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. 2 TTJJ OMAHA DAILY . BE 'TUESDAY , OOTOBER , 16 , 1888. ' (
; Tim Great Qorman Spoo1a1It Can
: . Form No Optnton.
1'oIfl ! algbt on the 1tICVr'H ( Throat
.PIenn-1Ie JenlcM the Re.
1)ISI1)IIItY ot tlio
. IIngsoI.
t. VIerc1iov'.i OpIiIun.
LCopir1uh ( IF9 t , Jrn4 ( jrdi , , IlenHft.1 ?
Biiu ; , Oct , 11.-Now ( York Herald
Cahc-Speiat [ to I'IIE l3tc.-1'rof. ] Fbi.
dolt 'lcrcliow spea1c FtigIili fluently and has
reati every line of Maeke1lzIa's defence n
JUb1itIed In 1"rItlay' Herald. 'Phk eniltietit
math who Inks surrLscd ; perhap' more of
liattire's secreti than any other scientist liv-
trig , lives In a neatly furuisliuti Lut tmro-
tentious upartliient. at No , 10 , Shullingtras.
Slthsot several suPerb spclinens of swild
anhnais afl(1 ( rare blrd5I and idants indicate
thu nature of his favorite stsniies , The at.
most colorless face with the eyes somewhat
dilnmcl ( by unrerlllttlnR years of scientitic
and literary labor looked up for a moment.
from his PCrUMaL of the Herald. It va with
great rcluctancc that ho finally 'oncntcd to
touch uioti a subject that in his opinion Iia'
becim already more titan sufficiently dis-
"lii i'ernrd to time death of the Emperor
Frsi1crick , " lie began , "i'lmere is no doubt
that ho died froimi thu attir.offccts of an iii-
1mtziimiiattnm of the iungs , brought about by
the Imisimirution of gamigrenotI iiarticlc de-
tatcimed from time gangrenous surface of thu
trachea , This Intlamimmatiorm could not have
been caused by thu operation perforxmlel by
Prof. tierginun on April 19 , as too long a
time had elapsed since the operation. Time
inflammation , In my opinion , only antedated -
dated the eniperor's death by about one , or
atmot , Rvo weeks. I can forimi no opinion
us to what caused the gangrenous attection
of the larynx , which already existed at San
Remo , Whether tlmi afterward descended
Into the trachea down to thu urtiliclal open.
log , I ala not PrePared to say , "
At this point the professor left the draw-
log-room for his library and returned in a
few minutes with a lOrtfOliO tIlled with many
closely-written sheets of pupem- , his menmo-
ranmia in the Emperor Frederick's '
Q'q also he continmiod , ' 'on .Ianu.
ury 17 , ISSS , a Piece of the tissue expectorated
by Limo crown lirinee during a coughing fit. ,
On this piece , vhicim already showed the ox-
itumico of a gangrenous process , I made a
written report. I did not see time crown
vriuce at all during Imt Ilimmo ss tnitil a short
tiijio before his death on May 2S , lS3S , I had
already seen pieces extirptt.ed on three dif-
brent occasions by 1)r. Maclenzio. They
were decidedly non cancerous , though all of
theni showed signs of discase , They vero
nottakemi irobabb from the central Portion
of the tumor ; they % vtro hot taken tromn
the right. spot and it. syas imiilssihie to base
an opinion upon them. I could not during
the whole course of the treatment obtain a
definite statement as to the exact spot
the extirimtcd portion had becim ob-
taitmed from , I had not then , nor have
flow , any 1)oSitiVe opinion as to the
course run by the malady. for I was
never informed of where the exact seat of
the disease w'a' , nor did I over meet Mackenzie -
zie until about tin-co weels before the cm-
peror's death , nor had I ever received any
written communication from him , \Vegiier ,
the Eniperor Frederick's leibarzt , brought
Inn the particles Mackenzie had removed ,
but could not tell mc positively what part of
the vocal chords they had been taken from ,
There wa a space of about nine centimetres
between the gangrenous affection noticed at
. , r- San Rome and tIme opening nfterwurdm made.
"In the trachea , at the post mortem , this in-
teretliig slmowotl aR one continuous
gangrenous surfoco. 'rIme imleces sent me for
examination by Dr. MackenzIe voro all i-u-
coivod Irior to , luly , 1BST , amid may opimmion in
regard to cacti ono of them was published ut
the time. None of these pieces
was canccerous , and I stilt
bold th the opinion that they did not
form PorUotis of the cancerous surface. ' .I'o
what extent and iii wliatportion ofthc larynx
cancer existed tiuring the early stages of the
tliscaso could not then be ascortain'3d , and is
not. explained eveim now by what has been
iublmslied on time subject. l'rofessor von
lergman timeim thought that m fIssure of the
atynx would show what Portion of thu larynx
t would ho iiecessary to remove , and what
sort of OiOrRtiofl wn' needed.Vhmcther imr-
tial or coumplute extirpation of the larynx
should be resorted to , or whether simply i-c-
moving the growth from time mnoucus memo-
bramme would mnmifice , tiobomly at that thnc , as
far as I cmiii judge , himtd any imsitivo cpimmion ,
As to time exact sent of time disease or its de-
groctof iieveiodmncnt during time month of
4ay , whemi these events occurred , Dr. Mae-
ki'nzte says , thmmit time iIilhicmmtion of I'z-ofessor
Vim-chews first riport , whmith ho hmopr's may
m given to time Pulhie , would iirovc very in-
crestiiig reading. lie ovidentiy is imot aware
thRt It was published as a liortion of the
traiiactiotms of the Berlin Medical society
iluring their iuootimmg held Novew.
ler 1G 18S7. Hero it is , " tap-
thmg a aiminil grey Pamnhmblot. "I imiado this
1-eport because so many newspaper corre-
lipondonts clulmed to be in constant comniu-
flication with Sir Morolt and kept repeating
that he declined to accept time responsibility
of time diagmiosts. This imicant shifting the
I'OSjOmiRibility to my shoulders , In tnis report -
port , tintt took the forum of aim address , I set
dutimmito limmiits to may responsIbility , saying
that I oniy giwe my opinion on those lior-
tions of the growth submitted to imie and not.
oL any other iortions. Sir Moruil sent inc
the last piece on .luiy I , ISST , and since that ,
time tmithhiig was comimiunicated to mae. Iii
regard to tIme dovelopmnemit of time disease in a
fresh tilmice , time iortmoim of thu hmii'ynx vimtble
th time observer through time iurynxoscopu
, .s a vom'y stuall one , mmd only mu
this region can the operator reach
the ( I1SCiLSCtI iarts. A little behind time i-c-
glen a groat. proct'ss of degeneration may be
otlc by the observer. I can only say that
% vimnt I have read of Sir Morcil's ' defence in
the Herald , gives no description of time
growth as mtorigiminhly appeared norof its do-
veiopuicut. during time suumnmomof 1SST. lie
1ious not speak of vhat hmu ( ibserveil , but of
chathmo thought amid did. No one cami form ,
from his defoims , . any opinion as to the
nature aud extent of tIme original growth ,
nor eu time ethical side of this controversy
can express an OtiImiOO uutml all time tosti-
n1003' is lii , as it cem-taimmly vlil be some day.
TlI1 141l iIItECT.
Vrorcssor von llergmnnim qaies use or
Via1 Iiangmiago
[ Copurfql.t IS lii , Jwne4 tiordo , ; lIemmefl,1 , )
flmini.IN , Oct. . l4-tNev York herald Ca-
ble.-Spoclal to Tiic Bm1-Tho Herald cor-
rehondcnt called upon Professor von Berg-
niu at hLs roidenco , Aicxauder Ufer , overlooking -
looking the great ICrieg donkmnal , hhlorthar-
ion , lie 'as cordially received by time
eminent Berlin physician and coatidmint of
th German emperor , who worthily tilts time
chair of surgery In the UniversIty of Berlin ,
When asked what he thought of Sir Morohi
Z4ackenic'a dotonse , pubhishieti in last L"ri.
' 11cm-aid ho exclaimed with
day's European , a
brusque gesture ; Is arrant , nonsense. As
long as the Eml'ror Frederick 'as iii wc
, ould not give delimits of his cabo to the P1mb
lie , " said time hirofossor , "by we I umean time
Gornian physicians. This course was mnad
1flIcutt to us , as the English iohithcal amid
snedic4 nOY51)aIOicovered us with
sbuse. When time 1mmiporor Fredoricim
died the mInister of the royal household -
hold asked us to publish the reports made b
115 durIng ttio emperor's Illness. This is how
$ .he German doctors reports caine to be pub
1ished , andi ani happy to find that It has
- boon translated Into EnglIsh. here lu a copy ,
pmvery English speaking man or woman can
, mowudgo the case n its merits. What
tackeuzIq now brins.torwari ii 53 triUiu
I. . ' " . . , ,
. . . . ,
? I\
- - - - - -
H r-
; :
that It scarcely , eOni to dosorvO answer ,
Against the renmark of Mackenzie that ito
keenly feels the unsochmhinoss of a contra.
versy to cntmO nldltlommitl ( suffering th heartA
already soreb' trIoil , I have imotlmimmg to say'
but in regard to time chnrgci amoimtmtitmg to
iimmthlmracttco that. Mackenzie says were
brought against him by the ( herman doctors'
patmiilmiet , t'C , the ( ] crmnati mmysicians ) , do not
imesitato in q ny imig that Mackenzie's trout.
bent of time ommmperor did amimoumit I.e mmiuulprmio-
tice , Inasimmucim mis both dIagimols amid
treatnient (1 isplutycil gro ignorance
of ! mmOhlcitmO lit , general , Ills whole
knowledge of umnatomny anti iiathmoloi'.v legins
amid ends iii the larynx. In his defense ho
overlooks the futet that hits nectisuitlons
against mmmc fail to time ground in time t'rcs- '
once of time testimony of l'rofessors 1cr-
chow and \Vuldmeyers at time post omortem
cxnmninatmoim. MackenzIe's defense ea'tn
doubt. on time cumpibliltius of ills ( eruimatm cot-
leagues , but VIerehmos" iot mimortemn clearly
estubhishe time fact that Tobohti , ( erimutrtlt
arid I bud been quite correct iii outdiumgmmoss (
of the empel-or's iimaiady. 'rime one svhmo at.
lowed tIme littost. time and opportunity of
nrrcstimmg tlmu omimpurors dkease to slip away
wa-i time famous iarvrmxologist Mnekoimzte ,
lie may tiemi whole libraries to eeni'c ' tlml
reproach , but in vaimm. hail the operation
becum immatle on time Iroiign'immg in t'tlay , as I
wished , his mimuijesty Frederick Ill iimiglmt lust
as vehl bo alive now as the four
huitieflt5 referred to tim our report
upon wimomn the operatIon was so success-
fmilly irforimmcti. Science shows us to-dumy
thmmtt every cancer that Issmnail aiim ! oimrnteil
timomm iii thee comm ho IlIuIumrielmt1' removed ,
but if the cammeer btxomncs large tim opera-
tien mimUst fall , It is cimtiroiy ilumckomizIe's
fault that the operatmomi was deiumyod ummtil time
summihi cancer had grown iimttmt large one.
"Geriiumrmlt and 'loimoltl vcre quite riglmt not
to use the forceps , its thu history of time ciii-
Ieror's case shmow that. time iuieco reurmoveti by
Macketizic led to false dctlum'tions. Thu Imiuco
was imroimotmimectl imoaltimy , wimiimi time post mimor-
teuim revealed cancer. Mackenzie's lack of
genct'mmi patimologicuil knowledge was time
cause of this mistake and of his not kimowing
why l'm'ocst4or3 obohtl and ( J rlmartlt would
hot reumovo a imieco of time gm'owth.
Time charges against Gerhardt nrc
so absurd timat they cutti oimly fhimul their cx-
Piatmuitioti in i\lachcettzme's tIempairVtmoii a
numtmghmty lmttie ioy is tripped up mmmiii timros'n
down by a bigger boy , if he lhmds Imo lmmcks
strength to contiatme Limo struggle ho screams
amid soiLs uue abuses his t.ornmemmthr. After
rermditmg his dofeimse I ama coimviimced lie vhll
ho deserted by tim few friernis lie still could
lay datum to , You ask why we Germhns
thu not us MacltL'nle suggested , umake a sop-
orate report bf our own1 but we dId. It is
time one mimade to Count Stoibei'g , mninistem' of
tue king's Imousehold , and to Vomm Laur , time
body smmrgcon of Emperor Wihlmanm 1 , It is
reproduced tim a pamphlet 'under time title of
time "Etimporor's Ilhimoss. " Dr.Vcgmicil
wrote out a report of our last ummeetimig with
Sir toreli , and it reposes now 1mm tlme imuimmis-
ter's archives. In ft you find the vords :
' 'l'rof. von I torgmnumu imiost emphatically
declared the mhiseaso to be cammcor , "
This shows that I judged the case
com'rectly. It was iiiy rumlsfortumme that the
august iuttieimt amid imis royal coimsort hmuid
nmore commfldcnce in Mackemmzio thaim in the
three ( lerumman ptmysiciaims , This misplaced
confidence brought the late emperor to an
early grave.
"l will not speak of s'hat took place in
Emmgiaimd em' at Saim lcnmo Ul to the tinie
ti'acheotomiiy va reorted to. At that time
Dr. Lantigraf , of whose awkwardness Mmmc-
koimzio speaks so sham'imly , noticed time
growth 01 the cancer from week to week ,
whale time slistimiguished specialist , L'daclcemmzie ,
failed to notice the tact. urmtil it was too late
to doany good , Now about time croolnid cut
of ilramuinn ; may uitmswcr is this : [ 'lme accu-
satiorm is mm lie. 'fimo cut was made exactly
in the immlildle , Mackeriuie told l'ritmetj
Henry , of I'russmu , at San ilemno , humnseif ,
that time olcratlon had bcemm ndmnira-
ily perforimmeil. In regard to time choice
of tUbes. If time operation of tracheotoimmy
imad to be made so far as to cause a wound
directly over time breast hone , a short tube
caimnot. be used , here I need not defemmd ummy.
self to members of time medical profession
who kiiow the operation , as Mackenzie is
avumro of himself , and imis nttackmimg my
judgmmment in time selection of time tube was
slniily , intended to deceive time laity the out-
skiers. Aimy medical man wouhi see time
shimhlowpretemmco at once , Now in regard to
the very serious charge made against me
with regard to what took pla o on Api-il 12 ,
when I am said to have ploughed a deep
wound in time emperor's throat mind caused an
lmmflammatlon in time cellular tissues between
time trachea anti time sternum , or breast bone.
Again am I CohimliehietI to the belief that Mac-
kcimzie failed to grasp time mneanizmg of Vcr.
chow's Post mortem , wherein no mention occurs -
curs of any such inflammation.
"On time commtrary , time cellular tissues lying
back of the breast bone , the interior medmas-
tortmm , showed no evidence of any cicatriza-
tiomm , but only of purely normal conditions.
'rime post mortem showed time immncdiumte
cause of deattm. 'I'imo inilumnmutjon of time
lumigs was shown to be of recent ditto , I
thim.'ut asked l'rofessor Virchow iii time jres.
011Cc Of Limo numerous Witimesses who signeul
time m'eport , wlmeii timis inflammation of time
lummgs might have boon supposed to have
begun. 'l'he professor answered certaimmlv
not mimore timuun two weeks ago , hrobahJl' imot
umoro thmnmi six or seven days ago. Timis Mute-
kenzie heard. lIe saw time disenseil lung
and stilt dared to mnahimtitin tlmt ii muamiiimuhmm-
tion of mine , mmmdc eight weeks before , was
time direct cause of time emperor's death. No
medical mann would believe timis lie , but time
credulous and ignorammt among the general
public tony and mnahce cuuo of time Gcrmatm doe-
tars rCSmOoSlblO for timEs sad result.
"Time course of time dlseas ma Emperor
Frederick's case ran time usual course of
ever.v cancer of time iarynx ; first a little
wart-like gm-owtlm that gradually grows larger
and larger anti finally Involves time entire
cavity of time larj'umx. Vhen time patient can
no longer draw air Into time lungs trachmeotommiy
becomes necessumr' , Later on time imaril
sweiiing him time larynx softe s , becomes gun-
gremmous and decays. Corrupt matters drop-
plug into the lungs produces ltmliaumimmuit.ioim ,
of 'lmlchm time Patlelmt dies , This was time case
with the Emperor Frederick. The Imst-
niortomim simot'ed time whole larymmx to have
ts't'n eumtemi away. him Its Imhutco wits a great
cavity Iiihc'tt with itums amid ichor. 'ruts is mmli mo
slimmimle that I veimture to say tie mimedical umumn
mu citlmor Europe or America would , after
readimig time ( iemmmmatm report , fuiii to comime to a
lust comiclusmoim about time case , Dr. Mackeimziu
ultvuiys excepted. I I no post-mnortcmmm haul
been made , Mackenzie would have hecmm free
to iimslst on mmli the stuttemimonts his vivid liii-
aginatiomu anti bad conscience could sug-
"ills icut have butt short hogs. Mackenzie
says tlmat the Emmmpcror 1"m-cderick told imliu lie
had no confidence in moo , 'Ulmis may or mimav
not ho ti-tie , but it in imo wise affects time f4cts
in thu case. "
'rime Herald correspondamit had noticeil
in time handsome house on timu Alex
nuder Ufer a pimotogrmmpim of time emit-
PCi-Or , aL-ross s'iiich in the emperor's own
hands were traced time words : "In daimk.
barer em-immmmm'rummg. " Them is also a stihi of pa-
11cm' signed by the samime aumzmmst hanil , at. the
sammme timmie during hits iilness. Whmmit is traced
on this utii1i of paper may hot , for obvious
reasons , be produced , but time wot-tium
certainly bail one to Immfor that at
time thee they were written the professor
enjoyed time full confidence amid esteem of
his immmpem'iaI hiaticut anti master. "Of this
interview of Prince i3ismarkI concluded
time professor , " 1 was not thom-u amid cannot
nflirmmm or deity , btmt. if Dr. m1ac1tcnule mactim-
om.y is as treacherous ma regard to what
passed then its it is in some other mnattor his
accounts would be takomm 'cum grarmo stills. ' "
- -
Time Kmiigimtm 01' Labor.
PmIIL&mmEIt'uiA , OeL 15-Thie regular
emomitimly meeting of the executive board of
time ICuights of Labor begun at the headuar-
t4N of time order him thmt city to-day , with
Messrs. Powdoriy , Maguire , Bailey , Ayic-
worth and lla'es prcsenL Time other two
members of time board , Messrs. Carlton and
harry , have placed their resmgnation In time
hiammds of the board , and action upon them
will constitute one of the most important
events in time history of the meotmtg. ( The
board hind a very short session to-day , and
vcr.v little out side of routine business vam
Children Cry for Pitcher's ' Castoria.
: W'on flsby ws.i sick , we gsy. her Ca..tofl& .
When aba wu a Child , abe cu-led for CstOr1& ,
When she bacta. 1l , aha ciug to faoda ,
: ieha.ichudrea , , sh gvs them
- - -
The Activity and Interest It Arouses
In Political Circlos.
lie ut Urt'ctcd whim a Serenade at time
NtiIartt-Mcstrms. Wiiedou mmd
baiishiig Sticisk cmi hiVe
Isttes-Thie Priniarles.
IIoii anil Ofhineq.
Following the prmnmarios , of Saturda' the
demmmocr.mtic aslmitants were out to a mmmii
Kutting up immmms umuoim which to rest beforO time
commventiomm. As usual , time numimber of oflices
to be filled is fur Icis tinum the imumimber of
candidates , all umimxioims to comivert time gable
end of their trousers mmmto un ommmery block to
be used In ohisiiiimg ofticiat st'tmmds. As to
time result. of time convcmmtiotm there is iiiucim
conjecture , 1'iic slatu that vzms nmade till by
time wlrc.mimmmniimulutiug eieimiemit has beetm dis-
c'am'uhed , amid time catmtestammtmm vIhl be c' anpellod
to vngo timeir clmmiimms hriimelp.mhiY UpOn aim 1mm.
dividutmi issue ,
As tO time nomnimmees for state senator-
time numumos of ( jimmurlus Van Caump , ihim-
cob Paumlseim and \V , II , I3nmns arc time most
hrommmiimctmtl imicutlonod , himmhmis is reported
to have a strong foilowing , leaving time tlgimt
lot' time timird hmetwced l'uulsen and Vmmtm
Camp. As to time latter two , Paulsen is saul
to ho time stroimgor milan. Huh aside Li-cam
this , timere hi mm well-foummdoml rmmmumot' utloat to
time effect that a ecrtaimm elenment is desirous
of commferring time imomimmmmtion on some cm time
veteran mnemniiers of the ranks , tmchm as
Chancy lhrowim , . J. 1'ltlk'tOtI , 'James E.
lloyd amid macmm of like itoiltmeat jmreuiiucmmeo.
Time scimemiw is to mmouimlmmumto such candidates
with time tmmider.ttandluig that they % 'ill
afterward resign , timerei Vesting tIme norimt-
nation , front a delinlt.e mtammuipoiut , in time
imummnis of thu county central i-omniuittce. Timis
Is said to be a schotime commimeeted with time
Jta.stinhi elcinemit on time other simle , tu ) dowmm
time above camididates , or any one of theni , in
furor of Ihuiscali.
Time miriimclpal flglmt will be m.dc on time
miomnhtmatloit for county coimminlssiqmmor , There
are but two imrOumiutCiit csimdjdates-
lllciiarml O'ICcofo mtimml William Nero.
O'keofe ' , after canvassing time retmlt of time
lmrlmnarios Saturday night. clammed that lie
would outer time coimveimtio.n.Wth ( at least
sixty-five phedgmd votes , wimlhm is temm umome
thmaut time requmireul mmmmmnber On the other
hand Nero claims a mmmajority of time dde-
gates. Ho mmlso assorts thmitimO , hiss a
large Danish support tHat c.i only
be commtm'olhetl by lila .uwntmumtlon. . . It
is svehl knowim flint NormS link bmm tendered
time nommuirmation for tIme iomvem lieu-sc at time
legislature , in case lie would thmm'ow his support -
port to O'lCoefo ' , but time-otTer was h ) OflhItl'
Time struggle for time county tittornoysimmp
rests bctwcetm SimQemimuker , aimQmmey ummd
Ritchmie. Time latter Is reported to have but
a snmmmil fohlowimmg , amid to be bmicfng as a
dark imorso. After caumvassing tito' fIeld yesterday -
terday Shoemaker claimed tq have discovered -
covered a mnmjority ; of the delegates iii his
favor. As to Mmmhmommey , whcmm questioned , he
was nomi-committal
In coimnection with the mmominatton for
members of time lower house , timcr i are uiu-
inci'ous aspirants In time 'imands of their
frienmis. " It. is gmvon out that Pat. Forum xviiI
hot collie out as a catmd'mdatc , mtltimougbm reports
exist to the contrary. lim response to time
iiuestiout as to hits canmlidacy yesterday , Forth
stated that he svums omit of thu race. Alderman -
man Snvder , Wii ( ) uimtii rocontls'tvmms reported
to be looking forward to it seat in the lower
imouse , also asserts that. lie wilt make no
effort in that dmrectiomi Judge A. , C. Reed ,
of the Timirml ward , is tmiakimmg a strong tight ,
as is also , loimn McConnell , for time imoimmina.
tiomis. However but little mmttention is being
IRmId to issumes coimnected with time lower
tmommse , time oimlypoimmtbeimmg taken that imobotly
but mm "tried anti trusted" denmocrat shall be
grunted time honor of the riomumnmmtioim ,
lImit little huts bcetm mione by thu republicans
iii time mmiimttoi' of eeimtering upomm sommmmtoi'ial
candidates. It is generally conceited that
w , F' . } 3echel and Mute Lee , both menmb rs
of tli citcouncilviil fljum'e before time convention -
vention to-duty its camuliates for that
iilacc. Time third man centered upon is I. S.
lhmsacuihl , Time latter assorts that lie tvili be
nonminateul by acclamation. It is also rumored
that imo is authority for the statement thak a
lam-ge domnocrittic element will support hint at
the gemmcrmml election.
F'or county commtiissloner , John F' . Butler ,
- of time city council is
sergeant-at-am-ms , men-
tionod. In addition to this timerd m-eothCr
candidates relOrted to ho iii the iu kground ,
who will caine to time surface at. timt canyon-
tion today , Rumor has fl that in all
probability Gus Anti-cnn and 1.l. . Sthmt ,
vihl be connected in time latter revelation.
Latest rummmors commectoti itli time struggle
for time lower house are tcthmm cffeetthat Ed
Cormmisim of time First wtmrd Frank Icasper
of time Second ; M. 0. Ricketts ( Colored ) of
the Third : McConnell qf the Fourth ; Miller
of tIme I'mfthm : .Iolmn Erck of time Sixtim ; Wiggins -
gins of the Seventh ; fommm Brmmnncr of time
Eighth ; and Vhmitimiore of Valley precinct ,
wlil be active canthhulates befom'e time canyon-
tiorm. Mike Maul of time 'l'lmim-ml was waited
noon by the eommmmitt , usiuiug . , hiiu to
coumme bofom'o the commuultee fr the lower
imoumso , but the gentiemuan in , iuetion do-
dined. It is said bythe rounilcr that P. .3.
Williams , time colored candidate endorsed
at time meeting of tue Third Ward Re.
puimhican club for time lower house , wilt be
defeated in the convention. . -
Ills Omimalma FrlCflI8 Wcicorne ifitmi
With a Sertmnde.
Time Manderson Guards and the Young
Men's Republican club formmd last night at
time hicamhquartors of the Tiilrdsvnrd club arid
drew up mm line of march. TIme iif'occssion
\vits headed by time Elite baud. ' 1'lm occrmsion
of the turmm-out rmis the serommado to bo tomi-
dered Seumator Maimdersomi at tIm ? Millard
hotel. Arrived at time cormmer of liii rteentim
mind 1)oulas streets , Senator Matmmlem-sou Was
him'eemmted to time audience , mmuambcrlmmg about.
1Jo. ( from time balcony of the-Millard by
Major ( Jiarkson. . '
Senator Muumdcrson said : There was a
when umearly cvcu-y face in Omaha yas ( a-
immmliar to mu. But ttme inhabitants , like this
groat. anmi cmmtei'prismng cIty , have
alnmost. outgrown my rocolloctiob.
dId. not , on this occasion , come
to address you upomm tIme political issues , but I
did come to bring you glad tidhmmgs ( rain time
empire stato-Nomv York. I left there abotmt
one treek ago , and I am hleaseti to mimforin
, jOU that the lroshectsof a republican victory
in that state are more than promising.
firimily behiuve that the eluctor3l vote of New
York viit be cast iu repudiation of Grover
Cleveland. Vu li-ave now bind an oxporieimco
of democratic rule for four years. We are
facing a cainpaigim imiude upon tin issue that
the republicaim party him-s fought of ! for a
quarter of a century. mmml thmuit is free trade.
Timey , time demmmocrmts , toll us timat. it is on time
basis of reform , but. let. inc say to you that
timis reformation is mmmdc him time interest of
time European niatmufneturer , amid against time
American mmmanulnt-turer nm.l imroducer. Time
dcutocrmmtmo party stole into iwwer tour years
ago under the iiretotmso of reform , but in no
way has time party made an endeavor
to car-ry this into effect , amid I may say that
such trere not their iutemitions. Aside ( rozn
time campaign at other imoints outside of New
York , I discovered In my journey that time
great state of Indiana wIll , in all prolahility ,
roll up a big malority fQr her favored son ,
licimlamin Harrison. At home , luNobraska ,
we have a campaign of our own. 'our fellow -
low townsman , John A McShane , is an as-
L pirant against our noble old and gallant
soldier , John M. 'rhayer. Lot the ballot. be
an honcmt one and I say to you that the 7th
day of November will tvelcomne a malority
veto of 25,000 for the latter. In Dcuglas
coummty on a fair ballot the republican party
will send a full representation to thmo state
legislature. They harp about time submission
plank , but the bravo and reliable soldier
never lhimmchies , oveim under fire. "
At this luncture , as the speaker concluded ,
Major Clarkson informed time anxious crowd
that speakIng was in piogress at the council
chambcr and the throng moved In that di-
0. . 0. VJietiotmIefends Lilsiltig
I'rlison itrrangenmotms ,
Affer Senator Mmumdorson hmid concludoJ L
his i-ennui-ks ti-eta time balcouy ot the Millard
ist uiht a larga mmunbcr of people congro
- z
gutted In time council cimanmbor , whore C. 0.
Wimedotm amid Tt * S' Lansing , of Lhmmi'oln ,
vore aiinoummmcmit th sitcak. It Wits shortly
aftoi' Mmmjor T. S Clariusoim
called time immeutlag , tO order amid Presented
Mr.Vimotlomm , whondtiressetl , time umeetirmg on
time subject of 1'uirasluum l'risomi Limber. "
lie took tiio g und that time manage-
nicmmt of stmtti ) rlsons is a imraetlcmmi
rmmtimer timaa a , , olitical qtmestlomi , lie
stated time ar4tFtmts for amid mmgmmiimst
time eomitract sytThm ; amid reviewed tim itrisomi
policy of time stAu s it. Prcseimtetl itself dur-
big time luglslathE. session of 1S87. tmlr
Whmouloum then mmim4m a stat.exzmemmt. of the ox-
houses or t.lmo Obraskmm peuitoimtlmmry , otiti
comimpareti its oliprimtivmms vltim limo Rumisums imen-
ltotmtlmmry. Thlms.yu followed vitJm a state.
macitt of time earni.ugs. Uimdrr thmo lme.ui of
c.ommi1etltlomi lie UXJitlitmeul that. time s'orlc of
time Neura.ka , coimvicts uudei eoiitrict was
equivalent to time iaiiorof i28 mmmcim , There are
1mm time st-ate iii time smummo trades mis tiursueti at
time hemmitontiar iYJ,7t)5 immen. Time si.eaker
nrgmied that timtmcoumpetltion of time comivicts
cults little flgum'ti. lie shioweti thattimehill of
lsn , extcimdimig time coimtm'acts was gemmerumiiy
eouimnmeimth'dmtt timn.tInmo lie held that time
syst&uiim imitti beti mm benefit , but was iireii.u'ed
to acecimt mi bcttt'rsysteumm oircretl.
Following IIr.Vieaotm , the cimairnmamm in-
ti-educed I. V. l mmmsimig , vim Hitoke substamm-
tiumlly as fohlott's :
\Vti are imow omm time ore of a canipaign that
will not. tile in time 3mmenmory of time hiClIlO (
mmfter Its tcrmntimmmtloimVe immmve set out as aim
oppressed hicetile to battle br our rikhits ,
amid its republicans to protect our hmoimim' lii-
dustries from the lmms'usiomm of British pro-
mhticts Time uleimmocratic ham-t hiss sitmimmicremi
tiowmm anti has mirmtggod what few prlmmeihiles
it possessed tiowim with it. It hmim siImmiimOrCh
dowim to one mmmamm-Grover Cleveland. It
hits got to timmtt poiut that wheim Grover takes
snuff every mieniocruit imas to .siiceO 'rimoy
lauticimeil omit on an Issue of free trade , but
have shmica discovered timat It would imot be
tolerated , mmmi 1mm coimsequenco have hegmmn tO
cruiw-tisim , Chevchumimd in hits last limessagu to
congress dwelt leimgtlmlly omm time tarift iimmml
pmtimrcd mnetummhiorieuily time evils It was
usimehtarimig , Vimat yums this imiessage 1
I assort that it was a irmeasuro
on free trade , us radicaltoo , as ever fotmimil
its lmmto hi-hit. amid to time eyes of time
rcmmdhmg tmblie.'lmumt does it nicani Ioos
it immeumi that time ummmmmmmfactmmriug elaimmemit himom
growim rich by tint having an active coma-
Potitori I mlefyany mummi to ( lraw any other
coimclusioim timmmn that it. vums di-sigimoti in time
lmmtercst of foreigtm umaimufactum'n and forcigim
ealmital mitmd labor. I 'do imot dosirti you to
take mn3' Utter.mmice as proof , but turim to time
ltmdisptmtablc e'itteiico timat stutnOs on our
records. Figures are time speechless wit-
tiosses that ofttimm supplant imumnamm tostitmmony ,
amiti iii this instance they play a most ccii-
imcuou pmrt : , Nos- let us take up tim m-ecord
of time present democratic administration. Iii
time cibinet : of time United States 'e imnvo
representatives-wimo , to a great extommt , fasim-
10mm time destiny of nU our , umrioses. Who are
theyl Six archi.trmiitors to this republic-
hmitmulmarks of rebellion nd disunion. lImit I
regret timat simim cmiii ho said. It is only one
of time litany unpardonable erm'ors
of the pm'esent admrmlnmstrmmtion. 'l'hmetm
again hierimmlt tile to cail your uttentioim to time
weakness of thme chief executive. 'runt to
hits action on time fishery issue with Canada.
Our school-boy of to-duty is vcstcd with iimom-o
nmormml comirmmge thutm was shown iii this iii-
stumtmco. Timcn ss'e have time Cutler-Me'xieatm
tiasco , his PolisiOti vetoes , amid above all
timiged s'ithm nmonnmemmtal disgrace amid cow-
ardicm3 , the attenipUi1 rctum'mm of time rebel
ulais. I wonder thimttmthe spirit of conviction
does not utmehiahim tJe patriotism of every
American citizen atfmtc-auso them to tripe out
any tiimtm or party , ttm4 womild dma-u to rimliect
tipon time linde of tlmisgoveriiriiummt in such a
dastardly light. ,
Iii commcimmding thjjeaker took occasinim to
review time tariff Lssmc , ammnimmg sonic scathm-
immg elmitimets at. J. Stor3ing Morton , whom lie
styled "time free tr.ihio satellite of rural
demuocracy" . -
TILE j:1c1A1t1Es. : ; ;
DoIogaft' So1e t for the Conven-
thom , to Hr jiel.i To-tiny.
Time m'cpublicami iuin-aries were held yester-
timly to select tIme county commvetm-
tion , which will bu-ht,1d this riterimoon. Time
delegates selectef u Qumalma and South
Omaha are as follavm
First Ward-IatQ Liawes , John Christo-
phorson , I. 8Ilascahl , E. Sttiht , F.V. .
llotmdhamiem , John Butler , Leo Estelle and .1.
v. Lytlo. Time delegatIon viil supriort hits-
call for time senate and Stuht for coummty
conitnisslorier. It wIll b divided on coummty
attorney a follows : Curley 4 , Eller , 2 ,
Smith I.
SecommdVmirdFmcd flcimm , Frank Dworak ,
M. Ii. Redhlold , ' 1' T. Darn , Fred Ilogo ,
George Stryicer , A , . wiclcar l mmd E. M.
Stc-imimorg. Time delegation will support Our-
Icy for county attorney John Ilogo for
county comtmmissioocr and Hascull for state
ThuuiVmmrtlCharlos Webrer. S. B. Suimithi ,
Id. 0. Maul , Lee Hartley , II. 0. Rickets , L.
E. fleeti , A. II. Hrlggs , P. J , Williams ,
Fourth \Vard-Fraimlc E. Mooros , Fred W.
( ray , W. I' . Iteotmel , Gutare Atmilersorm ,
Charles ic. Coutant , T. S. Clarkson , W. .1.
hiroatcim 11. S. I3crlum.rriie ticket is for
( I url.y . tot. coutmty uttormmey ,
FmfLtmVard'I'hmomnas Cummmmiiings , John
McDonald , 13. F. Redumatm liemiry Duimn ,
William Butler , Jamnes Wilsoim , John B.
Eimiglmt , , Immcoim Miller.
Seventh Wumrtl-C. L. Cimaffec , Chmarley
Potter , C. F. I3eimidorll , M. D hyde , C. H.
\Vooley , Villlaui Farr , A. L. Wiggimms , A. S.
Chtmm'cimihh. -
1-iglmth Wumrd-Johmn T. Clarke , .1. H.
Moore , G. U. Arntstroimg , Simon iCaha , John
B. Furmty. William Coburn , John Grovcm ,
U. H. hialcoambe.
Ninth ward-George F. ilrown , F. L.
Blunter , U. S. Bcimawa , George Benson ,
Charles A. Coo , J. K Coulter , H. P. iCmmight ,
Hugh McCaflery.
Soutim Omaha-David T. Bohncr , Charles
C. Stanley. Ole Johnson , Daniel Condon ,
Theodore F. Elliott , .1. B. Eriomm , Frank Bar-
hess , Bommjamhim J. Coy.
"Time best on cai'th" can truly be said
of Gm'iggs' Glycerine Salve-a speedy
cut-c fem cuts , bruises , scalds , bui'immm ,
SOi-C:3 , 1)ilCS , totter and skttm eruptions.
Tm-v _ this wotider healer. 25 cents.
Guaranteed. Gooduman Drug Co.
Bishop NewnmanTqhhs Thictim Thihtigs
Tiimtt Mmmst. be lone
Members of time Methodist Episcopal do-
nouminattom canto from evem'y church in time
city and suburbs last night and tact. in time
First M. E. church to welcome ilisiiop Now-
maim 1mm aim immformmial home-like style.
Omaha , \\'cst Omaha , Ilanscom I'.irk , South
Tentim street , Castellar , Seward amid Trinity
vcre alt retiresonted and listened to the
bishop speak on tImings of general interest to
Mottiodismn. He ref&cd to the proposed
itmeoting of time generat nfeicnco in Omaha
and dwelt upon tliO ncesstty of having a
church edifice wortimy pt Onmaima , amid tfio
august hotly that is tOeot. lie also spoke
of mmii Episcopal residmten , wimicim would imiso
be a necessity in oa ithO took up his rest-
dunce iii this city , amid bmtitnatcd timat. unless
the Methodists of Otuaima followed uim the
Imlan inaugurated Sunday there nilgimt lxi
50010 difflcuity In thmn.r obtaimmimig either time
coimferenco or the bistmopl The remainder of
time evening va-s 8loe in hiamid shaking aimd
getmeral commvursatmoim.iater which time itro-
eeodltmgs were brougb % hi a elose by all hires-
cat. singimmg time fanmillsr Imynin "Blest lIe time
Tie That hiiimds" Thmsubscriptions _ to the
building fund now ej9 23IOOO.
Oldest and the bos , Jarvis branay.
Time iieimrehnt'ity I'nIr.
Exposition hail lireSeiiteu a brilllumut scone
last evening , time even being the opening
night of the ftebrew fair that is to continuum
every ovenmmg of the week. Time difforeimt
booths haul been decorated witim time greatest
taste and presented for sale every article tin-
aginablo for beautifying a imoiiw. There are
fancy goods amid oiiitimi tloiartmmmetmts , candy
cigar booths , a wheel of fortune , a lowelry
booth , besides mm beautiful pavilion called Re-
bocca's welt where lemonade is served.
There is also a postoil1ct3 and art dmmputrtimiont
and numerous other attractive features. Re-
froshmments are servoul iii the bmslcommy. An
orchestra of fifteen iile8 discourses music
for dancing at. lutervals.
See Poyctee Bro.sfor cider.
Tue 'cathmcr ItitliontiouM.
Nebraska atmd Dakota-Fair weather ;
nortbweatoz-ly svinds anti cooler.
Iowa-Fair weather , atiUtiy cooler
nortiiwoterly vinds.
Mr. Blair Coinmonta on time ProI-
dont'o Pension Votooo.
Makes aim itttemtmpt to Explahti
time $7O0OOOO Iepusit-Tiio
almiJotmm-ntimeum ( - IhmmInoss
iii thitm ihotmime.
\VAuIunro , Oct. 15.-'rime umessageof time
iiresidetmt retoimmg time Itensiomi bill. of Mt-s.
Sutraim'ooilimrltigtm atm time groutmd timat imer
second hmmmsbaimtl vas still livIng , maid timut.
such a lrecottent otmght imot to be estabiisiietl ,
'mts haiti before time sommate. 'rime bill mmmiii
nmessmmgc wore referred to time comuimmittee aim
Mr. lIoam called nttcmmtiomm to time ttmion
Pmtclh1 funihmmmg bill utmiti stiggosttd that , lii
viems' of its great tnmportmumce , it simommud be set
tiotvn for hmemmt'immg for time first Tuesdumy lii
Dccoimmbcr Agreed to ,
rdt. Blair , In comimmi'ctiomm tvitim time veto mimes.
mtmge , iirocecdt.d to thisemiss h'etmsiott vetoes
gemmerauiy , mmiii time case of Mary Anti Iiougim.
erty hlartl'tiltmrlY. ! ills remmmarics brougimt
forUm a rcimly ( remit Mr. Ceckrehl of Missouri ,
'lio wam-imihy defeimmled time course of time
presudemit on time pension vetoes. 1mm reply to
timuit , Imlr. ithitlL' chmumrmm'tcrized time Presudemmt
us "mutt iimfuimiious lilmeler" In imimvltmg used his
great nowcr"to ilefimnie atmul libel tiiis wommmamm' '
louglmct-ty tmntmecosarlly. Mmmry . % num hommgim-
oi.ty , lie osserteti , was a wemmlatm of li-re-
; 'roucimahio clm-.mrmmcter , while there was "imo
nroof of thmo cham'umcter of time assaiiatmt"
At time clumso of Mr. Blair's remarks tue
lrestdommt's , timessage vetoing time bill grantitmg
a icrmsion to Mary IC. Ricimards vms : haitI before -
fore time senate , time groummul of dis'.mpimrovul
being tiimtt time bemmelielary would reccmvo
wither thio action of time peumsiomi hRirc.l1t mm
mimuch larger ummm tiiimim simu woumlul receive
ummiher time bill. Referred.
Atmother mmmcuusulge fromim time hreshdemit ) , rum-
turmmitmg without his upi.roVuml time bill
grammtimig is peumslott to M. S. Brad.
siuumw1 was laid before time setmmmte.
'I'lmo groumtd of dismipproval is t.hummt
time disability was mmot oimtrai-ted in time mmmiii-
tury service , Laimi omm time tumble.
Mr. l1al immtrouluced a bill authorizing the
secretary of war to lroteet ) time Washmimmgtotm
miqueduct tnutmtih. l'ut-tscuh ,
Mr. 13m-otvim in-esamitcul a petitiomm of time
\'omuemm's Cimristimmim 'l'cmmmh'uranco union of
Georgia for a repeal of time immtcriimml revemmuo
himws , timid addressed time senate. lie refer-eu
to the fact that there vmus mme ltmoruum of
either iiouso in tIme city \Vushmimmgton , mmmiii
that tiobuslucits could be la'fully domme itt
time fmmco of a single obicctiotm. 'l'hmer was ,
tlmetefom'e lie iamhd , but one thing left to be
done , amid that was to adjourn at. time earliest
day i'osibic , Ilti asked Mt. Ahilsomi to say
wimtutlmur there m'as ammy lossiLmlo ) chammce of
hiasshumg tii&i tim-itT bill mit time liresetit ses-iomm ,
Mr. Aihisomm said that lie diii mmot see a imos-
sibihity of pmmssiimg it in time seiiumte umttlcr time
surmoummdummg cit'cutmmstammces , utud evcmm if' it
ver.e liassd 1)S' time senate it % % mts immipossible
to itmive time ameimmltimemit COllSudeied iii
the house before next Deccnmbor. It was
a fat that with time tariff bill
entirely and absolutely out of time IiUestiOfl ,
commgm'est vums miot itt this timm' amid hour ready
to adjoum'im. 'l'he gommeral duticiemicy tail haul
not. yet m'cceived time signature of time in'esi-
dent , and was emily souL to hmiom last Friday
01' Smmtmmm'dumy. Delay hail amisoim out of time
fact thmmmt tIme appropriation bills hind miot
colmie to time senate 1mm time early period of time
session. If lie luau his way lie should nash
tilt ) tfli'iff hilt to time exciusiomm of all otlmem'
The discussion of time nthjournmimcnt resolu.
tioim stopped here , amid time semiate proceeded
with the cotmsider.mtion of the tariff bill.
Jmlr.'est said timuit time tariff issue imad heemi
mimade Up aiud hmatl gommii to time country. What
lie desired to suimmnit would be 0mm SOriiO
iiuestiotistlmuiJ had arisen lit tIme cur-emit
debt. ] 'bo thm'st tmiatter % 'hichm lie discussed
Was the cm'arge. umado itt time semmate anti ott'
time stUimhp that $ GO,000,00m ) of public muonoy
laid been niaceth in iiatiOmmal batmks fot' P'ir- '
1)05(15 of ( avoritismn. lie repelled that chmumrge.
c-lamumiing timuut time money was distribmutoti
fmmirly amtmommg the mmatlommuml hamnlcs iii time ruinous -
ous cities , mmd that tue ofileors of only one
of such bonus beiommgemt to thu demmiocratie
nart3' . 0mm time other mmiii , lie ciainmeml
thmmt the First. Natioimmml bammk of New York ,
in 187' ) . tim cnmmmcctioim with the tmxchmaimgo
of 4 iom ceimt bommds , mmmdc etmotmnous proilts.
. 'rhis lCt of timu' m-eiimiblican admmmimmistu'cmtion , lie
said , from 1&l to ISST miimmde 1OOOOOOt ) of
clear profit on a capital of OOOOO. Its nrof-
its for 1S laid hcatm 12 per cent , itmt in IS7. ,
whelm it. was time fiscal agent of time treasury
in the exeimatigo pE 4 per ccimts , its liroilts
were 120 tier ccitt. Coimcludutmg , he said that
in thciticreascul dtmties of the senate substi-
tate for the Mills lull could lie Plamiml.V seen
the rer-tresunt hiummnl of New Emmglnnd.
Mr. Ahiiomm saUl that as to tue favoritism
shmowim time First Nimtionuml bmumkof New York ,
Mr. Sherman , then seerMuiry of time treasury ,
hind explained that mmmatter over amid over
again. It , had arisen out of time exchmamige of
4 nor cent bonds for 0 per cents , but tlmatwmms
not like time vrcsemmt case. Time erit-
icisun immade on time Present aihummitmistration
% viLs that instead of using this -.dOOOOOO
for time iurcimmmso , of bomitis , thus saving 2 nor
ccmmt jimt rest , it haiti put it into tmatlormal
bammks. without lumtemcuL What would be time
condition if thiLs wore October 1 , 1S91 , when
time 4 ncr cent bonds bocomime duet The
secretary could mmot pay tlmcmmm because time
calling 1mm of thmtt I.'V'OQOUOO front time national
batmls would create a pammic. That was time
objectiomm which he had to timat loan or do-
posit. lii addition to this $37,000,000 there
Was mm further aummomimit of JSOJOOO ( ) eu tie-
Posit in national banks to time credit 01 the
disbursing officers , atud time stimmator fromu
Miiemouri ( Vest ) cotmith not got away fm-omit
that oriticismn i ) ' alludimig to time treasury
oporatiolis in lJ , which were necessary and
Mm' . Teller obt.aimme1 tue doom- , amid time
tariff bill wemmt over till touiorrow , iumtl time
semmate ndlourued. _ _
\VA 5ttuOTO , Oct , 15-Time speaker pm-a-
ceethed to call time roil of time states fom' tlmo
lrmtroductioti of hills utnil resolutions.'Imen
Mabammma was called , Mr. Wheeler offered
time followitig for i'ufcrcimce :
Whereas , The siiat of time Ilimited States
has reporteth a bill to revise tue lavs , which
bill is mnot'e olmpressmve to time itmusucs of the
lOoPle amid immure iii the interest of ummotiop-
olists than nay meutsureever nroposed to army
lcgislumtive body of which we have record ;
therefore be It
Resolved , 'rimat the domnorratic nienibers
of this iioUsO pledge themselves to cotmtmnuo
their efforts to defend time nooplo against
this unequal , uimwise amid ummiust ieisimmtioum ,
which , If enacted irmto law , must immovitably
chmck imud liimmit time sale of Anmem'iearm prod-
acts in foreign couimLrmos , stinm.
uluito arid mttregthmon time opera.
thou Of cdmbhtmatioims ntmd trnsts ,
amid pm-oioimg , it imot perpetuate , time subjea-
tionm of time epio to time exactions of mmc
cmimmmuimuted m-mmpltimi. atmtl the demmiocratlo
immemmmbci-s of this congress viiI tmmuminmtaitm anti
contest upon timis mmtmtih victory is train or time
dmities with wimielm they have boon cimargemi
by time icojmie 1111150 by cotmstltutiomiah hiutitim-
tiori I timiti be It milso
flesoiveti , 'l'immit tim semmato tam-itT bill should
be dlsctmsseml tmpomm this hoar , to time cmiii timmmt
its features ummiy be exposed and mimado lcnos'n
to time hiooiile
After s'Mmmo discussion as to tIme propriety
of time rcsoitmtiomi , It. was referred to time cotmm-
nmttteo on rmmles ,
A resolution was Imitromluc'ed by Mr. O.ttes
of Califormmia to chose the iireseimt. sossiomm
Cotmgrt'ss atm time ITtim inst. amid It trims hmmltt
over ummtll to-imiorrow , The imotiso timim ad-
jourmmeth ,
Time ' 'Courmt Ies"F'lgiit Tutu tiiatt- ,
New Yoiumc , Oct. 15.-Specal ( Telogrammi to
Tami l3mr..i-Semisible thonumoorats who hmmtvc
time lmmtet-tmsls of time party itt heart are nskimmg
eacim otimmtviiy is hot this throat cuttimig
busimmess 1mm tim-c r mrt' in this cIty stopped.
'flmey hma'e good m'eason to mtsic time questiomi ,
for none of time cotmrmty democracy Ilmtt
hums gamin forth to that orgatmizut-
tiomi's oflicials in power , "liscimargo
au 'I'.mtmmnumny imuthi amen in yotmr etmipiny. "
( ionermh Nets-tori , commmmmiissioner of public
works , gave an ruier this immormmitmg to that
effect , Over a dozen Tutmmtmnamiy nimeti am
time departnmermt % s'cre out of a lob this even-
hug , 'l'lme Tunmmrmmammy ofilcimils am-c going to do
time sammiti with time coumity demnocracy mnemm iii
their emmmploy , mmmmd time coimsequenmee wilt be
timmut time two organizations of ticimmo-
crate tt-mil fight each other like
cats , Trmtlo will bum mmttemmiimtcth
amid time iiLmrt.- trill stiffer. 'l'hmo rcpmmblic.mnis
nluetl mm imcrf'CtiY ie.itmmumate mmliii mmoat trick
Ott the dommiocrumts. Time latter have been
umrm'ummiging for a grand street Parade on time
Satum'day night before election , Time reinmb-
ilaiis Woimt to laoailquartei-s ummmul secureti a
ncmmmilt for a big panmmdo on tim samime tIny amid
hour mis tIme mlemmmocrats tiesireul. As but one
large ilariude viil tim all lirohlahihitY lie allowed
0mm time suiimio tiny , time roimmibhicimims have got
their oppoiments where time hmmir Is short.
.Stiieltie mit' a itmmiiiil.
Nat' YoImK , Oct. 15.-Rumbbi 'ii. Strauss ,
late of Cincinnati , eommmmitted suicitte by
shooting hmixmmseif iii time head witim a pistol lit
a closet in Ccmmtral iiarlc timL umfternoomm. Let.-
ters cmi hits iiersomm led to Imis ideiititicationm ,
which was afterwards corroberateul by ltmmbbi
Sihlurumiuum of thus city , wlmose immune was amen-
tioned iii Otme of the letters as cnuleavorimmg to
assist hminm to get work. lie was O years
old. lhthbi Strauss had put up umt time Occi.
tientuth hoWl , cmi time lhotvcry , limit left timi'm'e
this miiornmiimg mmii shmimpeti his baggage to Clii-
cititmati , vimero lie fom'mmmetly imad a stimuli
eimumrgtm. lIe had bitt 5 in hits pocket.
- -
I'nsmsetig'r * zssochmmt 10mm 1'.l imthtiie.4 ,
Citicumo , Oct. 15.-A nmcetlng of time North-
svestem'im passemmgem association ti-as hmelul to.
day to coimsudor what s'as best to bit domme in
View of time chiai'gos prefer-red by time Mitmime-
apolis & St. Louis against the Wisconsin
Cetmtral , anti time mlnternmmtmmatiomm of time latter
road to withdraw from time nssociation. A
committee was appointed to confer ivitim time
gctmorai mnmmxmmmgers of the two roads to see if
time breach could riot be hmeaieml , timid arm ad-
loimrmmed niectiug viil be imeid to-mmmori'ow af.
termmoomi to receIve time report of time c.oummntt-
- -
Eleetioti Supervisors Vanted.
Cnitc.tno , Oct. 11.-Time petition of twenty
legal repubhicaim voters of Marion county ,
Iimdiana , ss'lmicim immelutles Imudmummiapoils , vas
tiresemiteul to Judge Oresimammm here to-day ,
asking for time apmoimmtmmmont of federal supervisors -
visors of oieitlomm for Marion couimty. 'l'lmo
jtitlgo authorized Judge Woods , of time
Umtitetl States district. coum-t of lnmdiammmm , to
act iii imis nluce. As them-u mire no registra.
tion htttvs iii I mmd hum smmpen'visurs mummy be up.
nointed up to mvitiimn ten days of chectioum
day. - _ _ _ _
Taken Smitldniy Ill.
Nw Yolue , Oct. 15.-Special [ Telegram to
'rtmr. licn.-Prof. ] F. You Esmmmarch , emiminent
Germnmimm surgeon. hmo svlthm his wife , time
Ii'iiiCeSs of Scimlesswmg-Iioistein , have been
visiting this country for several nmmommths ,
was takoim stmtldemily ill yesterday with acute
itiliauiimimutioim amid is mmow mm ant extremely
critical commdtiomm.
Jum-vis immedical brantl3' t.lme best.
The Thmunderei"s Charges ,
DomaiN , Oct. 15-Time Freennamm's J ournmml
imublisimos to-day thm gist of thu chr.rgcs
agahimst the l'arimelimtcs which time Lomithomm
'names will bm'immg forwartl before time coma-
niissiomi of inquiry. 'nbc emily smiecifie cimarges
are time payimig of nmmommc3' to crinimitmals for
their defense nuul to help tlmc-mn to eseimhte.
Six gold inedulsuiwnndcml , Tarvis bra tidy
1rrested For i'erjury ,
MtNNI : ' .mli.t5 , Oct. 15.A i'averly , Ta. ,
special says : Mrs. i'ii. E. illlimngs wits or-
restoul to-dumy ( or alleged piiury in time tcs-
timmtoiiy givcnm by her in time trial of imembus -
band for mnuruler , Coummty Attorrmoy Kinmgsley ,
last Deceamber , She is now ui lali.
Ioctors giyeJarvis olmi Iu'zmndy.
A Uhoekattem Of Itejected Wheat.
MLNNEArIthIS , Oct. 15.-There is a blockade -
ado of lOO cars of rc3eeted wheat hero.
Time elevators refuse to accept It and time
stuff stmmnds on time trunk. Time roads imnve
now imgreeii to let their cars go east. of lucre
If time cumumi'ges are im'epalti , mind it will ime
lifted. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The Yeiiow Fever.
.l.m'gso'vt , Fin. , Oct. 15.-'rimo official
bulletin for tIme twemity-four hours etmtloI at
( I I' ' , tO , to-duty is : New cases , 25 ; deaths , 3
total mitmimiher of cases to ditto , J,56'J ; total
nuimmbor of tiemmthsi1 ( .
Dhumz' llo-electiotm Coimflrimicul.
CiTy Ci' Mflxico , ( nut Galveston , ) Oct. 15.
-Congi'ess to-day deciar.'ii timid Geimorumi
PorqUnio lmaz imas been re-elected presmdcimt
of the republic.
- _ -
N. B. 1'nhe.nier.
0mm VTedtmesu1ay we mnmtke a speciel smile
of i'ibbonms , At this ueusomm sm'e find our
stock too heavy , amid tvili mimalco prices
wreduiesdity to i-educe it. Putrtieuimtrs
to mmiom'row. N. B. F'4t1.toNmtit.
Fiflecti hlmitmUred Nemv Citizens.
CiticAco , Oct 15.Fifteemm lmtmntircd nimn
wore mmaturallzeuh imere to-day.
For MAN/ ! 4. For BEAST !
; ; -
N Mustang ) IaXIeANMUSThNe . LiNiment/ , .
e1 &aj sa i
, . . , - . , - - - , _ _ ( 'p . . - ,
, . -
. , '
Mit. ausr. p1TEltSoN.
Long Standing ,
Ins 53'iiiplOihIs W'Ci'C Nose voiiLt1
stOj ) tip , lirtt Olin side Llieit the other ,
dull jiiii ovti eyes , 1iavkiiig and
tqi'ittiiig , cti ; , t1istres in
stomach , bolcliiiig of wind , flutitmicitce ,
Mi- . Petersen resides aL No. 913
'rvciut3'-fiLh aveihile , niid is employed
rtt ; the Andrecit SmifoVorlcs , coi-iior
1-lilt tutu Juclcoii sli'&et.s , anti cata ito
sceil 1) ) ' any oiie desii'iiig to lemtril aIIy
thing of Lilt ) truuiiiient.
( ( of Uellovtmo ihcspttahNew Yomkj
Succeeded by
DOJZ'It ( ) M. JOhtflttN ,
( Late ( It till ) IJnmIyorsity of New Yonk City aug
iluiu-mud University , wmmnimimigton , I ) , ( Y ,
No. 31O and 311 Ramno Bultdlng
Corner I"lftremmthm amid ilmurney 515. . Omnitha , Neb ,
ti-hero all cmmrabie cas , , are treated
with success.
Note-Ui- . Charles Ti ! , Jordan hma been rmiI'
dent iiimysiciamm for' hr. McCoy. in ( ) nnmmii * , for
time year amid Is tiis physician tYhic ) hilt
rustle tflu cmire-m thmmt have boon puijitmito
smeckly In thIi istlei- .
Methlesi diseases treated skillfully , Conitmnip-
tlonm. ilrigimt's , ii.ass lyspetmia ithmt'iml.umtlsiit , .
timid mmii NiitVOUS IftliA3ES. An titsaat's pe.
. C'i'AltttU
eumhlar to the sexes a pectaity.
CUlII-h ) .
CONSUIJIWL'ION at olhico or by mall , $1.
0111cc imours-Oto it mm. m , 2to p,41 , , 1 t081) ,
ill l3untlayoUiCe inoums froum U mm. mz. , La 1 p. cm ,
Correspondence m-eootveapromupt stteutiomt.
MsnvdIseaes am'e treatumii sutQesstmmUV by II , .
Jordou Imirougn time nmatlsm.suct 5 LsUmti $ pom.tbtd
for limo us imnatilo to rmiimke a jenriiey to obIsi
HIccIk1sFt1Z ; , flOtI'1'1'A I. 'IRRA'L tSN1' AT
'ririit IIOMh ,
. .
- -k p-r.- -j-