Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 30, 1888, Part I, Page 8, Image 8

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    f :
The barbers nro moving to join the
bridge parade in a body to-day.
It is said a new Sunday paper will bo
established in tnls city soon.
James , the infant son of Engineer
McQuado , of the Union 1'acilie , died
The lust drawing of the Louisiana
lottery brought a prio of S.r > ,000 to tin
Omaha girl , Miss Flora Clayton.
The remains of Miss llnnnn Donavan ,
ft novice nt the convent of the Sacred
heart , in this city , were buried this
morning 1n Holy Sepulchre cemetery.
She had but recently come hero from
S. Ivnodet\ Missouri Pacific engineer ,
nnd very popular with the fraternity ,
wns married on the -4th lust , to Miss
Susie Priest , of Slater. Mo. The young
couple will make their homo for the
winter at I'.Mil North Eighteenth street.
Thto funeral services over the remains
Of Miss Mary A. Rod of or , only daughter
of Mr. and'Mrs. .1. W. Hodeior , were
held nt the First Presbyterian church ,
Southwest corner of Seventeenth and
Dodpe streets , at 10o'clock this morning ,
Hev. W. .1. Harsha ouieiating.
At Sp. m. yesterday the cose Simeral
Ts Seligman for criminal libel com
menced and attracted considerable of a
crowd. The affair is denounced by some
Of SimeralV friends as being a political
pUtt to publish something derogatory to
him and got Seligman to s-houlder it.
Saturday afternoon Justice O'Connell
united in matrimony Detective AH K.
Blaufuss and Miss Bertha Muller of
'Wurtemborg , Germany. Only a few of
the more intimate friends of the bride
rtml groom were invited , but the latter
will be. pleased to see their many
friends nt their residence 1S16 South
Thirteenth street.
The niggcst Sale ,
This month so far has been the greatest
one , at far as the sale of stamps is con
cerned , within the history of the local post-
office. The sale will aggregate in the neigh !
borhood of SJl.CVXX
Skin unite red the Widow's Money.
Four eitltens of Florence took it upon
themselves to take up subscriptions for the
Widow of the man llurko wno was found
dead last week on the bank of the river.
Alter they had secured quite a roll , a divider
\r s ma'de , and the fund was "blown ia at the
Iloar\t of Kducation.
The board of education held a special
meeting at 2 o'clock yesterday to con-
ider thfl matter e.f dismissing the schools
this afternoon in honor of the celebra
tion. of the opening of the bndge. U was decided -
cidod to dote for the afteracon , opening
ftfainVodneMay morning.
He Didn't Do It.
C.J. Gregg , the ex-palioeaiia , wishes it
CBderstoM that he filed no compliant train it
OScar Hipey bat jurkinrt Serg ints Mostvn
and SJicT rt for not reporting Hwrey's. TJO-
Itlioa cf rale * : n f-acriang ia Kilkenny's a-
Jccm. He < Ay * he it cot a f-py or MKV.S T for
tic ci.5fcf , but aercly tacauocoi the paruaJ-
Hy cf ti > e fcorgttuits in ovwkokins Hasey's
til erst J.TIJ rejoruag his ova.
lasare ytrar life i the Gcrmaala be
fore jcra crcfei the hridpx
J. i aa hu taea roce.r d n\ Tits
Bee tbc Ckijxamtn of
Oflitiit iftjj&rt to Ijivmg as in interpreter for
Hbtas ia.T tftm.iTSM inth his cue cut 03 , as
Muit tft riiru-ihJ u. liSdris % rbo da not r > c-
3i t > ii. ttjreLrwa. . It is farther & &s rtod
iim * xurvlLti r if. Jot * that all the
afet SUA uS * r < ss Will , wjvbont eccep-
lit uii VU-.U. An bontst Chin > T.XTi
W ict 5
hort-hand and Telegraphing.
For Circulars , Call on or Address ,
interpreter. .lust after the request is tacked
on the remark , "Thoro arc two hero now
who have both served terms in the peniten
tiary for stealing. " apparently referring to
religious Mongolians with long cues.
Insure your Hfo in the Germatiia be
fore you cross the bridge.
The Hohcinlaii Turners.
The name of the Hohemmn corporationthe
"Toloeviena Jcduota Tomas Corny soeiotv"
was changed to the "Telocvicna Jcstnota
Corny. " at special meeting held at their
hall October la , l . A eopy of the minutes
of said meeting was tiled with the county
clerk yesterday A * the law requires.
Insure your Ufo in the Gerimuria be
fore you cross the bridjre.
Slolt- Watch.
While George.l ohnson , a brakemnn in the
employ of the Union Pacific , was sleeping in
his apartments at 1013 Mnroy street yester
day nfternoor. , his room was entered and his
gold watch stolen. Ho rested suspicion
upon a young man , whoso name ho did not
know , but who roomin the same establish
ment , as being the guilty party. Accord
ingly a search warrant was sworn out , and
an officer was detailed to search the room
occupied by the pcr-on suspieionod , who is.
said to be emplojed in a chop house on Four
teenth street.
Insure your life in the Germania be
fore you cross- the bridge.
A Preventive 1'olloe.
The Nebraska Detective association has
decided to put on a night patrol , based on
the system so extensively patronized by Chi-
cap > merchants , and between this time aim
December 15 solicitors will call for ttie names
of those wishing to become subscribers. It
is intended to start with : \ force of twenty
men. duly uniformed , who will bo in charge
of Chief Hastings , et'niteil States marshal.
They will report at headquarters when going
on and coming off duty , and also every hour
during the night by telephone. In selecting
the men. members of the O. A Iv , appb me
for positions will receive the preference , and
and the cost to subscribers is put down to $1
per month. _ _
Insure your life in the Germaina be
fore you cross the bridge.
On Twin City Place , Council Bluffs , I
have established Keys Uros. ' mammoth
carriage factory , Shugarl Weir Imple
ment company , Scandia manufacturing
company , and have lots reserved for
ctiotncr very large institution. Xo ad
dition has ever been offered with so
many advantages. Enough men will
be employed in these factories tooceupv
the entire ndtiition.
1519 Fi\ruam st.
Insure your life in the Germania be
fore you cross the bridge.
A Woll-Kqulppcil Impostor.
The chief of | x > licc is in receipt of a letter
from D. W. Marrow , of the bureau of pen-
swns at Washington , D. C. , Instructing him
to look oat for and arrest on Charles A.
Marshall , who pretends to bxs an officer of
the United States government , and on the
strength of this has been swindling ignorant
people , particularly negroes , in various parts
ol the country. He sometimes represents
himself as being of the \xmd auditor's of.
fioe , and sometimes of the pension bureau ,
and after making a colUvtion guarantee
that th person duped will receive notice of
their pention being granted inside of ten
days , Marshall i * a mulatto , but so little is
the negro apparent in him that
he readily p&s for avhita person.
He it about forty-five years old , with narrow
foe , lone head , with "hair and taousuche
reJdUhicd crimpy ; hit * kin is of reddish
tinrc and fjcs hai l. He U five feette
inchests height , hu'bro&d shoulders , is sol
idly bout and weight about oac hundred and
sixty pounds. He wears classes when ho
reads orritcs. . He always has several
changes of clothes , and appears sometimes
shabbily and at other times well dressed.
Ho is a deserter from ttio United States
army. '
A Ij.iruo Meeting of It * Ueprcscnta-
titeYostrnlay. .
The labor convention which met at ate
City hall Sunday , was called to order
shortly after ' . ' 30 , and after the election of
a ihairman and secretary , tho.meeting imme
diate ! ) proceeded to business. It was de
cided that none should bo allowed to remain
in the hall but those who were members of
labor organltations , and a door keeper was
appointed wtth instructions to announce
the names of all applicants for admission
and if vouched for by a well-known member
of a labor organisation ho was to bo ad
mitted. This precaution was thought to bo
necessary in order to prevent | x > litical heelers
from interfering with the meeting in the in
terest of candidates.
A legislative committee was appointed of
five members to co-operate with a smuliar
committee previously appointed by thn Joint
assemblies of the Knights of Labor for the.
purpose of drafting bills , and other recom
mendations to bo presented to the next legis
The following preamble and resolution was
Whereas , We believe that the maintenance
of a private detective force is a relic of the
barbarous ages when individuals used such
force to protect their ill-gotten gains ; and
Wnereas , We believe that the maintaining
of such a force in this country rotiect * upon
the dignity and ability of our government to
protect it > citizens and their property ; and
U hcreas. We believe that the importing of
such private detective force , responsible only
to their employer , into any community , sub
jects our citizens to insult and assault at the
hands of such forces , and thereby incites our
otherwise lawjabuhng eitirons to act * of violence
lence which alwajs result in prejudicing the
public mind against the first demands of our
people from great emplo.ving corporations
who employ said detective force ; therefore ,
be it
Hcsolved , That wo demand at the hands
of the Donglas county representatives to the
senate and house of representatives of Ne
braska that receive our support , the enact
ment of such laws as will prohibit forever
the importation or empliment of an\ pri
vate detective force in this sute to act in an capacity for the mamtainaneo of
peace or protection of property in this state ,
and also laws which shall prevent from act
ing in the capacity of henff , deputy sheriff
or constable , nay person not a resident for at
least six months in the place , when such ser
vice is required , unless ho. be'a state or
national officer.
The following measures , together \vlth the
above resolution , were referred to the coi -
nnttoo on legislation with instructions to re
port at a meeting to be held at U. A. K. hall
next Thursday evening.
The reival , oral least somolimitation upon
the convirt contract labor law , passed at the
last session of the legislature.
A more perfect child labor law.
Enlargement ol the functions of the bu
reau of labor statistics.
A reform in our voting laws by which the
power may bo taken from the machine politi
cians and that will prevent the necessity of
the vast expenditures by candidates for of
fice in order to secure election.
A better law for the indemnification of
workmen in case of injury from accident * ,
whether through the carelessness of em
ployes , or not.
A law that \\ill prevent cornering on
gambling in the necessaries of life
A committee was appointed to write artl-
cies for publication m the press advocating
the Just claims of labor from now until the
next session of the. legislature.
The legislative ticket was instructed to
prepare a law compelling the settlement of
strtKes by arbitration and providing a pen
alty in case either side refuse to arbitrate ,
T the credit of the men composing the
meeting in must be said that tile best of har
mony and gxxxt feeling1 prevailed throughout ,
notwithstanding the many political elements
repre.scc.tcid. In prevent any misun
derstanding as to the genuineness , 6f this re
port .of such a nieejing ut a Jn > e-when poUtl :
cal exintcmenX runs sa high , if U thought
neces ary tUat this report shou'.d bc.Wgned
by the secretary.1 F. J.-MfiAKPUr , . .
' . . . . . ' Secretary. . , -
O. K. THOMPSON AX 1) Till : U. 1 * .
Uctluctloti of Dummy Hates to Coun
cil Ilium * .
"Watch the signs of the times , and you
can tell the people in advance something
about the coming changes in the Union Pa
cific , " said a gentleman well posted in rail
way affairs. "If I'm not very much mistaken
you'll find that D. E. Thompson will resign
his position as division superintendent of the
H. & M. and accept an oftice with the Union
Pacific , and it won't bo a division superm-
tendency either probably something in tne
operating line. And then the U .t M. will
bring U. B. Campbell down from Denver to
fill the vacant.\ , and one of their own em-
plo.v es will take the Denver oftice , Uut wait
and see if I'm not right. "
Yesterday the Union Pacific reduced
its rates across their bridge , and the fare to
Council Hluffs is 15 cents with return tickets
at i" > cents. Commutation tickets will be
sold in future at a corresponding reduction ,
hut those at present holding books 'vill de
rive no benefit ,
P. A.Varrack , of the Union Pacific
freight department , has returned from
Cirand Island.
Porter P Murray , representing the Michi
gan Central , is in the city.
Another order for new locomotives has
been placed by the Union Pacific to accom
modate their heavy western traffic. There
is a scarcity of engines all along the line ,
but especially at Chcjennc and this point.
Tram No. 2 on the Union Pacific was an
hour late yesterday.
Vice President Holcomb passed through
Omaha Sunday on his way to Hoston. Ho
eamo In on a special that made the run from
Grand Island to Omaha in three hours and
fifty five minutes , including stoppages and
crossings , which bring * tne running time up
to about a mile a minute , Kngine v > % , m
charge of Nels Johnson , with Conductor
Dennison in charge , made the run.
D B. Thomson , division superintendent
of the H \ M , with headquarter * at
coin , and A. Campbell division superinten
dent at Denver , arrived in Omaha Sunda.\ .
Kailway companies are preparing to make
hahilo the sun shines , and for the next
few davs , low excursion rates will be quoted
for all those wishing to attend the different
democratic and republican rallies through
out the state.
The following changes are bulletined at
the Union Pacific heidiuarters ) J. W. Kyle ,
agent at Plamville vicoAV. O. Bly relieved ,
J. ( i. L/iy , Cirandville , TICO A H Menu ,
transferred. Theo. Wandcl , Green Hiver.
vice J H Humphreyivsurne J and A. U.
Thomson , Pitkin , vice W. H. Hull resigned
K C Morehouse , ex-nsenl of the K. K. , < c
M. V. . left for Chicago Sunday night.
B. T Horn , superintendent of the South
Plattc division FremontKlkhorn & Missouri
VnlUis m town
Jerr.Fincher . , traveling freight agent for
the Fremont Klkhorn .t Missouri Valley , ran
into Omaha Sunday.
Hates from Kansas CKv , St. Joseph , \tchl-
son , Lcavenwortb , and .Nebraska to Wiscon
sin and Minnesota pointa re 40 cents per 100
Ibs. on fresh meats andm cents on packing
house products. The s wo rates will appl >
to a number of stations on the eastern and
northern divisions of the Chicago , St. Paul
Minneapolis \ Omaha , railroad.
Carpets , Furnitureml Draperies.
A fine assortment of new good * .
N'os. 1'JiW , 1205 and 1'JIO Farnam st ,
U vour children die with diphtheria
'For shame toll it not. " Dr. Thos.
Jofferis' remedy is infallible. Twenty-
five years' trial proves it. Uox C57
Omaha , Neb. Trice iAflft.
Dean Gartlner Atlilre < c the Omaha
Gu.trxlii at Trult- ( ' .
Duan Gardner , chaplain of the Omaha
guards , preached tnthem Sundaj- night , it be
ing the. fii-st anniversary of their orgafclra-
two. Tha pulpit , choir ana chancwl rail *
wereapproprlateJi'drapCklivith the naiiou l
looker * , The company in full uniform ocou-
' p > od the.front pexrs , and.tuade a fine
ance. ,
'The dcAn tock lor hu tct ijeccad
thy , ii , 33. "As a good soldier of Jesus
Christ , ' After extending a hearty welcome
to tne company in the name of the church ,
and expressing his gratification at being se
lected chaplain of the organization , he took
up the parallel of soldiers of the world and
of Christ , The life of a soldier was com
mended in that it taught obedience , solf-
discipline. phjsical and moral endurance and
other virtues.
The sermon was eloquent and appropriate ,
and closelv attended by the congregation
present. The singing of "America" by the
choir and congregation brought the services
to a close.
Insure your life in the Germania be
fore jou cross the bridge.
Come to Headquarters for Council
iituft's Property.
We own nearly one-fourth of all the
frontage on Broadway.
We own frontage on the railway near
Keys Bros , carriage manufactory , Shu-
gart cV Weir Co. . Scandia Manufactur
ing Co. , near motor power house , also
frontage on Klcctric street car line.
1519 Farnam St.
Insure your life in the Germania be
fore jou cross the bridge.
County Taxes For 188S.
County Clerk Uoche turned over to the
county treasurer yesterday the tax list
of Douglas county for 1 5 , amounting in
the aggregate to.VV > .Oi > 7.24 , and composed of
the following funds :
General fund $197ftlS 45
Haul fund 74,114 40
Hridge Jund 24.rm si
Sinking fund 12,35230
Insane fund .V-Y > 4 M
State fund KiVil 7o
School district fund 8".743 . ' .4
Hond fund 2,311 OS
Laborfund 8S J OJ
Dog tax fund l.fiM 00
Village fund ftVHT 50
Total f.V . r 24
Total assessment valuation of the county ,
Appended is a certificate addressed to
Henry Holln. the county treasurer , certify
ing that the foregoing is a true and complete
recapitulation of the taxes for the year 1 *
of said Douglas county , which the latter is
directed to collect as provided bv law.
Insure your life in the Germanin be
fore you cross the bridge.
Wantert the Kemetty.
A. H. Cook , of the Cook Hemcdy company
\\aslockt\i up in the central station with
common felons yesterday on a charge of
obvaming goods under fale pretenses.
C'larles Carter is the complainant. The
story gleaned from prosecutor and defendant
is tliis Carter had been cured of a disease
by the use of one of Cook's remedies and he
decided to purchase the reci | > e from the com
pany and go to the far west and set up in
business for himself. Ho accordingly offered
his elegant gold watch , set with diamonds
and valued at { AO. a cluster diamond
pin worth ano'.herflOO and a solitaire diamond
mend ring worth about ? 125. all for the
formula by which the remedy was made.
The offer was accepted and a piece of paper
given to Carter containing the secret remedy.
When he read i ho was first astonished and
then angered by the simplicity of the pre
scription and now believes that he has been
duped and grossly swindled out of his ele
gant jeivelry. He therefore swore o Jt a war
rant for Cook's arrest and at 11 o'clock vester-
da > that gentleman was arrested. He will
be tried Wednesday at 2 p. m.
Insure your life in the Germania be
fore you cros * the bridge.
Supported l > y n Boy Hescar ,
Thomas Heed and John Thomas , two des
perate and abandoned looking characters who.
beJong to an organized ganp of thieve * here ,
were arrested and lulled fer sending out to beg
a ypung lad named Cooper , The boy wj t that
these fellows imd three other * make tbcir
living by steal n .an ! by tbfe motey he vbeg
for' ttcai.Yb n wktd. why he -
thuslto serve them ho replied that they
threatened to kill him by tortnro if he re
fused and the little fellow supposed he would
have to comply. On the side
° * bis head was a sear
made by the leader of the gang , who had ap
plied a healed poker there because the boy
had returned one evening without any
money. The Judge gave Heed thirty days
in the county Jail , the first and last oil bread
and water. In order that the two might not
get out at the same time his honor gave
Thomas , the ringleader , thirty-five da\s ,
with the same bread and water diet ,
Come to Headquarters for Council
ninfln. Property.
We offer our own property ,
Benson's addition ,
Broadway frontage.
Electric street ear frontage.
Frontage on C. & X. W. and C. B. &
Q. railways ,
Twin City place.
_ 1519 Farnam St.
A Slancleil Little One.
As a little colored boy of about ten years ,
named Johnny Givens , was playing about
the cars near the Webster street depot , he
had one of his feet crushed. His escape
from death was almost miraculoui. He and
another boy named Charley Root were on ton
of some flat cars which were in motion , when
young Hoot jumped from ono carte
to another. Johnny tried to follow
but did not spring far enough ,
and he fell between the cars. Fortunatclj
he landed on one side of the track and his
right foot was the only part of him that lay
on the rail. In half a second the wheels had
passed over this foot , crushing it. The little
fellow got up and attempted to hop home on
the other foot but fainted away before he
proci-eded but a few rods. He was then car
ried to his home , 1537 Cummg street ,
Shot on the Shoulder.
It was reported that a woman was shot in
a cab in front o ! the People's theatre
Sunday c\enmg , but the participants in
the affray hurried from the scene so
quickly that all the details ciu'd not
ba learned. The woman was one of
easy virtue and the fellow with her was
drunk and swinging a revolver around pro-
miscuousl.v in the hack , when it accidentally
ex-ploded. The ball just grazed tbe shoulder
of the woman , cutting her sealskin saoquc
and dress and making the slightest scratch
on her shoulder. The party drove hurriedly
away before any person could learn wno
they were.
Military Xotes.
Eight companies of the second infantry and
the band will take part in the exercises to
day in connection with the opening of the
bridge. As General Wheatoa has been in
vited to be one of the bridge committee ,
Major Hullcr will command the troops.
Fifteen recruits arrived at Fort Omaha.
Two of them will Join companies of the s-c-
end infantry.
Lieutenant Arrasraith has been detailed
to conduct the others to Fort Douglas , Utah ,
from which station they will proceed to Fort
McKiuney , Wjoming.
Saturday evening , Hrciphton Sarson , son
of Colonel Sarson , tendered his friends a
very enjoyable birthday party.
The Ex-Marshal Tike * to Flight.
Saturday night ex-Marshal FreeUnd , now
of Omaha , drove out to Florence , and be
came intoxicated. While in I/t-ster's saloon
he was reminded of an old whisky bill
Illowi resulted. A man named Martin as
sisted Lester and Frecland was soon driven
out of town , Lester had his blood up , end
wanted nght. He selected a Mr. Hrown , the
bartender of a rival saloon , as an ooject for
his furv. But , when Hrown had flnuhed
with him , he wore a ipou beautiful pair of
black eves. During the fracas 0116 of the city
efficials cried out , "If there are flies on
Urdwn they are hard to knock off "
H. K. Sawver , a member of Nebraska.
Lodge.No. ' ll K. of P. , was buried Sunday -
day A-uU the honors of bis .society.
Grammar ,
Penmanship ,
Night Session
A Shattered Intellect aud Would-Hc
In the short space of four hours yesterday
Joe Hear , a raging maniac , was guilty of
the crimes of arson and atte mpted suicide ,
and at present he is chained to the bars of a
cell in the central station with his hands far
apart , so that he can do neither himself nor
anybody else any injury. All day the corn-
dors of the Jail have rung with' his fierce
yells and rneamngness gibberish. Ho is to
be turned over to tbe county commissioners
for examination. Hear has been a
common object on the streets , and
has been in the police dock a number of
times on the charge of vagrancy and drunk
enness. Ho is of short stature , small fea
tured , and has no nose , the only apology ho
has for such an organ being a couple ol holes
in his face. Ho has a short , thin beard , and
is in everv way a most repulsive-looking ob
ject , more suggestive of an animal than a
human. He has always had a small stock of
intelligence , and that modicum appears to
have been lost.
For two or three nights the family of
Charles Pontz , living at 1MM Webster
street , took pity on him and gave bun food
and lodging , but when his lu
nacy became apparent , they becama
afraid of him and Sunday night when he came
as usual , he was given food but refused lodg
ing. This threw him into a passion and he
left raving incoherently.
D About 3:30 : yesterday members of the
the Ponu family awakened Justin time to
discover their building on lire and outstdo
they saw the hideous maniac dancing In a
wild and grotesque manner and giving vent
to peals of insane laughter A few nuckets
of water extinguished the flames. Near the
house stood an empty kerosene can and a
few shavings showing the cause of the fire.
The police were sent for and the maniac was
tacen to tne central station. About b 30
Uutler , the janitor , caught him in the act of
attempting suicide. The madman had taken
a strong scarf , tied it about his neck , stepped
up on the benches , and tied it to the highest
cross-bar. When the Janitor appeared he
was Just on the point of Jumpiu ? off and end
ing his life. Butler gave the alarm , and the
Jailer and a couple of officers rushed to the
rescue m time to save the maniac from self-
destruction After a fierce struggle they
succeede.1 in untiing the si-arf from his
neck. He wa > then put m irons and chained
as above described.
MeMastcr .t Dryden , general store dealers ,
Castana. Iowa , have madu an assignment to
the amount of $ io. ' l 10
Absolutely Pure.
Thli powder ntrer rariei. A marrti of pnrl-
tj > trecgth ndwhoesomentss. More econom
ical thin the ordln&rjr kinds ac'l cannot be iold
incojni UUonwlUi th multitude of low ro t , '