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A YOUHR Man's Hond Battered In
With a Club.
A Uniform Ilnwls of Property Valua
tion iiccoiumctidcil hy the Audit
ors Another 1'ontmnntcr Goes
Wroni ; The Dlgylo Trial.
A Midnight ARNasNlnntlon.
AVOCA , la. , Dec. 10. [ Special Telegram to
Tun HUB. ] Joseph Hair , n young man In the
employ of John Kclley , a rich bachelor living
twelve miles south of this city nnd two miles
cast of Oakland , was the victim of a liorriblo
murder last night. Ho heard a noise out in
the barn nnd went out to discover the cause.
Ho was gone longer than was thought neces
sary , nnd Kellcy went out to learn the rca-
non. He found Hair lying in n pool of blood ,
Ills head battered In and his face terribly dis
figured. Near by was found a roller that
carries the canvas on a harvesting machine ,
covered with blood. When discovered Hair
was unconscious. Ho died to-day , never re
covering snniclently to give any Intimation
ns to the perpetrator of the deed or how it
was done. | Thcro Is no clue to the mur
derer , but the theory is prevalent that ho
laid In wait for Ifolley , who carries money
with him , and In the darkness killed the
wrong man. Public indignation runs high ,
nnd , if caught , the assassin will bo dealt with
in a summary manner. Hair resided at
Council Bluffs , was twenty-six years old ,
steady nnd industrious.
The Diuttlo Case.
MASOX CITV , la. , Doc. 19. [ Special Tele
gram to TDK Bii.j Advices received from
Clarion to-night state that the most damaging
testimony the stnto will present In the cuso
of Mrs. Diggle , on trial for poisoning her
husband , is now in. During the entire day
the accused has been present in court and
seemed the most unconcerned of all ns the
evidence was recorded against her. There
is no noticeable change in her appearance ,
unless It bo nn occasional look of weariness.
The principal witness examined was Mrs.
Ovcrackcr , at whoso house Mr. and Mrs.
Dlgglo boarded. She slated that early in the
evening Mr. and Mrs. Digglo came into the
house from the porch , nnd ns they passed Into
the bedroom Mrs. Digglo took up two glasses
which were standing on the table. In a few
moments Mrs. Digglo came out of the room
nnd asKed her if she lilted beer. While they
wore eating supper , a few minutes later , Mrs.
Digglo said : "Why , Genrge , what ails you ?
You look so bad. " Both wont into the bed
room. Presently Mrs. Digglo came out and
said that George was very sick. She went
out on the porch wringing her hands and
sobbing aloud , "My God , ho is dying 1" Wit
nesses have tcstllled that late the same after
noon Mrs. Digglo purchased fifty grains of
morphine. _
The Supreme Court.
DEB Moixc" , la. , Dec. 10. [ Special Tele-
cram to TUB BED. ] The supreme court
filed the following decisions hero to-day :
Sarah Allison ot al vs J. S. Jack ct al , ap
pellants ; Monroe district ; reversed.
Mary G. Murphy , appellant , vs Emma
llnnscomo ctal ; Monroe district ; reversed.
Hoxlo & Wilder vs C. A. Zoitcr et al nnd
H. II. Fcnsler , Intervener , appellants ; Hurrl-
eon district ; reversed.
A. Allison vs Chicago , burlington &
Qulncy railway company et al , appellants ;
Union district ; reversed.
E. S. Kent , appellant , vs C. E. French ;
"Wappclo district ; reversed.
State of Iowa vs Frank Pierce , appellant ;
Polk district ; reversed.
State of Iowa vsDavidUtterson , appellant ;
Polk district ; nfllrmcd. '
State of Iowa vs W. J. Harris , appellant ;
Polk district ; nfllrmcd.
Charles E. Whitohend , trustee , and com
pany , appellant , vs B. A. Plumber et al ;
Emmet district ; afllrmed.
Charles L. Cole vs Des Molncs Valley rail
way company'et al , appellant ; Emmet dis
trict ; afllnncd.
Koto Howard , appellant , vs Elizabeth Wil-
eon ot al ; Buchanan district ; afllrmod.
State of Iowa vs H. H. Sandloy , appellant ;
Adnlr district ; aftlrined.
Joseph Harrow , appellant , vs J. S. Brown ;
Dccatur district ; afllrmcd.
Ella F. Martin vs O. E. Davis and II. Hub-
bard , intervcnor , appellants ; Monoua dis
trict ; nfllnncd.
Incorporated town of Bayard vs Frank
Dakar , appellant ; Guthrie district ; afllrmed.
W. M. Tharp , appellant , vs C. M. Fancst ,
ahorlff ; Monroe district ; afllrmcd.
New Haven Lumber company vs D. R.
Raymond et nl , appellants ; Clark district ;
State of Iowa vs J. W. Huff , appellant ;
Harrison district ; afllrmod.
The Auditors and Sheriff * .
DxB8 MOINES , la. , Dee , 10. [ Special Tclo-
Kram to Tun BEB. ] The lack of uniform
ity In the assessments of property in the dif
ferent counties of thq state has caused great
confusion and embarrassment In the matter
of returning the nssossod valuation of prop-
pcrty. In order to remcdythat evil n con
vention of county auditors was culled , which
rout hero to-day. They discussed the im
portance of having a uniform basis of valua
tion all over the stato. Their reports showed
a variation in the present modes of assess
ment , ranging from ( X ) per cent of the value
down to 'M % per cent. This convention , of
which John Q. Knthbono , of Hardin county ,
Is chairman , will probably recommend , be
fore adjourning , a uniform basis for assess
ments and urge all boards of supervisors to
enforce it upon the assessors.
The sherritTs of the statu also held a meet
ing hero to-day , about forty counties being
represented. Their proceedings were secret ,
but chlolly devoted to devising moans for co
operation In their work , and by a kind of
mutual benefit association help each ether nt
less expense than when serving strangers.
An Important Case.
Four DODOE , la. , Doc. 19. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEH. ] The Iowa board of rail
road commission is sitting here , hearing the
case of the city of Fort Dodge against the
Chicago , Rock Island & Pacific railway com
pany , to compel the defendant to rebuild its
abandoned track from Tama to this city.
The city voted a tax to the old Des Moincs
Valley railway company ia 1SSO to secure
this line , nnd the terms of the land grant re
quire the building of the road to Fort Dodge.
When the company , sonio yours ago , ex
tended Its lines northwest It took up Its track
Into Fort Do dgo nnd went thirty-four miles
to ono side , running in only parts of its
tracks over the Illinois Central track ; thus ,
It is alleged , breaking Its contract. The city
is very hopeful of winning the case and com
pelling the company to rebuild , us they
could not forfeit the land grant without
going Into bankruptcy , for it Includes 592,000
acres of land now constituting the best land
in the state. Solicitor Wiight and Superin
tendent ( Jilmore , of Les ) Molnes , are hero for
the company.
A Vordlut For the Settlors.
FOIIT DonaB , la. , Dec. 19. [ Special Tola-
gram to TUB BKE.I The trial of the test
case of the DCS Molncs river settlers to re
cover possession of Improvements made on
land occupied by them , was concluded to
day after a Hvo days' f tubbornly contested
legal1 battle , and resulted in a victory for the
settlers. The eult wa brought by James
Mcehun. an evicted settler , against Thoums
Bucll , of Clinton. Ill , and after an absence
of sixteen hours Hie Jury returned a verdict
B ward In ) , ' Mci.'lmu 4700 for improvements ,
but recotf&Ucd tiuelt'a ' title by granting trj
rental during the settlor's occupancy of the
land. This case , which the land owners say
will not bo carried to the supreme court , es
tablishes a precedent , and all settlers will
now recover value for their Improvements.
The Month HnKllitli Shoot Inc.
DES MOIXEI , la. , Dec. 19. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BnK. ] A special from South
English , In Kcokuk coonty , reports the cap
ture of the person who shot C. C. Horn yes-
tordav. Ho proves to bo a young man ,
seventeen years old , who gives his name as
Conloy , nnd says ho lives at Colona. Ho
finld that Horn came Into possession of some
money , and It Is thought ho attempted to
frighten him Into giving It up. Ho acknowl
edged the shooting , but claims that it was
done accidentally ; that the revolver went off
while In his pocket. When asked why ho
ran awny , ho said ho was afraid ho Would bo
hung , The sheriff has taken him to the
county jail nt Slgourney. Horn still has the
bullet In his head , nnd his recovery IB un
certain , _
Another Postmaster Abscond * .
DKS Moixns , la. , Dec , 19. [ Special Tclo-
Rram to Tnn Ben. | A special from Hamp
ton says that another democratic postmaster
has gone wrong. Tills tlmo it is William
Towcs , deputy postmaster at that place.
Ho loft town last Thursday night , and nn ex
amination of the condition of the oDlce by an
Inspector shows , according to reports , a
shortage of about { ( iOO. Nothing dcllnlto can
bo stated until the examination is tlnishcd.
In the meantime the whereabouts of Mr.
Tomes Is a profound mystery , and Is a mat
ter of great interest to his bondsmen , who
are expecting to have to pay the amount of
his defalcation. _
Dr. Williams In Mnrnlinlltown.
MAKSIIAI.LTOWN , In. , Dec. 19. [ Special to
Tin : Hnc. ] Dr. G. W. Williams , who sui
cided In Omaha , resided hero nnd practiced
medicine for n number of years before re
moving to Omaha. Ho was well esteemed
here , but developed rather cranky notions
toward the latter part of his stay. From
being a quiet republican , ho developed into
nn active democrat , and became chairman of
the democratic county committee. Ho was
a member of the Insurance organizations of
the Knights of Pythias and Iowa Legion of
Honor , in each of which ho held a polity of
$2,090 , neither policy being vitiated by sui
cidal death.
_ _
An Investigation of thrc Matter By n
HOIIHO Committee.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 19. The house com
mittee on fisheries to-day began an investi
gation regarding the alleged outrages in
Alaska. William Gavitt , special treasury
agent to Seals islands , testified that the
Alaska company's agents at St. George's
island respect neither the laws of God nor
man. The whole island Is n place of prosti
tution from ono end to the other.
GcorcoVardman , special agent from 1S81
to ISSt , fintercd a rather sweeping denial of
the charges against the company's em
T. F. Ryan , another special agent , at
tributed the lack of discipline and loose
morals on the island partly to the improper
conduct and neglect , of duty of some of the
government agents , which was in turn imi
tated by the agents of the company. " Tlio
witness formulated rules forbidding females
on the island from visiting the company's
and government houses , but Mr. Tingle , his
superior ofticor , had declared such rule null.
It was impossible to imagine what influenced
him to do this , as the order was issued in the
interests of law and decency.
Postal Chanties.
WASHINGTON. Doc. 19. ( .Special Telegram
toTiiisBi:1 : . ] The following Nebraska post
masters have been appointed : L. B. Mabon ,
Beloit , Holt county , vice Ernest A. Clark ,
resigned ; Mary C. Moloy , Emmet , Holt
county , vice John F. Crooghan , resigned ;
Oscar N. Bass , Golden Spring , Burt county ,
vice Henry Marsh , deceased ; L. H. Monroe ,
Hartington , Cedar county : vice Henry R.
Swing , resigned ; Samuel M. Pickerton , In
land , Clay county , vice Samuel H. Dilllngor ,
resigned , and L. M. Mulford , Wolbach ,
Grecloy county , vice Charles A. Romeg ,
Iowa postmasters appointed : .T. A. Edgott ,
Dud hum , Carroll county , vice Nathan Hoik ,
resigned ; Frederick A. Tracy , Packwood ,
Jefferson county , vice Charles D. Johnston ,
loft the place ; Frank E. Thornton , Wolton ,
Clinton county , vice P. L. Donogan , re
A postofllco has been established at Strand ,
Adams county , with Berthcl P. Strand as
Formed n Watermelon Trust.
COI.UMIIIA , S. C. , Doc. 19. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BBC. ] A meeting of the melon
growers of this state was held at Blackvillo
yesterday for the purpose of organizing a
watermelon alliance or trust. Last year the
shipments wore over two hundred thousand
melons. The trust will mcctou the 20th Inst. ,
when rules will bo adopted , nnd it Is ex
pected that arrangements will bo inado look
ing to the acreage nnd llxlng of prices , etc.
Tlio association will probably establish agen
cies in Now York , Philadelphia , Baltimore ,
Boston and Chicago , to all of which points
South Carolina melons are shipped in great
Frightful Executions In Znnzihar.
LONDON , Dec. 19. A dispatch from Zan
zibar says that , In pursuance of tno sultan's
orders the natives who nro awaiting trial for
murder were horribly nnd cruelly ex
ecuted In the streets of the town ,
their heads cut off and their bodies
loft where they , had fallen , exposed
and unguarded , until the evening of the day
of execution. The sultan has also ordered
that twenty-four prisoners , Including ono
woman , who hud been sentenced for lifo im-
pribonmcnt , bo put to death In a similar
manner during next week , a few to bo exe
cuted each day. The British consul has
vainly protested against thbso atrocities.
Thi > JjliuluuoiCase. .
CHICAGO , Dec. 19. In the now noted Lin-
dauor Insolvency case , to-day , members of
the firm on the witness stand admitted that
they took consldorablo sums of money from
the money drawer shortly before the failure ,
which they had with them In court. Judge
Prondnrgast ordered that they produce it.
This was counted and aggregated 4,000.
The court said that it would make an order
in regard to it. Adolph Moses , Lindauer'n
attorney , protested and accused the court of
harsh and unjust treatment. The judge de
clared him guilty of contempt but deferred
fixing the penalty.
Another War in Africa.
LONDON , Dec. 10. News has been re
ceived of an outbreak between the Arusha
and Masai tribes. The former tribe had en
ticed the Masai warriors Into making a
cow-lifting expedition , and during
their absence the Arushas raided
the Masai settlement , nmssacrclng old men ,
women and children nnd seizing the younger
women for concubines. The Masai warriors
have commanded a war against their enemies
which will probably last for three years.
The WabaHli Cnso ,
NKW YOIIK , Deo. 19. The hearing In the
Wabiish , St. Louis & Pacific railway case
was resumed this morning. Major Blufcrd
Wilson , of Springfield , 111. , and A. J. Ricks ,
nro the musters conducting the proceedings.
S. Fisher Johnson , of the Stock exchange ,
tcstllled as to his knowledge of the Kccuritlcs
of the Wabash road.
Fifty Condiiotorit DUohitrjiinl ,
NEKULUS , Cal. , Dec. 19. About fifty pan-
songor and freight conductors on the Atlan
tic U Pacific between Albuqueriiun , New
Mexico , and Mojavc , this state , ha\ubecn
discharged during Iho latt few day * ,
Wllcox Acquitted of 'tho Charge of
Wlfo Murdor.
A Valparaiso Man Gets Hold of the
Other Hottlc Marrlnco of Curl
Morton Hampton's
Depot Uurticd ,
AVIlcojt Acquitted of Murder.
O'Nniu ' , , Neb , , Dec , 10. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB Bnn.1 The jury in the WHcox
murder case retired lost night at 0 o'clock to
deliberate , nnd returned a verdict this tnorn-
Ing of not guilty.
Took the Wrong Medicine.
VAi.riitAiso , Nob. , Dec. 10. [ Special to
Tun Hue. ] Yesterday evening James May ,
living about six miles east , of town , took a
swallow of tincture of aconite by mistake ,
thinking it was a cough medicine , which was
In a bottle on the same shelf. Ho dis
covered his mistake xvhen it commenced to
act. Dr. Howm.m was sent for , and on his
arrival soon had Mr. May up and all right.
Marriage of Cnrl Morton.
NcmusKA CITY , Neb , , Doc. 19. [ Special
Telegram to THE Ur.E.J Mr. Carl Morton ,
youngest son of the Hon. J. Sterling Morton ,
and Miss Hoatic Payne , daughter of Hon.
Hobeit Payne , of this city , were united In
marriage this ovcnlngnt the homo of the
bride. It was an elegant affair and was at
tended by friends of the family from many
points of the west and cast. The young
couple are among the most popular in the
city , nnd commence wedded lifo with bright
prospects. .
Valparaiso Items.
VAU-UIA'ISO , Neb. , Dec. 10. [ Special to
THE Hue. ] Last Saturday night Leon An-
dress , n young man who had been living a
few miles south of town , skipped leaving
several creditors to mourn his disappearance.
Ho had mortgaged everything ho had , then
sold three cows to William Coons , n neigh
bor , for ? < iO cash , pocketed it and loft.
The roundhouse is nearly completed , and
is a well built and nicely arranged build-
in c.
Corn is still coining in lively , and business
is good.
J. W. Welch is circulating a petition to bo
appointed postmaster in place of T. D. .
Two Doctors Arrested.
Nri , < ! ON' , Neb. , Dec. 19. [ Special to TIIK
UEB ] . Two men reprcsentinir thdmsolvcs to
bo doctors connected with a medical concern
in Omaha , giving the names of Arthur V.
Males and Henry Y. Oldstiuo , have boon
arrested hero on the charge of obtaining
money under false pretenses. It is said
they had promised to euro a child of Mr. A.
Foulk , living near hero In the country.whoso
speech is defective from a hare-lip. They
required a note to bo given , which they con
tracted not to soil nor collect until duo nnd
the child recovered. But tlioy tried at all
three-banks , nnd of some individuals , to get
it discounted on the very day it was given.
The trial has not yet been hold , in order to
give time to the doctors to procure legal
counsel from Otnaha. Tlio evidence may
show up a dilfercnt state of affairs.
A Thieving Trump Sentenced.
CHUTE , Nob. , Dec. 19. [ Special to THE
BEK.I Lato. last evening J. C. Uutlcr , a
tramp claiming to hail from Denver , was
brought before Justice Schilling upon com
plaint of J. D. Laymen , of this city. The
complaint charged Butler with stealing an
overcoat from complainant's wagon. Da-
fondant pleading guilty the justice lined him
f 100 and costs. Not having the wherewith
to liqudato he will languish in the county
jail for thirty days. Two "pals" of Butler's
were arrested at the sumo time , both of
whom were in possession of overcoats
thought to have been stolen , but for the luck
of evidence they were discharged with
orders to leave town in fifteen minutes.
General Ilrl.sbln Chosen Commander.
CiiAWFOiir ) , Neb. , Dec. 19. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB 3cK. ] The representatives of
the Grand Army of the Republic met at
Fort Kobinson yesterday and unanimously
elected General J. S. Brlsbin their com
mander. A senior vice nnd junior vice , an J
a full complement of olllcers were also
elected for Hobinson Post No. JJfll. Sixteen
new members joined the post , Including
nearly nil the army ofllcors serving at Fort
Hobinson who served in the war Captains
Corlcss. Bailey , Worth , Parker and Li6u-
tonnnt H. H. Wright. A public installation
of the now ofllcors will take place at Fort
Robinson January 17.
Councilman-Elect Wheeler Honored.
PbATTSMOUTir , Nob. , Doc. 19. [ Special to
THE BnK. ] Mr. D. H. Wheeler , of Omaha ,
master mason of lodge No. 1 , A. F. & A. M. ,
was in this city and attended n regular meet
ing of ledge No. 0 , which was founded by
him over thirty-flvo years ago. Ho was pre
sented with u beautiful past .master's jewel ,
valued ut about ono hundred dollars , by the
members of the order. Hon. F. E. White
made the presentation speech , to which Mr.
Wheeler responded In a few well chosen remarks -
marks , v
the Pall Term.
PBIIU , Neb. , Dec. 19 , [ Special to TIIK
BEE ] The fall term of the ( state normal
school closed at this place i to-day. Thcro
were over 300 students in attendance , and
extra cars had to bo ordered to carry thorn
homo to spend their holiday vacation. Tlio
winter term commences January ! i , The
members of the board are In session to-day ,
but there is not likely to bo any change
made in the present corps of teachers.
The fjntcot Hastings Failure.
HASTINGS , Neb. , Dec. 19.-Special [ to TUB
HUB. ] The John Stlch mercantile failure ,
reported from this city last Saturday , was
the collapse of a Kansas firm that cumo to
Hastings only a few weeks ago to save at
life , If possible. Branch houses went under It
Paolo nnd Independence , ICnn. , nnd brought
this down with them. Hastings has had
but ono real failure this season outside of
the Ga/ottc-Journal crash , nnd that was en.
tirely duo to reckic&a and incompetent man
_ _ _ _ _
General Merchandise ; Failure ,
FJIKMOXT , Neb. , Dec. 10 , [ Special Tele
gram to TUK BEE , ] J. B , Foot , a dealer in
general merchandise .it North Bend , made
an assignment last evening , Tlio First
National bank of North Henii held a Hist
mortgage on the stocic for $7r > OU and a real
estate mortgage for ? 1GOO. May Brothers ,
wholesale grocers of this city , are creditors
to the extent of IJ.200. The Indebtedness to
eastern linns makes the total liabilities
$10,000 to # 16COJ , with ussets nearly coverIng -
Ing the amount.
Dcnili of. Mrs. WutHon , of Bi > airlnc.
UJUTUICU , Nob. , Dec. 10. [ Special to Tun
Mrs , W. A. Wr.tson died nt her homo
this morning , after an Illness of several
weeks. She was iho wlfo of Mr. Watson ,
who Is head man in the jewelry house of S.
W. Wadsw.irth. Tljcy had boon married but
tt few months. Mrs V/atson was formerly a
popular teacher In the city t > chools , and a
niece of J. W. Mom * , formerly passenger
agent of the Union Pac'tic.
Jt-HH lliiini'd ,
AUKOIIA. , N'eb , Dec. W. [ Special Tolo-
to TIII. Hi-K.J Tlic | p.iSsenycr depot ut
Hampton burned down last night. It caught
tire from the Hues. 'J'ho loss is abou $ IDOO.
It was partly Inauredi
How They Are Being Imokcd Alter By
the Homo Government.
[ CopyrfcM JSSS by Jamr * Gonton Vctwctl.1
PAHIS , Doc. 19. [ New York Herald Cable
Special to Tin : Bns.1 I called this after
noon at the ministry of miulno in reference
to rumors that circulated to-day In Paris nnd
in London to the effect that the French gov
ernment was about to send several armor-
clads to Panama to watcti the United States
vessels of war there , and to enforce Franco's
policy of "hands off , " ns far as the meddling
of other nations In the affairs of the canal Is
concerned. 1 have the formal authority from
Admiral Krantz , the French minister of
marine , to categorically contradict any such
reports. I asked the minister what
are the French naval forces that are now
within striking distance of the Panama canal.
The minister replied : "Tho only vessels wo
have thcro now arc the Rolando and nn uu-
armored cruiser. "
"Has the Duquesno received orders to sail
for the Panama canal ! "
"No , but she will probably bo ordered
thcro as a simple police measure , to look
after the Interests of a great many French
men who are employed as workmen on the
canal. "
The minister thnn went out , and his chef-
de-cabinet told mo that the Duquesno was
also an unarmored eruispr , nnd that If Franco
had the remotest idea of subserving men-of-
war of other nations it would not bo cruisers
but moro formidable vessels that would bo
sent thcro.
The Pope's Support Appreciated.
ICojMj/ffl/it. / 1SS3 by Jinny GorJuit nennttt , ]
UOMB , Dec. 19. | Now , York Herald Cable
Special to TUB Bun ] In an interview
with the pope yesterday , Dr. Kcano , bishop
of Richmond , who is also titular rector of the
projected university of Washington , handed
to his holiness a collective letter written In
Latin from the Catholic bishops of the
United States , thanking the pope for his
support of the university scnomc , and an
nouncing that the work'was ? ' making the most
satis factory progress. Eight hundred thous
and dollars have boon collected , while the
ground on which the building is to bo erected
has already been paid for. The bishops
draw attention to the great Importance of
the university , which they believe will act ns
a bulwark against the rise of rationalism and
frco thought in America.
Another Opportunity Gone.
ICojiyrluM 1SSS by James Oonlim UinnM.1
LONDON , Dec. 19. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to THE Bun.l American
girls have missed nn important match , for it
is authoritatively announced this evening
that n marriage has been arranged between
the Duke of Newcastle and iliss Candy ,
daughter of Major Candy. It was reported
recently that the duke was engaged to Miss
McTnvish , of Baltimore.
A Sensation In the Chamber.
PAIIIS , Dec. 19. In tno chamber to-day , dur
ing the debate on the budget , M. Challomel-
Laeour created a great eonsatlpn by a speech
condemning the polItSyinow pursued in the
schools , which , ho saidStruck nt tuo root of
the traditional principlfiof parental control.
Tlio mam cause of the'oxisting ' evils was the
radicalism which relentlessly pursued the
old founders of the ropbblic. and gave prom
ises which it was imnoMiiblotx ) fulfill. Franco
had abandoned the most glonousof monarch
ies , ami was about to fall nt the feet of the
last of men. Instead of chocking the move
ment toward the abyss , the cabinet was has
tening the movement. "It was time to return
to a policy of good sense.
At the conclusion of his speech he ap
pealed to the right to unite with the party
on the left , and together save the country.
Tremendous cheering followed , Premier
Floquet defended the policy of the cabinet ,
which , ho said , had boon wise and republi
can. M. Leon said that the premier had not
arisen to the occasion. A grout uproar en
sued. Floquet announced that ho would , If
necessary , Introduce new legislation to com
bat the Boulangist danger. The house rose
amid scenes of great excitement.
Importing Canadian Ijalmr.
Nr.w Yomc , Dec. 19. [ Special Telegram to
Tim BEE.I It was authentically stated in
ofllcial circles to-day that a movement had
been discovered in this city within the
week to engage the services of a largo num
ber of laborers from the northern frontier of
Canada to work in the United States during
the winter , in direct violation ot the contract
labor law. Tlio movement was precipitated ,
it was said , by the "Border Horse and Cart
Law. " The attention of the customs officials
will bo called to the intended infringement
of law , and precautions taken to prevent It.
The Canadian lillzznrd.
ST. JOHN. N. B. , Dec. 19. The snow storm
of yesterday was the severest for years. At
Monctown more than u dozen trains were
held because of the blockade north of
Campnlltown. A snow-slide at Metnpides
covered a special train , but < o ono was hurt.
Tlio Quebec train reached hero last night ten
hours Into. The train hands had a very se
vere experience. In some cases , owing to
blindingsnowaml ulcet , relays of men had
to bo provided , and cuttings wore often
lllled up when nearly open. Tlio storm will
cost the company thousands of dollars to re
open communication.
AI.I-CNA , Mich. , Deb. 10. The lumber firm
of Leo R. Suiiborn .t Son maae an assign
ment yesterday. Their liabilities are re
ported at ? 70UOO ; assets not known.
CINCINNATI , Dec. 10. A. 1C. Burt , of the
"Crystal Hall , " made , nn assignment this
afternoon. Assets , $ J5,0IO , ! ; liabilities ,
$50.1)00. )
WAUIMOA , Wis. , Doc. 10. The Ostrnnda
Manufacturing coinpnij.v , munufuctuivrs of
furniture , at Ostraiulu , mude an assignment
to-day. Liabilities fiOOJO , ; assctts not stated ,
Is Mnrrlufrq H F.nlnrr ?
LOUISVIM.K , Ify. , Doc. 10. The wife of
Mr. John Mcoks presented him on Saturday
with a bouncing pair of twin babies. They
have now twenty children living , ciuhtcen
girls nnd two boys. Mr.-Meoks Is only forty-
nine years old and his wlfu forty-four. A
peculiarity of Mr. Mupks' household is that
two cradles have been kept going stnco the
first two years of his marriage , and ho lias
never hud but ono doctor's bill. All the
children are living ,
i -
A Victory for ttio Hnmo.iiiH.
LONDON , Deo. 10 , 4 dispatch from Auck
land says that news liun. bsen received from
Samoa that the Sumoaiis , under Kntaafn ,
have succeeded In capturing most of Atna ,
after a long battle with Tanuuz's forces.
The losses included 100 killed and several
hundred wounded.
Hull in Amtvall i.
SVIINKV , N , S. W , , Dos. 19. A game of
base ball was played hero thu uftornoan be
tween the American teams.
0 , Chicagtsi ) ,
Hiuigrd V'or Miirilurlng HI * Hon.
HACKIXH.UK : , N. J , , Dec. 19. John Myor.i
Doromus was hanged this inoniinj In the
Berger county jail for tho'iuurJor of his son
John lust Juno.
The 1) . & C ) , l'r < :4tilmiov.
lUi.TiMoni ! , Mu , , Dec 10 Charles F.
Mayor das brcu elected picsider.i , of ih < ) Uil- ;
fiiuoro .u Ohio i-ailrvud.
Hnyoa of Iowa Introduces tv Bill to
Provide Thorn.
KcpuMlcima Will Go Into Caucus to
Adjust Differences On This
1'olnt Maliono Italia of
51IFooiiTr.BSTit ! STUBKT.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Dec. 10 . , I
Another attempt Is to bo made during the
present congress to secure allowances for
clerks for members of the house. A bill
looking to this end was reported to-day from
the .committee on accounts , by Hayes , of
Iowa , authorizing the appointment of such
clerks to senators nnd representatives , but
the amendment to consider it Immediately
was defeated by a vote of 95 to 103. Mr.
Hayes will try again to secure action on this
bill , and there Is little doubt that a majority
ot the members nro In favor of it , but there is
a good deal of doubt as to whether they will
all have the courage to veto for the measure ,
because fear the of " "
they cry "salary grab"
will bo raised against them.
When the sucar schedule of the tariff bill
Is reached It will bo passed over until the re
publicans can have a caucus and agree upon
some basis of compromise , for thcro is n
division njiong them. The senators from the
prairlo states arc opposing the largo re
duction of duty on sugar , just us they nro op
posing the high tariff on lumber ; in the In
terests of their constituents. The Kansas
and Nebraska senators , for example , will
join with those from Louisiana in keeping up
the duty on sugar , in order to devolopo the
sorgum and beet root industry of their own
sections ,
A conference of southern republicans was
held hero last night , by invitation of ex-
Senator Mahone , who desired their endorse
ment as the representative of the south , for
a position in the cabinet , but did not get it.
The opposition was too strong , and n resolu
tion endorsing him had to bo withdrawn to
prevent Its being rejected. A substitute was
adopted declaring that the south was entitled
to a representative in the cabinet , and recom
mending the adoption by the next admin
istration of such a policy as will secure n
fair count at elections in that section. Gen
eral Mahone is very much disappointed at
the outcome of his conference , as ho felt
assured of receiving its support.
Senator RiddloborKor has not made his ap
pearance in the senate since the episode the
other day , but is seen about his hotel still
breathing threats of vengeance against In-
galls and the republicans , but tlmso who
know him best say that he will not resign , as
ho promised to do , because ho wants the sal
ary of a senator , which amounts to moro than
Sl.'JOO between now and the ltd of March.
The senate committee on claims has re
ported a bill authorizing the secretary of the
treasury to pay Governor Swincford , of
Alaska , his salary from the 1st of July to the
1st of September , 18S5. It appears that Mr.
Swinoford was appointed on the 1st of July ,
but remained at his homo in Michigan until
the 1st of September before going to his post
of duty , and the comptroller of the treasury
decided that ho was not entitled to his pay
for this portion of his term. Swinoford came
to congress with a claim , which passed the
house last session , and his friends will probj
ably secure Its passage In the senate.
The senate committee on the improvement
of the Mississippi rive > r and its tributaries ,
of which Mr. Paddock is chairman , hold a
long and important session on Saturday ,
during which a Haul determination was
reached upon the several bills for the im
provement of the Mississippi river1 oy the
outlet system , which the committee have
been investigating for nearly a year past.
Moro than three hundred pages of printed
testimony , taken during the course of the in
quiry , were considered by the committee.
The committee thmlly decided to report ad
versely on the bills presented , on the ground
that they were unanimously opposed to any
improvement of the river by private con
tract with individuals and not directly
through government channels.
A resolution was also adopted
calling upon the senate for
authority to investigate the entire subject of
the Mississippi river improvement , and nlbo
ol the Mississippi and Missouri river com
mission , with power to sit during the recess ,
if necessary , nnd mibpoana witnesses.
During tiio hist year Senator Paddock's
committee has held thirty meetings , and has
accomplished a larger amount of work than
has been done by the same committee during
the previous ten years of its existence.
Senator Paddock said this afternoon that
the investigation in which they have been en
gaged had dovolopoU so many interesting in
quiries , and had raised so many important
questions , that the committee had unani
mously arrived nt the conclusion that u
thorough nnd searching Investigation of
present methods by which the national mon
ies were expended in the west with such ap
parently small results , was urgently re
quired. The southern members of the com
mittee were particularly anxious for a full
examination , not only into systems of river
improvement , butinto expenditures of money.
In tno inquiry which it is proposed to con
duct , the very Import-tut subject of storage
reservoirs in connection with the prevention
of overflows in the rivers , and the water of
Which can be used for irrigating purposes ,
will also be considered.
Tlio commissioners of the District of Co
lumbia were very much astonished to sco
John G. Carlisle , speaker of the house of
representatives , J , S. C. Blackburn nnd sev
eral other statesmen , appear to use their in-
lluonco to secure a license for the sale of
liquor for a snioonkcepur by the name of
Solori , who had licon refused ono license bn-
cause ho had been four times convicted of
soiling liquor on Sunday , in violation of the
law ,
Congressman MeShano called on thoprcsi-
dent to-day , accompanied uy Mr. B. D ,
Slaughter , of Nebraska.
Hon. J. M. Thui-bton , of Omaha , Is regis
tered at the Arlington to-duy.
The ' 1111111 ( if John Bcchtold , of Kearney
conn v , . orfii.iV'li nlk'ged losses by Indian
di''ui.H ' by Sioux and Choyenncs in
1MU , was disallowed by the secretary of the
interior , on the ground of insufficient evi
dence. 1'j.iwt S. HIIATII.
thn A'ljoui-nm ' * nt Onto.
WASHINGTON' , Dec. 19. Tills evening the
indications are that an agreement will bo
reached by to-morrow by the senate on the
question of holiday adjournment , and in con
nection therewith an agrccmnj ! ' , as to the
Jength of the donate on the tariff bill. The
democratic senators held a mucus after ad
journment tins evening mid authorised
Mussrd. Harris and Vuat to propone -to
Messrs. Morrcil and Sherman , representing
the republican senator ) , a proposition em1
bidymg the following provisions : To ad
journ on Friday next until January , as fixed
by the hoiiko resolution ; to hold dully
sessions , beginning nt 11 u. in. and continu
ing until nt Ici'Jt rein p. in , , until thu tarilT
bill Is dihposr- 1 of , and llnnlly to vote on the
tariff bill on January 'M. This is In practical
harmony with ( ho republican proposition ,
euvo in tliii ni'ilU'r of night Hussions.
The ItnpiihUcan
New YOIIK , Doi ) , 10. The executive com
mittee of thu republican league of thu United
States met to day and fixed the datu of the
national convention fur February tij next ,
nl Baltlnoiu. :
All Quiet at Itcvtnr.
Sr. Lo. is , Doc. .10--The latct In forum
tion fiom Bcvler , .Mo. , coal mines Is that
everything is qulot. The grand Jury has ad
journed without Hndlny nny indictment. ,
A Lively Mcollnij of the Dakota
Hoard of Asylum Trustees.
YAXKTON , Dak , , Dec. 19. [ Special Tele-
pram to Tun Bnn. | There wore trouble
some times In the meeting of the board of
asylum trustees to-day , but not so far as the
members of the board were concerned. Out
side parties made all the trouble. To begin
with , the employes went on a strike yester
day nn'd that was the fundamental cause of
the trouble. To-day the board of trustees
mot , nnd after deliberation deposed Dr.
Robert Hticlmmmn , the' superintendent , nnd
appointed Dr. James Roane , young physi
cian of this city , In his place. Dr. Buclinnnan
was called into the presence of the board nnd
notllled of his deposition , .llo bccamo
angry nnd struck Dr. Slaymau , the
assistant superintendent. Mrs. Buchunnan ,
wife of the doctor , and others Interfered ,
and had it not boon for this , Dr. Buchannnu
would have continued his pugilistic exer
cises. Stories are current on both sides and
It is indeed dlfllcult to make bend or tall out
of the whole. The trustees claim that the
assault of Dr. Huclmtinan was totally unpro
voked and uneallo d for , while his adherents
claim that ho was perfectly justified. Inter
viewed by n Bm : correspondent to-niijht , Dr.
Buclmunan said : " 1 notilled Tension Gale
that ho could not konp any mysteries inside
that Institution ; that it was none of my busi
ness bow many ho kept outside , but ho could
not have them there. "
Dr. Buchannaii was appointed by the now
bonru presumably noon the recommendation
of Mr. Quigley , ox- trustee , and Mr. Gale ,
and when Mr. Quigley and the colonel fell
out Dr. Buclinnnan was expected to bo de
posed. Contractor Patteo 1ms settled his
differences with the employes on the wings ,
and work will bo resumed in the morning.
Dr. Roane , the now appointee , is a compe
tent physician , and ono of the best in
_ _
An Anti-Cntholiu Movement.
Nn\v YOIIK , Dec. 10. [ Special Telegram to
Tile HUK.J At a nicotine ; of German Evan
gelists hold yesterday afternoon In thu
Houston Street Reformed church , stops
were taken to inaugurate a movement
against the encroachments of the Cath
olic church on the public schools. Uev.
Dr. John O. Ertcr presided , and thcro was
presented for adoption an appeal to German
Evangelists to join in the movement. The
alliance thus formed will take steps to preserve -
servo the civil and religious liberty granted
by the constitution. They have issued an
appeal to the people of the United States ,
in which they say the pope lias creator
power to-duy than nny sovereign. Ho men
aces the United States. Right here in New
York Archbishop Corrlgan ' is an absolute
ruler. While millions are expended for the
Catholic church , nothing is douo for the
Evangelists. It is the duty of all people
who have other than Catholic belief to make
one front apiinst this phalanx : of arch
Contrstintj Hess Hums' Will.
TOI-CKA , Kan. , Deo. 19. [ Special Telegram
to TIIK Hue. ] Contests were commenced to
day in llio district court over the will of
Ross Burns , who was at 0110 time general so
licitor of the Santa Fe. The title to some of
the most valuable business property in the
city is involved. The suit is commenced by
Fernando do Francisco Martin , who has for
the past ten years been chancellor of the
Spanish legation at New York. He claims
that Burns' daughter Rosa , who was entitled
to one-fourth of the estate , deeded nil her interests -
torests in the estate to him at her death four
years ago. Tills one-fourth interest is be
lieved to bo worth over $100,000. The cuso
revives the strange circumstances connected
with the death of Ross Burns , whoso llrst
wife was a sister of Victoria Clullln Wood-
Tlio Playwright Must
NEW Yomc , Dec. 19. [ Special Telegram
to THE Bii.l : In the supreme court , before
Judge Lawrence and a Jury , to-day , Shook &
Collier recovered n verdict for $ ! VJ5 against
Robert Buchanan , of London. In 1SS4 Bu
chanan wrote the plaintiffs , asking if they
wanted a good "romantic society drama. "
They replied affirmatively , and Buchanan
stated his terms , $5,000 , * T50 of which waste
to bo paid in advance. Shook & Collier paid
the advance price , nnd Buchanan soul over a
play entitled "A Hero in Spite of Himself. "
The pluy was a story of western life , anil the
scene was laid on the prairies. Tlio charac
ters were to bo arrayed in rod shirts and top
boots. The managers decided that the piny
did not como quite within the "society
drama" limit , returned it , and demanded
that the advance money bo returned to them.
This was refused , and they brought suit.
_ , - -
* Obituary. "
CINCINNATI , O. , Dec. lii. Rev. Isaac Er ,
rctt , of the Christian church , and one of the
oldest and best known divines in it , died this
morning nt a very advanced age. Ho was an
early and life-long friend of the late Presi
dent Garfield.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 10. Mrs. Mary J. Cook ,
wife of P. B. Cook , of the postofllco depart
ment , died hero last evening. With her
husband , Mrs. Cook was u pioneer in the
Galena and Dubuque lead mine regions of
Illinois mm Iowa In ISII9.
. INDIAN-ATOM. " , Dec. 19. Hon. Finley Big
ger , aged seventy-two years , died at Rusli-
villc , ind. , last night. Ho wua register of
the treasury during the administrations of
Presidents Picrco nud Buchanan ,
The I'rlnco of Wales Denounced.
LONDON , Dec. 19. The announcement of
the dlsbandincnt of the honorable artillery
company has caused a sensation , and the
action of the Prince of Wales , which led
to the disorganbation of the an
cient body , is unfavorably commented
upon by both press and people. The St.
James Gazette says that If ho behaved ns a
sovereign as ho has behaved as captain of
this company , his tenure of the throne would
be brief.
Four nf'thn NogrocN Killed.
W\IIAMI ; { , Miss. , Dec. 19. A report has
reached hero that an armoil posse overtook
four negroes , participants In Sunday nlf lit's
tragedy , Ono was shot and the ether three
Nr.w Oiii.KiJfs , La. , Dec. 10. A special
from Wuliuluk , Miss. , says : The trouble be
tween the whites and blacks of this plucu is
not yet settled , and seriomi trouble nnd
much bloodshed in follow , it is now
Known that in thu past twenty-four hours at
least four ncgrous , and perhaps more , have
been killed.
Later Three of the negroes have boon
captured , and nix more nro hedged in so that
escape seems impossible , Tlio prisoners lire
at a dilapidated frame building called the
"white bouse , " ton miles from here , on the
brow of ono of the highest ranges of hills in
the neighborhood. They are undur iii strong
guard , and the next twenty-four hours will
determine taulr fate.
ill to : * Anthony's AHsallaxt Pnrdonotl
ToriiKA , Kan. , Dee , 19 , [ Special Telegram
to Tim Bin : . ] The governor to-duy granted
pardon to Thomas C , Thurston , once a lead
ing attorney of Lcavcnworth , who was con
victed In IhbO of assault with intent to kill
Colonel D. R. Anthony , editor of the Loav-
worth Times , und sentenced to eighteen
years In prison ,
A Homo Ktako Jtolilinr Found Guilty ,
DKADWOOD , Dak. , Doc. 19. [ Special Telegram -
gram toTm : BBK. ] The Jury In the case of
John Tehford , the accomplice In the late at
tempt at robbing the Homo Stake railroad ,
was found guilty to-duy , as charged In the
indictment. The jury was out only llftcon
A Godspeed Kur
LONIION , Doc , -Gladstono departed to
day for Naples. A great crowd gathered ut
the railway station , and the ox-prcniicr was
imlly cheered when tie departed.
The Wlord nnd Gruesome Tale of a
Kansas Correspondent ,
How a Young tjudy On a Farm \Va
Tortured to Huath By a Negro
Sci'vaut Who Considered
Horn Witch. .
Jennie H.irrett's Terrible Fnto.
Wk'iiiTA , Kan. , Dec. H' ' . Several weokf
ago an old negro servant of Eugene Bartlett )
a wealthy cattleman of ICIngm-ui county ,
who was known ns "good old Kebeoja , " so
George W. Heatty , a well-to-do farmer living
near Bross , that county , reported horotO'
night , conceived the Idea that she was being
bewitched by Jeniilo Bartlett , who was
about twenty years old. While gradually
showing an increased disltko for thu ludy h
kept on with her work , but Saturday , in ud
presence of the family , she told Jcnnto tbt
she was being hoodedooed by her and shi
would Ir.ivo to quit it or thcro would 1)0 )
trouble. This created considerable uicrrC
mcnt , but the old colored woman watchect
hcropp rtunlty for breaking the spell.
Lain , evening early all the family except
Jennie went to visit neighbors. Shortly
after their departure Robert Donnelly , a
young iiiiin who lives at Bross , called to sci
Jennie , ns had been his custom for some
time , and remained until about 0 o'clock ,
when Rebecca appeared nnd stated tbftj
thcio was n very Hick horse ut the barn , at ]
she wanted him to go up to Bross for BOH
medicine. Ho left in response to the
As soon as the young man was out of hear.
Ing , the servant caught the young lady , and
tying a rope around her hands , swung her up
to a joist with her feet about two feet frotu
the floor. This done slio stripped her of her
clothes and covered her body with paint ana
then tar. In u short time she hul : placed a
kettle tilled with kindling wood uiidor her.
nnd lifter putting a large amount of oil on it
applied a match.
While the flames wore curling around Uio
poor girl's feet and limbs Donnelly returned
with the medicine for the sick horso. Before
reaching the house ho saw a bright light
shining through a window unit heard frantlo
screams. Ho supposed some one had caugttt
fire from an exploded lamp and hastened to
the door. The front entrance was locked
and going to a window the horrible spoctafilo
met his eyes. For a moment ho scarcely
knew what to do , but finally rushed back to
the door and broke it open. Then horcmovoa
the kettle , cut the rope and conveyed the
girl to u resting placo. For n few minutes
she was unconscious , but she soon recovered
sufficiently to tell the story of her fJiMidlsb.
treatment. Her feet and lower limbs Wfll'h
burned into a crisp , and n few minutes lutoB
death relieved her of the Intense agony.
Young Donnelly looked about the house fj B
n few minutes for thu assaulting party , and
not being able to find her , hastened bank tg
town with the startling news. Over twenty ,
men were soon on the road to the Burtlott
house to investigate the matter. i
A careful investigation failed to Hud th.o
perpetrator of the crime , but they discovered
that one of the horses had dlsappeured. \
A hunt for the negro wonlun was Inauguw
nted but no word of her capture ha-j been ( d l
ceiveii. The affair has created intense ex * ]
citcment In the neighborhood and every ef
fort possible will bo made to effect an arrest.
A Hccoutit of the Voles Ovvlnjj to Al-
tetiod Krnudfl. '
SAN FiiAXcisco , Dec. 19. A recount of tha
votes cast at the recent election for tha
olllce of mayor has been iu progress hero for
several weeks. E. B. Pond , the demooratjfl11
nominee and present mayor of the city , was
elected last November according to the
official returns. Proceedings for a recount
were commenced by C. C. O'Donnell , the in
dependent candidate. Over one-half of tlja
precincts in the city have been re-canvassed
so far , and a number of discrepancies have
been discovered , generally in O'Doniioll'i '
favor. \
Judge Finn , presiding judge of the super-t
lor court , delivered a charge to the grand' '
jury to-day and called special attention tOi
the commission of frauds in certain precincts
in the canvassing and return of votes cast ntr
the recent election. During the recount an
unoniciul canvass lias been made of the veto
in that portion of the Fifth congressional
district located In the city. The ofllcinl rrf- '
turns gave Clunlo ( dem. ) a majority of 47
over Phelps ( rep. ) . The Chronicle ( rop.J
claims that the recount so fur shows a gain'
of 75 for Phelps , while the Examiner ( dem. )
claims u gain of3 for Cluuio. ,
HAITIMOIII : , Dec. 10. [ Special to Tn
Hni.l Mr. W. K. Kurtof Omaha , was to
day united In marriage to Miss Nellie. Rob
ertson , at the residence of thu bride's mother
in this city. The ceremony was performed
by Rev. Bishop J. F. Hurst. D. D. , uncle of
the groom. The wedding was quite private ,
being attended only by near relatives and
Intimate friends of the contracting parties ,
No cards. The happy couple left for a tour
of the eastern cities , and will make thoip
permanent home In Omaha , wtiere the groonl
is a popular and well known business man , i
being manager of the Patrick Land company. '
one of the lending Investment companies of
that city.
The Southwestern Manager * .
CHICAGO , Doc , 10 , At a meeting of tha
general managers of the southwestern Mis
souri river lines to-day it was virtually
agreed to restore freight rates , probably as
early as January 1. A committee of live was
appointed to confer with a similar committee
fiom the western and northwestern lines ,
and also u committee of the Colorado lliiosj
with a view of strengthening the present
agreement , Tlio president will report to a
general meeting of the western freight usso-
elation to be held to-morrow , and the Indica
tions now are that it will be adopted without
much discussion. '
ratal Kail of a
HOOKSIJT , N. II. , Dec. 10.A short dls.
tanco north of this station are throe wooden' '
bridges spanning the Merriumc river on tha
Suncook branch of the Concord railroadI
These bridges have been undergoing repairs , "
and on account of the Ice and high water it
has been necessary to stay them with heavy
timbers. This forenoon n largo gang of inefl
were at work on the mldiilo bridge when tha
Ice , without warning , began to move , precip
itating the bridge and eleven men over the
falls and iiOo the water. Three men wora
drowned and the remaining eight wore re
cued in an Injured condition. '
A ll\K \ Tobacco Dnnl ,
VOIIK , Doc. 10 , [ Special Telegram
to Tun Bin : . ] It IB understood that negotia
tions weio completed to-day by which tha
contract for the manufnctuie of the Henry
Clay brand of Imvanna cigars , as well us tttd
most Important tobacco fields of Cuba , haa
passed Into the hands of an KnglUh syndi
cate About W.ODO.OOO . are Involved in tha
transaction , _ f
Tin ) Now Pii nonK ; r
Cuiutuo , Doc. 10. A ooininlttoobf seven
general managcra , appointed to plan a novf
passenger agreement for lines In the wontorn
states association , made a report thin ufloN
noon. The report was nrcoplid utid tha
meeting ut once entered upon a consUeratloi
of the details of the scheme.
Tim \Vo. ichor JndlCMll'in * )
for Ncbruakn , Dakota and lowu ; t'tlr ,
warmer , souther ) } winds.