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: 2 _ . . . , . . . _ 'NTB OMAHA .DAII4 B : rflJSDAy.OOTOBER23.1888. _ _ . _ _ _
A Fatal Collielon on tim Burlington
, Road at Axtoll.
% S'IiIIe iiot1ier i TCrrItIy SCflIIC(1 Hy
14UZtIflg Stenii * nnd Cannot ReCover -
Cover - JttIsIng IteIutIlcan
. : 1taIIIo-Otlier Statu Nev.
A Rear EflL C,1IIqIoti.
. 1ATINO , Ncb. , Oct. . 2.-SpccIa1 [ Tele.
rut to 'I'IIIflEE.J-By : a roar end collision
at Axtell at tiiItlnglit Sunday two men were
. iisLuiitI.s killed and a third so badly ca1dcd
that ito hopes are entertained of his recovery.
Axtell t a small btco on the Burlington
. about thirty miles west of here. Tim flrst of
tvO sccttoris of a stock train had stopel
theri whu1 the engine took voter , vlLczI the
engine of thin scconl ectIozi crahiud Into It.
The way car was sna5hiet1 into kindling wood ,
Osorge A. l'rttchiard , of Denver , and 1toh ,
ert Been , of White River , Cola. , two stock
men who score vidiiig In the ear , were hi.
: htautly killed ,
. Thu engine which did the ( lamago was
. wrecked and the fireman , S. S. Green , of
Ashland. being unable to oscae , svai hitcr
: ally boiled alive by the eeiuing % steini.
When rescued he was in atui'rlble condition
anti suffering untold agony.
. 'Flie cligineer jutnpeil frotit the cab list be.
fore the collision took 1)13cc and escaped un-
The track was torn up for a considerable
distatn'o and trains were cowpehlod to go
rotind by 'ay of ited Cloud.
. JtflpilIlICftfl Rally.
CiuAn RAII1)s , Nub , , Oct. 3.-Special ( to
Tnr 1ici,1-Tlic banner political meeting
, held in the county titus far was the repubhi.
. can rahi.s' at this ll.ICO hfl.St Saturda' evening.
'fliespeakers for the occasion were lion. P.
M. Cooke , an attorney froui Lincolti , and
Hon. C'orgc D. Meikiejohin ,
1".tIRMor , Nob. , Oct. 2.-FSpccIal to Tim
- . flr.n,1'l'ho republicans hind a monster rally
at this liluco yesterday ovening. A delega.
; tion of 2iO from Exeter , includingttte Ladies'
; llarrhiou tiiiil Morton club of seventy-live
: menibi'rs , cnmo by sliecial traimi and hiartici-
r pated in the liitrumle. Large numbers from
. other adjacent towns were also present ,
Ifon , 1 , W. Lansing , of Lincoln , itnd other
. slakers delivered addresses ,
; \Vnr.i'ING W.rmn : , Nub , , Oct. i2.-Special
, 'I'tmn l3mm.--'J'he
Teiegriiin to ] - - republicans
hilI II rousing local meeting hove to-night.
. Chao's opera house was tIlled . lion. 0.
¶ J'offt of Avoca , M. 1) . I'olk of l'iiittsmouth ,
. and Ir , Butler , Captain flairdE. H.'ooio.v
- and ii. A. ( ilbion of this city delivered
. strong addresses.
GUAND Ist.tNI ) , Nob. , Oct. 2Specinl
, , Telegraun to 'l'mmr l3m'r.-Barteribachi ] s opera
house was packeil at S o'etolc to listen to
Covernor Thayer anu other speakers. 'rime
' governor made a very forcible speech and
was listened to with rapt attention for over
c IWO hours. lie was frequently interrupted
with applause. lie scored John A. McShano
c for his cowardly silence and declared that if
. be would not meet him and discuss the ques-
; % ions of the day in the presence of their con-
mtltucnts that ho would not remain silent.
lie was followed by W. 1' . Coolbaugh , of this
4 city , who made the wittiest mind one of the
most ologuent anti brilliant speeches dcliv-
, . cred hero durini the campaign.
. - S'iiiiyiicii , Nob. , Oct. 22-Special [ Pole-
, ramto rii Iiar.-An ] enthusiastic repub-
L- hIaii mass meeting was hold in the opera
. - bouso to-night. It was cstimate1 that 2OO ( )
- 1)COplt3 % 'ero l)5CIit. ) A. E. Cody , of St.
; Paul , delivered one of the most brilliant
and eloquent campaign speeches over
listened to hero. lie was followed by lion.
: : C. F. Mantlerson. When ho stepped
r forward the audience rose and
cheered wildly for sonic time. He
pOkt3 for more thmati an hour anti
contlimed himself mainly to a tliscussion of
. . the tariff question. The veterans of 1840
occupied a lr minent Ilosition on the stage.
A'determined effort is being made by the
. reptiblicans to carry Colfax county at the
'p comingelection.
' _ _ _ _ _
, . , Wanted atslnimx City.
F"RCMONT , Ncb. , Oct. 22.-Spccial [ to Tui
BEE.-ThO ] deputy sitci-iff of Veodbury
county , Iowa , arrived in L"romonv last oven-
lug in search of Jarties lirinkiecom , vlio svas
$ , wanted at Sioux City for stealing a team of
bot-sei iast AUgUSt , his partner In the crime
being caught at that place a few days ago
t and Pitt the ofticers on his trail. The deputy
& . in company 'with Sheriff Mailon , nstitut0d
: search for the iiian. They fountl him in beti
9t 1 o'clock last night , in a boarding house in
F this city. lie vtis hauled out and placed
- under arrest and this morning he was taken
back to Sioux City to answer for his crime.
- Ilurgiars In a Hotel.
, . BCA'rmuCn , Nob. , Ott. 22.-Spocial [ Teic.
grain to Tiii lir.r.-Tho ] Gm-and Central
; liotol was robbed Saturday night of clothing
t' anti a valise , bolongiiig to I. Ii. Ilildebrand ,
. Johit 11. Bovard and F. C. Courtney. Two
E men , tianiod John Collins and John Power ,
were arrested and searched , and a receipt
: for time goods , signed by Dan Wilson , a see-
: nd hand store luau , found on them. Wil.
p , eon's store was searched and the goods ro-
covered. The thieves and Wilson and his
F- on were all arrested to-day , and the thieves
' . boutul over to the district court , Wilson's
rase being continued.
t Preparing Io- the Reunion.
. Sui'inion ; , Nob. , Oct. 2.-Specisl [ Talc-
gtam to Tici : U.1-Uroat itreparatlons at-c
I. being made for the fair and 0. A. H. reunion
r- , commiteneing hero to-morrow. Flas are fly.
lag lit au larts of the town anti the buiidiilg5
. on all time business streets arc handsomely
! - atiti appropriately decorated for time occasion.
Ever thing has been made lit readiness to
' royaliy entertain the large crowd that Is ox-
. Peeled to tucet around the camp fires with
? Httperior's old soldiers and for a few days
live over again the tunes when they wore on
the tenteti held in dofen'te of the old flag and
; the nation's life and prosperity.
A Luihoran Chili-eli Jcihlontod.
FItEMo-r , Neb , , Oct. 22.-Special [ to Tii
BEL-Tbo ] Gerutan Lutheran society In the
neighborhood of the vostofhico of Fontenelle.
t Zn the western part of Washington county ,
- dedicated a fine new church yesterday.
F otv1thistnttdIng the rain anti muti the
nttcndatico was large and the exercises most
. Interesting. The niot-ning dedicatory mier-
. vices were conducted by Roy , luhiman , of
Itocit , Nob. in the afternoon it umissionary
meeting was held anti wa' ttddicssed by a
half dozen visitimig i-iergymeii , Pita church
* . edifice is a handsome one for a country corn-
inummity. It was built of brick itud cost
It was dedicated entirely ft-co trout debt ,
I. Funeral of Beii.Innilu I'ahmnerton.
Biariucz , Neb , Oct. 2.-Speeial Tale-
' . grant to Tao BEE.-1Jonan1ia ] l'aiuicrton ,
, the in-eminent Odd Follow who died suil.
donly while attending the grand lodge at
f- Omaha last week was buried to-day. Tue
' funeral was largely attended antI conducted
t by the I. O 0. F. Vrotninent members of
. the Lincoln order were hrescnt. lb vats an
[ r old mimic ! esteemed citizen of Beatrice , and had
considerable proPertY. lie leaves a wife and
four married children.
hog Cholera in Otoe County ,
, NumustcA Ci'rr , Nob. , Oct 22.-tspcciat
Telegram to Pus lia-lIog ] cholera in an
epidemic form has broken out soath of the
city and hundreds of swine are succumbing
to the dreaded disoao. One farmer nameti
Davis , who last week lost three head of
' horses from ginnders1 reuorts his herd of
zoyorai hundred hogs dying 1roa cholera.
omInntit For 8.inator.
Sawamin , Nob. , Oct,2.-Siioeial [ Telegram
, 'to Tuim [ 3c-Tho ] senatorisl convention of
- . Seward and Butler counties 'Jnanhmnouly
- * tomniiiatcd Richard S. Norval , of Seward. A
) iarrnonious and enthusiastlo crowd was au-
. dressed by Lauibertsozi , Lesa , Pi'cson ,
lIturiuOtt and others.
m.rS In iii ; AouoaI *
ArtwTa , Ga , , Oct. 22.-At a iucetIu of
J. M. W'tt-
, this county cozumisslonors to-day ,
on , ceunty and statetax coI1ettor. va4 sus-
nde& flu is shorttu his ceouats 0UtiO. ,
, . , . , . . , . . . . ;
; . . A ' i : . : .
. - .
Some Inside Faotilteg rtiltig t iio'Liit-
wooti Catitiis Gttng
LiNwooli , Neb , , Oct. . 3-To the Editor of
'rim lJE. : Undet- date of October 0 Tmii
1ii published a report from "EyeVitncss"
of the Linwood caucus , showing up time manner -
nor in which the railroad agent at this Place
figured in that body. Under date of October
13 'riii 11cm : also itubhished for the railroad
agent and liLs aide do camp an article setting
UI ) the absolute falsity of lye Witness' first
report. Now , Mr. Editor , I hope we may be
allowed a little more space t set at rest this
wide spread denial. This matter of packing
caucuses in Nebraska is no new departure ,
What is the matter at this time with our
raliroad commissionersi We are told that
we have suflieicnt laws on our statutu books
to regulate railroad transportation and ofilccr3
whose duty it is to sea that they arc cxc-
cuted.'Ill' cttt ; we not get theta to ucti It
lies right here : Titeso creatures were taut-
pored with , vera selected for those
responsible ; ositioiis throtighi dolegrutos
chosen too often In thu mnamimmer referred
to above. We think too much ventilation
caitilot be given to this class of imianeuvor-
big , It is a matter of county , state and tnt-
tional interest , In this article of denial it is
alleged that this agent had nothing to do
with the iiitiiiiultttLttg ) of the eaucus that ho
slmnily voted his sentinients , as did all the
rest of the railroad boys. Phi' is the santo
old tlodge Let us iok for a moment. Was
hot the full foi-ctt out from the round house ,
cotil house , Including both day amid night
operators , anti night ittan at the round house
who certainly haitI to desert their ; iosts
iltity to ntt.onii mit such a tttnel Is it at nil
feasible to ircsuuio that this ehl&'f hail tioth-
lug to do with itt \Vould this dty operator
anti ca1 heaver , who itt-c both rabiti tienmo-
crnts , have gone into a repubhlc-utt caucus
anti cotntn-onmisctl theirhonor na they did in
tiLls itmatter without thu wishes of their
elmiuf I 'ntis letter of denial further takes
exceptions to having semite of the fellows
wheat Ibid stood in with , called "of a like
stripc , amid imiontioris F' . C. Bond , JV ,
ilojiti , justices of the licace , A. Clark Hoc.
ords and others. Look for it moment.
\Vcre not these two usticcs bothu elected on
the democratic ticket last falli Do not
those same namued republicans appear
nit ii petition to remove P. M.
Uichardson , a crippled soldier , for being
flu offensive Partisan and for the appoint-
mnent of one , P. W. Wilson , because lie was
a democrati Did not this same \Vilson secure -
cure the appointment of supervisor for A.
Clark Records to i-eyard him for his perfidy
lit the previous postolhlco contesti Did not
this salon man liciti know that he was yok-
big himself lij ) with this outfit to the prolu-
( lice of mioaily every shipper anti business
anuim in town I This A. Cinric Records is a
renegade , thEm-ti-rate , one-horse politician
from Dodge county. Thu character of this
geutlemntun has been svell knowit hero for
sonic titan timid it scents mu little strange that
Agent iteiti ltotiItl harness himself up with
such a political carbuncle for the lUV1)050 of
getting into the county convention n a dole-
gate. Was It not a little strange also that
s'ltemi a ietitlnmt was circulated by A. 0.
Records , Mr. itoid's running mate to semiti
to the ratlrouti company exhonoraimmg bid
for his tart iii the caucus , that it contained
mloitc of the busimiess inca of thic place , that
one would be proud of in mu matter of thIs
kind-with possibly one cxecptioiul
Era W'IrNsb.
IleisStruck By a Union Pacific En-
lno in Wyoming.
CI1EY5Na' , Wyo. , Oct. 22.-ISpocial Tote.
gram to Tiiz Iisa.1-John McCann , a bridge
carpenter employed on the Union l'acmflc ,
was killed mit Unford station cthis morning.
McCann s-ithi four others was going up the
gentle on a hand car and was in a deep cut
whuti the amen saw an eastbound fm-oight
coining towards thom They onticavorod to
get the caret ? the track but wore unsuccess-
ful. Alt of the men escaped injury except
McCann , who was struck by the engine and
injured so badly that ho died in a short time.
Dcceawct was sixty years of ago and leaves a
vi'ife and fmuntlly Ilvin at Oaiaha ,
Stoamahip Arria14.
At Copenhagen-The Slavonia , from New
At Antwerp-The licrrrnann , from New
At Now York-The State of Coorgia and
the Anchoria , from Glasgow.
At Glasgow-Time State of Indiana , from
New \'ork
At .Dover-Tlie Helvetia , from New York.
At Qucenstown-Thu liritish ICing , from
New York.
At Hmuvre-La Normande , fromiNaw York.
At botterdam-Tho Leortlam , from t4esv
At Philadelphia-The British I'rince , front
Enjoined the Baari otTrmide.
CiticAtlO , Oct 22-Judgo Shiepard this
morning granted a temporary Injunction restraining -
straining the board of trade from disci-
phimmitig or interfering with George A. Hutch-
lson , J. J. VnnNostrand , M 13. Cralts
and ii. C. Gray , mnembet-s of the board , for
trading on the open board after the regular
trading ltoums fixed by the board of trade.
They claimed that , as members of beta
boauds , they have a right to trade
during the regular trading hours
of both organizations , and that the recent
order of the regular board forbidding trading -
ing before 9:30 : a. mu. amid after 1:13 : p. am. , is
causing thent serious loss in business. The
hours Qf the open board arc from 9 a. m. tea
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Aim ItaIIni's Ct-line.
ll.tzr.r.To , Pa. , Oct. 22.-Agan Starclhlo
anti wife arrived from Italy last Thursday
night , aecompammieti by m.ovei-al couutm3'men ,
atitoimg whom was r.ouis Rosso. Several clays
ago Stareille received a letter ft-omit Italy
which told mm strange story of his vifc. lie
va'i greatly Incensed thereby. Last evening
he began kicking and beating her In a tern-
bItt manner. Antonio Lonmtuu _ Starciillt'3
boarding boss , anti hiosso interfered. 'l'hiey
seized hint and Stareillo drew mu ievolscuand
shot Hosso dead. Sturcillo was arrested anti
is now in itt'isoii.
Ilrltisim-.tnierican ssoc1at1on.
Ciimc.uoo , Oct. 22.-The first national con-
ventiohi of the ilritlsh.Amcrican association
of the United States met this afternoon at
the Grand I'aclilo hotel. The object is to
form a natIonal association. Delegates are
presemit fromn New Yo.ik , Connecticut , Rhode
Island , New hampshire , Pennsylyamiia , Jill-
nob' Michigan , Iowa and California. The
sessions are to continue three days. Coma.
mittees on credentials and hiermanent organ-
izatlon were appointed. They will report at
tIme mimoeting to-morrow , when tlto next , busi-
hess wilt ln'obably be the appointment of a
comiimmiitteo to prepare a constitution for the
pt-oposed national organization.
Into ruin to see falling
Teeth once soumutt is quite appalling ;
'l'iioIt decay at once Is seen
When you 01)0 your lips , between ,
Usoto whiten teeth that darken
1-'naCraut SO'/.ODONT-just hmarken I
his ltrntt Was Too SoFt.
New Yomuit , Oct. 2.-Speelal [ Telegram to
Tiut Ligc.J-Satnuol W. Rose , a colonial
mtigkt wutehmmuan mit the Star building , at
hiroadway antI Pant Ithaco , whIte clcanin
the wimiulows of the oflices ott the sccon
floor at 10 o'cloclc yostcrtiay morning , foil to
the sidewalk , a distance of fifteen feet , and
stri& % . Oil lmt heath. lie died two hours later
at Ijinunbers Street hospital without regain.
lag eonseiottsmioss , Rose was unutaurietl.
IIEI ) ,
McCANN-At Cheyenne , October 2 , John
McCann , agetl ility yearm.
Funeral notices hereafter. Family rest-
deuce 1517 South Sltecntim street ,
Children cry for Pitcher's ' Castorla.
Wheit lt&by wu pick , e gae bet Catom1s.
When she -i-u a Child , bo niad for Caatonl * ,
Wb.mi sh4bee&me she clung to Ctdoi-ia ,
iY4 I AeLA4 Ct4tUrc u , she gav them Qstorti.
- ' :
, - 1
- - -
Ob5eciiiio of JoiutJ , Mtmrphy amiml
. Otliers. ,
The funeral of John J. Murphy took tilneg
yestem-day front his late resltlrntoo 1811
California tret. The remains were brtto
to time Church of the holy Family , where it
solemn retlulomn mAss was eluinted , , Very
Rev , It. A. ShmniTcI , S. J. , acting its celebrant ;
11ev. F' . Koopumans , S. .1. , as uleacomi and a
clergynman front Chicpgo , muctimig as sub clan-
con. Time pIllars of the altar vcre drap d.
vith mourning and a large serge veil was extended -
tended front side to stile across the top of
the beautiful niches. This decoration was
in recognition of ttmo esteem in
which the tiecemiseti was hold
by the pastor of time church ,
the devotion as one of Its earliest members
he displayed toward the parish and. the cx.
tumilplo ito haul lteen to other mmtemnbem-s of the
association Iii his noble and edIfying life. The
Ititisic was the Gregorian chant amid was reim-
doreti by the choir of St. .iolmn's church ,
Mrs. F. C. MeSlmane sang "itest , Spirit ,
Rest , " as the remnaimis were beimig slowly
bormie from the church. The emisicOt was a
lnumdsomne one , in black cloth , with drapings ,
tito lid bonrimig a sliver lilate ott winch wore
Inscribed time name. and ditto of birth
ned Ccatim of the deceased. A number
of floral trluutes rested upon time lid , mind
uu'cro afterwards b3rno to time grave. ReV.
H. . A. ShalTel , S. J. , doll'et-eLl aim eloquent
dmscoursc on death which ho closed with a
fcrvitl eudgy ! of time deceased. i'lmo remitaimus
vcre Interred in Holy Scphtilchre , the pall
bearers being Cltat-le F' . 'ragart , Ti. Itml3'or ,
.1 , B. F'miray , Ambrose Lee , Jerumlah Whalen ,
J.v. . Paul , 'l'ltomnas 'l'miliotm ammul JV. . Greg-
or.s' . Mr. Murphy was otto of time ottlest emit-
ploycs of the Union I'aclllc company , having
vorkoti for it muimmmost from boyhood , A dole.
gation of wom-knien from thu shops attended
the obsctiuies Anmong the large number of
1)001)10 ) at time fummet-al was Colonel O'Reefo ' ,
of Cmestoim , a bm-othom--ln.hiw ol' thO deceased.
Jo0 Neuner , for somnotime , sexton 1mm Laurel
lull cenmetery , vimo due , ! lit St. Tosepit's itos-
pthl , was burled yesterday in that contotery
by United Orderof Tremi Hudd.oI which ho
was a rnemnlicr. 'J'iie fumterat services were hold
1mm St. Mary agdaies churdi the mnemnbors
of the order memitioned being iii attendance
with a banti mind sveauimtgappropriato regalia.
Mrs. M. Nicholson , wife of one of the old
settlers on this city. died itt. 422 North
Eloventit street. ' [ 'Ito funeral will take
jilaco to-day at ( I o'clock from St. Pitmlo-
momma's cathedm'al ,
CItUS1IEI ) liiA LutNt ) SLIIE.
A Terrible Accklemtt on . .an Italian
HoMa , Oct. 2l.-A dispatch froumi Potena
says that titere svem-o 100 pasengcrs on time
train witich was crushed by aland slide a
few days ago. One hmumidred and fifty dead
anti woutnded have been iulentilted. Many of
time victims are umticxiown. Scores of bodies
commtintme to be unearthed. Soldiers are
working hard at the wreak. flio syork is
itfllCtlCd by tim cold and simow. An entire
theatrical company was killed. Several
headless suit armless corjsmts have
beemi found in a neighforiug
river. A mimothor vtmo had been
drivemi mmmd by time catastrophe no-
fused to release fromn her embrace
her two dead children. A young priest was
buried for two hours , and uvitcmz extricated it
vas found that his hair had tut-ned white.
An entire fatally , cotisisting of six liersous ,
was killed. Two earemages. in which were a
comnpauny of carablneorssustalneti no datnago ,
and the carubimicers verc able to assistl Lit cx.
tracatmug time victims. All of the ofticials attached -
tached to the train wore killed , It is estimated -
mated that 200,0th ) cubic metros of earth fell
upomi tlmo line. Many of the pasengors who
escaped with their lives left the scene imnte
diately after ttm accideimt , abut it is therefore
imimpossiblo us yet to tell time exact number
Grover Cluvelanti's [ tuck.
tCopurftht ZS b Jtirn'S Gordon 116m1zef.1 ,
Nas-tAItmaT , Oct. 29.-Ncv York Herald
Cable-Special to Timuzllnr.J-Somne Anion-
cans at the Iloumglmton race meetlmmghcre today -
day have found an omen for l'rcsldent Clove-
laud's friends in the good luck of Grover
Clovelmund , the owner of time brown fihloy ,
Stockton , a four-year-old by Skylark
Cestus , vlnmiimmg the flying stakes handi ap
and beating Lord Durhtamn's Brooklyn ,
LOrd Dudley's Renal Ia amid Duchesso Mont-
rosa's Wimito Jacket. With five others
Grover Cleveland's imorso was in time betting
eight to one agmmimist , whlie St , Symphortea
was a favorite ttnd a bad third , l3rooklymu
a second. Grover Clovelmtnd is also the
owiter of the crack horse Governor Wailer ,
named after the popular consul geacraL
Mimrdcrect by a Boy ,
Rmm'x.r.r , MIami. , Oct 22.--Thn murder of a
Geimmman minuted Ziegler. who lived about
three miles from here , has Just conic to light.
October 2 , Frank Reynolds , a sixteen-year-
old boy , who , it seems , bad a grudge against
Zeigler , accompanlod by his cOusimiproeeeded
tothe house of the German with the avowed
purpose of kIlling him. They saw him on
time river lit a boat , and on pretense ot wamtt-
lug hun , called him ashore.Vhenvithimt a
few feet of time batik. Reynolds llrud , killing
Zeigler immstantly. 'rite authorities are now
searching for Reynolds.
An Income Tax.
PAnts , Oct. 22.-Tho chamber of dopu'tiea
Itas eonlhm-rnod the election of General l3ou-
langer in the Department of.Souim&
The cabinet huts approved the scheme of
M. Poytral , minister of-llnai4ieto impose a
tax of 1 per cent upon incomes tnda tax of
one-half of I per cent on labem-.retnrxis7 Incomes -
comes ofless thmamm 2OCO , francs are to be ox-
cmapt from taxation amid ineemnes o ! . from
2,000 to : l,000 francs nrc to ho allowed certain
mitigation. Resident foreigners are tO be
linllo for the whole of thdlr incomes , anti
temnlrntary residents for mu lrnrtlon of their
incomes suient 01' collected in Framice , 1ho
press generally opposes tlmt ) scheino.
Tnmtmtsferrlng Troops.
VioNA , Oct. J.-Thmo Fi-emdomtiIatt
states that it lmas been reliably informed
that Russia has commipleteti preparations for
the transfer of mu largo miumber of troops
from the Interior of Ilussia towantf ho Aus-
trulian and ( ; ermamt frontiers , and that the
transfer will shortly be muiude.
Ammotlier Election Necessary.
I3iuusamm.s , Oct. 22.-Atm election took
imlaco in this city to-day to filL the vaTcancy in
the chmimnbcr of deputies caused by the deatlm
of a Catholic member of the chamber. M.
Graux , liberal , received 5,531 votes , against
5,103 cast for hIs opponemit M. I'owls ,
Catholic. Ammotltcr ballot vili ie necessary.
Incendiaries in Prance.
PAThS , Oct 2.-Ait attempt imas been made
by incendiaries to destroy Fontainebleau
forest , Fires wore started In five different
niaces anti vore extirigulsiteti with difliculty ,
Loss l,20.000 francs. 'rivo muon have been
ariestcd on suspicion.
An ex-Pohiceimmait Murdered.
Dunm.t , Oct. 22.-A nuan named Bruon ,
formerly a policeman , was murdered near
Callooncy. County Sligo , to-day. The mur-
tier has causoti great excitement ,
- -
Time Paimumna Canal Opening.
PAths , Oct. 2g.-At a iumcetlng at Lyons ,
DoLesseps declared that the Panama canal
would be opened for traffic in July , 1890 ,
AU fine Liquor Stores sell Jarvis' best.
An Emtbezzling PO'itmiIastCr Skips.
Mior : , Dak. , Oct. 2J.-Patrick H. Mc-
Namers , postmaster and city treasurer of
Minot , lmas tied to Canada. A recent examl.
nation of the defaulter's books by tim lost-
office imispector showeti a shortage of at least
- . ' is that the
-.i,500 , 'FImo general opinion
shortage is due wore to mismanagement
nattier titan a wiilfmml attempt to defraud.
Ills bommds.ncu will znako good the deficiency.
- .
Mammonic Temple at Buffalo.
Bv'rALo , N. Y. , Oct. 22.-Speclal ( Telegram -
gram to 'run Bex.1-Ttmo Masons of this city
will buftul a tine temple for time use of the
order. It has been decided to buy a site on
lagara street , in the business center of the
city , for about $33,90. A building to COst
l59t )0 wilt be erected on it , a portIon of it
to be glveu up to stores amid ofl1c3 ,
- - - - - -
. .
Two Thousttntl Ohio People ViLt
. ourih Harrinon.
An Itighlqh L1feStmnmmic,4 Opittloit of
the AimmcrIotit yatcin-IIow Chairman -
man Qtmny I'moiges to Preyctit
IInhiUtRox Francis.
t )
By the Pliiii lint Brigade.
ImrApom.ts , Intl. , Oct. 2-Aftem' addressing -
dressing the connuercial travelers Saturday ,
General Ilarrisoim annotmneed to his frmcmids
that lie wouLd deliver to iimot-o speeches tiur-
immg time catniatigmi. Time saute cvemmiimg a telegram -
gram was i-cci'iveti from Springliold , 0. ,
mutating that time liug hat bnigatics of that
city tie1rcd to be received to.dmt. They
s'cre lmmfovuteul that General IiarrLson would
probably not address themmu amid replietl that
they would conic anyhow , nntl 100 of them
arrived in the city cal-ly this morning , fol-
towed by , mnoro at 4 o'clock this after-
noon. 'l'he rammt imitoritmred matcrimmlly s'itit
tue street Imaratle bUt they made mu c'retiitu.
ble appearance % % 'ltlm several lute bamids.
Shortly after 4 o'clock they voro received
mit 'l'ouilhisomi hull by ( lemieral hlmtrm-lsomm.
Eimeh of the 2,00. ) visitors wore a
white , lug limit anti as General Iiarm'isoit cmi-
torod time hail every mmiii juimiped imp and
stood on his chair utimul frantically viuvcti his
plug lint lit one lianul attd mu flag iii the other.
About tour thousand hmeohilo wore jrescnt.
The domnonstratioit lmust tl several nmlnutos.
Gemtenmtl A , S. Bushnell , ot Stiringileld
spoke bmicily for the Buckeyes and Oeiicra
Harrison respomitled. At time cottcluslomm of
General Iinrrisomm's speceit General l3ttsitnell
Presented him with a highly lolishicd horseshoe -
shoe , m.namtu fmmetured front Atnenleamt steel by
S. I3. Thmonmas formerly an Emiglisli-
mnmin. Repeated calls for Thomas brought
that gemitlemumimi omit nntl there s'as nmmottter
prolommgel domnonstration as ( lommeral hard-
son cordially clasped his hand and said : tIJ
accept with hmleasut-e tiils Itroduct of skill
and tmtdmistry of otto vhio. out of his own cx-
parionce , cflmt speak of time benefits of the
Protective tariff Ichtoeral , otto who sought our
land becumuso it offered bettor wages amid better - .
ter iioios Ichieersl , and who , in his life home ,
itas been ebb to contrast time comiditiomi of the
svonlcimig lCOPle it ! England amid iii 4'i.tmmericum. ' ' '
LCheors. I
The visitors then shooic hands wIth Con-
oral Harrison. They rotudmed houto to-night.
Time t'lrmn Carried Out fly the Itepimb-
Ilcami National Commimnittee.
NawYonK , Oct. 2.-Special [ 'relegramn to
Tim Bic.-Chi ] lriitan Quay , Of time repub-
iiean natiommal committee , said [ hint time offer
of p2.5,000 reward fnm the detcctlott of illegal
voters was amity one step itt a careful , claimo.
rate attempt to secure atm homiest vote mmd an
honest count. "We made in Augtmst mmii
September two oparate amid indepptmdeiit
canvasses of the oy . One was mtomnlnahly to
PrePare a now dirocthry on time London plan ,
showing the male1r9sidcmmts by street num-
hers. The namn s yhich we secured and
whIch are not in. , last year's registry , arc
being investlgatedi lOur next canvass was
on beitmult of mu grahil organization of real
estate agemits , wimewCre seeking to combine-
in their hands all the vacant and furnished
rooms , apartmcmmt flats amid buildings in the
city. Some owners ud agents told outmacn
that mf titemr places were tiot pertimnitently
remmted before election time times' should fill
them up with trathts who would vote frotmm
theta as their dlktged residences , Semite
even went furthoiand told how mucim they
had made itt the ) in that way ; how they
immud rented thcirbtfildimmgs or rooms for a few
weeks preceding ctiomi and got good pay
for It , nil that wa mccd } of theta being that ,
they should keep ier moutlts shut if anyone -
one made any mmqtllrI'osif them before doe-
tion. We haveu1st..gon b\rer some of the
ground again with a different set of monimnd
found what buildings and rooms still retnaimm
empty , and what are occupied , amid we mean
to look carefully after any one who registers
or attempts to vote from any of these rooms
or buildings which have been occupied only
recently. That offer of $ ,00) for the first
arrest and conviction , is lretty sure to be
earned , and It aa well as time remnninimig
23th)0 ) will be gladly paid , Policemen and
election oflicers , among others , have a rare
opportummity to serve the cause of justice and
themselves at once. You have imoticed , 1
supiose , how unwilling Mr. Hewitt's two
democratic hiolic conimmissioiters mtroto aid in
diffusung knowledgaof this reward I"
A Sensational Inultiontat time 1"uncrah
of' C. S. Squires.
Cittcitio , Oct. 23.-A sensational incident
happened to-day at the funeral scrviec.s of C.
S. Squires , Wile w.k.assistammt Postmaster at
Chicago for nineteen years. After having
worked hml.sva.y up from aim errand boy In
tue postal service , Mr Squires was reduced
to a chief clerkship flnd subsequently sus-
pended. His friends claim that ho died of a
broken heart. 'rho funeral took itiaco with
bigit Masonic honors-La - the Emanuel Baptist
church , one of time most prominent congregations -
tions in the city. I'be church was crowded
to overflowing. Dr. Loritner ta-onounced the
eulogy , and his eloquommee had already greatly
wrought time. audiemice , when ho said : soc
in the dead before me the arraignment of the
civil service. I think as he lies there ito tie.
dares the failure of the system. Our ideal is
still beyond our intellect , nor will Justice amid
purity imrevall iii the civil service until pro-
fenmiment shall ho given upon a scale of talents
amid lltness. " Theme was a moment of silemmce ,
amid then the big church rang with an
utim-estrainablo outburst of applause.
Knights 'remimimlar iii regalia anti plain
business mcmi alike excitedly simoumted their
approval , miotwitlmstmmndimmg time sacred sur-
ronntliugs anti the presence of time dead. Dr.
Lorimeu besought order , saying : "Not
here , not here , " butt adding : "had this
loved anti lovable intuit his just deserts ho
would still be actively nmmmong us , or we
woultl have been rnourmming for time deatl
Imostmnaster of Chicago , amid miot a cleric of
time registry dolnmrtumeimt. " So intense was
time agitation of timu audience It was with
difficulty that time church could be cleared.
Two Horses amid OIlier I'roporty Comm.
nnietItby , I'lnmiies.
At 2:30 : o'clock timis mtmorning an alarm of
fire was turned in fiommi Thirteommthm and Ciii-
cage strcets ThId blaze was in a barn
owned by Titmmothy 1elIey and occupied by
Kelley and Mosestlmwartz. Six horses
were in time barn atqthi time , amid by tiara
work on time Part of'the linemen four were
rescued , Time renmalning two were stationed
in time stall adjacoimtI'Co ' the orlrln of time fire ,
and wore literally tnmied to a crisp. TIme
horses burned were 4hmq iroperty of Schwartz ,
uvimo is a tcamnster t'3Ping in the immediate
vicinity , anti who aW ill afford to stand
the loss. A large quIammty of imimy in the barn ,
together witim road "eHicIes amid harnesses ,
were dostroycd , entaiiitmm' a loss lit all of about
$ dee , with but 1g1mt insurance. The
lire is supposed to hmqvtt been set by sommic-
body uvhmo haul souht'4odglrmg for time night
lit time building. Almmmim ) apuiarctmtly in a
drunken stupor vascen , about the premises
shortly before mldtmigtttaud It Is thought
that ito entered the Larmi , amid either by a
lighted cigar or otherwise , caused time con-
tiagnmmtiomm. Time building which was old and
rickety , was entirely wiped out.
Six gold mncdnls awarded Jmwvls' Brandy
Stint a Burglar.
BlimpoEronT , Comm. , Oct. 2i.-Spccial ( Tel-
ograta to Titi : Br.a.-Cumanics ] Carey , of
Springfield , Mass. , was shot thmrotight the
itead in Fairfield yesterday niornlng iii a
store whlciu ho was robbing , and lies Ia the
police station him this city. 'rumo store is 1mm
time center of time quiet old towtm of F'alrfield ,
on a cOrner near time railroad station , and Is
kept by lietmjaniln IluitLi as neotmntry grocery ,
market and city goods gtore. Time place has
beob robbed two or three , timcs and burned
once and rebuilt.
J&rvis' 1677 flrandy.purctte.t&.best ,
Iliiimthmig for Cot-with's Propoi'y at time
Siimehtiiig VorkPm ,
'rho ictltmomm titus beemi flied 1mm this coumity
in an mictioti bogini by the Nmmtiommiul City
bmik.of hiostoim nmultist N. Corwith & Co. , of
Chicago , for $20,211 mmllegctl to be duo time
ifialmmtlff , Suit. is begun here to attach amid
garnish property belonging to the dtiftiti-
intl but fit lmossesslomm of the Oiimrmhma & Oramut
Smimelting works. Corwitlt is saiti to own
stock iii time svorlcs , itimil time shmerilT nmimtlo a
service accordhmgly , but of course did not get
at the books.
'rime tiry Saturmlny gave David Soldcn a
verdict tim hits stilt to replevin a brmek kiln at
Soutim Oimmahmmt ft-out Martin Eddy , cotmata.
'limo fury 1mm time case of .Toimmm Bull vs. Pax-
totm & % 'icrlhtmg , a stilt for P,00I fOr tito loss
of tin eye , wet-c out most nil ( lay Sunday
witimotit agreeing , amid in the early evening
were tltschumrgetl.
Judge ilcaimo is this week huohtlhiig coutrt at
Pimphuliomi for Sarpy county. Ito wilt be re-
hieved mmext veek by Jutigo ( iroff. Jutigo
Iloimewell huts retut-imeti fromim Tcknrmmnim ,
As usual lit district court ott Monday time
call yesterday was lommg , ammil the bar was
full of iimtercstcd umttoriioys , Mummy lawyers
mire engaged emu cases before time Stilirerno
cotirt , aitti as mu mmmntter of courtesy their cases
nra imasseil in time district t-rnmrt if they imrc
likely to bit zuhsemit , As mm commscquemmco , time
asslgmmmnemmt Is tedious amid oft repuatod.
Judge Croft took up time case of Carl E.
Ilolt vs. time .loimmm 1)lcmrlcs Mitmmtmfncturimmg
eommmpany. Bolt anti Dierks were engaged in
nmnklug agricultuinmil lmmipieimmcnts at Council
Bluffs , 'hmemm they cammmo over to Omaha and
orgimmmized the Dierics conmpany 'rime commccrmm
was stoeketl mit $150,000 , mmmmd time Plaintiff tmi.
legos that lie was to have 37,50 ( ) of tue stock
ill considentmtloim of his interest in the ifiiummt
at time Bluffs anti iii several littctmLs. lie also
nhleges that liii was ctmgaged as superimitomimi.
emit itt mm salary of * 100 a mmiotmtim , timid
% % 'orkcti nine mouths but received only
t-i09. lie ailecs that ho roi'eiveti mme
stock as agreed , mtmmtl ho vamtts udgrnemmt for
.3SOUU. 'I'lme umtt-oriioy for time dcfemmso , vtmo
roprescmmted time Omahmmi creditors of time do-
fuuct commipany , stlgmmimutizctl Bolt and Dierks
its two schemers who timid come over to
Omnicima nail gtmiied its bmmslmiess mimen imito stib-
scribing for stock mind glvimmg them credit.
Diou'ks , ho said , is a big , fat , poumpous gemi-
tlentau , vciy sleek of mmutmmmmer. who would
fairly talk it hemi off lien mtest. ' [ 'lie attorney
hind rio objection to Mr. bolt's having
000,000 of time stock , as it was vortimicss , but
lie objected to mu judgmmment that would coat-
pilcate time chainma of Omaha creditors.
Fr-.mnic B. .toimnsomm hums begummm foreclosure
suit against George W. Modhock and otimers
on ii tioto for 3X ) secured by a nmortgmmgo emi
mm lot in Prospect place.
In time aftenimooim .ludge 1iopevoil listemmod
to tcstimmmouy 1mm the case of Moflit vs. F'eltomm ,
a suit for l3 for wmtgesas mu farm laborer.
Utmlted States Court.
The stilts of , Iames Prettdergast , Johmmi
Prcimtlorgmust amid John ( lrammt against the
hlmmmon Pacific railway , have beemm remnovoil to
the Ummiteti States circuit court. 'l'ime Prouder-
gasts sue for.5,000 daummmges enelu for beitmg no-
jectotl trout. a tiammsfer trmiimi last summimnor.
Crmmmtt sues for 25,00O tom- injuries received
while pctimmg its ss'itchmmmimmm.
County Court.
Time Adams & Uridge coumpaimy confessed
judpmment iii favor of Vmlliaum Freumid & Soim
for 237.SO.
Jatmies Cunnimighani , Semi & Co. , have sued
for jutigmuemit against Jammies IV. Boquet ott
notes nggregating l356.77.
What Omminima WiliGet Fromn time Ulse
lii Flour.
The widespread effect of the recent conmmer
in wheat emi the utrico of hour amttl bread , led
to lmmquirias Into the condltiomi of the trade at
this place , It was foumid thmmmt there hind been
a decided advamice iii all graties and brammds
of flour hiamidled by the Onmalma dealers. 'rime
itmcrease huts becti hrOPortiOmmato to time qual.
ity. Dunimmg the six mnouths mreceuIimig
September 1 , theme had been very little flue-
tuntiomi lit the rates. Whmolosamlo prices mire
iuoted ' ' "Boat"-
its fqllows : l'illshury's -
Septemnbor 22 8 Per 100 pounds ; October 22 ,
54 per 100 voumnds.
Washburn's "Simpotlntlvo" anti Orange-
Septoimibor 22 , Blossommt , $3 ier 100 Pounds ;
October 22 , 4 ier 100 pounds.
Crow's I'atemut , Omaima Miils-Septemnbor
22 , * 9.45 tier 100 pounds ; October 2 , 3.50
imar 100 pounds.
Crow's Higim Patent , Omaima Mills-Sop-
toniber 22 , $2.60 iion loOpounds ; October 22 ,
$3.75 imor 100 POutids.
Conmimmon grades imavo advamiceul In proper-
tiomi. Flounis selling at retail at front $1 to
$ l.50imm atlvammco of time prices a mmmonth ago.
"You mummy say , " said one dealer , "tiiumt the
'average advammee iathe retail prices of flour
huts been i.50. "
No npprecitmblo effect has been felt antong
time bakers , Time fact that time most oxtemi-
sire bakimmg eutabiishtmtent of tIme city hind a
large supply of flour ott haudvtmcmi time recommt
rise occurred , enables them tomnaintaimi them
rates uuicimangcd. Time margin of profit for
. time smaller bakeries that buy theIr flour
from s-eelc to Week is consequommtly little or
notimiimg , There huts beemm no talvanco in time
nrico of - bread , and thus many hmouseholtls
are now usingbakers' broad as mi ameasure of
coo foamy.
"Has there been aimy reduction in the
weight of time loavesi" was asked of one
"No timore is an ordinance providing that
every loaf simimll weigh sixteen ounces , so wo
hmmmvo Ito recourse. At pmeseimtour profits Lure
simply miothing , but we have to sell at time
same mntes the lam-get- dealers establish. "
'Vbat has become of yourbakers' union 1"
tIOh , that has virtually gone to pieces.
There are too ninny petty bakeries that are
soekingto lit-mw upon eaclm other. At present
the 'union' consists of thu-ce large baking es-
tablislmmnemmts , mill time otimors make no imi-etemi-
siomm toward a.titmg with it. ' '
Time flour detmlers were a unit In the oiiltm-
iomm timnt time lirosemit i-mites would vnmy butt
little uluning the seasomi , titmit is until after
time prospects of the next wheat croum become
ahipmmi-emit. Time shigimt variations imm time quo-
tutiOmms of Friday and Saturday arc mit-
tnibuted wimolly to sPeculative deals.
On time vhmole the effect of the recomit uleal
on the various related interests hero is timat.
it has about doubled time pmico of flour , mmd
that while the vrice of bread remains the
same , witbm time mmext coimsitierablo imureimaso
of flour-muatlo by ammy one of our lum-ger baking -
ing houses , timeme wmllbe a marked i-iso 1mm the
hirico of brcatL
An Absolute Cure.
is only put tmp in large two ounce tin boxes ,
and is an absolute cure for old sores , burns ,
wounds chapped imantis , amid all skin crup-
tions. , Vill positively care all kinds of ; miies.
MEicT , Sold by Gotdmamt lru Co. , at 23
cents per box-br mall 30 coats.
Bloomit iIag a Fugitive.
Shortly before 10 o'clock last night Oflicer
lilooimi arrested Lou Bradsliaw , mm colored
soldier , on 11am strength of a telegram ft-omit
time sheriff at Valentine , Neb , l3radshaw is
wmmtmtod mit that ifimice for grammtl iimrcemiy. He
was murrested wimiie 1mm llellamimy'mm saloom on
Capitol avenue. lie admitted lmavrng stolen
a valise amid other yalunbies.
Olti Lady ( to grocer's 1oy'tIItuve )
you got mummy fresh eggs , boy , for boil-
lug ? " Boy-Jest at present , ma'arn ,
ve'vo oiilygotthetmtrlcal eggs. butyou'll
find 'em very imico seramblcd.-Ttmes.
After time Bridal.
This evening the parlors of the hotel
Barker will be thrown open for a receptIon
to Mr. C. 0. Ropnmer amid wIfe , who have just
returned fm-cam theit bridal toUt' . 'rime recop.
tion irns been extended theta by Park lodge ,
No. 69 , IC , of i' . , of which Mr. Roomer is a
member. Time committee in charge of tim at.
fair are Messrs. E. J. Polloclc , IL A. Mel .eod
and J. Edward Omit-i.
"how ; nucht are those miokod
mutt old gemmtlernan of tito gi-ocer. "Twen-
ty-ilvo cents. Give me a qurter mnoro
amid ut an accident policy for $1,000. "
"Do em botluupyoungrnan-IUCk.
Tilden's Will i4uuutainr'tl. '
Niw Yomim , Oct. 2g.-The suproms .ourt
to-day handed dovn a .dckton anzt&nisg !
the will of Samnuet .1. 'I'Ihdon.
Malaria Foercur4byuir : ) is' LrauuIy :
The United States Suprotno Court
SustahmiB tim Prohibition Law.
It is iii ( tie I'oul anti ffit Not fleomi
Itmitmimlmig For a Yenr-Siiprcmmtc
Cotmrt Ihectsionts - Iowmi
State Newit.
The "lug lIsthhiery" Case.
Dr.s Momr.s , 1mm , , Oct. 22-Special ( Tele-
grant to 'rim , : timw,1-Time declsiomm lit tin. ,
United St.atos sumpronme court him what Is
kmmourmi as the "big distillery case , " while re
coiveul witim iimterest here , nimikes imo clmmimmgo
1mm time status of that Imistitutoti , Mr. lclmld ,
svimo appears mis hlimiimttllT iii tiumit case , is mm
resubmit of New York City , but time chief
owmiers of thn htmterimmmtlonmi ( distillery ore at
Des Moines. lie volumititrily closed hits ills.
tihlerr more than mu year ago upon terams whim
thmoVestcrmm 1)istlllet-s' l'ool im'msocimmt lomm ,
siiichm were ummiierstootl at time tinmo to ho a
commipemisatiomi of S0,000 mm year for Iceeping
hmhs distillery closed , so that iimstemuml of 1)011mg
closed by troiulbithomm , hie in fact cioett hIs
cstnbllshnmcnt b , ' sellimmg his cimpicity to tIn )
1)001. His distillery hits not beemm ohiemmed.
since , and timero Is imo distillery iii opera.
tiomi in time state to be nlrccted by
this ulecislomi , After time gemmem-al lroiilbltiomm
law of 18t remit immto effect , time , ilstilhcry
comitimmumed for some tiume to mimammimfat-ture nlco-
hol cimlelly for export. Time law thmetm tier-
mumitteml time ummunumfacture for certmulmm imtmrioses , ,
stmcim as mmmcchamm'meal , mimedlt'lmmmml and cuiimiary.
zumitl tiiit.S believed that nuder it time distillery
cotmiul mtot be closed. But mubotit elgimtcemm
mmmommtims ago n ccrtmulmm ngemmt of time 'I'enmlmer-
mince aillamico , chulmimimmg they immid cviuletmco to
iihmtW Li Violatloit of the law , aliplled to time
district court for mmii lmijtmmmctlomm to have It
closed. .lumdge Comii-.ui , svimo licarut time ease ,
gramimtetl time limjunetiomm. 'l'lmm ease rums at
oimce nimpealed to time suprcmmme court amid mmmi
lumimmcdhute im'nt-imig wits grammteti , 'rimis was
1mm tIarclm , 1887 , mmmmd time cmuso s'mms argmic'tl with
great care , the mittorimey ( em time dis-
ttller.v relying ciiioil.s' upomm time clmmiimi
timmit so bug as time state lct-mnlttcti ) time mmmimn-
ufuctuit-e at nil , It could hot immtorfuro vitim
titat mnammuftucture if time protltmct were him-
temitled foi export amid us'ere him fact mmhipeJ ,
out of time state , lie immsisted timat this was
mutt mittcmnt't to rcgtmhmto inter-state comimnierce
aitti therefore tiiit'ommtittitloimah , ' [ 'lie utter-
mitys fom- time state timmut if It could forbid
the mmiamiufacturn withlmm time state , it could
forbid the mmimiitmfacture : for expom-t , amid that
if time tlistlhters vero nmnmmufacttmnimig mm
Product timtst ' .vmus sold in other states for pur-
iOSCS tiot ticrimmitteti iii Jowmm , it could be
closed time samimu as if IL itmtcmmded its imi-oducts
to be coimsummmicd eat irely 1mm time state.
Time Iowa supreme commrt stmstnutted time
lower court , but suspemmlel , time emmfot-eeimmetmt
of time injtimmetion for two immontims in order to
allow time distillery to dispose of its iirodtmct
Oim immuid. Meanuviiilc , before that tIme cx-
pired , maid while aim appeal was being taken
to the United States spretmme court , Mr.
Kitid decided to emiter time wcstcrmm lmooi , mmnd
so closed time dhsthhlem-y of imi owmm accoid.
But ltmst winter the legislature , iii order to
cliimcim time matter wimicimovor way time Umiltetl
States suimrerno court might decide amended
time ; n'ohibitory law so as to prohibIt nil mami-
ufacture of llqutom- for any purposes , amid titus
close every distillery timttl in-euvcrv itt time
state. Conscquemmtly if this last doemsiomi had
revetsed our state court , time distillery would
still be closed under this latter law ,
A Queer Cfmtmt'chm Row.
Des MoiNr.-u , Itt. , Oct. 22.-Speciai [ to Tan
Iiiuu.j-Ono of ttmoqucercst cases of cliuri.-li
rows ever known In time state hums been dis-
turbimig time religious quiet of staId old
Dubmmque for several veelcs past. The pastor
of the Secomid. Presbyteniamu church , Rev. H ,
A. Mott , treached emme evouiug a sermon on
'Newspapers. " Time next day thmttro up-
hieat-ed itt one of time miewspapers what ap-
veared to be oretty neamly a verbatint report
of a good hart of it. Time secontl day this re-
hoyt was set up bcsido a sermon by Taimago
eli time sanme subject , and as a result of the
"deadly imarallel" mu correspondent accused
Mr. Mott of plagiarism. 1mm hIs defeumse ito
admitted that lie had mcsd 'l'almage's ser-
man , and had used time same text , and one oi
two of time same illustrations that 'rahmnago
did , but denied that he copied fmoum the
fammmotms Brooklyim prearimer. Ho further assorted -
sorted thmat the ilrst repoit as jirhmmtctl hut
words In iits mimeutim which ho novem- uttered ,
tmnti was mttnifetitly doctored to maku it car-
respond with time Tiulmage nernmomm , which
was to be pm'inteml time mmoxt day. A little
mimoro investigation simoweti timat 11ev. C 0 ,
Brown , t'astor of the Commgregational church ,
and a jealous rival of Mm' , Mott , was mit time
bottomim of time ilot to convict tim I'resby-
terian brother of jilagimmvism. Thmcn there
vn' ; ml rOW. Each mmmlimister took hIs tat-mi
timrougii time pat'ors imm denmollbimimmg hits op.
hiorment by iarlianieimtary but exceedimmgly un-
christiau langmttmge.Tiimm the congm'egatiomms
took a hand , and through timeir reshioctive
boards of trustees defended their respective
lastors arid saIled Into thin ether fellow.
Then the whole towmm begatm to take sides ,
part mtttackimmg Mr. MotI , and defending Mr.
Brown for hmavitmg , as tlmey ciainmetl , convicted -
victed him of plaiarismn , the other half attacking -
tacking Mr. Brown decrying him wIth most
scummdalous and unchristian contiuct mind tie-
fending Mr. Mott and declaring their im-
hlicit belief in his entire immnocence. So the
tuatter has raged , developing ummhitnited bit-
tot-ness between time chium-ches anti making
the ungodly smile with whetted glee.
Time AnII-llot'Mo Thief Society.
Des Mcir.s , La , , Oct. 2L-Spccimii [ to Tin'
Hcm'-The nienmhcrs of time Anti-Horse Thief
association of Iowa held mu 'ery lmmtcresting
nmecting in this city time past week , 'ntis
comprises an organization that is more often
felt thamm seen. It is vem'y secret , time niemn-
bors of it not being known to time general
public , but vorklmmg togatlmcr 1mm vomy full.
mate union. It Is a fact of interest that this
orgammizatiomm , which imow has mmational imroiior-
tines , existimmg in several states , was orgmmn-
izeti by a group of gentlemimetu fmomiu Iowa tied
Missouri , It begmmmm in a very small way in
Soimtcmnbor ISO ) , when a few citizemma of
Clark arid cotlamitl coummmties , Missotmri , anti a
gemmtlenman from lows mnct at Lero. ' , No. ,
amid framnetl time flrstconstitumtiomm tumid by-laws
amid auljoumiietl to immeet at MiiiiOrt , Knox
county , Mo. , 1mm October fohiowhmig. At thIs
mmmeeting there vcm-c lmiesCIit mu tmUIIil)01 of in-
liucetmat citizens of Scothnnd Clark , .JCiitX
and Louisa coUimtles , Missouri. tumid of Lee ,
- - - - -
Vafi lhironmimid Iavts coummtlihs , rovmm. Pficuy
ratified whimut hind already be0mt dommo , mmmiii
iierfectetl time orgmummlznilotm , Vt'imllo itscimlot
object , accorihing to time title , wommltl scout to
be to umimico life weary foi imorse thieves , time
orgimmmliatiomi immu rcdh' emmlargeul its scope ito
tms to [ me a terror to all ltiimils of law-brommic-
ens. 'rime preammmblo of time imatlomial orgatmlz'
mutton states time "object. of time ineetimmg"
as follows : " \\'o , time citizemimm of ttio several
states commiprislmmg thmo mmatiotmal order of time
Ammtl.ilorso 'l'imief ns-socint Iomm , mire orgmsumlzed
fem tIme lrotcctmomm of our-selves agabmit time
depretiatlomis of timieves , robbers , eotmmmter-
fcltei-s , immeemmilinries , ragm-.mnts mtmmd mill other
cnliimimtimls , timid we mire imlodged to co-operate
u'itim the cIvil imutimoritles iii brlngimmg to jtms.
thee mmli such otfemmuhers , ulthlmmg eneim oIlmen 1mm
the t'l covom'y of stolemi prumperty , ote , ' ' l'romim
this It vlll be soemm timmt : limo orammizimtiomm Is mm
sort of nut ammhmnateil amiti imtcat'nmutetl spirIt of
jmmstice 14) rt'giiiate 4ot'iety gomieraihy so fiit- its
rascals ate cummeeriteth. At mimmy rate , it hits
domme a great tlemml of good , amimi is imot cut mull of
time "mmiob imuw" order or disposeti to net as LUI
agemit of .immtige i-micim , On time commtrary It.
co-opt-rates nluva's with time ofllt-ot-s of tiio
law , limit it tithes goomh care that crimmiiimmmls
wimoimm it is after shall mint give time oflicors time
_ _ _ _
Supreme Coimu-t iculslomts.
Ims : AIoI'm:4 : , Ia. , Oct. 2-3.-Spociai Teta-
graimm to Put : hiii : . ] -'Vito sumpremne court tiled
time foilowltmg tlecisiomis imero to-uimmy
\\'mmrier , hiuimimmmcll ( ilc.msmter , mmpieihmmmts ,
s I ) , Robertson ; , iommes district ; mmfhlrmmmed.
Vmmmmim.mttnmi & Z'larlcs ' vs I'redow & Looft
\Vlilittmii Looft , mtppoiimmimts ; simiimashca thl.'ttrkmt
Sitmnumel Ehlisomi , mippcllmuimt , vs Eltztibtjth
Stmmytimc ot al ; Limmu district ; umfihi-imied.
Lomiisn : tI. hioswortit et ai mmpimolhmnmts , vs
time \'cstcrmm Mutual Aith society ; I'olk tiI-
trict ; mmfllrmmmoii.
1)ammloi 't'eymmnd vs Atchison , Topeka &
Saitta Fe ralit-oud conmp.mmmy , appellant , - Cedar
ltipitls sul'erLut ; mufllrtmmoti.
Electltii Bets. , In , , Oct. 2.-Speeiiui [ 'I'elegratmm
to 'l'mtm' Itr.u.-Tiio ] imirgest clectiomi bet e'tn
Immatlo him thus hart of iemwtm wits nimido tiis
evomihmig. I ) . S. h'Chmmsehla bet vltim F' . it Look
0o mtgmmlimst J.JIJ that Cloveiammd anti 'J.'imur-
miiiuiu vhll carry tIme electoral 'oto of Now
oi'k. Mr. I ) . S. lCimtsella Is mu very ut'demmt
stippot-tem- Clevelmumiti , amid slll bet IO00 ,
lucre that lie is re-electeti ,
- - -
Miss Jarheimmi in "Slam-light" at Boyit's
Opera Iluiige.
A imitummeroums audience saw Miss .Tmmm-bonum mit
lloyd's lust miight its Cmmriotta imu time emusical
comneuhy of "Stmunhlghmt , ' ' anti nmmmmiifestutl iii
time umost cordial vim' Its immprc'clattoim of time
umiiqtme amid exceedingly pleaslmmg emmtom-talim.
lmmemmt. Tim comedy lit a z'lcim mmuodley of tub
fumnmmicst possible incidents , droll sltumatiomms ,
anti imiusical feattmm-es , most of wimleim
mire of sumpet-ior meet-it , amid
all of whmiclm nt-c mimost ncceptmmbly
remimlered. 'mIiss .Tarbcamm is mu coimimflottiotimmt ,
of sterlIng mimcm'it 1mm time class of work cut omit
for imor lit this lmroductioim. She is s-lvacloim.s
to mm degree , is rarely in repose , smmigs ox
ccedi'mgly vehi , amid is altogetiiet mm fliost
ciianmmmltmg actress. 'zhmo is stmt-rouimdcd bi' mc
eonmpatmy of exceptionally gootl Ilcotild mvimo ,
1mm their several specialty features , mire above
criticism , Aionzo Hatch , Hurry Clark ,
? martimu O'Neill mind liamr3 Stantisim mire cciii-
tal iii their respective hurts , while time hmmdtos
of time coiimrxmmmy umme PcrsoimallY itt.
trmmctlve mumiti do wimuit is asslgimed to
themim mte.utl , ' antI iileasantiv , 'l'ime
lest features of time emmtertalmmtnent hail to be
repeated mmgaimi anti mtgalmm , timid one of the
chief successes vtus thmo topIcal song of Miami
.Tnrbcau , in which site introduced a number
of local hilts that were eimthuslmmstioally no-
calved. Site was made tiiti recipient of
several floral ofTcm-immgs. "Starlight" is mu
clemmmm , mment timid 'ery nrnuisimmg irodmtcton , ,
ntid 1114 rommmmiimmirmg iierfommmimmcos mtt time opera
house ought to be generously pati-onized.
New York Fait-ly leiimohisumemi time
Ammmei'icnim CimammmplohmM.
PnmLummmu-1ImA , Oct. 22.-lit the worlul's
ciimmnmjmlonsiiip gammie toclayVelch mmml Cimnum-
berlain were the uiitcimers. Jut time first. three
immmmings Vv'ehcii sent live nmomm to fIt-at on balls ,
Ho steadied down , howovem- , beginning with
the fourth , amid the Browns did mmot nieke mm
base hit during the remainder of the game.
Time Giants did not make a hIt oft Chammmhor.
lain in time first three limnlngmi amid emily mn&d
two in the fourth antI fiftim , but begmntmimmg
vitim time sixth they got his gmmgue and singles
amid triples followed i'm rmmpmd successIon , 'l'iw
fielding of Iticimardson , the lmltthmg of EwIng
amid Lathiam's feat of scoring en it fly out to
Ewing were thmo onhy fcatui-cs , The score :
Now York..0 0 0 0 1 a n 5-12
St. Louis..8 0 1 0 0 0 0 15
Pitciiers-Welcim and Cimimmimborlain. Base
hilts-New York VJ , St. Louis 3. Ermora-
New York 5 , St. Louis T. Unplrcs-GatTuoy
amid Kelly. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Brotherhood ot Railroad Iltakcmumomm
Couumimmis , 0. , Oct. 22.-Time Brotberimoott
of Railroad hiralcomeim 1may13 becmm considorimig
time mmew constitutiomm amid by-laws of the ordoi Thocoimmititutlomi of time grand ledge
was adopted and consideration of tlmat of time
subordimmato lodges will be continued to-
Inert-ow. Several importmmmut chamigos vera
ummndo In time cotmstitumttomt of the grautl iodia.
Time office of time gm-amid organizer and instructor -
structor is mibohlslmeti , amid time oflices of tlrst ,
second amid third vice grand master cmeatcd.
Emicim of timeso will be organizers amid instruc-
tons , anti he as'migmed to districts. Vice ( Irmiad
Master Eatons amid Grand Om-gammizer Foster
will 1111 time fIrst two places and time third will
be filled by election.
A fondly Wrostilmmg Match.
CAmn1tmnom' , iSid. , Oct. 29.-Captulum : Powell
anti a youmig mnan miatimed V'mmrlielti , while engaged -
gaged yesterday in a friendly wrestiimmg bout
on boamtl an oyster boat at Cook's Polmmt , foil
overboamtl amid both were du'owimcd.
Natural ( ] : uii EXIIitilml.
Cm.r.vmmtsm : ) , 0 , , Oct. 2-A natural gas cx-
piosiomi at time Fimmdlay , 0. , imressctI ui-Iou
vorlcs to-day wrecked time inmildimig auth
fatally immjurcd J. 51. McClelltmmm amid \ ' , C.
\'ilsotm , jt' .
All druggistsscllJmirvis' Mctl'ueal
tidy ,
Fmmllom"s Fim'st flmeINlon.
I'ASmIitTON , Oct. -ChIef Justice Fat-
lerto-das' dehiveted hi-s first opinion iii time
suprelne coui-t of time Umilted States , TIme
case Was that of time IVc'mtern tJmilomm 'I'd-
graph commipamly , mhmiiumtIIT Iii error , vs this
tjommimnomiwealtii of l'eiimmsylvummi.i , brought
hero Oil npleat fioua thai tiupronic court of
time state of Penmmsylu'aimlm. :
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
44 \Mustan Liniment4.
. ,
. . . LIDtENT istlo.tii
; ; , Om.L. : Jaa , ( Jax.acs & &uz sail .4 * Isr-s.uem. .