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g the pnst ycnr thirteen mllns
luivo boon mldcil to the paved streets of
this city iitul thirty-live miles of curb
Will W. McIJrldc and John A. Uytin
have IncorporfUcd themselves under the
name of McHridc & Hynn for the bum-
nesfHof Ciigrtivlntfi printing and gulling
btatiOnory. The authorized capital IH
$10,00 , < ) .
A V'ffPy ' wheel \vas caught yesterday
In the cable slot on Dodge street , oppo
site the postolllce , and the buggy over
turned. The horse btartod to run , but
the occupant of the buggy held on to the
lines , and after being dragged form-
Uioat almost half n block the horse was
plopped. The name of the gentleman
who was thrown out could not bo
learned , but he escaped uninjured.
Samuel Leliiml , of Lincoln , Is nt the Mur
ray.W. . A. Kcclcr , of Fairmont , IB at the Pnx-
ton.W. . II. Harrison , of Grand Island , Is at the
MIHon D. Pold , of Plattsmouth , is at the
.T. E. TaMicr and wife , of Columbus , are at
tbc Piixton.
S. C. Smith and wife , of Ucatrice , arc at
the Murray.
GcoiKeU Woolslcy , of Nebraska City , Is
at the I'nxton ,
Mr. William S. Hurmcistcr , associated
with tbo packing house ol Martin Hrothcrs.
Olilvags , Is In Omaha on business connected
with that linn. Mr. Jiurmclstcr a most
favorable opinion , of Omaha as a packing
' 1. H. Hoffman , superintendent of the Iron
work of the now Omaha and Council Uluffs
Drlrigc , loft for St. Louis Monday and was
accompanied by I'M' . Qtilnnuml J. M. Hums.
from St. Louis they will KO to Piedmont
near Iron Mountain to icplacoa " 00 foot span
of u railroad bridge that was collapsed.
S. A , Harstow of llrokcn How , has failed ,
With liabilities at { 3,000 and assets at $2 , JOJ.
W. V. Entfcl yesterday gave a bill of
sale on his stock of groceries at SOO1 North
Fifteenth street to L. E. Hlgglns for * aso.
J. J , llardin and wife have given a mort
gage on. lot 111 , McCandlish place , to Hyron
KCcd & Co. , for one year for fci.OOO.
Cnttle for Oninlin.
Guy Dftnnc , one of the agents of the Union
Stock Yards Co. , has returned from Mon
tana , Idaha and other western states and
territories where ho has succeeded In induc
ing a number of cattle men to ship their
slock to Onmhu instead of Clnc.igo and Kun-
The Tax IjlHt.
The tax list for lbS8 is about completed
nnd will bo placed in the liiinds of County
Treasurer Hnlcn in u few days. The listed
propei ty occupies live volumes of 400 pages
inch. Thu entile list of entries will leueh
02,000 , against | /UOO for IbSr.
TlmnlcH Airnln.
J. M. Fisher , U. U H.Ulibim and J. H.
Dempster , committee of the citizans of Ge
neva who visited Omaha and Fremont , re
cently , have forwarded n vote of thanks to
the management of the Fremont , Ellchorn &
Missouri Vulleyand to the uitUons of Oinnlm
and Fiemont , for courtesies extended on the
occasion mentioned. The resolutions were
sent to Secretary NaUinger of the board of
trade. _
Mnjor Dlckoy'a Cnso.
The case ot Major Uiekcy , of Fort Uobin-
son , before the retiring board , has been
brought to a close. It has been satisfactorily
shown that the major had sulTercd conges
tion of the brnlrr whllo lighting- against the
Indians in 1STT , nnd that ho has not since en
tirely recovered from the attack. The find
ing will bo forwarded to Washington , and
the action of the president will be required
to place the major on the retired list.
A Mintakc In the Date.
The committee having in charge the parade
end trades display on the opening of the
Omaha and Council Uluffs bridge have , m
their circulars to merchants asking for lloats ,
placed the duto as Friday , October 30. This
is a mistake , because the 30th of this month
falls on Tuesday of next week. A painstak
ing gentleman has made the discovery that
the llrst Friday on which the 'Mill of Octo
ber will fall will bo in the year of our Lord
1037. If this were the day decided upon , u
merchant remarks , there would bo plenty of
time iu which to prepare for it.
A and H sit down to play a game of six-card
crlbbage. A plays a 9 of hearts , U
answers with a king and says 19 ; A plays a
0 and says 23 , H says "go ; " then A takes 1
point for the "go" and still has n G spot , and
says ai and takes 2 points for the 81. Upon
that U says you can't take 1 for the "po" and
play out to 31 and take 2 for the 31. A says you
can , for the "go" always means 1 point and
if A is lucky enough to hold cards to make
31 he IH surely entitled to the two points.
Who is right I
A is not entitled to the "go" under these
circumstances. Ho takes however , 2 for his
SI and 2 for his pair of ( Vs.
Alone nt Death.
The call that brought Coroner Drcxol to
Waterloo Monday was the somewhat sud
den death of Hudson E. Moore , who was
found dead in his bed. The deceased was a
bachelor and lived nlono in a shanty upon a
valuable farm that adjoins the village , and
tis ho was reputed to bo wealthy the llnding
of his body gave rise to suspicions of foul
play. Investigation showed , however , that
he had been ailing for some days and ttia
fury accordingly returned a verdict , "died
from natural causes. " He is said to have a
brother residing in the state and the body is
liclcl for burial pending his arrival.
Forest Lawn Hnlhvny.
Sometime ago a survey was tnado from the
pain Unoof the Chicago , St. Paul , Minneap
olis & Omaha through Florence to Forest
Lawn cemetery. The report was forwa rded
to the oftlco of the company , nnd now Super
intendent Jayncs says that ho does not
think his company will have nnj thing fur
ther to do with the project , nt least this
season. It will , however , aid any other com-
papy which mav desire to make the venture.
Accordingly , the Florence Land nnd Im
provement company have been promised the
estimates of the cost , nnd may undertake to
Imlld. the road this year , knowing that during
thd inclement season of winter the patronage
- bo liberal.
A Now Church.
Tie official board of the First Methodist
church Monday night met and announced that
t'23WX ) Imd been subscribed toward the erec
tion of a new church edifice on the lot be
longing to the congregation , at the corner of
Dayenport nnd Twentieth streets. A com-
uiittco was appointed to confer with the
architect , who had submitted preliminary
plans , and to-.notify him to proceed to per-
foci them tinder the limitation that the
church building shall not cost over $03,000
complete. Half of the amount already sub
ecribpd. will bo payable April 1 next , when
ground will bo broken for the foundation
\yulU. U is stated that Hishop Newman will
endeavor to borrow $10,000 on the old church
property , which will Insure $23,000 In cash ut
tbo beginning. This , it Is said , will bo s > u01-
cicnt to enclose the building.
Disputed Snloou License.
Edward Mjcrs has been running a saloon
nt 1520 St. Mary's nvcnuo for Storz & lloi
for souio time. The saloon was formerly
r\m \ by Cox , Virgo & Co. , who were unable
to put up for their license when the paymonl
V of $750 was made compulsory. They per
h suadcd ono James O. Wlnstanley to take nr
interest In the business to help them out on
Ueir license. . Subsequently the concern was
closed up by the sheriff , and Storz ft Her
ook possession and put Myers Iti charge.
Yesterday afternoon \\ln tanley had Myers
arrested for selling liquor without a license ,
claiming that ho still had an Interest in the
Iccnsc , and that Myers had no right to con-
inuc business under that license. Myers
iromptly gave bail In the sum of $000 , and
\as released.
KcmmcrlltiK ami Curbing.
At a special meeting of the board of public
vorkso.vcstorday , the charge made by C.
V Gallagher , president of the Nebraska and
Colorado Stone company , against Harncy
{ cmmerling , Inspector of curbing ,
vas up for investigation. Kcnnnar-
Ing was charged with appro-
) riating , selling and carrying away 107
'cot of curbing belonging to the company
cprescntcd oy Gallagher , ana receiving
.hcrcfor flfi , which sum ICcmmcrllng Is ac
cused of pocketing. ICcmmcrllng acknowl
edged to have sold fragments of the curbing
stone , such pieces as would nut-
urclly result from dressing and fitting ,
but claims to have done so with the consent
of Mr. Murphy , the contractor. Ho states
that it was his original intention to use the
) ieccs of a sidewalk in his own door yard ,
jut afterward , while conversing with Mr ,
Stigcr , he sold the latter $10 worth of the
) icccs , receiving the cash for It , and ho later
disposed of ? > worth to Mr. Hammond , the
After hearing both sides , ICemmorllng was
dismissed from the city's employ for selling
material which did not belong to him.
The only way to bo thought anything ,
is to he it. The success of Warner s
Log Cabin Liver Pills lies In the fuct
that they do what they purport to they
ict pleasantly , elTectivoly and at once.
Purely vegetable.
Carpets , FiirnlMtro null Draperies.
A line assortment of new goods.
Nos. 11200 , 1120S and 11210 Fnruiuii fct.
Committees ,
Major T. S. Clarkson , of this city , has
jcen commissioned to outline the procession
and programme for the bridge opening and
says ho will have it ready in a couple of
days. The committees of arrangements are
as follows :
President , Max Meyer , Omaha ; vlco pres
ident , T. .1. Evans , Council Uluffs ; secre
taries , G. M. Nattingcr , Omaha , and H. J.
/evcly , Council HlufTs.
Programme W. H. Alexander , Omaha ;
T. J. Evans , Council Hlntfs.
Finance John A. Waketlcld , Jeff W. Bedford -
ford , and W. H. Alexander , Omaha , and
M. F. Uohrer , Lucian Wells , E. H.
O'Dcll. George Kudio , H. X.ovely , F. J.
Day , H. L. Shcpard and F. Cook , Coimzil
Invitation W. H. Alexander , Omaha ;
George F. Wright , Council Hluffs.
Trades display John S. Hrady. A. M.
Kitchen , O. II. Gordon , Omaha ; P. Lacy ,
Council Hluffs.
Marshals Major T. S. Clarkson , Omaha ;
Colonel W. F. Sapp , Council Hluffs.
Fireworks H. G. Clark. W. N. Nason ,
Omaha ; S. P. McConuell , J. L. Tcinulcton ,
Council HluITs.
Music Max Mover , Omaha ; William
Moore , Council HluITs.
Military Display Colonel Frank Wheaton ,
U. S. A. , Captain A. H. Scharff and Captain
C. J. Smyth , Omaha ; Captain A. J. Cowlcs ,
Council Hluffs.
Advertising E. Iloscwatcr , G. M. Hitch
cock , .1. 1C. Mathcws , Cadet Taylor , Omaha ;
J J. Steadman. D. J. Farrcll and U. E. In
gram , Council Hluffs.
Hailroads Max Me.verIohn A. Wnkcfleld ,
Jeff W. Hedford. Omaha ; Jonn Schocntgen ,
T. J. Evans , Thomas Howman. Council
Traveling Men C. O. Lobcck Omaha ;
William Moore , Council lilulls.
Dr. Jcfferis' remedy cures every case
of diphtheria. No physician required.
Geo. E. Kifer , of Hastings , is no
longer in our emoloy. All pcrt-ons are
warned not to do business with him for
Rapid Growth of the Railroad Weigh
ing Association. *
General Manager Thomas L. IClmball re
turned from the east yesterday , accom
panied by his family. "Ho looks better than
ho nas foryears , " said onogcntleman , "and at
least ten years younger. He has taken the
right kind of a rest , and completely isolated
himself from business during his vacation.
Now ho is in a flt state to carry out the policy
of the Union Pacific with all the vigor neces
sary in so large a corporation , and ho will
start at it at once. "
The following changes of agents are bul
letined at the Union Pacific headquarters : J.
F. Fansler , Peterson , vice J. C. Uarngrovcr ,
transferred ; W. D. Powers , Wamsutter ,
vice A. W. Forbes , discharged ; C. J. Collins ,
Melrose , vice W. Murray , transferred ; J. C.
Barngrovor , Waksalch , vice J. F. Pansier ,
transferred ; G. L. Uucknam , Deer Tract ,
vlco J. E. McMahon , and Cyrus F. Henley ,
Market Lake , vice E. E. Pcebelos.
The regular board meeting of the Union
Paclllc directors will bo held this week in
Boston , and the outcome is watched with
No now developments have occurred m
connection with the thieves caught pilfering
freight from the Union Pacific , and the mat
ter is in the hands of the local attorneys of
the company in the Wyoming division.
"In two years the railroad weighing asso
ciation has grown to Its present largo proper
tions. " said a freight agent yesterday , "and
it is doing everything it promised. It Is a
benefit to both the companies and the honest
shippers , but upsets the calculations of many
a would-be dishonest man. For example ,
the rates on shelf hardware arc three times
as great as on iron castings , and yet you will
sometimes find that the former is billed as
the latter. If the agent of the weighing as
sociation has his suspicions aroused , as is
often the case , he has the power
from the railways to open the box
and cive it the proper classification
and If in the hurry of shipment the weights
of the packages arc not put down correctly he
steps in and rectifies ttie error. In fact the
association relieves the railway employes
from looKing after it themselves. Thursday
next the lines will commence to ship live
stock by weight , and its duties will bo ma
terially increased. "
In Monday's Her. it was stated that th.o St.
Joe & Grand Island road would operate the
branch line between St. Joe and Stromsbunr.
It should have read from . .Valparaiso-
In the death of John McCnnn , the Union
Paclllo loses one of its oldest and most val
ued employes. No ono can recollect when he
first went to work for the road , but men who
have spent twenty-one years In its service re
member that ho was employed by it then ,
The body will reach Omaha this afternoon
and bo taken to the lute residence , No. 1517
South Sixteenth street , from whence the
funeral will take place at a date to bo here
after designated.
Mother , has your child got the croup :
Dr. J. II. McLean's Tar Wino Lung
Balm IH n safe and effectual remedy ,
pleasant to Uiko and rapid in its action.
0 cents a bottle.
Dennett Sued for Slander.
New YouOct. . 23. ( Special Telegram to
THE BEE. ] James Gordon Bennett has beer
served with the summons and complaints In
thrco suits brought against him for slunilet
by David A. Curtis , James H. Connelly and
the Arrow Steamship company for 150,000 !
$ oOWO and $1,000,000 respectively , damage :
for defamation of character , Iho suits arc
the results of an arllclo published in Mr
Bennett's paper denouncing the company as
a stock jobbing fraud and the parties
named as swindlers and confidence operators
Jarvls' 1&77 Brandypurcstsivfcst& , best.
I'romliient Mnsoii Dead.
NEW YOIIK , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram t <
TUB Unn.J The masonic fraternity 6f Now
York was deprived of its most emineni
member by the death of John W. Simons in
Central Valley , > N. Y. , yesterday morning
The name is familiar wherever musonnr ;
has an organization throughout the world ,
Malaria Fever cured by Jarvis' Braudy ,
Mayor Brontoil Makes Up IIU 'Mind to
Attend to Kueli.
Mayor Broatch has como to the conclusion
that ho will rid the city of tha cxpjnso of
maintaining a man at the poU house. The
party In iiucstlon has been in charge of the
institution mentioned for some years , and
save during short periods nt long Intervals ,
it Is claimed that the most laborious work ho
has performed lias been the drawing of his
pay. At present ho dally mounts guard over
a telephone at the house , but his calls are
not such as to annoy him In answering them ,
The mayor also says that the tcslephono must
go. Ur. Halph , the city physician , says the
man in question Is a good assistant and In a
certain way hones that his services as such
will be retained. But a councilman to whom
the matter was referred yesterday thought
the city was not yet prepared for another
municipal physician.
The mayor says that the city Is overrun
with people who wish to become pensioners
upon Its charity. These como from all sec
tions , where they can not bo cared for , and
endeavor to gain admission to our hospital
and other cleomosynary Institutions. Ho
knows of ono Instance where the commis
sioners of Sarpy county actually rushed a
man out of a slck-bcd and sent him up hero
so that they might bo saved expense. The
mayor refused the application , as ho has
othurs nearly as bad , and some of these were
from Iowa. Ho has Instructed Dr. Kalph to
send these applicants to him with the end
above outlined.
"Whero does the cltycaro for Its sick people
ple I"
"In St. Joseph's hospital. It was agreed
upon in a resolution when I llrst came into
ofllce.empowerlng mo to hlro beds also much
per week. At first wo had but two beds.
Now I think wo have four. Wo have had as
high as eight. Wo aim to keep them down
to us small a number as possible. "
It Causes the of anOITcr
of n Hiirlul Site.
Superintendent Craig , of Forest Lawn
cemetery was m town 5'csterday. He
says tint the company has laid out about
eighty acres of the ground and inide the
drives and walks which appear on the plat.
The remainder will not be laid out until next
season. There are now Col people interred
in the cemetery , 105 of whom have been
buried by the company. This month twelve
county charges have boon laid away , snowIng -
Ing that the death rate among these unfortu
nates has been greater th'in usual ,
Shortly after the opening of the cemetery
an offer was madeto.tho Masons and Odd Fel
lows , giving to each body about HO.OOJ square
feet of ground gratis on condition of their
buying a certain amount of ground in the
same vicinity , ata price considerably below
that which tht Vround would have been
sold to other parties. The Masons availed
themselves of the offer , bought forty lots to
which were added the 30,000 feet
donated , thus making ono of the most
beautiful burial sites on ttio ground. The
Odd Fellows took no action on the matter ,
and as a consequence the offer lias been with
drawn. Mr. Craig says that ho would like
to see all the secret , orders , including the
Grand Army , with burial plats in the cemo-
tcry , and regrets that they do not make an
attempt to seenro them now. They cannot
buy them as reasonably as before , but ho
says they can do aoaiow at better terms than
they can later.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purl-
ty.streiiKth and wholosomenes9. Moro econom
ical than theordlnary kinds , and cannot be bold
In competition with the imiltltudo of low cost ,
short weight almn or phospoato powders. Sold
only in cans. linking I'owder Co. , I'M
Wall street. New York.
examine our present
'stock ' of HENS' UNDER-
| WEAll , comprising all
'grades ' at fair prices. Stand
ard goods and superior
iqualities in the well-known
makes , the Holroyd , Vienna ,
Natural Wool Ac.
Mis Usyer-Established 1866-Adolph Meyer
Max Meyer
& Bro. ,
General Agents Tor
and JAS , W , STARR
Story &CM auilSlioiiinser-Bell Organs
Writt tor Catalogue.
Your Left Liver
Aftvprlutary Medlcum .that ueet\i but ft trial
to prurt ) 1U wor"
left lim Bite
The only nistlllsd nittera In the United
States. The only Hitters recounted by th
United States luiernnl icvoimo laus as a Pro
prietary Medicine. Liuvfnll } ' 1'ntcntcd. No. of
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altar * UA tn limn
N. W. Cor. 13th & Dodge Sts.
Appliances for Deformitlaa and Trusses.
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ttiim : urn CIIICCI.AIIII on Deformities and Ilraces ,
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Timioii. Cancer. Catarrh , llnmchllls , Inhalation ,
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New restorative treatment forlot < nt Vital 1'nwer.
1'crsons unable to visit u ma > he treatuil at homo by
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( end In plain n rapper , our
Upon 1'rlvalc , Special or Nervous Disease" , Inipo-
tencj , Syphilis , Uleet and \arlcotele , with ijuesllon
list. Address
Omaha Medical ami Suraical Institute , or
Cor. nth ami Dodge Sts. , - - OMAHA. MKII.
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ty your dealer , write '
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Tieatraeut by correspondence. Send stamp
for reply.
Office -Bushman Block , IQth and
Dpuelus Sts. , Omalm , NoU ,
With our building , and now have a store such as we always wanted/ /
This is the third time since we started here -two years ago that wd
have have enlarged our store. This last addition is the biggest. We"
have more room now for the crowds , and for a bigger business. As w
have always tried hard , and succeeded in keeping our former smalletf
store crowded with customers , so will we make every effort in the :
larger -place and expect the crowds of buyers to increase in the samd
proportion as we have increased the room for them.
The opening of our mammoth establishment will be made
memorable by a clothing sale which will make not only
Omaha and Nebraska , but the whole country talk about us.
We are now getting in a wholesale stock of fine overcoats and suits
for wnich our eastern representative has been bargaining for weeks/
and succeeded in getting at greatly less than manufacturer's costJ
We have kept this stock purposely for our opening , and will sacrificO
it for the sake of making a big advertisement for our big place. '
The goods are all of the better grades and well made , especially
among the overcoats will be found some -high class garments , as cafl ' ,
only be approached in elegance , fit and quality by the very best mer *
chant tailors.
We are marking these goods at prices which will not be 50c onrthQ
dollar of their actual value , and the prices will hold good until every
dollar of the stock is sold.
We want to make our opening an event that will be remem *
bered in years , This greatest of all clothing sales begins ori
Saturday Morning.
Plain Figures and Price.
Nebraska Clothing Company
Cor. i4th and Douglas Streets , Omaha.
Burlinglon Burlington
Route *
The Burlington takes the lead.
It was in advance of all Imes In developing Nebraska.
It was in advance of all lines in establishing dining-car
service between Missouri river points and Chicago.
< - >
It was in advance of all lines in giving the people of
Omaha and the West a fast majl service.
It was in advance of all lines in running its trains from
the East into Omaha proper.
It was in advanc ; of all lines in reducing the time of
passenger trains between Omaha and Chicago.
It was in advance , and is the only Una by which you can
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It has been progressive in the past.
It will lead in the future.
Travel and ship via the Burlington.
Ticket Office , 1223 Farnam Street. Telephone 250.
Depot on Tenth Street.
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