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llln Oil Itiioin Hccord AgnliiBt Jllin
I'oor Outlook For the Ontli-
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WASHINGTON Huniuu Tun OMAHA. Une , )
WASHINGTON , U. O. , Dec. B , I
U was statoil to-day , upon tlio highest
democratic authlrlty In tlio lion so , tlmt tlio
majority of the members of the commltco on
ways and moans wcro very seriously consid
ering the question of refusing to go Into con-
fcrctico on the senate tariff bill when It
ahull ho transmitted to the house. Ho said
that the senate hill could In no way bo con-
( tillered as an amendment to the house bill ;
tlmt the proposed changes In the bill to bo returned -
turned by thu senate , were so radical and con
trary to the spirit of the house bill , that the
house , In Justice to itself , would bo compelled
lo discuss It very seriously in committee. It
is believed that the proposition to refer tlio
bill to the committee on ways and means ,
instead of agreeing to a conference , will bo
vigorously opposed by the republicans , aided
bVBomeof the protection democrats , mid
thatJthocomnilUro hopes to whip the party
into lino. The real causa of this almost un
precedented course of action , Is believed to
bo a fear that enough democrats will vote
with the republicans for the bill to pass it. If
it is allowed to coma to a vote onca in com
mittee the bill will bo pigeon-holed.
TltfllSKIN'M rilOSrilCTS.
Interviews with prominent republicans on
the Thurston candidacy are not , favorable to
the chances of the Union Pacillc general at
torney , oven if Clnrkson's nomination was
not considered as good as settled , The ex
pression of opinion is very general that
Thureton's ' position as a corporation attorney ,
and his previous record as a promoter of
railroad legislation at homo , as developed in
the I'anllle railroad commission reportwould
innko the consideration of his candidacy for
secretary of the interior Impossible. General
Clarkson is to-night attending a banquet in
Haltimorc to General Kings , who led the
Maryland republicans to various victories
last month.
Tlio Outtiwiiito bill for the refunding of
the Pacillc railroad debts , is getting some
Iiretty hard blows now-a-duys , and there is
very little If any probability that it can get
through this congress. Senator Plumb and
Mr. Outhwnito say it has no chance of suc
cess. A circular was distributed to-day
charging that the bill docs not pay the
proper amount to the government by 10,000-
000 ; that thi ) Union Pacific , since the ml ;
journmont of the last session of congress , has
issued $4.'IOUUOO bonds , In violation of the
law of 18TJI , and is conspiring to form n trust
to violate the inter-stato commerce act. It
alleges various suspicious and illegal facts ,
nnd intimates that the intention is to rob the
government. Tlio fight is becoming so strong
npalnst the measure that its friends do not
believe it can pass.
"It scorns to mo that the two or three re
publicans in the house who are , without any
authority , offering objections to all of
Springer's propositions to consider his omni
bus territorial statehood bill , arc making a
very serious error , " said Delegate Gifford
this afternoon. "If the bill could only begotten
gotten up , " ho continued , "I am quite sure
that Dakota would bo divided and at least
the southern half admitted to statehood ,
while Montana and Washington territories
would become stiitcs. This is nearly all the
republicans ask for. The democratic side of
the house Is ready to go to pieces on this sub
ject , and none of its lenders can control It.
Besides , it is better that wo should get simply
ti division of Dakota or a division and admis
sion of half of it to statehood at this session
than nothing.Vu liavo a republican senate
a breakwater. I thinlc there will bo some
now states oven at this session , and I um
confident that them will bo an extra session
of the Fifty-first congress , for there is very
little , if any , probability of a tariff bill pass
ing this congress ; and of course an extra
session means ut least four now states all
republican ,
General Manderson. who engineered
through the scnatu the bill for the admission
of southern Dakota ns n state , is now devot
ing his tiiiio to securing thu passagoofn
similar measure for thu benellt of .Montana ,
and IB looking for a chance to call it up be
tween tlio discussions on the tariff bill , so as
to get it through without any fuss or debate.
TUero is no opposition to the measure on the
republican side and very little on the demo
cratic side , as tlio territory of Montana is
supposed to bo politically doubtful and has
'usually sent a deinocrutio delegate to con
Mr. Miuulerson lias abandoned the hope of
passing Ills bill for the reorganization of the
nrmy and wll devote himself entirely to ter
ritorial legislation and to assisting his col
league , Mr. Paddock , lit securing the pas-
itngc of the bill to erect u government build
ing for the use of the postolllcoin every town
nnd eity where thu postotlico receipts exceed
KHX ) ( ) a year. This bill , which was intro
duced by Mr , Paddock , has been reported
favorably from tlio committee on publlo
buildings and grounds , mid has received the
hearty endorsement of the president in his
Into message. It Is one of thu most popular
measures now before congress , and ought to
pass before the 1st of March , becaimo nearly
every town of any si/.o in the country is di
rectly interested , and every bricklayer anil
carpenter sees in it aomo individual bunulit
for himself. Mr. Vest has the bill In chargo.
having reported it from the committee , ami I
asKed him to-day when ho was going to call
it up. "Tho very llrst chance I got , " ho ro-
plied. "I do not know that thorn is any op
position to It , although some of thu folks may
want to innko changes in the details of thu
measure. Thu president has given it his en
dorsement , and I do not set ! why it should not
puss both houses tnis session and become u
law before the -lib of March ,
There is a project on foot to revive the
rank of lieutenant general for Major General
Scliollold , This would promote Terry to bo
uuijor general. Schollcld has u great deal of
deinocrutio influence , being an ardent demo
crat , and Terry is influential among republi
cans. Friends of thu two warriors believe
that between thorn both can come up in rank.
Republicans who expect to cut , a prominent
figure in the programme to bo carried out in
Washington on the 4th of March , and who
consequently are anxious for tlrst-class hotel
accommodations , are experiencing a great
deal of tllftlciilty nnd much annoyance In en
gaging rooms. Although it is generally un
derstood that the nrst-clasa hotels are pledg
ing quarters at some tlguro or anotlierit is
not true. , There have been a few rooms en
gaged nt the well-known hostulrlcs , but thu
landlords posit rjly refuse to go Into the bus-
incsstn any considerable extent. They explain -
plain their refusal to hire their rooms
for the inauguration season by saying that it
would discommode their regular patrons and
would cut them- out of all patronage for
many days In advance. They expect tran
sients to come in during January and the
curly part of February for the purpose of se
curing rooms , and occupy them up to and
over Inauguration day ,
Kooms can uo scoured at many of the
hoarding and lodging houses , and. many of
the fashionable llats can bo engaged oven ut
this early day , The result of the refusal of
the landlords nt the best hotels to engage
rooms this early will bo on awful rush for
a week before the Inauguration , and many
who would go' Into the very best quarters
will huvo to tnko inferior ones.
TUB SOUTHiUN : roi.icr.
Very little is being said in Washington by
the higher class of southern statesmen about
'tho southern policy" of President-elect Hur-
who are in congress and the departments
hcco , bcliovo that President-elect Harrison
intends to simply np | > olnt. the very best ro.
t.ubllcans residing in the south to the federal
positions there i that ho will advocate the
adoption of such laws as will guarantee
honest elections everywhere and uplift the
Industrial interests of nil sections of
the country , nnd that there his "south
ern policy" will end. They believe that
General Harrison docs not now , and will not ,
advocate any sperlUe laws for the south , and
that ho will not direct his attention to the
adoption or enforcement of laws intended
only to affect sections.
So far as thn confederates are concerned
nnd these are the men who are talking so
much about the "southern policy" they are
more concerned about their loss of power
than anything else. They tear that the in
coming of President Harrison and the re-
apportionincnton thu census of IsWI means n
relegation to the for at least a quarter of
a century , the demo-confcdernto partywhlch
goes out of power on March 4 next.
President White , of the Fourth National
banit , of Cincinnati , said to your correspond
ent the other day that the financial men
whom ho had met and talked to since the
election were expecting a more bountifu
supply of money within a short time after
President Harrison is inaugurated than they
have had for many years. Ho siitd that the
bankers were now reducing as rapidly as
possible their capital stock , taking up to the
minimum the bonds they have deposited will
the treasurer of the United States to secure
circulation , nnd that more bonds were belnf ,
offered for salu now than ho had over known
All tills , ho said , naturally tends towards n
greater volume of money , ns the rcdemptioi
of these bonds placed tlio cash in thu hands
of these who wanted to use it.
Evciat the treasury department the pros
cnt democratic ofllciais will frankly sny that
the incoming of President Harrison means
cheaper money to borrowers. They expect
to see the redemption of bonds ns fust as the
surplus accumulates , and the output
of the latter just ns soon as the
new administration gets settled Into
its berth. On the strength of thu outlook
bankers and brokers from the west are ar
riving in Washington almost dully for the
purpose of making inquiry , and they are pro
feeding eastward with n view to arranging
for the sale of state , county , municipal am
real estate bonds , nnd to secure investments
in western real estate by eastern capitalists.
Thcrs are a number of gentlemen in tlio cit.\
now from the west on their way east to Induce -
duce capitalists to invest in man ifaeturing
enterprises. PEHIIY S. HUATU.
Washington Brevities.
The pension appropriation bill was com
pleted by the sub-committee of the house ap
propriation committee to-day , and will bo re
ported to the full committee to-morrow. It
nppi opriates 31,707,500 , and is nlnlost iden
tical with hibt year's bill.
In the senate to-day Mr. Hutlcr introduced
a Joint resolution , proposing1 a constitutional
amendment enlarging thu presidential term
of olllco to six years. Lain on the table.
The republican national executive commit
tee , at the session to-day , discussed the pro
priety of establishing permanent national
headquarters in this city in the building now
occupied by the committee. No decision ,
however , has yet been reached. The ques
tion of prospective contests in West Vir
ginia and other states has not been discussed
by the committee , whatever interests the na
tional committee have in these disputed dis
tricts being looked after by Chairman Quay ,
who has thus far made no report to the com
Another irregularity has been discovered
in the treasury department , arising from the
mysterious disappearance between the re
ceiving office and the sealing division , of ton
uncut sheets of legal tenders , each contain
ing four notes of the denomination of 5 , and
representing $200 in all. U'hilo it is possible
that the sheets were mislaid , nnd may bo re
covered , it is more than possible that they
were abstracted by some one familiar with
the method of handling them. The notes
will readily pass for monuy , for thuy lack
only tlio treasury seal.
Itcaults Attend tlio Teat of
n Cast-Stool Weapon.
Nr.w Yoiuc , Dec. 0. [ Special Telegram to
THE Unn. ] The Herald's special from An
napolis , Md. , says : Thu trial of the cast-steel
six-inch gun provided by the Pittsburg Steel
Casting company , took place at the proving
grounds hero yesterday afternoon , and re
sulted in the total destruction of the gun nt
the second shot. This trial has been looked
for with great interest by naval and army
ordnance experts. If the gun had proved to
bo the equal of the built-up cun there would
have been a saving of time nnd
cxpensu so great as to revo
lutionize gun manufacture. The gun
on trial was about sixteen feet long and
its weight was llvo tons ; weight of tlio pro
jectile , about ono hundred pounds ;
powder , charge of forty-eight pounds.
It was mounted on n solid oak
platform. As a precautionary meas
ure the officers and others engaged in
the test remained at a considerablu distance.
It was lucky they did. Tlio first shot was
madu with only thirty-nine pounds of pow
der. The regulation charge was then used.
The discharge was followed by the complete
break-up of thu breech of the gnu , there
being nearly two dozen pieces In thu part
abaft the trunnions , the 1'oro part fell for
ward in only ono piece , while thu platform
was wrecked in an indescribable manner.
Tlio total dnmtigo to the government property
amounted to more than M,000.
A Pntho-lllolojilcnl hnUorntory.
WASIIIXOTOX , Dec. 0. Senator Manderson
to-day Introduced a bill for thu establishment
of a national patho-biological laboratory at
Washington for the study nnd Investigation
of the nature and cause of contagious and in
fectious diseases which threaten and en
danger the health of the people and live stock
Interests of the country. The laboratory 1s
to bo under tlio general supervision of the
surgeon general of thu marine hospital ser
vice , nnd under thu special direction of two
directors , one of whom shall be skilled in
human nnd thu other in animal diseases. A
chemist , distinguished for learning , is also to
bo employed , An appropriation of * 550OOU is
madu for the purchasoof ground , the erection
of a building , and the purchase of the neces
sary apparatus and appliances.
Mr. Cn/.mor GoliiK Bant.
SALT LAKH CITY , Utah , Dec , 0. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : Hr.n.j A. It. Ca/cnor ,
second grand assistant engineer of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers , ar
rived yesterday from his lioinu at Oakland ,
Ca ! . , and left for Denver this morning over
the Denver , t lito Grande route. Ho goes
cast for the purpose of making , If possible , n
settlement between the Chicago , liurlington
it ( Julnoy and the sti liters who have been
out so long ,
Suicide of a Minister.
OSWEOO , N. Y. , Dec. 0. It is known al
most to n certainty that rtev. W. L. Parker ,
rector of Christ Episcopal church in this
city , who disappeared Friday , committed
suicide. Ho was seen on the sea wall near
the river on the day of his disappearance-
ind u hat that belonged to him was picked up
on the river the same day.
Now luwa I'ostinatmirfl ,
WASIIIJCQTO.V , Dec , 0. [ Special Telegram
.oTiiB UEK ] The following Iowa postmas-
.crs have been appointed ; John V. Mark ,
Northwood , Worth county , vice J. 11. Adams ,
resigned , and J , S. Loughortz , Packwood ,
JufTcrson county , vice Charles L. Johnson ,
oft tne place.
Paddy Gorman Knocked Out.
SAM FUANCISCO , Dec. 0. Paddy Gorman ,
of Australia , was knocked out In the twenty-
seventh round by young Mitchell , of this
city , in a glove contest lost nintit for the
middleweight championship of the PuvlIIo
The Sonata Resumes Consideration
of the Tariff Bill.
A Iilvely Dlficuision of tlio Direct
Tax HIM In Committee of tlio
"Wholo Other lliislneii
Dec. 0 , A communication
from the secretary of state , with a certified
copy or the final ascertainment of presi
dential electors in ICansas , was presented.
After considerable discussion as to what to
do with them , the paper was referred to the
committee on privileges nnd elections.
Mr. Plumb gave notice that ho would at nil
early date ask the senate to consider the DCS
Mollies river lands bill.
Resolutions for continuing the select com
mittees on meat products nnd on the rela
tions with Canada wcro reported back from
the committee on contingent expenses , with
Numerous bills wcro Introdnced and re
ferred , including the following :
For the establishment of the national
biological laboratory ; to organize govern
ment bureaus of Information relating to employments - -
ployments , occupation , wants , means of live
lihood ii ml homes.
The senate at 1 ; OS resumed consideration
of the tariff bill , beginning with the schedule
which covurs earthenware nnd glassware.
Mr. Plumb called attention to the para
graph as to silvered glass ( No. 11.1) ) , and said
that such glass was largely used by furni
ture manufacturers and was almost entirely
of foreign make , because the silvering of
such glass hi the United Status was not
durable. The duty added $ J or ? 3 to the cost
of the article , and if the article was not
madoi n this country he did not see why the
duty should not bo reduced.
Mr , Allison did not know why such glass
could not DO properly silvered in the United
States , and suggested that it might be on ac
count of the duty being ioi low it being
only equal to 10 per cent ad valorem.
The senate then proceeded to a considera
tion of schedule C , relating to metals. Mr.
Plumb called attention to the paragraph as
to beams , girders nnd Joists , and sjioko of
the iron and steel combinations m this
country , and instanced the cases of the gov
ernment building at Wichita and the state
house of Texas , where a large saving had
been effected by contracting for such work
abroad. Ho moved to amend by reducing
the rate from 1.1 cents per pound to .8 cents.
Mr. Harris moved to place the rate at .0
Mr. Allison opposed Mr. Harris' amend
ment , saying it weijt to the root of the whole
iron and steel .schedule. He had no doubt
that if the present r.ito was maintained thu
competition would bo sufficient in n short
time to break down prices.
.Messrs. Aid rich , Hcagan , Harris , Hoar ,
Butler , Plumb and i Payne continued tlio dis
cussion , but no % 'oto was taken on the pend
ing amendments , and the bill was laid aside ,
the progress for the day being about eight
Adjourned until Monday.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 0 The speaker stated
to the house that ho had received a communi
cation from Hon. Perry Hclmont informing
him that ho had sent to the governor of Now
York his resignation as a member of con
gress from the First congressional district
of Now York. The speaker directed the
dork to drop Mr. Belmont's name from the
roll of the house.
The usual resolution for distributing
the president's messages to appropriate com
mittees was reported from the committee on
ways and means and adopted.
The order relative to the consideration of
the direct tux bill was so modified as to make
the measure a special order for to-day , Tucs
d y and Wednesday next , it being the desire
of many members that adjournment betaken
over Saturday.
The house then wont into committee of the
Whole , Mr. Springer , of Illinois , in the chair ,
on the direct tax bill.
Mr. Caswell explained that the simple
purpose in the bill was to refund to the states
and individuals who paid taxes that pdr-
tion of the direct tax which was collected.
After careful computation ho was able testate
state that the bill carried $15,3arK13. ( This
did not include thu 15 per cent commission
allowed the states or persons who paid tax.
Mr. Oatcs , of Alabama , said that the first
round of his opposition to the measure was
that there was no authority conferred upon
congress by the constitution to pass
the bill , or make the appropriation
provided for. Ho contended , not for a strict
construction of the constitution , but for the
observance of it. When limitation was dis
regarded , and the unbridled bill of congress
was substituted for it , the people no longer
had any guarantee for the rights to a state
and people. The money collected under the
act of 1M11 had been illegally collected nnd
expended for the legal purpose of the com
mon defense , and the bill was therefore a
donation unjustified by the constitution. His
second objection was that it was unjust In its
provisions. The money collected from the
people could never bo returned to those
who paid it ; and at this late day it was im
possible to restore it to these from whom it
was taken. It was urged as a reason for re
imbursing that some of the states had never
paid the tax ; it was the intention to pass this
bill In qrder to equalize taxation. Then ho in
sisted that congress should go further and re
fund the cotton tax and correct other abuses
more glaring than had ever arisen under the
act of IStil.
Ho sent to the clerk's desk nnd had road n
series of amendments , which ho proposed to
offer at thu proper time. The first refunds
the cotton tax , the .second permits
persons who paid tax to bring suit to recover
the amount paid , the third revives thu right
of action in the court of claims under the
provisions of the captured and abandoned
property net , and the fourth directs the sec
retary of the treasurer , in making payment
nnd settlement of the direct tax , to take Into
account nnd set oft any amount duo by any
state to thu United States under tlio act of
JutioiU ) , It30 , to regulate deposits of nubile
After some further debate Mr , Cnloo , of
Tennessee , Hout to the desk and had read for
Information the proposed amendment re
funding the cotton tax , and providing that
such amount as can bo paid to persons who
fluid thu tux shall bo turned over to the school
fund of the Hiatus interested.
Pending further debute the committee rose
and the house adjourued.
livery Htnblo Iturned.
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , Dec. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : HKK. 1 A lire occurred ut the
iCansns City hansom cab and livery stables ,
) t Filth btrect and Grand avenue , about
nidnlkMit last night , which resulted in twen
ty-three horses being burned outright and
one or two more will probably die from the
effects of burns received. Tlio lire Is sup
posed to have originated in the northwest
- orner of the stable , where the harness room
s located , and adjoining the Grand avenue
entrance. It spread rapidly and in n few
minutes thu entire stable was In flames. The
exits , which were iiupposcd to bu umplo to
admit of the escape of the horses , were soon
ihut off by the flames , nnd made it almost
mpossiblo to get a horco out. The total loss
amounts to $12,500 , and all except a few Indl-
iduul horso-ownora are fully covered by In
surance. It is supposed to have been the
vork of an incendiary , as It Is known' that
McCarthy , the manager of the hansom cub
company , hud many enemies among former
The Wonthni * Indications.
For Nebraska nnd iQwas Fair , colder ,
northwesterly winds.
For Dakota ; Fair , colder , northwesterly
Ouo Sent to n Cnliitit Judge nnd Ills
Wife AVonhdcd.
HAVAX.I , Dec. 5. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : Hcc. j An outniROOus crime has ciiusct' '
consternation among thd people of Hnvaim
Tim victim is ono of Havana's most distin
guished ladles. About 2 p. in. ycstenlnj
there appeared at the residence of Don
Domingo Olivia , criminal Judge for the dis
trictot La Cathedral , n negro bringing n
small writing desk rlcSly ndorncd with ret
nnd blue satm ribbons and with a tlnj
key attached , addressed to "Domingo
Olivia. " Handing : the package tea
a servant , the negro requested thai
It bo delivered to Senor Olivia. The package
was set on the parlor table , where n few mo
inonts later Mrs. Clotlldo Olivia , the Judge's
wife , and their scvcnteen-yenr-old daughter ,
Gnbrlula , found it nnd began to ncUuiro Its
beauty. The younger lady tried to open the
desk with the little key , but xvlth little suc
cess. She handed the Jtoy to her mother.
Airs. Olivia drew the chair in which she was
sitting up to the table ivjid tried to open the
desk. At last she violently turned the koj
to the right , when an explosion , similar to
the roar of n cannon , took place nnd Mrs
Olivia was wounded severely in sovera'
places. The desk contained an Infernal ma
chine , Intended without doubt to murder
Olivia. There is no clew to the perpetrators.
lirutal Treatment ol * Prisoners ,
Mrxs'KAi'OMS , Dec. 0. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Bui : . ] A prisoner nt the county Jull
tells a story of tlio way things are conducted
there , which looks ugly for the jailors. The
prisoner , Charles Smith , was sent to empty
n box outside the jnll on Saturdav and tried
to escape. Ho says that ho was caught and
confined in the dungeon without food or drink
from 4 p. in. on Saturday to 7 p. in. on Suu-
dny. Ho was kicked about by Jailor Johnson
before being locked up. Sunday night Smith
tried to commit suicide. For that he was
hnndcutred and his hands" tied to tlio grating
of the door ns high as ho could reach and
compelled to stand there for about nil hour.
He was then chained to the Iron cage and
compelled to sit there nil night. Smith says
the Jailors are in the habit of taking their fa
vorites around town nnd coining back intoxi
cated. Several prisoners have been allowed
to esc.ipe , nnd nothing , has been about
it. Whisky has been furnished to prisoners
by the jailors. Prisoners have been allowed
to do work outside of the Jail for friends of
the Jailors. Ole Simulson , another prisoner ,
corroborates everything that Smith says.
Several of the prisoners admitted , though re
luctantly , that they had been furnished with
whisky by the jailors. .Tailors Johnson nnd
Hileytlo not specifically deny these state
ments , but call them a pack of lies.
F < deration ot'Uuilroadcrs.
PiTTsnuito , Dec. 0. A movement Is on
foot to organize a federation of all the railroad
employes in the United States excepting
conductors , and a meeting looking to that
end will bo held in this city early in Janu
ary. The union will embrace the brother
hoods of locomotive ciigineor3firemenbrake-
men , switchmen nnd yardmen , nnd it is as
sertcd that it will havo-a membership of
100,000. Secret meetings have already
been held at Columbus and Chicago
and the plan < of federation
is now in the hands of toe grand chiefs of all
the organizations enumerated. Among the
features will bo an insurances , nnd strike
fund , and one of the itiperutivo rules of the
federation will bo organization will
bo allowed to quit Worjrwithout gaining the
consent of the generalijonrd of the federa
tion. This will resultln''fn\ver strikes , bnt
whenever they do occur they will bo of tro-
mcndous power , as the railroads of the entire -
tire country can bo tied up if necessary to
secure justice and victory to the men. While
the federation will theoretically unite all
railroaders into /organization / , yet the
autonomy of every separate brotherhood is
to bo carefully prqserv'ed.
A Iicndvillo
LnAnvn.i.E , Colo. , Dec. 6. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun UKK. I Thompson Phillipson
was shot nnd killed at 8 o'clock this morning
at Joe Vivian's saloon , on East Sixth street ,
by a man named William Rcilly. The latter
had , during the night , a quarrel with the
proprietor of the saloon touching the pay
ment for some liquor , and had been pretty
badly handled By the burly proprietor.
Lcuving the saloon , lie' repaired to his lodg
ings , secured u six-shooter and returned to
the saloon about 3 o'clock m the morning in
n very intoxicated condition , Opening the
front door ho nmptied the barrels of his gun
into the crowd there assembled , ono shot
taking effect in the body of Phillipson , from
the effects of which he died within five min
utes. Koilly then sauntered down the street
and gave himself up to Deputy Sheriff Hycrs.
The preliminary trial will occur to-morrow.
The victim is nn Englishman and Inoffensive ,
though addicted to drink. The shot which
killed him was doubtless Intended for Joe
Vivian , with whom thu slayer had had the
row. Deceased hast , n slater , aunt and
brother-in-law living at Plattovillo , Wls. ,
who have been notified.
General Harrison's Hunt.
, Deo. 0 General Harrison
and the hunting party returned to the city
this evening. The general expressed himself
; is having greatly enjoyed his two days' out-
Ing. , They had good weather , nnd quail were
fairly plentiful. The two days' tramp and
exposure appear to have boncntted the gen-
oral. The wind bronzed his lace a little and
lie looked the picture of health to-night , ns
ho sat telling thu incidents of his hunt.
When the party reached Dana tins afternoon
to take the train for homo they found fully
fiOO farmers nnd others congregated about
thu car patiently awaiting thu arrival of Gen
eral Harrison , whc shook hands with each
ono and chatted with them about his hunt ,
Must Cense Paylhij CommlsNlnnH.
NKW Yoitic , Dec , ( J.At a joint meeting of
the committee of truiH | lines to-day n resolu
tion was adopted stating that It believed that
certain lines resumed thu payment of com
missions for the sale of passenger tickets ,
and recommending that the executive com
mittee proceed without delay to lay the sub
ject before the managing officers of all such
lines , nnd endeavor by all reasonable moans
to secure assurances from them that they
wilj Immediately discontinue aud Hereafter
refrain from such payments.
A BooUlcpcpur'8 Heavy Dnfnlontlnn.
Torr.KA , ICan. , Dec. 0Special [ Telegram
to Tin : IJuc.l It was made public to-day
that A. P , Stanley , bookkeeper for the Mat-
Inch dry poods company , at Arkansas City ,
is a defaulter to thn amount of $0,500. It was
dUcoven.-d a few day's ago by n member of
the linn that Stanley was stealing from
them , and when charged with the matter he
confessed that ho had been taking from 5
to $ 'M a day for throe years past. Ho has
gone to Canada.
AnarclilstH Threaten OKleMby.
Srnixaricui , 111. , Deo. 0. Since the con
viction of Ilroriek , the Chicago anarchist ,
each mall at the capital Is bringing threaten
ing letters to the governor , not only from
Chicago ( but from cities in the cast. The
letters are anonymous and of n character
similar to these received during the tlmo
petitions for the liven of Spies and the other
anarchists were } pending before his excel
lency ,
Fulled to Indict SaloonlHtH.
Sioux FALW , Dak. , Dec. 0. The grand
Jury which has been In session two weeks
considering the complaints against the
saloonkeepers of Sioux Falls for violation of
the local option liquor law during the last
summer , last evening reported no Indict
ment. ThuJuUgu Instructed the clerk to bind
over all thu defendants in those cuc3 to the
next grand jury.
All Fort Scott Is ArmlnR Itself to
Catch Him.
Henry Gllllg As n Pugilist An Infer-
mil Machine in Culm Kleotrlo
nIK.veuutIons The Cnst-
Htccl Gun n Knllurc.
Roblind Fifteen lloiisps.
FonrScoiT. Kan , , Dec. 0. The fact tha
ono man can create n genuine reign of terre
In a place ns large ns this , i.s shown by th
present situation hero. The cntiro polie
force Is on duty ; the sheriff and his dcputlc
are doubly watchful ; the city council 1m
offered n reward of $100 for the man's cap
ture , nnd the public nt largo have crcatet
such n demand for revolvers and cartridge
that one linn has run entirely out nnd ha
telegraphed cast for a largo supply to bu sen
by fast express yet , despitu nil these cxer
tlons , the man has not been captured. Now
the people are talking of forming n vigilance
committee , and the nucleus of uiio patrollei
the streets to-night.
The lonJ burglar Is either a black man or
has his face discolored in order to disguise
his Identity. Ho has , so far as known , on
tercd 11 fteen houses and carried off what hi
wanteil. Ho prefers the homes of defense
less widows , but has not attempted iinj
criminal assaults. His weapon of nttacl
and defense is a common spade. With It ho
pries open windows or doors , and when sur
prised ho uses it as n weapon. In ono in
stance ho cut off half the ear of his assailan
and injured the drum and sense of hearing
so bauly that fears nro entertained that tin
injury will bo permanent. The women o
the city are badly frightened and many o
them arc arming themselves.
This morning nt 4 o'clock the watchman ol
the Hnntington hotel discovered the man ii
the kitchen and ran to the ofllco for n revel
vcr. When ho returned ho saw the man ) ly
ing up the alloy , spade in hand. Two shots
worn iired at him , but without effect.
1 f the scoundrel is caught ho will probablj
bo lynched , so uxcited are the people.
Tlio Object nf a Kill Introduced Bj-
Senator Itlalr.
WASHINGTON- . 0. Senator Blair intro
duced a bill to-day providing that there shall
bu established by the president , on recom
mendation of the commissioner of labor ,
throughout the United States in geographlca
sections which shall include a population ol
not less than 100,000 nor more than ' . ' 03,000
inhabitants , bureaus of information relating
to the employment , occupation , wants , means
of livelihoods and homes. Provision is made
for the publication at least once a month ol
an nbstract giving information specifically
asked for by any citizen of the United States.
It is also made the duty of the chiefs ol
bureaus to nialco known throughout their
districts instances of extreme poverty , hard
ship and distress , without needless exposure
of the names of the parties , and also lore-
port the same to thu commissioner of labor ,
who shall report such information briefly to
congress , with the recommendations of such
jneans of relief as- may scgm to him tobo
wise and necessary. It mndo"lKc'Cltit.VrDf
bureaus of information to' make special in
quiry in relation to the condition , wants and
necessities of women and'childrcn , ana pub
lish thu results of their investigations with a
view of arousing and directing charitable or ,
other effort , aud thereby securing employ
ment , homes , education and such other relief
us each case may require.
The president and heads of the department
nro required to give employment on public
works only to American citi/ens , and to give
preference In employment to persons resid
ing m the vicinity of the work to bo done.
Killed by His Prisoner.
Cnr.Ycxxi : , Wyo. , Dec. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : UIK. ] This community was
shocked to-day by the announcement of the
finding of the dond body of W. J. Vannice ,
secretary of the Y. M. C. A. The residence
of Mr'.Vannlco was robbed this morning by a
tramp , who , Immediately after committing
the robbery , loft town , taking the road
towards Fort Laramio. Mr. Vannico started
in pursuit and captured the man nt n ranch
five miles north of the city. Ho started to
bring his captive to town in a pliueton ,
Several hours later his team was found on
the plains by some cowboys , with his dead
body in the bottom of the carriage. The
tramp hud evidently overpowered him after
a terrible struggle , taken his pistol and
nlown his brains out. A posse of citizens are
in pursuit of the murderer. If caught ho
will probably bo lynched. Mr. Vannlcu was
formerly a prominent Illinois politician , and
was sheriff of Henry county for several
terms. Ho was n member of the Masonic
fraternity , and highly respected in this com
Moro Antl-Ijaguo ! Testimony.
LONDON , Deo. ( i. Upon the reassembling
of the Parnell commission to-day , Patrick
Molloy , who had been arrested In Dublin
for refusing to obey a subpccna calling upon
lilm to give evidence , was brought before
the justice , who committed him to prison
until further orders. A laborer named
Hurko testified tlmt at meetings in Clnnlmr ,
of the branch of thu leagun of which hu was
n member , it was decided that Lord Mount
Morris should bo done away with , Tauter in
: ho night ho saw one of the members of the
league , who said ho had done away with
Lord Mount Morris. On cross-examination
witness said he could not swear there was a
brunch of the league at Clonbur before the
murder. There was some kind of a branch ,
but It might have been n secret society , the
same which witness had Joined fourteen or
if teen years agoHo could not remember
.ho name of thu society ,
Heir PnnkorH Knrm n Trust.
ST. Louis , Deo. (1. ( [ Special Telegram to
I'm : Hr.u.l A rumor gained currency in
this city .yesterday that Chicago hog packers
wcro at work forming u monster trust ,
o embrace the lending packers of Chicago ,
3t. Louis , St. Paul , Dos Molncs. Omaha ,
Sioux City , Kansas City and Cincinnati.
About threu weeks ago the Knst St. Louis
lacking comimny sold itu entire plant to
fcntlomen who represent the trust or combi-
mtion of leading Chicago puckers. There
ire only two packing houses here. Francis
Whlttaucr & Sons were approached and
nvilcd to to mo into the combine , but re
used , The houses at Dos Molncs , Kansas
iity and Omaha are owned by Chicago men.
ind will , it is alleged , form thu nucleus of
the | wol. IJublncss 1ms not been profitable
of lute.
Denied at Chicago ,
CIIIOAOO , Dec. 0. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : HKK.J A dispatch from St. Louis was
printed hero to-day , alleging tlmt a packers'
trust was being formed , to include establish
ments in St. Louis , Chicago , Omaha and
Kansas City , A reporter called on several
leading packers this afternoon and as complete -
ploto an Inquiry as possible was made Into
tha matter , with the result that every ono
seen denies any knowledge of the projected
organization. The puckers seen expressed
surprise , and said tlmt thu idea was prepos
Sorvln'd .Now CoiiHtltuf Ion ,
HixaiiADK , Doc , 0 , The now Servian con
stitution declares the kingdom hereditary
with popular representation , and the religion
Greek. The electoral franchise is granted
to persons paying direct taxes of 15 dinars ( a
dinar being equal to the Frcneli lloriu )
yearly , Military service is compulsory ,
Alum nnd IMirposcs oftlie Ilrotlicrtiood
of United l/nlu > r.
CIIIOAOO , Dec. i ) . The Times will tomorrow
row publish the text of an address Issued by
Thomas H. Harry , outlining the alms nnd
purposes of the now organization which lie
proposes to form nnd which is to bo known
as the "Urothcrhood of United Labor. " In
thu nddrcss Harry says ho Is not advocating
the formation of this new order for the pur
pose of lighting thi ! Knights of Labor , or to
cratify his personal ambition , but to "estab
lish honesty In and plnco thu labor move
ment on n decentralized basis , which will
make it forever almost Impossible for cliques
and rings to bo formed to destroy In months
the lubor of years. "
The organization , it is said , will bo estab
lished on a decentralized basis. It will Icavo
to trades or central branches complete juris
diction and control over their own affairs. If
disputes or controversies arise between mem
bers and their employers they will bo settled
by tlioso most conversant with the trouble ,
and not by those who know nothing nbout
the cause of complaint. The order will
maintain relations with all legitimate organl-
yations. "It .will , " says the address , "draw
thu line closely on scabs and scnbism. It
will urge the study of co-operation and the
means of bringing it into practice , and will
Insist upon imunhcrs giving fair manufac
turers the preference when purchasing thu
necessaries of life. "
It will pursue u progressive educational
policy tb bring into practice and have enacted
into u practical law Its platform of principles.
The cardinal principles of the brotherhood
will be land , currency and transportation re
1. The right of mnn to the use of the
- . Taking from usurers and shylocks the
right to control our currency.
it. The governmental ownership of the
means of transporting person ! * , freight and
intelligence and the taking of these engines
of human happiness out of thu hands of
stock gamblers and speculntors and operate
them for the benefit of the producer and
Wliilo seeking a settlement of these ques
tions , the order will labor for a reduction
of the hours of labor to eight hours per duy ,
thu prohibition of child labor , thu abolition
of convict labor , the abolition of the contract
system on national , stnto and municipal
work , the prohibition of foreign labor under
contract , the purillcation of politics through
the adoption of tlio Australian system of voting
ing , etc. All thu details of the plan of or
ganization are not yet decided upon , but it
will bo more of a confederation than a com
pact national body like the Knights of Labor.
In it there will bo no money at the disposal
of the general or federal ofllccrs , for Harry
claims that the accumulation of large sums
money at a central point , as in the old order ,
is ono of the greatest dangers to a labor or
Henry Gllll Dniices Around George
Stnyncr's I'rostraio Form.
NEW YOUK , Doc. ( I. [ Special Telegram to
THE 13riii ] Henry F. Gillie , late manager
of the American Kxchnnge in London , and
George H. Staynor , latu partner of the
"Little Mupoleon , " Henry S. Ives , hud a
light in thu law olilco of Sullivan Cromwell
last evening. Glllift had been making
threats against Stayner , when that gentle
man entered. Ho knocked Sta.vner down
nnd danced all around his prostrate body.
Then ho belabored him with an umbrella.
The spectators pulled Gllllg away and both
men were hustled out of tbo building. The
rowrrr.aBboukaame railroad.bonds-.belong- ,
ing to Ctiri8linj7ttnS5iS7llio singBf.- THe se
curities were issued by ono of the roads In
volved In some of the gigantic operations of
Henry S , Ivcs , the ex-Nupolcon of finunce.
Gillig and Stayner each claim to bu the
rightful custodian of the bonds In trust for
Miss Nilison. Stnyuer seems to have pos
session of them now.
The Miners' Organization ,
Coi.ti.Miius , O. , Dec. 0. District assembly
No. 18. ) , Knights of Labor , concluded its
business this morning and adjourned. A
joint convention of the seceding knights nnd
the federation held a meeting this afternoon
and proceeded with work on the constitu
tion. It has been decided that the name of
the now organization shall bo the National
Progressive Union of Minors and Mine La
borers , nnd the organization is to bo open.
The officers arc to bo a.president and treas
urer , and a general execiitivu board of HUVCH
members. The vice presidents are to bo or
ganizers , and all ofllcurs are to bo salaried ,
with the exception of the executive board.
The president will receive Sl.'OO and thu
others a less sum.
Front Prosperity lo Poverty.
STIIKATOK , Ills. , Dae. (1. ( [ Special Tele
gram to TUB UIJK , ] Last evening about 7:45
o'clock Mrs. William Ross was struck by a
train near Pontiac , and instantly killed.
About five years ago HOJS and'his wife were
wealthy and prosperous residents of To-
pelca , Kan , , living in and associating with
the best society in tlmt city. An unlucky
speculation caused their downfall , and Hnss
went from bad to worse , becoming an in
veterate gambler and dead beat. They camu
to this city nbout two years ago , and shortly
afterwards Mrs , Hess , by reason of her
troubles , became Insane. In this condition
shu wandered away last evening and met
her death.
Ncbi'ntdcu and Iowa P.nsioii4.
WASHINGTON , Dec. ( ( . [ Special Telegram
LO THIS Hun , ] An increase of pension was
io-duy granted to James M. Harland , of
I'.dgar , Nebraska.
Pensions for lowiins : Hcstprntior. Leu
Vliiton Smith , Lehlgh. Increase -Wesley J.
Hudson , Coldwatcr ; Silas Kiindall , Don
\loiniis ( deceased ) . Hclssun Jacob C.
Howard , Jerome B , Summers , DCS Moines ;
Lewis Horctt , Panama ; John Holmu.s , ( Jar-
ison. Keibsuo nnd Increase Charles II ,
Stevenson , Avury. Original widows , otc
\lntildu , widow of Silas Hamlal ) , Des Moiiics ,
The Golden Giitn Sxulal | ,
SALT LAKH. Utah , Doc. fl. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Uii : . ] The Golden Gatuspccial
euched Ogdcn on tlmo , attiO : : ! o'clock , this
iftornoon , A largo crowd of puoplu gath-
; ri'd at the depot to inspect the train during
IH llfti'on minutes stop. Several passengers
'rom Salt Lalto boarded thotrnin there. The
special has so fur made an average of thirty-
four miles nn hour , and on the Contra ! Pa-
cttlo will average thirty-two milea , reaching
inn Francisco at ( J o'clock to-morrow night.
f ho trip so far has been n great success , and
the train Is destined to become quite popular.
Silver .Stalls ! leu Pru
WASHINGTON , Dec , 0. In thosunatu to-day
i statement from the director of Urn mint , In
response to Senator Stewart's resolution of
hu last session , us to the amount of silver
nilllon offered monthly to the government
inco isttf , was presented and ordered
The llclglun H
Huu.ssjii.s , Dec , 0. The strike movement
s increasing and thu strikers arc ovory-
vhero . becoming r.estless. An attempt was
made to-day lo wreck u train on the Halotivio
nlhvay , dytiumlto cartridges being placed on
ho truck. Fortunately the ciirtrldgUH wore
lUcovored in time to prevent u disaster ,
to Hi ; Itcslorcil.
NEW YOIIK , Dec. 0 , Chuunccy M. Depow
o-tilght said that west bound rates will soon
io restored , and that in all probability the
otlco of thu change would bo ben tout within
week. i ,
A Vlotlin ol'
DfnuN , D o. 0. A farmer natnod Cun-
iiuiham was murdered to-day near Han-
irldto. The crime resulted from agrarian
roubles , Thre.o persons havu bcvn
U connection wllU tbo affair.
Yoatordivy's Proooodluijs lu the
Dnuorolaon Trial.
HowlOR Tcstltlos to the Dcftmdnnt'f
Direct linpllontloii in the Plot
tu Blow Up the Hurting- /
ton's Property , j
llnuoroUon'ti Trial ,
GnNCVA , III. , Dec. 0. In thu trlnl of John
H. Huuerelsun , chief of the alleged Hurling-
ton dynnmlto conspirators , the Jury panel
was completed to-day. Joint Alexander
Howies , who , it is said , was a conspirator
nnd ono of thu squcalurs , was put on the
stand ns thu first mid most important wit
ness , Howies testified that ho went lo work
as an engineer fur the Uurllngtun March 2',1 ,
ISbS , and was persuaded to quit by his brother
April . Ho Joined the brotherhood , and wua
employed by Haueruisen to buy d.vnainlto
and place it on thu tracks , nnd also to buy
vitriol and ammonia tu put in thu water tank *
nnd dose the engines.
Witness wont oir to tell ho\v \ , weolcH after
his Initiation a a brotherhood man , hemet
met liaticrciscn at Aurora , mid how the
hitter told him that dynamite could be used
with good effect , giving him $ * .M ) to buy tno
stulT. Huuereison said that ho could not
purchase It in Chicago in small quantities ,
but succeeded in doing so at Noblcsville ,
Ind. , where ho obtained three sticks. Uu-
tuniing to Chicago , ho met Hauercison ,
lloge , Kelly and other leading strikers nt
llio griov.mcu committee rooms at the
Grand Paeillc. Hauureisen uavu him $10
and told him to go to Galesburg witli the
"goods. " Howies then related how cordially
hu was received by George A. Clark there , to
Avhom Haucrelsen had written a letter explain
ing thu plot. They drove to the Hurlington
tracks , but were at rind to use the explosive.
Ho and Clark buried llio dynamitn nenr the
waterworks , and Howies then returned to
Aurora to liuvu iniothertiilk with Uauuruiscn ,
H.iuuroisun furnished more money , and the
trip was tnken by the witness to Noblesvlllo
and Wusttlold , Ind. , where more dymimlttK
besides fulminating caps and fuso-t , were
purchased. "On May 111 , " continued Howlosi ,
"Haueroison gave mo two silver dollars lo
hire a rig nnd visit thu 'iy tracks. I took
Alexander Smith with mo and drove to the
railroad crossing near thu fiiir grounds ,
whoru I placed a stick of d.viiuiiilto with a
fulminating cap on the track. Wo drove
back tu Aurora nnd hoard the explosion a
milu nway. The next morning Huueroibcu
said that itvu * a good job , and that the
flange had been blown off thu leading truck
wheel. "
Tliu witness next described how ho nnd
Hauereisen and Smith experimented with a
slow fuse in the consultation room of the
hall at Aurora. After these experiments
Uauprison wanted Smith and Howies to put
dynnmlto under n "ncab" boarding house1 ,
known as the Council house , and bluw it to
ntoms. They refused , saying it would bo
Taking n third trip to Noblcsville , he bought
moio dynamite , which he tool : to Clark , nt
Gujcsburg. Malting another trip to Indiana ,
bu told how Hauercison sent him a check
forJlSj-flnd a lettorwhiih , ; ho hud destroyed ,
but-J > tiio-W"oonfciits" of which "woro
to' the -effect to "huxryup" and
got. to Craslon , In. , nntKirlnko plenty
of goods with you. 1 have written Uroderlcft . , t
to meet you"If you come this way ( Aurora ) .
J. J. ICeily and 1 would like to buy some
goods from you "
Another letter giving advice to Howlos
concerning the Pinketton dotedlvc , who. it
was supposed , wei'o shadowing him , was in
troduced. In It the advice was lo shoot the
sleuth hounds.
After detailing the arrest of ilroilerick and
himself , and before the witness had con
cluded , .ludgo Wilson adjourned thu court
for the day.
i < -oi : A OMISSION. ; <
HcRolntions Adopted by the ! ) ikotn
Stiitelio-id Convention.
JAIIESTOWX , Dale. , DJC. ( ( . At th-i state
hood convention hist owning rc'ijiutiona
were ndoted ) for favoring a division of Da
kota territory on the seventh standard par
allel and thu admission uf tin ; northern portion
tion into the union as North Dakota ; that In
case thu Fiftieth congress fails to provide
for the admission of North Dakohi , as re
quested , the president-elect is cavn 'stlv re
quested to cull a special bchslon of the Fifty.
first congress for that purpofco ;
that the clghtccnlh legislative assembly
of Dakota territory is urged to provide
at the earliest practicable moment after the
meeting in January , isv.l , for a constitutional -
tional convention for North Dakota , and that
South Dakota , .Montana ami Washington are
respectfully invited lo co-operates with .North
Dakota in this movuiiunt for admission ,
lie lure final adjournment committees were
appointed to memorial | congress and the
president-elect for an i-xtrn session t/i pre
pare u bill for a constitutional convention to
Do submitted to the territorial legislature' ' ,
und a committi' . ) to arrange for u territorial
convention , wliirh will probably bn called
tor Helena , Mont. , some time in tlio near
future ,
' 111 llnrllncton'H Financial .Stntcnirnt
Cmcu.o , Dee. ( ) . Tlio Ciili-ago , HurliiiB-
ton ft Quincy to-day Issued IU > stat-iinunt of
earnings nnd expenses for the month of Ou-
tober. It la a very favorublu report , Hhowing
for the first time this year an iiiiuvaso in the
net earnings as compared witli tbecorro-
spondliig month of iss * . 'j'lui gross earnings
wcro $ V"-U , ! ' ' ) . nn IIKTOUHU of f-7.1.O.I'J.
Operating expenses , ? ltijoGO. : | : ! ( ) , a decrenso
of f 1S200.77. Net earning ) . # 1 . ' 'O'i.'iSi ' J1 , an
incrciis'iof fl'i.O.'J.yi , For ten montlm end
ing October < )1 ) , the gnm e'urniiigs were
flUi'JO-J.07 ! ( ! , a decr.'iiso of M.liifi.COI.ia.
Operating expenses $ llsoi.2'.i7.y7 , , ai. : mrraso
of WM8a7W.r.-i. ( . Net earnings f l.fctUtf.IO. u ' 1
decrease of 6iii'ja.-l70.H. , ( 4
Illot nt llpvhtr , Missouri , j *
MACON , Mo. , Dec. 0 , ['J'oh'gram to
Tin : Uiii.j : Tlioro was n riot at Hnvierlust
night beiwoun the Swedes and tno old
minors , which laHtcd about flvn hnuiu Two
or three men wore wounded si.vcruly. The
Chicago , liurllngton & IJuiney pastenger
depot , where the Hwedcs xvoro , and the busU
ness houses on thu tmlo whcru lliu old minors
stood , were dialled with hulicu. Thusheriff
und his deputy have /one tlmre ,
Kniotlicrcd ly ! < ; oal GUM.
TOXAWANIIA , N , . Y. , Dec. ( ) . A neighbor
attracted by the nol-'lilnir of a horse in the
burn of John Christ/an last evening , found
the animal suffer ing from hunger. Thinking
that something was wrong , hu must , the
door of the house und discovered t'nrlstgun
deud ami his wile unconscioim In bed , The
house was full of coal gui.
WIIIIIH to Kij > hf MltclKdl.
Nuw YOIIK , Due. 0. Captain James Dnly ,
the hwordsinun , wants to light Charley
Mitchell. Ho mild in llio ofllco of u sporting *
punc-r thin afternoon that hu would would " = '
give Mitchell * l)00 ( ) to stand before him elghi
rounds , ( , > uccnbicrry ! rules.
An InKirniillonal NoiillniK Gnnioiit , ,
HiiisiiANi ; , Deo. ( i. Arranjjcmiints have
been mudo for an internutioiiul sculling wn
test. Thu lli-at pri/.o will bo jewK ) . Hcauh ,
Kemp , Sa-.rlo , Miit > r on , Stanbbury , Nelsou
and MucCK'ur will conlett.
A Well Known DUtillnr Dead.
I.nU'ilii. ' . : , I > , Dee , O.W. . II , Mo >
JJn .i ; tins \vtiiun ' 'vndistilleroILaurcuco *
hurt' , died to-uiyat OJ paralysbj ,