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Ghnotly Particulars or the Latest
Whltochapol Murtlor.
The Deed Committed In the Shadow
oC the Great Hospital.
And aa Usual Can Furnish No Clue
to the Assassin.
Xho Attempt to Track Him With
Uloodlioumls Proven ft Hldlcu-
long rnllurr Story of
The Seventh Victim.
iropirlu'ilBifliu ' / Jnmta fJunlwt flcnnrtt.l
LONDON , Nov. 'J. [ Now York Herald
Cubic Special to THE lli.i'.l The Prince of
Wales' biithdayand lord major's day this
morning opened with a ghastly act of cele
bration. While Sandlnghain and Mnrlbor-
ough houses were illled with Joyous echoes
Whltcchapel was again suffering hoirors.
While the lord major was paiading the
streets with gorgeous surroundings , his po-
Inc were again around the wretched sham
bles wherein lav the body of another muti
lated , hapless woman , the seventh victim.
I visited the fateful locality at noon. Strong
bodies patrolled the neighborhood , "locking
the stable door after the horse was stolen. "
Why were they not r.bout last night , and the
night before , and every night since the last
imudcrl was a common expression of the
cxeltcd crowds whom the cordon of
constables kept from the wi etched
little eul do sac in which
had lived Marv Jane Kelly , alias
Tisher , alias Ginger , for months past. Not
oven icporters were allowed within the po
lice line. It was determined this time to
keep the clues fiom being effaced , tampered
with or distorted. Moreover , bloodhounds
weio to be cmnloicd and the scent must not
bo obliterated.
All kinds of conflicting and conttadictory
stories were ado it. The loc.ile of these inui-
dercrs1 streets , ono culled Hamburg and an
other Pi inccs , run to a point like Seventh
avenue and Broadway run together ntrorty-
third street. Having reference to this paral
lel the scene of the present murder would bens
ns if it had occuircd in a stable > aril on
stron between those two
Thirty-fifth ave
nues. So limited is the whole sanguinary all those slaughter spots arc
only a gunshot from the great London hospi
tal. Dr. Gnbc , of Mecklenburg square , ex-
mcdical official , was fresh from the horuble
sight in the bqualid apai tiucnt , immediately
oft the wretched court , and which had for
fuinitl'ro ' an oil stove , tvvo rickety chairs and
a squalid bedstead , at the head of which
was a plcco of looking glass , such as
ono buje in Petticoat lane for a half penny.
Ho said that in all his experience in dissect
ing rooms never had he seen such ghastli-
ness. What could be i ccallcd of the corpse
laid , as ho saw it , nearly naked on a blood
engorged woolen mattress. The victim's
hair was Hunt : upvv ard on a pillow matted
with gore , as If the murderer had there llrst
wiped his hands and threaded his telltale
fingers. The nose and ears were sliced
away. The tin oat was cut from loft to light ,
so that the alone prevented n
headsman-like severance , Below the neck
was an appeal ante such ns the caicassofa
bhccp presents in an abattoir with libs and
backbone exposed and cleaicd of stomach ,
entrails , heal t and liver. These thico organs -
gans were placed cat ofnlly beside the muti
lated trunk after the fashion of a butcher
shop. As on the picvious occasions , tlio
ntcius and ovarian adjuncts v.'cro missing
The fleih on each side of a cut on the medinn
line was carefully folded un inch or tun
uuaj from the cut. It must been the woik
of peihaps a full half hour , said the phy
sician. Hljior moitls was Just beginning
when the body was dlscoveied. The poor
crcatuie , at 5 In the moining , had been by a
fellow lodger hemd tioonlngadi unkcn song ,
pailiaps to tlin inunloicr. I'loni that hour
till 1030 this moinlng nil Is as a hidcrus
blank. Then ti ioung man who Is n neigh
bor knocked at the door. It was locked.
Appaicntl.v the muidcier , sly to the lust , or
with method In his madness , perhaps had
taken the I'ey , but theo x-as a side window
with a pane broken in u quart pi she had n
week ago with a man with whom she had
been llvinf , but who then parted from her
cnl.v to loappearthls morning to toll simply
ol her pai t and remain unsuspected Tin ough
this little window the accidental visitant
looked. Hii * falntness , his escape , his tslo ,
nmtthecominotlsn which followed may be
better Imagined than described.
Pu'Vlous to. the post-nioi torn examination
n photographer was set U uork. Tlio state
of the atmocphcio was unfortunately not
iavertible to good results The nhotofi apher ,
however , succeeded In securing several nega
tives. Tl.o post-moitem examination lusted
'two hews and was of the most thorough
character. Hvcry Indication as to the man
ner In which the murderer conducted hU
nw ful vv oik was eai of nlly noted , as well as
the position of evoiy organ and larger pieces
o ( f'o&h. ' Thosurgyon'a rtyoit will to of an
Ofthtvuetlvn diameter , but It will not bo made
public until the suigoons give their cviJcnco
ut-tbe coroner's Inquest.
AtI o'clock a carl with a tnrpmilla cover
> vas ilriMMl into Dorset street and halted op
posite Miller's court. From the cart was
tiltcn a long toffln , sciatchcd with constant
use , anl lulan Into the ilcuth chamber , und
tlieio the remains were temporal lly coftlrcd ,
The rc\v that the body wa to be removed
cJbM'4l.tiio ) ) | ; > leo ( WJkoa determined of-
fort to break the police cordon. The crowd
was of the very humblest class. Hnggcd
caps were doffed nud slatternly looking
women shtd tears as the shell , covered with
a ragged looking cloth , wci placed in the
van The remains were taken to the Shore-
ditch mortuary , whore they will remain until
viewed by the coroner's Jury. The Inquest
will open Mondaj morning.
John McCarthy , landlord of the place ,
gives this interview :
"When I looked through the window the
sight 1 saw was moie ghastly even than 1 had
prepared myself for. On the Ved lay the
body. A white tnblo was covered with
lumps of ilesh. Soon Superintendent Ar
nold arrived and Instructions wcro Riven to
burst open the door , I at once foiccd It
with n pick ax , and we entered. The sight
looked more like the vv oik of a devil. The
poor woman had been completely disembow
eled , and the entrails placed on n table. It
was thcso that 1 had seen when I looked
through the window and took to bo picc s of
llcsh. The woman's uosc had been cut off ,
and her face gashed and mutilated so that
she was a sight bejonil recognition. Uoth
her hi easts had been cut nway and
placed by the side of her liver and
other 01 gnus on the table. I had
heard a great deal about the White-Chapel
murder , but 1 had never expected to sec
such a sight. The body was cov crcd vv ith
blood , and also the bed. The whole scene is
more than I can dcscilbc. I hope I mav
never sec such a sight again. "
"It is most extraordinary that nothing was
heard by the neighbors , as there nre people
passing backwards and forwards at all hours
of the night , but no one heard so mneh as n
sci cam. A woman tells mo that she heard
Kelly singing 'Sweet Violets' at ono o'clock
this morning , so up to that time , at all
events , she was nllvo and well. So far as I
can ascertain , no ono saw her take a man
into the house with her last night. "
lr Korbcs Winslow says it is the work of
some homicidal lunatic who has committed
the other crimes in Whitcchapel. The
harovving details point to this conclusion.
The way in which the murder was done , and
the stiango state In which the body was left ,
is not consistent with sanity. The theory I
stated some time ago lias como true to the
letter. This was , that the muulerer had
lucid Intervals , and would recommence
directly thin state had passed away. It ap
pears that the authorities are forgetting this
theory , and tliat some ono had been poruad -
ing thorn that from the fact that so long a
time intervened between the murdeis ho
could not be a homicidal maniac. I desire ,
ns personally ongiimlly responsible for
the theory to tlatly deny this , and state more
emphatically than over that thomurdeiei is
one and the same person , and that he is a
lunatic suffering from homicidal monomania ,
who , during lucid intervals , is calm and for
getful of what ho has being doing.
Unless those in authority take the pi oper
steps and drop the red tapism surrounding
the governmentoflice , such crimes will con
tinue in our metropolis to the tei lor of Lon
don. It appears to uie a burning question of
the hour.
It is only necessary to add that no possible
clue exists. Arrests aio being made of inno
cent persons as before , end the oddest stories
are started by repoiters for sensational
papers. The police are said to be reticent of
their course.
How the Election of Harrison Was
Celebrated in the IlillM
Diuv\oon , Dak. , Nov. 10 [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Hi K ] Dcadvvood docs nothing
by halves. The reception accorded the grand
lodge of Masons last June , the fourth pf
July celebration and many other similar
events in its histoiy illustiatcs with what
whole soul the people go into nnj thing they
undertake. Memorable ns have been former
oceaslons , all wcro eclipsed by to night's
domonstaatinn in honor of the glotious vic
tory achieved last Tuesday. Prcpaintions
have been under way for the past
tlirce days , and culminated to night
in a grand toichlight pioccsbion nnd
the Ihlng of giant nowdcr andilicwoiKs
that made the hills echo for miles around.
bpeailish , Lead City , Cential City , Terin-
villo and all the villages in the hills and ad
jacent villages weic picscnt. Htass bands
niailo the welkin ring , nnd fully ono thousand
torches nnd eighty tiansiiareneies with ap
propriate mottos wcro In line. Dakota'b
wrongs wet o protesque'v ' set foithon many
ot the traiibp.ucncics , ringing speeches wcio
made by Judges Mennett , Church nnd Cor-
M'n and other prominent clti7cms. The re
publican national , tcriitcrial and county
victory , toget ) rr with the ptospeits of eaili
iciognition of rights by thn national con-
gicss , cicutes tlio wildest enthusiasm.
U'lio Indianapolis DemmiHti'ntlmi.
Isnuvu-ous , Xov 10.Ovv Ing to the dls
agreeable weather the big ratlllention adver
tised for to day was postponed to next Wed
nesday. A number of stiaiiGcrs , however ,
being in the city , an Impromptu demonstra
tlon took place tonight , IK which suvcinl
thousand people participated.
The continuous dm of the past four days
has giovvn fearfully monotonous lodoun
town tcsidentH , nnd icgular bonrdcib at ho
tclh are leaving to escape the uflliction. All
this time General llait ison sits quietly in
htslibrai.v reading the news of thoduj and
chatting with an occasional friend who cnlls.
Ainonj , ' lilr. callerh to day were General Lew
Wallace' , Congicbsinan Andcison of Knns.iR ,
Patrick IUairj of Chicago ; also John Da-
voy , president , Joseph K Ujan , lit it vice
piesidc'it , nnd Michael Utcslln , snoiidvlcu
president of the iinti Clovduml and protec-
tiv ii league of New York. They ctiino ej > -
pret-sly to con ; r the gcnctul und wcio
cordially reveivui.
The Intorii.-uiomil Fair.
Svv ASTOMO , Nov. 10. Senor Mnrincal ,
grctctar.v of state of Meileo , telegraphed to-
da > that the c\hililt f torn lifs country to the
international fair , vvh'ch ' opens In this cilv
on Tuesday next , w.ib en route by special
train. The Mexican comsiUsioncis have ar
rived here. On Tuesday next , at noon , the
fair will be opened by vylio li > Pre-siile'iit
( 'lev churn at Washington , and thcm.iihinct v
will be stalled at the same moment b > 1'icsi-
dent LMuz , In the City of Mexico.
A loiiotiliiK ' " Novndn.
AysmNov. . , Nov , 10 , Now sofa tragedy
at Cortez , ninety njiles from Austin , reached
hero to day. An Italian named U.ivls Hal-
sai'l ihntnnd killed Ulchard Holt bccaUo
the latter would nut loan him soiuu mouey.
'Iho parties took Kalsuni to a mill aud
li tivhed him.
film. Gould' * Condition.
NMV YOKK , Niiv , 10 , Tl.o death ol Iru
Jay Gould is oxpcetpJ at any moment. Ur.
Haldw In said to-nlpjit that there ab&o *
latc-l.v no hop ?
Opinions o-Interested ! I'ermniH on the
Probable HfTcct.
Cinctoo , Nov. 10 ( Special Tclcpram to
Tin : IJi.n 1 The morning papers to-daj pre
dict n general freight war among the western
roads on account of the Northwcstcrn's cut
of .vestcrctny between here and Omaha. The
situation , however , In western freight mat
ters is not ns serious as hnq been icportcd.
The freight complication has grown out of
contracts on packing house products from
the Missouri to Chlcopo made bv the Alton ,
which nre so much lower than the regular
27J cent rate that other roads , to
save their business , must meet the
list. This contract rate of the
Alton lasts until January 1 , nftor which no
disagreement is anticipated. President
Hewitt , of the Northwestern declares that
there is nothing sensational in the notice of
the reduction on packing house products ,
cattle aud hogs from the Missouri rivur to
"Our proposition is Just this , " he said.
"The Hurlington nnd other loads have made
a reduction from 2Jj cents to 1'J cents on
packing liouso piodilets. The Illinois Cen
tral has made a corresponding reduction from
Sioux City. It is the determination of the
Northwestern to have this rate adjusted
fairly. Under the rule's of the association , of
which the Northwestern is a member ,
ten days notice of n change of
rates and a like notice of the
piobablc into to be made is required. In
naming thai5 cent into we have only named
the minimum rate. It can be made ns much
higher ns we can agree upon. In other
w ords , wo have no new rates. It is simply a
notice that we want the rate adjusted on n
fairer basis It Is manifest that the reduc
tion on dressed meats to IB cents Instead of
! i7' ' cents is a ve'rj unequal nnd unjust ap
portionment of the i ate. I do not think that
there is any immediate probability of afreight
war among western roads. "
P I ) Armour knew llttlo nnd apparently
cared less about the cut In freight rates "It
is a matter that concerns us but little , if
any , " said he. "Our packing liouso products
are all shipped cost from heie. Any reduc
tion in rates vv ill hardly affect us. ns there
will ben corresponding reduction in livestock
rates. "
Assistant General Freight Agent Hose , of
the Hut ling-ton , said tlio i eduction to 12 cents
was made on account of the Alton cut.
The Alton rate has been In force
for some time , nnd we were compelled to
meet it , so that the packing houses in the
upper Missouri points , which bought hogs on
the same teriltoiy west of the Missouri
river , could eompctcwith the southwest Mis
souri liver points. Every effort was made
to get the Alton to rcstoro its rate , but In
fluences beiond the contiol of the Alton
load made the attempt unsuccessful. The
Alton contract only lasts to December. ) , and
rates will piobably be ic established January
I. The i ate is one of the results of the in
discriminate cutting going on during the
summer mouths.
Ten ThoiiHiuul Ropuhllcnns In Liinc in
Colorado'H Capitol.
Dfxvnn , Cole , Nov. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : lit E. ] The republicans of this
city had a grand uitillcation nnd toicblight
procession to-night , over the olcetion of na
tional and state tickets , which excelled any-
thmgof the kind ever held in the city. Tno
buildings along the line of march are bril
liantly illuminated with tolored incandescent
lights which , together with rockets , Roman
candles and eoloied lircs at every corner ,
made a most brilliant display. It Is estimated
that 10,01)0 ) men took partiii the paiado.
Frightened to Death.
LA Cno .sr , Wis , Nov. 10. [ Special Telegram -
gram toTniI3ct. : ] Mis. Dell Gurley , of Ln
Crossc , Minn. , died suddenly of heart dis
ease Wednesday night and the attendant
circumstances , as learned to day , disclose
something of the tragic nature. Mr. Piek-
ar < 3 , who boards at Gurloy's had a dispute
about politics with D. U. Cameron during
the day , and in the evening Cameron came to
the house to settle it. Pickard tried to per
suade him to let the matter lest until the
next day , nnd meet him at some ether place ,
but Cameron would not wait and struek
him , whcieupon Pickard gave Cameron n
tcrnblc thmshing , breaking his arm and
drawing so much blood as to smear the floor
and porch. Mrs. Gurloy was neross the
street at a neighbors , and on returning the
sight of the blood , together with the terror
ol the affair , gave a terrible fright. She
seemed to recove-r from this , but half an hour
after she died. The report is that Cauiero'i
is badly injured and may not iccovcr. This
statement is from n disinterested patty , and
is no doubt substantially correct.
The IMltsburfj
PiTTsntno , Nov. 10. The first anniversary
of the lumping of the Chicago anarchists was
celebrated in this city to night by Pittsburg
si mpathizei s of the dead men. The hall was
packed with a mixed assemblage , but good
order was maintained. Albert Cut llin , of
Chicago , made an inflammatory address in
German , In whieh he denounced the police
and spoke of the dead ns mart j is. riio
services concluded with a drama written by
August Spies , entitled "The Nihilists. " The
peilormnnco was in German and the actois
pimcJpally local talent.
The MaNoii City Hut idea ) ion.
MASON Cm , la. , Nov 10. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Hi i : J A intiilcutlon meeting
unpaialleled in tlio history of the city was
held here to night. Citizens from the neiph-
boiing towns assembled , und when the pro
cession wns fanned the business streets
wcio tilled with people. Cannons were llrcd ,
binds phi j eel , and honllies in nil paits of the
elty Illuminated the sky. No vlctoiy has
cv cr elcctrllled the people of Iowa as that of
Iluirisou and .Morton.
Celebrated thn Election.
Drs MOIM.S , la , Nov. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB lit i. ] DCS Molncs celebrated
Harrison's ' election to night with a monster
pat ado and genet al Jollification. The proces
sion was over a ' " > llo long , and every man
wns aimed with some device for making u
noise. Steam whistles were blown , bells
rung and u tern lie din kept up along the line
ef march. Transparencies , special floats and
unlimited llruwoikn nnd nuiso wcio Hie
fcatuics of the evening as witnessed by
' , ' 0,000 people.
A Victory for tin Union ,
DAVTMOIIT , la , Nor. 10 , [ Special Tele-
fi .un to Tin : Hi.i.1 An Impot taut decision
was announced to day by Judge lirannnn , of
the dlstt let court. The case Is tin outgrow th
of u eltrarmakerH1 strike , and affects the
cignrimikcis' intct national union. Tho.
plninlifTb jnnclo application for u preliminary
injunction to restrain r Huak from using
tbu labels of the union. The court grants
the ihjnnctlon , Thu defendant was not n
member of the union. It 1s the llrst case of
the kind ever hi ought up In Iowa.
Virginia Klcotlon Troubles.
Nr.w YOIIK , Nov. 10-r-Tlto Herald's Nor
folk , Va. , sivclol MJ B Unit all the Winches-
tin- lilies that couhl bo purchased hereto-
day wcro sent to Southampton county ,
whet o the white people are greatly excited
nud alarmed over the threatened violence of
the bluekx. A collision la said to have oc-
cut red hum to dny. Southampton is the
scene of the fnmoun Nat Tumor insurrec
Nov. O. A special from
Itrandcn , Wis , nays that eighteen buildings
tn the Imslnc * * part of t hut city burned early
this inomfng , 'i l.e > total loss Is about $50,000 ,
with ii uiuuco fbi about one-fourth that
amount , . , s
The GonornVa Eldest Daughter IB n
Very Doyout Woman.
But Plnnlly Yielded to the Opposi
tion of Her Father.
Indications That Ho is Becoming'
Dissatisfied With His Position.
Ho Is Said to Have Holveil thn Prob
lem ofSnimrliiK'nc circle Vlrtnea
oT JTrcnch Sllncrnl Wntors
Mius HciiHtoii'M Trousseau.
Gossip From Paris.
ICopi/i/o/if / / 1SSS bit James tionlan litnnttt 1
Poits , Nov. 10. [ Now York Herald Cable
Special to Tun Bnn.l The cold Novem
ber fogs have set in and Paris Is now in
winter nttlre again.
Prado , the presidential elections in Amer
ica and the dj namite scare in Paris have
divided public attention. All the papers in
Trance seem to regret the democratic defeat
but they console themselves with the fact
that Mr. Morton has been elected vice presi
dent and believe Mr. Harrison will piovo an
Now that Mile. Murcolla Houlangcr is
married , people aio beginning to nsk
questions about her elder sistci ,
Helene , I am enabled to an
swer-these inquiries by the follow Ing au
thentic details plcanc"d , ns Mr. Mtcavvber
would sav , "on the ttpot. " Mile. Helene
Houlangcr is not so gooa looking as Mine.
Drinnt. She lives with her mother on a
quiet street in Versailles. Mile. Helene
wanted to become a sister of chanty nnd the
gencinl did not oppose tils daughter until ho
became minister of war. Then ho took
fright nnd changed Ins views. Mile. Helcno
has not became a nun after all , but she is and
will try to icmain ft kind of spiritual old
maid. She may be seen any morning praying
at a side altar in the cathedral
of Versailles. She believes in her father's
high dcstiuv nnd like Joan of Ate she hopes
some day to give him the oriilammo when ,
like Napoleon , ho crowns himself at Notre
Dime. The ioung lady has had what may
be called a political love , story , . tlio hero off
which is M. La Guerre , the barrister deputy
nnd follower of General Boulangor , . Ho was
anxious to marry her but unfortunately tnoro
is n Mine. La Guerrb aliVe and Mile. Uoulun-
gcr , as a devout Catholic , docs not believe in
Prince Victor Nnpolpon's letter to the im
perialist committees , represented by M. Kob-
eit Mitchell , shows that ho is beginning to
chafe in the not unpleasing exile of Brussels.
Not that the undutiful son of Plon Plan con
demns himself to remain in the rather quaint
looking house in Iho Avenue Louise. Tvvo
days ago ho was seen taking a Turkish bath
at the Dalncum. His bathing companions
were three diplomatists from the celestial
legation. The i oung hope of the French em
pire , surrounded by the pig tails and the
Hhavcn polls of these unpronounceable pleni
potentiaries from the very far east was
woi thy the brush of a painter of the "im
pressionist" school.
Squaring the circle is generally looked
upon as sheer lunacy or unprofitable figur
ing. It appears , however , that Mr. W. J.
13ainalla , wonderously clever mathemati
cian and the oiganlst of the East Hundicd in
Berkshire , England , has really hit upon
some feasible scheme , which ho has laid before -
fore the French neudemy of science. His
formula consists of eight figures which , in a
concrete shone , form a perfect cyclometer.
The discovery has taken fifteen i ears hard
work. What may bolts practical results it
is hard to say , but an architect tells mo that
if Mr. Uarnall has really worked out the
long-talked of quadrature , ho bus discovered
another philosopher's stone and left hopes
that perpetual motion may follow.
Dr , Albert Hobln has made an elaborate
report to the Academy of Sciences In refer
ence to the Tiench mineral water , Vichy.
Ono hundred other Fioneh spasnro passed in
loviovv. Dr. Hobin's conclusions nro that
Frnneo Is endowed mlncrally with as good
and vnriod springs as Germany , but the in-
spectots ore not thorough enough and fail to
make the public acquainted with the medical
qualities of the waters. Tno academy has
iceomtncudcd the government to sco that
Dr. Hobin's suggestions bo carried out , thus
making rrench watering places more attract
ive to hick people ami oulists.
The trousseau oj MUs Huston , the only
child of Mr. and Mis , H. M. Houston ,
formes ly of San Francisco , who is about to
marry Major Blunt , of Ely , England , has
Just been complete ; ] at/ the establishment of
n prominent Parisian jli essmakcr. It com
prises a number of very olcyunt toilets , The
wedding dross Is In cream white satin , made
with n long , plafn truln' and a full corsage
with high puffed sleeves , the waist being
finished with a "Dircctorlo" sash. The front
breadths of Ui9sklrtpaHsovernn undct width
of satin and are bordered with linger-
wide point a la Iguillo of great finish
nnd beauty of design , put on flat and edge
uppermost. Each , side breadth Is laid in
thiee ilat plaits , extending up ono third ofv
their length , each plait being headed with a
bias loop of satin. The corsage has a plastron
of crepe lisse edged with narrow ruftles nnd
tw o small clubters of orange blossoms are set
at the left aide pf the throat. The veil is in
plain vvhlt tulle , confined with a diadem
wreath in tvvo row * of orange blossoms.
An elegant evening dress Is in gold jellow
crepedo chine with long scarf drapery
caught up very gracefully over A satin skirt
of the uutue hue and trimmed with gold yel
low watered ribbons. The corsage has n
plastron ol flue gold embroidery and Is tin
ished with a girdle In gold passamontcrio ,
the device being Interlaced rings. Another
evening dress Is In pale pink tulle , tlio
front striped perpendicularly with arrow
pink watered ribbons held down at intervals
with small bows. A show of flngcr-wlde
vv atered ribbons falls over the back of the
skirt. The corsage Is trimmed In flat crossed
folds of tulle nnd Isllnlnned with ft "Direc-
tolro" sash In watered silk.
A vcr.v original toilette Is in black not , fig
ured with a pattern of very small curled
feathers and made up over pale green faille.
The short net skirt laid in accordo on plaits
is finished nt the hem with live rows of nar-
tow black watered ribbon. The low necked
nnd short sleeved corsage is bordered round
the shoulders nnd sleeves with n band ot
ostrich fennthers trimming , having hero nnd
there n bow In pnlo green watered ribbon set
upon it. A wide sash with long ends in pale
crepe do chcne completes the picturesque
A dinner dress Is in i ich Pekln slllt stripped
with pale black satin , watered silk with n
stair fi out in pink crepe do chine. A wide
sash of moss grcou watered ribbon Is at the
right side with the long ends fulling over the
skirts. The "Elplro" corsnpo forms a Jacket
anil is ornamented with green ribbon.
Another dinner dress is made with the
skirt in cieam satin brocaded with roses nnd
pale bltto .stripes in the palest possible hues.
Over this is to be vv oru n coat of crcpo do
chine , made w ith two long coat tails at the
back , and having n wide cincture in front in
the guise of n vest. The coat is trimmed
with exquisite point Ince. A visiting dress Is
made with a Jacket corsage in dark green
velvet with n full vest in gold jellow crcpo
and having cuffs , a dec ) ) collar nnd a girdle
in gold passementrio. The back breadths of
the skirt nro in plain emerald green velvet ,
and those of the sides nnd front In stamped
v civet of the same hue.
Equally striking is a walking dtcss in
dark blue India cashmere , the corsage
caught up in Hat plaits over the bust to sim
ulate a jacket , and trimmed with wide
passementue white and gold. Inside the
corsage Is a plastron in narrow folds of
scarlet silk. The skirt is in cashmere , the
breadth bordcied with passementiie and
parting over an undci skirt of stamped vel
vet. The design is dartf , the velvet spots on
blue and red cliangcablo ground.
A veri handsome cloth costume is in
Reseda green , the corsace , belt , skirt nnd
overskirt bordered with n design m fine hand
embroidery in shaded Hescda silk nnd cop
per metallic thread.
A Circus Employe Meets With n
Frightful Accident.
BwuGKroilT , Conn. , Nov. 10. YcstordayJ
George Alton , an employe of the "Greatest
Show , " met with a , severe accident" the
inclosuro of the Vlhter quarters. The wild
animals are now being tiansfcrrea from the
traveling capes into temporary dons , while
the foiiner nro undergoing annual ropalis.
A largo cage wagon containing hjcuns was
backed up near the menagerie building and
the front wheels were erampcd under , caus
ing the heavy wagon to be easilj thrown out
of balanco. During the noon hour , while
most nil of the employes were uwuy ,
George Alton began fooling with the hyenas.
The savngo beasts suddenly made a rush
towards him , which overturned the cage ,
pinning Alton to the giound undoinealh.
William Newman , the keeper of the ele
phants , heard the peculiar tones of laughing
the hjenas utter when attacking prey , and
rushed out to ilnd Alton under the cage and
the hyenas savagely laughing , biting and
tearing his clothes Newman , unable to ox-
ti act Alton , huincd the elephants , Gipsy
nnd Juno , out of the pen , orctering them to
lift the cage , which they did with their
trunks Alton lenrfully cut about the
scalp , and was taken to the Bridgeport hos
pita ) , vvheio It was found that his skull was
Gladstone Hooted and Hissed.
LONDON' , Nov. 10. Mr. and Mis. Glad
stone made n Journey trom Birmingham to
Wolvcihampton in a cairmgo drawn by
four horses. They were hcuitlly choeicd
along the route. On at riving at Wolver-
hampton Gladstone proceeded to u hall ,
where ho received a number of nddrcssoi.
In replying ho was repeatedly intci rnptcd.
the disoidor finally culminating in an up
roar that compelled him to nbiuptly close
hit. remarks. Great confusion followed , the
crowd making a lush and demolishing the
benches that separated Iho mcmburh of the
press from the public. Stowntds guarded
the private door by which Gladstone left the
hall. The cx-promlor ptoeecded to the rail
way station , the platform of which was
closely guarded , nnd started for Oxfoul. At
Snow Hill the crowd that had gatheied
groaned and hooted. At HIrmington the
fet mcr mayor of the town welcomed Mi.
Gladstone , nnd his wife piesented Mis.
Gladstone with a boquctto. At Banbury
they rocolved a similar welcome. At Ox-
fotd the crowd , which was composed largely
of undergraduates , who groaned and hooted
Gladstone an ho was driven to the residence
of Wui den Koble.
A Ilorrihlo Dlncovory.
CmtAoo , Nov. 10. A special dispatch from
Stumbiose , ton miles below Quebec , Canada ,
says that complaints had been made recently
concerning the condition of the reservoir.
The nuthorities finally jcfiolve-d to empty the
leservplr to find out the cause. When the
task was completed ycsterdn\ the remains of
eleven chlldie.ii were found nt the bottom of
the reservoir In mi advanced state of decom
position. The authorities uro at a loss to
know who nre the nuthoiHof theno muulcrs.
A Fatal Aliut.ilco.
ST. Josrt'ii , Mo. , Nov. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun HIT.I PatrlcK Morrlssey , nn
habitual drunkard , diank an ounce of spirits
of mnmonin at 5.10 o'clock this afternoon
nnd nt 0 o'clock was dead. Ho thought the
ammonia was mcdlcino for the headache.
Ho puiclmscd it at a drug store on .Sixth and
McsBiiniosti cots and walked into the Com
mercial house , two streets above , and died In
a chair.
A Mill ISurniMl.
SIUJJEV. la , Nov , 10. ( Special Telegram
toTitK Hit. ] The Excelsior mills , owned
by Otta A. Hlckcns , took flro fiom sparks
from an engine hero to day and was htniied
to the ground Several cords of wood and
about &OJ worth of other property was also
burned. Lous , $2,000. It will piobably bo
rebuilt immediately ,
A New Iowa I'ostofllcc ,
WASHINGTON , Nov. 10.-tlSpocial Telegram
to TUB HKK.I A postofllcu has boon estab
lished at Nauson , PotUwuttatnlo county ,
lowtt , with J. D. Frohurdt us postmaster.
The Cotlecluto Football Series.
BOBTOX , Nov. 10. The cliamplonshlp game
of football between Harvai d and Wcsleyan
was played at Cambndee this afternoon and
won l > y the former by 33 to iiothlug.
THIltSTING FOll Itl-OOl ) .
The Hot-rlolo Crimeof nn Indian
Maddened uy Mipior.
Ill t > WIND , Minn , Nov. 10. [ SpecialTele-
gram to TUB Brr. I Great excitement pre
vails hero ovcrtho report of n horrible erlmo
committed bi some of the remnants of the
eld Winnebago Indian tribe , which formerly
was located on the Winnebago reservation ,
near TrcmpleutiVis They were removed
to Nebraska , but numbers of them still re
main in the vicinity , the nuthorities being
unable to compel them to remain in Ne
braska , ns thoj still cling to the memories
ntid association * connected with the icseiva-
tlon. About nine hundred of them remain In
Wisconsin , nnd are nmlnl.v self supporting ,
but numbers of thu old ones still live by
hunting nnd fishing and retain all their old
customs and superstitions except where the
government has compelled them to desist.
At the conitnciK-etncnt of thu hunting sen-
son every v ear , It Is nn old lustotn to In
dulge in certain ceremonies and orgies to
propitiate Gltchetnanitou , and to tuocuro n
good season's hunt. Several of these still
savage ones who uro living on Pinirio Is
land , went over to TicntonVis. . , nnd pur
chased their supply of mnmunltiun nnd re-
tuitied with u I'oodly supply of firewater to
assist in the ceremonies- The dances nnd
howling commenced nud the orgies were
kept up until n late hour nt night. The
hunting season hud been bad , nnd something
must bu donu to piopitiate the Ilent ! Spirit.
Finally , when all wcio intoxicated with
liqour and feverish with excitement , u .voting
buck , with his hunting knife
In his hand , jumped into the cen
ter of the rtnp of dancers , nnd.
seizing a young gnl by the hair , diapgcd her
Into the cenici and stabbed her sever il times
in the bienst He then dabbled his hands In
the warm blood whieh gushed fiom the
wounds nnd smeaied it over his face , which
act was followed by sevetal others.
John Wnlker , aciviliml Indian , told Squire
Uarkley , of this citv , of the horrible murder ,
nnd , although the voting huck escaped , he is
being hunted for , and the police in nil the
surrounding towns have a dcn < i iption of htm.
The greatest excitement prevails and thu old
piejudice against the Indians Is being again
Severn ! DlntrlotH in . ! io State Still to
He Heard IVoiu.
vVurri i\n , W. V.i , Nov. 10 The figures
of the tvvo committees me getting very close
together In this state. The chah man of the
democratic : committee concedes less than " 00
demociatk mijotity on Fleming , demociatic
candidate for govci nor , and thinks that Hub-
bat d , the icptiblican candidate for attorney
general , may he elected. The republican
committee elaims from : ) ( )0 ) to 500 majority on
governor , and thinks that the presidential
tiekct has also pulled through. There are
still twelve eounties either imperfectly or
not all heard from , nnd upon these , nnd pos
sible corrections in others , depends
the result. The canvass seems to bo with
the icpublicans , especially on the governor.
The democratic committee have i educed
their estimate of 5151 this morning to less
than two bundled this evening. Two 10-
publicans have cci tamly been elected in Iho
First and Fourth congressional distncts and
McGintns ( top. ) is piobably elected In ths
Thiid. There is mote uticoi Unity among
the icpublicans in regard to the Second.
The latest dispatch fiom that dtstuct indi
cates the re eloetion of Wilson ( dem ) bv
00 majority. His majority in Ibb4 was 1 , 340
and tvvo years ago 00
Negotiations 'on Foot for Their Sale
" " " " " * > to St. Joseph.
ST. Jojnrn , MO. , Nov. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to TiiFBte.J W. A. Watkms , manager
of the Kansas City association team , was in
the city yesterday trjinir to dispose of the
franchise of the Kansas City Blues and the
Western association pla ers. A meeting of
base ball enthusiasts will bo called Thuis-
duy , and m the meantime Mr. Watkms will
have held a conference with Von der Aho ,
of the St. Louis Browns. The price asked
is a secret , but it is said to be very reason
able. The transfer will probably be mado.
The Hoclientor Disaster.
nocnrsTnn , Nov. 10. Atlcaht twelve lives
were lost in last night's flic. The pecuniary
loss will bo about * J50OM. The building
stood on the edge of the uppsr falls of the
Genesee river. When the firemen arrived
the windows on the street side of the build
ing wcro filled w ith men calling for help.
'Ihoro weie thirty-fivo men inslae. Tlio fire
men nnswcicd them , telling them not to
jump , that they would boon be tesi ucd. The
men paid no attention to the encouraging
answcis , and soon the air was filled with
falling human bodies. At least twenty men
Jumped fiom the third story , all of them
were mote or less injuicd. They woio at
once taken to the hospital. Tour of them
died of their Injuues before they could bo
removed. Twenty-one of the men are miss
ing. It is supposed nil the missing arc dead
and in the luitts. It was lepoited at 10
o'clock that ten moio bodies had been found
n the luins.
Tin ce charred and mutilated lemains wcio
taken fiom the ruins of the steam gttago ami
lantei n company's works this morning , in
audit ion to thu llvo bodies iccovcicd last
night. They have not been Identified
The list of dead icmains the same. Thu
walls will bo totn down to day , and a l.n go
force of men sot to woik to morrow to look
lor the dead in the ruins.
St. Joseph Cut Oil' Kiom Communica
tion With the Outer World.
ST. JoM't'ii , Mo , Nov , 10. ( Special Tele
gram to Tim IJitti. ] This citv h is been vir
tually cutoff from the outside world from
noonyesteiday until this afternoon. The
snow storm which sot in at (5 ( o'clock i ester-
day morning fell eight inches deep before
dark and all the telephone and tolcgi.iph
wires weio down. Trains were delated from
four to six loutson all roads entering the
city from the noith : md west.
( 'i < ip Report.
WASIIIVOTO > ; , Nov 10. Uetmns of the
yield of corn made to the dcpai Uncut of ugii-
cultuie Indicate a jiold per aero equally as
lirgo as that of 1SS5 , and larger than any
other crop sliieo that of ISsO. Thotoin sur
plus Btntes average n yield r.-i follows : Jill-
neil , 30.2 bushels ; lovv.i , n ; ; , 30.
After three years of low .vlclds potitocs give
an avciage of about eight , ' bushels per acre ,
or neutly the rate of the yield of IbTO , The
averages of sovoiulptoinlnct.t potato growing
states are us follows- Illinois , M ) , Iowa , IK ) ;
Minnesota , 05 , Dakota , M ) , Ncbtnskn , b ( ) .
The nvcragOiiLld of buckwheat Is approxl-
matuly 12 bushels pur acre , and the crop lu
near ) v 11.00 i.fXKl bushels. The nv nraco for
Illinois is 12 tl bushels , Wisconsin U.0' , Minnesota
seta 11 , low/a 10.6 , Nebraska ll.y.
With Horne Stealing.
DisMoiNU8 : , hi. , Nov. --Special { Tele
giam to Tin : HII : : I CJlly Marshal Jarvls re
ceived a telegram fiom Oman i to day asking
him to arrest John Stunt t , u you tiff ir.nn liv
ing In this city , for horse stealing , and to tal-
ogrnph to P. H. Bainctt , who would como nt
oneo with icqulMtlan Pi | ; is. lie found
Stuart and uricsitu hl-u , but the 3 mini :
man denied all knowledge at the horses , but
Bc < ? : ab to know who HarnUt Is ,
Howard Offered ,
LONDOV , Nov lO. Gouwa Wiirrcn , chief
of the metropolitan | * olliw , ha isiucd u proc-
I imation offci nip ftce pardon to any accom
plice JhsVhiio CUajiol murder may have , provld'.ncr ho will clt'J Informutlon
which will lead to tbo tu'.ir.lere.r'b apjn'chen
Bio t ,
Events of Interest TrnnsphJuff In
the Qornitm Cnpltnl.
Everybody Discussing1 the African
Agreement Among the Powers.
A United Effort Looking Towards
Its Suppression.
Opinion of n I'rusHlnu Olllucr on the
Various Methods HiiKUCHtcd to
Hring About the Desired
The African Agreement.
6tluXeu VnKf \ , K In ( n ( l'ir , < .1
Hi.itUNNov 10The chief event of the week
is tlio Afik'im ngi cement among the powers.
Tortho p istlmlf Lcntury English men-of-war
have carried on u solitnry nutl almost fruit
less struggle against slave trailing oft the
African SuiUicnly nil has changed.
The leading powers have been found willing
to co operate. The lousons for the change
are not far to seoU. Several circumstances
combineil to bung It nbont , but without
doubt the leading factor , next to the attacks
upon the German settlements , was the intense -
tense Interest the people hiua displnjed lu
the abolition of slavery.
Prince Bismarck has again sei/cd the oe-
c-islon without cost to himself to conciliate-
and satisfy the pope and thereby purchase
the good will of the Goinian Catholics. La Vigicres' eloquent European
campaign has already proved fruitful. Count
Kulnolty has Intimated his readiness to r
send u man of war to assist in the blockade. '
and other powers , including Russia ami K'
Gicece , nre disposed to co operate.
A Mozambique dispatch to night announces
the departure of the Italian cruiser Doiiali
for ZaiiiMbai. The agreement with tug.
land gives great satisfaction heie , but
it is thought that some tenitorial action Is
also required. It is urged that the blockade-
will irritate the Arabs and render thorn inoro
hostile than ever to German settlement.
The government shows no disposition to
ptovido militiry assistance for the training
companies \\lnch aie said , as an alternative ,
to bo discussing the forai.ition of a colonial
force to protect their settlements The
plantation company , vvlnch is taking the lead
in this movement , has just sent an agent to
Zan/ibarwith instructions to proceed Jo Bom
bay -advisable in order to Inquire as to the
feasibjlityof the recruiting of the Mnhrattaa
or people of scmo other suitable Hindoo race
for the purpose. The illftlculty , however , is
anticipated in obtaining England's consent , in
which case an endeavor will bo made to malto
Egypt the recruiting giound. If the schema
proves successful similar measures isight bo f
adopted to organise an Kmin iclief expedi
The government , however , Is ( juito outside
of these proposals , and may contemplate dif.
fcrcnt mcivsmcs. A Prussian ofllcer writing
from Zan/ibar says : "Tho sud
den abolition of slavery would
bo a disadvantage to us and a blessing to no
body. On the other hand , the chasing of
slave dhows , as practiced by English vessels
on the coast , is wholly to o interest , as it
tends to countctaet depopulation of the coun
try. "
The tumor that the k.Uscr had assented to
the betrothal of his sister to Prince Alex
ander of BattenbciR is semi oflleially denied.
Judge Von Shnson , president of the su
preme com I at Lcipsic , is to bo replaced by
HeirVon 'lessendorff , the public piosccutor ,
who is best known for the prominent part ho
took m the ti ial of Count Von Aniim.
The inagistiate examination of Baron Von
Hoggcnbnch , In connection with the Gef-
fecken affair , was conducted with great so-
ciesy , but the facts elicited eventually leaked
A society has been formed under the presi
dency of Prof. Gneist to introduce sanitary
iinpiovemcnts in small dwellings In Berlin.
Advices from Vienna denies the statement
that the empress of Austria under medical
advii n In going on u &ca voyage to India and
TI1KVVltt \ , \VKI ) .
A. Pretty Idttlo Cl nr Denier Win *
Her Klcctlon Hot.
Misxru'ot IM , Minn , , Nov. 9 , [ Special
Telegram to Tun litn ] 'J'ho most Bcnsa-
tiorml election bet th it has come to light
since Cleveland's ' retirement la assured ,
comes from the shades of iho Boston block.
Mav Voight , a pictty and vivacious young
lady of Amci lean pluck and Fiench extrac
tion , Is republican , She inline tn her prin
ciples and loinl to hei party. She CMII bq
seen dail.v dispensing fragrant llavanas fioin
the neat little cigar stand In an alcove In tint
main entrant o of the Boston block. Uno of
thn tenantB of the block is . .lohnV. . Conloii ,
an young real estate man with lots of cnciKy ,
soinu monov and di'innciatlo prcellviticfc ,
Thu dealer In tint was in u betting i humor
ono day last week Mm humor vented itself
in u bluff bU to the iirntty c-lRur vender , and
true to licisolf and her pmtv , ho " * aw hint
and went him ono ! > etUr. " 'J'ho tcrmsvvcro ;
Jf Cleveland was elected they wore to part ,
company and not spook until another prcnU election. If Cleveland was defeated
thoi would wed before Christmas. Cleve
land Is dookcd for Buffalo and ttm gossip *
sav that picpaiatlons for thn wedding of
May arid the real state dealer aio nulotly-
A ColliHlnn \\nterloo ,
III/U ) , In , Nov. 10 ( .Special Telo.
gram tn TUB Mi il : Hy a collision In the I1IU
r.ois Central yards heio to-night four from ) it
LMIH wen ) demolished , an engine btdly
broken up upd thieu people Injuicd.
llnnk HUittinient.
YOKK , Nov 10The weeUly bank ;
Ktatcmcnt hious ) the rcscrvo decreased ,
J3,17.1,000. The hanks wow hold tlt,3J7,00U. !
ill excess of legal ic'iuiionionts ,
Deputy Sheriff Orcbo returned > cscrday {
from Ii"i'0Ui ! , where ho vrub It , ijiicbt of rcr
quHltlon papers for Stewart , the MIoRCil
horse thief who wat < ? ' .rrcstcil at'Dc 7