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The British nnd Egyptian Forces
Storm the Tranches. '
NotxvltlistniulInK Their Disastrous
Itciiulnc , It Is Hcllcved They "Will
Mnlto nn Attempt to llctnlio
Their Lost Position.
Another Jlofont for the UehclH.
LONDON , Dec. 20. A dispatch from Sua-
khn says the combined forces of the llrltish
nnd Kpyptlnns have made an attack uuon
the rebel position. They stormed the re
doubts nnd trenches , and after an engage
ment lasting half nn hour drove the enemy
Into the bush. The Hritish force lost four
men killed nnd two wounded. TltoKgyptlan
nnd black regiments charged the trenches
nnd carried them , losing two men killed and
thirty xvotinded. The only ofllcors wounded
In the attacking force xvero two Egyptians.
The rebel loss Is stated to hax-o been 400.
Hoforo dawn this morning the Hrltlsh
innn-ot-xvar Starling and nn Egyptian steamer
moved up the coast xvith orders to cover the
rebels nt Hnndoub. At daybreak the forts
opened flro upon the rebel trenches nnd the
troops advanced to the attack , the black bri
gade upon the right 11 unit and the cavalry
nnd mounted Infantry covering. The Scot
tish Hordcrers , the Welsh regiment nnd
the Egyptian brigade occupied the embank
ment betxveon the forts , the British Infantry
being hold in reserve. The forts sheHled the
trenches , keeping up n tcrrilie firing. The
enemy hold their ground xvith courage until
the black brigade charged the trenches ,
which fell after a half hour's hard lighting.
The rebels fought with fanatical bravery.
Txvo of the enemy's guns xvero captured.
The Scotch Uordercrs are now at xx-ork
entrenching the rebel position. The enemy
are retreating toxx'nrd Hashccn and Tamar.
The Hritish force numbered -1,000 men.
The feature of the lighting xvas the deter
mined rush upon the trenches by the blacks
nnd Egyptians. The Dervishes fought with
the utmost bravery , a great many of them
dying in the trenches. The charge of the
Hussars Is also specially mentioned. When
the Dervish cavalry saw them coming they
dismounted from their horses and planted
their spears in the ground , but these proved
no obstruction to the Hussars , xvho sxx'ept
doxvn upon tlio Dervish Horsemen like un
avalanche , cut through the ranks , and left
half of them dead on the ground. The Hus
sars then reformed nnd charged the remain
ing Dervishes , xvho lied. A largo portion of
the rebel force xvas not engaged in the light ,
being absent campingiit Handoub and beyond
that place. It Is believed the rebels xvill bo
reinforced nnd make an attempt soon to retake -
take their lost position.
SUAKIM , Doc. SO. Osman DIgna's nenhcxv
nnd txvelx'o dervishes hax'o been captured.
All nro wounded. Serious complaints are
made concerning the quality of sabres and
revolvers furnished to the troops. Several
cavalrymen returned xvlth broken sabres ,
nnd in many Instances their revolvers became
clogged and xx-cre tendered useless.
Three /erohas nnd a stockade were built
over the filled trenches nnd manned by four battalions and Hritish soldiers.
The spacn betxvoen thorn nnd the xvntor fort
was occupied by n battalion of horse ar
tillery. The emir of Trlnkitat is a prisoner.
Ho is wounded.
LONHON , Dec. 20. A dispatch to the
Times from Sunkim says : The prisoners
sny they believe that nil the mounted gun
ners xvero killed. All tell the same story of
privation and cruelty nt the hands of
the Mahdl and Osman Dlgna. None of
them wished to fight , but xvero
forced to do so , or persuaded to fight by
promises of loot at Suaklm nnd other re
words. " The trenches xx-ero bare. They
found no food , clothing or money , but only
Snider rifles and cartridges. The prisoners
know nothing of the reported capture of
Kmln , or the full of the equatorial provinces.
The natives assert that Handoub xvoiild fall
ot the first approach of our troops. The gov
ernment ought not to lose this chance. The
task Is an easy one , as there is not the slight
est sign of any gatherings of local tribes. "
Dlcnu'd Tjuttor UiHcrcilKed ,
Bnia.iN , Dec. 20. The Emin relief com
mittee announce that after a careful exam
ination of Osman Digna's letter they hax'o
concluded that the proof of Emin Pasha's
capture has not been established. They xvill
therefore start Lieutenant Wissmann's ' expe
dition for Emln'.s relief at the earliest possi
ble moment ,
Will Stand by the Sultan.
LONDON , Deo. 20. In a speech at Scarbor
ough to-day , Lord Salisbury said that the
government did not propose to entangle the
country in n new Soudan expedition , but
would notunder , any circumstances , abandon
Suaklm. As long as the khedive desires ,
England xvill maintain the Hcd Sea ports. It
xvould bo madness to surrender Suaklm when
on the eve of suppressing shivery. By the
treaty of Pans , England is bound to uphold
the integrity of the sultan's empire.
The HOUND nf Ootnnioim.
LONDON1 , Dec. 2a In commons to-day
Ferguson stated that instructions had been
Bent to tlio British consul at Zanzibar to pro
test in the strongest terms against a repeti
tion of the cruel executions which had oc
curred In the streets of Zanzibar.
And Homo Forcible. Lnnximgo In
ItcfcrHiif ; to Forofunoi'H.
NKW Yoitic , Dec. 20. [ Special Telegram to
TUB Br.u.l Last xvlntcr Governor Hill ,
under a legislative net , appointed u commis
sion to revise and combine the excise laws of
this state in nn effective und comprehensive
form. . The commission is now at work in
this city. Among the commissioners are
Jlov. Howard Crosby , an old Now Yorker
named Smart , and Gallus Thoinunn , The
latter Is editor of a Journal In the Interest of
the brewers and inulstors. Thu Sunday
saloon question xvns under discussion to-day
before the commission , when Commissioner
Smart turned to his colleague , Thomann ,
audsaldi "Do you think that people xvho
come to this country should ask those xvho
nro In this country to change their opinions I"
Mr , Thomann grew red and started a vicious
attack against the Knickerbocker commis
sioners. "Let mo tell you. " said ho , "that I
have exactly the sumo right to utter my
wishes us you or anybody clso xvho happens
to bo born In this country , The American
character , us n typo , Is absolutely nothing.
To us you owe all. Who xvas it xvho first
raised his voice against slavery but n Ger
man I Who brings the musio that hath
charms to sooth the stivago breast "to this
countryl What right has Mr. Smart because -
cause ho happened to bo born hero I What
has ho done ! "
Dr. Crosby then quickly said : "My blood
bolls when 1 hear thu talk of these abomina
ble foreigners as soon as they sot foot In this
country , There uro 100,000 of thcso fresh
arrivals hero , who duro to rudely und
roughly threaten us , the American people ;
who xvunt to tell us xvhat to do. The remain-
lug 200,000 Germans hero are respectable chi
tons. Wo want no Mosts and Schwabs hero. "
Soccilod From the KnlghtH.
PiTTsiitmo , Dec. SO. The railroad miners
of western Pennsylvania , at a delegate con
vention , representing I'.OOO ' miners , held hero
to-day , decided to join the Minors' National
Progressive union. Most of the miners xvora
members of the Knights of Labor , and their
desertion will bo a bard blow to the district
assembly. The question of enforcing tbo
Columbus scalu was left to the olllccrs of the
National ussociuUou.
A Conforcnco With IJx-I'rnshlent
IlnycH on Political .MattorH.
I.NIUANU-OUS , Dcc.20. General Harrison's
visitors to-day wore not nearly as numerous
ns yesterday. Quito n number of the xvcst-
ern veterans xvho attended the Loyal Legion
bnnquct remained over to-day , nnd xx-cro
among the callers. Ex-1'rcsldent Hayes ,
xvlth his son , Huthorford H , , drove
out to General Harrison's. When
General Hayes called with mem
bers of the Loyal Legion yesterday ,
General Harrison expressed n desire to see
him alone , nnd nn appointment xvr > s mmlo for
a talk this morning. It Is supposed Hint the
main purpose of the conference xx'as to ob
tain from the ox prcsiilent some Information
ucijulrcd in his expericnco as chief magis
trate. It is believed by some politicians that
General Hayes will bo offered n position
abroad by the noxv president.
During the conference the other day xvith
General Hritton , chairman of the
committee , It is learned that the president
elect made a request that thu survivors of
his old regiment , the Seventh Indiana ,
should constitute his escort at Washington.
Heretofore federal troops have been the
guard of the president-elect on inaugural
SunVrliif ; * oPPoor Canadians Canned
by the < l.
MoNTiin M. , Dec , 20. [ Special Telegram to
TUG Bii : . ] Full reports of the bll7ard xvblch
began Sunday , and only'censed yesterday ,
nrc now coming In. The most serious con
sequences are reported from loxx-er Quebec
nnd back villages out of the line of railxx'uy
travel. Thu summer ifind been bail for farm
ers , and the crops xvero so meagro that much
distress xvas felt. It only needed a storm
like the one just past to causa the most xvido-
sorcnd distress , in the small villages back
of Quebec nnd below that city many families
nro suffering thus early In the xvintcr for the
actual necessaries of life. Farmers are kill
ing off their live-stock , and those xvho have
none to kill have sent n piteous appeal to Car
dinal Tasehcrcau and Premier Mcrcier for
relief. Several instances of freezing to death
are reported.
The storm along the Nova Scotia and Capo
Breton coasts xvas unprecedented. The ship
Golden Hule , from Glasgoxv for Miramiehi ,
ran nshoro on the island of St. Pierre Miquo-
lon , Monday night , and xx'iis totally wrecked.
Tlio croxx' , except the .stoxvard , xvho xvas
droxvncd , managed to escape to the shore ,
xvhero they wore found yesterday morning
exhausted and badly frozen. The schooner
N. Wright , bound through the straits of
Canso , xx'iis cut into by thu ice , and the croxv
xvas rcmox'ed xvith difficulty , and in n
serious condition. Numerous small fisher
men hax'o gone nshoro on the NOXM Scotia
coast. There is great suffering among the
poor dwellers along the coast.
A Uricf Naval ItattloKiuls the Trouble
In Venezuela.
NEW Yonic , Dec. 20. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : 13ii.J The Venezuelan rebellion has
nt last been suppressed. The noxvs of this
termination of the trouble xx-as contained in
odlcial dispatches received by Mr. Hodri-
qiica member of the VeiiC7.uelan consulate.
The documents xx'ero dclix'ercd to him by the
captain of the steamer Philadelphia a fexv
hours after her at rival at this port yester
day. About sixteen months ago General
Toaqum Cerespo und Uojas Paul xvero candi
dates for the Venezuelan presidency. Gen
eral Corcspo had been president for one
term. His opponent xvas a woll-knoxvn laxv-
yer xx'ho hud Just become prominent in
public life. The people favored the latter ,
und , seeing that ho xvould not be elected ,
General Cerespo stirred up his folloivers ,
manned n schooner xvith his most trusted
lieutenants nnd sailed axvny with them to
Trinidad. Paul xvus duly elected president ,
nnd his first -care xx'as to see that Cerespo's
adherents did not create any disturbance.
With this viexv ho commissioned General
Paez , n grandson of the. famous xvnrrior
xvlioso obsequies xvero recently celebrated , to
make an expedition against the rebels. On
board the man-of-xx'ar La Liberia , General
Pacz xx'ent in search of the schooner. The
txvo vessels came together December 2. The
battle , if it may bo called a battle , xvas brief.
One man on board the rebel ship xvas killed.
Cerespo and his cruxv xycre taken prisoners
and nro noxv confined in a dungeon at Car
Kansas Kailroad Audacity.
Toi-EKA , Kan. , Dec. 2) . [ Special Tele
gram to THIS BKB. ] A conflict has arisen bo-
txvcen the board of railroad commissioners
and the St. Louis & San Francisco road ,
xvhich Is looked upon as a very serious mut
ter by the commissioners. The board lias no
authority by laxv to enforce its orders , but
they have nlwnys been complied xvith until
the case in question came up. The people of
Euglo township. Scdgxvick county , upon the
solicitation of the Midland HaUxvay company ,
X'otcd bonds of the township to the amount
ot l'i,000 , , to aid the construction of tlio Mid
land road. One of tlio conditions upon xvhich
bonds xvero voted and issued xvas that the
company should build nnd maintain n depot
near the center of the township. A depot
xx'as built , but no provision has been inudo to
operate it or transact business therein , nnd
the people are destitute of depot facilities.
Tlio Midland rend is noxv operated by the St.
Louis & San Francisco Uailxvay company.
The board decided that the people xvero entitled -
titled to depot facilities , and that it xvas the
duty of the company noxv operating the road
to supply them. But , although considerable
correspondence has been had. the railroad
company refuses to comply xvlth the order ,
xvhich is thu first instance of the kind sin'-ro
the board xvas organized. The board xvill
urge tlio coming legislature that provision bo
madu by statute for thu enforcement of their
\VnsliliiKlon UniverHlty.
rjoxti : , Dec. 3J. A letter sent by Cardinal
Gibbons and the American bishops to the
pope xvith reference to the Washington uni
versity , announces that the sum of fSOOOOJ ,
has been collected for the now institution ,
and that the university buildings are now In
process of erection. The cardinal and bishops
request a concession of academic privileges
to the university und ask iho pope's approval
of Its statutes.
Affairs at Haytl.
HAX'ASNA , Dec. 20. The sub-sea system
noxv established to Haytl is xvorkln ? satisfac
torily , and by this means the following tele
gram has just boon received :
POUT Au-PuiNCE , Dec , 20. President Leg-
itiino continues In power und a majority of
the iieoplu recognise his authority. A pacifi
cation of iho country is considered at hand.
Neither the Yantlc nor Galena , thu United
States war ships , have yet arrived.
LtTCiinni.p , III , , Dec. 25. Some miscreant
throw u dynamite bomb Into the cupola of
the Lltchfleld Cur and Machine company's
foundry this morning. The missile exploded ,
touring the cupola to pieces and seriously in *
juring tx\-o employes.
Txvo Children Burned to Death ,
I.NimXApous , Deo. 20. At noon to-day ,
xvhllo Mrs. Staff , a colored xvoinan , was
axvuy from homo , her house caught flro and
her txvo children , aged three and live years ,
xvcra burned to death before assistance could
bo rendered.
The Weather indications.
For Nebraska and Iowa ; Fair , decidedly
colder , northerly xviuds.
For Dakota : Fair , colder , variable xvlnds.
The Karl nf Warwick Dying.
LONDON , Dec. 0. The Earl of Warwick is
Rumor That Hayoa Will Bo Ton-
clorod a Cabinet Position.
A Gigantic < T < itikctliiK Scheme Paddock -
dock on Tariff IlcvlHlon Tlio
Clilppcwa Dill About Fort
Unmlia'N Present Site.
Gil ) FOUHTCBNTII SriiEnr , >
WASHINGTON , I ) . C. , Dec. 20. )
The report is current that President-elect
Harrison may tender ox-President Hayes n
position in the cabinet. The basis for this
conjecture is of Interest just at this time , ns
it Is known to n fexv that General Harrison
just missed being n member of President
Hnyus' cabinet. When the latter ciuno to
Washington nnd xvas Inaugurated ho re
mained for several days at tlio residence of
Senator Sherman. Mr. Hayes recognized
iho marked ability of General Harrison , nnd
the fnct that ho had made n magnificent ,
although unsuccessful , race for the govern
orship , taking the nomination under the
stress of circumstances cro.ited by the re
tirement of Godlox'o S. Orth , the regular
nominee. Senator Oliver P. Morton
xx'as then manipulating the politics of In
diana , nnd tbo burden of the selection of an
Indiana mnir for thu cabinet fell upon him.
ho attempted , hoxx'over , to have the delega
tion in congress from that state , relieve him
of the embarrassment. Governor Morton
xx'as very kindly Inclined toxvard General
Harrison , but there xvero other
republicans to xvhotn ho felt under
obligations , nnd ho did not desire
to make the recommendation himself. There
xx'ero several meetings of the Indiana dele
gation , but no agreement xvas to
whom should hax-o the cabinet portfolio.
General .1. N. Tyner , xvho has figured sluco
that time conspicuously in Indiana politics ,
was postmaster general , nnd the Indianaians
wanted him retained. Mr. Hayes refused to
do this , however , nnd ho xx'.is seconded in
his conclusion by Senator Sherman , on the
ground that if ho retained one of the old cab
inet officers ho xvould hax'e to retain others ,
and lie xvnntcd to make a clean sweep. Sena
tor Sherman's inclinations coincided xvith
President Hayes' idea , that General Harri
son should bo the Indiana representative in
thu cabinet. Mr. Hayes said he xvould mnko
him cither secretary of xvur or secretary of
the nax'y. After one of the conferences one
night , some of the Hoosier republicans
drifted into Senator Morton's room at the
Ebbitt , and the discussion xx'as there ro-
noxved. It nppoara that n member of
thoscnator's family put a pin in the question ,
xvhich settled it. The next day Senator
Morton took a carriage and drove to Senator
Sherman's house. There ho informed the
two Ohloans that the Indiana people were
unable to reach a unanimous agreement as to
whom should go into the cabinet , und he ad
vised the selection of Kicliard Thompson , of
Tcrrehaute. The recommendation xx-as
acted upon. The xvann friendship betxx'eon
General Harrison nnd Mr. Hayes iiutedated
the campaign of 187(1 ( many years. Their
forefathers nnd their family relatives xx'ere
intimate friends. The three or four Indiana
republicans now in Washington xvho knoxv
xvhy General Harrison xvas loft out of Presi
dent Hayes' cabinet , and of their long per
sonal friendship , believe that If Mr. Hayes
xvill consent to become n member of the new
cabinet , the nucstion of hoxv Ohio is to be
provided for xvill bo promptly settled.
The discussion on the river and harbor bill
xvas resumed at u late hour this afternoon ,
Hepresentativo Sowdon , of Pennsylvania ,
called attention to one very peculiar feature
of this very peculiar measure. The commit
tee , in preparing the bill , inserted n clause
which authorized the speaker to appoint the
members-elect to the Fifty-first congress , to
inspect nil the river and harbor improve
ments in the United States. They nro to
have unlimited control of funds and nro to
bo permitted to dnixv all the money they
need for expenses , simply upon
the draft of the chairman. No
such gigantic junketing expedition xx'ns ever
planned hi congress before , and if this portion
tion of the bill should be enacted into n law ,
there xvill bo nothing in the xvorld to prevent
members of this committee from trax'eling
ox'or the entire United States , from the rockbound -
bound harbors of Maine to the waters of the
Gulf of Mexico , up the Mississippi and
Missouri , into the Yeiloxvstono , across the
continent , doxvn the Pacific coast , and to
visit every geese crook within the confines of
tlio United Status , alt nt the expense of the
national government. When it is remem
bered that all rix'cr nnd hartor xx-orks are
under the supervision of United States engi
neers , men much more competent to judge of
the character of the xx'orlt bciag performed ,
than the laxvyers xvho compose the commit
tees could possibly bo , the absurdity of the
proposition of Congressman Blanchurd xvill
bo understood. It is certain this provision
of the bill xvill bo stricken out , xvhen a vote
upon it is readied.
"During the presidential canvass , " said
Senator Paddock , "It xvas universally alleged
by democratic members that , after the
election , thoxvholo subject of the tariff xvould
bo dropped bv the republican senate. On
tlio other hand , the republican speakers ,
everywhere , assured the country that the
xx'ork of tariff reform should bo speedily
done , so far as the senate xvus concerned ,
after congress met In December. Tlio re
publican senators have striven from the first
to Keep this plcdi/o , but tlio democratic sen
ators have shown an Intention to prevent the
passage of the Dill. The best evidence of the
perfect good faith of thu republican senators
was their unanimous determination to sit
day and night , until Christmas , xvlthout u
holiday recess , until tlio bill could bo per
fected nnd passed , nnd the policy of the
democrats xx'as clearly shown by their oppo
sition to this plan. But they huvu comn to
their senses at last , and xve shall pass the
bill. " "Thu bill docs not suit mo in many
respects , " continued the senator. ' ! xvould
like to have sawed xvhite pine on the free
list , for example , but 1 don't think this can
bo accomplished nt the present session. I
feel quite certain , however , that xve. can re-
ducu the dutv from T3 to $1 per 1,000. "
"Aro you a tariff roformeri"
"Yes , nnd no , I nm for the protection
principle , but I xvnnt nil duties reduced to the
minimum consistent xvlth that Idea. "
Now , that it has been definitely decided by
the senate that u vote shall be taken on thu
tariff bill on the 21st of January , the ilnunco
committee xvill close up its business at the
earliest possible moment , und in order that
this may bo done , it has been dccidod that
no more hearings ahull bo given upon iho sub-
jcct matter of the senate substitute to the
house bill. Senators Merrill , HUcock ,
Aldrlch and others , xvho hux'o worked so in
dustriously to perfect the measure , are very
much gratified over the course events
luivo taken in the senate. The
democratic members of that body
nuvo ut lust opened their oycs to the , situa
tion and hux'e come to the conclusion that
factious opposition xvill not pav them. There
was not a single voice raised to-day In oppo
sition to Senator Morrill's proposition for u
vote on thu'Jlst of January , und It is noxv
settled beyond doubt that the house xvill
have tno bill before It In time to dispose of
the surplus question bcforo the4th of March.
If that question la not disposed of by that
time , the blame xvill rest upon the demo
cratic majority in the house , nnd not upon
tbo republican party.
The house to-day concurred in the mil to
dispose of the reservation of the Chlppowa
Indians in-MinncROta. There are some four
million acres Involved In this bill , and , under
the terms of the measure , us It xvas agreed
upon to-day , thu lands are to bo disposed of
for the benefit of the Indian * , nnd nro to bo
divided up Into agricultural , mineral nnd
timber lands. The timber lands nro itald to
bo the chief component part of
the reservation , nnd it xvas ox'or
the timber land qttestion that the
controx-ersy xvns maintained. Ordinarily
the public domain of the United States xvhich
happened to bo cox-crod xvith timber hns been
sold to wealthy syndicates nt auction , nnd it
hns frequently hnppcucd that rings have
boon enabled to sccuro exceedingly valuable
grants for very smnll sums of money. This
Minnesota bill Initiates n new system. All
the lands xvhich way bo designated ns timber
lands nro to bo appraised by competent np-
prnlscrs. xvho shall estimate the number of
1,000 feet of timber upon each ncre , nnd the
lands nre to bo sold nt n price not bcloxv M
for each 1,000 foot , board measure , of timber
standing upon them.
XVIl.t , NOTltBVCIlT ,
I nm informed ut the adjutant general's
ofllco Hi fit the courts fixed the price for tbo
lands upon xvhich Fort Omaha is noxv located ,
and the government paid the owners of the
property that price. Therefore the land will
not revert upon the abandonment of the fort ,
to the original oxvncrs. ' PEIIIIY S. HEATH.
Ask n Constitutional Amendment.
WASHINGTON , Doc. 20. Senator Hoar
presented a petition to-day signed by 3,2:13 :
citizens of Massachusetts , praying for the
adoption of a constitutional amendment
xvhich will prohibit thoj interference ot nny
religious sect xvith thO system of the com
mon public schorls. 1'ho ' petition Is the ex
pression of the late public gathering of cltl-
7cns In Boston , held In old Faneull ball , and
nsks the senate to speedily frame such a con
stitutional amendment for submission to the
legislatures of the several states for their ap
proval or rejection.
JSoxv Postmasters Appointed ,
WASIIINHTON. Deo. 20. [ Special Telegram
to TIIK DEI : . ] Mrs. Khbdn Howard hns boon
appointed postmistress at Lambert , Holt
county , Neb. , vice Livingston L. Wagers , re
lown postmasters appointed : F. .T. Mason ,
Attica , Marion county , vice Joseph Jennings ,
resigned ; J. K. Ingulls , Denmark , Lee
county , vice William II. Bnbcock resigned ;
William M. Sutcliif , Hilton , Monroe county ,
vice Klizabeth A. Clnrk , resigned ; M. H.
Cocbran , Morning Sun , Louisa county.
Washington UrcvltlcH.
The senate to-day confirmed the army and
nax'y nominations except six nexv start ap
pointments. Also the folloxving : Thomas
13urke , chief Justice of Washington Terri
tory , nnd O. B. Ilallum , deputy llrst auditor
of the treasury.
In the senate to-day Mr. Sherman intro
duced a bill to pay the soldiers of the late
xvur xvho xvero promoted xvhllo serving , the
bounty they xx-ould hnvo'been entitled to hud
they not been promoted. The same provis
ion was made regarding soldiers discharged
on account of diseases contracted.
A ProtcHt From California.
SXK FHiNcibCo , Dec. 20. The chamber of
commerce this afternoon adopted a resolution
xx'hlch will bo forxx'ardod to the California
delegation in congress , protesting against a
reduction in the duty ou sugar , raisins and
fruit , as proposed by the senate tariff bill ,
They Hold n Convention to Advance
the Cause of Statehood.
MITCHELL , Dak. , Deo. 50. At a convention
of South Dakota dumocrats to-day for the
purpose of taking action to advance the
cause of statchoodrdblpfcatcs xvero present
from txvcnty-ono couijties. A committee of
the leading democrats Of the territory xvas
appointed to go \y"nshinjton [ und present
the matter to congress. As a compact state
ment of the case , the convention adopted a
memorial to congress , xvhich , after urging a
division on the seventh parallel , and imme
diate admission , represents that the division
of tlio territory of Dakota , by an east and
xvest line , for many years has been
desired and expected by its citizens ; that
congress has boon memorialized to thut end
without ax-nil by sixteen successive legisla
tive assemblies ; that , anticipating division
throughout all thcso years intorx'enmg since
the first settlement of the territory , all hope
has been guided und all Interests builded to
that end.
The constitution adopted nt the election in
1SS5 is considered as proper and in ox-cry
xvuy desirable. Immediate action is urged.
The Dead Ueiupcr County Whites
AVero Murderous Itiiklux.
HAimisnuiio , Pa. , Deo. 20. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BEE.J The most interested
man in Harrisburg concerning the rnco xx'nr
in ICcniper county , Mississippi , xvhich began
Sunday xvith the killing of Henry Muury
und Cobb , and thoxx'oundlng of Frank Maury
by negroes , is Dr. H. Clay Chisolm , son of
Judge Clusolm , who , with his daughter and
little son , was murdered in prison by the
Kumper county Kuklux on April 29 , 1677.
Dr. Chisolm said to-day that the txvo Mnury
uoys , xvho xvero shot Sunday , xvoro members
of the Kuklux party that killed his father.
Txvo years previous , in 1875 , Henry Maury
had been chosen to kill Judge Cnisolm while
the latter xx-as making a republican speech ,
nnd this fact xvas told to Dr. Chisolm , then u
boy , by Senator Gilmor. xvho xvas afterwards
killed by the Kuklur. The lad did not leave
Henry Muury's side all day , nnd Judge Chis
elm was not assassinated that. day. Dr.
Chisolm says the Maurys have been , since
they xvere mere boys < the leaders in "nigger
huntings" around Wahalka. and ho hag seen
more than one poor , wounded negro the vic
tim of an election clay shotgun , fired by ono'
of the Mnurys. Ho predicted , from xvhat ho
has seen , that ox'ery negro in the vicinity
xx'ill bo killed or forced to fly the country ,
* ) - *
Tlio IHH | Dopai-H Konnitod.
NEW Yomc , Dec , 20. [ Special Telegram to
THE But ! . ] The Dies DuBar family is once
more reunited , Th male Diss DoBnr xvas
released yesterday from Blackwell's Island.
Ho began his six months term Juno 20 , or
ono day later than aid Miss Sr.lomon , alias
Mrs. Diss DoBar. Jvfter breakfast ho xvus
given the rather nisty garments ho xvoro
when imprisoned , lawyer Marsh's nophoxv ,
Douglas Alvin Stoiyart , xvas In waiting in
-ho prison otHco. und , unn-in-arin , ho xvnlked
, vlth Diss Dollar to ( ho landing , xvhero n
Inunrh xvas in xvaitlngThu released pris
oner refused to sncuK U ) reporters further
.him to ask : "Will'you over cout > o to perse
cute moJ" ; *
Lust evening two theatrical men offered
Diss DeBar and his xvjfo frlTiO n xx-cek if they
xx-ould travel , the xv'otriau to deliver ono lec
ture each even ing. fWhothor Diss DoBnr ac
cepted the offer Is not known. Anyway , ho
did not seem to dlMIko-tho , Idea , and the once
) rincois voxx-s she xvill lecture again "right
: iere In Noxv York.'J '
The Hock Island Dividend.
NKW YOIIK , Doc. | 0. The report thnt has
jcen current for somojtlmo In regard to a re
duction of the Koclc , Island dividend proved
xvell founded to-dayj xvhen the company an
lounccd that only JyneV cent xvould bo paid
to stockholders for.po current quarter.
Snloidojpf n Prisoner.
NEXV HAVKX , Cdnn. , Deo. 20. Solon G.
Jenkins , a prieoncij in the county jail , ac
cused of murdering } his futher-In-lnw , hung
iluiself In his cell ourly this morning.
Hulllvan'H plonoy Covered.
BOSTON , Doc. 20 , Hoprescntatlvcs of the
Backers of Jake If llraln to-day decided to
cover John L. Sullivan's deposit of f 5,000 at
tbo Nexv York Clipper oftlco.
A AVoll Known .loimiullHl Dead.
BuryAi.o , Dec. 20 , J. N. Matlhexvs , editor
and proprietor of the Buffalo Express , died
this evening.
Two Important Decisions By the
Supreme Court
Mrn. DIjjule'H Trial at Mason City Hap-
Idly DraxvliiR to a Close A
Coal Mine Strike
Tlio 1)ieilu Trial.
MASOK CITV , In. , Doc , 20. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Bun. ] For the past txvo days
the proceedings in the case of Mrs. Borthti
Diggle , charged xvlth poisoning her husband ,
have been unusually Interesting , nnd the
courtroom has been croxvded with attentive
listeners. The coso Is proceeding far moro
rapidly than xx'ns expected. The state closed
Us evidence last night. The defendant's tes
timony xvas not all taken to-day , and It Is
likely that the laxvyers xvill begin on the
arguments to-morrow. Mrs. Mason , nurse
of Mrs. DIgglo's little child , testified thnt
the relations between husband and child
xvero ulxvuys pleasnnt. Just before the
Digglcs went to Clarion ho came to see her
and xx-as very much excited , so much so thnt
she thought ho xvns out of his mind. Charles
Hoxvard testified that the deceased xvas In
tbo habit of taking morphine pills. D. F.
Pugsloy , a trax-oling salesman , testified that
Digglo told film that if his wife did not come
homo xvith him ho did not care xvhothor
he lived or not. To George Sample
he said thnt "if sha doesn't coma homo xvith
mo 1 xvill kill myself. " Eighteen xx'itncssos ,
nil from Sioux Falls , testified substantially
to the fact that Dlgglo xx'us of a melancholy
disposition , and forced family and business
conversations upoii everyone , and always
became excited xvhen so talking. All thought
ho xx'ns moro or less out of his mind. De
positions to the same effect xvere ofTored from
Kcdfiold , Alexandria and other points in Da
kota , xvhero the deceased hud lli'cd. Deposi
tions from Philadelphia to the effect thnt Mrs.
Digglo's character for morality , truth nnd
veracity xvero good , xvero presented. Mrs.
Digglo testified that on one occasion , during
ono of her husband's spoils of despondency ,
he threatened her life and his oxvn destruc
tion ; that she xx-as derated to her husband ,
and on account of their pox'erty ho xxwitcd
her to ire on the stage. All of her earnings
wuru sent to him. It Is thu prevailing opin
ion to-night that Mrs. Digglo xvill bo ac
The Supreme Court.
Dr.s MOIXE * , la. , Dec. 20. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEB. ] The supreme court
rendered the folloxving decisions to-day :
S. C. Gilbert et nl vs Joseph Husman , np-
pcllant ; Blackhawk district ; nnlrmcd.
G. H. Chnrlton , appellant- H. 11. Sloan ;
Marshall district ; nlllrmed.
Isaac Garmoo vs 13 , D. Hindlo ct nl , appel
lants ; Webster district ; affirmed.
Fred V. Boiler , administrator , appellant ,
vs William Garrettot ul ; Powcshik district ;
John A. Kelchclt vs G. G. Seal and Lu-
clnda Seal , appellants ; Appauooso district. ;
Independent district of Sheldon , plaintiff ,
vs L. W. Apparlo et al , defendants ; Lyon
district ; dismissed.
State of loxva vs Joseph Story , aupellant ;
Harrison district ; nlllrmed.
State of loxva vs Mrs. Frank Kcuhiier et
al , appellants ; Polk district ; aflirmcd.
The Blair-Ioxva Lot nnd Land company ,
appellant , vs H. B. llillis ; Harrison district ;
Mortimer Hunt xs George Gray , appellant ;
iVudubon district ; nlllrmed.
St. Paul Fire nnd Marino Insurance com
pany , appellant , vs I. H. Shax-er a'ld others ;
Linn district ; affirmed.
M. M. Seckell , appellant , vs A. J. Norman
and others ; Harrison district ; motion sus
The State of Iowa vs cortnin intoxicating
liquors , P. C. Cummings , claimant ;
Buchnnan district ; reversed. The point de
cided is that thu nrcscnco of alcohol , regard
less of quantity , in liquors , makes them in
toxicating under the statute.
W. B. Jackson & Sons vs A. C. Molt , ap
pellant ; Mnhaska district ; reversed.
C. A. Danforth vs Henry Hurlon , appel
lant ; Monroe district ; rox-crsed.
Albert H. Turner vs M. Younkcr und A. J.
Hnrdin , appellants ; Leo district ; reversed.
State of loxvn vs Vincent Lucker , appel
lant ; Dulaxx'nro district ; reversed.
5C. F. Andrew vs John Concannon , George
nnd C. W. Payne , appellants , and S. J. King ,
M. Nicho's and Stotts and J. M. and R. W.
Grcggs , intcrvcnors ; Audubon district ; re
The State ex rel W. U. Graham ot al , ap
pellants , vs J. D. Nichols et al ; Bluckhuxvk
district ; uflirmcd.
The A. O. U. AV. Controversy
DBS MOINES , la. , Dec. 20. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BIE. ] The supreme court
to-day announced another decision in the
protracted Ancient Order of United Work
men controversy. This is n rcafllrmatloii of
the ono made some years since against those
adhering to the national body. The court
holds that the A. O. U.V. . is u life and
lienlth insurance company , und as such ,
under the laxv under xvhich the controversy
arose , could not as a national organization
do business In Iowa xvithout complying xvith
.lie insurance laws. The decision is quite
sweeping , and xvould uffcct not only the
xx-orkmcn but the Knights of Honor , the
Modern Woodmen , the N. W. Legion of
Honor , und kindred organizations , and nlgo
the Odd Fellows , Knights of Pythias , nnd
all other institutions xvhich have provisions
similar to that of the A. O. U. W. concerning
sick benefits. Thu laxv xvus changed in IBbti ,
since this controversy arose , und the work
men nnd nil other fraternities are exempted
from complying xvlth the Insurance laws.
Trouhlo In thu University.
IOXVA CITV , la. , Doc. 20. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : BBIJ. ] Quito n litflo breeze of
excitement xvas stirred up here by the an
nouncement thnt tlio bourd of regents
of the university had deckled to re-
pjcst the resignation of Dr. Clapp ,
irofessor of anatomy In the medical
Icpartment. The action Is based on a desire
to secure harmony In the faculty , und groxvf ,
out of a disagreement bctxvcen Dr. Peck and
[ ) r , Clapp , xvnlch hus been of long stun ding ,
riio students of thu medical department uro
much worked up over the mutter , nnd hold u
meeting nt xvhich n committee xvas appointed
to draft resolutions against this action , nnd
mother cqmmltteu xvan appointed to request
Dr , Clapp not to resign. They xvoro very
much in earnest , for Dr. Clapp scums to bo a
favorite among the great majority of the
class. From xvhat Is said outside , the regents
made the request that they desired to knoxv
xvhen his resignation xvould bo handed in.
The lown City Onsen.
DEH MOI.VES , In. , Dec. 20. [ Special Tele-
'rum to Tin : Bite , ] The supreme court this
afternoon filed a decision in the case of the
railroad commission against the Hock Island ,
n xvhut Is known as the loxva City cases.
They decided thnt the appeal of the commis
sioners has no standing in court. The gov
ernor , attorney general nnu commissioners
xvero determined thnt the supreme court
should pass upon thu issuu of railroad rates
nx'olx'cd , although the Rook Island has dis
missed thu case in the lower court. The
supreme court refuses to consider it , and so
declares , xluis saving themselves from un-
ucccssarily getting mixed up in this railroad
tight. The case arose over an application by
.he Rock Island for un Injunction from Judge
Falrall to restrain the commissioners from
putting iuto effect their schedule of rates.
The commissioners asked the judge to dls
solve his Injunction , Ho refused. Thu.\
then appealed to the supreme court. Later
the railroad dismissed the suit. The com
mlssloncrs insisted thnt nevertheless the su
jiroino court must pass upon their appeal
The court now refuses and dismisses the
The Shc'rltTV Convention.
DES MOIN'ES , la. , Dec. SO. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : BEK.J The sheriffs' convciitioi
concluded Its work hero to-day by electing
the following o.llcers for the next year.
President , Sheriff Garrison , of Harrison
county ; vice president , Sheriff Palmer , ol
Montgomery county ; secretary , Sherif
Jones , of Cjiss county. The sheriffs passed
a resolution of sympathy xvith-ShorilT Smith
of Birmingham , Ahi. , and commended his
Imwory and fidelity in resisting the mob.
The next state convention xvill bo held ul Ot-
The Cunl Strlku Averted.
Four Doixn : , In. , Dec. 20. ISncclul Tele
gram to Tun Unn.J The big strike threat
ened In the north central Iowa coal mining
district has been averted by a satisfactory
adjustment of the differences between the
operators nnd minors. Concessions were
made on both sides. The strikers returned
to yvork to-Uny.
A"lUlml Plu" Kaldcd.
MASON CITV , la. , Dec. 20. [ Special Tele
gram to TIIK Bun. ] A"bltml pig , " xvhich has
been successfully operated for the pant two
years at Floyd by Francis Doolc. xvas raided
yesterday and a largo quantity of beer and
whisky xx-os seized. Doolo is noxv in Jail ut
Charles City.
Culmination of thu SciiNatlunal bhuot-
Ini ; Affair in Chlcatto.
Cnicxno , Dec. SJ. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : UEB.J Laxvyer H. C. Whitney xvas this
nftcinoon adjudged Insane in the county
court by n jury. Mr. WJjitney xvns the laxv-
ycr xvho xx'as shot by Mrs. Mecxiu Kuxvson in
Judge Jamleson's court some months ago ,
and his xx'ounds then reccix'od xvere the cause
of his insanity. Dr. Broxx-or , the physician
xvho attended Mr. Whitney after the attempt
xvas made on his life by Banker Raxv-
son's ' xvifo , testified that Mr. Whitney began
to shoxv signs of mental distress nbout txvo
months after the shooting. "Ho gradually
sank. " said the doctor , "and all our efforts to
nid him proved unnx-ailing. lie has gonil
loxx-er and lower , until ho is nt present suf
fering from the most profound melancholy.
His insanity Is of that type known as melan
choly insanity , but there is not the slightest
doubt but that he is insane. Thcso proceed
ings hax'o been Instituted that xvo may have
him committed to some asylum xvhero he
can be properly treated , seeing thnt nothing
can bo done for him at homo. "
"Do you consider that the mental aberra
tion is the result of the pistol shot xvouiut
rcceix-ed nt the hands of Mrs. Huxx'Mmt"
asked the court.
"Yes , sir. nnd ho is undoubtedly insane. "
The jury immediately made out n X'erdict
finding the xx'cll known luxv.vcr to bo insane
und committing him to the Ulgin asvlum.
Mr. Whitney xvas shot in Judge Jiitnieson's
south side court room ono day last summer ,
while xx'iiiting for Mrs. Haxvson to make her
appearance in a branch of the celebrated di
vorce case betxvcen herself and her million
aire husband. The shooting one of the
most sensationnl occurrences xvhich had ever
happened in a Chicago court room. Mrs.
Rawson had bean thu day beforu defeated in
n branch of the case , which hud found its
xvay into the appellate court , nnd In decid
ing against thu bunker's xvifc , the late Judge
McAllister ndmlnistcrcd a scoring that did
not tend to improx'o the temper of the lady ,
not n very placid one at the best. With n
face xvhlio with anger , the lady made her
nppcarancu in Judge Jnmieson's court room
icxt . It 10 o'clock the
day. xvus just in morn-
ng. The judge had been sitting at his desk
xx'aitlng for the lady to makolior npucurancc.
jonernl Stiles , her counsel , xx'as not xvlth
; ier , but ho xvas close behind her , ns ho feared
what she xvas nbout to do. No sooner hud
he infuriated woman entered the court room
ban she drexv a rex'olver from the folds of
icr dress , and , leveling it ut the laxvycr ,
ircd four shots point blank.
talon on Packing House Products to
Ho Rentored on January J.
CmoAoo , Dec. 20. At n meeting of the
mnnngcrs of the lines in the Western Freight
xssociation to-day it xvas decided that xvnst-
crn and southxvestcrn freight rules bo re
stored on January 1. Rates xvill bo advanced
to a basis of 25 cents on packing house pro
ducts und 20 cents on live hogs , Kansas City
o Chicago , and 27J < j and 20 cents , respect-
.vely , from Omaha. Lumber , Chicago to
southxx'cstcrn Missouri river points , xvill bo
0 cents. The agreement provides that , in
iddition to the penalty already prescribed ,
any road found guilty of cuttim ? rates shall
divide xvith the competitors tlio excess of
'rclglit earnings accruing to it on that ac
The committee on the reorganization
of Colorado trafllo mutters also ro-
) orted to-day. The plan comtomplutos
1 separate organl/ntlon of the roads engaged
n the Colorado-Utah truffle , entirely inde
pendent of the Western Freight association ,
of xvhich it noxv forms a part. It is to em
brace not only lines xvest of tbo Missouri
rix-or , but also lines running from Chicago
and St. Louis to connect xvith those roads ,
thereby combining sovural divisions' the
Colorado-Utah association. The plan xvill bo
considered to-morroiv.
An Important Medical Discovery.
CIIATTAXOOOA , Teiin. , Doc. 20. Dr.
Jeeves , thq eminent mlcroscopist , has been
studying the tissues , livers and kidneys of
the patients xvho died xvith yolloxv fever , and
discovered n micro-organism thut closely re
sembles u specific germ. Thu mico-orguiiism
s bacillus , nnd nothing liku It xx-us over bu-
ere found by Dr. Reeves. The doctor hope *
that the discovery will provo successful in
letcrinlnlng the specific germ of yellow
'ever , and thut proper culture xvill bo found
for it before the next bummer.
Important Telephone
ST. Louis , Dec. 20. The telephone case ,
o determine xvhcthor the municipal lissom-
) ly of this city has the right to establish
rentals for the use of telephones , xvas de
cided to-day by the bupremo cojrt against
the city. The chief point of the decision is
.hat municipalities cannot control rates
charged by a corporation receiving its charter
und franchises from thu state. The matter
xvill bu taken before the legislature xvhen it
convenes next month. ,
Horn on the CurH.
Nob. , Dec. 20. [ Special Tele-
ram to TUB Bfi.J ! : The authorities hero
xvero called upon last night to take charge of
a Btill-born child found In u water closet of
ho B. & M. passenger train bound xvest , H
s asceitnlncd that it xvas u premature birth
> y a xvidoxv xvho xvas removed from the
.ruin nnd tuken to a hospital in Lincoln.
Ilio bubo XXMS buried hero to-day by the
authorities. No Inquest xvus held.
The AVont worth Monolilh.
CKICAGO , Deo. 20. The seventy ton of
granite monolith to mark the grave of ex-
ilnyor "Long John" Wonlworth was success-
'ully placed in u permanent position nt Uoso
1111 cemetery this afternoon , A largo mini-
jcr of engineers und architects were umoni ;
ho crowd of spectators.
0 i
Coal Miners in Convention.
PiTTSiiuno , Pa. , Dec , 20 , A delegate con
vention , representing nearly ' .1,000 miners in
his district , is In session hero to-day , The
object of thu meeting is to discuss the best
ueuns for the cnforccmcut of the T'J-ccnt
ruto ,
That's What n Slcntitiff Rink Artist
Culled Another Man's \Vlfo.
Moot's Uriel * Honeymoon
xtliiK l.otliuHo Slain Hilled
Jlls liliiflniM-'s Alutuotor A
Tcnulier Fatally Itcatcn.
A Victim of lite SUitllnn Hlnk.
HOSTOX , Mass. , Deo. SO. The Smith scan
dill , \vlilcli luis been engaging social circle
nt Dcdhum fur KOIIIO time. 1ms llimlly oomu tt
an end by thu court granting Mrs. Smith' *
petition tor separate maintenance. K , B.
Smith Is a prominent Boston Leather merchant
chant , mul some dozen years up ) liu married
his \vlfo and not up n Imndsoino liouiu ill !
Dcdham. ' 1'ho couple moved In high social
circles , mul nothing but happiness reigned In
tlio elegantly furnished rosldiince. Two-
children , now licaiitlfnl young girls , xvoro
born tiMlieni. In lhS.1 Mr. Sinltii concluded
to tako'up u summer residence lit Nnntnskotj
While there Mrs. Sinltii , xvho was then only
thirty .yours of ago nml n.trurHvo in appear.
unco , was a constant visitor at the slcutinij
rink. There she was taught the art of gilding - ;
ing ovur the smooth surface of the Moor by
the instructor , whoso name i Henry Mooroi
A lively correspondence sprung up between
them , and In his letters Moore called Mrs ;
Smith Ins "darling" ami his "precious brown
eyes. " Mr. Smith became jealous of his ]
wife's actions , but she turned the tables oil
him and in return charged her husband xvltli
being too intiuutc with her younger sister.
She left her husb.ind for this , and her suit
for maintenance Is now sustained.
A Wife Kor n Day.
HorunoN , Ind. , Dec , 'JO. Nelson Hnlnes , of
this place , went to Indianapolis Saturday
evening by appointment , and soon after was
married to Miss May Meet , Then ho pur
chased two tickets for Plymouth , but the
urido gux'o various excuses for not wishing to
Lake the train , and that night they spent with
friends In the city. On Sunday she disap
peared , and was not found until to-day. She
admitted she had ran away from "Nels , "
mil added she had no Intention of returning
; o him. bho has been living hero for iho lust
twelve monthti , and there is a suspicion that
mother young man has succeeded in winning
: ier affections. At last ucjounts she still per
sisted in her determination not. to live with.
Hiiines. When asked why slio refused to
Jeep her marriage vow , she said : "Bocauso
1 don't wan'tto. ' "
A Wroiifjod IIiis'ianilM Herengo.
Nicnonsvii.u : , Ky. , Dee.0. . Ed MclCoo
and JCd Shotwell are young fanners and to-
jacco men living near huro. Shutwell is a
married man , and has a beautiful .voting
wife. McKee throw a Miudow over the llfq
of the happy husband , and boasted of his inJ
tinmoy to others. Last night Sholwell , armed
with a Smith it Wesson , inetMcICec and said
10 had come for a settlement. McKee said
10 was ready to settle any \\ay. Snot well
said he would settle that moment , with pis-
ols. Ho immediately drew and lired three
shots before McICco could cry out that ho unarmed. Ho is shot in the abdomen-
shoulder and hand , und it is feared the first
von nil will prove fatal , Shotwell miido Ills
Killed flln Daughter's Abductor.
LEAVEXNOIITII , Ind. , Dee. 20. George W.
Davis , of Marietta , whoso daughter Lilllo
vas abducted and ruined by William Tj.
Gregory , the Indicted White Cap , shot Greg
ory dead to-day , in this city.
Mr. Davis was heart-broken over the ruin
f his clulil , and his friends have known for
omo time that in case ho met Gregory ho
vouul kill him. Gregory was indicted oa
ovcral counts , and was to have been triea
December 3 ! lit this phico. Ho loft Marietta
Saturday , and returning hero fell in the way
f the enraged father , whose child's life ho
uul blighted , and was killed.
Scholars Fatally Kent n Toucher.
WICHITA , Kan. , Dec. SO. Thomas McCon-
nclly , a school teacher at Amhilc , n town flf-
ccn miles west of hero , was horribly beaten
> y some of his pupils yualuruny morning , and
t is thought it will be Impossible for him to
McCoimolly was employed by the board of
ducation for four months , and given promlso
f eight months' employment , ns ho claims ,
'ho four months will ho out Friday , and ha
vas notilied this morning that at the close of
he four months ho could consider himself
.Ismissed. On opening school tills mornliiK
10 addressed the pupils on the matter ana
ofcrred to the board in strong terms.
A son ot one of the members of the school
> oard arose , ana in answer to a statement ;
lulled the teacher a liar. He started for tlio
joyand was met hi'loose pieces of furnlturo
rom all directions from a do/.en or moro
) oys ranging In ages from fifteen to twenty ,
la responded by throwing whatever could
jo used for that purpose.
A pitched battle ensued nml lasted some
xvenly minutes , when finally a chair hit the
eaclier on thu head , bringing him to the
oor , when ho was pounced upon by the
\ngry boys , und had the disturbance not ut-
ractcd tlio attention of outsiders It Is thought
hey would have made nuieh work of him , as
vhen he was rescued he was horribly bruised ,
no arm broken and his skull fractured. It
s thought IU ) cannot recover ,
Four of the pupils engaged In the light
ecolvcd slight injuries , while a Httlo girl
vas also sljghtly hurt. There is quite a
bitter fueling In the neighborhood over the
natter , and it is feared that there will ho
urthor trouble.
Southern 1'ratau For
liiii.Mi.voiuM , Ala , , Doc. SO , The dolegn-
Ion of manufacturers , etc. , from this city ,
vlio visited ( icncral Harrison , returned this
norning. Fred L. Sloss , one of the dologa-
Ion , remarked : "Wo will not know whether
ve live In Indiana or Alabama HO far as the
riiutmont wo receive from General liar-
ison's administration Is concerned , "
Hccovorcd From Stouk GnmblorH.
BOSTON , Dec. SO. The Jury In the casts
f Mrs. 1 'rebel against Hales & Walley ,
lock brokers , to recover { 09,01X1 alleged to.
iavo been lost in speculation bv her son , rc-
urncd u verdict In favor of the plaint ! ! ! for
; ( .
f(5,000. _ _
Three Men Killed. .
HOUBTON , Tex. , Doc. SO , A construction
rain on thu Arkansas PUSJ railway XVUH Uo-
ullcd near hero yesterday , and A. Howard , '
Icnry Hoberts und Antoine Carlson xvoro
illlcd , Three other men were seriously In-
Workci-H KMilencl. (
NKW VOIIK , Dec. 20. ICdward Meredith ,
vho was charged with assault with Intent to
(111 ( Phil , was acntenced to eight yearn
uul ten months' hard labor in state prUon ,
und Hermann , his confederate , to six years
ind cloven months.
Tim llonoralilo Arllllory.
LONDON , Dec. 20 , Iii the commons this
iftcrnoon , Stanhope , secretary of war ,
'cplylng to a ijucstlon , denied that the rjuooit
md withdrawn the honorable artillery cow *
tally's ' warrant.
A I'tilul CnlllHlon.
Mi.NKEAimift , Dec , SO. The Chicago er
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