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    HK- * * *
J.'tllvertdbvcarrier In Any liut ot hcCltyn
TwentyI'tnts J'cr Week.
HrMsr.esOmrr No. 13.
NllllIT lIlllTOIl , NO.M.
N. Y. Plumbing company.
Finest Christmas slippers at Adams' .
West warm Shoos at Adams' , -117 Hr'dway.
Coal nnd wood. E.E.Mayne , 019 Il'wny. '
First class Shoo maker and Cobbler & \
Adams' . Hrlng in your work.
Klegnnt ovcrcoiilincs ( it A. Belter's ,
incrchiint tiillor , 1510 Uroutlwny.
The switchman arc prop.irinp for a grand
ball in the Masonic Temple hall on Christ
mas eve.
The Dodge hluht Guards netted nbout KO
at their llrst party of thu season Monday
A bulldinp permit was Issued yesterday to
Theresa Kopsentaxem for nn tllPO residence
in Kverett'ft addition.
Attend the preat closinp out sale-of milli
nery stock at the old stand of II. Friedman ,
409 Broadway. A. J. Mnndel.
The Hlllc flub held u shoot yesterday af
ternoon ut tlio grounds In Khorur's park.
Suvcral line scores were made.
A marrlnRO license was issued yesterday
to Andrew U. Pcderson and Annie II. M.
Nelson , both of Council Hluffs.
Albert Hodgcrs and Miss Kslclla Thomas ,
both of this city , wcio married yesterday
afternoon at tlie office of Hquiro Hcliuiv..1-
A case of scarlet fever is reported on Ave
nue I ) , between Hiffhtli and Ninth streets ,
nnd the attention of thu board of health is
called to the matter.
.1. M. Dickey \vu arrested last niuht for
distill biiiK the pence. lie was furnished a
room at Hotel Harhyte for theniKht and will
have a licarlne this morning.
The salt-of land for delinquent taxes is
again adjourned until Monday , February ,
at the onirp of the county treasurer. About
nlnof.cnths of the lots have already been
disposed of.
Jim Gilland was arrested yesterday for ro-
fusliiK to pay his hack fare. I to was ( trunk
and took in the t-ity In stylo'but was uuwill-
jnj ; to setllo with his Jehu. Tlio ease comes
up this morning.
The medical society of the Missouri valley
meets to-morrow in the Masonic Temple
hall. The session will last but a day and
evening nt most. It is expected that them
Will bo n lurgu attendance.
The following Jurors are drawn for the
Wcsent Icrni of the superior court : G. H.
JOHC.M , 11. V. Williams , Samuel Monison , A.
Kilter , John llonth , James lirooks , George
Jacobs , Edward Flues and J. Swcanigcn.
The case ol llnnnnn vs Marr was still on
trial in the district court yesterday , and will
probably require the remainder of tlie week
to complete. These sijuattcr ouscs are all
bcini ; carefully tried , as they involve tlio
ownership of a largo amount of property on
the bottoms.
Ofllcial notification has been received of
the spiui-annuul mfotinu of the state llro-
inen's association , to bo held in Des Moines
on the 'Jib and 10th of January. It is desired
to have every llro department in the stale
rcprosenled. delegates will attend
from tillsciuv.
Deputy Marshal ATlillo arrested John
Dunn jestorday afternoon for keeping an
open saloon Sunday. Dunn played a funny
trick oa the oflleors Sunday cvonlni ; and
evaded the clutches of the .law. Ho will
hnvoan opportunity to explain his actions
this morning to Judge Aylesworth.
The remains of Mr. U. E. Hurknoss were
last even ing taken east for Interment , they
being accompanied by Mr. Harrett. The
family will remain for a time at least , the
little babe being too ill to undergo such a
long journey at present. Their plans for the
future are not fully determined upon.
The funeral of William Dean was held
yesterday afternoon from the family resi
dence on Mudisou street , Kev. Air. Mnckoy
ofllchiting. Mr. Dean leaves a wife and ono
child , a daughter only three years of age. Ho
was for some years custodian of Hayliss
park , nnd well knqwn to the citizens who
frequented that place , or had occasion to pass
through it.
The case of Dr. Schraedcr'of Iowa City ,
I * VB Mrs David Hoover , to collect J100 for
a professional visit , was on trial in the dis
trict court yesterday. The plaintiff was
called from Iowa City to Walnut to attend
the defendant. The latter refused to pay ,
alleging that the charge was exorbitant.
Drs. Hart and Macrae were called as expert
witnesses. The jury returned a verdict lu
favor of the defendant.
Several of the members of the Rescue
boso team have gene into training for next
year's races. Some of iho boys have been
off the track for so long that it will take sev
eral months to put them in good condition.
Captain Phillip ISctz and Frank Mithcn are
doing the coupling , and are putting lu con
siderable time each day in practice. The
Ucbcuo 1ms always gene In a fast class , and
will lower their record next year.
The case of Laura Frank , charged with the
larceny of dry goods from the store of J. L.
Forman , was called before Justice Schurz
yesterday. Tlio prisoner pleaded guilty , and
was lined $50 and costs. ] ly agreement of
the county attorney and the prosecuting wit
ness , the woman was allowed to depart ,
promising to pay tier line as soon as possible
Ilor condition was such that it was deemed
unwise tp have her conllncd in Jail.
There was a lively runaway on Broadway
last evening. A pair of horses attached to a
hay rack started on Upper lirouilway for a
dnsh down that thoroughfare. A horse be
longing to Mr. Miiyna was standing near the
curb , and taking fright as tha runaway
dashed by , joined in the nice. Tlio fanner's
team was stopped in front ot the Pacific
house , and tlie buggy animal was corallcd
near the Kiel hotel. The hay ruck made n
line load of kindling , but the buggy was un
All praties soft coal , C. B. Fuel Co.
Holiday J'roHontH
Can now bo found in ( front variety.
Now nnd urtihtlo designs in diamonds ,
linu jowolr.y , tfonla' and ladles' gold
watehcsiuul ehaiiiH , silver and plated
ware , clocks in Froncb marble nnd the
bebtof American makes. A cordial in
vitation i& extended to every one to call
nnd judge for tliem olvesat
C. B. .lACynuMiXit Co. .
No.lll JInin st.
Dr. Cleaver , North Main. Tel. 147.
ScoV. . C. StncyVIuK
Tlio OKI Ucliabht Jewelry Finn
of K. Burhorn , No. 17 Main street , has
luitl in nn iiuinonst stock qf holiday
goods , whiuli will bo sold cheaper than
over. This is a special inducement for
thirty days. All oods llrst class and
ptmnuitcod to bo just as represented.
It is tin established fact that you can
got the best poods for the least money
tlio re. Call and examine < the ttock and
get prices before purchasing1.
* 4
Personal Paragraphs.
Mrs. John Hawkins , of Creston. is visiting
Mrs. J , U. Atkins , of this city.
Mrs. MoNuugliton has been ill for several
flnytf , but la now recovering quite rapidly.
City Solicitor Holmes goes to Oakland
to-day to try two damogo suits ogniust tno
city. Ho will bo ubsout three days.
Mrs. Horace Everett loft for Hoston Mon
day evening , accompanied by her eon us far
as Dew Molneo. Ho will return this morning.
Mrs. Watts , bookkeeper for Harkncss
LJros. , was taken quite 111 yesterday while at
work at her desk , nnd hail to bo removed in
a ( carriage lo her homo , nnd n physician
called In.
Thcro is n very skillful ongrnvcr in
constant attendance at Burnhorn's jew
elry store , so that patrons cnn bo nccom-
moilnted by nrtistlc markings.
The London "Tuilor's" is the pkeo to
( ; et your clothes made. 037 Brondwiiy.
For Kent Two now store rooms in
l/ood location' Nos. 787 and 789 Broad
way. B. Saundori ) , 30 Pearl ft.
< j&-/u
An Indignant \Vlfo Chnrg09 n Neigh
bor With n Grievous Assault
The Guards Planning to Attend the
InntiRurntlon The City Coun
cil Sncnhln n Coat
Heck less Drivers.
A Arlcvntis Assault.
Mr < < . Mary Graver , a buxom woman of
about 40 summers nncl corresponding \vin-
tcra , appeared before Squire Schurz ycstor-
dny nncl tiled an Information against Nato
McNoly. rhnrKlng him with nn assault with
nn intent to commit rape. The information
places the ilate on tbe''Oth day of November.
The plaintiff lias been Illsliico that time , and
has been uimblo to sooner prefer charges
against MeNoty. Ifcr husband , wlio is a
anmll ami rather weaK cripple , did not np-
| icar. The p.irtics nil live in the southern
part ofthi ) city. MoN'oty was urYcatcd , and
uoini ; tmablu to furnish " > ( X ) bonds , was com-
initted to tlio county jail to nw.iit a henrlhfj.
Ho is a heavy , thickset Irishman , and re
fuses to talk about the case.
Sco Forrest Smith's special column.
Now orgnns , first dnss , 930 , for two
weeks only , Council LJluIls Music Co. ,
1 > : M Urtmdwny.
the cnllre'stoclf ot millinery which I
have bought sit sheriff * s sale tit 60 ets.
on the dollar must bo closed out within
bixty days. A. J. Mnnilol.
Bin-pains in real cstuto in nil parts of
the city , W. S. Cooper , 180 Main street.
Wo huvo just received an invoice of
Solon Palmer's fine perfumes. Sachet
powders and toilet poai ' ) , Poll G. Morgan
& Co. .
Tlie Kvur-l'rcscnt 1'oor.
Since the sale of the poor farm this county
has no place for caring lor the poor. They
are boarded around , or Klven some weekly ,
and rather weakly help , too , to sustain them
selves In their own little hovels. The winter
months make it more apparent than over that
there is need of some place where the un
fortunates may be properly cared for. The
tax-payers seldom grumble about the ex
pense of maintaining what few folks there
nrc dependent upon the public. It is tlio
olllcials , generally , wlio advocate the econo
mical policy , and each in turn seems anxious
to make u record along this line , oven at the
sacrifice of needed comforts on the part of
those who merit charity. The present pro
visions for caring for the sick and the needy
are very scant in both city and county , so far
as the public ! is concerned. There are some
noble private charities trrangcd. and were it
not for theto tlio situation would be far from
creditable to as prosperous a part of the
country as tills is.
Fortunately there are fewer cases of need
than usual at this time of year. The favor
able weather , the abundance of work , the
prowth and general * prosperity of the city ,
have been helpful iif this respect. Were it
not for this favorable combination of circum
stances the situation would bo deplorable ,
for at present what charity is scattered must
c'omc largely from the generosity of private
, .
_ _
No war prices for reliable jewelry at
Woolman's , jeweler , -21 Broadway.
A Itnre Ch nice !
To stop into a first class millinery
business with an established trade 13
olTored at the old stand of II. Friedman ,
40 ! ) Broadway. The stock will be sold
at a remarkably low figure for cash
only. A. J. Muiidel.
Illinois and Iowa Best soft coal , Gloa-
son , 10 ! Pearl street.
Diamond rings , fine quality , no flaws ,
S-karct stones , SKS.OO. Wollman ,
jeweler , 224 Broadway
When you are looking for holiday
presents don't forgot to give us a call.
Wo have a fine line of Christmas books ,
plush cases of all kinds and Christmas
cards. Doll G. Morgan & Co. , 742
Lower Broadway.
The Guards Will Go.
The Dodge light guards are planning on
attending the inauguration of President
Harrison. It will bo rather an expensive
trip for the boys at the best , but it will be a
credit to this city to have so well drilled and
uniformed a company sent from here. The
guards are planning on having twenty-four
men and ofllccrs at least. In order to meet a
portion of the expanse' the guards will give
some pleasing entertainments this winter.
The public will doubtless give generous sup
port to these.
Clocks 75 cents at Wollman's , jeweler ,
221 Broadway.
- .
Solid gold band rings 25 cents at
Wollman's , jeweler , 224 Broadway.
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , cults and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
Toy Sowing Machine.
Did you see it at Brackett'aV It is a
daisy and is selling like wild fire.
Works as nicely as a big machine. Bo
sure and see it.
Money loaned on furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value at low rates of intercut. No
publicity ; fair and honoiablu dealing.
A. A. Clark & Co. , olllcc cor. Broadway
and Main , over American express.
A Miihlnji 31 nn.
A young man named Peterson left his
homo in Council Bluffs for Weston , In. ,
on the 12th of November , 1S8S , since
which time nothing has been hoard of
him , Described as follows : Ago 21 ; 5
feet 10 inches in height ; weight about
150 pounds ; smooth face ; light complex
ion : dark hair ; lame in ono log ; had on
dark overcoat , and blank pants and veat ;
soft black hat ; cheap black valise. Anyone
ono knowing of his whereabouts will
ploatio notify F. H. GU.VNXKLI.A ,
City Marshal of Council Bluffs , In *
Work of tlio Council.
The city council met In adjourned session
last ovonlnj , ' . Present Mayor Uohrer , Alder
men Knoplor , Laoy , Mctcalf , Weaver unit
Waterman. The earlier part of the session
was devoted to the considering and allowing
of minor bills.
The petition for a sidewalk on Bridges
street was read and concurred in , as was
also a petition for a water main on South
Twenty-ninth street. *
The bills of J. W. ICelley and P. Sweeney
for grading contracts wore allowed.
The Judiciary cominlltoo reported in , favor
of passing the ordinance for the W. H. Ltcck
pony express , anil the report was concurred
in. The motion was Uion read and on mo
tion passed.
A communication from the Council Hluffs
Electric Light and Power company , offering
to put in an Incandescent plant to furnish
light at the rate of 1 cent per hour per six
teen cam ! lo power light , provided an exclu
sive franchise was grunted , The offer
was ordered spread upon the table.
Mayor Uohrcr recommended sending a committee -
mitteo to visit the other principal cities of
the Mate for the purpose of Investigating the
merits of various plants , but it was defeated.
Alderman Lacy recommended the adoption
of the oifar of the Hawkeyu Electric Manu
facturing company , as did Alderman Knep-
her. TUo ordinance wus then read , as pre
pared by tlm city attorney. The milter was
fully dijcumd uud the. various clauses of the
. ' 4 .
ordinance considered. Alderman Metcnlf
moved to lay the matter over for further
consideration , as ho was unwilling to vote on
the matter until ho understood it morb fully .
Alderman Lncy insisted oil voting on
it at thfit time , ns it had been
boforco the council long enough
Finally , on a call for ayes and nays , the mo"
tlon lo lay over prevailed , Aldermen Mctcalf'
Kncphcr and Weaver voting aye , and Alder'
men Waterman ami Lacy voting no.
City Solicitor Holmes then addressed the
council In regard to assessing property
owners tor sewerage costs for temporary
work. He thought It Illceal to charge prop
erty owners for the cost of constructing tem
porary sewers , The report was concurred in.
General Agent Alworth , of the Chicago fc
Northwestern , then appeared In behalf of
his company in regard to putting in the
crossings recently ordered on First nvanuo.
Ho thought it unnecessary to place
full width crossings at every street ,
and offered to place an engine at
the disposal of the council to view the
ground. The offer was accepted and the
time set for the trip over the road nt3 o'clock
this afternoon ,
The committee reported adversely on the
petition of J. M. Palmer for removing the
sidewalk adjoining the warehouse of the
Sandwich Manufacturing company. There-
port was received mid concurred in.
Alderman Lacy objected to Issuing a grad
ing contract on tlio bids already put in , and
moved to rcndvertiso for bids , alleging that
the contractor who would otherwise receive
the contract was lrrcsi > oiiHiblchaving already
cost the city considerable money by failing
to faithfully comply with contracts. The
motion prevailed ,
Alderman Lacy reported that n part of
Graham as-euuo was being fenced In , and
moved to Instruct the marshal to remove ob
structions under the directions of the city en
gineer. Carried.
Ths contract with the Akron Hnbbcrlloso
company for furnishing 1,000 feet of hose ut
$1 per foot , p.iyable In warrants to bo Issued
six months after receipt of goods , was
ordered spread upon the records.
Petition regarding sidewalks on Lincoln
avenue , referred to city engineer.
W. S. Cooper has cash on hand to loan
on approved eity property , No. 130
Main street" .
All grades hard coal , C. B. Fuel Co.
While planning for your holiday gifts
don't fail Lund ' dis
to see Bros. grand
_ _
Sec Forrest Smith's special column.
- * f- -
Have our wagon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
Lit nil Bros. ' are making a special Ipe
drive in crockery. Don't ' fail to see it
Hit : Kuan t
At Brackett's all day yesterday.
Fine holiday goods for twenty days at
prices that will surprise y&u , Call and
be convinced. J. D. Stuart's drug
store , 030 Broadway.
Dr. C. C. Hnzon , dentist , opera house
Loans made on city business and resi
dence property. Notes bought. Kim-
ball-Chainp Investment company.
L. E. Roe , dentist , No. 27 Main St. ,
over Jacquemin & Co.'s jewelry store.
Silverware and watches , Wollman ,
jeweler , 221 Broadway.
See Forrest Smith's special column.
Money loaned at L. B. Crafts < fc Co.'s
loan ollicc , on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
and all other articles of value without
removal. AH business strictly eonli ?
RpclclesH Drivers.
Another runawr.y occurred last evening ,
owing to the neglect of tlio driver to hitch
his horse when leaving it for n short time.
The ordinance on this point Is very clear ,
but it is a dead letter. A few lines properly
administered would have a salutory effect.
Judge Aylesworth is ready to do his part if
the marshal will see that offending parties
are brought Into court. The same Is true in
regard to the carelessness of drivers in approaching
preaching street crossings. Foot passen
gers arc compelled to watch the streets as
carefully as they would n railroad track , lest
they arc run over by the reckless drivers of
hacks , express and delivery wagons. "
Instead of the driver looking out for the
footmen , the case is qulto the reverse , and
many of the drivers seem to take delight in
scaring the pedestrians , and m seeing them
rush across tlio streets to escape being
knocked down and run over. Complaints on
this subject are numerous , and the matter
seems to bo getting no bettor. The atten
tlon of the authorities is called to ttic exist
ing state of aftairs , and it is hoped that n
few of the offenders will speedily be made
an example of for the benefit of the travel
ing public.
S. B. Wadsworth & Co. loan money.
Buy groceries , stationery and Christmas
goods of Kelley & Younkcrman , 10J II" way.
J. G. Tipton , real estate , 527 B'way.
Pickled tripe * and pigs' feet at Tib-
bitts' , 345 Broad way.
See Lund Bros , for lamps.
No Tarry !
At Brackott's. Straight talk all of the
A Coiit Thief.
Robert Tracy , the darkoy who was ar-
arrested Sunday for the larceny of a coat
from another coon , was arraigned in the su
perior court yesterday on the charge of petit
larceny. Ho withdrew his former plea of
not guilty and pleaded guilty , The court
sentenced him to thirty days in the county
Jull at hard labor and Christmas turkey.
An elegant line of pianos for Christ
mas presents at Christmas prices , for
two weeks. Council Bluffs Music Co. ,
221 Broadway. _
Weather strips for doors and win
dows. Odoll & Bryant , 513 Main St.
Rock Spring coal , Gleason , 20 Pearl
Iluy Useful Presents.
The most acceptable presents for
Christmas are those which combine
utility with beauty. Their daily use
keeps the giver in constant remem
Wo have full lines of Down Comforts ,
Down Pillows , Carpet Sweepers , Foot
stools , Blacking Cases , Fancy Mats and
Itugs , and many other things whioli are
valuable as Christmas Souvenirs. Wo
are anxious to close those all out.nud
will make prices to suit the purchaser.
Our Remnant Sale still continues mid
with bargains for all who come.
Call and see us.
Sco Chapman for Christmas presents.
Fine table ware at Lund Bros. '
I AM DIAI , 9IAI > , MAW !
And will bell meat for Hie following cash iirlccs :
Bhonlderaud Chuck Itoast . , . 6 toUo
1'iJine Illb Hooit. , . . , . , . , . Be
ChurkBtvttk . - , . Ho
Kounil Htoak . , . . . Be
Hlrloin Steak . lOc
J'orteruouae Staak . , . lOo
Wolllng Ileef . , . Stole
Mutton Htew . , . v . 60
> Iultou I.eyJ . 60
Corn Itcef . . . . . . . . . .3 to 4o
Porkhoast. . . . . . , . ,10o
Pork Chops mid Slenk . , . lOo
I.Arrt. ourownmako. . . , , , , , . l"a
uuie . , . , . , , , , .
And nil other nioati in the same proportion ,
EL'O i\Iv-MOTTAa : : ,
111 Knit Uroadway.
1 iell I'otturrnttumto County Meat * , wrapped
up In Council Bluffi r i' r. fteo Delivery.
1 ,
Realize tlie fact that tlieir immense stock
of Holiday Goods will have to
"be sold during' this week.
We have therefore cut prices right and
left so we can safely say that you
can make one dollar buy two
dollar's worth of goods dur
ing this week's sale.
Twenty departments full of Holiday
presents , and all must go.
NO. 314,316,318 , , & 320 , BROADWAY ,
I must have room for spring goods ,
and will sell ull goods now in stock at
prices far below any ever olTered before.
This is no bait to catch the trade but ,
: i genuine clearing-out sale , and every
thing must go.
Parlor sets , bedroom sets , heating and
cooking stoves , handing lamps , oil
cloths. All goes without reserve.
I have a big stock and can suit you in
whatever you want.
Como and see me and examine my
Hoods. 1 must sell. No prices quoted ,
but no reasonable offer will bo refused.
- )1N ) ( -
Also ) acres of the host property la town for
Telephone lie. No. B Main Street.
Council IHuflffl , Iowa.
"OOOMS to rent by Council ninlls Investment
JiCo. . No. 10 1'eurlBt. _
rp\VO 5lne olllco rooms lo rent on llrst lloor ;
JL ono room IhxJri ; both nmvly papered and
painted , lies t location In the city , full at. No ,
10 , 1'carl st. '
Every man or woman who has $ r < 0 or
$75 winch they wish to invest where it
will bo ns safe as it would bo if it were
deposited in the Bunk of England and
make him more mqnoy , to call on us and
buy u lot in Fairmount addition. The
best location on the hills for street car
service and school privileges ; close to
all the railroads , \yholesulo houses and
city dopots. The only hill property to
bo hud at such low prices and easy
terms. Prices rnngo from $200 to $400 ;
terms , ono-flflh cusji , balance in thirty
equal monthly payments at 8 percent
If you nro renting now and want n
home of your o.wn , commence paying for
a lot now before you have to pay double
tlio money for the muno location. Begin
at once and you will ho surprised to iiiul
how soon the thirty months will roll
around , making you the owner of a lot.
Call on II. G. McGee , I'M Main street ,
or Forrest Smith , at the Brown building ,
Council Bluffri , Zowa.
Bakery and' Wdionerv
Bco hlmfor llreail. Cakes ; etc.
To \ > ti.\tn \ A llterlil piscount Ulven.
No , 218 Halo St. Co well UluOT ,
Keep Her Up And
cuxrs I'Cit i.n.
Boiling 13eef : !
Shoulder KoaRt 4 to f >
Shoulder Steak 5 to f >
Corned Hoof ii to 4
Pork Iloast S
PorkChops U
VculHoast 8
Mutton Konst 8
Round Steak S
Vcat and Mutton Stew 4
Loin Steak 8 to ! )
Porterhouse Steak S to 0
UibKoiist ( JtoT
Sugar Cured Hams 11
Uncoil 11 tola
Lard 10 to 11
Leaf Lard 10
Salt Port : 10
Mluc-o Meat , ready mnile 8
Snucr ICraut ; 8
Pickled Pigs Feet 7
Tripe 7
Pickled Hocks 8
Butter 23
Poultry and Fish at lowest market prices.
Don't Forget the Number ,
1G14 Douirlns St. , Omaha , Not ) .
Latefl ITovoltles in Hair Good ? in Stock or
Hade to Order.
And Shampooing.
No. 11 Main St , Council IIluliB.
Kxamlno Iho following prlcoi for cash onlv
and buy your moats divcHed nt homo. 1 will
neil until farther not Icy us rollons ;
Khoulder and chuck roast 5 to fie
I'rlma rib toast , ha
Chuck bleak he
Hound stt'uk glottic
Hirloln Bleak . ' lOc
I'orterhoufo slcak lOc
llolllng boot 4 lo DC
Mtttton ! fie
Million Ivj/s he
Corn bci'f , , 4 to fie
1'orkroast lOc
I'oikchopa anilnteak H'c
Lord , pure and our own make lla !
Boiifat'c , our own make lOo
Hemomber this lu thu only JlOMi : DltKHS
M HAT M.\HKIT : In the city. No lorelgn meat *
bold. Tck'plioliu No , 'M'J.
1) . It. M3UX.1H , No. Hiil ftlrt'n ' St.
, , , , , , , ,
Telephone Nn.1)5 ,
t t IOWA
I have laid in a nice line of boots and
shoos which I am belling at the smallest
living profit. I am establishing a per
manent bublnesB , for I am hero to stay ,
nnd as my expenses are small I can tell
you goods very low. Call and convince
No. X'O
No. 103 Main St. , Council Bluffs.
What is nicer for a Christmas or Now Year's present than an elegant Piano op
Organ. Wo have ( -evetity-Ilvc of the uolobrated '
ardman , ft , B , Chase , Fisb , Evere Hand Pease & Howard Pianos
On hand , which we offer at n spooial discount < > ( TEN I'KIl CUNT oft our regular
prices , for tbo next TI11HTY DAYS. . . i
Wo carry the largest stock of small niUHloal instruments of every ( Inscription
nnd have many novelties suitable for presents. Our stock of sheet music and
music books is the latest and mobt complete. Homombor our entire stock of
Will be Mild at cost , nnd le s than cost. It must bo closed out regardless of price.
You will find many bargains. A souvenir given with every wircliiiM' . Wo alto
give a ticket willujveryM purcluiM ? on an elegant PianoOrgan , and other prizes ,
Call early for a choice of the bargains ollored. ,
Especially Adapted tot
25 TO 300
Mills and Elevators.
and estimates funiKlioil for complete steam plants , llcmilntlon , Durability Gtmri
untced. Cuii show letters from users wlKTo futl Keonoiny Is eqn tl with Corll s
E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Send for Catalogue. I o. oil ) 1'carl Street , Council UluiTs.
Taxidermist and Naturalist.
I'prmaiii'iitly loeati'il at N'o. II Xoith i tht , opposite po.stolKce. oil
Motor Mm1 , Council lllutl.s , la , .1
If yon have specimens don't unit for p-li i-s. l-'cinl thn to him'
bcfoiu they-.poll. H you don't ant them after thuj are inouiitcil
he will pay you the highest market prl o for thoni. Will ni.iko u apilaity of hoatli ami dressing
of furs durliii , ' the inter. / .
DR. C. B. JUDD ,
No. 6O6 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
WANTED Good Salesmen on Inrgc commission or salary.
s , IOVTA.
Residence on Oth ave . $ 3,000
Residence on Oth uvo . 1.100
KesiilPiice on Oth ave . 1,600
Hcsiilenco on Oth uvo . 1,000
Kcsideiieo on Oth ave . 1,000
Kcsldciico on Oth ave . S.MJ
Hesiilunco on Oth ht . (5.COO (
UcHldcncc on Oth ht . 0,000
llcsiiloncu on North bth st. , lot ItMx-
] ! ! 0 > ; , Krout bargain . : i,000
Hunch of r houses and 4 lota on 3rd ave b.OOO
Husidcnuo on Scott it . ' ,000
HesUtciieo on Plainer st. For price
anil particulars Inqiiiro .
An elegant residence on 1st avc. , ono
inluuto walk from Kovci-mnent
building1. For price and particu
lars Inqulro .
Uesldcncc on Oth avo. . three minutes
walk from county couit house.
Cash . , . 3,200
Ifcsidenco and lour lots on nvo. "C , "
Ktreut'H add . 2,000
Store buildhiff and lot on Pacillo live. ,
near U. P. transfer . l.SOO
Two-story frame store in town of Cur-
son . 2,000
Soventy-Jivo lots in Squlro'n add. ,
north of transfer , elegantly loca
ted , $ . ' 100 to f 100 each .
iimich of 11 lolH , Central nub . 1,500
liunch of 13 lotH , Cooper , MuMahon &
.loffrles add. , if taken before Jan.
1st , for . r.,000
An elegant lot on Stli nt. Cash . 3,000
.1'hreo line lots on liluff hired at u
barium .
100 feet f rontiiKo on Parlc iive , for 8.10
par foot . ' . .
Jusincsa property on Hroadway .
Juiincbs property on Alain st .
An improved farm of 100 acres not fur
from Clmutuuqua grounds , con
sisting of hill and dale. Tor par
ticulars immiro. . , .
.3-acio tract ono milo from Broadway ,
miburbun location . 7,600
n addition to the above I have vacant
property in nearly every addition
to the city.
JV.O , 1.1 I > JMItI , ST. ,
COLiL. ; . H1UF'S , IOWA ,
villHeli f , , ,
honlilor unUC'uiici. Uoant . u toCu
i-lmo lllb Ituast . Bn
'buck HI > 'ak . . . " ?
lotiiul fltt'Wk . -tc
IrloliiHiuiiK . JW
ort ih' uuuSe.ik ; . 1'Jc '
j'j.'Mnu lioi-f . } ' >
IulliinRtB-.r . oc
liittna l. * s . 5 ° '
'oin Ilicr . '
ork Iloast . J' ' . °
ork Choju uuil Slc . j , ' . ' '
.ttrd.our owin maUc . . . > - &
. . . . . . .
All other meat * In Ui * am prpnarlUm.
I > lrcry. ! Ord-.r * orut by i-lillilron rrcflve
ntt utlon * iuil aroco.-rou'.ly UIlvil ,
II10N and
' "
.BOIBX ttl
No. BUI niniu Stivrt.
Council 111 li IT ; . , la.
CorresDomlpiits Mention 'Mils I'apcr.
PRICE $15 ,
equal ta
IlicKdlnon Mlmencrnpli , . tlio t > oH aipariiUi3 ] for
tntiiilloUlliiit , autnB'niihlo | unJ typo nntliu wort
St ( J ( nilcitruu | bo Inki'ii.
The Ezcehior Cc. , Council Bluffs , la.
Tnoa , OITICKII. W. H. M.
Corner MMn and Hroadway ,
DuuU-m In forolKii r.nd domestic excliungo.
Collections madtf unil inlurusi , paid on timu do >
c. i : , Q. A. IlKltUNOIIOB1
Arcliitccts , Deslpcw and SiipcrlntenU
of Conslrnclion , \
Mr. HcrlliiKlior wiw hcvcn ypars wltli
Alcnilclssolin , FihlierXI.oivry , and liua -
designed ninny of ( hu finest blocks
in Omahii aniluiinull ( ItlnH's.
Plans and fWficaiions Prepared and
EsUmalcs madG on Application , '
Studio , Jtuoin 'ri Vpct'ti Jfoitsc BlocTe
D , H , MoDANELD & CO , , I ,
Hides , Tallow , Pelts , Woolfi Furs ,
Highest market prlrri. I'rnmpt returns. 829
and f . ' Main St. , Council lilutrx , loivu. > h
I'luib , filll rinuu l And Cautimuro ilres/ies
neady-Macto and Mwclo to Order/
Ill )