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    rm-TT ? OAfAlTA T > ATTV TTnVfiV 'inrTOAY. TjTTinTCMTCTCTt , 14. 1888.
on ICK. so iu i
In Any t'nrl of licTliyn
i Iwin'yf'Mits I'erWeek.
j . W. TM/1ON .
5 iitr.t'ituNis : : :
i Omrr. Wo. 4-1.
I'.lilToll. No. SI.
N. Y. Plumbing company.
( Vial nnd wood. , 010 B'way.
founi-ll lilufTs local ] news , page 7 , col
umn ? .
Elegant ovoivoalings at A. Roller's ,
merchant tailor , J110 Broadway.
Tlio rillo club has a turkey shoot this after
noon nt Its range in Kolirur's p.irk ,
A marriage license1 wns Issued yesterday to
John Cherritt and Adulia M. Wuod , both of
tills city.
Mr. .lohn Chcirott and Mrs. Adolia M.
Wood were married at the Hrondway M. 12.
church , Wednesday evening , by Kuv. 1) . O.
A t'hllilrr'u's meeting is to bo held Siitur
dtiy afternoon at : i o'clock ill the Hnptlst
church , b.v Mussis. Siucnd and Smith. AH
thochlidreti iiieiuVitud.
licgular meeting Kalrmount council No.
1017 * , Hojal Aicannm this , Friday , evening.
December 11 , for election of officers. All
members are requested to attend.
The lire dcpaitniant was railed out Wednes
day nl.rht ( . alarm from ba < c I'J at the
east onil of llrondwny. The crossing ol an
electric light vuiu un a Hie alaini wlie
canted the mischief.
Tin ) funeral of Mrs. Anna Jcpson , sister of
Mrs Finloy Hnrkc , tonic plan1 at 10 o'eloelt
yesterday morning from the residence of
Finloy liurkt * . esij. , Td.'i South SlMh sticut ,
and was very hugely attended.
With tliri-o eleetric lights building and
molt1 to follow it , and with an expiring iras
rlmilt'r , it looks us If Council lllulls would
" * soon have llh'lit at a rc.ison.iblo rate. It will
be a Croat iclief to the burdened citizens.
I'o the incctitiBs beiiif , ' con
ducted b.v Messrs. nnu Smith bus
bci'ti added a half hour meeting from 'J to
ti ; id o'clock each dn.\ for the bcnetit of the
business men. Tlio other nicotinesill be
continued as previously announced.
Tin1 funeral of the Into Mrs. Julia T. Dodge
took place at t ! o'clock yesterday afternoon ,
from the Congrcg.itioiml church. The nt
tendance wns iniye , many old friends of the
deceased fratlicimg to puy their List respects
to the i cumins ot n loved and worthy
The jurors of the present panel , who arc
not , sitting on the Hyrd case , visited Omaha
Wednesday afternoon and wont through the
Douglas county jail. They p.i < roni7od the
electric motor cars , and took In all that was
of noti' in our sister city. Several hours
wcro passed in u niostihilercsUng niunnor.
The city auditor issued f.5ril)0 ) in public
impiovcniont bondsyosteulay to.I. and C. P.
Wiekliam , M. A Mouie. E. A. Wickham &
Co. , Wciglilnimi .t Miller and McAdam iSc
Ambei-fe' , for work pci-'ormed diiring the past
bcason. This concludes the issuance of
bonds for this year.
Two new petitions for divorce have been
filed with the clerk of the district court ,
boplila Popi ) asks to bo legally separated
from Jerger II Popp on the ground ot dcser
tion. and prujs for the custodv of their two
r \ cliildien. Mary A. Unco wants , the knot un
tied that binds her to William II llncc , al
leging cruelly and failure to suppoit. She
asks lor the custody of one cliild.
H. 1j. Jennings was llnod $ " .00 and A. Mc-
Urido si 10 in police court yesterday morn-
HB for intoxication K. S. Fageloy was
chinKi'd with laicun.\ and highway lobbcry.
lie is accused by L. P. Cook of stealing a
watch from him while drunkand wlnlo pretending
tending to assist the latter homo. The watch
was louiul in Fain-ley's possession , ami the
indications are that ho will go acioss tlio
R state. ' 1 ho case was continued. Cook was
i booked for drunkenness , but Judgment was
Dr. Cleaver , 2i ( North Main. Tel. 147.
See " \V. C. Stacy's ad.
Tlio OKI Kflialili- Jewelry Firm
of 13. Burhorn , No. 17 Main street , has
laid in 1111 iniiiienst stoclc of holiday
goods , which will bo sold cheaper than
ever. This is a special inducement for
thirty days. All goods first class and
guaranteed to bo just us represented.
It is mi established fact that you can
pet the best k'oods for the least money
there. Call and examine the stock und
get prices before
- - >
See Forrest Smith's special column.
Now organs. Orst clnss , $50 , for two
weeks only , Council LJlulTs Music Co. ,
Ui'4 Broadway.
Bargains in real estate in all parts of
the city , W. S. Cooper , 11)0 ) Main street.
See Forrest Smith's bpccitil column.
No war jrices ) for reliable jewelry at
Wollman's , jeweler , i24 ! Broadway.
I'cr.Minal ParagrajiliH.
Mr. and Mrs. Anton Hink have returned
from their bridal trip , and are receiving the
congratulations of friends.
.7. .1. Malownoy , of Hebron , Nob. , loft for
homo yesterday morning , after a short visit
in this city. Ho was looking after Ins Man-
awn property , and expressed much pleasure
at the indications of a hjieedy completion of
tlio proposed imnrovements at that famous
pleasure resort.
Mr C. IX Kelloy. of the real estate firm of
Mayno ft. ICelley , of Salt Lake Citj , is in the
IllulTh on business. Ho is well known in
this city , and Is an ardent admirer of the
many attractions to bo fouffd here , with the
reception of private telephone lines. Hois
a protectionist , and objects to the Ulb'li tariff
on Midonoy's "hollo machine. "
Mr. Leonard Kveictt , crossed the new
bridge la n sleigh Wednesday , it being the
llrstBlolgb to cross the bridge. Ho was ac
companied by Miss Hrown , of San Francisco ,
who bad never been in a sleigh before. Mrs ,
Leonard Kvorctt loft for California that
evening , accompanied by Miss Hrown and
by Mlbs Lou Smith , of St. Joseph. They
will spend the winter theio.
Holiday Presents
Can now bo found in great variotv.
Now ami artistic designs in diamond's.
fine jewelry , goutb' niul Indies' gold
watches ami chains , silver niul plated
ware , clocks in French marble mid the
best of American makes. A cordial in
vitation is extended to every one to call
and judge for themselves at
_ _ No. 27 Main st.
Clocks 76 cents at Wolluian's , jowclor '
221 Broadway.
Cboleo ItesUlonoo Lot.
One hundred by two hundred feet ,
iiii'oly improved property , located in
one of our beautiful glens , all within
11 vo minutes' walk of electric motor lino.
Tlio whole can ho hud if taken within
twoniv days for $5,000. Will sub-divide
if desired. For terms and particulars
inquire of George Motcalf , No. 14 Pourl
Btreot , Council Blull's.
Solid gold band rings 25 cents at
\Vollinuii 's , jeweler , ii'2l Broadway.
Fine holiday goods for twenty daya at
prices that will surprise you. Call and
bo convinced. J. D. Stuart's drug
store , 080 Broadway.
Money loaned at L. B. Crafts ft Co.'s
loan ofilco , on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
and all other articles of value without
removal. All business strictly confi
_ _
Dr. C , C. Ilazen , tlcintist , opera house
Loans made on city business and resi
dence. property , Notes bought. Kim-
baH-Clietiip Investment company.
The Horticulturists Gloso Their MootIng -
Ing With a Food and n Rldo.
Grimtli F'onntl Oullty-A Byrd War
bles Too Trccly A Female I'rls-
oner In n Deplorable Con
dition I'cisoinila.
Tnlkcd Too Krcoly.
The case of IMwln Hyrd , for larceny , was
still on trial in the district court yesterday.
Hyrd was convicted at the August term , but
judgment was suspended , and ho was granted
a new trial on account ot some Informality
In the indictment. Much titno was consumed
In the present trial , in discussing whether
or not the testimony of C. H. Converse
Rhoufil be admitted. Converse obtained n
confession fiom the prisoner , and it was al
leged by tlio defense that It was obtained by
the promise of assistance , while the prisoner
was In duress. The court overruled it. and
the evidence was admitted , The defense
was conducted by Messrs. Harl and Shiiin.
County Attorney D.illey is assisted in the
prosecution byV. . H. Ware , esq.
Hyrd in charged with the larccnv of ? I70
from the losidcncoof Farmer Robinson , near
Oakland , last May. lie was brought back
from Nebraska b.v Mr. Converse. Thepios-
edition waived the opening argument , and
Attorney Harl made his argument for the
defense. Colcnel IXiiley will follow this
For a full line of choice holiday books ,
plush goods , autograph albums , photo
graph albums and odor ca es , call and
sec the stock of Doll O. Morgan & Co. ,
No. 7m Lower Broadway.
Money loaned on fuinituro , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value at low raton of interest. No
publicity ; fair und honorable dealing.
A. A. dark ft Co. , ollk'c cor. Broadway
and Main , over American express.
Illinois and Iowa best toft coal , Glca-
fcon , iJ ! Pearl street.
Diamond ringb , line quality , no flaws ,
6-karot stones , SKJ5.00. Wollman ,
jeweler , 221 Broadway.
A Happy rinisli.
The Western Iowa Horticultural associa
tion finished its thirteenth annual mooting at
noon yesterday , after a successful three
davs' session. Much ground was gone over ,
and the meeting resulted in a great deal of
benelit to the members attending , by the dis
semination of much useful information that
is of importance to fruit growers. There-
ports from the various counties were very
interesting and showed a plc.ising state of
affairs. The meetings are highly appreciated
by the members , as is shown by the largo and
yearly increasing attendance. After adjourn
ing , the memheis , in a body , accepted the
kind invitation of Mr. L , A Caspar , Urn well
known llorist , to hike dinner at his
hospitable home in the eastern part of the
city. Carriages wcro in waiting and the
party , including press icprcscntatives , was
quickly whirled away. It was an informal
affair , and the guest's were soon seated
around two tables , on wnlch was laid one of
the most inviting spreads to which hungry
mortal was over called upon to do Justice.
Mrs. Casper gave hir personal attention to
supplying the wants of her guests , assisted
by Mrs. A. .1. Caughoy , of Soutli Omaha ,
and Mrs. C. R. Martin , Mrs. F. F. and Mrs.
L. W. C.xughey , of this city. The menu was
lengthy ami varied , embracing all inodci n
marvels of the culinary art , as well as the
'more substantial viands , and fruits in almost
endless quantities and varieties.
The tables wcro profusely decorated with
choice natural ( lowers , tastily arranged in
countless pleasing designs.
Those present were tV. . K. Follctt , Mal- ; Hlack , Harlan ; S. H.Wilson ,
Atlantic ; C. L. Carpenter , Fairbury , Neb. ;
E. D. Hammond , Norlolk , Nob. ; James
Rainbow , Macedonia ; S. Bradford , Glon-
wood ; .7. H. "Wallace , Creston ; T. P. Moon ,
Glenwood ; J. W. Murphy , Glenwood ; L. A.
Williams , Glenwood ; T. H. Browning , Kent ;
George Van Houtcn , Lenox : Prof. J. L.
Hadd , Amos ; Silas Wilson , Atlantic ; H. A.
Terry , Crescent ; H. Harcourt. Carson ;
Tlionias A. Davis , Glonwood ; R. W. Car
son , sr. , and R. W. Carson , jr. , Miiuton ;
W. M. Bomberger. Harlun ; John Ragg ,
Waukco ; P. Casper , Sioux City ,
brother of the host ; A. S. Bonbam and Alex
Wood , J. W. Templeton , 15. A. Uonham , L.
O. Williams , A. H. Mali- and D. .1. Smith , of
this cit.v. i'ho lady guests also prcsoat
wcro : Mrs , .1. L. Budd , Ames ; Mrs. T. P.
Moon , Glonwood ; Miss H. B. Follctt , Glen
wood , and Mrs. L. O. Williams , Mrs. J. R.
Rjce ami Mrs. A. B. Malr , this city.
Later in the afternoon tlio society accepted
the invitation of Mr. T. J. Evans , general
manager of the electric motor line , to visit
Omaha on tbo electric cars , Tlio remainder
of the day was passed in sightseeing in the
Nebraska metropolis , after \vbich the party
returned to this side of the river , and sepa
rated for their several homes. The next
meeting of the society will be held In Glen
wood in 1SS9.
Improved and vacant property in all
parts of the city ; 00x151) ) foot on Glen
avenue , cast front , a bargain ; business
property on Broadway and Fourth
street. K. P. Olllcer , North Main
street , DoVol's block , Council Bluffs.
Pickled trijTO and pigs' feet at Tib-
bitts' , o5 ! Broadway.
The London "Tailor's" is the place to
got your clothes made , 0117 Broadway.
For Kent Two now store rooms in
good location ; Nos. 7U7 and 7'i ! ) Broad
way. S. Saunders , SO Pearl st.
See Lund Bros , for lamps.
- -
W. S. Cooper has cash on hand to loan
on approved city property , No. 130
Main btrcut.
The Atnmour Opera.
A local company held the boards at Do-
hany's last evening In Sullivan's comic
opera , "Trial by Jury. " Tlio opor.i had bcon
In rehearsal for several wcoks and the parts
were well taken. It was as spicy as any real
breach of promise suit. The music , as a
whole , was first-class and several of the solo
pints WM'O especially lino. The following Is
CAST flUllAOlEllS ,
Jndgo . Mr. Samuel C. Noble
Plaintiff . Mrs. Atwater
Defendant . . . . . Mr. I. M. Trovnor
Usher . nMr , J. Illhlltch
Counsel . Mr. E. Thornton
Counsel . Mr. 13d. F. Cogloy
Foreman of Jury . . . . . . . . A , Northrup
Jurymen Messrs. Taylor , Lewis , Parkin
son , Ingolsby , MoWllliams , H. Paschel , P.
Pasohol , F. Paschol , J. Gilbert , A. Gil-
bo 1 1 , Smith.
Bridesmaids , spectators , etc. The Misses
Davonpoit , Pusoy , Butts. Sherman , Mer-
kel , La Fay , Bell , Reynolds , Spooncr , Jud-
BOH , Lenard , Porterllold , Howe , Northrup ,
Hcobo , McCuno , Andrews.
Following the opera , and concluding the
nvcning's ' entertainment , was the laughable
force "Box and Cox. " Messrs. Ed.
F. Cogloy and Frank Hlldltch appeared
in the title roles , and Mr. F. W.
Hlldltch as Mrs. Bouncer. Their work was
very creditable for amateurs , and was loudly
applauded. The orchestra took a very im
portant part , and deserves more than pass
ing mention , It was composed of ton pieces ,
and was under the cnlclent leadership of
Prof. Dalby. Many compliments worn bo-
btowcd ou it , and it received its full share of
npplauso. The house was comfortably Illled ,
and will doubtless bo packed this evening.
whoa the closing presentation Is given ?
Thorn Is much merit In the entertainment ,
and tlu > amateur artists should rccclvo sub
stantial encouragement ,
An elegant Una of pianos for Christ
inas presents at Christinas prices , for
two weeks. Council BlutTs Music Co. ,
224 Broadway ,
Silverware nnd watches , Wollman ,
jeweler , 224 Broadway.
All grades haul coal , C. B. Fuel Co.
* . , _ * >
The choicest line of perfumeries ,
sachet powders , rosa pot-pourri for hol
iday presents at Doll G. Morgan & Co's ,
All grades soft coal , C. B. Fuel Co.
Sco Chapman for Christinas presents.
L. Kirscht ACo. . , 407 and -109 South
10th st.Omnha , are now Iho solo agents
for western Iowa for tlio celebrated
Val. Bint ? Milwaukee bottle beer , the
best in the market for family use.
Try It.
_ _ _ - _ _
Fine table ware at Lund Bros. '
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , culTs and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
While planning for your holiday gifts
don't fail to see Lund Bros.'grand din-
See Forrest Smith's special column.
Sadly Unfortunate.
llm case of Laura Frank , the frail female
now confined at the county Jail for the lar
ceny of dry goods from tbo store of J , L.
Forinan , is mlood a sad one. The woman
is in a delicate condition and will shortly bo
confined. She is also said to be suffering
from a loathsome disease. The charge
against bor is grand larceny and then case is
n clear one. It 1s understood that an attempt
will be made immediately to present Iho
facts In the case to the court and try to so-
euro her release , owing to the sad circum
stances connected with the case. The jail is
obviously not the place for her at present ,
and It is regarded as unwise to subject the
county to tinneccoas.iry expense.
_ o _
IIuvo our wngon call for your soiled
clothes. Ctibcado Laundry Co.
Lund Bros. ' are making a special 10c
drive in crockery. Don't fail to see it
Weatherstrips for doors and win
dows. O'Dell & Bryant , -513 Main bt.
Trial liy Jury.
Admission to all paits of the house to
night 5U cents. No extra charge for reserved
Guilty GrlflHli.
The jury in the embezzlement case against
Charles Grilllth returned a verdict of guilty
as charged in the indictment. County At
torney Dailoy then offered to dismiss the
other two charges pending against the pris
oner and have him sentenced for cmbe/izlc-
mcnt , but Ins attorney , Captain B. W.
Hight , would not have it so , and announced
bis intention of moving for a now trial.
S. B. Wadsworth & Co. loan money.
Buy groceries , stationery and Christmas
goods of Kelley it Younkerman , 102 B'way.
* -
J. G. Tipton , real ostnto , 527 B'way.
Rock Spring coal , Glcnson , 20 Pearl
Sleigh bolls , sleds and skates.
ODISLL , & BUYAXT , 513 Main bt.
. *
Gall niul Kami.
Nordon Borealis : Wo heard a good
story about M. T. Rowland the other
day that is too good to keep. M. T.
went over in Indiana a few weeks ago
and took along Iho deeds to faevoral quar
ter sections of land located in the sand
hills to speculate with. At Frankfort
ho found : i man who had a 815,000 stock
of goods he wanted to trade for land
and M. T. swapped his sand hills for the
goods. After the trade was consum
mated the Frankfort man bantered M.
T. on another deal , but as M. T. was
"sliort" on sana pastures just then ho
declined. Tlio Hoosier patted M. T. on
the shoulder and haitl : "Young man ,
you haven't any sand. " M. T. put on a
pious sinilo and replied : "I know that ,
old man , but by gad you've got two sec
tions of it out in Nebraska. "
Telephone 1U2. No. U Main Street.
Council llluriti. Iowa.
WANTUIJ A Bood gill for general house
ork , No. CM South Oth st.
TJIOU KKNT-No. liultliliti
\\7 i : WANT You to know that now la your
T chance to buy a lionio clioap'e liuvo a
few Ilinko tiact lotH left , wlilch wu will hell on
( a y terms Ono-tunth of the parchabo pilco
< ! o n ; balance Without Internet , ecuro a noinu
before they fire all gone. D. J. Hutclilnson i :
Co. , Solo Agents.
EOOM3 to rent by Council Illulfa Jnvostiiiont
Co. , No. 10 1'eurlst.
M WO line ollko rooms to rent on llrst tloor :
-Lono room ihxtS ; both ninvly puperod anil
paliitod. Heat location in the city. Call at No.
lu , I'eurl st.
Kvory man orwotniui wlio has $ r 0 or
$75 winch tlioy wish to invest where it
will bo us safe ns it would bo if it were
deposited in the Hunk of Kn liuid and
make liini inoro inonoy , to call on us und
buy ix lot in Fairinouut addition. 'I'ho
best location on the hills for btrcot ear
horvlco and school privileges ; close to
all the railroads , wholesale houses and
city depots. The only hill property to
bo luid at such low prices und easy
terms. Prices nui o from 5200 to $100 ;
terms , one-lifth cash , balance in thirty
equal monthly payments ut 8 per cent
If you arc routing now nnd want a
home of your own , commence paying for
a lot now before you have to j > uy double
the money for the sumo location. Begin
ntonco nnd you will ho surprised to find
how boon the thirty months will roll
around , making you the owner of a lot.
Call on II. G. McGee , liJO Main street ,
or Forrest Smithat the ' Hrown building ,
Council BlutTs , Iowa.
Tiios. Omrrm , W. II. M. I'usuv.
Corner Main and Ilroadway ,
Dealera in foreign r.iul domestln eichaiiL-e ,
Collwtlons uiude aud iatvreat paid ou time ue-
And thousands of the most economical ladies and gentlemen are taking advantage of our
When you take 20 per cent off of every dollars worth of goods you buy it amounts to a good
deal , and people are finding it out. Our entire stock must be sold out with
out reserve , First come , first served.
One entire floor in our house especially devoted to toys and fancy goOds for holiday presents
and each and every one oj our twenty departments filled with useful and suitable gifts for the
holidays. We have no space to enumerate items. All we have to say is come to our store and
see for yourself and you will say that "what you cannot find in the People's Store is not worth
having , " Remember 2O per cent discount on all cash sales. Come early and secure the best
YE !
Sc-o him for Cakes ; cte
TO DEAL.ERS-A liberal discount
No. 2iy Mnin Street.
PRICE $1" .
Is 0JUll ! t )
7 High
The ICil If on Mlmoocmrli , tlio I > e t npiuimlui ferro
ro ullolilliii ! , autnirnilil3 | uml IJI'O nntliu work.
oU ) coi'li'scuii ' bo taken.
The Escclsior Co. , Council Bluff ; , Ii.
D , H , McDANELD & CO , ,
HidesTallow , , Pelts , Wool & Furs ,
niaikct . I'roiarit . "
Highest prices. returns. F"0
anil J-JS Main St. . t oinu il Hluirs , low.i.
I have laid in a nice line of boots and
sboe.s which 1 inn ' ollinf'-iit the .smallest
living profit. I am establishing a per
manent business , for 1 um lioro to stay ,
and as my expenses aio small I can sell
you goods very low. Call and convince
L. . KJ\M:51 : 1.\ ,
No. 'l-'fi Hioatl\\iiy.
Residence on Oth ave 9 3,000
Residence on llth ave 1,100
Residence on 15th ave 1,300
Residence onlith ave 1,000
Residence on Cth ave 1,000
Residence on lith ave 8iO !
Residence on ( ith st fi00
Residence on ( ith st 0,01)0 )
Resilience on North bth st ii.OOO
Lot liMxlV ! ) ( ) , great barc.iin
Hunch of 5 nouses and 4 lots ou Urd HVO 8,000
Residence on Scott st 'J.OOO
Resilience on Plainer st. For price
and particulars inquire
An elegant residence on 1st avc. , one
minute walk from government
building. For pi ice and particu
lars inijuiie
Residence on ( ith ave. . three minutes
walk from county couit house.
Cash 3,200
Residence and four lots on avo. "C , "
Street's add 2,000
Store buildnifj and lot on Pacilic avc. ,
ncarU. K ti.msfer , . . . 1,800
Two-story frame stoic in town of Car
son 2,000
Sovonty-llvo lots in Sipiiic's add. ,
north of transfer , elegantly loca
ted , WOO to $400 each
Hunch of 11 lots , Central sub 1,500
Hunch of 12 lots , Cooper , MoMahon &
Jeffries add , , if taken hofoioJan.
1st , for 5,000
An elegant lot on 8th st. Cash 3,000
Three line lots on Hlaff street at a
100 feet frontage on Parlc avo. for $ 0
per foot
Husincss property on Broadway
Huslness property on Main st
An improved farm of 1X ( ) acres not far
from Chantauqua grounds , con
sisting of hill and dale. For par
ticulars Inrpiiro
IS-acro tr.ict one mile from Broadway ,
suburban location 7,500 ,
In addition to tlio above I have vacant
property in nciuly every addition
to the city.
I muat have room for spring Roods ,
and will sell all goods now Jn htoclc at
prices far below any over otlored before.
This is no bait to catch the trade but ,
a genuine clearing-out bale , and every
thing must go.
Parlor sots , bedroom sots , heating and
cooldng stoves , hnnding lamps , , oil
cloths. All goes without reserve.
I have a big stock and can bull you in
whatever you want.
Como nnd see mo and examine my
floods. 1 must sell. No prices quoted ,
but no reasonable ofTor will bo refused.
151-1 Uouul&ii Bt. , Oman * , Nob.
i\nmlnc : the following plcnfor rash only
nnd buy \ oinincut ! , ilu-fsuil nt l.omt J \\ili
n'll until ruilhvr notice us lollops :
Shoulder and rlmok roast 5 to Kc
1'riinu rib 10 i-t. . . . . . frt
CllllC'C ' Ktt'Ilk fC
Konmls'ti'nk Ho Idc
Sirloin stunk " ) c
I'orti'ihoun' stink . . : b'c '
llolllng bi-of -to * fie
Mutton-.ttnv i'C '
Mutton li'i-h ' c
Coin biC < ) to fr
I'ork roa t "Jf
roikcliop- steak . } ( c
Laid , pur- and out own make ' - '
Snusncr , our own iiiu u . > "f
Hi'iiH'inbi'r tills Is'the only IHiMK HIM SS
MI-.A'I M A KKi : Tin the city. 'No Ionian ini-uts
C. I , . M-u\\S ? , No. ill Main St.
Tulcplinno Xo. "J'J.
IRON and
and ,
No..ill' Alain Str f t.
Council I5lnlT , la.
Corrf-nonrti'iits Mention This ] 'iiifr. ]
Latest X In
. c. i ,
Keep Her Up And
I' O I , B. O W M K !
ti NTS ITU i.n.
Hoof . a
Shoulder Hoast . 4 to 5
Shoulder Steak . . " to 0
Corned Heef . . ' , ' to J
Pork Hoast . 8
1'ork Chops . ! (
VcalHoast . 8
Mutton Hoast . T . 8
Hound Steak . b
Veal nnd Mutton Stew . 1
Loin Steal : . 8 to ! i
Portcrhous-e Steak . h to 0
Hib Hoast . 0 to
SugarCurcd Hums . 11
Bacon . 1 1 to 1U
hard . 10 to 11
Leaf Lard . 10
Saltl'orlt . Id
Mmio Meat , icudy made . S
Saner ICrnut . b
Pickled Pij-1' Feet . 7
Tripe .
Pickled Hocks . b
Butter . 2D
Poultry anil Fish at lowest market prices.
Don't Forget the Number ,
, , , , , , , ,
Tnlcphonc No. " 05 ,
COUNCJIJ niilM-TS , : : I'JU'A
\\tll8nll for rash i
Khimlilor unit Cinick Itoast . 6toiir
1'ilnio Hit ) Jtoabt . t *
Clm-'k - Sii'Uk . lie
Itoiiiid Htu.ik . Ho
Kliloinbtrak . We
I'oricrhonsotitc.ik . . . . . Hfc
ItollllIB lli'ff . 4c
JIuUoiiHtinv . fin
Mutton l/c'S ( . . PC
Corn Itu-f . lo
1'nrklloabt , . lOc
I.ard.onr owin malic U'c
iK . . , ,
l utncrmentHln thu MUIIH propoitlon. lito
JK'llvury. Orderu sent by tlillilrcn ncihe
promiit attention auJ aie correctly tilled.
Nis 201. '
c. i : . 0 , A
ArcWtccli , Designers aiifl Snpennlcnileiils
of Conslriiclioii
Mr. Flcilinrlinf IMIS seven jears \\li\i \
.Mciitlclcsoliii , rislicrA : Lonrj , and li.ii
ilchlyncil inuny ( jfdie llni'St blucKt
in Oiualia and Cuiiiicll Illnll's.
Plans and Specificalions Prepared and
Estimates made on Application ,
Studio , Jioom X Opera House lilocli
During the past season our sales have far exr
ceeded our expectations. As a result
we have an
These goods wo must sell at some price , for we have no
room to carry them , This is no bargain sale but
Every tiling must go. The finest gods at your own price
Here nre a few sample prices :
Moquriles $1.00 to $1.15. Regular Price $1.50.
Wilton Velvets.f c to $1.00. Regular Price $1,40.
Body Brussels.oc to $1.00. Regular Price $1.30.
Tapestry .joe to 6oc. Regular Price. . . . ; oc to $1.00.
Ingrains 15c to 5oc. Regular Price 3oc to Soc
A great many of these patterns arc large enough for rooms
The sale will open to-day and continue until all is sold out.
Come early for choice.
urllUJUl vl/ij
NO : 4O5 BE , ® AD WAY.
Lot , Bryant & Clar , on Second ave.
Lot , Bryant it Clark , on Third ave. - - -
J Lots , Perry's ad Add. , on Avc. C - - -
Lots Benson's First Ave K
Q , , - - - - -
Lot , Everett's Add. , Third avc. . . . - $500 $
Lots , Fleminqrtfe Davis , Ninth and Tenth avcs dMOU ac
Call and See
Masonic Temple.
Kspucl&lly Adapted for
25 TO 300
Mills and Elevators ,
fpeciflcnUons nnd estimates furnished for romplnto otfnm plnnM Jlcgnlatlon , Durability ( luar-
uutucd. dm bliow Kttur fiom u > > crh wliuro fnol Economy la o.jinil with Corlhs Nun-Condensing ,
E. C , HARRIS , Agent ,
Send for Cutaloguo- No.ilO Pearl .Street , Council BlulT
= = *
DR. C. B. J U D D ,
No. 6OO Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
WANTED Good Salesmen on ] nr o conuui'ssioii ' or salary.
Taxidermist and Naturalist.
Pcrmanoiitly located .it No. M North Oth bt , , opposite I'ostoinoc , on Motor
Line , Countil ! Bluffs , Jowu.
If you have spocltnuns don't \\i\\l \ for prlcos. Send thorn to him bofora they
spoil.1 Jf you dent want thoin after they arc mounted , ho will pay you th
highcbt murlict price for them. Will make a specially of heuds und drct ln
of furd durltii ; the wlulor.