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Blurted on the Rounds By an Imng-
Inatlvo Roportor.
Tito Story Denounced as Absurd and
a Cnnnrd of the Mont Pronounced
Binmn The I'rcnlilGiit-Klcct'a
The KfTorl nrimnglnnllon.
Nr.w YOHK , Dec. 21 [ Special Telogrnm to
Tun HKFTho ] Itnrald correspondent nt In
dlannpolis claims to have Information of nplot
to assassinate President Hnrrlson Ho sajs :
"Tho rumor crept out to-night. The source
is such thit : 1 cannot do otherwise than send
hiich Information , which Is but little , us can
1)0 obtained concerning It. Alanr bollovo tlio
rumor well founded. Later developments
nro awaited with great Interest The facts ,
BO far as can bo stated , nro that a close
friend of the Harrison family told the story
to day to n confidential friend , which ,
If true , will startle the entire
civilised world. It was to the effect that a
well-laid plot to tnko the hfo of General
Harrison was arranged by n itnng of blood-
thli-stv villains , and that tlio nttcmpt to exe
cute the dastardly design was made ono d.iy
last week , but that the fearful scheme was
discovered by ono of Harrison's nearest
friends , and thwarted. It is well known
that Harrison dally exposes Himself to such
a vlin purpose , as his custom is to take wnllts
everyday. Ho usually strolls alone m the
back streets of the northern part of tlio
city , is seldom accompanied by nn\onc , and
would prove an easy victim for wottld-bo
A C'annid.
Is'niANAi'ons , Ind , Dce. 21. [ Special Tel
egram to TUB Hci. . ] The repot t that an
attempt was made to do violence to the pres
ident elect Is absurd. It is purely the Inven
tion of a correspondent who wus evidently
short of matter.
At HnrrUon'H Home.
INDIAN M'or is , Ind. , Dec. 21. The chief
topic of conveisation to day about , the hotel
lobbies was tlio sensational attempt at assas
sination stoiy telcgiaphod tiom Now York.
It has been discussed and denounced upon
nil sides. The Associated Press correspond
ent is advised that icports have been sent
this evening to several papcis telling that
the ntory had its foundation in the frequent
trips alleged to have been made in the even
ing during the campaign by General Harri
son to Maplcton , tlio summer residence of
Theodore P. Hnughoy , president of the In
dianapolis National bunk , with whom , HO the
story goes , General Hnirlson passed several
nights , being accompanied by tin armed
guard. Thcab orioneous statements having
been i cpeatcd to a correspondent , are be
lieved to have furnished ttio slim grounds
for a concoction of the attempted assassina
tion story.
The facts are that General Harrison has
not visited Maplcton in five years. It is true
that he tins since the nomination received
letters from "cranks , " but it is not known
that any of them weio of a threatening
chnracter. Private Secretary Halford , Mr.
Mclfee , the general's son in-law , and others
mo very outspoken in their opinion regard-
me the stoi.y published and the unpleasant
suggestion which they feel it cariles to every
"crank" in the country.
ESenatoi Saunders and wife , of Omaha ,
arrived from Now York this afternoon , en
.route forliomb and are the guests of General
and Mrs. Harrison They will probably re
main until after Christmas.
Ho Struck Ills Wife Because She
IlofiiKcd to lllKi Him.
ST. LoUis , Mo , Dec. 21. The ease of the
HOY. William U. Campbell and his wife was
ngnin taken up yesterday in thocircuit court.
Four ministers of this city testified to the
good character of Mr Campbell. The latter
then took the stand. Ho testified that he did
nil he could for his wife when the child
Christine was born. It was true ho did tlo
the child's ' arms down ono time ami ho did it
to orovent the little ono from scratching her
face. She was at tlio time suffering from n
skin disease. Ho had slapped his wife once
In the mouth. "I started to caress her. "
said ho , "and she pushed mo oft ami spat In
my face. 1 slapped her with the baek of my
hand , but was sorry right away and begged
her pardon. " The witness said ho had
charge of the money for a while , and then
his wife took chaige , and put him on an
ullowanco of $00 a month. It was true that
his salary was inci cased and ho "held out"
the increase f rom his wifons he needed the
money. Ho graduated from Andover , Mass. ,
and had been a minister in Boston for seven
Tlio Dentil Uncord.
BOSTON , Mass. , Dec. 21. Hon. S. E.
Bo well died hero ycstciday. He became early
Interested in the anti-slavery cause , and was
associated with William Lloyd Garrison in
establishing the Liberator in 1831. Ho was
counsel for the defense of Sims , Anthony
Burns , and other fugitive slaves. Ho pro-
pal ed arguments und assisted at the trial of
John Biown.
NMV Ynitit , Dec. 21. During the progicss
of thuVulmsh hearing this afternoon a tele-
cinm was received announcing the death of
Isaac B. Itnox , ouo of the dircctois , at De-
cutur , 111 ,
MAsciinsmi , N. 11. , Doc. 21. Ex-Con
gressman Georpa W. Mai tin died U ) night ,
nged seventy-nine. While n member of the
Thirty-third congress bo made a speech in
opposition to the Knnsas-Nebiaska bill , which
gnvo him n national loputation.
BOSTON , Muss , Dec. 21 Oliver Ditson ,
whose name is u household vvord'in the coun
try wherever muslo is sunn or taught , died
tills afternoon ut his homo un Kast Brooklyn
street , this city , need sovonty-soven years.
His death was not ontlicly unexpected , ns ho
has been ill since fifteen months ago , when
symptoms of disease of the brain wore no
Knookod fioin tlio ( . 'arc.
CiiifiKSSf , W > o. , fJc-e 21. ( Special Tele
gram to THE UBB. ] Joseph I. eland , n Union
Pacific bi akoinan , was Killed in a snowshcd
near Sherman this moinini ; . Ho was stand
ing on a box-car , nnd , failing to notice the
bhi'd until too Into , was knocked from the
car utul Instantly killed. Leland Is the third
brnkoman who has met death in this snow-
plied und In n similar manner dutlng the past
ii , Co\o. \ , Deo. 21. The Inter-state
Land company , composed of Kunsas City , St.
Louis und Clnclnnntl capitalists , filed n peti
tion in the United Statss court today that
the title of the land now embraced in the Max-
ell grant bo dcclutcd void and the trans-
uctlon bo tot aside , and that each nnd every
person la ) ing claim to land may bo forever
enjoining ftom tltlo to or any hu-r ? t lu the
land. _
Bcutriictul in Ho llnnuoil Pop Assault.
WILMINGTON , Del , Deo. 21 , In the case of
William Calhoun , convicted of assault com
mitted on Catherine Uti November W , Calhoun -
houn is sentenced vest onlay to bo hunucd
Friday , Mfci ch 83. The couJewncd wen lie-
traym' . no emotion.
Minister MuLmne lluiiiiuutloil.
VARIS. D < o. fil. A dlnnor was given nt the
National club thl evening In honor of Mo-
Lano. the American minister. Mauy dls-
cd Frenuhmoa wor present.
TcHllmottltil of a Colored ilcpiiullonn
WA III\OTOV , Dee 21 Senator * Sherman
was this evening serenaded by the recently
orgnnizcd"John Sherman Republican League
( colored ) of the District of Columbia. " An
nddrcss on behalf of the lenguo was read
and presented , thanking the senator for his
great nnd unremitting services on behalf of
the colored rnee. They protested against
the recognition of protection democrats in
the south , by their elevation to high ofllccs
under the in-coming administration , nnd
called upon the American people to protect
tholr brothers in certain sections in the
south in the exercise of their constitutional
rights as free men Senator Sherman , In re
sponse , said In pait :
"Tito problem of securing to you the peace
ful enjoyment of equal lights and privileges
is the most illflli ult ono in American politics ,
So far ns the constitution and laws of our
country can do It , jou now stand before mo
invested with every tight of free men. If m
some of the southern states these rights are
d"tiind to you , > ou must remember and make
allowances for the opinions and jirojudlcesof
nges and for your enforced ignorance These
jirojudices will disippor as .vouncquiro edu
cation nnd propoi ty , nnd that \ou can win by
moderation and good character , respect and
the confidence of the sons of these who held
> ou or your ancestotsns slaves. If jou suf
fer injustice under the sh ulovv of the past ,
remember that never before in human his
tory did any emancipated race or class make
mich progress In so shot t a time as you hnvo
done. "
Senator Sherman expressed the hope nnd
belief that the next congress would nass a
uniform election law to secure to every man
the light to vote and have that vote counted ,
but ho warned them that congress could not
interfere In local elections. "Your hojio is
in the moral tonvlotion , growing stiongor
day by day , that injustice to vou re lets on
> our onprossois. " It was for them , the
speaker said , to show the untruth of the
charge that thoyweie not lilted for the du
ties of cltlrcnshlp , and that in these states
where they were numeious they would es
tablish nogio tulo and endanger civlli/atlon.
Or. Tanner Cluivces Ha I ( our " \Vlth He-
hi IT n Llur nnil n Coivnr 1.
LOSDOK , D c. 21. In tho" commons this
alternoon the news from Stnnloy und Hindi
Boy was received with enthusiasm In the
committee on the appropriation bill , Goist
being in the chair , Dr. Tanner , Dr. Clark
and Mi. Caldwell proposed amendments to
various parts of the bill , and Gorst ruled
them out of order. Dr. Tapncr decidedly
piolested against the chalrmin's ruling. Ho
said : "When v\e nro held in committee of
snnjilv , appropriating money to a swindler ,
thiol , and servant ol the liish secretary , Bal
four ought to bo hcie , and not bo such a
coward as ho is. " Gorst ordered Dr. Tanner
to icsumo his seat and to withdraw the woid
"coward. " Dr. Tanner i etoi ted : "I call him
both coward and a liar "
Goschen thoioupon moved that Tanner be
suspended The Louse agreed without divi
sion , and 'I anner loft the chamber.
In the house of lords to day Earl Dunravcn
asked Lord Salisbury when the government
intended to appoint a minister to succeed
Loid Sackvillo at Washington. Lotd Salis
bury icplied that the conespondenco on the
subject was incomplete , and theiofore , in
accordance with the uniform rule , could say
In the debate on nnst Afiican affairs Loid
Salisbury declared absolutely that theio
would be no expedition into the Soudan , but
Suakim must not bo ab indoned. ' 1 ho w hole
character of the operations must bo en
larged. Those who advised the government
to seize Snakim and hoist the English ilag
should study the treaty of Pans.
Helped HniiK Mrs. Surratt.
CiiAtir ESTON , S C , Dec. 21. The death in
Ocean county of John B. Hubbard closes an
other pate in the reconstruction history of
South Caiollna. Hubbnrd was n Now
Yorker , who drifted down hcio in Ib70.
There was n mj story about him His inti
mates said he had taken n prominent pat t In
the execution of Mrs Surratt , and had been
foi cod to leave his homo for fear of assassin
ation. When the democrats ovortlnevv the
rcconsti uction government in 1S70 , Hubbard
left the state cajntal nnd fled to the moun
tains In the northwestern part of the state ,
whore ho has lived over since. It Is said ho
was a moonshiner , nnd vet was in the jiay of
the revenue dcpuitmont How ho managed
to escape the moonslllners' vengeancois still
a mystery. For the last four or live years ho
had disapjieared altogether fiom public no
tice. Ho died in his mountain fastness. Ho
acted as chief constable and body guard for
the "Robber Govetnor" Moses , during all
his term.
With Ills Neighbor's Wife.
Cou.'vnius , Ind , Dec. 21. Silas Ping and
Mrs. Mnry Moore , of Brown county , loft the
city this aitornoon , and arn said to have
eloped. Ping and Mooio are neighboring
farmers , both in good circumstances , and
each has n family of five children. It was
not known that nny intimacy beyond n mere
ft iendship existed between the couple. Both
families vvoro in the city to day buj ing
Chtistmas ptcsents. The couj > Io left a note
nt a dry goods bouse bidding their friends
farewell. The parties went to Kentucky.
Gnvo Himself Uj > .
ST. JOSFPII , Mo. , Deo. 21. ( Special Tele
gram to Tim Bnn. ] Dr. S. A. Richmond ,
who murdered Colonel J. W. Strong , editor
of the Herald , Juno 18 , ISbO , and who was
sent to the insane asylum but nftorwards
escaped , voluntarily loturnod from Camargo ,
111. , this morning and gnvo himself up to
stand another trial regarding his sanity.
Richmond is the manufacturer of a jutent
medicine nnd has an income of $25,000 , a year.
Mimleioil for 'J heir Money.
LITTLB Roi K , Ark. , Dec. 31. The dead
bodies of Charles Hut ? nnd his wife weio
found in their homo , nine miles from the city ,
yostcidny. They were lying in pools of
blood In different rooms , and a largo , blood
stained butcher knife was by the side of the
man. ICut ? was a prpspero' s farmer and had
sold a lot of cotton the day boforc. which
leads to thu belief that the couple wcro mur
dered for their money ,
Iton Hopkins I'ardoned.
WA&IIIXCITOV , Dec. 21. The president to
day wudoncd Bon Hopkins of Ohio , under
sentence for embezzling and mlsappblng the
funds of the Fidelity National bank of ( Jin-
clnnntl , because the convict's health Is such
as to allow him to live only a short time.
The president grnntc 1 the pardon so that ho
might spend his remaining days among his
- *
Sc\v Iowa I'osimnstors.
WASIUHOTOV , Doo. 21 , [ Special Telegram
to TUB 13nn. | Tlio following Iowa post-
mnstei.s have been appointed : Laura 11
Williamson , Lacrow , Leo rounty , vice Will-
Jam Ii. Boll , resigned , and Charles D. Lyon ,
Mlle , Warrsn county , vlco Clint L , Pilco ,
Tvto Llnln DnUota Orphans.
Penu , Ind , , Dec. 21. Th&io at rived In
this city on the late train last u If lit ftom
Dakota Emma William * , aged ten , and her
brother lildle , aged six , who had traveled
the cntlto distance by themselves. Tholr
puicnts dying lately , the children were sent
to lelatlve ? near this city.
Ills Urtttslitoi's Death Killed Him.
MAiisiim. , 111. , Dec. 21 , A father and
daughter by the name of Ecliol wcro burled
near here _ j aster Jay. The chughtcrdled In
Terre Hauls , whe'ro ho was working , A
/ow innuto | after her toly was brought into
the house the fathercspl.-oJ , and bstb bodies
wcie bulled at the ja/uevime. /
If Mr. Blalno Is luvitod Into the
The Commissioner of Interim ! Hove-
line MI Decides The New Bridge
Over the .MlHsoiifl 'iltoGou-
crnl Terry Wreck.
THE O tvm EBB , 1
51:1 : FouiiTBBvrit STIIEKT. V
WASittvorov , D. C. . Dee. 21. )
The emphntlc talk about Mr. Blnlno going
Into President Harrison's cabinet has not
only stirred up the republicans in the senate ,
but n number of them in the house , There
is a very strong opposition to Mr. Blame
becoming one of President Harrison's conn-
sollois The piinclpal giound of ttio ob
jection is n belief that Mr. Bluino's ideas
would not hnrmonbo with these of the new
president , nnd a spljt in the party Is fc ired ,
Gcncial Harrison Is being flooded with let
ters from Washington , written by men in
congioss , and out of it , appealing to him to
refuse to Invite Mr. Blainc to the portfolio
of thodcpaitment of stato. A senator who
has written to General Han i on on the sub
jcct , nnd who s.ijs ho will likely go to In-
dlamipolls to elaborate his opinions
verbally before the llrst of January ,
said this nftornoon : "I do not believe -
liovo that Mr. Blalno is icsponsiblo
foi all this newspaper talk about his going
into the cabinet. It is the work of his
fi lends , nnd it is the same kind of work that
was done in the winter of Ib'O-Sl , icsultlng
in tiu selection of Mr. Blainc President
GUI Held , its a cabinet otllcer. General Gar-
Held was ilrmlj opposed to asking Mi. Blaine
into his cabinet His mind was made up in
advance , and it was not until after weeks of
the stiongcst outside pressure this s\mo
kind of pressure that is bjing bi ought to bear
upon General Hart ( son that ho finally
yielded , believing that theio uas a general
demand from t tic countiy at lanrc livery-
body knows the result. I know that Geueial
llanlson does not want Mr. Blame in his
cabinet , nnd 1 Know , furthermore , that till of
the influence in Indiana , all of the men who
live in the state and are in dally consultation
with the pi esident-e'ect , arc uslinnlj and un
alterably opposed to Ulain'es going Into the
cabinet as can ba imagined. It is
slmplv a question of what outside presume
can again do. If General Hauison yields in
this instance the countiy Mill thereafter bo
in doubt as to just w hat is to bo done. "
coi.ouni )
Mr. Miller , the commissioner of Intelnal
revenue , has stiired up the buttor-mukeis
tlnoughout the United States by deciding
that coloring mattei used In milk butter is a
founof adulteration and makes the pioduct
subject to the same tax as olcomargailno.
Everyuody knows that Juno butter cannot bo
made between September and May without
ai tilicial assistance , and that the substances
used to give it a tint is pronounced harmless
by chemists. The lesult of this decision will
bo to add 2 cents a pound to duiiy-inade but
ter colored in tins way.
Tin : NLW nnmoc.
Senator Manderson said to'Tun BEB cor
respondent , this afternoon , that the bill ,
which he socuied the pa sigo of in the sen
ate yestci clay , authorising the constiuction of
a bridge across the Missouri river in Monona
county , Iowa , and Hurt county , Nebraska ,
and to make the same a post route .vill un
doubtedly become a law within a very few
pays The bill p issed the house June 4 , but
It will have to go to that body again for con
currence in an amendment made bj the senate -
ate nt the suggestion of Senator Wilson , of
Iowa The amendment will meet with no
objection on the part of the housa , as it sim
ply requires that the work shall be begun
within two years , and bo completed within
three years , and shall have connection with
lines of railroad. The charter is granted to
the Chicago , Milwaukee & St Paul railway
company , nnd the bi idgo , which shall not bo
on obsti uction to navigation , is to bo con-
strutted from and through section 7 , town
ship S > 4 , north of ranee 40 , west of the 5th
principal meridian , Monoim county , Iowa ,
and in and througn Buit county , Nebraska
The plans and work ore to bo under the
supervision of the secretary of war.
If the bridge is made with un
broken and continuous spans it shall
have throe or more channel spans of not less
than ! ! 00 feet in the clear , and
shall not bo of less elevation than fifty feet
auovoextreme hivh water inatk , and the
piers shall bo paiallel to the cunent of the
liver. The main span shall bo over the
channel of the river , nnd not less than HOO
feet in length , and the company Is required
to maintain at its own expense , fiom sunset
to sunrise , such lights or other signals on the
bridge as the lighthouse board may pres
cribe. The rights nnd privileges for the
transportation of troops , the mails , etc , are
secured to the federal gov eminent , also for
the construction and maintenance of tele
graph lines over the structure. All railroad
companies desiring the use of the biidge
shall be entitled to cipjal i ights and privil
eges upon payment of a reasonable compen
sation , and in case the owners of the bridge
shill fall to agree upon the sum to bo paid
and the lilies und conditions governing the
use of the bndce. the secietary of war shall
Senator Paddock , ft om his committee on
the Mississippi river unit its tributaries , to
day submitted a repoit oa the investigation
the committee lias been conducting into the
destruction of the steamer. Gencial Terry ,
which was wrecked bv collision with the
piers of tlio Union Pacific bridge at Omaha ,
Juno 10 , last. The owners of the steamboat
inemoiializcd congress , alleging obstruction
to navigation , through the improper con
struction of tiie bridge itself , and especially
by the falluto of the company to remove the
old piers , which at that tiiuo vvoro standing
between those of the recently completed
bridge. The report states : Your committee
during recess , instituted an informal Investi
gation of the subject and seemed a lutgo
amount of testimony , which is hotcwith ap
pended , Whilu ttio investigation was in pro-
gtess the memorialists voluntarily withdrew
their complaint , stating that the obstructions
complained of had been removed and tlmt
navigation was no longer impeded , as
chinged. The testimony appended is sufll-
clont , In the judgment of the committee , to
show that the present bi Idgo places no bar
to the free navigation of the i Ivor : that it
complies with the tcquirement of the act of
INi- ' , under which , ns held by the supreme
uiutt , that road was authorized to build a
budge over the Missouri river , Ju t as it
might build a btldge over any other stream
crossed by its line , and that the old plera
were obsti net ions to river navigation , which
have now been removed. There is accord
ingly no apparent reason for additional legis
lation on the subject , and tlio cominlttoo re
port the icsolution back , and ask tnat they
bo discharged fiom further consideration of
the same ,
GLNruu , imonxa's IDRAB.
"I think wo have seen tlio lust of tariff leg
islation forthIs session"said General Brown ,
of Indiana , a republican member of the com
mittee on wu ) a nnd means , to-day , in conver
sation. " 1 did think wo should bo able to pass
some bill , liku the bill for the repeal of thu
tobacco tax , for the purpose of reducing thu
revenues , but oven this 1 bellovo to bu out of
The question now. "
"Do you think that an extra session will bo
called by President llairison to consider the
surplus question , general ! "
"No , I have no fear of the surplus , wo
bavo 1230,000,000 , worth of bonds which will
ba duo v\ithn ! two yoms and a half ,
anil the government can do a good stroke of
flmmdsl business by anticipating the pay-
mcnt of tU'JEo bodds , and evan If this U not
done , thereis no good rca&on why wo should
not have the mopoy In our pockets with
which to pay our notes when they fall due.
General Harrison will simply Mirrouud him-
fcolf with a crowd of eafier oftlceseol'ers If
lie uslit congnus together boforc the 15th of
September or the 1st of October , nnd I do
not believe that ho will do It. "
vrmusKOs SBNIOB bKSiTfiu
Senator Manderson has Concluded tkat ho
CAnnot visit his homo In Nebraska during the
holldavs , ns hohns hopedito tlo. The Joint
committee on printing , of which ho Is chair
man' held n meeting to-dftj and decided upon
samples for paper and supplies for the com-
Inir vcar , and nlso forms of the advertise'
ment proposals and contracts which are to
take effect In January. There is also nn Im
mense accumulation of business in the com
mittees of which Senator Munderson Is a
member , nnd ho has run so far behind In his
congressional work that ho his concluded
to remain hero during thd holiday vacation
and clean up the work which is before him
Ho hns received advices from Nebraska , In-
dlcating that his re election is satisfactorily
secure , nnd that it will not bo noosssir.v for
him to gi o the question nny nttcntion , lu
order to remain In his sent for another term.
listlmntcs ar bomg prnp-ireci nt the office
of the supervising nrcliltwt of the treasury
for the Oltuiuwa , la. , public building
Captain John S Loud , Ninth cavalry , has
been grunted four months' leave.
Pi it in S HitATit.
Wii.Hliliielon Hrovltles.
Senator Chandler to-day Intioduced n bill
recently proposed In the house mnklntr it n
crime ngainst the United States , punishable
with n severe penalty , for any poison to offer
or tecelvo a bribe for a vote cast nt n presi
dential or congressional election.
Governor Moonlight , of Wyoming , sub
mitted to the secretary of the intciioi to day
a supplemental i oport , on the population of
that territory. Ho became satisfied , bv In-
quli ing , that his previous estimate of b5,000
population , which was based on former re
ports and inquiiies among the people , was
too high. He bused his judgment upon the
numtioi" of votes cast for uelognto in Novem
ber. Ibis veto was 13,000 , from which the
governor estimates the "leal population to
be about 55,500.
Dr Nomoun Augustl , who represents the
HippoHtes party in the Havtlcn revolution ,
h id a long intei view with Secietnr.v Bajaid
to day in icgard to the political aflfaiis of
that island. Ho explain id fully the position
of the icvolutionists , but did not ask that
thoi be locogniicd by this govcinnient. Ho
returned to New Yoik this afternoon with
out Imvine seen the president , and will , it is
nndci stood , take n steamer sailing to moriow
for Kuiopo.
The joint committee on printing fixed the
standard of paper to day for public printing
foi the beginning March 1 , 18s" " ) , and
ending Febiunry ! 3j ( , Ib'JO ' Pioposals for
bids will bo published in two papers in Now
York , Boston , Philadelphia , Cincinnati ,
Chicago and Washington , beginning Decem-
bei 21 , and pioposuls will bo opened January
2J. Uho printing of the government has so
incieised in two jcaia as to icquiio JO per
cent uioie paper.
The Indian Truttei-Mliip Committee.
WASHING ros , Dec. 21. The senate com
mittee on contingent expenses to-day ro-
poitcd favoiably on the resolution extending
until Mnr h-l the opotntlon of the committee
investigating the inmagement and system
of Indian traderslnps By that time the
committee expects to have linished its work
and repoit thereon
Daring and Successful .lull Delivery
in Washington Territory.
Pour ToivNsiM ) , W. T. , Dec. 21. The
most dniing nnd successful jail dehvci y ever
perpetrated on the sound occnucd hut night.
Thomas Hunter , the jailor , was m ono of the
cells wheie live prisoners were confined ,
when they suddenly overpowered and gagged
him , relieving him of 'his ' keys nnd pistols
before ho could rniso'nn alarm. Within a
few minutes the live criminals had opened the
other doors nnd were fleeing for libertyafter ,
locking the jailer and one trusty prisoner in
n cell. As soon as they couln release them
selves the alarm was given. The ci itnos for
which the men were mcaiccrated weie at
tempts at muidcr , gtand larceny and highwav
robbery. Posses were ut once oijanbed
nnd the neighboring poits notified of tlie
As Allcgetl to Hnvo Bccti Applied By
nil American Consul.
NK\V YORK , Dec. 21. Amon0' the passen
gers on the steamer Australia , from Gib
raltar November 20 , which arrived to-day ,
was Moses Beuasulim , who comes to this
country to piefor chaigcs against W. Reed
Lewis , United States consul at Tangiers ,
and his two assistants. Bcnasulim says that
Consul Lewis conspired to place him in
prison ntFe/e , wheie ho lay for fifty days ,
because ho refused to pay him § " > ,000 for
tlio "protection of the United States
government , " while engaged in piloting1
American uiei chants , being a merchant him
self , ttnough the country to make put chases.
Ho gives the names of follow mci chants
who , ho claims , wore swindled out of sums
ranging fiom S185 to $ J,500 , by Consul Lewis
and his assistants. Ho estimates that in his
twojcars of seivica Lewis has collected
from merchants for American protection
not less than $ .20,000.
The Wnlmsh'H OnUtunilinir Ticket * .
Cmovfio , Dee. 21. Th'o general managers
of the lines in the terntoty of the western
states passenger association mot again to
day , to consider the agreement submitted by
the committee of seven. The southwestern
lines could not adjust tholi differences , but
the western and northwestern loads agreed
to restore pisscngcr rates January 1 from
Chicago to Council Hindu , Omaha , St. Paul ,
Minneapolis and Lake Supcuor
points. Scalpel s nro still in pos
session of a largo number of
tickets of the Wubash tullway , und the
compctltois lofuso to restore rates to Kaiibai
City until these tickets aie withdrawn from
tlio market. The Wabash officials claim
that they have been/ unable to icclalm the
tickets , as the brokers i of use to icturn them
at coht price. Receiver McNulla lias sued
for , and obtained an injunction , from Judge
Giesham. testrnining Ticket Bioker Ftank
fiom selling or disposing of the tickets now
in his possession. Thocaso , will come up for
hearing in the United States circuit court
next Wednesday. t
At Mlsst Deb. 21. Peace and
quiet icign once inofti , nnd affairs have 10-
Bumed their normal condition. No fuithcr
tioublo is expected.
Nisiivii.t.p , Ten. , Dec 21. The Ameri
can's special corroi > ondont , who has been ut
Wuhnluk , Miss. , tel 'graph * from Aitesiu ,
Miss , , to-night ! "I hnvo just received a note
irom the hills icporflng the negroes sirr-
loundodnnd showing , flght. They outnum
ber the whites , who 'vyill defer attack until
aid comes , "
Similar telegrams have been sent to nil
adjoining towns , representing the necessity
for more men us urgent.
Hurled Under a Ton of Klnto.
Nr. Aiiic , N. J. , Dgp. 21 While thrco
workmen wore slating the roof of St. Ann's
Roman Catholio church this morning the
scaffold broke , precipitating the men to tlio
sidov ; alk , forty feet below. About a ton of
slate fell upon the prostrate men and burled
them completely. When extricated they
were found In a crushed and almost lifeless
condition. They piobubly will not recover.
At Now York The Egypt from Llveipool ,
State of Pennsylvania fiom Glasgow , the
Lahnfiom Bremen , the Bolgenland from
Antwerp , nnd the Polnna from Hambuig.
At Hamburg The Bohemia from Now
Qnni'intlnocl A nlnet Smallpox.
IEW Yon.if , Deo. 31. The steamers
Chateau , LJ Fitte and Lahu , from Bordeaux
and Bremen , respectively , urn detained ut
quarantine , e.\chh&vJug nuiullpojc on board ,
Why Joseph Robinson and Anna
Mngoo Flnpffod n Train.
Ho IN ClintKod With Bcamlrchltii : n
Pol low iIonrunllst'H Good Char
acter Rates Colleen Or.itoiH
Tlio Dull * } tucn'M Association.
nioitcd With ix TrlpRiMpli Operator.
VAUHHU O , Nob. , Dec 21. [ Special Tclo-
gram to TUB BIK J Joseph Koblnsbn nnd
Miss Annn Magee eloped from this place nt
noon to day. They started from a school
house nbout two miles west of town , where
Miss Mn oo was teaching , walked to the
railroad , flagged the west-bound passenger ,
and got nboard. HobltKou h is lately been
discharged from the employ of the ruiltcnil
company here , where he had acted ns oper
ator for sovoial jcars 1 ho voung lady Is
about seventeen , mid Is the daughter of J. L
M.i ' { oe , ono of our leading merchants. The
family is nearly disti acted with grief over
the occurrence.
Gnti'M Colloms NoteH
NKIHIII , Neb , Doc. Jl. [ Special to THE
Hnr. ] The llrst annual oratorical contest of
Gates college took place list night. Of the
six contestants , D , H. Collings , of Ponder ,
took .first honor , and H E Gregory , of Ci etc ,
took second. The six Judges , chosen from
nbioad , spoke In glowing terms of the merits
of the orators und the manner of delivery.
Tiio two dnjs' examination of the college
classes before the committee selected by the
state association of Cotigiegationnl chinches
closed to day. The oxumiiutlon boaid wore
not n little surprised nt the advancement ,
efficiency , ? eal and moral influence of the
lollego , and most cordially urge its superior
advantages. Gates college was founded In
Iss1,1 , when only two instructors were em-
plojed. To meet the growing needs and in
creased attendance , five instiuctois aio now
required in the class work , besides the de
partments of music , painting , etc Gavlotd
hall , for ladies , was erected a ago , and
last summei a new chemical und philosoph
ical laboratoi y w ltd modern impiovements.
The Htiuggle for existence this college lias
undergone , In common with nearly all ioung
educational Institutions , seems to be an event
of the past ; nt least its present endowment ,
profcssoiships , and haul earned icputatiou
make it mosl a sinedly an established fact.
I ) ilrj moil's AsMot ion.
Giniiov , Neb , Dec. 21. ISpeciul to Tin :
Bi.r J A largo ana enthusiastic audience
greeted the opening session of tile fouth an
nual convention of the Nebraska Dairymen's
association , which met ut Gibbon on Decem
ber 18. The convention was called to order
by the Hon. Allen Hoot , of Omahi
The opening e\eicises consisted of music ,
a pinycrby Hov. O. R. Heetc , of the M. C.
chinch , und a recitation bv Miss Uosa
Ojjilvio Mr. F. S Fulmcr , of the village
council , delivcied an nddioss of welcome , to
which responses weio made by Messrs. Gn-
brilson , Ashburn , Curtis. Howe , Mirril , Hoot
and others Tno president's address was
given by J.V. . Livinghouse , of Grand
The programme for to morrow includes n
pnppr on "The Advantages of Co opciution
in Dairying , " by William Sulton , of
Tublo Hock ; "Buttermaking in the
creamery and on the Farm , " F. E. Howe ,
Fairmont ; "Private Dairying nnd Cheese
Making , " Colonel T. D Curtis , of Chicago ;
"Km n Yard Comforts , " C. L. GebnUon , of
KlllfMl By the Cars.
PIATTSMOUTII , Nob. , Dec. SI. [ Special
Telegram to Tup BEC. ] An accident oc
curred near the B & M. depot this morning ,
which left the victim , Charley Hubble , a sev-
enteen-i ear old boy , n terrible spectacle. Ho
was standing on a side track playing with a
dog , while a train of cars was backing down
upon him , which he did not notice in time to
save himself. Ho was knocked down and
i un over , the wheels passing over Ins right ,
leg , fiom the ankle to the right side of his
houv , leaving it in a shapeless mass. Ho was
can led homo on a stretcher , whcte he died a
few hours later. Ho was a sou of Henry
Hubble , proprietor of the Iowa house.
Barnostoii Items.
BAiivrsTov , Neb , Dec. 21. [ Special to
THE Brc.J The remains of the Into N. B
Darker , who suicided last Friday , will on
Saturday bo sent to Canton. Mo. , for inter
ment , where a number of his iclatives re
The Presbyterian society is just complet
ing n new chinch in Barncston at a cost of
H'OJ. ' It will bo Ucdicit d ono week from
ne\t Sunday.
For Criminal L'hpl.
NEIIIMSKA CITI , Neb , Dec. 21. [ Special
Telegram to THE BPI : . ] Prof. G. I. Blueld-
horn , editor of the Slants Democrat , this
evening swore out a warrant for the arrest
of the proprietor of the StaatsSeining , nnd
William Schapeis , charging ttiem with etim-
inal libel. The cause of the action grow out
of a card published by Schapers in tiio
Xeltung , this week , icfloeting seriously upon
Bluoldhorn'a ' character.
A Mule Foil on ills lies.
CoLi'Miit's Neb , Dec. 21. [ Special Tel
egram to Tin : BiT.l Peter Hcggennn , n
joung man in the employ of Bains and Wag
ner , two farmeis living five miles north west
of here , had tils leg crushed and mangled in
a frlghtiul manner this evening while riding
after cattle on a mulo. Tlio animal slipped
and fell on his leg , with the above result.
For Illegal Liqnor-Solllni ; .
NF.IWASKA Cm , Neb , Doc. 21. [ Special
to Tin , HLF. ] Herman Waehcndorf , of Tnl-
mapo , charged by the villngo board with
soiling liiiuor without n license , had bin trial
hero bafo'-o County Judge Mapes , and was
bound over to the distilct couit in the sum
of $500.
_ _
I'.ouiul Over for Trial.
NELSON , Neb , Dec. 21. [ Special to Tun
lii'i'.j The two Omaha doclots arrested
hero for obtaining mqnoy unuer false pre
tenses have been bound over under $ luK ( )
bonds each to appear before the district
court for trial.
Triple liaKOily in Tcxni.
Oiuivr , Tex. , Dec. 81. A despor-
ute shooting affray , which losnltcd in tlio
death of two men , took place at Monktown
jesieiday. Two brothers , named TJoyd and
Liwson Todd , leconlly from Marahllold ,
Mo. , became drunk und boisterous , Jack
Choato , u deputy constable , tried to urrcst
them nnd was shot in thu ti Jo , He called a
citizen named Hobbs to his assistance and
both opened llro on the Todds , The latter
wei a riddled and kilted. Chouto was again
bhot , and Is thought to bo fatally wounded.
A Tat era ofKovo'iitlouary P.inio.
Bosiov , Mass , Dec. 21 The old Doty
tavern on Blue Hill avcnuo , In Canton ,
which was burned Wednesday night , was a
noted stopping piaco in revolutionary times.
Both Washington and Lafayette dined there ,
and it Is uald that a tough draft of thu
Declaration of Independence was prop.u ud
under its roof ,
rnrofiitlier'H Day.
BOSTON , Dao. 81. The ConKioffatloiul
club celebrated Forefathers' day by a ban
quet at Muslo hall last evening , 933 plates
being laid. Thomas Wqston , president of the
club , presided , nnd about him were Governor
Ames , Leopold Morse , and a ntuubur of
clergymen and other pi eminent citizens.
Testimony lloforo tlio Ford Invcstl *
gating Committee.
PiTT'nrno , Pa. , Dee 21-The congres
sional Investigating committee began its ses
sion hero to day. Tlio committee was repre
sented by Congressman Ford of Michigan ,
ns chairman , und Congressman Guonthor of
Wisconsin Judge Simmons , special ngont
of the treasury doptrtincnt , was nlso pros
cnU Several officials of the bureau ol char -
Itlcs and others woreexamined. . They
stated that the city institutions wcro
crowded to ovcrllowlng , and ifltwoienot
for foreigners who are not entitled to land
hero , thcio would bo plenty of room for the
caio of those who are Justh entitled to it
The afternoon session was devoted to talc-
Ing testimony especially regarding the itn
portation of contuict laboi The witnesses
examined wore Master Woi kmnn Kcoles Kob
Inson , of the Urass Workers' Nntlonalassein-
bl.v , Master Workman Do.Uo , of Disti lot Assembly -
sembly No 0 , Knights of Labor ; Piosldcnt
Smith , of the Flint Glass Workers' National
union , and Jnmcs Campbell and William
Cnkc , president and seciotari of
the Window Glass Workois' fedciatlon
The evidence went to show that men
had come to this countiy under contiact In
many cases to vvork against skilled labor
Most of the Welshmen , Hungarians nnd
Italians never become eimcns , nnd many of
them lemuin bete but a few .vears. AccordIng -
Ing to the testlmoiij given u majority of the
Hunffariiins and Italians have few , if any ,
hero ami "livo like "
family tics , hogs Tho.v
are not intelligent , and , with their style of
living , the Amei lean workmen cannot com
pete with them. Thedo not know what n
fair day's work is , and ai-o Imposed upon by
their ompto\CM. \ The effect of these Im-
poitntions upon American laborois h is been
v ory bad.
Chairman Ford said this evening : "Tho
evidence shows an alarming state of afTalis
so far as the piupeis and insane are con
ccinod. At the lowest estimate , theio hnvo
boon f > ( X ) such emigrants to this countrv
since the law went into effect , nnd coutiury
to its provisions. "
How n bjmllMilo llns Avoldeil thf
Lnu HIP Ycnrs.
CmcHoo , Dec. 21. An Intcicstinc .
printed this nioining of the opeiations of the
opium smuggling gang , one of whoso lead
ers , Captain Duruut , so naiiowlj escaped
from the customs olllccis nt Sand Beach ,
Mich , a week ago. A conespondent sajs
that Dinant nnd his lieutenant , Charles
Wertzol , me living in style at the best hotel
in Sal ma , and are lionized bj the icsldents
of that little Canadian town. The corio-
spondcnt had a long talk with
them jesteidiiy , They have been
smuggling opium for the past two
) cat s. and hav e successfully landed $100,000
worth of the costly drug on the other suio
without being detected. But the lust con
signnient they took over vv as ulscovci ed und
seired by government detectives , und Itcamo
near costing Captain Dinant his life. Cap
tain Durant is one of the ti listed agents of a
Bvndii'dlc , oigani/cd several jeaisugo for
the cxpi ess purpose of smuggling opium into
the United States from tlio in inufactoiies
In Arictoua , B C. The value of the
combined product of the fac tot n-s in British
Columbiais estimated ntf > 000,0Xpci ( ) iinnum ,
and of this more than DO pel cent goes to the
United States It is believed that less than
JO per cent of 11 p ibses tluougli the custom
houses. Tlio gang operates not only in
Sarnia , but all along the noithei n boidei of
the United States us well.
Waiiteii Var Dlgnmy ancJ Forgery.
HAI-ID Ciiif Iak , Dec. 21. [ Special Telo
grnm to Tun BBE. ] George E. Beach , now
under arrest at Minneapolis , charged with
bigamy , went through the process of secui-
mg a divoice in this place on Juno 15 , 18S. > .
Jndgo Church gi anted a decree of absolute
divorce. In making affidavit to sccuio the
service of summons by publication , Hem h
Hwoiothat ho 4id not know where Ins wife
lived , nnd named a place where she had once
resided. Notice was sent there but failed to
reach her. Last July a middle nged lady of
genteel appearance came heic , secuird the
services of an nttoiney , and commenced pio-
ceedings to have the divorce hot aside. She
established her Identity ns defendant in the
suit , and piovod bylettois and other docu
ments that when Beach swore ho did not
knowvvheie she lived ho was in couespond-
enco with her. The case of Mnry C. Beach
n amst Gcoi go E. Beach was heard in cham-
beis by Judge Thomas on July 15 , 18Sb , and
on Set > tembei 8 an older setting aside the
decree of divorce was made. A notice of ap
peal nnd a now underttlcing was served by
Beach's attorneys , and the case " is now pending
ing before ttio supreme court. At the last
session of tlio grand jury Beach was indicted
for perjury , and a bench warrant was issued
for him.
Stanley in All
LONDON , Dec. 21. A Zanzibar dispatch
says : A letter dated Stanley Falls , August
29 , has been delivered hero by Tipoo Tib's '
men. They state that a loiter was icceived
nt Stanley Falls from Henry M. Stanley in
August , 1SSS Stanley was then at Konvala ,
on the Aru wi in , where ho had arrived Au
gust 17. He had loft 12mln Pasha eighty-
two days bcforn in ticrfcct health nna pro
vided with plenty of food. Stanley had re
turned to Bonvaln for stoics in charge of his
rear guard , and intondqjl to leave ton dui s
later to join I'niin.
The West Afiican Telegiaph compiny has
received the lollowlng dispatch from St.
Thomas , dated Fnday , 2 p. in , : " 1 have just
received information that Henry M. Stanley ,
with Bmin Pasha , has an ived in the Aru-
wini. The news is reliable. Futthei details
will follow.
[ Signed. ] "PAHSONS , Agent "
rjln Stanley Falls , the ndviccs stated , Stan
ley vviote tlmt Knim was in possession of
vast stores of ivory and many oxen , nnd that
lie had tin abundance of food. Stanley in
tended to leave Honyula nt the end of Au
ice UobUoiM Sontniu'iMl.
Dak. , Dec. 21. [ Special Tele-
ginrn to Tin : BIT. ] Albert B. Nickeibon
and John Tclford , who nttonipted the iob-
bery of the Homcstako railroaJ , were
sentenced to day to llftcon at huid
labor in the Sioux Falls penitentiary. Their
attoinoy will appeal to the supreme court on
the giound that the fac ts stated in the in
dictment do not constitute a public offense ,
the tertitortal statute being defective in this
icsjicct. Wilson , who plcided guilty and
gave evidence for the prosecution , has not
yet bec'ii sentenced.
A Wnu'hotihp Blown Up ,
WirniTV , Kan. , Dec. 21. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BKE ] Two torrlflo exiilosions ,
with un interval between them of but a few
seconds , was heard about 9 o'clock , nnd the
largo milling waroioom of , ( . P Wllcox was
enveloped In flames , The foico of t > io explo
sion blew out the walls and cavvd in the
loof , All the contents weio dcsttoycd. The
explosive vv is placed beneath the building ,
There Is no clue to the pei pott-atom ,
A Powerful Naviil Gun.
AN.VAPOUS , Md. , Deo. 21 , An important
experiment was successfully inn-lo in thu
naval academy proving giound ! to day A
steel-pointed lion ptojcutllo weighing 210
jiounds was fired one of the steel
broceh'loaillnB rifle guna of thu now cralser
Chicago , which ptnettutod a stool turret ten
Indies tliijlc and cut through the r.olid oak
back. The experiment Is cvn.-slili rod M likely
U > have r.n impoitant ba'vringon modern
nnv , l vvai fni r.
A Hlrnnicr LIIIIK Ovcrdno ,
NKW.O IIUNS , Dec. 91. The Ficnch
steamship Morhollles , which sailed from
UotdpayjiJon November V"i , for New O.Io.ins
dlrcqt , vVIUi u cargo of tnurx HMdluo mid yj >
Iiitsepgers , is sovetal days overdue , uuj
fears for hc safety '
All Oorrospondonco on the
Transmitted to Oongross.
Ijvory Kmlci.iv or to Ho Made to Avoid
n Conlllot of Interests Uotvvoen
all fJovcrnnionti Con-
IntersstitiK State D icti'uant * .
WvsuivtTov , Doo. 21. The tirasldciit to
day transmitted to congress the Samoaft
eonospondenco mentioned In his nnnuKl
message. It consists of n reclt il of the affair
fiom the llrst beglunlnir of the trouble In
October , 1SS7 , and the diplomatic oorrfl-
spondoneo between the secretary of state
and the Goimin nnd English governments
down to the present time
Novembci 21 of thlsjenrSoi'iotary Bayard
wrote to Count Arco , Gorman minister at
Washington , sajlmj. " 1 have Infoi mod ouo
lopicscntntlvo ut Bcilin , nnd shall similarly
Insti net the United States consul at SHmon.
that every endeavor Is to be made to avoid
all friction or conlllct of It forests between
the eitircnsof the two iroveinmcntH In their1
business opcintions on the isl inds , Incase
any question arising which cannot bq
promptly und Hatisfactoilly ai ranged
between these ofllclnlR , then the points
of dispute should at oneo BB
i emitted for decision to Berlin or thin cnpji
til 1 believe it was understood botweonua
that the piesent condition ofnffnlit ntSnmoa
hid been lepoitcit slinlliul.\ . the foreign
olllce at Berlin nnd to this depaitmcnt , and
that Baron Von llnlntein slated tlmt f ! S
government was indlfftnent as to the eholcd
of a Mug by the Snmoans , onlv requiring
tint Ameiltan interests shall not bo injured.
Cortainl.v this should bo also Uio wish of thlf
gov eminent , und being thus agreed , 1 hope
iou will ictomuicnd to iour KOVOI nmont
that its oftietnls In Samoa be ii s i noted to co
opeiato with the ofllcinls of the United
States for a pc ireful conduct of affairs id
these regions "
On November 31 Sexvull , consul general
at Stm ji , being In Washington , In-
foi mod Secietaty Hnjnrd that tlo In *
disposition on the part of the German
consul at sninoa to act in fi totally co opera
tion with him tnosooutof aini nppiehensim !
of Ins motives and policy. This Kiivcinmeiit
has expiessed a wish that nothing sluifljj
btnnd in the vvavof entiio litumonlous CO-
opetation between them , In order Unit tuo
present stiite might be let minuted.
In a letter to Count Aio , mulct date of
November 20 , Rectetaiv Hivnid culls t t >
tcntion to the nxpiession of Sevvcll , and
hopes that the German consul at Apia will bo )
nuido cognisant of the same , so th it 'hero will
bo no misunderstanding in regatd to these
fads when Sew ell ictinns.
Ilenteii liy Woman
Nr.w YOHK , Dec. 21 [ Special role ratn to
Tin : Bi.i J A story is told hero that Mis *
Mnr.Gairottis . responsible for the retire
ment of Samuel Spencer as president of the
Bilttmoio & Ohio railroad , and thu election
of Chailcs F. Mavei. Mr. Spencer went Into
the Baltimore & Ohio service under the eldet
Gartett. lo WAS rapidly promoted , and I
when Robert Gai rctt became mentally inca
pacitated for work , was made president !
the company. In this capacity I
ho sold to Jny Gould the
Baltimoie & Ohio telegraph compaj jfyj
which was one of Rabat t , GaneR'H
nnd which he once declared befoio n con
gressional committee should always remain
free fiom a combination with the Woaterp
Union. It is said now that Spencer's ambji
tion led him into othei combinations ad
vene to the interests ol Garrott. Miss
Maiy Guuctt was not tioubled with pare
sis , or failing powers. She undertook thb
oveitlnowof Spencer , and the result of her
labor was slioun in thn election of Mayer ,
Once mote the management of the Balti
more k Ohio will bo dominated by the
- o -
Flurry lu Oil.
PiTTsnuiio'lJec 21. There was great ok-
cltctnent and almost a panic at tlio oil ox-
chapgo this morning , caused by an unex
peeled bieak in juices. The nmiket opeuedt
film nt n2" c , nnd advanced to 9ic. when gen-
eial selling began at all points. A rush tp
unload then followed , and in n shore tlrao
3,000,000 baircls had changed hands , and
values had diopped to SSJi'e. A reaction then
set in , nnd at nojn 8 Ke was bid.
Nt w Yoiih , Ueo 21. Tito announcement
on the consolidated exchange to day that the
Standaid Oil company would shortly issue
certificates for Luna oil , of which tlio corti-
p.niy bad accumulated n supply estimated at
8,000,000 barrels , created a scramble among
the members to unload oil ccitillcatcs s'uch
as lias not been seen for many months. The
market , which had opened at 0 ! ) , broke to
8SX , and closed weak and excited at
A Colored Unite *
ST. Lou" , Dec. 21. A Globe Democrat
special fiom Ciocker , Tex. , snyfl
John Andrew Johnson ( co'oied ) , nged
ninctcdn , was hanged hero today
for outi aging Miss Allio Simmons , a
young white gnl , aged seventeen , of good
family. The cilmo was committed last
June. Johnson was rccogni/cd by his vic
tim , but ho denied his guilt to the last. Ihroo
thousand people , mostly colored , witnessed
the execution , nnd nil ujiprovcd the oxtiemo
penalty of the law.
i'LAcjut.Misi , La , , Dcc. 21. Moses Flan-
ilcis , alias l < dwards ( coloied ) , was hanged
to day for the muidcr of Cornelius Hi own
last August.
Cincinnati Firemen Klllo I.
CINCINNATI , O. , Dec. 21. The six-story
building ut mm and Canal sti cots occupied
by Stiobol & CO.'H plcturo frame factory has
been binning Blnco midnight , and will be n
total loss The value of the building
and stock in about $100,000. While a
numboi of flramen wcro on the llfth llogr
it collapsed and fell Into the basement , car
rying down Captain .leirv Bray , who un
doubtedly poilslu'd in tlio llaiucs.
LArr.ii The wall of the building next to
Canal sticct foil out , sevtiely , jieiliajW
fatally , wounding tour Kronen and un un
known bystander. Another man Is Mippovod
to have been Ui owned in the canal.
The AichhlHliop'N Cm ill lorn.
Con Milt's , O , Dec. 21.Tim tuipteme
court this niteinoon decided n case growing
out of the assignment of Archbishop Purcell ,
of Cincinnati , The object of the suits
to force the sale of church pioncrty ,
Ing the Catholic citVUial in Cincinnati , for
the benefit of the creditors 'Die decision ol <
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