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Opening of the $1OOOO Damage
Suit of Lovl R. Smith.
New Cn cs Commenced In the Supreme
and District Courts Mnrhlo
Dealers In Convention
Xnw Xotiu ICH ,
I.ISCOLN ncnnxu or Ttir. OMAIU UEE , )
KWV 1' STHKKY , } -
Tolny , in tlio dUUIct court , .TudRO Clinp-
man tried tlio cause of Lev ! H. Smith ntfalnst
the city of Lincoln , the amount of ( Inmates
clnlmcil Iti the petition beliifj § 10OuO. The
matter stood over for some time , Innsmuch
RS Jttdgo Field had the case broiinht before
him when ujty attorney , and therefore did
not tlilnlc It propiir that hu should prctido nt
the trial. Throe nttonioyi nppeurcd on o.ich
slilo ; on the part of the phtliitifT , Messrs ,
Sctnck Jk l.aue and Mr. Hush , and on the
parlof the city , .Mr. Lnmbrrttoii , Mr. Wood
ward and Mr. Wlntinoro. The trial is likely
to bo protracted ; at the earliest , not closing
before Friday nl'ht. (
The plaintllT claims that on the 10th of
January , 1S37 , hu win passing alonir the west
sldo of Sixteenth HtiTet between Q and It
strcuts , There had been Homo Miovvfall , and
there was an opuunifin the lidmvnlk , whence
ho nlloKcs a pliuilc had bcr-n removed. At
that place tie slipped and fell , thu .small of
his buckiitrlkinK agaitiHt thu hard wood of
W the nlduwnllt. Tlio injury ho claims ho sus
tained was to tlm Hpluu : and It was so serious
tLat for months hu wax roiillnud to Ills house ,
and attended thi'ie , llrst by the late Dr. Ful
i ler , and afterwaids by Dr. Hart. Mis
allocation now Is that ho is permanently Uis-
ubled , and theruforu claims damages as com
pensation , to the amount before stated , plead
ing Unit the c-itj knew of the Uefect in the
walk , or that the defect was of so long stand
ing that the city Is presumed to have had
Itnowlcdco of it. The Uefeasc , which is not
reached at the time of writing appears to
bo this It is adtaittod that the city is
of the first class , and that Sixteenth
struct Is U'ilhln its limits , As to nil ether
in a tonal allegations , a complete denial Is
made. It Is denied that tlio sidewalk was
defective , and that the city had any knowl
edge of defect , or could bo presumed to have
knowledge. It in fin thur stated that the fall
occurred in the day time , when the plaiutiiT
by duo caio ought to have avoided it , and
that therefore the city could not bo charged
with any injury ho had sustained , Further ,
also , it Is claimed that the plaintiff has not
bouii injured to the extent ho allege * . Upon
the issues thus raised , the trial was proceed
ing when Tin : liui : representative left the
court room , and the promise was that the
legal light would bo a llorco one.
4. is cofiir ON i'irmoN. :
John T , . Farwull filed his petition in the
district court to day against Kuille Schultz
ot ill , sucking to foreclose a mortgage secur
ing two promissory notes aggregating $1,400.
The petition of lUchard Nuivoll NIcKeraon
vs. Uosu Jane Nickeraon was also Illed , and
the case promises to bo one of unusual inter
est. 1'liilntllT sots forth that on the Kith day
of February , l SS , ho and the dofciidant
wcro married in Hayes county , Nebraska ,
and that they lived together as husband and
wife three short , blissful weeks ; that his
wife then left him and returned
to her mother's homo in Lan
caster county ; that prior to this
the mother had comniuacod a habeas corpus
suit for the recovery of Hose Jane Ourluch ,
which was his wifo's maiden name , basing
her null on the claim that Uosu Jane wits not
of legal marriageable ago without parental
consent. The plaintiff , however , sots up
that she represented herself to bo over
eighteen years of ago before the marriage ,
but after leaving his homo stated that she
had deceived him , and would refuse to rccog-
nlzo the marriage contract after sbo had
reached the legal a > ; e. The plaintiff further
alleges that hu is a carpenter , contractor and
builder , and that ho cannot prosecute his
business while mutters are la this muddled
state. Ho frankly admits that thu girl may
bo right , and prays the court to declare the
marrmgu null and void and to restore to the
defendant her maiden name and grant such
[ f , oilier relief as justice may demand.
It strikes Tin : HIE : man that such another
petition has not been filed la the courts of
PJ the state for a whole month of Sundays.
Mrs. Niekorson ought to thank her husband
for shouldering the blame in this mesal
The marble and granite dealers of No-
braaku mot In convention at Lincoln to-day ,
at the call of Secretary Nelhart , of Ilrowu-
villo. There wcro twenty-five representa
tive dealers in attendance. The call recites
that the object of the meeting is to reach a
higher plane of general improvement , the
elevation of trade in all departments , the
formation of social and friendly intercourse ,
honorable dealing between its members and
the discussion of the host moans to free the
publlo of Irresponsible dealers. Tlio session
proved to bo very interesting , and most of
tlio representative dujlers of the state were
present. The discussions wcro lively and interesting
torosting and tended to a better understand-
fnu of the needs of the fraternity throughout
tffc stuto.
The CIIHO of James Emuions against Officers
Mitchell and I'uund was called for hc.iring
before Justice Snolllng to-day. IJut the
"Xroseoutor , or persecutor , was not ready for
* ! rial. Thu olncers wore. The plaintiff did
ot seem to euro to have thu trial ilxed so
Vhat the testimony of Attorney Stearns could
bo brought against him. There is some
thing lust a little fctrungo about this. The
dofoiulants , however , were tlrin and the casu
was riot for hearing next , Thursday , when ,
possibly , the action of the council committees
and the animus of the whole ulTair will bo
shown up in Its trim light. Thu ofllcers of
the law are bent on having u square deal and
this is right.
The following Nobniskans wore commis
sioned notaries publlo by Governor Thayer
to-day :
Harry M. Mar-quins , Heaver City , Furnas
county ; William A , Claghoni , Louisville ,
Cass county ; Luther McMahlll , Max , Dundy
county ; .1. D. Henry , HolUrogo , 1'holps
county ; John Thomas Fleming , Harvard ,
Clay county ; Ohio KIIOY , Sidney. Chuyenno
county ; Charles I ) . Francis , Nullgli , Antelope -
lope county ; S.unuel L. Christunsc , Cluul-
ron , Duwcs county.
ricon.iMTinx or iimviitn ,
The governor to-day issued n proclamation
of ruw.ird of J1UO for Iho arrest Albert Han-
oimtino , the murdororof lllr.uu Katun and
William Ashley , near Cozad , Custor county.
The prompt attention the governor gives to
this ( rightful murder , thu history of which
Is already given to the public , evidences that
ho proposes no .juartcr for thu cold-bloodod
murderer while ho occuplos the executive
chair ,
Mr. A K > . Churchill of Omaha was ad
mitted to practice.
( Jates v.s 1'arrutt , continued ; State ox rcl
Covey vs Ciislln , writ allowed.
Thu following causes were argued nndsub
milted ; Mcrrell vs Wcdgowood ; State ox
rol FraiiUlIn county vs Cole , on demurrer.
The cause ol the Stuto of Nebraska ex rcl
Fraakllu county vs John G. Koll.v. to make
the iiofrndnnt whack up fees , v.'ri.i Illed for
hearing before tlio supreme court to-day.
Sixty-live counties of Nebraska aru In with
nfllclal election niturns. Thu.ver'8 imijorlly
over McShanu will Jiuj ? 20,1X10 votes u\vful
bard. U will not miss it "an hundred" votes
olt tier way.
Hon. Charles Holmes of Tocumseb tarried
in Lincoln an hour to-dny on his return home
ward from a business visit to Omaha. Ho
about * long and loud over republican success ,
Hon. A. K , Couy of Howard county spent
Inst night In thecapltal city. Ho K after thu
spcakcrslilp of the next houiu of representa
tives with a vigilant nyo.
II. M. HURunoll , of the Call , will $ tart for
Ran Antonio , Tuxtis , Sunday , to attend the
national pro * * abstoci.itioii , ' 'liush" will Join
the excursionists from that place to Mexico
City , after which lie will return to tbo bpsom
of his family and further newspaper glory.
Governor Thayer loft to-day for Clilc.i&o ,
where he will meet his wife , who has spent
the suuimur in thu east. The governor and
Mrs. Touyer will return home on .Saturday
RTho clouiibiut , ' , nntlBojitlo and hoaliny
qualities of Dr. Bu o'e Caturrli Huuiuily
The KvMiinjr ( Schools in They A | ticnr
( Jndrr liAinpllulit.
Tlm bnnrj of odiifation must cvldcnHv ba
waihnir for the people to vote the $100,000
bonds to get uionoy to put the fences , gat. a
nnd grading around Center street school
in proper repair. Like Pompeii , the sur
roundings here are awfully out of repair.
The night school at Center street Is con
ducted by Miss La Hue. She was the first
to establish niKht schools In this district and
claims she lias met with considerable success.
She Is assisted by Miss Itoyca , who leaches
the higher grades , the seventh and eighth ,
Miss La Hue devoting her tlmo to tbo less
advanced pupils. Holh tin-so ladies tench
hero during the rtay. There arp thirty-eight
night pupils in this school , which began its
work on Monday night l.i-tt.
There are txvolvu under fourteen sr > f
nc'1 , liftmen from fourteen to oiuhtenn. and
clown from eighteen to two'it.oni' . and nv < r
The pupils nro rmplo.vcii during the da.ut
almost every kind ot business.
There are nmongpst the pupils several reg
Istercd as cigar inakeis , cirpentern , and
clerks , one bookkeeper , aged twenty-one , mi
eli-etriclan , aged twenty-one , a Jockey , n dis
tiller and a person of nu occupation , aged
twenty-four. There Is a bouse-wife and her
husband , ( Mohemian ) aged respectively ,
thlrty-thrcu nnd thirty-live.\cars.
The pupils m Miss Hoyco's room were
younger than in the other , only one being
over twenty-one years old.
The pupils wore Well dressed , clean nnd
apparently respectable. There was , how
ever , a talscliievlous twinkle in the eyes of
some as they spied Tin : Hii : : man. Miss
LnUuo aught night school hero last winter ,
and spoke highly of the benellcial results ot
thu school. Most of the pupils who attended
her class last yuar appeared promptly at the
opening night again this season.
"Here's another old follow going to
school , " said an urchin , who stood at the
door as the reporter entered the Castullur
street school.
"He wants to learn something , " remarked
another of thu crowd.
"Why don't you go to school , boys I"
queried the repoitur.
"They llred us , " said the first speaker ,
"cos1 wo goes to school days , "
The Castollur Street night school Is con
ducted b > Miss Smith and Miss Owens in
ono room , and by Miss Nagl In another.
Kiieh of these ladles teach bore during the
There are IS scholars under 14 years of
ago , 3J from 11 to IS years , IIS from 1H to ! 31
years , and 9 from Ul upwaids.
There nro 4 colored miplls attend
ing , 0 of whom nro married.
The attendants nro all employed during the
day , and comprise clerks , laborers , mechan
ics , tailors , cigar-makers and carpenters.
The appointnco in Miss Smith's room im
pressed ono very favorable , each student evi
dently buing in earnest under the carclul
guidance of their teachers.
Miss > Nazi's class was being dismissed as
the reporter entered thu room.
The LOIIK Scoool.
The night class at the Long school is com
posed of two grades. The llrst class is taught
by Miss Jennie L. Woodward. Thu total
number of her scholars is twenty-four , all of
whom arc white children. The average is
about sixteen years , none being over twenty-
one. Twenty of the scholars tire boys , most
of them bolng employed as clerks In the
Union Pacific headquarters , and some aru
stenographers and typo writers.
The second grade is under the instruction
of Miss M. K. Jordan , who speaks in the
highest terms of her class. Of the twenty
pupils eleven are colored. .Tho ages vary
creatly , running from fifteen to thirty years.
One member of the class , a gentleman , is
iort.v years old. Of the twenty pupils there
are twelve males and eight females. Nine of
the class are over twenty-one. Miss Jordan
stated that quite nn increase upon this num
ber was expected. Most of the imilos In this
class are bricklayers nnd the fumalos are en
gaged in doing housework.
The Hartinan.
Tlio night school at Hartinan is conducted
l > yMIss Emma Kearney , who teaches in the
same place during thu day. In this school
thcioworu 17 pupils under U years of ago ;
Jl from 1 1 to 18 years , and 0 from IS to 21 "
years and over. Among tbo total number
nro eight girls. Several hero could
neither read nor write , and consisted princl-
l > ally of Bohemians , Irish and Germans.
Miss Kearney had no assistant , but the
pupijs seemed to bu under perfect control ,
and discipline appeared to bu decidedly
good. They wore not so well dressed as at
the Center school , but nil appeared anxious
to learn and showed great respect for their
teacher. All of the pupils who attended
at night were employed during the day.
Karnitm School.
At the Farnam street night school wore
found thirty-nlno pupils under the instruc
tion of Miss Gazette. They averaged about
fourteen years la ago , the oUost being a
youth of nineteen. They were an intelligent
lot of young people , and many of them were
well advanced in their studios. There wore
but live girls among them. All of the pupils
have employment of some kind during the
day. A largo number of them are musscn-
gor boys , and others are learning trades or
are employed about stores. One or two are
of foreign birth , and are endeavoring to mas
ter thu difficulties of English.
Dr. JofToris1 remedy euros every case
ol diphtheria. No physician required.
The Lioat * of Broad.
The petition of bakers to the council on last
Tuesday night to amend the bread ordinance
so as to rcduco thu weight of a loaf of bread
from sixteen to twelve ounces , was signed by
the following firms : Joseph Garnoau cracker
company , Schwab & Co , , Fred M , Peterson ,
Henry Hucgcn , G. C. Kucnno , W. S. lialduff ,
Vodlca & Boyle , F. F. Mulligan , W. L. El-
sasscr , Otto Wagner , Z. H. Hoeder ,
Some of the bakers were seen yesterday
and asked why they had made the above
reViost. All of them gave about the same
answer , the basis of which was the deslra to
protect themselves.
Said one of thorn : "Thero Is nothing wrong
in our request , and the people will admit this
fact If they open their eyes to tuo facts.
Wo nro not anxious to redueo
the weight of our loaves because of a deslro
to make moru monev. That would bu acting
too sollishly. Wo know wo could not do it
But \vu must reduce to uiaicu oven ordinary
business pro lit s. Flour has raised. If the
raise were only SO cents , say , wo wouldn't
mind it on 100 pounds , but the price has actu
ally doubled. We don't use Nebraska Hour ,
because wo can't. Wo have to go to Mlnno-
Mit.i for it. To-day wo uru paylnir for our
bust Uwur lust think of it-SJ.23 per 100
pounds. This same Hour cost us some time
ago just SJ 'J" > , When wo paid the last prlco
we made only fnir prollts , Now that ttioprico
has been doubled , how do you expect wo can
continuu to sell without muklugacorrospoud-
ing raise I"
"When was the price of Hour raised ? "
"About two months ago. "
"What caused thu ralsol"
"Well , you'd ought to kno\v. It was the
corner on wheat whloh Hutuhinson in Clil-
nigo rnudi' , and wic | | | | demoralized not only
thu bakers , but thu grain dealers. "
"Why did you not raise your prices at the
tlnioot the rntso in grain and lluurl How
have you made bread these two months
without u murmur , when , according to your
allowing , you must have been losing money I"
"Well , I'll ' tell you whv that was , too. Our
mill men told us that there was going to bu u
ni'so In Hour , Wo took their word and bought
an unusually lurga stock of llour. That
has lasted us up to thu present. It
Is now nearly gouo. I know I
put all the money I Imd into flour , if I
hadn't I couldn't have kept up tlio past two
months , Some baiters bought more than me ,
while , I guess , ( larnoau purchased a great
deal moro than noverul of us. "
' How lout ; will this high price In llour
"I don't know. "
"How long will you folks ask to have your
loavoa weigh only twelve ounces | P
"Only until the price of ( tour drops to its
old liguro. "
' 'Havu you cvor known llour to rate ns
blub before I"
"Yes , once , nbout sixtcon years ago , Then
wo oil | loavp * byru ut 1C wlp 4 | > jcce. In
those day a a mua put us much bread as ho
Fail' white hands
Soft healthful skin
" PEARS'-- * Great Enilisfi Complexion
wanted in a lonf , and charged as much as
he wanted , too. "
"Do jou sell to consumers' "
"Not to very many. Nearly all of us
bakers sell to storekeepers , giving thorn
twenty-six loaves of sixteen ounces each for
$1. Some fellows , I hear , give twenty eight. "
"Why don't you raise the price Instead of
decreasing the wolpltU"
"That would bring pennies into circnla
lion. They demoralize business. People
would forgot them half the time , get credit
for a cent or two , forget nil au.iut them later
and thus cutall a loss upon the dealer. The
trade dou't ' want ponnics. If xve ralso the
price it would have to bo either to 0 or 7
cents per loaf. "
" 1 see by Tun Unp. that n baker's ilozon
Joseph Onrncau and twelve others -havo
asked the city council to reduce the weight
of the present pound loaf from sixteen to
twelve ounces. They give as the reason that
thu price of llour has gone up. I don't ' tlilnlc
the council will bo foolish enough to grant
thulr request , for it is n downright steal. If
Hour has advanced , let them advance the
price of their bread , the s.imo ns any ether
class of merchants would do If the cost of an
urticlo they were Belling had advanced. Puo-
pie will then know what they are paying for
bread , nnd will expect lower prices when
llour is lower. Hut If you reduce the weight
of the loaf , the citizens will bo in the dark
and have no redress , and will bu kept on pay
ing starvation prices lor light-weight loaves
when there Is no necessity for It. The cost
of making bread has not advanced ! )3Vff ) per
cent , and yet that is what these bakers pro
pose to ndit to the price , and want the coun
cil to sanction it. " of worthless imitations of Dr.
Jones' red clover tonio. The genuine
euros headtiche , pilus , dyspepsia , nyuo ,
malaria , and is a perfect tonic and blood
purifier. Price CO cunts. Goodman
Drucr company.
The KI Hies' Daughters.
The Kings' Daughters , an undenomina
tional . benevolent ladies' society , met Wodues
day afternoon at the residence of Mrs. W. G.
Sloane , and organized , by electing Mrs. W.
G. Sloane. president ; Mrs. Gcorgo Masson ,
vice-president ; Mrs. Hubert Maxwell , treas
urer , and Mrs. A. J. Caugbeysccrctnry. The
following chairmen of committees worn sip *
pointed : Missions , Mrs. J. D. Jones ; tem
perance , Mrs. A. .1. Cauphoy ; city evangoll-
zation , Mrs. George Massonand , charity.Mrs.
William G. Sloane.
Notes About the City.
T. P. Stephens , of Cudar Rapids. Nob.
Is in the city , visiting Z. Cuddington
Building inspector Joseph J. liuou has
issued two building permits to the 1C. S.
Newcomb lumber company for houses , ono
an ofllco and the other a warehouse ot the
yards west of Lawrence street , and ono to
James Carroll , Twenty-sixth and F streets.
Nellie , aged MX years , daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Hobert T. Maxwell is sick with scarla
A quorum of the city council failing to
meet last night , no session was held. The
next mooting will bo Monday evening.
Crime1) ami Criminals.
John Rnsmussen , who was arrested on the
charge of stealing a butchcr'B ' block , will
have Ids trial November Hi nt 2 p. m.
J. M. McGraw , who is serving a ten years'
sentence for burglary , is endeavoring' to raise
money to take an appeal of Ins casu.
Owners have been found for the two ele
gant fur caps taken from Charley Davis , the
negro thief who was sentenced recently for
stealing an overcoat at the Millard. The
caps wcro stolen at Minneapolis and have
been sent back to their owners.
A million people will buy
the Christmas number of the
Ladies' Home Journal and
Practical Housekeeper six
cents at the news-stands
when it is ready.
A million people will buy
the Thanksgiving number
six cents at the news-stands
when it is ready.
A million are buying the
November number , now ready
six cents at the news-stands.
By sending ten cents in
silver or stamps you get four
numbers by mail.
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K . . . . Mnrroll'a '
ll.jMitsth.John K.Hiiiriky. I'buruincr
.lutuDi frorsytli , 11. O Boll , IJr..l. J. Suvlllo , C M.fni.
ser , V. C'lmrullor. Malm's Pharmacy , yurnuy A Day'n
J.U. Kliiir.J. VV Clarke , J. II. Schmidt , Mar IIoulit.J
S.CbrlMcnson. U' . K. Lambcrion , H. H. Cor , Max
Conritrt , Krar.kf. . 1'ogtf. 11. ltn uiui'on , ( loo. lluoder
Boyd'a Pharmacy. 0.A. . Melcher , Howard Meyers ,
Frank Dellnno A. Co. . wholesale dealer * In C'Biirs ' unl
loft I.Ivor Ulttor.t
A Sure Cure
Wo will guarantee to cure any case of
20 TO 60 DAYS.
This is u disease which has heretofore
Batlled ( ill Medical Science.
WehnvDn Homoily , unknown to anyone In the
World outside of our Company.uml ouo that hm
to euro the moat obstinate cases. Ton days in
repent cases does the work. Itls thooldchionlc
deep st-fitoil cases tlmt wo Wo hnvo
cured lituiiliods who have been ubundoued by
1'liyalcluna. and pronounced Incurable , and we
clinllenRetlio World to lirlnu us a ease that wo
will not euro In less than sixty day * .
Silica the history of medicine a true spoclllo
for Syphilis has boon sought for , but never
found until onr
was dlscovoroil , and wo nro Justified 111 flaying
It Is the only Kemeilyln the World that w 111 j > oi-
itlyely cure , because tlm lutmt Moillcal Works ,
published by the best known authorltlt-H , suy
there was never iiti-uo Hpcclllu before. Our rem
edy will euro when ovorvthlnn else him failed.
AVliyantu your tlino nnd tnuuur with patent
medicines that nuver had virtue or doctor vUth
physicians tlmt cuirnot euro you , yon that have
trlod everything t'Kohhonld come to ns iiuwmid
Be.t permanent relief , you nex or runlet It eKe-
uhuru. Murk what wo s.iy. In the end you
must take our remedy or NKVIilt locovernnd
you that have been nlllloted but u Hlinrt UIIID
Hhoiild by all nic.un CIHIHI to ns now , not onu In oxer get peimanuntly i-inod.
Many KOI help niKl.tliiiiK they are free from thu
dlteuse , but In one , Uu > or three yitiim after U
appears again In a IUOKJ horrible form.
Tills is u Blood I'nrilloi' mid will Cui-o
any SUiu or Blood Dlsuabo whoa
n'rolbo Pails.
Itoum 10 and 1 ( , l | , S. Hank
lmilill % , Ujiuiliii , .Neb.
I'tibllc BUIO of Imported
diaft htullloiM and trot.
IliiKbtock lit Vork , Neb
Nov7 ! , IHhS. coiumell-
ctllKUt U liilu m ,
\Vuuill olh'i our entire
htockof linrscs , about
yj in iliiinbyi ; . 'I 1'or.
r cnorons. 1 C'lydi-si ale ,
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draft nnd ono trottlnu Ht.illlon The b.ilunco
tontUtHOf tvottlnghrcd niarcJ , filllos aiuldrlv-
Inu hordes.
lUHSIK Ouo yoais time , good bankable j.aper .
.oniilred. B pcr-cent discount for cnsh. BAI.l :
HA1N OH HlllNi : . Hend for catuloKiio. .
' . M. WOODS , Auctlourvr.
Adrvitlelnff has alwayn pioyon
euoccflsfiil , Jlcfoio plnclntrnny
Niiwapnpor Advertising consua
tt IB i Uu4 IU > BlrnU OHlnAOO.
unit all tirinary troubles caulh , fi
ly ndhufc lyfiiredUyl)0(71' ) ( IAuii. ( ( !
mile . Several cahcu cured In Mt > ven < lu , Sufi I
II.6U per box , all druioUlE ( , or by mull tram Do-
cm * Mfg , Co. \Vbftobt.N. . V. 1'ull Wrectloa *
FOAV poojili * have niiy itlt'a of thp iiingnitn.lo of the Im iiH1 \vo niv doinpj. It is n sight to see HIP throng
of huyow nhvnys in our store. The biggoat throng is on the second lloor , nnnng the overcoats. Though the
weather has been warm and other houses have sold but few overcoat-- have moved thousands of them al
ready. We had nn immense stock enough wo thought to last us tluough the seamen hut our tremendous
trade the past two weeks has thinned them out so much that we have to let u | > advertising them for a few
days , until we gel in fresh goods , for which we have telegraphed our buyer.
Our special sales are becoming famous throughout the city and stale , and in accordance Nvllh our promise to
give every week some new drives , we will this week have n BIG SUIT SAL1D. During the. next six days
we will prove most conclusively to the thousands who may cull on us , that , we faithfully keep our promises.
It is the always carrying out to the letter what we adver
tise , that has made The Nebraska Clothing1 Company famous
and our name a household word throughout this section.
The following extraordinary offerings are made for this week
Lot No. 1 , consists of about four hundred business Suits , all sacks , plain and fancy cheviots and cassitneres ,
STRICTLY ALL WOOL , with good serge lining and honestly made at $5.80. Make no mistake , this is not
a cheap suit. It is as good as yon will buy anywhere nt from ? 10 to $12. It may seem impossible for us to .
sell it at $5.jO , but we have promised something extraordinary and here it is. Don't take our word for it , but
como and sec for yourself.
Lot No. 2 , is a line of very fine black corkscrew suits , sacks and frocks , the regular price of which is ? 15 ,
and for which other houses would charge from $ 18 to ? 20. Will bo sold this week at $0.50 for the sack nnd
$0.75 for frock suits.
in lot 3 , wo offer the CLIMAX OF HAKGA1NS our great $10 suit. We have in this lob two styles of
cassimerc suits. , on which we stake our reputation , that they are honestly worth double the money. One is a
plain gray , the other a fine silk mixed cassimere. We will simply say that this line of $10 suits is destined to
become the greatest advertisement for us.
Lot JN"o. 4 , Is a line of elegant cutaway Frock Suits , made of fine fancy worsted , one
of the choicest suits ever offered ; tailor made .and beautiful fitting. These suits are
made for men who demand and can appreciate a superior character of worknanship.
They sell ordinarily for $25 ; wo offer them this week at § 18. This ia the most fearful
slaughter of Suits that wo ever got into in the very midst of our busiest season.
We are opening to-day and placing in stock some very handsome styles of Children's
Overcoats of beautiful designs and trimmings. The prices are in accordance with all
our goods extremely low.
Plain Figures and One Price.
Corner I4th and Douglas Streets , Omaha.
n 't r
: /C.0&ORR. I
The Burlington takes the lead.
fit was in advance of alt Imes in developing Nebraska.
It was in advance of all lines in establishing dining-car
service between Missouri river points and Chicago.
It was in advance of all lines in giving the people of
Omaha and the West a fast mail soryice ,
It was in advance of all lines in running its trains from
the East into Omaha proper.
It was in advance of all lines in reducing the time of
passenger trains between Omaha and Chicago.
It was in advance , and is the only line by which you can
feave Omaha in the morning and arrive in Denver tha
vening of the same day.
It has been progressive in the past.
It will lead in the future.
Travel and ship via the Burlington.
Ticket Office , 1223 Farnam Street. Telephone 250.
Depot on Tenth Street.
n * > i ? . Ji
Healfli is Wealth !
1)11. 15.0. WlIbT'S NKItVr. AND IllUJN Till : IT
IKNT , ugunninteeil jiclUc [ ) for Dy&torlu , Ittfti
\e \ ii. ConvnUlonii , Tin , Nrrvoin NouinlKla
leadaoiio Norvoux I'rontratlon , ciumedby tlm
I-B of alcohol or tobacco , NVukefnlni'ss. Mental
lepinsslon , Hufttiilni ; of Iho Itnilii , r .sullin in
n-.anliy , and Icnd.nB . to mHery , decay and
lentil , I'lematnro Olt ) .IKO. llnrri'illjoas , l.oas of
'o 'cr In either sex. Jnvoliintnry J.oiseu nnd
inetniutorha'ii ca\iio.l by ovor-uxerttyu pf.tho
nftln , self-obusnor over Indulvcnco. llaih box
pntaim 0 9 yjoutira troaUntnt. , W iv box.or
iU' oximori ) w , wnt by mall prepaid on re-
olpt of price.
Po euro uny case Wltli each onlor rucoiveil by
mfor fclx boxen , ac'ompatiietl Mllli l'iW. no
Ullsend the purchaser our Mrlttwii Kiuranteu
o refund the money If ti ! i treutnient does not
llectactiio , Uuurant ed | > sut > a only by C ,
lOohMAN. Dfiiwlbt , bolo AUeut , 1110'
Itteet , UmuliH Neb ,
Real Estate ,
2i8SJ5th St.Omaha.
ru. . . . . . . . . ' 0. It. 6TAUU , 161U Howard fit. , Omaha , has drawn plans and
HnunilCUl HpociileiUIon3furn9-rooinfrftmoliou ( ! . which comlilr -
Mlllty.roinfort.fcuiiiowy and a v ay liupogsllil * In any good
house that co tM from II.OuO to JI.-WJ As nioru tbau 10U z Z . . , . , , ,
will bo built o , I cun afford to orjor a copy for Original mid xplendlfl
Kfi. the usuul f ocB otlierwlhe being froiJi sss:5 * ( ] eal us fliruldind , as can be judged
percent more. ll .sSS251' ! ! ( leiorptlons ) j im\e In my ofnco , ranglun la rest
' - ff from W.ttw to HOO.WX ) , Mr unusual nxpurlc-oco will gtiarautctaatlffactloo
uud rcllulple contractor * cnly arc eoaiail ( ; ; on my work * . Faults wlslJaa to build
_ ar corillally lavlUd. it