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la the Socrotnry of War the Real
Author ?
Cleveland ACOIIHIM ! of Anarchist Iu
KiMitimontH 1'urtlen Who Aspire to
MIHHHTSIMI'H J'lHttion Dele-
i : ( .UTonl'H Amendment.
WASHINGTON lluitntu Tttr.OMAiu ' '
ttT'C' 1
WAMIINOTOS , D , C. , Dei . 3. I
Around congiess to day there were many
fonjertiircs as to what answer will bo Hindu
by Iho secretary of war to Senator Halo's
resolution , adopted last October , calling for
nn explanation of the issuance of the notorious
rious Donet circular leltcr , directing the
lemovalof women and children in the nrsu-
imlH and armories , to innko room for demo
crats ( icnej-nl Delict told the correspondent
of Iho Indianapolis Journal six weeks ago
that the circular was issued upon the direc
tion , or nttho suggestion , of Secretary Knill-
roll , but ho stated subsequently , in order to
extricate the secretary from the hole into
which ho had placed him , that ho ( Henul )
was alone icsponsiblo for thu order , and that
lie conceived it himself. The ( utter ex
planation was made , of course , for the pnr-
] K > SC of relieving the administration of the
odium which the responsibility would cast
upon it. Now that there will bo no neces
sity of shielding the administration ,
llcnct , it is said , feels like vindicating luin-
Hclf , in order that ho may not be in bad
repute with the new administration. Some
curiosity is expressed as to whether Kndi-
cott or Henel will assume Iho responsibilily.
i OMMI.NTS ov TIII : MI s < Air.
No bolter commentary on I'residsnt Cleve
land's message could be desired than that
given by the members of the house during
the reading of the document this afternoon ,
when Iho democrats applaitdcd cm tain fea
tures and the republicans hissed other per
tions. When the refeienco to the surplus in
the treasury as not being intended to force
free trade was read the democrats immedi
ately began n vigorous applause and the re
publicans gave vent to a stage laugh thai
iliowned the hand clapping. The contrast
between the demonslralioiiso n thu two sides
was so great Hint involuntarily almost e\ery
eye turned towaid Mrs. Cloveliml and her
mother , who sat on the. Iront in the dip
lomatic gallery. They looked serious With
very few exceptions and these are among
tin ? protectionist democrats opinions as to
the meiits of the message are confined with
in party lines. Ths democrats gen
erally nro glad thai Hie pre-iidenl
has again proclaimed in favor of fieq
tiade , and , nn Cl.aiimnn Mills puts it
this evening , "aro proud to see the president
still llymg Iho flag of reform. " Mr. Mills
docs nol believe the tree trade utterances of
the president in his message a year ago had
anj thing to do with Iho change of public
opinion as to the aims of the dcmocralic
parly , or that they contributed to Mr. Clove-
land's defeat. Do hcai til v endorses all the
president has over said about tariff refoi m
nnd free trado. The two Hrcekonridpes , who
are democratic members of the house com
imtleo on ways and means , heartily ap
plauded the sentiment of the message as il
was rend , and declrred that it is the best
document over sent to congress. They , too ,
lire gratified to see Hint Mr. Cleveland's
stand on the tori IT has not been shaken by
the iccent election. They join Mr. Mills in
declaring that the representatives of the
democratic party in congressdo not intend to
niter or amend the tariff platform , but say It
will stand ns a land 111:11 : k for future com-
palgns. They are in favor of simply reaf-
llrniiiig the platform in the next
struggle for the presidency. Sena
tor Hansom , of Noith Carolina ,
expressed the view of the democrats In the
upper branch of congress when he said : "It is
the ablest of them ull , and shows thai our
louder is standing by his guns. " The repub
licans in both houses use some very vigorous
language in denouncing the message. .Sen
ator Allison tins evening said"II Is un
patriotic. " The senator has special refer
ence to the second paragraph in the message ,
which casts serious doubl upon the wisdom
of the foundation of our republic , because it
Is "founded upon thn fiucdom of the people. "
Do thinks Iho president has struck a very
cruel blow at the American form of govein-
mem , simply because its citizens did not 10-
Inin him in power.
li Senator Sherman said : "It contains notb-
Ing now , except certain forms of complaint. "
[ ( ; Senator Cullom said : "Mr. Cleveland
seems determined to go out with a bluster.
Ho Is disappointed , scolds severely and ap
pears to doubt not only the wisdom of the
present people , but the fnimers of our con
stitution. "
Kcpiesontntivo McKinley , of Ohio , said :
"It is a post mortem examination of the
democratic platform. "
( lOiieral Urosvenor , also of Ohio , said :
"Tbo message Is a motion for a now trial ,
but the court bus no jurisdiction and thu ver
dict will have to slund. "
These views give a coed idea of those expressed -
pressed by nil men in congress , who have so
far given utterance to their opinions of the
message. In some quarters there is great
indignation over the communistic and an
archistic sentiments' of the president , and
several meniL'Ois ' of congress go to far as to
nay that Jolmn Most ami his followers can llnd
texts in the president's message to lire the
hearts of their converts for yeais to come.
The soldiers are also indignant. They 10-
gnrd the language of the ptcsidcnt , where ho
refers to pensions , as "gratuities granted
upon no oilier real ground than the needy
condition of the applicant , or for reasons less
valid , " as an unnecessary Insult to the vet
erans , nut they add thai it is only in the line
that he has followed ever since ho went to
the white house , and that in the future il
will cause the soldiers to stand more solidly
together than they have ever stood.
Till ! JHVIH II-ON UlCl SilO.V.
All of the Nobiaska delegation , with the
exception of Congressmen McShano ami
Laird , were in their seats at the opening of
the session to-day , Senator .Manderson and
Kciiresonlutlvo Dm soy having arrived hero
several days ago , and Senator Paddock reaching -
ing the city on Saturday by way of Now
York , There were many inquiries on the
lloor of the senate respecting thu probabil
ities of the Manderson succession. The in
complete reports , us to thu composition of
„ western legislatures , have made it very dilH-
, ' cult to eastern men to learn the exact situa
tion. Senator Mumloi son \\iis heartily con
gratulated over thu overwhelming republican
majority , which seems 10 assure his re-elec
tion. The senator himself expressed quut
lonflilencu in the outcome to si-scud of his
friends. Ho Is said to have intimated that it
would not bu necessary for him to return to
Nebraska during thu legislative session. This
is probably thu best evidence of the complete
Batltalaction which Senator Maiiderson feels
over the situation.
A piomiuont Nobrnnka-politlelnn expressed
the opinion this evening that there would bo
lit least live senatorial candidates iu thu
Hold In thu coming contest In that state , and
that among them would bo Representative
Dorsoy. Ho named ns the eonteutniits , ox-
Congressmen \iilontiiie , Judge Crounz ,
Governor Saunders , Governor Thnyer and
.ludgo Kcese , of the tmproinu court , ami
added that the friends of Judge Uroff , of
Omaha , were urging strongly uK | > n that
, gentleman to allow the use of his name. Do
I nddcd , that in his opinion , the senatorial
, I contest next January will not bu entirely
I devoid of interest , nnd while C ] cue nil Man-
I dersnn'a success at present seemed assured ,
; ha might llnd it to his interest to taku u trip
' to Lincoln befoio the culniiuuiton of thu
Delegate Clifford , of Dakota , has prepared
an amendment to the law. providing for tlio
opening of the Sioux Indian reservation in
Nebraska and Dakota , which ho will intro
duce in thu house at once , and will urge its
Immediate adoption , with a view to securing
the opening of the reservation obefore next
r t < i
rcscrvntion shall bo onenH without the con
sent of the Indians , who slmll bo given $1 nn
ncre for nil Innds taken during the first two
venrs , 75 cents nn acre for thu land taken on
the reservation during tlio next iwo years ,
and ' .0 cents an ncre for the land remaining
nnd not taken nt the end of the first four
years. The amendment further provides
that the government shall make n deposit of
fJ)00iKX ) ) , Instead of * IXH,000 ( ) , as a perma
nent fund , to drawfjperccnt interest , for the
benetlt of the Indians who own the reserva
tion , and it appropriates * 2ooK)0 ( ) for survey
ing the land to be opened to settlement
JudgeXJifTord has made some inquiry in
the house , and says he has no doubt that his
amendment , or something subslantiully like
it , Hill bo adopted without delay.
* TIP.
Hefore the president's message was re
ceived at the house to ilnj ono of. tlio "legis
lative agents" of a Wall street concern
passed the word mound thu lobbies that the
message would contain a reference to tin
Oiithwaito bill for the extension of the 1'acillc
railroad's bonded debt. Ho added that
ho had an intimation , but he was
not positive that the reference would bo fav
orable to the bill. "Now , " said the gentle
man , "if this proves to be true.Umon Pacific
will be good stock to buy , and 1 think it safe
to saj that it will jump nt leasl six pjiuts. If
you have any spare cash , look ou' for the
message and govern > ourself accordingly. "
In response to this tip those who were ad
vised of what to expect , eaj'crl.y scanned the
copies of the message winch weiodistubtited ,
in the hope of linding a "pointer. ' ' Thu
promised paragraph was nilsiing and the til
was worthless , nnd ns n result thcio were
several disappointed congressmen and house
employes who saw a faint opportunity to re
coup the losseu sustained bi betting upon the
wrung man. *
OFIII r si IMI ; .
The Nobiasha delegation is alioady over
whelmed with applications for ofllce. Kvei'i
mad brings a new wave to inld to the volume
of the Hood. Enough applications have al
ready been piesc ated for land olllces to sup
ply every land district in thu United States ,
while each loun , with a postolllee , seems tc
bo hastening to fall into line with as
many implications as possible for the
position of a local Nnsby. Of course
nothing can bo done in the matter of up-
pointments until after the new administra
tion begins its work , outlines its policy with
regard to appointments and removals and
civil service loform , and until the Mander
son succession is settled so that the delega
tion itself can agree upon the distribution of
rnusdN M , .
Mr. Victor Rosew.iter , who in pursuinghis
studies at Johns' llopkin's university , spent
Sunday in the city.
Mrs. A. S. Paddock mid Miss Paddock ,
who accompanied the senator as lar as New
York , on his way to Washington , are spei.d-
inj , ' a few days m New Yoi k City.
AllOin Tllt'llSTOV.
A strong movement is in progress among
the Irienils of thu lion. John M. Thurston to
place thai gentlemen at the head of the in-
tenor department. .Many western states
men are interesting themselves in this mat
ter and active work is being done to give
prominence to Mr. Thurston's sei vices dur
ing the p-ist campaign on behalf of Cicneial
Harrison , and also to the effect of his speech ,
us temporary ehnii man of the national con
vention , in making the nomination of
General Harrison possible. It is
urged thai a western man is
needed at the head of the interior depart
ment , and one who , ns a lawier , has had
practical experience in dealing with land
matters If .Senator Allison is nol tendered is felt that Mr.
Tnnrston will be a strong possibility. With
Allison out of the cabinet , there is a feeling
thai J. K. Clarkson , of Iowa , would bu Intely
to bo selected as Secretary Vilas' successor.
Still Thm-ston's name is being considered
ai.d will bu stiongly urged upon the presi
Senator Manderson spread luncheon in
the Senate restaurant this afternoon and had
at the board Messrs. Paddock , Colby , Flu-
palrick and Senator Palmer.
Ij J. ( juiul.of . Hroken How , Neb ; A F.
Gaertnor. of Festina.Vmiiosheik county ,
Iowa , and John W. Morton , of Washington ,
In. , were to-day admitted to practice before
the intorlordeparlinent.
Lieutenant G. K. Hennett , Ninth cavalry ,
has been granted four months' leave of ab
The secretary of the treasury has asked
congress to appropriate $ .t,25J ) ) for the sup
porl of the Indian school at Genoa , Nob. , the
rate being $17. > per annum for each pupil.
The total Includes the pay of the supeiin-
toudout , erection of buildings , repairs , etc.
Siirrnnndini : u Jail in Wnich Two
MnrilererH Are Confined.
CANONCm , Colo. , Doc -George AVlth-
erill , who is charged with the murder of
Charles U. Mclvam near this place about a
month ago , and who , it is also charged , killed
two other men in this state , arrived here
from Denver this morning to stand trial. At
this time (11. ( 0 p m ) several hundred citi
zens are on tiio streets armed with shot guns
and revolvers , determined to take Withenll
from the jail ami lynch him. The sheriff's
family live In a part of the jail Thu sheriff
is trying to keep Iho mob off on Hie plea of
having a very sick child. Should ho succeed
in keeping them off the citi/cas say it Is only
u mailer of time when they will get him.
Harry Perdu , another murderer confined
in the same Jail , \\ill likely suifcr the same
fate as Withcrill , if the mob gains possession
of the prisoners.
Kiiroponn \ \ nr
GIIST.VI , Dec. 11. [ Special Cablegram to
Tin : : : , It is reported that very Import-
mil foitlllcations nro being orootwd In Savory ,
outside the noutrahzed 70110 of the Franco-
Italian frontier. The strictest secrecy in
regard to the work is being picservcd. , Dec. .1. A rumor is curicnt hero
that the government will ask the reichstag
to vote from 40,000MiO to fiU.OUO.UOJ marks
for thu equipment of Held aitllleiy.
A Drownlnc nt IVterstuirg- ,
PKTUIISIII mi , Neb , , Deo. ! ! . ( Special to
Tin ; HKK.J A ten-year-old son of James
Conrad , wild lives about eight miles weit of
hero , on the Hcams , was drowned Saturday
afternoon in a small lake near ins father's
icsidencu. Ho was returning from the
Garner postofllco an horseback , and it is sup
posed rode Into the lake and either fell off or
was tin-own from thu horse with the above
results , When found he had crawled up
near Hie shore , bul was under the ico.
Kirn at Sent in.
SCOTIA , Neb , Dee. a. ( Special Telegram
to THE Hiu : 1 About 2 o'clock p in. It was
discovered that the stable of L. F. Lewis ,
station agent , was on lire , but before assist
ance arrived at the lire It had made such
progress that it was impossible to suvo the
building or contents , which were destroyed.
Thrco valuable horses , harness , carriage ,
hay , oats and corn were burned up. Loss
about IIX ) ; no insurance.
A North I'latioMun Suicide ) ) ,
NOUTII 1'iATTU , Nob. , Dec. 3. [ Special
Telegram to Tun HKB. I Albin Stollo , a Jus
tice of the peace , died Hits morning from the
effect of un overdose of morphine taken with
suicidal intent. Mr , Stollo served three
jears us clerk of this county and was for two
j cars cashier of the North Platte bank. Of
lute he has been in very straitened circum
stances , which is assigned as the causa of
this act. _
Hardware Store Hurglarlzeil.
NEIIIUSKV Cirr , Neb. , Dee. 3. [ Speclnl to
TUB Uni : . ) The hardware storp of William
Hlschof was burflarlzod last night of guns ,
revolvers nnd cutlery to the amount of $150.
Tlio thieves escaped Into Iowa before the
robbery was discovered ,
Queen Natallii'H Hettlcnient
_ . _ . - _ _ * n All _ * i _ _
Two Oaaoa of Small-Pox Reported
nt Alnswortb , la.
Thirty 1'orsons Poisoned by ICivtlnjj
Headcheese A MystorioitH Death
nt Jlunh Creole A Gloomy
Thirty IVr Mis I'olsonnd.
HHISII Cur.fiK , la. , Dec. 3. ( Special Tele-
Brain to Tun HKI : . | About thirty persons
have been poisoned In this place , apparently
by the same moans. A butcher licio mniK
some head cheese , and all these who \\eii
poisoned had cat < n some of it. So far as ho
knew , the ingredients were all right , but b.\
some mysterious means those who nte it
weio made very sick with nil the symptoms
of poisoning. The.\ are all Improving now.
A Mysterious Death ,
DM MIIIVI.S , la. , Dec. . [ Special Tele
Ri-am to Tin : Ur.iA ) mysterious case of
death is repotted from Hrush Creek. Mrs
Morehouse , a young wife of nineteen , was h
good health in the morning , nnd when her
husband entered Ihe house aboul 1(1 ( o'clock
a. m. he found his wife Ij Ing on Hi' ' bei
dead. A physician \ \ as summoned , and lit
said she bad been dead ten minutes. She
vu seen standing In the doorway twentj
minutes before her hush mil entered the
house. _
Small Pox nt Alim\nrtlt.
Dr.s MOIMIS. In , Dee. : . ( Special Tele
gram to Tin : Hiul The state board of
health to-day received information that two
cases of small pox exist at Aiusworth. They
appear to have been brought theio by a gen
tleman who has just returned from Tncoma ,
W. T. Ciders have been given for strict
surveillance , and it is expected that the dis
ease will bu kept under coutiol.
Scalded ti > Death.
Dtnuijti : , la. , Dec. U. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Hi u. [ A two year old child of An
drew Cooper , living -at Holly Cross , in tins
county , fell into n kettle of boiling soap yes
terday and was scalded to death.
A D.u-insj I5urjlarv.
SiorCm , la. , Doc. 3 ( Special Tele
gram to Tin : HII : : I At 1 .JO o'clock Sunday
morning four disguised men set/oil and
bound Tom Coleman , the watchman sta
tioncd at the office of the Hooge Paekini ;
company Jack Galatiu , the engineer , half
an hour later sent his assistant to the ollice.
Ho was promptly seiznl by the burglirs , as
weie also G.iiatin himself and the trackmen.
All were gauged und hound. The burulars
worked for two hours on the safe. When
they had succeeded m getting tne door partly
open their lools broke , and they were forced
to give it up Just befoio they left lht > . \
rifled the pockets of the tulm. They got Js ( )
from Coleman. The police have clews indi
cating that Iho burglars are picking house
. '
employes. _
Clmrued With Horse Stealing.
DFsMoiM-.s In. , Dec. ! ! . [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Hi i : . ] A deputy sheriff from
Lui'-oln , Neb , pissed tlnough this city , en
route home , h iving m charge n man named
UnJoiwooil , accused of hoi so stealing. Some
months airo a line team of horses was stolen
at Lincoln and descriptions of the horses and
the suppjssd thief were sent in every direc
tion. They loll under the notice of a consta
ble at Prairie City , Jasper county , and he re
membered having seen the man I'mlerwood
and the team stopping in that vicinity. The
Lincoln nutliorilies were notilleil and an ofllccr
arrived yesteiday and arrcstel the man. He
claims thai he came by the hurjcs honestly.
Tlie Golilen ( Jatu Special.
Foni ) Jt MTION , la , Dec. I ! . [ Special Tel
egram to Tin : Hr.i : | The Golden Gate spe
cial left Hie Adams and Canal sti eel depot
over the Chicago , Milwaukee &bl. Paul rail
way alii o'clock shai p. The tram was on
time , the steam heat and electric light working
nnd the tr-.ln without
ing admirably , excep
tion is the iliiest in Hie world. Some nf iho
notables on board nro : F. II. Wickes. general
supermtendenl of the Pulliirm Pahicc Car
company Captain Gray , general ticket agent
of thu Pullman Palace Car company ; John
H. Wilson midV. . 1C. ,
of the Journal ; D. W. Caldwell and
wife , H. 11. Martin , A. J. K.irlino ,
general superintendent of the Minneapolis,1 ! :
St. Paul railway ; S. J. Collins , superintend
ent of the Chicago division of the Minneapo
lis & St. Paul railway ; A. r. Miller , assist
ant general ticket agent of I lie Chicago , Mil
waukee it St. Paul railway ; K L. Lomux ,
assistant general prssengor agent of the
L'nion Pacillc railwa\ , and wife. Pint of
the entertainment was a fifteen couiso sim
per. It was most admirably served. The
party will be mot at Omaha bv F. A Nash ,
genet a I agent of the Chicago , Milwaukee .Sc
St Paul railway , and a party of prominent
newspaper cditois and business men.
Ho IJrntally Murtortlio Man Who
Hel'rieniliMl and Proloefoil Him.
iMiUNvioi.i1' , Dec. 3 , A desperate and
cold blooded attempt to commit murder oc
curred early Him morning in the bakery of
James 11. Hmco. About thrco years ago
Hruco took a poor homeless Gorman named
Hacker in his employ , and taught him the
trade. Hacker gradually dcvolopc-il into n
lull blown anarchist , and , when conveising
on the subject of nnarchv , would grow ex
cited nnd abusive. This mornlin ; when
Union entered the bakery to mix the flour
for his bread , Hacker sprang on him armed
with i hatchet and a long knife. Ho struck
Hruco on the head with the hutchot , Then
ho crowded thu diucd victim against thu wall
and deliberately plunged a da'-'L-vr nine tunes
into Hruco's nock and face. The victim cried
out for his wife , and the bravo
woman rushed into the room and
clutched thu blood-bespattered anarchist
around the nock , dragging him
a way fiom her husband Just as ho was lift
ing the hatchet to brain the helpless man. A
terrible struggle between the frantic wife
and the anarchist then took place. Ho was
wild with murderous hate , and , holding IIIH
bloody knife in his hand , ho rushed about
the room endeavoring to again got at the
dying Hruco. He flmtlly did got by the wife
and reached Hruco , when the latter , who Is
of giant frame , struggled to his feet In u
dying oflort , and , grabbing a shovel , struck
Hacker a blow on the head and he fled , and
Is still at large. Hruco is at the hospital
with slight hopes of living through the night.
en Knloldo of a Murderer.
IxuiAXAi'OLis , Dec. 3. The trial of Ed
Chamberlain , nt Logansport , for the murder
of his sweetheart , Ida Wittenberg , was ter
minated this morning by the suicide of the
defendant. The evidence against him was
overwhelming and the death penalty would
surely hnvo been Inflicted , Chumboilaln
laiiged himself with a strip of hodtickiiig ,
France and the Pope.
LONDON , Deo. S. A correspondent at
tome say3 ; The French government has
secretly advised the pope to leave Italy in
bo event of a rupture between Franca and
taly , and has offered all possible assistance
u the event of his deciding to go to Franco.
John IJrlKht'u Condition Worse ,
LONDON , Deo. 0. Jotm Bright had a bad
night anil hl condition U worse this morning.
A Wnrm Debate Ilottvrcti Gladstone
and four on Irish AtTali-J.
LOSMION , Dec. 3. The commons wont Into
committee to night on the Irish estimates.
An appropriation of JC1'T07 wns asked for in
order to complete the sum of $10,707 for the
expenses ol the Irish secretary's office.
Ellis. , liberal , moved a reduction , his pur
pose beinp to r.ilsc n general debate on Hal-
four's administration. Ho charged that the
government wns using coercion to such nn
extent that 1,300 persons hnd bx > n imprLs
oned since the crimes act went into opera
lion. H.ilfour , he said , was seeking to conceal
coal f i om the pcoplo of England the acts of
cruelty perpetrated In Ireland. Hnlfour's
entire ndminlstration hnd been chnraoterl7ed
by petty nmlliftiltyunil calculated brutality.
Halfou'- retorted simply nml conclude !
his ivmnrks by saing1 thai if the countn
once understood the criminal methods b\
which political objects wore advanced in
lielimd. and il the c'ninicler of the alliance
binding the opposition were revealed , the
void let would in t bo with Gladstone.
Gladstone , who hud coma from Iluwnrilen
In order to assist In the attack 11)1011 ) the gov-
ornmint , tuitted HalCour anil other consei vu-
tives uilH having soughl a. similar
ou theoveof the last election. Theex-preiniei
denied that the liberals hnd so ighl part\ ad
vantages in the all.ance which nrose from n
concurrcnio of opinion \ \ ith the nationalists
upon great lines of their policy toward ho
hu.d. [ Lheers ] . lie pioceedcd to charge
Halfour with misrepresentations of Kai
Spuicor's tieatment of pnsoneis when Spen
cer \\iis viceroy of h eland , and reviewei !
other cases. Coming to the murders ai
Mitchclllowii , he assared the conservatives
that nothing but ifpintance would silence
the reproach arising from thai mistake. It
would no hcaid again and ngam , until
the government would bo obliged to
oondemm it had hcictofore praised , or
until the tune came wlien the solemn verdict
of the whole country was given. [ Cheers
aril counter cheers. J The murdeis were
never oven imiuired tlnto , as they ought Ic
have boon. HnP what could bo exp'dedol
an administration using as Its instruments
icsidtnt magistrates n ho were totally in
competent for performing their duties , or
sometimes convicting men upon the loosest
evidence' How could such an administra
tion claim the chuiactcr of honorable , or
puio , or jusU
Mr li.ufour said Hint Gladstone , while pro
test ing against strong language , indulged
in criticisms , the chief feature of which was
the stienuth of epithet. He ( Ualfoui ) ad
mitted that lie had fallen into an error 10-
gnidmg Karl Spencer , but the mistake niosc
from the defective information supplied him.
Gladstone- his account of the events nt
Mitehelltown , omitted to refer to the mob's
attack upon tlio pohc- ) , thereby distort uir |
the ti nth about the affair. The assailants of
the government could not travel bej end the
narrow hunts of the few charges \vhlcli had
often been refuted.
A tfcr short speeches by Mr. Dillon , Sir
George 'I icvylnn and Mr. 13ulfours with ref-
cience to the government's treatment of
political prisoners , the debate , ou motion
of O'llnen. was adjOurnoJ ,
Tlic Financial Transactions of the
Past Week.
BOSTON , Mass. , Dec. 3. [ Special Tele
gram to the HIM : [ The following table
shows tne gross exchanges at the leading
oloaung houses of thn United States , for the
week ended December 1 , 18SS , with tales ,
per cent of increase ! or decrease as com
pared with the similar" amounts for the
corresponding week iij
cuiMi ) c < > MJincus.
Dosplio Parental Opposition a Itoston
Drummer U'uilHn Heiress.
ICASsvs Cm , Mo. , Deo. a l.ato Satur
day night it oarriagiMJrove up lo the house of
the Hov. Henry Hopkins , a loading minister
of tins city , and a young couple and two
friends entered the pastor's study The
.voting man presented n marriage licensa ami
in a few minutes Miss ICittj Kvcrt'it , llio
lovely daughter of the lion. H. I' . I'vorest.
ot Atcliison , Kan , ono of the counsel of the
Missouri 1'acilk , ptobnblv the most promi
nent lawyer m Kansas , and n man whose
wealth is estimated close to $ l,0fo0 ) ' ) ; ' , was
made the wife of K. H. Kan Held , n hand
some young traveling man for a Hoston tea
house. 11 was a luimvvavm itch. Mr 1'ver-
est was gicatly opposed to Hie match , and
sometime ago took his daughter on an extended -
tended European trip nml ollorod her flui- )
li'X ' ) In cash if she would give ralrlh-ld up.
The girl stoutly declaied again and again
that not oven $ lOiK)0 ) ( ) < l would cause her to
change her mind , mid that only death would
lirevent her marrying the man of her choice ,
On his return Mr. i-vl ; > rest forbade Fun-Hold
the house , but the young pcoplo managed to
meet and correspond and Hie result was the
marriage last night. "What Mr. ISvorcst will
do is uncertain. 4
Her Pet Dojr Will ho Killed and Hnrird
With Her.
Netv VOIIK , Dec. ! I. [ Special Telegram to
TUB Hin. : ] Alice Hastings , the actress , died
on Saturday afternoon from heart disease ,
she lirst appeared | 'n Niblo's In the "Hlnck
Crook. " During her life she was connected
with various companies in Pittsburg , Philu-
lolphiu nnd Chicago. For the last seven
, -eara she has been connected with Holund
{ eed. Mlsa Hastings was the wife of Heed ,
nud a remarkable thing in connection with
icrdcnth is that it is proposed to kill her pet
dog uud bury It in thu satno grave.
The Weather liullcntloim.
For Nebraska ; Fair , warmer , westerly
vv inds.
For Iowa : Fair , warmer , southwesterly
For Dakota : Fair , warmer , southerly
Pour 1'erhonvi Killed ,
MEimiTTO.v , Ont. , Dec. 8. A conl train
an Into an engine , which wns taking water
icre this morning. The tlreman , engineer
and brukcman of the coal train were killed.
The body of a tramp , who was stealing a
ride. U In tbo debrU.
Opening of the Second Session of
the Fifty-first Congress.
Conslilcrnhlo Interest Manifested In
i'hoso Portions ul tlio Mi'sungc
Trent Ing : ol' the Sackvllln Inci
dent anil the T.u-lfT.
Tlio Senate's Opening Session.
\V\SIIIS-IITON , Doc. 8.It was an unusually
full senate Hint responded to President Pro
Tom Ingalls' call to order ut 13 o'cloik to-day.
At that tune the public galleries wore
crowded. The desk of the presiding ofllccr
was decorated by a vei\\ handsome pyramid
boquci. Kxnctl.v at o'clock hnralls culled
the senate to order nnd Chaplain Duller
opened the plot-codings with prn.ver He 10-
turned thaiius for the bountiful blessings
vouchsafed the land in its material inteiests
and remembered Presulcnt-oiecl Harrison in
his petitniii
A few mm'ites wore spent in greeting son-
ntors , nnd then Senator Sherman offered the
usual resoluvion , that the secretary notify
thu house th it the senate is ready to proceed
to business.
The resolution was adopted , as was also
ono by MMoriill , for the appointment of a
committee to notify the president that the
senate is lendv to receive any communica
tion he 1IIU.V have to nnko. Messrs. .Momil
and Sntihbiiry compoVcd this committee.
Mr. Cnnioion offered a losolution that the
senate moot daily , until further oidered , at 1'J
m Adopted.
At 1'J.47 , on motion of Mr. Sherman , the
senate took a recess lor half an hour.
At the eiiiii'lnsion of the recess , which had
been extended to 1-III ) , the usual message
from the house announcing the fact of its
being in session mid of its having appointed
a committee to wait upon the president , WHS
That was . by n icport from the
committee to wait on the president to the
eflei t thai il had performed that duty and
that the piosidcnt would communicate with
the soniilo imme.liatoly , and then the piesi-
denl's message was delivered and Mr.
McCook , secretari of thesenatc.pioceeiied to
read it.
The reading of the mess-ago occupied an
hour and twenty minutes. Those portions of
it winch discussed questions of tariff re
vision , treasury surplus , nsliery troubles and
the West incident , were listened to with very
close attention and apparent mtciost bv four
teen republican senaiois and about an equal
number of democrats Tin1 other portions of
the message seemed to have but few , if any ,
listener- , and the reiding had the efleet of
gradual1.1 * dealing the gillencs of the nu-
mcious spei tators.
When the leiiiiiigwns llnished the mes
sage was laid on the table and orduiod to bo
The pi-eliding onicer announced that unfin
ished business tor to morrow was the bill to
i educe taxation ( the tin iff ) .
The senate adjourned after a notification
by Mr. Frvu that ho would cml up the
L'nion Paoiilc settlement to-moriow ; by Mr.
Chander that hovoulu ask for action on his
resolution to investigate the Louisiana elec
tion of hi't April , and by Mr. Allison that ho
would ask the senate to proceed with the
tuna * bill. _
In 1 lie House.
WASIIIVOTOX , Dec. 3. Long before the
hour for the meeting of the second session of
the Fiftieth congress the galleries of the
house were filled with spectators , nnd the
blight diesses of Indies formed a brilliant
frame to the picture piosonted on the floor
below. There handshaking was indulged in
and congratulations on ic election or con-
dolcneos-on were exchanged among
the members , Jocose raillery on the part of
lepuhlieans and patient resignation on
the part of the democrats helm ? oveiywhero
evident. The lepubliean members who
are prominently mentioned in connec
tion with the hpoakoi-stnp of the Fifty-Ural
congress in for an extra share of felici
tations , it being goner uly conceded that the
the next house will he republican with from
three to seven inajonty.
At precisely 1J o'clock the fall of the gavel
stilled the tumult which existed in the hall ,
and silence reigned while Dr Milbnrn , chap
lain , offered n prayer. 'I'ho roll of members
was then called , mid the hum of conversa
tion broke out afresh Diirim ; tlio progress
of the call Mis Cleveland entered the exec
utive gallery and b'caine an attentive spec
tator. The i all developed the presence of
'KV'i mcmbeis. tbeic being 68 absentees.
On mot 11,11 of Mr. Mills of Texas , a rose
hit ion adopted directing the clerk to in
form tin ! senate that a quorum of the house
hnd appomed , nnd thai Hie house was ready
to proceed to business.
hi uccoi dance with a resolution , the
speaker appointed Messrs. Holman of In
diana , Turner of Georgia and O'Neill of
Pennsylvania , ns a committee to Join a situ committee irmn tha senate to wait upon
the president and Inform him that congress
was ready to receive any conim'inlcatiim ho
micht desire to transmit. The house then ,
at IS Jill , took a recess for nn hour.
After the roccss Mr. Ilolnrin announced
that tbo committee appointed to wait upon
the president had performed its duty and
that the piesulent would communicate with
congress ,
Tne president's annual message was then
read by the clciu. Thai portion of
the message in which Hie pres
ident treats ot the taritl quos
Hon was Intoned to attentively by the mem-
burs on both sides of thu house. Now and
then a smile , more of triumph than of deri
sion , would appear upon the face of some en
thusiastic republican , but Hie silence
was nol bioken until the clerk
road"The cause for which the
battle is waged is comprised within the lines
clearly and distinctly defined It should
never be compromised. it is iho people's
enu'e. "
Then the democrats could no longer re
stinm their feelings nnd broke into rounds
of applause , which was answered by the ic-
publicans with donslvo laughter.
The president's ' inference to the Sackvillo-
West iiiaiUcnt piovokcd laughter from the
republican side of the house , but no demon-
stiatlon was made by the democrats.
From this pjlnt interest in the message
slackened. Mr. Mills was thu only member
who paid the slightest attention to further
reading , and thu noise conversation was
so great that this was no easy task.
When , at ) lr > , the reading was completed ,
Mr. Mills olVcred a resolution , which was
agreed to. rofci ring the message to the com
mittee of the whole and piovidlilg for itu
printing ,
The house then adjourned.
.Men , Women nnd Children
credy \ Natives In I'oru.
SAN FniNTisio , Dec. 3 , Advlcei from
I'oru , received by n Panama steamer , icport
terrible atrocities committed in the interior
of the country by Indians , Tlio curate of
Moynro was shot and beaten to death with
sticks and stones , and when his old mother
interfered aim was shot anil her head cut off.
Another woman who tried to save her was
also killed. The bodies of all three were
wrapped in hides and thrown into the river.
At Liopczu a street Hot occurred owing to the
attempt to head a movement for Camacho ,
.ho revolution 1st leader , liy the Indlscrnn-
nuto firing of the government troops , 137
men , women and children were killed und
uixty wounded ,
Murdered III * itrother.
UKIUNA , O. , Doc. 0. A party of young
gentlemen were throwlug dice yesterday
nornlnf , ' , when two brothers , Stewart nnd
Cldrcu Juck , quarreled about 50 cents.
Hewart drew a revolver and shot Eldren
jetwecn the eyes. The victim , Dijed twenty-
two years , died iu n couple ot hours , Tlio
murderer was arrested.
Hols InvolRled Into n Thieves' Den
nnd Severely Wounded.
Niw : YOUK , Dec. 3. [ Special Telcpram to
TIIR DIM : ] I'hil Duly , the well known
sporting man who keeps n gambling house nt
L.OIIK Kronen , had an experience to-day Unit
nearly cost him his life , and which is seldom
parnh'lled in this city. Mr Daly received a
letter some days npo , written In a feminine
hand , signed "Adiv Stnnton , " and
asking him to call nt her npnit-
inentshoro some friends were
nnxions to consult him on business , lie paid
no attention to it nt the time , but to-day ,
coming up to NmO'ork , called at the Mor
ton house for mall and found u similar letter
from Mlsvs Stnnton. Somewhat puMeil , and
having some time on his hands , Daly con
cluded to call on the fair writer nnd discover
the business of her friends. I'ho locality
was a commonplace tcnomeni house In the
neighborhood , ami to his ring a woman ic-
spondcd. SMo asked smilingly if he
was Mr. Daly. Doing nnsweicd
In the aftlrmativo , she invited him in , saying
thai the pni ties who wanted to see him had
Just stepped out to gel some oysters und
would be back in u moment. D lily com
plied. TheiO'Wi was rather prettily fur
lushed , and the walls hung with plenties.
In ono corner- was a piano. The woman
asked him to throw aside his coat , which he
did , ami then walked about the room nnd in
spected the pictures. The woman went to
thu piano , mid us she P truck a chord the fold
ing doors at the end of the
room wete thrown suddenly open.
and Daily , turning , \\as confronted
by two masked men with rcvolveis leveled
nt his head , lie was requested to throw up
his hands without delaj . Dally was stag
gered und the position was ceitamly not one
to inspire conlldence , but he had several
thousand dollars in cash in his pockets , be
sides $ ,1,000 in bonds , with which he was not
inclined to part , nnd his iinxlit.for . the
safety of his money overcame any sense of
danger which might have possessed him. and ,
leaping forward , nlteinpted to grapple the
smaller man of the two. Heforeho could
reach him the man llred , and both tied
tluongh the folding door.s The bullet struck
Daily in the foi client ! ami he staggeied back
His ilrst impulse , even ufler being wounded ,
was to follow the desperate men , but his
sight began to fail him , unit , llnding himself
growing \\oaker and weaker , struggled
to the door loading to the passage and
thence to the street , where ho shouted
loudly for help nnd sank to the pavement.
To an otllcer within sound of his voice , with
fast waning strength , Dailvquiekly informed
him of the nfl.ur , and rushing up stalls the
ofilcer ni rested the woman , but the men es
caped. Daily was moved to the Morton
house and a doctor summoned , but it is not
the mill that he is hurt fatally. The woman
would not talk , refusing to "peach" on her
male companions.
TIIIICACI : : gm.sTioN.
How Senator In alls AVoulil Hnvo It
WvsinNnTov , Dec. 3. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Uni : j In an interview with the cor
respondent of a southein paper Senator In- .
galls said yesterday : "Tlio race question nt
the south remains , as it bus always been , and
for the next geiieiatlou at leasl II will con
tinue to be , the most Important and formid
able in our politics. Tlio change from slav
ery to freedom , from subordination to legal
equalitj , has complicated instead of simpli
fied the situation. So tar from solving the
fatal problem , it has added new elements of
difficulty and danger. Unless history is n
false teacher , it is not possible for two dis
tinct races , not homogeneous that is , which
cannot assimilate by intermarriage and
minglmir of blood to exist upon terms
of practical political equality under
the same government. One or the other
must go to the wall. The time will come
when the negroes , aware of their strength
and numbers , will Insist uuon their equality
under the law , and then there will be a
ensis which may become a catastrophe.
There Is but one practical suggestion that
offers any present relief , and that is n
national legislative law , under which every
voter should bo entered upon the poll lists ,
and then have the elections under the con
trol of supervisors appointed for that nur-
pose Tins might not secure fair elections ,
bill It would afford the means ot ascci tain-
ing whether they weie lair or not ,
so that congiess could act Intelli
gently In deriding whether the contest ants
were entitled to their seats In either house
and In the electoral college. The blacks have
the same legal rights on this continent Unit
whites have. They are natives and are citi
zens They have as much right to nslt the
whites to ictiie or separate themselves as
the whites have to require them to do so.
Hut the original environment of the African
race was tropical , and It may bo that on the
southern shot cs of the gulf , or the West
India islands , or along the low lands of
Mexico , regions friendly to Arrican blood ,
Iho enfranchised millions , under Iho piotee-
lion ot the United States , subjects of its
government and full sharers in its citizen
ship , may yet accomplish their destiny and
fullll tlio prophecy that Ethiopia shall stretch
out its hands to Oed and rejoice. "
Til 13 It A U l I NP KOCKSS1ON.
Il WIIN Not tin ; Sncuexf ) That the Pro-
IIIOtOfN lOtpOlMOll.
Nrw Yomc , Doc. 3. [ Special Telegram to
Tun HIB. : | The Mail und Express Paris
Cablegram says : An ordinary respectable
resident of Paris , unless ho happened to live
somcwhcru on the line of tlio procession ,
would not have known yestetday that any-
tlilng unusual was taking place. The Champs
Elysco , the matinee performances nt the
theaters , concerts , Antovill races , nnd other
fashionable resorts and places of holiday as
sembly wore quite as crow-led as If nothing
extraordinary were happening , and no atten
tion whatever was given to the Haudm dem
onstration by lout Paris. The only people
wet thy of attention , except the political ele
ment , who were nlfected by Iho affair , were
the smaller shopkeepers along Iho route ,
many of whom were even loud in complaint
of the absolute absurdity of the thing ; which
without any tangible reason that they could
see , compelled them to shut their shops and
lose a good day's business , all for nothing.
Thostrcets weie , to be sure , densely crowded
with sightseers , but they were only lie
Tower and middle classes , and their
uUitudu towu ; d Daudm and the whole
business was apathetic. Tlio procession itself
was half fanned of the offscourings of the
Paris slums und represented nothing but
vicious Idleness on a lark. Ono Immcnso
wreath bore the motto , "A un depute lion-
note , " which was evidently a hit at the Wil
son Kuindals. The celebration from the
point of view of the expeditions of the or-
L'uni/.iTB was anything but u , und BO
far as the government is concerned , It is
dlDlcult to nay whether Us position Is lm-
inoveJ , or the ruverou. U is lumored that
[ ho affair has caused some dissensions
among the ministers , nnd ttfat this is likely
to bmiK ou a ijruat crisis. This is only the
hearsay of the moment. A small demon
stration of townspeopluoccuied yesterday at
N'antua. where Daudln practiced us a physi
cian before ho was elected deputy. The pco-
lie paid him the homage of decorating his
statue with wreaths.
Tlio West Virginia Itcooiint ,
CIIAICI.USTO.V , W. Va. , Deo. 3. The recount
n this county was completed to-night. The
recount shou's that AUlorson ( dom. ) for con-
iress from the Third district gained 2'i in
.his city , which elects him by 17. Fleming
[ dem , ) for governor gained "d votes. Tins
rill , It is believed , give the democrats the
; ovci nor uUo.
Cause of tlio KalHcr'u llliiesn.
DEIILIK , Dec. 3. It is known definitely
that Kuiperor William is confined with car
complaint , uud not because of a cold ,
Closing of a Ooutury of CoiiBtltu-
tloiml Qovornmont.
TheTnrilTnnil Surplus Touched On ,
Trims and Combinations Con
demned , null ( ic-nernl Nn-
tlonnl A ( Tails
The S
VVv.smxuTON , 1) . C. , Deo. ! ! . Following IB
the text of tlio president's message to con
gress :
To the congress of the fulled states As
you assemble for the discharge- tlio duties
you have assumed as the roniosoiitntlves of
a nee mill no no ri ) us people , jour meeting is
marked b.v nn interesting and Impiessivo ln
eldont. With the CMilration of the present
session of the congress the th-sl century of
our constitutional existence us 11 mitlou
will Iw completed. Our surival for ono
hundred years Is not tmfllciunt to assure us
Unit wo no longer luivo danROTS to fear In the
nmlnton.iucc , with nil its piomlsod blessings ,
of a government founded Uion | the Iri'ciloui
of the people. Tito time rather nil-
monishes us 'to sobel ly iniUiro |
whether In the past wo linva
always closely kept in the eouiso of mifety
nnil whether wo unvo before us a way plain
anil clear , which loads to happiness anil por-
When the experiment of our government
was undertaken tlio ehai t adopted for our
guidanoj the ooiistitution. Departure
from the lines there Inul down It failuio. It
Is only by a strict adherence to thoiliiectlona
theio Iiiillcuteil ami by restraint within tlio
limitationstliotii tlxcd that wo can funilsli
proof to the world of tlio Illness of thoAmcr- people for self government.
The oiiual ami exact jtistleo of which
wo as the underl.vlng piinelplo. of our
institutions should not boconllmsil to the
lelations of our eiti/ons to each other. The
government itselt is undo.1 hond to the
American people that In the exorcise of lt
functions and powers it will deal with the
body of our eiti/ens In a manner * scrtlpu-
lously honest and fa.r , and uboslutoly jnst
It has ngieod that American cltionship shall
be the only credential necessary to justify
the claim of equality bofoiu the law , ami
that no condition in life shall give rise to ills-
crfinmation in the tivnlmont of the people by
this government. The citizen of our i cpublfu
in its early day rigidly insisted upon
liunce with the. luttor of this bond and saw
stretching out befoto him a Hold for in-
dividiiid endeavor. His tribute to the sup-
nf poll his goveininent was inoasnred by the
cost of its economical maintenance , an.l ho
was secuio in the. onjoyinent of the remain
ing recompense of his sto.idj and con touted
devotion to it.
In these days the frugality of the pcoplo
was stamped upon their government and was
enforced by the fico. thoughtful and intelli
gent suffrage of the cili/cus CombinationsoC
monopolies and aggregations of capital were
either avoided or .stonily regulated and rc-
str.iiiicil.Tliu pomp nnd glitter.of govoinmont
less free inTeied no temptation and piesonteil
no delusion to the til.iui people who , side bv
side in friendly competition , wrought for the
ennoblement and dignity of munfor ; the solu
tion of the problem of free government anil
for tbo achievement of the grand destiny
awaiting the land which Cod had given them.
A century has passed. Our cities are the
abiding places ot wealtti and luxury , our
manufactories yield fortunes never dreamed
of by the lathers of the republic ; our busi
ness men are madly striving in the race for
riches and immense aggregations of capital
outrun imagination in the magnitude of their
unitei taking * .
Tlio President Pnys His Ilesppcrs to
tlio Iron-Ilcclcd Creation ! ) .
Wo view with prule and satisfaction this
bright picture of our country's growth and
prosperity , while only a close scrutiny devel
ops a somber shading. Upon more careful
inspection wo llnd the wealth and luxury of
our cities mingled with povortv and wretch
edness and mucniuncrativo toil. A crowded
and constantly Increasing urban popu
lation suggests the impoverishment
of rural .sections and discontent
with agricultural pursuits 'Iho farm-
er's son , not satiMlod with his father's
simple and laborious life , Joins the eager
chase for easily auiuircd wealth.
Wo discover that the fortunes ro-
ali/cd by our iminufacturors nro
no longer solely the reward of study , indus
try and enlightened foicsight , but that they
result from the discriminating favor of the
government and are largely built upon undue
exaction from the masses of our own people.
The gulf between employers and the em
ployed Is constantly wideningand classes are
rapidly forming , ono comprising tliu very
rich ami powerful , while in Another are
found the toiling poor.
AH wo vlow the achievements of aggregated -
gated capital wo discover the existence of
trusts , combinations and monopolies , wliilo
the cill/cn Is struggling far in the rear or IB
trampled beneath an Iron heel.
Corporations , which should bo the care
fully restrained creatures of thu law and the
servants of the people , me fast becoming the
people's masleis. Still congratulating our
selves upon the wealth of our country , and
complacently contemplating every incident
of change Inseparable ) from these conditions ,
it is our Hilly as patriotic citlrons to iniuiro |
at the pic.sunl stage of our progress how the
bond of thu government made with
tlio people lias been kept and per
formed. Instead of limiting the trib
ute drawn from our citi/cim to
nccossitlett of its economical administration ,
the government pci.slsts in exacting from the
.substance of the people's millions , which ,
unapplied and useless , lie dormant in its
treasury This ll.igrant Injustice and thlu
breach of faith and obligation add to ox tor *
lion the danger attending diversion ot tlio
currency of tlio country liom the legitimate
channels ol business ,
Under the same laws by which these re
sults me produced , the government perinltH
many millions more to bu added to the cost
of living of our people aii'l to bu taken from
our consumers which unreasonably wwell the
profits of n small but powoiful minority.
The people tnust still bo taxed
for the uuppoi t of the country under thu op
eration of tariff laws. I till the
mass of our eiiucns is Inordinately
burdened beyond any usuful public purpose
and for the benefit of a fow. i'ho
government under pretext of nn exorcise of
its taxing power , enters giatuitously Into
partnership with those favorites , to their ad
vantage nnd to the injury of u vast majority
ufour , people. This is not equality before
the law. The existing situation is Injiiilous
to the health of our entire body politic. . Jt
stifles in these all patriotic love of country ,
and substitutes in its j.iaco Bullish greed and
grasping avarice. Devotion to American citi
zenship for its own sake and for what it should
accomplish us a motive to our nation's ad
vancement and the happiness of all our pco
plo is displaced by the assumption that the
government , Instead of being the embodi
ment of equality , Is but un Instrumentality
through which especial and individual ad
vantages are to bo gained.
The iirrognnco of thin assumption Ib un
concealed. It appears In thu sordid disre
gard of all but personal mteiost In the re
fusal to abate for the ienellt of others ono
ot.i of selfish advantage , nnd in combination
, o perpetuate buch advantages ; through ef
forts to control IcgUmiiun and hnpropeily
conttol the ttutlrago ot the people.
Tlio Only Jtfllof for the Hardships of
I'-irmers and I.alJororx.
The grievance of these nut included within
the clrclu of thosu bonollcwnoH , when fully
ri-alued , will suiely uiuuao irritation and
discontent Our tanners , long suffering and
uitiuit , htrutft'liiiK 'i > the race of life with
.ho hardest and most unremitting toil , will
tot fail to face , in spite of misrepresentation ; !
ami niiBlcadiuBalliuncs uat they are obliged