydlo U. , widow of Thomas McCon-
uoll , New Providence.
Presidential XomlnntloiiH ,
WAMIIVOTOX , Jan. 2. The president has
sent the following nominations to the sen
ate : Solomon Claypool , of ludlunn , to bo
United States attorney for the district of In
diana. T. Carlos .Tewett , of Minnesota , to
bo commissioner in nun for the district of
Alaska , to reside in Sltkn.
Postmaster Robert S. Atkins , nt Kansas
The S r onn Opneral's Salary.
\VASHINOTOX , Juu. 3 , A Joint resolution
wns Introduced in the aennto to-day by Mr.
Cullom providing Hint hcreiftcr the super
vising Eurgcon gencrnlof the Marine hospital
service shall rooolve the same salary nnd
allowances as nro now allowed by law to the
surceon general of llmnrmy. The resolution
wns referred. The snlery of the supervising
surgeon general of the Marine hospital ser
vice is now $1,000 a your. The surgeon gen
eral of the nrtny receives. $5fiOO per your ,
with nn increase of 10 per cent nftcr the first
five years of service , and 'JO per cent ufter
the llrst leu years.
Quarrclod < ) vnr it Flock of Slio < M > .'in CITV , Dak. , Jan. 3. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bnn.J Joseph Becm nnd Jo
seph Watlerson , fanners , living in the east
ern unrt of this county , ubout thirty-live
miles from town , quarreled about n flock of
sheep. They came to blows , and nftor n
sharp light , in which Wntterson was
worsled , they drew knives and attacked each
other. The duel continued until both wore
tlightly wounded. There were no witnesses
Lo the affray , nnd the fight seems to have
terminated on account of lear of each other.
Both came to town to-day and each swore
out n warrant for the other , charging nssault
with Intent to kill. The hearings are set for
For delicacy , for purity , and for im
provement of the complexion , nothing
equals Pozzoni's Powder.
An Indiana Farmer Kinds Nearly $ . " > ( ) ( )
in Old Spanish Coin.
Gcorco Prance , a farmer living1 near
Halitm , Ind. , made a lucky Hurt a few
days ago under rather peculiar circum
stances , lie and his Ron went to chop
some wood , and begun operations on an
old hollow beech tree. After it hud
been foiled Mr. France looked in the
hollow stump and discovered n peculiar
earthen jar. On removing the lid the
jar was found to bo filled with silver
coin. The money was of Spanish mint ,
and its coinage was more thnii 200 yoai-H
old. A jeweler of this city estimates
the value of the flnd to bo nearly $500.
Auction To-morrow.
Friday morning , 10 o'clock , at our
salesroom , 11U1 Farnama lot of heating
and cook stoves , a big lot of carpets ,
and furniture of M kinds.
The ICth street jeweler is the place to
got your diamonds reset or your watch
repaired. Satisfaction guaranteed. C.
L. Erickson & Co. , 212 N. IGth st.
Pawned Hla Teeth.
Chauncoy M. Dopow hobbles when ho
walks in Broadway , Now York , says the
St. Paul Globe. Ills foot and ankle ure
still heavily incased , so that they may
got into peed shape again. Dopow
stuck his log inlo a hole in Iho floor of
his house , whore a plumber had care
lessly loft his work , and the dislocation
at the ankle had proved moro bother
some than a clean brenlc would
have boon. As Mr. Dopow stood chat
ting in front of a hotel n dolapidated
man accosted him. The stranger
looked like a broken down * bummer ,
and his clothes were sadly bedraggled ,
but ho was readily distinguished as not
a tramp but as an example of tlio for
lorn chap who had seen bettor days.
He called Dopow by name and was evi
dently an old acquaintance , but ho nev
ertheless had the abject air of a beggar
as ho asked for a temporary loan.
"This is my lust spree , positively , "
ho said. ' ! have sworn oil for good
this time. Let mo hityo $1 to buy pomo-
thing to eat and I will bo all straight
ened up in a day or two.1
While Hpctilung ho held one hand
over his mouth , after the manner com
mon enough lo supplicants who are
ashamed of themselves , but ho was so
careful about it that the action oxcilad
curiosity. The explanation came.
" 1'awncd ihem again , ohV said
Dopow , as he gave the $1 to his unfortu
nate acquaintance.
"Had to do it , " wns the reply as the
follow shambled away.
"I have known that man twenty
yearfi , " Dopow exclaimed , "nnd ho is a
capabla , well-behaved follow most of the
time , but periodically his appotilo for
drink gels Iho holler of him ; Ihon ho
becomes the unsightly bummer that you
have just scon. While on these de
bauches ho will spend every cent Unit ho
can obtain , and finally , as ii last and in
variable resort , ho pawns his false
tooth. That is tlio climax. Ho has
done it now , and that was why ho kept
hib hand over his mouth.1'
\ \ un PT i TIJPII t XT
Sonntor Hiscook Calls on Proaldont-
Elect Ilnrrison.
Mr. Plumb , of Knnaai , 1'nyn n Visit
to Indianapolis lit ) Knvm-s nn
ICxtra SesHlon of
IvniAvvroi.ts , Jan. ! V The chief interest
hero to-day centered in the visit of Sonntor
Iliscock , who urrlvcd from Washington at
1230 ; , nnd drove direct to the resldonoo of
the president-elect , arriving about t o'clock ,
Just In lime to partnke ot a noonday meal.
Luncheon over , the general nnd guoU re
paired to the library , where they remained
closeted togclhor in enrnest conversation
until n quarter past U , when the senator look
his leave. No third p.xrty was present dur
ing the long conference , therefore no one is
nblo to state positively what passed betweeir
thorn , unless ono or IMo other chooses to di
vulge It. General Harrison talked frnoly
of the visit to an Associated Press
correspondent this evening , but said nothing
not already known , Inquiring Inadvertantly
whether the correspondents succeeded In In
terviewing the senator. Their efforts In this ,
direction were zealous enough , but almost
barren of results , as the senator , whopo car
riage never left the door during his long con
ference , drove rapidly to the depot. Ar
rived there ho hud to pass a cordon of re
porters who lay in wait. To their numerous
inquiries he simply said : "Gentlemen , my
visit wns aivuneventful one , both politically
nnd personally. " These nro the words thrco
of the correspondents present attribute
to him , They agree that the distinguished
gentleman was apparently in n disgruntled
state of mind , either real or nshumed. Ho
boarded the train for Cleveland. Ills ap
parent ill-humor , which is not chronic with
him , whoneonsldi'ied in connection with the
genial , complacent frame ot mind In which
the writer discovered General Harrison , only
an hour or so later , Is more significant than
the words nttribulcd lo the big senator.
After a long day's conference with several
distinguished men , it would seem but natural
that General Harrison should show signs of
fatigue and absence of his usual urbanity ,
but on the contrary ho was without
sign of worry or dissatisfaction. A good
many of General Harrison's close friends be-
licvo the cabinet is about finished , and U
these incidents nro ot any interest or value
they would seem to strengthen this view of
the situation.
But the day brought another senatorial
pilgrim in the person of Preston B. Plumb ,
of Kansas , who arrived this morning from
the went. His conference with General Harrison
risen was less than nn hour and ho left nt 3
o'clock for Washington. In nn interview
Senator Plumb said ho merely stopped over
to have n general talk with the president
elect. Ho was not pressing nny name for a
cabinet position. Kansas had no candidate.
Ho wus in favor of an extra ses
sion of congress and believed tla
party and public necessity " would
induce President Harrison to call congress
together. Ho was in favor of a vigorous
and early Invcstlgalion of the colored vote
In the south. Ho thought Blnlne would sit
at the head of the now cabinet.
Another visitor of prominence was Hon.
Moses W. Field , of Detroit. If Ho cumo
here with a special objecl ho kept it to him
self. Ho talked freely , however , and said
among other things ho had no doubt that
General Alger would comprise ono of Presi
dent Harrison's cabinet. Ho wns equally
positive in his opinion that Ululno would bo
secretary of stale.
Among olhor visllors was Hon. H. A.
Hawkins , of Tennessee , Into defeated
republican candidate for governor of that
state. Ho wont into the southern sllunllon
nt considerable length in talking with the
prcsident-clccl , nnd is slennously In favor ot
an extra session of congress nnd n speedy In
vestigation of what he terms the "outrage"
perpetrated upon republican voters In Ten
nessee nnd other states at the Jaio election.
Ho says the fraudulent count ot
votes of six of the counties where
the black population is largest
caused his defeat. The county officers in
stead of selecting the election judges and inspectors
specters from the two great parties , appoint
ed none but democrats. What the republi
cans of the south particularly want , says
Hawkins , Is n nnllonal election law that will
take the presidential and congressional elec
tion machinery entirely out of tlio hands of
stnlo legislatures. Ho will not state whnt ,
if any , views Harrison expressed on
tlio subject.
Unanimously Condemned.
SALT LAKH Crrr , Jan. a. ( Special Tele
gram lo TUB BUK.J Much indignation Is felt
utnong all classes of citizens of Iddho nt
Cleveland's pardon of live Mormons. The
Associated Press despatch from Washington
stated that four were convicted of unlawful
cohabitation , nnd ono of udullory. This Is
incorrect. The truth is nil five were con-
vlctod of adultery. The president's pardon
is unanimously and heartily condemned.
Short in Illw Accounts ,
ST. Lot'iH , Jan. 2. A special from Gairs-
ville , Texas , says ; K. W , Gllcrenso , county
treasurer of Montague county , Is shoit in
his accounts $1,000. A culled meeting of the
county eonnnlaslonei-h Is now in session con
sidering the mutter.
Thus the ' * Mustang"conquers pain ,
Makes MAN or BEAST well again I