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No Doubt About Woat Virginia
Having Gone Republican.
Tholr Entire State Ticket Snowed
Under Imtc Klcotion Itcturnn
Fiuin AU Pnrts of
I ho Country.
IxniAMAroM , Nov. 9. The republicans
nro still Jubilant , but the remarkable demon-
HlralionH of the past two days have ceased.
The people ha\-o returned to their business
nmUho city bus assumed Its normal aspect.
General Harrison is receiving a rrcat many
callers , Among others , n committee from
the Commercial club of Cincinnati called this
morning nnd presented au invitation to the
go'icrnl to be present at u banquet In his
The county canvassing board is still In ses-
nlon. The ufllclul figures on the result in tills
city cannot bo obtained , but tbo democratic
electoral ticket was curried in the county by
u plurality of . ' 178. A few ofllcial returns nro
coming In from counties over the state , and
it is thought that the republican plurality
will bu in the neighborhood of U.HX ) .
Arrangements nro nearly completed for n
grand ratlllcation meeting to-morrow night ,
and it Is probnblo that General Harrison will
bo Induced to participate in the demonstra
tion ip some way. The general bus ex
pressed a decided opposition to the coming of
delegates for the purpose of congratulating
him. Congratulations by letter , he says ,
will receive prompt attention. A delegation
from Madison county called this afternoon ,
and to-night he was serenaded by the saw-
makers of this city. In response to a call
for a speech , ho said :
' 'Tho ' time for speech-making is over. Tlio
debate in closed , and I believe that the polls
mo closed. I thank you for your cull to
night. "
General Harrison's mall has suddenly
doubled. Ho is receiving all sorts of curious
communications , including a few Iroin
The republican headquarters closed to-day.
Chairman Huston and Secretary Dill wcro
each nresented with gold-headed canes by
the clerical corps of the committee.
The democrats now concede Indiana to
Harrison by U.WX ) . Reports to the Associ
ated prcns eon II rm HUH , though tun vote may
be a few hundred more. The entire republi
can state tirkut IB elected , thcro being
scarcely 3X ( ) votes difference thus fur between
General Harrison and Governor-elect Hovoy.
i InthuKightli district Hrookshiro ( dcm. )
defeats Johnson ( rep. ) for congress by CM
majority. This is u democratic gain.
Congratulatory telegrams to General Harrison
risen continue to arrive. Among others re
ceived to-dny were those from the following :
Scnntors Kdnmmls , Hoar , Teller , Sawyer ;
Congressmen Henderson and Houtelle , Prof.
Uuvld Loving , George M. Pullman , Gover
nor Tliuyer , Nebraska , \ \ hltcliiw Reid , Murat
Hals ted , Charles Emery Smith , General
Nnthan GolT , Colonel Clark E. Carr , and
CINCIW.VTI , Nov. 9. To-day the ballots
cast in Kenton county for congressman from
the Sixth ( Carllslo'H ) Kentucky disirlct , were
counted nt Independence , iCy. , and about
two-thirds of them wcro lound to bo rough
edged and perforated. The republican com
mittee protested against the counting of
them. Six hundred und one of those ballots
were cast in Campbell county nnd there the
republicauH protested against their being
counted. These ballots were distributed in
considerable numbers throughout the re-
inaludcr of the distinct.
WliEKUNd , W. Va. , Nov. 9. Forty counties
ties , polling 115,408 votes for president iu
1884 , show a net republican gain of 4,05(1. ( The
remaining thirteen counties , polling 10S9 ( !
votes , will at the sumo ratio of gains , give
the republicans a gain of 794 , making a total
net gain in the utiito of 4,845 , which xvould
give thti state to the republicans by ( V > 4 ma
jority The indications are that Atkinson ,
Flick and Smith ( reps. ) uro elected , respect
ively , in the First , second and Fourth con
gressional districts.
, Nov. 9. Vice President-elect
Morton spent the day in reading and ar
ranging hundreds of telegrams received by
him upon the successful result of the cam
paign. They uro from leading republicans
throughout the land.
SAN FIIANCII-CO , Nov. 9 , Returns from nil
but seventy-live precincts in the state of Ne
vada give Harrison 0,134 , Cleveland 4,403 ,
Fisk H. For congress , Bavtlne ( rep. ) 5b09 , ,
Cnssldy ( dem. ) 4,74(3. (
NASHVILLE , III. , Nov. 9. Forman ( dem. )
for congress in the Klghteenth Illinois district
1ms a majority of 17 over Jehu Baker ( rep. ) .
The following arc the oHIciul rcturus : For-
mini's majorities : St. Clair county , 229 ;
Monroe , WWt Total.789. Baker's majorities :
MudiHon , 324 ; Bond , 385 ; Washington , 03 ;
Total 712 , Form.ui was serenaded at his
residence this evening.
Cnr.viNNiWyo.Nov. : ! > . Joseph M , Carey
( rep. ) Is re-elected delegate to congress by
noout l,700 majority over Caleb P. Organ
( dum. ) . This U nearly double any previous
majority. _
HKI.KXA , Nov. 9 , Corrected returns give
Carter , ( rep. ) delegate , 4,500 majority in the
territory. _
.General ilurrlttoii Itecelves Many Con-
cratulntory Tolctrrnms.
INDIAN-ATOMS , Nov. 9. Among the tele
gram B received by Gencrul Harrison are the
following :
UKuiMoiNi : . ' . Congratulations from a full
heart. Iowa gains two republican congress
men In your support , possibly three.
JOHN A. IC.kssov ,
HKII llui ) , III , The Lord bo praised for
thut grout victory , I congratulate you with
nil iny heart , und Mrs. Thomas Joins In this
tucssugo , J. U. Tnosuti.
FUUVIONT , Neb , Accept most sincere con
gratulations. Nebraska claims the head of
the column. G. W. 11 Doitsitv.
A Few Cnlinirnlii Figures.
SAN FIUXCISCO , Nov. 9 , The count of 110
procliu'.tii In the city out of 170 give Harrison
JH.OSO , Cleveland ! ! 7G'j3. The republican
etato committee claims the state by from ten
to twelve thousand. The democratic stutp
committee concedes the state to the republl-
cansbut by u small majority , The latest fig
ures Indicate the election of four republican
congressmen. Three of the ix > nn're3 lonal
districts ure very close.
Doubtful Congressional IUtrlttn. :
PiiTsuuna , Nov. 9 , A Wheeling ( W. Ya. )
upcciul to the Chronicle-Telegraph , says
Goff ( rep. ) boa carried thy state by a narrow
margin , but the electoral ticket Is still in
doubt , Atkinson ( rep. ) 1ms twenty-seven
plurality In the Flrot congressional district ,
und Wilson ( dcm. ) Is elected in the Second
district- The Third und Fourth districts ure
tlll in doubt and are claimed by bqlh p.irtles ,
i. V - , J Y.OfllcuU In
formation received says that Fleming ( dem. )
w elected by about itx ) majority. It is now
believed the republicans have elected three
out of the four congressmen , with the fourth
in doubt. In every county mid prerlnct the
republicans have gained , nnd as the matter
now stands the IcrUlaturc is doubtful. It
may bo that It will bo a tie. The republicans
claim everything and the democrats are very
Hrlcr Footed Many Hills.
Nr.w YOKK , Nov. 0. [ Special Telegram to
Tnr.Hi'.r. . ] Calvin S , Uriuc , the chalrmai
of the democratic executive committee , has
admitted to friends that besides his ordl
nary contribution to the democratic cam
palgn fund , ho has spent about S150OOU ot
looting bills find supplying Jnouey to the
committee when the funds tmd run out.
Oornmn Talk * With Gr < ivcr.
WASIIIVUTOV , Nov. 0. Senator Gorman
of Hnltlmorc , called nt the white house to
day and hud an interview with the president
That IH tin : Opinion ol * William Walter
Niw : YOHK , Nov. U. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : Hin.J : \\llliatn Walter Phelps talked
to your correspondent about the nationa
contest and what to him was its significance.
Said ho : "To mo the result seemed assured
from the outset. Cleveland invited defeat
by raising the tariff issue. Harrison was
elected on the question of protection or f reo
trade , und I do not see how the result couh
have been otherwise. That fatal cry 'Fico
trade' killed the domocr.itic party. The fight
was one of principles and not of candidates
The democrats made a great mistake. Thej
made another In the management of the cam
paign. They should not have bro'ught free
trade speakers from the south to address
northern voters. They would have done
much bettor to have brought out men like
Randall and Eaton us c.unpalcnorators. "
"How do you account for republican vic
tory in Now York , wliilo Now Jersey and
Connecticut went democratic ! "
"Tho tariff Issue was stronger In Now
York than in either of the other states.
The liquor interests carried New Jersey and
the democrats won n complete victory. They
will have a majority of three on Joint ballot
In the legislature. I look upon success In
New York us very largely due to the noble
efforts of Warner Miller. Whllo ho person
ally uus fightlnir an almost hopeless battle ,
ho worked for the success of the national
ticket us of paramount importance. Ho dill
much for the cause of protection , and it is a
pity ills efforts were not rewarded with suc
cess. In Connecticut , and all Now England ,
In fact , I do not think protection as strong
an issue as iu New York. The manufactur
ing Industries of these states are so old and
firmly established they do not require
much protection. These , to my mind , are
the reasons why New York went republican
while New Jersey nnd Connecticut did not. "
"What is your opinion of Cleveland's ad
ministration ( "
"Ithus been what was to be expected of an
ignorant but honest man. His statemanship
bus not been broad , nnd hu has shown that
his knowledge of politics it > not extensive.
The democratic party had no other course
than to follow his leadership , and hence he
is responsible for its defeat. "
"What effect do you think the change of
administration will have upon the country 1"
"I think it will be beneficial , and that bus
iness interests generally will experience a
boom Harrison will make a food president ,
lie is able , conservative and uuambitous. Ho
has a too positive character to be the tool of
any man , and ho will not submit to dictation.
He is not a man to bo easily influenced from
what he considers right. "
Republicans Control the House.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 8. "I believe that wo
will have from 17 to 20 majority in the next
house , " said Secretary McPherson , of the
republican congressional campaign commit
tee to-day. Taking up the table prlated in a
New York republican paper , ho said : "J. aui
going to give the democrats nil that they
claim within reason , where the actual claims
have not removed nil doubt. " From this
table ho reduced the republican claims for
congressmen by ono each in Florida , Ken
tucky , Maryland , North Carolina and West
Virginia and by two in Virginia. In that
shape ho declared that ho allowed all demo
cratic claims in doubtful cases , and the re
sult was n republican majority of Ifi. Ho
could not see how it could possibly bo re
duced below that figure , and , allowing for
republican changes iu doubtful districts , as
in Virginia , Marylnnd , West Virginia , North
Carolina nnd elsewhere , he confidently ex
pected that the republican majority would bo
found to bo nearer 20 than 15.
Senator FaHxotf Serenaded.
EI.MIIIA , N. Y. , Nov. 9. Senator Fassett ,
secretary of the republican national commit
tee , arrived homo in this city this morning.
To-niglit a spontaneous gathering of Elmira
republicans engaged u band , marched to his
residence ou West Church street and sere
naded lilui. Senator Fussett made a brief
speech. _
Election Contcst di Alabama.
UIKMINOIUW , Ala. , Nov , 9. Chairman
Moscly of the republican state executive
committee unnounccs to-day that ho will con
test the election of the congressmen in the
First , Fourth , Sixth nnd Seventh districts.
Ho asserts that ho can prove fraud nt the
polls , and will bo able to scat the republican
W. II. Itanium Improving.
Nr.w HAVKN , Conn. , Nov. 9. Reports
from Lime Rock to-day show a sllgnt Im
provement In W. H. Uarnuni's ' condition.
Heavy Snow Storing Ucponod Prom
Northern KUIIHHH.
ATCIIISOX. Kan , , Nov. 9. Tlio most phe
nomenal snow storm that over occurred In
northern Itansas begun this morning , and
bus continued furiously all day. Trams are
nil delayed and tolcirruph wires are pros
trated in all directions with the exception of
one line to ICanson City. In Atchison over
200 telephone lines uro broken aud so tnugled
up with electric llgilt wires that the electric
light works have been Huspcnded to
prevent accidents. The snow storm
Is the heaviest that has occurred
ut any scasoh of the year since 1878. The
extent of the damage cannot bo ascertained ,
owing to the suspension ot telegraphic con
KAS'MAS CITV , Nov. 0. A rain storm , be
ginning early this mornlnir , developed into a
biiow Htorm at : ) o'clock this afternoon nnd
has been falling over since. Thesnow , how
ever , hati melted ns fast as It has fallen. It
has been accompanied by brisk winds and
IIUH done considerable dumngo. Nearly all
railroads centering hero uro more or less de
layed , the S.inta Fu being the worst sufferer.
Telegraph wires uie also somewhat crippled.
The Weather IiiillL-ntlons.
For Nebraska : Pair woathcr , slight rlso
In temperature cvcept in Western Nebraska ,
stationary temperature ; northerly winds.
For Dakota : Fair weather , northerly
winds , slightly colder , extreme southeast
> orUoi , slightly warmer.
For Iowa : Fulr weather , preceded in east
ern portion by ruin or snow ; fulr weather
Sunday , &lutlouury temperature In eastern
tortlun , a slight rlso In temperature Iu west
ern portion ; northerly winds.
1'rlncclnn Con fern Degree * .
PitixcuTON , N , J , , Nov. S. The board of
.rustces of Pripcoton college today conr
'erred the honorable degree of doctor of
llrinity on Dr. William McAto , ' 59 , of Win
isonsln. and doctor of literature on Malcolm
McNeil , ' 77 ; profcasqr of astronomy in Luke
Forebt umvciiilty.
DlKtlneulnhcd Physician Dead.
VIENNA , Nov , 9 , Von Hamburg , a dls-
UoguUhed Austrluu physician , U dead , uijcd
y six.
Nebraska Towns Bubbling Over
With Republican Enthusiasm.
Other State Demonstration ) With
Music , Speeches , t ireWorkn nnd
General Jolllllcatloiii AVlmt a
Time They Will Have !
Dorsoy'H Majority.
Fur.MoNT , Nob. , Nov. 9. [ Special to Tnr
HUE J From such returns as have nlrcadj
come In from the Third congressional dls
trict and from estimates made on the balance
of the counties to hear from , Congrcssmai
Uorsov figures that his majority in the dls
trlct will bo about 12,800. Others who are
well posted on the situation estimate that i
will run to 15,0 H ) . In many of the counties
he lias run of the national ticket. Mr
Dorsey is n very happy man over this .am
the result of the general election. He pro
diets u grand and glowing future for the re
publican party and the country.
How Norfolk Will Jollify.
Nomouc , Nov. 9. ( Special Telegram to
Tin : Hnc.J The republicans of Norfolk nro
mailing preparations for the grandest polltl
cnl Jollification that has ever been witnessed
in North Nebraska , to-morrow evening
Arrangements have been made to have
special trains run in from Columbus , West
Point , Wuhefleld , Crcighton and Nehlgh
Thcro will be a torch light procession
bended by five bands , a magnificent display
of fire works and speeches by prominent
speakers of the state.
EnthnslaKitt at IMnlnvlow.
PLAIN-VIEW , Neb. , Nov. 9. [ Special to THE
Hm : . ] Full returns have not yet been re
ceived from the county. Great demonstra
tions arc being made by the republicans over
the reports received from the results of the
general election. Such demonstrations of en
thusiasm have never been witnessed here
before. The streets nro as light as day from
the bonfires and torchlight par.idos. The
roar of the cannon mingled with the wild
cheers of men , women and children , bears
convincing evidence of the popularity of the
successful candidates.
Flro nt North IMattc.
NOUTII PIATTC , Neb , Nov. 9. [ Special
Telegram to THE Hnu.J A fire early this
morning destroyed the fruino building ca
Front street owned by J. D. Wilson and oc
cupied by n saloon and bakery. Tlio build
ing \vas insured for $ I)00 : ) in the North
American Insurance company. Loss and
damage to saloon and bakery , stock and fix
tures amounts to about $1,003. It is fully
covered by insurance.
Otoo's Legislative Ticket ,
NnmiASEiCiTV , Nov. 9. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim Ur.c. ] Watson , republican
candidate for iloat representative fron Otoo
and Cass counties , has 317 majority in this
county. Ransom , republican candi
date for the senate , has ! 2ii ( ; majority.
Homo ( rep. ) and Mattes ( dem. ) are elected
to the legislature. The democrats elect the
county attorney and commissioner.
Alter the PoHtofllce.
FitnMo T , Neb. , Nov. 0. [ Special to Tnn
HIB. : ] The result of the election is already
being made manifest hero by several aspir
ants for the Fremont postoffico. Five can
didates for the place have already developed.
The oflico pays a salary of 8J.-100 per year ,
and it is possible that thcro may be some
lively struggling for the position.
Another Elevator Accident.
GitANi ) ISLAND , Neb. , Nov , 9. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Bnn.J William Veeden-
berg , while repairing the elevator in the
Palmer house yesterday , lost his footing and
fell a distance of about eight feet. Ho re
ceived injuries on the head which may prove
fatal. _
Ewlnc is Happy.
EWINO , Nob. , Nov. 9. ( Special to THE
BEE. ] When news reached this place at 1
o'clock by private telegram yesterday that
Chairman Hrico had conceded the election to
the republicans it was celebrated at once by
the firing of cannon , blowing of horns , otc.
Favor Townslilu Organization.
Oni ) , Neb. , Nov. 9. [ Special to TIIEHEK. !
Valley county cast a total of 1,541 votes , 8'JO
of which were cust In favor of township or
FALLS CITV , Neb. , Nov. 9. [ Special to
TUB UKC. ] The complete election returns
In Richardson county are us follows : Harrison
risen 2,1)81 ) , Cleveland l.bSS , Fisk ( prohib. )
1JS ! , Strcoter 41 , Thiiyor U,070 , MoShano 1,911 ,
UIgelow 187 , Hutler : tt , Council ( rep. ) 2,048 ,
Morton ( dem. ) 193J , Linn ( rep. ) lU71 , Mar
tin ( dem. ) 2,0111 , J. C. Yutzy ( rep. ) 2,039 ,
" \Villiutu Fonton ( rep. ) 2Ot S , H. D. Weller
( rep. ) 2,128 , J. S. Parsons ( dera. ) 1,007 ,
Charles Ureoht ( dem. ) l.SSS , Jerry Fontou
( dom. ) ltU2 , E. A. Tucker ( rep. ) 2,222 , Ed
Fulloon ( dem. ) 1,775 ; probate Judge , A. R.
Scott ( rep. ) 2,05' ' , J. Oagnon ( dcm. ) 1,851 ,
George Waltsons ( prohib. ) 2J2.
TEKAJIAH , Neb. , Nov. 9. [ Special to Tun
Hnu.J The official count of the vote in Hurt
county Is us follows : Harrjson ] , ti23 , Cleve
land , (114 , Tliuyer 1,015 , McShano ( KG. Dor-
soy l , < y.M , Weuthcrly 015 , Sutherland U150 ,
Crawford -14 , Harding 1,010 , , Griffin G40 ,
Everett 1,030 , Lutta l 3.
Merrlck ,
CENTIIAL CITV , Nov. 9. Merrlck county
complete : Harrison 1,135 , Cleveland Ml ,
Kisk200 , Streator7 ; senator , Gullogly 1,028 ,
Suurku 70S ; representative , Sweat 1,095 ;
Young ( ( Jem. ) t/J ) ; Hanson , for county com
missioner , and Thompson , for county attor-
icy , ure ejected by large majorities ,
Way no.
WAYNE , Neb. , "Nov. 9. Wayne county ,
official : Harrison 017 , Cleveland 43. ' ) . Tliuyer
1)14 ) , McShuno 453 , Laws ! I90 , I linen 437 ; con-
-rcss , Dorsey 547 , Weatherby 4.10 ; represen
tative Seventeenth district , Ley ( dem. ) OH ,
Axen ( rop. ) 437 ; senator Eleventh district ,
Manning ( rep. ) 540 , Uuettncr ( dcm , ) 359 ;
Wright ( rep. ) , county attorney , 010 , Rlley
> 31 ; John L , Molten ( dcm. ) and A. H. Car
er ( rep. ) , elected commissioners ; 23 union
uborundlll prohibition votes polled , H. Ley
( dem. ) probably elected representative by 20
NOUTII PLATTK , Neb. , Nov. 0. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : HI.T. ] Complete returns
rout Lincoln county give the following 10-
mbllcnn majorities ; Harrison 429 , Tlm.vcr
112 ; Dorsey , congress Third district , 430 ;
Nesbltt , Hcimtor Thirtieth district , U45 ;
Struynor , representative Flfty-fourth dis-
rict , ao2 ; Wllcox , county attorney , 424.
BiiKWgiEu , Nob. , Nov. Q.r-Speclal [ to Tin :
IKB. ] In lllfllno county there wore about
! 75 vgtcs polled , electing the entire republi-
\in ticket by majorities of from 45 to 75 ,
Harrison receives 45 majority. The Btato
Ickgt avoraces about 45 majority. Dorsoy
jets 50 majority ; Hnnua , representative
Porty.ninth district , 09 majority : Jewett ,
eimtor Fifteenth district , 51 majority.
MUHSON , Neb , , Now 0. ( Special to THE
lBB.1 This county goes republican by about
00 majority. The whole tieliet ia elected.
Complete : returns have not yet been made.
ALUION , Nob. , Nov , t , - [ Special to THE
Jes.J TUo couipkurcturis t'iv < ? t e veto
In Boone county ns follows : Harrison 1.18
Cleveland 60S , Fisk 68 , Thayer 1,173 , McShnno
< W1 , Dorsoy ( rep. ) 1,102 , Wcnthcrby ( dem.1
C01 , J. J. llocho ( rep. ) 1.S10 , P. II. Uarr\
( dcm. ) OH , A. P. Hmtik ( rep. ) 1,103 , R. II
Pit7hugh ( dem. ) 079 , J. A. Price ( rep. ) 1,100
S. R. Anstone ( dom. ) CM.
O'Nnti. . Neb. , Nov. 9. [ Special Telegram
to TUB Hnn | The oniclnl canvas gives
Adams , republican candidate for attorney , a
majority over the democrat of thirty-nine
The pluralities for senator and rcprcseutu
tlvcs range from 250 W 800.
Col Tax.
SCIHTI.ER , Neb. , Nov. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin ; HBE.Tho ] complete returns In
Colfax county are ns follows : Harrison
7fcO. Cleveland IOO , lhaycr 7GO , McShnno MO
Dorsoy ( rep. ) 7bl ( , Weatherby ( dem. ) 30
McAllister ( rep. ) MO. lyinhcr ( dem. ) ' .WO
Whitman ( rep. ) S10 , Hraucht ( dcm. ) MO
Grimlson ( rep. ) MX ) , Zciitmycr ( dcm. ) 900.
ALMA , Nob. , Nov. 9. The official count o ;
Harlan county : Harrison 1,010 , Clevelniu
till , Thnycr 950 , McShano 4W ! , Lceso 739
Munger ( > SS. The republicans elect for rep
rosentutlve , Price , union labor candidate for
state senator , by 97 majority.
Ofcrr.oi.A , Neb. , Nov. 9. The vote of Polk
county was as follows : Governor , Thuyer
Ml ) , McShano f > 24 ; nontenant governor , Meik
eljohn 947 , Folda 479 ; secretary of state
Laws 9W , Hincs 4SO ; treasurer. Hill 910
Patterson 478 ; auditor , Hcnton 918 , Poynter
478 ; attorney general , LooseSKVi , Mungcr 474-
commissioner of lands , Stcen 048 , Jussei
40 ; superintendent public instruction , Lane
947 , Thrasher 4SO ; congressman , ( rep ) Laird
913 , ( dem ) Hastings 452 , senate , ( rep ) Gal
locly 949 , ( dcm ) Sparks 822 , house , ( rep )
StullS70 , ( dom ) ColeninixOlS ; county attor
ney , ( rep ) Wheeler SIS , ( dom ) Mills 993 ;
county commissioner , ( ron ) Bowser 944 ,
( dcm ) Krumback 820 ; prohibition vote or
state ticket 170 ; union labor vote about 400.
Aunoi'A. Nov , 9. Hamilton county com
plete gives Harrison 1,737 , Cleveland OS I
Thayer 1,714 , McShano 1,007 ; senator Twen
ty-fifth district , Hurd ( rep. ) 1,7,17 , Van Dyke
( dem. ) OS4 ; representatives Forty-first dis
trict , Scohill ( rep. ) 1,010 , Youst ( dem. ) 971 ,
Fnrly ( rep. ) 1,781 , Cox ( dcm. ) 1,002 , ; Laird
1,035 , Hastings 1,04.1.
HI.OOMINOTOV , Nov. 9. Franklin county
returns , complete , give Harrison b32 , Cleveland -
land 491 , Thnyer 250 majority over McShuno.
The balance of the state republican ticket
gets 250 majority. Laird's majority over
Hastings 210 ; Hoover ( rep. ) for senator , ma
jority 341 ; Bailey ( rep. ) lor representative ,
majority 372.
The Northwestern Makes n Cut in
Pneklne House Products.
CiHCAdo , Nov. 9. The Chicago & North
western road caused a sensation to-day by
notifying Chairman Faithorn that , com
mencing next Wednesday , its rates on pack
ing house products , cattle and bogs will bo
. " > cents n hundred pounds from Omaha to
Chicago. The tariff rates on packing house
products is 20 cents , and on cattle and hogs
27 } cents , so that the reduction amounts to
15 cents on the former nud 22) $ cents on the
latter. The announcement Is intended as a
blow at the Burlington for cutting the pro
vision rate to 12 cents , from Omaha. It is
thought that a bitter rate war will ensue un
less something Is speedilj * done to avert it.
A meeting of the Western "Freight associa
tion is to take place next Tuesday , and it is
possible that u calm discussion then may re
sult iu Settling the difficulty ,
The Intor-Stnto Commission.
WASUINOTON , Nov. 6. The.iuterstato .
commerce commission rendered u decision
that it had no authority to interfere with the
regulations of the immigration commission
ers at Castle Garden , N. Y. , in the matter
of arrangements for ticketing immigrants by
rail to interior points , because those commis
sioners are appointed by the state , and their
control of Immigration has been sanctioned
by tlio government. The inter-state com
merce commission further tiold that there is
nothing illegal or wrongful in a railroad company -
pany making a rate for immigrants as a class
and declining to give the sarno rate to
The Citizen Soldiery.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 9. In his annual re
port to the secretary of war. Adjutant Gen
eral Drum says that during the past summer
and fall army officers Inspected military en
campments in .Alabama , Delaware , Georgia ,
Illinois , Indiana , Iowa , Michigan , Minnesota ,
Nebraska , Neu Hampshire , New York ,
North Carolina , Ohio , Pennsylvania and
Vermont. The regularly organized mm uni
formed active militia Of the several states ,
which In 1SS5 aggregated 84,739 , reached
92,734 in 18MI , increased to 100,837 in the fol
lowing year , and July 2. 1888 , represented an
available force of 100,919 men.
A Bad Jump for Uroille.
'POOOIIKEKPSIK , N. Y , , Nov. 9 , Steve Uro-
dlo jumped from a bridge m course of con
struction over the Hudson river here nt 0
o'clock this morning. He broke three ribs ,
and when he reached the shore blood was
rUnniaz from his mouth and curs ,
Hrodie was put on n train nnd taken to
his liomo in New York city. He may die.
Ho Jumped for u wager of ? r > 00 , and yester
day Fox , of the Police Garotte , told him if
lie succeeded ho would give him a gold medal
worth ? 500.
Late to-night his young wife said that ho
bad gone to bed , but WAS doing well and
would bo around in a few ' days.
Lost nt Sen ,
LONDON , Nov. 9 , A telegram from Havre
states that the Cunard line steamer Nantes
cumc into collision , thirty-six miles off the
Lizard , with the German ship Theodore
Ruger , Captain Moyer'and that botli vessels
sank. A portion of the ship's crow has
muled ut Trouville. The/ate of the rest and
.ho steamer's crew Is unknown.
ChlncHC-Aiuericaii Citizen * .
SAN FIIANCISCO , Cal * Npv. 9. United
States Circuit Judiro Sawyer has rendered
a decision in the test cato of two Chinese , in
vhlch ho holds that Inasmuch us they wcro
lorn in tlio United State * the.wcro . citizens
hereof and not amenable to the uot of con
gress excluding Chincso laborers.
A Sudden Death.
CAUKOI.L , la. , Nov.'O. [ Special Telegram
o TJIB BEE. ] Mrs , George Gray , wife of a
prominent , grain buyer p Gray , la. , dropped
lead at that place this morning. The cause
} f her death is unknown , as she was appur-
3iiUy In good health flvo minutes bcforo her
Icath. _ , _
The JlnhdlstH Capture Wndnl.
CAIIIO , Nov , 9 , Seventy Ihousand follow
ers of Malull attacked the town of WudnJ'
vest of Darfoor. The garrison repulsed the
issallnnts und killed 3,000. but the Mahdists
cattuckcd nnd captured the town. The BUI-
Lnn of Wadai lied to Ghlri ,
Wtook on the Itlo Grande.
PUEIII.O , G ) } , , Nov. ' 9. Eatly this morn-
iig on the Rio GnuiJo road , a freight train
vas derailed , Before a flagman could lie
sent back another freight ( , 'rashed Into It ,
killing the fireman. Both trains were badly
vi ccked.
Full uro.
YOIIK , Nov. 9.T-P.1U1 Phlllipson , coin-
nission merchant , made 1111 assignment to-
lay with preferences of * 1,925.
Two Coal Ml nurd Cruwhed ,
PiTTSiiuitn , Nov , 9. A fall of slate at the
Villpw Grove coul mincH near McDonald ,
'u , , tbis nloraiug crushed a man aud a
Algorln the Scene of a Most Mysto-
rloiiB Tragedy.
Slio la Made the Victim nfn llopolcns
In tlic Itrcnst of A
Yonnc Kntcllsh Iiaw
Student ,
" \Va It Iinvo or Vengeance ?
tCopyrfflM 1SSS by Jams * ( Ionian llwnett. ]
PAUIS , Nov. 0. [ Now York Herald Cable
Sncclal to Tun URR , ! One of the uiosi
sensational trials which lias cvor tulton place
on this continent is now going on at the court
assizes nt Hlsoner. Hcurl Cnmbrlgo Is n
young law student of excellent family , the
son of a notary niul Is handsome and highly
educated nnd only twenty-three years of age
Ho is charged With murdering Mine. Grille
wife of n railway Inspector living at Sid
Mubrouck , near Constantino. Mmo. Grlllo
was a Miss Madeline Jackson bcforo aha
married. She was of n good North of Eng
land family , young and pretty.
Mmc. Grille was found lying dead in her
villa with a boquct of flowers by her side as
though she had just fallen asleep. Near her
was the prisoner himself , lying on the lloor
grievously injured with a bullet throueh his
head. One theory is that ho hail hypnotized
her and that she bad thus fallen n willing
victim to his machinations. Another is that
she had fallen In love with him , and as
neither had sufllcicnt money to enable them
to elope they bad both consented to die side
by sido. The court was crowded with a
most noisy and hetorogcnous clement ol
Arab , Jews and French citizens from all
parts of Algeria. M.Alls des Isles presided.
The writ described the prisoner as a law
student in Paris who , however , fre
quently returned to Algeria , where he
visited his mother at the Chateau
du Kutnnicllo nnd his sister anil
Urotlicr-in-law at Constantino. Ho spent
much tirno at Sidi Marbrouck on an estate
which ho had inherited from his father.
Amongst his friends were M. and Mine.
Grille , with whom his mother left her
daughters during a prolonged absence in
Franco in lbS7. He soon made himself at
homo in their midst. He was to have left for
Paris January 25 , 1SSS. It was arranged thai
ho should start from Algeria , travel thither
with his mother , ono of his sisters nnd M.
Grille , who was going as far ns Mencrvillo.
He went to the station , but instc.ul of leav
ing announced that he had changed his plan
and would leave the same afternoon for
After the departure of the train lie pro
ceeded immediately to Sldi Marbrouck ,
where ho spent an hour with Muie. Grille , in
her own drawing room. Ho then called
upon ono of his friends , M. Rieu , whom ho
vainly requested to grant him a loan of JO.OOO
francs. The prisoner left him towards 1
o'clock , after luncheon with him , and im
mediately purchased a revolver and some
cartridges at an nmourer's in the sanio lo
cality. To other .witnesses ho appeared to
be greatly excited. He took a drive with
Mnio. Grille , returned with her to tbo house
and retired with her to her apartments. On
the report of lire arms the room was entered
and they wcro found in the position des
cribed. Ho appeared to bo fully conscious
and exclaimed :
"I have killed her. Madeline 1 Mad
eline ! "
From the position of the prisoner and of
his victim there could bo no doubt either as
to their relations or the fact that ho had de
liberately murdered her , which he fully ad
mitted , and the only question was the mo
tive. Ho declared that they were desper
ately in love with each other and had deter
mined to elope or die. Of this , however ,
according to the prosecution , there was no
tittle of evidence and ho was therefore ar
raigned on a charge of willful murder.
There are fifty-one witnesses in the case.
M. Mallley , the public prosecutor at the
courtof Algiers , conducts the proceedings in
behalf of the republic and M. Durier Buton-
nitr. of the order of barristers at the court
of appeal in Paris , defended the prisoner ,
who was very palo throughout the reading of
the indictment. Ho has a distinguished
and intellectual cast of features. In reply to
the Judge who asked why ho sought to bor
row money to elope with the deceased when
ho had money of his own ho reulicJ in a firm
tone :
"Every man of honor will feel that I could
not run off with another man's wife and
money as well. "
Ho declared amidst sobs that she several
times entreated him to kill her nnd expressed
her regret that her children were not present
so that her children might share the same
fate. So loudly did the prisoner weep whan
ho uiado tills statement that the public wore
moved to compassion and the prisoner was
unable to continue his narrative , The presi
dent then read the prisoner's deposition de
claring that the deceased again or
dered him to kill her according to
his solemn promise and she closed her
eyes whereupon ho fired once and twice.
She was then lifeless. The president then
read the process verbal of the examining
magistrate und letters in which Mine. Grille
confessed her violent love for the accused.
These letters wcro subsequently declared
both by the husband mid exports to bo forger
ies. The prisoner denied that ho had hypno
tized the deceased. Ho averred that her
death was as deplorable us It was terrible , but
urged that it was not dishonorable. On the
contrary it was altogether her wish. The
evidence showed nothing unusual in the ap-
icarunce of the deceased when she returned
.0 her homo with the prisoner , and the
theory of the prosecution that ho
was actuated by vongcauco is
strengthened by the declaration of
.lip police ofilccrs who entered the room in
which the tragedy was enuqtcd and who
stated to the court that the prisoner said to
lis brother-ID law :
"I loved Mmo. Grille , she did not love mo
n return and I killed her. "
Fuithcr evidence showed that the prisoner
on the day preceding the crime asked a
chemist how much laudanum was necessary
0 kill a person , as ho wished to mention it
n a novel , The chemist replied , "That do-
icnds on a person's physical strength. " The
insotier thereupon withdrew ,
M. Grille in his evidence indignantly
repadlatcd the prisoner's statements
n tote , adding that ho had never
iad the slightest suspicion of his
vifo'H fidelity , and that nucti suspicions
vould have been utterly unfounded. Ho re
garded the prisoner as an Infamous liar ana
1 vulgar assassin. Tna prisoner BCemed
crestfallen during the prosecutor's cxamlna-
ion , M. Grille , In reply to further questions ,
leclared that hU wlfo oould never huvo con-
ented of her own free will to place llcrbclf
n such a position us to warrant the charge
of undue familiarity with tbo prisoner. The
rial continues ,
Horrlblo l.'anoy nt Thoio Who Coin
mil tlio Crlnio iif Cnln.
ICfipurlgM I SS tin .Aim's Onnloii ll'imrlt 1
PAUIS , Nov. 9. [ New York Herald C.iblo
Special to Tni ; Br.B.1 The proceedings
of the Prado trial wcro very interesting to
day. Dr. Hronardol , dean of the uiedica
school nnd an expert in legal medicine , wss
tbo llrst witness. Ho testified that ho hat
soon Marie Aguitant on the day after the
murder and osldo from the wound In her
throat had found the corpse uninjured
Death had been almost Instantaneous. The
doctor had also examined Prado sotno tiuio
later but was unnblo to state whether tin
wound in his loft bund might have resulted
from n linger nail scratch by the victim
The witness states that an experiment with
nramr upon the corpse , which had been arti
ficially stiffened to resemble the condition In
life , had resulted In n wound similar to that
which had produced the death of Marie
At the request of ono of the lawyers Dr.
Hronnrdel , during a brief roccss , made a
physical examination of the prisoner , from
which ho concluded that , whllo a mau of
only ordinary strength , Prado possessed
sufficient physical force to Inllict the
wound in question. In his opinion the
attack was no violent that the woman
could not have uttered more than
a single cry. Ho called attention
til the psychological fact that assassins
whoso hands have been bathed in blood of
ten fancy that the odor of blood clings to
them ,
The servant of Marie Aguitant testified
that the individual who had accompanied her
mistress the night of the murder managed to
conceal his face from her. All she
remembered was that ho was a
man of medium height and dark-
complexioned. When she left the
bed room Marie Aguitant was en dlsliablllu
and was caressing her companion , The
witness had slept a little and finally , seeing
it was time i'or Mario's lover , M. Hlos , to
como in , had knocked several times
to warn the lovers. Thcro was no
response. Finally when M. Hlos came
in she was obliged to tell him
that niadamo was with a gentleman. The
deceived lover rushed to the room vowing
vengeance , but ho found the hour for von-
gennco had passed. Her life blood was al
ready spent. Pr.ulo waa made to put on the
hat und coat worn by the murderer , but the
witness failed to Identify him.
"Woodcock is Ousted.
ICnpyrff/ht ISSSbu Jainex Gordon /Jcwief.l
NICK , Nov. 9. | Now York Herald Cable
Special to Tun UKB ] The prime minister
of Wurtctnburg loft hero to-day after a long
talk with the king. Ho has put the finish
ing stroke to the career of Baron Woodcock
and his friend , Mr. Hendoy , ns fur as the
royal household is concerned. Hon. Von
Mittnach has been hero since Tuesday in
consequence of a decision of the council ol
ministers. The result is that the king has
listened to the popular cry nnd has dismissed
Woodcock , who has left for London , and will
probably sail for America.
Salisbury Makes a Speech.
LONDON , Nov. 0. The usual banquet to
the cabinet ministers was given at Guild
hall this evening. Lord Salisbury delivered
a long speech. Ho denied that the govern
ment had yielded to their opponents on the-
question of policy. They were never more
resolute or more confident in advancing a
policy which they honestly believed they
could successfully execute. England hod
perhaps noticed that popular institutions
existed to the westward. ( Laughter. ) Even
this in America would add moro to the his
tory of electioneering than to tlio history of
politics. ( Laughter and cheers. ) If thcro
was any complaint against the Washington
statesmen it did not involve the two nations.
( Cheers. ) Washington statesmen had not
apparently commended themselves to the ap
proval of Americans. ( Cheers ) .
Fatnllllcs nt Kochostcr.
RociinsTKH , N. Y. , Nov. 9. A most disas
trous lire occurcd this evening nt the works
of the Steam Guago and Lantern company.
It was located In a buUding of seven stories
with two basements. It was situated near
Goncscc Falls. The fire broke out at 7:35 :
o'clock. About forty people were at work ,
mostly on the third lloor. The smoke was
very dense and the men could not roach the
flro escapes , and they were forced to Jump
from the third story. Fourteen Jumped on
the west side of the building , and wcro
frightfully injured , six of them dying within
an hour. Four others will die before morn
ing. The names of the dead are :
JOHN Gituuoun ,
The fatally wounded are : Richard Pusch ,
Frank Siddons , D.m Watklns , John Gorin.
It is thought that live or more bodies arc in
tlie ruins , including ono or more girls.
The loss on the building is (05,000 ; insured
for $40,000. The loss on the lantern plant Is
$175,000 , with insurance ou tlio plant of
* 179,000. _
Hurled Alive.
KANSAS CITV , Nov. 9. A special from
Pittsburgh , Kan. , says : The most dreadful
disaster in the history of Kansas occurred at
5 o'clock this evening. When the men wcro
preparing to leave off their wnrk at shaft
No. 2 , nt Fontennc , n suburb of Pittsburgh ,
a terrihlo explosion was heard that shook the
earth for a grout distance , nnd completely
shattered the shaft. Upon investigation it
was found that 100 mun wcro within the
mine at the time of tlio explosion.
Being lit ! feet below the
It is almost certain that nil are dead at this
writing. The only two exceptions were two
men who wcro in a car coming up , and ,
being near the top of the shaft , manured to
escape. Pittsburgh Is In th center of the
coal mines of southeastern Kansas , o"'l is
about ono hundred mill's south of Kansas
City , on the Fort Scott & Gulf railroad.
Attempts will bo made to reach the en
tombed men before morning. Those who
started down the shaft curly In the evening
said that the shock destroyed whole drifts ,
inu that it IB probable ( hat the men In the
lower levels are buried huncnth tons of slate ,
HI licit dump Is supposed to have caused the
explosion Mont ot the miners nt these shafts
wore originally from the minus of Pennsyl
A Cleveland rienentlon.
CLEVELAND , Nov. 9 , Major F. H. Drag-
gins , chairman of the republican central com-
nltteo of this county , wuu arrested to-day
or forging the iiamu of ex-Mayor W. G.
tosu to numerous notes , on which ho Bocurod
between W.OOO und $7,000 at different city
mnks. He was locked up at the central po-
icc station nnd confessed his guilt. The or-
rest caused a great sensation ,
Hulcldod In 111 * Cell ,
Srui.HariKi.ii , Mau , , Nov. 0. Prank
Turner , confine ; ! in jail awaiting action by
ho grand Jury pji a charge of adultery ,
Kinged himself in his cull last night.
A Hiirllnglnit Dividend.
BOSTON , Nov. 9 , The ChlcugOt Burlington
t Qulncy directors to-day decjured a dlvl-
leml of 1 per cent , making 5 per cent for the
A Tump AlVulr.
LONDON , Nov. 9. The pro t-sslon to-day
on the occasion of the Induction Into oflice of
ho now lord mayor was devoid of the uituul
'agcautry , ana was a tame affair ccucrally.
The Outlook In National Affixlra
Under Republican Rule.
Strong Prohahll Hy That tlio
rollcj- Will bo Maintained The
Federal Judiulary iluetlccw For
All tlV TcrritoriCR.
What tlio Klectlnn Moans.
WASHINGTON HuHKvuTitr.OM AU * . Hr.s , 1
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Nov. V. I
The results of the election will bo far *
reaching. Not only have the republicans sex
cured the executive brani'h of the go vein *
incut , but have control of both houses of congress
gross nnd will continue to hold onto the Ju
diciary. There are now four members of the
supreme court eligible for retirement and a
number of district and circuit Judges through
out the country who have clung to the bench
In the hope that the republicans might elect
the president and insure the appointment oj
members of the same party to succeed them *
During the administration of President Hurt
risou the federal Judiciary will bo pretty
generally overhauled. No change is ox
pcctcd in tlio financial policy o |
the administration , us the prcsenO
policy is gencr.illy approved by tha
republicans und is in continuance of that feN
lowed by President Arthur. It Is assumed ,
here that the republicans will pass a tariff
bill In pursuance of pledges made during tha
campaign. Ills said that General Harrison ,
sympathies with Senator Allison In hiH
efforts to secure some action by the senate nt
the lust session , and it is true that the largo
republican majorities in the northwest where
the tariff defection was tlio greatest in the
republican party are duo to the demonstra
tion made under Mr. Allison's leadership.
Another effect of the election will no UIO
creation of two or three now states and tlio
addition of four or six republicans to tie |
senate and twelve or fifteen republican ! ) to
the house from Dakota , Montana and Wash *
ington Territory. It Is not possible that the
democrats will yield the position they have
taken In respect to Dakota hut they will ntt
the coming session renew their demands that f
the territory , if admitted , shall come in without -
out division. The republicans , und purlieu *
lurly General Harrison , are pledged iignmRt
this mill Harrison is the author of the bill
now pending in the senate for the division of
the territory and the admission of the south
ern half.
Another measure that will certainly be
passed is that which provides for the fund
ing of tlio Pacillo railroads' Indebtedness la
the United States and the bill permitting na
tional hanks to issue circulating notes to the
par of the bonds deposited In the treasury to
secure their circulation. General Weaver of
Iowa and his colleague , Mr. Anderson , who
have been the most vigorous opponents oi
those measures , are both defeated for re
election and will bo greatly missed in tha
next house of representatives , for their ob
struction tactics have made them conspicu
ous in this.
It is understood lii-io that both Whitelaw
Held mid Murat Hulstead are candidates for
foreign missions. Mr. Held has long aspired
to represent the United States at the court
of St. James , and Mr. Hulstcad wants to go
to Germany. The latter published some in
digestible paragraphs about Ihurison bolero
his norainatiou , but is willing to let bygonsa
bo bygones. Senator Quay does not wanfl
any office. Ho prefers to remain in the sen
ate and be recognized as the leader of hid
party. General Harrison has always been a
civil Hcrvlce reformer nnd the clerks In the
departments hero are finding much gratifica
tion in looking over his record on that sub
Nebraska nnd Iowa 1'ennions.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 9. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Hi'.n.l Nebraska pensions : Original
invalid Conrad Schelcr , Oxford. Increase
William S. Smith , Republican City. Original
widows , etc. Minors of Jacob 13. Parsons ,
Iowa pensions : Mexican survivors Kobert
II. HitchcocK , Klnggold. Original invalid-
Ellas Sheuver , Collins ; Mortimer Necly ,
Coin ; William P. Kellogg , Portsmouth }
Charles L. Miller , Lcgrund ; Jesse Hamilton ,
New Hoston. Increase Henry H. Sturgis ,
Des Molnes ; William H. Urewer , Leon !
Joseph M. Armstrong , Ulunchard ; .Tamca
Ueagin , Hamburg ; Walter M. Isliam , Com
tral City ; Warren Rogers , Marathon. Origt
I mil widows Sarah K. , widow of Charles
W. Koff , Burlington.
Murderer Captured.
HEM-.NA , Mont. , Nov. ! ) . [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Ur.n.l George Godas , the half *
breed , who murdered a man mimed Embody
here two years ago , for which ho was sen
tenced to hang but broke Jail hero with tlvo
others and escaped , was captured ut Havcnn ,
Northwest territory , to duy , und will bi )
brought buck.
Mrs. Jay Gould'fl Condition.
NEW YOKK , Nov. 9 , Dr. lialdwin , attend
ing physician on Mrs. Juy Gould , mild tonight -
night that she was In n very critical condi
tion and Hablo to pass uwuy at any time.
Ono side of the body is completely piirnly/cd ,
und though Him recognizes persons about her
she is unatile to talk. Should another stroke
occur Mrs. Gould will dio.
Tlio Annivcrflary ol * Tliolr Death to Ho
UliMorved in Oinaliu.
On the advent of to-morrow ono year will
lave passed since HOVoral followers of the so
cialistic doctrine expiated their crime , In the
city of Chicago. Twelve months have tha
winds sung the requiem over their mounds In
the grave yard , nnd for a like period ban tha
channel through which they continually
nurdied to the gibbet remained untruv *
elcd. The approach of the anniversary of
.he noted event has had a tendency to bring
0 the surface the desire of many sympathiz
es to commemorate the fateful day. In
Chicago those sympathisers' representatives
nivo been refused the privilege of holding a
jubllc demonstration on that oeeuH. n But
n Omaha the duy is to be observed , John
jchcnick , who Is president of the soclulistla
organization in thin city , has made arrange-
ncnts for "incmorlul" services , und the tame
vlll be held In Mctx hall on South Tenth
struct to-morrow afternoon , between the
1 ours of 2 and (1 ( o'clock , Kulonlou will bo
ironouncod on UIOKII who met death in tha
discharge of their "ulinu and purposes , " and ;
other forms of sympathy will bo embraced.
The meeting will he open to the public , and
ilds fulr to bu it large one , us the Hoclalistlo
doctrine iu Ouiuhu has it number of ad-
Mirers. _
Arrested nt I'OH MolneM ,
Several days airo an individual giving tha
mini ! of John Stewart , stole a horse from
one P. II. Durrot , of Mlllard , tlilo county *
. 'ho authorities wore notified , and telegrams
vcro ut once dispatched over the country so *
letting the apprchcntiion of Stewart. Year
erduy Shorllt Coburn received u toleirram
rom the authorities of Uen Molnos , to tha
fleet that the desired individual had bceu
urrestei ) ut that point. An officer v/lll I ) a
eat with requisition papers.
The Pnnrrill ConiitilNHlmi.
Lo.snox , Nov. 9 Tim Purnoll commission
o-duy continued to hear evidence In regard
o outrages.
JU Njw\ , Nov 0.A hou < oi u'f * ! V au
ritqbllold street to-duy , cuuBlng the death
of six. persons aud tie ibury ] ol twenty.