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NO 11 ! riiAltb STUI5I3T.
Delivered lv carrier In Any I'art of the City n
IwuityL'ents Per Week.
Jlt'M ? > r "i Omc r. No.
NKIIIT Million. No.-I.
31INO11 .MliNTlOX.
N. Y. Plumbing company.
Start tlio new year wllli a clcnn , ncnt set
of books , nmde by Moruhouso V Co.
Klcpnnt uvcrcn.aUnirq nt A. Hdter's ,
merchant tailor , 311 ! Uroadwny.
Host hurcl and < -oft coal anil Missouri
wood. E. K. Mnyno , 01U Hroathvuy ,
This cvcming Unity Guild gives n
dime t-ociul at the residence of Mr. Ilun-
ynn , on First Htrcot.
Many of thy stniillor election lietfl
have boon already settled. The larger
btakcB are being Hold for the tnoro cer
tain count.
"Tain Tammany , " was the expressive
way in which one of the democratic
TonturiH oxpn-sscd his opinion of Now
York yesterday.
Preparations are being made to open
the nUnting rink in about a week. A
hard pine lloor is being laid , which will
( jive an e.xcollont mirfuuo.
Yesterday afternoon , at 1:30 : o'clock ,
Mr. and Mrs. I , . O. Jiraukctt wore pro-
bented with ii little son. Not bo little ,
eitlier ten and a half pounds.
The little wnndoror fount ! on the
Htreet Wcdnc-day afternoon by Ur. Sey-
bert hiiH been returned to her mother.
Mru. Kllors , who lives in the western
part of the city.
The Seventh avenue sewer is now
completed and ready for use. Residents
between Fifth and Ninth avenues south
of Main htveot can noiv make connec
tions for their house sewers.
The election went the wrong1 way , and
the Democratic Globe will not appeal-
after to-morrow morning. The man
agement is considering whether to con
tinue a morning or evening edition.
Nairn.1 ! , of probable candidates for the
postolllce are getting too nlenly to pub
lish , except in directory form. It seems
conceded that the present democratic
incumbent , llowman , will step out bo-
lore his full term is up.
Albert Turner , the darkey arrested
on election day for illegal voting , lias
been taken to the county jail on the
charge of carrying concealed wrapons.
Ho was dismissed on the former charge
and held on the latter.
It is said that Dan Carrigg has his
eye on the postolllco. He is reported as
having been looking through the new
government building , and that ho liices
it first ruto , except the color of the
carpets. He prefers the green.
The electric towers for a few nights
have been in darkness for hours , when
the city needed light. Whether the
trouble has been with the machinery ,
or because of the operators getting hold
of an old almanac , is not known. With
no moonlight ami no electric light pe
destrians are pun/led.
Kd liritton yesterday carted away the
Cleveland street banner , which hasdur-
ing the past campaign Haunted a pretended
tended portrait of the man of destiny in
the faces of the coiners and goers on
Broadway. lie repents that ho was the
only pall-bearer , not another democrat
in the city joining in the ceremonies of Cleveland away.
Miss Mcally Slovens , the pianist , in
whose brilliant career so many here
have Jnkon so deep an interest , this
being her homo , u ill give a concert in
the opera house on the . evening of the
! 2M. She will be assisted by Mrs.
Fanny Kellogg Oachort , who has won a
national reputation since the days of
her girlhood , which she , too , spent in
Council BlulTs.
Wiekhtun & Co. have 2,500 tar barrels
stored in the western parl of the city ,
and they are doomed to speedy destruc
tion. If Cleveland had been re-elected
E. A. Wickham proposed to burn the
entire pile in boner of the evont. Under
existing circumstances ho does not feel
like applying the torch , but offers to
soil them to the republicans. No terms
have yet been arranged , but the barrels
will undoubtedly burn. They will make
a grand blaze.
The democrats are "taking their med
icine" very philosophically. The older
01109 remember the experiences of
twenty-four years of defeat , and are
quite resigned , but the younger ones
chafe under the collar , and cannot con
ceal their chagrin and disappointment.
With defeat comes loss of ready cash as
well as lor-h of revenue to many of thorn ,
for they bet quito liberally on the ro-
Milt. Said ono of them yesterday ,
"When you touch a man's pocket lie
begins to holler. As far as I am con
cerned I don't care who in elected , but
I hate to see my good old money rolling
into homebody else's pocket. No use
talking , I do feel tough , and don't you
forget it. " The poor follow need not
feel lonesome , as there are thousands of
others in the city who feel the same
See W. C. Staey's ad.
Sco Forrest Smith's special column.
Loans made on city business and resi
dence property. Notes bought. Kim-
ball-Champ Investment company.
Wo ilonot Intt'iul to luclorso miy except nrtl- "
cle of merit , hut n e take pleasum In referring
to tliu ' ( lurliiml Movrs unil Itiiuuo.s , whoio
Mipurlorlty In too \\rtl i > HttibII huit to bo culled
lniiientlon. | They uiebellcvocl to l > r ini'iitmlml
I ) ) any In the woilil. Soul uixlUHlvply by 1' . C.
Mixed pickles iiTbulk at N. I. Tib-
bitts , : U6 Uroadway.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hrackott rejoice
ever the arrival of a now bubo.
C. I ) . Ilardin , government inspector ,
was hero yesterday examining the books
of Commissioner Hunter , as required
by law.
Fri'd Keller returned yesterday from
n business trip to Pueblo. Ho will re
main in this city ( luring the winter and
return to Pueblo in the spring.
L. H. Josslyn , of Janosville , Wls. , ar
rived ht > ro yesterday expecting tospcnd
BOino time witli his daughters , Mrs. H.
W. Tilton niul Mrs. P. M. Pryor.
Mr. and Mrs , L. M. FinkolHtein , who
wore married at Austin , Minn.-hnvo
returned from the wedding trip nnd
taken up their residence in thin city.
Mr. J. K. Hurley , who lias most ac
ceptably lilled tbe position of night
ono rat or in tbo olllco of the Pacific
Mutual tologrnph company , has ac
cented n position in tbo Omaha Herald
olllco anil will rocolvo the night tele
graph. Ho assumes the duties of his
now position to-night.
Wo have some choice bargains in bottom
tom property listed with us by parties
who sav they must have money. A. A.
Clark fc Co , , Broadway and Main.
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , culls and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
For Sale Cheap Lots near tbo bridge
to parties wbo will build at once. Ad
dress or call on J. H. Kico , No. 110 Main
Btrcot , Council Blulla ,
\II \ UllPT ) PAI'VPII 1)1 ) Pl.TC1
ALL AliUll LUuMlL ULUrrb ,
County Returns Oomo in Slowly ,
But No Chnngo.
A I'cw More Dnv I'or n CJonil Heady
( jntlicriiiK Up Itmiiioii Statis
tics A New llrlduc For
flip Creole.
Tlic I.ocnl Ticket.
But little additionil news could bo
secured yesterday in regard to the local
election. Considerable interest was o.\-
preS'-cd regarding the justiceship , but
it is hardly probable that there will b-
any change from the llrst reports.
Sehur/ and Shoemaker are unquestion
ably defeated , and it is almost equally
certain that Heed nnd Harnett are
elected. For the third justice , both
Higgs and Hondricks are claimed
elected , but the best reports obtainable
favor Biggs. The reports arc1 not au
thentic at best , and there will be con
siderable doubt until Monday , when
when the votes are canvassed.
E. II. Shcafo fc Co. make long or
Bhort time loans on real estate , in sunn
to suit , at lowcstrateof interest. Olllce
Broadway and Main street , upstairs.
Sec Forrest Smith's special column.
Dr. C. C. Ilu'/.on , dentist , opera bouse
Money loaned at L. B. Crafts & Co.'s
loan ollli-o , on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
and all other articles of value without
removal. All business strictly confi
Boots , shoos. Kinnehan'H , tt-G B'way.
Another ltri < lin Needed.
When the county supervisors meet
next Monday to canvass the county vote ,
it is hoped that they will also take
some definite action regarding the
building of a suitable bridge ever In-
dinn creek on Broadway. For years
Council BlulTs has furnished a large
part of the money expended in building
bri.lgcs throughout the county , as the
law required the money appropriated
for the bridge fund turned ovr to the
county to bo expended by the super
visors. For the past , four years com
paratively little has been expended for
bridged in this city. The supervisors
have promised to build a new
bridge at the point mentioned ,
but are holding elY in a manner thai
looks rather suspicious , in view of the
fact that after January 1 the city will
be allowed to build its own bridges witli
its own appropriations. Unless .some
thing is done before the end of the
Dresont year the city will get nothing
from the county in the way of bridge
funds. Even if this was not the case ,
there is the greatest demand for im
mediate action in replacing the present
structure , which a fiords , very meager
facilities for the great amount of travel
on Broadway , with ono more suited to
the public needs. A structure the full
width of the street is demanded , as the
continual passage of street cars takes up
much valuable space. Much annoyance
now results to the traveling public be
cause of the necessary waiting entailed
on all kinds of carriages and teams at
this point. It is time the matter
received the attention that it deserves
and some moans wore devised for the
relief and proper accommodation of the
The finisb on our collars , cuffs nnd
shirts cannot bo equalled. Cascade
Laundry Co.
J.G. Tipton has bargains in real estate.
Money loaned on furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value at low rates of interest. No
publicity ; fair and honorable dealing.
A. A. Clark & Co. , ollice cor. Broadway
and Main , over American express.
Cabinets $2.12o per dtwen at Schmidt's.
Gotinn a Good Heady.
The electric motor cars wcro not run
ning yesterday. The damage done by
tlio hot box on the cngino , Wednesday
afternoon , was repaired , and the cars
run during the evening as usual. The
cars wore run to the western end of the
now bridge , and it is reported that the
wires were strung to the center of
Omaha yesterday , to that through trips
will be made as soon as the cars start
again. Ono of the largo dynamos has
not yet arrived , and it is not expected
to start up again until that gets here ,
so that in case anything should happen
to one the other could bo started imme
diately , without causing any delay. In
the meantime the switchboards and
other interior arrangements of the
power house will bo perfected.
We have no competitors in finishing
collars , culfa and shirts , Cascade Laun
dry Co.
E. II. Sheafo loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All business strictly
conlldcnlial. Ofllco oH ( ) Broadway , cor
ner Main street , up stairs.
Illinois and Iowa best soft coal , Glca-
soii , " 0 Pearl street.
S. B. Wadsworth je Co. loan monoy.
Hock Spring coal , Glcason , 20 Pearl
An lOronliiur In Japan.
These who were at the Congregational
church last evening had a treat indeed.
Spencer Bon neil gave ono of his inimita
ble lectures on Japan. Ho has a vein of
delicious bumor , and his style is
sprightly and highly entertaining as
well as instructive. Ono can got moro
from such a lecture than from much
reading or travel oven. Mr , Bonnoll
having been foimorlyin the Japanese
government service , is thoroughly con
versant with his subject , and presents
the most fascinating features. Japan
ese lifo was illustrated vividly lust
evening by young ladies of the church
arranged in brilliant costumes. The
entertainment as a whole was thus ono
of much merit and interest.
If you want to borrow money , buy a
lot , house and lot , farm , or trade any
thing , sco A. A. Clark & Co. , Broad
way and Main ,
For bargains in real estate in any
part of the city neo F , J. Day , the lead
ing real estate dealer.
The secretary of the board of trade
will issue aleut December 1 a report of
the trade nnd commerce of the city since
January last. He has called on the
business men , wholesale and retail , for
figures showing the business transacted
by each branch of trade during that
period , Ho assures us that the aggregate -
gate only of each particular branch of
business will be published , so that no
ono linn or indlvidunl need hr ilntc to
answer his circular letter for fear of bis
divulging nnmes or private matters.
This report will bo for general dis
tribution here and in the east. Early
replies arc urgently requested.
Parties wanting books made to use by
the llrst of the new year had best plneo
thelrorder atonce with Morehouse .V Co.
Sco Forrest Smith's special column ,
A Work of I'rayrr.
The twenty-third annual season of
prayer for young men and Young Men's
Christian association will begin Sun
day , November 11 , and continue one
The week of prayer last year wan ob
served by 7H ( ) American , together with
hundreds of associations of foreign
lands , with marked results.
The association of thin city will hold
series of ° pccial gospel meetings , begin
ning with the Sunday 4 p. in. service ,
and hold thereafter each evening dur
ing the week except on Wednesday
These services , like all young men's
meetings , will be brief nnd spirited ,
conducted solely byjoung men in be
half of young men. They will begin
promptly at 7 : ! ! ( ) o'clock and continue tin
hour. A largo attendance is desired.
We have listed with us some cash and
a few good farms to exchange for Coun
cil BlulTs property. A. A. Clark & Co. ,
Broadway and Main.
Headquarters for stoves.
ODKI.I. & BIIYANT , A13 Main st.
An IniamWandi'rer Near Mnunvvn.
A party of hunters from the city ran
across an insane man at Lake Mannwa
yesterday afternoon. Ho began to cry
when accosted by one of the party and
begged them not to tell where ho was.
On returning to this city in the evening -
ing they related the circumstance to
tlie chief of police , who at once organ-
i/.ed a party to go to the lake and search
for thi ! unfortunate man. A gentleman
from Omaha appeared at police head
quarters and stated that he was looking
for Mr. Wnddell , an Omaha contractor ,
who wandered away from home two
days ago , and from his description the
man seen at-Manawa was the one. Ho
joined the searching party , which left
for the lake about ! ) o'clock. A very
short search with torches resulted in
finding the man on the island. He was
brought to this city and left at the
Broadway depot with his friends , who
boarded the dummy and took him
Dresses made Wool dresses $ . > to $8 ,
silks and plushes $8 to $10. Miss Sim
mons , ever Eiseinan's.
Have our wagon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
DroMiird IlerHclf.
The wife of Andrew Nelson commit
ted suicide last night by drowning her
self in the cistern of the Denmarlc
hou e , corner of Twelfth street and
Washington avenue. She had been
insane for the past year and a half , and
last night walked out of the house and
ju. .ped into the ci.storn. Her husband
is a , tailor. A coroner's jury was ein-
panneled and returned a verdict of sui
cide by drowning.
Snint Hernnrd Place.
I have a number of line lots for sale
in the above addition , located only two
blocks away from the street cars on
Broadway. These lots are 50x250 feet ,
and are choice I'csidonco property.
They are high and dry and present a
commanding view , For full informa
tion regarding prices and terms apply
to J. G. Tipton , solo agent , 627 Broad
Vaudcrbllt's Nine Ilcsldenccs.
Philadelphia Prcss _ : A quarter of a
million dollars has just been paid by
Mr. William K. Vanderbilt for the villa
and grounds hitherto belonging to A.
G. Stout at Newport , and the next
neighbor on ono side of the place is
William Astor and on the other Will
iam Waldorf Astor. This trilling bit
of architecture and land is a birthday
gift by Vanderbilt to his handsome wife.
Ho now owns no less then nine resi
dences , ranging from hunting wilds
of Scotland to the exquisitely civilized
corner of Fifth avenue and Fifty-second
street. Each establishment is complete
in itself , with line furniture and all the
outfit necessary to luxurious habitation.
There are servitors in charge who keep
everything almost ready for the arrival
of their master and mistress , who bring
with them personal menials sufllcient
to fill out the complement.
Everybody who has boon to see the
mansions built by the late William H.
Vanderbilt for himself and his two
daughters , with their families , knows
that the structures occupy the whole
Fifth avenue front between Fifty-first
and Fifty-second streets , and most visit
ors have noticed the enormous stones
which form the sidewalk. These blocks
of granite reach from curb to area rail
and are proportionately wide. The
city home of Mrs. William Vanderbilt
is on the corner just across Fifty-second
street , and it is more ornamental , with
its carved granite , than the larger piles
of brown stone. But the 200 feet of
sidewalk bordering the two sides of
the promises were composed of lings
not remarkably big , although
rather better than the Fifth
avenue average. The whimsical
young matron did not choose
that tier sister-in-law neighbors should
be. better off than she , oven in what
they tread on in transit between portal
and carriage. Therefore she has
ordered her sidewalk torn up and re
placed by the biggest flagstones over
quarried. They will bo about twenty
feet square each and a foot and a half
thick. The difficulty of getting out
Kuch tremendous blocks nnd the costs of
transportation will mnUo t to price
rather moro than $1.000 apiece by the
tlmo they are laid. To realize the ex
travagance one has only to realize that
the money naid for every one of these
stones would build a pretty house in the
country , or buy n considerable farm.
Nevertheless , as not less than 0i ( per
cent of the outlay is for labor , isn't it
bolter for many poor people that this
very rich person should want that kind
of a sidewalk ?
A Htmleiitu' Ilrrad lllot ,
A brief but lively broad riot on the
grounds of the Sacred Heart academy ,
Vineland , N. J. , caused much worri-
inent to the faculty , cays the Philadel
phia Record. Bread lias been served to
the institution since the present term
by a Vineland baker. The product of
his ovens was batisfactoiy till the corner
in the grain market sent Hour Hying
upward like the temperature in Au
gust. Shortly afterward complaints
began to crop out that the bread was not
good. Mild at lirot , the utudonts began
to get deeply in earnest in their pro
tests against the stall of life placed be
fore them ,
Father Porcilo , president of tlio
ncadomy , finally determined to change
bakers. A Millville man was given the
contract , and livht week the liret load
was delivered at the academy , At noon
the nearly two hundred utudeuts But
Artfti > t d for
POWER , Mills and Elevators ,
Specifications nnil estimates furnlrtied for complete steam plant * , lltpilntlon , niimnllltr Climr-
nntcvil. tun show letters from users where fuel Kconomy Is eqiinl with Corliss N
E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Send for Catalogue. No. filO Pearl Street , Council MhilTs.
down the at table and eyed the piles of
bread with suspicion. When the meal
begun a low murmur passed through the
( lining-ball nnd swelled until it ( .Import
itself into tbe cry : "Sour , sour , senr. * '
The next morning before recitation
hour the Millville baker's wagon was
driven into the grounds. Tile bal < er
went inside to arrange for unloading.
As if by magic threescore lively
students were dancing fandangoes
about tbe wagon. Soon tbo
college grounds were strewn
with bread whole loaves , fragments
nnd erninUB. Loaves were used forfoot -
ballh , and the boys bombarded each
other with them. Tlic baker came
running out of the building in time to
tee his wagon overturned and a crowd
of merry students swarming around it.
He was exceedingly cool under the cir
cumstances. He looked lor a moment ,
and then returned into the college
Father Porclle , whom tbe students
revere and love , mildly suggested that
afternoon that they "chip in" to raise
the amount to cover the baker's dam
ages. The bread destroyed was per
fectly good , but the baker did not know
that'his previous load wan sour. The
suggestion seemed to strike the students
very forcibly , for the necessary amount
was'soon made up.
liif < > on the I'rairle.
Hamlin Garland : Some days were al
ways spent in stacking the onts in the
barnyard , where the straw could bo
banked up for winter use. and these
were the of all the harvest
days , for it was near the bouse where
the girls could come out and chat occa
sionally and bhow tbeir pretty calico
gowns. Tlie kitchen was so handy Unit
we could binell the doughnuts frying
and bear the plates being laid for din
ner. Attracted by the swarms of grass
hoppers falling out of tbe grain , tlie
clucUens and turkeys came crowning
noisily about the Mack , hinging joyously
in their harsh , .strange fashion , as in
giving tbankb for their unexpected
feast. ,
Neighbors pacing by on their way to
town stopped to "gas" in their western
"Say ! Adams ! "
"Hello1' !
"Y'r stack's tarnui over. "
"Oh , get out. "
"You bet it is. You'll slide off in an-
otlier minute. Say ! " '
"Sav it y'rself ; y'vc got y'r mouth
open. "
"Go'n to have a shindig t' wind up
on ? "
"Mcbbe. "
"Wall , don't leave me out , 'r I'll bust
yor biler. Who's go'n t' play f'r y' ?
Dave MeTurg ? "
"Uh-hm. "
"That's bully ! When y' go'n to
thrash ? "
"Oh , in a week or two. "
"Wan1 to change works , of course ? "
"You bet ! When you goin' to start
in ? "
"Monday. Come over. " '
"I'll be there 't breakfast. "
"Yiuis , you're likely to. If y' do ,
I'll "
"Say. drive on there. Howdy s'poso
Adams is goin' to build a ten-foot bulge
with you a clockin' away like an ol'
gunny hen. Git ! "
CJl'ECIAkadvertlBements , suchni Lost , Founil ,
O To LOMI. For Sale. To Kent. Wnnts , Hoard
ing , etc. , will b Inserted In tills column at tlio
low rate of TEN CUNTS PKIl UN'I * , for the first
Insertion and Five Cents I'er Line for each sub-
cemient in rtlon. Lenva advertisements at
our offlce. No. K 1'earl Struct , near Hroadwny ,
Council muffs Iowa.
rpoil BAl/E-Or Kxclmnge A ( rood Kraln elo-
JP vator In mi Iowa town , to sell or trade for
fnrm land. Jonnston & Van Patten , Council
Al'CTION Snle At IDS Main St. , Monday , Nov.
1' * , at 10 o'clock , I will sell tin-liousn-
liold property and olllcu furniture of the late J.
II. llurroiiglis , deceased : also , a quantity of
Ixxiks and cloth ing. Kale absolute. Terms ,
cash. J ) . C. Illoomer , executor.
WANTED Two gentlemen lioardera. or man
and wife ; private family ; mo minutes
walk from 1' . O. Itvfurem os required. K B Hoc
ollice ,
Illnclc nnd tan hitch , clinin collar , lock
LOST bull. NameNellie. . Mnder will bo
suitably rewardi-d by returning same to George
llerciiacher , 8JU Hroiulttuy.
" "
ANTED A younR man to attend stable
W and do other \\ork. Horace Kvt-rett.
TJlOIt HENT-l'nrniBlieil lioiihc , : i rooms , tlty
JtJvntei. . Three blotkH from dummy depot uud
moteT Hue. Address H a , Ilee olllce.
ANTKD Jluttreas makers at C. A. Jleube
A : Co'u.
CG for fiule In car load lots. MulholUmd A Co.
FOH HUNT Furnished front room , for gen
tlemen. ) N Second streot.
11KNT Seven-room cottage , on the cor-
FOll of yd ave , and Pth nt. W. C. James.
TfilOH HUNT A lar e number of good dwell-
JU Ings. Call and examine , list. } . ' . II , Sheufo
& Co. , Uroadway and Mali ) St. , up stairs ,
A new addition , lets than ' * mile north of
llroudwity. Jlankera , iiicrchuutu , professional
men , mechaiilcn , voi kluymen and everybody
can make money faster by buying In ( 'liarlton
than In nny other | > ortlnn of the New Council
lIlufTs Thcbe lotw will 1)0 sold at from 1150 to
lUXleucb , One-sixth cash , bulume In monthly
payments at H per cent Interest , Cull and get
your choice ,
FOH HUNT HOIIM of 7-rooms , closets , pantry ,
( liar , city water , rtc. No. HW Jth
FOH SA LE-Ixt WxI'-UI'-ornerof ave. A and WU
st. Only MI . tlOU cash , remainder
In one and luo years at b per cent.
I'OU BA LV. 'M ncri'H of tlie best gardening land
on the bent road runnluc into Coun
cil lllutlH unit Omaliu. Jlibt east of
tlilv city. Will uiiiku you any terms
you want If you uru able to improve
U at once. If you want a garden
this la the luml you want. J'rice ,
Room i , 3rd Floor , Drown Uuildlug.
2O ACltns OK
FOll 1'I.ATTINCJ. * " *
Tcli'iiluine I1/ ' . No. U Mnln Street.
A positive euro for Uvcr and Kidney troub
les , nil Hlood Diseases , Indigestion , Dyspep
sia , nnd Sour Stomach , is found in
Tor sale by local drupRists nnd
everywhere. Price ? 1 per bottle , six for $0.
Address all communications to
Council liluflVIn.
IRON and
GIIlinilT ,
No. 521 fllnlii Street ,
Council RliiflY ) , la.
Correspondents Mention This 1'aper.
C. K. IiniiL. O. A. I1EUMNGI10F.
Architects , Designers and Superintendents
of instruction ,
Mr. Derlliitchof was seven years with
Mendelsohn , Fisher A : Lowry , and lias
designed many of ( he lines ! blocks
in Oinahii and Council IlInlTH.
Plans and Specifications Prepared and
Estimates made on Application ,
Studio , Jloom 2 Opera House nioclc
D. H. McDANELD & CO. ,
Hides , Tallow. Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
(20and K2 Main StreetCouncil UlulTti.Iowa.
1514 DoiiKloN Bt , , Omaha , Neb.
li iquil ta
wy Eigb
TlicKdlton Mlmeompti , tlie best it | > Pratu * ( or
nmnlfultlluK , aulograpblc and Ufa writing wurk.
3.UJO roplet ran bo taken ,
The Excelsior Cc. , Council Bluff : , Ia ,
S , STEWART , M , D , , D , Y , M ,
Telephone No0. . " > .
UCliroadwuy Council UlulT * , Iowa. K
OH the following railroads :
Chicago & Northwestern.
Chicago , Burlington & Quincy.
Chicago , Rock Island & Pacifc and
Union Pacifc.
Don't wait to buy at second lunul , but buy now of the owners.
Residence1 lots in fho best additions in the city.
Don't fnil to call and see if you want to buy.
O -
Council Bluffs Carpet CoNe
No 405 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
No. 103 Main St. , Council Bluffs.
Now that the New Bridge is done wo have all that ia
needed to bring the good people of Omaha to our beautiful
city , and give them inducements to buy cheaper than any
where else. * We propose to make such low prices to ouu
Omaha friends that will insure us at least a portion of their
trade. Our stock is not excelled by any in our line. We
sell the beautiful
Everett , Pease & Howard Pianos , and the ROYAL CENy
TUHY Organ. Sell for cash or on time. Our stock of small
musical instruments , strings , sheet music and music boo lea
is comPlete <
/ M Dl M C Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineer. I'lanfi , Estimates ,
HDIDI/I IlL. " " Specifications. Supervision of Public Work. Urowu
Huilding , Council DluH's , low * . ,
riMI r \ / DHDI/C Attorney at Law , Second Floor Brown Uuildinj ( , 115
rllNLLY DUimt. " " 1'earl St. , Council Hlullb , Iowa.
" * B MB
/ " * Justice ol the Peace. Ofllce over American Express , No , 419
, Ov n UL. . Uroadway , Council Hlullb. Iowa.
Attorneys at Law , Practice in the State and Fed cm
&OIMO " " Courts. Olllce Roonib 7 and 6 , Shugart-Heno Hlock ,
Council lilulU , Iowa.
Taxidermist and Naturalist.
Permanently located at No. 14 North th St. , opposite Postofllco , on Motor
Line , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
If yon have specimens don't wait for prices. Send thorn to him before they
spoil. If you dent want them after they are mounted , ho will pay you the
highest market price for them. Will make a specialty of heads and drobuinij
of furs during the winter.
( OFFICES' ' . Hi.urrs-I' . C. Do Vor > Stem , No. OMAIU Carprntcr I'aper Co. , No. Ill
n. . . .
. . No. WA.
WMlo-dlii IJnmdway. Tcl.-phonu No. BT. | Doutlus Strcot. Telephone
DR. C. B. J U DD ,
No. eoe BroQdwuy , Council Bluffs , Jown.
WANTED Good Salesmen on lar o commission or salary ,
The "WHITE" Is King ,
Thib ib the veruictof nil mhcb who have usjii the AVliHo Sctvintf Machine
See U Ueforc buying ' > oilier
UJti ItU , U05 Middle Uiuuduuj. J , M , IJHUWll / ,