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* ' ' IntenseExcltornont at Wononti , 111.
Over a Terrible TVagody.
The Itrutnl Murderer ISscanes Lynch
ing Hy Outline Ills Throat
With a IlAzor , Details
of the Crime. *
Mtmlcrod In Cold niood.
"WF.NON * , 111. , Nov. V--fSiwcinl Telegram
to TUB Bni.J : This village Is in n fever of
excitement over a double murder , followed
by the suicide of the nssasiin , this morning.
The victims of the brutal assassination are
Peter Howe , senior member of the banking
firm of Howe ft. Son , of this place , and his
wife the former nged scvcnty-thrco years
and the latter sixty-nine. They lived in a
largo two story frame house situated about
half nnillo from the business portion of thu
town. The only other occupant of the house
wm n domestic. At (5 ( o'clock this morning ,
ns she came down stairs from her bed-room
to begin her dally duties , the light of a lamp
which she carried fell through the open
door of Mr. and Mrs. Howe's ' bed-room
mid revealed a ghastly Blirkt. The
walls and bed clothes were covered with
blood , and lying on the coverlet was a car
coupling pin to which adhered hair nud
clotted blood.
She ran to communicate the terrible story
Irwln Howe's son-in-law. The latter
to a Mr. , - -
ter nt once suspected Charles Hurkhart of
committing the deed , und a watch was
placed on the rooms where ho resided with
his wife over a grocery store , situated in the
principal business block of the town. Burk-
iiart was observed walking up and down thu
hallway apparently in great ngitatlon. It
was not long until he dl.scovcred that senti
nels had been posted outside , mid ho went
into his bedroom , procured n razor
and cut bis throat from car to
car and was a dead man
Inside of five minutes. His wife , who had
been In nn ndjolnlin : room , hcaid his dying
mentis. When she entered the room ho re
quested her , as best ho could , to "euro for
the baby. "
The cause of this terrible deed is attrib
uted to petty spite on thu part of j'urkhart.
The domestic in the houbO of the murdered
couple , Snrnh D. Klclmrdson , n handsome
lass of nineteen , uud Burklmrt's step
daughter , was often importuned to como and
live with him , mil she refused to do so , and
ho thought thu Howes were at the bottom
of her objections. Ho therefore concluded
to murder them. Some time during thu
early hours of this morning he left
his appartmcnt , procured u ladder
and cnteied asccond story window , descend
ing thence to the room where the fearful
crime was committed. Nothing was taken
from the room , Burkhnrt's only desire being
Peter How < \ the murdered man , hud been
a resident of Wcnona for nearly thirty years
and amassed a fortune of 250,000. Ho was
very charitable and possessed a spirit of pin-
lanthrophy which led him , some time ago , to
endow thollouo institute ntNcwIbcrcnLu. ,
and the Baptist Institute at Memphis , Tcnn. ,
the latter being n college for the educatinnof
indigent persons of both races. The murdered
wife is a sister of George Parks ,
the Magnolia (111. ( ) , millionaire. . Burkhnrt ,
the murderer , was a dissolute , drunken
fellow , and very dangerous when under the
Influence of liquor. The citizens of Wcnona
emphatically express themselves to the
effect that had not Hurkhart committed sui
cide , they would have Ivnchcd him. Sheriff
Morrisoy , of Ottawa , with three deputies ,
arrived on the scene ut noon , apprehensive-
difficulty of this kind , but the desperate
man chose death in preference to being taken
The coroner this evening obtained n state
ment from the domcstcSnrah ! Kobinson.She
said that her stepfather , Burklinrt , the mur
derer , came to the house last night , did his
fiendish work down stairs , then came to her
room , told her what ho hud done , and after
an attempt to ravish her left the house.
She lay all night , not darihg to
give ttio alarm , lest lie waylay her and
murder her. Apparently the assassin's mo
tive , aside from revenge and liquor , was to
enable his stepdaughter to como Into posses
sion of n sum of money promised her by the
old people provided she would stay with
them during their lifetime. It would scum
that the murderer had a crazy idea that ,
I. with the girl once in possession of this
money , it would be an easy matter for him
to secure it.
All the Corpses Recovered.
PiTTsnuiio , Kan. , Nov. 12. Up to 0 o'clock
Sunday evening thirty-nine dead bodies had
been rccovoicd and ubout twenty injured , The
entries and rooms of the underground work
ing are still being thoroughly searched for
any bodies which possibly may have been loft
there , but it is thought the bodies are all dis
covered and Included in the list of
killed and wounded. There wore
originally about one hundred and llfty
men in the mine nt the time of the explosion ,
und those not mentioned among the killed
mid wounded escaped soon after the cxnlo-
slon by way of an air escape shaft. The ofll-
cluls of thu company are doing all that can
be done for the relief of the suffering and the
distress among the wounded men and desti
tute families. Twenty bodies , inobtly of un
known men and foreigners , urrivcd in this
city this morning and were uuricd with up
propriato ceremonies.
A Twcmy-slv Round Prize Fliht On
Kcxton Island.
1 NEW YOIIK , Nov. 12. [ Special Telegram to
Tin ; BIK. : | It was a longnnd desperate fight
that rettultcd from the meeting of .fuck
I.yinannnd John Gcorgo Saturday night ,
and u bloody ono us well. They buttled
through twenty-six rounds In ono hour and
forty-throe minutes. When it became ap
parent that neither man could whip the
other , the referee declared the match a
draw. The men nro well-known bantams ,
Bad blood has existed between them fur
gome time. They were in fine romiiiJon
when they entered the ring In a dunce hull
on Stuton Inland , fifty spectators were
present and the fight wau fierce , in
the ninth round Geoiye put home
n tcrribloblow on Lymun's ' mouth. The latter
lost two teeth , In rounds tenth to fifteenth
there was blood in plenty. Lynian's IIOHO
was split , his mouth badly cut , his right
hand was hwollon , and ho could not use It
effectively. From the fifteenth to the twen
tieth round thu work was slower , both men
pi-owing very wo.nk und wild In delivery.
They had then been fighting over an hour ,
and neither man had cyon a bhiidu of advan
tage. In the twenty-first round the referee
said unless tlu > y dceldr.d the matter jn llvo
rounds he would duclnro the battlit a draw.
They fought viciously from that time on , but
neither could gain any tulvrtnUiRO. At thu
end of the twenty-sixth round the roferco
told the men to shuko hands , un ; ' . divided
the purso. Thg time , of the bixt'.i-j was one
hour and forty-throe minutes , Tin ) men
will nrobably meet nguln wlthlu a week to
decide thu supremacy ,
A Wenllhy Conph. M rd rpd.
LiCAj-LK , III. , Nov. VJ.--A report received
this morning states that Potnr Howe and
& wlf , a wealthy counlo ofVciicnn village ,
twenty-three ir.iles uith : , were murdered
last nllit. | it i * $ ul'l U\o tnurJcrcrs v.'eio
The Ntnnninr ' AlMtk.-i Aground. :
JV'BIV YOIIK , Kov. 12. The ' .teamer Alaska
frv-n Liverpool , Ims grounded In the channel
half way between Southwest Spit and Has-
pltnl Island , | n the lower bay. Carter Harrison
risen , ol Chicago , U QU 1-csrd.
Muoli Speculation Among t'.m Knlithta
of Imlxir on the Kuhjocl.
Ciut'Ado , Nov. 12. ( Special Telegram to
TiicHnn.l The eleventh annual convention
of the general assembly , Knights of Labor ,
will convene at Indianapolis to-morrow , and
much speculation is Indulged In among the
laboring men of Chicago us to wno will bo
the next general master workman. Some
say that Powdcrly will be his own successor ,
and that ho is willing to acxcpt the ofllcc ,
while others ttay ho would not take the posi
tion even if It were tendered him , and that
1m could not have It if ho so desired. There
is considerable opposition to Mr. Powdcrly ,
and n deal of wire pulling has been goIng -
Ing on during the last few weeks , J. P. Bu
chanan , editor of the defunct la
bor Kmpuror , It Is said , has been
traveling nrnund the country visiting the.
different delegates and doing everything in
his power to dofn.vt Powdcrly if ho should bo
In the field. It Is also said that Mr. Ucorgo
Schilling aspires to the ollleo of general
master workman of the order , and that , his
muno will bo placed before the convention
by J. ,1 , Mahoney and will be supported by
Buchanan , Barry and Curium , the delegates
representing branch No. 20J. at South Chicago
cage , the representatives of branch No. o7 ,
of Chicago , and other leaders who nro op
posed to Powdorly A vigorous contest is
expected , and it is said that Shilling's ' name
is to bo thrown into the convention like n
bomb and whooped before the Powderly fac
tion 1ms time to overcome the surprise.
Mr. Schilling was almost as reticent to-day
about the affair as ho was on Saturday , but
he has repeatedly said that ho was not in a
communicative frame of mind. Ho exclaimed :
"I don't see hnw Powdony can consistently
enter the contest. He said repeatedly at
Minneapolis that ho would not accept the
otllco nguin , but probably ho Is like some pol
iticians that always bold a string , or think
they do , und can pull it when they want to.
There Is such a diversity of opinion among
the delegates that it is hard to say what will
bo the result. "
"But eould you say who are the candidates
for Powderly's placet"
"No , sir. I said 1 was not In a communi
cative frame of mind to-day. "
"Is not your name to be presented before
the convention ? "
"What ! " exclaimed Mr. Schilling. "Who
told you that , sir ) No. sir ; my name Is not
to bo mentioned. I shall bo heard there , but
will probably bo told that I am trying to bo
treacherous to the single tax movement , as I
was so accused at Minneapolis. "
"Has not John Jnrrett been mentioned ns
a probable candidate J"
"Yes , ho has , " admitted Mr. Schilling ,
"but as he is a protectionist ho will certainly
have no show. "
Mr. Schilling appeared to bo very much
worked up over tbo report that his name was
talked of usa candidate , and declared most
emphatically that it was false. Ho begged
that such n rumor be kept out of the papers.
lNiiAX.\roiis , Nov. 12. Delegates to the
eleventh annual convention of the Knights
of Labor , which' begins to-morrow , are ar
riving hi tliis city. In many respects this
will bo one of the most important conven
tions this order has ever hud. Internal dis
sensions have developed within the past two
years , beginning with the Kichmond conven
tion , and being caused , in part , at least , by
the failure of the great southwest railroad
strilto and by the Inter failure of the stock
yards strike at Chicago. It bus been assorted
by some who know that from 800.000 mem
bers two years airo the order has dwindled to
200.0JO at the present time. Various propo
sitions looking toward a reduction of ex
penses will bo made at the mcetii'g and
action on these and on the future success or
failure of the order. General Master Work
man Powdcrly is expected to-night ,
Man's Lowest Passions Run Riot
Without the IjOAVq Hostr.ilur.
Nn\v YOUK , Nov. 12. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : Bin : . ] The World has a long story of
Alaska Indians as gathered from Mrs. Veer
bees , who has just como from there , and
from missionaries there. Some of the details
are hideous. Mrs. Voorhccs says : "In all
that country there is no law. There can bo
no restraint , and the lowest animal passions
of rough miners , trappers , hunters , soldiers
and sailors rage unchecked. The Indian
woman is considered lawful spoil. Tney steal
them. If they cannot , they buy them
from their parents for a knife ,
a jug of rum or a string of beads , A lady
with.whom I talked of these horrors at Sitlm
told mo of n particularly horrible case which
had couie under her own observation , so she
could vouch for its truth in every revolting
particular. "
Mrs. Voorhccs relates a number of sad
cases that came to her knowledge and partic
ularly of an orgio she witnessed ut .luneau ,
on the Fourth of July. "No beastly orgio
ever conceived could surpass it , " says she.
"You couldn't print the story , but I wish with
all mv heart Unit the world would try to do
something for the succor of the unfortunate
creatures. The Alaskan horrors nro tnoro
dreadful than the pine woods atrocities.
They are worse than anything known in
modern times. "
Tne details will undoubtedly create a sen
sation in Washington if the allegations made-
are true.
Foreclosure Proceeding Against the
South Park Railroad Company.
DravEit , Cole , , Nov. 12. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun HUE.-In ] the United States
court this morning the Central Trust com
pany of Now York commenced foreclosure
proceedings against the Denver & South
Park railway company , as principal , and the
Union Pacific ns interested parties , to re
cover W.BOJO.OOO , and interest on the same ,
amounting to H,000,000. The petition of the
complainant alleges that In August , 1S7U , and
September , ISsO , the South Pnrk railway
company executed its bonds , amounting to
$2,300,000 , in favor of the Central Trust com
pany , which bonds wore secured by a
first mortgage upon 20Sjj ! miles of
its voad , telegraph lines , rolling
stock and cijnipimnts , Thomoney
so raised was represented by the defendant's '
us being rcnulml for the extension of Its
lines in various directions ; but the plaintiff
allege ! ! that the funds were never so applied.
On the contrary , thu rights and franchises
of the company wore transferred soon after
to thn Union Pacific Hallway company , since
which tlino It has been operated and eon-
tinlled by thu latter. The petition also
alleges that the bonds Ksuod in favor of the
plaintiff \voie duly deposited with Urn
Farmers' Loan and Trust Company of New
York ns trustee , but that they have
iiovur been certified to by the latter , us
provided for by the terms of the agreement ,
It further declares that defendant , the South
I'.irlc Uuilrnud eompaio , is in n state of in
solvency , and that the interest nn the 2,000-
000 of bonds has not been paid Hiiu-o January ,
ISSt. The Central Trust company thereforo.
prays that a receiver bo appointed for the
snid South Park Hallway company , to the
end that Its suit of forcclosuirn and the equity
of all concerned may be properly adjusted
and protected. Tim complainant also sets
foi th mltmalmgimiunt of tlio company's busi
ness , and allege * that It has not complied
with the tcrnib of Its agreement with the
jilalntlff In other ways than in the default of
its payjilouts.
The prayer fpr the appointment of the re
ceiver \YM presented to Judge llallctt this
moj ninir , with n request for an Immediate
hearing. The matter was taken under ad-
vlbcmciit by the court , and the argument of
counsel will probably bo heard to-morrow ,
An effoit will bo lutidu to adjust the matter
Rutlsfavtonly to all pa i UPS tvaccrncd with
out I hi aid of the court.
Mm. Gould Must pic.
N.sw YOIIK , Nov. 12. The condition of
Mrs. Jay Gould this morning Is unchanged ,
and her physician says she catiuot survive
more thuu a Uny or two.
Discovery of the Dond Bodies of
Two Nebraska Farmers.
The Murderer Makes His Kscnpo
Tcknmnh the ttuanc of lawlessness
nud lUoodnlied A 1'rohlllltlon
Grave Creates n Stir.
A Crime Unearthed.
COZAD , Neb. , Nov. 11. [ Special Telegram
to Tni : UKF. . ] Uur town was thrown Into a
great state of oxcltcmcn this afternoon uH | > n
the arrival of the stage-driver from the town
of Galloway , who brought news of the
brutal murders of two of our most respected
farmers , Hirnm Uotcn and William Ashley ,
who lived eighteen miles north of hero. The
bodies were found to-day In n liny-slack on
the farm of Albert Housteln , and both bore
evidence of bullet marks through the head.
The b.idlcs were also badly disfigured , hav
ing been eaten by hogs. Hoten nud Aeh-
ley were district school ofllcers and
suspected their neighbor Housteln of
pilfering minor articles from the school
house. To verify their suspicions , if poss
ible , they drove over to Houstein's house last
Friday afternoon to have nn examination.
It Is supposed nn ultercat'on ' occurred and
that Housteln shot both men ami burled
them in nn adjoining haystack , and then
deliberately gathering his family together ,
took the dead incus' team ami fled the coun
try. No trace of Houstein can be had , but
should he bo caught there is no doubt but
that the infuriated Custcr county iarmurs
would promptly string him up.
A Prohibition Grave.
Ui.v r. < < , Neb. , Nov. 12. [ Special to Tnn
Uiu. : ] The people of Ulysses were treated
to a surprise this morning on seeing a newly
made grave on the public square. It was
surmounted on cuijk sldo and on top with
rows of whisky and beer bottles , and on u
beautifully carved head stone a grinning
skull glared down on the touching inscription :
"Prohibition , died November , ISbS , nged
four years. " Underneath was a bottle
marked "Free whisky. " The whole affair
created much laughter , and , of course , ex
cited the prohibitionists , who vow vengeance
on the perpetrator of this wanton insult. The
end is not yet.
Ilullets mid Hur lnr .
TniCAMAir , Neb. , Nov. 12. [ Special to Tin :
Buis.J Slnco the burglarizing of the stores
owned by Wallace & Worcester and Smith
Bros. , of this place , one night last week ,
SherilT Parker , assisted by several citizens ,
have kept up a vigilant search for thothiovcs
and the stolen property. By accident a portion
tion of the stolen goods were found con
cealed under the depot platform. After be
ing identified the goods were replaced where
they were found , and several concealed men ,
well nrmcd , were left to watch for the return
of the thieves.
The first night was unsuccessful , but
it was believed the burglars would take ad
vantage of the intense excitement attending
the republican demonstration Saturday night
und attempt to escape with the stolen prop
erty , so a close watch was kept. They did
not have long to wait. While the jollifica
tion up town was nt its height one of the
gang was seen to bring n bundle of the
stolen goods down to the lumber yard near
the depot and conceal it where it would bo
convenient to carry away on the night freight
train. The man was followed by onp of the
party while the sheriff und posse awaited the
rest of the gang. Soon another man came ,
but evidently suspected that something was
wrong and after a short p.iuso opposite
where the goods were concealed , ho moved
on and was ordered to halt by the sheriff
when the man drew a revolver and essayed
to lire but being instantly covered by the
revolvers of the sheriff and posse
ho turned and ran closely pursued
by the sheriff and his men. A regular fusilado
ensued , but without effect. The fleeing
party succeeded in reaching the adjoining
street by Smith Bros.1 store , where he was
confronted by William Wilson , one of the
sheriff's men , upon whom ho instantly fired ,
the ball taking effect in the face and passing
out of the jaw-bone. The \vould-bo assassin
then dashed down n back alley closely
pursued by the balance of the party. By
firing back at his pursuers and dodging from
building to building ho escaped to the vicinity
of a low dive , where it is presumed ho re
ceived assistance.
The citizens uro thoroughly aroused. Sev
eral arrests have been made , and it is hoped
that it will result in ridding the town of n
disreputable gang who have had things about
their own way for several months.
J. Sterling Not Dead.
NniiUASKA Crrv , Neb. , Nov. 12. [ Special
to Tin : BEL- . | Heading the opinion in yester
day's BEK of "A Wheel Horse of Nebraska
Democracy" regarding Mr. Morton's silcnco
since election , the latter gentleman re
marked to THE HKI ; correspondent that ho
had only to say that he was very thankful
to his republican friends throughout the
district for the compliment paid him on elec
tion day. Mr. Morton says ho is not "dead"
by any means and Intends to be alive until
his idea of American freedom from taxation
Is secured. Ho also informed TUB Bun that
ho had foreshadowed the defeat of Cleveland
immediately after his return from the cast
several months ago , having observed the
drift of eastern sentiment and advised his
friends not to bet their money on "tho Man
of Destiny. "
Mr. Morton Insists that the present tariff
is unjust and that ho will live. 10 sco the
day when free trade will prevail , because
It was right and just. As nn evidence of the
fallacy of protection increasing the wages of
the laboring man , ho cited the cnso of the
Nebraska Press , which cut the rates of com
posliors 20 per cent immediately after the
election of their high protection candidate.
DoWItt Destined to Boom.
DKWITT , Neb. , Nov. 12. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB HIK. : ] Over one year ago this
county voted bonds for the Kansas City ,
Wyandotte & Norvl.ivcstern Railway. From
time to titnu the people of DeWitt have been
elated by the news that at an early day the
road would bq constructed , but each time
disappointment has been the only result.
Mr. M. Slsk , a leading railroad contractor ,
said : "I have the contract for the 1C. C. , W.
&N. W. from DoWItt south to the state line.
I have telegraphed for mj outfit , and insldo
of ten days you will see thu dirt moving. "
If this Is the case , DeWitt will sco one of
the biggest booms of any town In Nebraska.
The splendid crops and natural resources
attract many eyes , and with the ml vent of
this new road and the probable early con-
structlon of the B & M , railroad "cut-off" to
Nebraska City , n season of unjmralcllcd
[ irospority will follow.
I'jiwneo Couuty HotuniH ,
PAW.VKK CITV , Neb , , Nov. 12. [ Special
to TIIK HBB. ] The ofllcial vote of Pawnee
county resulted as follows : For president ,
Harrison 1,290 , , Cleveland 015. For governor ,
Thuyer l,2SS.McShuno 0(13. ( For congress ,
First district , W. J. Council , rt'p. ' , l.SOT ,
J , Sterling Morton , dcm. , iHO. For state
senate , Pnwneo county. First district , J. L.
[ .Inn , rep. , 1,220 , Frank Martin , dem. , 7SO ,
rjeorgo Slayton , pro. , 140. Foi ropresonta-
lives. Pawnee county , Second district , Julius
KhodcK , rep. , 1,245 , U. M. Berry , rep. , 1,2 1 ,
William Avcry , dem. , ffia , Frank Pepperel ,
1pm. , W5 , For couuty attorney. H , C. Llnd-
KO'I rep. , 1,2S1 , J. L. Edwards , dem , , 625.
Umvood Honorw ( ho Prcsldeiit-Klect.
Li.s'Woon , Nov. 12. ( Special to TIIK BuK.l
The rcpuDlIcans of Lltiwood and vicinity
mat hero Saturday evening und held a grand
olllllcu'.lon meeting. Kxcitetucnt run ex-
trcmcly high. To such aft extent were nil
elated over the news ofltho past wck that
for the time being all bifilnnss wn laid nsldo
that the voices of both yiuiip and old might
freely mingle together In Innumcrablochccrs.
Shouts continually rent Iho nlr for the suc
cessful little soldier of the Hooslor stnto.
The streets wore made light as day "by a
mammoth bonfire , built from hay , dry goods
boxes and a barrel Ofkcrostne oil. All wore
more than happy.
Schit.vlcr'n Celebration.
Seiirvu.ER , Nob. , Nov. 12. [ Special Tele
gram to TIIK HKE. ] Tha republican jollifica
tion to-night was on the largest scale ever
seen In Colfax county. The procession was
n mlle In length , headed by the Schuyler
brass band and republican club drum corps.
A line display of lire works waa given along
the entire line of march. After the parade
they proceeded to the bporn bouse , where
Hon. H. C. Hussoll , Hon. C. E. Sumncr , S.
C. Webber and Judge Brown entertained the
audience with short speeches. It was the
most enthusiastic turnout of the season.
Ccntrnl City
Cr.XTiui. CITV , Neb. , Nov. 12. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : 13ii : : . ] Five hundred re
publican voices have been consolidated to
night into one yell for Harrison. The faith
ful nro celebrating their victory. A long
procession \vltli a hu c log cabin and other
appropriate features ix.yBded Uio streets this
afternoon , and to-night ) has been given up to
speeches and bonfires. ; The boys nro happy
and candidates for thil postofMco have al
ready begun to blossoir ) ;
n I/lttlp Dnmpcr.
ATKINSON , Nob. NovM2. [ Special to TITB
HER. ] The republicans jof Atkinson and vi
cinity nro preparing for a mammoth ratifica
tion meeting Tuesday evening. The town
will bo painted n vivid crimson from center
to circumference in honor of the great vic
tory. The only damper on Atkinson's Joy Is
the fact that county division was knocked in
the head by 2.V1 majority. Though whipped
wo uro uot conquered , however.
Ilnrrlson lints.
NELSON , Neb. , Nov. 12. [ Special to Tnn
The republican jubilee on Saturday
even in jr was carried out heartily. Tl.o big
bonfire and the blnzlug'hats carried on poles
and filled with cloth saturated with oil made
the streets bright. The court room after
wards could not contain the people who list
ened to the band , the Glee club songs and the
congratulatory addresses.
The Trknnmh Konbcrs Cniiffht.
TUKAMAII , Neb. , Nov1. 12. [ Special Tele-
pram to THE Bnn.l Hush Wilber mid Hcnrv
Fuller , young men residing here , were ar
rested last night by the sheriff , on a charge of
robbery and assault with intent to kill.
They are supposed to belong to the gang of
burglars and robbers that infest Teknmah
and have been implicated in the shooting of
W. J. Wilson last night.
Death of Hon. J. M. Itrnckott.
AiNbWoiiTii , Neb. , Nov. 12. [ Special to
THE Bin : . ] Hon. J. M. Br.ickett , ex-post-
master of Eau Claire , Wis. , having been a
resident of this place nearly two years , died
to-day , otter suffering several months with
consumption , ugcd flfty-geven years. The
remains will bo token to Eau Claire for in
Olllclnl KoturiiH from Antelope.
NIU.IOH , Neb. , Nov. 12. [ Special Telegram
to THE BEE.J The ofllclal returns from An-
tclopo county give Harrison 1,412 : Cleveland -
land f > S4 : Fisk 134 ; Dewey 1,445 ; Weai&er-
by 52 ; Walling 163 ThayenaSftJ ; Mc"
Shane 055 ; Butler 182Blgolow 142. The
state ticket is electedrby about 1,000 ma
I > r J. M. Bi-oWii Itccovr.rincr-
FONTANEM.K , Neb.i Nov. 12. [ Special
Telegram to Tun Bncf-Dr. | ] J. M. Brown ,
who was injured in the Fremont wreck , and
and who rendered sudh valuable assistance
in relieving the sufferings of others , is im
proving rapidly. Ho has so far recovered
from bis injuries as to bo able to attend to
Burglary nt Lincoln.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Nov. 12. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BKE.I Burglars entered the
residence of Thomas Benton , state auditor
elect , this evening , sometime before 0
o'clock , and stole Mrs. Benton's jewelry ,
togotccr with other valuables. The loss
cannot be known to-night. The thieves es
caped. _
Hopiihllcnn Rejoicings at Tcknmnh.
TUKAMAII , Neb. , Nov. 12. [ Special to THE
BEE. ] On Saturday evening the republicans
of Tokamuh bold a jubilee meeting , to cele
brate the election of Ilnrrlson and Morton.
Tluro were fully 2,003 people present. Bon
fires , music , parades and fireworks furnished
the amusements of the evening.
The Ladles Take a Hand.
COLUMIIUS , Neb. , Nov. 12. [ Special to
TIIEHEE. ] The Harrison and Morton dem
onstration this evening exceeded anything of
the kind in the history of the city. The pro
gramme was strictly carried out as men
tioned In the Beo. The ladies carriage
parade this p. m.vvas novel and interesting.
Captured a Deserter.
ATKINSON , Neb. , Nov. 12. [ Special to TUB
BEE , ] Thomas Griffin , u deserter from com
pany P , Eighth United States infantry , at
Fort Niobrara , was captured here Friday
evening and is In jail awaiting the arrival of
an ofllcer , who is expected this morning.
Everybody Republican.
NEIIIIASKA CITV , Nov. 12. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. | Every person in Ne
braska City was a republican to-night , and
assisted in a monstrous jollification in honor
of President Harrison. The city was a seem
ing sheet of flame from fireworks.
Scarlet FeVer at Nnlnon.
NKI.SON , Neb. , Nor. 12. [ Special to THE
Bi'.n. ] A second , death from scarlet fever
havipg occurred licre , and two now cases
having developed on Saturday , the school
board has decided to close the two primary
departments of school for a week nt least ,
O'NEILL , Nob. , Nor. 12. [ Special to Tin :
BEI : . ] One of the grandest jJlllflcutloiis over
held west of Omaha occurred In O'Neill
Saturday night In honor uf Harrison's
grand triumph. '
Harvard SclcntlHtH will Ohsorvo nil
Kcllpso in Peru.
CAMiminaE , Massj Nov. 12. One of the
assistants at the Harvard observatory will
leave Cambridge this week with two tele
scopes and other apparatus which Is to bo
employed In observing the total eclipse of
\lfc \ sun of new year's day from an elevation
near the town of Willows In the Sacrcmento
valley , The remainder of the party , consist
ing of W. H. Pickering , -chief. A , Lawrence
Hatch , Samuel Bailey. E , S. King and Hob-
crt Black will leave later in the month.
Orio of the observers so eiiuuged will pro-
reed immediately after the eclipse to Peru ,
taking with him a part of the apparatus.
There ho will be joined later by others , and
the work will bo entered upon , which hna
been u year or .more In contemplation , of
making a complete1 survey of the southern
heavens upon the plan already carried into
effect ut Cambridge , as respects the part of
the sky there. vUlblc. The enterprise then
to bo begun is the establishment of un
adjunct observatory ,
"Woolen Mills Hnrnnd ,
'CHATTANOOGA , Tenn. , NoV. 12. The Tulla-
, homa Woolen company's mills , at Tulla *
hoinu , Tcun. . were destroyed by fire this .uf
ternoon , Lgss $100,000. ,
. .
- * * * * *
Republican Mnjoritios In Both
HOUBOS of Congress.
rrcHldcnt-F.lcct Harrison Will Visit
Washington nmi Now V'ork to
Look Overt tin Sltnnt Ion
Admitted to Practice.
WASHINGTON , 1) . C. , Nov. 1'J. J
The republican majority in the IIOUBO of
representatives will , from the present njv-
pcuranco of tiling , be BO small as to bo un-
cotnfortabla , although Mr. MoPherson claims
It by ten or twelve votes. The Evening Star
gives the rcpubliciuis live or seven majority.
General Clnrk , the clerk of the present
house , concedes two republican majority ,
while Mr. Hrecklnridge , n democratic mem
ber from Kentucky , concedes thrco. How
ever It limy bo , the republicans will have n
sufllelont force to organize , unless somebody
dies between now mid the 1st of December.
There Is souio talk of an extra session
of congress to perfect the organization
mid appoint committees , but that is
u matter entirely within the discretion
of the president elect and ho will probably
tnko such action as thu leaders of his party
advise1 The republican members who uro In
Washington , any that one of the Hrst things
to bo done by the next congress will be the
reapportlonment of congressional districts ,
which will cost the south tlirea or four
members un-l will increase thu republican
strength very material In the northwest. If
Dakota , Washington and Montana territories
nro admitted the republicans will luwo nt
least twenty more votes in the electoral college -
lego four years hence than they have now.
' HAllIllhON's .
General Harrison's father-in-law Is author
ity for the announcement that the president
elect will visit Washington nud New York
during the month of December and that Mrs.
Harrison will accompany him. Doctor Scott
docs not know what business will bring him
here , but it Is supposed that ho will como to
consult with the leaders of his party upon
the various topics to be treated of In his mes
sage , and concerhlng the appointments to his
cabinet. Mrs. Harrison some months ago ac
cepted an invitation from Mrs. Grant to visit
her in Now York. Mrs. Grant has lately
moved into a modest new residence nt the
corner of West End avenue and Seventy-
third street nud will entertain iUito ] extens
ively this winter.
riiKi'AKiXM rou TIII : iXArai'imiiw.
Senator Quay and Treasurer Dudley ar
rived in Washington late Saturday night and
spent Sunday with their families , who litive
been hero during the entire campaign. This
morning Mr. Quay issued n proelnmnllnu ap
pointing Alexander T. Britton as chairman
of the committee to arrange for the inaugura
tion of President Harrison and placing the
details of the whole affair in his hands. Mr.
Britton is n most excellent selection. No
better man in the country could have been
found for this position , and it is safe to pro-
diet that the inauguration ccrcmonits will bo
successful. Senator Quay , Treasurer Dud
ley and Ex-Senator Mason , of Virginia ,
have been closeted nt Chamber-
Jain's hotel all day and about 11 o'clock
this morning General Benjamin Franklin
Butler of Massachusetts called and asked to
bo.shown to General Mahono's room , He
was evidently expected , , and was mot with a
cordial welcome , remaining to lunch with
the gentlemen above named , and spending
the afternoon with tli'jm behind n locked
door. The consultation was not concluded
until after 5 o'clock mid n number of tclo-
graphio dispatches were sent during the day
to different parts of the country. It is sup
posed that their meeting hat reference to the
political situation of Virginia.
J. M. Foxworthv of Lincoln and Jay
Greene of Omnha , Neb. , and Louis Cnvnllier
of Lyons , Clinton county , la. , were to-day
admitted to practice before tho. interior de
partment. PEHUY S. HUATII.
The Roll Telephone Canes.
" \ VASIIISOTO.NNov. . 1 ! ! . Justice Miller , of
the supreme court , made a decision In the
suit of the United States against the Hell
Telephone company , brought hero on nn op-
peal from the decision of the circuit court of
Massachusetts , sustaining the demurrer en
tered by the Bell company to the govern
ment's suit. He has decided that the plea
of multifariousness Bent by the Bell company
does not hold good , and also that the Bell
company's contention that the United States
has no right to bring suit to set usido the
patent is not good. The decision is in favor
of the United States. Justice Miller over
ruled the decision of the circuit court , and
remands the case with instruction to enter
tain the government's bill.
Why Ho Lett ClevclamlWith $ SOOOOO
of Oilier I'eoplo's money.
CLEVKLANO , O. , Nov. 12. Thomas Ax
worthy , defaulting city treasurer of Cleve
land , who departed from town $08,000
"short" and with $ 150,000 of other people's
money In his carpet sack , has written Mayor
Habcock a letter. It was sent from Montreal
October 29 , and when the mayor received it
ho hastened to Montreal in order to have an
interview with Axworthy. He remained a
week and returned to Cleveland without
having seen his man. Late this afternoon
the mayor gave the newspapers n copy of it.
In it the chief reasons for his nets is given in
the following lancuago :
"I wont east about October 1 for the pur
pose of collecting largo sums loaned by mo
on call , from time to time , during the last
fourycars ( nt the suggestion of prominent
Cleveland parties. ) I had been receiving
the Interest regularly , but , greatly to my
surprise and horror , when 1 demanded the
principal I was answered ; 'We cannot pay
it ; in fact , it would have been impossible for
us to have done so within four months after
we had imulo the loans * etc , , etc. ' In fact ,
investigation proved such to bo the case , al
though I supposed the parties to bo worth
millions. I need not dwell on this mutter ;
In fuel , I cannot. It Is too terrible for
me to think or write about. You
will know from the position I
occupied in your community how my situa
tion muat affect mo or any other man that has
always been strictly honest to the letter ,
thus overwhelmed by circumstances which ,
when too late , he 11 nils ho cannot control.
There , wan n combination to ruin inn , and It
has succeeded , I am properly , anil de
servedly , perhaps , a sufferer and exile , "
Ho transfers to the city of Cleveland all
his property , valued at ? ! 179,700 , to make
good his shortcomings. Ho concludes his
letter by saying that if that bo not enough to
cover the city's losses ho Is willing to further
contribute to that end. Mayor Habcoek will
probably make another trip to Montreal , in
the hope of having a personal interview with
the defaulter.
A Kentucky Fr.iifl.
Loi'isviu.i ; , Nov. 12. It Is reported that
Buck McComb and Fulton French were shot
dead while riding through the woods In
Brcckcnrldgo near Lancaster. French was
: ho leader of the Frenoh faction in the
I'Yunch-Evorsolo ' feud , and McComb wan
one of his irlonds. The assailants escaped.
Snow Biormu In Canada.
QOEIIEC , Nov. 12. Olspatchos from
Quebec state that over two feet of finow hns
[ alien all along the lower St. Lawrence.
Serious fears uro entertained that there has
Lieen u serious loss of llfo among the fisher
men pn both shores of the gulf. The govern
ment steamer Napoleon ban bcon Gent out to
patrol the coait and aid the wrcclccd vessels ,
CAXOVAH iN'sui/mi ) .
DIsKrneefnl 8conen at Madrid nn the
Return of the Conservative Chlnf.
[ Cotnifip t IffStniJamft ( } < > nli > /IfnnrJf.l /
MUMIIII , Nov. 12. [ Special Now York
Herald Cable-Special to Tun Hrn.1 On
the arrival of Senor Cnnovns hero yester
day Madrid showed it possessed n disorderly
clement outnumbering those of Saragossu
unit Seville , and capable of outdoing In
brutality tboso two latter cities , whoso evil
example they followed In n most wanton and
uncalled for manner. The conservatives of
Madrid , In order to throw nil responsibility
upon their political opponents , i of rained from
making any demonstration of welcome upon
their chief's return. Notwithstanding the
almost unanimous condemnation by the
Madrid press Saturday evening nud Sunday
morning , mid warnings and requests by the
authorities , a mob nunibcrliigupwardsof one
thousand persons , composed of thu elements
mentioned above , awaited Senor Canovris'
carriage at a little distance from thn
station. A thousand whistles had been
distributed among them by the organizer of
the disturbance ! ) , and with these nud with
yells worthy of savages , and Insulting re
marks they received the man who , In their
eyes , represented the conservative and pro
prietary Interests in this country. Hut as if
this were Insufficient , and emboldened by
impunity , they wont on to throw mud and
stones , and break the carriage windows ,
Upon this n company uf mounted civil
cuurds advanced nt n rapid trot mid an
almost ludicrous snuvo quo pout ensued. The
carriage then proceeded at a gallop to the
bouse of the father-in-law of Senor Cnnovns.
Senor Morel and Scnor Agulleru , governor
of Madrid , in an open carriage , did nil that
was possible to stop the scandal , addressing
remonstrances to the mob , but without avail.
The disorderly throngs after making more
hostile demonstrations before tha Conserv
ative club and the conservative newspaper
ofllccs , have quietly dispersed.
Hotel Keepers Jubilant Over the 1'ros-
liects of n Good Seanon.
( .rvipi/rfuht ISSSliu Jiimrs fiontimlotinct.l
AIOIIUS : , Nov. 12. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to Tun BII : : . ] While Paris
has been spending all surplus cash In pur
chasing umbrellas and waterproofs , here in
Algiers wo find glorious weather. Not a
cloud In the sky and n genial sun overhead.
English and Americans who are daily ar
riving to take up their quarters for the sea
son are delighted with the Indian summer
Unit wo are now exporiencing. The place is
fust filling up , und hotel keepers arc jubilant
at the prospects of n better season. Among
those who have already como to their villas
or to the hotels are- Lady Do. Houghton ,
Mrs. Mukny of Elblrla , Sir Lambert and
Lady Pluyfair , the Ladles Catherine and
Cargenio , Mr. und Mrs. Lan-
yon , Mr. and Mrs. Ledgard of
Chateau Hydln , Sir Peter Coats
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley , Major and Mrs.
Blooinflelrt , Mr. nud Mrs. Digram and Mr.
Picric. Mr. und Mrs. Brcwster , of Now
York , have built n villa in a lovely situation
overlooking the bay of Algiers , mid already
have amassed u line collection of Arab
Sir Lambert Playfalr is British consul gen
eral for A'lgIers'and''Tilnls."k ' Lady Playfalr
hold a reception yesterday which was well
A word to Americans cotningfor the win
ter. They may bring cigar.s and tobacco ,
but no fresh fruit from Marseilles. The
vine growers hero nro so afraid of the
phyllovera insect coming from France that
all fruits and vegetables are confiscated by
the donanc.
As I landed from the steamer I saw a ven
erable French lady , the proud possessor of n
small sack of pears. The custom house re
fused to let them pass , and though she was
Indignant at the idea of her pears harboring
phylloxera , they were obdurate , so not to bo
beaten , the lady sat down outside the barrier
and soberly began to consume the pears , and
when I passed two hours afterwards she
was still eating busily. Evidently she had
decided to get those pears past that donanc ,
If not outside of at least inside of a passenger.
Berlin Gossip.
BERLIN , Nov. 11. [ Special Cablegram to
TIIK Bcc.J According to the Budget for
18S9-90 , presented to the bundcsralh , the
Cameron and Togo colonies will require only
a small sum for the training of natives as
The Nachrichtcn thinks that the fact that
the king of Saxony and the duke of Coburg
took part in the last royal hunt indicates a
settlement of the quarrel between them aris
ing from the duke of Coburg's criticism of
the conduct of the Saxon teoops before Paris
during the Franco-Prussian war.
The Swedish explorer , Westmurk , has re
ceived a letter from a friend on the Congo
expressing his confident belief that Stanley
Is dead. _
Disputes Gladntone's Statements.
- LO.MION , Nov. 12. [ Special Cablegram to
TUB Bui : . ] The Economist contests Mr.
Gladstone's ' statement that homo rule Is so
rooted in the minds of the people that , it
will survive his leadership with uiidlt.ilnlshcd
vigor. "After the death of Mr , Gladstone , "
is says , "home rule will have to Mami on its
merits. Mr. Gladstone's present colleagues
being all inferiors , nobody Is able to predict
who is to succeed him. Ills equals have all
abandoned him. "
A Sovnnlh Victim Discovered ,
ROCIIISTIII : : , N. Y. , Nov. 12. This morning
another body was found in the ruins of the
lamp factory. It was that of n man burned
and crushed beyond recognition. Last night
laborers worked on the rums under the gluro
of elcetrio.light ? . All the debris shoveled
out was thrown over n precipice into the
river. In nil seven charred bodies have been
taken from the ruins. The of two of
thu unfortunates took place this morning.
Flic bells were tolled and many places of
business closed. Subscriptions for the beno-
Jlt of the sufferers keep coming In and now
umuutit to nearly $2,500. ,
Governor Ouy Reported
ST. I/oriH , Nov. 10. A spocl.d to the Post-
Dispatch fiorn ; GaiiiBvillo , Tex. , nays news
was received there this morning from Tish-
monigo , the capital of thn Chickusuw nation ,
that Governor Guy was assassinated Satur
day night. Advices from Chlckusaw nation
nro that HorloiiH trouble is brewing between
thu followers of Governor Ou.v and his oppo
nent In the luta election , Byrd. The report
of the assassination of Guy is nut confirmed.
Thn Weather Imlloatioiirt.
For Nebraska and lown Warmer and fair
weather , southerly winds.
For Dakota < -FnIr weatheron Tuesday ,
followed during Tuesday night by mow or
rain In northern portion ; winds shifting to
northwesterly ; decidedly colder by Wednes
day morning ,
A Drntli HcnloiK.'ii Commuted.
BOSTON , Kov. 12.- The sen'.onco ' of Mrs.
Sarah J , Kobinson , who was to have been
handed next Friitay for the munlcr of her
brother-in-law , Hrlnco A' , fru'--nan , by
poison , In June , 18i.wn to sell-
Ury imprUoii . ' EU for life lu tbeB > v.4 prison.
Thousands of Lottora and Tolograma
Pouring1 In From All Dlrootloiis.
l !
And the Pri-Hs of the Country Rc
ted to KMcml Ills Thanks
to HN | Many Congratu
' i
The VroHldont-Kloot.
INMANAVOUS , Nov. 12. The president-
elect passed the day very nuiotly at Ills resi
dence , receiving n goodly number of heigh-
bors nud some friends who called , and read *
lug letters mid eastern papers. Since the
day of election General Harrison's mall has :
steadily Increased , until It has now reached
mammoth proportion * . This morning It ro-
iiulrcd an express wagon to haul the bundles
of letters mid bags of newspapers tlmt hart
nvrrived since. Saturday. About fif
teen hundred letters and several
bags of newspapers conix | > ed to-day's ' mail.
Something like eighty telegrams were also
received to-day , mostly of n congratulatory
character , as nro also his letters. Hereto *
fore General Harrison has aimed to reply to
every letter , If only to lu'ltuowlcdge Its
receipt , but with such extraordinary Increase
ho now finds that the task will be too grunt
for him to undertake , as it would occupy hla
entire time.
In view of these circumstances General
Harrison this evening roiiuested the corres.
pondcut of the Associated Press to publicly
convoy his cordial thanks to his several
thousand friends throughout thu nation who
had telegraphed or sent by loiter their warm
expressions of congratulation nud best ,
wishes. Ao was very particular to impress
upon the correspondent that it would have
afforded him real pleasure to personally ac
knowledge the receipt of every communica
tion , and up to to-day this was his intention ,
but an inventory of over seven thousand tel
egrams and letters , with several hundred
additional letters arriving each day. has
caused him to reluctantly abandon the at
tempt to answer thorn individually , and ho
asks the press of the country to extend his
kindliest and warmest thanks to his congrat
ulatory friends.
Nothing has moro profoundly Impressed
the president-clout than the enthusiastic and
heartfelt expressions in the thousands of tolo-
grmus he has received. Nearly two thous
and of these telegrams and letters
were of such n purely personal character
that General Harrison felt it might bo indel
icate in him to permit their publication , al
though many of them are from people ot po
litical or social distinction. Besides this
class of telegrams there uro fully two thous
and from men and women In the humbler
wnllcs of life , who express their sentiments
of admiration und rejoicing in the
warmest of personal terms , which ,
while exceedingly gratifying to the general ,
and calling forth his frequent mention in
conversation , yet personal references enjoin
him from offering them to the public.
Owing to the sboof the mall to-day , Gen
eral Harrison , up to this evening , had only
read about one-third of the letlors. Among
them was one from ex-Senator Warper
Miller , warmly thanking him for his tele
gram of condolence , and stating that
it was received just in time to bo
rend at n rousing ratification meet ing at Her-
kimcr , N. Y. , and that his own defeat for the
governorship was swallowed up In the greater
victory. The distinguished candidate closes
his letter with a statement that his is not a
house of mourning , but of rejoicing over the
national victory. and ho tenders his \yarmcst
congratulations to General and Mrs. Har
rison. _
The Kltniilion In West Virginia.
CIIAUUIVTOX , W. Vn. , Nov. 12. The elec
tion returns arc coming in vury slowly. The
republicans claim Golf's election and two
congressmen , but corrected returns from
Lincoln county give Jackson ( dom ) , for con
gress , UK ! ) majority , which will elect him by
a small majority. Feming ( dcm. ) , for gov
ernor , through his attorney in this city , haa
notified the commissioner of Knnawha
county that ho desires a recount. Thorcpub-
licans increase over three hundred votes In
this county , while democrats polled n slight
increase over two years ago. Senator ICcnnn
expresses the belief that the legislature will
bo democratic by two or three on joint ballot.
The IndiannpollH Demonstration.
iNitiANAi'OMH , Nov. 12. The state ratifica
tion meeting fixed to tnko place Wednesday
night was , at a late hour to-night , postponed
by Chairman Huston and other members ol
the committee of arrangements until Satur
day. Complaints reached the committee to.
day from the interior and from the railroad
companies tlmt Wednesday did not afford
them sullleiont limn in which to prepare for
and participate in a big state demonstration
such as thu committee had in view.
Brooklyn HcpiihllcanH Celebrate.
NK\V YOIIK , Nov. 12. The republicans ot
Brooklyn turned out in procession 25,000 men
to celebrate the election of Harrison and
Morton. Many of the residences along the
line of inarch wore decorated.
Harrison's Plurality In Pcmipylvnnln.
Pnii.ADiii.rniA , Nov. 12. Olllclul returns
from every county in the Htnto nhow i
plurality for Harrison of 79,79'J. , ' Blaino'j '
plurality In 18S4 was 81,019.
Clevolaiid'H Majority In Ge.orgla.
ATLANTA , Ga. , Nov. 12.The official re
turns make Clevolund's majority in Georgia
GO.OOO , 1
He HolH IllH Shop AirniiiHt HiH Sivoet *
heart and "Wins Jler.
BnoAiniuooK , Conn. , Nov. 12. George W.
Brown is a blacksmith andHhn smithy Is big
sole possession. Ho is n staunch republican.
For a long time ho has paid court to a young
woman , the daughter of n denioerutla
farmer , who did not look with f.ivor on tho.
young man boc.iuso of his politics , Here- ,
cclvcd no encouragement whatever , and Jn
thu heat of ono political argument jiofloiig
ago the old man turned thu young suitor
from the door and positively forbade him to
ever enter the house again. Tht } next day
the old man tried to Invent home schema
Which would wrcHt from Brown his black-
hmith shop mul compel him , through poverty ,
to depart from the vicinity. Ho felt siiro ot
Cleveland beiiifj elected , ami , thoroughly
imbued with the Idea , ho visited Brown's
"Young man , " ho said. "I'll toll you what
I'll do. you want to marry my daughter.
I'll niuko you n wagur.Tf Harrison is elected
she is yours. If not , you can give mo u bill
of sale of this shop and the tools und forever
quit the town. "
George accepted the proposition. The bill
of sale was drawn up and signed , und thu
farmer went home chuckling about how
easily ho had obtained the little blacksmith
nhop and rid himself of the joungHtor ho dis
liked ,
The old man has consented to his ( laugh ,
tor's inarrlnge with Brown , hut InxlKtti that
the wedding muy.t not ' .ako plHcn iinill after
Harrison is Inaugurated , The daughter ami
her lover deny that there w- " > any ttuclj
clause In the contract and pt'opotu to have
thu nuptial knot tied this week ,
Another tint In ItntoH ,
NEW YOIIK , Nuv. 12.Tho Now York On.
tral hut cut went bound rates to Chicago
'J.'i ceats per 10J pounds for the first thrca
classes , and other classes proportionately.
The cut was niailn on'account ol Iho Inromu
made by the 1'iiniuylvanlu ruilroaj. All
are nvw tukhy butioess at out rnVUi