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Exorbitant Rates Charged by City
An Insane Sinn Sent to tlio Asylum
Tlio Barannnh Krclslit Iilnc Po
litical I'olntcM Siipreine
Court Matters.
I-.iNCGi.jf , Oct. 23.
The Imckmen of tlio city know how to
( iluck a plum when they BCD onu as well ns
the slickest sharper ot the land , and Judging
from the observations of TUB Bun man
during the past wcok , and especially last
nl ht , some of them do not hesitate to do It.
The ordinances of the city regulate the faros
from Dlaco to place within the city limits ,
but It occasionally happens that the law can
be evaded and the charge made and cxtortud
Is little short of highway robbery. Last
night one of the boys rounded up a gentle
man slightly Inebriated at the corner of
Twenty-first and N streets , and brought him
to the Capital hotel ana charged him 50
cents for his ride. No.12 had caught a tar
tar nnd he kicked on the bill. To scttlo the
matter , Mr Inebriate asked to bo taken to
the captain of the nlpht police , nnd it was
cheerfully done , but for the reason that became -
came apparent when an additional 50 cents
was ntlilud to the bill , and collected , too , for
tlio captain could not decide other than In
the drlvor's favor , for ho was within the
limit of the charges allowed by the ordinance.
But for all that it was a game
of pure robbery on u small scale. The ordi
nance ilxlng hack fares provides that a schedule
ule of rates' shall bo posted within the hnck ,
but skim the sky In any light nnd Tun Hun
scribe falls to see any rates or anything that
looks like them in any of the carriages pro
vided for the convenience of the visiting or
traveling public. Complaints tire becoming
quite frequent of Intn anything but favorable
to the credit of the city hackmcn.
Three special excursion couches came in
this morning on the Burlington flyer and
tarried in this city until this afternoon , when
they went on to Kearney , where they were
specially bound. The gentlemen comprising
the party were eastern capitalists hailing
from Boston and Springfield , Mass. , nnd a
nutiiDerof them have property Interests In
the west , especially in the new water power
nt Kearney , which is attracting attention
from moneyed men in a great many locali
ties. The party numbered forty-tlirce per
sons , and they spent the forenoon in looking
over the points of interest at the Capital city.
Some of the gentlemen were strangers , but
they hf.vo conio west to plant money providing
inducements are sufficient to warrant a ven
ture. Tlio 1'Vank investment company will
Jnvito the consideration of the party first.
It now seems that the canal built by Mr.
Frank something like a year ago was not the
scheme of a crank or ft rra/.v man. It doubt
less has the bottom that will Make Kearney
one of the best cities of Nebraska , or of the
reat wst The excursionists left
pleased with what they saw of Lincoln , and
will probably stop on their return trip and
Rive the city a more extended visit. While
hero the gentlemen were handsomely enter
tained by the board of trade and some of the
leading citizens of the city.
lANilOl'9I.V ( { IXSIXE.
.Tohn Conlcy , a railroader at present em
ployed on the street work was brought to
police headquarters a day or two ago at the
instigation of his three brothers , who de
clared that ho was dangerously insane. Ho
was taken before the board of insane com
missioners to-day nnd after a careful hearIng -
Ing was committed to the asylum. At times
his actions were very strange , and for the
ptist half dozen dayslio has rarely been with
out n "case knife , " and his comrades and
friends became afraid that he might take
his own life and probably that of others , and
so fllod the complaint. During the night he
walks about talking to himself , and frequent
ly disturbed the repose of the boys with
whom ho tcntod. Ho Is certainly sick and
deeply ufllictcd if not insane.
Since the visit of the agent of the Savanah
freight line in Lincoln , considerable interest
has been taken in the project and considera
ble business has been pledged to it. It Is un
derstood that freight originating in Now
York , Boston or Philadelphia is taken to
Savnnah , Oa. , by boat dally , and transmitted
from there to Memphis , Tenn. , by the short
est lines , thcnco to Kansas City and on to
Lincoln over the Missouri Pacific , or the
Burlington lines. This deal , It U said insures
Lincolt the same rates enjoyed by Omaha , or
n reduction of ID cents on the old rates by
way of tl'O lakes.
It has been officially stated thaton the 25th
of this month a now live stock tariff will go
into effect. Still , however , there will bo but
little if any alteration In the rates. The
change Includes the entire western railway
system. Instead of the quoted rates on a car
as heretofore the cost of shipments will bo
made exclusively by weight. The rate from
Lincoln to Chicago will bo 29 f cents per 100
on cuttlo and :17 : } cents on hogs and sheep.
To BU Louis 20 > / and 30 cants per 100 respec
tively. The minimum weight allowed on a
thirty-one foot car Is J0,000 ! pounds of cattle ,
15,000 pounds of hogs and 13,000 pounds of
The weighing will all bo dona in Chicago or
at the point ot destination at the great ship
ping con tcrs , nnd by the regular association ,
the roads having no direct connection with
this work.
This chance la made to prevent secret cut
ting on rates understood so well by shrewd
railroad men. It may provo n chnnge for the
better and It may not. But , falling , the ne
cessity of bettor railway legislation will be
come more and moro apparent. There is al
ready plenty of room for change for the bet
"I am taking u lively interest In the re
publican national campaign , " remarked Hon.
M. O. Quinn. of Peoriu , III. , to-day , "and I
can sco no possible chance now for the defeat -
feat of the party. The faith of any observ
ing democrat will be shaken by going Into
Indiana , and it will be lost entirely by going
into Now York. My countrymen , and * h ! >
Irish-American , cities ; generally , will vote
& } vhy nuvor have before. Unfortunately
they have been rocked In a democratic cradle
since the great influx of Irish In MO. and as
they nro naturally a people of quick proju-
Aces and hard to change , they have abided
jjflth their first love. But it is
Cylng fast. When dead it will bo hard to
resurrect it. The attitude of England in the
campaign is the straw that's breaking the
ramul's back. Indiana is safe. I am well
pleased with my reception in Lincoln. We
had a magnificent meeting last night. "
"I ought to know something about the
political situation in Cass and Otoo counties , "
said Hon. J. B. Strode , "and I think I do.
M ] or Watson will certainly be elected as the
tloat representative. It would bo a calamity
to herald his defeat , and the republicans of
both counties appreciate the fact. Ho has a
clean record as a legislator , and wherever
known Is recognized as ono of the ablest
lawyers in the state. No friend ever sought
the aid of John C. Watson In vain. Ho
U generous , honest , able and indus
trious and hurls his lance straight
Into the ranks of the enemy without fear ot
results. No ; the whole ticket will bo elected
la both counties , aad If I mistake not there
will bo special reason for rejoicing on the
7th ot November. The state and national re
publican tickets will bo elected or something
it one thau a Burchard fool speech will coma
upon us. I have been over the state consid
erably. and it strikes mo that there will bo
republican legislative gains rather than
losses. The boys appreciate the fact that the
tlme , has cumo to * Uuid by the party anil
principle- . "
Court met this morning pursuant to ad
journment , and the cases placed at the foot
of the docket in the third judicial district
ware called.
Gcorgo Jeffreys , of Omaha , wo * admitted
The case of S ; > ccht vs Mauer was dis
Btevcnson vs Imhoff and Town vs Jacobs
argued and submitted.
What Is known as Crubb'a mill was sola
under the hammer yesterday ufternoon at -
o'clock. It went to satisfy mortgage claims ,
ud brought W.OCQcMh. Mr. Sawyer was
| h nurchu r.
M. C. Quinn , of Peorln , III. , inadoti splcn
Aid § pp ch at the Metropolitan rink last
HI * appeal to the IrUh-Aiutncati ;
voter was not in vain. Michael Shlnn , n
ifc long democrat , said after the speech that
ils'voto would bo cast for Harrison nnd
Morton nnd the freedom of his native land.
The prohtbs propose to keep the mill
grinding In Lincoln until after the election.
They have rented Bolmnan's hall , nnd will
; o from the tent Into warmer atmosphere , It
s said that some of the best speaking talent
In the party will occupy the platform every
night next \vcoU.
The woolen mills have been slow In getting
under way , but it has been on account of In
ability to secure trained hands to do the
finishing work after the fabrics nro knit nnd
sowed together. It Is said that the desired
liclp will arrive shortly from Canada , nnd
, ho mills will at once get down to earnest
The Catholic fair closed last evening. It
was Interesting and well attended. The
sold'headod cano will bo worn by Mr. J.
Sterling Morton , of Nebraska City , the
democratic nominee for congress. Nickels
nnd dimes said lie was the most popular can
didate , but it Is quite certain that the verdict
will bo very different nt the polls In Novem
ber. Better , still , Mr. Conncll will wear the
congressional honors.
To err Is human , but you make no
mlstnlco if j ou use Dr. Jones' Red Glover
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breath , pilespimples , ague and malaria ,
poor iimietito , low spirits , or diseases of
the kiunuys , stomach and liver. CO
cents. Goodman Drug company.
Ctiarlca II. Wminnm Thought to Have
Committed Suicide ,
Charles II , Williams , a veterinary surgeon
who arrived in Omaha last July direct from
England , hns disappeared and it Is thought
las committed suicide. Williams , who is
about twenty-llvo years of age , came to
Dmana to follow his profession , nnd whllo
hero resided at the residence of Messrs. Win-
cote & Ulloy.on the corner of Park avenue and
Pacific street. The Utter gentlemen were
acquainted with Williams and his relatives
in England , and for this reason ho made his
: iomo at the above After being hero
for some length of time and not finding em
ployment , ho became somowhnt despondent.
Ho lingered around Omaha , however , until
ono week ago last Saturday , when he sud
denly disappeared , and no clue as to his
whcre.ibouts has been ascertained.
B. W. Hiley , of the nbovo linn ,
states that on the day of his disappearance
lie saw him about 1 o'clock in the afternoon
on Farnani street , and with this nil truce of
iiim is obscure. Inquiry at the house where
lie resided resulted in the information that
when leaving ho took with him n small vn-
Use , leaving the rest of his chattels be
hind. Ho had no money ou his
person at the time of his departure.
Sir. Hiley was seen in his onico in
the Uamgo block , and when questioned con
cerning the affair stated that WUU.vms had
acted somewhat strangely ever since the
death of his brother. The family
and Williams' European home Is nt Warwick ,
England. A diligent inquiry has been made
at all points concerning him , but the matter
is still enshrouded In mystery.
Don't hawk , and blow , and spit , but
use Dr. Sago's Catarrh remedy.
Opposed to Kindergarten.
The following communication is from a
parly who is evidently not In favor of the
kindergarten system as it has been intro
duced Into our schools.
"Tho board of education spends thrffOOi *
four hundred dollars every year for kinder
garten supplies to teach the children habits
that nrc anything but sober and Industrious.
The true aim of Proebel , the father of
kindergarten , was to teach children between
the ages of three and live years habits of
systematic thought. The public schools
have nothing to do with children of that ago.
i'ot this money Is needlessly spent when the
sanitary conditions of half the school build
ings is disgraceful.
"It is a question whether Ralph Waldo
Emerson , Abraham Lincoln , or Peter Cooper
could have moulded a cube or a prism in clay.
Yet wo see no ono coming up through the
medlocra mass who Is able to 1111 any of their
places , in splto of the great advantages of
the present generation. Good sanitary con
ditions and sober common sense teaching in
our publio schools will make better and
stronger men and women than airy flights of
these would-bo reforms.
_ "A ClTIZEX. "
' Regulate the regulator" by using
Warner's Log Cabin Sarsaparilla. The
largest bottle in the market. Your
Irugglst will order for you if ho hasn't
11. Insist upon baving the best. Use
no other , for it luis no equal.
AStrangor and the Sharks.
The following communication , relating to
the Tenth street auction sharks , has been ro-
coivcd at this oftlco :
I take the liberty , although but a stranger
in your city , of directing your attention to
the system of swindling so openly and shame
facedly carried on on ono of the principal
streets of oour city. I refer to Tenth street
and tbo snide auction stores located thereon.
Only lost Saturday , I saw several poor un-
sophisticotcd men victimized by these human
or rather inhuman sharks ; and as quickly as
my sense of curiosity prompted mo to enter
that of wrong caused mo to loavc. In my
opinion , pcoplo who earn their money In this
criminal manner are capable of cither burg
larizing a store or sandbagging a woman , and
your pcoplo cannot bo astonished when they
find their homes robbed considering the au
thorities allow thcso thieves to remain in
your midst. In few parts of the world have
I seen moro open-faced robbery carried on. I
hope to again visit your beautiful and thriv-
city which bids fair to rival her sister , Chicago
cage , and cannot but hope that I will find the
evil I mention , this social plague , no more.
Adrlce to Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup should al
ways bo used for children teething. It soot lies
the child , sofUms the gums , allays all pain ,
cures wind colic , nnd is the best remedy for
diarrhoea. 25c a bottle.
Mistook the Steed.
For a few hours ycstnrday Doug Egan ,
city salesman for BlaKe , Bruce fe Co. , flow
frantically about the city Informing every
policeman ho could nnd that some thief bad
stolen his horse and buggy. The stood was
the pndo of his heart and had cost him { ISO
of his hard earnings. A tour of the city
finally revealed the fact that an old man of
Scandinavian descent had innocently driven
the horse oil and nad him in his own barn.
Tim Swede had tied hts horse next to Doug's
while ho dropped into a neighboring store
for a moment. On coming out ho mistook
Egan's horse for hU own , there being a
slight similarity between them , and the old
man's eyesight being slightly Impaired. The
horse was readily returned to Egan and the
old man found his horse where ho hud been
All fine Liquor Stores sell Jarvis' best.
A Huiiaway.
A horse attached to a delivery wagon belonging -
longing to a South Thirteenth street grocer
broke loose from his fastening yesterday
and went flying down the street , but before
be had gone far the delivery wagon collided
with a vehicle , on which was seated John
Matthews. This gentleman was thrown to
the ground and injured , whllo his wagon was
almost utterly demolished. Two wheels
were smashed , the box badly broken and the
gearing demoralized. The delivery wagon
also rocolved some scars in too collision.
Matthews says ho will commence a , suit
against the o wner of the delivery wagon for
Cleveland Si Harrison agrco on one
point , that the best out ia Jarvis' old
Brandy. _
O'Connor McCn ho.
Miss Moltlo O'Connor , daughtcrof Thomas
O'Connor , the first recorder of this county
and ono of the very oldest citizens of Omaha ,
was married yesterday In St. Pbiloinona's
cathedral to Dr. Nicholas McC-ibo ot North
Platto. The ceremony was performed by
Hov. P. F. McCarthy. A recoptiou was held
at the residence of the bride's parents on
Twelfth street , after which the bridal party
left for their future home.
All druggUts sell Jarvis1 Medloal
la entirely a rrgotfiblu preparation con
taining DO Mercury , Potash , Arteolc , or othw
poliODoui ubitancci.
win-s siicmo
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fern or Cancer of the Skin , thouiandj ot cue *
ef Ecwmn , Blood Hnmori and Skin DUeiuei ,
nd hundred * of thouixndi ot curt ot Bcrof *
nla.Dlaod 1'olcon nl Blood Taint.
iwirr-3 SPECIFIC
ttai rellered thotuandiof cojtf of Merer-
rial 1'oUonlug , HneumaUini and Stlffnott of
the Jolnti.
KnirrAToooi. TEira , Jun I ? . Isa-Swlft'i
prctrtoCo. , Atlanta , On Ontlerrmn I In th
arly I'nrtof th preiont rear , a bad ciuaof
blood pouou apbeuol upon mo. I began
Viking 8. a. 3. ualor advice of anothur , and
to-Uar I f tl neatly Improved. I am still
Uking the medicine and thall continue to da
n until I aft. perfectly irtll. I boll J to it n ul
S ct a pcrftct euro. Tour * truly.
Coo. P. llowinn ,
111 West SlitaSt.
CotrHMi , U. a. , July 7 , 18M-The Swift
Bpeclflc Co. , Atlanta , Oa. Gentlemen ; I wu
great sufferer from mmwulnr rheumatism
for two yeari. I could net no permanent n-
U f from any raodlcluo prcviribod by my
phyilclai. 1 toolc over a dosan bottled of
your S a S. , nd now I am m well M I trer
wiu In inr life. I am uro your mrdlcln *
cured me , and I would reoomruenJ U to any
one lifter lug ( rout any blood dliuaie. Vouri
truly , o. K. ffooiiis ,
ConJugtor C. 4 O. lU n.
' _ yco , TKA * . May , l W-O ntlemon i Th
wife of one of my cuitomon was torrlblr
mictod with i loathiuineiklndlMuo.that
cortrrKl her whole body. She wai connnod
to b r bed for noreral ye r by this affliction ,
nd could not help ueriwlf at nlL She could
mot lc p from a violent Itching and mortal
f the nlrln. The disease baffled the sftlll ol
the phyclclant who treated It. II r uunband
b Kan nnally ( tiring h& wlfo Swltfn Kpeclllo ,
nd the commenced TO Improru atmoit lin-
mediately , and In a few weoki the was ar >
tarently well. She U now a hearty flno-
looking lady , n Ith no U ace or the affliction
Hit. Yours rery truly , J , R. Slim.
Wholetola Urugiilit , Austla Arenua ,
I Treatise on Dlood and Skin DUca&ea m Jle4
tte . THE Swirr Srrcino Co. , Dra\v r t ,
Jltla&ta , Qx ; New York , 7M Broadway. ,
Louisiana State Lottery Company.
Incorporated liy the loglslnture of ISftS forlM- anil Charitable purposes , nnd its finn-
chlse made n part of the nif-ent Stnto Constttu-
tlou. In 1ST ! ' , by an overwhelming popular vote.
tafce place tfeml-Annually Mime nnd December )
1NS ! take place on each oC the other ten months
In the year , nnd nro nil draw n In public , at the
Academy of Music , Now Orluans , Ln.
"We do hereby certify thnt wo supervise the
arrancornenH for alltha Monthly nnd Soml-An-
mini Orawlnss of The Louisiana State Lott cry
Company , nnd in person manage and control
the Dnnvlnss themselves , and that the same
are conducted with honesty , fairness nnd In
uood faith toward nil parties , nnd no authorize
the company to use thl.s certificate , with fac
similes of our signatures attached , la Its adver
tisements. "
We , thennderslcned nanfci and Hankers , will
all Prizes dr.iwn In Tim Louisiana State
rotterlcs which may oe presented at our count-
ters :
It. M. WALMSLKY. 1'rcs. Louisiana Nat. Uanlt.
1'IEHKK LAN'AUX. Pres. State Nat'l Hank.
A. HALDWIN , Pres. New Orleans Nafl Hank.
CAUL KOI1N , Trea. Union National Hank.
In ttio Academy of 3Iu lc. Now Or-
Icnus , Tuesday. November 13 ,
CAPITAL PRIZE , $300,000.
100,000 Tiotets at Twenty Dollars each.
Halves $10 ; Quarters , $5 ; Tenths , $2 ; Twen
tieths $1 ,
1 PIUZE OFjmOUOla 1300,000
1 PKIZK OP 10l,0001s 100,000
1 I'UIXB OK TiO IKK ) is
" ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '
1 PHIZB OK 2VJOO Is. „ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,000
2 1'IUZIW OF 10.000 are 21,000
5 PHI/.KS OK MOO are
25PU1XKSOK l.OCO are a,000
100 PIU2KSOK CUO are 60.000
100 I'UIISCS OF 3UO are 60.000
K PHIZES OK ax ) are 100,000
100 Prizes of li'jOO are W.OOO
100 do SWare 30.000
100 do ZOOare SO.OOO
999 do lOOare 99,900
W do lOOare W.000
IU31 Prizes , amounting to .11.054.800
NOTB. Tickets drawing Capital Prizes are not en
titled to terminal times.
l r > 'uitCi.Uii HATKS , or any further Information
desired , write legibly to the nnderalKned , clearly
ntutlntr your resldonce.with stuto , County , fctreot and
number. More rapid return mall dullrery will be au
gured br your enclosing an envelope bearing your
"sorrfrosTAIi NOTK3. Kiprets Money Orden , of
Now Vork ISzchange In ordinary . letter. Currency by
Kzpre ( at our exy -
Or M. A. DAUPHIN , New Orleans. ! . * .
WiisbliiEtun. D. C.
Address Registered Letters to
Now Oriean * ,
Karly , who are InchnrKO o ( the drawings , is
anti'O of absolute fairness an I tntexritr , Unit tlio
cliHiicosaraall vqual , nil that no one can possibly
Ulrlnn what niimber will draw a prtie.
"UKMKMIIUK , also , that the payment of prltes Is
New Orleans , and the Tickets are tlxned by the l'ru -
Ident of an Instltutlun whose chartered rights are
rrcOL'nlied In the hluhest courts ; therefore , bewara
of any Imitations or anouruiaus IcUeiae'/ '
Thomson's Celebrated
Three Lengths
Short , Medium and Ul
tra Long.
Twelve Gradoa.
Illgtiest Awards
Uentlon the Omaha Bee.
State Line.
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From New York Every Tuesdav ,
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ot state room. Excursion frVSto WO.
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C3 Itroaaway , Now York.
JOHN BLEGEN , Qen'l Western Agent ,
_ . . , 1M Ilandolph St. , Chicago.
IIAKUY E. MOOUES. Agent. Omaha.
Reduced Ca in Rates to Glasgow Ex
locattfuuy u&ed monthly br over 10,00 *
ea. Are Sa/c. KfntuuJaiut PUtuant
-ParticvUor/3 pcMtaga KtampH.
Ttu BU ; rti Cuimcai. Co , DBTHOIT , Mica.
ftr tola < * > ci fej/ mat ! by
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Lake St. . Chlca.
noJKUg &
Agents Onmlia , Neb.
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Cocoa , from which tlio excess ot
OH lm been removed. It hat Mm
limti the itreityltt of Cocoi mixed
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nnd li therefore far more economi
cal , tolling Itii Ifi'in one cent a
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EtnioPlA Oct. Win
Axcmmi.v , : . . .Oct. 27th
The Celebrated I I-nrge't nnd llnest l'a > . I Oct. 3Ist
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in stock for thu next 30 days. Remem
ber , from different styles of All-Wool
Cassimero Suits , regular $18.00 goods ,
In all sizes from 34 to 41 , at $12.00.
Send for samples of the cloth and solf-
incasurement blanks.
Men's Frock Suits , $12.
To meet a constant demand for frock
Suits of the Mcchanicsvillo Suits , wo
manufactured ono lot ot the dark , silk
mixed pattern which we offer in Men's
Single Button Frock Suits , at the same
price as the sacks , $12 for all sizes.
Children's Overcoats.
Wo offer n succial bargain in child
ren's Blue Elysian Overcoats , ages 4 to
14 , a thoroughly reliable garment ; price
So.OO. Wo know this garment cannot
be duplicated for any such price.
Children's Suits.
Wo have received another lot of Chil
dren's Suits , ages 4 to 14 ; of the celebra
ted Mechanicsvillo goods. Price $4.50.
Mall orders which have been on hand
for the suit will bo promptly lilled.
Jersey Suits. .
We are showing a full line ot Jersey
Suits in all colors and prices.
Kilt Suits and Over
The largest line ot fine novelties ever
shown iti Kilts with Overcoats to match.
Mail Orders.
Orders from all parts ot the United
States solicited , nnd will bo promptly
filled. Sample garments will ho sent to
any address.
Special Sale of Scarlet
We have just received a complete
line of all-wool scarlet underwear , pure
cochineal .dye , which wo offer at the ra
mnrkahly low price ot 75 cents each.
All sizes , 31 to 44. This garment oan
not bo bought in any othcretore for less
than $1.25 , but we offer them to closeout
out at 75 cents each. Send your mail
orders now.
Freeland , Loomis & Co.
Proprietors ;
Cor. Douglas and 15th Streets , Omaha , Nebraska.
The Largest Clothing , Furnishing Goods and Merchant Tailoring House
West of New York.
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PRICE , 01.00. D. s. L.AK.K ; Prop. , GEO.B.CARPENTERSCO.
Bold by Dru frlota Shonundoau , .Iowa. 2Q2-20B S.WATER ST. CHICAGO.
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Surgeon and Physician ,
Office N. W Corner Mill und iKmijIai St. Offlc * ll.r > otfrbox , all druggists , or by mall from Do- sow
telephone , i03 ; Residence telephone. 5tH. cutu Mfg. Co. , 113 White St. . N. V. Full Directions.
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