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Mills Thinks Thnt It Will Pass the
KrprosentnthrM lioiitcllo of Mnmo ,
niidrIho > iinHorilllnolsni'iilloiid
A Hill to Prevent I'ood Adultcr *
ntlon Hclnu Considered.
WASHINGTON' HiinnMt TiiKOvnn * . HRE , )
la rofllTKEVTIlSTIlRBT , >
'Jho senate committee on finance nl Its
meeting to day decided that the senate sub
Hlllulu for tbo Mills tariff bill , shall bo
pushed to a vote , and that II shall take prcc-
( dcnco over all other business before the
senate. At the Informal healing represent
atives of the culloij ami the cooperage inter
estswcro heard. Shortly before - o'clock
Senator Allison , for the committee , called
up the Hubititute , and asked Unit the formal
reading of iho bill bo dispensed with , but
Senator Vance , of Noith Carolina , objected ,
and tl.o clerk was p 'occodin with the read
ing , when Mr. Vance announced that the
object in dcmundhig thnt the bill bo read
wns to secure delay , ns It was desirable that
there should bo an understanding among
the democrats us to what amendments u ill
bo offered. This , ho said , could not bo deter
mined befoio J o'clock to morrow afternoon
Senator Allison said that the republican
members of the senate would not interpose
obstructions , under these circumstances , but
that they would bo willing lo giant the delay
desired , and with this understanding tliafun-
ale adjoin ncd until lo morrow. le-
publican mcmbcis of the senate committee
on finance informed jour cotiespondcnt this
afternoon llmt the programmo adopted pro
vlilcs that the bi'l ' shall bo first discussed bi
sections , and Unit amendments slnll booted
on seriatim. After Ibis is done it will again
bo considcied by sections and additional op
portunlty will bo given to amend. It is the
expectation of the republic ins that the final
vote will bo tulvcn before tlio holidays ,
unless tlicio nro evidences of factional
opposition on Iho p.ut of Iho democrats
It is not thought that the ilemociatic son-
ulors will try lo ohslruct , ami ns a conss-
IJUUIILO , those in cliaigc of the measure ex
pect Unit it will bo ready to send back lo Iho
house befoie the holidays The chances aio
that the bill w 111 bo modified in several im
portant paitieulais , which will win foi it the
hiippoi t of some of the southern dcmocrals
who voted for the Mills bill Among other
things pioposed is a modification of the sugar
schedule so Unit the cut on that stapla will
fall a little bolowr Iho figure proposed by Iho
bill as il camu from tbo finance committee.
Mr. Mills , chairman of the committee on
ways mid means , haul to d i.v th-it ho thought
that the son.ilo would send over to the house
a bill which would bo lil.ely to meet the ap
proval of ilia i opublic.ins .is a body , as well
us demociats. He said further that
ho thought the bill , or rather the biibslilute ,
would scenic enough \otca in the house lo
insure its passage.
Mr Mills diagnosis of Iho situation is en
doiscd b\ the it-publicans They say that
the scniitu bill will doubtless the
tobacco tax cntnely , and that if it does it
will ceitainh secuio the snppoit of a num
ber of the demociutic ! mcmbois from the
tobacco growing regions.
It is piudicluu that Iho senate bill will cer
tainly bccuro the suppoit of the cntuo ic-
pnblican side of ihe house , us well as the
votes of tbo four democrats , Sox\don , of
Pennsylvania , Hliss , Merrmtu und Grccman ,
of New York , who voted against the Mills
bill , as well as Handull , of I'cnnsvlvania , and
Foi mi , of Ohio , ono of whom was iibscnt mid
the othei did not vote when Iho bill came up
for action in the houso.
Jtiaingucd further that ns a reduction of
tbo surplus is ono of iho things for which
the doinocials have been contending , there
will be olhels fiom Iho mil Ibcrn and wesl-
ern states who will bo inclined to vote fpr
the substiluto , rather than bee Iho session
brought to an end without the accomplishment
of this object , rurther than this , these who
mipport the rcpuohcan view of tlic siluuliou
say , Hint the vopeal of the tobrcco tuxcj will
bo sure to bccmo the support of the members
from Noitb Carolina , Virginia and Ten
nessee , win fo constituents nio diiCctiy inter
ested in tobacco culture.
Among tlioso who aio counted upon as
suroto suppoit the substitute aioCowles
and . 'obnston ' , of North Caiolina , Wise and
OTarrell , of Viiglmu , and possibly Phelan
nnd Knloo , of Tennessee. Secncy , WilUlns
mid Foi nn , of Ohio , and Hull and ICt men-
trout , of Pennsylvania , are among the list
rmuUcd as sure to veto for iho bomite sul sti-
tuto , rathci than for no bill nt all.
Your eoncspondent made an effort to
nsccitain the due sentiment of the mcmlcis
of tbo house from the tobacco regions this
afternoon , towards the proposition of Iho
t-cnato While the nllonipt was not fruitful
in definite icsiilts , it was evident fiom tbo
talk of Ihouiombc'is seen , thai the icpubliciu
View of the situation is well founded , nrd
t bat there are six or eight democi alic iiicin-
bcmfiom the southern Htatos , who will sup
poit iinj measure which proposes to lelicvo
lliolr people fiom tlio burdens ot the tobiuei
tax , whether the tailtT upon
impoits Is cut in two or al
lowed to rcm lin i s It now
mists , Tor these reasons it s ems certain
that Ihe scmito bill will Im piusedbybjti
bouses at Ihw session , II erobv relieving
1 r tudent HiiU'Jsou of the necessity of call
ing an extra hcssion of congress
O e of the most potent la ( Ins In diawlng
thoc'emocials ' to Uio t.uppoit of the Rcnato
MilHtitut" is this fact , us an o\tui SQ-.SIOII
would depiivo several hundrus of their
fi lends of their places.
1OII M ( IIKTtlil Ol Till. VV\ \ .
Thciouietwo icpubltean mombeis of the
lioiu.c now who aio aUnicting even moro al-
tentioii than the tin co randidatcM for speaKer
of the Pifty lirst congiobs. They are Cnpt-
iiiii Houlello , of Mitino , and Captain Thomas ,
of Illinois. Their mimes aio being v < ty
fteuli used In Washington In connection with
the sccretari ship of the navy under Presi
dent lluulson Verynniio men high up in the
( oimcilrt of tlio I'.utj ' , and ( juilo a number
who have iccenlly talked to tbo piesidout-
c'lccl , believe thai one of these gentlemen
urn } ho culled to the may poiifoilo Hotb
aiu Hplcndid fellows and uithei would make
a good secretary of the n.iv.s. llotli luuu
fpleiulnl milltiiry records , Ciiplam llautullo
will bo fifty jours old on the lull of 1'obrii
nij. Ho Is n native of Iho Pine Ti co state ) ,
nn Intimate fiiend of Mr Hliiine , and heivcd
in the navy during the late war , Alter the
tioubte , which ended upon the surrender of
General Leo ul Appomltox , ho I etui ncd to
Ilia Btnto and was an editor until ho came to
tungrojtt mic.urt ago Ho has been a mem
bo i of the house cumnmtoo on nnvul aftaiis
for four i ours. Captain Tliomna is foi ty two
jcius old , and a nati\o of Illinois. Ho
nerved during ihu war of Iho lubellion with
crcat iivdit. uftciwaidb he became blatcs
nttorne.v , inul then came to uongicss ten
jeara nso , Buceceding Logan. He has for
six or eight ycius brcu a member of the com-
mlttco on naval atfairs , luis made n study of
marine and naval mullein , becoming nn ex-
pcil imvagntor , ill leant In theory , nml hus
ilrslgncd a number of cruisers ami men of-
\\iir , one nf which will bo adopted by the
government. Ho Is intensely popular , yeiy
tnniu'lous nnd would I'o very original weto
he in the position with which ho has been
connected b > tbo gossip \\ashington ,
There will bo a inciting of the house com
snlttuu on niM'icultuia next week for the pui-
puso of ngieoliig upon ono of the food milliter-
nlion bills , w Filch il is intended shall bo
luitiod to ullnal passasjo during the present
ictslou of contficss , Tlicio uro four or llvo
of Ihcso bills on Ihe calendar. ] \ > ine\oil
months during the last session thciewusa
thorp sXJitultiu over lucasuui cl this chri.iv-
tcr , nnd long investigations wore made bj
the npnoultiirnl committees of the two
houses The light Hist enmo up , anil in fact
is now being conducted , between the poik
packers and the compound lard inainitiutin-
cis , No matter what form the food adulter
ation bill comes up In it is a struggle to put n
stop lo tlio manufacture nnd sale
of compound lard , and pork p.u K -
eis in Hoston , New York , St. Louis ,
Omaha , and elsewhere , mo working to e-
euro the final adoption of some kind of u bill
on the subject The. south is urravdl in op
position to the proposition , boeius il means
u cessation of tbo consumption of cotton seed
oil , which goes into the composition of man-
fact mod lard Members of the hous" com
mittee suv one of the various bdln on the cal
ender will probably be pissed. Theic is a
special order giving two dn.vs to the com-
milleo foi Hie consideration of food adultera
tion bills , and one is to bo selected for eon-
sideintion among tlioso on the ealcndir.
Theio Is no nsstirinoe , howcvor. that the
senate will adopt the bill even If it passes
the house. The south Is to make a bitler re
in > v. mm p i u.
Hon. Alfied Uly , of Rochester , N Y , was
on the floor of the house todaj , mid nt-
tractcd a greit deal of attention. Mr lily
wns a member of cotiRtoss in 101 when hos
tililies woio raging licicelv between the
1101 Ih and sotilh mid there were bit-
ties cvciv dain thu Old Dominion , Imme
diately south of Washington when he
teamed that the bittlo nf Hull lun ! was
about to take place , bis curiositv to see n
saiiguht.H.v contest , such as that one prom
ised to be , led him to go out of the house of
ioprosunti'.tivos onodnandTlown into Vir
ginia , to vlow the contest. While ho was
calml.v looking on the light ho was taken
Piisonerby Iho icbels and di.igged off to
Richmond , vvltoro lie was thrown into Ltbby
piison nnd kept for inanv months Klv's
agony bec.itno intense when ho lellccted tint
ho was a member of the federal congress ,
which was furnishing munitions of war nnd
dlieeting Uio fedeial foiccs in the gical con
test , and v el was umiblo to make his power
felt , in piison. Some of the bolduts who
wore outraged in the battle of-Hull Hun
iccogni/'ed this afternoon and greeted his
mesence on the lloor of tbo house.
u ttsos's DIM vi.
When Senator Allison was qucrried to-diy
eoucerningn special telegram fiom Luna , O ,
in which Railroad Commisnionci Campbell ,
of lovvu , quoted as s ivmg Uiat the sen
ator had been offeicd the Hocielar.sship of
the ttcasury bv Piesident elect Harrison , bo
s\id : "I don t be-lievj Mr. Campbell made
the statement 01 edited to him , for I have not
seen him slnco the election , and he does not
know Unit I have been tendeiod the nomina
lion lefci red lo , because it lias not been of-
feicd to me. I Icnow nothing mote about 111 }
going into President Harrison's cabinet than
the public knows " The impression is gam
ing gionnd in Washington veiy rapidly thai
Senator Allison will bo the uc xt scci et irj of
tlio lrcasurnotwithst inding that bo icfuscs
to stand iindei thest itoment 111 it ho is to be
in charge of that poitiloho.
General Seholield h is determined to inau
gurate , in the niniy , the system of niauouvois
practiced in all the continental armies , and
to that end ho to-day issued the following
ordeis : "Supplemental1 to Article LXIX
of the regulations , it is directed , with the up-
pi oval of the soeietary of war , thai when
not prevented In active semi e , all the avail
able Inf.intiy. cavalry and light nrlillciy of
the arm } , shall devote a put of each summer
to practice marches , ciicaiiumi'Mit maneuvers
and other field operations slinulutinir the op
erations of war. Toi this purpose the
available foico of each division or depart
ment will bo assembled in as lingo bodies as
piacticablo , having duo ieg.ud to the
number nnd to the location of Indians ,
v.'ho may possibly reciuno coitlrol Conecn-
Irntion will , in , bo made by m u die's ' ,
bill In some case- when Iho st.ilo of the up
propn.itions will permit , infantrj may bo
sent by rail lo and from Iho place of concen
tration , for tbo purpoiu of joint operations
with the mounted troops. Piojocts will bo
prepared in advance for each dcp.iitiiient ,
senaiatel } or in combination with other d"-
pnrlments , as Iho division dopirtmont sh ill
dncct. Tlic plans should cmbriic in ,
as far as practicable foi eueb bodv of troops ,
all Iho otdmar.v opcialionsof acttvo service
for a command ot ils sii ? and composition.
These plans , accompanied b.v estimates for
miv additionrl funds which mv be luquircd ,
will , at a date sufllclc'titlv in advance of tbo
Held season , be foi warded by the division
commander to the adjutant genet al , for Uio
acliou of the major genei nl ( omm Hiding the
army mid the war do.jirlineiit. '
I UliOX VI .
Captain Hughes , of tlio Ninth cavalry , ac
companied bv hlri wife , is spending a few
d ivs tit the libbllt house
Ex-Senator and Mrs Van Wyck enter
tained nt dinner the other evening at their
residence , IsOl Massachusetts aventio , n few
inlimalo fiicnds. Mr and Mis. Vim Wjelc
aio at the Riggs house for scvcial weeks
1'nitin S. HUVTII.
Tin : runs ! DUN r-nriUCT.
lie 13 Preparing to Go on n Hunting
' , Dec 1 About the out-
IN'Divroiis , only -
of-town ca'loi1 of note upon the president
elect to day was CJcaeial J. A. Williamson ,
of Iowa , ex eommisbioncr of the general land
ofllco , who is on louto to Uoaton. Speaking
of Sen itor Allison'a piob'iblJ meinbcrship of
Piesldent-olect HariUoa's eiblnut , the o\-
commissioner st ited thnt ho w is inclined to
hellexe , afte a long iiciuaintance | with the
low.i senator , that lie did not c.uo to le.uo
the senate at piesent.und w Inlo ho thought it
more than likely that Allison would be in-
vttod to aeiy high in the cabinet , tie
thoucht It would bo declined , ana that the
senator would recommend Viou Chilli man
Cl.ukhon for a poi Ufollo. After Allison , ho
felt that Cluritson was the choice of the louu
i't-iiiarriivv , if the wcnthor Is pica-glint , the
lirjsidcnt doc t proposes to tal\o a lioliday
and enjoy n littln grouse shooting. A few
d ijs IIL-O ho iccoivcd a hamibomo present
from Syracuse , N. Y , of u new p itont
double biriel shotgun. H is olegi'itlv
mounted ii. gold plate , and set In the bloeU is
a fainall [ 'old dcBlgn , ujion which Im name is
tnuraved , uiiil tlie words "Protection to
Amerli'iin Industry " The piitj will leave
to moriow over the Imiamipoll ! , Deciturit
Hpri'in'Iiuld ra id The car will ho switched
olT at some binall Ftution , and fiom that point
they will malfou enmit and scour the Holds
for fe.itheicd grime ,
Tlio Itcvci'rir of Itiinmudc.
CirMo , , Dae. ) [ Special
to Tin : Uin.l : A faw weeks ago
the C'liiciiro p.ipeiH contained accounts of
the olopcmcntof Misj Hoich , Iho ninoteon- old daughter of a mi'liouniro capitalist
of that city , with a J-OUIIR clerk named Cun
ningham. J'hoOUIIR seems , was a
social bollc\ and thomarriige created the
usu il nine dny rossip In a largo circle ot
filuulsund iuiualntancus. ] After the mar
riage the . \ o ung couple came to Kaiibas City
and for n few da ) s baaidodat a leading
hotel Their money rjnningoiit , and no le
mlttances coming from the wcullhy but irate
father , Cunningham was forced to seek
work. All the work ho cjuld llnd to do was
nh .1 street inr driver , and he is now suing-
in , ? the whip o\or n pair of metropoliliu
inulus , and his liltlu wife Is keeping house in
tin humble littlohonio oiiCluilotlo fatroot.
When itie beu mei of atro , in t.voe.n. . . - . , HIO !
will have afottmio In herown lights. It
scrms that the ir.ito father is beginning to
relent , for the other day ho , nl the . \oung
woman a chock for ( ' > } , with a promise of
more on Christmas.
A rouliuy In T.-oulilo.
Oi.Ainr , Kan , Dec. 4 [ Spacial Tol'Vram
tol'lnu Htu. | James Morgan , n tjpical
cowboy fiom Colorado , \\ut nrrebted iOiter-
diiy at ( Jardncr , eight nules south of hero , by
Sheriff Towiiluy , lit the insfinca of fie au
thorities of Denver. Aiorcnn has induced a
lllleon-jeiir old girl to lea\o her homo und
conic to Kansas with him.
AVn onVnrky litiriicil
S > n\ , X Y. , Dec , I. A dispatch from
C'oitlaml at 1 HOo'clcek says that the Cort-
laml Wagon \voiks aru In Ihiir.'s , with no
f taviuj them.
i VP
Lili ,
The Torrlblo Dose Tnkou By Two
Iowa Chlldron.
Tlie VtutlnrH OciKh bnl.l to lie Due to
I.'iposure A Case of 'Mc.'illcal
linticclllty llauJtcyo
IIaipenlni | ; .
Drank Coiieontrntetl Ivo.
DrsMoisrs , la. Dec. 4 [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Ilii : | A distressing accident
is repoited fiom Sliuevillc , .lohnson countv ,
lii the home of .1. II. Kephart. On last
Wednesday a servant in the employ of the
fnmili was using cincentratcd lye and lett
thoean containmi. the same on the chair ,
wliLiotwm children , eighteen months old ,
obtained it and drunk nf it. One child died
Thursdiy night and the other 1'ridav
Medical linliccilll v.
DrsMoiNT- , Dec t [ pjcial Tele
gram to Tin Hie | A icport lias bcon 10-
reived heie of the Itillmg on Thanksgiving
day of Krastus I'oinpkins neir Stiawborry
Point. Ho was accidentalU shot by his son
While loading his gun Tlio father was about
to stai t hunting , and the son put n shell in
the gun and brought the hammer back
quickh. It exploded the shell , the shot
sinking Mr. Toinpkins in the fore
head , killing him instantly. The doetoi who
was summoned insisted that the body must
not be distui bed till the i oronei m rived , so
it lu\ for sihouis exposed on the thicshold
of the man'b own home.
An i\lrteil : Settler Die. " .
Drs M < MM > , I\ . , Dec 4 [ Special Tele
gram toTnc Hi -Theic | isu lull in the
evictions of liver lanil scttleis which may
not bo bioken 'till spimg. Meantime there
is considerable talk of lesistancc , and some
of the more reckless sij that they will shoot
bufoie the\ will suffer any moio evictions.
A mm named Nathan Harbor , living at
Stiatford , has just died , his death being
pntly due to e\posuics receued when
evicted some two weeks ngo There is a
good deal of feeling o\er the matter.
A fontict I'ui ( toned.
Dr. * Mom s , Ia , Dee 1. [ Special to Tin-
Hi i 1 The goveinor to day paidoned H. L.
Hailan , sentenced from this city to the pcni-
tcntiarj for eighteen months for horse steal
ing. The man el.iims to ba\o stolen the
horse while intoxicated some weeks ago , and as soon as ho rcali/cd what he had done
he helped the olllcer to recover ttio horse.
Tne judge who sentenced him urged that ho
be pudnncd , and the go\einor pardoned him
on condition that he piattice prohibition
stnctly hencefoith.
A "Mason Cltj Pntlnre.
MA > OV CITI , I.i. , Dec. 4. [ Special Tele-
giamtoTin : Hrr 1 ( Jicditors tonight put
an attachment , of jj.fOJ on the boot and shoe
stock of M. A , Allen , and this establishment ,
one of the laigesl in the city , is in possession
of the sheriff. A shot t time ago Alien pur-
eh ised the stoc'j of 1. r rishor , of Austin ,
Minn , but the sale scemu not to bo valid , ns
it is Fisher's creditors who put in the attach
Ijatcsr Sclioiiis of Udlson With the
1'hono rajtli.
Nnw YOICIC , Dec. 4. [ Special Telegram to
Tun Brr ] Hdison piomisos to put his
latest in\ontion , the phonograph , to acurlous
and practical use His intention Is to furnish
subscribpis a talking daily newspaper. The
little itibtrumont will bo ch.ugeJ with a con-
densattoii of the news of the day and each
subscriber can listen to it while at brc ikfast
The 1'dsou Talking Xow p iper uomp-xny will
supply iU pations with p'lono rip'is at an
nnnual rental of .1 small sum. I'hcs ; phonographs
graphs can be used the s uno ns any other ?
to icpioduco singing , piano playing ,
whistling , band music and elocution , but
will be especially designed for cor
respondence. The phonogiarns of fie litter
will contain each day nil the latest news In
condensed form , and will cover eacn sub
division such as cable , toleginpbie , political ,
diamatic , crm nercial and monelary. Hach
phoiiOc'iam will bo plamlj m irked , so that the
leader , or laibor hearer , can these for him
self which one ho cares to use Hist. If a
newoiiua has been piodiuol the nieht before
fore , no cm listen to an able but concise
criticism and enjoy the novel sensation of
having repented to delighted ears the
choicest pis-agcs of music precisely as they
weio renduied at the theater. It wns staled
at the laboiatoiyesteida \ bj onointhose-
cret Ihat If nci "ssi'.v 'JU.OO ) moio copies of
the s une liudor . could bs turned out in ono
hour and can bo adjusted to any phonogiapli ,
so that -1,0)0 or more of the "talking ma
chines" c in ivpjat the s 11113 sentenca at a
given moaicnt.
The Olliolnl Avernucn M ido Up IJy
I'l e.siilcnl Bnni Morion.
Ktsstsl'iri , Mo , Dec I. | Sp"cial Tele
gram to Tun Hn : ] President Saaiuol Mor
ton , of the Westotn association , has at hist
issued the nvorago of the association.
It Is seen t n at Hiiltth Johnson , the thli.lbise-
inan of the Kansas City Mlues , leads all the
b itteis with a pciccnl.uro ot .114 J. The neat
est man to him was old "Orator" blmeflor ,
of DCS Monies Shacffergolnniivcragoof " 3i.
Maniiinu's balling aveiago was . ' 'Ss , Steins'
3U , Mearr's ( ! . 'J10 , lloovei'b i')7 ) and Swart-
zol's 171. In i lub bitting DCS Monies leads
and Kansas City come * second. The other
clubs follow in this order : St Louis , Sioux
City , St. Paul , Omaha , Davonpoit , Milwau
kee and Chicago. In lloluing , .Sioux City
leads and Kansas City stands fouith. Kan
sas City's ca cheis did well. Reynold headed
the list and Jake Wells camupCLOnd finnson
alao stood well Hcckley out ranked all the
llisi basemen. Slcins was bi\lh and Cart-
wright eighth Tlio averages , however ,
were all bunched. All In all , Kansas Citv
Mauds well in the averages. Manager Wal-
knis and Attorney Krouthiiff , of the local
Amctic-an association team , lia\o lent for St.
Louis , wherj the meeting of association
managers will take place lo-moirow.
Alllbou HIM ! the Ti niiliirysliln.
WAsniN.rov , Dee I San itor Allison's
attention was called by an AssaciatoJ pioss
repoi lei to a telcgiam from Lima , O , quot
ing H.iilroiil Caiumissionor Campbell , of
Iowa , as nulhority for iho statoinont that
Allison had bcon olfercd the secrotaiy-ihlp of
the Ireasury by Piebidenl-clccl Harrison.
Ho said "I known Campbell very well. Ho
is an c'Acollenl genlleinan , lliuu not seen
him umco the election , nor communicated
with him by loiter , and ho h is not wrilton tome
mo 1 have not been odci ed the secretary
ship of th trctsjry nor have 1 accepted U. I
should say ttial Hint paragiaph Is pretty
nenrlj made out of whole cloth. "
IMIII Oatircr ,
AMSTBIIIIVM , N. Y , Doe 1 , 'Jonoral H. n.
Spinner , cx-Umlc.l States troisarer , in wnl-
ing to a friend in this city bays ; "I have a
sere on no f'1 mat U said to bo a species
of cuucer. A doctor Is irojling it , and thinks
ho can euro mo. The treatment niTccts my
eyes , to such a dcgrco us to muku inn very
nearly blind. I am foi bidden to cither reader
or write , and 1 write this sunnlo acknuwl-
cdginent will ) pain , and contrary to medical
orders. " General Spinner U living at Pablo
Uttacb , Flu. He u eighty-six j curs old.
Three of Them sdll AVavliif ; Oyei' tl > o
XPW YOHX. Dee 4 r9vjcl' ; l Telegram to
Tin : Hnn ] I'ho ship Andes of the Alias line
mined . \ostord.iv , from Port-iiu-Piince am
olber Hn.\ lien ports. When the Andes lef
Port au Prince the seized United States
steamship Haytien Uepublic was Ijing in the
harbor wifi a prl/o LTJW on bjard. Prom
tbo top of her three mists , however , there
tloated tinoo st ir-sii inglod bitiners The
captim of the Andes hal i\n Interview will
the captain of the solzjd ship three days
before his departure. The plucky Yankee
skipper swore until Iho air was black am
bluothat hoMsootho blanked Ha > liens in
the deep before ho'd haul the Mags down.
Ho expressed the opinion that his ship would
bo released bcioio many dn\s The lings ho
bad nailed to Iho masts , knowing that the
negro soldiers woic too lim to climb into
the rigging and tear tticm down.
'tho Atlas line steamship Allsi dropped
down the biy jesterday , hnvitiur oloirod for
Port au Prince with a c.ugo made up in part
of munitions of war for the Hnvtlen govern
ment. In tbo consignment weie ID.lKli rillos
and " )0,000 cartridge" , a'l ' of which had been
purchased Irom New York and New Lug-
land Hi ms. Consul General Uassott supei In
tended the stowage of the munitions of war
In tbo stc unship , lie did not earo to talk
much about the shipment , but it was evident
from his demeanor that in his opinion affalis
in Hajti weie on lUo eve of a crisis The
Hiiytlen govo'iiinent , has resolved upon a
vigorous policj for the snppiession of insur
rection. It is probable that news of a clash
of iirms w ill shortly como fiom Huytl , or else
nn arrangement between the government
and thuiebils Consul c.enoral Hnssctt as
sorts that the goveinment has means at its
command and can , by resorting to extreme
meustiies , put au end to the ti cubic
The Knllronds Must Do Something or
Dm ; DisiiHior Will Follow.
Nnw Youic , Doc. 4 [ Telegram to
Tnr HIT. ] The greit railway clearing
house scheme , winch has been so much dis
cussed in commercial and railway circles
during the past ten days , receives another
blow this morning Ihrough an intciview
which Jay Gould gave lo a Wall slrcot paper.
The heaviness in the maruot has been at
tributed to Gould , und this seems to have
piomptcd him to unbosom himself in the
way he did. "It is nonsense , " said Gould ,
"to talk about my being a bear at any time
M > moiu'i is Invested m the properties I
manage , and in this respect my posilion is
different from that of most of my
neighbors. They manage railroads ;
other people own them. Of course , "
Gould continued , "I do not shut my
ejes to what is going on around me. If oth-
ei s w ill build parallel roads w here they ai o
not needed , cut rates and inaugurate railway
wars generally , I must try to get m liters in
such shape that I can stand it. I am willing
and anxious to enter into any arrangement
that will give tlio latlroads paying rates I
have read in thn papers that tlie plan re
cently ngiced to by some of the roads was
mine. It was not. I had anothornnd wholly
difleient plan. Some of the roads now de
cline to adopt the schouiu ou the ground that
it docb not go far enough ; that tates
could not bo maintained under it.
Hut I s lid that if rates could be
kept up for even ono month that would help
some , so I uirieed to'it. The troubles may
end any day , and if , they do not tot minato
favomblv soon , perhoj i great banking-com
panies like KothsehllTt , Drcxcl , Morgan &
Co , Kidder , Poabqdy * & Co. and Biowno
Bros will call for a deposit of stock with a
\ tew lo concentrating and controlling power.
Should such n course bo adopted , all my
slock would be deposiled the Jiist day. "
This prouuncmmcnlo has bcon generally
locelved In Wall street as n tin eat tint if
something is not done at once to Hint Mr.
Gould's ideas Iho result will bo dire disaster.
Tlie Schema CJoes Under.
Nuw YOIIK , Deo. 4. It was officially
announced this morning on Wall sheet that
all negotiations for a settlement of the rail
road troubles west and south of Chicago
have been broken off , and tbo great dealing
house plan has fallen through. The commit
tee headed by Picsldeiit Wilhrow , of the
St. Louis & San Francisco road , is still In
existence , out has not yet considered any
new plan The fuilurd of Iho cloning house
scheme was caused by Iho opposition of
Piesident Hughitt of the Northwestciu
Ho Cheated Ills htstcr and is Sus
pected ot'MurdorltiK Her HiiHli.'iml.
CnooKhTOMINX. . , Dec. 4. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Hci : | During the \ear 1877 ,
Mr. Perriault , a wealthy farmer living near
Florence , Kan. , was muidcrcfl while return
ing from lown. Ash'owisnot robBsd the
murdeicramt his moUvo remained a mis-
tery. The brother qf the widow , a ma'i
named Lambelltook , | charge of her atfairs
and she soon removed to Crookston , hoping
by a chaiigo of scene to forgot her former
bonow. Hoforo leaving Kansas , howcvor ,
she signed n piper which Lambcll pioscntcd
to her , and ho bald was n pow er of at-
totne\ for him to traniiact hoi' business. Shu
came heio and lived in the family of Dr. Per-
riault.a i dull vo of her hnbband. In the Jail of
jsj1 } slio viote to her brother forsomo money ,
which he icfiiHcd , claiming thnt slio
deeded the property to him when she signed
the bofoio mentioned piper , and told her
that ho had turned Iho propei ty into cash
and was leaving the eouuto . She then gave
up all hope
About two years ago she was married to
Mr. 1St. . dorm in of this city. About six
months ago Iheiu came Into her possession a
newspaper published near her old homo In
rioieni-e. In it was printed a lotlor descrip
tive of Kansas ami signed by Iho brother
who had robbed and deseited her. She
tneii told her husband for the lirst tirno
nil that had befallen her and the
mysterious murder of her lirst
husband. An Investigation was seton
on foot and it was discovered
that Lnmbell hud rcmoyed t ) a distant put
of Kansas from where his sister had lived ,
and Is now one of the worthiest and most
influential farmer ) in that part , of the coun
try. The dolecllvci liavo fustned the mur
der of Perriault upon one Ku haul and Lam-
bell and his wife uro implicated. A civil
suit has also been begun and iho properly ,
now woiih 515,000 , will no doubt bo recov
al A'tchlRon.
Kxvus Cm , Dec. J , fSpeeiil Telegram
to Tun Hir : J The Misfiouri Pacific- railway
couip my's bhops at Sodalia are to bo aban
doned , and Atchison , iuui. , has secured Iho
pi ie Al a moating of the Atclnson council
last night the proportion of tbo company lo
loeatouxtcnsho tar und machinery shops
thwo was accepted. The proposition was
that tlio city give the 5ino , XXl bonds Hereto
fore voted upon by the city. Theio is re
joicing nt AtchUon to day.
A Itoiil KHtnlo
Tot ii < i , Kan , Dee. 4 Special Telegram
to Tut : lint. | W. H. llygooii , a icnl estate
dealer , was m rested today for erasing iho
name of .T. II. Donnls nml substituting his
own tiiaaoed coiivi'i'Ingpropsity in Ctnso
county wo i tli fc . ' 0,000 Ho was iinublo to
give bond and \vua gout to the county ] uil.
The Burlington Heduo's Union.
Kis-'A'jCiT , , Mo , DoI I , -SpOv'lal [ Tele
gram to Till ) Ura I Owing to Iho com.iotl-
tion of rival litiua , tbo Hurl ing ton .t MISSQUI 1
Hivcr rath oal hat ( jlvoi notLo of a reduc
tion in ficirht-ratc3 between Lanham , Neb. ,
Hiinover , Kmwons , Wahn ! ! on , Marrow ,
Hulil..ii , Wayne , Holli-i nnd Cuucordia ,
Kan , lo Kansas Cly froa > 14 to 12 cents
I'bn is the rats now made by tbo Missouri
Pacific unit ttio Koc , ( Isu.iiJ.
The Vlllnso of Basaott Nearly
Wlpod Out by Flro.
JJrowii County Di\idcd A Mud DOR
Scare nt IMattainontli A Hody
i\liuincl Tor IiiiiPKt | The
Y. ai. C. A.
Rrnwn County Dhiilcd.
Lo\o Pisr , Neb , Dec. 4 [ Special to
THE Hii : : ] Hiown county has been cut In
two , and iho new county nanicd Kock. The
governor has issued n proclamation for an
election to locate the county scut Tlioro
are llvo points in the field struggling for tbo
county sent , nnd everi other man is a candi
date lor ofllce , making the cimriiini | veiy In-
tciestlng nnd unllnisiastie Now towns have
begun to spring up and n postolllce has been
established nt ono of them called Hock
Centre , nnd buildings are being erected , and
the citizens have trot the tinliis on the Tre-
niont , nikhoin und Missouri Valley rallioad
to stop there , and , its being in the center of
the county , it tnds fair to get the county
seal of the new county
Death of Daniel
, Neb. , Dee. 4. [ Special to Tin :
Hi n ] Daniel Dodge , nn old resident of this
( Dodge ) county , died miday at his homo in
Coltciell township mid was buried lo day.
Mi. Dodge was neatly eighty seven .vcars of
ace. Ho came to this county twenty -seven
years ago and lias lived here ever since. Ho
leaves u wife nml nlifo children , all but ono
of the hitter being residents of the county.
lYcmoiit i'u\itii ; .
rimiONT , Neb , Dec. M. [ Special to Tun
lint : ] The work of paving distiict No. 1 of
this city was completed to-day at noon. It
comprises llvo blocks , amounting to ten
thousand j at ds. There are two moi o paving
distiicls. but the work will stop bore until
the opening' of sumirei next year. The p iv-
ing , which is of Sioux Palls granite , has been
very satisfactoiilv done , and the pooplu of
rrcmont feel pioud of the inauguration of
this iuipoi taut public improvement.
V. M. C. A. Or-j'MiUed at Fremont.
FIII.MONT , Neb , Dec. 4 [ Special Tclo-
gi am to Tin : HIT. ) The pioject of the in-
auguiatlon of a Young Men's Christian nsso
elation in this city terminated successfully
to-day by the completion of the worlc of
securing pledges for S4.000 to maintain the
organization and push the work dm Ing the
coming year. Suitable looms for meetings
and licadU.uteis ( | will be seemed us soon as
possible , and n secietary lo take
charge of the inteiests of Iho assoeialion
will bo employed when a suitable poison can
be found. _
Noun From Norfolk.
NOUFOI K , Neb , Dec. 4. [ Special to Tun
HPR ] Cointloth it Pel/or , c in yiilg u stock
of dry goods and clothing , were- closed up on
Saturday evening by N. A. Hambolt , who
hold a chattel moitgazo of $303 on their
Huso & Son , of the Ponca Journal , who
recently bought the Daily News , took posses
sion yesterday , and thollist number under
tho"new proprietorship wns Issued lust oven-
ing. P. F. Boll of the former publishing
company has irene into business with Louis
Sessions , taxidermist and undei taker. 12
M. Norton has gone to Fort Smith , Ark. , on
a visit to relalives , but will icturn and go
into some business here , ns will P. F.
Spiechor , the founer editor.
AfT.iirs at Atklniin.
ATKIXSOV , Neb , Dec. I. fSpscial to Tun
BBC ] The Catholics of Atkinson nnd
vicinity have closed ai intcrestmg nnd
buccessfnl fair of a week's duration. The
net proceeds amounted to about $ " > ' ) , which
will nearly wipa out the debt on their new
Mrs. Dudley , the lady whoso marvelous
i ccovery under the chi istinn science tre it-
inent has been the sensitionof Iho hour ,
continues to improve , and there is every
reason to believe the cure is permanent.
There are now otheis under treatment who
are improving rapidly.
Disastrous Klront
LON'O PIMNeb. . , Dec I. [ Special to Tin :
Hnr j Hassett last night met with a confla
gration whlcli was veiy disastrous to the
town at tl'o ' prcsenl. Xc.u 1 v all the business
Iioi lion was wiped out oy the flames , nnd it
is now In a foijorn and dilapidated condition.
There is no clue to the oiigln of the lire.
Some think it was the work of an incendiary
and olhors think it an accident. There was
scarcely nnv insuiam o on any of the build
ings or blocks of goods.
Mnd Do Shot.
Pi A rrsMOc'Tii , Neb. , Dec. 4. [ Special
Tclugiam to Tnr HinJ A gia > hound
known as Queen , and owned by Shcriit IM
Kenbairyof this city , went mad last Sun
day , nnd was afterwards scon biting several
other dogs ou the slrcets , but was shot bj
Mr. E. 1 Kcnbnrry before any person was
attacked. Since it is known thai
dogs were bitten the alaimhas been gieat ,
and the ) nuthoiilles to day ordered all dogs
now running loose lo bo either chained ot
nulled. _
A rnrmer'H House Iliirnod.
PI.ATTSMOLTII , Neb , Dec. I [ Special Telegram -
egram to Tin : Hn. ] J. H. Sejbolt , a funnel
living about eight miles west of this city nnd
icar Mui ray , fiuftored considerable loss by
Ire jeslerduv afternoon , The lire occuircd
liboul 4 o'clock. 'I'ho loss is estimated at
ibout $1,000 The ptopcrtywas insured in
iho Continental Insuianeo company for about
Arrested Tor HOIIHC
YOIIK , Neb , Doc. J [ Spooial Telegram to
I'm : Hui : . ] Peter .lohnwon , colored , wno Is
wanted In Lincoln on the charge ) of house
ircaking nnd grand latcony , was nrrcsto.l
icro today. Ofllcjns fiom Lincoln are ox-
) cctod to night .lohnson was formerly a
esidunt of this city and beard the name of
a haul character.
Tlio 1'ronH OetH n New Drown ,
NnmubiiA Cm , Neb , DeefSpeeial 1
J'elcgram to Tin. line j The Nebraska City
ress thU morning comes out in n now dross
and form , with piico reduced iiml gunoiul
mpioved uoinlltlon. Thopipor ibnnonliio
low sbcci and has ono of iho finest olllces in
ho Mate.
I " 'of liiiioht. |
M ( COOK , Neb , Dec1. 4 [ Spjeial Tulcgram
o Til , . HI.I : ] The body of Hurt . 'oi.iison ' ,
ho } ard master who was killed in the yaids
icro on Ihu night of the "nth lust , was ox-
lumed lo daj and viewed bv a coronoi'a
urv , who icturiicd a vcrJicl In accordunco
Mth iho facts IIH above stutcd. Just why
ho imiucit was not held butoio builal Is not
mown. Tno iclalnus of thojoungmun will
icgln n still immediate ! } ngalnst the H. & . M.
for t-5OJU dainusos.
District C.Hirt Oiiniu nt 6nl.
Otin , Neb , Dec. 4. | Spcotil lo Tin ; Hi n. ]
The udjoui ncd fall term of clrcuil couit
or Valley county opened hero to day Tlieio
s u lart'O docket , over oigrity cisas belni ; up
or hearing.
Time Chlldrnii ( JrJinaio I.
Li.INOTON , Uu , Do. ! . 4 A no ro woman
ockcd lior three childiou in iho houeu and
vent v.sltin ? . During luir abbencu tbo
louse was burned to the ground und the
Tim Kane-ally Hunk Men Did Not lluin
the Town.
VAirviutvo , Neb , Dec. .1. To tbo 1'dltor
of Tnr Hrr In n special from this place-
dated November 3J , nud published In Tin
Hi r. of December 1 , concerning the Scovilk
failuie , I notice n few items thnt do mo nt
injustice , and mo calculated to Injure the in
tercstsof this town.
Your con espondcnt s.i } * "Uffoi ts at e now
being made to open up the Motel , bank uui
elevator for business again , as their standing
Mlo damages the trade of the town , " leaving
people who are not acquainted with the situ
ation to Infer that there weieno other hotels ,
elevators or banks in the town. Youi cor
respondent also continues in this sttutir
"Several business men me now doing
their buiking In Lincoln or Wnhoo ,
while scveiul farmeis living near hcio
luivo been hauling their coin to other towns "
Now for u few facts bearing on this case I
hive been lu the banking business hoio. for
the last ten years , and lia\o boon able and
willbiL' to e\tend to the iieoplo of this town
and vicinity , all reasonable accommodations
in this line' , afforded by any other banker In
a town of this sl/o , and urn still piep.ncdto
do so. It may bo ti uo Unit I do not wear as
line clothes us u b inker ought , and 1 do not
den } that 1 mnv have into some
fin met s' wagons , and have peibaps done
some oilier bard manual labor in the mean
time , but none of m.v depositors
can claim Unit 1 have lost an } of their mono }
nor misappropriated a dollar loll with mo
lor any puiposo If any of the business men
of this pi ice hesitate to do business with mo
on Ihcgiound llmt it ts unsafe , tbo besl nil-
swer that I can give them is to icfer to the
inscals who have squundeicd W0,000 of the
people's money In a vain endeavor to "knock
mo out" by engaging in the most icckless
competition in nil lines of business in which
I am engaged , and to point to the fact Hint I
am still hero and caiiing on business as
usual. Four joins ago 1 built nn elevutoi
hero wltti a stoingo capaeit.v of IKIHH ( ( )
bushels , costing S17oOO , being then ,
ns 1 think jot , the largest
and llncst elevator in the state outside of
Omaha , and cap.ible of holding all the grain
within ten miles of tins place , and last jear
I could have stored In it all the giain mar
keted in this place , without shipping n
bushel. And jet vour cot respondent com
plains thai farmers aio obliged lo haul their
coin to some other town to inaiket It. Why
did they do iti It ecrtaiiilv was not for roomer
or capacltv to handle il. Pei IUUH it wns ou
account of the piicopiid. Lot's sec about
Unit. The last c 01 n that Scov illo bought ho
paid 'M cents for tor at least ho agiecdto
pay it ) . Immediate ) } after the fmluio It
was advanced to ! 3l cents huie' . a-id
has been Ucpt thcie over since , though
every giain man in the stnlo will tell } ou
that within that time the puce of com in
eastein markets bus declined from - lo 4
cents per bushel. In the mean lime , the pneo
of coin , at stations on all sides ot us , has
been i educed to IS ) cents per luishcl , and in
stead of tbo assertion of jour eoi i espondcnt ,
that "coi n is being hauled to other stations"
being tiue , Iho veiy icverso is true. Coin
from near other stations is conung here , because -
cause Ibey me gelling a bolter ptico boie
In regard to the hotel accommodations of the
town , allow me to s.u that 1 have heaicl of no
onobeingunabloto find good accommodations ,
during the past two w ecksw hen there was tin
unusuil number of tiavelcis , drawn heio ou
account of the failuie. The fact i , that tbo
building built by Scoville. and oci upicd by
him us bank , hotel , etc. , was far in advance
of the needs of the town , and from the com
mencement of it dates the course of his down
fall. For the last bit months bo has run tbo
hotel lit a loss of not less than ? 150 per month
and his banking business was run in Iho
s'imo reckless way , ns lie would pay almost
an } rate of intoicst , in onler to get deposits ,
to enable him to keep up Ins cMiavngant
iniiiinei of living , and } et theio me some
people in this community , who beck to con-
dome sono of the nets of thi- , man by saying
lhal ho was lee liberal to
the poor , ho gave freely
to chanties and to the suppoit of the gospel ,
forgetting that he committed nearly every
crime in the dccaloguo to obtain this very
money he was so libeial with. lie has
robbed widows mid oiphans of their pntu-
moiiy , the aged and Inflim of their means of
suppoit , that ho might lor a brief time icvcl
in the power finnished by bis ill gotten
gains , to bo finally obliged to desert home
and family , a ndgo foitli bianded as a felon ,
hunted as a criminal , with a pi K e set on Ins
head , and the lorlurcs of the damned lagmg
in his bosom , as he contrasts his piesont sit
uation with what might have boon had ho
followed the counsel of his aged and now
licarl-brokeii mother. Itcspeclliilly ,
H K.
Must Support Herself.
CinCAfio , Doc. I ISpceml Telegram to Tin :
I3i i. ] A special from New York says Mis.
James G. Hluiiie , Ji. , has dctci mined to go
on the stage. The btoiy is told by the
Morning Journal , which is lather noted for
its "faking" proclivilios. 11 claims thai a
rcpoiter saw Imr Monday nfteinoon and , in
i espouse lo a question , she said :
"Since } ou picss iho subject , yes. I am
poing on the singe. "
"Why do you lake this step' "
"Hccauso I am forced to It. My affairs
are well known , and huvo beau discussed In
ull the papers. I am dependent cntiicl } upon
m.v self. 'Ihcicforol take this slcp "
"Is that the only reason ! "
' None bivo thai , " she icpllod , looking
low ard her boy , crowing in Iho nu e's aims.
"Ilavo you icieivcd an } oflerf"
"Yes , 1 have , but I am not at liberty to
nako nny Matomonts rogaidiii' , ' U. "
Two jcais ago Madiuno Modjoska , who
wns au intimate fiiend of young Mis Dluliic ,
was icpoited to have offeiod bur an engage
nent bccmisa her family luboved the girl
losscssed diam.ilic ability. The runuwuv
natch intoivened , however , and broke off
.b o thcati icul ciicaKcmciits.
Business TroubloH.
Cinrrrw v Pvr i s , Wis , Dec t r , T Leo ,
i heavy dealer in gcncial merchandise , as
signed this morning lor the benefit uf bis
ciedlloiw Liabilities about t.uoo ( ) , 'assets
about * > n,00) )
An 1111 v , Kan. , Dec. 1 [ Special Telegram
to Tin Hi r. I ( ieoigo llosii > & Hio , I irgo
wholesale groceis al Alkalis .s City , dosed
their dooi s this morning. Liabilities f iiO.OUO.
J'lje Him has covoied all Its propel ly in such
i manner as to show no assuls.
Tlio Wichlla News company , of Wlcbila ,
was closed Ibis afternoon by u ( IniHol mort
gage Its debts amount to < l0 , ( ! ) . The stock
s much l.nger. U will icsiinie
UDiNM-u , Dei ITho I clothing house of J.
S. Di eyf uss was closed to day by attachments
igninst the stock lo Uio amount of ill , 100
I'ho stock is claimed to be woith fcW.OOO ,
vilh , ' 0OUJ book accounts.
Important Hallro id Bull Decided.
Nr.vv YOIIK , Dec 4 The injunction suit of
ho O logon Ti.iiiscontinonlal company
against the Oregon Navigation company was
lecldc'd ti du } in favor of the plaintiff. Hy
hta decision the latter company m prohibited
rom buildin0'.braiich lines , as well us fiom
using money in the hands of the trust uum-
an } or pi creeds of Iho Giegon Navigation
ompam'rt consolidated moitga o bond , in
ho construction of thu branches in question
I is now reported tuat the Union Pacific ,
n whoso interi'bt tlm bi .inches were pie-
umiibly built , mid the Nnithmn ,1'ucillu
oads , will hit } Iho Oregon Navigation Block
i om the Oregon company
md SOBCC in u control of Ihu pionurty with
out guuuinteeinK dividends on tioalini ; the
Dccanipnlillt $15 , ( ) ( ) ( ) .
ST. LOLIH , DOJ. 4 A Hpucl il fiom IZvans-
illc , Ind , Hujd tnut a Bunsation wa-t cio'ilcd
heio by the announcement that , Simon We I ,
member of u prominent linn of iraiK
ampcd with some | ir > , UJii , whicii tie. it ; i !
ugcd to have defiuudcd Kenlat.K > ' .n-iL/i
out of ,
Vnrlouo Antntnl Ilouotta Laid Before
fore Doth
Coimllleratlon of the Partir Kill Post *
ponod I'ntll To < dii } 1'clltlnii I'or
the liniiiedlnto Admission of
. South Dakota.
W sinsoTo\ , Dec 4 In the senate to-
da } various nnnual icpoits , including that oC
the secretnrv of the tieiisur } were piesoiiteit
mid nppiopi Intel } lofeirod Numeious bills
were nlso introduced mid icferied , including
one for the construction of two steel rams ,
to bo nri.icd with heav.v rilled dynamite guns ,
mid one foi tbo constiuctlon of two steel
ei niseis , to be armed with djnamltu guns.
The motion to take up Iho I'nioii Pu 'itlo
bill wns mil piossod by Mr. Prve , who bald
ho would ask to huvo it made a spcilnl order
for next Tuesday The senate then pio-
c ceded tocoiisldeuilion of the. t.ulff bill
On motion of Mr Vmico the tariff lull was
fuithei postponed until to-moriow , and the )
senate nt I',1 W adjoin tied.
WASIIINOTOV , Dee. t Tlio speaker laid
before Iho house the mutual icpoits of tlm
secretarj of the tiensury and compltollor of.
the ciurcncj , which woio npproprlutolj' ro-
On motion of Mr. Ptiois leivo was grnutcil
the commitlco ou nppiopiiatiuiis lo sit dur
ing the sessions of the house
Mr. Macdoiuild , of Minnesota , presented
petitions of the people of Noilli Dakota for
immediate admission into the union of
South Dakota and Montana , mid lor i oust I-
tulional convent ions in North Dakota ,
Washington mid New Movco. Kefcricd lo
Iho committee on lei iltorlos
A bill to allow pci sons who bnve aban
doned or icliiuiuished then bonn stead en
tries to make another ottliy was intiodiiced
mid icferied.
Mr Dingle } called up Ihe bill , made a
special older nl the last session , providing
for electing a monument to Ciuneiiil Henry
KIIOX at ' 1 lioinnsten , Me.
Air. Kilgoio objected to it. waving that
congtess exceeded its nuthoiity In using
mono } niising complete ! } b } taxation to
cieit monumciits in Maine.
Mcssib Hiockcnudge , of Kentueliy , Mc
Millan mid others spoke in a similar vein.
Sever il ineffectual loll calls were had , aud
finally Mr. Dluglov yielded to Mi. Mmisiir to
oflcr an amendment locating the monument ;
in Washington The pievtous ( [ nestlon was
Ihcn in clei od ou the animidmcnt , mid a third
reading of the bill. On Mr. Mmisui'Bmii-
mendnient Uio vote stood .vcasMi , nis'.lJ
no quoium and moio calls follow ed. ' 1 his ,
procedure was continued until fi o'clock ,
when , under the older adopted at the last
session , Iho house adjoin nud
s'tpil ( o Create National
N.itioiinl Jtnreaii ol'llo.ilth.
WASIII\.TOS , Dec. I. Seualor Oibaon In-
lioduced a bill to day lor Iho estnblishinertt
In the Inleiior depirtmcnt of a bureau ot
uoulth , to bo under the direction of a corn-
mlssignqr nt 55,000 per annum.-It- _ pro
vides for Uio appointment by the prosidontof
i health commission , to bj composed of
Iwent } mcmhoia , who shall bo divided in
bix sections , as follows ; Tivo for the yellow
fever section und Unco uich for eltolorn ,
typhoid fever , scarlet fever , sm ill pix and
liphlhcria sections K ich mcinber of tbo
commission shall receive an annual i. ihiry of ;
> 1,20J , mid it shall bj his duty to investierato
.because , 01 igm and bsst mode of pi oven-
lion of the diseases mentioned. TIVO mem-
> eis of the commission shall bo oigmn/ed In
a ipiai .inline eomniUsioii , Tlio hcallli com-
niissionern dnectcd , whenever called on by
the goveinor of u state , to m iko rules and
regulations and tuko meisutcs for the mip-
piusslnn of iinv infectious disease It Is
made the dut } ol < ofllcei s lo make u
repoit vveekl.v to the hoaltli cotniniisionln te-
gaid lo the hiinitaiv eondilion of foicign
potts It is made unlawful for .my jiersou
Loohstiuct the conimcico between stales ,
or with any foreign countiy , except in nc-
eordanco with the lules pi escribed by the
health commissioner.
Tinec senators , Plumb , Herry nnd Dolph.
and icpicscntnlivo McHao to intiodncea
lulls similar in their piuvislons to allow per
sons who have nb indoned or relinquished
their hoineste id entries to nmko another
enlry. The bills provide th it any person'
who has nettled on tlio public domain , who
tins not jet peifooted his title thereto , nnd
who may not bo able ) to subsist on the lands
Liy ic.ison of drouth , the whole or p.utinl
desti m lion1of ciops , sickness , etc. , may tali ( >
out another homestead cutty in place of tlm'
abandoned claim
Hopiesentalivo Stone , of Kentucky , to day
Inliodmod n joint loioliitlim proposing an
mucndmc'iil lo Iho constitution moviding
that Iho piosldenl mid vico-prcsic'ont sh ill Lo
( boson iiveiy louitli jeir bv the direct
votes of , nnd the people 'Iho io olntoii !
lirovidcs that u board authorized
by the InvvH of oich state to count the vntcii
for i-tale oflh eis , Bhnll also oiint tbo vntq
for pusldent and vli o piOHidcnt , cerlifv the
result under oith , mid liansmil the H mm to
the proper officers of the goveinment before )
the second Monday in December IK xt suc-
( ceiling llio election On the Hist Tuesday
iftor the second Monday in Di ic-njber next
KU ( i coding the eleclion , the1 speaker ( if the
louse shall , nt 1 o'clock p in , Inform the
uiuso Unit the hour bad mrhed for em.tiling
tbo votes. When ttio votes Mull have , been
ouiited the speaker sh ill inform Iho house
of Iho icstill.
Onn paragraph of the joint lesolution for-
i > ldx holding mi } local orht.itoelection i xcopt
'or monibois of cnngieis on the day set apait
' 01 the election of pi usidont nnd vice prosi-
lunl Tin ) election Is to lake plac t em Ihe )
lihtTuesday of November.
A Niivv Itond IncorpointeH.
Sl'HlMii'ii'i ii , III , Dec 4 Aitules of Incorporation -
corporation wore filed to da.v of the Toledo ,
ndianupollb & St uouis railway company ,
vith thi ) olllio at Uobmsoti , III.
I'ho cnpiUil iitoek Is CN'I.OI'IO.OLO. ' line In
irojcctud to i mi fiom n point on ll.o W ibaali
iv''i at or near Mcreei , in the lounty of
JrHwford , west tlnough the lonnties ot
'inwfoid. Jaspi-r , Uningiuni , Ll.n , I'mettn ,
Pinion , ISond , Clinton , Madison and St.
'lair , to or near Hast hi Louis I heio will
w a line commencing at tlio same point lu
Ciawford county , nnd running hOiitbwcst
hiuiigh .luspor , Uichliind , t'lav , Million , .lef-
foiKon , Washington , Pern and Jfandolph , lo
a poml ill or hear the vdlago of Lhcslcr
'Jh-j rodor.illon ol''tllncr- * ,
COM Mmf , O , Dee 4Tim fcdorat.ou of
iiineirt and mine laborers convonol tlili
norning Damol McLinglilin , of Illinois ,
van elected rhmrmmi. The day wan liken
ip In the discussion of otio topic , ivhu.'i le-
ullcd in Iho adoption of ihu following
Koiolvcd , Thai wo nro now , nt wo havi
ihv.i.v.'i been , in favor of one nultoiiiil oi'an. (
Distiict ussoinbly No 113 , Knights of
, , ibor , also convened thin morning The
( ntiuiont se < ? m lo bo that tboie will bo a
ivlsion in iho assjinbly. mid Unit an indo-
oitdcnt miiiura' orguiiualion will bo per-
_ _ _ _ _ _
A Mit ; 'iliiihuc Illn/.e.
Me8Mio\ Mien , Duo. 1. 'I'ho pruatcst
imbor tlio Muske ou hat m'or had biukoout
nionn' Iho timber pile * on Heanluy's At
lumo'fi do lu this afternoon. Tlio lira
bju ed tier , e-1 } , owin/r to a high wind lire-
v a ' nig 1 J uvt.uii 7,00OXJ ( ) and -j.OO'J.OUO foot
< f lumber bunictl , cntailn. , ' u loss of