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On Olirlstmas Day a Big Shooting
Tournament Will bo Hold.
It Will ncRln nt tlio Colosseum on tlio
Ijant Day oflnc Ycnr Mitchell
nnd Kflrnln'B Visit
Diamond Flashes.
A Hie Clirlstmns BltotH.
John ,1. Htirdm Is making extensive nu
rangcments for a big nil round shooting
tournament , to bo held Christmas day , on the
grounds of the Omaha Gun club , In the
not thcastern suburbs. Ho has already secured -
cured 1,000 live pigeons , and lias engaged as
many more. This slioot will bo the event of
the day , and among the rrnck shots who will
compete. Is the champion of the world , C.
W. Budd , of DCS Monies , ,1 1 { Slice , Frank
Crowbill , Kit Baker and sevcint others from
abroad , while Pnrmolec , Kitchen , Field ,
Uruckner , Brewer , Ickou , Hughes , Petty
nnd nil the local celebrities will ulso'tuhoa
hand. In addition to this big live blid shoot
there will bo blue rock sweepstakes , and a
COO-iard nllo contest.
Will Mo Hero In „ -
Palsoy Fallen is In receipt of n letter from
Parson Davis , of Chicago , in which he states
that Kilrnin mid Mitchell will not visit
Omaha until seine time In February. TliU
bo adds , is necessary on account of n match
Unit has just been consummated between
Mitchell nnd Jack Oompsuy , and another ono
between Kllraln and Jack Asliton. This an
nouncement will bo interesting news to all
parts of the country , for ns * , ot no such
matches hn\o been olllclnlly promulgated.
Davis concludes by sajing lhat both tnca
will boheio in Februaii bejoud n doubt ,
nnd accompanied by ono of the strongest
combinations over gotten together.
I'nrmclco'H I'urso.
There was an intoicstlng blue rock shoot
on the Omaha giounds yesterday afternoon ,
flftv birds each , eighteen yards rise for a
purse of $30. Following is the score :
Ketchom .11111 11110 11110 11101 11101 11101 11101
unit 11110 null II
I'armeloo 11 ml lliui 11110 11111 11101 11110 11110
11111 nun niii-ii
lie-id inn inn inn inn ooon 11110 11111
oiiiii line inui-'j
lownxcml.lllll Him 11111 111IX ) 11011 10111 01111
oiiii 11101 niii-4. :
Another shoot will take place this after
At tlio Colosseum ,
A fine attraction Is being prepaied for the
Colosseum in the shape of u six daj's free-
for-all bj ciclo race , to commence on Decem
ber 31 , nnd to occupy eight hours u day , from
2.110 to 10:30. : Among the famous wheelmen
who will assuredly be hero is W. J. Morgan ,
of Boston , the champion long distance
rider of the world ; Frank Dmgloy ,
of Minneapolis , 100 mile champion ;
W. F. Knapp , of Denver , half mile
champion ; Tom Ilnrdwick , of Galena , Kan. ,
the cowboy bicyclist ; Bob Nielsen and Horace
ace Crocker , ol tlio Hub ; T. W. Eclt , of
Toronto , and Churloy Aslungton , of Cleve
land , O. The majority of these men have
already entered , and the balance have sig
nified their intention to bo here. Entries
can now bo made at the office in the Col
osseum. Several local , wheelmen are also
in training , nnd w ill make the st.nt. Most
of the professionals lull reach hero this
week , nnd on Chustmas night the big build
ing will bo the scene of a grand gencial
race for both piofessional and amateur
bykcts. Following this six days' chase ,
some time in January , the fifteen lady bi-
cAclists , now competing in a race at Madison
Squaic Garden , New Yoik , will appear at
the Colosseum.
Omnlm'H S irst Dor ; Show.
Manager William G. Ingiam , who is to
give the Hist djg show over hold in Omaha ,
nt the rooms 11' ) and 115 Fifteenth street ,
commencing January 1 nnd continuing to
tie ) Hid , has his posters out , and declares ho
is going to have a duo exhibition. He has
already received ncuily flfty entries , nnd ex
pects by Saturday evening to have twice that
number. Mr. Ingram , who is a thorough
dog fancier and the best-posted man In the
west , says that citizens of Omaha will bo
sin prised to see the laigo number of really
line and valuable dogs that are owned right
bui e in the city.
Flashes From the Diamond.
On'ilm may sign Dalrymplo.
Sioux City has signed Clenry Cross.
Cleveland will be disappointed in Tebcau.
Jake Wells will back-stop for Detroit next
Splinter Hauiahan has signed xvith Minne
Joe Quinn has again signed with Boston
for * 2,500.
Powell will captain and manage the Sioux
team next season.
Denver has not ict boon admitted to the
Westein association.
The Kansas City Blues led the Western
association last season.
Milwaukee Is getting a strong team together
gother for next season.
St. Joe is fnlily daft over her admission
Into the Western association.
Only live Western association plajors stole
over 70 bases cadi lust season.
Manning , Long , Holiidny nnd Carroll scored
one hundred runs and ruoio last i ear.
Bcckloy is the solo support of his mother
and sister , and he does bib duty well. '
The Western association will play under
the National league lulcs the coining season.
But four batsmen in the Western associa
tion last season made un average ns high as
It is said Milwaukee has been promised
the next vacancy in the American associa
Columbus is after St. Paul's cat-Hue short
stop , PJckutU He's good enough for any
Duvo Uowo says Denver will bo the best
ball town in thu Westein association the
coming season ,
In the Western association last year there
wcro made a total of 7,5iJ lilts , 2,000 stolen
bases and 4,075 runs ,
The Cincinnati's count on great things
from Holliduy , nnd thu Bug will not disap
point them. He's all right.
Manager Seleo says lio'il bring the Omn-
has out nearer the ton the coming season
than ho did last. Hope so.
Twenty-seven Western association players
made over 100 hits lust season , and only four
failed to steal a single base ,
The oldest man in the world Orator
Snuffer made nioro hits than any other
Western association plnyur last season.
There has been n good deal of discussion
About tbo pronunciation of Dale's name-
many calling it Karly. It is plain Uui 1.
The Holding totals for nil the western as
sociation teams for the past season are : Putouts -
outs , iM.-lKi ; assists , Ifi.bO. ) ; crrois , UT79.
Ilutcblnson will bo one of Chicago's star
pltchois the coming season. The four ball ,
three strike rule Is a good ono for Hutch.
Jimmy Manning , of thu Cowboys , not only
etolo more bases tliuu any Western associa
tion players lust season , but lias made more
Klusmnn hns signed to play second for
Milwaukee. He is a strong acquisition , with
a fielding average for last season of ,010 , and
Strauss , of the Mllwaukocs , played in
mote games last season than any other
Western player , 12S. Muskor.v. of the same
team , took pait in but one lo j ,
Four western association first basemen ,
Morrissey , Stearns , Caruight and II awes.
bad each more than 1,000 put outs. Out of
337 baumoa iiS failed to reach .200 and four
didn't oven got us high as 100 ,
Time makes as many queer changes In
tuiso ball as In other phases of life. Little
did Ezra Button and Tom Poorman think
sears ngo. when they wcro playing In the
IJoaton club , that they would meet in nftor
reasons In the Milwaukee club. Now Sutton
1 the manager in Milwaukee , aud Pooruiun
jtmti signed to play in that city.
btrcng objection was made to Sioux City
> t tbe Western association meeting , because
, , i % L * , * " ' * - * - & - & &
| S ji ? iii1OT
that club didn't pay salaries In full last
season , The club , however , tnanaced to
cicnpo cxpu'lsion Uy showing that the tlub
lind been financially Rtrcnethrncd , nnd ivr-
rcaraijc * had been mno\ \ coed , whereupon
the objections wore withdraw !
The American Turf Conirp < i4.
CINCIVCVTI , Dec. H > . The American Turf
congress mot for business In executive soi-
slon this afternoon Two chances wcro
inndo in the rules by the committee , viz
first , It raised the scale four pounds , with
the usual allowance for mares , but none for
Rcldlngs. Second , It required that scaled
bids shall bo deposited on nil selling incos
within fifteen mlnutci nftor the rncc , which
bids shall bo opened bj the presiding Jud c ,
who Ahull alvido the surplus between the
second horse nnd the association. The asso
ciation admitted two now members the
Overland Park club nnd the Kansas City
club Kncin-j dotes were fixed as follows for
the spring meeting of IVfl
Louisville , May tolS ; St. Louis , Juno t to
in , Kansas City , Juno 1" to .3 , Chicago ,
Juno 2J to July 20 , St. 1'aul. July at to at
The turf conijrcss nlso adopted u rule that
all members of the turf congress should dis
bar all poisons expelled by olihor the Amur-
lean or National trotting associations for
fraud during the continuance of suiih ex
pulsion. _
O'Lenry I'ut in Sloop.
NEW YOIIK , Dea 10 The much talked of
llnlsh fight between Hurt ( colored ) and Dave
O'Lc.iry ' , both of this city , for $20) ) a sideand
nn extra purse of f-'OO , camoolt this morning.
Hart knocked O'Lcary out in the last of the
seventh round with n heavy punch in tlio
stomach and a swinging right hantlcr on the
Jaw O'Lcary sank to the lloor and did not
revive for fully tun minutes.
The KutiiniB Still Slum * n 8tirlnkni c * ,
Cniniuirnd AVItli Imsr Yenr.
CINCINNATI , O , Dec. 1 ! ) . [ Special Tele-
grnui to Imi Urc ] Returns and uppioxi-
mates hullcuto that the cntlro packing Jn the
west Binco November 1 is nbout S,5X,000 )
hogs , against .I/JID.OOU n year ngo , a decrease
of C05tUi ) . The week's packing at fifteen
pi eminent points shows oG5OOJ , against
81S.OOO last J ear. The entire packing for the
week is appioxinmtcd at130,000 , against
435,000 last a car.
1'irkliig , Jsov. 1 toilaio. | It-is. J inn.
010,000 .
Kansas City 3.Vi.lX > J MI.O o
Omiihu 1S5.IOO
St. Iioti ISl.OOO 170 , 000
lniUniiitHlls } 14-.00) )
Cincinnati 170OJO
Milwaukee . IU'1.200 ' IV'.OM
Culnr Itaplds W.'JJO 7J-.OJO - 4,7.
l.oiiHUHe . 157,000
Rlonx City , la lai.nia 4i,000
Ottuin\Mi . IK , 47U
Ki'okuk , Id , . SiViO
St. Joseph ! Si,00) ) 5(00
Nebraska City. Neb 40.1WJ 2H.OOO
Defftultcr Axwortliy Settles
) , O , Dec. 10. [ Special Tcle-
gnuu to Tun 13rc. ] To-day n cablegram
from London announced the fact that a com
promise had been effected between 1 liomns
Axworthy , the absconding city treasurer of
Cleveland , and George A. Garretson and
Andrew Squire , of this city. On Friday ,
November 2 , it was announced In this city
that tlio defaulting treasurer had negotiated
$100,000 worth of exchange on London with
his stolen funds under the nanio of Philip
Anthony , and 'under that name hud
presented the bill of exchange at the
London bank and had the amount of
its credited to him. This trans iction
fuimshed a clue to his bondsmen in this city
and the oillccis of the National Bank of Com
merce , who took pi empt and speed } * action.
They not only attached tlio funds deposited
in the various banks of Cleveland , but also
served notice on the banks of London , where
the city cash taken from the Bank of Com .
merce was deposited. To the latter legal
coup d'etat the success of the present adjust
ment in favor of the bondsmen is clue. Ax
worthy emplojcd attorucs and attempted to
light his bondsmen , but it is presumed bo
saw that ho would bo defeated , and thoiefoie
Rurrondcied. Tlio compromlsu does not jn-
cludo his immunity from nirest if he returns
to America.
Morn Soliool lioirtl Crookedness.
Omc\oo , Dec. 19. Charles S. Cutting ,
master In chancery , and a member of the
county boaid of education , was aiiested this
morning charged with being accessory to
burglary. Some time ago $7,100 worth of
bonds wcro stolen fiom the ofllce of a hard
ware llrin. Cutting , it is said , began ncgoj
lions for the return of the bonus This led
tohisanest. In the police court this morn
ing the case was continued. His ollico uas
searched for the missing bouds , but they
weio not fouud.
For 'llirout DiHciiMCN anil Couehs use
Crown's Bronchial Troches. Like all really
good things , they are imitated. The gcnulno
ate sold only in boxes.
Only Two Points Affected.
'ins , la , Dec. 11 TUo officers
of the Order of Railroad Conductors , lo
cated here , deny the report In the dispatches
from Los Angeles that the association west
of the Missouri has disbanded , and say only
two local points are affected.
- * -
Officers Fatally Wounded.
CHICAGO , Doc. 19. A special from Cairo ,
III. , says : Last night , at Paragould , Ark. ,
Olllccr tSrynn attempted to servo a warrant
on John Williams for illegal liquor soiling.
Williams resisted and a light followed , in
\\liioH Williams , Bryan and two other officers
\\oio moitally wounded.
An Absolute Cure.
is only put up in laigo two ounce tin boxes ,
and is an absnluto euro for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chapped hands , and all skin erup
tions. Will positively care all kinds of piles.
MB T. Sold by Goodman IJiujf Co. , at 33
cents per box by mall HO cents.
Def ) liiii tlio Authorities. °
CHICAGO , III , , Doo. 19. The Arboltor-
bundo , the anaichlst organization which the I'
pollco have been trying to suppress , is pre
paring to hold n mooting In splto of the au
thorities next Sunday. The ostensible ob
ject of the gathering is to adopt a constitu
tion aud by-luws and oluot olUcci s.
A Sot vlnn ICvpresHimi of Joy. . .
UUI.OH Ui : , Doc. 19. Tlio radical peasants
are celebrating the victories of their party Utl Uf
In the parliamentary election by firing the tl
homes of their political opponents in the il
vicinity of this city , The sky has been lurid ila' iln
for thrco nights from the rollection of the a'
flames of the burning dwellings.
Ono word : ono stop mny mnko or mar
ono'a whole future. Dr. Jones' Rod
Clover Tonic is the proper move when
you lmo dyspepsia , bail breath , piles ,
pimples , njjuo , inuhirlii , low spirits , '
headache or any stomach or livo'r
troubles. 50 cents. Goodman Drupr.
fTtio HOIISO of Commons.
LONDON , Dec. 19. The commons to-night li
finished consideration of the votes for supply
" "
and passed the appiopiiation bill.
t .0 (
thcie XJttlu Pill * .
They also roliovoDIs
ITTLE tress from Dyspepsia ,
Indigestion and Too
IVE Hearty K tlug. Apcr-
'ect remedy for Dizzi
ness , Nausea , LJrows !
ness , Bud Taste In the
d I
llouth.Coatixl Tongue ,
Pain In the Side , TOR inre
TID LIVER , Ac. They reculato the Botre't ' ,
and proent Constipation and Pile * . Th
mallest nd euleat to take. Only one pill
doie. 40lnaYl ' . . I'urely Vegetable. I'rlcc Cl
UcenU. vl
OABTEB MEDIOIKK 00.PupVi. Hew YorV. of
But His Visit Said to Possess No
Political Significance.
All Attempt- Interviewing llcsitlt
In Failure An Informal Hocopdon
to tlio Ij < nl l/oglon By the
Qtiny nt liullnnnpntio.
Ivnu\U'Oii , Doc. 10. Senator Quay , ac
companied by Hon. John 0. Now , General
Williams and Colonel Button , drove out to
General Harrison's residence this morning.
After a half-hour's conversation Williams
and Britton concluded their call , leaving
Quay and New closeted with the president-
clert Mr. Quay was the general'1) guest tit
lunch Shortly after 2 o'clock the senator
leturned to his hotel nnd will leave for
Washington to-night.
Senator Quay would not bo intervioucd on
political matters. Tlio gentlemen who tie-
comjnnlcd the senator on his visit to Gen
eral Harrison say that there \\as nothing un
usual between them. It Is explained by ono
of the gentlemen comprising Senator Qmi's
tmrtv , that the litter's visit wits not
of such great political Importance as tlio
public had noen led to believe. Of course ,
they talked politics ; that Is Colonel Quay's
business. But the Idea that hocimohero
loaded with Important suggestions and state
secrets Is nil a mistake , n more newspaper
theory. There Is no doubt , continued the
speaker , but that Colonel Quay is very much
interested In seeing Pennsylvania reorga
nised. His endorsement of any man for n
cabinet position would have great weight ,
but Quay did not como hero with the Idei
that ho was to namon member of tlio cabinet.
Colonel Brltton , after his confoioiiLO with
tlio president-elect , said that General Harrison
risen had no suggestions to make regarding
the inaugural arrangements , and left thu
cntlro matter to the committee. Colonel
IJritton suites that the inauguinl
will surpass any previous o\cnt of the kind.
Ahe.idxjmnngemonls have been made for
the entertainment of about iTi.OO. ) ppoplo.who
will come in orgtini/ed bodies. This number
does not Include individuals , but simply mil
itary and civic organizations. There are
about 10,000 militia , and 15,000 or 10,000 in
civic organisations.
General Hari ison practically gave the en-
tlio day up to receiving visitors. No sooner
had lie concluded his talk with Senator Quay
after lunch than the Loyul Legion visitors
began to pour In upon him. About 3 o'clock
they began calling in squads upon the General -
oral and Mrs Ilairison , aud their spacious
parlors weio ciouded until nightfall.
Among the llrst to call upon Gcneinl Harrison
risen was nv-Presldcnt Hayes , accompanied
by Iiis sons , Webb and Hutherford. They
received a " .eiy hearty welcome fi-oin Gen
eral Harrison , and at his request the ox-
pi csident remained with him and received
tlio veterans for half an hour or so. Mrs.
McKce. assisted by Miss Miller , daughter of
W. II. H. Miller , served tea nnd coffee to the
gentlemen in the back pallor. There was
no speech-making and the reception was of a
most infoimal character. AtO o'clock the
visitois had neailv all departed to bo present
ut the meeting of the Loyal Legion at ( !
o'clock to paiti ( ipate in the organization of
the Indiana commatidory.
Frank Snondon Halves a Bin How nt
Missouri Valley.
MIS-.OUHI , la. . Dec. 19 [ Special
Telegram to TIIU II M , . ] FiankSnowdon.who
assaulted several citizens of Missouri Valley
.vcsterday morning and afterwards success
fully dolled tne entire police force to _ arrest
him , was taken into custody in the afternoon
by John Garrison , the shoriiT , who was pass-
infj through the city , on his way to attend the
sheriffs' convention at/ Dos Moines. Snow
dcn was under SJ50 bail for assaulting Mr.
Allen , n week or so ago , and had made
threats against Attorney Arndt and A. II.
Sniff , editor of the News. Ho commenced
by entering Arndt's office at nbout
10 a. in. , and beating him In a horiiblo
manner. Ho then went of Ills own accord
before Mayor Seaton and pleaded guilty to
assault , nnd when lined ? . " ) throw down ? 10
and told tlio mayor to keep the other fs , as
he was going to do Sniff up next. Sniff was
found in the law office of Dcwoll & McGnv-
\onbut great bodily injury was prevented bv
Mr. Dew ell , who showed gioat nerve in the
face of a drawn revolver In thojiands of the
assailant. Snowdcn then threatened to
shoot any ono who interfered in the le ist
Ho said ho wouldn't bo arrested , and \\ould
shoot the llrst officer who made the attempt.
Tuo or throe warrants were sworn out for
his ni rest ami put in the hands of Constables
Asp nnd Daniels , but neither of them had
tlio nerve to make the arrest or summon aid
for that purpose , and the man walked the
streets making threats until the arrival of
the sheriff ut 5 p m.
The Forefathers' Day Itnnqiiet.
To-morrow evening the annual dinner in
commemoration of Foiofntho's' day , will bo
given in the chapel of the new St. Mary's
Avenue church , coiner of Twenty-seventh
street. It wll' ' bo given under the auspices
of tbo Congregational churches of Omaha ,
and , judging from the progtauime , promises
to bo a success. Tlio dinner will bo a Now
England dinner , with all that these words
imply , nnd the musical and oratorical portion
tion of the programme will be worthy of the
cause it celebrates. Mayor Hroatch will
speak on the evolution of the Connecticut
blue laws , and W. .T. Council will tell of the
trip from green mountains to gioen pralnoa.
C. S. Chase will speak of .Now England flftv
yeais ago , and \V.H. Alexander is down for a
speech on the Yankee , lointoiccd , comlni ;
west. Prof , H. P. Lewis will talk nbout the
New England Puritans in litcratmo , at d the .
Uov. A. It. Tliain , of Galcsburg , will dilalo
nn the old time thcmo of "Tho Yankees. "
The musical portion of the progiummo will
ho attended to by MissPcnnoll. Miss Oeoigie
' . Boultur , Miss Uoah It. V > ilcox ami Mr. .T. b
Noithup , and no doubt will prove quite as .
attractive as the oratoiy or the dinner.
. c
Senator Cullom Sued.
WASHINGTON , Dee. 10 Ainasa C. Paul ,
administrator of the estate of the late Prof.
LMwnid C. Paul , to day enteied suit against
United States Senator Cullom , of Illinois ,
for ? 10,000 damngcs. The suit grows out of
the death of Prof. Paul , who was ridden
lown and filially injured by Joseph Chase , a
aegro coachman in the employ of the eon-
itor. '
Mlmiofiotn'H I to turns.
ST. PAUL , Minn , Dec. 10. The following
ire the onicial figures on the i ccent proii-
Jcntml election : Harrison , H IOJ ; Cleve
land , lOl.USV Fifth , 15,811 ; Strcetcr , 1,097.
I'lio total vote shows un Increase of 03,21'iS
aver four yuan , iigo. The icpublicaua gain
Liu co congressmen.
"White Caps Ruld n Saloon.
CLKVEHKD , O. , Dec. 19. Early thla morn
ing the White Cups tore down the saloon of
iohn Messamorc , at Hawson , Hancock
Bounty , pouring the liquor into the gutter.
I'liey loft a warning for the saloonkeeper not >
icsumu business. >
Steamship Arrivals.
At HOUR Kong The Cityiof Sidney , from
3an Francisco. ° ; ,
At Hamburg : The Rugla , from Now York.
At Itottcrduur : The Kdum , from Now
A Countess Ktnbbcil.
rLoni.t.CK , Dec. 10. The Countess Costa
vns stabbed to death in her carriage bore to-
ty by a captain In tlio army , who then continued
inued suicide by shooting himself with a
Wrecked by Natural Gas.
INDIAATOM3 , Dec , 19. The residence of
Jhurles Wllhlto , in Haujflivlllo , n suburban
Illage , was wrecked to-day by the explosion
natural KA , Mrs. Wllhllo i so set lously
urued tauv her recovery is doubtful.
! > iti < : .tD
A Ilnmomlir'nnc'o of the II. t M.
In tlio United Stritos court yesterday after
noon the U & M. railroad engineers charged
with obstructing the mnlls received n hearing.
SB I leattle , of Beatrice ,
u ere discharged. Charles Griffin's case was
continued. .1. Aru.s , Erk nnd
Brack , of McCook , pMaded guilty
before njurj , ntul were each lined J20 nnd
costs Bnllcnccr nnd Jaekson wore found
uotcullt } .
The Jury returned n verdict of not guilty In
the case of John H Thomas , charged with
Impei Bonatlng nn United States officer. The
prisoner was discharged.
Dlst'rlct Court.
Judge Doano is engaged In hearing the
case of Irish vs LM. . Lundon The action
Involves tlio validity of n mechanic's ilcn
amounting to about $1,100.
Judge Wnkoley tried the suit against C. S
Hlggins , brought by Louis Bradford , The
Issues are the priority of n $700 mechanics
lion TLo verdict was for the defendant.
Dan Clark pleaded guilty to a charge of
assault with Intent to wound , and was sent
to the county Jail for sixty das.
Mil die Koblnsoii , a negross , was sent to the
counU Jail for tlili ty days upon a charge of
assault. U Ins woman Is n hard case , but on
account of her being cncicnte , the couit
mitigated thu sentence.
Nettie Uostlo , fouiteen years of ago ,
charged with being a notoriously badly con
ducted girl , was remanded until Snluidav
morning , nt which time Judge GrolT has or
dered the lather of the girl to bo present ,
and n disposition of the case will then bo ar
rived at.
The ciso of Hayes vs Black will bo the
llrst case called this morning.
The United Status Wind Engine nnd
Pump comp my sues Francis C. Morgan et
nl foi the recovery of f.U7.M ! ) ; nnd against
Ivels O. Biown ft al for the recovery of $ ITO.
Jlldgo Wakeledollvoied judgment } ester-
day in the suit of Haw lev ot al vs Patterson.
Tlio action was dismissed nt plaintiff's ' costs.
Jiidgo GroiT has the application of Loren
B McUnrger for n writ of habeas corpus
under consideration.
Count ) Court.
The case of Bcal against the cable company
was dismissed by Judge Shields. The de
fendant took advantage of a technical error
in the draft of the petition , witli the result
mentioned. There will bo a now trial.
Scott vs City of Onrnha was on ti ial in tins
court. The plalntilT claims f 1,000 damages
to his property by reason of grading done on
Seventeenth street nnd Ut. Marv's avenue ,
nnd adjacent to plaintiff's livery uain.
In the suit of Henry Scott vs the city of
Omaha , the plaintiff secured nveidictof
$210 00.
Judge Shields is investigating the suit in
replevin of George Hyde vs William Cobuni.
The following suits were Hied yesterday in
the count } court : Callalian vs Francis and
John Wright , an action forinjuiics received
by falling from n scaffold , damages me laid
nttl.OOO. Fiist National bank vs Fisher
Pinitlng company , a suit for thu recovery of
&SD.10 , duo uK | > u a bill ot exchange. 1' . C.
Ilimebnugh et al vs Elliott and Felton , suit
for SJ O.fS , duo for goods sold and delivered.
John L. Miles et nl vs Minnie L Jnvnes et
nl. This is an action to recover JOS' ' ) and
costs of action. 'I he defendants , it is claimed ,
executed a promissory note dated November
0 , lt > i > 7 , for thu amount claimed.
Ijonii Association Interests.
Managers aud directois fiom nearly oil
the building and loan associations in the city
met last night in the secretary's office at the
board of trade. The object was to devise
some suitable state legislation for the benefit
and protection of the Nebraska associations.
Mr. James Forsyth occupied the chair , while
G. M. Nattlnger officiated us secretary , and
aftei having talked the matter o\er , the fol
lowing icsolution was earned unanimously ;
Resolved , That a meeting be called of al
loan and building associations in the t > tateat
Omaha , on Friday , December 23 , for the pur
pose of taking steps w scout o needed legisla
tion for the benolit of loan and buildiug asso
ciations in general ,
KcsoU cd , That a committee of five bo ap
pointed to diaft a hiw for submission to the
meetings of associations aforesaid.
DHesolved , That all associations throughout
the state , operating under what is generally
understood to bo the mutual loan and build
ing association plan , bo invited to send two
delegates , and that each association there
represented shall be entitled to two votes on
all auastlons submitted at said meeting.
Messrs. F. J. Brotherwick , James W.
Carr , Thomas II. Dailoy , G. M. Nattmgor
and Gustavo Andreen wore appointed a com
mittee to draft a moasuio covering the re
quirements , nnd wHl submit it at the next
meeting , prior to asking the legislature to
take action upon it.
Found His Grip.
Last week a grip containing valuable
requisites and some jewelry , was stolen
from the Puxton hotel. The guest , who does
not wish his name mentionsd , loft it in
his room and came down stairs to send n
telegram. Going back after an hour had
olapscd , ho found it missing. Last night it
was found in the Chicago Lumber company's '
yard. Nothing of the contents had boon re
moved. In the sumo hotel } estcrday morn
ing n gentleman left his overcoat in bis room
while eating breakfast. On hib return the
feat was gone and has not been hem d of
sinco. The police are on the lookout for the
fiaucrolson'H Tilal.
GBNKVA , 111. , Deo. 19 The taking of testi
mony in the "Q" dynamite trial was con
cluded to-day , und rftntes Attorney Han-
ubett , of Aurora , began the oDeninc nipu-
incnt before the jurv. The principal testi
mony before the speeches becran was given
jv Henry T. Tolman , an expert in micro- J
icopy , who testified that ho had carefully ,
jxninlnod exhibits of the letters and chocks
illeged lo bo in Hnueiulscn's hniidwritljig ,
ind , in his opinion , two and possibly thrco
orsons wrote them. A microscope was
jroupht In and the letters examined by Die
.ounsel and jm.unen , soon after which the
ipecch-making bejan.
Wanted For Korcory.
CniOAOo , Dec. 19. C. C. Johnson , said to
jo a fugitive fiom justice from Iowa , is nt
.ho armory , en route to DCS Molncs , in
hnrgo of nn officer from that city , Johnson
char Rod with having forged nearly fltOO , (
.vorthof notes in Apiil , lS7 , on which ho
nised nearly their face value fiom bankers
ind others in Dos Moines , nftor which ho
led. Ilo was located In Kochcster , N. Y. ,
ind arrested lust week.
Advitio in
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup should nl.
vayc bo usudforchlldion teething ItHoothos 1
ho child , softens the gums , allays all pain , c
uies'wlnd colic , and IB the best remedy for T
liarrha'u. i")0 a bnttla
toVod. . C'tl
Tlio following marriage licenses wore is. tlI'
iUed by Judge Shield s yesterday ; I'
Name and rosidcnpo. Ago. AII
James A. Kiloy , Omaha SO II
Flora Smith , Omaha. . , , , 23 IIr
W , W. Houston , Omaha , ai r
Lora Fitch , Oinulm 14 i1T
John F. Payne , Omaha , . . ! J3 i1T
Goorglo E Black , Omaha ii3 T
Po zoni's Powrtor r
Comiildxion pro- c
luces u baft and btiivuUful akin ; it com- c
incs every clement of beauty und G
Dendwnod'H hand Oflluo llctnovcd.
DEUIWOOD , Dak. , Dec. 19. [ Special Tele- '
ram to Tin : BBK. ] lloceiver Whltcaido , of
ho United States land office , hud orders to-
lay from Commissioner Stoclilagor to re-
uovo the United States laud office to Itupld
.V .
Children Cry for Pitcher's ' Castoria.
When Baby WM eick , wo em e her Castorl * .
When eho was a Clilld , rfio cried for CutorU ,
WJieu she become SIIu , slio clunj : to CoatorU ,
A Flrnior Woldiug of Thooo Unit
ing the Loynl Legion.
An I.lo'incnt AddrcsN on Iho ITi
chiles ftml Faith of the Order
by UvPtrgldcnt Rutherford
1) .
The Loynl
l.VDiAVAroi H , Dec. 19. AtO W o'clock the
charter members of tlio new Indiana com-
tnandi'ry mot nt the Bates house , Command-
er-In chief Haves presiding , nnd the new
conimandcry was duly created and Inau
gurated Major Gcnoial Lew Wallace , of
Crawfordsvllle , was elected commander
General Harrison was among the mcnibeis
picsont nnd particinatodin , the formation of
tlio comnmndurj
The banquet tpiidcml the visiting rscm-
bers of the Lo\al Legion at the Bates house
tonight by tlie newly ciontcd Indiana com-
manilery was ono of the most successful
enttitalnments over given In Indiana
The dining hall was tastefully decorated
in the national colors. General Low Wal
lace presided as toast master of the occasion
To his light sat ox President Hn * > cs , nnd to
the left Colonel W. II. Howe , coiiimaudoi of
the Loyal Legion of Missouri. After spend
ing nn hour discussing the choice nnd select
menu , Interspersed with Stirling songs by
the Chicago nnd Missouri visitors , the pro
gramme proper was entered upon , thoilist
being nn nddicss of welcome b.\ Major Gen
eral Low Wallace , delivered in his initnita
bio stvle. Following the mldtcss of welcome
the officer announced the toast , "The Loyal
Legion , " to which General Kuthcfford B.
Hn\cE , commnnder-ln-chlef , responded.
Mr 1 lilies , in beginning his mldiess , spoke
bi lolly of the history of the Loynl Legion ,
and roviuwcd the formation and history of
the Society of the Cincinnati , which ho said
was thu unquestioned piotot * , pe of the Lo.val
Legion. "What will bo the fututo of this
ordei I said he What will bo Its influence
on Its mcmbcis and our countrymen , and
especially upon the young who nro growing
U ] > to take our places ! It Is not and will not
bo a political orgnni/atiou. The Lo.\nl
Legion is nn essential organic expression
of our comradeship in u sacied war.
Our honoied companion who is so laigcly nt
this time and in this place in all our thoughts ,
in his tuise and emphatic way gave thu
whole pith ot the question. S lid General
Harrison : "Politics cannot break the bond
of comradeship " In this the general made
no mistake The links that unite us were
welded when we stood together as comrades
on hoi1 , giound lighting for eternal rights.
Where is the holy gioundj If anywhere , it
is w hero man fi eelv dies for his follow-men
That sublime pnvilogo was the ciown of
Lincoln's fame , and we of the Loial Legion ,
and our comrades of the Grand Army , can
revciently think God that we weio permitted
to stand by Lincoln in the deadly crisis of our
nation's history.
What shall be the teaching which thn
Loyal Legion shall give to the companions of
the order ) It goes without sniing that the
ideas we fought for are the principles of the
Lo al Legion. Those ideas nro without re-
gaid to sect or to party. Wo hold to our
faith. It Is that tno American republic , In
the language of the supionio court , is "an
indestructible union of indestructible states "
The general government was threatened by
the doctrine that the allegiance of thu citizen
was duo only to his state Our faith is that
a citron's allegiance is to the United States ,
nnd that the United States , in authority and
dutis , , in the fullest possible souse , a na
The contention of our advcisarios was that
sla\oiy was national , pcrpetu il and of divine
origin. Our faith is that no statute
and no constitution can make valid
"the false and fatal phantasy that man can
bold property in man. " The coiner stone of
the slave holding system was the impious
dogma that "Miqlit makes right. " The trail
of ibis serpent is ovoi all human society , and
is found where the footprint ot a slave was
never seen.
The faith of the Loyal Legion Is that uni
versal suffrage is essential to liberty , and
that there can bo no lilting exorcise and no
full enjoyment of the right of suffrage with
out universal education. The weaker nations
around us with whom wo deal the Indians ,
the children of misfoituno , of poverty , of
evil habittiand of ciimo , who aio at all our
doois tbo taith wo learn in school of war
with respect to ttiem all , is that they are the
offspring of our common father , nnd
that social distinction , wealth , learning ,
and other nch antagos outside of character
were of little avail In that bloody trial , and
that cvcii Uniitr tlicic deferred to manhood ,
Thcicfore we would inculcate sympathy
with manhood , and rcspoct for manhood ,
wherever it is found. Above nil , our faith
is in Ameiica and American principles. Wo
ha\o no quarrels w ith Cuiopo or any foreign
people , but wo piofor that their notions ,
lollies , vices and perils should remain on the
other bide of the Atlantic. We have enough
vices , follies and perils of our own.Vo \
impoitfrom IZuiope altogether too many.
Wo believe in the American homo , and m
the character and virtue of American
women , which make American homes happy.
When the great trial came , and
calamity was to be met and
saciilices made , Mr. Lincoln could say :
"If nil that has been said by orators
and pools since the creation of the
world in praise of women v.-eio applied to
the women of America , It would not do them
justice for their conduct during the war. "
God bless the women of America
Finally , one of the mi&takes of the rebel
lion was to unduly exalt what they called
the "sovereign states. " They thought each
state should have its own Hag. litcli would of
lepicsent a bcpirato government , and all of
them would wave helplessly and mlsoiably
over "states discoidnnt , dissevered , nnd
belligerent. " The faith of the Loyal Legion
is the rovers , of all this Wo ticlluvo that the
whole of the Amci ican republic eveiy state ,
and evci.v acre in everyst.ito belongs to one
lliU , the old Hag , the stars and stripes , the to
Hag of Washington und Lincoln , the Hag of
the United Stitcs. It represents a people
gicat , piospcronsand happy , whoso heritage tim
will be , as long as the.aio . guaidcd by wis titl
dom and justice , thu enjoyment of unbiokon tl
haimony and pcipotual peace. } lre |
At the conclusion of Mr. Hayes' speech the redi
bamiuottors stood and drained thrir cups to dire :
the health and longevity of the Lonl Legion.
Other toasts weio responded to by Lieuten
ant James S. Ostrandor , Captain L'ugcno
Cary , of Chicago ; Colonel D. W. McClung ,
und Colonel D. P. Dwyor. of St. Louis. The w
iitteadanca of distinguished sohlicia fiom re
nil over the country was veiy large. tl
Thu I-iult ; I'ltclicr. Clb
The chlldten of the sc\cnth graJo of the tote
Farnam school have organ bed a litcraiy soc1- to
2ty called the Little Pitcher club. Tlio little
Pitchers have prepared a modest but inter-
jstlnif programme for Friday afternoon , De
cember " 1 , which all patents anil fi lends of
the school are cordially invited to witness. It
as follows :
Mountain Bugla Song . . , Whole School
lioll Call and becietary'a ' HepoitMabel
Mabel Taylor
Picsident's Address Frank Tompson
Praise the Loid Anthem . .Whole School
I'ho Deacon nnd the Lamb Will Harnoy
I'ho Little Shepherd ( Swedish )
Bmil Anderson
Pritzv at School Arthur Wolshiuis
Did Black Joe ( piano ) Hattie Cudy
3ucss My Name Nannie Bilggs
3olng to the Dentist Heading
, lirudner Clark
Now the Wind Is Blowing LowWhole
Whole School
I'he Last Hymn dictation Crounso
Debate Hosolved , That gills make better
students in the publlo schools than boys.
Affinimtivo-Mubol Taylor. Negative-
Carl Holtorf.
Jail the Boatman Whole School
Lochlnvar Isubollo Adler
Girl and n Revolver..Thania Anspaciicr
Uattlo of Ivry KossTowlo
Oay-Dicams of Youth , . , , . . . , . .itw Brown
Skating Song Whole School
Jritlo's Itcport Haltio Cady
A Virginia Contest.
WASIII.VOIOK , Deo. lo. Judge Edmund
IVaddoll , Jr , icpubllcan candidate for con-
jrcss In the Third district of Virginia , has
served notice of contest upon Koprosenta-
Jve George D. Wise , on tuo giound of ob-
strucUeu ufotera ,
A Conccsilon to xho Advocates of the
I > ny "Work System
There was another meeting ot the city
charter committee yestoiday afternoon , and
there was another absence of the city coun
cil. Not a single councilman was on hand to
note what the citizens of Omaha required ,
nnd the questions wore left to the citizens
themselves J. S Winspoaio was the first
cltiron heard from , nnd ho wan toil to know
who should bo charged with tlio cost of
oiHMilng up streets or nllcis in his opinion
the question of raising funds for the purpose
was not made sufficiently explicit and ho
thought that those who received the benefits
derived from such openings should bo as-
scssed accordingly. Mr. Furay thought the
question ns to who should settle for It could
bo left to the council as n bonul of equaliza
tion , and if that was not satisfactory to the
persons assessed , they had redress in an ap
peal to the district court. The matter wiw
left over.
Then the labor question , ns embodied In
section 113 of tlio present thai tor , was tniten
up. Mr. Andrew Hosowator pointed out
that under the section there was no
mandatory specifications ns to who
should construct the city sewers , and th it In
the case of sowciago construction the ilnj
labor svstcm had equal rights with that of
contracting. If the labor clement would only
present their claims Mr. Purnpioved that
the property owncis who were compelled to
pay lor the work done , had nt least the right
to say how it should bo done that is ,
whether by the contract or tiny labor system
temnnd ho tnouEht section ll' quite cov
ered the ground. Mr Over-ill thought the
section ga\o no disciotionar.powotstotho
board of public works , as lo biting of men ,
nnd the purchase of material. He accord
ingly introduced the following , as an amend
ment to the present clause : "
That w henover it shall appear to the satis
faction of the mayor and council that nn\
improvement mentioned in this bcction can
bo done by day work with the same proteo-
t'on to the ta\paieis as by contract , the
major and council may order it so clone
under the direction unit supervision of tlio
board of public works , and said boaul of
public works is hereby aiithoiizcd to hiie
men and to appoint oveiscurs of bald work ,
and lo make lulus and i emulations for the
government of thesauri * ; also to make con
Irncts for material and to purchase the same
in keeping with the .spirit of this section.
Mr. McArdlo objected on the giound that
all woallh was produced bi labor , und that
the man who ouneil nn piopctly was tlio one
who paid all the taxes. Ho offered ivs an
amendment to the amendment , that a portion
of the clause bo stiickon out , and that the
follnwiii- insetted : "Tho work slull be
done ub directed bi ordinance of the mayor
and citi council , undei thu supervision und
dil action of the board of public wet Its " This
was lost by a vote of 0 to 4 , and the former
question cart ted , as n compromise with the
labor element. The amendment , ns above , is
to bo the lirst proviso to section liy , as it now
Building Inspector Whitlock was allowed
to speak on a section No. 107 previously
liaised on by the committee , but as ho hid
nothing dclinilo to state , was given until this
afternoon to put his vioxvs in wilting. Ho
wanted the ordinance referring to buildings
made a legislative act , but got bcwildeied
when asked the why und wherefore.
Section 111 , referring to the acceptance
of public works by the city , from the
contractors , was loft to Messrs Andruw
Itosowatorund Council to revise.
Section 115 , iclutlug to street sprinkling ,
was next taken up , and it was amended so as
to include stieet sv\ccpmg and cleaning It
was left optional as to whether it should bo
enlorrcd in any preset Ibed distnct , or loft to
tbs petitions of the property owners bcno-
llttoil , and whether it should bo done by the
city or bv contiact , but was finally loft to
Messrs Cotiiioll nnd Grant to icport upon.
It was generally intitnitud that the section
needed icvision , as in its present foini it left
n great deal of room for fraud.
Section 110 , referring to the opening nnd
grading of streets , was dibcussed at lengthen
on one point only. Mr. Fnray thought that
thu assessments for damages incui roil by
giading , etc , should uo mot by n Icvi on the
beneiitdomed by the adjoining piopeity.
Ho thought the section as proposed in the
charter of 186f > , by the committee of fifteen ,
was sufficient to cover the ground nnd pro-
feiablo lo the picsent one. Mr.
Uobowator thought that an undue
use of the powers granted might
at some future time prevent the opening up
of thoroughfares necessary to the welfare of
the general public , and cited tlio eleventh
and Sixteenth stieot viaducts , which might
never have been built if the question was
loft to those interested In thu immediate
vicinity. There was a possibility of u small
number of piopeity owucts stopping a work
that would bo of general importance to the 0
city. The section was icfoircd to Council .
and Hoicwater .is a committee , as was No.
117 , which was practically the same. l
Section US related to the appiopiiation of
lands for city purpo ° ea , and was made to in
clude "parks and boulovuids. "
Section 110 brought up the question of who
was assessable for damages where property
was damaged by public iinprovcuicnts , and
it was lofeircd to Mr. Fin ay. Sections 1"2 i
to 121 , relating to city ordinances , wcro an
pro\od , but 1'5 was loft to Mr. Charles
lirown. It stipulates that no debts shall
bo IiiLMirrcd by the city council , nor any
money expended for improvements , unless
authorized by a "majority ot the cntlro
council upon the call for yeas und nays , and
thu reuoid ot the council proceedings shall
show how each member voted , and any
councilman voting to incur any liability , or
to create any debt in excess of the amount : >
limited or autliori/od by law , 01 if the minor
shall appiove any ordinance or conttaut in .
volving tlio ex | > cndltiiio of money In excess
the amount limited or authori/ed by lav/ ,
Bucholllcer shall thcicb * , lender his buiids-
mon liable for such unlawful excess. " The sl
opinion of the board seemo I to bo that the
present city cou.iul had altogether foi gotten
that Midi an oidiiinncc wai in existence.
DOn motion of ( ! . M. Nattingor , section 120
was amended so ns to rcquim thu city cloi k
pirn Ido a bond of $ .5,000 to gu irantee u
faithful poi fornianco of his duties. in
Section 12.1 lofeued to c-iti piinting , and
the iH'ccssaiy advertisements in the official
newflpiper , out Mr. McAidlo thought that
the : piintingand mlveiUsing could bo done
ust as well by "day woik , " and butter
rcjului obtained. Thuother mumbcre thought cV
linercntly , however , and the question tvbi
ivas diopped. bi
buction 134 spoke of the duties of the biSi
mayor , in connection with the police force , Sicl
ind was allowed to slutnl over until to-day , clsl
when thu entire police management will bo sl
reviewed. The onlj suggestion offered was I' '
Lhat ! no special policeman should bo up llSI <
pointed unless ho was a legal voter of the SI
mty , and it seemed probablu that thib would athi
advocated , in view of the tecunt Pinker- hi
,011 Invasion. Thu committee then adjoin neil
meet again to day at 'J p m.
Mr. Voorhooa Expresses Hla Opin
ion of the TnrllT Moasuro.
Consideration of the Territorial
I'ostponml In the Hoiiar Hlvrr
nnd Harbor Approjuln-
tlonu DIsottBactl.
Wi itvoTox ! , Dec. IU. In the sonnto the
house bill to Incoiporato the American His
torical association , amended slightly , was
Mr. Edmunds Intioduccd and had referred
to the committee on foreign relations , the
follow ing resolullon
lpsol\ed ? , That the government of the
United States will look with serious concern
nnd disippiovnl upon nnj connection of nny
l > uiopcnn government with the construction
or control of nnv ship canal across Central
Auioilca , and must rcgaid any such connoc
lion or control ns Injurious to the Just Inter
ests of the I'nited Stales , and ns n monnro
lo llielr welfare
Itesolved , That the ptosldont of the
United States bo icqucstcd to rotnniunlrato
this expression of Iho views of congress to
the governments of the counli les of Ilutope.
At I.40 ! the senate icsumcd consideration
of the tariff bill.
Mr. Kcagan called attention to the para
graph lixing the duty on le-ad 01 o anil load
( h ess ntK cent per pound , with a proviso
that lead ore containing silver , or silver ere
containing load , shall p.-u a dnti of J cent
per pound. Ilo referred to It In connection
with ores from Mexico , and moved to stiiko
out the provision on the giound that it would
break up the mndtlng establishment in 121
Messrs. Toiler and Stcwni t opposed th emotion
motion , which after seine debate was re
The clerk then read paragraph 177 , taxing
lead In Digs and bat s 2 t-cnls per pound
Ml A'ooihecs then took the lloor and mtdo
a long speech upon Iho gcneial subject of thu
t.uilT , and pirllcularly tlio pending bill In
the couiso of his speech ho shut ply criticized
various sections of the bill , nnd said that the
panacea pioposcd in it for nil the o ils
it cmbiaced was fico whisky
and tobacco A close inspection
of the whole preposterous measure
discloses Its constituent and coherent oharac-
tei as a fiaud on the tax pa.ung people of
the United States , bi ought inrwuid at the
behest of insatiate monopolies , dishonest
companies and nirogant tiusta As to the
idea of thu fanner being bonufltcd by thu
pioposcd substitute , ho tlcclaicd that the
victim of a bunco stocror was not more Hiiro
to lose. 01 more helpless lo obtain fair play
than the farmer was lo stiuggle in the toils
and meshes of the republican tnulT legisla
Mr. Haw ley said that it was amazing to ro
lled , after all which the senator said ubout
the great evils of the tarilf , that the denioc-
nicy had not during the last twenty-six
ycais passed a UiulT bill through congress ,
and none thiough its own house of rcpiesen-
tathos , until last July.
After fuithur debate u vote was taken on
Mr. Vance's amendment , and it was re
jected icns IS , na'.s . 2J.
Seveial amcndmenlH wore offered and re
jected ns thu rcadiii'1 continued. On leach
ing pniaginph 1'b ' , relating to the munufac
tures , aiticles or Wales not specially enu
merated , Mr. Hnrns moved to amend by
adding a proviso lhat no nrtklo should paj a
higher late of duty than UO per cent ad
Miloiom. Action was dulerrcd.
Schedules D , relating to wood nnd woodenwares -
wares , and 12. iClaling lo sugar , weio passed
ever Infoimally This brought the consider
ation of the bill down to schedule P , 'to
bacco , cigirs , clc. , " when it VMS laid aside ,
about Unco pagcb of the bill having been ac
tually disposed of to day.
After an executive session the senate ad-
WASIII.VOTOV , Dec. 19. Mr. Springer
stated In the house to-day that the commit
tee on teiritorios this morning unnnimouply
decided not to call up the tcriltorial bills
until January 15
Mr. Goai of Iowa submitted a bill for a
conference report on the bill for the ictiro-
mont of General Andrew Smith , and it was
ngiecdto The bill authorizes his retire
ment with Hie i ank of colonel of cavalry.
Mr. Hayes of Iowa , from the committee
on accounts , repoi ted us a privileged matter
the bill author r/mi ? the appointment of clerks
to senators and representatives , not chair
man of committees. Iho bill was lofuirod
to thu committee of the whole , and Mr.
Haves moved that thu house go into com
mittee of the whole lor its considciation.
Thu motion was dofcated.
The conloicnco report on the sonata bill ,
emulating appointments in theinaiiuc hospi
tal bci vice , was then agieed to.
The house then went into committee of thu
whole ou thu uvur and haibor bill.
Mr Ciain of Texas denounced what ho
Lei mod thu diiblot system of appropriations.
Hewouldat the proper time olfor u bubsti-
Lutc , practically the name bill which passed ,
the llrst session of the present congiess ,
ilthough personally ho would refer to his
Jill appropriating uxaclly the sum estimated
y tlio chief of ciiginccis. With a plethoiio
Toasury. with no prospect of n passage of
.ho tinili bill , with the people anxious lor thu
Ivor and harbor bill , and with the chief of
iiigineers declaring his estimate * right , ho
iplio.Ucil to the house lo adopt the pj-oposod
Alter seine further dcbato by Messrs ,
llanchattl , Snow-don and Adams ot Illinois ,
ho committee nioso without action and the
muse adjourned.
Pears' soap la the most alogaut toilet
( 'oiiHtullo Bioin Acquitted.
Paul Stein , the constable , was bofoi o Judge
Jcika icsteiday afternoon to answer the
ihaigo of breaking Joe Strnbser's Juw. Some
wo months ago , nccoiding to the evidence ,
lciii , in his ofllcinl capacity , went to eject
itrnssur , who is n squatter on the Union Pn-
'Illo rnllioad lands in thu bottoms. The cun-
tublo found Mis. Sti.iss'r ' side and did not
iroceod with thu ujoc'imunt , but asked Unit
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itrassei's Jaw was broken , At the conclu-
ion of thu evidence thu jiuy found btuln not
uilty and ho was discharged.
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Thus the ' ' Mustang" conquers pain ,
Makes RflAN or BEAST well again !