Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 21, 1888, Part II, Page 14, Image 14

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Id I I.I TV. rUHONIU and all tMccaiii of
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tore taken or WHO hai failed to cure you.
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49-Oend < cent * portage for C lclirn < ra
War fen on < hronlc , IferToni aud Hell-
e t * Lltetttt. Conciliation , penonal'r or by
tettel , flr t . Consult the old llortor.
TrtouiBndu rnr < l. onrriand imrlors
prlvut . AVThnte contemplating Marrlaio
end for Ur. triitrhr'B celebrated gulilo
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kUmps ) . Hcfnie confining your caie , coniult
Br. ( TAMKK. A friendly letter or call may
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jean to life. JwBcok " 1-tfr'm ( Secret )
ror , " f c. ( lUmp * ) . Medicine and writing *
cverrwher * , necure from mpoiura.
Snt , I U ) R : Sunday ! , 9 to 12. Addrcu ,
ieeeaoiorH a * toCAOO. ILL.
N.W.Cor. 13th & . Dodge Sts.
B JR. A. O B3 S ,
Jlc l fncilltici apnart tins and remedies for sut
'C iful treatment of everv foitiinf ilncmefcqirt
IUK Medical or Hurjjical Trt-ulinei.l
Hoard and attendance , but hosp'.Ut nccoimm
dntions in the wcM
WHITR i'o CutcrtARS on Deformities BIIC" "
Dritcei , Truiwei , Club 1'ttt , Ciirxnlutc ol UK
Spine , Piles , Tumor * , Cancer Catnrrli Ilrot.clntis
Inhalation , lUcctricily , Fnrnlysis , Ht > i1i > > < } Kid
uty , Uladder , Kye , tnr , S'.in ' ami lllood , uril til
Surgical Operatious.
Diseases of Women a SpoolsI'.y.
All Illocxl Diseases unccettfully trrnted S\ph
illtic roiion removed from the system witmml
mercury New restoratire treatment lor lo" ; ol
Vital 1'ower. rei on < s unable In visit us maj be
treated at home by correspondence AH commit
locations confidential Medicinrsorlnstmnient--
nent hy mail or czprexs , securely packul , no
marks to indicate content * or * rndtr One per
sotifll inter-new preferred. Call mid consult us < n
rend history of ) our case , aud we will send in
plain wrapper , 4)iir
Upon I'rivnte , Special or Nervous Ii-.ennc Im
votency , Syphilis , r.leet and Varicoctle , will
tpestiun livt Address
Omaha Strdiful and Murgieal Inititnleot
Cor. 13th ana UodoaStt. . OMAHA. NEB.
qu/\nAfJiEED / \
Send for f Ci uljr. 1
ABIErlNCMEDico.flHPWLLl.fAL fr r
Santa Abie : and : Cat > R-Cure
For Sale by
Goodman Drug Qo.
Has obtained a reputation wherever in
troduced for "COUHKC'I STYLK"I'KH
JTY. " Tlioy Jmvo no superiors in Hunt'
'IHtrns , Hand Welts , Goodycnr Welts
nnd Machine Sowed. Ladies , ask for the
"LUDLOW" SHOK. Try them , nnd you
will buy no other. _
Corner Dearborn and Lake Streets ,
This house has Just been thoroughly reflttet
t a coat of over I16.UO , waklui ; U fnr better
than any hotel of thn mine prlco In
Elevator , electric llKltta , batu rooms , aud ul
iuo < leni Improvements.
Rates , $2 nnd $2.0O Per Dny.
Includlntr meals. Centrally located : accessible
to all railway statUms. tUraters and baslnesa
liouso.s. Street ran to all points of the city
Special rate * to professional people ,
ana all urluary troubles easily , iiulclc
ly ami B.ifely cureU by DOCUTA Can-
ulea , feverest c ei cured In ( even da ) * . Sou
x , all driiKUl' b wall from ! )
tutaMrc.Co,1ll- tJWN.
A Wild nncl Pleasant Wny in the
North Country.
ThHr Wild ricroe Appearance Tlirlr
\\1\CH and Children StnrllliiK
Adicnf Into tin- Hut ol' u
.Mountain Distiller.
A Tout In Ireland.
Hrxt I\VA : Ireland. Oct. 10. [ Special
Correspondence of Tin : Hii : : . | Down
from the mountain district of Inisho-
WIMI. in tlio region about Curdonagh ,
its ancient \ illago cii | > ital , to the ro
mantic shores of I.ough Swillj. is a
wild and pleasant waj. Here and there
the bine Lough gleams throuirh pass
andnuinc. The scent of the heather
ib wafted through the hills. Shepherd
bojs. and often lassos with their little
Hocks anil faithful dogs , dot their pur
ple sides , or ' land in pastoral picture at
the jutting edge of Mime crag above ,
scanning me with alert and wondering
interest as 1 tramp the ringing road be
low. Nestling in mite.s \alle.\s . are
i\j-grown hamlets of half u do/en
houses , a chapel or church spire break
ing through a of green and white
like a mightv russet spear. Ofl to the
south , bejond historic Inch , stands the
noble drianan uon ] the mount of
Ailiaeh , likeoiiie imperishable
buitinel of llrst-world antluit.y. [
Far up the Lough on island and
chIT , half hid by mingled foliage
and mists are the gray , grim ruins of
olden castles crumbling cromlechs , de-
caj ing duns , and the loftier masses of
those splendid mysteries , the round
towers of Ireland. Beyond all to the
west , beyond an hundred' peaks and
half-lined crests of Donegal highlands ,
looms llui majestic summit of Lone
Krrigal. Who can wonder , amid siieh
scenes , that the heart-lib res of the Irish
are looted indestructibly , like ivy noon
desolate abbejs , into the \ery mold and
ruins of their native land ?
The eastern shore of the Lough is a
succession of ruins , dainty villages , like
Hunurana and Kalian , and of pilgrim-
haunted shrines. Over to the west are
wilder shores , huts , round towers , tish-
er.s' cabins ; and here and there the
patched sails of the herring fishers'
smackb lie white against tlio back
ground of the head lands and hills.
Hero the sweetest herring known to
man are taken ; and because of my
idyllic dajsand nightsat the seines , the
weirs and the drives , along the charmed
"bores of our own 1'assamaquoddy. at
Kundy'b tide-roaring mouth , I want-d
to know thost , brawny Hotter-folk of Ire
land's' north. They have not the cheery
content of our own. The Quoddy her
ring-Usher is the Bimniest , jolliest.
' 'roaringesi' ' follow in all the world ,
lie is pious to a ludicrous degree , and
withall the most delicious smuggler of
the American Canadian boundary line
wh ch will be wiped out altogether di
rectly , as the world reads the prophecy
of progress. In fact he is a valient de
fender of his own faith , and a linn re
specter of none. But Iho Lough Swilly
fishermen are a dilierent lot. As in all
else , in this old land , their toil is with
out reward beyond bare existence.
Hence , they are sodden , hopeless , hard.
But they are bravo and strong as iron.
They have tremendous frames ; are
brown as bronze ; and form groupings of
startling impressiveness. They are
simple and peaceable , I am told. But
wore pirates wanted ; were fleets to be
fitted out with men for work giving one
i shudder to contemplate ; these sea-
giants would furnish incomparable hunan -
nan , heartless flint. And if they are
flint , their wivesaro steel. I am .sure it
was not a Yotholm Gipsy but a
Lough Swilly herring-fisher's wife ,
that Scott drew in his grow-some "Meg
Merrilies. " Come upon these women
suddenly in their huts , if you wKh lo
meet even fiercer beldame than Scott's
magic pen could limn. Above six feet
in height , broad and strong as their
burly unites , with logs corded like a
man's , and bare to Iho knees ; with arms
long , crooked and lloshless as wood ;
with flat , hairy breasts often bared
from neck to the waist , and tanned by
salt , sun and wind to the color of the
mottled alder bark : with wide jaws ,
half toothless mouths , sunken cheeks ,
eyes blue-black and flashing from deep ,
yellow sockets , and brows bushy and
ragged with bristling hairs ; with nar
row , creased forohoails , and great , wide
salTron-colored ears sot straight out
from behind like "
dirty "wing-and-
wing" sails ; and their square heads
crowned by once black hair , faded into
snutT-brown like an ill-kept animal's ,
which is matted and knotted upon the
shoulders , and frequently lo Ihe waisl ;
and you have but the faiiitost picture of
this half-animal who subsists upon kelp ,
pulse , black oat-cake , and half-raw lish
that the buyers , who eomo to the
beaches in their carts from London
derry , refuse as even unworthy of sale
to mendicant anil crouching man-beast
of the town.
And the children of these':1 :
They drag out the same horrible lives :
help make the British navy ; turn trai
tor to the brood of half-pirates behind ,
becoming the most remorseless of coast
guard , or mountain poteen-hunting , of
ficers ; stow themselves away at the rihk
of their lives , in the coal bunkers of the
great steamers bound for America ; or
turn outlaw and man-hater in their own
country or in other lands. And yet
how the old blood occasionally blossoms
through this limitless degradation. A
daui'htor of just such an one as I have
pictured was the most perfect type of
wild and simple human beauty I over
behold. Bare-logged and bare-brcast-
cd as her molher ; brown as a ha/tol nut ;
inoranlly ( innocent of fear ; for four
copper coins she rowed mo across Lough
Swilly to where her father's work lay
at mending the seines , like an Anur/o-
nian mnn-of-warVman ; while 1 sat
speechless , contemplating her marvel
ous beauty and majestic proportions ,
hating myself because I was not alto
gether an artist ; and wondering , in all
reverence , why Cod ! , orGod's nineteenth
century civilisation , could not wait
upon the African missions for a little
and reach to and succor such as these.
Lough Swilly herring fishing dilTcrs
so greatly from that of our own north
east coast that a brief description may
bo of interest. With us the Quoddy
boat is invariably used in every manner
of service ; and at Kastnort fish are
taken in iust throe ways : By the seine ,
in daylight at shorn edges , or above the
shallows where the tide runs swiftly
and favorably ; in the weirs , built , when
the tide is out , of palisaded , interwoven
poles , in the form of a printer's mark
of interrogation , into the lobe of which
the herring run , where they are gath
ered with nets ; and by "driving , " at
night , when a torch attracts the shoals
to Iho side of a swiftly rowed boat , , nnd
the fish are literally dipped into it with
a ' 'scoop-not , " u bushel or more at a
sweep. Hero the fishermen use the
"Drunthan , " originally a Scotch boat ,
sharp-pointed fore and aft , and vmaclc-
rigged for a iiuglo tail. But fishing U
nltvnjr * done here hy night , and never
n tlie 'amo manner as on the Quoddy.
t is gill netting .MiIng oschi ivcly.
The seine- , which have a three-fourth
nch mesh , are each about one hundred
cot long and tventfeet wide. Six of
hc-u splii-cd , lloated with wooden
bobs. " and sunk straight with leaden
inkers.form what is called a "stand. "
With this the boatpropelled by acrew of
our men , is rowed to the "grounds'
\hich are constantly being changed'
agreeab'y ' to weather-wise or supcrsti-
uis fancthe ; seine is "pa.\ol out , "
o\er the side , and the men idly do/.o
> r smoke their pipe-t of bitter black
twist and peat , the boat and seine mean-
white floating at will. The seine is
boarded" over the side and "shook
tut. " that is. the lish arc shaken and
picked oil into the boat , three or four
lines between night-fall and morning ,
riiu result isimply one of luck , and
lepends entirclj upon how man\ her
ring hase run' their head- into the
meshes of the net. At da.\light the
Ushers repair to the beaches at Inch ,
where hiuers come with carts from
Derrv. Aliout a half-penny apiece is
paid "for the "catches. " which under
this system are at all times mo-l meag
er , 'i'lie llsli ate shipped fresh to Bel
fast and Dublin ; and sometimes the
choicest of the herring find their way to
Liverpool and London. There are
about " ) ( ) crews on the-e waters ; perhaps
! 00 men arc engaged in the work : and . ( ( souls live and starve on her
ring-fishing in the Lough Swilly.
Hut a few mile- north of Buneranaoa
Ihe shores of the lough is the dainty
hamlet of I'ahiin. Most traveler- would with but a plea-ant reflection
upon its nestling bcaut.Yet . there
ho\ers about the little spot perhaps the
deepest and most attractive ecclesiastic
and historic traditionary interest to ho
found in the north of Ireland. Tlio
Ah by of St. Mura was hero founded in
the early part of the seventh century ;
the region roundabout was , nearly ! ! IM
years earlier , a favorite haunt of St.
Patrick himself ; St. Muni's holy well is
still seen : and for eleven centuries foot
sore pilgrims have come hither for
liealing through the cllicacy of piajer.
Our -o-ealled "faith-cure" is- not young.
More remarkable than all , an unflinch
ing protestant. Dr. Walter Bernard , of
Londonderry , the noted antiquary
whose single-handed labors restored the
( irianan of Aileaoh , here set a nohlt.
marble cro-s to mark the shrine tor
weary Catholic wanderers. I do not
iiiow whether this particular cross has
ever been ceremonial . sanctioned or
blessed. It docs not matter. That sort
> f a eivili/cd deed coiipccrates itself and
ill of the things that go with it. To the
irish of all lands an impressive fact
mlds interest here. The most eminent
successor to St. Mura was Maelmura
the servant of Mura ) . Of this erudite
jardic hi-torian it is recorded in almost
nspircdoi'se ; The great and fertile
Iceland never produced a man like the
nild , fine Maelmura. * * * There
mixed not a nobler face with the dead. "
1 donotbslicvc there is a loftier or moro
toetieally expressive sentence in all
angnage's than that last. It is to this
nest ancient of Irish historic bards.who
died in bh ( ) , that Ireland owes the pres
ervation of the first accounts ol the
Milesian or ( ! adolian race. It is found
n Maelmura's Duan Kiroannach , or
I'oem of Ireland , written about Sid.
1'ho bard relates that on the engulfing
of 1'harao , the Hgyptinns were angered
with tlio children of Niul , who wore de
scendants from I-'enius of Se.Uhia , for
leclining assistance in pursuing the
isracliteKe.iring enslavement they
soi/od I'harao's deserted ships , and lied
> y way of the lied sea. India and Asia
.o Sythla , their own country. After ti
eng time , Asruth , son of 'Uadhael ( or
Gael , from whom the Irish have been
ailed Gael ) , proceeded with the
lesccndants1 of Niul lo Tapr.ibana
Ceylon ) , when , " ! ) ( ) \ears thcrc-
ifter. at the destruction of Troy. Brath ,
nineteenth in descent from Fenius , led
in expedition "to the north of the
world ; " and , passing Crete , came to
'Lspain the peninsular. " Conquering
i certain territory , his son Breogan ,
> uilt a city called Brigantia ; and lin-
illy , sallying from a lofty lower ho had
tmilt on the coast , his son. Hh , a brave
explorer , discovered an Kri or Ireland ,
as f'tr as Luimncch ( Limeriec ) , the
country about the mouth of the Shan
I had not yet ascended Slicve Snajjht
mountain of snow ) and us some little bc-
rore , I had enjoyed probably the grand
est sunshine scene from the massive
walls upon Ailcach to be found in all
Ireland , I determined before leaving
iho extreme north , to witness the setting
ting of the sun. if some luckj absence
if the almost over-hovering mists
might permit it from the loftiest peak
of Inishowen. The determination gave
me an unexpected , somewhat startling ,
and altogether ludicrous adventure.
From Kalian 1 reached the upper foot-
liills of the mountain in a half day's
journey over the circling and inter
secting roads , witii spine little time to
spare among the cabins , and the white
Hocks , shepherds and dogs that com
prise almost the only inhanihiats of the
heights. Leisurely proceeding in the
accent , which became quito arduous la
bor towards the summit , from the rank
growth of fur/o covering treacherous
pitfalls , the frequent "pockety" bogs
which must bo cros-cd at some peril , or
circumvented witn much otlort , and
from constant stumbling over half-hid
den juttings of firm and frost-rotten
rock , it was not until the .sun had al
most gone to bed in the Donegal high
lands to the west , that I had gained the
lofty peak , and stood whore I could see
to a hori/on more than fifty miles dis
tant in nearly every direction.
It is said that , 15 0 her history , Krin's
mountains are the homo of the mist.
Tlio mist was here : not in den-o , foggy
formbut floating like lightest threads of
lace , back and forth , as if fairies of the
upper air were already silently weaving
a lleecy robe for the night. To the far
east the darker shades were alrcad- fill
ing the valleys of Antrim ; and only to
the north upon the Atlantic , to the
bouth upon distant Tyroneand between
Sliovo Snaght and lone Krrigal on
the numberless mountain sides and
in the great basin of the Swilly ,
were there remaining the heightened
colors ami light. There is something
in the silent solitary contemplation of
these scenes of surpassing grandeur
which sweep the material senses like
dust from the soul , and merges the ex-
halted spirit-consiousiioss into a man
ner of existence utterly heedless of the
very earth from which it emanates. In
a trice of seeming the sun had sunk in
heathery pillow behind Krrigal. An
answering pulse of Hume flushed against
the fair faces of the lambent forms
above , trembled for an instant , and was
gone. I was alone in the ghostly gloaming
ing on the mountain top. Awakened
from my dreaming and thoroughly
startled I hastened wiih utmost speed
down the peak towards whore I had
last scon through the purple the roofs
of little Buncraim at the side of the
Lough. In an increditably short time
it was dark , save for the occasional star
light between rifts of gathering fog. I
made a sorry nic"s of it now ; and losing
my footing altogether , fell sprawling
over a ledge of detached mold and
stones. One came bowling over mo
through the heather and gritty loam ,
and after a fine ricochet seemed to have
crashed through the mountain-side
itself into a perfect cauldron of Irish
o\ths and objurgations ! More startling
to me still , sparks ascended iu brilliant
pyrotechnics With ui haths through the
orifice. I had no ntorc than regained
my feet , whore 1 had fallen upon what
appeared to be soliirVork , when a frowsy
Irish head , precerten "hy " a frowsy Irish
bluiiderbus , looked"nlo" squarely in
the face , as I was edmjielled to confront
an cmbarra-sing IrlMi dilemma.
"T'row up ver Indicts ! " says a per-ua-
s-ive voice behind the gun.
' 'At your servico. * ' says I , doing with
military alacrity asjt was ordered.
"Now t'row down yoilr arms ! "
"I won't , " says I"till ' you give mo
leave , as all I have in the world are in
the sky at your bidding. "
"By mo troth , Ieitny. ) that's fairly
spolcen. " said the head to some unseen
spirit below. Then" kindlier , but still
crispily , to myself whore I still stood ,
rigidly retaining my statuesque atti
tude :
"Come down out o' that ! "
'I did , and in a moment more was in
side a poteen brewer's hut , sitting
upon the very rock which had ernsliiMl
through the smoke-hole in the turf-cov
ered roof , and nearly caused the death
of the two charming innocents below.
It would be a long , long tale to tell
their manifold professions of industry
as herdsboys upon tlie mountains ; their
elTusivc condemnations of the trilling ,
forgivable outlawry in the misty dis
tricts ; and their endless and splendid
ellorts to hide , in various ollices of hos
pitality , the illy-concealed evidences of
their canny vocation "will the fairies
ealchin' in blue-bell aprons heav'ns
own dew. " But all they possessed on
earth was at the strangers * disposal , as
they gradually found , and warmed to
llnd , that the stranger was to be
trusted. And after a night's rest in
which , in mv dreams. I was with them ,
one of them , in their eerie work ; and a
hearty enough breakfast of oat-cake
and po-set , got from some riuine-hld
cabin before I had left my rock-shelf
couch of tlio night ; I left a bit of silver
with each and bid them a heart-felt
good-bye. From far below I heard them
call to me. I turned with a friendly
smile to listen. 'switiginn both arms
out wildly , but with an all-comprehen
sive gesture , ho of the -baggy head
shouted lustily as a final pledge of
good-fellowship :
"God blis- , America ! an"an' all
luplt go will ye ! "
"Amen ! And that ame to Ireland ! "
my own voice heartily sent up the
heights , to blond witli his blessing.
And then I turned with an elated step
into the sunny morning , upon the wind
ing Buncrana way.
Ki'tr.Ait L. W\KIM : .
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rassed by a bad coughV Use Dr. .1. II.
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secure you sound sleep , and ellcct a
prompt and r.idical cure. Only ll'i cents
a bottle.
v vroiiv or jinviN"nni : : .
London Figaro : At the time of "the
great earthquake of ' ( > S , " I was at Africa ,
Peru. I have not a niapjby ' me , and am
not certain that Africa is not in Chili ,
but it can't make much difference ; there
was an earthquake all along there.
Sam Baxter was with me ; I think we
had gone to make a railway , or some
thing. On the inorning'of ' the "quake"
Sam and I had gone down to the beach
to bathe. Wo had shed our boots and
begun to moult , when there was a slight
tremor of the earth , nsSf the elephant
who supports it was pushing upward , or
lying down and getting.up.again. Next
the surges , which w reflattening them
selves upon the sand and dragging away
such small trilles as tiiey could lay hold
of , began racing out seaward , as if they
had received a telegraphic dispatch
that somebody was not expected to live.
When the sea had receded entirely
out of sight , wo started after it ; for , it
will bo remembered , wo had come to
bathe ; and b < tthing without some kind
of water is not rofieshing in a hot cli
mate. For the first four or live miles
the walking was was very difficult.
The ground was soft , there were tan
gled forests of seaweed , old rotting
ships , rusty anchors , human skeletons ,
and a multitude of things to impede
the pedestrian. The lloundering sharks
bit our legs as we toiled past them , and
we were constantly slipping down on
the lint fish strewn about like orango-
peel on n sidewalk. Sam , too. had
stulTod his shirt front with such a
weight of Spanish doubloons from the
wreck of an old galleon that I had to
help him across all the worst places. It
was very dispiriting.
Presently , away on the western liori-
yon , I saw the sea coming back. It oc
curred to me then that 1 did not wish
it to come bade. A tidal wave is nearly
always wet , and I was now a good way
from home.
The same was- true of Sam , but ho did
not appear to think of it in that way.
Ho stood quite still a moment with his
eyes lived an the advancing line of
water ; then turned to me , saying very
earnestly :
"Tell you what , William ; I never
wanted ii ship so bad from the cradle to
the grave ! I would give moro for a
ship ! more than for all tlio railways
and turnpikes you could scare up ! I'd
give more than a hundred , thousand ,
million dollars' ' I would I'd trivo all
I'm worth for just one little ship ! "
To show how rightly ho could part
with his wealth , ho lifted his shirt out
of his trousers , unbosoming himself of
his doubloons , which tumbled about in
agoldon storm.
By this time the tidal wave was clo o
upon us. Call that a wave ! It was one
solid green wall of water , higher than
Niagara Falls , stretching as far as wo
could see to the right and left , without
a break in its towering front ! It was by-
no moans clear what wo ought to do.
The moving wall showed no projections
hy means of which the most daring
climber could hope .to roach tlie top.
There was no ivy there were no win
dow-ledges. Stay ! there was the liirht-
ning rod ! No , there wasn't any light
ning rod ! Of course , nof !
Looking despairingly upward , I made
a tolerably good beginning at thinking
of all the mean actions J had wrought
in the llesh , when I faw ? .projecting be
yond the crest of tho..wavo a ship's bow
sprit , with a man sitting upon it , read
ing a newspaper ! Thank fortune , wo
were saved ! ( ,
Falling upon our knees with tearful
gratitude , wo got up again and ran ran
as fast as wo could , Inspect ; for now
the whole fore-part , of tie ship bulged
through the water directly above our
heads , and might los'e its balance any
moment. If wo had only brought along
our umbrellas !
I shouted to the man on the bowsprit
to drop us a lino. Ho merely replied
that his correspondence was already
verv onerous , aud ho hadn't any pen
and'ink. Then I told him I wanted to
got aboard. Ho said I would lind one
on the beich , about three leagues to the
south'ard , where the Nancy Tucker
wont ashore. At those replies I was
disheartened. It was not BO much that
the man withheld assistance , as that he
made puns. Uemember wo were run
ning-like the very devil all this time.
Presently , however , ho folded his
newspaper- put it carefully away > n
his pocket , went and jjotaMno ,
and let it down to us just as we wcr °
about to give up the race. Sam madelxf
lunge at it , and got it. I laid hold o
his logs , tlio end of the rope was passed
about the cap-nan , and as soon as the
mon on board had had a little grog , we
were hauled up , I can assure you that
it was no line c\porienco to go up in
that way , close to the smooth vertical
front of water , with the whales tumb
ling out all around and above us , and
the sword tlshes nosing us pointedly
with vulgar curiosity.
Wo had no sooner set foot on dock ,
and got Sam disengaged , than the
pur-er stopped up with Iwok and pencil.
"Tickets , gentlemen. "
We told him we hadn't any tickets ,
and he ordered us to be set ashore in a
boat. It was represented to him that
this was quito impossible under the cir
cumstances ; but ho replied that he had
nothing to do with circumstances.
Nothing would move him till the cap
tain , who was really a kind-hearted
man , came on deck and knocked him
We wore now stripped of our cloth
ing , chafed all over with stiff brushes ,
rolled on our stomachs , wrapped in flan
nels , laid before a hot steve in the sa
loon , and strangled with scalding
brandy. Wo Inul not been wet , nor had
we swallowed any s-on water , but the
surgeon said this was the proper treat
ment. I suspect , poor man. he did not
often get the opportunity to resuscitate
anybody ; in fact , ho admitted he had
not had any such case as ours for years.
It is uncertain what ho might" have
have done to Us if the tender-hearted
captain had not thrashed him into his
cabin , and told us to go on deck.
By this time the ship was passing
above the town of Africa , and wo were
about to go astern and fish a littlewhen
she grounded on a hill-top. The captain
hove out all the anchors he had about
him. and when the water went swirl
ing back to its legal level , taking the
town along for companythere we were ,
in tlie. midst of a charming agricultural
country , but some distance from any
port.At .
At sunrise ne\t morning we were allen
on deck. Sam sauntered aft to the bin
nacle , cast his eye carelessly upon the
compass , and uttered an ejaculation of
"Tell , you , captain , ' * ho called out ,
"this has been a direr convulsion of na
ture than you have anv idea. Kvery-
thing's been screwed right round. Ncc-
dlo points duo south ! "
"Why , you cussed lubber ! " growled
the skipper , moving up and taking a
look , "it p'ints d'roctly to labbard , an'
there's the sun , dead ahead ! "
Sam confronted him with a ga/o of in
effable contempt.
"Now , who said it wasn't dead ahead ?
tell mo that. Shows how much you
know about earthquakes. 'Course , I
didn't mean just this continent , nor
just this earth. I tell you , the whole
tiling's turned ! "
An AlmoliitesCnrr.
is only put up in lurtjc two ounce tin boxes ,
and is an absolute euro for old sores , bums ,
wounds , chapped Irnmls , and all skin ei up
tmns Will positively cm o all knuls of piles.
MHNT. Soul by Goodman DiugCo. , at lifi
eats pur box by mail Hi ) c-t-nts.
State Line.
Toilu ( > . ow , llclrut-t , Dublin nntl Liverpool
From New York Every Tuesdav ,
Ciililn i --nio Wi nnd IV ) , nccordliiK to location
ot Mute room. Kxrurslon iiv'i to it HI.
Fteeia e to and troiu Kuiojiu nt Lowest Hutci.
AUSTIN IIAUnVIN * ft ) . . ( H'n'lKint .
Kt llrnauwny , Now York.
.1OIIN ULr.nilN , Oen'l Western AKPIU ,
IM llnndolpli St. , t'hlc-RL'O.
1IAHHY 13. MOOItlM. ABunt. Ouiahn.
Reduced Cabin Kiitesto Gliibyow Ex
Capital , - - - $100,000
IJOl South Thirteenth Street.
General Banking radjayings Easiness ,
ClIUH.lR HllK STKI ) , I'lesldCllt.
C. 1' . NEI IIIIAM , Vlro I'resldcnt.
Kit INK V. WARNMIMAN , Cashier.
1'or the benefit of Depositors the PiuhiKS De
partment will be open on Saturdnj nights fiom
5 Per Cent on Sat ings nnd Time Deposits.
Boston. Muss. ; Kaiman City , Mo.
Capital &Su plus , $1,500,000 $ , ,
This company has opened nnOmiihaolIiconnil
Is prtpari'd to furnish money inomptly on 1m-
piovt'il city nnil faim property.
No applications M'nt n , ny for approval.
Loans closed and paid tor n Ithoiit delay.
309 South mil Street 1'lrbt National Hank.
The Kansas City Investment Co ,
3O Chamber ol' Commerce ,
No delays. All business done nt this olllco ,
; U A&CH oiTirR.
Grain , Provisions , Stocks and Bonds ,
Margin Transactions n Specialty.
Members of tlio Chicago llo.inl of Trailn 1'ilv-
ate Wires to Chicago uiul New York.
Room 506. First Nat'l Bank BulldlnK
; i * iff |
zz&ffiS&F& r--- ' ' : . „ . „ „ „ ,
" " " '
QyJ "DATIVE COFFEEPlCKE.RS _ . , I _ _ j ]
f3JC4jtl.JL4 JDJtVxXX " " I U C\\TWT1 / \ JAVA surtmeslnir ml nil V ° otuom F.nAt
In us rlclinosa nnd dollcnoy of tlnvor. Justly cnllod The Aristocratic
CofToo of America. Always packet ! whole roasted ( unirround ) In U ib.
air-tight tin cans.
/ T > TTC A "T T T&T TTW \ A skilful blondlnprof stromr. lln-
V/X U J9A.A/X4 X > JjJCiXll J-r very and aromatic high Krmlo
cottoos. Wnrrnmod not to contain a sliijlo ( Hlo bean , and fuaranto < < d to
suit your taato n no ether colloo will , nt n moduratn prlco. Always
packed whole roasted ( utiKround ) , In 1 Ib. air-tight parchtuont packngou.
npTCjnn VJ > 1.1 M Wo are exclusively an Importing UOUBO , soiling
JLJCJtSA. f - * - * rl only to dealers lint to Rlvo oonsumorH an
opportunity of touting our famous coffee before buyinir , wo will , upon
receipt of O oontrt in stamps lo cover the cost of ran nncl postngo , uouti
free by ntall a 1-4 ixminl of Scut Il > ' < tntl Cu/ft't' . Addrosa
Can bf had in Over 700 Different Styles and
Sizes , at the same price as the counterfeits
Insist upon setlng the Trade Mark or you may be decalvad
The Michigan Stove Company ,
Detroit , Chicago , Buffalo. CAUTIQN.-tKnrani o ( m r-
obuit. who commend other stove.
In preference to" CAM LANDS , "
Tlii-y hara .ItherfMled to un > in
Sold Unrland" Agency or
Everywhere.Unrland" upon which a er Ur
margin of profit cu ba mtcle.
C Sons , Ay cuts for Oinalut
PAID UP CAPITAL , $300,000. SURPLUS $40.000.
0 ° | , .Interest on deposits , compounded aoml-nnnuallyj
R " "Savings Cortlflcates with Interest coupons attached.
DEBENTURE BONDS In Denominations of 92OO , S30O , $ OOO , ,
o ] and $ IOOO , baaed upon First Mortgage Real Estate Securities
deposited with , and bonds certified by the Union Trust Company
' of New York. Drafts drawn on the principal cltlos of Europe.
0. M. CARTER , Pres. D. D. COOLEY , V.-Pres. PHILIP POTTER , Sec.
A magnificent display of everything useful and
ornamental in the furniture maker's art ,
at reasonable prices.
Policies Incontestable nncl Non-forfeitnble After Three Ycnrs.
Agencies In ull the larger cities of tuo I'nlti'd States and ( icrmun limplro.
A.\I siJui'i.UN or TIII :
DECEMBER 31ST. 1862.
Assets $26OBB5 43 | SurnklB . S2O7.I58G7
Assets .513,073li < V7 37 i Surplus. $ I,83O.O3O 62
Amount of Insurance In force . W < V5OOOOOO
Annual Income 3 > 2,4OOOOO
'IliedVrmanln possesses f 110.10 or ailmlttnl ah cts for every $ of llntllltli" > , n bettt-r rntlo
than that of any of thu other thiee laixcst Insurance Companies of the I nlti-d Mittuh.
Ernst Benninghoven , Manager , " " " " .iarHal"0 .
" -
Real Estate ,
218 S. 15th St.Omaha.
ADPUITCPTC' ' ' < KTAUII. 1610 Howard .St. , Unmha , has drawn plnr.s and
Anunl I kU I ipeclncatloiiBfor a U-room frame hoiine. whirl ! coinllm >
mlllty.iomforteconomy ami beauty.lnavay IrnpouBlhle In any i
house tliut costs from tl.'iw to tl.iWO As moro than \ _ - _ , . . , , , . . , . .
will l > e built so , 1 can afford to offer a cony for Original and splendid
Ci5 , the usual fees otherwise ben | from deslcni furnished , as cuu bo Judgtd
y fMyofnh\v\n \ ' J : f ssS form Uie "ets ol Pla389 : ooraplettd bulldlujiot
lipor cent more. ' ! descriptions I huro to my onice , ranjlBK l erU
from W.OOO to MOO.ttiO. My unuiualezptrlencc will | uitrKtiRtlift t > an
and reliable contractora only are eoetgtd on my work * . Parties wun'.ox tu bullij
are cordially Invited.
We t > * T a pollute cure for ITCHING
Ml i vii or ni.uniNii I'll rs , 117 lit
, uiathouiundiuf caiciot lung lUncl-
I Inc U f e bevu ciireit bo ilroua It uur
l Hh In Iti cunilUo puweti lu > l we
, will mall one iimiple bu > met lo anr
HiCticr. N.II.-'ldH Ii DO liuiubuni
rou aclntllr itcclr * bni free by return -
turn null , ( not lut of circular ! ) , and
on anpllcatlnn will convince jou nt
t * woitb. AJdrtMTbf W.Mllllfil Co. , Uuffalo , N. V ,
Meatlun lit Ouaba B c ,
209 N inth utreot , Omaba. Hair and
t ; u !