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Tlio Qanvnss RoVonling a Bldlou
lous Election Moss *
Procpndlnjrs Carefully Wntolicil
y IntcrcHtcd Politicians A
Clinncc For a Contest on Ao-
count of
OClie Cnnvnsslnjj llonrrt.
The count of the votes cast In
rounty last Tuesday I * proRrossliiR slowly
U'ho deeper the canvassing board gets lnt <
the ine s the more complicated does It prov (
itself. Considerable commotion l bcini
cnuscfl nmonp itolltlclans , nnd the room 1.
crowded during the siltlnps ot tin
board by Interested parties. The ex
cic'ltomuit was brought about by what ii
claimed by several attorney * to bo the mrf-
nnency , Irro ulur mul action on the
part of tlio Judges and clerks of thnt clco
tiou.Tim Judges nml clerics of election would
have been under the registration law elected ,
but that law hnvm , ' b on declared void it de
volved upon the county commissioners to np-
point the elect Ion board nnd the appointees
to refuse to serve. Consequently , in a nuni
Vcrof instances , the man appointed by thu
rtymmlssioners refused to serve , and Inespo-
tficnced men tilled their places.
It appears that the l.iw reiiulros that , aftei
Judges und clerks of election are appointed ,
otic nt least of thn Judpcs shall appear bo.
fort- the county clerk , be sworn and qualify ,
which K'vea ' him the power to swear in the
remaining members of the election board. He
JH also furnished with election boxes , tally-
sheets Uud poll books.
The tally-sheet1) have blanks for the
names of candidates , und In the process ol
ronntliiK , nfter election , the number of votes
polled by each candidate is entered by the
clerks of election opposite his name. These
tally-sheets must be signed by the Judges.
The sheets , having been tilled , the
totals arc taken and catered in
the poll-books. From the poll-hooks
the board of canvassers are to decide who
are the candidates elected. The law also
provides that after election and the count ,
the ballots shall bo by the judges sealed , nnd
that the tally sheets and poll books
be sealed and labeled and placed in the elec
tion boxes which must also bo sealed and re
turned to the county cl rk. to bo by him
opened , and ninvnvcd by the hoard of can-
vusscr.s within 11 vo days after the election.
In the Kirst ward the law has not been
compiled with in every pirticular , und , as
stated above , the Becno at the time of can
vassing the returns by the hoard was ono of
tmuaual excitement , amllt is felt that , for
the first time in the annals of Douglas
county , a contested election will bo the ro-
oult The board of canvassers consists of Major
J. 11. ITuray , Major Dennis and County Clerk
Koche. They met Thursday nt a.10 : o'clock
In the court house , as stated In Tnc HIE : , and
Immediately proceeded to canvass the elec
tion returns , calling for the First district of
the First ward. Very few persona were
present nt the time , save Kuclid Martin , who
roprertentcd the Interests of democracy , while
Iavo Mercer watched the board on behalf
of the republican party. As soon as County
Clerk Kocho had extricated the First ward
ballot box from the pile of tin boxes stand
ing in the room , the whole board
eagerly watched the process of opening.
Upon examining the contents of the box it
WHS found that the interior showed n con
tused mass of papers , ballots and poll books.
None of the latter hud been filled , nor had
the ballots been sealed according to law.
Dave Mercer , who had been keeping an at-
tcntlvo watch ou tha proceedings , immed
iately Jumped to his feet and entered a pro
test , saying :
"We object to and protest ngainstthe count
ofjthc First want , and ask .you to throw out
the same for the following reasons :
1. The poll books have been returned with
out the names of the candidates being either
written or printed therein , or the total num
ber of votes cast given.
M , Tlio books are only signed , without nfll-
davit of the Judges or an evidence of their
a ! ! . The ballots were not sealed.
Soon every telephone inthobulldlngwas in
operation requesting the presence before the
liourd of the most eminent lawyers ot both
ii.ii ties. The room was quickly filled with
lawyers , politicians and candidates , among
them being Senator Manderson , T. J. Mahoney -
honey , Will Gurley , Dick Berlin , 11. Estn-
lirook , the boara of county commissioners ,
the ahcriff and others.
Canvasser J. B. Furay moved , after the
excitement had somewhat suusided , that the
board proceed to count the votes , and the
count was proceeded with , developing the
fact that both parties were disappointed
witti the result of the count. At tU6 moment
Dick Berlin was objecting to the count pro
ceeding on account or what ho called illegal
ity , Senator Mandergon entered and pro
ceeded to oxamlue County Clerk Kocho.
"Did you open these boxes in the presence
of the other members of the board I" asked
the senator.
"Yes , sir , " answered Kocho.
"And were the ballots and'poll books uu.
nculed ? "
' They wore , " answered Uocho con
"Very good , " said the senator with a
"What's to he donol" usked one ot the
county commissioners.
"Wo'll soc , " replied the senator.
Great confusion , in which everybody lit
the room expressed an opinion , prevailed for
some time , when Mr. T. J , Mahoaoy scoured
n hearing and said :
' It IIIIH been alleged that lu ono instance ,
in the First ward , the Jurat of a nualill < * d
Judge of election was not attached to the
Judges' cortilieatcs showing theirHialillea-
tiou to act. I now desire to amend thu re
turns. If such omission exists , by producing
one Henderson nnd havltf his sworn state
ment entered heroin , thnt ha duly and ac
cording to law swore the Judges. And I fur
ther desire to present from the records of the
clork's otllco Henderson's ntmllticntlons pre
vious to the election , showing his powers to
act , as the law requires. "
Henderson appeared and asked to be sworn
to Mr. Mahonoy'&statement , and amidst cor.-
Hidorablo confusion thobourd adjourned until
When the board met yesterday morning at 0
o'clock , there was u crowded room , the in
terest displayed Thursday night having mi-
pregnbtcd the whole political community.
The ilrst business before the board was
whikt action should bo taken on the request
of Mr. Mahoney in regard to James Huudor-
KOII attaching the Jurat to the ofllclnl papcia
of the First ward.
Some discussion arose on this point , Mr.
1'tiruy holding thut. net the votes hud been
counted and nn oniclal report made , and the
ballots replaced In tbo box. it was of uo avail
to allow Mr. Henderson us ono of the judges.
of election to sign the ballot book.
1 This was opposed by Major Dennis who
nsiccd that Henderson bo allowed to slgti ,
mid , us Mr. Kocho agreed with Dennis , Hen-
ilurtfon cauio forward nnd slgnod the re
turn H ,
Mr , Furay entered a formal protest , and
nsked It entered on the minutes of the meetIng -
Ing , which was done.
The connt of the tlrst district , Serond
ward , was proceeded with , and It was found
that there were no tally shoots in the box
distinct from the poll books , Neither woru
' the returns properly signed Nevertheless ,
the board proceeded with the count.
The count of the Second and Third ward *
was Uiun proceeded with Without comment ,
the result showing very llttlo difference
from thnt published in TUB Bue the day after
At I'i-.SO the board moved to adjourn ,
when Mercer requuated that the boxes bu
ttoalcd by the board , bo that tha ballots
might not tm interfered with during the ad
The board thought that locking the boxes
was bUlUolont , and haying duly locked tlio
fcumo adjourned until 1,80 p. m.
Thu board canvassed in the afternoon nt
1 ; ! m. The room was crowded with attorney * !
und candidates ,
The board proceeded with the count of the
Fourth ward , and in this ward everything
with correct. The count showed that the of-
llclul tally is practically the same us already
On oxuninlng the returns of the First dis
trict , Fifth waul , it Was found that none of
the returos wuro either dated , tilleil up or
slgnod by the Judges , Only onejudgetl > , inle
Itagerty , had signed thcrttums , nnrt ho dli
it not nloito for bimsclf , wit fortheolhe
judges nndclcrki of fU-ctlon.
Furay suggested throwing otitthecntlr
vote , but Dennis and llnche objecting th
count proceeded without nny material difference
once from the reports alrcads published.
The returnsln the First district , Sixth wan
were sealed and properly signed by th
Judges nnd clnrks. The count showed no inn
tcrlal difference from that which has alread ;
been reported.
The Second district returns Of tbo sann
ward wore not scaled , but the count \va
made and reported upon.
In the First district of the Seventh wnr <
there was no tally sheet returned , but tin
poll book was scaled. The ballots wen
strewn on tlio bottom of tlio ballot box. Thl
being Major Dennis' ward , and where tha
gontlpman and J. J. Points had noted a
judges ot election , some humorous remark !
were made us to the qualifications of thosi
genttcuion. Major Dennis assured the boim
that th6 ballots were ull there nnd thnt tin
cmmt ns reported In the poll book was eor
Major Puray agreed , under the eircum
stances , to gq on with the count , but threat
ened Mr. Dentils that , In the future. If h (
were ono of the canvassers nnd Dennis OIK
of the election Judges and did the same , hi
should bo compelled to throw out thu entire
vole.Kverythlng In the Second district of the
Seventh ward was correct until the veto foi
congressmen was announced , when Majoi
Kur.iy , who was calling out , said : "Hero's :
votu for 'Jcdgo' ' Cooley , It'sJ. Cooley , thai
must surely bo the Medgo. ' If ho gets a fo-.v
thousand more , ho will represent us lu con
gross. " The vote wn recorded accordingly ,
Tint Highlit ward count proceeded willi
signs of futiguo on the part of the can
lu the Ninth ward the rctuins were not
scaled , neither were the forms proporl.y
tilled out. Tno count developed no change in
the returns already announced.
The board , adjourned until U o'clock to-day ,
oriMO.xs os Tin ; COINT.
In answer to queries us to what effect the
Irregularities In the election returns , as
shown above , would have on the result ol
the election , the following opinions were ob
tained :
Major Furay Well , sir , the board is doing
its host , and contest or no contest , the hoard
cannot bo blamed for any Irregularities that
mav occur in tlio returns ,
Major Dennis The canvassing hoard H
not u board of record , as many imagine it to
be ; consequently all wo have to do is to re
port thu nuuibur of votes cost and instruct
the county clerk to issue certificates of
election. I don't think there will ho any
great objection to the notion of the board.
Should there IKS persons who do object , they
have their re' ' edy in the courts.
George M. O'Urion On u Just count , such
nstho canvassing board is making , I predict
that Rcvoral republican cuididatos for the
legislature will bo dorlurod elected. Wo
don't want the earth , but if we get a portion
of tlio glory thereof wo will be satisfied.
T. J. Mnhone.v , county attorney-elect The
Irregularities of the Judges and clerks In the
election returns might affect the issue
eventually if there we o any indications that
fraudulent practices were resorted to in
order to elect any particular person or party.
I see no such practices. The judcrcs did their
best and that is nil that can bo expected ot
thiiiu. If an appeal to thu legislature is uindo
by the opposite party , it will have to produce
other evidence than that brought to the no
tice of the canvassing board to gain their
ends. After tlio count is made , I have no
fear that any such appeal will bo made.
Henry Estabrook I think there is 11 strong
ca e in favor of the republican candidates
contesting the election before the legislature.
1 have no positive knowledge that there will
ho a contest , but should there be we have a
mighty strong euso in our favor. There we.-o
several hundred of what I call fraudulent
tickets voted. 1 have copies of two kinds
which can ha produced.
Commissioner O'Koeffe E tliink theru
should bo a law requiring the judges and
i-lerlcs of election to bo themselves elected
by tlio people. Or , if not that , the Judges
ipIKJinU'd by the commissioners should bii
uompollod to servo. There is no exouao for
; iny irregularities in the returns , for asynap-
sis of the laws bearing on the action
3C the Judges and clerks of elec
tion Is printed In each poll booir.
W. A. Paxton I don't ' think much about
Lhe canvass. I'm elected sure , and thai sat
isfies me.
M , Anderson If they throw out the votes
m account of irregularities of onlv one dlb-
irict m the city , the Second precinct of tlio
ieventh ward could bo counted and that
, vent democratic. Idpu'tseo that anything'
; un bu gained by kicking against the official
. omit.
Every republican In the city desiring to
: ake part In the grand pnrado to-night is
: ordlally invited to meet with his ward
; ! ub or come to the general headquarters ,
15 South Fourteenth street. It will bo in
xdinueniorntloii of the greatest republican
, -ictory since 1800. The following will be the
irogrunime of the procession :
Marshall-Major T. S. Clarkson. Aides
liorlmnnd McConnoll.
First Division Form on Eleventh street ,
ioiith of Harnoy.
Aides Uurmcstcr , Gordon , Kitchen and
A. O. II. band.
Fremont Flambeau club.
Carrie Harrison club of Wahoo <
Came Harrison club of Olonwood , la.
Ladies' club of Pluttsmouth.
Ladles' club of Greenwood , la. , escorted by
Young Men's republican club.
The Independent republican club.
The bank clerks.
v'isiling clubs from Plattsmoutli , Fremont ,
Wahoo and all other points.
Second Division Twelfth street , south of
Aides Ilcrsh. Holbrook , Meldrura nnd
H. P. O'Hrien.
Omaha Guards band.
Irish-Aincrloan republican club.
Paclflo Express club.
U. P. HcadquurCora club.
Fifth ward club.
Sixth ward club.
Third Division Thirteenth street , south of
U. P. band.
Aides , Kinsler , Leavltt and Rehnvor.
Omaha Republican Flambeau club. ,
South Omaha clues ,
Dry goods clerks ,
Eighth ward club.
Ninth ward club , second precinct.
City Ktcain laundry.
Fourth Division Fourteenth street , south
f Harnoy :
Aides , Brig s , Komlngton and Kiekotta.
Swedish band.
Seventh ward club.
Kiutb. ward club , first precinct.
First ward club.
Second ward club ,
Third ward club ,
Excelsior baud.
Mandorson guards.
Colored Ladies' club.
Colored republican league ,
All organizations uot designated in this
irognimme % yill fall in on Fifteenth street
onth of Harne-y , m the order ot arrival.
The line will move nt 8 o'clock sharp.
The route will bu from Eleventh on Har-
ioy , to Sixteenth , to Fimmm , to Tenth , to
) ouglas , to Sixteenth , countermarch to
Moventh , to Dodco , to Sixteenth , to Cull-
ornla , countermarch to Howard ,
The young ladies' club will drill In front of
he Mi Hard hotel after U o'clock. Thn jlum-
> ouu clubs will drill at the corner of Fit-
ccntli und Douglas streets at 0 p. m ,
Everybody lu uxpecUid to turn out and
uivo a glorious rntUleaUon , and then settle
town and enjoy the results of thu victory.
Hon. J. M. Thuyer , Senator C. F. Marnier-
on , Congressmen Connell nnd Dorsoy , Hon.
roha M. 'i'hurston ' , the presidential elortms
mil other inyited guests will review the
mrado In front of the Mlllr.rd hotel.
T. S. CLAHKSON , Marshal.
L'alfo no other , Jhrvia * Brandy is boat.
Won n AVliiiolliarrow Hide ,
One of the most unique bcU of the late
atppulpn will bo settled tills afternoon be-
ween " and S o'clock , when there will bo a
rhcclbarrow rldo for the winner of the
raucr.V. . E. Allen , a republican , employed
iy the gas company will be wheeled by John
lourtnoy , u bricklayer and democrat , over
he follpwing route s Starting at the corner
f Eleventh und Jones , east on the latter to
Vnth , thence to Farnain , to Sixteenth , to
> ougas ! , to Thirteenth , and thcnco bouth to
lie Barker hotel , to which place there Is no
oubt they will bo followed by a large num-
or of Interested und amused spectators.
lalaria Foror cured by Jaryib' Brandy ,
CnpturlnR n Six Koot
Hartford Post : A siji-fool Upon o !
caped from a motiafrorio in Mnssachi
soils the other day. and thu clrciH mo
gout out .Tack HolTord , who was at on
time a British soldier in India , nnd hn
had some experience in tiger limiting
Sum Smnllcrwho is the trainer an
keeper of the truant's motherPrinces :
and a younp man named AVolton. Thos
three took along with them n stroll
cape , and resolved to capture the nnl
uial alive , a.s ho is quite valuable.
At Ilrst they could not locate himbti
Thursday the > became satisfied that h
wits lurking in the dense wooda whie
line the Farniiugton river , and al
located in the town of Tollnntl
alxiut six miles from tliii village cento
of Otis and four miles from New Bos
ton. Accordingly they beat the woods
and found tracks loading1 through th
underbrush to n little streUm llowin ;
into the Karmington.
The stool traps used to enluh wild an
imnh have no teeth , nml the jaws com
together in a way to glv6 ono a lever
age on the other. Tills Uind of a tni ]
was adopted. The chain was replace !
with a half-inch rope , and as soon 111 i
suitable spot had bean selected they ex
cavated a hole , buried the trap out o
sight , and then bout down a sapling urn
tied the end ot a rope to it. Thin sup
ling was held down by a trigger whicl
a sharp pull would reieaso.Thon , tin
trap had been .sot no eye could dotec
anything suspicious about the spot.
The men departed about sundown am
remained in the woods about a hal
mile from where the trap had boot
sot and waited. About ( ) ! . ' ! o'otocl
they hoard screams or long , dee )
snnrta echoing through the woods , and
taking their firearms nnd ro'po , llioy re
pnit'od hastily to the spot where tin
trap had been placed.
On reaching the spot a rather fctrnngc
sight met their gaze. Thcrd wus the
angry young tigoivcaught by the hind
foot nnd bunging head downward fron
the swaying sapling ! HT hmrjr nboul
three foot from the grouudyand as fat
ho could reach in every direction had
pulled up the bushes by the roots ,
There wn-i a foot of ohain before ho gel
to the rope , and the way ho bit at thai
chain is described as terrifying.
The men decided to wait , till morning
before they attempted to cage him ,
When morning came , however , tlioj
brought up the cage , and , getting twc
or throe ropes around him' made him : i
prisoner. Jlis foot was badly swollen ,
and ho "coined weak and able to make
but little resistance.
After diphtheria , scarlet fever ot
pneumonia , Hood's Sarsaparilla will
give fetrength to the system , and expel
all poison from the blood.
Railway Construction.
The current number of the Railway
Ago contains a carefully prepared arti
cle pu tracklaying in the United States
during the present year , showing that
5,700 miles of track have boon laid 01
SJ80 lines in the lli-bt ton months of 1888.
It says : "This shows an addition o
2,4iO ! miles in thu four months since out
last statement. Although cotnparativcl.y
little grading is done in the greatei
part of the country after November 1
still the last two mouths of the year ara
always marked by a very considerable
amount of trackliiying and this will bo
the e.T-e this year , especially if the
weather continues favorable. Of the
2SO lines here reported upon at lea'-fc
seventy-live lire still in process of con
struction , while some track will bo laiil
an a few other roads. Looking the field
over , we veuturo to estimate that from
twelve hundred to two thousand miles
miles more of new track will bo added
Lo complete the record of the year ,
making the total new railway -mileage
at 18SS between seven and eight thous
and miles , which will fully justify thd
? stimatoH made by this journal in the
jnrly spring and confirmed in its July
statement. If only 7,001) ) milesare built ,
the record for 1898 will still exceed that
: > f all but four previous years in tha his
tory of the country , namely , 1887 , ' 80 ,
' The best on earth" can truly be baid
: > f Griggs' Glycerine Salve a speedy
: uro for cuts , bruises , scalds , burns ,
sores , piles , totter and skin eruptions.
L'ry this wonder healer. 2-3 cents. Guar-
Political Directory.
Bonjnmin Harrison Born in North
Bend. Ohio , ou August 20 , 18. ! . 'Studied
it the district school , and aftenvurd a !
Miami university , from which ho was
jradualed in 18o2. Married the daugli-
-or of the Kov. J. W. Scott , principal of
i female seminary at Oxford , Ohio , in
1851. Removed to Indianapolis the
.tune year and began business as prose-
jutitig attorney. Elected reporter of
, ho supreme court of Indiana in 1800.
Snlisted lu IBGi ! zuut second nontenant
> f Indiana volunteers , and afterward
) rganied the Seventieth regiment of
[ ndinna volunteers , of which ho was
'olonel , and at tlio close of the war was
retired as a brevet brigadier-gouoral.
.lc-olooted reporter of the supreme
: ourt on his return to Indiana. lc-
oated for governor of Indiana in 1870.
elected United States senator in 1881
uid retired to private life in March ,
Levi P. Morton Born in Shoreham ,
/t. , Mav 10 , 18:21 : , and wan educated in
ho public schools of that .stale. Began
lusint'ss as a clerk in a country store in
Hanover , N. II. , at the ago of HI , . . and
vas made partner in 1815. Wont to
Boston in 1818 and entered the firm of
3eebo , Morgan & Co. as partner. C'umu
o Now York in 1851 and established
ho dry goods house of Morton &
Jri n noil. B off an as a banker in
80a , and in 1808 us.Mmiatdil With
lim George Bliss , under the linn
lame of Morton , Bliua & Co. Was do-
eatcd for congress in 187C. but was
ilectod from the Kluvciitli district , in
& 78 , Went ay minister to France in
881 and returned iu 1885. Was an 1111-
ucccssful candidate for soiiator from
htosttito in 1885 nnd 1887.
Tim importance of purifying the blood can
not be overestimated , for wltlmnt l > ute
blood you cannot enjoy good health.
At till * season nearly every ono needs a
tooil medicine to purify , vitalize , mid enrich
the lilood , and Hood's Sursanarllla U uoriliy
your confidence , It Is peculiar In that It
strengthens and builds up the system , creates
an appetite , and tones the digestion , \vhllo
it eradicates disease. Give U a trial.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is soldbyalltlrugglMs.
Prepared by U. J. Hood & 'Co. , Lowell , Moss.
100 Doses Ono Dollar
Olio Moro' ' V4otim Soourocl by th <
Whltoohapol Tlond.
i t
A AYomati''Hacked to Plccci In tin
Blast "tcrrllilo Manner
IH ! > fnlIioiin < ls nn the
al irdevorn Trail.
AVhllculinpel Ontctonc.
Loxnf x , Nov. ' . . This morning the bed
of a womnti cut In pieces was discovered in <
hotuo on Dorset street , Spltnltlelds , The
police nro endeavoring to track the munlcroi
with the nld nf bloodhounds , The remains
were mutilated in the same horrible mnnnei
M were those of the women tuurdcred ill
The nppearance of the remain * was , liorri
1)o ) ! nnd the mntllntlon was even greater than
in the previous cases. The head had been
sovoted und placed bcucnth ono of thu arms ,
The cars nnd nose had been cut otT. The
body had been disemboweled nad the ilosti
wns torn from the thighs. The womb and
other organs were missing. The skin had
been torn oft the forehead unit cheeks. One
hnml had been pushed into tlio stomach.
The murdered woman told n companion
ln t evening thut she was without money
mul would commit suicide if she did not ob-
turn si supply. It Inn boon learned thnt a
man , respectably dressed , accosted the vic
tim and offered her money. They went to
her lodgings ou the second lloor of u Dorset
street house. No noise wns heard during
the night , nnd nothing wns Itnown of the
murder until the landlady went to the room
curly this morning to ask for the rent. The
tlrst thing she sjw on entering the room was
the woman's breasts und viscera , lying on n
table. Dorset street is short und nut-row ,
mid is situated close to Mltro wiuuro anil
Ilandbtirg street.
In the liouso of commons to-day Mr. Cony-
boaro askud tha question whether , if it was
true that another woman had been murdered
ill London , lionorul Warren , chief of the
metropolitan police , ought not to bo super
seded by oftleers uceustomed to investigate
crlmo The question was greeted with cries
of "Oh. Oh. ' The speaker called "Order ,
order , " and said that notice must Tie given ot
the question in the usual wny. Conybearo
replied : " 1 hnvo given private notice. "
The Speaker Notice must be given iu
Grnhntn then asked whether General Warren -
ron hnil nlrcatly resigned , to which Mr.
Smith , the government leader , replied , no.
Thu victim , like all others , was a prosti
tute. Three bloodhounds were taken to the
place where the body lay mid placed ou the
scent of the mnrderor , but ttiey were unable
to keep it up for any grout distance , mid nil
hopoof running the assassin down with their
assistance will have to bo abandoned.
UseBrown' * Itronclil it Troclics for
coughs , colds and all other throat troubles.
"Pie-omincntly ( ho best. " Kev. Henry
Ward Beechur. ,
All fine Liquor Stotvy soil .Tnrvis' bebt.
Hniln-ay Speed in
Murray's Aliijirxxino : Recently the
West i-oa-st celebrated bank holiday by
once more , brdalcinp the record. This
time the Northwestern took the lion's
share of the burden. In order to { jot to
Edinburgh in , eight hours the North
western ltailwa.Vi companj' ran to Crowe
( IftSi miloa ) in' 178 minutes without a
stop , the longest run over innclc in the
world ; the two companies between them
covered -100 inik in nineteen miuutca
less than the advertibod time , the fu test -
est long run 'ever made in the
world and the Caledonian crowned
the whole by cunning the 10DJ miles
from Cai lisle to KdinlJurgli , incliidihg
ton consecutive miles of one in eighty ,
in 104 minutes , which was probably tlio
most remarkable performance of the
three. Next day the North \yestern ,
not to be bentQii by the Caledonian , did
its ninety miles from Preston to Car
lisle , including a thirty-mile climb up
the Cumbrian Fells , in exactly ninety
minutes. Two months earlier the sam'o
train was allowed 127 minutes for the
hamo dibtance. Again four days and
there came what is perhaps the most
honorable feature of a contest in which
both sides can boast that they have
maintained their reputation for honest
and gooil-temporcd lighting. The
Northwestern informed their part
ners that they proposed to ao-
eolorato further , but did not
wish to advertise the fact. In
future tnoy intended to reach
I'M in burgh at 5'A5 p. in. The Great
Northern at ouee volunteered to give
up two minutes , and to reach York
punctually for 'lunch at 1 : ! ' > 0. Keeping
the sacred twenty minutes unen-
croached upon , the Northeastern nro
left with 1M5 milcH. nnd 235 minutes.
On the Monday the Northwestern wont
to Crowe in two hours and forty-seven
minutes , allowed ono minute more than
the advertised time for intermediate
utoj-pagc , and were in Edinburgh nt
5:158 : ; actual running time , 400 miles fn-lU7
minutes. Next day the Kast Const train
was in at 6:111 : , having covered the lili
miles from Newcastle in 12 , " minutes ;
running time , 423 minutes for JIOII miles.
Since then both lines have contented
Lhomsolveb with merely keeping time ,
: ind arriving atli and 5:45 : p. m. , respec
tively , and hero it is probable that the
Imtllo will cud. On condition Wioy are
[ illowed to reach Edinburgh llrat , the
Kast Coast companies nro ready to ac-
sept their rivals as their equal y on
paper , but if the battle is renewed next
mir for .September will , ft is under
stood , see the speed dropped ugain to a
loiburoly fifty miles an hour or they will
jlnim to bo credited with the shortest
[ imo to Edinburgh , But if it be ro-
iiowed the contest will hardly bo local-
iVicd as it has boon thin Hummer. At
present the Ea t Coast takes nine hours
ind llfty minuted to Glasgow , but they
: ould be there under nine hours if they
darted again for Glasgow immediately
in tliolr arrivaU'jit Kdinburg at 5:4i : .
That is , thoy. would : be level for the
, irno with ttlo rweft coast for the im-
nonsely valuable Olasgpw tratlie. And
, ho Glasgow people are inc.lined , as it
a , to bo out of tamper with the west
east for the profqronco that has been
rivon to Edinburgh this sulnmor. And
.lion . the Northwestern might retaliate
o Manchester. Humor even wh's-ors ' | )
hat Noi-thworttoni oxpivtMoB via North-
implon and Newhrk might bobuonin
he heart of tho'.gr'fat northern torri-
orios at Doncasfcr.
Poars' is the pilt'dj'tand ' best Oiipovos
nado. ) .I , _
Ul doctors rocoiup\ond \ ; Jarvis' JJrandy.
Twenty SIlnerH Droxviied ,
ViKN3ii Xov. J > . The Snlgotarju coal
line , in Hungary , l flooded with water ,
'wenty miners wore drownpd.
iix gold medals awarded Jarvis' Hrandy
A bachelor congrcbhinan roturncd
i-oni a stumping tour wus calling
n a marriageable lady the other oven-
ig. "I had to come back , " ho wild , "t
lust husbr.nd my voice. " lIO ! " him
ivitterodvilh an innocent girljuh
ivitter. "how [ ( should like to bo vow
olce. "
iii'vib" Ib7" Bi'audy.pureHtsa/ , / best.
Standard typewriters for rent , Io07
Jurvis' ' 77 w.ill cure your cold.
rortiioCurootniinisoiiDints tH'TiinsTOMArir i ivuir. nnriu"3. KIDNRVS. iirA niit :
, . . . ,
ro nMAirs. : J-AINS IN TIIK HACK. DUAOUINO KIIIM.INC.S&C . iNmoKSTiutf , nii.iiious
NISU : , rr.vKH , INTLAMMATKIN or run nowni , . PILKS. ana nil iienmu-emmuKor the in-
teiunl A'lAceiu. I'uiely \ egotable , contnlnlnft no iu rc'ur > . tulnprul or deleterious drugs ) .
HAD\V.V\"S 1'IIJ.S nvo nenre for this complaint. They tone np thn tntornnl secretion tn
healthy action , restore ptieuRth to the slomnch e.niT enable It to prrt'onn Its funi lions. The
symptoms oCDVSl'KPSIA dlsuppeor , umlltlitheui the liability to contract dlsciiMX.
ivniheacoompllshoil lirtnklntr ItAOWAVB PILLS. lly so rtoliiK. Di'SPKPSIA , SICK IIHAI-
4.eJHK , I'OUL.vro.M ' ACif , HIMOUSMWS will bi > avoided nud the foot ! that Is eaten contribute Ifs
.lounshltiK propeitleH for the wupport of the iiatutHl waste of the body.
rice 25 Cants per box. Sold by all DniRalsts.
Call and see our goods and get prices be
fore you buy a stove of any kind. WE WILL
save you money.
14th and Farnain Streets.
PAID UP CAPITAL , $300,000. SURPLUS $40.000.
Interest on deposits , oompoundod soml-annuallyi
Savings Certincntos with Interest coupons attached.
DEBENTURE BONDS In Denominations of 82OO , 830O , SHOO ,
and SIOOO , based upon First Mortgage Real Estate Socurltloa
deposited with , and bonds cortincd by the Union Trust Company
of Now York. Drafts drawn on the principal cltloo of Europe.
0. M. CARTER , Pros. D. D. COOLEY , V-Pres , PHILIP POTTER , Sec.
[ he Jewel Heaters
Crest Western Oaks
VJiioli iu price and economical use oi' fuel , are ahead of
anything hi the market. Sold by
2709 Leavenworth Street.
magnificent display of everything useful and ornamenta
in the furniture maker's art , at reasonable prices .
Policies Incontestable and Non-forfeltablo After- Three Yoars.
Ajfouck'f * In ull llio lar r cltlw * of ttlo Unlte = Btiito * uml ( l rnuui.uii ; > lre.
. . $260.886 4-3 | Surplus . . $2O7I58O7
SSOta. DElJEMBER. 3IST. (887. ( . , _ _ , ,
ar,0 „ „
SSBts . $13,073 , 47 371 SurpfliB. $ l.fl36.O30O2
mountof Inuurunco In forou . , - * 3'aXX'xRf <
. ' .
nnual Income sp 'VOO.OOO
' . dmiitil oB'eU lor > erfHWOot liulllnteii ImU'-f
'nialrriunumpos > < ii > c 1110.10 or ) u er\ / .
au tliut of any ortliu "tUer tUroolarfust I.lfu lusmaia-u Coiniuints of thi ( uiii'il.Mut i. '
irnst Manager
Benninghoven , ,
Real Estate Column.
* Tills Week lu
1flI.KJANT liutuo i uml lot llauscom 1'lnco.
Jinmrn. furrmpo. kith-room , city wntor , all
modvrn lii ! ) > roveim < m-4 , gjilonrtta home. ( 'nil
Riy > immoiliute pewsMnn ; ti l > lg baranln It
Holdioon. I'.illHmliret price.
"V"I < i : olr-lit roimi hewn with full ] nt unar
- "Mil mul I'lipiiictnnuvonup , price I7.i0i A
"V 8roomhou.sp , nil modern , „ . . . , . ,
i > In West omani ; n big turirnln 1C tnkrn nt
ouN'li KhoiHtiaiiit lot. near \t\i \ \ nnd l.nkc , on
cm- line , mul only two block * from cnuV ,
only U.rtm if sold nt onco.
| ( MltlT ( ItOOM housoon tt Ui ! , . neat Hd\
nVr.0tJMftttfronl ! < prlcof710 * HlHJ c"8" lul <
lir. tnur room rot tnKo nml lol. In South
iininhii. iii-nr BMh ml n sts. , jtlns ) only
i : smiUrnili pnymt'nt
A" U ANTl'
uvlfil foi'.oortpr.larkoit nntl Lo
Jivvo. . oiii' of the llnost roMilenco sites JuV t
Omulm. M' '
. south rroiiflo7. Vr lU , on Ylnrnoy
lu lu nr Mth strout , only $ . ' . , ,1 M.
CIHtilri ; rvMilrnco .Mto on LVth nvfinir. In
M'liirlis.iiMllluii. Tills tot In ( Hxr.N , nprfoM
crailiMiril ute 'y ' Mtimtori. hotwooii St. . .lmrn
ircuunnuil Hnrnoy htn-ots. { o.av > .
COItNril.rcni'O , o Umvaril nutl ma stropts
pnt front itml on giiuto $ fl.r-OJ.
/"lOIINIIIt. tiXK-lMl fool. o7i IM nnd INippluttm
v ' tvvomi < MwMl slivet. snorHKutoriuitl (
cru : p rfort Ria ln nncl inncnlHci'tit view : ono
of tln tlncft reililciiio sltot m the city. I'lillntnl
pot ( irtco.
rpllltr.R bonullfnl south front lots on rom > te"
i ton avcmu for sale for u fiv days nt u low
tlguio. ( ) iilyt > uiOcii < .li roqttlrcdi hnlnncornnriia
1 , - . ilalul < yonrs. It you nnt totfotiro a titcn
Iminn In the nlci-st reililonrti p.utlou of tlio elty ,
It \ - . ill IMJ- you to look this uji.
"I AST front"lot , nijtivi. ou Hist stroi't , near
1J t'oppli'ton nvi'iim > . ll\n ( oiii I'lnco. , lust
tin' uliipc n niri homo , l an oiler for a fan'
ut $ lr ) .
TyiUHI.i : corner. UtOvlli ! ) fit. t. on Wcwhvorth
IS HVi'tiuc mill , Uiulitiwt , fa'Iiitr ' llnnscom I
1'ark ; perfect grndc. Jn't the pl.wc for an do
gnnt if lilciuo block. 47.Wt.
EYST front lot , on Lowe avenue , lu West
Onmlu , * liUi.
ONI ! of the nicest reslilcmro lots In Ilnnvom
Place , un rupplfton nvontiii.fnr i-nlmin very
Btn.ill cash rmyment , long ttinn. New culilr linn
will inuko this the Unest leaidetueo propel l ) in
J ICi : east front In We tlmvti. oloto in station
-L on Holt llno lly. , only twenty mlnntcs' rlilu
mini business portion of thn clrv , Juht the iilnr"
foru iitenhnnic ; prli o * id ) ; c.ish fcj , Ijiilunee 8 ,
1- ,
( \1\ \ l' ' "toii lltlintroct n ar Itanium , for n few
\ ' * ' duy.s HI llgtiros It111 pay you tolnvestl
A A l-V't on Harnny neur llth Ptreet , uplendld
TT : wholoaalo point. A lurKnin If Hold wion.
0 HOICK business lot 41\1K , feet ou Tanthuoiif
llurney. r.'J.OOl. _
T > USINiSSlot wTth new two-stoiystot build"
- lliiR , ou M. near SJitli sr , tjonth Omiihn. Will
rent , for tuulvn per cent ou thu Investmt ut. Cull
und Reo It. price SI.WO.
NHof the tluest liHlnasi Lots lir
Omaha , for a fuw duys at 1,0)0. )
rilKACKAGKantl 'vari'liouso property i ,
JL eoritcrl.'th nnd Nleliohit.Hlilo ir.iek lunlloy
There Is $ tOiiO prnlit In thli lot. for womo oue , cau
uUer forashoit I line ut.iUOJ. .
tnnv * > fWi ' 'l'cl on "Blt l'lno Hallway , at
\ ) \ JJAJJ Jtmrtlon of l\\o main streets
leading out of city InYit Onmh.i ; Hplunilld
point for coal nnd luinli r vardh , ituilii ami pro
vision luiusoormlllliiK uiidfle\atorbtisluessall
Hinooth nnd lp\eliroiiniliiiiilnn one otth
pleeos oC tiurkuKo piopoity nroiiuU the cltyjcnu
otror fora few itaysot tT.MiO This property will
Rtanil dote luvf
7lOIC'Ktun-acr tract , nelir Unit LlfuTn. lC
inVe t Omaha , only uvonty-Hvu mtnittei
rldcby Htibnrban trains fmm Webster fllrott
ilepot ! liminilllcunt vlnw , plunrtuiit and healthy
location. Just tha pmeu for a nicy homo or Illu
fniltund VDKotikbln Kurdrns. ' 1'ulfl proiiertvcau
plnttod Into llfty cnotco lotr. that will Hell in
side of three years for four to live hundred each.
CnnolTor thu uliolo tract fern ahoit Umo nt
ClioIco Ion IIITB tract with comfortable -
fortablo housii. burn , nplcnilld Hhaile treds ,
6tr.clo o to city nail Kelt line railway , JUKI the
plan * for H nlcn homo or line finlt nnd vesetublo
gardens. Cau uiako this a bti ; burcalu H taken
ut once.
, la ixlM , lets than seven blocks from
Court hou > ( < , with tliroo small cottnCL'M rout
lut for $ ? ' ( ) per year ; room for thr u more :
roiiud aluuo is u urlli II ( ty per cent morn tlnui
iirico nskod. It will p.ay yon to look this np ;
price J7OU > .
SAI.H An IiitPiMt In one ot HIM . . . .
FOU ' of liuu tiacnt nroju-ity In Diiiithu ;
: an oiler this for tJI.UK ) . I'unliiisi'rsc.inri'kll/i *
WMthout ) ortnit nrnpiTty within tlirco jeaw ;
tulll p.iy you toiuvustlgjtotlild.
rOT 4 , block M. South UnitIm.tOxJGO foot near
J .1 aiul-ith strc'Uts , only il.'iJO.
N'INK lots neitr and "Uh Klroet , Honth
Omaha i C bargain Iu Sou th Omulm
it } UWJ. _
Ci : nlcn lots , oii u corner , near Catholln
Cliuicli onlitli Htroct , South Omaha , for
' ' full lot MxVn InHotith
Omalm , uoar Wand \ U utreets for aalo ut
I TAN urKl'.Ufor Haln , fnrndliort time , Wust
I I.AWII l'4ik , cunsUtliiK of HID buiiiitltiil
; ruvi < uiitl Kiuumli oti Park stieot , just ouUlili )
no c.lty IlintlH , itml noaily oppoill i llvilsnr'H
lotnl unit Hiimiiicri.'aiiliMi , lu Went Oiimhn. 'J'lils
iropttity lias lon bcnn i--uii ldcre'l thu llnoM
iliti.i lu thuM < st Inrbiiuiiuer it.inlcn auillilenlu
rounds , and is now olivred for > ! ut Ifciiros
t will pny you to InvontUalc. 'Dm Mlt-.iourl
'aclllc licit Line llailro.ul IIIUH tluuugli ono
ornerof tlil pmperly , ami a i-tatlon has Jirnt
II-HII locnteil rlKht at this point , and Htilmrrmii
rains now runnJiiR curry pnn-imifen from thn
V'nDbterhtrm't depot tx > tliin property oultJier
hai ) you ran iot to Ihuiseom Park from th't
msincnscenlnr of the city. I'ho I'romoiil. Hit
ioiiit JtllsKotirl Valley Ilnlhoad llmtoHonth
Imnhni tins within tllren bloek , nml It Is lens
lianten mlmiteV rldu hftwacn tliln propertv
nil tbti hiixluMHs portion of r > otith Oiruilui
'Imre Is u homo cur line already complelnd and
II operation , iMiniiliin to within u nhorc dlnlitiK o
rthlsiiroiifrly. Ufiiiuinbcr It IM Joul out-sjito
he city llniiiH. tntiH exiiipinx tli hlih ( H < ' < > ng
ml city tJixos. It Isllutojily nlcu Kroveadaplcil
DrfiiimmerKatdisnmirposebou the licit Line ,
r iiruund the rlty. Thu only pluee con bo
I'nchcd HO easily , from eltlmrlliurlty orHmith
imahii , belni' iwenty-llvo inlriiitiw1 tliln trom
IKI place , uml onlj tun iiiliiutiw from tliu other.
litre l.i uoplaeo wnst of Chlcaxo that can corn-
art ) with UIH | jnopurty for a
ml If propeily bundled , it ( an bo made the
rent renort ofOmalm , nnd a live eiiurgiillc
IUIKUU inukuulm.sholof money out of II..AIU !
i addition , tha jiropetty Itsi'lr will double la
iiluu "Ithln tlu en ycurn If not before , lean
tl'ur UilH iilaro ut Urines that make It u Hjiliin
Id bargain. If Bold nt o'jce , anil will bo Rind tn
[ ivo you cull and let IIHHIIOWJOII lh property ,
\U\ \ \ Acres cholco laud In Jlownrd f'ounty ,
H U clone to two railroads ; for oalu at a bur-
IjAHS Improvtul farm In KaHturn
JVobniitku ; mall ( ush payment , long time.
ill ami gut price * .
_ _ _ _ _
OKI ) farm In ( filar County , Nnhraska ; wnll
J linprortMl ; for u fuw dayn ut IlK'iiruo thut
ake It u
_ .
; t ( > , ( ) ( ) ( ) worth of K"f > | l Oiualiu property to
ado for good tttuck ranch.
1D < ) aero fuini vlour of liiciunbruiico to
,11 lo for a ( ; oed IUIUHC und lot.
( VIU iii'riiB clinico fnrm In ruxtorn Nobrnilcu ,
ooof Inuuinhrunco ; wunt IIi t cliiHn reixl
men propui ty.
1. OK ) acres gf ( ? oed farm land In Central
cmraska , no bettor soil in thu ttluio , will
ic'lningo for resldouw block or bushier
Also two olioleo ton ncio tracts close to
ilt line ruilwuy , pnco r,5'X ) mul SI1.IKX )
ich of tliotK trnctH will nmku lllty nice lots
at will HO | | limiuo of thrco yettrn for t-W )
.ch . or f 39UI0 ! for thu U-nol ; want lminivu'l |
Hldoncu propel ly or hunlneas lot. Whut
ivc ) ou t/j offer.
If you Iiavouood prujiarty to null or rend cull
If yon want to rent nhonsaor buy a uleie ot
up i ty. call and look ou ciur IJiit.
EOi Ni HICKS , Room 10 , Barker b3