Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 11, 1888, Part II, Page 11, Image 11

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HEYMAN & DEICHES , 1518-1520 Farnam St.
Cloak , Suit and -Tnr Hoiise In tlie
The success of our
Ispecialsale on Dresses
[ for the past week , has
warranted us to con
tinue this sale another -
[ er week.
Look in our windows
[ for prices.
Cloaks and Wraps
Newmarkets , Jackets ,
Ulsters , etc. We offer
A Mnn With the Kindliest of Hu
man Impulses.
How lie Should lie Treated liy Men
und Women of All GlnHscn and
Condition * ! of Mfe
Don't Don't.
Tfics N'oWH Gatherer.
Reader What uro jouV Arc you a
hanker or a pauper , a merchant or n
MileMimn , a manufacturer or n
mechanic , n lawyer or a doctor , a po-
licomnn or a criminal , a Knicht of
Labor or an anarchibt ? If you are ,
have you over been approached by n
mock , mild-eyed reporter , who politely
asks you for an item , only to bo grullly
repulsed ? If bo , don't do it again , but
repent , for if you'ro ' not roasted in the
next world you will bo in this. When
he asks you about the looses your bank
has sustained , or the amount you have
invested in slinky enterprises , don't
misrepresent facts to him , becaiibo he
hn : no intention of crying down your
credit. Ho is only obeying the orders
of bin chief , and if you tell him the
truth ho may contribute his hitrd-
earned money "to liolp you out. If you
arc a pauper , and ho wants to know-
how you make a living on nothing a
day , it isn't to inform the police , but
only to net pointers on a special ho haste
to write , and , perhaps , when he is
through he'll give you a quarter and
charge it to ' 'car faro. " Then he'll put
you in print , but it won't be in the po-
.1 0 report , and if you ever get the
paper it will contain homo valuable
pointers lie made up himself , and will
toll you how ho would do if ho was in
your place. Ho has no designs to ro-
venl trade secrets to a rival merchant ,
when ho interviews him , and he only
vrantH to sco that clerks get shorter
houi'H than his own , which are sixteen
a day.
The manufacturer need have no fear
that lie will endeavor to stir up the me
chanics tc strike because he asks him
how much nor cent ho makes on a day's
labor. Ho is only preparing an article
on free trade and protection. When he
asks a mechanic how much he makes in
a 'ay , how much of it he spends in beer ,
ho'v much it costs to live and how much
ho puts in the bank , it is because ho is
a friend and would like to see him got
ten hours' pay for eight hours' work ,
and not because ho wants to give it
away to the boss and have the wages re
duced. Ho never thinks of giving
pointers to the other side when he asks
a lawyer for particulars in a law suit ,
and is without guile when no asks a
doctor how ho managed to put seven
teen Htlchcs in a cut on a man's head
made with a beer glass ,
Nothing could bo further from
I is thoughts than the idea of
givinp a criminal the tip when
ho asks a policeman on the quiet
to toll him confidentially the last news
from the station , und if the criminal js
caught , he does not interview him with
the intention of wringing a confession
from him. lie only wants to present
the best points of hin case to his intelli
gent countrymen so that tho.v will know
bow to net when they go on the jury.
When the Knights of Labor catch
him listening at the key hole , ho should
bo treated gently because l o is not try
ing to learn the grip or pass-words. Jf
he bo n morning paper man , ho has al
ready learned all about a "night of labor
bor/ ' and ho is only trying to help thorn
Anarchists should look on him as a
friend , when they ilml him taking notes
at their meetings , for without him the
effect of at least one-half of their most
eloquent speeches would bo lost in the
nearest beer hull. Ho is one of the few
that appreciate their greatness. Ho
rocogni/08 the fact that there .aro
wrongs to bo righted , that one-half , or
more , of the human family uro down
trodden blavos , and ho looks upon
them as the other half , or less ,
and bo makes a duty of the
pleasure it gives him to let the
> biggest half know of how much the llt-
t tlo half is doing for thorn , and the way
' they are going to do it.
ISO , reader , the reporter is a friend of
all man and women too , and , when next
he calls on you. treat him kindly , for ho
once had friends , and you never know
how ho came to bo a reporter. No , you
never saw him wrestling with his first
item never saw him consulting a dic
tionary to tlnd the most bciuntillu words
with which to explain in a column ar
ticle how John Smith broke his log , and
you never saw him search almost in
vain for the article , next morning , and
find it cut down to a couple of linos.
You can't understand what it is to hear
the city editor nay , "Too much gush , "
AS ho draws his pencil through the
choicest purugrujis of a description of
your best girl's bister's wedding , which
you hud shown the whole family before
handing In the "copy. " Neither huvo
you heard him say , "Wo don't give free
advertising , " when ho throws into the
wast basket an account of the opening
Of a new jewelry or clothing store.
No , reader , unless you're a reporter
you don't know what it is.
Then , the reporter has other things
to render life miserable , and as you
read , think it over and boo if you nro
the cause. If you are the Main Guy of
nil Odd Fellow , Knights of } Jythius or
pther secret society demonstration , and
the latest novelties for
ladies' , misses and
children , at prices
that defy competition.
FI ]
Seal skin cl'ks fur lined
circulars , fur collars ,
and. cuffs , muffs , boas ,
robes , sealskin hats ,
caras for ladies and
think the success or failure of a whole
convention rests on you , don't use tlit
reporter harshly when ho comes to set
you. Don't say you wish there wasn'1
one within a mile of you , because , il
you had your wish , you wouldn't HOC
anything about yourself and brethren
in the next issue. IJosidos , that re
porter may have boon waiting wenrilj
lor you to come out and toll him in r
word facts that would help him out.
If you are a traveling man ,
don't snatch away the hotel reg
ister when you see a roportot
scanning the pages for the names ol
the now arrivals , because if you want
to know about any particular person ,
the clerk can always tell you. Other
wise you will deprive him of minutes
that arc sometimes as valuable a <
hours. If you are on his accustomed
"run" don't look glum and rofuao tc
talk because he doesn't fully appreciate
your latest good story , for that story
might not look vyoll in print and he
may bo too hurried to think about any
thing except business. And then
it might be , as in one exceptional case ,
that he was culled to attend a hanging
in the morning , and a wedding at noon ,
and had a speaking acquaintance with
both the victims ; but oven if it were
not o bad as that , bo often 1ms his
nerves unstrung by minor appointments
or want of sleep.
If you are a leader in society , and are
called upon by name for some trilling
information about your "At Homo , " remember -
member that be is a gontlpman. Don't
give him a cold reception in the corri
dor , and treat him like a mere hireling ,
but use him as his position deserves.
You know you would never forgive the
paper if your reception wore slighted ,
and you know also that his report far
more than repays any little courtesy
extended to him as an'equal.
Ladies , you are accountable for many
of the little libs that are charged to
tno reporter. 13ut ho doesn't blame
you for them. So , forgive him when he
can't keep his promise , and devote a
column to your church sociable ? or your
charity fair. Ho meant well when he
promised to give your department a spe
cial notice , and ho blushed inwardly as
ho told you about the amount of space
ho was going to give you in the morn
ing. But , ho lost sight of the fact that
the order from the olllco was to "boil
that down to a stick. "
. If you are a pastor , a deacon , an older
or any other church olllcial , don't look
at him coldly when bo asks for informa
tion about your church. Don't meet him
with a chilly , disdainful smile , as though
you know thcollico had sent the poorest
reporter on the stall' to do your meet
ings , for it makes him think of Phar
isees , Sudducecs and lots of other bibli
cal personages. lie knows that ho can
only contribute a nickel to the collec
tion , but be doesn't want you to act as if
you know it , and while you are answer
ing the few questions be may nsk to
talk to half do/en more opulent mem
bers at the same timo.
If you are a church member , treat him
like a follow being at your meetings and
sociables. Don't bond in front of him
or over him to make him feel an outcast ,
while you are exchanging compliments
with people all around him. It makes
him think that you rccogni/.o him as a
stranger , and that Ins only mission in
life is to toll how much you have done
for the church and how highly you
stand in the estimation of the rostoi the
congregation. And you should remem
ber , too , that while you or your pastor
preach to hundreds , ho preaches to
thousands ; that while your mind
is wandering on a thousand
things not in the sermon ,
ho is following it carefully , and select
ing the choicest portions to scatter
broadcast throughout the country.
Don't wonder that ho is not an active
member of your church. You don't
know what il is to listen to the doctrine
of "Saved by Faith" at the morning
service , and then , an hour later , hear
that "Faith without work is dead , "
only to have your ideas totally upset
wild n you nre sent to do n sermon on
IJnivorsulism , where all are saved.
Then you learn that "as the tree falls
so it lies , " while others toll you with
equal positive-ness that there is a
place for repentance in another
world. Some are satisfied if
you are Impti/.od in infancy
but others want you to wait until you
nro grown up. The infidel denies that
there is any future state , and the
spiritualist calls up your deceased an
cestors to prove that there is , while an
other creed tolls you the religion for the
day is a religion of this world , and that
the future can take care of itself. The
reporter takes it all in. No theologian
could listen to so varied a course of
lectures without being strangely af
fected , and the reporter isn't even a
theologian , Besides , there are very
many little incidents that he has to
unearth that not only tend to shako
his belief in the faith of his
childhood , but in mankind gen
erally. Homes ruined , fortunes
scattered , trusts betrayed , all come his
way in the day's round-up , and too
often nro coupled with them , the names
of professors of religion and of light.
You don't know the chances a re
porter takes , the trials he endures to
furnish the news you carelessly glance
over. You don't ' know what it is to belying
lying around a police station all night ,
listening to the vllo language of the old-
time toughs , who pride themselves on
their toughness. You don't know what
it IB to follow a policeman out at the
"hour when graveyards yawn" to gaze
on the victim of. tragedy , and shiver
ua gruesome visions float bo-
fora you , when some belated
fellno sings a death song
near by , vyhilo the policeman is slowly
tucking or unlocking the doors. No ,
you don't. ' And you don't kno > v what it
gentlemen. Seal gar
ments repaired at
short notice.
In this department
we offer many extra
inducements this week
of all goods necessary
for complete mourning
is to stand like John Fincrty , of Chi
eago , the last man to leave a battle Huh
where the Indians wore victorious ; o :
like Stanley , plunge into the heart o
unknown Africa : or like Hyan , who los
his life while newsguthcring in tin
bliy/nrd in New York lust spring. Yoi
don't oven know the name , much los
the feelings , of the other New York re
porter who jumped from the rait of at
ocean stonmer at midnight and riskei'
his life in swimming to a tug
in order to bring ashore un
portant news for his paper , whet
the captain would allow no out
to leave the vessel. You don't knov
the names nor the number of thosi
whose bones lie blenching on every bat
tlelleld under the sun ; and in ever' '
clime , in order tliat yon might read tin
latest news. And yet they've done it
and seine of those who call on you nov
may have to do the same tiling. Thinl
of it , and when next they call , use then
like men they nro. and not like tin
inacliihes you' consider them , and , per
haps , when the copy for your life's ful
report is handed in at last , the Greu
l ditor may suppress an item that wouk
go against yon because "Ye have dent
it to the least of these. "
S. K. Pi
Out .JiiBt , Two Dollars.
Chicago Herald : A seedy-looking mm
bar-room the othei
entered an up-town -
evening , says Mr. Ciruiidy. In his hand
ho carried a handsome Malacca walk
ing cane , with a heavy oxidi/.ed silvoi
head. " "Exouso me. gentlemen , " In :
saidas he approached a number of well-
dressed men standing at the bar , but do
any of you wish tobnya line stick ? Thic
is a remnant of other days. , when I was
happy and rich. ' ' and ho chocked down
a huge sob. "I wonldn t think of sell
ing this little rolie if I wasn't in need
of bread. The pawnbroker around the
corner ottered mo oO cents on it , but
that isn't enough for my immediate
wants. Porhap.5 one of you gentlemen
would like to have it for SH.oOV"
The cane was handed around , and n
man who seemed interested in the un
fortunate bought it from him for $2.
While the men were discussing the
bargain their friend had made a stranger
entered. He was of line appearance ,
gentlemanly bearing , and looked 15kp a
wealthy clubinun. After taking a drink
ho walked up and down the room a few
times. At last , as he casually approached
preached the group at the bar , bo sud
denly started back , then hurried for
ward and grasped the canu.
"Why. why , " he ejaculated In sur
prise , "I never thought I should see this
again. "
The man who had just bought the
cano turned around in amazement when
ho saw the man lay hands on his prop
erty. "What do you mean , sir ? " said
he ; "that's my stick. "
"You must be lubori'ipr under a delu
sion , my dear sir1 replied the courteous
stranger in a wonderfully suave tone of
voice. "I would know this cano in a
thousand and couldn't be mistaken.
My friend , Tom Ochiltrco. brought it
from London the last time ho was there
and presented it to mo. 1 wouldn't
have lost it for all the world. 1 ran
prove it is my property , for by touching
this spring the head opens and discloses
a match safe. "
It was just as the stranger described.
The man who had paid the $2 looked
rather crest-fallen as ho explained how
the stick had come into his possession.
'Was the fellow who sold it to you a
tall , spare , semi-genteel chap ? ' ' asked
the stranger.
"Yes , ' ' doplied the man.
' Just as 1 thought , " responded thp
stranger. "I employed that fellow as
my valet just out of charity , and this is
the way he has repaid mo. I'm awfully
much obliged to yon for aiding me in
recovering the canu , " and the handsome
stranger bowed himself out.
The stranger mot the seedy-looking
man around the corner and they
whacked up the $2.
I-Ycncli Canadians.
American Magazine : Who then need
wonder at the prediction of un able Now
England .statistician , that before the
end of the first quarter of the next cen
tury that the French Canadians in the
Now England stales will outnumber the
Anglo-Saxon population. Why , wo
have in them already considerably more
than England conquered in Canada ,
with thousands coining yearly from
Quebec to join them. With such extra
ordinary progress achieved under so
many disadvantages , the above pre
diction is fur from improbable. The
social philosopher and American
can tlnd abundant food for specula
tion in the fact that against the Yan
kee family of one or two children , and
often none , the French Canadian will
count his Hock of from half a do/.on to u
Jo/on and a half. And the Anglo-Saxon
will doubtless continue to "go west" tea
a largo extent , while the French Cnn-
tidlnn will probably maintain and in
crease the movement to the southeast ,
So wo shall have history repeating
itself. Wo shall BOO the Normans over
running and taking possession of nn-
Dtln-r Knglund by the worthy and bo-
noliout arts of ponce , and the judicious
umjilnymcut of manners and powers
which have enabled this people , from
insignificant beginnings , under most
unfavorable and discouraging circum
stances , to build one vigorous state in
North America within a century , and
thou undertake the rapid formation of
.mother ,
Mr. Jefferson is now playing neb Acres
it the Fifth Avenue theater , Now Yorlf.with
Mra. Drew us Mrs. Mftlaiirop and Mr. John
Sllbert a * Sir Anthony Absolute. It Is sixty
years since Mrs. Drew flint aupcared on aNew
Now York stage , and .yet us Mrs. Mulnprop
: ho other ovunTnj ? slio had the brilliancy und
rlvuclty of young , coiuuiamllmf woumnuooU ,
A full line of black ,
white and ecru Lace
Flouncings , and point
d' esprit net , in stripes
and dots , at the low
est prices ever offered.
They are perfect goods
Come and examine
TI1I > lIMMMr IT f AI I\P\T P * TP
Along the Picturesque Mouutai
Trail to Bolonas.
Cows llliliiiK Their CalvrH Up tin
Steep Ascent Tlio IliMlwooil
CreekA hourly Miner
Smibiillto Kerry.
Kxciises For Doilulnn Pu'y.
SAX FitAxi-isuo , Nov. ( ! . [ Spocia
Correspondence of TllK BKK. ] I am :
good enough republican , 1 suppose , bu
I never can got enthusiastic over oui
California election. Tlio railway met
of the Southern Pacific and the Centra
are sucli enthusiastic , republicans , am
are so y.eulous for the cause that theii
y.cul c'ools olT my fervor. I would tun
democrat only there again I am con
fronted by a lot of Missourians from
1'iko county , who are so secessionist ii ;
feeling that they arouse in mo a strong
antagonism. It seems to me that with
other people the hatred of the r.illw.iya
is stronger than the disliljo to the Pikes ,
and I am satisfied that sooner or later
my state will bo solidly democratic.
And this in spite of the immense uuin-
beis of northern men who have Hocked
into California , and who have done so
much to develop its foremost industries.
But they have all fclt..thc iron heel of
railroad despotism , lind uro gradually
yielding to the conviction that the only
remedy for our wets is a1 thorough as
sertion of state right doctrines includ
ing state ownership of Railroads as pub
lic highways. Lot mo oi'to a little in
stance. A friend of mine has a vineyard -
yard about twelve miles from Martinez ,
and his vines lie upon the northern
slopes of a foothill of onto Diablo ,
He raises white muscat table grapes. .
and has always a good sale for them in
San Francisco. In an evil hour ho sent
them to Chicago par the Central Pa
cific , and though the grapes fetched an
excellent price , his return was just half
a cent per pound , the railroad getting
10c } per pound for the transportation.
I have seen some mad men , but I never
did see a madder man than my friend.
For these reasons upon election day I
leave the busy haunts of men and bo-
tuke mo to the comfortublo face of na
ture , and thousands of other men do the
sumo thing. The 'Friscans delight in
jaunts nnd every lather of a family
must tuko his little Hock somewhere on
a Sunday or there would be a muttorinir
of divorce thunder in the circumam
bient air. Wo have in tlio neighbor
hood of 'Frisco many scores of places of
the most exquisite beauty within the
compass of a few hours' traveling , and
bomo of these can bo ranched by little
steamboats that navigate our lovely
bay , and some are accessibleby rail
road , and some can only bo got at on
horseback or in a buggy. It is my
practice to chose a stroll , which can
only bo compassed by a stout pair of
ogs , which the native Culifornians cull
ho couch of Sun Francisco , in allusion
o the saint , not our beloved city. I
huvo a passion for the Coast range of
mountains , believing it to bo infinitely
more picturesque than the overrated
Yoscmito valley , which may DO sublime ,
though I doubt it. Consequently , when
ever anything transpires which puts
mo past my patience , I make u practice
of scaling these mountains , which uro
about two thousand feet high , and will Ic
ing along the crest to some little place
in the vicinity.
My fuvorito tramp is in Matin
county , which Is that part
of tho' state between San Francisco buy
und the Paul 11 o ocean , on the north side
of the Golden Gate.Tho city of Frisco
is on tlio south side , but f.ho Const range
dwindles very much in the neighbor
hood of Frisco , so > that one does not
strike any part very bountiful until ono
reaches the oldest reservoir of the
Spring Valley Water company. It is
different on the north side , for the
Const range towers nimnxt immediately
to its full height on [ Mount Tumulpais ,
which is about 2,050 , feet. All eleva
tions in mountain rapges that rise su
perior to the chain are at right angles
to it , connected by rocky ramparts or
spurs as geographers term thorn , This
peculiarity has the rbsult of creating in
the Coast range a series of the most ex
quisite little valleys , each one of which
has its own little stream , which wan
ders according to location either tow
ards the Pacific ocean or towards San
Francisco buy. These miniature rivers
rise from the mountain , wander down
its sides , murmur through some valley ,
and full into tlio ocean within the com
pass of it dozen miles , On the eastern
side of each rampart of rock nnd on the
eastern side of the Coast range for ICO
miles the redwood trees rise in un-
mutchablo beauty Into the blue air. On
the other side towards the sou , und
within the valleys also no trees grow ,
but the slopes are covered with a soft
carpet of thick native grass. Why this
is so I cannot suy. The Friscans worn
intensely surprised to find stated In the
Encyclopedia Driiannica .tnut thu
We have special in-
fants'outfitand mourn
ing department.
Mail orders filled
with promptness.
Complete lines. Novel
ties in Silk Umbrellas.
A. beautiful assortment
3f embroidered flannel
waists and shirts.
sequoia grow upon the seaward slopes
which is absolutely false. I don't thin
much of that work as regards Amoricti
and I think it will bo foum
incorrect in many other mutter
besides the sequoia's habitat.
' - ' . .
TllK SAt's-AUTO ri'.llKY.
At the foot of Market street is th
great Oakland fc'-ry , and beside it i
the humble ferry house for the boat ti
Suusuhto , where travelers who an
going northward into tlio Hedwooi
country Und the stage. The SiiusahU
bout crosses the Golden Gate and there
fore the passengers have a splondii
will , but they are so accustomed to i
that instead of ga/.ing out towards tin
ocean they all hug the gunwale on thi
side towards Alcatraz , a rock that ha
been turned into a picayune fortress
chiolly celebrated for n lawn tuiinii
ground that has been constructed undo
the greatest ditllculties by the garrlsoi
for the benefit of the olllcersund the !
lady friends. As the bout cuts gayl ;
through the blue waters , which is % 'rot <
snrkastical" as Artemus Ward e.\pressc <
it , for it rolls like a porpoise , uvorj
little while the round head of : i sea
rises to the surface. These creature *
belong to Seal Hocks ut Sutra's Clil
house , und uro protected by n city ordi
nance to the great grief of the Italian
and Chinese fishermen who eompltiir
that the seals get more than their fail
share of the tish. There are plenty o
gulls , but the most conspicuous birds
are the divers that dive at a Hash , hit
are killed all the sumo by the Murit
county hunters for the sake of theii
beautiful skins , which are often
by ladies for fur trimmings. Arrivei
at Suusulito the passengers by the stugt
wait around und grumble at the doltiy
while the hardy pedestrian takes tin
road and in twenty minutes is on tht
great downs of Marin county , wbici
huvo been utili/.ed us dairy farms , fur
nishing Frisco's choicest milk ant
butter.COWS HIDING Til Kill CATAT.P.
These great grassy slopes are enam
oiled with flowers , some of which art
in bloom the year round. .A } present
the chief attractions are coral-rod
briony , the white , hyacinth-like llowoi
of the soap plant , beloved by Culifornin
dames , and small irises rising iron :
bulbs , not from a rhizome. Having
gone tit once for the crest I see far below
mo the white road of the Bolonus stage ,
which traverses these downs nlso , and
if 1 hud a telescope I might possibly sec
the Holding stage itself , which is the
most dreadful combination of wood and
leather und rickotty wheels over put to
gether. Nothing redeems it save the , which are excellent goers. Sud
denly , as I turn a point , I eomo across a
calf' hidden in a depression of the
ground. Tlio little thing is curled up
and looks ut me with imploring eyes ,
but mukes no elTort to got up. Its
mother has hidden it there with the
strictest injunction not to stray away.
The dairy farmers want milk not calves ,
so they kill ! )0 ) per cent and feed the
Hcsh to'thp hogs. The poor mothers , in
grout straits , have adopted a plan of
hiding their young , in hopes of saving
their lives. They lind depressions in
the ground which conceal the little ono
perfectly until one comes within a dozen
feet of it , and then they join the herd
and grac.o us assiduously as the others ,
boiling to evade the lynx-eyes til the
cowboys. The strangest thing is the
perfect obedience of the calfwhich can
not b/s induced to leave the spot where
it was placed by its mother , i often , in
my tramps , huvo como upon a stowaway ,
and though its heart beat with madden
ing fear , it never attempted to getaway
away , but simply looked beseechingly
ut me.
There is a brualc in the coast range
ouusod by a beautiful creek , that after
meandering through u vulloy where
grow most magnificent sequoias , joins
the I'uciflc at a point only a few miles
from the Golucn Gate. Several steum-
ers huvo gone ashore hero in dense
fogs , having mistaken this absurd little
buy for the entrance to the great bay
of Sun Fruncisco. I never huvo como
hero in foggy weather without losing
my own bearings , for I don't follow the
liolinus road , but tlio mountain trail ,
which is in reality a little mine on the
crest of the rungo half way between
this creek and Holinus. Fogs alter the
aspect of everything so completely that
the most familiar objects become unrec
ognizable. And a Culiforniuii fog Is
something to bo wondered nt. It is an
absolute wet blanket , shutting out every
thing fifty feet away. Those fogs do not
extend inland except where there are
openings for water courses , nnd it
seems to mo that they are attracted by
those , and come in further than would
otherwise bo tlio CASO. When I got
fuuiy to the creek I huvo ono unfailing
land mark , a patch of wild gooseberry
hushes , nnd under the shadow of these
I sit und cut my lunch , browslngly ,
taking out my case bottle nnd putting
it in the cool water of the rivulet. The
L'lant sequoias here uro spared , as I un
derstand , not because it would cost too
much to get them to market , but bo-
L'uui-o the owner has a fondness for the
beauty of this region and can afford to
lot them live. One's heart thrills nt
the thought that the time will como
ivhon they will nil bo cut down , nnd will
live only in recollection llko the dodo
uid the grout auk and perhaps the
On the other side of the crook the
2oiHt rungo is as elevated as itovcr gets ,
ibont 2rjJJ ( fcot , and the ascent is note
; o gradual us it might bo. In fact , if
liorses wore to gruza here instead of
Lruiujuil cows , the gruss would bo
rushed oil by tjioir hopfs ainl never
.oino again. On the topmost ridge
; here are actual pines growing , which
Hand made worsted
goods , such as fasci
nators , shawls , leggins
hoods , capes , wristlets ,
And Underwear
French woven Cor
sets 76c , worth $1.25 ,
Satin Corsets $2.25 ,
worth $4.
Full line of P. D. Cor
is quite a rarity hero , nnd looking to
wards the valley one can spy the tops o ,
numcious sequoias , nnd ono can nls <
hoar the axe of the chopper , for on thu
side of the mountain , the Han Knfuel
Water company owns everything , ami
they are not particularly merciful t <
trees. The fancy struck me. as I looked
at the sequoias and the pines , that out
represented the undiscovered past ol
the anto-diliivian world , and the othei
the world of to-day. All the glory ol
vegetation that the world can boast ol
is concentrated in the sugar and yellow
pines of the biorra Nevada slopes , and
no doubt the sequoia was , in its day ,
the noblest specimen of existing flora.
Seldom docs ono see them together ,
but they tire hero upon this crest of the
Coast range. The view is a wonderful
one. Out at sea are the Farnllones. be
yond the curtain of thick fog. and in
all directions are white specks of suiln
shining against the inellable blue ol
ocean. On the other side in Sun Fran
cisco bay and beyond rises the tremend
ous rampart of the Contra Costa range ,
upon whoso sides hangs a thin , shim-
mery veil of fogthuthiiscroptin through
the golden gate. Up to the north of
the bay is a mass of red rock as
brilliant in color as quicksilver ore ,
and beyond it Vallejo and the Straits
of Hcniciu and Ourquine/ . The blue of
the water is ns blue as it can be , the red
of the rock is as red as it can be , the
vegetation of the > equvias is intensely
green , verging in black , the grassy
slopes are of a bright emerald hue , and
hero and there are patches of wild oats
of the most perfect yellow , showing in
relief upon the line of a hill side against
a wonderfully blue sky. If California
does not prove a school for American
landscape art , it will bo because Amer-
caus don't know color when they see it.
A LONiiV : .MINKlt.
On T tramp , until the log cabin of a
miner heaves in sight. This man has
worked hero for many , manv years. He
has a quicksilver vein , and he extracts
enough to make his work pay itself. His
old white horse is nibbling away un-
tethered and unshackled. I fancy she
is like old dog Tray , who could not bo
persuaded to go away oven by blows.
Yonder is an old rickelty vehicle that
must have been bought nges ago. When
ho has enough ore to dispose of lie
harnesses up that old mare and jogs
along comfortably untH lie strikes the
road that crosses the mountain from
Holorins to San Itnfaol. Then he de
scends , buys what he wants and returns
again to his hermitage. There are
indications of vermillion ore in many
places along the crest , occurring in
veins of a greenish rock that is particu
larly handsome in spots' . 13ut in this
state there are two mines , one the
famous Now Almaden. the other the
Guudulupo , near San Jose , where the
ore is met with in stupendous masses ,
so 1 don't believe the hermit of the
coast range will make his fortune. He ,
however , gets a comfortable- living out
of it , and the loneliness perhaps pleases
him. His old white horse , however ,
appeared glad to see a human form , and
whinnied when I made my appearance ,
and rubbed her nose very affectionately
against my breast. TJU.
His Speech to Ills Executioner * .
Chicago Tribune : "If you would like
say a few words before wo string you
up , " said the spokesman of the vigilance
committee , "you may huvo thu chance. "
"Tliero is something I would like to
Hay , " responded the condemned horse-
thief , palo but self-possessed. "All I
ask is that you will permit me to say it
without interruption. "
"Go ahead , " said the spokesman , la
conically. "We'll lot you llnish. "
"Then , gentlemen , " began the con-
lumnod man with deep emotion , " 1
liuvo a few words of solemn warning to
utter. In the innocent and happy days
of my young manhood , before I came to
Ari/.ona and fell into evil ways , [ was
nigaged in a useful and honorable call-
ng. Had I never abandoned it I might
iiivo boon still a respectable and up-
ight citi/.en. Though I have become a
md man and am about to receive my
list punishment , I have always kept a
nomonto of those happier days. In my
vuliso , gentlemen , you will tind a copy
jf a little work entitled 'I'lie ' American
Votor's Text Hook , of which I sol d nearly
jno thousand , copies in ono county in
'ennsylvaniaalone. It is indiiiponsablu
o every man who would keep himself
.horoughly informed as to those que .
ions concerning which it in the dut
of every citi/.on to ho fully advised'
ou will Hud in that little volume , gen "
lumen , full and accurate information a"
0 the political platforms of all the pur ;
ies , election returns from every stato"
n the union , names of mouthers of congress -
gross , judges of the various courts , otc . ,
vith a mass of miscellaneous statistics
md facts never before grouped together
n one work. Hound in cloth or half
alf the price of this valuable book lias
ilways boon "
lie paused a moment to wipe the
cabling tours from Jiib oyos. When ho
ooked about him again his audience
md vanished. Ho was saved.
K < iuul to the Occnfilon ,
Epoch : He was young and inoxpcri-
iiiced , und as ho struggled to tell his
ovu his tongue cleaved to the roof of
tin mouth. If was boneless. Drawing
1 beautiful solatulro diamond origage-
nont ring from his pocket , he troin-
jlingly placed it upon her tapering lilt-
jer. * ' /s it too largo , Miai Lulu ! ' ' was
11 that ho could utter. "A trillo too
urge , Mr. fjumpson , " Miss Lulu Hhyly
eplied , "but I can have it llUod the
Irst thing in the morning ,
An nijoil pair fsyvonty-pno and sixty-four
carsrojpoutively ) In Louisville net only got
married , but clopud also.
sets , in all sizes , at the
well known prices.
Ladies' and Ohil-
drens' Camel's Hair
French Merino , Knit
Saxony and imported
Sanitary Underwear.
Common Sense Waist
for ladies , misses and
News nnd Gossip of Foyer nnd
Green Room.
ActnrH and Aetrosnes How They
lr 'Hs and l/lvc Ancudntcx ol'
Btnjo and Train M1V in-u-
malic Gonslp.
AHUM ( can The itHciil Tnsto.
A liritish writer and ob-orver of large
experience , the late Mr. H. A. L'roctor ,
has declared that public taste in this
country , so far us the theater is concerned -
corned , has reached , or , perhaps , re
tained , a very low level. He declared
that our people , as a rule , care little fov
what is incisive or tine in drama ; their
preference for the trivi-il and vulgar
being marked. For one reason or an
other and many reasons could bo given
bv an acute student of our people , and of
the peculiar conditions which besot
them the British critic is not far
wrong in his statement. To ono honest
play that is popular in the average
American city or town , there are
twenty popular pieces of a quite differ
ent character , pieces in which the
clown , the acrobat , the dancing girl ,
and the gaudy \oung person in silk
lleshings , ligurc prominently. Kxhlbi-
tions of scenery and half nude uoinen
satisfy much of our public taste. Nearly
all our managers are showmen. Nearly
all our theaters are show-houses. The
circus is our most attractive form of en
tertainment. and , for that matter , it is
one of our most respectable forms.
I do not mean to say that good plays
are not produced , and successfully pro
duced , in the cities of the I'nited
States. 1 could mention several excel
lent dramas which liavu boon frequently
performed between Boston and Sun
Francisco ; and it is well known that
our favorite Now York companies are
received with applauding welcome at
the west. Our leading actors , more
over , not excepting those whoso reper
tories are made up chioliv of Shakos-
Dorian works , may usually count upon
public support in the rich centers of
populaUon. Hut , when we look frankly ,
dispassionately , at the good and the bad
in American tnsto , the fact remains uu
I have stated if the good is a fluctuating ;
quantity , upon which no solid depend
ence can be placed ; the bad is so cer
tain and wide-spread that it can bo ap
pealed to with safety. Actors , authors
and managers appeal to it constantly
and the result is grossness vastly over
shadowing merit at every point.
How Mr. Pnlmor Hoc-nine a Manager.
American Mugu/.ino : It was acci
dent , not voluntary design , which
brought Mr. Palmer to the American
stage. The son of a well known and
esteemed clergyman , the conditions
which surrounded him during his
youth were thojo of a tranquil conserva
tism. Ho was the last person , appar
ently , destined to help guide the for
tunes of our theatre. At the time ho
was called , to his own surprise , und to
the surprise of nil others , to assume
management of the Union Siiuaro
theatre , lie was absolutely without ex
perience in theatrical business. Ho
iiad studied law , and had hold nn im
portant place in the Mercantile library.
The peaceful atmosphere of the library
suited his rellectivo temperament and
somewhat literary taste ; and I presume
it was not without misgiving , pnrhups
not without repugnance , that ho took
charge of a theatre , which possessei1.
neither tradition nor respectable stand
ing. Lint there are men who exhibit
unsuspected craft under the stress of
circumstances. Mr. Palmer is , as
much us anyone I can think of , such a
Pauline Hull has brought suit ajainst her
liUHtmml for divorce.
The Keiululs' siiiiHon In America will be of
twenty wcukA duration.
Mndjcska phiya a Hlx weeks' ' engagement
till : * winter In California.
Maurice Darryinoro will supjioit Modjcaka
[ luring hur California tour ,
Lillian Lewis him a now play tliis season ,
It Is called "Liiwrenco Marbton. "
\V. S. GilDort , the HugllRh librettist lias
ilrainutizcd ( IcorBO Klllot'n "Koinola. "
Arull'ft "Uan Htolncrno
Ifrnuz new opera ,
Hem , " Is to bo produced shortly lit the Oei-
man theatre In Prague ,
Hralims has recently finished a corlus of
L-lioral gypsy songs for mixed voltes , with
| ilanoforto accompaniment ,
TlioCoquellii-IIadlng engagement In New
York Is reported to linvo i cached in receipts
Llio neat sum of 15,000.
Mine. Ktolkn ( Jtasie , a Hungarian plai'Ut ,
lies appeared ut ono of Mr. Oeriuliu's ' con-
: crlH in lioston with success.
Mary Anderson lias returned to America
md opens her so.'inon nt Hultimore In "A
Winter's ' Tale , " November IB ,
The now American opera company , of
ivlilcli Mr. Guntau Hinrlelis is din-dor , will
5icn their season ut New Haven on the 1'Jtb
Tennyson wrote several now lyrics for Ills
ilay , "Tho Cup , " produced at Liverpool by
Mary Anderaon before her dcpurtuaro for
I ; IB country ,
Mr. Itichard Mansfield has fully cstab-
Islied himself ns a London fuvorlto , and hui
icorcd great success. "Prince ICarl" Is at-
racting all London , and will run for
Mr. Stuart Ilob on Is actively preparing for
lie presentation next neat > on of thu new play
VvlUen for him by Mr. SU'du Mackuye.
I'lioso who have tlio piece assert Jtlmt It * ur-
lasses , any work yet done for the Bta o by writer. Mr Itobson will UM | > bu keen
icxt tt-.iioii 1:1 : "The Hcnrlittu. "