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The Direct Tax Bill May Paso Botl
Bpcnkcr Pro Vein. Cox's Killing He
versed MectliiR of tlio Ilcpiitillonn
* IJjuictitlvo Committee The
AVorld on BtumdcrH.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Doc. 5. I
Mr. Mills offered n resolution In the hotisi
to-tiny , which was adopted by uiinnlmou
consent , making tlio direct tax bill tlio spo
clnl order for to-morrow , Saturday , nnd nox
Colonel Oatcs , of Alabama , who won nn
tional fame last session by his determine' '
filibustering against the bill , stated to you
correspondent this evening that while hi
was still opposed to tlio passage of the bill
ho would not renew his filibustering tne
ties. Ho will content himself by offcrlni
nn amendment to the bill , providing for the
rcpaymeiitof the cotton tax. His purpose
lie says , is to plncu the individual member :
on record by their votes. Ho docs not bo
Hove that the amendment will bo ndoptcd.
Mr. Johnson , of North Carolina , 1ms a sen
nation in store for the house. His plan i :
actually nothing less than to offer tli
Blair educational bill as nn amendment t
the direct tax bill , The Blair bill has bcoi
generally conceded to bo dead for i this scs
slon. I to sudden appearance as nn amend
ment to the direct tax bill , will placu a nuin
tor of southern members in a
awkward dilemma. Their purty , n
n party , is opposed to the bill
Init the constituents of ninny of them , as , fo
instance the Virginians , have , openly am
unmistakably , expressed their desire for th
passage of the bill. The vote on this amend
ment will prove very interesting. Mr. John
Btono has been reasoned with not to offer tin
dangerous amendment , but to the nrgumcn
that the bill was not germane to the subjcc
of the original bill , ho has replied that it wil
bo germane If a majority of the house decidi
in favor of It.
A number of amendments of Ics
Importance will also bo offered. A
for the bill itself , it will vor ;
probably pass the house. Colonel Oatcs tid
mils that there Is n belief , however , tha
President Cleveland will veto the measun
when it reaches him. The amount which th
bill will practically take out of the nationa
treasury is very nearly $20,000,000. It wa ;
for tills reason that Messrs. Carlisle ant
Mills have hitherto been tho/ocs of the bill
They xvcro unwilling last session to take thi :
Bum from the surplus , which was to be , ai
it did become afterwards , the principal fca
turo of the democratic campaign. Now tha
the campaign ia over and the surplus is 111
longer a matter of any political Interest l <
them , Messrs. Carlisle nnd Mills are willing
to bavo the bill passed.
Some enterprising newspaper correspond
ents clubbed togctner to-day and made i
very thorough canvass of the republicans 01
the two houses as to the advisability of nr
cxtru session of the Fillty-first congress fet
tariff revision , or the division and admission
to statehood of Dakota , and statehood foe
other territories , or both purposes. The
feeling is almost unanimous that an oxtrr
session is Inevitable if a tariff bill is not
adopted by both branches of this congress ,
and nioro than half or the republicans favor
an extra session on the territorial question
alone. Assuming that there is to tanfl
| < j legislation , and that the territories are not tc
I ; be admitted this session , an extra session li
IfApril must bo looked for. There are o
14 number of reasons that point to this ,
' nnd strong arguments are used tc
convert senators and representatives whc
nro opposed to the idea. The very first rca-
eon presented Is of coui-so the neccossity foi
on early organization of the house , because
of the very small majority. There is nc
longer any disputing that the republicans
liavo a majority. Tlio only qunstlon is as to
its slzo. Most republicans say it will bo BO
small that it will bo dangerous , politically
speaking , to delay organization till the second
end weak in next December. Judge Pnyson ,
ono of the oldest and. strongest members
from Illinois , expressed the general feeling
when lie said that he expected the now con
gress to moot in April , and that they could
pass substantially , the senate tariff , bill
which would bo disposed of by the senate
this session ; of course it would have
then to pass the new senate again ; that they
would admit South Dakota , Montana and
Washington Territory and pass nn enabling
act for North Dakota , nud that they would
perfect some general Dcnslon legislation before -
fore the regular session In November. "I
have no desire to conceal my motive for ad-
milling the territories in the spring. Wo
have a very small majority in each house ,
inoro especially in the senate is it desirable
that this majority should bo increased in the
Fifty-first congress. Tlicso three territories
nro entitled to representation during tha now
congress. I think wo should admit thorn
during un extra spring session , so that thov
may bo fully organized into states nnd send
elx senators and as many representatives ns
they are entitled to , to bo regularly enrolled
as a imrt of the Fifty-first congress at tlio
regular meeting in December. "
cox's nui.ixo SKT ASIDE.
Speaker Carlisle to-day sot aside the ruling
of Speaker Pro Tom. Coy , rendered last ses
sion , nnd decided that the bill to
qulot tlio title of the settlers upon
the DCS Molnes river lands is a priv
ileged question , under the rule which makes
privileged all bills from the committee on
public lands which restore to the public do-
in an any lands hcrotoforu granted to states
for privuto purposes. After the ruling of the
speaker Mr. Puyson , the republican leader
of the committee , called up the Des Moincs
Hrer bill , and it was dismissed up to the time
of adjournment. Without reference to
party , ovcry western member favors this
measnro , and them is little doubt that It will
ultimately secure the approval of n majority
of the house. The principal opposition
comes from members representing various
districts in Central Now York. The
members hava among their constituents u
number of the stockholders of the
Bes Moines River Improvement company ,
who nro afraid that the passage of the bill
violate their alleged right * , and these people
luwo been able to stir up a great deal of op
position to the measure in the past. It will
bo laid asldo until after the direct tax bill is
disposed of. and then will bo pushed to Its
passage. It is nearly fifteen years since the
llrst attempt was imido to pass a bill similar
to this. In ono congress It would pass the
houBu nnd fall in the senate , and at another
time It would pass the senate and fall in the
houso. At last , in the Forty-ninth congress ,
H passed both bouses and wont to the presl-
dent , but there it met a setback iti the bhapo
of an executive vote , which nindo it neces
sary for its friends to boglu work oil over
again. Tlicso friends say that they have
reason to believe that the views of the president -
idont huvo undergone a change and that if it
i ngalu sent to him ho will approve it.
Tbo executive committee , of tbo national
republican committee , met this evening and
held n prolonged session. All of 4ho mom-
bej-s worn "present except Mr.Fassutt.of Now
York , and Mr. Da Young , of California , the
former being engaged in a spirited contest
for the spcakorshlp of the Now York legisla
ture , and tha latter undoubtedly thinking
that the trip would hardly pay , Colonel
Dudley , the treasurer , laid his accounts be
fore the committee , which wcro audited mid
approved. It would bo IntorcbUng to know
tbo aggregate rocolpu and expenditures , but
oonu of thocomailtlco seem disposed to rnuka
} uch a revelation , l asked throe
or four of them nnd was tolt
In reply that not half ns mud
money was collected nnd expended a
the newspapers reuortcd , and not n della
had been corruptly used during the cam
palgn , They agreed , also , Hint there wai
still n good sum of money left In the treasury
After sotiio other little matters of buslncs
were disposed of , the committees had an In
formal discussion as to the propriety am
practicability of holding au extra session o
congress , Mr. Now having expressed a wlsl
to learn the views of the committeeTher
wni almost nn unanimous opinion that In cas
the present house adjourned without passlni
n tariff bill , the Fifty-first congress shouli
bo called together to revise the tariff
to decide the contested election cases
nnd to ndmit four new states
It was also suggested as advisable , that the
republican candidates who intend to eontos
the seats of their opponents , who had re
cclvcd certificates of election , should prcpar
their cases , to present to congress Immc
dlatoly nftcr the -Hit of March , prcsumln )
that an extra session would bo called. Thor
being several of these gentlemen in the city
they wore invited to appear before the com
imttco and confer concerning their contests
and , In several cases , ' the committee ugreei
to advance funds to pay the necessary c.i
pciisos. The committee exchanged cougratu
intlons upon the capture of the house , us we ]
as the presidency , nnd seemed to ngrco thn
the republicans would now bo in power In
rOLlTIU.ll , MlSlNFOllMATlOtf.
Tlio following from Uiis morning's Nov
York World contains u largo amount of po
liticiil misinformation. "Alvin Snundcrs. o
Nebraska , who is now studying the republican
can firmament from the New York polltica
observatory , presents the Beamingly curioui
anomaly of a mlllloiialro duvoted to thi
granger element. Ho is n tall man with i
mass of white whiskers covering the lowc
portion of his face. Ho was one of the curl ;
settlers In Nebraska. With the Nevada bo
nanza crowd ho made a fortune in sllvc
mining , afterwards ho lost , as mnnj
others have- done , much money in cattle rnis
ing , but has now greatly Increased his wcaltl
by investments in Nebraska coal lands and ii
real estate in Omaha , which city is hi
homo. The grangers sent him to the Unitce
States senate. While there ho did nothing
except demonstrate that ho was a peed
jolly old follow , somewhat of the PhllctU !
Sawyer brand. Ho liked his life in Wash
ington so well that ho wished to enjoy an
other term in the senate , and ns a matter o
precaution , made bargains which were ukii
to the purchase of the legislature of hi ;
state. Hut the railroad interests , which an
very important and powerful in Nebraska
determined that the growing power of th <
grangers should bo chocked , and so Saunder
awakened one day to n realization of the faei
that ho had been outbid , and that the bar
gain had been completed. In this way General
oral Manderson was made his successor
Ex-Senator Saundcrs' daughter is married t <
Hussoll Harrison of Cleveland's
, son suc
cessor. "
"Already I have refused over liftcen hundred
drod bonu tide applications for rooms durliif
next March , " ' said the prourletor of one o
the leading 'hotels , referring , this morning
to the approaching inauguration , "and I ex
pect to refuse , " ho continued , "three timci
that number. I have , this early , had twic (
as many applications for rooms as I had dur
ing the entire season of four years ago. None
of the landlords are engaging rooms at this
time. " A crowd is almost constantly aroum
the quarters of the inauguration committee
and to-day the subscriptions came up to WO ,
013. Surprise is no longer expressed wher
some ono'writes to secure quarters for 8.00C
or 4,000 men or a brigade or two of troons ,
Such things have become matters of course ,
On each desk to-day were placed tiny little
portraits of Harrison and Morton on ivorj
cards fastened together with striped nnc
star spangled ribbons. Many persons fron :
other cities came in to make inquiries
about preparations for the inauguration ,
The inauguration of General Harrison will
be the centenary inauguration , ns in 1789 ,
100 years before. General Washington was
inaugurated as first president of the United
States. This Is a fact that escaped notice m
all the arrangements so far made for the in-
uuguration ceremonies. A citizen , speaking
of the matter to-day , suggested that thoTuct
of its being the centenary should bo stamped
in some way upon tlio character of the cele
bration. Ho thought that the designs for the
ball tickets and invitations should commemorate -
orate that fact , and that the decorations
should also have that in view. The idea
most general in the designs suggested for
ball tickets nnd for decorations Is that of n
log cabin. As the designs recalling the old
Tippccanoo campaign will probably not find
favor , the centenary idea comes prominently
to the froiit.
The republicans uro not at all disturbed by
the news that a certificate of election has
been given to Aldcrson , the democratic can-
daio for congress from the Third district of
West Virginia , and assert thnb oven with the
delegation from that state solidly demo
cratic , there will bo a republican majority of
ilvo in the next houso.
The following army promotions are caused
by the death of Colonel Ayrcs , of the Second
artillery , nnd the resignation of Colonel
Mount , of the Third artillery : Lieutenant-
Colonel John Mondenlmll , Fourth artillery ,
to bo colonel of the Second artillery , vice
Ayrcs ; Major Kichard II. Jackson , Fifth
artillery , to bo lieutenant-colonel of the
Fourth artillery ; Captain Tullv Me-
Crea. First artillery , to bo major
of tlio Fifth artillery ; First Lieutenant
James O'Haru , Third artillery , to bo captain ,
vice Mount ; First Lieutenant Allyn Capron ,
First.artillorv , to bo captain ; Second Lieu
tenant David .T. Humbough , Third artillery ,
to bo first lieutenant ; Second Lieutenant M.
F. Harmon , First nrtlllcr.v. to bo llrst lieu
tenant ; Additional Second Lieutenant Pey
ton C. March , Third artillery , to bo second
lieutenant , and Additional See-ond Lieuten
ant Kugedo T. Wilson , Fifth artillery , to bo
second lieutenant of tlio First artillery.
Ex-Treasurer A. U. Wyman , of Omaha ,
was in the capital to-day and formed one of
11 lunch party , consisting of Senator Sher
man. Senator Davis and Senator Allison.
Ho was very warmly greeted by bin former
friends in the senate.
Ex-City Engineer Andrew Kosownter , of
Omaha , is In the city.
L. W. Colby and .T. D. K Ipatrlck , of
Ucutrice , loft this evening for the west ,
Pcnnv S. HEATH.
IMIlllonnlro Snell'd Murderer Turns
Up In n Now Plrtco.
( Jmciao , Dec. 5. Public Interest was re-
rived In the Snoll murder case to-day by the
publication in nn evening paper of n state
ment alleged to have been made by A. J.
Stone , son-ln-huv of the murdered million
aire , in which ho said that the supposed
murderer had been captured. Mr. Stone
said to an Associated Press reporter this
evening that what ho din say was as fqllows ;
"I received a telegram from u man who
claims to have arrested W , Ii. TascOtt ; that
lie now has him in his possession , and
when could I send to Identify
liiin , I answered at once : 'How do you
know it is Tnscotti1 In answer 1 received a
message saying that the prisoner answered
nil the descriptions , ana that the man would
send n photograph of the uitin , and that pho
tograph is what I am now waiting for. "
Mr. Stone preferred not to suy at what
lown in the country the prisoner was being
liold. The announcement was made by Mr.
slono this evening that has additional intcr-
: st to the celebrated case. This was that
.ho widow , Mrs. Henrietta Snoll ,
ms Increased the amount of reward
) fforcd from 120,000 to ? . > 0,000 , making
t the largest amount over offered
tor any human being. This 150,000 , reward
vlll bo paid by Mrs. Snell through the Cbl-
ago policadcpartmtmt. The offer holds good
for four mouths from this dato. All suspects
irrostcd must bo photographed and the like-
icss bo sent at once to either Mr , Slonu or
Hoorgo W. Hubbard , superintendent of the
vhictigo police department. No detectives
vlll bo sent , us heretofore , uutll strong marks
if Identification ore presented.
. . . . .
The Fonnry | Congress.
ATHNT.I , Ga. , Doc. * 5. The joint session
if the National and Southern Forestry con.
; reM convened to-day ,
Two Engines Smash Into Eac !
Other at Hastings.
Burglaries nt Ncbrnnica City A
KlRltty-Year-Old Man Suicides
A Young Girl Seeks a
Life or Slinnic.
Collision nt
HASTINGS , Neb. , Dec. (5. ( [ Special Tel
gram to Tun Bun. ] About 0 o'clock th
morning a rather serious accident hanpcnc
In the H. ft M. yards at this place. Hy soni
misunderstanding of signals the switch ci
glno collided with the engine of nn Incomlc
freight train , both being under n fu'l head <
steam. It resulted In the total wreck of bet
engines. The engineers of both and ono (
the firemen jumped in time to save then
selves from serious injury , but the llroma
on the switch engine , Will Nolnn , rcmalnc
on hia cnglno nnd was caught between tl ;
locomotive and tcnJer by one of the lover
which penetrated his body. Ho lay ft
twenty minutes in the scaldintr steam bofoi
ho could bo released. At this hour ho is Ih
ing , but his recovery is scarcely possible.
More UurclarlcH nt Nebraska City.
NnmtAHKA CITV , Neb. , Dec. 5. [ Sueeial 1
TUB Uurj. ] Burglars lust night broke ml
Hatch's second-hand store , Nelson's me !
market and several other places. The valu
of the goods stolen amounts to loss than $101
Hurglarles nro of almost nightly occurronci
but no clue can bo obtained to the thievos.
A DauRlitnr's Heart Grown Will fit
HASTINOS , Neb. , Doc. 5. [ Special Teh
gramtoTnu BijE.l Chief of Police Cran
received a telegram from n prominent citize
of Red Cloud , to meet him at the train la ?
night , in order to assist him in a search fc
nn erring daughter fifteen years old , who ha
left home yesterday morning. Ho had a sui
pieion of her being in some ono of the bawd
houses In this city. By dilllgcnt search th
chief located her in the notorious dive c
Hose Kerwood's , and at once took her i
charge and returned her to her father. 1
is said the girl's actions in leaving homo i
duo to the influence of a certain B. &
brakcuiaa. _
For Selling Liquor "Without License
BLUU Srnixos , Dec. 5. [ Special to TH
Bin. ] The usual placid atmosphere of ou
city was disturbed n little yesterday by th
arrest of John Hell and. G. W. Ptifllnbargei
for selling liquor without a license. Th
prosecution was brought under tho' state la\
nnd both parties pleaded not guilty , an
gave bonds for a continuance , to nreparo fo
examination to-day. Pofllnbargcr waived
hearing and gave bonds for his appearanc
at the distri ct court for trial. This city , in
spasm of morality nnd reform last sprinp
elected a non-llccnso council , but surrcpt
tious whisky has been available to the in
tiatcd for some timo. Poffenbarger is th
same man whoso wife strangled her twi
children and committed suicide not very lonj
ago. Ho had tlio sympathy of this entln
community in his bereavement , nnd it wa
generally believed that ho would abandoi
the saloon business entirely. A suit is slil
pending against him for $ o,000 damages by i
widow whoso husband killed himself by tak
mg morphine in his beer at Pofllnbargor' !
saloon about two years since.
Supposed Origin. of Bnssott's Fire.
NcwroitT , Dec. 5. [ Special Telegram tc
Tins BEE.J--Tho lire which did so mucl
damage in Bassett last Saturday night and
which was supposed to bo the work of an in
ccndiary has caused much excitement ii
this place. It is supposed by some that it i :
the work of parties who nro anxious for i
center town for the county seat of Ilocl
county. There is nn election to bo held tin
21th of this month to louato the now county
seat. Night watchmen have been detailed tc
watch the town. Chas. Peck , n prominent
business man of the town , baa been np
pointed chief of the special police , and nnj
llro-flcnd caught within the limits will b <
summarily dealt with.
A Kccolvcr Appointed.
VALPARAISO. Nob. , Dec. B. [ Special tc
THE BUK.J A meeting of these interested ir
the elevator formerly operated by F. A. Sco
villo & Co. , at this ulace , was held yesterdaj
nflernoon nt Lincoln , and F. A. Hovoy was
appointed receiver. Mr. Hovey , who is one
of the owners of the roller mill here , is
well known nnd will got his share of the grain
business. Several parties stand ready tc
open a bank In the room occupied by Scovilk
& Crafts as soon us uornc disposition Is made
of the building. The bank furniture and fix
tures will bo sold the lUtb of this month.
Ho Gambled Too Much.
NEBIIASKA CITY , Neb. , Dec. 5. [ Special tc
THE BCK. ] Information has been received
hero from the Chicago firm on whom the
bogus checks were drawn and endorsed by
Patrick Brown , of this city. The man Wolff
is all right , but the firm nays ho has been
gambling too much of late and has largely
overdrawn his credit in Chlcuiro , hence the
protested notes. This explanation may also
interest V. S. Wolff's dupes In Omaha , Lin
coln and Grand Island. The llrin says ho
will likely arrange matters satisfactorily
upon his return to Chicago.
Corn and Cattle Trade.
VALI-AUAISO , Dec. 5. [ Special to Tun
HUB. ] There is an immense quantity
of corn coming into market at present , Mr.
K. 1C. Johnson bought nearly seven 'cars of
corn yesterday. Several feeders are also
buying all the corn they can get.
It is safe to say that between now nnd
Juno next n thousand head of fat steers will
be shipped from this vicinity.
An OjtoKOiiarliiu Suicides ,
HASTINOS , Neb. , Dec. D. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB UEC. ] A gentleman eighty-one
years old by the uamo of Bowing , living at
Kingston , this county , committed suicide this
morning by hanging himself to n limb of n
Ireo In the front yard , Ho has been do-
rangca for some time , and , getting away
from the surveillance of the family , ho nmn-
iged to execute the deed , and was found
Imaging stone dead.
A CniKllduto For Speaker.
BLUE Spiuxos , Nob. , Deo. 5. [ Special to
PUB Ben. I Ono of our local papers , the
Sentinel , comes out boldly with the an-
louncomentof W. C. Hill , of this place , for
ho spcakershfp of the next house of repro-
iontatlves. U is probable , however , that
1111 is too modest to make an effort for the
Prcsbyinrlan "District. School. "
BLUB Si-uiNns , Neb , , Dee 5. [ Special to
L'His BKE. | The Presbyterians are propar-
ng tor u grand entertainment in the bapo
if nn old fashioned district school , in which
ray heads and bald heads will act" the part
f pupils , and a prominent and somewhat
iboso attorney will show uii as tUo big bad
> oy.
lasting ! to Have a Sewerage System.
HASTINGS , Neb. , Dec. 6. [ Special Tola-
ram to TUB DBB.J At a meeting of the
usnc ! 9 men of this city last night it was
nanlmously decided to have a system of
ewcrago for the city. The secretary was
istruutcd to correspond with various civil
aglnccrs with a view to having au estimate
f the cost tbcicc. .
Ho Hudcly Awakens Mis * Dclnro Froi :
Love's Younc Dream.
New YOUK , Dec. 5. [ Special Telegram t
Tun BrE.j Pretty llttlo Hnttio Dclan
whoso shapeliness "was ono of the pieman
features of "Tho Queen's Mntc , " nnd'whos
spirited leadership of the cadets' march wn
the delight of the bald-head community , is i
the city at present , rudely awakened froi
"lovo' young dream. " Miss Delaro mnrric
n Mr. Bnrncst , of San Francisco , son of ver
wealthy parents. When she announced tin
fact , she was enjoying- her wedding trip nn
the future looked bright with promise. Mis
Delaro now lias a sad dcqucl to tell. It n )
pears that she nnd her husband put up nt th
Palnco hotel In 'Frisco after the honeymooi
She resolved to tnko a run to New York t
"wind up" her affairs. She had n flat to giv
up and sundry llttlo tasks to perform. S
she took n fond farewell of llnrncs nn
left him at the Palace hotel. She came t
Now York , executed her missions , and n
turned to 'FrUco. During her nbsenci
Barnes had been taken seriously ill , sufferiu
from aneurism of the heart. His life wn
despaired of. His parents , hearing of his 11
ness , Immediately wc'nt to the hotel nnd ha
the young man taken to their home. Al
though indignant at his marriage , they re
solved to BCO him through his Illness thoi
oughly , Mrs. Delaro-Barnes went to th
house of her husband's Barents , They n
fused to recognize her. They positively dc
clincd to let her see her husband , or eve
communicate with him. After waiting i
long time Mrs. Barnes cnmo on to MowYort
and is now here. She will probably aceor
engagements soon. The only means sha ha
of communicating with her husband I
through his doctor. Mrs. Barnes has Jus
heard that it will bo two months before h
can bo even out of danger. She spends he
time interviewing heart specialists in the citj
Gould Planning to Consolidate All tin
Western Uouds.
CHICAGO , Dec. 5. [ Special Telegram ti
Tim BEK.I It is reported thai Gould am
other eastern capitalists have been consider
ing for some time u sohouio of much grcatc
magnitude than the "clearing houso" ai
rangcment , the collapse of which was notei
yesterday. It provides for the creation of t
syndicate , which is to secure n ' controllin
interest in all western roads n'nd managi
them ns one system . A gentleman well in
formed in railroad affairs , but who prefers t
bo nameless in this connection , said : "
happen to know that the ultimata aim am
purpose of the capitalists who have been ii
consultation in Now Korkisto form u R re a
railroad syndicate ana * mass all the road ;
west of Chicago nnd St. Louis undo
ono controlling power. The orgnnizatioi
is to bo n gigantic stock compan ;
nnd the stockholders will bo guaranteed sa ,
5 per cent on their stock , so that , while i
will amount practically ton consolidation o
nil the rnads , it will bo in reality nothing
more than a leasing of the various lines
There is no law against leasing railroadsnm
until there is such a law it cannot bo urgcii
that there is anything illegal in the scheme
The effect of such nplan would bo bcncfieia
to tlio whole country. I do not know hc-w
soon it will bo put into operation , and presume
sumo the projectors have not decided that
point , but that , it has not been abandoned
urn sure. Kates coula bCjinado lower tbar
they are at present , because they would be
uniform. There would bo no competition
and fast trains could" be established Just
where there was a dwnand for them , aiu
there would be no rivals yjruali ID and. kill
the prolits of the uusinc'ss'by dividing it ui
into infinitesimal proportions. " ' * '
A Witness Tells How He was Forced
to Testify.
LOXDOX , Dec. 5. At the meeting of the
Parnoll commission to-day Sir Charles Hus-
sell made uppllcat'on ' for the adjournment o ;
court from Friday next until January 15
The application was grunted.
Witnesses were called who swore thoj
knew of cases o boycotting and outrages ,
On boiag cross-examined all testi
fied that they know of persons who
had written threatening Jotters to them
selves , their object being to excite sympathy.
The league , they said , denounced outrages
nnd was mainly instrumental in securing re
duction in rent. These witnesses said it was
tboir belief that if reductjon had been volun
tarily granted the couutry would hnvo re
mained peaceful.
Walsh , ex-secretary of the KIMemong ,
county Mayo , branch of the league testiflud
that by order of the league several persons
had been boycotted for refusing to Join the
plan of campaign. On cross-examination the
witness admitted that he had been charged
with the pilfering of funds , tmi that ho had
been expelled from the league. Ho
also admitted that ho had been an
agent for the Glass Insurance com
pany nnd had been discharged
by the company -for making n fraudulent
claim for dnuiugo. Replying to Davitt , wit
ness said the police luiil intimated to him
that they did not know what would befall
him In connection with thoscr insurance matters -
tors If ho refused to give evidence on behalf
of the Times , and that he hud consented to
Tno Times subpoenaed Patrick Molloy ,
who was connected with the murder o" Cav
endish ana Burke , to appear us witness 110-
fore the Parnell commission. Molloy re
fused to obey and was arrested upon u war
rant issued by Justice Haunon and brought
to London ,
Tlio Sheridan Monument Commlttoo.
. CHICAGO , Dec , 5. The committee appointed
by the Society of the Army of the Cumber
land to Imvo charge of : the erection of nn
cijuestrlan stntuo in Washington o' the Into
General Sheridan , hold its ilrsl meeting hero
to-day , and elected General Algerof Detroit ,
treasurer , and Colonel tjorhln , U. S. A. , sec
retary. The following Biib-L'ommlttco was
appointed to solicit funds : General Ducat ,
Illinois ; General Burnett , Ohio ; General
Mnndorhon , Nebraska ; General Stone , Mas.
sachusotts , and General Lambert , Ponnsyl-
vanla. Colonel Corbln was appointed for tlio
army am' ' navy. Generals Fullerton , Barnett -
nott and Dueut nnd Colonel Corbln were ap
pointed to secure from congress au appropri-
utlou for the statue.
Couldn't Got.a Jury.
DEADWOOII , Dak. , Dec , 0. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tin : BBF. . ] The panel was ox-
ImuAtcd to-day in securing n Jury for tlio
trial of Mickorson , alias'Spud ' Murphy , the
Homcstako train robber.A special venire
was issued by tlio court to the sheriff , order
ing twenty-four suoulul jjiro s to bo in at-
tendnnco at 10 o'clock to-morrow morning.
An application for postponement was made
by the defense on account of tha abscnco of
a material witness , but was denied by tlio
Short $20OOO ,
CHICAGO , Dee , 5. It is'roportcd that Frank
Hates , clerk for B. I * . Hutchlnson , the board
Df trade operator , Is missing , und that his
accounts are fJO.OOO short , John Lonergan ,
settling clerk for Hutchlnson , is also said to
. )0 ) missing , and it is supposed that there was
i conspiracy between them. Their associates
imong the young men oil the board 6ay that
: hey lived at a very fast rate"
Dakota's Statehood Convention *
JAMESTOWN , Dak. , Deo. 5. There wcro
'ully two hundred and fifty delegates in at-
ondanco upon the convention to doylso
neaus for securing early statehood for North
Oaltota. The dulcgatos will insist that the
muio of North Dakota bo retained.
Ilobboel l\y u Hired Man.
NubtUSKA City , Neb. , Deo. ) 5 , ( Special
Tplcgram to Tim BEI : . ] During the absence
if John Stlllihan , u farmer near Delta , John
I'rorichs , n hlrod man , robbed tup family of
; 323 and loft for parts unlcuowu.
Big Crowds Attend the Opening o
the Now Bridge.
The Celebration Closed Wltli a Ilnn
tiuot to the Nebraska Visitors
A Fatal Shootint ; Afl'rny
at Arcadln ,
A Great Day in Sioux City.
Stoux CITV , In. , Dec. 5. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : BCK.J The formal opening o
the now railroad bridge across the Missoui
river hero was celebrated to-day. In re
eponso to invitations Issued by the Slou
City Jobbers' association , free trnnsportntloi
being furnished , about three hundred conn
try merchants from towns i'i northern Nc
brasltn , nro In the city. There nro 100 rallrom
officials hero. They mainly represent Slou :
City lines , but there are n number of prom
Inent railroad men from Omaha , Chlcagi
nnd St. Paul. The test of th <
bridge occurred nt 11 o'clock. Hnl
an hour earlier a train of ten coaches , flllei
with visiting merchants from Nebraska
Siouv City Jobbers und the local recepUoi
committees , proceeded from the union uepo
to the bridge. Tins train was followed b :
another train of seven special coaches , bear
ing railroad men , including the spccia
coaches of General Manager Winter um
General Superintendent Scott , of the Chi
cage. St. Paul , Minneapolis & Ornahn ; Gen
erul Manager Whitman , of the Chicago S
Northwestern , nnd General Manager Burto
the SlouxCity& Pacific. The tests were untie :
direction of General Superintendent Scot
nnd Chief Engineer Morrison. A test trail
of eight heavy engines was first nnssed ovei
the bridge , seven deflections being taken am
all uroved satisfactory. Then , the test train
storting from the end of the trestle on thi
Nebraska side , was rushed over the bridgi
at the rate of fourtvon miles an hour. Th <
lest showed that the bridge surpasses tin
standard for which it was designed. The
visitors In the city nro now beingenlcrtainei
at banquets , the Nebraska merchants at one
hotel nnd the railroad officials nt another
The visitors leave on the early trains to
The Sioux City bridge was built nnd i ;
owned by the Chicago & J-orthwnsler.i nm
the Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis & Oninht
railway companies. It was built under c
charter granted by congress in 1872 to u loca
organization , nn important condition thcreol
being that the bridge should ba open to al
railroads for use at a "reasonable compensu'
tion , " to bo ilxcd in case of dispute by'the
secretary of war oiby congress.
This charter was transferred to the two
companies named May 11 , 1SS7. A bill for t
bridge charter in their Interest had Just been
defeated in congress by Sioux City influence.
They stipulated to complete the bridge with
in two years.
Work began the first week of August , 1887 ,
nnd the last stone on the last pier was laid
October 24 , 18SS. The entires work involved
in the bridge , including trestles , approaches ,
etc. , embraces four miles of track on both
sides of the river. The bridge itself consists
of ono approach span on tbo cast side of the
river and four main spans of 400 feet each ,
all made wholly of steel" and resting on one
abutment , and five main piers of tbo best
kind of granite , the spans together having
a length of aG77-Xoet The .four west piers
art ) on pneumatic foundations , and the cast
ono on piles. The three river piers are each
144 foot high , reaching ninety 1'cct below aud
fifty-four feet above an average stage
of the water. This is ten feet
below the deepest pier previously built
in the Missouri river. Tuo piers rest on
gravel. They nro 28x00 feet nt the bottom
and 0x80 feet on top. They weigh 7,300 tons
each. Tlio two shore piers nro somewhat
shorter nnd smaller.
The bridge is of the Pratt truss typo. It
is designed to carry a moving load of 3,000
pounds to the lineal foot , or a continuous
train of the heaviest locomotives now built.-
It would require live time * such a strain to
break down the bridge. The height of the
span fifty-four feet above an average stage
of llio water permits steamboats to pass
under it. The top of the span is fifty-seven
and ono-half feet abpvo the top of. the piers.
The total cost of the bridge was'1,873,030. ,
Shot I5y a Countable.
CAnnoi.L , la. , Dec. S. [ Special Telegram
to TUB HUE. ] News was received here last
.night of a shooting affray at Arcauiu , which
resulted in the doiitb. of William Hunter , nt
noon to-day. There were but few witnesses
to the shooting , nnd the following details
wcro gleaned fi o n Constable Mulsoy , of
Crawford county , who is in the county Jail
hero o i the charge of doing the shooting.
William Hunter , the victim of the tragedy ,
has boon running a saloon in Vail , la. , until
a week ngo , ana was under sentence for
keeping a nuisaneo in Crawford county.
Monday evening Constable Mulsoy went to
Arcadia and served papers on him. Hunter
offered no resistance when arrested , but
asked permission to take leave of his wife.
But made good his escape , and
remained in hiding near Arcadia
until last night , when Mulsey
who suspected his whereabouts , discovered
him with his wife on the depot platform wait
ing for u train , with the evident intention of
escaping , As the tram pulled in at 11:45
Mulsoy stepped forward and ordered Hunter
to throw up his hands. Hunter threw him
violently backwards and started to rim.
Mulsoy started in pursuit , culling on him to
halt , instead of which Hunter increased Ills
pace , whereupon Mulsey llrcd. The ballot
sped strnight to the mark , crashing through
the back of the skull nud entering tlio brain.
Hunter staggered a few steps , fall heavily
mil was carried into the depot in nn uncon
scious condition nnd died nt noon to-eluy.
Threats were expressed ngamst the consta
ble , as it is thought by some that the shooing
ng- was uncalled for. Mulsoy expressed
jrcut relief upon arriving sufcly In Jail hero.
A Farmer's Skull Frnclurnd.
CBIIAK K.u'jiH , In. , Dec. C. [ Special Tclo-
jram to TUB Biu. : ] There was u bud ncoi-
lenthcro last evening on Third nvcnuo where
t is crossed byjtho Chicago & Northwestern
railroad , JUH. MoNamara , n well-to-do farmer
living near Fain-ax , ami his son cnmo to the
sity with two loads of grain. For some reason
they wcro late In getting away from town ,
caving hero about 7 o'clock. The father
I rove ahead , the son following In the second
vifgon. As the father was driving across
he railroad tracks the passenger , which
eaves the union depot nt : ' i o'clock , came
nto sight and struck the team. Ono horne
vns killed outright. The wagon was dam-
igod slightly and Mr , MoNnmur.i was prob-
ibly fulally injured. Ills head was badly
iruivcd , his skull boiii fractured , it Is
bought , and ho was otherwlso Injured. Tlio
ih.vNiclaii gave it UK his opinion that the in.
urcd man could not survive. Mr. Me-
Jnmara is about fifty-five years of ngo , is
'tic ' of the wealthy farmers of Linn county
nd is well known in thn city and county , "
Cattlemen In Convention.
IOWA CJTV , la. , Deo. 6. [ Special Tola-
Tarn to THE UBB. ] The State Short Horn
ssoclutiou closed its annual meeting hero
o-day , selecting JumcsVilson , president ,
'ico Judge Nourso , who refused longer to
Brve. The Improved Fine Stock association
f the stale- mot this morning with a good at-
; ml unco. Vioa Chancellor McCain , of the
iw school of the state university , delivered
10 address of welcome.
I'olltlual Talk : In low.i.
WATKIILOO , fa. , Dee , 5. [ Special Tetosrara
) TUE BBBA | prominent republican mom.
cr of the state executive committee said to-
ay that In the event of .Allison entering the
jblnet , C.pflgressmuu D. 13 , HemlerMu
in the direct line of succession , though
Governor Larraboo , now stronger than ovoi
with the people of the state , might , it h
chose , become a dangerous competitor. Tin
political talk of Into has connected Colono
Henderson's name with the gubcrnutorla
nomination next fall. Governor Shermnt
believes It will bo necessary to nominate om
of the strongest men In the party , such i
innn as Colonel Henderson , to carry th
state. Colonel Henderson , however , ha
more than once said ho would not bo a candidate
didato for governor under any circum
Killotl lly tlio Car.- ) .
Dr.s MOIXE * , In. , Dec. 5. [ Special Tele
gram to TIIK BIIB.J A Tainn City spccla
says : A young lad imtned L , A , Mason , em
ployed ns telegraph messenger , went to thi
railroad yards last night to deliver u mcs
sage. It is supposed that ho attempted te
ride upon a passing freight , for when missci'
nnd searched for ho was found terribly mu
tilatcd with ills head severed from his body
A Freo-For-AII
MASON CITV , In. , Dec. 5. [ Special Tele
pram to TUB Bui : . ] A drunken row whlcl
almost ended in u riot occurred noarKoi-kwi'l
last night. At a turkey rnlllo at Charle
X.orrctt's a dispute arose , and to Rettlo mat
nil Indulged In u general row. During tin
fracas iCerrctt was nttnckrd nnd was poundo
ami lacerated BO bad that recovery Is doubt
ful. Ono arrest bus been made and other
will follow.
Tlio Tripoli Well.
Triirou , la. , Dec. 5. [ Special Telegram t <
Tnu Ben. j The flowing well , discovered b ;
Occident a few days ago , continues to bo thi
wonder of this section. It sends forth a tor
rent of water of a bluish lingo and stroui
smell. A six-Inch pipe has been inserted inte
the well , nnd it suouts o\tt nt the rate o
llfteun barrels a minute. It much resemble !
the famous Belle Plaino well.
To Hcprcsont the State.
Dns MOINES , la. , Due. fl. Governor Lar
rahco has appointed John A. ICasson to rep
resent the stnto of Iowa at the centennial
celebration of the Inauguration in Nun
York on April 30 , 1SS9.
Cut OIT Both Foot.
Cniuu KxiniM , In. , Dec. 5. [ Special Tele
grain to Tun BCK. ] A switch cngino rar
over Magglo Gallagher , aged twenty , this
evening , cutting oft both feet. Sha will die.
And Is the First Ono ol" the 1'arty tc
Brine Down a Rirtl.
IxniANAi'oMs , Dec. 5. General Harrisor
nnd party left at 7:30 : this morning over the
Indianapolis , Dccatur & Springfield road in n
special car. The exact destination was un.
known to any ono outside of the party except
the railroad ofllcials. It is believedhowever ,
that the first stopping place was Dana , in
Vcrmillion county , sovcnty-flvo miles due
west of Indianapolis , nnd only nbout five
uijles from the Illinois state lino. The ? pnrtj
alighted and spent the day breaking the
brush for quail , prairie liens and rabbits. It
was the express desire of General Harrison
that no reporters or correspondents should
accompany the party , but three special cor
respondents followed them , taking the rctju-
lar express train westward. The General
will sleep to-night in n farm house near Dana ,
The party will return to this city some time
to-morrow night.
It is expected that Lev ! P. Morton , vice-
president elect , will be in Indianapolis early
next week to-calL-uion General Harrison ,
Ho will probabo acorapanied-by his wifc
and two'or throe'ot'"tho , 'prominentiTopubl
cans of Now Yorit. ' * " .
Kussoll Harrison received a telegram from
Colonel Pierce to-night , saying that General
Harrison was the first member of the party
to bring down a bird , and that they enjoyed
n flno humors' dinner at a farm house and
a gooel and successful day's sport.
Secretary Bayard Says Ilaytl Must
Glvo Up Jlor Prize.
NEW Yonic , Dec. 5. [ Special Telegram to
TJiiEllBC. ] A letter from Secretary Bay
ard to the owners of the steamer Huytlou
Republic , which is hold by the Huyticns ns a
prize , having boon condemned for running
the blockade , was made public yostordny.
The secretary declares the seizure illegal
nnd states that an American man-of-war will
bo sent to Port-au-prlnco to demand the
steamer's release. Admiral Ghernrdi thinks
the coryetlo Galena will be sent. Secreinry
Bayard wrote Iho agents of the ill-fated
American steamship that the validity of the
seizure and of Iho subsequent proceedings of
the alleged condemnation of the Ilaytlon Re
public cannot bo admitted. "I have so In
formed Mr. Preston , the Haytien represent
ative at this capital , " writes Secretary Bay
ard , "who lias been instructed by his gov
ernment to refer the case of the Haytien Ito-
publlo to the government of the United
States. "
Mr. Austin , the ngont , sold the owner of
the ship would leave everything to the gov
ernment now. Ho said : "Wo shall bring
suit against tlio Hayticn government. Under
General Lcgitlmo the passengen-s wore ill-
treated. One of the crew has died of yellow
fever while on board at Port-au-Prince , nnd
the lives of nil the 'oilicors nudcrew have
boon endangered. "
Mr. Preston , Ilnytlcn minister , received
the official communication from the state de
partment Saturday , nnd was reading it when
a reporter called , "I think It would bo-very
Improper for mo to make publlo tlio ofllcial
communication which I have with your gov-
ornmcnt , " ho said. Uhornrdi , commandant of the
Brooklyn navy yard , said : "If the navy
department decides to send a ship U ) H-ayti ,
there is the c-orvotlo Galena , which can bo
Lfot In readiness on short notice ; , and Is un
-'file-lent little ship. "
A Card From General Klinriiinn ,
NEW Yoiuc , Doc. 5. [ Special Tolo ram to
Tin : Bun. ) General Sherman published the
Following card this morning :
\Vhitelaw Hold , Rjq. I und my family are
now returned , from St. Louis , having de
posited Iho conincd body of Mrs , Sherman
icur "our Willie , " al Iho spot chosen by
) urnolvos m 1SIW , renfllrmod in ISbU , nnd of-
.en spoken of BH a matter of course between
us.Vo have followed to the minutest par-
.Iculnr her every wish. Every member of
ny own family and hor's , the Kwlngs , are
wntcnt , for no mortal was over bettor lire-
mred to put on Immortality than Mrs. Sher-
nan , Of COUI-HU , being the elder und sub-
eclcd to harder strains , I expected to pro-
-cdo her , but It Is ordained otherwise. In
luo limo I will i-esutno my plueo by her nido ,
ind I want my friends , especially my old sol-
Her friunds , to know that they shall nut bo
uxod ono cent , fur I have made , or will
niikii. every provision. 1 huvo received by
eli'graph , mail , card , nnd every possible way ,
lumlreds of Kind , tiympathctlo messages ,
ill of which have been road by myself and
liililrcn. To muko suitable replies to all IB
Imply Impossible , and I otter thu above as u
[ cnoriil aiiHiver.
Another Hullroael
ST. Louis , Dec. 5. The St. Louis , Qtiinry ,
) mahu & Sioux City railroad company ,
yiiich wai incorporated a few day * ago
lected the following board of directors : P.
5 , Stearns , Now York city ; F. A. Scott , J.
) . Uiclmrdson , J. L. Holmes and Josiuli
'ojrg. St. Louis ; J. L Bishop , Quiney , 111. ;
I. iC. Thui-ber , George M. llnrd , A. B.
/levoland and Theodore Weed. Nuw York ;
. li. Uoot'o ana James F. Peavy , Koux
: lty. F. H , Stearns was elected urc.ilitunt ,
, 0. Richardson , of St. Louis , vice presi-
cut , and Theodore Weed , Now Yoik , sec-
clary und treasurer. Tlio capital stock is
I2OUOOUO , and the company's object is to
tyn , control and operate u through line from
it. Louis to Sioux City by way of Qiilncy.
Innnlbul undOmalia. This new line will
pen up un entirely now territory to Hi ,
, ouis , which will DO established a > .h < i u-.r
ilual iiolQl ufld b.ttadu.imneri ol tuu ) .oul , .
The Council Qangr Expoot to Pun *
ish the Mayor.
Ford and Mnnvttlo Say That the <
Schcnio Will Ho Sprung To-
llcuhol Hofuses to I
Uo Interviewed , j
For the Mayor- 5
The proposed impeachment of Mayor
Broatch nt the council meeting to-night was
thu talk of the city hist evening.
Loenl politicians mot In group * In Ed ,
Mailer's nnd upon other hunting grounds
wherein the gang are wont to meet for the
purpose of holding Infortnal caucuses and <
where Jobs uro put up against those whom
they are inclined to down. '
The sachems , however , wore conspicuous 'l
by their absence , nnel considerable difficulty
was encountered In trotting down to bed rock ;
fue-ts upon the subject of the mayor's 1m- .
pending Impeachment. Whenever a city ' \
father would bo spoken to upon the mailer ' *
ho would become as close ns a clam and no '
mutter how ingeniously the subject was in- \
troduccd , the inviirlnblo reply was "I don't ' 4
know miythliig uboul it ; see Uechcl , Mim- |
villo or Pat Ford. "
Whllo on the Journey to Councilman Ij
Ford's resilience ) Tin : HUB man met a prom * ' ]
incut citizen at the Miljard hotel , nnel from
him learned that there was no doubt but
what every nerve would bo put forth to ' "i
cfTcct the arraliignmcnt of Mayor Hroutcn , t
this evening. '
"Although I cannot say to-night , " said the \
gentleman In question , "Just what shape *
these charges will take against Broatch , yet , |
I know positively thut Bcchel and his supporters - \
porters will try to give the mayor a ' ;
Roland for the Oliver ho gave them
in the Fourth ward on thoday of the prltunr- j
ics. Pat Ford and his clique are furious
over the dufcat of Bcchol , in whom the bood- <
lera huvo always found , as president of the \
council , n pliable presiding olllcef and n ready V
tocjl to assist in raking In municipal Jack pots. J
It is n notorious fact that while preserving
nn nnpcarnnco of impartiality und bonliomlo i
in his capacity as president of the council , " :
Bcchel has been llko Joey Dngstock , sly -J
devilish sly.sir'and has been nblo oftentimes - ,
times to frustrate the efforts , in debute , of 4
clean handed couiicilmou who wished to call *
atlcntlon to the glaring municipal shortcom
ings , by giving the floor to Ford , Manvillc '
and others , nnd by this means neutralizing ,
Iho actions of the men who nro honestly tryIng - ;
Ing to servo their constituents. Bechcl is
knocked out , and his effort to get the mayor $
Inlo trouble is n sort of reprisal for the do- j
feat of that gentleman. "
Councilman Ford's residence wns visited
Mr. Forel was uttirod in the scantiest of 1
raiment , and his replies to the reporter were ' \
brusque in delivery.
"Is it true Mr. Ford that Mayor t
Broalch is about to bo impeached ! " asked
the reporter. . ; j
"Yes sir I" replied the councilman , "it is v
true. The papers are all drawn up unel - '
ready to bo presented 1"
"By whom nro they drawn up , nnd when '
will they be produced J" >
"Mr. Bcchel nnd his friends hnvo got the \
papers ready nnd they will bo placed before ft'
the council to-night. " was the reply.
When asked if ho himself was taking an
active pnrti In the proposed Impeachment ,
lIr. Ford said "No ; put thero.'aro/ plenty of
other of Mayor Broatcho's friends , who have .
to bo heard from. " Mr. Ford saiel prostitu
tion of the flro and police department at tha
primaries would bo the ground of complaint.
Councilman Manvlllo's house on Franklin
street was next visited , and after consielor-
able difficulty the gentleman from the Sixth *
was seen. Ho admitted having heard of the
contemplated nction of Mr. Bcchel PS against
Iho mayor , but said ho know nothing of Ills
own knowledge. The mayor's energetic ac
tion at the primaries against the president of
the council was considered by Mr.
Mnnvillo to bo sufficient foundation for
indictment. When reminded by the reporter
that the mayor had n perfect right to par
ticipate in an election as a private citizen ,
Mnnvillo answered : "Yes , but ho had no
right to bring thu police and Uro department
out in plain clothes lo work for Ins friends. "
Pressed upon this point , the councilman said
that the uiuyor had slated to him that ho
would devote all his energies to downing
Bcehcl in tlio Fourtli ward. Mr. Mnnvillo
said further that Chief Galligan
had protested lq Mayor llro-atch
against his men being u cd for electioneer
ing purposes , aud llmt all the satisfaction re- ' 4
ceivcd was to bo told to "shut your mouth , i
for I'm running the Ilro department. "
Councilman Boe-hcl's rosidoneo on Twenty-
sixth street was next visited , but the honor
able gentleman was suffering from n severe
cough , and declined to bo Interviewed.
The HolioP Exjmwiod That. An Indict
ment Will Ho Ktiirne > el. , Dec. 5.Tim federal build
ing was crowded to-day with witnesses sum
moned to appear before tho. federal grand
| ury now in vcssion. All interest renters
upon the prosecution of what is known ns
Iho "Dudley case. " The opinion is openly
axprcssuU about the court house that an in-
.lictmunt will certainly bo returned In this
case. The positive instruclloiis of tlio court
( District Judge Wooda ) feinting to the viola-
Lion , or udvico to others to violate the elec-
Uon laws , is what convinces many that the
iu ry will find a bill ugamst Colonel Dudley.
iV United Stntcs nmr.shal'H warrant tor his
irrcst was issued two day * nfti'r the publica
tion of "tho blocks of flvo" letter , fculel to
liavo been written by Dudley. Tills warrant
is still out , and will bo hold ready for iiiHtant
icrvle'o until nn indictment is i-i'iiirncd
igninsl him. The letter , of cour e > , will bo
.ho basis of Indictment in caiu there is one.
ST. Louis , Dee 5. Tlio American nswla-
Ion of base ball bull clubs elected the folleiw-
ng ofilcers to night. They uro : President ,
icurotury and treasurer , Whnuler C. WiliolT ,
Jolumbusj vleso president , John \V. Sponrs ,
Cansus City ; chairman , Chris , Von dor Aha.
U , Louis , Columbus , Ohiu , was admitted
o tlio association in place ol Cleveland , ro-
Igncd to enter the icagiio.
A Ktrunt Cur and ICnclin. Collide- .
DCTIIOIT , Mich. , Dec. -Shortly after
teen to-day a switch cngiiio ran into nnel
omiilotcly demolished u btrcot car on the
Irogfian Bli-Qct crossing. The putsengera ,
Ight or ten In number , wore nil more or less
njured , and two of thwnMm. . Mury Honk.
nd John Si-onlous will probably dio. The
fciitcnt was caused by the llagiimn neglect-
ijj to close the gates.
The Slave ) Ti--idnin Blookndc ,
XAN/.IIIAII , Dec. ,1. The Jtijllan Bhlp Dogl ! !
UH Joined in thn Hlnvu trading blockade .
'ho ' situation on the German twit. I | t > exceed-
igly fravo. ; The bowing season him arrived ,
ut thu colonislfi mu id ) no utK.'inpi to cultl-
ate Die luiid for fcur of an insurgent nt-
ick. The nntlvejs refuse to work , beeaneo
ley nre afraid of be < ing ciiptnrcil and sold as
aves. Thoic is danger that u famine will
The Lonti HfirliMiiyiimntnlii ,
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