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oi'pion. NO J2 pnAiiij STKHHT.
Dcllmedby CAirler In Any I'nrt of thprityn
Ivicjity Cents 1'crWicW.
Tlti : > iNr s On HE No. a.
NloilT Knnoli , No. I.
N. Y. Plumbing company.
Klcpnnt ovcmmtlniis nt A. Roller's ,
morchnnt tailor , JMO Hroadway.
Ucst hard nnd i-oft coal and Missouri
wood , E. E. Mnyno , (110 ( Uroadway ,
The wives of nil Modern Woodmen In the
rlty will meet lit Woodman hall Wednesday
nftcinoon.nt ; i : (0 ( o'clock , lo arrange for a
f-ocml to be held In the near futuie.
Oritmdl Hull , of fluthrie county , nnd Hnr-
net K. Crawford , of tills city , -are among
those who have recently Joined henitstind
ImndH for tlie rctnaliidur of life's journey.
Council UlulTH lodge , No. 'U , and the
Switchmen's Mutnul Aid association of
North America , nro prep.u ing for n grand
nail to bo Riven at Musonlu temple Monday
evening , December 117.
W. 0. nnd Henry Hodges got on n rattling
drunk yesterday. They willingly took aHile
In the patrol wagon , but objected to leaving
It nt the stntlon. The uftii ers hnd n llvoly
time unloading them , but they got there just
the same , nnd the boo/urs were quickly
landed on tlui disbccting table in thu i cur
parlor of thu bnsttle.
A party of about forty neighbors nnd
frlcmis galhcrcd nt the residence of J. H.
Hume , on Gruhsm avenue , Saturday even
ing for the purpose of colcbi atlng the birth-
iluv nnnlversniA of Mrs. Hume. The even
ing wnn most pleasantly spent In iocinl con
versation and games , after which the party
sat down to : i tine spreaJ.
A ten-pound pill arrived Sunday night at
the home of C. 1' . Uiinton , superintendent of
the street railway system , IIO'.I Avenue A.
Chai ley is greatly tickled over the new ar
rival , as it is the llr'st girl in the family , id-
though thcio nru boys enough lo 1111 one of
Ills largcjt c.irs. Nothing Is too good for tbe
little slriincer , and she can have the whole
town if she wants it.
A marriage license was issued yrslcrdnj to
Lev ! Knoll , sixty years of age , ami Mary 13.
Wcycr , thirty four , both of Lincoln , Neb.
They immediately repaired to bt. Paul's '
church , where they were made one llcsli by
the rector. Hev. T. J. Mnckay. The groom
moved with the ngillty of many n younger
iiiiiii , and blushed furiously us congratula
tions we.'re heaped upon him.
Arthur Hose , n homeless little live-year-
old , was brought to this city yesterday from
York township. His parents had scpniatcd
nnd left him to care for himself us best ho
could. Ho was placed in charge of Mart
Hnrdln , overseer of the poor , who will try to
flnd n suitable home for him. Ho is n very
bright child , nnd there should be no trouule
In llnding u family \vhich will be glad lo take
The union depot project Is the theme of
talk now. Most of this ground for the pro
posed site on Pourth avenue has been se
cured. It is believed now is tlio time
for Council Hluffs to secure this isuch needed
improvement , and Unit it can be thus se
cured by a united nnd earnest ulTort. The
citizens who have the matter in charge
should have the support of the community
in their efforts to .secure this.
There was war on "Tho Uow" last oven-
ing. Ono of the denizens Illicit up with ben *
zino and went gunning for all the rest of the
inhabitants of that locality. The police
were called but were unable to flnd the pug
nacious Individual who was threatening to
"cut out livers , " and several otnor such play
ful pastimes. The cyprians were considera
bly terrorized , and for mio night , at least ,
locked their doors , and remained quietly ut
Miss Carrie Hyer died Sunday evening of
malarial fever , nt tbe corner of Ninth street
nnd Avenue D , nfter nn illness ot but live
days. She was'JO > ears of ago. nnd was ip
the employ of the fnmily where she resided.
Her parents at Nebraska City have been
notillcd , and will attend the funeral thi
nfternoon at 3 o'clock from the residence.
The remains will be interred in this city in
stead of at Nebraska City , ns was at tlrst in
Sunday inebriates were not plentiful this
week , nnd the Monuny morning grist in po
lice court was correspondingly light. W. 11.
Mitchell nnd William Hunter were the only
boozers who pleaded guilty , nnd they were
flncdfS.lOoaeh. H. Layton was cinched to
the tune of $9.00 for disturbing the peace on
South Main street. J. H. Heft was charged
with being drunk , but ho strenously denied
it , nnd his cnse was continued. William
Stewart wus booked as n vag. "Stewart. "
mid the court , "you nro charged with the
gravest of crimes you have squandered your
whole life. Now , if there is nny place on
earth where you can go , nnd try to become a
umn , get there immediately , nnd never let
me see you here again. " Ho went.
Sco W. C. Stncy'sad.
Wo do not Intend to Indorse any except arti
cles of merit , but we take pleasure In rererrlne
to the "Harland Stoves und Ranges , whoso
huperlorlty Is too well established to bo called
In question. They are believed to be un o.tialed
by any In the world. Sold exclusively by 1' . O.
Io Vol.
J.G. Tipton 1ms bargains in real estate.
S. B. Wndsworth & Co. loan money.
See Forrest Smith's special column.
Money loaned at L. B. Crafts & Co.'s
loan ofliee , on furniture , pianos , borsos ,
wapons , personal property of all kinds ,
and all Mber articles of x-aluo without
removal. All business strictly confi
Personal 1'nrnirraplis.
S. E. Maxon has gone to Deadwood on
business. He will bo absent but n short
time ,
Dr. Gcorgo S. Guernsey , of Keosauqun , a
former resident of this city , is hero for u
short visit with friends.
Mr. Thomas Boucher and wife leave town
to-day for n visit of several weeks to their
daughter , who resides nt 1'apojoy , Franklin
county , la.
Henry Mudgo , who has been wrestling
with inflammatory rheumatism for several
weeks , Is able to be out again , but still
wobbles a little , and has to use a cane.
E. H. Shcafo loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All business strictly
conlldontial. Olllco 600 Broadway , cor
ner Main btruet , up stairs.
Pickloil tripe und pigs' foot at Tib-
bitts , IMG Broadway.
Tlio London "Tailor's" is the place to
get your clothes made , G37 Broadway.
All day yesterday Chapman's art store
was thronged with visitors. Thu open
ing of the otuhing sale was a completes
success , the number sold being far in
excess of what was anticipated. Everyone
ono was enthusiastic in their praises of
I < thesogoms. The low prices at which
they are offered are an inducement to
purchasers. The halo will continue two
( lays longer and no lover of art should
fail to see the collection ,
The finish on our collars , cuffs and
shirts cannot bo equalled. Cascade
Laundry Co.
lirothorhond Farm For Bnla.
The nbovo farm of COO acres is situated
near Mulvcrn , in Mills county , Iowa. II
is in ono body , nil fenced , with good
houses , barns , sheds , wind mills , eto. ,
eto. Tlio selection is one of the best on
the Missouri slope. It has this year
over 400 acres under cultivation. "Will
bo bold on long time with low rate of in
terest. For particulars address A. A.
Chirk fc Co. , Council Bluffs , la.
Money loaned on furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value at low rates of interest. No
publicity ; fair and honorable dealing.
A , A. Clark & Co , , olllco cor. Bronrtwuy
And Main , over American express.
An Old Detective RecoRnlzos n
Number of O'NoiU'B ' Bonrdoro.
HlioVnltn to Get It Honored A
Dny In Court 1\\o VOIIIIK
Asplro to bo
HIP lllrdd.
Detective Tom Ormsby , of Omnhn , was In
the city yesterday. Ho came over to get
Pearl Wright , nn Omah.i cyprinn , who was
confined here in the city jnll nt the request of
the Nebraska authorities , who wanted her
for petit larceny. Slio refused to accompany
the ofllcer back to Nebraska soil until Judge
Aylesworth told her that if she remained
hero she would be sent to jnd for six months
for vngrnney or be required to give bonds for
good behavior for a year. She concluded to
lace tlio court on ths olhcrsldeof the river
nnd risk getting more than sixty days.
During bis stay In the city Mr. Ormsby
visited the county Jail and was surprised to
recognize In the alleged M. M. Francis the
notorious H. M. C'linse , whom Ormsby sent
to the penitentiary for three years , In 1SS3 ,
for grand larceny. Chase Is serving n ninety
days' ' sentence for petit larceny , and It seems
that ho took the name of a founer pal , who
wns sunt to Toil Madison last spring from
this city to servo nn eighteen months' sen
tence. Ormsby also tried lo sue Ihe dnrkev
Grandson , Ihe clothesline thief , but the fel
low kept his face covered nnd the ofllcer was
unable to get n view of him.
Ho also saw Thorpe , the forger , and mndc
n bluff at him regarding his Omaha record.
Tnorpo weakened as the oftlcor told what
ho knew , nnd sulkily reinsert to answer ques
tions. His ready tongue failed to stand by
him in the presence of Ihe shrewd detective
who knew so much concerning his past rec
ord , and ho was unable to face him. Ormsby
recognized several others among O'Neill's '
jail-birds us having been incarcerated on the
other side of the river. The ofllcer icturncd
home with his prisoner on the 3.45 dummy.
See Forrest Smith's special column.
Rock Spring coal , Gleason , 20 Pearl
All grades hard coal , C. D. Fuel Co.
Dr. O. C. Hazon , dentist , opera house
Great remnantbnlc ! Everything ROCS.
Prices no object. See our add. C. B
Carpel Co.
A Forced Order.
A woman entered Eisemnn's store y
terlny afternoon and shovel the clerk
nn order rcid ng us follows : "Conn
cl Blurts , Nov. 20 , 1W > 3. Mr. Else
man Pleasfe give bearer $50 worth
of goods and cburgo lo in.account. . . Gcorgo
Glcnson , coal dealer. " The nolo was shown
to Mr. Eiscinan who immediately called a
policeman , nnd the woman was taken into
custody. She said that n man giving his
name as Gleason railed at her home on "The
Kow" Sunday evening , and represented him
self as a coal man , having nn ofllce on Pear !
street , and another at i'acilic Junction , ami
wanted to sell her soinn coal. She refused
to take n iad , and ho left some time later ,
piomlsing to see tier again. About 0 o'clock '
yesterday morning he visited thehousoagnin ,
und bctore bo left wrote out the above order
and gave it to her. To use her own language ,
she "thought she had a snap , " but later de-
\elopmentsconvinccd her of her mistake.
She was reouircd to write a similar nolo tc
satisfy the ofllceis that she hnd not forged
the order , and was finally released , miuus
the order , which remains in the possession of
Chief Lucas.
'Ihe only coal man on Pearl street is.D. E.
Gleason , who disclaims nil knowledge of the
affair. The name signed to the order was
Gcason instead of Gleason , although the
woman says her visilor gave the latter name.
She describes Gleason as u thin faced man
wearing gray chin whiskers and ralhcr in-
differcnlly dressed. The friends of D. E.
Gleason have chaffed him considerably over
but " " takes it good-na
the matter , "Denny" -
turedly nnd sets up the cigars , as it is
plainly "a horse on him. "
Weather strips at Chapman's art store ,
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , culls and shirts by Cascade Luun
dry company.
Loans made on city business and resi
dence property. Notes bought. Kim-
ball-Champ Investment company.
Dresses made Wool dresses $5 to $8 ,
silks and plushes 88 to $10. Mrs. Sim
mons , over Eiscman'8.
"Wanted to Be Cowboys.
Ofllcer Oleson arrested a couple of youth
ful wanderers at the Kiel hotel yesterday
morning. They had stnrled for Texas , and
were planning to become cowboys of the
most pronounced type. Their nnrnes were
Nnt Southcutt and William Brown. The
former lives with his uncle , Roll a Hincs , n
jonductor on the Uock Island , living at Stu-
irt , nnd the latter is thu son of John Brown ,
i hnrncssmakcr at tbe same place. The boys
ire nged eleven nnd thirteen years respect
ively , and had read dime novels until they
leclded that Texas wns the only place on
jnrth whore llieir aspirations lor fame could
30 gratified. They left homo last Friday , ar
riving in tills city , on the following day.
They then look a very short trip out into No-
jrnskn , and made up their minds that they
Jld not want to > go lo Texas very badly after
ill , nnd stnrted lo return homo. Brown , sr. ,
irnvcd in the city yesterday morning and
. rosscd the river to Omnha on a search for
, ho youngsters. They were corralled shortly
iflerward , nnd the fnlhcr nolilied by tele-
) hono. Ho rclurned and lnft in the
ivcnhig for bis home , accompanied by
.he embryo cow punchers. During their
itay at police headquarters Judge Aylcs-
.vorth examined them in arithmetic , und con
duced them that they were in more urgent
iced of the advantages of the | ftiblio schools
ban of broad brimmpd hals and cattle whips
in the plains of Texas.
All grades soft coal , C. 13. Fuel Co.
Lost A poclcot account book ; rod
oather covers. Finder will leave with
F. E. Ilollonbcck or this olllco and got
Ilavo our wagon call for your soiled
ilothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
Headounr'ors lor stoves.
Ouuu. & [ iUVANT , 613 Main at.
la There a Boml ) For Overtoil ?
Last Saturday evening Captain Over-ton
fas waited upon at his homo near the city
nd Information given him which was not of
ho most reassuring character. The inform-
jit had seen a suspicious looking man pur-
basing dynamite in Collins1 gun store in
) maha. Wondering what ho could want
vltli It , he followed the fellow as ho cauie
, way. They boarded the dummy and came
o Council Bluffs. The fellow came up
Jroadwav and disappjarcd at No. 153 Broad-
tray. Additional iuipoitanco U attached to
hcso movements In view of the saloon light
iow being waged , and in wlfirh Mr , Over-
on takes a prominent part.
Improved nnd vacant property in all
tarts of the city ; 00x160 foot on Glen
.vonuo , east front , n bargain ; business
iroporty on Broadway and Fourth
treot. R. P. Oflicer , North Main
trcot , DoVol's block , Council Bluffs.
The Council Bluffs Lumber Co , want
ou to try borne of their coal.
In District Court.
The arguments in the case of Maish vs
ilartm ( it al were concluded in the district
court jcstcrdny , having occupied the greater
part of ten day. 1 he case was t.iken under
advisement by the court. No other business
of ltni > ortanco was transacted during the
duv. The rases assigned for to-day are Nos.
5&H , 6S40 , 5b41 nnd fi&l'J.
Carpets nt less than half their value
at our clearing out sale. Heo pi-iocs
elsewhere. C. U. Cut-pot Co.
See Forrest Smith's special column.
All members of the Fidelity council , It. A. ,
nro invited to attend Union Pacific council ( 'hiesda.v ) evening at 1U14 Douglas street.
Will leave on the fi 45 dummy.
W. A. UiioNcnKO , Hegcnt.
13. II. Shenfo & Co. make long or
bhort time loans on real estate , in sums
to suit , at lowest rate of interest. .Olllco
Broadway and Main street , upstairs.
Illinois nnd Iowa best soft coal , Glea
son , -0 Pearl stroct.
A Nlm or Nipped.
A sneak thief stole an overcoat last evenIng -
Ing from a dummy in front of the store of J.
W. Hacliarnch , on Broadway. The act was
seen by some bystanders , nnd they gnve
chase , calling for thu police. O nicer CuMck
responded , nnd the thief wns overhauled
near the alley north of llroadwny on Main
street. The cent wns still in his possession.
Ho wns lateen to police headquarters nnd ex
amined , nftcr which ho was taken to the
county and locked up. The theft was n
daring ono , us Iho streets were filled with
people at the time , nnd the bold thief could
not hope to escape without being seen. Ho
evidently trusted to Ins legs to get him salcly
away , but ho reckoned without his host. His
little act will probably send him over the
road , as the garment wns quite a high priced
The Illlle Clut > .
The rifle club held n meeting last evening
at the store of Prank Levin , 501 Broadway.
The following olllccrs for the ensuing year
were elected : President , George Motcalf ,
vice president , W. G. Oliver : secretary ,
Charles Matthui ; treasurer , M. F. Hohrcr.
Arrangements for n grand turkey shoot to
morrow at the range were completed. The
shoot will begin at 10 o'clock and continue
through the day. Forty line turkeys have
been received , also a dressed beef , which
will go to the successful marksmen ,
For bargains in real estate in any
part of the city see F , J. D.iy , the lead
ing real estate dealer.
The ladies of the Gorman Catholic
church will give a Quadrille ball on
Thanksgiving evening at Masonic
Temple. No pains will bo spared to
make the evening one of pleasure. An
elegant buppor will ; ii-o be given.
Dalby's orchestra will furnish the
mubic. Tickets to ball and supper
$1.00 each.
We have no competitors in finishsng
collars , culls and shirts. Cascade Layn-
dry ( 'o.
The Hallways of the World.
According to statistics just compiled
by the Archiv fur Eisonbahnwcocn , the
total length of the railways of the world
on January 1 , 1887. was 6112,505 kilome
ters , as against 7t02 ! ) ! kilometers less at
the end of 1882 , being , therefore , un in-
creabc of more than 22,000 kilometers a
year. At the same rate of increase the
railways of the world should at present
measure 550,000 kilometers.
Moro than half of the railways are
possessed by America namely , 260,000
kilometers , of which 222,000 kilometers
belong to North America. Next follows
Europe with 201,000 kilometers , then
Asia with 24,000 kilometers , Australia
with 1-1,000 kilometers , and Africa , last ,
with only 7,000 kilometers.
Of the railways of Europe at the be
ginning of last year , Germany hea e
the list with 88.000 kilometers , followed
by France with 38,000 , Great Britain
with 31,000 , Russia with 27,000 , Austria-
Hungary with 23,000. Italy with 11,000 ,
Spain with ! ) ,000 , Sweden with 7,000
kilometers , etc.
In propartion to land area. Belgium
stands highest , having 15.4 kilometers
to every 100 square kilometers of soil ;
next follows Saxony with 16.1 kilo
meters , Great Britain with 10 , Alsace-
Lorane with 9.4the Netherlands with
3 , etc. Lowest stands Russia , Norway
ind Turkey , each having only one-half
kilometer of railway to every 100 square
kilometers of area.
In respect to proportion of railway
not and population in Europe , Sweden
sarries the palm , with 16.0 kilometers of
railway per 10,000 inhabitants , Turkey
being at the bottom of the list with only
1.8 kilometers. North America stands
much higher than Sweden , having 39
per 10,000 inhabitants ; but
jven this country is outdistanced by
Australia , whore , in consequence of the
population being so spread , and railway
construction carried on on such an cx-
: onsivo scale ( moro than 11,000 kilo
Tietorb a yeartho ) average railways are
U.3 kilometers per 10,000 inhabitants ,
[ n western Australia it is as high us
'i.8 kilometers per 20,000 inhabitants.
IIorsIYml's Aclit I'hosphato'
Recommended by Physicians
if nil hdioole , Tor the brain , nerves ,
mil Stomach.
Dcatlntr n. Lawyer.
Detroit Free Press : ' -'You nowspa-
> er fellers , " said a Taylor Township
armor to a reporter the other day ,
'have had so many guys and gags at
idor that the majority of people
loliovo we udd half water in every
aso. "
"Don't you ? " innocently inquired the
"Nol you blame numbskull , wo
'But I I . "
uOh. of course , you thought so , but
ou fellers ain't expected to bo too
mart in the top-htory. However. I
ma going to toll you about a lawyer in
own. Ho wanted a barrel of ciderbut
, o was terribly afraid of being cheated ,
lo engaged mo to bring in the juice ,
nd in order to keep mo straight ho
aid :
"Now , thoh , when the cider comes I
hall test it with a lackaduisial , and if
Ijcro is.nny water in it I'll make you
wont for swindling. "
"Did ho bay lackadaisial ? " asked the
"Something like that. It made mo a
it mud , undbo I planned to fix. him. I
rought in a cask holding forty-eight
allons. Thirty-gallons were well
atcr and the rest cidor. I left it at his
ouso , and to-day I called at his olllco
3 got my money. "
"And ho wont for you ? "
"Hardly. Ho gave rae half n dollar
xtra , anil said it was the lirat barrel of
onuino cider ho had had in ten years. "
19 % No. 8 Main Street.
Unequalled and surprising Bargains In
Closutes ,
At Henry Eiseman & Go's Peopstoe
In order to give us an opportunity to rearrange our business for our now FOUR
STOUY BLOCK , which wo are erecting on the old. Pacific Houbo Site.
Customers will not waste their time of they read what wo have to say. Nor will
they bo deceived when they come to see our goods and learn our prices.
Everything will be found exactly as wo say. Wo offer a discount of 20 per cent
On everything wo have in our houso.
Now is your time to buy.
Do not miss this opportunity. Low prices always make us buv and wo arc go
ing to make
We adopted this method of slaughtering our goods just ono week ago , and the
result has been that our STOKE IS CROWDED with customers all day long , bo
much so that we have added
Extra force of Competent Salesmen ,
And Sales Ladies to wait on our customers.
People are coming from Omaha and from hundreds of miles to take ad vantage
of this
Our regular prices have always been conceded to be the lowest offered in the
west , and when you get 20 per cent , extra discount on your bill , see what you nro
saving by buying from us. We want lo and mubt
For reasons above named. CALL AND SEE US.
Mail Orders receive prompt attention.
HOS. 314,316,318 , , & 320 BROADWAY ,
ArcMtects , Designers aufl Superintendents
of Construction ,
Mr. Bcrlinghof was scvciT * years with
Mendelssohn , Fisher & Loivrj , and has
designed many of the finest blocks
in Omaha niul Council Bluffs.
Plans and Specifications Prepared and
Estimates made on Application ,
Studio , Ilooin 2 Opera House Block
For a Short Time I Will Offer
In Ferry Addition to Council llluffg on tiie fol
lowing Terms :
Inside Lots on Ave. A . tCOO
InsUU Lots on Avo. fl . MX )
Inside Lots on Avc. C . 400
lnslcl Ix > ts on Hist Ave . 6CO
Inside Lota on Second Ave . fiOO
Inside Lots on Third Ave . MX )
Instile Lots on N. Bld Fourth Ave . 460
Inside Lots on S. Slda Fourth Ave . 400
37" AH Corner Lots SV ) More.
THUMB One-tenth conn , balance In nine annual
optional payments , with H per cent In
terest , pnyuble annually. Will fiive coti-
truct for warranty deed and rurnlsli ab-
utiact when fully paid.
No. 8. North Main St. . Council IllutTs , la.
TIIOS. OmcKK. W. H. M. Pusuv.
Corner Main and Hroadway ,
Dealers In foreign end domestic exchanRo.
Collections made and inteiesc paid on time de
No. 14 Pearl St.
Bakery and Confectionery
See lilmfor Dread. Cakes ; etc.
TO DEALERS-A liberal discount
No. 218 Main Street.
S , STEWART , M , D , , D , V , M.
Telephone No. 2OG.
PIUCE $15.
Is equal t >
any High
TteKdlson Mimeograph , _ the best apparatus for
mnnlfoldlUK , autographic iiad typo writing vtort
3.UUU copies can be taken.
The Bseelsior Co.Council Bluffs , la.
D. H. McDANELD & GO. ,
Hides. Tallow , Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
(20 and K2 Main StreetCouucll
1514 Douttlat ) Ht. , Oniiiha , Nob.
'J Lot , Bryant & Clark , on Second arc. - - Jp O
1 Lot , Bryant & Clark , on Third avo. - - - $250 $
10 Lots , Perry's sd Add. , on Avc. C - - - tyaQi ) Each
0 Lots , Benson's First , Ave K ibloU ach
Lot , Everett's Add. , Third avo. - $500 $
Lots , Fleming it Davis , Ninth and Tenth aves ( M)0 { ) & '
Call and See
c. j. COLBY ,
Masonic Temple.
Ebpoclally Adapted tot
25 TO 300
POWER , Mills and Elevators.
Specifications nnd estimates fmulshed for complete strain plants. HpRiilation , Durability Guar
anteed. Con show letters from users where fuel Kionomy Is equal with Corliss Non-Con < lensln .
E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Send for Catalogue. No. 510 Pearl Street , Council Bluffs.
This is the verdict of all ladies who have used the White Sowing Machine
See it before buying any other.
OFFICE : , 305 Middle Broadway. J , M , DnUWN ,
DR. C. B. JUDD ,
No. 6O6 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
WANTED Good Salesmen on Inrge commission or salary.
-OFFICE3- ) (
COUNCIL BLUFFS P. C. De Vol's Store , No. I OSIUIA Carpenter Paper Co. , No. Ill
604 Middle Broadway. Telephone No. b7. | Douglas Street. Telephone No. CGI3.
For a short time , the entire addition known
as "KAIUMOUNT" located on thti hilN lietHei n
1.1th and loth avenues , thrcu und n half blocks
east of Main street and thoMimo from tin'street
car line. It commands an extensive rluxv of
Umaha and Council Illulfs. This beautiful and
llnely located addition of
isoffeied at a price that will surely make the
Investor from 'i/i / to no per Lent within two year- * .
If you want a sure thing which you can
l > eiln selling at once nt an advance of from 7:1
' .oWJ per cent over what It ro ts you , call on or
iddress II. (1. McUee , l.W Main bt. , or 1'orest
iinlth. at the llrown bulldmg. Don't nik why
t Is offered HO low , but come and see thu prop-
irty and bo convinced 'hat w e tell It lets tlmn It
s. 'Ihese lots will sell now at from Utti to Jf > 00
; ach. Wo don't want that for th in. Kemeui-
jor this offer Is only for a short time- .
Room 4,3rd Floor. Brown liulldlnir.
T ADY agents wanted. A specialty which
bolls Itself. . , mnku blfi pny r v \ Hli no
expeijLMice. 1'or particulars addresH Mrs. K. C.
Harbour. 812 La Sullo avenuu. CUIcago.
OR ItUNT-Modern 10 room IIOUSD. No.
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T7IOK ItUNT-NIno room hrnisp , coiner Ull
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\ \ " ANTKD Position as housekeeper by a < emi
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incr & Co. , iii ! I'earl St. , Council llluirx.
" 171011 BALK Oood 4-vear-olil horso. gentle and
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cheap on easy tv-rms If sold soon. Inquire t
WANTIJn Position In millinery shop us
trimmer , liy lady of live ycais experience.
Call ou or address I'uluier &C'o. , 'M Pearl struct.
Council llliuia.
FOll HUNT Good x-rnom house with jiantry
nii'l ' clobets ; 1:10 : barrel clatorn ; good barn
with stalls for nvo horses. All In good repair *
W. C. Stacy , Ko. U Main Ht. *
FOll BALK Or Kxclmngo A good grain ele
vator In nn lowu town , to sail or trade foe
farm land. Junnston & Van I'utten , Council
Ululls , la.
Flt ) HKNT A largo number of good dwell-
Ings Call and cxnmlnn list. 1 ! . II. Slicafa
&Co. , Ilroailway nnd Main St. , up Blairs.
FOll HUNT Two largo flout rooms , fur
nished , onu bloi k ftoin street car Addreufl
B. lii'o ollli.e , Council llluirs.
Maurer's China Shop.
We carry the largest stock in the west , covering 2OOOO square feet of floor. We do the largest business ! We sell al the lowest prices
We deal direct with European manufacturer's and pay no jobber's profits.
s oir
Cash talks , and we are always in position to
Offferr Yon Genuine Bargains !
We offer you for 3O days. In new and fresh goods and good selections , the following :
LOT-1 Hand-painted Cupsidors , ers , each 25c Also Fall Line of Best Makes in : s i\
each , IGc LOT 0 Rose Jars , filled with per
LOT 2 Good Majolica Cuspidors , fumed rose leaves , each 25c Royal Worcester ,
each S5o LOT 10 Genuine China decorated
Fruit or Ice Creom sots , per set 2.60 and Solid Silver
LOT 8 English Decorated Chamber LOT 1 I Genuine China Fruit , TaplitZ ,
82 05
ber Sets
4 Decorated 60- Plates , assorted decorations , per
LOT English do/en 1.75 Royal Dresden ,
Tea Sots 83 75 Cut Glass
piece LOT 12 An elegant Hand Pnintod Rich ,
LOT 5 100-iicco ] ( genuine gold- Vase Lamp , with shade lo Vienna
band nnd ilowors )
hand-painted match , fine burner , ,
LOT Wodgowood 0 English DinnorSot Decorated , par Full bot.812 00 each. . complete 3.50 Bronzes and Brass Goods , Royal Saxony ,
Dinner Set , now lluted shnpcb , And a great many moro bargains
per bet S8 GO which our limited space will not permit Bonn Faeience , etc ,
LOT 7 Nice and choice lot of us to rnumorato , Clioico Dinner , TW , Fish , Game , Sonp ,
Decorated Gonulno China An Inspection will save
LOT Creamer 8 Largo * , each Moss Koso Pitch- 2oc you money. and KG Cream Sets , Visitors and punters cpally.welcome
- 34 = 0