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ui PICK. NO in rp.Aitij siuHirr.
J illtntiitirrnrrKr in Anv Pnrt of the City n
TlMinty ( tuts I'tr\Vtek.
II. W. 11I.TON . M.\N\Oiit. :
iii.r.i'iinNisi : :
Hr isr. - On u E No. < ) .
MMIT r.iuinii ,
N. Y. Plumbing company.
( oal and wood. r.K.Mnync , < ilO B'wny.
Llegant overcoatings at A. HeiU-r's ,
incichant tailor , : IH ) Broadway.
Best bard and 'oft and Missouri
wood. K. 1' . Ma.Mie. ! > H ) Broadway.
Q.\Ir. and Mrs. Charles "WINon will en
tertain friends Thursday evening In
honor of Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Hend-
1 icks.
The district com t resumed its grind
on the case of Stewart vs. city , jester-
dav morning , which was unfinished lasl
cveiiing. It will probably bo submitted
mine time to-daj. after which the trial
of criminal cases will bo resumed.
"Paul Slebold has rented a place on
Upper Broadway and placed on cxhibi
lion the remarkable fungus curiosity
in the shape of n human hand , rccontij
found beneath his house on Madison
Mreet. The < 'urio-1tj was on exhibition
for several dnjs in the window of Till
Bii. : olllce.
Special services will be bold at Salva
tion Army hall to-day and to-morrow
i ondnc ted b\ Major Dale. To-morrow
evening ' supper will be
served in the hall from oj.'iOto S o'clock
to which all are iaited. . An admission
fee of tweiity-ihe cents will oe charged
ill the door.
Citj Attorney Holmes' report on the
ga ordinances is so complete that it
would bo well to have it introduced nsa
text book in the public schools. Unit by
properly educating the rising genera
tions , there will lie an end of the be
wildering ( inestions and perplexing
theories as to how a gas company in the
Blutls can secure an exclusive and
vtrrual right to charge the people about
three prices for gas.
The new road leading into Fairmounl
park will be completed to-day , and will
be one of the greatesl improvements yet
lidded to Ibis beautiful resort. The new-
road is cut in from Graham avenue , and
bj follow ing up the heads of ravines
find a system of cuts and lills leads into
the ptirk by a delightfully winding
drl\e on a grade but little , if any.
steeper than that of Madison street.
The new drive will be greatly appre
ciated by all those who have occasion to
i-ntor the park' witn vehicles of any de
It .seems very strange that the Union
Pacilie company fails to provide proper
accommodations at the Broadway depot
especially as the suburban service be
tween the Hlutl.s. mid Omaha is one of
the best pajiiig branches of their whole
business. Notwithstanding the im
mense amount of travel over the" dummy
trains , the mo-,1 meager accommoda
tions are furnished at the duininydepot.
There are no water closets provided for
the public , and the policeman who
happens to be on the Lower Broadwnj'
beat and lias to visit the depot on the
arrival of each dummy , is called upon a
ilo70n times a day to 'inform inquiring
passengers that the company makes no
prov isions of that kind. A duo regard
for the comfort of their rations should
induce the company to make these nec
essary impiovcmcnts at once.
Dr. Cleaver. North Main st. Tel. M7.
See \V. C. Stacy's ad.
For Exchange For dry goods , SOO
ncrcs line lands. No ineumbrancc. Title
perfect. Will put hind in at low liguro.
Call and see us. C. U. liivostniont Co. ,
IS'o. 10 1'earl St. , Council Blulls , la.
Money loaned at , L. B. Crafts & Co.'s
loan olllce , on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
and all other articles of value without
removal. All business strictly conti-
Dr. C. C. Ilazon , dentist , opera house
\V. S. Cooper has cash on hand to loan
on approved city property , Is'o. HfO
Main sUcot.
Mated For JAR :
The marriage of Mr. Andy Mahoney ,
of South Omahii , and Mrs. Lizzie Luet-
x.inger , ( neo Merger ) of this city , took
place at the residence of the latter , No.
607 Knst 1'ierco street , at 5 o'clock Mon
day afternoon , Rev. T. J. Muckoy ofli-
riatinir. A reception tootoplace after
the ceremony. Tlioro wore about sov-
onty-lho present , including guests from
both sides of the river. There wore
numerous and appropriate gifts. Mr.
Mahoney is a young contractor of South
Omaha. Tlio nrido has many friends
here , having lived'in this city since
Improved anil vacant property in all
parts of the citj ; 110160 feet on Glen
avenue , east front , a bargain ; business
property on Broadway and Fourth
street. R. P. Ollicer , North Main
street , DoVol's block , Council Ulu-ITs.
"Pickled trlpo and pigs' feet at Tib-
bittb , Hlo Uroidvvay.
Weather strips at Cliapinnn's art store.
Notice the beautiful Mnish given col
Jars , cull's nnd shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
Loans made on city business and rosi-
donci ) property. Notes bought. Kim-
ball-Clmmp Investment company.
k Hco Forrest Smith's special column ,
j ?
Illinois and Iowa best soft coal , Glea-
$011,1 ! Pearl street.
Illiliir ! | ilni Hospltnl.
The Indies of the W. C. A , hospital
acknowledge the receipt and express
their appreciation of the generous
Thanksgiving oirerings , including 810
fii cnsh colloutcil t the union service
In the Presbyterian church' , ? li from
Bt. Paul's Kplscojwl church ; a half bar
rel of colToo , a like amount of sugar
from T. J. Kvans ; aciiho of eggs from
tlioM. li. church ; turnips , Ffiiiashosnnd
ix barrel of apples from Mrs. Jr. Gordon.
Mits. ,1.11. ATKINS , Treasurer.
Wo have nn competitors in flnishsng
collars , ouils and shirts. Cascade Luun-
Ury Co.
All grades t > oft coal , C. 13. Fuel Co.
S. B. Wudaworth & Co. loan money.
The llnlsh on oar collars , cuffs anil
fliirta cannot bo equalled. Gaseiulo
Laundry Co.
All grades hard coal , C , D , Fuel Co.
See Forrest Smith'a special column.
Hock Spring coul , Oleiison , CO Pearl
Unreal us in roul estate in nil parts of
the city , W. S , Cooper , 180 Main street.
Moro Than Ono Company to Bid on
the Incandescent System.
City Clerk Itnrkc K\i > lnln < Abonl ( ins
Tin- Hoard of Trnile SllxtI
CiiKos in I'oticn Court
Happily \Veilileil.
Ilie nirvtrlo lilt-lit PlntitH.
Mr. Johnson , of the Uriibh Klcctric
Lifjht eoman.of ] ) . Chicago , appeared
before the city council Monday ;
in behalf of his ooinp.inj , to secure the
necessary ponnib-uon to operate a plant
in this city. Mr. Johnson ittitcd that
hia company desired no honors or ex
clusive franchise , but simnh wdojrt the
right to use the streets for conductinir
their wires about the city , to furnish
cheap litjht to the eiti/ens. The price
would be < " > < ) cents a month for each
light of sixteen candle power , if run
until 10 o'clock , and 70 cents per month
if run until midnight. The council did
nothing In regard to the matter , and it
is understood that the aldermen are not
very enthusiastic over the allair.
D'uring the \isll of Mn.\or Kohrer ami
Alderman Lacy at lailuo-v : they
looked the of electric lighting
over stem %
ing in USQ in that eity , and express
themselves as very much in favor of it ,
and are rather partial toward the es
tablishment ofRich a system in this
eity. Tim lights are so arranged that
they can be turned on or oil like gas at
any hour of the day or night , and arj
furnished at even lower rates than those
olforod by Mr. Johnson.
It is claimed that the system possesses
great advantages over the Uriish , in
that it is always ready for n-o , while
the latter would necessitate the addi
tional use of gas or oil if light was de
sired after midnight , or during a dark ,
cloudy day. The gentlemen above re
ferred to are so enthusiastic
over the sy-lem that they will
undoubtedly ask tlic Oiltaloo > a company
to bid for furnishing a similar plant in
this eity. It is quite probable that all
bids solicited will be for such a plant as
this , rather than for one to bo used only
during the evening.
Steps will bo taken immediately to
secure an electric lighting plant that
will furnish incandescent lights to resi
dences at a reasonable rale.
The citollicialh in ijuwsing any more
ordinances should see to it that the city
is given the privilege of ordering all
poles icinoved. and wires placed under
the ground. Already there are so many
poles and wires as to make it apparent
that in after years a change may be
J.G. Tipton bargains in real estate.
The Council BlulTs Investment com
pany arc now prepared to loan money on
real estate on lirst mortgages at lowest
rates. Have several acre tracts to sell.
Two 10 acre tracts for platting , ono ! " > ,
one 3. ' { and one 17. Also houses and lots
in best locations in the city at lo.v fig
ures and on easy terms. Call and see
us. .Room 10. 1'earl street.
For Sale First class grocery stock
and fixtures. Will take part Council
Bluffs properly. Council Bluffs Invest
ment Co. , room 10. Pearl' st. . Council
Blulls , la.
The Council Blufls Lumbor'Co. want
you to try sonic of their coal.
_ _ _ - . -
Sleigh bells , sleds and skates.
O JIL & UIIYANT , 513 Main st.
The Double King Unlinnnoi * .
City Clerk Burke , who has occupied
that position for nearly twenty vcarrf ,
has tit last discovered how it was that
the Swift gas ordinance was never in
corporated in any of the compilations
of city ordinances heretofore published.
The first book was compiled by Babitt
& Carpenter , previous to the issuance
of that charter , which was granted
March 30 , 1S70. The next was compiled
by I. W. Itoss , and the charter was in
borne unaccountable manner overlooked.
Later compilations were largely copied
from the Ross edition , and the
Cone ordinance , which appeared in
that , was copied in all later
editions as the one now existing and un *
der which the present gas company
does business. Squire Burke says that
the Swift ordinance failed to appear in
the Kcatloy compilation , which was re
jected because it contained all ordi
nances ever .passed , those that were ob-
boloto as well as the e in force. Itseems
that the Swift ordinance has been over
looked on all occasions , thus giving rise
to the belief that the Cone ordinance is
now in force. The city clerk states that
thio impression is entirely erroneous.
His idea is that the Cone ordinance was
forfeited according to its own
terms when the company failed
to begin work at the specified time , and
the Swift ordinance distinctly speeilios
that "all ordinances are hereby re
pealed. ' ' Another argjunent advanced
by Mr. Burke in supporlnf hisnsbortion
is that Mr. Swift and his ni-aocintcs
began the work of putting in the pres
ent gas plant , and they wore followed
by Mr. Joel F.ntun , who has remained
in the capacity of manager of the gas
company up to the present time. This
would go to show that the present com
pany is doing business under
Lho Swift ordinance , which docs
not expire until March HO , lbIO. !
Tlowo\or , the council does not propose
to wait patiently for the expiration of
the ordinance , whether it bo the i-'d of
February , 18SI ) , or March ! ! 0 , 1W10 , Intl
will take immediate steps to repeal the
charter and advertise for bids for a now
plant , as suggested by the city solicitor
in bis report. It IB intimated that Mich
i move would have been made at the
last meeting of the council if the book
containing the old ordinance had been
on hand , but it was in the possession of
City Solicitor llolmus. It is stated on
good authority that an attempt will bo
undo to consummate the move at the
meeting to bo held to-morrow evening.
Have our wagon call for your boiled "
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
Sec Forrest Smith's special column.
Money loaned on fumituro , pianos ,
liamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value at low rates of intorcbt. No
publicity ; fair and honorable dealing.
A. A. Chirk & Co. , oflteo cor. Broadway
and Main , over American express.
QTIm .Special Admired by
Tho-now "Cioldun Onto special1 to
run botwco n this city and Sn'i Fran
cisco , arrived in this cltj from Chicago
cage at 0:1)0 : ) o'clock yesterday morning ,
rcsh from the Pullman shops. The
rain came in over the Milwaukee , and
was taken to the Pullman yards at the
rnnsfer. where the cars were all thor
oughly cleaned , and placed on exhibi-
ion during the afternoon , on the track
lut west of the depot. of
iurioua visitors thronged the cans dur-
ing the afternoon , admiring these mar
vels of comfort and elegant luxury , a
description of which appears elsewhere
In this issue.
The train will leave this morning on
its llrst western-trip. Ilngino No. H'-J"
will pull the special out of this cit\ % ,
having been prepared for the occasion.
The round trip will bo made in lc" <
than a week , mid the "Golden Unto'
will roll into the transfer again next
Tuesday , after its llrst trip of nearly
four thousand miles.
Poor Pepper In n I'lekle.
Thu chi'stnntl.v expit'ss racket , In its nio t
undent and threadbare form , was nignin MIC
russftill.v wuikoJ In our city 1ml uvuainiroii
mi inisoplilstiiated .lining pumpkin hunker
from Nance county , N'cln-.tsltu. The tender
plant selected b\ the ( raj and festive 'eon
man is a victim suds under tins name of
Irvm Pointer , but the tears Unit dimmed Ills
t\vcs lust ovi'iimp vvuro not caused by his
own smartnpvi. According to Ids own Morj
I'upper liad lu-vur bufoio breathed auirlit but
the piMceful and icassiirinifatmotplieivif the
farm and nothing of tlunk-ceittul wiles
practiced bj wicked men In Onuilm and other
cities along the banks of the "Mli ; Muddj "
He started for Circe 11 connt.v , Iowi , on a
pleasure trip , seemingly drawn thither In
the stranuo nutuo , the meaning oC wuicn ho
did not know. Ai i ivlng in Omalu , he inuda
the iKvpiuintiuu'o of a pleasant stranger-n
most ticrcotiblo man. U Ilko incut lint an
old fncml In a strange land , and the two nn
bo oimil themselves to each othei in a must
sin prising manner. Thoj came to the trans-
ler. The stranger suddenly dlscnvoied that
be wis short of cash , and must ] iaj the ex
press charges on some pooils then In
the HluiYs , to Illinois , when ? ho
was ivturniiiR to bis old home.
lie had a chock for fU'u. Would Mr. Pepper
cash it for him' Could not. Well , xvoiihln t
be loan him a few dollars until he could pet
it cashed' Ot coin-so ho would , and ho did
K\vc \ up all his eaithly possessions , about ? ' . ' ,
Which was immediately turned over to the
expicss agent ( ! ) , who then appeared for the
lirst time. The stranger then ted to
Ret the check cashed , and poor Pepper is
sill ! waiting for him Chief Lucas was
nntitled and " 0311 succeeded in nncstinir the
bonus ex-picss aueut , and Omana olllcers
bagged his pal , who had immediately sought
Nebraska soil.
Pleaded With Hie
The souvenirs of Council BlutVs. pre
senting views of its principal streets
and outbuildings' , are being sent broad
cast by business men. The acknowl
edgments tire many , and they are all
plinsunt. The following is n fair
sample , received by darkness Uros.
from K. S. JalTray& Co. , who have
houses in Kuropo as well as New York.
' 'It gives pleasure to note the enter
prise and yeal displayed by yourciti-
y.ons in building up such a substantial
eity in the face of some natural and dis
couraging advantages. It shows that
you are made of the right kind of stuff ,
and hope you will continue to grow and
spread , until your beautiful blnil's are
covered with palatial residences , and
your broad , handsome avenues lined
with thriving and prosperous business
houses. ' '
Fine holiday goods for twenty da.\s at
prices that will surprise you. Call' and
be convinced. .1. U. Stewart's drug
store , OI0 ! Broadway.
A Mixed Orist.
The judicial mill a mixed grist to
grind in police court yesterday morn
ing. A. Petrel and John Berry were
each taxed $8 for taking tin overdose of
"Oh , bo joyful , " and William licnning
and Thomas Curtis were assessed $7.00
each on n similar charge.
Willitrn Thompson insisted that he
was not drunk and that there was not
enough- prohibition juice in Tow a to
knock him olT his pins. His case Was
continued pending an investigation.
l { . U. Maxon and Dielc Landou were
charged with disturbing the pence and
malicious trespass. Their cases weie
also continued.
If you want to stop paying rent and
buy a house and lot on monthly pay
ments , with warranty deed , call on C.
B. Judd , C0 ( > Broadway.
Personal I'nrniiraphs.
Hon. John Y. Stone , of Glemvood , arrived
in the city last evening , and is a guest at the
Ogdei ) .
Captain A. .T. Dyer , of the city police force ,
is laid up with a fever and unable to attend
to duty.
Mr. W. II. Beiiiis , of Davenport , state
manaaer of the Aetna life insurance
company , is in the city looking after
the business of his company. He .leaves
for a trip east this morning , in company
with thu local agent , Mr. K. C' . Smith.
Mr. P. Me Adam , of the paving firm
of McAdtim & Amborg , arrived in the
city jcsterdny morning from Chieairo.
' Mae" says that this is delightful paving
weather , mid far diiTerent from what
they have been having in Chicago ,
where they kept their men working1 for
the past three weeks in order to got
through the season work before a storm
set in , which is daily expected. His
lirm has just finished up a season's work
of over 1126,000 yards , a good share of
which was done in this city. He will
remain here several days to close up his
season's business.
The London "Tailor's" is the place to
get your clothes made. 037 Broadway.
I3uys hU cattle from first class responsible
linns , hiich us Swift & bon , or from first-
class farms , such ns N. M. 1'uscy's , and
othurH. No vvord-ont milk cows sold In this
market , ns has boon the habit In the markets
of Council Uliiffs heretofore.
1'rlco Hat ol our meats. Nothing but llrst
class fal beef , iioi If. mutton and veal :
cnxis rnii I.H.
Hoil Hcef . ! Hot
Corn liocf . , . n to 4
Khouhlor Steak . 5 to ( i
Shoulder Hoast . , . ! >
Hlb Hoast . (1
Standing 1'rlmo lib { Hoast . 7
Shoi t Porter House Steak . 0
Long 1'orior Hoiiho Steak . 10
Sirloin Steak . 10
Pork Hoast . b
Pork Chops and Steals. . . . , . t )
VcalSteak . 10
Mutton Chops . 10
Vual and Mutton Hoast . . . 10
Vciil and Mutton Stuvv . t
SiiRar Cured Hams . 11
Lard . lOtolii
Poultry , r l'i ' Hutter and Oysters con
stantly on hand Mince Mimls , Suucr Krout ,
Pickled Trlpo and Pljrs I1 cot at loivrct mnr-
hot price IJon't forget the number
\MllselI forr.i h :
Shoulder nnd Cuiick lloast . 5tofla
I'lline Hlb lluast . t > o
ChufkSU' k . o
Koiuul Bte.ik . HJ
SliloInb-lcaJf . 10o
1'orterhousoHtoak . lOo
liOllllltf UfBf . < 0
MuttonStcw . 60
Mutton Lees . fro
Corn Hff . < c
1'oik lloabt. . . 10o
I'oik Chops mid Steak . lOo
Lard , pur ow m make . . . 1-c
. to
All other mriiUliilbo hume luoiiortlon. Vieo
iWlvery. Ordcu sent by ihlldrun rocejvo
Httentlon nnd aie uoirertly tilled.
Unequalled nnd surprising Qnrgntns in
Cloaks ,
Olot.3a.i3a.gry Boots
At Henry Eiseman & CofsPeiipe9s ! Store
In order to give us an opportunity to rearrange our business for our new FOP 11
STOHY BLOCK , which we are erecting on the old Pacitie House .Site.
Customers will not waste their lime of they read what * ve ha'-o to say. Nor will
they be deceived when thej' come to see our goods and learn our'priees.
r.verjihing will bo found exactly na we saj . We offer n discount of I'Operoen
On everything we have in our house.
Now is jour time to buy.
Do not miss this opportunity. Low prices always make us buy and we are go
ing to make
We adopted this method of slaughtering our goods just one week ago , nnd the
result 1ms been that our STOUH IS CROWDED with customers all nay long , BO
much so that we have added
Extra force of Competent Salesmen ,
And Sales Ladies to wait on our customers.
People are coming from Omaha and from hundreds of miles to tnUe ad vantage
of this
Our regular prices have always been conceded to be the lowest ollered in the
west , and when ytni got 120-pcr cent , extra discount on your bill , sec what you are
saving by buying from us. Wo want to and must
For reasons above named. CALL AND SEE US.
Mail Orders receive prompt attention.
NOS. 314,316,318 , , 320 BROADWAY ,
imYANT & Cl.UtK'S
Telephone ! ' . . No. U Main Street.
For a Short Tim3 I Will Offsr
In I'ciry Addition to Council Itlulls on the fol-
lov\Jng Tumid :
InsliU- Lots on Ave. A t TOO . . . . . . MX )
Inside Lots on Ave. C 410
IniJde J.otson Plrst AVO rai
Inside Lots on Second Ave iiOO
Inside Lots on Third Avc r > ( l
Insldtt Lots on N. 8U1 Tourtli Ave . . . . 45U
lucido Loth on K SIde 1'ouith Ave . . . -UK )
JVAll Corner Lots Sil ) Moru
TEItMS Oiie-ti'utli cii li , biluiuo innlno annual
optional pavinents. vlth K jierrcnl In
Icrest. i > a > alilu annuiilly. Will nlve con-
tiait for warranty deed nnd furnish ab
stract ulitm lully paid.
w. siri > 8\Tonr ,
No. 8. Nottli Main St . Council lllulls. la. *
- ( oninotunt Kill for K
WANTUD-A . ) --7 South nth st.
TTUIPNI ) Almnchof new keys. Call nt lleo
_ _
III AVE sold my livery to Mr. Secdon.of Iov\n ,
and sold nil onttstundliiK accounts to ( ( mill's
Unison , and If there 1 * any bill iiKulnst mo not
settled , please Mind In your bill to mo , UI07
Dougliix St. , Umah.i , and I will ] > ay It. Win ,
TTldK ItlfNT-Modein 10 room liouse , No. X.-4
JJ Olltll ( All ht.
TJOOMS to lent Thrco ronms , Xo. T-.I Mi ftve.
Jit 1 1 out , loom , bay \\lndow , nicely furnished ,
do for Kimt nnd nlfu : runt cneai > . ( nil at No. ID , Council Jlluilu luvustmunt Co.
"fjlOH SAI.I3 Good 4-yonr-olil horse. Kcmloiind
J. ' sound , llninosinna toil biiKKX. Will hell
rhcnp on easy terms If hold ( .0011. Jwjulro t
IM.'tttti ht.
HUNT Good 8-room house with iinntiy
nnd closetHj mo tmirt'lcisturn ; Kooif burn
with Mtftlls for live lioraus. All In good repair.
W. C. Htacy , No. 0 Miiln Ht.
OR SALK For a short time , tlio entire -
Fc tire nddition known as "FAIR-
MOUNT" located on'tho hills be
tween lHh ! and Kith HVOIIUCH , three and
n hiilf bloulcH east Of . .Ms-n street and
tlio saino from the street car IIno , It
commands nn o.xtunsivo view of Omaha
anil Council Hlulls. This bcnutsful and
linoly locutod addition of forty-two lots
is offered at a prlco that will surely
inako the investor from 75 to 81) ) per
cent within two years. If you want a
faiiro thing- which you can begin gelling
at once at an advance of from 75 to bl (
per cent over what it cohta you , call on
or uddrcss II. G , McGop , 130 Main st. ,
or Forest Smith , at the Drown building.
Don't a bit why it IH ollored to low , hut
come and see thu property and be con
vinced that wo tell it loss than it is.
Those lots will sell now nt from WOO to
$500 each , Wo don't want that for
them. Remember this otter is only for
u short time.
Kooiu i , tlrd ricor. Drown Handing.
IRON and
$ > and
No. nil 'Main Strt ,
C'oiiiioil HluIVs , la.
Corruhiiondents Mi'iitlmj Tlilt IMiitr.
151-1 Douglas St. , Omaha , Not ) .
c. i : HULL. ( ! . A IHIItLINfJIIOr
Arcliitecfe , DosigneK and Simerinteiuleiits
of Constrncltoii
Mr. IlerlliiKlinf as SCMMI 3oin > llh
.Mrnilolt-Milin , rislicr ' I.o ry , nnd liii :
( li'slk'iiod nnuiy oMhc lines ! blochs
in Oinalia and Coiiiicll Itlulfi.
Plans and Specifications Ppreil and
Estimates made on Application ,
Stntlio , lioHin 2 Opci-ii J fount }
See him for lakes ; etc.
TO DEAL.EHS-A liberal discount
given !
No. 210 Main Street.
Tims. Ornn n. W. II. M. I'CM v.
Corner Main nn ' Ilroaduny ,
Cni'NOM. ' IJl.ri'M-'H , IOWA.
Healers In forclKH . .nil domestic cxdiaiusc.
Collections made ami 1'ite est ) > ald on tlmude-
Is equal vi
any High
Tlio Idl on .Mlraco.'ropn. Hie test npparutu for
uaiilfoldicii nutuzmphiu una ti > a vtriluitf vrork.
, UU lopletcan Liu luki > n
The Zseelsior Cc. , Council Bluffs , h.
No. 14 Pearl St.
No. 103 Main St. , Council Bluffs.
What is nli'or for n Chrixtinn1 * or New Year's pro enl than nn elegant Piuno or
Organ.Vi > have tan out j-five of the celebrated
Hardman , ft , B. . Chase , Fisher , Erot& ! Pease and Howard Pianos ,
On hand. which wo oil or nt a iucial discount of TTN' PKU 1'1'NT oil our regular
nrloei for Ou next TH1KTV 1)A\S.
\ \ > cm r.v tinlar fsi stock of small musical instrument's of every description
ninl hui > nmnv novelties suitable for jirosent . Oar stock of slico't music mid
luusio books is tin' latest anil most complete. lieinenilicr our entire stock of
\Vul In < > ld at cost , anil Ic-s than cost. It must be closed out rofriirdlos * of prloo.
N on \\ill liml nmti.N bargains. A souvenir yixon with over ) nurohaso.Voulm
HIM a In , t \\iihi\er\ $ j purchase on tin elegant I'iuno.Ori'iin , and other nrr/oa.
vsilloarl. } .
SN S !
\ Lot , Bryant & Clar , on Second avc.
\ Lot it Clark Third . .
, Bryant , on avc. - - -
| Q Lots , Perry's sd Add. , on Avc. C - - -
Q Lots , Benson's First , Avc K - - - -
Lot , Everett's Add. , Third avc. . . . - $ Q00
Lots , Fleming ifc Davis , Ninth and Tenth avc > s I inch
Call and See
c. j. COLBY ,
Masonic Temple.
DR. C. B. JUDD ,
No. 6O6 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
WANTED Good Salesmen on large commission or salary.
| Dl/ I M Dl M C Hydraulic and > > Engineer. Plans , Intimates ,
. DlnlMINDlML. " " SpLcificatioa-i. Supcm-ion of Public Work. Ilrovvn
Building , Council Ulufl's , Iowa.
CIMI L V DIlDl/ET Attorney at Law , Second Floor Crown Building , 115
rl.lLLY DUlllXL. " Pearl St. , Council DliifU. , Iowa.
N QPHHR7 Justice ol the Prace. Olllce over American E\picsf , No. 419
Uioadway , Council Blull's , Iowa.
CTHMIT i ? Cll\/l'7 / Attorneys at Law , Practice in the State and Fedora
OlUllL. GL OIIVIO" ' Courts. Olllce Rooms 7 nnd 8 , Slnigart-lJcno IJlock ,
Council III u flii , Iowa.
Mmnifnctururs und Wlioleiiilc Dutilurs in
re of .A.11 SSian-ds.
Ordoi-fa 1'ruiuptlj Killed nnd Dc-livorcd.
No. 635 Broadway , - - Council Bluffs.
Taxidermist and Naturalist.
Ponnnncntly located sit No. 11 North ( ith St. , opposite 1'ostoniee , on Motor
Line , Council Blutfb , Iowa.
If you have specinons ! don't v\iit : for prices. Homl them to him lioforo they
spoil. If you dent want thorn after they uro mounted , ho will \my \ you the
highest inai-Kct price for thorn. Will iiuiUo a spccinlty of hcaiK and drcssini ;
of furs during the vvinter.
25 TO 300
POWER , Mills and Elevators ,
-iirnn.ii. . . M , I estimates fuinlslieil for coinjilpto srram planti. Itognlatlon , Diiralilllty ( iimr-
uiitteil Can faliuvv atturs from UPtrs where fiu-1 Kconniny Is cijua ] with ( "orllst Noii-Conilenilni ; ,
E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Send for Catalogue. No.10 I'curl Street , C'ounuil Hlulfs.
- ) OFFICESl -
t'oivcil Mil Do Vol'B Stout , No. I O > uiu-Carontor | Paper Co. . No. Ill
M4 MJdtllo . aj. Telephone No. U7. | Uouflas Sticul Tolcphono No , 2iW.
taliM NoiCllles In
S , STEWART , M , D , , D , V , M ,
Tclcplionc No05. .
COUNUU , W.UI''F8 , ! i IOWA
D. H. McDAHELD & CO. ,
mdesTalloiilreltilWool&Fun ,
Uljhtot iimrli > t prlcei. Prompt roliir
uuil S-V M.ilu til. , i.'ouir.ll Ulufft , Jo