Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 11, 1888, Part I, Page 6, Image 6

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JH'llvpred bjemrlor In Any 1'Mi of the City A
TurntyCcntfl I'cr Week.
1IIJMNKV4 Omen NO. 43.
NioriT KniTon.
N. Y. Plumbing company.
Stnit tlio now ycnr with n clean , ncnt set
of boohs , made by Moreliouso & Co.
Klctnmt ovcrroiitiiijrs ) at A. Koitcr's ,
inorcliiuit tiillor'lliJ Uruadwny.
IJoet hard and soft roul nml Missouri
wood. K. K. Mayno , Oil ) Hronthviiy ,
A building permit for ii&iOO residence
wnH 1n < nicd yesterday to Mrs. Cloorifc L.
Contractor Mtirpliy says tlio now
Miliool building \VnHliiiitftou avenue
will bo randy for occupancy by tlio ith ! ( )
of December.
r Tlio plnnk for tlio foundnlion of tlio
Sixth struut pavement lias been de
livered on tin , * ground , nnd blocklaying
will bo ( 'ommcncod Iboearly part of the
we ok.
Tlio electric light wires on Broadway
nro being raised six foot , now poles be
ing not for tlio purpose. Tlio old ones
wore getting decidedly slinky and the
change was necessary.
Oeorgu Shipley , of TIay.el Doll , who
was brought to this city charged with
iihKiuilt with intent to kill , was hold in
the sum of & 1IM ) for appearance No
vember M. Ho furnished the required
Hum nnd wan released.
The Hrid imirriago licenses in three
dayn wore issued yesterday to two
Onmjin. connles , Do Witt C. Stokes and
liattio Fischer , Frank Pennell and
JJnniii Lewis. 'Squire Uiggs tieu the
knot for the last named couple.
( Ira mid wires arc being put in along
the line of the electric motor railway.
The wires uro attached to the circuit
wires running along the mils and are
grounded on the lire hydrants , thus
making a ground wire in every block.
Doo/crs comprised the principal grist
in police court yesterday morning. 1) .
A. AnycH was assessed $8.10 , and .1. I ) .
Williams , W. Goodwin and A. Heckcr
* 7.(10 ( each. A. T. Wilson was arraighed
for the larceny of a coat from the Turf ,
but his cnso was continued.
A roadway is being tunnelled under
the Union Pacific " "
"dump" ut Thirty-
fourth street near the river , The rail
road company agreed to put in : i road
bridge at this point whenever ordered
by the council , at the time that this
city giivo them a. right of way. The
rapid bottling up of the bottoms war
ranted the opening of the street , and
orders to that ofl'ect wore issued by the
"Little Puck" drew a largo house at
L'ohany's , last evening. The utterly
ridiculous situations could not fail to
uxcitu the risibles of the audience , and
the hoiiho was in a continual roar. Mr.
Daniels took them by storm , as on the
occasion of former visits , and clearly
showed his hold on the theater-going
people of this city. For genuine fun-
makers his company stands remarkably
well , and Council Bluffs will always
greet them , as on last evening , with'
l ckod house.
A novel election bet was made be
tween Dell G. Morgan , the Broadway
druggist , nnd Alderman Knophan. The
two wagered mustaches on the general
result , the loser to sacrifice ; his pet.
The alderman is on the losing side of
the fence , but has not yet paid the bet ,
as his upper lip still supports its shado.
After the session of the electoral college -
lego tlio nldormnnic appendage , neatly
tied with a blue ribbon , will probably
bo exhibited among the trophies in 0110
of Doll's showcases.
See W. C. Stacy's ad.
Sco Forrest Smith's special column.
Loans made on city business and resi
dence property. Notes bought. Kim-
ball-Champ Investment company.
F. II. La Potto , Logan's enterprising
news dealer , wns in the city yesterday
and favored THK BKK with a call.
Mr. W. J. Agncw , of Plattsmouth ,
Neb. , is in the city spending Sunday
with his sister , Mrs. S. J. Swanson.
D. M. Owen , of the grading 11 rm of
Owen Bros. , has sulllciently recovered
from bis recent illness to be able to bo
mi the street again. Ho could not give
up at the first call , and will try this
world for another whirl.
Mr. McAdam , the well-known paving
contractor , is closing up his business
lioro as quickly as posssiblo , and will
leave for Chicago Tuesday evening. IIo
has just completed a three month's job
jn this city , and returns homo as the
fcoason is over. The company's outfit
will bo loft hero , as they expect to do
more work next year in this city. Ho
will lake away , however , tlio best
uisbes of hosts of frlouds , for ho is a
genial , whole-souled gentleman , and
none wish him more success than his
friends in the Blull's.
On Tuesday , November 20 , nt 10
t'clock a. m. . 1 will sell at public auc
tion the machinery and IIxlures taken
Ironi the "General Terry. " Place of
pale , river bank , just below west end of
Union Pacific bridge in Onmha.
A. OVKKTON , Wrecker.
For Sale Cheap Lots near the bridge
to parties who will build at once. Ad
dress or call on J. K. Rico , No , 110
Main street , Council Blulfs.
Call boon and see J. G. Tipton for
pom.0 rare bargains in Broadway prop
Hock Spring coal , Gleason , Utt Pearl
'JL'do Republican Jubilee.
The republicans bad a grand jubilee
and ratification last evening. Such short
notice of the affair was given that but
little preparation was made , but every
one was on hand and ratified to his
heart's content. The line formed on
Fourth street , in front of the -masonic
temple. Dalboy's bund bad a place at
the head of the line , followed by the
llambcau club and a line of i2M ( ) torches.
Then cnmo the transparencies and a
long line of paradors , young nnd old.
blowing horns , pounding tin puns and
creating a hideous racket generally. A
shotgun club of sixty members added to
the din by the incessant discharge of
JlnmruiH. The huge canoe , built for .
campaign purposes , occupied a promi-
place in the procession. A figure roii-
' resenting Cleveland on hid way up Salt
river attracted much attention , as did
another of Cleveland in bed with his
bond bandaged and other indications.of
having sustained a complete knock-out. "
Ah immense crowd turned out to witness -
ness the demonstration. Many houses
were brilliantly illuminated. The af
fair wns a big one nild everybody en
joyed it , of
Illinois and Iowa boat soft coal , Clou-
ton , 10 ! Pearl-street ,
The Council Blulfs Lumber Co. want
yoto. \ try t > erne of their coal ,
Local Democratic Statesmen Bx-
prosa Tholr Viowa of the Defeat
Two IlroncliOA Mnko a Wild Tlun on
Broadway City Wnrrnnts Mining
Trnce of Ncoln'sSnfe mow
ers Tony'B Services.
How Do You Inko It ?
TIow do the leading democrats in tlio
Blulfs take it ? Kathor good naturedly
remarkably so in fact , in view of all
the circumstances. There is no doubt a
little sornnoss , but they come to the
front smiling some of the grins being
a little forced , to be sure. Among
them :
Joe Shea Harrison isgootl enough for
me. I am more of an American citizen
than I am a partisan.
Judge Kobiiisoii Go to , don t
talk to mo. Money buys votes. That's
Tom Bowman There hasn't boon any
election. It was a cyclone.
Hilly Thomas It suits mo , only I
didn't like to see Olovolann beaten.
Alderman Bellinger It was a sur
prise party. Hvon the republicans
didn't expect it. It has knocked mo
out of well , never mind. Le mo
nlnne for a week until I get over it.
.1. .1. Stewart , Esq. If you like it ,
the rest of us can stand it.
A. C. Graham I am satisfied to abldo
by the will of the majority. But it
hurts just the same.
Henry Elsomaiu It don't suit mo
very well , but I suppose I have to bo
Mayor IJohrer I shan't give it up
until I get the official returns from
Kane township.
Justice Biggs It is all for the best.
J. A. Murphy It was a perfect cy
clone , and the railroads are responsible
for it.
G. A. Holmes It's all right. Now , I
want you to have a majority in the
senate and house of representatives ;
then you will admit Dakota , Montana
nnd Idaho. Wo will then see how long
the west will support the high tariff on
everything they use.
Alderman Waterman You have it
all your own way now , but wo are not
dead yet.
Alderman Weaver Good ; it's all
right. You have everything , and I
suppose you are satisfied.
C. A. Hammei I am as happy as a
a a bird in a cage.
,1ohn Plumer Don't bother mo ; lot
me forgot my misery.
Alderman Lacy I like it first rate.
Now I can get oven with boino of of you
fellows. Stoadmnn lw promised mo
that Walter Smith and Milt Sears can
have mail lOUtcs. Klihu Myors wants
the postolllcc , but he can't liavo it. Per
haps I can get him in for janitor. That's
the best T can do for him. I'll bee that
all you fellows get somothing. I under
stand Phil Armour has been looking at
the building , but it's too big for linn.
S. B. Wadsworth But it'a a cold.cold
Bon Marks The people were notcdu-
cated in the questions at ihsun. That's
what's the matter with the whole busi
ness.N. T. Tibbitts The sorehead demo
crats couldn't steal enough under Cleve
land's administration , so they knifed
Judge .Tamos It's all right , only I
wish you had completely knocked out
the boodlers of the city.
Auditor Hendricks It is no longer a
"public trust : " it is a private snap.
Colonel Pusoy : It is one of those
political revolutions of which all repub
lican forms of government are subject.
If the house of representatives had ad
journed and let its members work their
districts we could have h eld the house.
Cleveland is more of a statesman than
a politician.
George Rudio : I nin't kicking. It's
all right. But it isn't true tbatl stood
in on my bets with both sides. I lost a
heap of money , so they say , but you bet ,
I didn't lose much of my own.
Dan Farrell : We got scooped clean
out , and it makes mo red headed.
John Churchill : It was the combina
tion in Now York that killed us. I
don't think I shall spend the winter in
California. The election returns don't
point that way.
John Ahlcs The defeat is the result
of lack of organmition and propsr edu-
cution in the principles at issue. The
people are learning. They are learn
ing fast , and you will see it after awhile.
If you want to borrow money , buy a
lot. house and lot , farm , or trade any
thing , boo A. A. Clark fc Co. , Broad
way and Main.
For bargains in real estate in any
part of the oity see F. J. Day , the lead
ing real oblate dealer.
See Forrest Smith's special column.
We have listed with us somocash nnd
few good farms to exchange for Coun
cil Bluffs property. A. A. Clark < fc Co. ,
Broadway and Main.
K. II. Shcafo loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All business strictly
confidential. Ollico fiOO Broadway , cor
ner Main btrcet , up stairs.
FI-H | ( Motor Into Omaha.
Yesterday afternoon a motor train
was run over the new bridge the first
one to cross. The party consisted of
members of the bridge company , beaded
by Manager Evans and accompanied by
number of prominent citizens and rep
resentatives of the press. There are
many little details of construction
which nro not complete and perfectly
adjusted , but the motor worked like a
charm. Its speed was regulated easily ,
the starts and stops wore quick and
smooth , and nil seemed delighted. It
is apparent that when everything is >
complete and in working order the
motor will win a popularity bordering
on enthusiasm.
The stop in Omaha wns brief. The
party wore there joined by Mr. Chnrles
L. Pullman , tne manufacturer of the
elegant cars used on the line , Mr.
Theodore P. Bailey , of Chicago , the
general agent of the Thomson Houston
Electric company , whoso system is
used on the motor line , Ben
Smith , W. C. Morse , Frnnk Murphy ,
.1. H. Millnrd and otluV well-known
Omaha gentlemen. The rjturn trip
was made at a rapid snood , especially
along Avenue A.
There was no little curiosity to BOO
liow the horses crosbing the bridge
would take to the now cnrs , with their
"no pushco" and only one "pullce. "
They seemed to take it rather moro
kindly than many predicted. A few
shlod and looked as if they wanted to
see some excuse for running , but most
the steeds'paid as little attention to
the cars as to nil ordinary street car. '
The date line not been decided upon
for the 'adoption of a schedule with reg
ular trips. Mr/ Pullman and Mr. Bailey
Imd a.long consultation with the .officers
of the company yesterday. The assur
ances nro given that the finishing
touches will bo nut on as rapidly ns pos
sible. The , public will not have many
days to wait before they can hnvc the
rcgulnr service.
Headquarters for stoves.
L it BUVANT , 613 Main st.
Dresses made Wool dresses $5 to JS ,
silks and plushes $ S to 910. Miss Sim
mons , over Liboraan's.
Ilnvo our wagon cnll for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
Saint Hernnril I'lnce.
I liavo a number of fine lots for sale
in the nbovo addition , located only two
blocks away from the street cars on
Broadway. These lots arc 50.\UoO feet ,
and nro' choice residence property.
They are high and drv and present a
commanding view , For full informa
tion regarding prices an < l terms apply
to J. G. Tipton , sole agent , 17 Broad
Two Ijlvrly Ilrnncliof.
A lively runaway took place on
Broadway yesterday between Ii2 and 1
o'clock , which came near resulting
fntnlly. Two boys by the name of
Woatherbco had tv pair of bronchos at
tached to an old pair of wheels and wore
attempting to drive them. The ani
mals becami excited ; and finally ran
away. They dashed up Broadway at a
terrible pace , narrowly missing several
buggies standing near the curbstone.
MI-H. .1. K. Motcalf was sitting in lier
buggy in front of Lont'/.ingor's bakery
as the frightened animals dashed along.
The runaway team collided with her
vehicle , one wheel running over the
buggy beat and the axle caught the as
tonished woman acrois the throat witn
a force nearly biitlicicnt to nnjoint her
neck. The obstruction proved too much
for the harness , and tlio wagon stopped
while the bronchos continued their
Ilight. Mrs. Motcalf was loft in a very
awkward as well as painful predica
ment. The axle was lying across her
throat and she was perfectly helpless.
Several men who witnessed the acci
dent hastened to remove the weight ,
but the woman was insensible. She was
taken into Do Haven's drug store and
medical assistance summoned. It was
over nu hour before she could be taiteii
Her cscaiH ) from death was almost
miraculous , and it will bo some time
before she recovers from her unpleasant
experience. The boys escaped unin
jured and the bronchos will probably be
till riirht when they are found.
Weather stripsntChnpinnn'snrt store.
Wo do not intend to indorse any except arti
cles of mrril , liut wo take pleasure iu referring
to the "Garland Stoves and HaiiKts. whoie
superiority la too well established to bo culled
in question. They are bi-lleved to bo uii'iiuuU-il
bj-utivln the world. Sold exclusively by r. 0.
llo Vol.
Mixed pickles in" bull : at N. I. Tib-
bitts , 845 Broadway.
Wo havebomo choice in
- bomo bargains bottom
tom property listed with us by parties
who say they must have money. A. A.
Clark < ! c Co. , Broadway and Main.
City Warrant *
The city warrants issued this month
nro selling at ! ) ! ) cents on the dollar.
This is an inci-e'iso of o cent- > over any
price paid for months. The
jump is due to the fact that all warrants
will bo called in January 1. In the
meantime the warrants draw 7 nor cent
interest. It is hoped that the price will
continuo to go up. Much inquiry is
made in eastern money markets as to
why the city scrip , or warrants on the
general fund are below par. while city
bonds sell at par , and it requires a great
deal of explanation. Last year the
building of the new fire house on Upper
Broadway and the purchase of the elephantine rJt
truck had depress t
phantine a tendency to
press the value of the warrants , and it
is quite probable that the building of
the now pest house and the contem
plated purchase of 1,000 feet of now hose
for the lire department will have a sim
ilar tendency. The reason is that these
largo warrants come in for payment in
order , the same as binnllcr ones , and
take out bo much money from the treas
ury that a largo number of smaller war
rants , which would otherwi&o be paid ,
nro not paid until several months later.
As a result buyers will not pay as much
as when there are no large warrants
outstanding , as they do not have to
carry them as long in the latter case.
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , cuffs and blurts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
E. II. Sbeafe it Co. make long or
hhort time loans on real estate , in sums
to suit , at Jowestratoof interest. OIHco
Broadway and Main btreot , upstairs.
Sec Forrest Smith's special column.
Dr. C. C. Ha/en , dentist , opera house
Itna landed.
About (5 ( o'clock last evening a terrific
explosion nnd bound of shattered glass
created quite an excitement at the cor
ner of Broadway and Pearl street. An
investigation revealed the fact that M.
B. Brown , local manager of the West
ern Union telegraph company , had loft
his shot-gun containing one loaded shell
on a table in the rear ollico. One of the
messengers saw the gun lying there ,
and began to examine it , as ho "didn't
know it was loaded. " The lirst thing
ho knew the weapon jumped backward ,
nearly wrenching his arms from the
sockets , and ho was almost stunned by
a trqmondouH explosion. The charge
wont through the window , bcattorlng
broken gla. s over hovoral passers-by on
the sidewalk , but luckily no ono was in :
jured. Tlio shot lodged against the
brick wall of the Kvorutt block on the
opposite side of Pearl street. Beyond a
broken window nnd a badly scared
youngster no damage was done. The l >
) oy will let guns alone in the future , [
and Mr. Brown will carefully extract all )
shells before leaving bis duck exter
minator on the shelf.
ci :
Money loaned at L. B , Crafts it Co.'s cih
onn otlice , on furniture , pianos , horses , ti
wagons , personal property of all kinds. tiv
and all other articles of value without fc '
removal. All business strictly confi fctl
The finish on our collars , cuffs and
shirts cannot bo equalled. Cuscudu tl"I
Laundry Co. k
J.G. Tipton has bargains in real estate. "I fc
We have no competitors ( n finishing dib
collars , cutTs and shirts , Cascade Laun b ;
dry Co. a i
The Ncoln Ilurelars. tiat
The team stolen at Noola a few nights atw
since wns found yesterday morning in n w
rnviu'o three miles southeast of the city , Ic
rjio thieves \v0ro evidently familiar 1 > <
with th < ) Coim'lry.a8 they came In over 11 ]
ho Gamer 'r.oid.nnd : then- drove w
iraughn nvd 'uOj.Jo 'bide' 'their , team. 01 >
L'he biggy top witu-badly'ijmaaued , Jiuv- 01d >
ing conic in contaetfwSt ) } a tree in driv
ing through the timber. Two men
wore arrested at N'cola. on suspicion of
being concerned in tLe robbery.
Money loaned on fUMilluro , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , bu , gits or anything
of value at low rnfrfo o | interest. No
publicity ; fair and Honorable dealing.
A. A. Clark & Co. , ( il ice cor. Broadway
and Main , over American express.
D S. B. Wadsworth it Coi loan money.
Tlie PoliitsofVlcty.
The following nnnouncomcnta nro
made of services in the several churches
of ( the city :
Congregational Services morning
and evening. Preaching by the pastor.
Morning subject : "Encouragement for
thtf Faithful.1' Evening : "True Suc
cess , " a sermon to young men. All nro
welcome to these services.
Bethany Baptist church , corner of
BltilT nnd Story streets Services nt
1)0 ( ) : : ) n. in. nnd 7:80 : p. m. Sunday
school at 8:0(1 : ( p. m. Pastor , Kov. E. N.
First Baptist church Preaching by
the pastor at 10:80 : a. m. and 7:80 : p. in.
Sermon in the evening to young men.
Sunday school at 112 in. Young people's
meeting (1:80 ( : p. in. All cordially wel
Presbyterian Preaching both morn
ing and evening by the pastor. The
evening sermon will bo specially to ,
and on behalf of , young men. Sabbath
school at 112 o'clock. Strangers and
others cordially invited.
Harmony Mibslon Hcv. J. Fisk will
conduct the services this ( lay at the
Harmony Mission at 8 o'clock p. m.
Sunday school at1 o'clock. Prayer
meeting Thursday at 7:80 : p. in. Sub
ject. Hebrews 112th chapter , 1st verso.
Broadway M. K. church Services at
10:80 : a. in. , and 7:8(1 : ( p. m. The pnstor ,
D. C. Franklin , will preach a sermon sit
the morning hour to young men. The
presiding elder will id-each at 7:80 : and
administer the sacrament of the Lord's
s\ippor. Love feast at ti p. in. in the
lecture room. The pastor will bo
pleased to greet all young men at the
morning service who are members of
other congregations in the rity. Gen
tlemanly uihers will give you a cordial
welcome , Come.
Saint Paul's church Divine service
to-day at 11 a. in. and 7:80 : p. m. Sun
day school , l:2:1o. : : Young men's Bible
class. 112.1) . The rector will preach in
the morning ; in the evening , addresses
by young men , members of the Brother
hood of Saint Andrew. Young men
and strangers always cordially welcomed
to these .services.
T. . ) . MAUICAY. Hector.
J. G. Tipton has some snaps for good
residence property on the installment
All persons interested in work among
young men , nro reriuestjd to meet in
.Saint Paul's church this evening , \vhcn
nddre--e-j will be made by laymen.mem
bers of the Brotherhood of Saint An
drew. All who desire to attend will lie
made welcome , especially young men.
T. J. MACK'AY , Hector.
Stranger Than fiction.
Chattanooga Times : The following
most remarkable story is furnished the
lluntsvillo Mercury by one of its re
liable correspondents , and present * a
case that will pu/.zle scientists no little :
A strange occurrence took place near
Lowrcy , Ala. , which I will not attempt
to J explain but give you the facts as they
are.A party of Birmingham capitalists ,
largely 1 interested in the minerals of
1t the"region and some prominent riilroiul
olticiuls were here on a tour of inspec
tion with tlio view of opening some beds
of iron ore and selecting the most prac
ticable route for the extension of the
new railway that leads up this valley.
This , indeed , seems to have been the
true battle grounds of the ( rods with
"Pclioii piled upon Ossa" to the utter
confusion of the geologists , who cannot
aceountfor red iron ore in one .side of a
mountain , brown on the other , with
veins of coal immediately underlying
the top on both bides , so it was de
termined to leave them out of the
party and carry along a practical man
fnmflinr with the formations peculiar to
this valley for all geological informa
tion necessary in making an approxi
mate estimate of the amount of solid
and loose rock so be encountered on the
extension. Accordingly an old fore
man , Mr. Mcrts , who had been in the
valley on the now road since April , and
had also had large experience in railroading
reading in tlio west , was selected. IIo
was an intelligent , sober and industri
ous man , who regularly once a month
bent the greater part of his earnings to
his wife and children in Kansas. He
gave his opinions only after the most
careful examinations , and the gentle
men had implicit confidence as to their
accuracy. The party reached a perpen
dicular bluff about liftocn fcot high
when Mr. Mcrts climbed down to a
ledge about six feet from the top and
with his hammer was investigating the
character of stones and its probable
thickness. The gentlemen above
heard several blows from his hammer ,
then apparently a quantity of lapse
rocks falling and immediately a terrille
explosion. The wore all considerably
shocked but not otherwise hurt ,
itnd at once wont to the edge of
the precipice where they detected the
strong odor of dynamite , but to their
i-onstoi-iiatioii could see nothing of Mr.
Morts. After n careful search gome
small pieces of his clothing were found
hanging in a tree about thirty feet from
the ground , but that was all. Tlio ques
tion for the hctcntibts to settle is what
caused the explosion. A number of
people from Birmingham have visited
the place , but I have heard only one
plausible theory , and that was advanced
by Mr. Schultx , u scientist. It is known
liositivoly that Mr. Mori * had no dynamite -
mite with him , and Mr' Hliultx. says the
mly possible way to account for the ex
plosion is that he hud cpnstantly for a
number of years booij Handling dyna
mite and nitro-glyijoriup , and that bo
much had been taken -into his system
y absorption that it trow only necessary
or him to receive it slight jar to set it
ir , which was done when he struck the
ground on falling froni the ledge.
AVhothor his btory , is- true or not I
an't say , but give the facts as they
uipponed , and 1)103 ) * can bo substan
tiated by a number of citizens in this
rlcinity and Uirmingba'm , who will in-
'orm you if there is any moro light on
ho subject. Very repiptfully } ,
i' < MVJ > Ult Jt-'DSON.
Gail the KtudcntM Vote ?
Forty-two students of the Union Theo-
ogical seminary , Now York City ,
igainst whom indictments wore founder
or illegal registration , were at the
listrlct attorney's olllce. accompanied
y President Hastings , of the boininury *
ind Lawyer Kingsloj- , They appeared
response to a request from the dis-
rict attorney. The view of the district
literacy's ' ollico as to their right to Vote
TUB explained to them and they wcro
old that they would bo chtil-
onged if they attempted to do-
OHit their ballots , , and that they
mist answer to their own consciences ,
vbon thoyswenr In their voteaywhoihur.
r not they nro , in the legal . > > c.Bi-
louts ol the district. * Tb'u li > al , pre
sumption , they were Informed , is
against their ripht , nnd thoymtist over
come this in Mine vmy. They nppetvr
ns registered from n "seminary of
of loarnjng'1 as students , nnd this raises
the presumption against thotn. They
must show that they have acquired'a
domicile hero independently of their
being students.
Corporation Council Beckiiinn has nd-
viscd the police commissioners that the
intrnt governs the students' right to
vote in New York City. He says there
is nothing to prevent such students
from adopting Now York City ns their
residence , as well ns their place of edu
cating. If they adopt it in good faith
they are entitled to vote there.
A Day AlioAil.
Detroit Free Press : IIo wns leaning
up against the City hall fence , and ns a
knot of men near him began to talk
politics he roused up and inquired :
"Shomtlen , who's 'lectcdV '
"Nobody yet , " replied one.
"Hain't we had leckshun yet' ; * "
"No it is "
, to-morrow.
"Hooruv ! Didn't know but leckbhum
had got ahead of mo ! "
"Who's "
your candidntnV"
"Whober my candidate ? SlnMiitlen
that's a solemn question very solemn.
Do I look like or man who'd vote toer
pludgo nhis country into or bank
ruptcy'1 : *
"No. "
"Never ! I'd die first ! Do 1 or re
semble a man who'd vote to enslave er
people1 !
"No. "
"Never ! Zhe dear people ! Give mo
liberty or death ! Shemlon , do I er re
semble a man who wants er break up
xliis glorious union ? ' '
"No. "
"Never ! Give ' mo or union or give
me or death. Whoser my candidate ? "
"Yes. "
"Shomlen , have I been asked to er
take a xhrinfe ? No ! Never ? Has or
anyone taken me by er arm nnd led mete
to er place of sin and asked mo to
bhmoko or imbibe ? No ! Not one !
Has any one lent me a quarter ? No !
Has er any one spoke kind words to me ?
Not a slioul ! Whobor my candidate ?
Shemlon , go to er Halifax ! ' '
Fcr a Short T ma I Will Offer
In 1'crry .Mlilltlon In Counrll lllulla on ttie fol
lowing Terms :
Inslili- Lots on Ave. A. . . * . 'IK )
Ir.sUla Poison Avu. I ! . . MK1
Inslilu LotHOli Ave. ( . ' . . . 4W
Inililv Lot ) ) mi First Ave. . . tW )
lusulo Lots oil S-M'omt Ave. . MX )
Inside Lots on Third Avc MK )
Inslilt ! l.otHun N. Sliln I'rmrtli Avt > 4M
Inside Lots on S. Side Fourth Ave . . . 1(1) ( )
{ * T"A111 orner l.otH * , il.Mon- .
TiitMS : ( Ini'-ti'iitli cash , biiliu.o In nine annual
optional payments , \\ltu h per cent In-
ttrest. payable anminlly. Will Klve con-
tiiid for \\mranty decil mid furnish ob
struct "bun lully paid.
w. SIII : > I.VTOB ; F ,
No. North Main St . ( "ouurii HUilTis la.
1IRY < V.\T & OljAUK'H
SO AcJlKS 01- '
Telephone Ktt. No. 0 Main Street.
SI'KCIAI.ftdvertlsqments.BUchns Lost , Found ,
To Loan. For Sale. To Kent. Wants ,
Ing , etc. , will 1)0 Inserted In this roluinn at the
low rate nt TB.V CUNTS PEIl UNH for the first
Insertion nud Five Cents I'er for each nub-
Berjupnt Insertion. I.eavo advertisements nt
our olHco , No. K Pearl Street , near Broadway ,
Council Hind's low.i.
TXTANTIID Apprentice girls nnd llvo experT -
T t fenced dress milkers. U. 0. Nichols , iUC
WANTKH A girl for Keni'rul housework at
K. C. House , 1'iUJ Main at.
FOK KENT An K loom brick house , In a line
locality , \\lth all modern Improvement * , for
rent cheap , r. .1. Day , 38 Pearl st.
Dltl'CJ Stock for Sale Cheap or will trade lor
Council IllulTH property. Address or cull on
Mario. Haas & Co. . Council Illulls. in.
/1HO10K furnlHhed rooms , heated by furnace.
V SMIUIUTVH houth fiom llroadway ; location
llrst-clasx ; to d board convenient : references
reiiulred. Apply 71(1 ( Willow nvc. , between 7lh
and Ktn. W.I ) . NVIrt.
| jUK ) SAM-Or ! l chanue A jiooil Krain ole-
Jvalor ! In an Iowa town , to sell or trade for
farm land. Jonnston iV Vim 1'atten , Counrll
lllullH , In.
AI'CTION Sale At Iffi Main St. , Monday. Nov.
Int 10 o'clock a. in , 1ill bell the house
hold piopeityutid olllce furniture of the Into J.
II , Iurroiif'liH ! , deceased : nlso , a quantity of
bookx and clothln ? . Sale absolute. Terms ,
cash. 1) . C. Illoomer , executor.
WANTKU Two BontleiiU'ii boarders , or man
and wife ; private family ; tlxu inlnuteH
\\n\k \ from ] ' . O. HefereiK o < rvijiilrcd. K H llee
ollice.WANTliD A youiiK man to attend Maine
and do other work , Horace Kvcrett.
FOH HUNTFurnlHhed house , ! l rooms , city
untci. Tini'o blocks Irom dummy depot nml
niotoi line. Address II : ! , lleeolllio.
TlTANTHD-Miittnvmnakerh nt C. A. lleubo
T T & Co'o.
TCi : for sale In car load lots. Mulhollaiid & Co.
FOU HINT : Furnished front room , for JJI-H.
tlemen. L"ilN. Second .street.
1JV ) | { IlKNT Seven-loom cottnee. on the cor-
13 nerof ! Jd iivo. and litli HI. W. C. James.
TI10H HUNT A larno number of K" ° < 1 < lwell-
JL1 Inf. " * . Call and examine list , 1C. II , Sheaf e
&Co. , llroadway and Main St. , up stair * .
A now addition , less than li mile north of Oe
llroadway. llunkeiu , merchants , profosnlonul wJI
men , meclnuilcd , working-men nnd everybody on
can make money faster by buying In Charltoii bei
than In any other portion of the New Council tic ]
llluiru These lots will be hold at fiom lir.Uto Th
f'jiXJ each. Omi-HUth cash , balance in monthly
payment * at 8 per cent Interest , Cull and get
your choice.
rOU lIUNT-irouseof 7-rooms. closets. pMitry.
cellar , city water , etc. No. too 7th
rOH8AU5I.otMxl1ornerof ) ave. AnndlSth Tl
HI. Only tin ) , IIUO cash , remainder
In one and two yuan at H per cent.
roil BALK * ) acrro of the best Hardening laud. TlI
on the best road runnlni ; into Conn *
. . . cil lluirs.aud | Omaha. Just east of I
thin city. . Will muke you uny terms
you want If you wro able to improve
'It at oliee. If you .want a garden
. . ' . UiW U ttye land you want. J'rlce ,
, { loom < , ' 8rd Floor , Uiv > -
' " '
. . "i. ' '
Council Bluffs Carpet Co :
Ladies' and Children's Underwear 20 Per Cent. Discount
This Week.
We Will C'loc Out Uulaiifc of
At 30 Per Cent Discount.
New Stock of Ladies' and Children's GOSSAMERS , that will
be sold cheap.
GoodSeltctions in all Departments.
On the following railroads :
Chicago & Northwestern.
Chicago , Burlington & Quincy.
Chicago , Rock Island & Pacitc and
Union Pacifc.
Don't wait to buy at second hand , but buy now of the owners.
Residence lots in the best additions in the city.
Don't fail in call and see if you want lo buy.
CT" .
Especially Adapted tot
POWER , Mills and Elevators ,
peculations and estimates furnished for complete steam plant" . ItfKulatlon , Durability Ounr-
Dtecd. Can show letters Wom iiaern where fuel Kronomy ( s equal with CorllxH N in-L'ouilotutlng.
E. C. HARRIS , Agen't.
Sand for Catalogue. No. fIO 1'etirl Street , Council Hlulls.
Set and Parlor Set
Jommonclnur Monday , Nov. 12th.
Ill purchasers of Dry Goods , f lotblntf and
nttr FurnlbhlnK ( looilH amounting to
II receive a ticket eutltllnt ; them to a chance
either n line parlor or bedroom tct. llemem-
r. goods are marked lower than ever , and u
ket jzoes with every dollar's worth purchased.
o beautiful prizes can bo seen at the store ,
FRIGS $15.
Is equal t3
any High
lioKdlioo > llmeo < [ dplii the Ictt oppiraUi for
iiroWlnif , autoimpio ) unit type wrlllov work.
coplci i n be t H'n.
Tip Excelsier Cc , , Council Bluffir , .h.
lfil-1 Dnitglau Ht , , OiimUa , Neb ,
S , STEWART , M , D , , D , V , M , ,
Telephone No.05. .
Council Ulucru , Iowa.