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Arrival of the Tardy Members of
the Legislature.
AbHorhs Kvrry Other Interest The
Douului County Contof * * New No-
tnrl " I'uhllu City NCWH
nntl Notes.
T.IXCOI.X nuiiEAU orTtiEO\utu UBE , )
10'9 P STIIF.KT , }
/ LINCOLN , Deo. 31. )
The lardy members of the legislature cnmc
In on'tho nftcraooii trams , and nt this wrlt-
Jlng It is believed that every republican mem
ber In on the ground.Vhitford , of Uixon
Siirgcant , of Ouster ; Herlonun , of Sewnrd
and the Oago county delegation wcro nnioni ;
the last to arrivo. The rontest for the speak-
crshlp of the house absorb * every other In
tcrest , and the candidates for minor po l-
lions who throng the lobby Und much dim
cully in ircttini ; the ears of the members.
The various candidates for chaplain fill the
lobby , and arc putting In a word for them
bdvcs at every opportunity.
TIII : noruias CONTEST.
Dave Mercer Is hero. As yet there li no
evidence that ho has put on war paint. Ho
BuldtuTin : lir.i : representative to-day that
the testimony In the Douglas county contest
was now filed In the ofllco of Iho secretary of
fitnte. "It Is public property , " he remarked ,
"and yon can sco for youi-Holf what klml of a
case wo'vo iot. " It is said that the evidence
in Hie contest will bo among the first matters
of importance to eoino up for the considera
tion of Nebraska lawmakers.
"General r.ceso , how is it about Amor's in-
chiding himself on the board of secretaries
of the stale board of transportation ! I see
that ho claims ho will bo reappointed with
out material opposition. "
"Well , 1 can siy : for oijo that he will never
got there by my vote. And , further , I can
say that another member of the Incoming
board feels as I do about the matter. So , I
think , you can safely say that Agur will have
to shift to something else for a livelihood. "
"How about Warinp ! Will ho be continued
ns clerk i"
"Ho is a capable man , but so negligent and
shiftless that I shall oppose retaining him.
llesldcs , he sils hi the lap of the railroads ,
mul I have come to distrust him. I have It ,
nlsu , that another member of the new board
ivlll oppose his retention , and if so his goose
Is cooked. I want it iniulc possible for the
now board to do something for
fie general public , and we can't
do it with railroads greashur the whocls. I
think that the best interests of state demand
that Waring should go. "
' Whom do you favor for Mungor'.s place11 ;
"I have no personal choice. Uut 1 shall
favor a good Omaha man , if one can bo
found there who will accept tlio position. 1
mean , of course , a representative man a
good lawyer , one whom the public regards
as honest and capable. "
, . "WilUudge Mason bo retained i"
"fam not curtain. I have not had an op
portunity lo talk to the board about the mat
ter. Mnson has done about all the work
that over has been done by the board and he
is competent. "
"Suppose now that Jour of the now
board say that the old machinery shall bo
retained , what will .you do 1"
"I shall go before the legislature and do
my lovcl best to liavo the state board of
transportation abolished. If that board can
not bo brought into line for the public
good , it will become n worse than use
less picco of machinery in the
state government. It will not only bo an
cxpenso but n disgrace to the sate , and I
don't propose to sit down and stand it with
out nn effort to do my constituency * onieicnt
service1. The state needs and demands a re-
* * ucciun on freight rates , ami I ahull not give
up the buttle until the last possible chancu
goes a glimmering. I have strong hones
that the now board will do something for
the farmers of the state , soon after organiza
tion , ana I liavo good reasons for thinking
so. It will not surprise mo to Hud that a
majority of the now board favor a reduction
of rates. Of course I will be notified if this
mirmlsu should chance to bo truo. The
board would t'.ion bo iirncticnlly united , and
something tangible and highly important to
the producers of the state would bo in sight ,
and at the close of my present term I could
retire to private lifo feeling that I had done
something for my constituency.
The following Nebraskatis were appointed
notaries public this morning by the governor :
Charles liiloy , Albion , Uoono county ;
James A. Grlincson , SehuylerColfax county ;
James U. Gaze , Franklin , Franklin county ;
James P. Hobnnl , Llnuoln , Lancaster
county ; Albert Thompson , Fullerton , Nanco
county ; Isaac J. Howe , Elsie , Perkins
It Is said that Governor Thayer rany not bo
able to deliver his inaugural address. In tliu
event tha ; 111 health prevents , it will be read.
The governor exorcises n llltlo every day
and is Improving In strength.
Editor Ashvill mul Colonel Webster , of
Stratum , uro In the city obsor Ing how
"speakers" are made. Webster is prominent
in Watson's lobby.
Oliver Westberg and Miss Emma Gnnason ,
Of York county , were married by Judge
Stewart yesterday at noon. The ceremony
took place ut Councilman Meyer's ' residence.
The interest of the city now centers in the
lobby at the Capital hotel. Uusiness Is very
quiet. A strong effort , however , Is behib'
jnado in all quartern to close up the business
of the old year.
Watch meetings will bo held to-night at St.
Paul's ' and Oraeo M. 1C. churches and nt the
rooms of the Y. M. C. A. The old year will
VX ) watched out and the now ear in. It is
mid that these meetings will bo well attended.
Suits tinder the captions of Tyler
vs. Whirry ct ul , and Hell vs.
13oll , were commenced In the district
court of Lancaster county to-day.
C. C. MeNisli , of Wisuer , Cumlng county ,
nrrivcd to-day. Ho now floats prominently
In the organl/atiou rabble nt the Capital
James Fowler , of AHaiieo , formerly sheriff
of Nomaha county , is In Lincoln. He is hereto
to attend the commencement racket at law
Hon. Paul Schmlnko , of Nebraska City ,
than whom tha state has no honestcr man , is
here imbibing the enthusiasm and excite
ment of two years ago. Hss influence Is felt
in many ways.
The Direct llouto to Washington.
The Baltimore & Ohio R. R. is the
shortest and moat diroot route from
Chicago and all points in the west to
the national capital. It is the best line
running vostibulcd trains from Chicago
to Washington. The 13. &O. Vostibulod
limited leaves Chicago doily ut 7:0" : ) p.
m. , and arrives at Washington the next
evening at 9Ufi : , and Baltimore at 10Mb.
Every car in the train is vcstibulod , in
cluding baggage cars , day coachus and
Pullman sleepers. All the cars are
heated by steam drawn from the loco
motive. No extra faro is exacted for
passage on this train. The Hastorn Ex
press , leaving Chicago at 1 0:135 : p. m , ,
unity , has day cotiahoa and Pullman
Bloopers through without change to
Philadelphia via Washington and Bal
timore ,
Olclcm Timber lu the World.
General Brlsbin in Trees and Tree-
Planting : Probably the oldest timber
in the world , which lias been subjected
to the use of man , is that found in the
ancient temple of Kgypt in connection
with stone-work , which is known to bent
nt least four thousand years old. This ,
the only wood used in the construction
of the temple , is in the form of ties ,
holding the end of one stone to another.
When two blocks wore laid in place an
excavation about an inch deep was
inndo in each block , ' in which a tie
shaped like an hour-glass was driven.
Jt is , therefore , very diflloult to force
any stone from its position. The tlos
nppuar to have boon of the tlmarlsk or
Sliittim wood , of which the ark was
constructed u sacred tree ia ancient
1'prypt , and now very seldom found iii
the valley of the Nile. The dovo-tnil
ties are Just ns sound now us on the
days of their insertion. Although fuel
is extremely scarce in the country .these
bits of wood are not largo enough tc
make it an object for the Arabs tc
heave on" layer after layer of heavy
stone to obtain shorn. Had they been ol
bron/o. half the old temple would have
beeu destroyed years ago , so precious
would they have been for various pur
The oldest timber in A merion un
doubtedly existed in Nevada and Cali
fornia. That in California has haply
been preserved , but the ancient trees ol
Nevada nave long since disappeared.
There arc , hownvcr , still to bo seen
many potriHcaliom of these undent
giants , which loll us what these forests
once were , long betore the landing ol
Columbus on our shores.
In the bottom of the main shaft of the
Virginia City Coal company , Kldorndo
canyon , ' . .yon county , . Nevada , was
encountered the trunk of a tree four
feet in diameter , a lone relie of an
ancient and extinct forest. Whore cut
through by the shaft this old tree was
found to bo perfectly carbonized turned
into coal ; outside the old log was com
pletely crusted over with iron pyrites ,
many of which were so bright that the
crystals shown like diamonds. Those
pyrites also extended into the body of
the log , Illling what were apparently
once cracks or wind-shakes , and even
forming clusters about what was once
the heart of the tree. This relie of an
old time lay far below the two veins of
coal. The finding of this old trunk Ls
evidence that the country years ago was
covered by a forest of large trees ; though
the native timber growth , when the
country was lirst visited by the whiles ,
and as far back as the traditions of the
Indians extend , was but a scrubby
snieces of nut-pine. A few miles from
the shaft la which this carbonized tree
was found , are to bo been on the sur
face the petrified remains of many
large trees , lu the early days of Was-
hoe , before the prospector had broken
them up for specimens , pieces of treo-
irunks two and three feet in diameter ,
and twenty or thirty foot in length ,
were to be snen lying upon llio surface
of the ground.
unyour mine to buy Hood's Sarsaparilla
do not be induced to take any oilier.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is a peculiar medi
cine , possessing , by virturc of its pecu
liar combination , proportion and com
bination , curative powers superior to
any other article of the kind before the
people. L'roin all alVections arising
from impure blood or low state of the
svstom it is uncmialcd. Bo sure to get
Why AVhltUcr r.nrniMl Mis lu > tlor.x.
Boston Advertiser : For some months
a report has been current in the news
papers to the oll'ect that the poet Whittier -
tier has caused all his letters to be de
stroyed , not wishing posthumous publi
cation of the same. This rumor occa
sioned much regret in the reading
world , and literary circles will be
pleased to learn by the following letter
from the poet that it is only partially
true :
OAK Kxou. , DAXVCIIS Dear Friend : The
report concerning the burniairof my letters
is only true is fur as this : Some years ago I
destroyed u larto collection of letters I line !
received , not from any rcpunl to my own
reputation , but from the four tlmt to leave
them liable to publicity might bo injurious
or unpleasant to the writers or their friends.
They covered much of the auti-sl.ivery
period and- the war of th rebellion , and
many of them , I know , , were strictly private
arid confidential. 1vis ; not able at tliu time
to look over the AISS. , anil tlioumit It safest
to make a. bonlirc of it all. I have always
regarded a private and confidential letter ust
sacred , and its publicity in any shape n
shameful breach of trust , unless authorised
by the writer. I only wish my own letters
to thousands of correspondents may bo as
carefully disposed of.
You may use this letter ns you think wise
and best. Very truly thy friend ,
.JOHN \VniTTinii. . ' '
Pears' soap secures a beautitul com
v\ Royal linliy'H Itetiiiuc.
Youth's Companion : Probably the
magnificent state of the royal baby of
Spain suppnsses that of nny'oltiar infant
of western lands , but the retinue of the
emperor of China shows how they do
such things in the east. The list of his
attendants was as follows :
Eighty nurses.
Twenty-live fan bearers.
Twonty-fivo palanquin bearers.
Ton umbrella , bearers.
Thirty physicians and surgeons.
Seven cooks.
Twenty-three assistant cooks.
Fifty servants and messengers.
Fifty dressers ( to put on and take off
imperial clothes ) .
Seventy-live astrologers.
Sixteen governors.
Sixty priests.
With thirty cooks and thirty doctors
it is perhaps a wonder that Kuangllsu ,
emperor of Chinahas lived to bo seven
teen years old.
"I Imvo been occasionally troubled with
coughs , and In oauh case Imvo used Brown's
Bronchial Troches , which liavo never failed ,
and 1 must suy they arc RCCOIU ! to none in
the world. " Felix A. May.CusliIer.St. Paul ,
> -
The Ilenr Uolmtnntc.
North American : A fair debutante
in New Yoric recently told papa what
she would need before gentle spring
comes again. Then papa wont down to
the club and figured U out :
Two imported ball KOWIIS. . . . . $ -150
Six homo-mado ball gowns . , , , , < ; jiO
Two street dresses UOO
Tea BOwn 83
Two house dresses 00
Two pairs Sabiu shoes 2J
Two pairs walking boots it )
Three pulrs house ollppors li
Church dress f > 0
Monkey skin furs " 7
Opera cloak , . 53
HucliIiiKs , lwudkerchlo/8 and Itiitforio. . 150
Hail-pins 10
Total . gl,83i
Ditto for summer clothes , . 1,8'i.J
Grand total .
And that is why u prominent Now
Yorker wears such a tired look when
he goes down to his oiDco.
The Phonograph In .
England , which was slow to take up
the telephone , is ahead of us in adopt
ing the phonograph. Its use there is
already so extensive that the question
whether the wax rolls upon which the
phonographic sounds are impressed are
to pay letter or book postage in trans
mission through the mails has come up
before the British postollice authorities.
The Londoners are said to be in a mild
state of wonderment that wo make so
little of what is really n remarkable in
vention. Perhaps the fact that England
Is not plastered over with trusts has
BOinothiug to do with its more rapid in
troduction into that country.
Children Cry for Pitcher's ' Castoria.
When Otttf WM rick , wa gore her CaitorfA.
When ibo wu Child , ( he cried for Cwtoria ,
Wben olio becarno ilite , she elunjr to QutorU ,
Wbja abe had Children , oho gwn them Oortorio.
A Pen Plcturo of the Bonutloa nm
Grnndours of the Shoahonoa.
The Hriilnl Vell-TIi millers of the AVn
of the Wntci-H The Kntlon ;
Kyrlc ( Jlory mill Terror ;
of tliu Falls.
A Graphic Description.
Judge Goodwin , editor of the Ssxl
Lnko Tribune , has just returned from :
visit to the grout Shoshone falls , am
gives his description thorcon below :
The luvu beds of Idaho are a market
feature of that teirltory. Stnrtlni
near the eastern boundary they extern
southwesterly for n lonj ; distaneo am
lire from JlOl ) feet tu 1)1)1) ) ) ) foot in depth
This mass was once a river of inoultci
lire , the making of which must havi
succeeded a convulsion of nature mori
terrible than any ever witnessed bj
mortals , and lou r years must havt
passed before the awful liery mass wa :
cooled. To the east of the source of the
lava How , the SnaUo river bursts out ol
the hillH , becoming almost at once f
sovortgn river , aad llowinir at lirst
bouthweetorly and then bondinjr west
erly , cuts through the luvu Holds nearly
in the canter ut the territory , reekonoU
from east to west , and about forty miles
north of its southern bin-dor , and thence
Mowing' with great curves , merges
llnally with the I'olumbla. Tho. two
rivers combined make 0110 of llio ehiof
water ways of the coalition ! , and hero
and there take on pictures of great
beauty. On the Snake there are sov-
orul falls. Tito American falls a few
miles west of i'ocatello are very beauti
ful. Some sixty miles below are the
Twin lalls , whore the river , divided
into two nearly equal parts , falls ISO
feot. They are very grand. Tlireo
mik's further on , and nearly duo south
and twoiity-Htx miles away from the
town oSShoshoiio on the Oregon Short
Line railroad , are the Shoshone falls
and a few miles further on the .Salmon
fulls. The following article was written
in the hope of giying a 'faint idea of the
great Shosliono falls.
Xevor any where else was there such
a MVIIO ; never anywhere else was so
beautiful a picture hung in so rude a
frame ; never any where else ou a back
ground so forbidding and weirdworo so
many glories clustered.
Around and beyond , there is nothing
but the desort. sure , silenl , lifeless ; as
though Desolation had builded there
everlasting thrones to borrow and le-
Away back in remote ages , over the
withered breast ijf the desert , a river of
lire 100 miles wide ; and 101) ) miles long ,
was turned. As the lire.y mass cooled ,
its red waves became irauslixed and
turned blackgiving to the double desert
an indescribably blasted and forbidding
But while this river of lire was in How ,
a river of water was lighting its way
across it , or has since made the war anil
forged out for itself a channel through
the mass. This channel looks like the
grave of a volcano that had been robbed
of its dead.
But right between its crumbling and
repellent walls transfiguration appears.
And such a picture ! A river as lordly
as the Hudson or the Ohio , springing
from the distant snow-crested Tetons ,
with waters transparent as glass , but
green as emerald , with majestic How
and over increasing volume , sweeps on
until it reaches this point where the
display begins.
Suddenly , in different places in the
river-bed , jagged rocky reefs are up
heaved , dividing the current into four
rivers , and those , in a mighty plunge of
eighty feet downward , dash on their
way. Of course the waters arc churned
into foa-.n and roll over the precipice ,
white as are the garments of the morn
ing when no cloud obscures the sun.
The lovoliests of those falls is called
"The Bridal Veil , " because it is made
of the lace which is woven with a warp
of falling waters and a woof of sun
light. Above this and near the right
bank is a long trail of foam , and this is
called "Tho Bridal Trail. " The other
channels are not BO fair as thooito called
"Tho Bridal Veil , " but they are more
fierce and wild , ami carry in their
furious 9\v op more power.
One of the roofs which divides the
river in mid-channel runs up to a peak ,
and on this a family of eagles have' '
through the years , may be through cen
turies , made their home and reared
their young , on the very verge of the
abyss and amid the full ecjioos of the
re&ounding roar of the falls. Surely
the eagle is a lilting symbol of perfect-
fearlessness and of that exultation
which c omes with battle clamors.
But these lirnt falls are but a begin
ning. The greater splendor succeeds.
With swifter How , the startled waters
dash on , and within a few feet take
their second plunge in a solid crescent ,
Over a sheer precipice , two hundred and
ton feet to the abvss below _ . On the
brink thoic is a rolling creat of white ,
dotted here and there , in sharp contrast ,
with shining eddies of green , as might
a necklace 'of omcrald shimmer on H
throat of snow , and then the leap and
Hero more than foam is made. Hero
the waters wo shivered into Hoccy
Hiiray , whiter und liner than any miracle
that over folFfrom an India loom , while
from the depths below an ovorlnsting
vapor rises the ineonso of the waters
to the waters' God. Finally , through
the long , unclouded days , the sun bonds
down his beams , and to give the start
ling scone its crowning splendor ,
wreathes the terror and the glory in a
rainbow halo. On either sullen bank
the extremities of its arc are anchored ,
and there in its many-colored robes of
light it lies outstretched above the
abyss like wreaths of flowers above a
sopulchor. Up through the glory and
terror an everlasting roar ascends , deep
toned as is the voice of fate , a dlaptibon
like that the rolling ocean chants ,
when his eager surges come rushing in
to greet and fiercely woo an irrespon
sive promontory.
But to fool all the awe and to mark
all the splendor nud power that conies
of the mighty display , one must climb
down the deep descent to the river's
brink below , and , pressing up as nearly
as possible to the falls , contemplate the
tremendous picture. There something
of the energy that croatoa that endless
panorama is comprehended ; all the
deep throbbingsof the mighty river's
pulses are toll , all the inugnillconco is
lu the reverberations that come of
the war of waters one hears some
thing like God's voice : something
like the splendor of Gou is before his
eyes ; something akin to God's power is
mnnifosUngateolf before him , and his
soul shrinks within itself , conscious as
never before of its own littleness and
helplessness in the presence of the
workings of Nature's immeasurable
Not quite so massive is the picture as
la Niagara , hut it has more lights and
mndos and loveliness , as though a hand
iioro divinely skilled had mixed the
.ints , aud with moro dolicuto art had
Spinal Appliance * No. 4 Gents' licit. No. 4 Ladles' Belt. Ladies' Spinal
TIT. Owen's Electro _ Galvanic Hell and Suspensory will cnro ihcfot-
lowing diseases ntlil all rJ . ' olhcrs of a nervous cliaraclcri Rncumnlisni of
any kind , Sciatica , Pa- raljrsis , Epilepsy , Spinal Diseases Unct vew. St.Vitus1 Dance
Ilrignt's Disease , Piles , Heart Diseases , Lumbago , General and Nervous Debility , Coslivcncss , Kid-
ncy Diseases , Nervons- ness , Trembling , Wasting of tlic body , nil diseases caused from Indiscretion
in Youth or Married / / Life , Nervous Prostration , Personal Weakness or Exhaustion , Female ComV
plaints , in fact all ncrSuspensory , vous diseases pertaining to Male or Female. We challenge the world to pro- \
ilucc a belt thai will corrmarc with it. The current la under ( lie perfect control of the wearer and can be made
mild or strong to suit "ny complaint ; this cannot be done with any other belt. The Suspensory for weakness
ol iiicn h connected directly to the Half err , the disks arc so adjusted that by the means of our appliance * the KlPO-
* " "can be carried to any part of the body or wherever the disease is located. This is the latest and greatest Ilnek View.
Front View.
Galvanic Body Hclt Owen licit to be. It differ *
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The Owen licit . . . . . , . . . , . . . The Electric current can
, , ' , . . - - - - , BliB | u tnj ux. v * 1IUII ' 4. ) JtlMIM4 | V I/ill iyhtlllL3 * UIII il tfl\J lij llt .Hltllf V't * * \ill ttllilV A \\\\\.t 1 * A H1 < 1V.A.I1U WUllUllb * wl *
be Tested by nny ono before it is nnplicd ] to the body and is worn on'y ' from six to ten hours day or night. After examining this licit you will buy no other , as it is light and easily word
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postage for our free illuMratetl pamphlet book of Icstiinoaials In n sealed
rice $ I. oo , which
sultation rooms ( or ladiea
all times-dayt ,
QQQ North Broadway , St. Louis , Mo. Incorporated June 16 , 1887.
IrnnsllM'd them upon that picture sus
pended there in its rugged and sombre
As ono watches it is not dilllcult to
fancy that away back in the immemor
ial and unrecorded past , the angel of
love bowailpd the fact tlmt mortals
wore to be given existence in a spot so
forbidding , a spot that apparently was
never to be warmed with CJod's smile ,
which was never to make asiga through
which God's mercy was to be discerned ;
that then Omnipotence was touched ,
that with Tlis hand he smolu the hills
and started the great river in HH
How ; that with His linger ho traced
out the channel acro.-iH the corpse of
that other river that had been lire ,
mingled the sumbeains with the raging
waters and made it possible in that liro-
blusted'frunic of scoria , to swing a pic
ture which should bo , first to the redman
man and later to Iho'pnlo races , a certain -
tain sign of the existence , the power
and Iho unapproachable splendor of.le-
And as Iho rod man through the cen
turies watched the hpectacle , compre
hending nothing except that an intintto
voice was smiling hia cars , and inntilTcr
able glories wcro blazing before hit ,
eyes ; SQ through the centuries to conic
the pale races "will stand upon the shuil-
doring .sliouo and watch , experiencing
a mighty impulse to put oil the sandals
from their feet , under an overmastering
consciousness that the spot on whicl
the yare standing is holy ground.
There is nothing elsewhere like it ;
nothing half so-weird , so beautiful , so
clothed in majesty , so draped with ter
ror , nothing else that awalcens impres
sions at once so startling , so winsomeso
profound. While journeying througl
the desert to come suddenly upon it , the
spectacles gives ono something of the
emotions that would be experienced to
behold a resurrection from Die dead. It
the midst of what seems like a deaii
world , suddenly there springs into irre
pressible lifo something so marvelous
so grand , so caparisoned with loveliness
and irrcsistnblc might , that thov heat
is bowed , the strained heart throbs
tuimikiiously , and the awed &oul sinks
to its knees.
Tlio Latest Fa l AmouR Now York nut
Ijoiuloti Society Bleu.
The newest fad among the young men
in New York is to let their hair grow
long. It seems that in a certain sot in
London there has arisen ' n sudden rage
for those lengthy locks'which not a
crrcnt while back were looked upon as
effeminate and ridiculous , says the
Brooklyn Eagle. A club man standing
in the window of his club house , the
other day , and tartly commenting upon
the passers-by , noticed one of those
smooth-faced , abundant-locked young
follows , and began to examine the ques
tion in the leisurely , minute manner
tlmt only club-loungers liavo to bestow
upon trifles. Said ho : "See that thing
out there , with a bang all over his head !
I didn't know that had got to this side.
It's the first one of the sort I've scon
bore. Over in England last spring I
saw n lot of them. They are the signal
of a now ideal among the young men
those long-locked fellows aro. When I
was youtii * tlio military typo was what
wo all patterned after. Ilnir chopped
close , big mustache , sijuaro shoulders
and all that sort of thing. Later , the
Prince of Waloriset a new model , which
had less of the military air and more of
the typo of the society man about it. The
hair was still short , but the martial
mustache drooped their poinls , and a
Vandiko beard was added. It was a
vjry picturesque typo , and was better
suited to the middle-aged men like the
prince than to the young follows who
nevertheless endeavored toconform to
it. They weren't satisliod , though , and
when 1 was on the other side a few
months back I saw the enormous influ
ence of the gtngo , which scorns to bo
paramount just now , was appearing in
this. IJoth the beard and mustache
had disappeared and most of the young
swells hau faces as free of hair as a
girl's. They claimed that a man looked
more 'distinguished' with a clean face ,
and I don't know but there is some
truth in the claim. 1 never had any
thing but annoyance from tlio big mustache
tacho I wear , and I think nature trip
ped up when she gave a man hair on
his face anyhow ; it isn't of the slight
est use and it's an awful deal of troll bio.
Well , but , ifs I was saying , the real les
son of the young fellows' clean shave
was the inilnen'co of such men as Irving ,
Wilson Barrett ; and the young 'beauty
mon' on the stage , who , by the nature
of their prpfepston , and often much
against thofr yill , are obliged to keep
their - faces cloan-shuvou. It is a
curious fact ; that when a man takes
all the hrflr * oT ! his face , it im
mediately ' becomes necessary lie
should lot it 'grow on his head. If ho
still keeps his < head cropped , ho gets a
prison-convlct"a plckcd-chickon kind
of air that is eminently unbecoming.
If you will notice , our ancestors of the
past generation , who used to consider
hair on the face an unforgivable vul
garity , were their hair not less than
two inches long. You'll see it in all
the portraits of the judges and senators
3f that day. And , indeed , if you will
look over any book of costumes , you
tt'lll find that in every period a smooth
face and long hair , mustiiohos and a
sloso crop have always gone together ,
3o , us a result of this shaving of coun
tenances , the locks begun to sprout
igain , and now hero's a. specimen of
the fashion among our own gilded
fouths. Kyrlo Bellow has helped on
iho style ; Henry Irving began it. Of
: ourso , there will always bo a lot of red
uced , turnip-nosod , or stocky young
allows who will fight shy of a fashion
.sure to be unbecoming to them , and. c
I'ourse. old fogies like myself will stiel
to our old ways , but I predict an era
and a long ono , of smooth faces am
plentiful hair. "
Mini ami Miujli ino Sound Itc
Isaac Pitman , of Bath , England , i
seventy-six years old. lie invented s
word. Tlmt word 'was phonography. I
meant writing by sound. Mr. Piunai
had invented the only logical systen
of shorthand writing , and the systen :
is in almost universal use at this day ,
This system is named "phonography' '
So well thought out was phonography
that it has required very fov improve
ments since it was lirst given to the pub-
lie. In JSU5 the Phonographic Ho-
porlcrs Companion was established , ami
in 1817 the word phonography was rec-
oirni/ed as a new word in the l nglisli
language. Uut that same year a bab.y
boy wus born in Ohio , and that , boy , at
though Mr. Pitman knew nothing of it ,
was destined to take possession of the
word Mr. Pitman has up to date called
his own. The small boy in Ohio was
named Thomas Alvu Edison , and his
father thrashed him under the name of
I'Yoin about this time forward
"phonography" will mean the use of the
phonograph ; "phonographic , " pertain
ing to the phonograph ; "phonograms , "
letters written by the phonograph , and
&o on. The phonograph enables a per
son lo really write by sound. Not
only has Edison "squatted" on the word
phonography , but it , looks as if his ma
chine would take the place of those who
use shorthand. No man can compote
against a machine. The phonograph
has not to buy elothes nor does it need
to pay board. It can therefore work
much cheaper than a man can. The
improvements that arc now being made
on the phonograph are delaying its ap
pearance as a public worker. People
who expected to have phonographs in
operation last November have not yet
got their machines. The Kdison fac
tory seems to be at work night and dny ,
but no phonographs issue therefrom.
The reason given is that Edison has
made now and remarkable improve
ments On the machine that will astonish
oven tho&o wlro were astonished at the
instrument as shown a few months ago.
He does not wish any machine to go out
without the latest modern improve
Edison is a , gold mine for New York
reporters. Whenever a New York man
wants to make up a special article and
has no subject he rims over to Edison's
place and the old man fills him up with
nil sorts of startling news.
Madeu Clieaj ) Collln for Ilin Daughter.
A Wilkesbarro ( Pa. ) dispatch of December -
comber 20 to the Pittsburg Dispatch
says : "Tho good people of Hanover
township , this county , are greatly ex
cited over a matter which occurred in
their midst yesterday. A Polander
named Sehiloiifiki works a small pieoo
of ground in tlio summer , and in the
winter works out with neighboring
farmers , or if ho cannot got employ
ment from them he labors in the mines.
Among his people ho is known as a
miser , and will not spend a cent of his
money if ho can help it. On Wednes
day his seven-year-old daughter died
He did not notify anybody.
When night time came Suhilenski
tore down a portion of Farm or Mc
Carthy's fences and taking the lumber
to his collar , proceeded to make acollln.
After ho had the job completed ho put
the corpse in it. Farmer McCarthy
heard of the unnatural fathers crime
to-day , and ho went to Wilke.sbnrro and
notified Poor Director Long. The body
will bo disinterred to-morrow and given
a decent burial. The father will bo
A well-known lawyer of San Diego ,
Cal. , while in a barber's chair , turned
suddenly lo speak to a friend and a
piece of his nose was sliced on" .
It has boon found in Norway that
banks of snow will stop cannon balls ,
which penetrate only a little way when
the snow is properly prepared.
-uuuta * i n j jii Aitknv CVi-Ai WTlKHE
THE CHARLES A. VOGELEfl CO , , Daltlmore , Md.
Aircstn discharges from the urinary or-
gimiUiicltUerscxla-ls hourN.
It fa superior to ropnlbn. rulxjlw , or
1 1njections , anrt tree from nil baa nusll
lorothur Inconrenlenwu
rj SANTAL-M I DY l'u , ° 2arj ? !
laai ulu.wlil < * lieiir Uie name Ii
I lilack ktte , Ittiuut wWcli nouo iirt
; tic Belts ! !
The Grandest Triumph of Electric Science Scl- |
Cent'omcn'sPclt onllicaly ( | Made and Practically Applied.
with Suspensory. Klfftric ' DISEASE CUR [ wifiT ) MEDlCINESl
I TCCTIMflfcll Al C Krrr.r onoRrnnlnp and u oil If iwrmlailon. ISO It : tha lullnwliiirnlio Imre liBftBj
j ICOIItuUillMLO ( U'ltiili-A : 1. llanclniul. It. S. I'urkcrniHjJ M. llmli-tt.niton Uirnnl of Trade. Chlca-l
itPlock YnrJ i Iiinlcl liable , th pivnt lioi > cnioiu A U. Woodier , M. V. ,
Iti'llus , ! , li.t Miirinnnto\vn , lownt I.t > nuiil Mlllc. Kankakco , lll. | Jtidfrnl.
ttiti | > t. city wnter workd. South IttMiil , liul i Koht , R hniiipson , Clilcaffa
pnstotncx ; 1. . 1 > . McMlchnol , M. ! > . , IlulUto , N , Y "Vour belt ti. i acccmihllAlic'l wlmt no ollirr fcmrdr halt
rtenilylK-rri'ianilcuinrnrtnliln . _ > U'ciintnl7hL" Unlit , llnll. lailorman , iMt Kn t3 th Strci-t.Now York , to.
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ComfSFtiWo 'anS ! KirSilr"cAvi'l ? if i ffi. JTj * Ss r. . . KlreirtcUy. . ovauarOSS thB
; , Inventor , I9I Wabash Avenue. Chicago ,
ajj gft&jjggsg
Cnr Kbeumnllsm , Sprains , Swollen Joint * .
itriil.iv.i , Diicknchc , Hca < lnclin nml Neuralgia , li
perimmuntly Urlvt nwHy nud ri'move * all imlni.
nclici ii ml aliullnrHllrarnui. Oond forlioaitu welt
nj nmnklml. nnU cures ItlnKlionn. Spnrln , BpllnU.
i'to on liorcca. rut up in Innie cum uncl eut
ii ) by ojprpji an rocrlpt of price II root
Rt doui not kvup It. 1'ik-u ! & ) .
CrrMcjt Snlvoln the world. It nets like BiRla
when niiplliM tu ttuls , UrnUei , Pcahfe , llurnn. LIKo.
Old Sorei , C'lmlTpil find Clinppocl llnndi , Craoked
COWB' Touts , t'tc. , and oilier troubles of a ilmllar
nnture. Uood fur liorew wounds and norm.
I'rtco TSepnls. Put up In Inriro tin boxes , and nt
by mall or orpri'ss on receipt of price It you *
driiKntst < lee dot keep It.
Our ciinn nml boxp contain more limn four tlmos
si mucli as Buy otlicr iHittlo or imckiuto CLAIUBU to
contnln , nn iirtlclo Unit will do the work no
OUA1UNTEK our prepiirnllons to do.
Ouiuha , Neb , S .l I'roprletorf ,
For Sale at i-olall in Unialia , l y Knlin & CoGco. , AV. 1'arr , John W. Bell ,
nil S. II. Farn.suoi'tli.
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The Best Route from Oiiinlm and Council
Bluffs to
CWcago , - AMD - Milwaukee ,
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Hock Island. Frccport , Ilockrord ,
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Elgin , Madison , Jancsville ,
UcloitYinoiin , La Crusse ,
And ull other Important uolnti East , Norllioutl and
Forthroucli tickets , emit on the tlckot Rcont nt 1M1
urnaui atruot. In Darker JJIuck. or at Uulou 1'aclUo
1'iilln.nn Slcoperi nnd the flnert DlMlniiCArs In tha
world are run on the malii Hue or the Clilcago , .Mil-
wukce ft M , riiul ItalliTiiy , nnd nvarj attuntlun IM imld
to utibaengura by cnunuou * oiuployus of tUocouiuanr.
if. MM. I. Kit , ( iencial MHnngor.
J. F. TUUKKR. ABtltUnt Utueral Manager.
A. V. II. CAHI'KNTUIt , Qfoeral J'a b nzor and
Ticket Auunt.
CJHa I ! . HICACFOIID , A < < titani General rmcnstt
and Ticket Attent.
Way nirord liodlly protection "In your
A irilnd , " but lomuthluit more euhitiin-
tin I will tie nocexnry qulto noon , n *
winter Is rapidly apiiroucliliiK. In
VELVET addlllon to hoary clothing , tliono who
uro inudent will provld-j n mpply of
IIKNMIN'H J'l.AKri.ll III UllllClilltHl | 01
( 'oiiRlm , Cold * , Choit I'uliU , lllieiiinu.
llsiii , MHtlcn unit nther allnienti
COLLAR which me sure in prevail ilurlnx tlio
I'Ull nidiitlii. Tlil planter Is well
kiidirn n < u iinirornily reliable remedy
In nucli truulilen ; In iiltravi ri'Hdy for
ON YOUR limiipdlatti upiillcutlon and it Y'lJVct
IK proniiil nml iioriiiuneiit. Aa there
inu ninny npurluiiM Imitations In the
, inrulul buyein nlll ulwnyn
ink for HKNMIN'K mid refuse till oilier
two crnt tnmp to Hea-
luiry A .Inhntoii , ' 'I I'lutt Hlri'Ot , N. V. ,
lor a ropy ol l.s'hrnrtTio.NH ruoii
DUSTER ' " * ' 1'"iil'01' ' ' " vitiiiablu
hnuk ,
T. E. CIB.PI1A1 ,
Ituoin 03 1'radorV
nnal Hank.
U. U. lun & C-o. Tliu llrailhtinet Ol
" P" > ntWyby over 10,000
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upn. AiUrosa
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Co. , Omnhti , Mb ,
AdvoMlslu lilts ulwuya | > rovoa
iiucccsgful. Iieforo pluclnjrany
Newspaper Advcrtlalutr consul !
lt f lto.4 U.UBU . t , CHICAGO.
IM Ueuruorn HI. , Uuicajo ; Hdvlea fro a ; SI rcur *
exp rleuc i bunueu quietly aad locally irjaucut
IS Wealth ! } |
1)11. B. C. WUST'H NEIlVr. AND HllAIN Til EAT- <
HUNT , ugimratcea specific tor Dysterta. Pftzl. *
ness. Convulsions , Kits , Nervous Neuralgia ,
lleailuche , Nervous Prostration , caused by ills
ttsoof alcohol or tobacco. Wakef illness. Mutual
Denrossion. Bortnnlng of the llroln. resulting- ?
In Jnsuuity , nud landing to mlnery. decfcjr and
ilcntli. I'remntiiro Old AKe , lIiirronnoHS. Lossot
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rofiina tlio money If the M-outmont does not
c-ITect n euro. OunrnntepH iHhiioil only by 0. P.
( JOODMAN. DrtieKiat. Solo Auent.
Street , Oniiiliii. Neb.
) 16 TUB
Bnlldln *
real atone ,
thraa colon.
ritKHBHT for
chlldrea am )
i- ' wi "
'nw 5"goia
Ari'lr for DeEcrlpUra Cotnlopia , cent pout-free , to
f , AD. RICMTert & CO. ,
010 Broadway , Yorlc. '
. . . , . .mTfW. . 7fpw fa , I T < . . . ,1. , , ,
ST. 10UIS , MO , , 0 , S. A.
1 TABLES , OHAIES , * c.
( D0 l'ace Illustrated dialogue Free , Pcit 7 t ( ,
I'aid Up C i > ltal . $100,000
Surplus . C
II. W. VATIM. 1'rosident.
IiKWIfl B , ItKCU , Vlcn I'reKldcnt.
A. K. TUUKAI.IN , Sml Vlcu ITd
W. II , ti. JiuuiiKii. Otutile ? ,
W. V. MoitSK. ' . JOHN S. Cou.tNa.
II. W. VA7-K3. I.KWISa. UUUO ,
A. H. TOUZAUtf. *
Uanklnc Omce
Corner I''yi and KurnuniBta ,
A G'euerul lliiiiklnu liuMnuss Transacted.
Nos. 3O3-4O4-I7O- .
Surgeon and Piwslaiai ,
OUlceN . W Corner Hill ana fJ < > uiUt. ; Jt. OrtlM
imouo.iaj ; Ud iaoacu uiopUam , 53J.