Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 18, 1888, Part I, Page 6, Image 6

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I'f'llvcrcdliy rnnlor In Anr 1'nit of UicCltyn
Iv.cuty Cents I'crWcek. . . ,
llrcivr1 * Omi n No. < I.
NHIIIT Ciuinit.
N. Y. I'lunibing company.
See the "London Tailor. "
Klegntit overcoatings at A. Rater's ,
merchant : ( ) Hroadway.
Hest hard nndoft coal and Missouri
wood. K. H. Mayne , ( Ull Hroadway ,
Hllnil lloonn nnd hit concert company arc
to appear at the liroailwny .Mrtliodist ctuircli
December 11.
Suhhcrilicrs for thu Xenlly Stevens cou-
reirt should rail ut once at Camp At Hills' nnd
ticcurc their scuts.
The sale of tickets for tlio Xcally Stevens
concert Is going on lim , < ly at Camp ft Kills' .
Those who wish desirable seats should sc-
cure thrill ut once.
K. J. Pierce took out building permits yes
terday for three now WM ) cottages to 1m
erected nt the corner of Fifth nnd Pacific
avenues in Siinro's | nildltloii.
Tlin Married toadies' V. V. club will bo en-
tcrlnlned next Tuesday evening by Mrs. F.
A. Connor nndIrs. . J..I. Hrown at thu lot-
tcr'H ' residence , ft'rfl Seventh street.
Mrs. Fanny Kellogg Ilachert will appear
nt the Ncally Stevens concert In the opera
house next Thursday evening. This will bo
lier first iippoaranuu In concert hero for
Ha/el ( Jump lodge of Modem Woodmen
has accepted 1111 Invitation to attend a
iinet given by their Omaha brethren on Tucs-
ilay evening. A meeting of the order will bo
* liulil to-morrow evening to arrange necessary
' details.
The Cliantaiiiiia | eirclowlll meet to-morrow
i evening at the Y. M. ( J. A. rooms. The
' change for this meeting Is due to the occupa
tion of the boatd of trade rooms for another
pin pose , and hereafter the clrclu will meet as
usual In thu board of trade rooms ,
J. ( i. Tipton yesterday closed the deal , by
which ho sold to Mr. A. C. Woolley , a promi
nent hiisiiu'ss man of Omaha , the decant pmpcrty on Frank street , which
formerly belonged to the estate of M. F.
Kcollne. The purchase price was $ ! , l OJ.
At thu Congregational chtnvli to-day the
musical part of thu services , both morning
nml evening , wilt be of special interest. The
ilimrtel is composed of Mrs. llawley , of
Janesvlllc. Wis. , Mrs. ICvans , Prof. MeOer-
mld and Mr.Vestcott , with Prof. Do Nor-
imindieat the ormin.
t The concert at the opera house Thursday
evening next is of speuial interest from thu
fact that Miss Neally Stevens nnd Mrs.
Fanny Kellogg IJnehert nre both claimed by
this city , their girlhood being spent here.
Council I Shifts is naturally proud of having
pi educed two such artists.
A few days after election "Hob" Hunting-
ton's luxuriant beard disappeared. No one
questioned his right to dispose of it , but the
ilcinamlcd . " 'No it wasn't
boys a mason. , an
election bet but the blamed things were un
comfortable , besides the color was not very
becoming nnd they had to go. "
Tlio case of Charles Smith , charged with
disturbing the veaee. was heard yesterday by
Judge Aylcsworth. The prisoner was lined
$11 ro , and locked up in default of payment.
The other charge ngainst him , of being
drunk on his hack , was allowed to stand
over , pending further good behavior.
On account of the concert at Dolmuy's
opera house the sight singing class which
meets every Thursday at Mrs. D.V. . Hush-
neli's residence , has been postponed until
Friday evening , the ti.'td. No new members
can bo admitted after that date , and all arc
requested to be in their places promptly at
7 : 'M p. in.
The auction sale of lots in Potter & Cobb's
addition yesterday afternoon failed to draw
it very largo crowd owing to the unfavorable
Htnto of the weather. Two bands were en
gaged and paraded the streets of this city
and Omaha advertising the sale , but the
weather was altogether too damp and chilly
to create much of a rush.
Henry ICIscimin & Co. have In process of
erection a magnificent business block , which
they expect to occupy In thu spring. That
they may not bo obliged to move their im
mense stock they will sell it out at greatly
reduced prices. The advantages which they
offer to the trade are given in their new ad
vertisement , which appears this morning.
Look for it.
It will bq remembered that Alderman Kne-
plier lost his mustache on the result of the
election. Ho was willing to part with it but
Mrs. K. objected. The only thing was to ob
tain Mr. Morgan's consent to retain it. As
soon as that gentleman understood the situa
tion ho very gallantly made out a bill of sale
for the hirsute appendage nnd presented it
to Mrs. ifacphcr with his compliments. This
is how it is that the alderman still retains
his mustache.
The residences of this city nro to bo renum
bered again on account of the great irregu
larity In this respect now noticeable in this
lesiicct. Owing to the peculiar manner in
which the streets in the older portions of the
city were laid out many of the numbers do
not correspond at all to the location where
they stand. City ICnginccr Stimpson has
charge of this work nnd will see that it is
immediately and properly done. Ho will
liavo to contend with the usual number ot
those who kick on every new move , but nl' '
public spirited citucns will give their hearty
support. mi
Sco W. C. Stacy's'ad"
Special ruled columns in ledger , cash ,
journal , etc. , Morehousu & Co.
\Voilonot intend to indorse any except art I-
ck-s of merit , but wo t Ko plua.suro In referring
to the "Garland Stoves and ICunges , whoso
Mlperlorlty Is too well established to be called
In < iiicstlon. They iiro belluveil to ha nnoqiialfd
by unv In the world. Sold uxcluslvuly by 1 * . C.
Do Vol.
Iloaddunrtors for htovcs.
OuuLU.Si UitYA.N-r , fiia Main si.
J. O. Tipton has tlio largest and best
( elected lisl of real astute in the city ,
llo handles nothing but bargains.
Personal Paragrnplm.
Mr. Leonard Farr , of Mount Pleasant , is
In thu city , looking af lor his real estate in-
Mrs , Lewis Hammer has gene to Chicago
for a two week's visit with relatives and
W. J. ICetchum , advance agent of Hllnd
Boone , was in the city yesterday arranging
for the appearance of his company hero De
cember 11.
Major M. M. Marshall , general agent of
tlio " ( J" In this city , loft Fridav evening for
Iroiuiois , Dak. , accompanied by his oldest
daughter. They will return Tuesday morn
A. K. Herbert , agent of the Montreal Llfo
Insurance company , of Now York , is in tlio
city for a few days , assisting Major M. F ,
Kohrer. the general agent of the company at
this point.
"Hilly" Smith , who was a well known
attache of the Ogitcn house for n number of
years , and lately employed by Win. Lewis , is
now seriously 111 with Hright's disease at St.
JJerimnl'R hospital , where ho is being
treated. Ills condition is regarded as very
Alias Neally Stevens , the pianlstc , will ap
pear in this , her old homo , Thursday evenIng -
Ing next , in a grand concert , assisted by
Mrs. Fanny Kellogg Haehert. Miss Slovens
has made dates for concerts in Leaven-
worth , Atchlson , DCS Monies , Uubiniuo ,
Chicago and Detroit , After the holidays she
Will t'e-easi i > \ 1111 twenty onga.s'omonts th re.
\Vo have pome choice bargains in bol-
toni properly listed with us by parting
\vlio hav llioy must huvo money. A , A.
Clark & Co. , Hroadway anil Main.
i. S.iiut llernai'tl Pliioc.
I hnvo a n.n.'iihor of line lols for sale
ID tlio above addition , located only two
bh > < ; l > H nwnv from the areet cars on
Uroadwaj , ' The o lota tire 50.\-'oU foot ,
nnd iiro choli'ii rciildcnco property.
They lira high and dry and present a
coiniimndJng view , For full informa
tion iv iinJlnj , ' prices anil terms apply
in J. G. Tiptoti , eOlc agunt , 627 Dread-
yuy ,
The Contract Lot For a Now Bronel-
way Bridge Over the Crook.
Tim Attrncllnn < i nt the Clinrclirfi A
Itntrnyril liuslmml CoiiHolod Iiy
n Divorce A I'cw Ar
rests Personal.
Tlio New HrllK ( < > on llronilwuy.
The county supervisors completed their
labors yesterday for tlio fall term ami ail-
Journcil until tlio first Monday in January.
The forenoon was occunled In settling the
claim of the Kluvcrs Hrldgo company , of
OsKaloo'.a , In regard to the present bridge on
Hroaihvay over Indian creek , and letting the
contract for a new one. The bid of the
Milwaukee ItrhlKo company , of this city , was
the lowest for erecting the now structure ,
and the contract was awarded to tlirin for
{ 7Tfi < ) . The bill for tlio present bridge , in-
cludlnjrflpcrvcnl Interest mid costs , amount
ing to $ J.IO.WJ : ) , was paid to Mr. Thomas
Biovers. The now structure will bo sixty
feet long and sixty feet wide. It will bu
made ns strong us possible for n wagon
bridge , mid will weigh nearly lOO.OOOpoumK
It will be BO nrranged that tlio lloor can bo
paved , making u continuous hloclc paved
drive. The bridge will bo the full width of
the street , so that it will offer no obstruction
whatever to travel when this great thor
oughfare is crowded , as it very frequently is.
It will bo erected as soon as it can he made ,
and in ninety days the public will probably
bo able to drive over this new structure.
Hooks ! Itookx ! .
Manufactured to order by Morehouse
& Co.
Have our wagon cull for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
See Forrest Smith's special column.
Wanted ut once An c.xporionceil
clerk for general store. Single mail ,
onu speaking English and Gorman pre
ferred , liooil Hilary and steady om-
plovmont to tlio rijrht man. Tall on or
address .1. 11. Krnu
Chiirtor Oak. C'rawfor Co. , la.
A Frlc-iHlly Farewell.
There was a pleasant gathering last even
ing at the residence of Colonel I ) , 11. Dailey ,
county prosecuting attorney , at It 10 Indiana ,
avenue. The occasion was the presentation
of two handsome gold-headed canes to the
two retiring members of the board of county
supervisors , Messrs. Samuel G. Underwood
and James Holler. The mementoes were the
gifts of the other county oflleials , with whom
the above named gentlemen have been con
nected during tueir term of otllce. The com
pany present was quite u large one , embrac
ing several members of the county bar , Con
gressman Joseph Lyimin , Colonel \V. ! ' .
S.i | > | > and others.
The canes are elaborately engraved and
suitably inscribed , and arc very handsome
testimonials of the high esteem in which the
fortunate recipients are held. The whole
party sat down to n most princely spread ,
which received ample justice. The evening
was passed in friendly social intercourse ,
and will long he pleasantly remembered by
tlioso who wore present.
J. G. Tipton , the real estate broker ,
makes a specialty of selecting homos
for the rich and poor.
'l ho Great lon < ) ou Tailor
lias come to Council Bluffs with tlio
largest block and linust grades of goods
ever seen in the eity which will ho niiido
up ut the lowest figures ever given any
where. No. OJ57 , corner of Broad .vuy
and Seventh street , Postolliec block.
Remember the ' 'London Tailor , ' ' anil
give him u call.
Dresses iniule Wool dresses ? .r , to $8 ,
silks and plushes $8 to S10. Miss .Sim
mons , over Wiseman's.
See Forrest Smith's special column.
Conoofiilnu tlie Churches.
The following announcements arc made of
religious services to bo held in the several
churches to-day :
First Baptist church Instead of the usual
sermon at 1010 : n. in. there will be a roll call
of tlio church and consecration meeting.
AH invited to this meeting. At 7:30 : p.m.
Hev. Dwight Spencer will speak of the
young west and the Mormon power.An in
teresting subject by a very interesting
speaker. Those who heard him three years
ngo will not willingly miss hearing him Sun
day night. All cordially invited.
Hroadway M. E. church Preaching by
the pastor at 10'iO : n. m. and 7:30 : p. m. Class
meeting at G:3U : in the lecture room. Sabbath
school at 13 m. The subject of last Sabbath
morning will bo taken up nt the evening
hour , namely : "Tho Model Young Man. "
Young men and strangers in the city are
cordially Invited to these services. You
will meet a hearty welcome from pastor and
Services at Overtoil Mission as usual to
day , at 11 a. m. and 7:30 : p. m.
Presbyterian Preaching both morningand
evening by the pastor. Morning theme ,
"Homo Missions , or the KvangolU.ition of
Our Own Land. " Sabb.ith school at 13
o'clock. Strangers anil others cordially in
Hethany Haptist Church Corner of Hluff
and Story streets. Services will bo held at
the usual hours , 10:30 : a.m. and 7:30 : p.m.
Sunday school at 3 p. m. Pastor Hev. K. N.
Harris , residence 217 Hluff street. Welcome.
Welcome ,
Hercan Haptist Church Pastor , Hov. T. F.
Thickstono. Place of meeting , Pacillc avenue
between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Time of
service , 10:30 : n. m. and 7:30p. : m. Sunday
school nt i'J in. Moreover there will bo
preaching every evening tnis week.
Congregational Services morning and
evening as usual. Morning subject , "Tho
Two-fold Nature of thoChristlun. " Evening
subject , "Sins Hlottcd Out. " Strangers
earnestly Invited to attend ,
St. Paul's Church Divine service to-day
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 : p. m. Sunday school ,
13:15. : Young men's bible class. 13:15. :
All Saints Church Corner Third avenue
and Eighteenth street. Hours of worship ,
) UiO : ! a. m. nnd 7:30 : i > . in. Sunday school ,
3 p. m. Young men and strangers always
cordially welcomed to these services. T. J.
Mackey , rector.
Tlio 5 o'clock class nt the Young Men's
Christian association gymnasium will meet
every day beginning next week. This class
is the onn especially for business men and a
"business man's system" is in use.
Mr. II , ( ! . Sinead , of Minneapolis , an
ovangcllst of excellent spirit , and whoso
work has been crowned with marked results ,
assisted by Mr. A. J , Smith , a gospel singer
from Boston , will open a series of special
union religious services m this city on next
Sabbath , November 3r > , probably in the oven-
ing. There will bo in these meetings n co
operation of various churches and their pas
tors with F.vangelists Smcad and Smith ,
The Indications uro that these special efforts
will bo crowned with most desirable results
In the revival of the churches and in tno
conversion of souls.
If you want to borrow money , buy a
lot. house ami lot , farm , or trade any
thing , BCO A. A. Clark & Co. , Broad-
wily and Main.
Money loaned nt L. 11. Crafts ft Co.'s
loan olllce , on furniture , pianos , horsns ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
nml all other articles of value without
removal. All business strictly confi
| A Itimnwny Wife.
Yesterday was motion day m the district
court. As It was the llrst week in the term
the motion docket not very full and was
quickly disposed of ,
The divorce taso of Homy S , Terry vs
Matilda U. Terry wa heard. J , W , lloss
appeared for the yluluUS. TUero wus uo de
fense and the decree was granted as prayed
for. The defendant Is alleged to have
skipped out for Vancouver's ' Island with an
other man , The would-be husband also tool
three horses belonging to Terry , which wen
pastured a few miles from this city. Tcrrj
wrote to the woman asking for the custodj
of their two children. The reply informed
him that ho could have one , but the othci
had no Terry blood in his veins and would hi
kept by the mother. Although tlio woman
and her paramour got uway with three
horses , it is claimed that she still has u horn
on Terry. _
Illinois and Iowa 1 ot * oft coal , ( .Jlca-
ton , 'M 1'carl street.
K. II. Sheafo loans money on chattel
rccnrity of ovary description. I'rivnto
consulting rooms. All business strictly
confidential. UHlne f > ( )0 ) Hroadway , cor
ner Main street , up stairs.
The finish on our collar * , eulTs and
shirts cannot be equalled. Ca-cade
Laundry Co.
O panel opening of roller rink Moniluj
HP fore l ho Mar.
City board was rather short yesterday anil
Judge Aylesworth was not lavish In his sen
Norman Hullock was fined 7.0' ! , and three
vngs who had no visible mc.uis of support
mid supported butlittlcclothing , wereturncc ;
out into the storm.
Ktiima Smith was also charged with vag
raooy. She pleaded guilty to being drunk ,
having three glasses of Iowa prolilb
ition Juioa , She w.n lined $ S,10. She toll !
several talcs of her experience with local
"peelers" and said the oftlcer offered to hit
her go for $ ' ! , but shocould not pay It , neithei
would she advance the amount exacted b.v
the court , and she was accordingly removed
to the "sky p.irlor" of the jail.
We have listed with us some cash and
a few good farms to exchange for Coun
cil Hlulls property. A. A. Clark & Co. ,
Hroadway and Main.
Money loaned on fiunituro , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value at low rates of interest. No
publicity ; fair and honorable dealing.
A. A. Clurk & Co. , olllee cor. Hroadway
and Main , over American e.\press.
.l.G. Tipton has bargains in real estate.
The Kirst Flurry.
The first real snow storm of the season
began about half ten yesterday morning.
The Hakes fell quite rapidly for a short time
and the ground was soon covered During
the afternoon the fall was quite light , and
made outdoor business disagreeable , without
materially increasing the depth of the snow
on the ground. The fall measured about an
inch , and made travel decidedly uncotnfort-
able. The boys appeared with their sleds ut
the first appearance of a flake , and waited
patiently until enough had fallen to tit the
sidewalks for iron runner * . The snow came
down just as naturally as last , and will
bo on hand to furnish a white Christinas if
FO.C Sale Cheap Lot- , near the bridge
to parties who will build at once. Ad
dress or call en .1. H. Uice , No. litMain )
street. Council Hluu's.
S. 11. Wadsworth & Co. loan inoiiev.
-Mixed pickles in bulk at N. I , Tib-
hilts , "I-1) Broadway. _
Dr. C. C. , dentist , opera house
block. _
Sec Forrest Smith's special column.
All grades hard coal , C. H. Fuel Co.
> ' ! On the Water.
Before the police went on duty last even
ing Chief Lucas called the entire force to
gether to inquire into certain matters rela
tive to its cfllcloncy. Tin : HUB man inter
viewed the chief after the meeting with tlio
following result. Said he : "I asked the boys
if there was any dissatisfaction anywhere ,
and without exception they said there was
not. I asked them if 1 had ever given them
any occasion to think 1 had any 'pets , ' and
they said no ; that all had been given an equal
show in the work which falls into our hands ,
and that I had shown no disposition to dis
criminate against any of them. I am ut , a
loss , " continued the chief , "to see how such
a report could have been started , for surely
there is no reason for it. When I took the
ofllee I gave strict orders In regard to drink
ing wliilo on duty. Tnis order has been generally
orally obeyed. What few cases there have
been havq not interfered with the work of
tlio force in the least. I will have sober men
and the boys know it. I must have disci
pline , and wliilo I nm at the head of the force
I will have it. If anyone thinks he is my
pet he is at liberty to quit , for I hnvo none.
Wo are getting along nicely and the boys arc
doing good work. The public may bo sure
this will continue as long as 1 am chief. "
Weather stri ps at Chapman's art store.
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , cull's and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
E. II. Sheafo it Co. make long or
short time loans on real estate , in sums
to suit , at lowest rate of interest. Olllco
Hroadway and Main street , upstairs.
We have no competitors in finishing
collars , cull's and shirts. Cascade Laun
dry Co , _
Improved and vacant properly in nil
partb of the oily ; OOxloO feet on ( Jlen
avuiuio , cast front , a bargain ; business
property on Broadway and Fourth
street. H. P. Ollicoi- , North Main
falrcot , DoVol's block. Council Blulls.
Mm. Ijord at Dohnnny'H.
The Louie Lord party hold the boards at
Dohnnoy's opera house last evening in "A
Member of Congress. " Mrs. Lord is , ns of
old , a conscientious actress and has sur
rounded herself with a very able support.
There are no sticks , each member taking his
role with ability. Tlio comedy presented
gave good opportunities for nil and they were
utlllral to the best possible advantage. The
stand hero has not been a prolltablo one , the
audiences being very light. The company
go immediately to Fremont , Neb. , where
they will open the recently completed opera
houso. Whatever bill is put up thcro the
people may bo sure of n treat.
For bargains in real estate in any
part of the city see F. .1. Day , the lead
ing real estate dealer.
Loans made on city business and resi
dence property. Notes bought. Kim-
ball-Champ Investment company.
Rock Spring coal , Glcuson , 0 Pearl
The Council 15hills Lumber Co , want
on to try some of their coal.
San Francisco Examiner : O. S.
Church , of the Grand hotel , is tlio
owner of a largo ranch in Sierra county.
Ho is handy with his gun , mil is ohock-
ful of reminiscences and experiences
with big game in the mountains of
Sierra. The other night he was in a
reminiscent mood anil , after observing
that from present indications' this waste
to bo a great winter for bear anil deer
in Sierra , ho said :
"Tlio most horrible experience I over
know a man to have with a grizzly was
near the Sierra buttcs. twelve miles
from Sierra City , in tlio ( JolJ Lick
The man was Samuel Berry , famed in
the north as-in export hunter and trap-
pur. At odd"pm'iods liu made his head
quarters on the ranch of my father , A.
l > . CUureli , in the uforebuitl county ,
twenty miles from Truekce. That en
tire region is full of the various kinds
ot game that California h\inter f so
much delight in , and on the occasion of
which t speak , I Jerry was there with a
big lot of traps , dogs anil guns.
"Ho had started in for the winter's
campaign and was well equipped in
' very way. Ho set out from our house
on tlio 121th of November on < iiow. hoes'
intending to return'Ulfat night. As it
developed afterward. h6 made his way
over the level valley on the snow and
reaching the higher ground near Sierra
Unites , took oil his long wooden snow-
shoo.o , and climbed to the heights in his
long-topped cowhide boots. Ho set a
lot of traps for marten , mink and other
fur-bearing animals , making a wide de
tour of about llttuen miles. This prob
ably took him eight or toll hours. Ho
had left word nt our house that he
would be home that night , but he did
not come. The weather was cold , for
the altitude is pretty grcal there , our
ranch being itself o,00 ( > feet above the
sea , and it was nearly a continuous
climb from there on.
"Well , wo got anxious about him. for
it is sparsely settled thereabout , and wo
figured it tliat ho must hnvo got tripped
up in some way. Not coming homo the
next day , either , we organized n posse
of six or eight men and set oil' in pur
suit. Wo followed ins trail and pushed
forward until night .shut down on us
and we could go no further.
"Next day , reinforced by about fifty
of the ranchers and miners who had
gathered in to aid in the search , we set
out in all directions , hunting steadily
the entire day. There bait been a light
fall of snow , however , and in many
places his tracks were obscured , and
night came on us without our search be-
inir "successful.
"We knew by this time that Herrv
must have met with a terrible fate. If
not killed bv wild animals he must have
been fro/.on'in the bitter weather pre
vailing in the top of the mountains at
that time.
"The excitement in all that part of
Sierra county grow intense , and on tlio
morning of the third day there was
gathered at our ranch such a heterogen
eous mass of rilleincn. laborers , ranch
ers and trappers as had never before
been seen. The crowd numbered fully
leO , and it was understood from the
start that Uerry was to be found that
day. Some of Hurry's most intimate
friends were in the throng , and they
vowed that they would neither eat nor
drink until they had found him.
"Hounds were brought into requisit
ion and all possible clews were followed
up. Thev had climbed the mountains
many miles north of Sierra City , and it
was far into the afternoon when one of
the searchers struck the trail of Berry's
snowshocs. They followed it down
the declivities as fast as possible ,
but in many places the newly
fallen snow had obscured it , and they
lost a good deal of time. The squads
separated , and closed in together at in
tervals. Finally a small party discov
ered it again after it had been lost for
nearly an hour. They followed it down
into a big canyon , \\'lioro , owing to the
exceedingly preeipitoifs descent. _ tlio
hunter must have descended like light
Must at nightfall they came upon a
For a Short Tim : I Will Offsr
In Terry Addition to Counclllllliilfs ou tlie fol-
. '
Insiilc Lots on Are. A..T * f . S iitlO . . . . . M * )
Instdo Lotion A ve. ( J . . , . * 'M
Inside Lots on First .Avo. . ' . . ! . . W"
Inside Lots on Sc'i-oiKl Ave . f > OI
Inside Lots on Thlnl A\e . M >
Insldo J.othim N. Sldo Konrtli Ave. . - , . 4.V )
Inside Joth nil S. Slile Fourth Ave. . . - . -HO
fc 'All Corner Lots ( VI More.
TERMS One-tenth rnMi. pavmonls , with h per rent In
terest. paj-alilc ftima.illy. Will give con-
trnt t for warranty deed and furnish ab
stract when fully paid.
w. MiK s.vroi : r ,
No. . , North .Main St. . Council .
UIIYANT & Cli.Utli'H
Telephone ! ' . . No. 9 Jlaln Street.
' ' . Lost , Found ,
To Loan , 1'or Sale. To Kent , AVnnta , HoardIng -
Ing , etc. , will bo liiHurU'd in this column at tint
low rate of TUN CUNTS PCIl I.INI ! for the ) Rrat
iinvrtlon and Kivo Cents I'er I.lnu for uarli t > ub-
aeciuent Insertion. Leave ndvertlBnineiits nt
ouroffleo. Nn. II'earl Street , noir Hroadway ,
C'ouncll IllnlTs Iowa.
HKNT 2 or n nicely furnlsiiod rooms for
eneepliiK. Oil I on or tidiness Dr. I' . W.
n , ll > i Hroadway , Council Walls , la.
HAlii : Or KvchnnBU A jrood Krnln ele
vator in nil low.i town , to hull or trade for
farm land. Jonnston A : Van 1'atten , Council
lllultH , la.
HKXT Seven-loom cotta e. on the cor
ner of : ! d avo. nml Htli st. W. ( . ' . .lames ,
HUNT A Inrfjo number of good dwell-
FOlt . Call nnd exnmlno list. H. H , Sheafo
A : Co. , Hroadwny nnd Mam St. , up stairs.
lanrc rroni rooms to rent furnished , 1
Foil from street car , Inquire at llco olllce ,
Council mulls.
HUNT Nicely furnished front room ecu-
FOU located. Address ( j X. llee olllce.
IBM Doimlou St. , Omaha , Not ) .
TIKIS. Orrirr.n. ' W. II. M. I'usiiv.
Corner Main and Hroadway ,
Dealers In forttlim unil domestic uxchanue.
Collections jnude mid Inteiest paid ou time do-
forkcil tree that had fallen In the
storm , and just within the fork was a
prosit hole In the no\v that Jintl been
tramped down , nt though a ilcspornlo
strtijfjjlo had occurred there , The snow
\va blooil-stniii"i1. nnd the deen tracks
of a man led out from it. A few feet
away wns one xnowslioo and tlio i > ole
which had been u-oil between the Icgs
to guide the long runiii > r .
"Two rods below was a sight frightful
to behold. Merry lay there stark and
J-tilT in death , his body fearfully torn
and the snow all about rod with blood.
' lie had eotne down the bij ( canyon
late in the afternoon , and as siiowwlfoc-
men do when belated or e.xlillerated by
tlio chance for a ll.vlnpr ride , had eomo
at lightning speed. He had not noticed
tlio widespread ing forks of the tree ,
covered as the extremities were with
snow , nor a great she-bear and her two
cub ; * which were secluded there. Ho
must have rushed right in among them.
"It is presumable that the bear
being thus surprised made at him. for
lie had shot and wounded her. This ,
however , only enraged the bear more ,
and she followed him up. Kerry lost
one of liis suowshoes , and then was
helpless ,
"Worse than this , in the confusion lie
lost his gun , and thus ho must htay and
outrage in a hand-to-hand oonllict' with
the bear. Herry , from the looks of his
body , must have been already wounded
In the left thigh and severely In the
"He drew his knife , tlie only weapon
ho had left , and fought nobly for his
life , backing down hill as fatt as ho
could meanwhile.
"Below the crotch of the tree , where
the body was found , the snow was again
fearfully torn , and Herry , weak from
loss of blood , had succumbed , and at the
last moment his face was bitten oil by
the bear.
"H was tlio most desperate eonlllet I
ever heard of , and strange to say , the
storv has never been told , yet all the
old hunters of Sierra remember this as
the most tragic battle with a wild ani
mal that ever occurred in that section.
You see , it was just the besriuning of
the solid part of the winter , and the old
bear and cubs had Bought this secluded
place to hibernate. Probably they had
been there for some days , and the old
ono was hungry and sullen at being dis
turbed , especially as she had the cubs.
"The track * of' the three led out in
the snow , and along the tracks of the
big one was a trail of blood , showing
that poor Herry had fought heroically
for his life , but the odds were too heavy
for him. Some of out * party followed
the trail of the bear until it was
lost in the deeper snow below. Whether
the old bear finally died from her
wounds , of coin-he we could not Uno.v.
"Herry 's gun was found near where
he had lirst run on to the bear , and thu
knife was still in his hand wlien bib
body wiih discovered.
"Henry Hint's is the king of the bear-
killers in Sierra comity. Ilines is an
old-timer from away back , lie gets more
bear and deer than any other hunter up
there. Ho is well equipped for the busi
ness , having plenty of good guns and
blooded hunting dogs.
All grades soft coal , O. 13. Fuel Co.
PEICE $13.
Is equal t )
any High
Machin : .
The Kdl on Mlmcoernpli. tlio lie t iippnrntui for
niiinltuMIni ; , iiutoicrnplila und t > | iu nntliu work.
iUD lopli-i cnn bo l
The Escelsior Ce. , Council Bluffs , la.
, , , , , , , ,
Telephone No. . " > .
mill Parlnr QP
Qpt !
OUL allli 1 dllul oul
Commencing Monday , Nov. 12th.
All purchasers of Dry Goods , Clothing and
n cut a' rurnl-ihliiK ( ioods amomitlnf ; to fl.O )
will receive a ticket entitling them to a chance
on either a line parlor or bedroom .set. Itemum-
lic-r , ( joods nri ) maiked lower than ever , and n
ticket KOCH with every dollr.r'swoith purchased.
Tlie beautiful prizes can I u * > ccri at the stoic ,
Will .sell for cash , moiit at the following prices :
mm , IUIK. : ; . tc I'OKTIiltllOUSIi. . 10c
OWN incur . . .to VOHK CHOI' . He
Hill ItOAKT. . . . . c HAMS. . . IU'C
viAi.ANi.Mrrro.vsTi\vs : ) : 4u
Vi\l. : AND Ml THIN UOAHTS . . hr
And all other Meats in the same
NO. tf'27 1HVAY. TKL. NO. 101.
A positive euro for Liver and Kidney tronb-
leu , all 1 flood Diseases , Imllms.Htioii , JJyhpup-
Bla , and Sour Stomach , IB found in
For sale by local drugRists and
everywhere. Price # 1 pur bottle , six for
Address all communications to
im. .1. it.
Council IJIulIVlii ,
Taxidermist and Naturalist.
Permanently located nt No. 14 North Oth St. , opposite Postofllce , on Motor
Line , Council H In tin , Iowa.
If you have Bpccimens don't wait for prices. Send them to him buforu they
spoil. If you dent want them after they are mounted , ho will pay you the
highest market price for them. Will make a bpccialty of heud ! and dre-stiing
of fury during the whitei- .
Let us Begin a Busy Week
Will Make It Comfortable For You , as
Well as for Your Pocket-Books.
We hnvc nothing else to think of or to do but to soil exit our entire
stock , amounting to over1
ns quick ns possible. In order to do this we hnve concluded to stnrl
right in now nnd give our customers n discount of 2O per "eon !
on every dollar's worth we sell. This tremendous cut will brinci
thpusnnds of people fi'om nil over the country to tnke ndvnntnne ol
this grent benefit sole. "
Remember we monn 2O per cent discount on evcrvthino wo soil.
including Domestics , Dress Goods , Clothing , Boots nnd . , , Clonks
and Suits. In fact everything In our house.
On the bottom of every bill you purchase you will have the ° " O
per cent discount deducted before you pny the bill.
Our prices have always been acknowledged to be much
cheaper than any other house in Council Bluffs or Omahannd when
you get your extra 2O per cent off see what a dollar will purchase In
our store , ns compared with other houses.
We don't pretend to mnke any profit on our snles from now on.
All we wnnt is to sell our stock down so low thnt It will enable us to
our entire attention TO THE NEW
pny BUILDING we nr- erect
ing on the old Pnciflc house site , which me monn to occupy in the
spring. We wnnt to open in our now locntion with an entire new
stock , and add several new departments to our lines.
Do you know just whnt we mean to do ?
You know that our stock is largel
You know that our goods are good nnd just whnt we rept e ent
You know o'ir reductionsnre honest !
You know the discount is Inrgel
We nre bound to sell our entire stock before moving into our new
building , nnd the stock is so Inrge it will take time to do it.
Whnt ts our loss is your gain.
Everybody is invited to call and Inspect our stock and learn our
prices. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
We will present a good Sleigh to every boy or girl , with Boy'a
Suits , Overcoats or Misses' nncl Children's Clonks. Also of n nice
Blnck Fur Muff with every Lndies' Clonk.
Wxpress charges prepaid on nil purchases mnde by Omaha or
outside customer's. Mail orders receive prompt attention.
NOS. 314,316,318 , , & 320 BROADWAY ,
See our Grand Display of Holiday Presents on
the Second Floor.
j [ Lot , Bryant & Clark , on Second avc.
j [ Lot , Bryant it Clark , on Third zivcl -
JQ [ Lots , Perry's 2d Add. , on Ave. C -
Q Lots , Benson's First , Ave K
Lot , Everett's Add. , Third avc. . .
2 Lots , Fleming tfc Davis , Ninth and Tenth aves
Call and See
Masonic Temple.
Especially Adapted foe
25 TO 300
POWER , Mills and Elevators ,
Specifications and ebtlmalcs furnished for complete strain plants , Itrgulntlon , Durability Onnr-
intced Ciui show letters from users where fuel Economy In equal with C'urlUii Non-t'oiideiisliii ; ,
E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Send for Catalogue. No. 610 l'cni-1 Strcot , Council
; urriv coi
'Jouvci : , ( Do Vol'sStoio , No. I OMAHA Carjiontcr Pap r Co. , No HI
iOI Mlddlo Uroiulway. Telephone ) No b7. | Douglas Struct. Telcnlione No , 2/V .