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How They Were Oonduotocl During
the Last Fiscal Year.
An Iiitcrostlti ; : Ilcsiiiiie of llio llnnl *
IICHH Trammeled In the Postollluc ,
War nnil Intoi lor Dcpai tiuutitx
I lie Mint Sttiifiiiicnt.
TIP ) Pnstfifilru Depnrtnipnt-
WASIIINCTOS , Dec 2 - The postmaster
general's r < pirt presents concisely the cntuli-
tion nntl histoiy of every division mul branch
of the postal hi rvlio for tlio fiscal Jear ended
juneOO , I'-ss with muny striking compari-
eons with previous j cars , showing n remark
able expansion of business and u largo in-
crcnso lit tlio expenditure. The followintrinc
some of tlio lending statements and recom
mendations of the report :
Gloss revenue for the jcnr , S.i2OT ,170 ;
total expenditures , Inclusive of liabilities for
tlie ycniMinpnid , anil embracing tlio amount
for tlio tiniispoi tntlon of mails on Hit Paoltlc
rnilwojs , for wtn < li the government rccoivc's
credit , was tVi.S'D.-10) ) The eslinuitcd doll-
cienci , therefore , is $1,190,227
Tor the Usual jcir inninicnclng July 1 ,
Ufcl anil ended .Inno , W-fi , the total revenue
vvns-T.J fjtObl.l , and the cash dellcicnty was
JO'ii"I4. ) ) Tlio deficiency for was
fTldUi'JI In lb87 the e.isli dellcluncy was
11,237 4 IS
' 1 lie estimated amount of culinary postal
revenue for the llscnl jcar ended Juno . ' ! 0 ,
IbMI , is f 11 NXi.sifl Adding ' .I per cent for an
inueuse , H (170,717 ( , gives an estimated
amount of the ordinary postal revenue of
f.10 lv < Mli7rt The amount of estimated icv
cnue ftom monoj order business is $ S2",000 ,
and the total cstitimtul gloss 10-
ctipts for the 3 tar ended June : )0 ) , IS1- ' ) ,
is t57.l'iJ'i7i 'iho
, , amount appropriated
for the servko this jenr Is fuOMiO,2. ! I ,
nn excess oor the amount of icveaiio esti
mated above of .Illi7 > 55 , which \\illbo
dra\\n from the general tieasury should the
total amount appiopiated be needed ,
The estimated amount of ordinaly postal
re\enuo for the fiscal jcar ending .liinij.iO ,
16W ) , is ffj(5St)7.iV0. ( ) ! Add 0 per tent for In
crensc. M,0I1OSI , gives an estimated amount
of the ordinal j revenue for tno fiscal \ear
ending June 20. IS'.H ' ) . of Slil.WiV/rf. The
amount of estimated rcvi'nuo from the
money order business is fSMyoO The total
"estimated gloss receipts for the , ve\r ending
JunoJiO , IbOO , arc S .2,508 , ( wS. ' 1 he probable
nniounl of expenditure to bo mndo in carry
ing on the business of the postal boiviiefor
the \cn ending Juno JU , IS'lOf as shown by
the estimates submitted to the solidary of
the treusuri , is * i > riH12,07.t. The do-
lltlcncy to bo supplied from the general
tiensuii istlioitfoiu WIOi,4U !
The total number of postofllecs is 07,370 ,
an incie.ise o\er iss" > of ( > 121 The number
of postmasteis appnmted timing the je.n
ending Juno ! iO , ivss , was 1J,28S , of which
O.fi21 were tiion icslgnnuons anil commis
sions oxpiicd , 1/.M4 on lemovuls , uvi to 1111
vacancies bv deatji , and Jt.MU on the eatab-
lishmeat of new postonicos Ono thousand
six hundred and foi tj-live postofllics weio
discontinued elu ring the year und the names
and sites of 1,40.1 olllces wuio i hanged , ro-
tnlninK the Incumbents The adjustment
July 1 , IShb , establishes 07 olliees
In the first tlass , 407 in the
second class ana 1'JOS in the third
class , limiting a total of piesldential olllces at
the date last named , of U,4UJ. Thu gioss ro-
teipts nlii.h ( acvitied at the
ofllccs for the four quarters ended .Mutch
HI , IbhS , amounted to $ J3,40VJS7 , an mcrcnso
of f ) , ! t2 < lb.0 ! , as lompired with the adjust
nient of July 1 , ISb" . Theiehas been nn In
crease of f.UJriOO in the amount required
for the salaries of president ! il postmastois
o\or the amount required foi Ibbt.
In the lallnay m.iil soi vice an Incieaso of
about 12,000 miles is shown , as against the
previous j car's estimated increase of li.OUO
miles. Theio is an increase of 4 > l7u7i'OU ' < ) in
the number of union traveled per annum ,
and a decrease of 73 pci cent in the
late of cost per mlle traveled , and an
Increase of .I.U2 per cent In the noi.agc num
ber of ti ips per week. The total volume of
business in the monoj older division for the
jear is upwards of $1-1,1,000,000 , and shows a
net piollt to the goveininunt of about fc'JD.UOii.
The \olumo of ordinary mail matter has
largely mcieased , anil it is estimated that
the lovenuo on the number of pleios handled
during the past year would have been , with
out the reductions of post 1150 , (70,000,000
The business of the rogisti.ulon illusion has
increased during the b7 percent over
that of the previous Mat The fiec dollvcty
service was , during the last fiscal
year , oxtenued to lii'.l additional places
under the act of January , Ibb7 , inikmg a
total of ilflS fi eo dellvoiy cities The mini-
lcr ) ofcutneis was ihcieased fioin 5.011 to
Catefully prepared statistics nro submitted
in eveiy branch of the someo ,
inglncicnscd efficiencyover the pi ox ions
joars , which may bo summarised as follows :
luiing the year 701 poisons , ollh lals and
employes of the department , and others ,
woio nriested for vailous offenses against
the postal laws and logtilations This nuin-
boi Includes 'JO ] ) ostmnstois , M assistant post-
mastots , U2 poslofllco cloiks , 12 railway
postal clerks , Ul letter carriers , 15 mail eat-
U. ricrs , 0 other employes , 12J burghules of
. postofllccs mid SsOothcrs for various offenses
nubjott to the juiisclictlon of the loutts
of the United States. l"ortv nine
burglars and twonty-tluoo other offenders
\\ero arrested , whoso casts weio subject to
the Jurisdiction of the state courts Ono
bundled and suvunty one of these offenders
\\oio < on\ictcd , Unity Iho acquitted or ills
charged and CIO me awaiting tual The 10-
port sajs it is gratifying to notothat th TO
has been a maiIced impio\cmcnt over the
past j ear in the number of complaints of
depredations upon the domestic ieilstiiod
mail , and the purcuitago of loss is also sm ill
'Iho nnmliir of tmnplaints reccued is
funatlor and tlio percentage of nc rtamcd
Joss much less Only 4 , M complaints weio
received , as against "i.'Jbii imido last ear ,
While the total number of pieces ror'lstoiod
increased l.OU.blV. The. total number of
losses Biistained , as shown by Investigation
and u careful estimate , was bl5 , or ono ploco
out of every Ifv'UI pieces Iiaiidled. Last
jonr the actual loss was 1,00'i. or ono piece
out of cvoij 11is ? ' 1 licso ilguros show : i
much better scivico this jcar than last.
Thcso losses v , ciofiom nil causes accidents
binning of caiH and postonicos and othoi cas
: ualties , and onljUI were the result of theft
bv dishonest oiilcmls. Forty tour thousand
nine hundred and seventeen complaints in
repaid to tlio domestii * ordinary trail were
received and : i5b"I ( Investigated. In vlovv of
the iigutes show ing the increased number of
stomps sold during the jear , demonstrating
the gieat increuso of mull handled , these
figures show an improvement in tlio sen ice In
0r > 70of thocomplulntsinvcstigiited the claim
of loss was found to bo false , The letters or
packages were either not mailed or wcto
subsequent ! ) dollsered
The postmaster general sa ) s : "At the re
quest of my predecessor , nn additional up-
propilutlon of $100,000 was mtulo for the in
spection service. This was dona in order
that the smaller postoflltcs , these of the
fourth class , might bo examined and the
postmasters Instructed by a personal visit
from an inspector This had not prnvlously
been donosNstoniatleully , During the past
year U4bbll unices wtio carefully -
fully iii8tcctcd ] , Much good has re
sulted , as the department record shows
greater promptness in making dcpotma
and reports to the department , and
there is a marked incrcaso in its locclpts.
Tlio inspectors collected or caused to bo du-
Iioslted in the tieasury on iiiccunt of cases in
class "U" ( cases which aio not actually to bo
called mall depredations ) , tl7i5-,61'J. , Tor
the coed pf the service in all its branches ,
this additional appropriation of flOO.lUXJ
eliould bo rcnowcil for the coming yo ir , ' 1 ho
total number of complaints in ivgard to for
eign mall , both registered and ordinary , was
K > , tJ55 , n considerable Imrcuso over any
previous jear , but it is also noticed that the
iimnbGr of actual losses is loss in proportion
tion to the number of complaints tic.ited ,
51ic thou nud bix huuUroU aud uighty-threu
cases i elated to the registered mail ,
V)3 ( ) to the ordin uy mails , and 170 to mis
ci'llinooiis - At tual loss
coinpl-ilnts was sus
tained in 'OJ cases relating to registered
matter. "
Tables of the tests of the eftlcloncy of the
railway pontolllco clerks , under the tandard
adopted prior to lss.1 , aio sub.nitli-d , dhow-
Ing n marked improvement , the average PIT
rent of Inc reused ofllciency nf lb > > b over Iss7
bv thr > results of tests submitted showing
S7 If ) per cent for iss * to to 10 per cent in
1 8 The report Mibmits elaborate schod
Hlrs of railway mall connections in the
south , and between the not th west
and the south , stiowlnc constantly Im reusing
business und the need of moro attention and
means foi its proper care , with a showing
that the subji-ct lias received maikcd consid
eration during the past fiscal jenr 'Iho
postmaster general submits that the appro
priatiotm for pay to tallroads should
bo bettor distributed , or , if need bo , in-
ei eased , If the policy of special appiopna
tions for increased p\v is to be continued
with the new commercial south. Ho states
that by spr-i ial appropi htions to a fcwof the
rnilrondu the Impression Is given that the de-
pirtmcnt has the disbursement of
u fund foi all , and dissatisfaction
is ei cited by increased pay to some for
M-i vi < o no better or moie needed , if so much ,
as that on thi' lim-sof others , who receive
no such spcilnl favors. Notwithstanding
the absence of an > such funds , hopioceeds
to show many spcu ial additions of improved
scrvhoupon shoitcr lines Many through
fast malls h i\o been added by negotiation
and contract Tl.o thiough fast mails east
arc 'ho Hist in the history of the depart
After submitting through the teport , vari
ous recommendations relating to the im-
niovcincnt of the detail of tlio service , the
postmaster general submits the following of
more general mteicst :
"A bill pit-pared in this dcpnitment , and
leportcd favorably bi the committees of
both houses , but not acted upon at the last
session , would provide a standaid , fixed by
returns , showing the amount of business
transai ted at c.u h olllcp. which would Kivo
the postmaster general tlic power to purchase
sites and erect permanent buildings for post-
olllco purK | > scs I had the honoi to furnish
the committees with data , showing that , lain
injudnnent , sound business principles
dictated such a poluj , and domonstiating
that it would bo a measuie of economy for
the goveinnicnt. by compirison witli the
present sjstem ol leasing. At the expiration
of the leases it Is almost invariably the case
that strife anses among the citi7cns of
towns over the IKmg of a now site for
the posinftlcc. Heal estate values are tq
some extent unsettled b.v such changes ,
and it is frequently dillicult for the
head of the depaitmcnt to determine
whether the case presented for the location
has stronger popular suppoitin the mtciest
of the genet ul convenience of thu commu-
nitv , or whether it is not made up in the in
terest of mcro real est 10 speculation. Prom
JMJ cAivTionco in the matter of making new
leases , or of tcnewing old ones , I am led to
present the subject to congress with much
earnest'iess I am satisfied with the meas
ure above icfeiicd to , and now pending , is
ono of the highest meiit. It is known us II.
H bill. No JJdli ) .
"If the eoi icspondencp of the country is to
cotitmuo to be umlei the charge and piotoe-
tion of the government , the vast and m-
t leasing volume conducted by tcle-
giapliy , and the light of the great bodj of
the people to be uiTordrd facilities for the
lost and quickest transmission at rates within
Iho means of all , will p ess the subject of
postal telpgiaphy upon the attention of
( ongiess with moio and more urgency. The
chief dillicultics in the way aio the gi eat
test of the piescnt methods , and the absence
of sufeguaids w hich , according to the theory
of the present mail service , should
piotect the privacj of cot respondents. I
have given the subject much consideration ,
and 1 believe that the invcntivo genius of
thin counti.v has reached a stage in dlscov cry
in electric science when these pioblems may
bo solved. 'Iho subject Is of such gieat im
portance to the people that I bcliovo an op-
poitunity should bo given for the picsenta-
tion and examination of inventions which
have been infonually presented to commit
tees of congress , the departments and the
publicIund that a stimulus should bo given to
investors to tuin their attention to the im-
piovcnient of old methods. I iccom-
mpiid the appointment of n com
mission of competent , disinterested men ,
leatned in the science , who may
examine inventions and nivito othots , who
shall bo nuthoii/rd to erect short espcn
mental lines , and who shall report to the
president or to congress the result of their
"J huvo the honor to recommend a revision
ot the law tcgulathiK the compensation of
fourth class postmasters , by which tno com
pensation shall no permitted which was in
tended by the act of congress fixing the
standaid. Thiough all the reductions of
post.ige rates the amount of postage icccivcd
lias fin nished the standaid of compensation
to these ( initials They number 5 l-b74 There
has been no readjustment of the into of
compensation in haunonj with the icduc
tions in postage rates. Increased labor has
been imposed bi increased business , icsult-
mg from lower postage , which , at tno satno
time , has reduced the compensation. The
attention of congress is requested to the
it-commendation of the lit st assistant post
master rogaulmg the classlllcation
and salaries of clciks nttathed to the l.uger
postollkcs While the fico delivery service ,
with its ,1" > S oftlces , has icceived maiked leg
islative consideration , piovidmg taruful
classification and piomotion of carneis ,
and providing substitutes for vaca
tions ana holidays ami a limita
tion in the nppropiiatlon for
but eight houis service per cliii , at a total
cost for that scrvito during the current fiscal
joar of about f 7,000,000 , there has been pro
vided for tmi cost of Hoiks in nil tlio post
ofllccs of the United States , but SVI5UOUO
The total increase of fioo delivery oftices for
the current j ear w 111 not exceed 40
Tim act of tongiess appiovcd July 21. 1SSS ,
atithoiized nn allowance foi lent , fuel mm
lights for third class postoftltis , as fie-
qucntlv recommended by the dep.utment ,
On Juli 1 , IVsS , 1/07 olllces weio
assigned to the third class , and ,
under tlio opoiiition of the existing law , bO
additional otlltcH weio assigned to the third
class from Ottober 1 , ISss , malting the total
number 1'isS. The limitations of the said
tut , by which the maximum annual tent for
an olllco of tlio thud class was fixed at $ .100.
mul the maximum allow anco for fuel and
light at $0) ) , slfould , in my opinion , bo lo-
pe.iled , as the best intcicsts of the service
require discretionary authority In the head
of the department to IK this allowance , hay
ing logaid to local needs "
The ] Kstnmstcr ) general calls attention to
thn abuse of the frnuklng utivilrgo ,
and recommends a tovislou of the law , with
( tenuities for its violation Hocaiefully rev -
v tows the statutes , and points out tlicit want
ofunifounity The following is his closing
paragraph on the subject
"If the flanking pi iviloio were abolished ,
and a \oiiilvallowaiiiofor the pur
chase of postage stumps made instead , every
senator and member ot tlio house of repie
sontntivcs would bo phucd upon an exact
equality No one could make use of the mads
bo.vond his own allowance , and no unauthor-
i/ed person could make lisa of the
mails to forwaid unofficial mutter , Agii-
cultural colleges now enjoyinir the franking
privilege , might bo fninished , thiough thu
department of agncultuio , with lioo penalty
envelopes "
The postmnstPr prncrnl calls attention to
the fucv that the law reposes no authority in
aio ofHt'lul of thit government to compel the
owners of tailroads to icceivo and cairy the
malts of the United .States , and sajBitlsin
urgonl need of leviHlou llo sajnthat public
opinion and sentiment are the onb forc-cs
to which the department ran
now appeal to tccuro improved
mail facilities when nmluiblo negotiations
full , and the onli oxiHting Imv proviiling an
altcu native In the case of the refusal of any
railioad tiot under contract with the po\ em
inent to take the h.alls IB for the department
to semi them forward by pony oxpiess
lie commendation is also made that at the ter
mination of the existing contiact for the
manufacture of postage stamps , postal mills
und stamped envelopes the government lake
the work into its own lumUs.
Scrrfitiuj Kiiillcod't * Ilcpuit.
WASHI : < GTO.V , Dec. 2.--Sccretaiy r.ndicott
has mailti u report to the president pf the ltd-
ministration of the war department during
the fiscal vear cndm ! June 30 , last The
total expenditures weio f4lK > Ti,107. The
approiiriations for the curient llscnl jpar
amount to f jl 070,1) ) ! 4 , and the estimates for
the fiscal i rar ending Juno . ) , IsOO , aggre
gate S44i.U)07 , as follows balarlcs and
contingent e\pcnses , f IH71SIR ) , military es-
tablislimcnts , support of the army , and mili
tary academy , SJ,20',37S ; public works , In
cluding rivers and Imtbor Improvements ,
$ r,7 ) > x > ,234 ; miscellaneous objects , $1.17.1,000
Iho estimates for river and haibor Improve
ments represent the probable cost of such
Improvements if npmovcd by congress.
The secretary renews the recommendation
contained in his last annual report in retrird
to examinations for promotion , and sajs tint
the necessity for such examination glows
more and moio evident. Desertions fiom
the at my continue in large numbers , as In
previous jeais , but fiom yl'ivestigutions '
recently made it appeals that SOpor cent of
the desertions occur before the expiration of
the second \ear of service. Jn discussing
the vaiious plans suggested to prevent deser
tions , the sccrotni y says
"Hiswoithi of consideiation whether the
olllccis in command of tioopa at milltaty
posts , or the captains of the companies ,
should not bo authorized to impose
a punishment for minor oflenses.
Hut In granting such authority
It will bo neccss.uj to specif.y the extent ami
chat actor of the punishment for each of-
fen p , otherwise there would be no uniform
ttile Nor would It bo wise to revoso so
laige n discietion upon a single oftlcer. "
Ho reviews the repoit of the bontd of
visitors to the military academy , mid cn-
cloises their iccommcnctations for new build
Ings for soldlos , ( Hiaitors for the new
academic building , a now gymnasium , n
sppaiato budding for the depaitmcnt of
natuialand experimental philosophy , and
the purchase of the Kinsley estate.
Ttio secretary saj s tint all the stites and
territories now have an active militia suf
ficient under the legulatlons to entitle them
to icceivo ordnaneo and cniutcrmasiets'
stoics from the United States , excepting
the state of Arkansas and the ten nones
of Arizona , Idaho mid Utah. It is
hoped that very soon piaitical
insti action in sea coast defenses and the
handling of heavy artillery maj bo given to
the militia , and that the olllccis of the at my
tnuv bo relied upon to give /oalous and
coidial assistance. By a genetous supplj of
ammunition , lor target practice , to collcRes
where lumy officers .no solving as instruc-
tois , the becrotniy sajs , it is possible that
competitive contests in lillo shooting might ,
in time , bo as populnr with some of the col
leges as boat lacing is uovv attho uaiveisi-
ties of the seaboard.
Convinced fiom former reports , and a per
sonal inspection of the workings of the sys
tem , that good results must/ flow fiom its
adoption , the secretaiy savs that in piepar-
mg plans for some df the new militaiy
posts provided for by congress provision
should bo made for massing the troops by
commands instead < of companies. The at
tention of congiess is again invited to the
defenseless condition of the sea coast and
lake fiontiers , and liberal and immediate
action is recommended looking to the effect
ive defense of our piincipal scapoits The
scciet.uj sais : "It would appear now moio
important than ever that such action should
bo taken at the second session of the piesent
congiess , in view of the fact that the last
session gave nppioprmtions for the con
struction of heavy ordanee. Without heavy
platforms , stiong armored protection and
other ucimaiicnt defenses , these guns
and mortals , when llnishcd , will
bo of compaiatively little use.
The building of modem guns and moitar
batteries requires longer periods of time than
the construction ol the armament It would
be the pat t of wisdom that tno preparation
ol thcso two important components of a well
equipped defense should proceed siuiultane
ously. "
For the beginning of the construction of
defenses nn appropriation of40,000 is asked.
Two hundred thousand dolhus is asked
for theicpair and picseivation of existing
works , for ths pui chase ol torpedoes and
submarine mines and tl.enecessaiy appliances
foropoiating them and for experimenting
to asccitain the best of the many toipodo in
ventions. Tor the construction of the ncces-
saij casements , cable , galleries , otc. , for
workingtho submarine mine and torpedo
sjstcui , ? 100,03 ( is recommended. The con-
stiuction of a torpedo vessel for the storage
of torpedo matciml for use in San Francisco
harbor , to cost $ J20,000 , is recommended.
Attention is called to the report on the
construction of roads and bridges in the
Yellowstone National Park , and to the neces
sity of furthei appropriations for this pur
pose It Is suggested that some action should
bo taken by congress to enforce the i ights of
the United States in nuvigablo sticams
within the limits of a state , and thus rest on
the government the duty of pioteetiog navi
gation thereon.
Discussing the appropriations of the ord
nance department , the repoit states that
dm Ing the fiscal year ended Juno ! 50 , IbhS ,
41,1.0 ! lilies and carbines were manufactured
at the national nrmoiy , and that Investiga
tions , have been completed to detoimme tlio
uh.iigo and piojectilo for of an aim
of smaller talibio than the present
sci vice piece. It Is the Intention to use com
pressed mid perforated caitiidgos , but as
yet the powder makers have not succeeded
in producing a satisfactoiy powder , the do-
siied velocity being accompanied by the
greatest pressure. This matter of suitable
powder is still under ti ill. The results ob
tained in Frame with the Lebcl lillo seem to
point to a radical change in the manufacture
of powder for small nuns. Land has been
scouted as a slto for an uiserial at Columbia ,
Ten n , and the title is now being examined
by thu department of Justice
The manufacture of the two twelve Inch
biccch lo.iding rides was resumed in the
spung. One has been completed and Rent to
the proving ground and the other is neaiing
completion Kofcronco is undo to the ap
pointment of a board of ordnance and foi ti-
lication , mul the iccommendatioiis of the
boaid aio bnellv tevised. 'Iho geeiotary
states ihut he dnectcil aboird of ordnance
olHccis to conveneat Wntoivliot aiscnal in
October last , to prepare the necessary plans
and specifications for the election of an
arinj gun fat tnry Advei tisemonts were
published undei date of November , invit
ing pioposals for maumg the necessary
oxi avations foi the t'un factory bmlU-
Uv , and for tlio erection of
two sets of officers' quaiters. Hlds for this
and other woik , such as the c onstructlon of u
inilioad line in the arsenal giounds , for
building an iron bridt'oovei the canal , etc- ,
will bo opened on December 14 , IbbS The
details , draw ings and specifications lor the
gun factory building in u well in hand , and
will bu completed in tinco or four months ,
when , after appi oval by the board of ord
nance and fortification , additional proposals
will bo invited for completing the work. It
Is expected that the machines , Including the
laiger ones , which may bo of special design ,
will bo completed as earl ) as the shops , say ,
within eighteen months fiom Junimiv 1 , Ibs'J.
Under the pinvislons of the army bill for
the procurement of pneumatic dynamite
guns , the necessaiy specifications aio now
being prepared , and advertisements for pro
posals will issue oaiiy in December. The
guns will piobabl.v beef fifteen inch cnliluo
and will throw a piojettilo that will c.urj n
charge r.icli of about 500 pounds of oxploiivo
gelatine , with full lalibro pi ojcc tiles. The
guns will probably bo delivered in fiom six
to ten months from the date 01 the contract ,
sn that all the guns of this class tliit cm bo
procured under the provision of the law will
be pin chased cluiing ( ho coming \ear
The Rcerotttiyeommtmls the suggestion of
the inspector general , that some ol the woik
now done bi paid inmates of the soldiers'
homo bo done b.v daily details of tlio in
mutes who are competent , as better for tliPiu
and for economy's sake The mspo.tot itn-
ci ul is of the opinion that too much is ilono
for the beneficiaries of the home , who 10-
ccivchigh pensions , und for rctiicd soldiers ,
and ho suggests that tlio conditionon which
they are to bu u'i'oivcd be teviscd. The sec-
" 1 his last siijriosUoii is well worthy of
consideiation ho'no stated und coimtant
occupation for a certain ponud every cluv
would be a great blessing to Uu'no old sol
dier * Ab tlmi mo now , timr lianas heavily
and vveaiily on their lutniU , and they lead
chterlcss and t'JUo ' JUos and uro fur from
bolus as contented ud happy as they
, should be "
| ' He cancludps his report by calling alien
t Ion to the crcat need of an assistant score-
I tar.v of war , and savs that smh an ofllcor Is
Imperatively needed for the proper and
enicitnt administration of the war depatt
The Interior
Wviitx-iiToN , Dec. C The report of the
secretary of the Intcilor shows that during
tlio > car land pitcths to StiO.M 0,429 aercs
were issued , of which V ! 010,2 1 * acres were
cprtiflod for railroad jmiposcs , and located In
the states of Aikansni , Iowa , Wisconsin and
Minnesota. Tinal entries to the number of
70 , Itevypio made. The receipts from the
disposal of public lands show n total of
81lu-Uls,5 77. The Indians under the charge
of agents number 240,005 and HIP territory
now 111 n state of reservation for them is
112 4111,410 neies , an average of t.MI acres for
etch Indian. Five industrial U. lining schools
hnvo a totil enrollment of 1 , . " 0 pupils , with a
total expenditure of * 23.1s'lOU' . The other
schools number 2JJ , with an attendauco of
10,404 pupil" .
Original pensions numbering f > ,2o3 were
added to the pension rolls during the year ,
and an increase was granted iu 45.710 cases
ritteen thoimnd seven hundr'cd mid tlni ty
pensioners weto dropped for various causes ,
so that at the end of the v car the total num
ber remaining was 4')3,5J7 Tlio annual v aluo
of pensions in the aggregate was $ , " ) ti,707,2.0 , ,
an increase of nearly $4,000,000 fet the jonr.
The amount paid foi pensions was | 7b,77.V
Ml ) IU , an increase over the previous joar
of $ .1 2.111,000. In the pension onlco 4oU7
applications of vaiious kinds were made , the
receipts being 81 , la..OUI.
OpcrnlioiiH of tlio Mints.
WASHINGTON' , Dec. 2. Dr. James P. Kim-
bill , the director of the mint , has submitted
to the secretary of the trcasuiy his it'port on
the opeintions of the mint service for the
fiscal jear ended Juno 30 , IbSS :
The value of the deposits of gold was
$ bObOI,4r.O , including fS.OOS.OM of ro deposits.
The deposits and purchases of silver were
ft'l'll ) ' , 507 standard ounces , of the value at
coinage late of ? - llSJ2'WThis ! included ro-
deposits of the value of S491bll. Of the
golu.doposited 513,1015,300 was classified as of
domestic piodtiction , against ? 32U7.,027 ) in
tin' pit-ceding ; jear. Thcso figures tend to a
reduction of half n million dollars in the
in eduction of gold in the United btatcs.
The foreign gold bullion deposited negro-
gatei ) < 21 , 711.012 ; foreign gold com , $14.f > % , -
sbTi , a total of $ HJU7D27. : ngninst 5.1JI07S10
in the v ear pro 'ling. The value of United
States light go. oln deposited fonccoinago
was $4''J,51J. ' Oul material was deposited in
the form of Jewell y , bars , plate1 , etc. , con
taining gold , of the value of $2'JbS,7oO. ,
Of the silver bul'ion ' deposited and pur
chased , ? 37,30JOI3 (3.l.i5.1M.79 ( standard
ounces ) was tlassillcd as of domestic pio-
cluttion , fICrSys4 as foreign silver bullion ,
and $ b730 : ! as fortign silver toln. The total
coinage wis $10',0'U,547 ) ! pieces , of the value
of t ( , 1,719,042 , of vvhlth fis , : l,170 was gold ,
S2,7l\d7.1 silver dolhus. S1.417.42J subsidiary
siucr toins , and $ HS'JbO ' weiehninor coins.
The minor coinage of the mint at Phila
delphia was the largest in the history of the
mint set vice , being occasioned by the de
mand for 5 tent nickels and 1-cent bronrc
Gold bars were exchanged for full weight ,
United States gold coin as authorized by the
act of May 20 , ls 2 , of the value of Jir , b4t . ! lbO ,
against $7i04,019 , ( in the preceding year , indi
cating un mci eased demand for gold Oars for
The cii nings of the mints and assay offices
from all soui ces amount to JO , 783 592 , and
the cxpenditutes and operative losses to
81,534,209. The total .inipot Is of gold coins
and bullions during thu year were 13,914,817 ,
and the total cxuors S18,370,2J4 , or an ex
cess of imports of 523D5SOb3 There was a
net loss of ? 3,2Js,18S by the export of silver.
The production of gold and silver
in the United States for the calendar jcar
1KS7 , is estimated to have been $ .13,000.000
gold and 53,807 , 000 silver. The produc
tion of gold throughout the world has re
mained neatly constant , while the pi odnc
tlon of silver has increased In the past four
5ears about $25,000,000 The aijgrcgato coin
age of the world , including lecoinagc , during
the calendar j car Ib87 , was * I2 1,902 , 1 " > gold
and flW,9S4.b77 ) silver. The value of gold
bars furnished for industrial use during the
calendar jcar lbS7 , was Stl , i72 , < > 00 ; silver
bais , $5,241,998 ; total , ? 10,914b04. , The
stock of gold and silver coin in
the United States on Juno 1 , l Sb ,
is estimated to have been : Gold coin , J5'r ' , -
y49b37 ; silver , $2'JO,70bT ! 0 ; subsidiary silver
coin , Ki1,400)70. ) At the same date there w as
gold bullion awaiting coinage in the mints of
the value of ? 1 10,409,01 b ; silver bullion ,
lr)0:5Sb ) : ; melted trade dollars , ? 0,5 15,554 ,
making a total metallic stock of { 1,0.12,42'-
% J Of this there was in the tieasury of the
United Stales 5,941 , W.1 , 172 ; i national
banks , ? 105,43"i , l')2 ) , and in other banks and in
general ciiculation/302,401,299.
Opposlnc IliKlililnclcr Factions Kn-
In u OtfiirclcroiiH J ight.
, Ore , > ec. 2 To-day a very
bloody and murderous fight took j.luco In the
streets of the city btvveen two factions of
Chinese highbindoid Tioublo between the
two crowds has been brewing some time.
On Thursday a street fist light occurred be
tween several highbinders , and this after
noon a sanguinary meeting took place on the
streets. About twenty Chlnamon , all armed
\vlth pistols , participated. Over lifty shots
were exchanged , and the row lasted some
ten minutes. Fqur highbinders woio
shot down , and two others badly
wounded Tour wore removed to the
hospital , where one died voi.v soon after.
The other tlneo are wounded fatally and
cannot possibly recover. Two other wounded
men , cuiricd away during the light by their
countrymen , cannot bo found by the police.
Several moro are believed to bo wounclpil.
1'ivo hlglibinileis have boon uricstod , who
are charged with being connected with the
bloody affair. At the time of the vendetta
the sticcts wore filled with ciowds , but none
of the spectators were sti uck by the many
lanuotn shots. The most intense excitement
prevails in Chinatown , whore several thou
sand Chinese have Congregated. It is feared
that the trouble 'Is not yet ended. The
bloody fleht is duo to hatred caused by
i ivuli y of interests between the two fac
Places AVlirro CJlilIilrcu Are Taught
the Doctrines of llorr Moat.
CIKOUIO , Dec. 2 , Three hundred persons
hold a meeting at , the Aurora Turner hall
this afternoon for' the put pose of effecting a
permanent organisation to support the FO-
called "Anarchist Sunday schools " Tlio
object was accomplished , seventy of the people
ple present signing the roll of uicnibcishlp
on the spot. 'j
Another mooting will be held next Sunday
to perfect the details of the association , rind
afford un opportunity for nn expected in
crease In the number of membois. A feat
ure of to daj's incoming was the general de
nial that the schools nroanaichistic or social
istic. It was not den led that the promotois
wcie nnirehmts and socialists , but the plea
was made that the schools are simply antl-
rclip'ious A leading light among the radi
cals appeared to volco the general sentiment
when , in a speech , ho s lid "This is nn at
tempt to .removiVour children ft oui the de
moralizing mlluence of tiio Christian Sunday
school , and its [ baneful effect upon their
minds , making them too stupid and lary to
th.nk , instead ofidovcloplng their Intellect , "
Other speeches lo similar strum wore in ado ,
A Kfcolitlon to Sohiii/ ,
Nrvv emu , Dee 2Carl Schurz , who re
cently rc'tuinod fjjlm n trip abroad , was ton-
ileiccl n hciyjy recpllcu last night by the
Licdci kran
Stonnbfili ( | Arrival' * .
At Now Voiki'lio Umbrla , irom
nool.thn I.aboufgogne , from Havrd ; the
IJohuula , from Havre.
It Submits the First Installment of
Its Annual Roport.
Tlie Hoard Objects to Uclnii DrajjKCil
Into Politics Ulver t/anil i\ : lo
tions nt n Standstill A
SlicrllT'H Oemxotitlun.
The Itnllrnnd Cotiiinlssliin's Rcjinrt.
Dr.i MOIM s , la , Dec 2 [ Spreial to TUB
llni : ] There is a great deal of suggestive
and valuable leading In thu niinual repot t of
the railroad commissioners , moro so this
jcar than usual , because of the troubles bo
twecn the toads and the commissioiiois. The
law rcijuires the commissioners to file their
repoit with the governor on or before Do-
cembei I. They aio not usually ready to
furnish It In fall at that time , and so comply
w 1th the law by submitting a small portion ,
leaving all the statistical portion to ba fni
nished liter , or as soon as the llguies can be
obtained. That is the case this year. The
sheets furnished to tha governor include the
reading pot tlou , or most of it , preliminary
to the statistical tnblm , while are not yet
ready. While the report shows Hut 318
miles of road were built durltiu' the llscil
jcar from Juno JO , lbb , to .lane 30 , ISbS ,
none of this tinckluj ing was done since Jan
uary 1 , IsSS , except four miles of belt load at
the city of Ucs Moiiics. The railioad mm-
ngers made good their promise tint they
would not build n line of load in Iowa this
jcar. As to the equipment of the Iowa roads
the repoit shows that on the roads and p irts
of toads opciatcd in this state thcicaro 1 .IM
locomotives , 0" > 0 passenger eais , 2M biggngo ,
mail and express cat s , 20,270 box freight cm s ,
2.19 , * . ) stock cars , 8,127 coul and platfoim eats ,
2,7.39 other cai s. The number oC stations in
the state is 1,417. The roads pud out for
personal services in this st.ito S10,2njlb.3l ,
during the j'oar , or about U per cent of
Iho entire earnings in the state During the
vear the loads managed to kill ISO poisons in
Iowa. Of this number 10 weio pissongors ,
101 employes , and 09 were persons having no
t elation witli the road at the time of their
death. Of tins largo number of killed 19 met
death bj' the deadly coupler , 32 fell
from trams , 10 while getting oil or on trains ,
8 were killed while intoxicated , and .1(1 ( while
trespassing on the track The number of
killed is 4S more than the previous jcar
Thcie were 721 persons injured b\ the cars
dm m < ; the vear The dcadlj coupler waste-
sponsiblo for 420 of thcso accidents The
toads of this state nro now pretty well
fenced in. There bomg'J.OSO miles of fencing
to the report The last logislatuie pissed
a law icquning till except thltd class loads to
fence their track , giving them a leeway of
over a jcar in which to do it. The aver igo
distance traveled by each passenger during
the jear was 32 It ! miles , the average fare
paid was 79 cents and 2 mills.
The commissioneis nnliuaily comment to
some extent on the now law pissed by the
lest legislature , under which they made
their tariffs. They snj1 or It among other
things : "Many of the fcatmes of the law are
dciived from the inter-state commerce law ,
but it goes further and reaches absolute
equality in the treatment of shippers as
hcai ly as can be done , without the adaption
of a pro i ate rate. * * Wo have found no
railroad legislation that goes so far. "
Referring to their schedule of rates , known
as the Maj' 10 tanff , which is now in litiga
tion , the coinniissionois suy that they
"brought to the consideration of the subject
mainly the tales that the railroads them
selves had charged in the past. Some of
them had been special , some had been under
the influence of strong competition , others
had been made by UKrcement vv 1th all the
other loads and were supposed to bo all the
trafllo would be ir. The commissioners' rates
wore , as they thought , a fall atfd Just nvcr-
ngo from the comparisons instituted as the
law tequiicd. The rates adopted weio in
tended , as far as possible , to afford relief lethe
the business interests of the state , and at the
same time afford u reasonable compensation
for services tendered. Tlio tailioid coin-
panics saw lit to have the i.ites judicially to-
viewed , aud from the test the commissioners
do not shrink. "
The commissioners also denrccato the fact
that their rates and their efforts to servo the
business Interests of the state should bo
di .urged into politics. "It is to bo regtetted , "
siys the repot t , "that the diffetonco between
the railtoads and the commi&slonois should
be injected into the politics of the state All
mattois coming befoiotho commission should
be treated Judicially. No rate should bo
made that cannot be defended on equitable
principles , and no question that comes before
the board should bo met by preconceived no
tions intensified by the position of parties
in a political gti uggle. The w 01 st feature of
tlio litigation pending is that in the recent -
cent election the rates fixed
bj' the railroad commissioners were
made the claim for the support or i ejection
of candidates. The commissioners did not
icgaul themselves lesponsiblo for the con
dition. " Taken us a whole , the icpoit is
likely to prove of great value to the people o :
the state aad will enlarge very considctably
the information of many people in ingatd to
the relations between the commissioneis and
the toads , and the woik they ate attempting
to do.
The Hlvcr Ijnnii HviutlniiH.
DisMoivis : , la , Dec 2. [ Special to Tun
Hui ! ] The matter of evicting Iowa Bottlers
on iho PCS Moines river lands Is at a stand
still for the present and is likely lo continue
so until spring , especially if the weather
should bo inclement from now on. The
deputy marshal , wiio has been sot vine most
of the writs , says that ho will not put anyone
out in stormy weather. The agent for Mr.
Snell , ono of the piincipal ovvncisof the
lands , savs also that they will suspend opera
tions during the winter season. So the end
of the evictions has ptobably been reached
for the present. Mr. bnell , when asked
why lie hud taken this risk of putting the
poor settlers out Just on the eve of winter ,
said that ho thought that it was about as
humane a time as could bo selected. He had
thought once of turning thorn out last
spnmr , but ho said people would say it was
very cruel , Just as tlioj' woio getting In their
crops , to have these poor faimcis
sent adrift. Then ho thought
about September or October , but concluded
that would bu a bad time Just as the settlers
vv era getting in their crops , and It would
seem verj cruel to have them lose the labor
of their season's work , and so finally ho
llxnd upon November. Ho admitted that
there was much hardship in the evictions
wherever they tooic plneo , but inslsto I that
the land was his , and that ho hud boon pay
ing taxes on it all these yo ir.s , and ought to
have what belonged to him Mr. Snell has
closed Ills olllco at Fort Dodge and removed
to Kansas City , where ho will open a law
olllce. So it is likely that ho docs not expect
much mote trouble with the river land sot-
Favor it Nntlci-ial Hoard.
TKt Motsp.9 , In. , Dee 2 [ Sppcial to IIIK
Hi i : ] - I'no state board of ho tlth , In its
session in this city the past week , took up
again the subject of u national board of
health , anil Adopted the following :
Resolved , That this board repeat its re
solution of May last. In lo ard to a national
bureau of health , which is substantially that
the federal congress establish a national
bureau of health to piovont the introduction
of epidemic : diseasu into tins country by
maritime iiuarantinu. and the spicsad of such
diseases from ono btuto to another , should
they be introduced. Also , that this board
now calls upon other fttato and local boards
to cooperate with it thiough their repre
sentatives in congress to enact necessary
laws to this cad , That the seui ctary of thu
boaid oe instructed to furnish u copy of thU
losolutlou uach / wember of coni/riss from
Iowa and to the secretary of each state
board of health
The Iowa boird began the agitation of this
national bureau of health matter some tlmo
ago and it is determined to do all In Us power
to have it brought about Thoio have boon
so niaiiv cases of epidemic- disease brought
into the stnto from abroad that might have
been kept out by e'lllclent natural watchful
ness , the Iowa authorities ate vcrv much
In earnest over the matter They will make
an ctTnrt to have some Iowa member intro
duce ,1 bill in congress cioilmg such a health
bureau They believe that if It Is a good
thing for n state to have a boatd of health to
take chaigo of Its samtarv arrangements , It
Is still moro drsirnblo for tlio nation as a
whole to hnvo such a bo ml
An Icivvn HherltlV Convention.
DCS MoiM-s , la , Dec 2 [ Special to Tun
HIL ] 1'ho sliPiiffs of the state are not go
Ing to bo behind other professions and trades ,
and tlicj will soon haven convention in this
citj' . The sixteenth ntinu il meeting of their
association vv ill bo held In DCS Moines December
comber 19 and 20 The call for the convi-n
tlon Invites , In addition to acting shctllTt ,
their deputies and all sheriffs so the con
vention will probably bo quite large The
prlncipil business will bo to dlsc'iss matters
of mutual inteiest to themselves , and to plan
for the better discharge of their duties.
Itc'dlstflctlnt ; Tor tlio Nc'vv HoHpllnl
Di s MOIM * , la. , Dec. 2 [ Special to TUB
lli.r ] Tlio superintendents of the three
insane hospitals of the st.ito have been In
tills city red istneting It so as to give its
proper share to the new hospital at Clailnda
IJy the llrst of the year accommodations will
bo ready tncie for 250 male patients , the
female wards not being completed jet
The supiTintendonts ngieed upon the fol
lowing twoiit } siv. counties as the ones
lo comprise the Claiinda distnct
Thej ate all in the southwcstoin pait of the
state , taking in the counties as faivvcstas
Wood bin y andas far east as Madison , as
follows. Ftemont , Mills , I'oUawntatniP ,
Harrison , Monoim , U'oodbuiy , Crivvford ,
Shclbj , Pngo , Montgomery , C'ass , Audubon ,
Cm i oil , GiciMio , ( Juthiio , Dallas , Aclair ,
Adams , Madison , Union , Clink , Lucas ,
Wayne , Dccatur , 1'ajlor , and Itiuggold.
He Expresses Himself ns IMoaseil nt
tlio l'i ospeot ol'l'rlv.ito Ijil'e.
Nuvv VOIIK , Doc. 2 fSpe.'i it Telegram to
THC Hnr. ] Iho Woild's AVaslungton cor
respondent sajs : If Mr. Cleveland pcison-
nllj is much disippointcd by the tesult of
the election , he does not give nnj outw ud
sign of it Ho is even moro busk and cheer
ful in manner than at nnj- time since ho was
elected president It would indicate him as ho looks for
ward to a ictuin to pi iv.Uo llfo with abso
lute pleasuie In an nut'ioiired interview
\viththoWotldcoircspondcnt printed Sop-
tomboi , 1SS7 , ho sud :
"It ' coins to be the universal belief that a
president must desire lonomination. 1 can
not uudci stand how nnj man who has served
ns president could have auj personal ambi
tion in securing a second term , with all its
solemn responsibilitj1 , its h.uassmg duties
and its constant and grievous exactions upon
his mental and phjsical strength. His con
sent , it seems to me , to accept a second teiin
should i est only upon a scnso of his solemn
obligation as a citizen , and an appreciation
of his duty when called upon to bear
his particular part of the burdens of
citizenship. This officecan have at
least it can have for me no personal allure
ment. I hope my present term may bo con
cluded with profit to the country and with as
few mistakes on my pat t us is possible to
falhblo human naturo.
Afftrw.irds the ptesldcnt said. "It has
happened that inj' life has been a labor
ious 0110 alwajs , with piactically no
ipcreation. I am now ilftj'-one jcais
old. When inj * piofesslnnnl labois had so-
euied to me something of n coiiinetPiiev , nu
right and oppoi tunltv for leisure , I was
called upon to pci foi m public duties much
moro auluous than any winch had pci tamed
to inj piivato life , ns jou know. My duties
at Albanj' ere hnrdlv , less exacting in their
nature , perhaps onlj in extent , tlir.n these of
this ofllce. 1 have now come to tlio time of
lifo and paitlcuhuly to the epoch in my life.
when I should gladly welcome leisuto and
fiecdom fiom icsponslbllity. I m.ij * s ij- that
I have Just becun to live in all that is best
and tinost in life "
This , in substance , he tcpealod in a conver
sation with the same eoiic'spoiiili'nt vestci-
dajushis teason for welcoming a loleaso
Irom ollli'ial duties and n real ai qu.iintam o
with domcitio life. Tlic1 pic-sidcnt has de
termined upon nothing after ho leaves the
white house , except that it is practic. uly ic-
holved ho will sell his Oalc View estate , and
unilerno ciicumstnncos will live In Washing
ton. The repoit that ho has determined
termined upon n visit to l uiopo is
entncH unfounded. It is much more
Piobablo that ho will bujp n residence in New
York City and live theic. In any event , ho
will tcside in Now Yoik state , perhaps in or
near some countrj' town. From those near
to tlio piesldont it is loaincd that his prlv.Vo
income will bo about s5,000 a , and that
of his wife , from her giamlf.ithcr's legacj- ,
$ lr)00 or $2,000 moro Whether Mr Cleve
land will resume Ins law practii'c , as a ton
salting lawyer , ho has not uppiicntij1 deter
Mrs Cleveland appears to hot friends to
ho not seriously afTocti d by the nnar pi as
pect of retirement fiom tno plcasuics of n
semi olllcial position. She is of a vry
equable disposition , mid if she Is disup
pointed , gives no moio sign of It than does
her husband If they go to New York City ,
their house thei o will undoubtedly bo ono of
the most notable in the metropolis.
A I'oinioil Stntcinenl l''roin tlio Assist
ant Adjutant General of I iiii.iii.c.
iMMASAi'oi is , Dee 2 Tlio BO called split
In the Oranl Army of the llcpublic , which
originated holt ) , continues toi \ < i the upper
most theme in vetoi in circles and with the
local pi ess. That the movement has bo n
gro.itlv exi/gei.ite'd by tlio eastern press is
admitted on nil sides heio. Colonel Walker ,
assistant adjutant general of the G A. U.
department of Indiana , sends the following
pointed statement to the Associated pro us :
"I xx ant to enter ti profst against the
statements and intoivlowH published , espec
ially in the eastern pipss about the defection
among the coimades of the ( ! A U In this
department Nothing of the kind oo-
eurred , and the membership was never mote
united and enthusiastic In ttwir support of the
01 dor than now The handful of disappointed
chronic olllco seekers heio that huvo suo-
cueeled in getting themselves ndvertis"i |
throughout the countiy , huvo no standing ,
nor ever hud , in the ( J A H01 out of it , for
that nutter. The whole business has boon
engine-end by half a do/en chronics , and at
no meeting hnvo they been able lo seouru tlio
attendance of fifty persons , and not to ex
ceed half these have ever be-cn members of
the ( i A H. No dornoi'rnt of standing or
Influence in this community , who is u mem
ber , can bo found opposing Iho aider. On
the uontinry , scores of comrades of that
political faith have personally and by letter
denounced the attempt of those small fry
politicians. The department of Indiana is
all right"
The Ktriirln'fl Stormy Trip.
Qi nnN'n row .v , Doc. 3 The Ounnrd steamer
Ktruiia , from Noxv Yoik November31 , ar
rived hero at 0 10 p , m yesterday. Shq was
dolaj ed by n fearful gain after leaving Nitvv
York. Several passengers were Itnouked
over and Buffered some Injuries ,
4IVIUoti'H Prut UN t Donlc-il.
LOUMVIM K , ICy , Dee 2 The governor ,
secretary of state and attorney general , a
the state election boird , have Usuuda certifi
cate of olcction to Congressman 0 iruth , of
this district , despite ! thu dispute of V/ilsuii ,
the retpubllrau taudlUatc , for a recount ,
nni nipv AI' TIIV' opnniAtT
Programme For the Wools iu the
Soimlo and Ilouao.
No Orln ) In tin * Oignnlitlnn of Con
Antlol | > iui > cl Tlio Message-11
JUIlls Hc' < iiilrln ! { linincillato
Tlio Fin let li
WiMUSGTON , 1) . C , Dec -Piesldont
Cleveland's annual message will bo sent to
both houses ot congiess tomorrow Immedl-
utclj on receipt of the usual notllle itlon that
thoj me tcadj' to receive anj communication
ho has to make No delaj Is nnticipated in
the organisation , ,11 no deaths occuucd In the
recess and theio aio no now members tb
sweat In It is mote than piobible that the
touting of the message will consume the llrst
legislative day , as it Is umlei stood to be of
unusual length. Thoiepoitof the secretary
of the tieasurj will not bo sent to congicss
till Tuesday.
The piogramme for the week In the senate
w ill depend on the1 result of the meeting of
the committee on finance , called foi Tuesday
moining If it is then ileeidcd to take up
thocnmmitteo's toxemia niensuio , the * emito
substitute for the Mills titiitT bill , pending at
the close of the last session , Us consideni-
tion will mocludo the possilnlitv ofnnv other
bill coming to the liont until it is disposed
of 11 is the oxpiossod dcsne of Ken itors
Mori ill , Allison and Shcumiu to push the
measuio by a vote' , so that it SCMMIIS
piobablo that the bill will be taken
up If , by nnv possibllltv , the n > v-
eiiuo bill should not come up the
piobibihtiesof the com so of legislation aio
v en v iguo
' 1 he bills most likely to iccouo the most
nioinpl attention with the least opposition
nto those foi the admission of Ninth Dakot i ,
Montana and Washington territory into the
A special older for Tuesday nt 2 o'clock Is
the Union I'm ille funding bill , popuhuh so
called. lj ? aHtiiugo coincidence , the llr-.ll
spc fill eider nf the second session of the
Port.v ninth congress was u hill on the sumo
subject Them is a possilnlitj that
nftet the reading of Iho messaua
thu till oi't t iv bill VMll be taKc-ii up , but It is
still n matter of suinilse xvhethci the caucus
pingrninme will be ndhoiod to Attho cau
cus held on the night of Apt 11 II , the dead
lock , vvlneli held the house in session fiom
Apt il . " ) , was broken bv the adoption of the
follow ini ; resolution
He'olved , That on i dissembling tomor
row the hnusi * shall adjoin n with the iindii- the committee on inlcs will
lepoit n special eider , setting upait Tliurs-
chij , Deceinbt't 0 , lssimmediatelv after the
reading of the Join n il , foi the considt'iatiim
of senate bill No H'l ' , to provide for aiefund-
mgof the direct tax levied in IMil , in which
older a tcnsmiahlo time , not to exceed tlnco
dnvs , vi/ Thin sdax , Satin day and Tuesdnj * ,
sh ill bo allowed foi deb ito , and the time for
a vote on its final pissage shall bo fixed at 1
p m on Tnesdav
'Iheio ' weio 1J" > membeis piescnt at the
caucus , and the icsolution was adopted
without n dissenting vote
In the house the'ie will bo an effort inada
to secure the pissugeof the Isuaiauguan
rnnal. or the Oklahoma bill , under n SUH *
pension of the rules. The possibility , how
ever , is vcrv slight. Tucsdnx and Wtilncs-
day will ptobnblj' bo devoted to the consideration - '
ation of bills on the calendar in what 13
called "tho consideration morninc hour , "
the privilege of calling up bills i eat
ing with the committee on Indian affairs ,
and the pending measuio being that for tha
settlement of claims of the old band of In
Now York Dead Heats lnei > nsoil ! > lo
OviTllic * Kso ii > o ol'Kportto haw.
NrYOIIK , Dec -Special [ Telegram to
Tun It will bo icinoinbered than
Oeoi go Law , the million mo , croited ciiito |
an excitement at S ; r itog i duimg i bnof so-
Joinn theio by n icculess distiilnitlon of
valuable jowalrv among lot of spoiling
beats who aio living on Ins generosity , dur
ing ono of his periodicals Shoitlj' after 9
o'ploi k this mot mug n huiy culled at the
Hoffman house and expressed a dusita to sen
Mr. Ocoigo f.ivv The laily vvis laccvm/pil
as Mi. Lixx'b sister , anil sliotllj' after her the two cnleied a cam igo and weio
diivcn tapidlx away Then dc'partmo WH
made so quietly that few weio of it
until some timu aftci xvaids , win n a visitor ,
upon sending his cat d to Mr IHW s loom ,
was inloimed that ho had left with his sister
a long time before. Mr Law's dcpattuio is
a souict ) of re-let lo several gentlemen whu
have been in constant ntu ncliincu 'ipni thf
miliinnaiio for the last four dajs thai lie has
made the Hoftman housolns hc'.idiiuai'eis At
almost anv hour a croup , of which thu
inillionaiio uns the llguie , could
be seen Heated at a table in snmo ono of the
up town cafes , with wmo llouing ficclv uiiil
n u h m in sit ivitlg to csic'l the- other in w itti-
cisms ami anecdotes , which tin v pound into
the genet ous hcaited mlllioimnc's cats So
deep was their solicitude ) for him that they
never allow I'd him out of SMht foi an instant. ,
but divided themselves in'o leliol patties , HO
that at no time should Mi Law be di pined
of such congenial societj , oven when it bo-
f imn nei ess uj tosei ki'-st fiom I he anliious
dutof ont ( itunment. When Mr Law
nix i limbed to natnro's sweet nstoiei HIP/
left him to the pi iv m V of Ins np.n tnunt , in t
sentinels were posted at all till c nti 1111 c s to
the hotel so that ho mU'hl not in Ins waking
momenlH wander foi th into thti wn Ued eitj.
Street ItallVMiv H Sold
t > T .losu'ii , Doe 1 - [ Special to TinHi r ]
Joiapn A Coiby , of ttiu riedotiek Avenuu
and Citizens' Htieet cat compinics , left to
night for Xevv Voikm icspjiiso to n tolo-
gi am , to c lose a dc il for the aalo of h s line
of lailioads to sis.vndleato which will operate
both toads by ileitiicitj A power house
five storu s ill height and bllxlliO f < tit
will ho PI 1 1 ted at 'Ihnd and Moicy
streets , and in eonncctlon with it an im-
mcnse ilitaiutestent c'lectrie light plant J'ha
combined length of the two to ids is HIX and
one hall miles. There will bu in tins c ty ,
when the mads am in operation , fifteen
miles of stieet lailwny operand bj elcc-
tricitj' The hjiidicatu which has purthaHCil
the toad , itis uiideistood , is ilosely con-
ncttcd with the Singno | ) Motor iomianj | of
New York , ami will endeavor to gut possession -
session of all thu roads in the city.
A Hint nt
PAIIIH , Doc 2 A not eec Hired at L.vnns
to elay owing to popul.ii discontent ever tha
municipal leguliticjns regaidmg the Grand
theater. The windows of the Journal of
Pi ogress were Hinished , und tlio members of
the municipal council were hooted , Pinally
tlio cavalry were called out , and tliuj dis
persed the mob Sovcial of the ring leaders
of the not were in-rested.
IHvoifi ) Mj Default.
PiATTswoi'Tji , Nob. , De'c 1 [ Special la
TIIK J5ii : : ] A man named McCuIloy , a resi
dent of this city , sued his wiio for a divorca
on account of adultery. The case w.i
brought up b.iforo . I mltfo Chapman In the diu-
uli t court to-Jnj , hut no defense wan n.uda
and thu decision was given in favor of tnct
Hoeilnntni'H ! ' ! leneU anil J n
PAHit , Dee " . At a Haulanger oinejuct
thlsuvcning thcro wciu ! > ) ( > guest < i. General
lioulanfcr was loudly rhteicd. Kimulta *
nrouvlv un unti lioulangivt nipoting was hoi 4
in a theater , at v-hioh Dipultoi liauly anil
Hilalon ticnouncod Houlungcr us u tiuiUr/
and u of UIJ < cou.