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The Mon Who Will Advortiao Oma
ha Next Year.
Tilt * Merchant's Rhyming Drcnin
\Vlint WasSrcn in a Wai tint ; I loom
Homo InfcrcstuiK Statlntles
The Alrrtihniil'H Drontn.
Hu'lor ' Bros. , of Boston mid Chicio , do a
large buslncrs in "Department .Store" goods
without the nld of travelling men , using ,
Instead of thcso human hustlers , a lively
nhpot which they call the "Drummer. " Tlio
"bo.\s" have some fun with tlio house occas
ionally , ami the house gets back at the fra
ternity in a plc.isant way through the col
umns of their well edited and spicy paper.
A recent hit of theirs was the following :
The following story , whllo told by our
long haired editor In rhynio , Is basad upon
the actual experience of n merchant custo
mer of Electric Forks , la. , who lately visited
the Chicago house of Hntlor Hros. , and
while there gave the following Interesting
Btor > of a ilri-am :
From his head to his feet ho was weary
and Here ,
"When ho closed for tlio day his general
store ;
"For work had been hard anil sales had been
light ,
And ho went to bed worried and cross that
In his sleep he most previously groaned
and sighcil ,
For ho dreamed a sad dream , and In this
dream illeu ;
\Vus quieltly brought up to ba sentenced
ami lol
To his great consternation , was ordered be
' For I find here inscribed , " said a giant
who took
From Its place on a shelf a tremendous
book ,
"That , though honest and upright , still it is
plain ,
That on rare occasions you have been quite
profane. "
"Tho law may seem harsh , for it won't ' let
you damn
\Vlth Impunity oven a travelling mnn ;
Though 1 freely admit your nnnoyanco was
great ,
And vour punishment this will of course
mitigate. "
"Thcro is no other charge , so old Kiel : 1ms
That you live on hot air until yon succeed
In evolving sonio simple and adequate plan
To punish your tempter the traveling man. "
"Wo have tried any number ot simple
devices ,
Have boiled thorn In oil and froze them in
IcetJ ,
Have uiudo them go over , counting each ono
by ono ,
All lies they Imvo told and mean deeds they
have done. "
"Have fooled them with visions , asleep
and uw.iko ,
Of fair girls they could almost , hut ne'er
( imto , overtake ;
Ilnvo inailo thorn pace harcfoot a tack-bo-
su-own walk ,
And what has proved hardest , forbid' them
to talk. "
"All these tire too tame , still it's hard to
AVhat is the best punishment fit for a 'drum
mer. '
So until you devise something novel and rare
That will iust lit their case , you will live on
hot air. "
With n push and a rush ho was Hung out
And ho felt himself fall through the hot
fumes of hell.
Ho trembles and shivers in Horrible fear ,
Anil his gasps uud his groans are hcart-rcnd-
Ing to hear.
Down down , ever faster , ho falls , and I
( In his dream ) he'll keep falling forever ,
Some ono else will devise what ho can't
that's a plan
To properly punish the traveling man.
The Hosier.
That judicious advertising is the key to
success is true not. only of Individuals but
also of cities and towns. Commercial trav
elers are walking advertisements with every
word in display typo. The gift of the gab is
their leading characteristic , and these swing
ing around this centre are not Blow in ex
ercising their gift in extolling the merits of
their headquarters. Omaha houses send out
into the surrounding states uud territories
over 000 men , all of whom nro good talkers ,
and thorough believers in the present and fu
ture of their city , and all of whom are bend
ing every energy to train into the channels
leading to Omaha the trade which is justly
theirs , but which is occasionally directed
iuto other directions. The list given below
It will be observed by no means includes all
the houses. It does give , however , a goodly
number of these who during the year ISSU
will directly or Indirectly work for the inter
ests of every reader of this panor , and of
every citizen of Omaha.
Following is thoJUt of firms and the trav
elers who will represent them :
American Hand Sowed Shoo Company
\V. J. Austin , Harry Willtio , A. A. MeUlure.
McCord. Urady & Co. , Wnole.salo Grocers
F. J. Buchheit. I ) . P. Simmons , Fred
Engel , C. R. Temple , U. F. Hncon , Edgar
Loenard. U. U. Sillik. W. L. Wallace , W. O.
Patrick , G. L. Tracy , | P. L. Kgleston , C. 11.
Shnckelford , C. F. Hoel.
A. Booth Packing Company W. S.
Helnhroy , 1C. II. Do Volt.
The Haum Iron Company B. A. Oakqs ,
L. U. Girnrd , E. E. Edwards , John U. Wiu-
huid , J , Jacobus.
Urownoll & Co. , Boilers and Engines A.
P. Ely.
J. Li1. Soibcrllng & Co. , Harvesting
Machinery William Mead. I ) . P. Owens ,
Charles A. Brant , M. W. Chattlold ,
GeorgeOborno & Co. , HidesWool , Tallow ,
Etc. J. S. Harmon , J. E. McGill , J. E. Cole.
"Do Graff Manufacturing Company. Over-
nils. Jeans Punts , Etc. M. I. Do Graff , A. J.
Churchill Pump Company. A. S. Cost ,
E. H. Raynor , W. H. Kuyuor , W. C. Prit-
A. L. Strang Company. Charles F. Me-
Turner & Jay , Hnts and Caps. E. l-i.
Blair , H. P. McGregor , H. C. Martin. ( Lin
coln ) , E. G. Thompson , J. W , Burnett , ( Ued
Oiiialia Rubber Company. C. M. Mead' ,
S. V. B. Holloway , ( Hastings ) , F. W. Tay
lor , A. O. Annott.
Columbus Buggy Company. L. C. Hill ,
Louis Angeno.
Harrow & Lornn , Hats and Caps. C. B.
Holmes , T. B. Southull. CJ. F. Hiulter , O. H.
llroclcway. W. M. Stockham , G. M. Burrow.
I , Oborfoldcr ft Co. , Millinery. F. E.
Shepherd , ( Council Bluffs ) , J. H. Wlost ,
Martin Oborfoldor.W. F. Walker , ( Lincoln ) ,
J. E. Fmloy.
W. V , Morse & Co. , Boots uud Shoes A.
O. Wlor , E. B. Uvohmin , K. A. Thornton , H.
M. Myers , J. E. McCraclcon , W. H. Ful-
weller , Clay Center , Kan. : William Fischori
Sauiuol Best , Suit Lake ; F. 11. Crowloy.
M. E. Smith & Co. , Dry Goods-l * . H.
Danlols , J. B. Boall , Q. W. Tracy , M. W.
Rnloy , W. H. Allen , C. H. O'Brien , W. D.
Burgess , 1L Leiborumn , F. M. Corbalcy ,
Hurry Lou or.
Forwell & Co. , Syrup mid Molasses J. Iv.
Van Ouxor , 0.1C. Coleman , L. W. Welch , P.
Garrotson , W. H. Lyford.
Carpenter Pnpcr Company Will G. Carpenter -
pontor , Goortfo C. Carnunter , J. I1. Carl -
l > euruu'o Brothers Mauufacturiug Company
J. E. ICilduff , Fred BrldKinun.
Williams. Van Aernum & Hurto. Boots and
BUOOS--T. ll. Knll , Eugcno Pitts , T , P. Cart-
wrlght , H. G , Harto.
Cuntlold Manufacturing Co. , Overalls and
Jeaus T. S. Clurk , S. Runyan , Dos MoJnes ,
O. J. Csnan & Co. C. J. Caunn.
Cou olldnted Coffee Couipuny Joe M
Bcutt , R. H. LJutotor , H. J , DuiiUin , J. J.
Smith , Harry Arm tronKA. W. Hobbs , C. B. ,
Frank Arnold , V. R Goodson.
Branch of bt. Louis 1're.iorving Co , H.
A.j. \ . t'ndoland A ; Co. , Barber Supplies
A. L. Undeland.
Trostlcr , Manufacturing Cigara S.
Krlich , < c t.tniKstadtor , Cignrs and Smo
kers' articles H. Krlich ,
Adler Si IIcMlor , Wholesale Liquors und
Clgars-R Acllcr , A. Heller.
I' . II. Slinrp & Co. , Saddlery nnd Leather
W. S. Arnold.
Ooodman Drug Co , , Surgical Instruments
O. R Johnson.
P. Boyer & Co. , Safcs-K. .r. Woolley , R
A. Hatch , L. .1. Clandy , M. J. Rronch.
ICropi ) , . Ureibus & Co. , Confectioners
John Mehl. C. O. Carpenter , J. M. Sims , I * .
C. Wood. Jnnies Police.
Mnx Mover Si Co. , Cigars ami Tobacco-
James A. Luitvr , A. W.Kvans , . ! . H.C. Hart ,
J. Steinberg.
Alnx Meyer & Bro. , Jcwolrv and Music
AdolA Mlelmi'ls , W. A. Vannlco , C. M.
Hands , Jesse White , Jr. , Kd H. Walter , W.
F. Lonhnnlt.
O. II. & J. S. Collins , Harness Charles
Collins Oun Co.-F. M. Tobln.
W. A. Wilson , Teas nnd Cignrs-P. D.
Howe , W. 1C. Martin , K. T. Lyon , C. D. Ar-
buckle , .1. B. Utole , . ) . O. Oaddis.
Marks Bros. , Saddlery Company M.
Marks , William Marks ,
Meyer & Itnnpkc , Groceries C. J.
Schmidt , H. K. Hughes , L. L. Boltz , H. V.
Powell , An gust Meyer.
O. M. steele . it co. , Groceries , f. n.
Aiken , N. B. Apple , Henry Bohn , Cieorgo I ) .
Burclott , N. II. Cornell , .1. A. Fleming , .lohn
Onild. 1 Prank .ludson _ W. R Kellogg , John
Kerr , 1C. A. Moryon , M. A. Mauritius , L. F.
Auclrus , H. II. Wall.ioj , .1. H. FaKlip , C.
A. Sumcrthwalte , Ogden , Utah ; Ben K.
Hic-h , Opilun , Utah ; Julius Horn Two moro
to bo added.
Gibson , Miller & Klchardson. M. Uce.
Midland Bloc-trio Company. II. J. Wells ,
H. A. Kinnoy.
Alien Bros. Arthur Allen , Oscar Allen ,
C. R Kdcn. J. R Ferguson , B. D. Hoag , Fay
7 . T. Lindsay , Rubber Boots nnd Shoos.
B. L. McCoy , W. C. Ut-lan , J. K. Bell ,
Corning , In. , W. S. Culdwcll.
Ollmoro it Until , Wholesale Clothing. .T.
K. Corhott , A. L. Baker , F. U. Hunter , E.
M. Braddoek , .1. F. Klrkondall , J. A. Huhl.
Her & Co. , Wholesale Ll < mors.-.T. W. Jler ,
R B. Glllmore.
Poycko Bros. Company , Commission ,
Wholesale Cigars and Manufacturing Com
pany. Jay Helphroy , .1. L. Houston. J. H.
B. Tomson , K. H. Streeter , F. S. Haz/ard , C.
DeCamp , S. S. St. John , A. W. Port , E. A.
Reynolds , W. H. McLiiin , W. U. llazzard.
Voegele & Dinning Manufacturing Confec
tioners , Cigars. U. McGinn is , E. T. Franks ,
J. U. Grant , C. W. Close , C. A. Wilsou , G.
II. Lyons.
Great Western Typo Foundry. Frank M.
George Schroeder & Co. , Provisions and
Commissions. W. T. Uuiisdcll , resident buy
ers at Fremont , Columbus , Beloit , Kan. ,
Civile , Kan. , Concordia , Kan. , Vnlisdi , la.
Vineyard & Schneider , Wholesale Notions
John Koclnnan , Frank L. Martin , II. J.
Miner , J. G. Jiverson , Frank Strain.
Kilp.Urick Koeti , Dry Goods Co. E. W.
Ilollv , John Flemmmg. Simon Kohn , George
Mead , G. Marty , A. . I. Thompson , J. C. Glea-
son , D. S. Sietz. L. B. Terrill , Chas. Hunn ,
Goo. Savage , L. A. Howcn , Will Kclley.
Kirkemlull. Jones .t Co. , Boots and Shoes
AV. L. Eastman , G. II. Eustmnn , W. B.
Ilogan , G. II. Stone , O. E. Livingston. E. A.
Becker , F. Uiclcnour , S. II. Thomas , John
Beatty , L. O. Robinson , Wm. Rolls , John
Knhl , P. T. Wilson.
Omaha Hardware Co John Tsesblt , C. O.
Lobeck , C. S. Brown , V. L. Fried , I. II.
Catstcr , W. B. Digman.
J. T. Robinson Notion Company John
Robinson. S. A. Conlny , M. B. Pratt , O. E.
Bore , F. Sdilister , T. II. Buruottc.
Moore t English , Commission P. A , Eng
lish , Sam Harris , II. A. Moore.
Branco & Co. , Commission W. F. Christy.
Joseph Garneau Cracker Company E.
Runyan , C. F. Carr , Will Clonston , J. H.
Stringfollow , W. A. Brayton , P. W. Feenoy ,
II. J. Boouc , George L. Tracy , A. P. Tool ,
James Pattee.
Edholm & Akin , Wholcsalo Jewelers
Lewis Simpson , George Hart.
Bern's. ' Oinalia Bag Company William
W. L. Parrotte & Co. , Huts anil Caps K.
J. Roe , Emmett Lynch , W. B. Fried , .7. W.
Hemlee , J. W. Bally , J. F. Gurratt , William
Bryan , William Cott , F. L. Lewis.
United States Wind Engine and Pump
Company R. J. Franklin , L. A. Stark
weather , L. Harper.
W. J. Broach , Heavy Hardware L. B.
Schneider , H. II. Hayford , J. R. Dennis , C.
K. Tobbetts.
Rector , Wilholmy Co. , Wholesales Hard
ware John H. Hurberg , C. L. Hoclntctter ,
George R. Davis , Charles E. Danforth , E.H.
Rand , Taylor Beeler.
Great Western Stone Company F. C. Tuttle -
tlo , 11. B. Chapman.
L. Kirscht & Co. , Wholesale Liquors
Emil Duerr , George Mohrenstecher , 11. H.
Hulln , Thompson & Co. , Wholesale Wool
ens F. B. Barrett , Frank Beaton.
Roth & Curtin , Lumber W. H. Roth.
Bee Publishing Company J. F. Knapp ,
J. W. Craig , George R Keen , Emer
Consolidated Tank Line Company T. B.
Harlan , II. M. Huggins , M. F. King , R. H.
Bennett , A. S Prescott , W. A. ' Travis.
R. R. G ratio , Wholesale Liquors M.
Sumrch , Jr. , Theodore Fry , J. Ilunzinger.
Churchill Parker , Agricultural Implements
S. G. Couch , John Baker , Dan Burr.
Purlin , Orundorff & Martin , Agricultural
Implements S. P. Marsh , John Malowuoy ,
J. J. O'Connoll ' , J. C , Fotzer.
Blnko , Bruce & Co. , Wholesale Druggists
L. C. Boobo , E. A. W. Snell , C. L. Porter.
E. T. Brown , W. McP. Fuller , D. M. Egan.
Sloan , 'Johnson & Co. , Wholesale Grocers
W. 11. Hoyden , H. G. Miller , L. D. Bos-
worth , C , S. Martin , W. C. Sutphon , J. Kessler -
ler , Frank Johnson , II. L. Ayres , John Toft
Puxton , Gallagher it Co. , Wholesale
Grocers-D. M. Ersidno , J. II. Bliss , J. Hill ,
W. W. Finch , W. B. Lannis , J. M. Sluslier ,
J. B. Groy , M. C. Jones , E. E. Bonnollo , N.
O. Rico , F. F. Turner , IL E. Watzke , O. N.
Price , H. W. Waterman , J. II. Klutz and
Emir Westphalen.
Richardson Drug Company W. C. Poinflct ,
T. H. Wiley. II. S. Wellor , J. C. Klug , C. E ,
Chardlor , W. R Cram , J. T. Flavin , R H.
Grosholl , Ed G. Rush and M. W. Ryorson.
Leo Clarke Anderson Hardware Company
Messrs. J. C. Carson , C. S. Brown , George
M. Swipu-t , F. Frlodcrlchsen.
J. T. Robinson Notion Company Messrs.
T. II. Burnetts , M. B. Pratt , O. E. Borg and
R M. Shisslcr. *
McClurg Cracker Company Charles
Thornburg , II. M , Cleaver , C. W. Grluir , H.
M. Stevens.
In the Wait in j : Room.
It was the Indies' walling room of Iho
Fremont , Elkhorn & Missouri Valley rail
road at Fremont. I always make for the
ladies' waiting room In any depot , for the
reason that u room that is regarded by a
railroad company us line enough to bo devoted -
voted exclusively to ladies is about the only
ono that a self-respecting man can endure ,
So by a pleasant llttlo Ik-lion ono can Imagine
himself n lady for the time anil enjoy the
luxuries provided for that favored sex.
Thcro wore some half-dozen persons in the
room. A fo\v drummers were waiting to
take the train to Omaha. A school teacher
was ROIHI ; to Blair , ami the rest were bound
for various places north and east. I learned
this by the remarks made , Most persons
consider it a sacred duty to Impart u good
share of their history and intentions to the
bvmpathetic public on such occasions. It
cbsls them no oltort , and ono is bound to be
social , you know.
There was ono follow that hadn't ventured
n roinark. No one know where hu was
going. Ho might have been going to per
dition for nught wo know. Ho maliituined
this wiliynx-HUo silence at thocost of a great
effort. Every movement was timed with Iho
greatest caro. When ho oamo Into the depot
there was a calm , benignant look bestowed
on Iho situation. That it was perfectly .sat
isfactory evinced by the drawing up of
the lips anil by the way the cornnm of Iho
mouth moved quickly in Iho direction of the
ours and then resumed their natural position.
When lie moved toward a scat it was not
with Iho hurried , nervous step of a drummer -
mor , nor was It with the aimless gait of the
farinor. It was Just a stately stride that
showed , or was Intended to show , how fully
ho was master of circumstances.
But his choice of a seat came near upset
ting all hla plans , and this is how it was :
Ho took a seat on the front side of the waitIng -
Ing room , with hits bock to the tracks. Now
when a train cauio by ho * .YOUld have to turn
his head to sco it. If ho sat opposite , mcrcli
a glance would Imvo been enough , ami he
could liave given that without anyone think
ing it was done intentionally to keep an
anxious watch of trains , of eoursp proves one a
novice at traveling , and that was Just what
ho wanted to conceal. To bo fwro , he know
when his train wai iltip , but when other
tr.ilns arrive at about the same time , ono is
npt to fed nervous , and the suspense is vcr >
trying. So. with all his care , ho took the
seat that hu did.
Whllo wo wore waiting a train came in. II
was nearly tlmo for the Black Hills express
nnd there was a possibility It mlulit tie that.
Moil of us looked out of the windows but
not he. Ho twisted his moustache and
rubbed his lingers against each other ab
stractedly , but gave no other sign of his ngi-
tntion. Should ho cross the room for a
drinkof water lie could cosily satisfy him
self as ho walked back , but that was too
very cross. Ho might have bought a cigar
at the lunch counter , but this was the ladies'
waiting room. Just then a newsboy came
along. Happy thought ! Ho would buy it
paper. Ho would have to twist toonosido
to get at his pocketbook and then the thing
could bo done. Through the Intervention of
the newsboy ho w.ts s.ivod. C.
* *
.SflUO .Stllt'ltlR * .
In the course of n conversation as to the
amount of business done by the wholesalers
of Oimibn , Mr. Charles H. Pickeus , with
Paxton , Gallagher & Co. , brought out somu
interesting statistics , n perusal of which may
give some people a litllo moro exalted un
opinion of Urn volume of our trade.
Ho says : "Tho tonnage of Our house for
the year Just closing amounts to Kl.'OD.OO : )
pounds , equivalent to 'J.OliO ear loads contain
ing i'OjiHiO pounds each. To carry this
amount of freight would require a train
7:1,810 : foot In length , or considerably over Ion
miles. This , it must bo remembered , is for
one house and ono year. "
* *
L. G. Girard , formerly with Coombs & Co. ,
Is now with Bautu Iron company.
W. B. Field , formerly with R. B. Tomlin-
son , Minneapolis , is now with Pun-otto it Co.
Frank Buckheit has decided since he saw
Frank Daniels' whiskers that ho will shave.
E. Lynch , formerly with Englehardt , Win
ning A : Co. . St. Joseph , is now with W. L.
Purrtto it Co.
C. R. Temple , formerly with the Wellinun
Uwycr Tobacco company , is now with Mc
Cord , Brady it Co. , of Omaha.
S. G. Hudson , formerly with H. C. Fisher ,
Chicago , will travel this year for Pill miner ,
Perry & Co. , grocers , Lincoln.
I. II. Snringlollow , formerly with Sloan ,
Johnson , t Co. , will hereafter ho found with
the Joseph Garneuu Crueller company. Ills
Lincoln traveling grocery sale/mcu spent
Saturday in Omaha. Tim boys all look very
prosperous and are buckling on Ibeir nruior
for a hard year's work.
D. M. Erskins' wife and daughter have
been spending the week in Omaha. Mr.
El-skins will continue to work Loup valley
the coming year for Paxton < t Gallagher.
The traveling salesmen representing Paxton -
ton & Gallagher took a trip to Counciil Bluffs
Thursday afternoon to call on the wholesale
grocery houses. The boys report themselves
royally entertained and say they do not , believe -
lievo Iowa is u pro-bib stale.
John W. P.oolo , a veteran of the grip , at
the present time employed by the Thomas
Hedge Tobacco company , of Henderson ,
Ky. , with his beautiful and talented daugh
ter , Miss Georgia , have been in the city a
fev. ' days taking in the holiday attractions.
Mr. Poolo's homo is at Hastings , Neb.
A communication from Crete says : The
event of the season here was the marriage at
noon to-day of Mr. E. Brock , traveling rep-
rosenlalivo of Peregoy & Moore , of Council
Bluffs , nnd Miss Gertrude Code , of this city.
The ceremony was performed at the beauti
ful homo of the bride's parents on College
hill. Rev. E. Richardson , of the Eplseipal
church , ofllciating in the presence of n largo
number of invited guests. The presents
wore numerous and expensive. Mr. and
Mrs. Brock started on their bridal trip this
Twenty years ago Omalm realty was not
considered very valuable , as will be inferred
from the conduct of a Fred Kimball , a mcr-
clmnt of Muncutlno , la. Ho bail been In
duced by a traveling man who Imil great cpn-
fldonco in Omaha's future , to invest a few
hundred dollars in town lots , for which ho
paid from SCi to$10 apiece. Shortly after
ward his confidence waned , and ho tried hard
to soil his Omaha property , but failing , became -
came so gloomy at havine thrown away his
money on seemingly worthless land in a wild
western town , ho ended his sorrows by
drawing himself In the Mississippi river.
Wonderful ropuhirlty.
The fact that the sale of Dr. Piorco's
Pleasant Purpativo Pallets exceeds that
of any other pill in the market , bo it
great or small , is on account of the fact
that they are tiny , little , sugar-coated
granules , and that in most cases ono
little "Pellet" is sulllciont for a dose ;
that they are purely vegetable and per
fectly harmless ; and for constipation ,
biliousness , siok headache und all dis
eases arising from derangement of the
liver , stomach or bowels , they are abso
lutely a specific. A gentle laxative-
active cathartic , according to size of
Tlio Champion. Kntor.
LIKWOOU , Nob. , Dec , 30. [ Special to Tnn
BBI : . ! The llttlo vlllago of Weston claims
the champion calor of Iho slalc. Perry Hayden -
den , of lhat place , inado a bet with John
Brown , a grain buyer at Abie , that ho could
eat live pounds at ono meal. Mr. Brown was
skeptical on that point , so ho took the bot.
Mr , Hayden slopped on the scales and wus
weighed. Ho then ate some and slopped on
the scales again , which showed u gain of live
Thoiisnni'R or DolIar.H
are spent every year by the people of this
Btuto for worthless medicines for the euro of
throat nnd lung diseases , when wo know thut
if they would only invest 31 in SANTA ABIE
the new California discovery for consump
tion and kindred complaints they would in
this pleasant remedy lind relief. It is rec
ommended by ministers , physicians and pub
lic speakers of the Golden State. Sold and
guaranteed by Goodman Drug Co. at $1 a
boltlo. Three forfj.50.
The most stubborn case of catarrh will
speedily succumb to CALIFORNIA CAT-R-
CURE. Six mouths' treatment forfl. By
Street Cars Arrive.
NninusKA CITV , Neb. , Dec. 30. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : BEU.J The cars for the
Nebraska City street railway arrived to-day
and wore put on the track. The line will be
formally gpcncd to-morrow with a great
Makes the lives of many pcoplo miserable ,
causing distress after eating , sour stomach ,
sick hc.iilaclio , heartburn , losa of nppctlto ,
a faint , "all gone "feeling , bad taste , coated
, tongue , and Irregularity ot
DIStrOSS the bowels. Dyspepsia does
After not cct w" 0 ( ltse" ' u
_ . , requires careful attention ,
Eatlrlt , alii , a remedy llko Hood's
Sarsaparllla , which acts gently , yet efficiently.
It tones the stomach , regulates thu diges
tion , creates a good apSink
banishes headache ,
petite , u
and refreshes Iho mind. HOaClaChO
" I have been troubled with dyspepsia. I
hail-but , llttlo appetite , and what I did cat
f distressed mo , or * did me
"ltle 8 ° ° a > Aftcr catlD8 I
would have a faint or tired ,
all-gono ( cellng , as though I had not oaten
anything My trouble was aggravated by
my business , painting. Lust
spring I took Hood's Bar-
saparllla , which ilia mo an
Immense amount of good. It gave mo an
appetite , anil my food relished and ftatlsDttd
the craving I had previously experienced. "
Qconat ! A. PAQB , Watcrtown , Mass ,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
field l > y all drugglits. $ \ ; ill for US. 1'rcpared calf
by C , I. HOOD & CO. , Apothccarlon , Ixjwoll , Hx > .
10O DOSOB One Dollar
Wealthy Oittaons Prefer to Do Tholt
Own Marketing- .
Dully tlio Ooi'tfnst Doc-pens Henry
George's I'oimlnrliy Mocking tlie
JL'oui * Him fibiJr Trent mont of
the Gallant Sivly-Mntli.
Dnlitir ClirlstmnH Mnvkrtlni : .
Ni'W Yoitu , Dec. if ) . [ Special Cor-
rcspondonoo ot Till : llKi' . ] There Is r
nauso , u , sort of hush , ns it were , in Now
York about this time , for Christinas It
only a religious holiday in a perfunc-
tor.v sense , nnd Is in reality n fumilj
matter , a soi't of second Thanksgiving
ilny. The only thing that is really in
teresting in this oily , in my opinion , u1
the reourroneo ot the yearly festival , ti
the markets , more especially Washing
ton and Fulton , tn spile of the appar
ent , etwmopolitan ism of Now York , its
people are very cons-crvnttvc in many
things , anil it is surprising how many
fathers of families keep up the tradi
tionary practice of buying thoii1 Christ
inas supplies at the down town markets.
Washington market is the bettor for
general matters , \vhilo Fulton is the
place for fish , and above till , for a pious-
ant oyster supper or fish supper at Do-
lan's whan the buying is ail over and
the buyers are thinking of going home.
In the former , every butcher makes a
practice ot getting the greatest possible
number of fat beeves and docorat-
iag them with rosettes of blue
ribbon , and it is n , sight to
see decorous staid old bankers
dialling the proprietors of the stalls ,
and examining the huge carcasses with
a critical eye. In Now York , it must be
remembered , a Christmas dinner for a
family , including relatives and friends ,
is a gorgeous and serious matter , and
means more than buying a turkey. The
chief dish is always a sirloin of beef ,
and the wonderful Christmas turkey , of
which the story papers arc so full , is
only un incidental auxiliary. Perhaps
the genuine Now Yorker is more anx
ious about his fish than anything else ,
and will always have , if he can , shecps-
houd or redsiiaiipcr. which is not dif
ficult in these days of refrigerating fish
tanks. When the beef aad the turkey
and the game have been purchased at
Washington market , the Christmas
marketer lias only a few blocks to go to
got to Fulton market , where lie can se
lect his oysters and buy turtle soup in
tins ready for cbn&uniption. Then his
duty is done , and he can reward hinibelf
for his devotion to his family by a encor
ing apple toddy , in company with some
old boy like himself and afterwards
with some stewed terrapin , with which
russet cider ought to be drunk. Thou
another apple , toddy or two will
enable him to put in the lime cl'eaply
until midnight when ho can hoar the
chimes of Trinity and St. Paul. Thous
ands of wealthy New Yorkers do this
ovary ChrUtums uve and every Now
Year's ove.
I think times inust be bad , because it
has been found necessary to stimulate
buyers by announcements of alarming
sacrifices , and by liberal advertisements
to that effect , it is generally supposed
that women are the only "victims to
those lures , but this can hardly be the
case , since more than half of these ad
vertisements refer to goods that are
distinctly masculine. In fact a study of
many stores would result in the convic
tion that no one now , male or female ,
will buy anything unless the price is
reduced , or is ticketed as reduced.
Some people imagine that there is no
honesty in these announcements , but I
fancy that this is a mistaken notion.
Traders buy goods for the season , and
they must be sold during the season , or
there will bo a loss on them , and there
fore if there is a marked sluggishness
in buyers an appeal must be made
to them of a direct character ,
Some - suspicion may , however ,
be entertained when surh staple articles
as sealskin sacqucs arc offered at tin
alarming sacrifice , for the time will
never come when u sealskin garment
will not be highly prixod by a lady.
There are men who affect to bo more
deep than their follows , and to be able
to see further into a millstone than
average humanity , and they assert that
this apparent craze for bargains in
reality springs from greatly diminished
earnings , and that the public do not
buy freely because the public haveno
money. They say moreover that , whilst
there is a semblance of activity , there
is very little business , and that all the
firms that make a specialty of Christ
mas books , toys and novelties have lost
money so far , and will continue to lose
more money ns the holiday season
draws to a close. Oliver Bunco , a
literary man employed by Applcton ,
says that llis linn will never again pub
lish another Christmas book. And lie
accuses another firm hero of having
their Christmas book illustrated and
printed in Loinsio for the sake of
cheapness. And at Tiffany's I learn
that , whilst the wealthy buy more than
over , there is a marked falling oil in
general Christinas business , and an un
doubted preference for the cheapest
articles. Now , as New Yorkers never
hoard , it must bo that the general earn
ings have in reality shrunk alarmingly.
"Tho landlord muht go , for Henry
Ocorgo says so , " is being hummed by
many sensible people , and this is another
sign that the diminution of earnings is
making itself felt. Altai * his return
from England , whorp ho had been well
received becauseho was a free trader ,
it was supposed that ! ho would bo under
11 cloud , since Now York had pronounced
against Cleveland emphatically- . But
the contrary has beiJrf the case , and at
Lho mooting some days ago at Cooper
Union to welcome back the man
was idoli/.ed. There was not standing
room In that iinmoiihU hull , and there
were as many women as men. When ho
tppenred there were cheers so deafen-
, ng that it resomlileu1tho [ nolsoof a tom-
> ost. The applause wasabbolutoly fron-
< sled , and when it flied away and the
M'osiding Georgoito' had opened als
nouth to make a few preliminary re-
narks , some ono staVtod it again , and
it was again renewed with the same
nadnoss. Tlioro is bomothing in this
nero than appears. The single tax
theory is repugnant to American notions
ind lo common hoiiho , and could never
jo applicable under any circumstances
tn any localities BUVO great municipal
centers of population , whico tire excep
tions to the general conditions of the
country at largo. It was fairly oxum-
ined when it was first promulgated and
particularly by worklngmon. They re
jected it bceuuHO even if it hud bean
practicable , which it is not , it would
nave done nothing to solve the problem
which labor la t-ndouvqring to solve
that of constantly diminishing wmgos.
And now it has loomed up again , and is
being propagated by clubs all over the
country. V/htvt can bo the moaning of
so strange u phenomenon ? it looks
very much as if there was a strong ant
general dissatisfaction with the stale ol
things now existing , and a iletorminn-
ttou to change it. even if the new sys
tern Is a leap in the dark. Fortunntolj
the Ctoorgoltcs are in a hopeless minor
ity , but if the vacillating nerveless
Knights of Labor joined them , there
might bo a movement very much to bo
deprecated. The guild system is the
only one that will cure the evils under
which so many groan , but it has no ml-
NKW YOUK'S riiuisTMAs O-OXTU.\ * .
This is n tiroadful city for a man with
a fooling head , for at this season
of the year the lights and shadows ol
existence are too strongly marked.
Luxury is attaining a height that is
criminal , and poverty is sinking to
depths whore tin- human clonu'iils dis
appear , and nothing save animalism re-
tnalns. The houses of the rich are now
furnished and lilted at an expense that
seems revolting when one thinks of toil
ers who only earn thirty cents a day for
ton hours work. The most recent style
is called Fir t Umpire fittings. The
walls and the furniture are all in ennmal
while with tine gilt bronze , anil burn
ished gold decorations. There are no
pictures on the walls , but Gobelin tapes-
Irios are set in panelling , and in the
panels of tlu * doors there arc plaques of
porcelain delicately painted in camaleu.
On the lloors are carpnts of Aubusson.
or of Nime's manufacture , very thick ,
and white in color , witli garlands of
bright llowcrs. Gas is abolished , for it
blackens the white enamel of
the furniture , and damages the
fresco of the coiling. This is not a
genuine fresco , because the oa fogs
injure such work , but is an oil painting
on canvas pasted on the plaster. In
stead of gas , there tire candelabra oi
Sevres porcelain with branches of tine
gilt hronzo holding from six to a donon
wax candles. There are ordinarily two
on the table , and two upon the shelf
of the lire-place. The latter is
a mirnclo ot artistio arrangement.
There is no grate , for it is the fashion
to burn wood in dogs of hammered
brass , and the lire place is lined with
beautiful and costly tiles. There is no
fonder , and instead of it is a radiator
of polished steel , which looks like a fan
mailc of sword blades. The chairs and
sofas are of white onainol. ami are cov
ered with the most expensive silks from
Lyons. Everything is bright and glit
tering , and that is why there is a
marked tendency to color effects in
men's dress , which will undoubtedly
end in a revival of the costumes of the
eighteenth century , willi its embroider
ies and silks and velvets.
no\v run rouu j.ivu rx XKW YOKIC.
Whilst the rich dream of Louis
Quinzp costumes , and are cynically
plunging into the most shocking im
moralities , how do the poor live ? Of
whatdo they dream ? When of a Sun
day the rich gather in their luxurious
churches , and mutter words of do-
voliou in the warm and per
fumed air , and call themselves
miserable sinners with keen cnjoymont
of their purple and line linen , tlio
parson intones the liturgy and prays
for all the poor and needy and the rich
and suffering , and the rich' respond :
"Wo beseech Thee to hear us good
Lord I" What a mockery ! What lip
service ! What audacious lying before
high heaven ! They care nothing for the
poorand their wealth and their splendor
are obtained by wholesale robberies of
the public that have resulted in this
widespread and extreme destitution.
While tlio organ peais , while the an
them is chanted by the white-robed
choiristors , while men and women liv
ing in open and llagrant sin affect de
votion and mould their countenances to
the requisite lines of pity , the poor arc
outside wandering about to find coal
wagons and to follow them that they
muv pick up enough fuel to cook a meal ,
and to warm the hearts chilled within
thorn. Formerly those who were fight
ing off starvation used to live on broad
and tea , but experience has taught wis
dom , and now their food is oatmeal porridge
ridge and molasses. If they get
a sulllciency of this they are sat
isfied , the men as the women. There
is as pur phrase goes , as much heart in
it as in moat. , and it is more wholesome
for it builds up the nerves instead o
destroying them. But the cold , the
terrible cold , of New York requires a
good lire to keep it from invading the
vitality of those whoso only food is a
cereal. The whole family must hunt
for fuel , for bits of wood here and there
and for lumps of coal , or they would bo
starved with the bitter rawness of the
air that invades 'their miserable roon
froin the badly fitting windows and the
shaking doors. When the Guest io un
successful , there is nothing for it butte
to burrow in the frowsy rags of bedding
and to huddle together to keep the ani
mal warmth in themselves. Aye ! aye !
"Wo beseech Tnoo to hear us , good
Lord. " There is so much silent suffer
ing among the workers of this city both
in midsummer rjand midwinter that
there has grown up among them u feel
ing of repulsion and aversion to the
rich. Among these working girls there
are many who tire extremely lovely ,
but there is not one who would sell her
self to a rich man , not because they arc
supremely virtuous , but because the. * ,
dislike Ihe cnbto. When William Wal
dorf Astor stood for assemblyman some
years ago ho wanted to conciliate bus
future constituents and ho and some
friends wont to a workmen's ball
in the district. The girls
would not dance with thorn.
One of his strikers wont around expos
tulating and coaxing , and prevailed on
the girls to dance with tlio party , "just
for once to show that there was no hard
feeling , " but after a few turns of the
wait/ they excused themselves , saying
that they were tired. This particular
Astor is a good fellow , the very best of
all the millionaires , but between him
and the masses there is a gulf , and they
did not thank him for trying to bridge
Nor is this feeling on the ono side
only , for the rich are most hostile in
a covert stealthy way to all those who
determine to follow the example of
Christ , and to take their stand with the
iioor and oppressed. All America
Knows what a heroic record belongs to
tlio .Sixty-ninth regiment , which is en
tirely composed of gallant Kriil-go-
braghs. The armory which the city
provides for those bravo men is a dis
graceful structure in a rotten a mdition ,
and most unlit for its present purpose.
There has boon for sotno time past a
a steady building of actual fortresses for
the armories of those roglnu-nts who
may bo relied upon to support the cause
of the bloiitud bondholder. But as the
Sixty-iiinor < - are not of this time-serving
disposition , and are notoriously in sym
pathy with the working element of this
uity , particular euro has been taken to
provide them with an armory which is
falling to pieces , and which soon will bo
in such a condition that it will bo closed
for repairs. Then the rJllcs and ammu
nition of the organization must bo cared
for by the state , and probably will bo
handed over for safe keeping to ono of
those fortresses which are in
the hands of men friendly to
capital , and hostile to labor. And
the Sixty-ninth will practically cease to
exist as a military organi/ation. This
is the llttlo job which is being en
gineered at present , but it IB to bo
hoped that fiuoh a iiltunor tvill bo made
by the Irish that an armory will bo
planned for them also , und oerhnps of
( MilES.
" PEARS'-Tho Great Engllsli rMjIeiion SOAP.-SoU . Eveiywlw. "
? . ' ) , < iKi > i''li.ll'll,1f'1-vk"ow" ' ' ' ' ' " " ' ' .V. ForSI'H MXS , llllflsr.s. IIACK.U'UI ! . PAIN
" ' ' " ! ) " ' ' . . . .
, ' , "i101 S11IKS ; "vV'ACIIHTOOl'IIAflir oraiiy.itn.-ri'xti.rnnl I'AI.N a row Hi.pll
* . ,
\\R ! ! r > 'rroN.iisn ; > Ns
\ ! ' M v ' ISM.VKL'KAI.UIA. , . U'.IIJAM , Sll .Vl'lUA. ' 1'AI.NS IN Till ?
the most fortillcational kind. Lot it bo
adorned with a domi-btistion at ouch
corner , and have machlcollatinnsaround
the cornice of the roof , and t > arti/un
towora at the angle. Lot there bo n
donjon keep in the centre , and lot the
entrance bo by a barbican Knle And
as orav.y Abe llcwitt does not like the
golden barn on a green ground about
the city hall , let ns have that famous
ling , and the sun-burnt banner all over
tlio new armory. SioiiA THOU.
After diphtheria , scarlet fever or
[ mouinonin , Hood's Sarsapariila will
jive strength to the system , and expel
ill poison from the blood.
Crawford'H llrl > ; ht To-morrow.
Ciuwroiti ) , Neb. , Dec. 30. Correspond
cneo of THE Bcu : Crawford's future pros-
> crity is now assured. The incoming of tlio
U. fc M. railroad , which will cross the Fre-
nout , Elkhoni & Missouri Valley at Cruw-
'onl , will no doubt cause n Inrgo town in
time to bo built here. Crawford will , in all
irobnbllity , bo the end of the Alliance &
Jlack Hills division of the B. & M. , and the
shops will bo erected here. Fort Hob-
nsou will have much to do with the fu.
turo prosperity of Crawford , and ho a per-
nnnont source of income to the town. The
Jrnwforu people understand this , and are
huildimr solidly and to stay. Brick buildings
will bo put up next summer , nud the town
nni'li improved in the old part. The
lew town will be on the B. & M.
and bought from Mr. Paddock. Mr.
'auiloclc owned the hind adjoining the old
.own site , ami on it tlio B. & M. wished to
mild , and hail to buy it. I am told they paid
a round sum for it and then irot only a half
n to rest. Five thousand dollars was paid
lown to Mr. Pntlilock to bind thu bargain ,
ind $10,01 more is to l > o paid. Mr. P.uldodc
still retains one-half interest in the land and
vill receive 30 per cent of all the money paid
for the lots to the B. & M. It is considcrejl
i very good thing to bo a partner with a
argc corporation , yet nobody will envy Mr.
Paddock his good hick. lie came into thu
country n mere strippling , when itvas a
vilderness , and had no railroads nearer than
he Union Pnuiile , and ho has ounied his
jood fortune by his enterprise and labor.
Mr. Paddock is still under thirty year ? of
igc. llis example is a good lesson for some
) i n aha young men to stnuy and profit by.
While they have been loafintr around Omaha
pending their fathom' money , Mr. Puililock been getting rich. Tno land on which a
; oed portion of Crawford stunu wna
oriKlmilly owned by Mr. Annlnwho sold it to
Mr. Paddock for § 10 per acre. It is now
vorth nnywhero from 3400 to $1,000 per acre.
Mr. Annin will probably stroke his chin
yhon ho roads this , but he has the eonsola-
ion of knowing it is still in the family , as
Mr. Paddock is his brother-in-law. Benja
min Paddock is the son of ono of Omaha's
most esteemed citucus , Captain J. W. Pad
dock. J. S. B.
"Wm. Blade , Abingdon , Towa , was
cured of cancer of the eve by Dr. .rones'
lied Clover Tonic , which euros all blood
disorders and dibca os of the stomach ,
liver and kidneys. Tlio best tonic and
nppoti/or known. 50 cents. Goodman
Drug Co.
Died ol' Heart Disease.
SUTTOK , Neb. , Dec. 'tO. [ Special to Tin :
Bm : . ] Mr. Georgn Brownoll died very sud
denly at thla place , her husband waking In
the morning and Uncling his wlfo n corpse in
the bed beside him. She hau boon awake
anil apparently well at 4 o'clock , two hours
before , when he had awakened and con
versed with her. Mrs. Brownell was sixty-
flvo years old. Heart diaeaso is supposed I to
Imvo been the direct cause of her snddon
deeeaso. The family were among the < mrll-
cst settlers here and were much respected ,
An AltKnliirn
is only put up in largo two ounce tin boxes ,
and is an abssluto euro for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chapped hands , and all skin erup
tions. Will positively care all kinds of piles.
MENT. Sold by Goodman Drug Co. , at 'Jo
cents pur box by mail ! )0 ) coriU.
li ! orilydropholi'a.
Oxroiin , Neb. , Dec. 'M. [ .Special to Tin :
Bm : . ] A dog which was loft in town by a
party of immigrants two weeks ago was
killed last week by Gustavo Struve , who
found it chasing his , hou's. Several clays ago
the hogs belonging to I ) . Clement , Mrs. S ,
Kinyon and W. V. Bantu began to exhibit
signs of hydrophobia. The symptoms con
tinued to grow more marked till some of
them clicd und others were killed to prevent
further results. Since these developments
the parties above referral to romcmber
having scc-ii the mad dog Jump into their pig
pens and attack the avwiii , ' . That the dls
CMSO l genuine ? rabWus there is no doubt
1-ollowiiiK the oxciUtiuinit thus created Mar
shal Graves promptly ncititlocl our i-itixuns to
miu/le their clogs or ho would oxtornminto
every ono found running ut largeat a certain
time. 1 his warning worked lilio u olinrm ,
for u rigid .se.irch cif the city afterward * re
sulted in the diseovory of but tWO CUlltltUM ,
that loll victims to the shotgun.
A Challenge The proprietors of Dr.
Hull's eolith .syrup hereby challenge the
faculty to proseribo a remedy moiv ef
fective than theirs.
I cordially recommend Salvation oil
to all sulVoring from rheumatism. Jos.
S. Fox , cattle dealer , 117 North D road
way , 1'ultiinoro. Mil.
> ltCoolIMVH. .
MrCooi , JrjfrTioy , Neb. , Dec. 110. [ Special
to Tina IIii.l llun. O. W. llnys , of Mi-Cool
Junction , loft on thu morning tram for Lin
coln , to assume his legislative dime * , tuul to
take part in the election of the spe.iker.
Thu principal question which is agitating
the mmcls of the people , of this section , is the
amending ol tlio Nebraska banking laws , so
ns to afford protection to tlio depositors.
Many ot our citizens arc ntruid to make cloj
posits in the banks on account oi the many
failures which have recently occurred ; also
to mm ml the township organization laws , so
that all taxes may bo collected by the town
treasurer , of the respective townships , mid
that all monuy bolonelng thereto , bo retained
in his hiituls , and that any surplus be prop
erly provided for.
Most complexion powders have a vul
gar { jhiro , but Po//oni's is a true
bcautilier , whoso olYocts are lusting.
A Woman Ijawycr.
ncu-nii CITV , Neb. , Dec. : ) . [ Special to
Tim Bnu. ] At the session of court just
closed here. Miss Hebecca May was admitted
to practice in the district courts. This is the
Unit case of the kind in the Eleventh Judicial
district. Miss May is at present assisting
Treasurer Mel'cak.
That hacking cough can bo so quickly
cured by Shiloh's Cure. Wo fMiarauteo
it. For sale by Goodman Drug Co.
iV Uol-ber Cnpmre.d.
Wunrixo , Neb. , Dec. UO [ Special
to Tun Bun. ] H. F. Howe , an old express
man , has been arrested at Denton for rob-
UiuK the 1'ucillo Express company of 5,000
last September. This is the money that was
alleged to belong to the national republican
committee , and disappeared mysteriously at
this point. When arrested EIowo broku
down and confessed to the crime. Ho has
spent considerable money since the robbery.
A list of expenditures given by him amounted
to J-,000. The detectives procured anil have
many of the original bills which ho had
at various places. 1
Advice lo
Sirs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup should al I
ways be used forchildrcn teething Itsoothoi
the child , softens the gums , allays all pain ,
curesiwind colic , ami is the boat remedy for
-5o u bottle ! .
; sorated Scarlet I < " vpr Scare.
L-iio , Nob. , Doc. ; iO. [ Special to
Tun BIB. : | Stromsburjf has received some
notoriety by the report Unit a half-dozcm
deaths from scarlet fever had occurred hero
ip ono day. The truth is that there were
several eases of scarlet fever in and about
the city , and one child died. So far the
cases reported nro not of tlio malignant or
dangerous type , and In tlio hands of the
faithful physicians ro not alarming. The
city count-1" quarantined the city , closing thu
m-luiols and all public meetings , and it will
continue until they are satisfied the danger
is passed.
During twenty-five yours trial mor
tality under Ur. .lotteris' prove ntivo
and euro for diphtheria , mortality has
boon loss than ono-tonth of 1 per cent.
No physician required.
A I < 'ilthy > liiil.
DAKOTA CITY , Neb. , Dee. IIO.-ISpecial
to TUB BII : : . JTho J Argus prints a story
about a terrlblo condition of affair. ) in the
Dakota county Jail. It charges that prison
ers nro compelled to wallow In lilth mid that
, t is the custom to destroy the prisoners' '
clothing and purchase them nmro at tinox -
lonso of the t.ixpiyera when they bocomu MI
llthy as to dlfgnst even thu sheriff. The
iiiper also Hssurts that u murderer conllnnd
n the Jail is nllowcsd the liberty of the court
louse unattended. .Mnlgo Burncs , wlnlo
( leading u case in court rouciitl. " roiimrkoil
'If I had to chuoso IIMIWUUII serving u life
duntuuco in the penitentiary and twenty four
lours In the Dakota county ] iul , I would
uiko tlio penitentiary. "
° * !
GWet *
Thus the ' Mustang" conquers pain ,
Makes MAN or BEAST well again !