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Tlio veteran dromon moot nl Chief
Galllgnn's olllco tliib evening ui 8 p , in.
Lnura Davis was iit-rcslo'l yesterday
afternoon for nssanlting Martha Mnr-
tin. Both are colored.
Secretary Nnttlngor of the board of
trtido loft for Chlcnt'o last night. lie
wilt represent the eity at the mooting
of the convention of boards of trade.
Three districts have been paved with
asphalt this year , comprising eight
blocks , making 14OOU snuaro yards ;
nine districts with pranito. making
0,000 f-rjuarc yards ; twenty-two dls-
tricta with Colorado fcandstono , making
109,000 square yards ; seventeen districts
with cypress blocks , making fcO.OOO
square yards ; twenty-eight districts
with cedar block , making i0,000 : ! tquaro
yards. _
Mrs. Charles A. Dewey left Mon dny for
the cast via the Milwaukee.
General J. C. McHrlde , of Lincoln , tnctn-
ber-clcct of the legislature , is In the city.
At the Windsor : Darwin Collins , Ne
braska City. 13. II. Trull , Lyndon ; Mrs. W.
II. Hasmond , Chicago.
Mrs. George M. Cooper and daughter hnvo
returned front the east , and nro nt homo at
fell South Thirty-third street.
ReV. Mr. Copeland loft on the Union Pa
cific for Spokiino Monday night and will be
three days and four nights on the road.
Mrs. Guy llarton nnd daughter , Mrs ,
Henry Kawllns , loft yesterday over the Chicago
cage , Milwaukee & St. Paul for Now York.
At the Arcade ; .lames Slantcr , Louisville ;
J. A , Hamsey. Geneva ; Dr. A. C. Sabln , 13c-
ntrlco ; J. A. llcrgcr nnd wife , Long Pine ;
G , W. Cook , the shoo merchant , has Just
returned from n very successful business
trip over Washington Territory , Oregon and
At the Merchants Walter Crane , Chicago ;
D , N. Owen , Hcd Oak , la. ; L. D. Ualloy ,
Ord , Neb. ; T. F. Cusack , St. Louis ; Thomas
II. wultnot , Philadelphia , Pa. ; John Wale ,
Nebraska City ; C. W. Heyiiolds , Sioux Citv.
At the Murray T. R Coppagc , O. W.
Mitchell and wife , Harry Lolls , C. H. Kcm-
ick , P. U. Whltchead , I. W. Lowe , C. J.
Itrachdush , nnd C. McCorinick , Chicago ;
AM. . Cran. William M. Titus , H. W. Still-
Wpll nnd Thomas II. D.ivius , New York :
Krnost. ,1 , Hies , Hoston , Mass. ; George N.
Merriam , MinncaK ) > lls.
Ati'thoMlilard-L. Herm , W. P. Hlggins ,
R. Subar , G. AV. Pope , of Chicago ; S. M.
Highlands , Pillsburg ; K. Campbell , Port
land , Ore , ; J. Heed , Kansas City ; A.Gruvcs ,
and S. Cars. New York ; Lee Herd , wife
nnd child , Now York ; N. A. Hloom , Detroit ;
A. C. Lnucr and K , G. Kraws , Now York.
At the Paxton A. Miller , II. I ) . Slovens ,
W. 1 ? . Uabcock , W. H. Atw.itcr , New York ;
G. W. Echcnburg , Albert Jtich , A. L. En
sign , A. O. Ingelsbeo , Chicago ; C. F.
Hrceso , Syracuse ; A. II. Sawyer , St. Louis ;
L. Noot nnd wife , Urooklyn , N. Y. ; Allen
Danforth , Plymouth , Mass.N. ; S. Hnrwood ,
Lincoln ; D. S. Lake , Shcnandoab , Iowa.
Depraved Voting Ones.
Tommy Hobinson , the ten year-old boy at
the Cass school who was arrested for the
critjje of sodomy , has been released on § 1,000
bonds. Alf. Gavin , the colored boy , is still
in .tho city Jail , and will probably bo sent to
the reform school. Superintendent James
1mA instructed the principal of the Cass
flcnool to forbid either of the boys to enter
the school again.
< \ liijj Suspect.
Will Stuart had Ins trial before .ludgo
K'crlm ycsturday on tlio charge of stealing a
laprobe , but there being a lack of evidence
against him ho was discharged. Stuart is
nail ) to bo the same follow who was sus
pected a couple of years ago of stealing
$12,000 In notes and n $300 gold watch. At
that time ho fled the city , but returned a few
weeks ago. The police will watch him hero-
after. ; _
Says He Insulted Hor.
A rather attractive appearing young
woman bearing tlio name of Mrs. Tony
IloHH , was arrested yesterday b.v Ofllcer
Savage on the charge of being drunk. A
few minutes after her arrest she was seen
by a reporter and was then crying as if her
heart wcro broken. She showed no signs of
Intoxication , and claimed that the arrest
was made by tlio ofllcer because she refused
to yield to his indecent proposals.
Hurled by Strangers.
Drcxcl & Maul , at whoso place the remains
of Colonel George rest , received o telegram
from the lattcr's relatives in St. Paul , Minn. ,
Jn which they declined to either attend to the
Jnirlal.or contribute to the necessary expen-
d'ea thereof. This afternoon n contribution
phpcr was started for the purpose of defray
ing the expenses , and In a short time benev
olent .liundH turned in (40. The refusal of
too colonel's family to interest themselves in
his obsequies is strongly censured , the more
BO because he has grown sons who are In
good circumstances.
With n I'nirof
, n..N. Glrlick , who has been in the employ
of the Great Western Giuno and Poultry -at
4l7 Sqiith Thirteenth street for two weeks
| > ast , was sent to the Murray to collect a bill
p $33 Monday. After getting the money
lie Secured a horse and buggy from the livery
Btable belonging to Hoinan & Terry , and
tllbu skipped the town. About the same
time n well-dressed and gentlemanly appcar-
Ibg fellow giving the name of Charles Wat-
Hin.8 , wont to Withrow's ' livery barn on liar
ncyj nnd secured a horse and buggy and also
sUllipcd. It Is thought the two hnvo gone to
gether. The horse hired by Watklns is a red
Barrel mare with a small star in the face.
Tlio vehicle attached was an end spring
biipK.v with the stamp of Easton & Clark ou
the hind nxlo.
Gcrinnii Athlctca ,
TiiO itnnual meeting of the Missouri Valley
Turnbczlrk came to a close Monday In St.
Job , Mo. , and E. Q. Grubo , who represented
the turners of this city In the gathering , ro-
tUrnud Monday night. Alfred Meier , of Atclii-
SOU , nhd Mr , Qrubo , of this city , wore elected
president and vice president respectively.
There vvoro five societies represented by
twenty delegates , the former being ICansus
Gjty , St. Joe , Atchison nnd Pluttsmouth ,
The bylaws of tlio association were revised
in Botno minor particulars. It was decided to
liojd no bczlrlt turn feat next year , as 1ms
ton customary , bccauso of the bundcs-
turif ? < 'Ht which will bo held at the time In Cin
cinnati. In this there will bo representatives
of nil the loading turn societies in the
country , Omaha's voroln will bo repre-
Rciitcd with Its bust class , the iminca of
which have already been published in Tin :
It tit. Spmo of the classes will attend the
fast .which Is to bo held In Munich , mid
which IB to partake of mi international clmr-
niiter. The headquarters of the Missouri
valjoy ttirnbozlrk was located with the
Kansas City social turuverein for the next
two years.
Hall Notes.
. . -A telegram from Chicago announces that
the Union Parlllc and Central 1'acltlo roll-
rptda hnvo decided to run a special vestibule
train weekly from Council Bluffs to San
Francisco. It Is to have nil modern Im
provements , including dining oars , steam ;
aimtlng and electric lights nnd will leave tlio 1
Muff * every Wednesday. At headquarters
tnb olMclals Know nothing about it , but < u
ARfilsthnt General I'assqnper Agent Lo'nax
i 4 Cthlcago , there may bo some truth in a
the. wnort. '
Jjngincor William D.iy , who was strlclten
\vHh small pox , Is convalescent. Ho resides
at.WW Twenty-Jifth street.
guporintemJont Ucssequle.of the Nebraska
dlvlaloii Union J'aclllc. was at his desk yes-
tcttlay , t ftnd < K > ntitlio dny looking over
thb.yiirds and becomliiB acijualntcd.
. ) J , Campbell , iroiifirnl freight ugont of the
UrcKJii Itallwuy .t Navigation f-uinpany.
oUd W , AV. Klndlay , general frolght agisut of , '
th'J I'antiuihllc , wcro at Union I'.iclllc headquarters -
quarters yr sterd y. >
'tvQ itgtectives from the Nebraska rtetect-
ivba , soclatlon have been J'JtailS'i for cerv-1 (
leu on the Union 1'aclria.
Tvyo fih curd of tUeUnlieil States comuils- >
'clon passed thrtuigh Omaha jcaU.rday.
, * Jh'0 overland twin came la from thu west
W two tcctiouo jrckVcrdtiy , 'Tiiut from
Denver Was on time , but the section from
Ogdcn did not. reach Omaha until noon ,
Union Pacific train No , 3 went West yes-
tcrdav nfty minutes Inlc. It was delayed
by the Uurllngton. No. 4 from the west , is
forty minutes late.
The Durlmcton arrived nn hour and five
minutes lalo from the east yesterday.
The following station nponts hnvo been
appointed b.V the Union Pnclllo : Miss M , K.
Wilson at Magnolia vice O. W. Eaknian , re-
llcvcd ; W. A , HootPtlncrnt Stockdalo vice
J. C. Case , resigned , nnd E. It. Cheney at
Blue Uapids vice It , C. Uonnoy , relieved.
A live and one-half pound potato adorns
the desk of P , A. Wnrrack , Union Pacific
headquarters. It Is a specimen of what they
rnlso in Greely county , Colorado.
The contracts for the now Union Pacific
rolling slock have nil been lot and are only
awaiting the necessary continuation fiom the
Totals nt
The onirial totals of the vote In Douglas
county for state ofllccrs , and also county
ofllcers , ns completed yesterday , nro ns fol
lows :
W. .1. Council , rep 10,508
, ) . Sterling Morton , dein 10 , ( 7
E. P. Graham , prohib -I it I
J , \V. Kdgertoti , labor 107
John M. Tlmycr 8,503
John A. MuShnno -,49 1
George K. Hlgclow 41
David Hutler !
George D. Mciklejohn ' . 0,01
Krnnk Folda 10,0r
John Dale 45
H. W. Potter 5
sEciiut.vur or STATI : .
Gilbert L. Laws 9,90
Patrick A. Illncs 10W
John K. Hopper -If.
I. Ilcuthorn o.
John K. Hill 0,09.
James M , Patterson 10,90
James H. Stewart 43
D. C. Nash 0 :
Thomas H. Uenton 10.0K
W. A. Poynter. 10,837
John F. Helm 4IS
II. S. Alley 153
William Loose 7SS2
W. II. Mungcr 1U.1I7
John Harm ! 421
N. F. Knox
John Stccn 11,078
P. H. Jusscn 10,000
Arlcmus Hoberts 430
W. F.Wright 03
Georiro It. Laws : 10,031
Marion Thrasher lO.
HoratlnL. Hilton 43o
Mrs. M. F. Wood / 00
ST.VTI : HVN.iroits.
I. S. Hascall 7.701
John H. Erck 0,00(5 (
E. P. Savage ! > ,70 ; ;
John T. Paulson ll.OJS
W. A. P.xxton 1US , !
W. Il.IJiuns 11,7.1
Prohibition vote 454
Daniel Condon 10,073
William Mulhnll 10X1'J (
U. S. Hcrlin 10ol : ) (
Cliristian Specht 10,401
George O'Urion 10,4011
P. J. Williams 9'JOO
Morris Morrison 0,783
Henry Estabrook 10.287
Elias Gilmore 0,087
U. C. Gushing 11,071
S. 1J. Feinio 10,51)4 )
W. A. Gardner 10,852
John H. Hungato 11,143
John McMillan 10,1124
Frank K. Morrist-y 10,1534
William Neve 10,003
Kaspar Podolok 10,4(55 (
Adam Snyder 10,935
J. P. Koo ( prohib. ) 405
G. E. Thompson 4(5(5 ( (
Average prohibition vote 451
W. F. Gurley 0,023
T. J. Mahoney 11,090
Wr A. Andert.on < prohlb. ) , . . . , 440
Gustav Andreon 10,278
Ulchard O'KcelTo 10,833
When the totalt , were completed the books
were turned over to the canvassing board in
order that each member might , attach hissig-
nature. Messrs. Kocho nnd Dennis unhesi
tatingly appended their cognomens , but
Major Furay refused to sign the returns un
less he was allowed to make an indcnturo
concerning the alleged irregularity In the
First ward. County Clerk Kocho stated that
such an Indenture -was uncalled for , as no ir
regularity existed.
Judge-of-Elcction Pickard , who Furay
claimed had not qualifiedCounty Clerk Kocho
maintained had qualified ; nnd , in consequence
quence , the mere absence of his name at the
base of the return sheet , was of no import
Furny held differently , but the returns
being signed and certified to by a
majority of the board the result was
declared formal , the mayor refusing to sign.
Ills opposition was based on the fact that
the printed formula on the returns required
him to certify , among other things , that the
showing was a faithful abstract , by the re
turning board , of the votes found upon the
returns in the poll books , The major said ho
could sign to nothing of the kind , but con
sented to do so with the following provision :
In signing the above , I concur in all ex
cept In thecasa of the second district of the
First ward whore no return at all was made
in the poll book.
This condition was not allowed , hcnco the
names of Dennis and Koach only as above
stated were appended to the showing ,
The Brick Manufacturers Introduc
ing Coatly Apparatus.
"Drlck will bo dearer next year than they
nro now,1' said one of the brick manufactur
ers yesterday.
"Why ! "
"Uccauso of the late strike. Wo did not
sell all wo expected. The strlko Interfered
with our business , nnd a number of the
loading brickmakors introduced machinery
into their yards. This cost a great deal of
money , and was to bo paid oil In Install
ments. To help do this wo Imvo sold 11 great
deal of our bricks this fall nt low prices.
Hut wo can not sell all our stuff. A number
of brick will therefore bo carried over till
next spring. This amount will probably
reach up to 0,000,000. or rather that amount
will bo carried over by four or five of the
principal llrms , namely IJuiley & Olson ,
Withncll Hros. , Itner , K. E. anil A. Llvei. % .
Thcso bricks will have to satisfy all building
demands until the 10th of May. We can't
burn brick before that time. '
"How much machinery has been put Into
the brickyards ! "
"Oh , n great deal. I know of two yards ,
especially. In ono of these , $22,000 and
In thn other $12.0JO have been expended , "
"Aro the yards In operation now. "
"No. They were closed up on the 1st of
October. "
"How many men did their closing throw
out of employment I"
"Counting In everybody I think It can't bo
far from UW > 0 men.
"What nro brick selling at now I"
"Seven dollars and $7,25. "
"What will they cost , next spring ! "
"At least JS.25. I'd bell mine now at $7. "
"Do you expect a lively season , next
year ? , '
"Yes , we look for great activity in our
business ii strikes do not interfere with It ,
and they will not at least in the matter
of making brick , bee.iuso of the machinery
have told you about.
Through the influence of Agent Patterson
branch Western Union telegraph oHico will
bb established on the enst snip Just as soon
us n suitable ofilco can bo secured.
MissMatfglaO'Hritn ' has returned from
Council Hluifs. /
A building ponnlt has been Issued to J. H.
Hammond for a house on Twenty-eighth
street , Coiner aud Archer's addition.
James Householder lus gone to Hastings ,
la. , to engage In tiio stool : shppinx : buslncii.
Morton Wilkcr , an I'lnjilovo attho Armour
'c Cutlahv ( lacking hnusc , while carrying a
largo butcher's knifu yesfrday forenoon ,
lpp9d | auU full , cutting the iadex linger of
ho left hnud off.
J , 1C , , of Grcnolle , la. , Is veiling his
ld frlemJ L'ican ; Curpeuter ,
Statt.lard Jhortkiud school. ,1007 } ifyr-
Senator Mandcr.son Says It la to be
Senator Mandorson was able to bo around
yesterday nnd attend to business , having Inn
measure recovered from tha effects of his
recent efforts during the campaign ,
Ho leaves on Sunday next for St. Louis ,
where ho will attend the meeting of the
senate committee ? on cattle complication ,
Which was appointed before the rooont ad
journment. This committee consists of Son >
ntors George Vest of Missouri , P. B , Plumb
of Kansas , Shelby M. Cullom of Illinois ,
Richard Coke of Texas , nnd Senator Man-
dorson. The committee will Inquire Into the
wholesaling and retailing of meat and cattle ,
the existence of combinations among
caltlo dealers , the object of
which Is to lower the price
to producers nnd raise It to consumers ; also
to ascertain when beef Is cheaper on the
hoof , It Is dearer In the butcher shop ; they
will also inriUo imnitrlcs Into the dressed
beef business , to ascertain whether certain
localities have privileges over others In the
samoMno , Tlio committee will take testi
mony in St. Louis , commencing Tuesday
next. They will afterwards go to Kansas
City , later coming to Omaha , nnd if time al
low go to Chicago before the assembling oT
The subject Is a most liitorcstlng ono , and
a number of our stock dealers anil consumers
are awaiting the investigation with a great
deal of interest.
Yon can silpnress your cougli and
quickly subdue the irritation of your
lunps and air passages , with iv few dosca
of Ur. J.H. MuLeiin'a Tar Wino Lung
iJalin. L'o cents a bottlo.
Wanted Immediately , nt Pioneer
' . .ivory Stables-Hit , and 415 S. 13th St. , i !
cars of horses. Ilotmiu & Terry.
Killed by the Cars.
Wcnzcl Grossman , ngcd twenty-four nnd
unmarried , a Holicminn , employed nt Swift's
packing house , South Omaha , was run over
by switch cngitio 1159 and Instantly killed
yesterday morning a few yards nortn
of Q street. Ho boarded at the
European hotel nnd was'on his
wny to work when the accident oc
curred. How it happened no ono can tell ns
the engineer first saw him when ho was be
neath the wheels. The coroner's jury re
turned a verdict exonerating Iho company
nnd its employes. Ho had no friends In
Omaha , but has a brother in Iowa who has
been duly notlflnd.
I like my wife to use Pozzoni's Com
plexion Powder because it improves her
looks and is as fragrant us violets.
AVIierc Is Sirs. Toucher ?
Chief Scavy received a telegram from the
chief of police of Cincinnati , O. , informing
him that ono August Tencher had suicided
there nnd requesting the chief to look up
Mrs. Anna Tencher , who is in Omaha. Efforts -
forts to lind the lady up to the present time
have failed.
A Cold AVavc Coming.
The temperature will fall 15 to 25
degrees by S o'clock Thursday morning.
A dispatch oo that effect was received from
General Greely by the local signal ofilce
nst night.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity
strength and wholcsomeness. Moro econom
ical than tlio oidlnary kinds , and caunot bo sold
In competition with the multitude of low cost ,
nhort weight alum ov phosphate powders , Sold
only in cans. Hoyal linking Powder Co. . 130
Wull street. Now York.
It yon could see all the line things wo
have InOvcrcoats ; If you know how cheap
u really llrst class coat Is being sold , and
if you were positive the workmanship In
our Karmi'litrt was beyond criticism. It
would uu no trouble to Hociiro your natron-
Hut you do not Know this , why not
give us a chance to piovo it ?
Max llejer-Established IBSG-Adolph Meyer
Max Meyer
& Bro. ,
General Afjfiitn for
and JAS , W , STARR
Slcry & Clark and Shoninger-Bell Orgaus
* (
' r
September , "October ,
Thanksgiving .indlQiristmas
numbers of Ladies' ' Home
Journal and Practi&L House
keeper , third of tf jfcar , ten
cents ; at the news-stands - , six
cents a number , which is so
cheap that they who don't buy
it are slow to believe how
good it is.
The million makes it cheap.
We have printed nearly a mill
ion this month , expect to print
a full million next and the next.
What then ? Do you know
how many a million is. Count
a thousand a thousand times.
Send it in silver or stamps ,
N. W. Cor. 13th & Dodge Sts.
Appliances for Deformities and Trnssss.
Best fncllltlos , apparatus and romedUt for mccris-
{ nl treatment ol every form or dlsemo requiring
Uedloil or Surgical Treatment.
Hoard slid ttcndnnce belt
; hospital accommoda
tions In the west.
WHITE pen CiiioOT'Ana on Deformities mod Draces ,
Trurtca , Club Foot. Curvature of the Spine. I'llcB ,
Tumors , Cancer. Catarrh , Bronchitis , Inhalation ,
Blectrlcitr. Panilriii , Kpllepir. Kidney. Uladdor ,
Kyo , ICar.Skln anil t all Surgical Operations
Diseases of Women n Specialty.
All Illool nisen ei lucccssfullr treoted. Hynbllltla
Potion removed from tbe sjjtcm without mercury.
New rosioratlTo treatment for toss t vital 1'owor.
1'ursons nnublo to vlult us nmy lie treated at homa br
oorroipondcnoe. All communieatldns confidential.
Medicines or Instruments unit by mall or express ,
securely racked , no murki to.lhdlefcto contents or
endcr. One personal Inturrlcir ircttrrod. Call ami
consult tn or send history of roar cage , and wo will
eand In plain wrapper , our , .
Open Private , Special or NerrousJDIseixses , Impo-
tonojr , Sjpullis , Gleet and Varlcocelo , wltu question
Ll. Address
Omalui Medical and Surotccj ? Institute , or
I > K. McMENAMY , v-
C r. 13th and Dodge SU. . " OMAHA. fcEB.
Your leff Liver
A Proprietary Meclkjaw that neeito but * trial
to provu its worth.
Or , Callender's ' left liver Bitters ,
Tne onlr Distilled Bitters In the United
BUtca. The onlr Bittern recognized tor the
United States Internal revenue laws as A Pro
prietary Medicine. Lawfully Patented. No. of
Patent 14-9.573 , Contains no fusil oils , no
essential oils , no foreign substance or daman-
in * drum. A perfectly pure medicine , compounded -
pounded from Pure Root Herbs and Old Peach ;
piea < ant to the taste , quiet and decisive in 1U
effect. Cures Dyspepsia or Yellow Jaundice in
flTedays. Regulates tha Dowels. Invlcoratea
InactlTB LiTer , Cures Diseased LlTor , Hevire *
Ui Kidney * . Improves the Appetite Quickly.
BeipaUtoa the vrnolesyitem. New Life to tn
ol-ofi llver Hitters lire sold In Omaha. Neb , by tha
lloffinir nruuxntii ! Itlclinrdson DriiR Co , Special
H.CIirhlenson.V. . K. I.mmbcrvjii , H. H. Cor , Max
Conrad , Krar.kV. \ . faitfe , 11. lln mm'on.Oeo. Uoeilor
JloriVn Phnrmncr , C. A. Mclchrr , Howard Wojeri ,
> 'rank Dcllnne A Co. , wtiolc ale dealers In Clviira and
J.ellMvcr Bittern
Tansilf's funch Cigars
were BhtWHuJ during the pait
two lears , trthout a lrnra.
iner In ou omjlov. No other
houeo lnthu ; Mnrhl can triita *
iullyiaakesachfi Blionrlnc.
Ono aauut ( iloaltr oulyl
wanted ta.caci toirn.
! R.W.TANSILL&CO..asmatoS-l.Clileaan.
Dr , J. E. McCrew ,
One of tlio Most Successful
In the Treatment of all Chronic or the
So-called Incurable Diseases ,
A euro uuaranteed in all cases of PIIIVATH
mid KKtN Dlfil'Mtms. All disorder * or thu
imdKNliltliV IlKhTOIIKI ) .
Under thu .Doctor'u form of treatment no illn-
ran ) IN conxldcred Incurable , until the jmrtw of
the body nffu-ted uy dlaeahu nru destroyed
ruutticthun they can be rupitlred or built up ,
Treatment by corrsunondeuce , tjeoil etuinji
Cor reply.
Office Bushman Bloo * , 16th and
DoimlntSts. . C nmha , tivtit
Few people hnvo nuy idea of the magnitude of the business we are doing. It is a sight to see the throng
of buyers always in our btorc. The biggest throng is on the second llpor , among the overcoats. Though the
weather has been \rarm and other houses have sold but few overcoats , we have moved thousands of them nl-
rendy. "We had an immense stock enough we thought to Insb ns through the season but our tremendous
trade the past two weeks has thinned them out so much that wo have to let up advertising them for n fe
days , until we get in fresh goods , for which \vc have telegraphed our buyer.
Our special sales are becoming famous throughout the city ami state , and in accordance with our promise to
give every week some new drives , we will this week have a BIG SUIT SALE. During the next six days
wo will prove most conclusively to the thousands who may call on 113 , that we faithfully keep our promises.
It is the always carrying out to the letter what we adver
tise , that has made The Nebraska Clothing' Company famous
and our name a household word throughout this section.
The following extraordinary one-rings are made for this week
Lot No. 1 , consists of about four hundred Business Suits , all sacks , plain and fancy cheviots and cassimercs ,
STRICTLY ALL WOOL , with good serge lining and honestly made at $5.50. Make no mistake , this is not
a cheap suit. It is ns good as you will buy anywhere at from $10 to $12. It may seem impossible for us to
sell it at $5.50 , but wo have promised something extraordinary and here it is. Don't take our word for it , but
come and sec for yourself.
Lot No. 2 , is a line of very fine black corkscrew suits , sacks and frocks , the regular price o'f which is $15 ,
and for which other houses would charge from $18 to $20. Will be sold this week at $9.50 for the sack and
$9.75 for frock suits.
In lot 3 , we ofler the CLIMAX OF BARGAINS our great $10 suit. We have in this lot two styles of-
cassimere suits. , on which we stake our reputation , that they arc honestly worth double the money. One is n
plain gray , the other n fine silk mixed cassimere. We will simply say that this line of 310 suits is destined to '
become the greatest advertisement for ns.
Lot No. 4 , Is a line of elegant cutaway Frock Suits , made of fine fancy worsted , one
of the choicest suits ever offered ; tailor made and beautiful fitting. These suits are
made for men who demand and can appreciate a superior character of worknansliip.
They sell ordinarily for $25 ; we offer them this week at § 13. This ia the moat fearful
slaughter of Suits that we ever got into in the very midst of our busiest season.
We are opening to-day and placing in stock some very handsome styles of Children's
Overcoats of beautiful designs and trimmings. The prices are in accordance with all
our goods extremely low.
Plain Figures and One Price.
Nebraska Clothing
Corner I4th and Douglas Streets , Omaha.
Burlington Burlington
Route , * Route
.The Burlington takes the lead.
It was in advance of all lines in developing Nebraska.
It was in advance of all lines in establishing dining-car
service between Missouri river points and Chicago.
It was in advance of all lines in giving the people of
Omaha and the West a fast mail service.
It was in advance of all lines in running its trains from
the East into Omaha proper.
It was in advance of all lines in reducing the time of
passenger trains between Omaha and Chicago.
It was in advance , and is the only line by which you can
feave Omaha in the morning and arrive in Denver th
vening of the same day.
It has been progressive in the past.
It will lead in the future.
Travel and ship via the Burlington.
Ticket Office , 1223 Farnam Stroet. Telephone 250.
Depot on Tenth Street.
' Route ,
c B & QR'R.
Policies Incontestable and Non-forfeltable After Three Ycurs ,
Aecnclt'8 In all the liirjjcr dtlus of the Unite -States nrul ( ierimiii.r.uijilra.
DECEMBER 31ST. 1862.
Assets . , $260.885 43 | Surplus . $2O7,158O7
- DECEMBER. 3IST. | 887.
Assets . $ ,073,24737" I Surplus . $1830.63062
Amount of Insurance In force . . . . . . . . o-S , 000,000
Annual Income , . , $ y. <
'Jliu < ! eriiiatilaposbcs8f8IIO.IUof ailtnlttiila for overv { U/V'J nt llubllitlos.aljettiir
limn tluit of any of tUo other three lurtjest i.lfo I JwaraiiceCoinjanlen of tlio l'nlteii.Statf ' ; .0
Idi s ! ! ( ) ( ] anil i07 !
Ernst Benninghoven , Manager , First Naliuiinl Hank.
( .oilVlfor n.lM . nljo ( > dr.titorrd l'r
and Fumllo" ' ' d r.
MAMW eiiyuuut. , i.-i ' '
yiFlWCV and all urnihry limilile rn > llynulcl .
MUllCI lyni.iUaMyUireilljyJMXriUlfACaik-
Miity. t < tvcriilcji ciuri | In f ven ( laB. Hold
II.W ) _ KT 1'ox ' , ol ! illuuKiitf , or > iy tniUl fiom Do.
cui4 > l/t'.C'o. IK V tmcil.M , V.ruI ! Ulrtctlouji
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feel tqfo In recommend *
Inr It to nl | lutTtrtrf ,
jl. J. 8TONHU , M .D. ,
Doeolur , III.
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