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Christ Anderson mid Dora Thompsoi
wore mudo one nt the oflleo ol Jiistlci
O'Connull ,
Thin morning Police Officer Savngi
received n , highly complimentary Icttoi
from Messrs. Edholm & Akin , enclosing
ing a check for $2. > for the clover cnj >
turo of the rill-round crook and ex-con
vict , NnBli who was nrrcstod for steal
Ing a buffalo robe.
Frnnk CJraU.v , of the Kntms City Time * ,
And formerly of Omnha , U visiting friend ;
In thli city.
J. IX Fodtcr , nn old-tlmo Omtihan , form
hrl.v book-keeper for Milton Kogcrs , Is spend
liiK u few days In the city ,
At the Arcade : James Slander , Lonls
vlllo ; J. .J. Truman , Gunoa : Mrs. KV ,
Unto , WoepInK Water ? Wlltlnm R Walton
Qcnuvu ; David Harbor , Huncroft.
At the Cottons Joseph Hoffermvorth ,
Muskppon , Wli , ; J. C. Uurnctt ami wife ,
Hcd Oak , In. ; G. I ) . Lowe. Denver , Colo. ; Ji
11. Flnncrson , Evnnston'yo. .
Messrs. Stnndcven und Perkins , of the
the board of examining eiiRlnccrs , nccom-
panled by Mr Ott Icnvo to-day for Pitts
win ? , Pa. , to attend the national convention
of boiler inspectors which meet * in Unit uitj
on the i.'Oih In si.
The following members of the Louie
lords' company nro registered lit the Cot'
rcns : Mrs. Louie Lord , Miss hydln Cord ,
Miss Myni Lcaw , Harry HIclmnK E.V ,
Allen , John Lueker , Hurry E. Stanley ami
Mrj. . J , Carter , the mutineer of the com'
( iimy.
At the Merchants . W. Thoinns , Topcka ;
P. J. Ocromo. Syrniuiso , N. Y. ; C. J. V\\l \
Inn , Dnston ; SnmuolT. Woolf mul U. Mc
Lean , Chicago ; M. N. lltn-d , Onlesbiirp. 111. ;
V. C. Franbuy. Sterling , Neb. ; J. J.
ICnowlcs und wife , UurlltiL'ton , In. ; J. W ,
Greene mul wife , Panama , 111.
At the Mlllnrd T. Ualmer , Fred U Kcny
nnd J. L. Caldwcll , Chicago ; Ir , T. H. Shur-
wood nnd wife , Lincoln ; F. J. Dor mi , De
troit ; S.J. Henderson , ! ! . E. Flnuphcr , F.
W. UnuKhcfuiid J. P. Mnllory , Now York ;
Mrs. Ynrnnll , MuskuunnVU. . ; Mrs. I ) . J.
Craigle , son and cluuuhtor , Fort Yutcs , Dale.
At the Murray H. J. Flaujihter. J. U" .
Stccln , G. T Hnrdcnstlo , F. 1C. Coolcc. J.
Colcman nnd U. C. Merrill. Noxv York ; W.
C. Hndmau and wife. C. 1C. Miller , Charles
F. Kinzio and W. A. Pinkerton. Chicago ; P.
H. Skipwith , St. Louis ; J. H. Mulligan ,
Itochcstcr , N. Y. ; J. C. Abbott , Muscu-
tlnc , In.
At the Paxton I. W. Lout. Boston ; J. M.
Smith , S. A. Scribner and C. McCann , Chicago
cage ; F. L. Wnkclluld and F. A. Hill , Sioux
City ; J. W. Cmno , Ohio ; J. F. Scales anil
wife , Lonhvillu. K.V. ; O. H. Kuinoy and
wife , Oho.vcnno , Wyo. ; Isaac JcnnlngH. Salt
Lake City ; W. II. Adams and H. L. Ward ,
Philiulcliihm ; H. U. Hatch , St. Louis.
Abandoned Ilu.sltaiul niul Children.
Joseph Anderson is a carpenter and re
sides on Twonty-llfth Lcavonworth
Btrcct. Ho is now wifeless aud his children
motherless , Mrs. Anderson , u few days airo ,
having abandoned all and lied to Sweden.
Two of the children nro attending school ;
the others need a mother's e.ire.
Dear Ijlquor Selling.
The case of Charles ICutnncr and his part
ner , G. A. Gustus , charged with Belling
whisky on election day In their saloon on
South Rittecntn street , catno up before
Judge Uorka yesterday afternoon. After
hearing the testimony , the Judges intituled n
HncnfSHK ) . An a ) > pual to the district court
was taken.
fllurrny anil Murphy.
Scats for the engagement of Murray anil
Murphy , at BoyiVs opera house , Thursday ,
Friday and Saturday evenings of this week ,
Went on Halo yesterday. "Our Irish Vis
itors" has been here aud
never played , people
ple will naturally have a desire to see the
best Irish comedy of recent times played by
by the kings of Irish comedy.
Standard shorthand school. 1C07J Fur-
Taken Suddenly 111.
Monday at mid-day , Captain Thomas Cor-
mick , of the police department , was taken
suddenly 111 and ho was at once conveyed to
his apartments on Fourteenth and Daven
port streets. A physician was summoned
aid ) pronounced his afllietion intermittent
foyer. Since taking his bed Captain Cor-
mick baa gradually grown moro under the
influence of the fever , and at last reports he
was considered a very sick man.
A Deceived Briton.
An Englishman holding n ticket to San
Francisco arrived In Omaha on yesterday's
Wabasb train too late for the Union Pacific.
He wished to go to the Union Pacific t o'cot
ofllcc to reserve a berth , ana told a cab
driver where to go. The driver took him to
the Webster street depot , charged him $1
nnd hurried away. A choice selection or two
of scripture from his highness followed
when ho learned where ho had been taken.
TlicHtrcetcar was rich anil honest enough
for him on his return trip.
Sinnll-Pu.v Prevention.
There was a meeting of the members of
the board of he.ilth yesterday afternoon in
the mayor's oflleo. Dr. Ralph announced
that the patient suffering from small-pox wius
rapidly rccpvurlnv , the case not being of a
virlucnt typo. The doctor also informed the
board that he had communicated with the
board of education on the matter of preven
tion of the dlsonso , and the latter had us-
nuriul him that they would USQ every precau
tion to prevent the contagion spreading
among the children of the city.
Dr. .Tofforis' remedy euros every case
of diphtheria , tfo physician required.
Crimea nnd Criminals.
John Pouipsoy , the villainous looking
thief who nttemnlcd to go through the
pockets of George Sailer nmlanothor of the
same name while they wore asleep in a
Tenth street saloonwas tried yesterday and
bc.ntenced to forty days in the county Jail ,
eight on bread and water.
Putar Nash arraigned for stealing
n handsome lap robe from the barn of N. J.
Kdholm , Twontv-lifth and Chicago streets.
The robe was found in bis possession , MIo
pleaded guilty and was given thirty days In
the county Jail.
n Cowboy.
A cowboy named C } . G , Lao'.toy , who was
on his way from Colorado to Southerland ,
la. , stopped a few hours In Omaha and got
somewhat intoxicated. While in this condi
tion two crooks coutldencod him out of his
entire roll of monuy. After getting this
they nuked him what tliro itviis and when
ho took his watch out they snatched It and
* ran away. As he had no money to stay and
help the ofllcors find the robbers , ho soul his
line buffalo overcoat to n hackinan for $5 ,
which was Just about snfllclont to take him
lo hla destination , and left on the next train
greatly disgusted with himself.
IVolTu'H Nebraska Gnzotrnr.
One of the handiest and most valuable
books over compiled in relation lo the stuto
of Nebraska Is the SUite Gazeteor and Busi
ness Directory Just Issued by J. M. Wolfe &
Co , , of this city , H is a volume of 101 'J pages ,
but so arranged that any facts desired can
be obtained without a moment's trouble.
The In formation embraced in the work in
cludes u general description of the , its
productions , neil , climate , natural ml-
vantugcs , rainfall , railroad facilities , educa
tional institutions , muncH of state , county
and city olllcials , nn alphabetical llbt of
towns with their population , pea to dices ,
newspapers , churches , and u complete class- !
llod directory of all business houses in the
state , For business men the work is Invalu
able. and in a newspaper ofilco it proves it
self to be n boon of ready reference In regard
to htuto ufTuIre , tlmt can hardly bo dispensed
' Full Mnt.y M Gem
ol purest ray borono the dark uu-
fnttiomod cav < * of ocoun hear. " hut not
tlmt glistens more brightly than tcoth
beau tilled and niado healthy with SO-
JSODONT , that tlmo honored donor of
comfort aud attractiveness of the dental
Special Announcement.
The entire stock of lndics'TnisScs' am
childrou' clonksBiiitsntidfursformeil ;
owned by
will ho offered at retail Thursday morn <
ing nt
214 South 15th st.
This stock comprhoj the choicest stool
in this city. Wo have no old or shop
worn goods to offer.
The stock is marked in plain fipurci
and at such low prices as to insure iti
speedy sale. Ladies desiring first class
poods and positive bargains should take
immediate advantage of this extraordi
nary opportunity.
The llcmnlns of the Imtc Colonel
Ocorjco Hurled by Frlcndf.
The remains of Colonel E. 11. George were
Interred in the Masonic section of Forest
IIlli cemetery yesterday aftsrnoon. The
funeral expenses were borne by the benevol
ent acquaintances of the deceased.
The ji.ill bearers were Andy Moynlhan ,
Henry Parish , K. McHenryand J. Handel.
Immediately after the receipt of n tele
gram from the family of the late Colonel
Lleorge in St Paul , refusing to provide for
the despositlon of the remains , Mr. Hnndcr
started n .subscription , and with the proceeds
the interment has been made. His funeral
Induced a gentleman In speak us follows :
"When 1 llrst know Colonel George he was
starting with Lucius Fall-child , the ex-gov
ernor of Wisconsin , for the west. This was
during the V > S craze. He and Falrchild were
In partnership in the hotel business , but na
soon as the excitement cooled ho and the
Colonel returned to Madison , Wls. , where ho
again launched into the hotel business , being
the proprietor of the United States hotel In
that city. After a time the Colonel
failed in this enterprise and
from Madison bo wont to Chicago and there
started the Hevcru house , which also came to
grief , under his supervision. Next , the
colonel went to St. Paul nnd started a hotel
with a man named Dutcher. Things went
smoothly for a while and Colonel George
married Datohers daughter. As Dutcher
supplied most of the money in the business
nnd George the brains , the marriage was
considered by many a capital move. Dutcher
being n sport , \vas fond of horse racing , etc. ,
and Mrs. George being extravagant , the
hotel business succumbed to neglect. This
led to divorce proceedings on part of Mrs.
George , who was hacked up In the struggle
against her husband by her mother.
It was reported that Mrs. George herself
never wanted a divorce. The Colonel did
not contest the legal proceedings , and the re
sult was that Mrs. Gcorgu came out the win
ner , taking unto herself nil property that had
heretofore belonged to both. The Colonel
then left his family and came to Omaha.
Mrs. George , It is claimed , is very well off ,
and her two sons nro tilling good nnd lucra
tive positions In St. Paul. "
Pears1 soap is the most clcgunt toilet
It Should Require u Residence of Two
Yenrs In Nebr.inUii.
"When I was a member of the senate , some
years ago , " said a prominent lawyer , "thero
was a bill Introduced , making divorce in
this state Impossible Bave after u residence
here of at least two years. The bill went
through without opposition. When it got to
the house , It was killed by somj lawyers
they wora't lawyers who were afraid they
might lose a fee of $ . ' 5 , for securing a di
" \Vohavothopoorc3t divorce law in the
country. As it now stands , people may come
to this state for a day , return at the end of
six months and obtain a divorce on the ground
that they lurvo been.six month's a resident of
"I know of cases where traveling men , be
coming dissatisfied with married life , have
rented a room here , put in it a trunk and
some "Id goods and went on * and attended to
other business in other parts of the country.
At the end of six months they returned ,
claimed they had resided hero during that
time and secured a divorce.
"People rtiavc been sent hero by Chicago
lawyers because divorces may bo obtained
here more readily. I know even of cases
where parties have como hero from England
solely to bo divorced.
"Tho period of residence ought to bo ex
tended to two years , especially with tran
sients. In the case of those who are known
to the residents of this place , of course , the
strictness need not bo applied. In construing
this law. even as it stands now , the judges do
not do all that they might do in the premises.
They should ascertain whether these people
who seek divorce and reside hero only six
months , are really bona lido residents of the
place , instead of ucing as they generally arc ,
adventurers who establish themselves hero
but temporarily in order to bo freed from
their martial obligations. "
Ilorflfortl'H Acid 1'hosphntc
Relieves Mental anil Physical Kxlmus-
As James Walsh was passing down Thir
teenth street to bis homo at 620 South Four
teenth street shortly before 11 o'clock Tues
day night , ho was soi/ed by a couple of high-
wnyincn , who struck him over the bead nnd
face a number of tunes with a sandbag , gag
ged him and robbed him of his money nnd a
watch. The robbers fled. Ho describes ono
of them as a tall , smooth-faced fellow who
wore a cup , and the other as being short and
thick-sot , having a sandy mustache , and
wearing brown clothes and a soft hat. Mr.
Walsh carries n badly disfigured face as a re
sult of the assault.
Shortly afterwards n couple of follows
answering the description were arrested by
Oulcer Cullcn. They give the names of Uiliy
Young uud Ed McAndrows.
' It is by copying after nature that
man gets best results. Dr. Jones' red
clover tonic is nature's own remedy , is
purely vegetable , can bo taken by the
most dolicato. Cures all stoiimoh , kid
ney and liver troubles. Goodman Drug
company. 60 cents.
The regular monthly meeting of the Pro
duce Commission Kxchungo WHS held Tues
day night. The Exchange is now a permanent
organization and the outcome of system of
weekly settlements decided upon some
months ago. The members report delinquent
customers to the secretary at the end of each
week , and the names are furnished to all
members of the ICxchunge who thereafter
refuse thorn credit until their names are re
moved from the black list. Onu or two
members of the ICxchango were detected in
selling to customers thus black listed , and
after being duly notified to discontinue the
practice , were expelled. Thellrms interested
arc Messrs. liates ft Co , , anil Mountain
Thn President' * * Message-
The inaugural address of the Great
Rock Island Route , the Chicago , Kan
sas it Nebraska Ruilway , is to announce
that on Nov. 18 , solid vestibule trains
will bo run between Chicago und Den
ver , Colorado Springs and Pueblo with
out change , making close connection at
the above points with all trains for Salt
Lake , Los Angeles , Sail Francisco ,
Portland , Oregon , and all points west ;
and at Kansas City and St. Joseph cast-
ward for Chicago , St. Louis and
all points east , north and south.
These royal trains , consisting
of Pullman sleeping cars , restful
reclining chair cars and magnificently
furnished day coaches were built ex-
probsly for this service by the Pullman
company , and are without question the
handsomest over turned out by that
famous establishment. The reclining
chair spoken of arc free to all
holders of Jlrat-cluss tickets , nnd n
corteoutj attendant Trjll he found with
every car to attend to the \mnt-s of our
introns. Ask your nearest tickotnffcut
tor a ticket vhf the great Rock Island
route , or write toJOIIK
Gen. TluKot and Pass Agent ,
Topeku , Kaa , ,
. OaiTfesTyle's
u- * _ _ - _ _ _ --fip
Peddlers anil some unscrupulous grocers are
offering imitations which they claim lo be Pcarlinc.
or "the same as Pe.irline. " IT'S FALSE they
are not , and besides arc dangerous. PEAR LINE is neer peddled , but sold
by all good grocers. Manufittured only by JAMES PVLK , New York.
A Memento Gotten Up by Some
The day on which the Council liluffs nnd
Omaha bridge was opened , a Jolly crowd of
pioneers occupied one of .llm Stcphcnson's
old Concord coaches , one of the two surviv
ors of u species of vehicles which the advent
of the railroads has rendered almost extinct.
The outfit attracted a great deal of attention
The gentlemen composing the party felt
there was something in the affair more than
an ordinary ride. They felt that it was the
moans of bringing together , nnd under pe
culiarly appropriate circumstances , n party
who bad been early in the development of
the country , and who had witnessed the de
velopment , especially in the matter of trans
portation , from the rude stage on which they
rode , to the palatial cars which now roll Into
the very crevices of the mountains them
selves. They agreed to perpetuate the event ,
and'accordlngly on the following day drove
to Hanscom p.irlr , where with a slight swell
in the ground , and tall and almost bare trees
standing against the glory of the declining
sun , the party caught in ad
mirable style by the camera.
Six horses stand motionless attached
to the vehicle , at the head of the wheelers
being Jim Stephenson himself. Hesulo tlm
driver sits Colonel Hooker , with his broad
felt hat. Behind him on the roof sits .John
A. Creighton , with his gray hair , grayer
beard nnd tall silk hat ; next to him sits M ,
C. Keith and Captain Marsh ; S. S. Stevens ,
of the Chicago , Hock Island & Pacific peers
from out ono of the windows , Harry Heuol ,
of the Union Pacific from a second , and Mat
Glair , also of the Chicago , Uock Island &
Pacific , from the third. On the ground in the
vicinity of the coach are E. Huntoon , of the
United States. Express company ; W. J. Max
well , U. E. Palmer , Plemon Drake , of the
Nebraska Telephone company ami Dan Shull.
A relief driver titands in the rear. The pic
ture is a magnificent one , and a souvenir
which all the subjects greatly admire. Look
ing at it yesterday in the window of the Chicago
cage , Hock Island & Pacific onlcc , Charley
Hrown exclaimed , "It's nil riuht but they
can't photograph the yell the driver gave
when he was approaching u town in those
days. " _
There are many things to be grate
ful for , if wo would but think to , and
among these arc the introduction of Van
Duzor's Flavoring Extracts somewhat
less than a third of a century ago. If
there is a cook in America , professional
or otherwise , who has not tested and is
not ready to avouch the excellence of
these well known preparations , she or
ho is wofully behind the ago. No chem
ical or other impurity contaminates
them. They are simply delicious.
Licenses to Wed.
The following marriage licenses were is
sued by Judge Shields yesterday :
Name and Residence Ago
Oscar Carlson , Omaha 21
Charlotte Jucobson , OmabiVA Ui
Daniel Schester , South Omaha 2t
Annie Stchan , South Omaha 11
Edward D. Hyan , Omaha 33
Jennie M. Colby , Chicago , 111 25
J. K. Hrandt , Omaha 20
Minnie L. Monks , Omaha 21
I like my wife to use Pozzoni's Com
plexion Powder because it improves her
looks and is as fragrant as vio'lets.
Mr. George D. Duncan , superintendent oi
plumbing , has sworn out a warrant for the
arrest of Wood & Andrews , plumbers , who ,
Mr. Duncan asserts , have been putting in
putty joints in sewer pipe instead of lead as
required by law.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity
Btmmtli and wholesomenesb. .Moro econom
ical than the ordinary kinds , und cannot busoM
In competition with the multitude of low cost ,
short weight alum or phosphate powders. Hold
only in cans. Kovnl Ilaklnt ; 1'owder Co. , I'M
Wall street. New Yorlc.
She Tried and Knows *
A. lending chemist of New York
snys : " No plasters ofsuuh merit us
thu.\tli-Io-pno-ros 1'Jantcrb Imveever
lieforo been produced , " They are
n novelty because they arc not made
Biiuply to sell cheap , they nru the
best that science , skill and money
can produce , nnd will do what is
claimed for them , l-'or sprains ,
nches , weakness , lameness , clu. .
they are unrqualcd.
4W Full n Ht. . Hanuutkr.O. . Nov.II. 87. '
Tlio Atliloi'lionm 1'laetrr actixl Ilka
piilflr. It IH thu I'r.i I e\ee trltil and I
! ia\o nwil many kiniK Our ilnnrtdnt
talil "planirrxuniaUalioiit Uiopamo" liut
I ilcni'l tliiuk no now. I i-iirnhiiil inj- ana
nml ( lumlilrr In July , nnd it lion Ixen
fulnful ulucf , but It t\cx' \ not nnlu moat
oil now. JUaiix.
Kt" Send C cents for the lvnutifnl ; colored pic
ture , " MoorUli italdtn. "
Way ufforj hodlly protection "In jronr
nilnit , " lint iomcllilnv more itibitun-
tlnl will bonorcxarj qulto > eon , n >
winter U rapldlapproaching. . .In
/ELVET / liililltlon to henry clothing , thono who
nro prudvnt will provldo a Bupply of
llt.NHUN's 1' In iiritlclpallim of
COiiBlu. Colrti , ChcH I'alne , Jlheunm-
Hum , hclntlcu uuil oilier allmvuts
DOLLAR Mlilch uro uru lo prcivull iturlna inn
Kull inontbi. Tlili plniior li wall
known at a unUonuly rcllnblo rttmrilr'
In lucli troulk' i U ultfftYi ruailr fur
DN YOUR Ifilnn-rllMc npnllratlon nnd Its cllcct
In prompt ami pcrmniicnt. A tbcru
aie mnn ) ipurloiii twliatloni In tlio
innrkct , ion-fill l > ; jyt > r > rrlll alwayt
n k for MINHOS'S iiud reiaronll oilier
jiurvui plaslers.
rpTHciiil two cent Ump to B a-
Imrjr &JobBNJii , n i'lutt htri-ct , N. Y. .
for a copy of l.NKTiil-iTioxsr ritox
DUSTER TUB UOCYOlt , U T lU tl ilOU > CllVl4
Ew gfag gp ?
N. W. Cor. 13th & DodRO Sts.
Appliances for Deformities and Trussos.
licet fnellltlea , niipnratui anil remedies for mcceiv
fnl treatment ot over ? form of disease lequlrlnn
Mull nil or bnrglcal Treatment.
Honnl nnd nttGndimcoi best lioniiltal HccomiiKxln-
tloniln the wo-t.
WIUTK run l.'nicULAiison DoTorniltlo * uu 1 tlracci ,
Trn ei , Club Ki-et. Curvntuio of Iho eplnc , I'llcs.
Tumor * . Unocer. Cutnrrh , Hronc-hltli , luhitlntlon.
Klectrlcltr , I'nmlrii * , Kplli'i | r. Klrtuejr. Hlndilcr ,
li.e , K r , h'kla nncl Uloixl.nn 1 all Surulcil Operation ]
Diseases of Women a Specialty.
All lllool Dlteniet uccciofully trcntod. Sjrplillltle
Poison rcmoTwl from tbe uritetu without mercury.
Niiir rcitomtlre truitmeut forlo" of Vllnl Power.
' 1'ersuni unublo to vllt in nmy liu treated at homobr
corrptiionilenco. All commu.ilcntloin confidential.
Wcalclny1 * nr Instrument * ncnt t > y mall or oxprei > * .
tocurely jmrkcd , uo mirk * to In Unite content * or
BeiiJcr. One parsonnl lutorvlutr prcforrd.l. Call nnd
consult m or send tilitorr ol your rose , nd no will
Mnd In plain wrapper , car
Upon I'riintc , Special tor Ncrvoun IHaoum * . Irnpo-
tency. Syphilis , UleetaUil Vurnocole , with qUL-itfon
UL Ailttrcts
Omaha Medical and S Institute , or
Or. 13th and Dodge -fits. . - - OMAHA. NED.
Oiiro-i Ciia-ilix , Cold-i , Asthma , llron
ohltia , Julill \Vnsiinii Diseases
nnd Sciul'ulAin Iltininro.
To THE CoNsiuii'TiVB Lot those who languish un-
ucrthe fatul t-eveiity ul ourcllnintutlirmiKh any l > l-
iiioiiiiry complaint , orcton tlu > i'i > nho lire In decided
Consumption , ijy I1O infimcl j-p ilr. There 1 a imfu
nml mire remedy lit hiinil. un 1 one cn liy trie.I. "M II-
bor's Compound of Cod-Liver Oil and Mine , " without
iwtis" the very nau < > : itlnu llavor of the ( HI us
ioimerly uned.ln endowed by In I'hoyphHloiif Llmo
wlOi a huullni : property which renders tlm O.I doubly
Dicactou * . Itcmnrkable tcatlmnntala nf ItsePiCHcy
nn bu nliowii. Nild by A. 11. Wll.uoit , Chcmlxt , IJos-
on , and all UruMKlBts.
If you could see nil tbu tine thliijis wo
have In Overcoats ; If you knew how ch an
really Unit clncH coat Is beln sold , nnu
If you were positive the workmanship In
onr itarmcntg wiis l > eyon < l criticism. It
would bo 110 trouble to secure your patron-
nfio. Hut you do not Know this. \ \ hy not
give us a clmnce to prove it ? x
Preserve Your Health
n. c. IIAI.Lco.'s I-EKKO.
( iAUMKNT.SiSMiitn'Hl'at.larrorcl
to persons suiccptlble tocolcl tlio
bent protection ugalnst l'NiiJ :
all I.UNO DISEASES. Itocoin-
niemlod for l.adlns und gentle
men by the Medical Kiicul ty
Bend for illustrated circular.
86 Leonard S' . , New York City
( Successors to John a , JacolH. )
Undertakers and Embalmers
At the old stand. 1107 rnrnam St. Orders by
telegraph solicited and promptly attended.
Telephone to No , .
. . ,
Ouo of the Most Successful
In the Treatment of all Chronic or the
So-called Incurable Diseases ,
A cure Biiarnnteeil In all cases of I'lUVATK
111(1 BKIN D1BKAKKM. All dlHordcrx OC the
Under tlio Doctor's form of treatment no dls-
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OffJcoBushman Bloc * , 16th and
Douglas Sta. Omaha ,
Few people hare nny iden of the magnitude o the business vro nro doing. It is n sight to sco the throng
of buyers always in our store. The biggest throng is on the second floor , among the overcoat. Though the
weather has been warm and other houses have sold but few overcoats , wo have moved thousands of them al
ready. "We had an immense stock enough we thought to last us thiough the season but our tremendous
trade the past two weeks has thinned them out so much that wo have to let up advertising them for u few
days , until we get in fresh goods , for which we have telegraphed our buyer.
Our special sales are becoming famous throughout the city and slate , and in accordance with our promise to
give every week some new drives , we will this week have n DIG SUIT SALE. During the next six daya
we will prove most conclusively to the thousands who may call on us , that we faithfully keep our promises.
It is the always carrying out to the letter what .we adver
tise , that has made The Nebraska Clothing Company famous
and our name a household word throughout this section.
The following extraordinary oflbrings are made for this week
Lot No. 1 , consists of about four hundred Business Suits , all sacks , plain and fancy cheviots and cassimorcsr ,
STRICTLY ALL WOOL , with good serge lining and honestly made at $3.50. Make no mistake , this is neb
a cheap suit. It is as good as you will buy anywhere at from $10 lo $12. It may seem impossible for us to
sell it at $5.50 , but we have promised something extraordinary and here it is. Don't take our word for it , but
come and see for yourself.
Lot No. 2 , is a line of very fine black corkscrew suits , sacks and frocks ) the regular price of which is § 15 ,
and for which other houses would charge from $18 lo ? 20. Will bo sold this week at § 9.50 for the suck and
$9.75 for frock suits. .
In lot 3 , we otter the CLIMAX OF BARGAINS our great $10 suit. Wo have in this lot two styles of
c.T-simere suits. , on which we stake our reputation , that they arc honestly worth double the money. One is a
plain gray , the other a fine silk mixed cassimere. We will simply say that this line of S10 suits is destined to
become the greatest advertisement for us.
Lot No. 4 , Is a line of elegant cutaway Frock iVuits , made of fine fancy worsted , one
of the choicest suits ever offered ; tailor made and beautiful fitting. Those suits are
made for men who demand and can appreciate a superior character \vorknanship. .
They sell ordinarily for $25 ; we offer them this week at § 13. This is the most fearful
slaughter of Suits that we ever got into in the very midst of our busiest season.
We are opening to-day and placing in stock some very handsome styles of Children's
Overcoats of beautiful designs and trimmings. The prices are in accordance with all
our goods extremely low.
Plain Figures and One Price.
Corner I4th and Douglas Streets , Omaha.
Burlingfon Burliifon
v Route
The Burlington takes the lead.
It was In advance of all lines In developing Nebraska ,
It was in advance of all lines in establishing dining-car
service between Missouri river points and Chicago.
It was in advance of all lines in giving the people of
Omaha and the West a fast mail service.
It was in advance of all lines in running its trains from
the East into Omaha proper.
It was in advance of all lines in reducing the time of
passenger trains between Omaha and Chicago.
It was in advance , and is the only line by which you can
( eave Omaha in the morning and arrive in Denver th
evening of the same day.
it has been progressive in the past.
It will lead in the future.
Travel and ship via the Burlington.
Ticket Office , 1223 Farnam Street. Telephone 250.
Depot on Tenth Street.
Burlington Burliqgfon
I'aid Up Capital $100,000
Surplus 50,000
II. W. VATIS , President ,
LmmH. , Vice 1'resldcnt.
A. K. TOIV.AI.IN , "ml Vlco 1'resldcnt.
W. JI. H. HuoiiKH , CiiHhler.
lUnklng Offlco
Corner I-tli and FuinamHts.
A Gfin-riil llanklnn HuslnussTruusactui ) .
1 nifi O hMClren nnlvtr
. Cor.ilD , lial lallifactlon In the
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' feel safe lo recommend-
llir U to all luffereri.
jTiiiCUclalCa. , i.J. bTO.NUB.M.D. ,
L ClUOlODI Docotur , III.
Real Estate ,
IDPUITCPTO. I * BTAUH. J6P ; iow rd Bt. , Omaha , has drawn plans and
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house .hat cost * from 1 , : 0 to M.IWJ. As moro than 1 > W . . . . . , , „ * > *
will babnllt . I can altord to offers copy for _ OrlelnttlMKlBplcnoiq
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= ; : : od Work * . Parties wishing to tulld
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_ _ we cordially tnvlttd. -