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Forthcoming Report , of the Commis
sioner of the Labor Bureau.
Incorporation of the runners' I'rotco-
tlvo llf > vnif > r Association New
Jsotailes I'nlillo General
and IVrsonnl Notci.
LINCOLN UuRp.At ? or THE OM\MA Una , |
lOi'J ' 1' STnr.BT ,
Tew If nnj of llio repents fiom tlie various
flop.irtmrntB of state to the legislature till *
ivinti-r will 1m more Interesting tliati that
from ttio hurr-nu of Inbnr statistics The
flrputv commissioner , Mr. John Jenkins , lias
nlmost llnlshctl his invusligntions , and will
Rive the results uf Ills labor to the pi inter
within the next ton dnys. The report di'.iU
with the sUlus , tnstoiy anil present needs of
labor , and it piotniscs to be full and coin-
plcto Mr Jenkins , however , bus met with
jnaiiv. Oinieultius and hindrance's in piose
outing Ills labor , especially fioui raihoail
quarters. The liurllngton disdained reply to
Ills cjuerrios us to the number of engineers mm
mvltclitncn vvlio ungngcd In the strike nnd
null the employ incnt of the road , although
\vntten to for the information lust Juno ami
repeatedly since. The action of the ofilcials
of thn road Indicate tlmt they teal cd the
ileputj commissioner had hidden designs
upon their Interests , and they gave him
Bllent contempt for Lourteous appeal. It
seems that nothing could induce them to
glv clip the v.iluo they jilnt'cd upon labor ,
for they also declined to state the wxgos paid
emploves In any of the departments All the
othei rouds , however , K.IVO the information
sought In every InsUuiLO. Hut , notvvlth-
Alumllnu the slkiiLe of the liutllngton , Mr.
Jcnlclns Is pri'iured to furnish more Informa
tion on the strllco than the state board
Of tiaiisportutloii and tluiboaid of necteUi ies
combined So much fet persistent und pUlont
work. Tliovuluoof statistical informnllon
rnnnot be overostimatcd The llrst chapter
of the rcpoit Is devoted to a discussion of the
purposes of a huicau of Btatisties and labor ,
und the second treats of the oiganifktiem of
the bureau , The report then taken up the
question of strikes In a brief conversation
with Mr Jenkins , THIS Hici : icprescntntivo
Was convinced that helms thoughtful and in
telligent v lews on the question , and embodies
them in his leport in a very inturcstltitf man
ner Accompany ing this comes a chapter on
nrbitratlotius a inciiiisof settling strikes. Ho
devotes ncai ly IlftypaRCs to the two subjects ,
Uounuctudl.v ho the views of farmers
as to the causes of failure umoiia their
class ; manual training and its Inllucnce ;
opinions on the compulsory education Inw ,
the prison labor problem , ' 1 ho subjects con-
flldeioil In the rcKirt | are attracting wide
attention , and It is quito probable that laws
relating to some of them will follow the re
port. Mr. Jenkins also embodies his ideas
on tuo Inlluenco of I'inkciton ileteutives on
labor diflleulties , lequlring adjustment , Into
his lesoarches , and Ills opinions nro not only
uovol and original , but they bear the stamp
of correctness An appropriation oufiht to
bo made sufllcient to insure general tiicnli-
tlon of the report fiom Nebraska's bureau of
labor nnd statistics.
The second Moor of the government build
ing hcio has bocn used for a vveelt or moro
past for the public * exhibition of the Piloty
picture of the wlso nnd foolish virgins , by
permission of the custodian of the bnildin ; , ' .
Postmaster Watkins , and there is u decided
whisper in some quarters of the city that ho
lina gone beiond his jurisdiction in permitting
the use of the Hour for this nut pose. The
picture is on exhibition under the auspices of
the Haydcn Ait club , and by some it is said
to DO a pi ivate enterprise. One of the rooms ,
under control of Deputy Maishal Hastings ,
was used for a day or two by some members
of the club , but hoordeml it peiemptorlly
ole.ued ycsteidii.v , and it was done instantly.
The fanners of Tobias , Salmo county , sov-
onti in number , have orgaui/cd and mcoi-
poruted the I'armeis' I'rotoottvo Elevator as
sociation at that place. At tides of incorpor
ation woio Hied with the secretary of state
to day. The purpose of the abbociation is to
build , equip und operate a grain elevator and
buy and sell grain and live stock. For this
purpose a capital stoclt of ? 1,000 has been
nuthoilzcd and paid up. They pioposo to
reap some of the pioflts of "middle men , " and
to this end have banded together for co oper
ative work. U is said that the association
comprises the very best farmers of that portion
tion of Saline county , nnd that they have the
business capacity to make the enterprise
Win. It has the wealth behind It to make it
a permanent institution , and it cannot help
but provo of great bencllt to the towu and
country around.
The case of W. II. Utinti , vs the Chicago ,
Burlington & Quiney railroad company , was
decided in favor of the plaintiff to day. The
Juri gave him Judgment for $959 and costs.
'Iho cause of W. S. Amos vs George King
was taken up this morning bofoioajury ,
Judge Field on the bench. The plaintiff was
lopiesonted bj Messts. Pound & Uurr , ami
the uefoiident bv Judge Davidson , of Tccum-
sch , nnd J. II. Hitchcock. This suit is over
a promissory note of SIM , which the defend
ant denies having given. The plaintiff icp-
resents himself na holding the note as an in-
iioccnt purcnaser , nnd seeks to recover or
linnw tlmt ho has been victimized , The
lauso will probably bo given to the jury this
_ t > U'ing. | !
The following cases vvero disposed of :
Danks va Stcolo , continued ; Nuvo vs Uoyor ,
llismlbscd ; liahntlcld vs Duulcuoitu dismissed -
missed ; liurko vs Mngee , continued ,
Tlio following causes wore submltteod :
Conklin vs State ; Hiuiull vs State ; How-
nrd Uros. vs Jay ; Smith vs Taylor ; LKivon-
poit VH Jennings.
Orloan vs 1'ei ry. Krior from the disttict
com t of Harhin county. Uoveised unless
f J.lOJ . i emitted In thirty dnjs , Opinion by
llu-se , Uh. J.NKW
NKW NOTMIIKS rum it- .
'Iho govcinor to d.i > commissioned the
following Nebrasknnn notaries public :
William Campbell , Nollgh , Antelope
rounty , Chailes M Meek , Gibbon , HutTalo
county ; J. S Weaver , Anselmo , Custcr
county , August G Johnson , Omaha , Douglas
county , M. L. Kiiiery , Cook , Johnson
county ; Thomas O'Shea ' , Madison , Madison
county ,
The nlco looking colored lady who did the
'light ' ilngeie I act" whllo making a call on
5lis Tins the other morning , was captuied
\Vuhoo .vcatoiilay. The property , however -
over , was found in the possession of liorself
nnd pai amour , She was Louncl over to the
distik't court In the sum of $ * > 00 nnd com-
niittod to Jail. Jami-s White keeps her coin-
pan } as an accessory after the fact , as the
| a\v.vors put It.
John M , Thuiston icgUtorod nt the Capi
tal hotel last evening , and passed to-uuy in
tlio capital city.
The grand Jurv was discharged this morn
ing. No Indictments wore found against the
miloonkooppis for violating the Sunday iquor
law , ami they now enjoy an easy breathing
GeotRO II. Ilenlon'H case was called to-day
licfoto Justice Snelllng His brother came
to lus i esuuu , and on payment of his boaid
bill the boat was discharged ,
Walt M Keeley stopped between trains to-
iln > , en route homo from a visit to Oimilm.
Ho is ono among a do/on candidates forchlof
clerk of the somite. "Jordan um a hard roitd
to trabble , I believe. "
C It is concod that General MoHrlda has a
Kood lighting clmnco for speaker of the house
uf lopiescntutlves. IIo is doing quiet but
active work that waj.and ho carries the
poll that may knock the persimmon. If
elected ho will make an culoicnt and painstaking -
taking presiding ofUcer.
"I am doing all I can , " sajd the attorney
general to day , "to resurrect the sleeping
1 1 eight reduction order. 1 think it will bo
called up again at the next regular meeting
of the uoaid , but no ono can toll. The queer
uctlons In the past does not warrant too
much hope. I shall try to eel action on it
niijvvay. "
The board of education Is considering a
plan for graduating classes every six months ,
Tim vcheiro , hovvuvor , is considered by so mete
to 1m Impracticable , built haa not been fully
decided upon.
The now Christian church promises to bo
the most beautiful ono in the city. Its out-
sldn appoarnncn Is certainly very flno. The
brlclc vvoik is ulldouo except tuo tower. U
will bo rooted within n weak , nnd the Instdo
work will 1)0 commenced.
The i-nal beauty of the now church ot the
Holy Trlmtj is gteatly marred bv the height
of tno walls Otherwise it Is n very hnnd-
somcstractura , Lincoln certainly has the
handsomest churohcj of any city in the west.
Storm rnlftidnr nnd WoatliT Porf-
casts for 1SSS , hi RoIrl Hicks , with
CKplinations of the ' 'Ciioat Jovian
1'orioil. " molted to any address on rf
coipt of n 2-ccnt postnjjo- stamp.Vrito
phiinly jour Nnmc , Poslotllco nnd SUto.
The Dr. .1. II. McLcnn Mcdtclno Co ,
St. Louis , Mo.
The Ordlimncc of Woilncsdny Nljjl't In
Conillc-t AVItti the Clint tor.
A qufstlon having arisen ns to the viliditv
of the city ordinance passed Wcdnesilaj night
by thecounoll providing that the question of
relocating the city hall on thooornor of
tei rtli and Fainam or on Jefferson
nnd the issuing of $100,000 bonds to build a
new structure bt > submitted to the people on
December 1 to be voted upon , some
opinions wcro sought 1 ho main question
was vvhuthrr the ntv charter teiulrrd ten or
twentj diBOH which the proposition must
bondvrrtisod before It c in no voted upon
CltyAttoinej Webster knew nothing of
the ordinance Had never seen it Wns
not present at Wedndsdaj night's council
meeting Could KIVO no opinion
as to what tlu > ordinance required Ho was
satislli-d however , upon oxuminlmr the citj
charter that ton d.ivs notice was sulllciont
IIo thought the qnrstion could bo submitted
and If passed Uould bo pcifoctly legal
Mr W J. Connell was next seen Ho was
of the opinion thattwunt ilajV notice to the
ieop'o to vote on a proposition was absolute
ly necessary If the question were nub-
nutted to the people at the next election ,
and even if voted upon and car
ried , the ptoccedinus would bo
Illegal and could not bo acted upon.
IIo diow up the ordinance several \vecksngo ,
with the Idea thai it would have been liUon
up before. The council have allowed it to
tun too long now for it to bo of
any use at the next city election.
Tlio doctors nroci } much displeased over
a competitor who is gradually stealing their
best piactlco , wo mean Di Hull's Cough
To Manufactuiers Accidents are con
stantly occurring nmonp jour men entailing
loss of time and suffering. Keep Salvation
Oil handy l'i ice 'JD cents.
A Kowcly ets JIU Hues.
Alfred Llnton , the traveling nun who
claims to Imvo been knocked down and
robbed of fMKt n few ilais ago , got into
trouble again Wednesday night , this time for
insulting a respectable married woman , Ho
first addressed her on the street , and she
paid no attention whatever to his insulting
attentions , ho followed her homo She m-
foimed her husband of the \vouldbo mash
er's smaitness , and the latter rushing out
caught the follow as he was walking away
and gave him u hound thrashing. Ho then
called a pollcoman and delivered the rowdy
over to him. The police got the no\.t chanc o
at him and charged him 10 50 for his ox
Ctonp may bo prevented by giving1
Chamberlain's Cou h Remedy ns hooa
as the child shows the first symptom of
the disease , which can always bo done
if the remedy is kept on hand. Hoarse
ness is the first sj inptoin of croup. Sold
by all drutftfists.
The Omahn Gtinids' Ihitertalnment.
The entertainment provided for the patrons
of the Omaha Guaids' Uaar , commencing
next Monday evening will bo of a very inter
esting character. The following is the pro-
giammc in buof : Monday , conceit by Omaha
Guatdsbaad ; Tuesday , silent manual drill
by the Guards , followed by a stump speech
by Will Gurloy , whoso subject will bo :
"What I Know About Polities. " In the
light of recent events the utterances of Mr.
Gnrloy will bo interesting to listen to.
Wednesday evening the Madrigal club ap
pear. Thursdav selections from the oooia of
Mr. Sampson will furnish the programme.
Fi iday night the Apollo club will sing some
pai t songs , and the week will terminate with
a grand concert bv the Guards band. A
splendid sei ies of cntoitainuient is thus pro
vided for the public.
Ifoi \ need a perfect tonic or a blood
puriiier. take Or. Jones' Ked Clover
Tonic. It speedily cures all troubles of
the stomach , kidneys and liver. Can
be taken by the most delecato. Price
CO cents. Goodman Drug Co.
A Now Haven
Now Haven Disp itch : Charles W.
Seiko , to whom $ ir > , UlU ) was bequeathed
by a wealthy New Yorker for savingf
liiH dauffhtor's life at Newport in the
summer of 18S1 , loft this c'ty hibt week ,
and his intimate friends say ho has
gone to Now York to many tlio girl
whoso life he saved.
According to the story told by Mr.
Seiko himself , ho was on the dock of a
schooner entering Newport harbor ,
late at night , when ho saw a young girl
row out from the shore , and when near
the hohoonor bland up und plunge into
tlio water.
Seiko throw off his surplus clothing
and jumped overboard , leaching the
young lady just as BIC ! was about to sink
for the last time. Ho placed her in the
boat she had abandoned and rowed it
ashore. It was late at night and all
fashionable Newport had gene to roit
by the time Seiko and his fair charge
reached the land , so that it was up easy
thing for the rough and ready suitor to
induct ) tlio bewildered girl to toll where
she lived. To avoid a scandal the pair
walked to the young lady's residence on
ono of the fashionable avenues. She
was met by her father , vho , as might
he imagined , wan somewhat surprised
to learn that his daughter had at
tempted to put an end to her life. She
told him her story , and a sad one it
proved to bo. During the summer she
met a young man of fascinating man
ners , She was pretty and charming
and ho was agrceablo. The end of it
was tlmt her lever had betrayed her.
Seiko , at the time , received $1,000 ,
with a promise of moro , piovidodho
would never divulge the name of the
girl ho had heroically rescued. IIo
promised , and the next morning the
\ouiigladyand her parents moved to
Now York , where Sullco has often vir--
ited the family and has taken much in
terest in the girl and her baby hoy.
The girl's father died some months ago ,
leaving a will , uy the terms of which
Seiko was to got $16,000 in cash , pro
vided ho would marry the girl. Ho loft
for Now York hint week to make good
his claim for the money , leav ing a sweet
heart behind him in Now Haven to
mourn his loss.
Who the Now York girl Is , or what
business her father was in , can
not lie ascertained , ns upon this point
Seiko has never opened his mouth , Ho
refused to toll his mother when pressed
to do so before leaving.
A Ornnt
To the Heckles and return tor 810
grandest trip on record. On Tuesday
morning , November 27 , the great Hook
Island route , the Chicago , Kansas &
Nebraska Hallway , will celebrate the
extension of ita famous extern to tlio
Hooky mountains by giving a grand ex
cursion , the lound trip faro ( or which to
Colorado Springs , Denver or Pueblo
will bo only 810 , with tickets good for
fifteen days. Excursion train loaves St.
Joseph ut 0:45 : a. in. ; Kansas City 9:60 :
a. m.
A man named Campbell was picked up last
night by Marshal Delaney , intoxicated ami
almost naked , ivlng asleep besiclo the rail
road track In Florence. He was lined fO ,10
yesterday morning by Jurtgo Olinstead , und
wont to jail.
Fair white
' -Tlia Great English Complexion
Sorlous Acolclont to a Oottplo of
Yotniff Tlnnoro.
Opening oT the MnltiKcr Gallery
With : i Collection of Vrtlfitlo
( Joint by Old Mus
ters , I2tc.
Toll With the Boa ( Told.
Joseph Schmidt and Prank Spi'llnunn , two
Unneis employed by Chris Spooht , fell from
a three storv scaffolding at the Willis build
iiift , 1411 Dodge street , vestorday morning
and sustained fatal lnjnn < M
The scaffolding was constructed by two of
Specht's tinnernniiu'd Remolds anil IIowc1 ,
tince or four weeks aio , and though lather
frail in nppc-.ii ance has been in constant tiso
over since , as considerable ornamental work
has been done on the front of the building
There remained only about an hour's ' woik
tocomplctc this job , but the nlnstcrcis suppos
ing that the work was llnishod had removed
pat t of the bracing , Joseph Schmidt , a young
man of about twenti-two , and L tank Spell-
man , u lad of fourteen , were iloputed to fin
ish the tin work At 10 o'clock the boy
stepped on the scaffolding , and ten minutes
latei ho was followed by Schmidt The lat
ter had sumo misgivings as to the strength of
the si alToldlng.and tested it to sco If it would
give aiii. As a tesult the left uprightwhich
was i esting on n slender timber below with
out even a nail to hold it fast , gave way , let
ting the board on which the boys woio stand
ing slide off , nnd precipitating both of them
to the ground. Schmidt full with his face
dovv aw aid on the pavement , nor the curb
stone , and Spellman , who shot downvv.uds
in an upright position , landed ncarthebascof
the building.
A number of people who wore in the street
at the time weio hnrrilied spectators of the
scene.V. . H It lynor snvs that Spellmnn
stiuck a projecting timber nt the second
story in his downward ( light , and this some
what changed his course Alexander Os-
borne , the patiol driver , who was across the
sttcet , saw the testing of the scaffolding ,
the sudden crash and subsequent fall Ho
considcied the manner in which Schmidt
fell ns mostteinaikablo , as the pHce where
ho hi was several foot beyond the peipondic
ular of the place where the scaffolding gave
wav.Spellman as picked up insensible and ap
p irenlly dead , and Schmidt was b irely con
scious They were earned to Dr. McMon-
amy's medical institution , vvheroacoips of
doctors immediately examined them and did
what they could to lessen Iho suffering of
the unfortunates. It was found that Spell-
man had suffered a compound fracture of
the femur or thigh bone as it is bettor
known. The tendons nnd muscles in
the legion of the abdomen WOIP lac-
ciatcd and there aio thought
to be internal injuries IIo suffered mo t ex
cruciating pains until put under the inliu-
encu of morphine
Schmidt's iiijuiies are all Internal , there
: > cing violent ptins In the diaphragm and
iliac legion. Theio are no hopesot his sur
viving. Ho is a man of about twenty two ,
and has been living with his patents at
Twelfth and Uancroft streets
The parents of the boy Spellman live in
Goiminy , and the onlj relative ho has hcio
is u sisicr.
A IJeo Ilcportfr Visits I'nk Chung
Vnng and llin Sttito.
The hotel reporter dropped into the Mil-
laid and stepped up to the register. IIo ran
his practiced eye down the page in quest of
prominent arnvals , until ho struck this :
There was no mistaking It , yet no under
standing it , and ho nppcalcd to the chief
cleik to help him out.
"Host thing you can do Is to go up anil see
them 1'JI , inst lloor , parlor bedroom they
can only throw vou from the window , " was
the sympathetic answer , and after measur
ing the distance Irom ceiling to floor , the re
poi tor made his way to the number indicat-
eo The llrst knock nl the doir un
answered , but a second ono brought a dm k
skinned Coican they spell it Koican to the
"Can.ou , . speak English ! " the loportor
asked , as he tried to take in the texture of
a wno hat the foreigner woro. Hut there
was no answer.
"Is the boss in I moin the
prince ! " was the next question , but the only
answer was a stolid staio.
Then the icporterdrow out his note book
and tnado a motion as though to vvrlto , and
at once the foi eigner showed signs of clvili/a-
tiou und that ho had been interv towed bo-
foio. Ho throw the door open , salaamed ,
and the repot tor got far enough into the
loom to sco unothor foreigner , diesscd in
blue , sitting cross-legged on an aim chair
smoking a long stemmed plpo that boio a
striking resemblance to the pipe of peace.
Then he was reassured and said "good daj , "
nnd afterwards "good morning , " but wilhout
avail , and ho thought his chances for an in
terview were at an end , IIo had cntltoly lost
sight of the man ( or from Us dtcus it might
have been n woman ) , that had shown him in ,
but ho caught sight of him ( or her )
gesticulating wildly in a corner of the
loom from which a door opened , nnd
at once closed tbo conversation , A
few minutes , and a third foreigner
emerged neatly attired in a brown mother
hubbard , and an almost invisible hat or hair
pin Ito looked solemn , and the icportor
thought of the men ho might have sentenced
to death In his own country , where they
bury a victim up to the neck in llmo nnd then
give him all the water ho can drink , so tlmt
the pursplration will slack the limo and cat
the llosh oil Ids bonus. Hut the police wore
near , and ho said
"Can jou speak Kngllshl"
"Cannot. "
"Is there anyone around that can ? "
"Is there anyone to help you out English
railway Korcal"
"Cannot. "
And then ho went back.
Down stairs the reporter learned that ho
had been brought to the hotel by Mr , Scott ,
chief mtcrpictcr for the Coioan empire in
Omaha , but who tills In his simrc time in
the position of chief clerk of the passenger
depat tmont of the Union 1'acllic. It was also
learnud that an elegant meal hud been or
dered for the party to bo sent to the loom ,
but that the gentleman named in the llfth
line had raised Cain and refused to ont be
cause thu waiter hud put all the dishes on
ono table. Mr. Scott handed the following
interpretation of the hioroglyplcs ; Pak
Chung Ynnp.plonopotcntiarv forthokingdom
of Korea ; Yo Lang Jay , third secretary of
legation for Korea , and Yo Yong Ha , at
tache. They had come from Washington
and were on their wav to Korc.i , via the
Union Pacltlc , on account of the illness of
Pak , but would rot urn la u mouth or two if
his health would permit. They were shown
thu sights , and the llrst place visited was the
transfer , to look up some lost
baggage , and then they tnolc In
the Union Paciilc , Burlington and
Pullman headquarters. Later la the day
they vlsltad the board of trudo and other
pluccs of interest. Tlio minister's outer
dross wasa blue silken tunic strotthitigto the
nnklcs and sllghtlv confined o\cr the bteast
with a silver btuklo The most sttlkinjr part
of the costume was the head gear , a kind of
broad brimmed lint with a sugar loaf crown ,
apparently woven out of black wire , though
In icnlitj woven from flno stilngs of strips
of the 1 egulpatot black bamboo. The shoes
Mvit' the Chinese pattern
All the puitj were dressed much alike ,
copt tlmt Socrctaiy .lay's tunic was of blow n
silk , and the servants wore diessed in goods
of cheaper si ado. The hsad dress was worn
In the ptrloi andnt meals.
Sail , Uliciitn
With its intoiiMj itching , dry , hot skin.
often broken into painful 'cracks , and
the little wutiM'V pimples , often onuses
indescribable suffering. Hood's sarsa-
ivu'lllu has wonderful power over this
dlioaae. It purities the blood and ex
pels the humor , and the skin wilh
out a scar. Send for book containing
many statements of cures , to C' . I. Hood
& Co. , Apothecaries , Lowell , Muss.
i.o noil's Mj\i .
The Nnnio Not Vet Quito Applicable
to th N't-vv Mrllicm
Louis Hold Is alive and in his right son os
ycsteidnv ami thanks the fates th il he was
unsuccessful In hisattcmpt Wednesday night
jump to fiom the now bridge and drown him
self , nnd is loud in his laudations of those
who pi o vented him from committing such
n rash act.
The cause of Mis Insane action is n French
courtesan , on whoso account Lnvvis forsook
Ins wlfo and child in Chicago several months
ago , but who repays this infidelity now by
utterly Ignoring him. Gold followed this
frail creature of the demi monde fiom Chicago
cage hero , and onlv a few weeks ago back to
Chicago 'Ihoi have been on the best of
terms , nnd when only a fovv dajs ago Gold
stalled for Oniah i again Rhc promised to fol
low him hero and ho was to meet her at
Council Uluffs Wednesday cv ening.
Ho went notoss the nver
to meet her as per appointment , but mean
while she had transferiod hut nlTectiom to
another and met Gold coldly. Ho grow dns-
pcralo.and returning to Omaha drank deeplv
until about midnight , when he bade all his
friends farewell , BUV ing they would never see
him aiMin. Ho no\t made his wav to the now
In idgo , when ho discoveied that IIP had spent
his last cent nnd hud no money with which
to pay his faie HeofToiod the toll taker his
overcoat if ho would let him pass , but that
( rontloinan suspected something was vviong
and tefuscd to let him on the bridge.
Gold then loll , bill making Ins way Anther
down , ho crawled up the ladder to the
bi uigo , and was rapid I v neai mg the i ivcr
befoto ho was dtscovcicd bj the watchman.
An exciting chase ensued , and the latter did
not succeed in catching up with Gold until
the would bo suicide was clnnibeiniK upon
the railing to take the fatil loan. Instead of
falling into the cold wateis of the Missouri ,
ho toll into the aims of the watchman , who
pulled him back and inarched him oft the
bridge amid a showcrof expletives. Today
Gold f coin hoaitily ashamed of himself , and
sweais ho will over hcioaftcr leave drink
and fallen women alone.
Jack and Jill each took a mil ,
Old-fashioned kind full giown ;
.lack's went down but with a fiovvn
Jack died fiom "cause unknown "
Smiles will supersede many fiovuis ,
and many discomforts will be unknown ,
when Or. Pieice's Pleasant Purgative
Pellets entirely supersede , as thev bid
fair to do , the large and less eOicient
pill of our forefather- . Every day they
gain now laurels ! Moat popular when
most ills abound !
The following building permits were issued
Jjy Inspector Whitlock ypstcrdav
Augiisl Isaacson , frame house , "iil ! )
pout . . . 5 1,000
. ' . ' . ' fiaino houses
Human J. I'av. two'-story ,
and burns , Monmuutli Park 4,000
A. II. Atvtoo'I , two a-storj frnuios. Mou-
mouth 1'ark . . 4,0"0
.1. I' . Morgan , stable. Orchard Mill CO
Joseph Amleroon. I storj tramu cottiigo ,
1'arkor's iuldltl"ii . TOO
Five permits , nggiecratiaK . . J ( ' .r W
Mary J. Holmes' new story ,
"Mildred's Ambition , " a story
of social ambition , by the
most popular story writer in
America. Every mother
should read it and place it in
the hands of her daughters. A
pure , domestic story not at
all sensational , but intensely
"Luman Skinkle's Relig
ion , " by Josiah Allen's Wife.
The best story she has ever
written. Its rich , keen sarcasm
is irresistible. She keeps the
reader convulsed with her
sharp hits spiced with pure
fun , strong common sense and
sound moral lessons.
The opening chapters of
each of the above will be
found in the November num
ber of the Ladies' Home Jour
nal , now on the news-stands
six cents.
IncomD'irafaly thnt Boat.
I-.XTltA 11UI.1II.1LV U > 'l'iiC. : To rapidly
liitroiluco our new "i'limy Cureii" clear. Wo
nlll. 1C ordered at once , deliver 1OO ol them ,
limes of 10 clear * each r III : 12 to any Post ur
Kjproin oRlca In tlio U. 8 Alto unf yrar'a ub >
crliilluu postpaid to Texu > Blrllutoupon ro >
celpt of four Italian thn je rlT rule fortlml pop *
ulur Illimruleil topago Journal. Write iiuiuo und
luiitoDlru uiidreis plalnlr Huinll br rtiilfttereil
inn 11 or tionnl note ftml addreio ill once
K. W. TANSILL& CO. , 66 Slate St. , Chicago
Acivcirtlalug hns always provoa
Buccoeiful. lloforo plaolntrnny
Newipapor Advertising censuS
4 J 0 Ui.4.1.1. BU U ClllnAQO.
Our 'great ' sale of ( Ino Rlysian nnd
Heaver overcoats and ulsters , are nn
( 'Ntrnoidinary oppor unity for cash buy
ers throughout tlio icotmtry to suauro
bargains , for never n the history of
our business Imvo wolbeon able to ofTor
such extraordinary bargains in thor
oughly honest , reliable , well made and
perfect lilting overcoats and ulstors ns
we are nowshowing.
Wo offer an unequalled list of now ,
nUrnclivolrirgnlns in line elysian and
beaver overcoats , ulsteis and capo over
Se how our prices compnro with or
dinary retail prices for the s\mo goods.
Lot No. 1. NVo offer 200 striullv nil
wool diagonal overcoats , ( cloth made by
the famous Putnam Woolen Co. ) coats
that wo Imvo sold regularly all this sea
son for SI 5 oaoh. We have them in
regular si/oi , In dark Ovford mixtures ,
and wo ofler them now toeloboat$10
Lot No. 'J. Wo offer 20t ) pure , all
wool , blue eljsian ovorconts , made with
piwd edges , nnd trimmed in the very
best manner , coats that wo have sold at
? iM each all the season ; we offer thorn
now to close , in all < sios , at $ lr > each.
We offer a very attractive bargain
in a gray chinchilla ulster , wool lined
the garment that vvo intended to soil
for $15 , but wo overstocked on thorn and
will now oflor them tills week at S10.
This io leaa than jobbers got for thorn
Freeland , Loomis & Co.
Cor. Douglas aiicl 15th Streets ,
This if. a disease which has heretofore
Ualllct ) nil Medical Scieneo.
Wo hivi" n llnniedy , unknow n to unyono In tlio
World oiitslclo of niu Cunipauy.niid one that haa
to euro the most ousuitato cases. Ton dnj 1 1n
recent c.isesdou ? ilieiork. . 't U tlio old < In onto
duop suited c.wrs cant wo oliclt. We Imvo
rmtdliiindiodswlio have beau tljaiulonort by
I'li > > > lcluns , and pronouucul lucu able , and vo
clmlleniethe Woild tobrnu M a I-ASO tlmt wo
v > 111 not cure In less tliiiu slMv days
Mnto the hlstoiy ot inodi.Uio a. line hpocitl ?
for Svplillls lnis been sought for b luovor
found until our
vvusdlscovorel.nnd wo are Justlllo I in
It Is the only Hcmody In the World tlmt \ \ 111 pos
itively < 'iue , because tlio liitHot Medlciil vvmki ,
publl-lu'il by the b-at known uiithoritles , say
tlu'io was iiover .itruo spocitlc before. Our ram-
ody will cine when evcrvtliliiR oNo lifts r.illed.
Whvuusttioui time and money with patent
medicines Unit nuor hatt virtue or doctor with
phvMclarHth.xt cannot euro you , you that IIBVB
tiludov 01 jtutilKflio should coinoti ) uslow and
get pDriiiaiiont tellof , > ou m er umi'i.i' It olio-
tthuo. Mailc vvo sav. 111 liu end vou
must tak out irmedvor NEVHIt iecovt i mid
vou that have boon iiHUctcd but u 'Imrt time
hliould bv .ill moans coino to us now vi * on j In
Un otn w cases ever c.-t permom-ntlv oined.
Manv ROI help an 1 thluk they are free from the
disease , but In one1 , tvtoortluoe vnars after It
appears again in .1 moro hoirlblo form
This is a Blood Purifier and will Cute
tiny Skin or Blood Disease when
Kvcrything 1'lt-o Kails.
Itooin 10 and 11 , U. H. National Dank
building , Oinalia , Neb.
Public sale of import ed
draft stallions anil ti ot-
tlnn stock ut Vork , Neb
Nov.-'T , H < fH , commen
cing at U n in ,
Wo v\ ill oiroi ourontlro
slock of hors s , about
M In number. : i I'nr-
ciierons , I Clyilortdalo ,
1 hhlre , I I'renUi Cana
dian , several Rtade
draft anil ono trottliiR stallion 'Iho lialanco
consMs of 11 ott IIIK bred inuron , f llllus nnd drlv
. Oiia sears , time * , poodbankublapanur
equlre > d. 5 ner-rpiit -KCmint foi caah.3ALU /
JtAIN OH SHIM ! . , ! ( ) wo.
M. WOODS. Auctioneer.
1'aid Up Capita ! . $100,000
Surplus . 50,000
II. W. VATTS , I'-'esident ,
L.MMSS. Ithi'D. Vic i'losldont.
A , 13. TOU.AM.I'ml Ij-o I'loslilent.
w. II. H. Hiiciniit , chiller.
II , \ \ . VATLS. IKVVISB , ItLbn.
A 13 TotVAUN.
Ilanklii ) ; onico-
Corner l.'tli and rurnamSU
A lianklim linslnoasTransacteJ.
Nos. 303-404-1 70-C04.
u lerron , enrlr < 1 *
. , , .v , . anlioCKl. eto I Kill will valu Wl
tn-otlna ( c lrd ) euntalnlngr mil luirtlcuUn ( or
liotn. mint , five of ohur t * Ad'lreu
PROF.F.C. FOWLER , MOOduo , Conn.
WAFBRfl are
tuccetufully UBcxl monthly by orer 10,000
odles. AnSa/e.Kffcctualandi'leatitnt
per box hytaalloratdniKKlls. .Spa It J
_ rticular ! 3 postagH sUxmiM Addreu
Ww aalo ( tndbi ) mall by Goodman
Drug Co , , Omaha , '
in quantities. Our price , remember , U
$10 ; all siyos , from 35 o 41.
Lot No. 1. Wo nsk your attention to
ono lot of 800 pure all wool , fnnoy ( 'asai-
tiHM'O suits , ( cloth mado. by the well
known Alcolianinvillo Woolen Mills , )
In ineiliuni dark brown nnd white mi\-
lure , ainglo breasted sack anils only ,
In regular sio3 , now suits just made up
at the unprooodentodly low price of
$12 per suit. Send your order for ono
of these suits , with the understanding
tlmt jou will have $ o on the ordinary
retail price throughout the country. If
you do not feel hatisllod with this state
ment when you havs examined the sail ,
return it at our expense.
Lot No. H. We oiler f > 0 suits of the
Nonvalk Mills l-'tno Silk and worsted
goods , in men's three button , cutaway
frock suits , bi/es It 1 to-1U. a suit which
wo told last ocnson for sfciJ. They are
made from goods costing $ : ! a yard. Ono
of the host , .styles and ono of the best
made suits in our stock nt sinj price.
You can buy thorn now at $15.
Our stock of men's fine fur overcoats
is now complete , consisting of :
Your Left Liver
A Proprietary MoOlcma that neoiU but trial
to prove Its worth.
Dr , Calender's ' Left liver Bitters ,
Tne only Distilled Hitters In the United
BUtca. Th only flitters recognized liy the
Dnltod States Internal rovcmio lawn as a Pro
prietary Medicine. Lawfully Pattmted. No. ot
Patent 149,573. Contains no fusil oils , no
essential oils , no foreign substance or daman *
tag driiKB. A perfectly puie medicine , com
pounded from Pure Itoot Herbs and Old Pcachj
pleaiant to the taste , quiet and aoclMve In lt
affect. Cures Dyspepsia , or Yellow Jaundice la
flreday * . H.igulatcg the novvela. Invlcoratea
InacMre Llrer , Cures Diseased Liver , Hevlve *
Ibe Kidneji , improves the Appetite Quickly.
Regulates the wnolo system. New T.lf to tba
whoU lystem.
oI'Oftl > lTorIllttorinra oM in Omnlia , Neb . liytlio
( lowing clruKKiilH lllulmriHon Drug Co , Hpccliil
wijiiiesalt' . lor IIIQ Atiia Inlorestof Ncbrn'lcii. HIJ.
( ) ? > lrui ! c'o , VV. .1 VVIilti-houia. T. VV.Xpiif-
funl , bam H. Tflrniwiirtn. Hthrotur a 1'liurciinojr
Kuliiuv Co.lilinjliullsi.vt. ) I'nrr.J. A. l-ullcr A.Co.
W I. lluk'lHliilm II ContH , C..1.1 rlio , VI. 1,1'oivoll
1. Il.dpntHcli.Jcilin K. Hullikf. Morrtll 3 I'liitrmiicr
.lanins iMirnytli. II. < J Hell , Dr. I J. H tvlllu , ( J. M. Cm-
> ey , F Chiindler. Mnlm'a I'liarnmcT , tliirnor t Diiy t
3.1 } hluc.J VV Clarke , . ! . H.Hclimldt. Mnx lleclit , J
H UiriMonson. W K. Lamliariion , II H. Cor , M r
Conrnil , Krark W. t'onf. It Kmnimion , CJno. Itooilcr
Boyil'a I'lmrniiicy , C. A. Mulclier , llownru , Mojori ,
trunk Dollcine A Oo , wholesale Uanlori lu CluHrsanl
Healt i is Wealth !
nn. K.O. WKST'K NKKVK AND HiuiwTnr\T
HUNT iv niiar.iiitietl/ipeolfl / for DyHtorla , 1)17/1
nos , ConvnlHloiiH , i'lti , Nrrvnn.i Nonnilitla
llendacho , .Nnnoin Prostration , rnnsed by the *
tii.8 of alcohol or tohaocn. VValtefiilntss , Menial
Iepinslon , HoftenliiKot thn llraln , rnsultniKin
Insanity , and leaclinp to mlnoiy , dc-ony and
aentli , I'lcMimtiirmJld ago llairnnnesi , I.OHS of
rowei In BllhorhO'c. fnvoliintary I.OSIBH nnrt
Bporniutorliii'a cnuaoil by over-exertion of the
brain , self-abnsoorover In InlKonco. llach box
conlalni ono month'o tro.itineat ? 1 IH aliox.or
Blxboxes fcirS'i 00 , 6 < nt lJJ' mall 1'iopald ' on la
c lpt of prlc o ,
To t uro an ) case \ \ 1th o jch orilur riicelvod by
us for six boxes , acrniiipanlccl ultli ii u , v > o
v111 send thu purchaser our writ Inn uaran'ee
to i ( ifund thu inoiny If the tro itiui nl dnuu not
eiroi t aciiin , Oiiaiantees I HIIOI ! only by C. I' .
( JOUDMAN , lni5l ) t , Solo Ai'unt , 111U Kurnam
.Street , Umulia Nut ) .
Lemtrltable for powerful ymp
belie tone , pliable acitloti and b-
iplute durability. 3J year * ' rcjeord |
the beat guarantee of tUt c j |
lenre of tuese liintru wcnta.
a 'i " " urinurj troubleseaallvquick-
1) uiulHafdlyctirodb ) Dori'l'llACup.
Hnverul tusin. cur'oil 111 Hevini ( la > .s Bold
il M per box. all driniKlxtH , or by mall trnin Do-
uituMff.Ui lUWhituSt.N V. I nilDlroitiuiib
Are I he HKSU
Fine Seal Caps a Specialty ,
Beaver Gauntlet Gloves ,
Seal Skin Gauntlet Gloves ,
Beaver and Mink Collars and
Express Orders ,
Wo vvill sonil p.iphajros conUuning1
suits of clothing , fiirnisliiiifj pooils ,
clothes luul VNUoloiiH of nil Kinds Itopt
in our establishment , to nny mJdress til
NebrusUn , lown , Knnsiis , llukotn , Colo-
railo , or Wyomlnjr , C. O. 1) . , pivinff
buyer1) the iirlvilopo of oMiniinlnjj
oJs before \ \ $ iii for them. , By this
rmiKeincnt people Hvinji i' ' ( Ubtiint
towns can obtain every mlvnntn o of
seeing nny nitiele ot nieiehandiso In
our stock nt their own towns , examin
ing the same before paying for thorn.and
if notporfoutly satisfactory , rotnrniiif (
goods to us at'onr oxpunso. Money for
all amounts exceeding $10 may bo rC-
turned at our oxpcnibo.
Try This Arrangemont. For years
vvo have Bent goods all over Iho llnitod
Status in this manner by express with
the moat satisfactory results , You talcd
no risks. Examine the goods , and return
turn thiun at our o.xpciibo if they do not
please you.
ItlUs for I'nbllcj 1 VI 11 1 inc.
OH 1U1 ; Ol Tllli bTAlt IIDAIIIIOK I'lllNrlNO , t
i j.iM-oiw. NOV. r > , issu. r
NOTK K TCI 1111)1)1 IIS.
Sealed proposals w 111 bo rocelved at aur tlnio
on or bctoro j o'clock p. in. of the llth clay of
December , A. I ) . 1"WS , for t'm printing of all lailH
for the H'Klslatnro. vvllhoiioh in liters an mayba
ordeiHil by cither house thereof to be pilntadin
"bill foim , " which is shown and deilKiiatod HS
Class one (1) ( ) under tlicpiintlng laws ut the state
ot fkCbiaska.
I 01 the piintlnt ; and blndlniln paper rovers
ono thousand (1HO ( ( ) copies each of thu biennial
reports or the auditor milillo iiccoinilstrn istiror ,
tut IL t.u y of state am ! tommlsslnni'i ol publlo
lands und buildings ; and lh hundred ( r > UO )
topics cac h of the hTomilul rc'ports of the tutor *
ncy Keneral , superintendent piilillrinstincti'in ,
state Illii in Inn and ndjntaiit ueneial ; nnd all
othci lepoilH and rocnnutiils that may boor *
deied ] iriiiled by Ilici liKislatlile , except Hilth a.3
may inter Into and foi in n p.ut of the .loiirnals ,
\ > hfcli Uasof in k H kno n and designated nn
t lass. I under the printing Inn H of NobiiiHka.
' 1 he bill woik executed under Clami 1 shall bo
pi inti'd in small pli a t ) pe on papoi fourteen (14) ( )
ilithes long bv < lht ( and one half ( > , > liiLhei
wide , hlnglci pijo. papoi to bo 'M ponnils donblo
rap to the loam nncl uxi'c pi the title page each
ii igu Hliall contain not less than twenty-live CAV )
lines of Roliclinuttm of h ren(7)ln ( ) < * h sln leiiBth ,
and the linen slKill UH Hiicco sl\cly iiuiiibeied
with a blank only In each space uelvvcen tlio
' 1 he title PIRO of sild bills Hlnill contain not
less than elf-litoen ( H ) lines as above , with ( J )
Inches additional spare allowable for dlspliu
title matter Kach bid Hliall state v , hat the bidder -
dor is uilllni ; to do the work completii for per
piiKii , liicHiclliiL'toinpOHltlon , ] iaper , pressnork ,
HtittliliiK , folding und all work or material on-
torlni ; Inti ) the \ \ oik iciiulled. *
All vvorlc oxecntjcl under Class 1 shall bo de
ll vered In good oiikr by the Lonti.ictor to tlio
ollicoof tinseu itaiy of state within throe ( I )
dajsaftei tlie leu-lpt of thocudei ly said coll-
traitoi Irom the ch.ilrinanof tha coin inltteuou
piliitlnKlnoitherbiunchor the leclslauie.
All work c \ cutt' < l under ( lassthreo < ! > xliull
1)0 pi luted in long primer , brevier and non
pareil type , on papei to be nlno ( II ) Indus I
bj six ( ) wide. sliiKlit pagepaprr to 1)H foitv-
ll\o i4li ) Ibs. to thn itam , whllo book. Kuch blcl
unilei Class J Rhall Htatu v > hat the bldd'T | HV\I1I >
Ing to do the work comiiMo foi pel pagu , on
each U'lu.n or It 'in In thu clasx , ln < lndlni ; com
position. pipei , pienhwoik , htitthlni ; . foldlmj
und nil work or mate ilnl interln lulu the wmlc
luiiulied , ( J alley anil page in oof miiHl bo fur *
nlsned v\hen reiiulrecl by the olllceis of tlio
executive drpaitmcnt ot Ilie chairman of tbq
committee on pilntliiK In ulthoi brain h of the
k'gltt ] ituio.Voik v\licn tomplutedlo bollvciod
free ofoxiiense at I he still o house.
1'ioposiils for work on oath of the ubovo
clasHts v\lll not be ccmsldeied unless the haniii
nliull bencc ompanlcd by a bond in the Hum nt
live thousand tfVMIi clollnia , with IMO or 111010
sureties , that in cafln thopaily proposliiK for
Kiicli tontrai t shicll be awaided the name Mich
jurty Mlllvvltlilu llvci d.ijs after theawardtu
him of Hiich contract enter into bonds fortho
faithful perforimmrc ) theieot , a provided by
luw and tha terms nt these proposals.
1'ropoH.ils Nhall bo inurkeil " 1'ioposals fotf
I'nbllt I'lintliiK" nnd addn sed to thn state
boaid of prlnilni ! in care of tno secretary of
state , Lluiolii , Nub.
ConliattH cm Clans one ill na above specified
vs ill be awarded as a w hole.
ContrjcU on ChtsH tin en ( .1) ) as nbova speclfloi\
vill bo nvvarded inliolu or in part , as tlio
board may sleet
Samples ot the v\ork to bo executed under
classes one and tin e may bu BIH-II nt tlio olllco
of theheiretarj of state.
I'jiitractson iibom classes one nnd tlneeto
run two jc > ais from Deo. II , IHHH ,
'Unthtale prliitliiK bounl luhunes the right to
lOji'ct am 01 all bids ,
( ! , li. l.A\VH. Hec-tetarv of 8tato ,
II. A.UADUinC , Audltoi I'uhllo Aco'lR ,
C. II. VVlMiAltl ) . StatoTriasuier ,
Uf the btute lloiud of I'l Illtlne.
\ 18 THB
Blocks ,
rani ntoiie ,
, Hi. ) III'.HT
rillUIlNT for
'clilMron and
> udiilu.
uverago W
or JJewrltitlvo Cataloiruo , eout | iu < t free , to
f , AD. RICH TEH tt. OO.i
010 ttroadwtty , 7few Vork.
To tlio Klockliolctei-H of tlio
Lnncl nnd Cnttln ( 'oinpany.
Notire In hureby given that Urn annual meet.
Incof thoBtockholderifottlioOKalalluJjundana
Cattlef oinp.inj. will bu held at the Cninpaiiy'n
ollit-o In the tlty of Oinahu. c'ebr Hku. on
Wcdnondaj , Deiember Mh , 1W at lotlonk p.
ni , fur lli'J election of dlrectoiN for the uiiHiiIng
j car , and foi tlm trunsadlon of stitli other ! )
lili'ss u-i may comu boforti thu meeting.
\Vn.i IAM A I'AxiciN , I'naluont.
J iHfi'ii I IIASIK , Hctrclary ,
Omaha , Neb . November 17th , IWS.
iu > \ 17 to ( loi-ri
If. J ,
Surgeon and Physician ,
Ulllco N . W Ouinur Hth ur , 1 OoiiijUsHt. Odlc *
w ; Uojld uc tylaiiUyuo ,