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It is scarcely a matter requiring explanation why Dundee Place will eventually
supersede all other locations in Omaha for elegant homes. The reasons are obvi *
ous , The restrictions inserted in all the deeds are a most important feature ; the
natural lay of the land is equal in importance.
Dundee Place was the envy of lot buyers and home seekers when it was known
as the Patrick farm , even though the ground was unbroken , lying as it does in the
pathway of Omaha's greatest growth ; with every condition favorable to make it a
pleasant place to live. Its beauty and healthfullness of location are unpuestioned
and unsurpassed. The ground is so high and so well drained that within a few
hours after a storm all water disappears.
The lots as well as the streets and avenues are being graded and shade trees
will be planted.
Many of our best citizens have secured building sites for elegant and perma
nent homes. No one can appreciate the advantages of this property as lately de
veloped without seeing it.
This company will either build a house for you or make a liberal building loan
with but one-third the price of the ground paid :
Our salesmen are ready at all times to show the property , it being but twelve
minutes drive from our office-
The Patrick Land Company of Omaha ,
Room 23 , Chamber of Commerce , Omaha , Nebraska.
W , H , CRAIG , President , N , D , ALLEN , Vice President. W I KURTZ , Genera ! Manager ,
Bow the Farmers are Being Swin
dled By 1. E. Wilson.
Answer of the Chicago , St. Paul , Mln-
ncapollB & Omahn Hallway In tlio
Quo Wavranto ProcortllnKB
New Notaries City News.
W ? } P SriiEKT , >
LINCOLN , Oct. 33. )
Ami now comes the Chicago , St. Paul ,
iMinneapoUs & Omaha railway company
In answer to the quo wurrunto action
Ill-ought in the supreme court against it
by the attorney general , on the part of
Iho slate , denying in tote that it is not
n domestic incorporation and fully en
titled to all the rights of eminent do
main under the statutes of the state.
The answer of the company Is very
modest. It docs not soelc to shift the
case to the federal courts , whore it is
possible to paelc juries , and whore it is
next to impossible to win acaso against
a railway company. The road wishes to
bo fully in accord with the exactions of
the code and state constitution , and
says bo in its answer filed
-day. The answer bets up reasons at
length why the road thinks it is legally
incorporated , and if the court sustains
it in the view taken , the attorney gon-
ral will have accomplished his puree -
o-o in Instituting the suit against it.
The primary object In pringing quo
warranto actions against this road ana
others was to get the opinion
of the court as to whether it
was legally and properly incorporated
under the laws of the state , and fao
make it possible to bring and sustain
suits hrougnt against them in the state
courts. Some of the railroad compa
nies have been in the habit of swinging
legitimate stale court cases into the
federal courts , and in so doing saved
their slippery necks through the notion
method of iuipannohng the jury to try
causes taken there. The actions in
quo warranto , recently brought by the
attorney general , are among the mobt
important over joined in the supreme
court , and the roads are lying on a hard
bed , and with a decision that sustains
domestic incorporation or compels it ,
the last prop Is taken away from them ,
nud all actions arising against the com
panies under the constitution and
statutes will in the future ho tried and
Bottled in the fatutu courts , where it is
impossible to continuously pack juries ,
ami it will thun bo possible to secure
jubtice. '
During the sale season of the fall I.
E.Vllbon , who has noon living on the
1'ndnmn farm , just south of the insane
nsylum , has been contldenuing the farm
ers of the surrounding country most
beautifully. Ho has attended the ad-
vortibcd stock sales far and near , bid
ding and buying In cattle whenever pos
sible and at the close of the sale se
cured his purchase by giving a mort
gage on the stock or his promissory note
with the name of a friend who ctmnccd
to bo present as security. In this way
ho succeed in purchasing over 1,500
jioad of cattle. As fast as the circuiu-
btftnces and conditions would permit ,
"Wilson would run the same cattle on to
pouie sale more dlsUat , where they were
again sold for cash and the money was
stuffed into his illegally fattened pocket-
book. The scheme became so trans
parent that suspicions were aroused and
one of his victims succeeded in
Rotting his just dues , hut not
so with the rest , for ho folded
his tent and quietly stole away on the
19th , and since then ho has not boon
heard of. It was a brazen sohomo and
successfully worked. The matter has
boon put into a detective's hands and
an effort will be made to run him to his
lair. It is said that Wilson got away
with over 83,000 by his treacherous
The organization of the Independent
Order of IVnai Brith ( Sons of the Cov
enant ) yesterday was an event of moro
than ordinary interest to Jewish circles
in Lincoln. The order was established
in this country forty-eight years ago ,
by a number of Jewish citizens of New
York , and the object of it ib to aid
Israelite emigrants , support and cdu-
cato those in want and to elevate the
moral standard. There are now 877
lodges in existencetho latest acquisition
being Lincoln City lodge No. 377. and
the total membership will nearly or
quite reach ! ! 0,000. The lodge hero belongs -
longs to district No. ( ! , and embraces
the states of Nebraska , Iowa , Minnesota
seta , Illinois , Wisconsin and Michigan.
The order now has a reserve fund of
$100,00(1 ( , and as the institution is purely
benevolent it certainly is commendable.
President Tanslng and Secretary Ham-
burgher , of Chicago , instituted the
lodge. They leave for homo to-day.
The following notaries pnblie wore
commissioned to-day by the governor :
Charles L ) . Francis. Neligh , Antelope
county ; Ohio Knox , Sidney , Cheyenne
county ; Charles E , Walters , Omaha ,
Douglas county ; Samuel L. Christensen ,
Clmrlson , Dawos county ; Luther M.
MahillMax , Dundy county ; W. S. Nor
wood , May wood , Frontier county ; Alco
Vandortood , Holland , Lancaster county ;
C. W. Kaley , Rod Cloud , Webster
fiovernor Thayer returned homo from
O'Neill yesterday evening but loft again
to-day for Hastings , whore he continues
the work of the campaign.
The Catholic fair at Bohanan's hall
closed to-night. It has been a marked
success from the beginning , in both a
social and linancial way.
Mrs. John S. Finch returned homo lo-
day from Tccumsoh , whore she has boon
visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Finch
will reside at 810 North Fourteenth
street. They will bo ready to receive
their friends after this week.
Judge Houston was kept busy this
forenoon lining vagrants mid plain
drunks. There was one case of assault
and battery but there was nothin in it.
The city hostile bids fair to bo a resort
during the long months of the winter.
The city is full of loafoTO and vagrants.
The new Christian church will soon
furnish shelter for its workmen. Build
ers are now engaged in roofing it. The
mason work is well nigh done. When
finished it will be one of the neatest and
cosiest churches in the Capital city.
The architectural design is certainly
Although stormy , the republican rally
here to-night was a grand success. The
Metropolitan rink was well filled , and
the enthusiasm boundless. No liner
crowd over greeted a speaker in the
city of Lincoln. The Irish-American
club did itself proud. During the next
two weeks the campaign will bo prose
cuted in Lancaster county with tireless
vigor. _
To the young face Po/zoni's Complex
ion Powder gives fresher charms , to the
old renewed youth. Try it.
A Hotel Blade Iiist.
"Front ! show this gentleman to room
' 100. Go with the young man , please. "
That is what the clerk at a popular
down-town hotel said to a timid , pale-
faced stranger who had applied for ac
commodation , says Iho Now York Mail
and Express.
"One minulo , boy , " ejaculated the
truest. "I wish to understand matters
fully , " and ho hauled from an inner
pccKOt a long , black book which lie
openeftl with great precision. After
scanning a few of its leaves , ho said :
"No , sir ; not mo. You can't get me
into that room. I'm paying for the
privilege , Mr. Clerk. Want's the mat
ter ? Well , that room is marked , put on
this black-list hero. ScoV What docs
it moan ? I'll tell you in a very few
words. I may not bo ns practical as
some of you New Yorkers , but up my
way I am considered a practical busi
ness man. I am a great lover of the
newspapers and us my business require- ,
a great deal of travel I make a point of
noting all the hotel suicides. The pa
pers usually publish the number of Ihe
room in which a suicide or murder oc
curs. Well , I keep track of those par
ticulars and enter them in this book. I
find that room IU ( > , to which you now
wish to send me , was the scene of a sui
cide last fall. I possess a little nerve ,
but not sufticiont to occupy a room that
is marked. If you have no oilier I'll
try some other hotel. All right , sir.
Good day. "
As the practical business man started
out the clerk muttered something about
cranks and the newspapers.
Advlco lo Mothers.
Mrs Wniblow's ' Soothing Svrnp should al
ways bo used for children teething It soothes
the child , softens the gums , allays all piiin ,
cures wind colic , and Is the best remedy for
dinrrticua. 'J5e a bottle.
"James , " said the grocer to his now
boy , "you want to push them codfish ;
we're overstocked on 'em. Soil 'em at
! ! 0 cents , and if they doh't go I'll put 'em
on the bargain counter no\t week. "
"You'll llnd them codfish very nice ,
ma'am , " said James a little later to an
old lady customer ; "they're dirt cheap
at 110 cents , an' it's the Instchanco you'll
have to buy 'em at that price.1'1 "Is
your codfish going up ? " "No , ma'am ;
they're gain on the bargain counter
nox' week for what wo kin gltfcr 'em. "
The Epoch.
To err is human , but you make no
mistake if you use Dr..Tones'Hcd Clover
Tonic for dyspepsia , costSvencss , bad
breath , pilespimples , ague and malaria ,
poor appetite , low spirits , or diseases of
the kidneys , stomach and liver. GO
cents. Goodman Drug company.
Minister ( to grocer's boy ) "Little
boy , by thrift and economy you muy
some day bo able to embark in business
for yourself and you must never forgot
that honesty Is the best policy. " Gro
cer's boy ( dubiously ) ' ! don't know
'bout that , sir. I hoard the boss say
that ho made $10,000 lust year. "
Win. Black , Ahingdon , Iowa , was
cured of cancer of the eye by Dr. Jones'
Hod Clover Tonic , which cures all blood
disorders and diseases of the stomach ,
liver and kidneys. The host tonic and
appetizer known. 60 cents , Goodman
Drug company ,
Countryman ( to Sixth avenue grocer )
"Gimme 'bloutfour o'
fingers red-eye ,
mister , with a little sugar in It. " Grocer
"We don't boll whisky , friend. "
"Wha-ntl Why , down to the corners
the grocery store soils moro UcKer nor
anylhin * else. Now York seems to bo a
slow kind of a town. " Texnb Sittings.
Jarrls' 7 will cure your cold.
of Iho Human llody.
Publisher's Auxiliary : The skin con
tains more than two million openings ,
which are Iho outlets of an oamtl num
ber of sweat glandH. The human skele
ton consists of more than two humlrod
distinct bones. An amount of blood
equal to the whole quantity in the body
passes through the whole heart once
every minute , The full capacily of Ihe
lungs is about three hundred and twenty
cubic inches. About two-thirds of a
pint of air is inhaled and exhaled at
each hrcath in ordinary respiration.
The stomach daily produces nine pounds
of gastric juice for digestion of food ; its
capacity is about five pints. There are
more than five hundred separate mus
cles in the body , with an equal number
of nerves and blood vessels. The weight
of the heart is from eight to twelve
ounces. It boats 100,000 in twenty-
four hours. Each perspiratory duct is
one-fourth of an inch in length , of the
whole about nine miles. The average
man takes tivo and ont'-hnlf pounds of
food and drink each day , which amounts
lo one Ion of solid and liquid nourish
ment annually. A man breathes eigh
teen times a inimite , and It.OOt ) cubic
feet , or about throe hundred and seven
ty-live hogsheads of air every hour of
his existence.
"Alas ! Alas ! " the dude exclaims , "in uiv
slender iiuklo 1'vo cot pains. " "Don't fret , "
said inti , fur whom lie hud sent , "I have some
Salvation Oil. "
" time " said the doctor to the
"My is up , pa
tient , whom Mo found usintf Dr. Hull's COIIK'I '
Syrup , and ho was correct , for his cough had
been cured.
HCustoiner ( to grocer ) "I want to get
a pound of old ctioose. " Grocer "All
.right. I'll Bond it iirouiul in llvo inin-
"utcs. " Cubtotnor "All right , and lot
it bring u couple of crackers with it. "
Now York Sun.
All doctors recommend Jarvis' Brandy.
Grocer "Well , sonny , what can I defer
for you ? " Sonny "Mo muddor sent
mo Intel : wid the butter and wine. She
sod she ordered now butter and old
wine , an' she thinks you've got the
wintagub mixed up. " Now York Sun.
Ami ull nature assumes a winter ? ns
pect , thoM ) wlui tire prudent and econ-
cmilcal will ijexlii to look ubout for protection
tection DKalnM cold eathi > r , clituuici
of temperature , utul their results , Winter -
tor clothlMH' , foci imil li\m ! : > VK l'i. xs-
THE Tlltaie rccof'nUud ni tbe most Impor
tant hou < ohola ncce3Htic | TlilspUstcr
lias focurod n prriuanont place In over/
IFAVES wc" rpl"1'Ht ' < * > l liousclinlil , us the most
L.Unf Uu
Tiilunblo oilbnml reniolr known for
Couulis , Coldi. Clui.t I'nlus , llitckncbe ,
IllioumutlJiu. Scliitlco. I.umbano ami nil
DCnlU FIP | * and paint peculiar to this geuinn
DLUIn nl tlit ) yriir. Uwlni ! toll * urout popular
ity llENHiiN-d Ima been liiruelr
liullatud. hcnrn buyers ( bould alwar
m PIII H k for IIENbDS'.sand refiuo all others ,
III rail " " " nl llns worthless proilucK.
IU I HLU | ( fSeiul twricFiit > tunii | IciM'ubnr r A
, ree , , ur n
copy of INSTJircriON * mini Tilt Doc-
Tun , n TalU3hicuouiuhuia book.
Off ! Mr HEAD.
The pilu from Neuralgia and iU
ciinijuiiloii disease nhi'umatUm M
excruciating. TliouMtnl.i who could
be quickly curt'd ure needlessly suf.
ferinij , Ath-lo-jilto-ros Mill do fur
others what it did for the following
parties :
Wnil m port.Ind , Oct. 8,1W7.
lUtinc lx a otlhoUwl with neuruaU fur
ueput ( nar JfiAri , mil trjln Jmi ieTeri.
ttaliu. but In Tiio. I ttntllj burd of Atbl -
pbnr. * Alter tikina nee U > UI > I fiiand It
to Ix helping me , ml iftor taking four tot *
tlaa o ( Athlophorufl tnd one ol PiHi , I found
tint I wu entinlj well. 1 think the moJJ.
cue u puaitlTOl/ lure cure
Mt Ouiiel. 111. . Dec. M. l fl.
I n e need AthlophonM in taj funiljr ind
End It to to the grutMt medJclna fornea.
rilKl * In etliUnoa. and bannc bid IU Uugl
I * t ne < l upon me fortbeput 30 rural know
bereof I tpoak. llu. Jcut OttHTOK.
-E nd OceuU for ( he U-antlful colored pic.
ture " " 7
, "Moorhh Maiden.
' ' " "
1 < S > Fulton Street , New Yortfc ,
Pntcl U [ > Capital . $400,000
Surplus . 50,000
II. W. YATKS , President.
LEWIS S. HKKII , Vice President.
A. U. TOU/.AMN , 2iul Vice President.
W. H. 8. Hi/onus , Cashier.
II. W. \ ATE- ) . I.KWH 8. llEEO ,
Corner 13th and Faruani Sin.
A General Hanking liunlneas Transacted.
The Kansas City Investment Co ,
30 Cliuiubcr of Commerce ,
AH business dona at thUolUco.
Hon. 3O3-4O4-I7O-6O4.
Surgeon and Physician ,
Office N. W Corner 14th anil rtouglM St. Offlot.
, taj ;
SElectro-Magnetic Belts ! |
5 fR-T ifs = t
The Grandest Triumph of Eleclrlc Science ScN
lOcnflemcn'snclt -tost SdentiDe ' " "HcallyMade and Practically Applied.
With Klertrie "
PZ IL CUM IhoIUrk , lllpK , Hrail I.lmb. ,
or Nrrr-
- -
J > ralr.U.iv-rB7 l.r8 . ? , % l " 0. erKfdUnV mbotto , Ueiieral Itebllllr. IlheumatUin
M A 'E.-JKS'L- ' ' : . ! " * " * : . * . ) KJhlTaVtu ,
; iM .r f , L3l ! rl' ' .t W kn"i , In-
wi.i ' * ' . ? JU" wlmt you nrrd. hlectrMlu limtantlu trill c n l , o
I and cures IIJrcanwo r"l l trinc. the blood UHJETKI Al I
le Tlpat njrht. " ' Hobt. > otliiT remedy
trei-tffow VorV
. Home' . _ _ : lTplYcurodTnC(7clayirETTJi . niUchflU g rfnoBwrs rticTBo-Mio.
| Tracomblnod. Uuarantcrdthol fcJjriC ' * " DILT ' pOKltlrrly "UrtiTllT :
In ? i'tI"'a ' l' "
only ono the worWRencratlnttl
acontlnnoa * KtecIHa c * Magnttw \ Ift ! u > 1" nd eibao.tlnjr
_ _ 1romfo,7bTofVbc-le ? flc'-Power- '
. a riEHSSS B
* hulr al bou > InLtilc
I runcisco and Chicago.
IDR.W. J. HORNE , Inventor.
Real Estate ,
Chicago , MilwaukeB & St , Paul R'y ' ,
The Best Route from Omaha and Council
Bluffs to
- = = 5THE EAST
CWcasoAND - Milwaukee ,
St. Paul , MInut > apollB , Cedar Rapids.
Rock Island , Frceport , Rockford ,
Clinton , Dubuquc , Datenport ,
Elgin , Mndison , JanesTllle.
Belolt , Tflnona , Ln Crosse ,
Antl ll otb r Importtnt polnti Eit , Northeut Md
For throach ticket * eall on th * ticket * in
RoS itr"Ml1 Urt" " 'o ' Un
ana tbo flne t ninln Car In th
. .IIi la lln of th ChlcM" , Mir
St. Paul UatlwKr , attent/on /
awKr nd BT ry atenton I *
Sompanr ng * " c ° 1'rl oui " ioyei ol Ui
ILVltLKn Q.n ral Moag r.
V 'CKBa ' > il t ul Ueocral llaacr ,
" ner I I'lTU iw ao4
J.T. ClIiUK. Ueoenl Bupertnt iieal.
. , iyi > e rbprnBl..Chlcagoi advice freei 31 years
ipeneucsi builupi * quuujr uuU Ugallr tuuiicloJ
. , , .
hfcnMnSc'.1inlr2lorl.lll'"l ' ' > ira lrt | > .lrra | iooli ouf
r1S.Btnl"hlln''l' ' ' > n < lllloii ofmip , | y or do'
' ' ' ' " ' " ! ; r'"kl ' " " " "siiKCr from llrS ,
' bl"w'"l ' "nil uniukliiii burner * !
efluent break Huoicottlj globe * .
or the . tborrlir
n " < > n nd obviating
- " 1,1 ; !
01 > r"orato
_ _ Itt Uruadway , Nenf Yur
Timber Claims ,
vTlfn.S-'e'llJln ! ( ' < 1CC(1Iln . , . > 3 for Tlrabor ClalniH
i nnian ' Kr"lUl * Ornamental K "oft
Sentrfor'prlco Ust-I'liKIil Artdroxi
l > . S. I.AIti : , I'rop. ,
Shonancloah. Iowa.
Room 03 Trader1 Ilulldlng ,