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    .TAT\TTTATV o ifi n
Good , Fat Stipends nnd Practically
Nothing to Do.
{ The I'ny Hull Shows That Tliero
"Were Ncnrly Knur Uniiiloyen II'OP
Each McMiibpi .Snino Knvnrli s
JJrow Two
Tlio Senate Hotter.
While the lower house of the last legisla
ture ) employed one assistant to each of Its
one bundled members , the senate was far
more In providing for the friends of
members , having n propoitton of employe's
far in oxcaas of the national senate , nnd
which was oxccoilocl by the semite of no
other stale. The list ot odleatM nnd em
ployes of the last stnto semite is astounding ,
considering the fact tlmt only thirty three
members comprised that body. The pin roll
Oliows tlmt there were nearly four employes
{ breach senator , mndo up as follows
II , II. Shtnld , lieutenant governor , 100
days , GO' OJ ; Ocorgo D Melklcjolni. prasl-
dent , 00 dnys , JlSt ) ; Walt M. Scolov , secre
tary , I fit ) days , ftiiMI ; V. C. Hhickluy , Ilrst
assistant , 71 dnys , 42W. . HallliiRsworth ,
first assistant sporotniy , 10 dnys , $ llii > ; U. O.
Lewis second assistant secretary , 107 days ,
fliW ; J II Ensti-rday , clerk committee of the
whole'U davsi7.t. Paul Clark , book-keeper ,
D' ) un\s , # 17" ! Fanny Ulen , book-keeper ,
5JJ dajs , ffili ; Nellie U'llson , itBBsistiint book
keeper , r,0 duvs. f50 ! ; ( lurtruuo Trevost ,
typo writer. 7J clays , fill ! , W O. Wlldimin ,
scrgcaiil-nt arms , 111 clajs , JU ; Hormaii
AVcstovcr , assistant. I'l ' dii\s , $ J7J ; J. G. Tntt ,
Clmpluin , 1)0 ) days , S-iJ" ; Perry Walker , post-
niastcr , ! < 1 dayw. f.'iJ ; James Iiclaud , assis
tant , IU days , J7.1J.V. . Hriish , doorkeeper ,
SI Jays , S > 'J7.1 : K M. Suundcrs , llrs' assistant
jor keeper , M days , $ J7.I , Joel Parcel , see
oucl ussistint door hooper , 1)1 ) days , ? 'JM ;
Nellie DiPuc. ctnollitig clerk , lib thus ,
8330 , Ada P Olmstc.ul , enrolling cloik , US
days , Will ) ; W H. H. Dunn , mail carrier , 0)
dajs , * ! H ) , W. A. Thomas , mail caiiier , Ifi
davsyj f > 0 ; H.'VNindellinnllcnrrici.Oldios ,
337) ) , John H. blmpson , janitor , III days ,
$27.1 , Hunrv Abbott , assist nil janitor. Hi
days , < | : JS , W Allison , iissistatit janitor , 40
days , $133 , H W. Hl.ur , assistant J inilor , 4(5 (
flays , JI.W ; J. U. Hinif , assistant jnnttor , .M
days , SHb , H. Clark , assistant janitor , ! '
days , $ | ! ft , P. J. , assistant janitor ,
43 days , 141 ; Clauilu Deck , assistant Janitor ,
/ 1V 7 days , 3111 , W. K jorsoti , assistant Janitor ,
VI days , S27JI , A W Forbes , assistant Jani-
lor , 111 days , $ ias ; AV. H. Gamble , assistant
AI "Winhluiimn , assistant janitor , 72 d.iv ,
8210 ; M. V. Harbor , custodl.ui , 01 clays , &JT3 ;
Gcorgo "Whitman , assistant custodian , 91
days , $ J7.'l ; V. II. Boud , pxgo.Ol da\s , 5UW30 ;
Albra M. Cook , president's pige , 1)1 ) diys.
fllWJiO ; Homer Honeywell , pigo , 91 clajs ,
VinUTiO ; Cliarles Savnlge , page committee
engrossed aud cmolled bills , -Hi cl.ijs , i'jT ;
Anuio Hays , page , S7 davs , $ tno&u ; John
Langdon , IIIIRO , 91 days , Sltliifji ) ; Kay Leosc- ,
page , 01 days , li ir > 0 ; Carl Hnlidall , pagn , 91
lloja , f 1.10.50 ; Nellie Schocnheit , page , 49
days , i7U.50fHnrluii Wells , pa e , Ul clays ,
(1.10.50 ( , I } . J Uabcock , messenger ,
104 dsjs , J313 ; 1-V.inlc Dossier ,
incssouger committee room , 40 days , 51.S3 ;
PnulS. HelTclinun. sucretno's messenger 91
days , 5-73 ; U Kuffnor , mcsseng"r , 50 cla.\s ,
$75 ; A. A. Snell , messenger-enrolled and en
grossed bills , 91 diiia. $37. ! . G , Dolnn , mess
enger " committee room , 40 dn\s , JU1S ; W. V ,
"Ware , mcssengnr , 114 dnys. W42 ; Hldon Tag-
cart , clerk committee linnnco , ways and
lineans , ? J clays , MIO ; S. E Thornton , clerk
' coinmiltco accounts and expenses , 5' ' ) days ,
; J. E. Wheolcr , 4 ! ) days , § 147 ; Charles
f47 , clerk committee public lands nnd
illdfngp , 40 days , § 147 ; V. W. Rollings-
jvottli , clerk committee public printing , S3
flayA , $150 ; T. C. Munger , clerk com-
Imittco chums , 40 days , $ > 18 ! ! ; W. T.
.Cuuadii , clerk committo on penitentiary ,
49 days , ? 147 ; Gcorgo Stultz , cleric connnit-
tcoou , penitcntinr.v , ! )1 ) days , f'l ! ) ; J. M. Cat-
ton ] clerk committee Judiciary , 7J days , $210 ;
B. H. Goulding , clerk committee on school
lands , 49 clays , $147 ; Jiunes UrinkerholT ,
clerk committee insane hospital , I9li\s ,
< 147 ; K. W. Hlair , cleik committee miscel
laneous subjects , ti clu > s , $0 ; I ) . C. Clark ,
cleik committee privileges and elections , 4'J '
tlays , ? 147 ; M. E Getter , clerk committee
Todlstrlctlng and apportionmentSI davs$2."i" ;
VT , P. Higglns , clerlt committee mines and
mining , 49 dnys , ? U7 ; J. S. Huft ,
'cloik ' committee on medical legisla-
"tlor. , 49 days , $147 ; U. F. Miller ,
'clerk committee on charities , 49 days , 5147 ;
Charles Miller , cleik committee live stock
end grazing , 49 days , $147 ; Paul Marlay ,
clerk committee on U and N. S. , 49 days.
H47 ; Jessie Mutton , clerk committee on la-
\jor , 19 days , $147 ; AMI. Ktggs , clerk com-
raittcc on municipal iilfnirs , 40 days , $147 ;
< Joorgo W. Stullz , cleric committee on bills ,
49dnys , 147 ; J. C. Snntcc , cloik committee
on reform school , 49 days , $117 ; Henry
Hpriek , jr. , cleik committee on luanufac-
fturcs , 4'clajs ' ) , ? 147 ; .1 H. Sides , clerk eom-
I ijnlttee on eintgr.itlou , 49 days , $117 ; Mrs. 10 ,
B. Thompson , clerk committee C. and C. H. ,
49diijs , $147 ; H. C. Yoomans , committee in-
i ternal liuprovemenU , 49 daja , § 147. The
" 'following ' were cluiks of the cominlttco
t on engrossed and enrolled bills , being 24 in
.number ' : Hnttlo Audriis , 49 days , $147 ; Alice
'Cunte , 113 days , SDH ; Annie Ghosnov , 9.'t
i jJays , W79 ; Hello Corliin , 19 days , SI 17 , U.S.
( Cook , 97 days , W.H , Anna Davis , 100 days ,
tH ) ; Flora ( Jregory , 40 da\.s , $ lt0 ! ; 1C. Hol-
Jlngsworlh , 111 days , i. Lou M. Hnys , 91
days , $ i7t : , M. S. Kent , 9J da\s ,
; ' > 97 ; Cora Leo , 4' ) days , M17 ;
TJettlo Llnliigcr , 49 days , $147 ; Mary Miteh-
ll. VSdnys , * JJ ( ; Clara Mercer. l days ,
2'3 ; U. H. McCandlcss , j > 0 clays , $210. Htta
Kowniiin , SS days , 40 ; May Pickott. 100
Eva WIIcox" , bbduy'rt , $ JOl ; I.uur.i Downing ,
c-opy clerk for soctotarv , U7 days , $ S1 ; Frank
Uaphall , bill clerk , tO days , SJ12 ; I' . A.
Wright , bill cleric , 0i ! days , * 2I7 ; Chnilos
Miller , ussistniit bill clerk , 47 dav s , ? MJ A.
J. . Wigei h. W "Hvs " , ? * K. Gould ,
iiroof render , 1IVJ davs , $ , )0ii ) ; Cora
Lee , copv holder , tM days , fv > ;
A. M. Hussoll , c'opy-fiolder. 10J dnv $ . ) ' . ! :
Thomas J. Kidd , liromnn , 01 dnvs , $193 ; Kd
MoruMii , llromnn , OSd.iys , SMI : T. U rian-
dei , watc'hiiian J-Mt ; K C. WriRht , w.itoh *
man , 42diu , * 1'-0 ; D. Wood,87 , w.Uch'nan ' ,
45 days , f l5 ! ! ; P. Komau , kocpor of closet ,
b7 davs , IJul.
The above list comprises 121 employes and
ofllcors cosliiitf the stntoJIlWi.Jti. (
Some of t.'ium woio fortunate enough to bo
p j " the pay roll twice , us will bu noticed
c of the list , thun-by draw-
inf/poy for alleged sei vices inn dual capacity.
I'NcniH'cl In 11 Trunk.
Sr. LOUIH , Jan. l.-lSpoclal Telegram to
Tun BKK.J i'liomn * Vines , who robbed his
employers , thu Adams & vVostlaku Maim-
f f otuiln company of Chicago , ot $1,500 last
Saturday , arrived in St. Louis to-day , and is
now In jail. Ho made half of the journey
from Chicago hi a big trunk , being
chocked as but-gaso fiom that city by some
coufc-donito hint night. Ho Is sU feet tall ,
nnd bcfoio covciIng half the distance ho in
tended to make in his novel and secret flight ,
liU cramped position drove him to call for
help , mill the Jjaggawraen on the train
rolousoa htm Irom the trunk , rfncl to sliow
" their ndmliation lor his nerve , alumod him
' to rldo on Into the city , whi'iv , uftur
lie had told n Mlo of suffering and poverty , a
iiuiso was made up utuoiig tlititfuln men uttho
depot and pivca linn , llo sceuiod anxious to
bet possession of uls trunk , and that eventually -
" ally led to an examination of U , nml tlio flud-
ilnu of the monov , , Vines , Instead of paying
off the men Saturday , ran off with the funds ,
uml with the assistance of a friend Bcirurnd a
trunk and bored ton small air holes In the
sides of it. Then ho got in and the trunk
J Vas locked , end lie was chocked tHiousjh to
- MSt , Louis. Hu has mudo a full contusion of
I- fats guilt.
The Wcuthoi' Inillu lions ,
for Nebraska : Fair , colder , except in ex
treme eastern portion nearly stationary
* 1 tampartuin ; variable winds.
' IVrlowa : Fair , warmer ; southuastorly
t > 'lna ' . frusli to UrUk uloufe the lalw-s.
ii'orDakota ! Fulr , colder ; westerly winds.
Tlio Nntlonnl Convention In Sos-
HOII ! \Vnsliliigloti. .
WAsms'OTov , Jan. 1. The national con
ventlon of colored Catholics , composed of
delegates from no irly nil the colored Cath
olic churches and societies throughout the
country , mot hero this inornln ? In Silnt
Augustine colored Catholic church , livoiy
sent In the church was owuplod when
Father Talton , of Qulncy , 111. the only col
ored Catholic priest in the UnlteJ Htatoj , be
gan ttiu celebration of solemn high mass. Im
mediately in front ot nml beneath the pulpit
sat his eminence Cardinal Olbbans , who de
livered the sonnon. At the conclusion of the
sermon the cardinal welcomed the delegates.
This gathpriiif , sanl ho , will mark an era In
the history of the colorrd people of the
United Suites , for never before had the col
ored Cnthnlics mot In convention He
trusted tint thu deliberations of the conven
tion would bo limited by moderation and
discretion. The actions of the convention
would bo Wdtclicd by the country , not with
the kindly eyes of friendship , but with the
shnri > tyi's of criticism Ho
the convention discuss the situation of
children , land religious oducntion necessary
to the life of the republic. Temporary or-
gani/atlon was affected and the convention
adjourned until to-morrow.
HOUND ovttii.
A NowHp-ipcr Killtor Chnnroil Will
IMillllsliluc Ol)4ueno I.Her.U lire.
nrTitorr , Mich. , Jan 1.- [ Special Telegram
toTiiKMnn I Tlio navison-Wllli.itnson case
Is still a .subject of comment and amusement
hciuandat Perham. L. 13d. Uavison , pub-
llshur of the Pel-ham Hullctin , was arrested
byC. L ) . Wllliiimson of that town , upon the
charge of publishing obscene literature nnd
circulating it through the malls. It scorns
that IXivlsuii In the Issue of his paper dated
November , iiAsallctt Williamson most bit
terly , publishing n pleturo of u Jackass
which leferrcd to "Williams , and
btvling him a cui o to the community in
which he lived. Tlio trial occurred before
ITnlted ytutos Coinmlisiouer 1) . H Grillln , ut
Detioa , in Avlilch U.ivlsau xvas bound over
in SJ,50) ) to appear bofoio thu no\t term ot
the court. The e.w has attraiitod niueh at
tention in tlm part of the stile , where both
men ate well known. A duel is certain.
Cuss Count } li'ariniT ) ' Alii.nice.
WMHMI , Neo. , , lan. 1. To the Editor of
TinHn : . The follou ing preamble and reso
lutions weio passed unanimously by the
Cass county Farmerf , ' iilllanco at its last
meeting :
Whereas , The stnto bo ird of tr.insporta-
tion is deceiving the pjoplo by tlio state
ment that the piaduclions ol this ttt.ito , in
cluding wheat , corn , oats , c.ittlo and hogs ,
are citmcd to marKCt at u lo s into per ton
per milo than the satno products of fow.i aic
carried , nnd that lumber and uonl 1110 ship-
lied into this state ut a less rate per ton per
mile thiin the same goods are shipped to tlio
consumers of Iowa ; and
Whoioas , The state uoard of transporta
tion has wilfully disregarded the interests ot
the pcojile , by rescinding tbo order made.Inly
5 , 1V > S , reducing freight rates In this state ;
Itcsolved. That we believe the state board
of ti.uispoitation was created solely in the
interests oi the i.ulroads , and intended from
the st.u t to defeat the peoples' will , and wo
demand of our legislature the icpoal of the
law creating said board ot transportation ,
and wo fuithcr demand a law fixing the same
schedule of freight rates in this state as are
now in force m the state of Iowa.
Uesolvcd , That wo heartily endorse tlio
course pursued by Attorney General Loose
in refusing to become a party to deception
and boti ay tlm people by supporting the reso
lution pa&scd by the boat d , icscindinganddis-
missing the order made.luly 5 , IbSS.
Ke olved , Tnat a copy of these resolutions
bo forwaidcd to the county papers and to
Tun OMAHA 1'ni : , Lincoln Call and Nebraska
City Press for publication.
H. P. Sntox , President
B. F. AU.E.Y , Secretary.
Hniiks Consolidate.
KANSAS CITV , Jan. 1. [ Special Telegram
to THE BKE.J To-morrow the entire business
and good will of the Armour Brothers' Bank
ing company will bo tiansfcrred to the Mid
land National bank of this city. Both banks
are prosperous , anil the leasoa for the con
solidation is that Mr. A , W. Armour , presi
dent of the Armour Brothers' ' bank , desire ?
to be relieved from the duties and responsi
bilities of his position. The name will still
bo tbo Midland National bank , nnd Mr.A. W.
Armour will bo vice president. Armour
Bi others' Banking company began business
September 15 , 18"S , and there has boon no
change in tlio ofllcois or stocknoldcrsup to
the present time. It his always been rejjaided
as ono of the solid institutions of the city ,
and onloyed a national reputation for square
doaling. The capital stock ot the now bauk
will be $500,000.
* .
( into the IVrotit ; Signal.
IltAWvrnv , Km. , Jan. 1. [ Spajnl Telegram -
gram to Tim Um -This 1 afternoon about
: i.0 : ! p. in. , two St. Jno&GrandIsl.iud freight
trains collided at the Itou Koclc curve , near
this city. Both engines were demolished
and several cars of inorelundlso entirely
ruined. Urakeman Watson gave a wronar
signal , leaving tlio conductor m the depot re
ceiving oiderd The brakcnnn was badly
injured. The wreck delayed No , 4 several
Died on thu Oars.
WALTHVM , Mass. , Jan. 1 , Charles N.
Woerde died jcstcrduy on the cars whilu en
route from LQI Anoles to Han Francisco.
Ho was born hi Holland seventy voirs ago
andcamoto tills town in early life. He did
much to promote the growth of American.
watch m.tklui ; by the invention of many ma
chines for the making of diffuront parts of
the wutch.
De.-uli < > r Colonel Pent.
ST. LOLH , .Ian. 1. Colonel John C. Dnnt ,
brother-in-law ot General Grant , died at his
homo in Carthage , Mo. , early this moining ,
aged soventy-threo years. Colonel Dent
served with distinction in tlo Mexican war ,
and also in thu war of the rebellion ,
nt Hc.lwno.l.
BIU.M\OOI > , Neb , Jan. 1 ISpacial to THK
BiiJ : : F. W. Ho wit and Miss Minnlo
Hutchlnsou wore married this morning at
the toaidonco ot thu brido's father.
California .Allncuil-i.
SAN FIUKLIS > .O , Jan. 1 , The annual ro-
vlowof the Ghronldo states that the value
ot California's mineial products in 1833 was
5 0,000,000 , _
Tli I'liportance of pui If j Ing the blood * of
not l > o cncjoMlnulul , for wlihout imro
blood > ou cannot enjoy good hc.iUU ,
At tlds season nearly every ouo needs a
Coed mcdlclno to purify , Ulallzo , : mU enrich of
the lilood , nnd HooJ.'p Barsaparlll.j Is wor.-iy
ypur conndcnee. It U peculiar lu that It
strengthens aud Imllds up the system , creatci
an arjictite , and tones tlio digestion , while
Jt eradicates disease. Gl\e It a trial.
Hood's Barsajiarllla Is sold byalldtueeUts-
Preyarca ly 0.1. JIooU & Co. , Ix ) ll , Mass.
JOO Doses Ono Dollar
How Now Year's Dny wnaObsorvod
nt the White HOU90.
The HOOIIIH HcHplciiclotit With Flowers
nnd DeoorntliMti A Description
of tlio Most Ncitnlilc Cos
tumes Worn.
Profusion of Flowers.
.Inn. 1. The white honio
hns seldom , If ever , proscnted a more bril
Hunt sjiectnole limn it did to day on the occa
sion of the president's Now Year's reecp
tioti. There vas n profusion of ( lowers nnd
plants , which were distributed with charm
Ititf cffoct The most elaborate tloinl decora
tions \\cio In thu cast loom. The mantels
were banked with ( lowers nnd festoonos of
grass , and fonts were suspended from _ the'
largo cliiindeliers. Tall palms woio placed
In the windows and corners , and tropical
plants of nil kinds llnod the corridor in lining
through the center of the house. A part of
the lower iloor wan illuminated by gas , but
the sunlight was given n full pluy In the cast
room. Thu weather was bright , sunslilny
and cold , nnd In fact everything was most
auspicious. The reception began nt It o'clock ,
at which hour the rocolvltn ? party descended
thu stairs and took their places in the blue
pirlor. As they appeared in sight the
murina band , which was stationed In
the main hall , started "Hall to
the Chief , " and continued playing until
the party had tiikon their positions. A
paBsinrcway was made for them through the
ciowd that had nlrcivlv gathcicd in the
house. They came In the following order1
Colonel Wilson and Llcutoimnt Duvall , of
tlio nrm.\ , the nrestilent and Miss Bayard ;
Secretary Bayard and Mrs. Cleveland ; Sou
rotary Fmrchild nnd Mrs Whitney ; bccro-
liny Wliitnoi and Mrs Dickinson , and Sec
retary Vilas and Postmaster General Dichiu-
sou. They took their places , with President
and Mrs. Cleveland Hist tn line , and then
Miss Bayard , Mrs. Fairchild , Mrs. Whilmn
and Mrs. Dickinson in thu order named.
Gioupcd behind them were u number of in
vited guests , including Mrs. Fol-
Horn , Miss Murv Hastings , Miss
Carrie Hastings , Mis. Nelson , Mrs
Chief Justice Fuller , Mrs. Speaker
Carlisle , Miss Florftico Uayard , Miss Vilas.
Miss Pauline Whitney , Mrs. Ltimont , Mrs.
Llncklaen , Mr George Uaucroft , Hon. Hugh
McCullough , Mrs. Colonel Wilson , Mis. Wil
son , Mrs. Maishal Wilson , Miss Mary Wil
son , Mrs. Senator Hutler , Mrs. Senator Call ,
Mis. Coekrcll , Mis. Daniel , Mrs. Hoaist ,
Mis. Pugli , Miss Vooihoos , Mrs. Walthull ,
Mrs. A. Leon Vnott , Mr. Lucius Tucker-
ninn , Sriiiuiel G. Ward , Mrs. John
F. Uodgcis , Mrs. W. C. P. Hrockiti-
i idee , Mrs. McAdoo , Mrs. John F. Kussell ,
Miss Hundall , Mrs. Springer , Mrs. H W.
Townshcnd , Miss Loiter , Miss Llutcr , Miss
Howard , Miss Thornton , Mrs. Gouvcnus
Moiris , of New Vork ; Mr. nnd Mrs. Franklin
Mncvcagh , Mr. and Mrs Glenny , of HulTalo ;
Judge Daley , of New Yoi K.
The president were , \ black Prince Albert
suit with black tie. Mr ? Clovolnnd were a
boauliful reboot pale pink faille , made with
a round tram , eorsago rounded at the ton ,
and short sleuvos. The fi out of the skirt
was draped in a silver embroidered net that
had a fringe of bugles at the font ; on either
side were plain p inels of soft. Froncli gray
silk , embroidered in the pattern of rose buds
in silver. The back of the panels weio
edged with heavy Hussian fur that com
menced at the waist line , and con
tinued around the pink train. The
back of the dress was princess shaped
and pink folds on the waist , fastened with
pearl embroidery. The front was jacket
shaped , rounded , and fell over a full vest of
pink silk , draped with a white not. The
sleeves of pink were short puffs , edged on
the arm with pearl bands. The low body
was edged with heavy fur. She were a diamond
mend necklace and diamond star in her hair ,
that was dictsod in loops on the top of her
head. Her gloves were of u , soft pearl color.
Miss Hnytird , who stood next , wore a short
dross of blue brocade , with pointed body ,
back and front , upon which wi-ro laid folds
of gauze. Sprays of. white lilac addrnod the
body , and a kirtle of gauze was draped about
the upper part of the skill. The sleeves
were cut to the elbow , nnd her hair was
dressed high with a blue feather.
Mr.s. Faircluld were a trained dress
of plain colored sdlc , body cut low
nnd the train was of silk. The
front was draped with fiills of lace , and
the petticoat was of dull white satin. Across
the fiont ot the low body was tied u llchu of
lace , knotted to ono side.
Mrs. "Whitney were a superb gown of
white brocade , made with high bed leu and a
tram. Down tbo front ot the bodice and
skill were folds of yellow satin and gold em
broidery. A high collar was fastened with
a three-stone diamond pin. She wore a great
diamond in thu gold embroidery of her bodice
ice , and a diamond spray in her hair. On
her shoulder was a large ruby set with dia
Mi.s. Dickinson's dress was of palo green
silk , embroideied in Silver , with u train of
the same tnaturial. Thu front was draped iu
palo green tullu , and the low body was
clrapod in tulle. She wore a black ribbon
about her throat.
The usual cabinet receptions were held this
afternoon. The Uritish legntion was ictiro-
scnted by Michael Herborl , charge d'aifnirs ,
and George Harclay.
The most sliiking costumes wore thoio
woin by thu rcpicHcntatlvct of China , Uus-
sia , Franco and Coioa. Hadji Hussion Khottli
ICulin , Iho new Persian minister , however , at
tracted the most attention. Ho is the Ilrst
lojirosentntlvoof that country accredited to
the United .States. Thu column was headed
bv Count Fava , the Italian minister , the
eldest in point of residence nt this capitol of
of those in uUcnduiico. It was explained
that Mr. Picslon , the Huytiau uiinlslor ,
who is dean of the corps , was pre
vented froui taking hU accustomed place
nt the head of tlio line , by reason of pressing
uusinesB , which icauircd his piosonce in
New Yoi k.
Secretary Bayard presented the diplomats
to the president and Mrs. Cleveland , und
then depaited to his losldonro to piosido at a
bieakfust given in their honor. Ho left the
white house In company with his daughters.
Colonel Wilson ami Lloutencnt Duvall then
took places near thu president and Mrs.
Cleveland and introduced all who followed.
The justices of the supreme court , headed
by Chief Justice Fuller , fame Ilrst , iind
were followed in rapid succession by the
justices of life court of claims und judiciary
of the District o Columbia. Nearly all the
judges were In attendance , the principal J"
absentee being Justice Matthews , who is "
still continue ! to Ills residence bv illhealth.c"
I'ho next featurdof thu reception , the army ?
and navv , was probably the most Intoiesting lu
ofull. The army onicers wore Ilrst presented -
sontod , The recent atlllctlon in the family ot
Major General Scliallold , commanding the
nrmy , prevented his presence , and the line
was headed by llrlcradior Ueucr.U Iluynor
retired ) , nnd Hrigudior General > Hcuot , of
chief of ordnance , senior ranking oflicors Iji
the city Nearly all the ofllcers stationed in
this vicinity wore protont , and of course all
were in full uniform. Among those in the
the line were Gonoraiti Drum , Kolton , Mao-
foely , Uiiinl , McKeevor , und many younger
olUccrs , who have made records in campaigns n
ngninst tlm Indians.
The column of nnv l oillcorawas headed by
Admiral Poitornnd Kciir Admiral Jouelt.
Hoar Admiral Husaoll.and Commodores Walk
, Sicurd , Melville and Colonel McCowloy
occupied places near the head of the line.
Thu senators and representatives were as
signed planes uhoud of the army and navy ,
but they were nearly all late and took places
wherever" most convenient. They were less
number than uvual.
Thu congressional delegation was fallowed is
closely by the commissioners of the District
Columbia , ofllcers of the Smithsonian In
stitution , and of all thuoxocutlvo dopartmcut.
The closu of the oniclul line was
of veterans of the w'ar
lb-10 , and members of the oldest inhab
itants association. *
So far tha retention had occupied over an le
hour and a half and the 1'rcaident and Mrs.
Clovcluud had kept up u uouslunt handshak
ing. Tlio lecoption was , however , Just about
half over. At 12:30 o'clock the outer doom
were thrown open uud the general publlu /or
was admitted. Tlio nrt.t comora of this vast
crowd liui ] taken , places ut the outer gates sea
before 10 o'clock. The attendance was
' * '
i larger ? than on finy similar occasion during
the present ndtmntntr.ition. Th < * reception
closed nty o'clock nml n few guests Invited
by ; tlio president joiu il the receiving party
. In n light lunch served In the upper corridor.
"Tho Dotiagh" Is n ( > t thq most popular of
Joe Murphy's plaj'rf ' , Had yet , it drew two
large nudleticcs at the Grand opera house
yesterday. It ranks higher , however , ns n
literary production than does either "Kerry
CSott" ; or "Sliaun Hhue. " Some of the scenes
are lengthy and prosaic. Others are full of
passion nnd servo to iHSt-nct and retain the
interest of the r.ntllor to the close. In the
loading1 role , Mr Murplij , nlwnys accept-
nbla , Is vc-ry effoctl\c. His charac
terization Is n combination of
devotion , heroism atnr * sagacity H dilTors
sllghtlv from those * ho assumes in other
plays , but at times attains to an intensity of
passion which Is In no other c-harnctcr itr-
mnndod of him. He repentedly called
before the curtain , nn honor which was also
conferred upon the hcav.\ villain of the piece ,
the impersonator of whom certainly did
some \cry clover heavy woik
Incidental to "Tho Doiingh" is n panoramic
ramic vleu of the Lakes of killarnoj , which
is nppropriatcL ) Introduced the \\hllo the
hoio and hoioltif are taking a boat ride over
the tranquil wateis of the legundaiy lakes.
Mr , Murpny's ' company atToided him excel
lent support.
Lop Chosen I'l-osiilunt Hcchcl Grow *
Quito I'crsoiial.
Last night the old city council held their
Intl session , and unanimously pnssod resolu
tions of thanks to the president of the coun
cil and the city cleric for their services In the
clP' ' . A solid silver envoi was presented to
President Bechol , and then the now council
took their seats. In his. rctliiug address ,
the : ox-prosldcnt referred in very
bitter tcims * to the ma.\or. After
biL stioit sharp fight , Councilman
Leo was elected prasident of the council and
Joe Southurd city clcilc. and then the com
mittees for the year were named. Councilmen -
men Hascall , Ford , O'Connor ' , bnyder and
Lowry , however , lofuscd to serve , mid the
meeting adjoin nod until 7 o'clock ' this oven-
tn " .
The Appropriation IJIIN.
Wismvc.ioN. Jan. 1. The prospects to-
moriow mo that the house will immediately
proceed to the consideration of some of the
appropriation bills now on the cilendar. The
river nnd harbor bill has the right of way of
the tippropi lation bills , and Chairmm Ulan-
chard will call it un for further conslilern-
tion the Ilrst thing to-morrow. Ho intends
to push its consideration , aud will try to sc-
cure an early vote upon It.
Unllnibhed business Is the bill to incorpor
ate tlio Nicaragua Canal company , which has
been fnvoiablv reported to the house with
amendments frotn the committee of thu
whole. Friends of the bill will c ill it up on
Fuduy aud try to secure u vote ou it.
Ucconihcv Wcatlicr.
Wvsms'GTov , Jan. 1. An extract from the
weather crop bulletin , issued by the signal
oflleo to-day , says\f \ During the month of
December the wca har has boon unfavorable
in the winter wheat section , owing to the
small umoiintof rain ajid snow. At tlio close
of the year the entire winter wheat section
was in need of mpstur.p ) , and bare , except in
northern Iowa , whotolho ground is covered
with si'c inches of .snoxy. . From six to thjr
teen inches of SIIQ.W was icported on the
ground at thecndbftho ! month in Wiscon-
sin and not them Michigan , and from one to
two inches in Minnesota and Dakota.
A Xcxv Yciu--s Gift.
D0iu.iv , Jan. 1. At'tho league meeting in
this city to-day Donald' ' Sullivan , member of
the commons for the1 south west , congratu
lated life league on the fact that the year
closed with unabated cdntWenco in the cause.
The Irish people , ho' said , had received a
New Year's gift hi the atrocious sentence of
Harrington. The' magistrate passing the
sentence might rely on enjoying for ninny
years the reputation of being the meanest
and basest tool enjoyed by the Balfour gov
Their Cousin Skipped.
CHICAGO ' , Jan , 1. Henry Horner & Co. ,
w holcs'alo giocers , are minus $15,000 and their
city collector , n lelativeofoueof the members
of the firm , is missing. "Cousin Lewis , " as
they speak of him , obtained a marrmgo license
yesterday to wed Miss Bishop Then he col
looted all the money he could from the ci cd-
itois of Ilorncr & Co. , disc-ouuting the bills
heavily. He made no returns lo his employ
ers , and has not since been seen.
Blockaded With Freight.
, . ) an 1. A special from Lima , .
O. , sajs : The yards of the Lnko Erie At
Wcstcin in this city are blockaded with
freight trains , which wore run In after the
strike of the yard men last night , and to-day ?
the freight brakemen decided to back up the
yardmen and have all icfusod to work , not- .
withstanding the fuct that their wages were
raised to day. The total number of men out (
is about Boventy-fivo. ,
The 1'urifr Kill.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 1. Under the agioo-
inentuiadc icbpccling the taiiff bill the sen- l
ate will meet to-morrow at 11 o'clock , ana
continue so to do until u vote is taken on the
imssago of the bill. After miscellaneous
business is disposed of , consideration of the
tariff bill will be lesumod , and it will have
the right of way over all other measures
until action is taken on the 'Jlst lust.
Murder nt n Wyoming Dance.
CIIIIUNNE , Wyo , , Jan. L John Lenhardt ,
a Finland laborer , shot und instantly killed °
Kd Higgins , boii of a merchant , at a dance in t
the section house nt Kvanston Saturday
night. Tlio murderer lied , but was captured
by a posse after a light , in which a deputy
sheriff was killed.
Kent It in Mother.
MASOV CITV , la. , Jan. 1. [ Special Tele
gram to THIS But : . ] Norman Suller was
jailed to-ilny for shamefully beating his aged
mother. On several occasions ho bus cruelly
misused her , and the last time narrowly es
caped being treated to n cuat of tar and
A La ml .Slide ! .
Sioux CITV , In. , Jan. L [ Special Tele
gram to TUG Hisn. ] There was a hind slide
in the cut just at tlm easl end of the railroad
bridge this forenoon. A freight tr.iln passing in
through ' the cut at thu time was burled. The
cut at this point U 100 fuel deep , and It will
take several days ta clear the approach , to
the bildgc. ni *
1 * * .
Struck Ilrof.
Nr.w jOni-KANt 'Jan. 1 The steamer (
Natchez struck a rjef near Lake Providence (
tnis morning and simic. , There wa no loss
life , but thu boat1 and cargo uinu total
loss. She was valued lit $70,000 , and lasurod
for $ JO,000. '
VulimldiyKtiYllloii Sold
LEXINGTON , Ivy. , .lun.'l. Sentinel Wllkos ,
bay stallion Blv'y'pa'rs old , "was sola last
night by W. II Crawford , of this county , to
W. Crnnco , ownor.of'UodVikes ' ! , forf COO.
Ho is by George Wllkos by Sentinel.
The Captain tlio Only Hnrvloon
WASUIXOTOX , Jan. 1 Tlio department of
Btato hns received a telegram from the '
United Stages consul at St. Johns , N. P. , ; ! :
stating that thu American brig Atulaya , is
Brawn master , from Uouon to Philadelphia ,
a total loss ut Kcuoivi. The captain Is the to
only survivor.
Colorado' * Mlnea.
DH.VVKII , Jan. 1. Estimated output of Colorado
rado mines for ISSi ? JoOOI,510 of '
: , , , whieh. ' ,
3,103B19 Is gold ; 17 , 5C23 silver ; $3,770,553 , "
lead , 6153,817 copper ,
( ' !
Jluntliic Kor n
HOSTO.V , Jan. 1 , The police arc BoarrhhiK ffi
II. U , Stnoknov , of Chelsea , charged with
Ho was in the employ of the Chel
Salt company. It U believed Uls dufalca -
tion will reach (25,000.
The Euiporor's Romnrlca Were With
out Spoolal Sljrnlflcauoo.
_ _ _ _ *
Hut Ho Will Not Ito Present nt the
Opening oftho Immltni ; or Pur-
tlclpnto In the Debutes
Tlio ICtiipfror'H Urcrptlon.
HiniMV , Jan. 1 The emperor's remarks
during the reception to-day were without
special | Intelest. Ho singled out from the
pcrsonnges passing before him Count Her
bert Hlsmari-k , Herr Von Wodoll-Plesilorf ,
( Count Von Sehcllendirf , Count
Xecheny , the Austrian ambassador , and sov-
crnl others , speaking n few woids to each
The day's con-monies were ilshored lit b\
trumpeteis blowing the reveille outside the
1 ' at 1 o'clock. Uivlno service
in the ehnpol was nttpiidect b.\
the emperor nml empress , Prince nml
Princess Honr.y of Prussia , Prince Albert of
Prussia , Prlnct1 Ueorgu of Saxony , Prlnco
Leopold of Hnvnrla , Grand Uulco anil Grand
Ouches of HiuliMi , Orand Duke of Hess ,
Dulio and Duchess of Saxo-Mi'luin , ntid 11
brilliant ami } of generals commanding vari
ous nrmy corps After the service there was
ai general reception of com I and ministerial
olllcials , a long tr.iln dcllling before the oin-
pcior and cmiucsi. The Indies woto in half
A tuccptlon was bold in the white salon of
Cbloss , mid was distinct from the special
audience accorded to foreign atnbassadois.
Ai the latter reception the emperor is re-
DO ted as having addressed each icproieata-
th of the gieit powois with the sumo
foimul'i , expressing his ilesiro lor thu con-
tiiuianco of iclations , The ottlcial
communication issued this evening slates
that the emperor refrained frotn special ref
erence to the political situation.
Prinoo Ulsm.uvlc's attack of neuralgic
gout IB abating , but ho is unable lo llx
the date for thu coining to Boilin.
Ho will coitnlnly not bo able cither lo bo
pi esont at the opening of the landtag or to
paiticipate in the colonial debates in the
i eichslng.
J'he emperor nml empress sent Pi nice
Hisiuareka gift. Thu em-
peior ) sent along autograph letter , expiess-
ing gratilude for Hlsmarck's iccovery.
The landing will bo opened by the emperor.
m session will ho an interesting one. The
government mo.i-sures include bills dc.iliug
with the police administration in thu eastern
provinces , clerical education in Posen , ana
extension of railways on the eastern fion-
tiur. For tlm last n.uiied puiposo Minister
Mu\ wants a credit of r > , ( XX,000 ) marlts ,
Tlio public prosecutor , to-day , served upon
Gcffckcn an Imlictment for high treason. It
is a voluminous document , indicating a long
trial and calling numerous witnesses The
trial will likoh begin at Lelpsie , at the end
of Janii ir.j The in.tietinont traces the en
tliovoilting lifo of GolTolten , in trying to
prove that he mid been a peisistont enemy of
German unity.
The lust snow fall this winter occurred
An Assurance ol'lVmce.
Prsm , ,1.111. 1. The liberal members of the
diet to-daj waited upon Premier Tisza and
oflercd him Now Ycai's congratulations
Tisa in his reply slid : "In the foreign po
litical situation , the alliance of the ccnttal
nuiopcnii poweis oilers the most prominent
guarantee of peace. I in.iv , without risk of
dibippnintuitMit , give expression to the hope
that , with this alliance and in view of the
fact that there is not a state in Euiopo abso
lutoly desirous of war , that wo shall succeed
iu preserving this year to the blessings of
peace and thus continue undisturbed in the
woik of piogioss. "
Herr lisAi's declaration is hailed as an
assuranee of a . year's peace. Nevertheless
Russia is prcpaiing to face the contingency
of an immediate ronllict. Although the
frontier pi evinces ami from Be.ssiuubi.i
noithw.ud 'are nlroadv swr.rmmg with sol
diers ana mote continue to arrive.
S3'inatliy for Krnnco.
, Jan. 1. Herr Htegflr , chief of the
c/eeli Joarty , wi itimr to M. Do Craio , Pronch
ambassador hotj declares crech's , without
distinction of p.uthave the smcertst sym
pathy foi Franco , and that , "It is impossible
that such a nohlo nation , the foiemost in the
fight of progi ess and civilition ! , tan be dis
placed Irani the rank it always occupied
among the lluropuin nations. "
A New 1'olitical Croup.
VH > SN.Ian. . 1 Anoiv political group is
being .it Belgrade , milling at the tci-
ritonul extension of feervia. The gioup is
composed of moderate llboials und radicals ,
and ' is pledged to laise the duestion of Aus-
tuan occupation oi Hosni.i. King Milan is
intriguing . with the leaders of the group , al
though , warned by Count Ifalnoky that ho
does ] so at the tisk of loss oT Austrian sup
port. )
. A Mlhrtinjr Vessel
tiM ) > ov , .run. 1. anxiety is fcltcon-
ccrnitig ' the safety of the now steamer Gulf
of Gua\agud , which sailed from Lheipool
December ! ! ! for Valparaiso. Two lifo boats ,
llle biio.\i > and a quantity of wieckago be
longing to the vessel have been washed
ashoie at Fish Guards , Wales.
An Untrustworthy Itcjiorl
LoN'nov , .Ian. 1. Gladstone telogiaiihs ns
follows : The Tablet's version of no letter
to the Marquis do Hiso , touching the position
of the pope , is untrustworthy. The state
ment that 1 recommended Intel national m bi-
rat ion upon the Roman question is conoct
under the ptcsunt circumstances.
Two Milton Drowned.
COM. ' wit s , O. , .Inn. 1 Cluiles Swilt an
Jacob Kclslock , pupils nt the institute for
deaf and dumb were drowned to day by the
bicaking of the ice on the pond.
Ililnk It Ovor.
And then buy your ticko to ( 'hira < jo
and any point otu > t over tlio Chicago &
Northwestern Ky.
They run three trains n day between
Omaliti and C'liica o , making closu con
nections with all eastern lines.
Their dining ucl aloopiny car horvico
and day coachoH are models of olcyanco
every rospoot.
Their vostiliulod limited train from
Omaha depot direct to Chicago daily nt
6'JO : p. in. . aiTlvliitf at Chicago at 12
o'clock uooi' , ib abbolutely uiiriviillod.
It in it .solid vestilnilod train with olo-
fant luntlior upholstered BinoUiiitf cars ,
lay ' coiiohes of thu latest design and
lln'iali , and luMU'ious sloupin } , ' curs with
hot anil cold water , and all modern im
This is the only evening train with
dining cars cast of Council bluffs.
Genorul Western Agont.
City OlIIco 1101 Kuruuin at.
Tlio Alnjority.
A liirgo majority of the discriminat
ing public prefer to travel by the 13 in-
Hiiglon Route. Its Vcbtihuio Kxpruci ,
with dining car , free chair card , mid
I'ulliimn l iihico curd leaving Omiiha at
/ > < ) p , m. , arriving Chicago 10:00 : u. 111. ,
Hie bent train for the oast. It is the
only line running1 't daily oxprebs traiiih
Chicago , I'oorfu mid bt. Louis , anil %
dally oxprosa trains to Lincoln , Denver
the west , and to St. Jo oph , Kaii&i
City and the Houth , direct from its own
depot in Omulm. Ticket ollluo , liii !
l'irnain .stroo t ,
"hittlo Li//.ie Holllii ! * , born in Murno.
i-i3 county , Iowa , hist wooU , luw nix
jjrwulmoUioru , the oldest , luir trroat- '
cat-granUmothor , being
A now vnli'tino Is reported fro
b-isco , Mexico , It opurta f fth largo
eticums of red water ,
'tin : i :
The CoRiillloim ( Jrnorally rnvor.ihlc
riuvrMfo , Jan 1. The c'onditlotii
were Koner.illv favor.iblo to-day , both In Cal
ifornia and Nevada , for a clear obiorvaticm
0tl the total eclipse of the sun. In thu ctt y The totality In
California \vas from fifty to ono hundred
mile * north of San Pranrlioa ntid
trains from this olty this inoriiln
convoyed a larpo nuiiihor of people to vari
ous points favoralilo for observation.
' The wontltor nt Mar.ysvlllo was very clear ,
The Ilrst contact \vna about 13 no. Several
streaks of lightning were observed duritij ;
tlio totality Several photo r.ipns were
undo during the tet lltv nnd the views will
IKJ I ocnt to Aiuhcist rollppo
1'rof. Holdon , of the hick observatory ,
tch'ijrnphs to the Assooiatctl press Hint the
boKiutntif ; of the ccliiKo .vas suc'cos fiilly ob
served ut that point uud also the last con
tiet. ' l'hoto/'r.iths / | were Ukon ut Orovilk1.
A cloud ohscurc-d the view of totality , but a
good j view had up to within n few mln-
utosof tlmt peilod.
The conditions were1 nil favorable nt St.
Helena I'he niMivst apjiroacli to totality
\\as at 1 f > 0 , when the observers noticed
plainli with the united oven narrow c'ltvlo
of llKht on the not theastui ly nldo of the sun's
ilitu' , and In nu Instiiut the ) bright spark was
titiiisfctTcd to the other shlo
A p.ntj from the Lick observatory in
ohurifc' nf 1'rof Roller , m ide successful ob
sorvatlonsnt Harttess Springs Prof Keller
telc'irraphs ot the Associated press that the
oo ion 11 was beautifully distinct , uml tlmt ho
saw a lemarkablo change in the Iciik'th of'lncs I'rof H.iiuardobt lined nine'
phntoKrephs , Prof. Hill iihotoitr.iphc'd all
the ; contacts , and studied the strnctuto of
the inner corona , Prof. Sonschtii'r made
soveu ineasiiies of light dining tutalRv.
J'rof. I < nuU Smith , director of the \V.irnor
obsci v.itor.Kochentc1 - , was stationed at
Nt'lson , Cnl , ami telofrraphed the
Associated press as follows. The eclipse ,
so far us affording an opportunity
to siMich for iiitr.iuiorcin ial planets Is coti-
corued. was a failitro on acciutit of the
clouds and haze. All four cent ids \\eto
mndooll. . Kive vei y small , colorless pie
tubciaticos were seen , all having pointed
apexes. Near the point of ono another ,
detached from the sun Hnilej'st heads
were seen ut the second and third contacts ,
but unlike those seen at Douor In 1S7S , no
chionosphuie was visible , though looked for.
Meicim , Venii4Vcca and Alpha C.Nfrni weio
seiu. The c-oroua could not ho drawn , hut
as seen thtough the telescope it not voi'i
Hepmts fiom mati.v other points in Call-
foiala and rCcvad.i stite tlmt thu ut llpo was
ohseivcd with intetest. Aei.v . de
cided drop in thu temper tture diiriuir the lie
uoU of totality was noticed and at some
points the stai a wore visible as plain , ib at
Spni-lCH Prom tlio
Thomas Avwortliy , the uef.iultiniT treas
urer of Clovel.ind , O. , is on his way from
London to Camilla.
While plnyiiitr soldier .ycsterdnv tnoniint * ,
n six-year-old sou of John Sutler , of Lun.i ,
( ircd a sJiot RIIII at his oighteou \ir-old
brother , mllk'tin a wound.
Pi ivato funeral services oor the remains
of the lute Mi . Stholiohl were hold jester
clay evening at WasliiiiKtou
The conference between Chicago , Hurlln -
ton & Quinc.v olIlcuU aiid the hiotherhood
coininittco will bo icsnniccl today It is
thought a settlement will bu cITocted at this
Louis Homer , u CiilcaKO eiul)07iler ) ; , was
ai rested at Montreal \Cotcrda , . He will bo
extradited on the charge of loreiy. ( ;
perhoiis weio diowncd at Castle
niaiiiu , in tlie colony of Victoria , Australia
The steamer Aiichori.i , just at rived at
New Yoi It , repoits a roush exporicnco with
a tidal wave December 2t
Gcorso H. Thomas Post , No 17 , the oldest
O. A. 15 post in liidiaiinpjlis , held its regu
lar aniiuul installation 1-ist uujht. General
Harrison , who was present , maile a brief ad
The joint committees of the Presbyterian
chinch lor the north and south , concluded
its confcieiico to d.iv. It was announced
that nothing had been done. Another meet
ing will be held at Atlanta , G.i , April U4.
Poi'oiiMi.rti : : , N. V. . Jan. 1. New Veai'
day was celebiated b.vice president elecs
Martin and family , at h ! mansion at Hhiiic
beck , bv inviting all his employes and their
chiidron and the cliildicn belonging :
to the sewing class Uught by
lifsdaughtoia during the summer lo a fcsli-
% al.
Iving Huinbuit yestcrd ly icceivcdat the members of Ihu chiiui-
ber of deputies who wished to
offer Now'n congi.iiulations.
Tlic b'oui.iliHt <
VICNN v , Jan. 1 The meeting of tue so
cialist COIISMO-.S at Hamfeld has been marked
bi modei. ition in speeelies and resolutions.
The Ooromony Conduotocl with
Much Pomp nml Dlsplny.
In UN Annual MoH-w
AniiMiiliiicnt In ( toward to tlio
1'iv-ililoiHlnl TCI m.
Cirntpil n HiMiiatlon.
At.n\M. N. Y , .Inn I. 'I he state sennto
was to daj orgnniml by the election of J.
Sloat Passolt , sem'tary of the ii < publli < ati
national committee , to thn prcidi >
tern. Fremont Cole was elected speaker of
the 4 omblj
The Inauguration of Governor Hill was
conductivl with much clreuimtiuici1 and ills
piny While rcr.dlnjr his annual mi'ss.iif the
govei nor 01 oatod some sensation when hi
omplojed these words"The iiiv-s ih of
ROiiii-clmiigo In our election laws , \\hoivby
llu > increasing corruption which lui btvmno
incident to our elections , may bo prevented ,
Is Impelntivi' . It Is hMlov'od the hito prcsl
dentlnl olfctlon was the most corrupt ol any
In the lilstofv of llio country , so furni the dl-
lect use of monei was i-onci'riied , in in
llucncing eloctois , and publlo suntlmniit
is nnturallv awakened to the desirability of
of some ivllef. The peculiar cause which in
dltcvd this Immense iMriuiition Is appai 'ii\
Anxlctj to subserve st'llhli and pilvato ad
vantages rather than the interests of
the public * , mutually led to the campaign
being conducted upon nllotred 'buslnoss' '
prlnupUsheieby it li asseited the elect/us
weio bought anil Hold like goods and chatto.s
In open nmrlti't. It Is Halmi'd that at Irvft
JIliO.Ki'O wen < expended in the Iwontiutli and
'Iwenly-fouith congrossioiuil dlitricU in tins
state , in thu I'fluirts made t heroin to ol 'it
co litres men and sc'cure clcctots boluvcvl to
be lavoniblo to the pulic-y of fostering
private interests So miwssfnl have boon
tin1 recent eiTorts at corrupting the
ballot bothat good citbens nrn
led to doubt whether the free and unhiasod
sentiments ol the people may not continue to
be nulliliod through coriuptlon , whoni'vor
and as often as it uppcuis th it the intereRtt
of the people ronllktith the InteroitH nf
the monopilists , who , piolllg.ito of tlii'ir
money , are intent upon rosistmg nil mtor
fcri-nces with their selllsh and arrogant do
matul" "
Govcinoi Hill iccommcndol that a joint
ivsolution of the legislature urge congress to
adopt coiisututioutil amemlments regarilmir
thu piesulontial term ami prevision for ox-
presidents Governor Hill's rcioinmciula
ttons are Ilrst , that the tuim of oDlco of
president and vice piosident shall bu six
years second , Hi it the president shall hi- in
eligible for ro election ; third , that , tlm presi
dent shall immediately upon the oxpitaUon
of his term , become a member of tli'j United
States senate for life , and ie < % eivo an appro
pnatu H.ilarThis , amendment shall apply
to all living opresidents. .
A 7 liimuiKli ItaHL'nl.
The idea entertained of a thorough rnseal
by the people of Colcfidge , Neb , is pjrtrajcd
by the Seiitiiialof that plate , which remarks ;
"Some misei able lewlived sneak thief and
genuine son-of a-gun oil general principle ! ,
stole the rube from th3 signal poli > on C'hust night , and the icsult was no sign il re-
poit nest day. The contemptible \\iotch
uho u on Id perpetrate such an act is not ono
whit higher in the s.ileof hum initx than
the dastiid wlro stole the coppers from a
dead man's eyes A man who will b litMe
himself to this extent is not too good toi'rmti
unbidden into his neighbors cial liotisc for
luel , or into his friend's barn for a horse ,
only that the Utter act woiild be more com
niendablc. It is to be smcerol. . bo ; l by
respectable uitiz3ns that the cur luuruly
borrowed it to htinir himself with , aud that
he will not fail to fullill the good resolution. "
Dr. Koiii = liigtonpeciiilist , lO-'OKot. ,
Lincoln , Nebraska.
Western Aiiiiitucr
Jan. I. At u. ine'-ting of the
board of matmgemont of the Western A so-
ciation of Amateur Athletes hold to dav , con
stitution and hi laws were adopted
and ofllcers. le elected , The U"lure-o
ot this city was appjinted the
oDlclal oig.m Daniel Wilson , the
stui tc i nnd GooigoS. Khodi-s and hA Miles-
oHicial h.imncMppL'rs. The Hist annuui meet ,
ing is to bo hehl at St Louis m thu fall. Thu
nssoi i ition decide 1 that , hc-jc.ifti'r no amateur
mutt icceivo lomuiieiatiun olnnvki'il tor
sei vices rcndcied ni connection with base-
tfssz83 ivici u *
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S rTS S-
UC . . . . , nnmCl.a . .t.n.ScUlt" ' J -
sz gx
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Thus the * ' RfSijstang : " conquers j
Makes m&N or BEAST welS
0 0L Interest on deposits , oompoundod ooml-nnnually.
Snvlnso Certificates with Interest conpono nttnchorl.
UEECMTURE BONDS In Donomlnntlons of S'JOO , S30O , $009 ,
and SIOOO , bnsod upon Flrot Mortgage Real Eotnto Sccurltloa
doposltod with , nnd hondB corllflod by the Union Trust Company
of Now York. Drafts drawn on the principal cltloc of Europe.
0 , M , CARTER , Pros , D. D. COOLEY , V.-Prcs , PHILIP POTTER , Sec ,
i Musical Instruments
I > Vlo1iii8. CUiiturd , Violnn. Mandolins , Aonnliuns.Xlthorj , AuloharM | ,
f/ l.U' , . AT t'OS'i1.
} CRiP d STERLING , 114 iiili Hi Street