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Officers In Search of a Fugitive
Firocl TJpdn From Ambush.
Great Incitement Itxlstlni ; In the
Vicinity Over ttio Affair nnd
n Torrlhlo Unco Wnr
Shot Down lly Ncarocs.
Nr.W Om.r.ANS , LSI. , Dec. 17. A special
Jlspntch from Columbus , Miss. , says : Sev-
crnl gentlemen reached this city this morn
ing from Artcsiu , bringing news of n whole-
nnlo slaughter uf a constable's ' posse near
Wnhalak , n uniall station on the Mobile it
Ohio railroad , near Mueon , Miss. Oa Friday
Inst a negro nnd a whlto boy got Into n light.
The whlto boy's father attempted to separate
'them , when ho was set upon by the
negro boy nnd his father nnd
terribly beaten. Yesterday the white man
Bworo out n warrant for the negro's arrest ,
nnd Constable Cobb went to the negro's
liouso to oxccuto it when ho was attacked by
n number of negroes and bc.ilen.
IIo then summoned n posse of twelve men
nnd went yesterday evening to nr-
rest the negro. The posse was fired
upon from ambush and five were
lulled outright nnd six wounded ,
more or less seriously. The news , spread
rapidly und the negroes wcro strongly rein-
forecd. Wnhnluk telegraphed along the line
for hell ) , and Meridian responded with about
seventy-live well untied men. They wcro
joined lit every station , and , on reachIng -
Ing Wuhnlalf , marched Immediately
to the scene of bloodshed. The
negroes were barricaded and refused to
surrender or give up the dead whites. At
noon the forces were supposed to l > o about
ciial ( | , nnd what the result Is no oae knows.
Tills afternoon news was received that the
belligerent negroes have retreated to the
swamps and nro stubborn , wl.ilo the noncombatant -
combatant negroes uro fleeing to the woods
In terror.
Captain McDowell , of the Columbus
riflemen , telegraphed the sheriff of
Item per cnuntv , that his men wcro ready if
he should ask the governor for military as-
Distance. The telegram was not delivered , as
the sheriff was not in town. There is con-
fiidor.iblu excitement about here , und news of
developments is awaited with the utmost
anxiety. The following is a list of the killed
mid wounded :
Killed Henry Mnury , Seth Cobb , Tom
Nicholson , Hill Vaughn , Bill Hare.
Wounded Frank Mnury , Tom Giles , Hob
Harper , II. L. Harper , John Dun ; Jeff
A special from Mneon , Miss , , says : It is
reported this evening that seven of the ne
groes implicated were shot this morning.
: * . .
How Two Pretty Pennsylvania Girls
Will Jlelpn Church luir.
Fiirtnur.s , Pa. , Doc. 17. Two pretty
young women , who arc noted In this section
of ttio st.ito as being first-class housekeepers ,
members of church anil of good character
nnd manners , have consented , with a desire
of making n Sons of America fair , shortly to
held , as profitable as possible , to bo chosen in
public to be the wives of any two young men
who may prove acceptable to them and their
parents. The young women will bo at the
lair every evening and will have charge of
booths. Any young mun who is serious and
honest in his intentions to marry , will be to-
iiuircd to say publicly In it loud voice in the
hall where'.lie fair is held : "I am here. "
To this the young lady wlio is nc.ucstwill
promptly answer : "So am I. " The wooing
is to take place In the sight of nil spectators ,
nnd If au agreement to marry is arrived ut ,
It is to be publicly signed , the witnesses
thereto to bo selected from the audiouce.
A MonrtlcHs Father.
Nnw YOHK , Dec. 17. [ Special Telegram to
THE Bii.J ! Harris Phillips , who has been in
this country for some time , was at Castle
Garden this morning. When the passengers
of the Kutrarin arrived , among the immi
grants wcro his four children , Annund , aged
fifteen years ; Amelia , thirteen years ; Richard -
ard , nine years , and S.unuel , three years.
They came over under the auspices of the
English Guardian society , a Hebrew organi
zation. Tile father astonished the garden
authorities , by repudiating the notion that ho
ought to provide for all his offspring. Ho said
lie would take care of two of tuo children.
The country , ho said , could take cure of the
others. This evidence of complete hcart-
lessness aroused a commotiDii among the
employes of tha Garden , who talked Ireely
of taking the man to * a convenient trea in the
Battery nnd stringing him up. Two uncles
of the children , residents of this city , were
notified of the state of nlTnirs and soon ap
peared. They salii they would willingly care
for all the children , if necessary , and , with
this understanding , the little ones were
given into their charge.
The West Virginia Krnuds.
Pmsnuitri , Pa. , Dec. 17. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Uni : . ] Pittsburg detectives
have been at work In West Virginia for the
last two weeks sifting the evidence in regard
to the election frauds for the republican
national and state central committees. It is
said they will have sotno startling disclo-
aures to make to congress when that body
takes up the question of contested scats in
close West Virginia districts. Senator Quay ,
backed by the national and state committees ,
is at the head of the investigation. His de
tectives expect that facts will be placed be
fore congicbs which cannot but'displace at
least two of these democrats who have re
ceived certificates of election in doubtful
districts and give their seats to republicans.
Borne evidence of vital importance- Colt is
said to have been collected , which It is
thought will sccuro his accession to the
gubernatorial chair.
Knocked Out In the Second Hound.
Nr.w Yonic , Deo. 17. [ Special Telegram
to TUB liuii. | The six-round glove contest
between Jack MoAulIlTu , the champion light
weight of America , and old Sam Collyor
( forty-live years old ) , the former fcnthor-
welght champion , who fought many notable
battles away back In the sixties , occurred to
night nt the Palace rink , \villlainsburg.
Coll.vcr was knocked out in the second round.
For n Pension nt Fifty.
WASHINGTON , Deo. 17. A' week ago Mr ,
Lnwlcr of Illinois introduced a bill granting
n pension of f 13 per month to honorably dis
charged soldiers und sailors when they have
attained the ago of sixty years. Since that
tluu : bo has been the rcclpiuntof many letters
requesting him to lower the minimum ago to
fifty , and this morning ho introduced a bill In
accordance with the request.
The Antl-DlvlHloiilHts.
AUEUIIEKN , Dnk , , Dec. 17. A call for a
convention was published horothls afternoon
to take measures to prevent , if possible , a
division of Dakota' . A quiet meeting of leadIng -
Ing citizens was hold Saturday to devlbo
means to defeat the dlvUlunlsts. They say
that division Is a purely political uiovo and
opposed to the best interests of taxpayers.
Steamship Arrivals.
At Glasgow The State of Nevada , from
New York , and the Grecian , from Philadel
phia ,
At Quconstown The British Princess ,
from Philadelphia.
At Liverpool The Kansas , from Boston ,
At Hamburg The Polynesia , from Now
TH 10 PU
He Hns Quite n Number of Out-of-
TIMVII Callcri.
K'liHVAi' , Dec. 17. The president
elect had n goodly number of out-of-town
callers to-day A committee representing
the Grand Army posts of Kings county , Now
York , presented him with n petition signed
by the commanders of the Grand Army posts
of Kings county , asking him to review a parade -
ado of G. A. It. veterans on Memorial day ,
next Mny , and accompany the procession to
the tomb of General Grnnt , at Hlvcrsldc.
General Harrison informed the committee
that while ho would be glad to participate
with his comrades on the occasion , it was
impossible for him nt this early day to mnko
nn engagement six months In advance. The
committee then nskcd him to regard the in
vitation as n slindlng one.
Colonel James Atkins , of Savannah , Ga , ,
nrrlved in thp city this evening , and will call
upon General Harrison to-morrow. Atkins
was collector of the port of Savannah
for eight years under Grant , and was after
ward nominated by President Hayes to bo
federal district Judge , but the senate failed
to confirm. It is asserted that ho is hero to
suggest the name of a bouthern republican
for a cabinet portfolio. .
A delegation will arrive to-morrow from
Hlrminglmm , Ala. , representing the manu
facturers of that section , for the purpose of
presenting the president-elect with u con-
gmtulatory memorial. They are said to rep
resent n combined capital of $100,000,000 in
vented entirely In the south. Several of the
deli-gallon and many of the signers to the
memorial are icportcd to be democrats who
voted the republican ticket on account of its
advocacy of protection.
The Great Ij.iiul Theorist Tolls of
Con < | iicHts In Kiiiclund.
NBW YOHK , Dec. 17. [ Special Telegram to
Tun Hen. ] Henry George arrived on the
Etruria yesterday after a ilvo weeks' sojourn
on the other side , and brought back witu him
nn encouraging report of the growth of his
land reform notions In the Hritish empire.
Ho wont over on November 10 , in company
with Henry Saundcrs , liberal member from
East Hull , who had been making a tour o {
this country. "Wo went over by the Eider , "
said Mr. George. " 1 spent a week in Lon
don seeing friends , and then addressed a
number of meetings In England and Scot
land. A great many banquets were given
mo and I received a Haltering
list of addresses. The meetings wcro
all very enthusiastic. I found everywhere a
thorough knowledge of the land question ,
nnd a growing desire oa the part of the
people to agitate. The difference in my re
ception lour years ago and now was as
marked as It was encouraging. The situa
tion is so Important that at the earnest re
quest of my friends in Great Britain I have
agreed to go buck there by March and stump
the kingdom for three months. There is an
intense but quiet feeling about the papal re
script condemning Irish agitation. The Irish
bishops have held it back hoping that they
mav induce the holy father to modify it. It
will be the occasion of much agitation in the
near future. "
Mr. George expressed himself thoroughly
satisfied with his visit and was enthusiastic
about the warmth of his reception and the
change of the people and press of England
on the land question.
A Bloody Sevcnteen-Hound Flcjht Ho-
sults in n Draw. .
PiniAT > nipiiiA , Pa. , Dec. 17. [ SpecialTel
egram to Tin : Hi'E.J One of the fiercest
prize lights ever fought in Pennsylvania took
place yesterday a few miles from Blooins-
uurg , Columbia county. The pugilists were
William Collogy and Michael Grant. Col-
logy is twenty-seven years old and weighs
, .200 pounds , while Grant is twenty-four years
old und weTgbs but ISO pounds. Both men
are miners. Seventeen bloody rounds wcro
fought. Grant's face was pounded into a
Jelly and his body was black and blue. Col-
logy's ' eyes were almost closed and hischcclc
was cut to the bone. Ho stood up so gamely ,
however , that Grant's friends finally broke
into the ring and for fully ten minutes a ,
free-for-all light followed. The referee de
clared the light a draw and was knocked
down for his decision. Both principals had
to Do carried from the field.
Trunk liino Itntcs Advanced.
NEW Yomc , Dec. 17. Both cast nnd west
bound trunk line rates , through and local ,
wore advanced to-day according to the no
tice given on the 7th inst. The hearing of
the Wabash , St. Louis & Pacific caseswhich
should have taken place to-day , have been
postponed until next Wednesday.
CHICAGO , Dec. 17. The advanced schedule
of rates on east and westbound tralllc be
tween Chicago and the Atlantic seaboard
went into eft'ect to-day as pcV agreement ,
with changes on dressed beef. When the
managers agreed to advance dressed beef to
n bnsis of . " > ( ) cents from Chicago to New
York , the Wubabh was granted n differential
of 48 cents , but to-day made a rate ofVAVt on
account of the refusal of the Chicago & At
lantic to accept its authorised differential
and adherence to the old ono. the Wabash
claiming that they are entitled to the same
privileges as any other load. It is foured
that fresh trouble will ensue.
Sailors' Successor.
s , Dec. 17. The news of the
nomination of Assistant United States Dis
trict Attorney Leon A. Bailey , to succeed
District Attorney Sellers , who resigned , has
occasioned considerable burnrise. Tuo republicans - "
publicans claim without hesitation that
Bailcy'b nomination Is obnoxious to General
Hr.rrisori and his friends because of the
course ho purchased during the campaign in
speaking poisonally , and , according to Sena
tor McDonald , crtoneously , of General Har
rison. The prediction is freely made that
the nomination will not be continued.
The federal grand Jury re-convened this
afternoon after a week's recess. There are
understood to bo several election fraud m-
diclmonts ready for action.
A Now lave Stook Journal.
ST. JosEi-H , Mo. , Doc. 17. [ Special Tele
gram to Tnc J3ci.1 : The Live Stock Journal
and Reporter Is tlin name of a new dully
paper which will make its appearance Jan
uary 1. Mr. Harry W. Haydcu , who for
the past three years has been solicitor for
the uiwtto , will be the bubincbs manager.
Homer J. Kllno , city editor of the sauio
paper , will bo the editor. The now paper
will be devoted to the stock interests nnU
markets , und will have good financial back
Churchill KUii-l * n War.
New Yomc , Deo. 17. [ Spocal ! Telegram to
THB HEB.J T. P. O'Connor cables the
World this morning about n split between
Hiuidolph Churchill and the lory party. Ho
concludes that Lord Randolph Churchill is
at war with the whole lory party. Ho , the
Dwarf Qnilp of English politics , ana who
delights in mischief , is no longer regarded us
indispensable by the conservatives , whoso
hopes uro centered iu Bulfour ,
Dcppcrato and Fatnl Fluiit.
t O ( , Deo. 17. Twenty men en
gaged in a desperate light near this place
Saturday night , during which revolvers ,
stones , knives mid clubs were freely used.
Nearly every participant In the row was
more or less seriously injured. Leon Du-
lutuba , n Frenchman , was shot in the head ,
and is dying. A young man named Camp
bell , it Is believed , was fatally shot. The
ci'.uso of the light has not beea learned , and
no arrests have been made.
A man named Mayoarl was arrested for
breaking into a burbor bhop ut Florence , lust
Harrison's Dotrnotor Qlvon n Federal -
oral Ofllco in Indiana.
Unearned tiniuN of the Sioux ; City He
St. Paul The Nohrnsk-x DclcRft-
tIon's Putronniio Miscellan
eous Matters.
013 FouiiTiiUNTif STURM , J-
WASIII.NOTO.V , D. C. , Dec. 17. )
The appointment of Leon O. Uailo.V to bo
United States district attorney for Indiana
Is considered the most partisan act of Presi
dent Cleveland. It Is looked upon by repub
licans in the senate as indicating in n de
gree the Ill-feeling the present occupant of
the white liouso must bear toward his suc
cessor-elect. Leon Bailey is now , and has
all along been , the deputy of District Attor
ney Sellers , whoso resignation a few days
ago caused so much comment throughout the
the country. IIo it was who delivered the
speech at Indianapolis during the recent
campaign in which it was first charged on
the forum of the state that General Harrison
risen had declared that "a dollar n
day was enough for n laboring man ; "
that "a cheap coat generally cov
ered a cheap man , " and that during
the railroad strikes nt Indianapolis in 1S77 ,
General Harrison , as an oiliccr in the local
militia , advocated shooting down the strikers
nnd wanted to wade knee deep in their
blood. The speech was printed In document
form and circulated everywhere. Bailey
followed his speech with nllldavits to provo
his assertions. Ho spent weeks at this work ,
heaping parsonal columny and villlflcatlon
upon the republican candidate for the presi
dency. Ho guvo the dollar-a-day lies cre
dence , by stamping them with his olllcial
authority. Ho was deputy district attorney
of the United States , and drew his salary ,
and neglected his duties to do this
political woric. Although the attention of
President Cleveland was called to what
Bailey was doing , ho was not requested to
refrain from it. Now that ho la hon
ored with this distinguished promotion
President Cleveland has endoiscd all that
Bailey has said against General Harrison.
He has given his approval of Ihi ! origin nnd
circulation of it nil. The nomination will
not bo continued by the republican members
of the committee on Judiciary , who will pass
upon thinomination. . The Bailey appoint
ment will not only not bo confirmed , but it
will bo rejected. Your correspondent this
nfteinoon made imiuirv amontr quite a num
ber of republican senators , and with one
voice they said the nomination would bo re
jected. A member of the committee on
Judiciary said : "f assume that it would bo a
personal affront to General Harrison to take
Invorablo action on this nomination. It
is surely un affront to the intelligence ,
and decency of the senate. Mr.
Cleveland is in bad blood. His message
showed that. I never saw such a bad temp
ered document , The man seems to hnvolost
his balance. I am amazed nt this nomina
tion , although it is not more than what
might bo expected under the circumstances.
I wonder it Mr. Cleveland believes that Gen
eral Harrison , when ho becomes president ,
would nominate the man who circulated the
Maria Hnlpin story , to a prominent olllco in
the city where Mr. Cleveland may live. "
Indiana democrats in Washington do not
spring to the front to assume the responsi
bility of the nomination. They say it was
made upon the recommendation of Senator
Turpic. Others in the state- delegation ex
press surprise at the nomination. District
Attorney Sellers will continue iu commission
until his successor is confirmed andqunlilied.
Alarming reports reach Washington of
Representative Laird's condition. He is
said to bo steadily weakening In strength
from incessant sleeplessness , and his friends
in Eureka Springs are in constant communi
cation with Dr. Sewers , his Washington
physician. Strenuous efforts nro being made
to have him brought cast as soon as possible
for a change of nir and surroundings.
Senator Wilson , of Iowa , presented In the
senate to-day a petition , signed by Ii. P. Jones ,
John Kcrr , J. T. Hatch , and u largo number
of other senators , on the unearned lands of
the Sioux City & St. Paul railroad company ,
in O'Brien county , Iowa , praying that the
senate make un investigation of the cause
why J. P. Murphy , United States attorney
for the northern district of that state , did
not bring suit against the state of Iowa and
the railroad company named , for the
return of the patents of the
unearned lands claimed by Dthat
corporation , in all about twenty-three thous
and acres. It is stated by the memorialists ,
that Attorney General Garland , last Febru
ary , instructed District Attorney Murphy to
bring suit nt Sioux City , at the term of the
court which convened on the 3d day of last
October. They state further that they now
are being prosecuted by that railroad com
pany in the supreme court of the state , on
appeal from the district court of O'Brien
county , and allege that if Murphy had
brought the suit , ns he was instructed , all
litigation in ttio state courts would have
closed. The petition was referred to the
committee on public lands.
The Nebraska delegation nro friendly , as n
matter of course , to Governor Furnns' can
didacy , and anxious to do anything and
everything to forward it , but can not act
unitedly and effectively on the mutter until
the composition of the delegation is settled
through the Mandoson succession , the con
valescence of Representative Laird and the
arrival of Kcprescntative-olcct Council. As
a matter or fact , no questions of patronage
are likely to bo considered by the delegation
until after the senatorial election , All the
delegation announce themselves unpledged
on appointments , but ready to co-operate
cordially when the proper time arrives. It is
not nt all likely that the mass of appoint
ments will bo even considered tentatively
until after Inauguration.
Till ! 1IKI ! IN THE EAbT.
The editorial columns of the Philadelphia
Lender this morning contains the following :
"Mr. Uosowutor , editor of the OMAHA Bnu ,
wns iu thocity on Satuiday , looking at tha
newspaper ofllces for suggestions to bo
adopted in his own nowspaperestablishment ,
which will be one of Urn finest In the coun
try. It seems rcmurkablo thntnn inland town
iku Omaha should boast a building expressly
erected for newspaper work , that puts in the
shade most newspaper oftice * In the cast :
but Tin ; Uiiu is a busy one und is conducted
on the liberal principles of a metropolitan
dally. It Is published every day in the year ,
morning und afternoon , und is one of the
brightest papers in the country. Its new
ofllco building is a magnificent structure of
grnnlto and brick , and is more- than one
hundred feet siiunru , and is to cost nearly
half a million dollars. It is about roudy for
occupancy , and one of the objects of Mr.
Hosewutcr's visit to the cast Is to got every
modern improvement for use in his compos
ing rooui. "
The presence in the senate , to-day , of ox-
Senator Warner Miller nnd conferences be
tween Miller , Quay , Hoar , Allison and Sher
man sol the cabinet gossips agoing. It is
again rumored that Mr. .Sherman will bo
secretary of state , and that If Mr. Cluikhon ,
of Iowa , is not to bo in tlin cabinet , Mr. Alli
son will accept tha secretaryship of the
treasury. Senator Quay , General George U.
Williams of Indiana , and Colonel Hritton
loft the city to-night for Indianapolis. They
will all recommend ngalust Mr. Ulalno being
tendered a place in the cabinet. Several
senators will go to Indianapolis during the
holiday recess und urge that Mr. Ulalno be
not asked to go into the cabinet
Senator Allison guid to THE BEK corres-
yondccit tu-day , that tuo repuWicauk oubsti-
tuto to the Mills tariff Mil wjll not bo passed
by the house , and that an extra session of
the next congress is probable. Ho does not
believe there will bo nnV legislation on the
territorial statehood nuaUion nt this session.
Representative Henderson of Iowa says
there should by all means bo nn extra session
of the next congress.
Mr. E. Rosewatcr , of Tut : BET. , loft to
night for Chjeairo. Ho Will bo In Omaha the
latter part of the week. \
Dr. Farnum , of Beatrjco , Is in the city.
General W. L. Alexander , ndjutnnt general
of Iowa , has accepted ah appointment by the
governor of the Hawkofo stuto , to n plnco on
the military committee pn inauguration.
AIIMT xr.\\ .
Ofllclnl Information was received to-dav at
the war department , of the death , ut Fort
Supply , Indian Territory , of Colonel Robert
Lamotto. Thirteenth Infantry. Colonel Ln-
molte's death promotes Lioutonont Colonel
Montgomery Bryant. Klghth infantry , to bo
colonel of the Thirteenth ; Major Alfred T.
Smith , Seventh Infantry , to bo lieutenant
colonolof the Eighth infantry ; Captain D.
W. Bonhnjn , Ninth infantry , to bo major of
the Seventh infantry , And Lieutenant Daniel
Robinson , Seventh infantry , to bo captain.
Captain Charles Whcaton , Twenty-third lu-
fnntrv , has been ordered belore n retliing
board. Thirty-live recruits have been
ordered scitt to the 'Ninth cavalry. It ib
probable that ait the staff nominations sent
to the scnata will bo\confirmed , with the
possible exception ot Captain Scott's.
She In Overloycd nt the Idea of Ottt-
wlttiut : thb L'olicc.
CIIKMCIO , Dec. 17. fSpcclal Telegram to
Tun Bnn.J Mrs. Luajy Parsons reached
Chicago this morning On her return from
England. This afternoon she was busily on-
gni/ed In unpacking hcitrunks. "I'm glad
to get back , ot course , " ] said Mrs. Parsons.
"Every returned traveler says that , but I
mean it ; nnd what- particularly pleases mo
is that I came to Chicago and went homo
without a single policaman knowing I was
hero. They had half tllo force out to wel
come mo on my arrival , but I outwitted
them. 1 got off at the first stop south of the
depot and rode homo id a cnb. leaving them
to wonder where in the world I had gone. "
Mrs. Parsons was otijicr favorite tack , nnd
it was a difllcult matter to turn her in an
other direction. Before she wns through
with lur condemnation of the police she
had said many uclyj things. When Hie ,
reporter succeeded in getting her to talk
of other matters , she told ngnin what
she had been doing in England , and was en
thusiastic over the way jn which the anar
chists and socialists aroUllowed "tongue li
cense" in that nation. Mrs. Parsons is of
the opinion that it will take n terrible up
rising to fairly inaugurate the doctrine of
anarchy in America. "Over in England , "
said she , "tho rich are not like they are hcic.
The rich classes here are intoxicated with
their wealth. They are a lot of clodhoppers
who have not been out of the gutter more
than ten years , ahd they are the ones back
ing up Lord Bonficld. "
The widow denied that she was about to
wed the English socialist , Bernstein. She
never know him personally. She says that
she has returned homo to look after the puo *
liciitioii of the biography of her husband.
She expects to realize handsomely from it.
She will live in Chicago this winter at her
old home on Milwaukee avenue.
A "WnBhiiiKtou Scandal.
WASHINGTON , Deo. 17. A pretty serious
scandal , affecting thcr family of a high of
ficial in the war department , has narrowly
escaped liglftJ.The { police are con
siderate enough to suppress the names , but
the story has leaked Out.
On making his accustomed rounds ono
night Onicer Smith came across a lady
dressed in the height bf style , but too much
overcome with liquor tb give the number of
her residence or to navigate nlono. She was
led to the station house and put in a common
cell , where , after a three hours'rest in a
comatose condition , she came to herself and
becgedmost piteously to bo realeased , prom
ising Iho "earth" if they would only let her
out and save her from disgrace. About 1
o'clock In the morning a carriage was driven
the station-house and fine-look
rapidly to - a -
ing , portly gentleman , a well-known war de
partment olllcial , emerged therefrom , and
entering the station , asked if his wife giv
ing her name and describing her was there.
Ho was taken to the cell and upon recogniz
ing her , burstjinto tears. The wife , not yet
wholly recovered from the effects of her po
tations , instead of welcoming him with con
jugal .terms of endearment , upbraided him ,
loudly exclaiming : "You scoundrel , you are
the cause of this. " Without reply , the hus
band turned away , still sobbing , and left the
Ofllcer Smith started out to borrow the
money necessary to put up as collateral for
the woman's release , and during his absence
the husband returned und performed that
ofilcc for his wife.
Just then Ofllcer Smith returned , and the
agitated husband denounced him roundly for
his humane intentions , saying no man should
put up money for his wife while ho was able
to do it , nnd he became so violent over it that
Ofllcer Smith had to put the war department
warrior out In the cola , whore his wif 9 Joined
him shortly , and they drove homo ,
An Important Copyright Decision.
WASHIXOTOX , Dec. 1.7. The supreme court
to-day rendered an opinion adlrining the
Judgment of the circuit court for the north
ern district of Illinois in case No. 41 , Ber
nard , Callighun & Co. , appellant , vs Myers.
The parties to this suit nro law publishers in
Chicago , and Myers brought suit claiming
that Calliglmn , by publishing certain volumes
of Illinois court reports , had infringed upon
the copyright secured to him ( Myers ) by a
supreme court reporter , who obtained the
copyrlj t. The casd involves thu right to
copyright books of whjch the chief part is
the ofllcial opinions of the Judges. Judgment
is rondeicd In favor if Myers , except in regard -
gard to the first volume , which , It is held ,
wus not copyrighted In time.
WnshhtKttit } Brevities.
WASHINGTON , Deo. 17. The president to
day sent to the senate the following nomina
tions for postmnsufrg ; : Frank A. Glass ,
Cresco , la. ; Samuel 'S."Skcpp , Muywood
III. ; Francis J , Wolsmnntol , Naporviilo , III.
Howard A. Gralmtn , Broken Bow , Neb.
Charles E. Alkcn , Brookings , Dnk. , und John
J. Fitzgerald , Madison , Dak.
Representative Brockenridgo , of Kentucky ,
to-day introduced a Joint resolution reported
during the last congress by Representative
Tucker , from the committee on judiciary ,
proposing an amendment to the constitution
defining pologamy , and , making it unlawful
at any place within the jurisdiction of the
United States ofany state.
Hnlzed a Liot ot Diamonds.
NEW YOHK , Dec. t7. A passenger who
landed hero this morning from the steamer
Eturla , and who is thought to be n southern
merchant , tried to smuggle In 525,000 worth
of diamonds. They * wcro discovered by cus
toms officials and sezod. (
It is learned that the man's name Is Gilbert
Lai-res. He describes himself as a whole
sale clothing merchant of Nicaragua , Ho
said that ho had no . 'intention of smuggling ,
not being familiar with our customs laws.
Ha states that ho Intended to give the jewels
to his fiance. j
Klcctrlo Ijtht ! 1'or Ashlnml.
ASUI.ANH , Nob. , Doc. 17. [ Special 'Tele
gram to THE BKK. ] Abhland Is to have
seine now lights. A carload of material ar
rived to-day and work will bo begun at once
to put in a system , 'of electric lights. The
power will coma from the mill , and will bo
made by- the siuno water power that runs
the mill. .
A Crew of Eleven Drowned.
LONUO.V , Deo. 17 , The steamer Jasper ,
from Working-ton tor Glasgow , has founder-
oft the \Vigton coast. Her crow , numlior-
ing cluvcu pcnjoiM , wcro drowned. ,
last jrrjtr tr STC *
Mr. Riddloborgor Grows Personal
In Referring to the Sponkor.
The Senate Hill Tor the Admission ns
a State or South Dakota Miulo
a Special Order Tor
WASmjJOTrw , Dec. 17. In the scnnto Mr.
Morrcll offered a resolution ( which went
over for the present ) to hold evening ses
sion hcrcntlcr , the senate to tnko n recess
from 5iO : ! to SiltO p. in.
Mr. Ingalls Inld before the senate the reso
lution of Mr. Riddlebergcr , proposing a re
organization of the senate after .lanuary 1 ,
nnd the author spoke In support of it. Ho
said that its object wns to put seine other
than the senator from Kansas In the chair ,
asserting that ho had been the chief figure
In the most disorderly scones ho could recol
lect occurring on the senate floor. Ho said
that n change was necessary In order that
the faith of tno republican party , pledged to
n consideration of the British extradition
treaty In open session , might bo Kept. At
the conclusion of his remarks Mr. Riddle-
berger nsked leave to withdraw the reso
lution , but objection was made by Mr. Har
ris , of Tennessee , who moved to lay it on the
tnble , and called for the yeas and nays , after
paying ii high tribute to Mr. Ingalls' im
partiality nnd ability , after which the sena
tor from Virginia wus permitted to with
draw his resolution.
The conference report on the bill ns to the
Chlppewa Indian reservation iu Minnesota
was explained and agreed to.
The senate then resumed consideration of
the tariff bill , ut paragraph 147 , referring to
tacirers' iron. This paragraph and the two
preceding ones on the same subject , were
passed over informally without action. The
next paragraph , 14S , was as to "spikes , nuts
nnd washers and horse , mule or ox shoes of
wrought iron or steel , " Imposing u duty of
1 S-ll ) cents per pound.
Mr. Vest moved to amend by reducing llho
rate to 1J cents per pound. Rejected.
The next paragraph , l-1'.l , was as to
"wheels , or parts thereof , made of iron mid
steel , tired wheels for railway purposes ,
wholly or partly manufactured , " imposing a
rate of 2 } cents per pound , and of \ % cents
per pound on Ingots for the same without re
gard to the degree of manufacture.
Air. McPhcrson moved to amend by mak
ing the rates 2 cents and ! } cents per pound ,
After n long discussion the amendment
was rejected.
The house holiday adjournment resolution
was laid before the senate and referred to
the committee on finance.
The conference report on the house bill to
retire Major General A. J. Smith as colonel
of cavalry was presented and agreed lo
Mr. Cullom introduced n bill to abolish the
special duty ou distilled spirils ut places
where the goods are delivered by carrier to
the vender. Referred.
WAsniNOToy , Dec. 17 , In the house n
bill was passed for the incorporation of the
American _ hibtorical association. The com
mittee on ways and means reported back
the concurrent resolution providing for a
holiday recess from December 21 to , January
7. The committee propose an amendment
striking out Monday , January 7 , and insertIng -
Ing Friday , January 4.
Mr. Springer of Illinois was of the opinion
that , owing to the press of important legisla
tion before congress , the recess should bo ns
short as possible. This committee amend
ment wns rejected and the original resolution
was agreed to.
The committee on accounts reported n reso
lution appropriating SJOO.OOJ out of the con
tingent fund of the house to pay the expenses
of the Ford immigration committee.
Mr. Dunham of Illinois said the committee
had already expended $5,000. The matter
had the appearance to him of u junketing af
Mr. Ford of Michigan said that a man fa
miliar with the work of the committee would
not accuse it of any extravagant expendi
tures. The committee desired to conclude
its investigations and tnalto a report to con
gress immediately after the holiday recess.
Mr. Gucnthcr of Missouri remarked
that If the gentleman from Illinois
thought the committee was ft jun
keting committee ho ( Guentnor ) , ns a mem
ber of that committee , would resign in the
gentleman's favor.
Mr. ICerr of Iowa thought there was no
necessity for the committee to
proceed further with its investiga
tion. In a couple of months
there would bo an administration in har
mony with the laws on the statute book. The
olllcers appointed under that administration
would see that the laws were enforced , und
there would bo no necessity for congress to
institute nn investigation in order to make
those officers enforce the lows.
Mr. Cox of New York hoped the house
would give Iho committee the money asked
for. It ought to bo able to report n bill of
borne kind so that the laws might bo more
stringently enforced. -
After some further debate the resolution
was adopted.
The speaker proceeded to call the states
for the introduction of bills.
Mr. McRea , of Arkansas , introduced a bill
to settle outstanding accounts between thu
United States and Arkansas.
Mr. Hooker demanded its reading in full ,
the object being tj consume time nnd pre
vent the attempt to pass the Oklahoma bill
under suspension of the rules.
Mr. Springer made the point of order that
it was not "competent for a member to de
mand a reading , but the point was overruled
by the speaker.
The reading having been completed , Mr.
Barnes of Georgia ( another opponent of the
bill ) introduced a bill to establish n uniform
system of bankrupfcy , a measure 9 ! eighty
printed pages , and demanded its reading.
Mr. Springer declared that this was an
effort to prevent the house from considering
the Oklahoma bill.
The reading was interrupted by Mr. War
ner of Missouri , who stated that us it was
evident that the opponents of the Oklahoma
bill would not allow its consideration to-day ,
nnd in the Interest of other public business ,
ho wus willing to huvo the bill laid aside tem
Mr. Barnes withdrew the bankruptcy bill ,
nnd the call of stutes was then continued , but
utter Mr , Perkins of Kansas hnd put in a bill
appropriating f.10,000 for a public building at
Arkansas City , Kun , , the call of roll was again
interrupted by Mr. Anderson , of Kansas ,
who , with a largo printed bill in his hand ,
said ho hud assurances from Mr. Outhwuito
of Ohio , chnirmun of the Pacific railroads
committee , that ho would not attempt to pass
the Union Puclflo funding bill under u sus
pension of the rules. IIo wished to call the
attention of Mr. Outhwaito und the house to
this fact.
Mr. Outhwnlto said ho hnd told the gen
tleman from Kansas that ho would , not
move the passage of the bill under suspen
sion , but ho hud tnado and intended to make
no agreement which would preclude him
from offering u resolution fixing u day lor
consideration of the bill. Owing to the
noise in the chamber , Mr. Anderson under
stood this to bo a promise that no such reso
lution would bo offered , and be took his scat
without introducing the measure he held In
his hand.
The speaker had reeognlml Mr. Brcokoti-
ridgaof Kentucky to introduce it bill appro
priating fDOUJ ! for thu establishment of a
zoological garden in the District of Colum
bia , when Mr. Anderson became aware of
his error , Ho thereupon usked unanimous
consent to Introduce the bill before him , < liin
purpose being lo kill time by demanding Us
reading , but Mr. Outhwalto objected ,
Thu call wus then continued niuV several
bills wuro introduced ,
Then Mr , Splnola , of New York , arose and
- * *
* * &J& & ( &
snld ho held In his hand n bill which ho would
Introduce by request , disclnlmlngnny respon
sibility for n single Horn in it IIo sent to
the clerk's dc k n copy of the senate tariff
bill and demanded a reading.
Mr. Outhwnlto In other words the gentle
man has joined the filibusters.-
Mr. Splnola It means that wo will not
have the Nicaragua bill to-day.
Mr. Dunham , of Illinois , moved to adjourn.
LoA , Yeas -14 , nays 127.
Mr. Splnola then withdraw the bill and the
call continued , several measures being intro
Mr. Morrow of California moved to sus
pend the rules nnd pass , with amendments ,
the senate bill increasing to fiViU.lXX ) the
limit of cost of n public building in San Fran
cisco , Aerced to.
Mr , Springer , on behalf of the committee
on territories , moved to suspend the rules
and adopt n resolution making the senate bill
for the admission ns a state of South Di.kota ,
and for the organisation of the territory of
North Dakota , a special order for tomorrow
row , and from day to day until disposed of ,
providing that the omnibus bill may bo of
fered as u substitute therefor. Thereafter
other bills relating to the ndiulssien of terri
tories shnll be disposed of in the order fixed
by the committee. The motion wus agreed
to nnd the resolution adopted.
The house then adjourned.
An Address to thu Country l y the
liitieral Leagueof Utah.
S\I.T LAKH , Utah , Deo. 17. The Liberal
committee issued to-day the following address
to the country :
The liberal territorial committee , repre
senting republicans and democrats alike , de
sires to call the attention of the country to
the fact that the gentiles of Ut.ih unan
imously oppose the Mormon statehood
scheme recently endorsed by the democratic
COIIRI esslonal caucus. Wo nro con fronted by
n condition , not n theory. Polygamy is not
dead. The law is not supreme. Two
hundred and thirty-four indictments
were found nt the present term ol court at
Provo , for violations of United States
statutes designed to suppress polygamy and
polygamous living. To give Utah statehood
would retard progress , depreciate value , pcr-
petuato polygamy nnd hand the territory
over to the Mormon priesthood. We call
upon patriotic citizens everywheio to unite
in strong protests to congress ngnitibt the
proposed action. The admission of Utah to
statehood would bo a crime against American
itibtitutions. O. W. I'owmiM ,
Cause thu Suspension oCtho California
National Itniik.
S x Fncisco , Dec. 17. The California
National bank , of San Francisco , suspended
payment to day. K. P. Thomas , the presi
dent , stated that the suspension is due to. the
irregularities of the cashier , C. H. Ramsden ;
that the extent of the'io irregularities is not
known , but the bank has sufficient available
funds to miuro all depositors against loss.
Cashier Ramsden was suspended hist week ,
nnd an investigation of his books has been In
progress , which so far has not been suffi
ciently thorough for any definite statement
to be issued. The bank was incorporated two
years ngo as a joint stock organi/.ition , the
fahares being taken by investors in this city
nnd the east. The authomed capital was
? 1OO.OCO. , ) of wiich fiOO.OOO was subscribed
in coin. It is stated that the iriegularilius
referred to are not of u criminal character ,
but consist principally of bad loans.
To Prevent Jlnto Cuttiii ? .
WASHINGTON , Dec. 17. Judge Cooley ,
chairman of the inter-state commerce com
mission , has returned from investigating the
rate cutting wars of the northwestern roads.
He says the comuiissioii will consider the ex
pediency of recommending amendments
which will make it illegal to pay commis
sions for the s.ilo of tickets , and require rail
roads to redeem unused portions of tickets
lor the amount received from them. As long
as companies are allowed to pay coinmis
sions , so long , says the judge , will rates bo
cut. Commissioner Morrison thinks thut
congress will have to bo called upon to de
fine excursion tickets as used in the net , as
much of the rate cutting is done ou that
class of tickets.
American Capital iu Mexico.
Sr. Louis , Dec. 17. A dispatch from the
City of Mexico says that before congiess ad
journed Saturday night the Union Fuel &
Gab Company of America organised under
the laws of Illinois , in which St. Louis , Chicago
cage , New York and Detroit parties arc
larirely interested , tlnoiigh the clforts of its
representatives , obtained an InipnrUmt con
cession from the Mexican government for
the introduction of water , fuel and gas into
all the city and government buildings
throughout the icpublic. Among the im
portant things mentioned in the concessions
is the frco importation for fifteen ycuis of
all materials necessary lor the plant.
An Old Fireman Suicides.
CHICAGO , Dec. 17. Frank T. Sweenlo , fire
marshal of the Town of Lake , the large su
burb in which the stockyards are located ,
committed bUicide this morning by cutting
his throat. He was a brother of Chief Fire
Marshal Dennis Swccnio , of Chicago , and
was for many years connected with the Chicago
cage fire department. Ho was nn artillery
man during the war , and wiis > ono of the
prisoners who escaped from Andersoiivillo
prison. No cause for his rash act is known.
The Ilcnth Uccoid.
COLUMBUS , O. , Doc. 17. Dr. James Scott ,
author of the famous Scott liquor law , died
at his homo at Lebanon yesterday , aged sev
enty-three years. His death is duo entirely
to the infirmities of old age.
UAI/II.MOKI' , Dec. 17. James C. Morford ,
aged ninety-three , the last member of the
Association of Old Defenders of Baltimore ,
died heie to-day.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 17. Information has
reached hero of the death of Colonel Robert
Lumotlo , of the Thirteenth infantry.
Thi ) Visible Supply.
CIIIOAOO , Dec. 17-T-The visible supply for
the week ending December 15 , as compiled by
the secretary of thu Chicago board of trade ,
us follows :
Bushels ,
Wheat . a72l5,000 ! ,
Corn . ( JiS7lO : ( ) !
Oats . 7H70COO
Rye . l.liil.l'OO
Barley . ' . ' .i'JI.OOO .
NhoMvoll Iiidloti ! ' ) . , Dec. 17. A second Indict
ment has bean found ugainst Theodora Shot-
well , senior member of the defunct firm of
Shotwoll , Clerihew & Lothinan. Shotwollls
charged with obtaining * 3 ,000 from the
Northwestern National bank on the btrungth
of falsa statements as to the financial condi
tion of the firm.
Tin * U'oulhur ' IndlontiniiH.
For Nebraska Fair , contluucd low tcin-
pcruturo , winds becoming variable.
For Iowa Fuir , continued low tempera
ture , nortliwubterly winds.
For Dakota Fair , .wanner , winds becom
ing south westeily.
, Three M MI l'\iiully ' In.fnrod.
CINCINNATI , O , , Doc. 17. Ty the bursting
of a steam plpu this uficrnoon at thu Cincin
nati Spring company's works , thrco men
wcro severely , perhaps futalle , injured.
Approved uy the President.
WASIIINOTON , Doc. 17 , The president hns
approved thu net nuiklug thu deficiency ap
propriation for the contingent expenses of
the houses of representatives.
fjohn Bright HUH u Ke.lapsc.
LONDON , Dec. 17. John Bright lias suf-
ftjred u relapso.
Out of Work a Young Mtm
Attompta Suioido.
Some Prominent Citizens of
Taken lit Hy a Shiirpcr Culuiuhun
1'cojilc Worked Hy n Swindler
Other State Notes.
Tlrod of I lifts.
NKIIIUSKA CITV , Neb , , Dec , 17. fSpoelalto
Tin : Unit.J A well dressed young man
named II. M. Stack cnmo to this city n week
ago In search of woric , but fa.led to secure
employment. Saturday evening ho returned
to his room at the Cincinnati liouso and took
a dose of morphine with suicidal Intent , but
was unsuccessful , waking up yesterday
afternoon. Being still bent on self destruc
tion ho secured a bottle of strychnine and
took a dose of It , but was found this murmur ,
and medical assistance saved his life. Ho m
now oiillninl In the Jail , the authorities
having taken him in care. He says ho IB
bound to die , and will yet succeed In com
mitting suicide.
AHhland Men Worked.
Ngb. , Dec. 17. [ Special Tola-
gram to Tun Bii.J : : A slick scliemo has Just }
been worked on seine of Ashlaml's ' leading
citizens. Saturday , u gentleman giving his
iwmo us W. B. Allison , advance agent of tho'
Santa Ko railroad , arrived in the city , and at
once made known that he was hero to make
arrangements for n proposed line of tha
nbovo named road , ironi Lincoln to Omaha.
He rented a room of H. H. Shedd , for head-
ininrtcrs , ordered u stove for his room , and :
told the citizens of our city that there would"
be men hei o to-day. He cashed a check ou
the chief engineer ofjhc Simla Fo road ntj
the First National bank , also gave Mr.
Shedd a cheek on the same man for an over
coat. His actions nroused suspicion , and
Mr. Shedd telegraphed to Topeka yesterday
und received the reply to-dav that the fellow
was no good ; but ho had already hired a
team and started southward. A card to the
liveryman located the team in Lincoln , bun
Mr. Allison has gone , and the Santa Fo road
Kloklc Ilnrncx.
FIIKMOST , Neb. , Doc. 17. [ Special to THE
Bii : : . ] Another chapter has been added to
the Barnes elopement case , reported from
heie a few days ago. Thu morlgajroo of tlio
team , which Barnesdrovo away , telegraphed
from Summit Hill , Mo. , to come and get the
team. 12. B. Mant/ , holder of the mortgage ,
and H. L. Hmis , father of the young woman
whom the departed scoundiel took with hint ,
went in i espouse to the telegram. Arriving
therethoy found that Barnes had broken ,
into the livery stable where ho had been
having the team kept , in the night , and hud-
driven them away again. lie deserted tha'
woman and baby at that , point , anil the two'
latter returned homo with Mr. lOnos. BarnesJ
own wife , whom ho originally deserted when ,
ho lied with the Enos woman , has gene to
the homo of her parents at Coldwater , Mich.
AlinoHt a Triple Traucdy.
PONCV , Neb. , Dec. 17. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Huts. ] A torrlblo tragedy was narrowly \
rowly averted nt this place last evening. A.
Dragc , a merchant of Ponca , together with
his wife haa gone nxv.iy from homo , leaving
thrceehildrcn , whose ages ranged fiomtwoto
six years , in charge of the house. The chif-
dren locked themselves in , and one hour af
terward , by mere chance , the house wa $
Jound to be on lire. Neighbor breaking in ,
the three children wcro found unconscious
and almost dead from suffocation. Every
means was used to resuscitate them und this
morning , though in nn extremely critical
condilion , the doctor thinks they may live.
The lire was easily extinguished , nnd $50
will cover the loss. It is supposed that tha
Hie caught in a box of dry wood which sat
behind the stove. \
The Hnlgler hiir lnr * .
Bnsuci.MAN , Neb. , Dec. 17. [ Special to
TIIC Bit.l Herman Chase , Ben Corlott nnd
Charles Arthur , who broke Into the store ot
Turner , Fraizcr & Co. at Iluiglcr on the Uth.
inst. , were taken to Indianola for safe keep
ing last night to await the action of the dis
trict court. Tom Chase , Ira Atwood and
nnother gave bond for their appearance la ,
court. They wore detected and nrrested ,
with their arms full of Iho Hlolcn gooda
while in the act of leaving the house. Thoyj
hud planned a wholesale robbery and had ;
their teams waiting attho door to convey tha
goods from the place. Tom Chase and hia
brother Herman vt ere members of the de
funct firm of M. M. Chase & Son , who forV
mcrly owned the establishment and failed
for some STi.OUO. _ ,
Found Dead in Bed.
PONCM , Neb , Dec. 17. [ Special Telegram
loTinBii : . ] Dr. L. B. Cowles , a resident
and practicing physician of Pnncrt , was
found dead in his bed nt midnight last night.
The deceased had been sick a few days bo-
fete , but it was thought he had almost en *
tiroly recovered. His bon , who slept In th
same room , awakened in the night , and ootj
hearing his father's breathing wont to hia
bedside and found him dead. The Immed
iate cause of death is attributed to heart
disease. _
ll Thii , Allison ?
Coi.rMiiuf , Neb. , Dec , 17 , [ Special Tole ,
gram to Tin : Bii : : , ] Quito a number of our
merchants wcro taken In to-day by n smooth
tongucd villain who assumed different
names , passing from ono buslnoss liouso to *
another , buying goods on credit and Belling'
them lo others. He is u man of medium
lieighl , dark complexion , und claimed he wua
in the employ of the Union Pacific. IIo was
dressed in working clothes nnd nppoarcoVi
honest nnd respectable. Thu police are now
in bcaruh of him ,
Attempted Suicide.
GIIANII IsiAND , Neb , , Dec. 17 , [ Special to
Tin : J3iiA ; ] man named Graham , living In
this city , attempted suicide luht night by out , ,
ting his throat with n rarer. Ho nmdo soy ugly gashes , but none deep enough to
provo fatal. Ho bus been living with tv.
woman who , bears a hard reputation , and
jealousy was the cause. The woman is tha
wife of Peurhon , the man who enticed twoy
girls tiwuy from home and took them ; of
North Pintle , about two months ugo.
Kitten Hy n Put Colt.
BuinSi'KiNus , Neb , , Dec. 17. [ Speoial to
Tim Hii.J ! Jnlin ' Rosi > , a farmer living ncao
this place , wus'blttcn on ono of his lingers
by a pet colt , Saturday , The colt died the I
following night , and Is supposed to huvo been
bitten by a mnd dog u fuw weeks ago , Con *
sldcrable alarm Iu felt by the friends of Mr ,
Rose In regard to the matter , and it Is said1
ho will try thu elficucy of u mudslone whlub >
ib owned in Wymoro. ( i
Dentil ol' Mrh. AVnrnlolc.
COLUMBUS , Neb , , Doc. 17. [ Special Tele *
grain to Tin : BKU. ] Mrs , John Wurnlckf' '
who wns seriously burned by a fulling lump ,
a notion of which was in Tin : HICI : ot the Htli
inbt , died lo-duy utter buffering intensely. '
Her lunciMl will take pluou from the M , ! at'
church to morrow.
'H1 AhHOOllllloll 31 CO IB.
: , Neb , , Dec. 17 , ( Special to
Tun Hii.J--Tlio : : second meeting of the .
Washington County Teachers1 association- }
was hold ut Arlington December IS , NotX
withstanding the unfavorable weather , thera
was a good I'.ttunduiiuu ot luachors and citi
zens ol tuo lowu.