Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 14, 1888, Part I, Page 8, Image 8

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N. B. Falconer.
On Monday wo oiler some odd lots of
silks and drcsH goods wo want to close
out. Wo call special attention to the
ellk columns at $21. They are actually
worth $45 and the combination suits at
815 , worth fron * 25 to MO. We also call
attention to our lace department Mon
day and "all week. Wo will oiler some
fine lace's at lees than half price !
Our eastern representative has se
cured for us a large quantity of manu
facturers' coupons of colored silks in
short lengths of from 15 to 520 yds and to
give our customers the benefit of the
very low price for which they were
ptirchahed we have decided to bacrilico
them at $121.00 per pattern.
These goods are from the loomsof the
very best silk manufacturers in the
world , from 22 to 21 in. wide , making
plenty for a full dre&s in any one piece.
As these goods are the very best
made , worth from $2,00 to tt.50 per yd. ,
it will pay anyone who contemplates
the purchti'-o of a drcbs to examine
For $15.00.
To clear out our stock of robes wo will
ell on Monday some of our imported
Combination robes. They have been
; olling at $25.00 , * 27.50 and WO.OO.
The suit consists of 8j yds of plain ina-
jprial 50 indies wide and a liberal
amount of novelty goods for trimming.
The cloth is exquisite and would make
an oxtrcmelv handsome drcbs.
On Monday $15.00.
This is certainly a wonderful bargain ,
and as the quantity is limited wo ask
yflu to make u bdeetion as early in the
day as possible.
This is an iniDortcd cloth , guaranteed
not to spot nor wear rough ; is the finest
quality in the market , and without
tiotibt the price quoted is the lowest for
the same article ever ollured ; 61 inches
wide , $2.70.
All the new shades in stock.
IH a 51-inch broadcloth , steam shrunk ,
will not wear rough , and a complete
line of shades , sold throughout at $2.50.
Our price , $1.50.
fil indies wide ; thirty dillorent shades ;
Htciim shrunk ; the cloth would be cheap
at $1.75.
ON MONDAY. $1.23.
Tricot , 5t indies wide , ! ) " 5e. Full
line of colors , extra line grade , usually
sold at $1.15. This is a staple line of
goods and ib very cheap at 07jc.
Fine French twills , good colors and
strictly all-wool.
TiU"-o have been selling for ( toe , 75c
and * 1.
Our regular ode quality will sell at
lOcf double width , all-wool.
FLANNELS. , ' (2jC. (
The quality wo generally sell at 50c ,
on Monday ; ! 2je.
All dress goods advertised are posi
tively all wool and are genuine bar
On Monday wo will give our patrons
a'i opportunity to buy * omo very de
sirable goods at very low prices.
72-inch Mechlin drapery nets ( even
ing shades ) , 25c worth ( iOc.
51-inch dotti'd drapery nets ( cveiiin < r
shades ) , Me , worth $1.00.
fit-inch striped drapery nets ( evening
shades ) , G5e , worth $1.50.
72-inch Brussells drapery nets ( even
ing shades ) , ! )5c ) , worth $1.25.
18-Inch fancy .silie drapery nets ( even
ing shades ) , $ i.25 , worth $ ; i.50.
27-inoh embroidered crepe lisso
drapery , nets ( evening shades ) , $0.50 ,
worth $112.50.
41-inch embroidered crepe lisso
flouncing ( evening shades ) , $8.50 , worth
44-inch val. and oriental flouncing ,
cream , Doc , worth $2.00.
44-inch Spanish C'hantilly and Fedora
flouncing , cream , $12.00 , worth $1.50.
Our entire stock of black Chantilly
lace flouncing will also bo placed on
sale at uniformly low prices.
Ladies , do not fail to visit this de
partment. We have some very special
bargains for Monday and all next week.
5)0 ) do/.en ladies' line Merino Jersey fit
ting vests , high neck and long sleeve ,
retailed everywhere for OOc , our price
ifc. ! ) 1 case ladies' all wool Saxony Jer
sey lilting vests , high neck and long
sleeve ; this is an extra line yarn and
good value for $1.25 , sale price only 80c.
60 do/on ladies' line white lawns , wool
vests and pants , all steam shrunk anil
silk llnislipd , extra good value for $1.50 ,
wo will offer them during this bale foi
61.00 each. 1 case ladies' "natural
gray , " extra line Australian lamb's woo' '
yests and pants , with French braided
necks and exra soft finished , splendid
value for $2.25 ; wo olfer them for $1.50
100 do/.en ladies' heavy all wool hose
with double Merino heel and too ( black
only ) , worth It'je ,
Sale price 22c.
48 dozen ladies'extra line real Froncl
blade cashmere ho.efiill regular made ,
Morlno heels and toes , all sixes , at 50o
pair , worth 75e.
75 dozen children's heavy all woo' '
hose , ribbed and plain , till sizes from 0
in. to 8 } in. , at 25o pair.
We have nearly 100 dozen in odd lots
of children's extra line cashmere hose
blade and colors , ribbed and plain , it
most all hi/.os. They are goods that have
been sold at and are worth to-day from
OOe to 81 per pair. Wo will close the lot
for IWc , H pair for $1.
Children's cloaks , $2.98 , worth $0.
Children's cloaks , $ , worth $7.50.
& Children's cloaks , * " > .50 , worth $ ' . ( .50.
Misses'ulsters at * 2.)0. ( ) This is the
greatest bargain wo have ever shown.
Misses' ulsters at $5 ; every one is
worth $0.
Fifteen plush wraps , beaver trimmed ,
nt $7.60 ; the o wraps sell regularly at
Ladles' ulsters & 5 ; these garments
have sold at $8.
Ladies' ulsters $5 , cver.y ono worth $10.
Wo make special mention of a lot of
raglans and ulsters in very desirable
goods , Tho-o garments have sold at
| rom $15 to $25. Wo sell thorn on Mon
day at $9.60. This is a bargain.
Twenty-live astrachan wraps , quilted
Batin lined , at $7.50 , regular price $15.
In some of the above lines the si/.cs
are not complete , soun early inspection
is advised.
book department ; ono week only ; don't
miss it.
Those 25o paper novels from 100 best
authors , will continue at IOc each.
flilt-cdgo red line pools 69c , worth
Atlas of the world $1.58 , worth $3.00.
The Gilbert Shakespeare , oil illus
trations , -Ho size , beautifully bound in
cloth , at S2.1S , worth $1.00.
K. P. Roe's works , Sl.OS per vol.
We have a few Mucauloy's History of
England , bound in cloth on good paper ,
in 6 vol. at $1.48 , worth $1.75. Our line
of bibles , scrap books , music folios , pho
tograph albums , juvenile books , etc. ,
.etc. , was never more complete and at
proportionately low prices.
Hpoclnl Hnr nltifl Hcforc Moving.
Our now building not being quite fin
ished wo are compelled to remain in
our present location a few days longer.
On Mondndy wo will olTer some extra
bargains in odd lots to close. All wool ,
navy-bluo twilled flannel at lOo yard.
Oray-mixcd , Gurmanla twilled flannel
at 15c yard. Good grade of shaker flan
nel at 7jc yd. (5-oz. ( all wool , red twilled
flannel , already shrunk , worth OOc , re
duced to 3c ! ) yd. A handsome line of
Eiderdown flannels in all new shades.
Fancy skirt flannels in patterns , re
duced lo $1.45 each. 61-in wide Turkey
red table linen at IOc yd. , which isa de
cided bargain. 60 dox. of extra largo
sine towels , reduced to clo o , at IOc
each. Turkish tidies , knotted fringe ,
cut down to IOc each. Sateen-covered
comforts , Turkey red lining , worth
W.K ( ) , our price Monday will bo only
$1.85 each. Largo size bed comforts at
75c , 87e and $1.00 each. Imported
ehlnt'/.o covered comforts , Turkey red
lining , fancy quilting , at $1.50 each.
This comfort has been sold by us last
season , and gives good satisfaction and
is by far the best value you will lind
anywhere at $1.60 each , 'it will pay yon
to examine our prices on blankets this
coining week. Wo have a great
many broken lots and odd pairs
which will be on sale at price to close.
Wo call your attention to the silver
gray blankets which wo nro selling at
$1.J9 : , $1.05 and $1.00 a pair , also those
heavy Indiana and Iowa , gray mixed
blankets at $2.-j a pair , which are extra
good value ; in white blankets wo have
some as low as 0c ! ) a pair ; 11-4 Olb while
blankets at $2.85 n pair , and strictly all
wool white blankets at $ ! Ui3 a pair ,
which will not be duplicated this season.
California blankets , extra heavy at
$ . ' ) . ! )0 ) and $7.S5 a pair , worth $10.00. You
will save money if you buy jour Canton
flannels , sheetings , ginghams , prints ,
etc. , at our closing sale.
Remnants of table linen , flannels ,
gingham , shirtings , etc. , are cutaway
lown in price.
Dry Goods.
Spraguo's Collecting Agency , 109
South Sixteenth street , room ! t , Omaha ,
Neb. To the Business Men of Omaha :
deem it my duty to this agency , which
represent , also the l.bOO members in
his state , to say that the many reports
ibout Sprngue's agency being out of
nisiness1 , made by .John W. Marshal
ind his agents of the United States
Mercantile Protective Association , 02S
'axton block , Omaha , are false in ev
ery particular. We have under the
'aw boon compelled to change our sys-
etn somewhat , but aim to ' 'got thuro
, ust the same.Vo are still in the
business and intend to continue a such.
S. 13EALS , General Agent.
Grand Marked-Down
100 pair ladies' bright dongohv liand-
urnoil button boots , si/cslj to 7 , widths
' , D and K , one of our regular lines of
ivo dollar shoes
W.oO for this week $3.50.
This is less than they eo-.t and will bo a
inrgaiu for any one it is $1.60 saved for
he buyer.
Old reliable one price shoe store
Best wearing shoes.
Largest stock to select from.
Lowest prices in America.
A child can buy as cheap as a man.
llth & Farna'mL A. D. MORSE.
Auction ot'Snlooii.
Monday morning at 10 o'clock we will
sell the entire furniture and fixtures of
the saloon No. 001 South 10th st. , in lots
to suit. Omaha Auction & Storage Co. ,
The Only Diiiinc ; Car Ijlne.
is the ONLY line with DINING CAR
SERVICE from Council BlulT.s on its
VESTIBULE ! ) LIMITED train , which
leaves the U. P. depot daily at 5:15 : p.
in. , with through cars direct from
OMAHA to CHICAGO. City ollice
1401 Furnam bt. , Paxton hotel corner.
General Western Agent.
Oflluccr'H lolt.
There is another net in the traficdy by
which John Kynn lost his life in South
Oniiihti , and of the chnrpo of mur-
fler of whom Francis M. Ottlncer
was recently acquitted. Oftlnccr went
to Iowa after his wife had mortgaged
her household goods to pay for his defense ,
and as the attorncysI2 , K. Dufllo and George
W. Makepeace , considered him still in their
debt , they procured u writ of nttichniutitund !
Friday night took possession of a muru and
colt to satisfy a claim for $3)0. ) The case
will bo heard by Justice O'Conuoll , Octo
ber 1(1. (
To Sly Old Friends.
I have just opened up anew in my old
line dry goods at 1338 South 13th St. ,
and will be pleased to see any and nil
of my old friends.
MAIIV Mii'iiAi , , xii : : ROMCKY.
Picnic for Kuril It nro Ituycrn.
Great closing out sale of furniture and
cnrpols , Nebraska Furniture & Carpet
Co. , 000 , 008 North Kith streol. Stock
to bo closed out regardless of cost. Lib
eral terms.
Call and get bottom prices on heating
and cook stoves tit (110 ( South 13th street.
Heating stoves from $3 up.
Buusn LITOVSKV : & Buo.
The Only Dining Cnr Ijtnc.
is the ONLY line with DINING CAR
SERVICE from Council BlulTs on its
leaves the U. P. depot daily at < " > : . " > 0p. in.
in. , with through cars direct from
OMAHA to CHICAGO. City olllco
1401 Furnam St. , Pnxlon hotel corner.
General Western Agent.
Beginning Monday , October 15 , Ne
braska Furniture it Carpet Co.'s entire
stock lo bo closed out regardless of cost.
( iOti , ( > OS North 10th street. Liberal
Wyoming oil lands for salo. Claims
of 40 , 80 , to 100 acres now on the mar
ket. Complete abstracts to same fur
nished. J. L. Loirr : ,
220 So. Thirteenth st. , Omaha , Neb.
A. I , . 1-Mloh & Co.
209 So. 12th st. , hot. Farnum & Douglas.
Cowan buys second-hand furniture.
400 N. 10th.
nest Gold Coin cook stove in the mar
ket for $12 at 01" South 13th street.
Co'/zcns lintel.
At the Cozzens hotel you can get all
the comforts of high priced hotels and
and EIVVO from $1 to $2 per day. Rates
reduced to $1.60 and $2.00 per day.
Mmo. Hickman's ,
1414 Douglas street.
Gold Coin Stoves.
Civil and sco the "Gold Coin" heating
and cook stoves at G10 South 13th street.
Mmo. Hickman'u ,
1414 Douglas street.
The Imst Week of Our Moving Sale
Immense Hnrttnlns Tlil i AVeok.
Our regular $1 kid glove , reduced to
50c ; see tnis glove.
Special for Monday , ono lot of ladies'
kid gloves , embroidered backs , 75c ,
worth $1.25.
Ladies' line cashmere gloves reduced
to l c , worth 40c.
See the ladies' cashmere gloves re
duced to 25e , worth 50c.
Odds and ends in gents'heavy driving
gloves nt less than cost.
Children's woolen hose , heavy , re
duced to 15c.
See the line of children's hose to bo
sold to-morrow at 25c per pair.
Ladies' 60e cashmere hose reduced to
Ladies' cashmere hose , merino tops ,
fashioned feet , onlv 23c , reduced from
Ladles' fine imported cashmere hose
only 50c. reduced from 75c.
Ladies' Swiss ribbed vests , long
sleeves , made from tinest Australian
wool , in natural , pink , blue , carninnl
and white , at 75c each ; this isa bargain
that you will not lind often.
Ladies' sanitary vests , elegant goods ,
reduced to 5ic ) , others ask 75e.
Ladies' all wool camels' hair under-
vear , pearl buttons and silk stitched ,
nly JI3c , reduced from $1.
Children's heavy white mcrinoundcr-
vctir , 10 inch , 5c eacii , with an advance
f 4c on each si/.e.
Remember we are always hcadquar-
crs on hosiery and underwear and willet
ot bo undersold.
Gents' heavy camels' hair underwear
educed to 45c , worth 75c.
Cunts' line cashmere hose , extra
eels , reduced to ! ! 5f.
Gents'1 line linen cull's only 12Jc , rc-
uced from 25e.
All of our . ' ! -ply gents' linen collars
only He.
Kith St.
New l/ainl l < 'lrm.
Our former townsman , F. t ! . Grable ,
low of Omaha , was in Kearney Tuc-dny
on business. A corporation to bo known
is , 'La Plnttu Land Comaiiy" ] ) has just
icon formed , with John R. Clark , earli
er First National bank of Lincoln , as
ircs'ident , and F. C. Grable , manager ,
t has it capital of , * : i)0)0 ( ) ( ) ( ) . Tlio busi-
icss of the company will bo the buying
ind soiling of west'I'll lands. Wo pro-
llct for the association long lifo and
irosperity. Tlic Kearney Daily Jour-
Notice to Saloonkeepers.
See largest stock of hot water urns
md Tom and .lorry sets at lowest prices.
No. 1105 Jackson s.t. , Omaha.
Milllnorv Oponlni ; .
Greenman & Richardson , 117 S. 15th
t. . Shcely building , invite the ladies to
ittend their grand opening of line mil-
inery on Wednesday. Thursday and
Yiday , Oct. 17 , IS and 10 , day and even-
ng. "American" productions u
illy. Store closed Tuesday , till day.
t " " Ci i '
Is AVells In Town ?
On bolialf of the employes of Contractor
\Vclls , Messrs. .lohn Kenyan und C. A. Hoed
ailed nt the Union Paeilie headquarters.
They say that both Wells and his son Imvo
icon scon in the city since Thursday , and
hat he has applied to the. Santa Fu road for
i contract similar to the one under which ho
s working with the Union Pacific. They
ilso say thattho men look to thu Union Pa-
cilie. for their wupcs because the work
lone for that company , and if the contractor
'alls to settle with them , their claim will
rank as a mechanic's lien.
Is the Only Jiinc to Chicago
whose trains start from this side of the
river. It is the only line running din
ing cars in and out of Omaha. It is the
only line running a solid vestibuled
train from Omaha lo Chicago.
Us Vestibule express , No. 2 , leaving
Omaha daily at 3:50 : p.m. , and arriving
at Chicago 10:00 : a.m. , has free reclin
ing chair cars , dining cars , and palaeo
sleeping cars , fuinishcd with free libra
ries , luxurious lounges and hot and cold
Two daily trains to Denver and the
west. Two daily trains to Kansas City
and Iho south.
City Ticket Ollicc , 1223l.Farnam st.
Telephone , No. 250.
Gold Coin stove at 010 South Ifttli is
the cheapest and. best in the world.
Call and bee it.
's Snle.
The entire stock of the Nebraska
Furniture & Carpet Co. to bo closed out
regardless of cost. Sale beginning
Monday morning , October 15 , liOO , 008
North 10th street.
Merchants holol. 15th and Farnam
$2 per day , day board $25 per month.
Architect and superintendent , room
005 Paxton block. P. J. CKIIDON. : :
Attend night school , Or.iahaCommor-
cial college , cor. 15th and Dodge.
Roiiunoi'oii BUGS. . . . Props.
Attention , Knights of I'ylhlas.
All knights in the city arc earnestly
requesled to iitlond Nebraska Lodge
No. 1 Wednesday evening , October 17th ,
at 8 p. m. , to discuss the advisability of
an excursion to Kansas City
C. M. DlXhJiooit , C. C. ,
CiiAiai > J. JOHNSO.V , K. R. and S.
Criminal Chnrtes.
J. C. Whitlcd , an old man of llfty-ci'ht (
was brutally assaulted by John O'Cotmell ,
the ex-saloonkoepor who lives on Tenth bo
twccn Dodge and Douglas , because , it is al
ledge , he couldn't pay his board hill. O'C'on-
nell was arrested and then llled a complain'
against the other.
Kobert Clus ( > , .tho aged criminal who ro
ccntly served out his sentence in the stall
penitentiary for robbing ex-Mayor ISoyd's
safe , returned to Omaha Friday. Judge
Horlc.i gave him ono hour to leave town. Ho
took a tie pass for Chicago.
On Monday II. Liobcs & Co. , of San
Francisco , will open their stockof seal
garments in our store. They sold those
goods through us at this time last year ,
and gave such perfect satisfaction in
every instance that wo have the very
greatest pleasure in recommending
.thorn to our friends. Manufacturing
these goods from their own Alaska seal
skins , they have a great advan
tage over the eastern manufacturers.
They certainly arc the finest weal and
the best value wo have ever soon.
N. 15.
Join Morand's dancing school , Ma
sonic hall , Monday or Saturday 8 p. in.
You will learn the Berlin , glide mn-
xourki , york and gavoto. Terms rea
Bargains in furniture and carpets ,
COO , 008 N. Kith. Sale Monday morning
Oct. 15. Liberal terms.
The entire stock of the Nebraska Fur
niture and Carpet Co. , 000 , COS N. 10th
St. , to bo closed out regardless of cost.
The stock comprises an elegant assort
ment of line goods and medium priced
goods of all description. Sale begins
Monday , Oct. 15. Liberal terms to
those who wish to buy on time.
ltiftt nnrgattiBl Flni
Bargains in every-department is what
wo propose to offer/ before moving to
the now store. Ypsllnnti dress stays
IOc doz ; clastic end 'dress ' reeds , extra
quality , 60 set ; full count adamantine
pins Ic , safety plus , 2o dox. Finest
quality mohair dress braids in all shades
3c. A full line of staple notions at half
regular prices. On Monday morning
wo begin the most extraordinary bar
gain sale over known in laces , embroi
deries , handkerchiefs , dress trimmings ,
dress buttons and ornaments. Wo have
marked down the prices in every line ,
and will make the lnt few days before
moving memorable for genuine bar
Wo have just received nn elegant
line of clonks , wraps and jackets in
cloth and plush , as well as shawls and
jerseys. These goods were purchased
for the opening of the new store , but
owing to delay in finishing wo cannot
move for a few days yet and will sell
them before moving , as an advertise
A small pnymont will secure any gar
ment during'this bale.HAYDEN
Direct From Constantinople.
To be fold at auction , 312 So. 16th st.
A beautiful nnd rare collection of an
tique carpets , rugs , draperies and em
broideries. These goods arc just from
custom house in Chicago. Mr. II. 1C.
Kussibiun , the owner of these goods ,
wishes to return to Constantinople at
once , therefore ho proposes to sell ho
entire collection at public auction with
out reserve. The goods will bo open
for exhibition on Tuesday , Oct. Kith , at
10:30 : a. in. Auction sale on Wednesday
and Thursday , Oct. 17th and 18th , com
mencing each day nt 10:30 : a. m. , 2:30 :
and 8 p. m. , at 312 So. 16th st. ( Barker
block. ) We assure our patrons who
have favored us in the past that this lot
of rugs contains some of the rarest and
handsomest designs that it has ever
boon our pleasure to offer in this city.
Mine , llickman's ,
111 ! Douglas street.
Doctor Parsell , ollice and re.sideaca
No. 1715 Davenport st.
Hov. Willard Scott has just returned from
a four months' tour of Europe , and will oc
cupy his pulpit at St. Mary's Avenue Con
gregational church to-day.
Dr. WillUiirwu , of the Central United
? resbytoriiin church , takes for his subject in
ho morning "In Memorial. "and in the evcn-
ng " 1'ne L urn ; Healing of the l.amo Man.1
The s.ier.imont ol the supper at thu close of
, ho mornui' . ' service.
Rev. H. C. Cr.iuo preaches at Hillside
liurch at l0on ( ) : ! a "Patriot's Pride. " Gos-
> ol service at night.
There will bo . i children's mooting at the
South Tenth Street M. K. church at 10 a. m.
Subject of evening - "
sai-inon , "Intemperance
nnd Hard Lines. "
\ttlie First Cliri church the morning
subject will hi ; "Tho Sewer ; " evening ,
"What Must I Do to bo S.ived. "
Swedish services at thoSwodish Methodist
church , 1.1I. > North Eighteenth street , by
Hov. P. .1. Uurg. In Iho morning from St.
Matthew , x : 11-1U ; in the evening fro.n
Deuteronomy , xix : 11 ; subjojt , "Tho Old
Landmarks. "
W. E.'s subject at Unity church
this morning is "Fraternity. "
At ItansL'om Park M. K. church the morn
ing subject is "Tho Unoccupied Territory . "
Quarterly meeting services in the evening ,
conducted by Huv. T. C. Cloiulomnng , pre
siding older. Love feast at ti : : ! < ) p. m. , and
sermon at 70 ; ! , followed by the sacrament of
the Lord's supper.
At the 11 o'clock service at All Saints
church \yill be sung the "To Dcum" and "Ju
bilate , " in D , by Sullivan , and the anthem ,
"Thy Mercy , O Lord , Hcachoth Unto the
Heavens" by IJ.irnby. At the -I o'clock ser
vice will ho sung the "Mngnilieut" and
"Nimc Uimittis , " in G. by Florin , and the
anthem , "Hlcsscd arc They that Dwell in
Thy House , " by Tours. Strangers always
welcome. _
Auction , Auction.
Monday at 10 o'clock a. in. al 1718 St.
Mary's avenue a bankrupt stock of fur
niture , stoves , carpets , chairs , tallies ,
bed room sets , line parlor furniture to
be closed out at auction for whatever it
\\ill bring. A. W. COWAN , Auctioneer.
The New Korlh
The new railroad bridge ever the
Frith of Forth , in Scotland , to replace
the one which \yont down with such ap
palling resiilts'ii few years ago. is now
near completion , and is described as
ono of the finest pieces of engineering
in the world. 'Che chief engineer of
the structure gives Iho following "cold
facts" regarding it : The total length
of the viaduct will bo S,2U ! ! feet , or
nearly 15 miles , and there are two spans
1,710 feet , two of 080 feet , fifteen of K18
girders , four of 57 feet , and three of
25 feet , being masonry arches. The
clear headway for navigation will not
bo less than 150 feet for 500 foot in the
center of the 1,710 feet spans. The ex
treme height of the structure is 301 feet
above , and the extreme depth of foun
dations ill foot below the level of high
water. There will bo 53,00(1 ( tons of stcol
in the superstructure of the viaductand
the material used throughout is open-
hearth or Siomons-Miirtin steel. That
used for parts subject to tension is spec
ified to withstand a teiisilo stress of
thirty to thirty-three tons to the square
inch , with an elongation in eight inches
of not less than 20 per cent ; that subject
to compression only a tensile stress of
thirty-four to thirty-sovon tons per
square inch , with an elongation of
not less than 17 nor cent.
TheVomiKCHt SoltMcr.
The honor of being the youngest en
listed soldier in the rebellion is now
claimed by an Indianapolis correspond
ent for Edward Black , deceased , the
son of George II. Black , of that city.
"Edward was born in Wayne county ,
Indiana , May 30 , 1853 , and enlisted as
third-class musician in the Twenty-first
Indiana rl iment July 0 , 1851 , being
eight years , ono mopth and six days
old. Ho was discharged September 11 ,
1802. after serving ono year , two nionth >
and live days by rciison of general ordoi
No. 10. Department of the ( iulf , at ( 'ami
Carrington , Louisiana , and died on
Juno 10 , 1871 , at Indianapolis. "
An Kxocllcnt liomcily.
Now York Sun : They wore return
ing from the theater. "I tun troubled
with a slight sore throat , Miss Clara. '
ho said , "and think it would bo wise if
1 should button my coat tightly around
my nock. " "I would , indeed , Mr. Samp
son , " replied the girl with some con-
corn. "At this season of the 'year a
sere throat is apt to develop into some
thing serious. Are you doing anything
for it ? " "Not so far , " ho replied. "I
hardly Know what to do. " ' 'I have
often heard papa say , " slyly suggested
thu girl , "that raw oysters have a very
teething and beneficial cll'cct upon such
a trouble. "
- .
Altering the Type.
Boston Transcript : "Now toll me ,
Carrie , is it true that you are to marry
Mr. Coll'orsfuiy I was told so. but really
I couldn't bollovo it , you know. Of
course ho has lots of money , but then ho
is such a disagreeable typo of man , you
know. " "Yes , Lillie ; but you forgot
that I am Mr. ColTorful's typo righter. "
nd for the space of some time there
was nothing heard but the monotonous
rat tat , rat , tat tat of the caligraph.
Wttt Albright I'mbrtrrlaii cliureh-8irtces ) nt I
p.M. Bunilur nchool nt 11 m ,
Wflib , 1913 Cmnlu ? Uroet-HoT. W. ltol n < 3 Ull
Ifiraf. Sorrlccs mnralnit anilcTenlnn , Bund * ? icbool
t noon.
Beconl , Situnriera HOT. William II. Henderson
portion moralng and eTcnlnit. Sunday choulat
Central United , Berentecnth hetwaon Uodgc and
Capitol arenuo OCT. John Wllllamtnn , ScrTlcci
niornlnx and CTpnlng , Sunday ichool at noon.
Sonthwof t , Twentieth and T/caTonworth-lte * n II.
Ken. ScrTlcci morning and uvinluu , HuoJar icboul
atlMifv. m ,
First United. 813 Nortu Eighteenth-Tier. E. M ,
Irshnm. Hemcei murnlnv npd evening. Sunday
Ichool at noon. Young people'i meeting at 7.
Park Avenue United , 1'ark aTenne and ( Irani Iter
J , A. HonJiTion. Servlco morning and evening ,
Sunday ichool at noon.
Flrtlflerman. Eighteenth and CnmlngTtov , J. O.
Frhalble. Services uiorntng ami evening. Sunday
( icbool at noon.
On stollnr Street , glxtcinth and Cmtcltar Ilo . 3 M.
Wilson. t-erTlces morning iiud evening. Sunday
ichool at 12 tu ,
Westminster , Twenty-ninth and Mi on HOT. John
( lordon. Service ! morning anil evening , Sunday
ichool at noon'
Hamilton street , Hamilton near Ixiwo avenue Her.
William J. raltn Worried morning and evening ,
Jundav tchool al noon.
Amhler I'lace-Uf v. ( I , M. Ixidte. Services at 11 CO a.
m. and K p. m. Sunday school , at 13.00 m , I'rayct
meeUng Wednesday.
United Vresliylerlnn Ml slon , Twenty-sixth ana
! ' < - Her. John Williamson 1'retichlng hy pastor at
4 : : ) i ) . m. Sunday school al3.,10 p. m.
South Omaha , Twi-nty-Otth and J-Hcv , O. M.
Lodge. Services at 10. ii n , m. Sunday school al
noon ,
Knox. 1010 I.nVo-llev. Paul Martin. Services
morning nnd evening , Sunday ichool at noon.
KlrKt , Dodge and Seventeenth - UovV. . J. llarshn.
? crvlci' * morning and evening. Sunduy school at
noon ,
iriSCOPAT. .
8t. Paul Mission. Tnlrty-sccond nnd Cam Unv. J , M ,
Hates. Services 10. .O a. m. und * p. m. Sunday school
Dp. in.
Ml"lon services Thursday at 7-40 p m at thn resi
dence of Mr. John Kponotcr. Hev John Wllliami.
HI. 1'hlllu's I'roe ( colored ) BIT North NMncteonth-
Rev John Williams. Sunday school nt H p. in Kvcn-
song at 4 p. in ,
St. llHrnntms l on , Nineteenth and California HBV.
John WIIMnnn. I'lntn celebnitlon nt 7 win in , i choral
ri'lnimUon t 11.00 n m i Sunday school at 3 ti a. m.j
Chornl evonlnq i oug t 7 \l p m.
St. John's Upl ropnl Church , cnrno r Twentyltli
nnd Kranklln Mrcot * . Ilivllllnm o jnuil Pvnrmin ,
lurtnr. llnly I'ninniiinlaii ( pxtoiit mi tlr t Sunday In
noiilln nt S 11 in : Miiuliiy School nt ' .I l' > 11. in ; Mntlni ,
l.ltiinv , Ante-Communion Son lci ion llrst Mindity In
mimtli Utility , llolv Comtnnnloni nnd Si'rnion lit 11
a m. : KMHIVUII : and S ( > mien Hi 8 p m. Kvi ry trl-
ilny l.llnny. Aildro , Ai' . , lit 7 4' ) p in
Trlnlt > ( 'ntKMlriil ) , Kiglitwntnniiil Capitol lucnilc -
Very Ituu'riniil Di'iin ( .urdni-r. llol > communion ,
7 Kin in i * > iinil.i > vliixiliiii I st Andrews Iliothi'i-
hood lillilicla " , ' .I ilia m ; mornlnu pni > or , litany
nnd n-rnion , 11 n. m ; llvrnlin. tir.ner ulth a * hort lid-
ilrt'tt at H p m. Mrnntfer1 * conllall } welnuniM.
All 1-nltit Chiiroh , TwiMitv-'litli and llonnrd Her
lmi ! / ahnt'icrvki11 * Holy communion 7 tiliinii
morning | ira > i > r. II a m : o\on-"on . 7 P in Mindav
* -UHM | ' .I .fl a m. ( in tin1 Hut sunda ) of thu month
holy communion at 11 n in Instead ul morning
prasi'r. Str.uini'is al awi'looniL1 ,
KIMIIII \riii\Al. .
Pnrktnlp ( 'Impel , Twi > iit-nlntli anil Martha- . T.
II. TH > lnriiipcrlntciid ( < nt sundnyvchool at lu'clook.
I M ) month ConurouatUiml ( 'hnn h , U'onnt7o 1'late
Uov. vMlrod II. IVnnlman , pai tor. holdiITI li o1 * a I U )
. . - ( m , Snmla > ohool at noon \ 1 * S. ( " . 12.
at tl 15 llioun'H ( < rou Chapel < * orvli i" < at I p m.
* t .Mai > ' * AM'nne , SI. Mary's and 'l' ontlth
avonnoi llev. \ \ Illard siott tnUci inornlnK nnd
i onlnir.iinitaj Hdiool at noon
llothluhom Ch.ipi'l , MUpiMiln and Hickory llcv M.
J. W. Think' . Siinda ) i'hniil at I u'i look.
1'rei1 Kvan 'i'lloal ( formnn , 'Ixvoltth and Doron1 *
HPV. K II. W Hnu'ihert. sorvlcoi morning and i'\iin-
intr Sunila ) Mhoulat 'J no.UIIIIK people a mvutliiK
at 7 p. m.
* -iiaii'4M : ' , TwcntHfth and Amc11 * a\onne , Uev
Frank S , Korlio , pa-tor. orMu > 8 , Id , ill n. m anil H
p. m . sunda > school , Unnoii ; \ oniiw I'uoplo'a Meet
IIIK , 1 p m.
St. John's ( 'nllpito | Church , Tnentyllftli Hint Tall-
fornla triM'tsItov , .M. .1. l > m\linn , s. .1 , pa lor
Ma I11 * on Sunday , 0 , a and 10 a. m , with sormun al
tinl.ifct maespurn and benediction at a p in
Weekday IIIIIHM-I nt u and 8 a. m ,
nil. unn .
1 oil ( Imiilin , Itev , ( irvlllo .1. Nnvc , po-.t ihaplalir
Si liei , . -lip m. suntlai heel at . I o'clock ,
iAnntiuv.AINTV CIIAPEI , .
Northwc't turner Twentj tir l and Cluri. Cervices
momluguududenliiK. Sablmth school ut 13.3d p. in.
Unity , Seventeenth nml Cui Itev. W. n C'opelnnd.
Service's inornlnx und ovvumi ; . Sunday ecliool at
Klrft , Nineteenth nnd IHvenporl-ltnv. A. F. Rhcr-
rill , I ) I ) , services niornliif und evening. Sund.iy
school nt noon.
rnrLJ'lHce. Ciillfornli nnd Thirteenth -Hov. M L.
Holt Services morning and uvcnlng. Sunday school
at noon.
Swedbh 15\ Ml"lnn , Davenport and
n cnty-thlrd Uev. .L. A. llnltman. Sc'ivkes morn-
VuMiml \unlnu. . Sunday PctioolJ.lS p , m ,
Cherry Hill , ( Vntial park uddltionHev .1. A. mill-
cnn. Services morning nnd evening , bundii ) school
it noon.
Ilillilflp , Omaha Vlew-Itov H C Crane. Services
niorriluj and ovenlnc. Sunday school at noon.
Ilnnscom Park , Ueorgla unil Wiiolwnrlh avomii"
/tcvlM ! , IHovfjij . ' . ' ; . > l s iiioimntf mill eieniiiK.
Klrst Oerinim M. K. cliurcli , corner Kleventh anil
Center HreeH services 1(1 ( oil a. in. nnd 7.15 p. m
bunday nclioc 1 nt 2..K ) p. m. Her. C. ( } . Keeker.
llrst , Davenport between Sevunteenih nml
KlKhtcenlh-Uev. T. .M. Home. SIM vices wornlnu
and evening. Sunday nonool nt 2.31 p. m.
Trinity , Saunters an1 Ulaney-Rev. A. II Ilnnry.
Services tnornlDS und evening ; . Sunday genual ut
2.TO : p. m.
South Tenth Street , Tenth unit Plerco-Ilev , C. N.
DIIWS.OII. Service morning and evcnlaK. sniulay
school at 2:80 : p. ni.
rntlollar Street , Nineteenth nn 1 Cii'tell ir Her.
W. K. I.Te. . SLTVlot's morning nnd avuntiiK , Sun luy
school at U ) nou. m.
Smith Omaba-HoT. J , E. KdJIcbult. Services
mornlne Rncl uvenlnp.
Crelgliton Avcnno Mission , Crelshton nvoniionnd
Twenty-second. I'reucUlnti sundnv nl I OU p. ra
Smiil.ij Bc'lioolat 10a. in. J. M. Cliuuibuis , nuperlii
Nornealnnunil Danish M. 11. churcli , 2121 Sannilers
Itev. 11 Dantvls'ui. Servliea inornliiij HIM ctcn..ib" .
Euuduy ? cliool nt 12m.
Fewnrd Street M. 13. chiirrh-llov. Charles W.
Bavlcltie. Servlcei rnnrnlnit anil I'vrnmi ; . iiirner Klu'liteenth anilVel > Mer ltev.
I * . A , lliihliaulc'rvlri'n 11 a. in. anil h j > . in. Suli-
hnlh "c'liniilnt j p. in , I'myer nivvtliiK \ \ eilnc'-ilu } '
( iiiu-riAV.
Tint ( "npltnl ni 111111 ! anil Twentieth street - llev
A..Martin , I'li'.tur. Survlit-s 1U 1U 41a.m. anil 7 | jp in
Imni'inuel Ilnptlfct ehurcli , formeilv North Omnlm
nili * < lon , l JHHiinilfrn street --ci\lct * Sumlay morn-
Intr utU.'M \ , and evening lit 7 iJ. bunday ucnool at
12.110 m.
Vtr t , Fifteenth nnd Davenport-llcv. A. W Ijimnr.
Pervlci'B morning anil OTcnlnu. bniiuay tcliool lit
12 m.
South Ort.ahn niptlstn niePt nt the M. K. church
building fur Sun.lny ( .clmol at 8 p. ru. and pieaililuK
at 4 p. in. Hev. F.V. . roster * .
Calvary. Haumlers ucnr Cuinlnv Hov. A. W. Clnrk.
Services mornlnc m ! ovenlniunany fchool at u.
Ilelh-Kden.l'arh nveniio ami I c.ivenwortli-Uev.
H. 1 * UUIKC. Si'ivlcos mornlnir ntH uvenlnx. Sub-
bnlh school al 12 in. Y. 1' . r1 I. i : . 7 1. ' , p. in.
First /ion lliiptiet church , MncU'rntli nnd Burt
strects-lteKiilHr i-ervlces Sunday morning at 11 uncl
cvenliiB at S o'clock. T. II. I'.winu , pustur.
North Oinuha , ZWJ S'aunderltev , F. W. J'oster.
Fervlccs morning and oveuliiK. Sunday ichocl -
Herman lOlTi South Twentieth -Her. R. 3. Freese.
Her\lce at lUn. in Mindu > school nt 2. p. m.
Dnnlsh , bo'ilh ' 1'wenly-soconU hel'veen Injitven *
north and lla on Itov. K. U lloJIioldt. Services
uuiriilnK nnd evcnlni ? .
Kountzo Meniorlnl IXnnzellcal , SUIeenthand Ilftr-
ney Hev. .1 , . - . ! vices luoinliiK nnd
evcnlnj ; . Simda ) adiool nt noon ,
Bt. Mark'n Hvnnselli'al , corner of North Twenty-
Brut and Huiiletta-Hev. ( i. 11. Schiuirerl.eo (
uioruliiK and evening. Sunday uchool at' ' : % ) p. m.
Ianl ) ) > h. South Twenty-second lptwcyn Leaven-
Yroilh and > laonllov. . It. C. HodbulUU Servlcoii
and evening.
Lioutcnnnt llluehnm , who nnulo nn cxanv
iniitlon of tlio river Vrulay nbovo HIP
OiiKilm and CouiR'il lilufTs bridtfc , left thut
nltrlit for Sioux City. Tlio iiniu'ovcmcnts
contemplated by the Missouri river commis
sion , and upon which Lieutenant Uinplmm
will report will , it is thought , in Ki'c.itcr part
at least , bu nnulo on thu fowa shore. The
intention , it seems , is to side of
the river from boiiig Hooded , or beiiif , ' out up
into a channel , and thus cutting oft botli
bridges from the low.i side. This work will
require the building of dyltes at Urn bend op
posite Cut-OIT lalio and further up which ,
however , will not bo done this season. Mayor
Broatcli says , however , that a survey
will bo made of the section
referred to possibly before the
close oftho present .year. This will bo the
second survey whirh has be n made nt this
point , the former covcrini ? the river from
Florence to a point n couple of miles oelow
the present Union 1'aeillo brUltfe. Mayor
Hro.iteh says that ho will make a spcc'iul ex
amination of the banks on the north .sides at
an early date and intiUo n report on tlio re
quirements of the same to the Missouri
Hivor commission at its next mootiiu. .
Lieutenant Hinirhmn'B visit to Sioux City
is to examine the river bank there with a
view to the expenditure of the appropriation
of f 100,000 which has been made for improve
ments there.
Chicago Herald : As the train on Iho
Union 1'acilic stopped at Biff Spring ,
from Boston observed
Nob. , a gentleman
served on the roof of a store building ,
not far from the station , painted in largo
"Ot& Kim General
letters , the words : ,
Merchandise. " From the car window
ho spoke to some boys and said : "Boys ,
i jl mn * Jti j . * * . . . . . . ,
Klmliull , but called Ot & Kim. " In
sneaking of the tibovo a few days later
to n member of ono of the wholesale
houses at Omaha , ho was informed that
they wore both men froinMasFachtibftts ,
near Boston , whocarao some years since
And fettled in business at this point in
Friday and Saturdnf , flcl , 19 & 20
Amciicn'g t'nvnrlto ArtlMe
JSl'I'I'OUTKtl 1IV (
nit. C1IIAKMS : AliltOTT
And her ow n cilldfiit roinpnny , under the illrec-
tlon of .Mn. WM. liVKiNx.
Friday Evening and Saturday Matinee.
Tor tlio llrst time in Onmlin , her Intvst und
IT. "
Saturday llvonliig , tlio Stundurd and Uvcr I'ov-
nlnr play ,
Itegnlar I'ricus , Scats go on sixlo Thursday
_ inornltiK.
And Saturday Matliu-o.
October 19th and 20th.
I KOIaritv'.s :
* 5UondtTfully lldiiriitcd
J > v and ' i tunning DogM.
The Lnrfe'est Company of All Star Animal Actors
In the Wet Id.
, IOc , ! 2Oc and ! IOf.
Monday and Tuesday , Dot , 15th & 16th
Jilt. COC5I1I.AN , nml her own Company.
mem. [ As in a Looking Glass ,
Si Lady of Lyons.
, $1.50 , $1.00 , oOe. SulcofSjnts
) ixniniTio.v : 01 (
To examine our present
stock of HENS' UNDEU-
WICAK , comprising 'ill
grades at fair prices. Stand
ard goods and superior
qualities in the well-known
makes , the Holroyd , Vicuna ,
Natural Wool &c.
Iftlii'yiiiowenk.tlcllcnto looklnsanil trotiblod
wltluvoniH , llahn'H ( 'hoc'iluto Wtirm l.o
N what they necil. I'rleoac. All drugglstH.
And all other illM-nsps of tlio Hcctuni peifcctly
t'liri'd by
without knife , llnature. oreaustlcs. Cures guar
anteed-no money to be paid until patient Is
euteil , \ \ e make a hpeclAltyof Itching DlioabeH
of the Skin ; uho of Diseases of Women.
Let this bo your motto : 1'ay no money or glvo
RIIV notn lu aihanceof a fine.
Send lor circular giving all necessary Infoi ma-
tlon and the names of huiuUodsof IICIHODS who
Imvo been tilled by us.
Office : 111 West Tenth St. , Kansas City , Mo.
Ono oftho Doctois will bo at 101 N. If.tli' ttret ,
Omaha , Sunday. Monday , Tnesd.iy and Wednes
day of em h week.
Life Insurance Co ,
Assets and Surplus of the Company ,
nicn.Minit : : nist , INK.
Assets , S20H8.j. ( ! U ! . Surplus , t210KjS.97
nr. ( KM mat aiit , iw > 7.
Assets , $ lflIJrV-7.3T. : ! Surplus , SIS3H,030.03.
IIIINST. IIi.NNIXJllViN : ( ( ) : , Alunnffcr.
Olllco , I'lrst National liank ; Hoom 'JCVl and W.
: ilUANCII OI'TK'n. '
Grain , Provisions , Stocks and Bonds ,
Marsln Transactions n Specialty.
15 IlrjAIll ) OK TIt/\lK , - OMAHA.
Members of the Chicago Hoard of Trndo 1'rlv.
ute Wires to Cliicucu und New Voi k
Room 5O6. First Nat11 Bank Bmlclimi
Garments ,
On Finest Tailoring we'll save you
n third of the lofly prices commonly
We'll meet the price o reridy-mmlo
with better garments to measure.
You'll choose from a bountiful as
sortment. A conspicuous variety ia
one of Nicoll's aims.
To Measure
Trousers front $ fi to flo.
Sttiln from $ ' < ! 0 to $30.
lnll Drew from $40 to $ (10.
To Measure
Overcoat * form flS to ftiO.
Chinchillas , Melton" , Kerseys , Wide-
Wale Diagonals , Elysians , Montag *
noes , in all popular shades.
1409 Douglas Street ,
Nobby Scotch Designs
For Young Men's
C ( ie a , SiiUmttulTrottscrg *
At Over iV SflUK > l | Iy'N ,
I.I 15 Ditu Iat Street *
Our prices , ai quoted helow , on itood slioo /
are ri.Miiarknlily li > w. ntiiliii'h rxriM-dlncly goocl
vnliiu that thny should Intoreht evoiy ecoiioinU
calbuyer.Vi'K r. > iitfito s vvi tot ; MONUV
on oery pair ot bhoes , ipiallty to bo the samo.
-Tor Ladles' llrlnht Dnngola on
IVlililo Oo.U Choc's that Mill glv ex
cellent \ionr.
Tor Ladles' HrlRht Dongata 1'ob-
We ( iuiit Shoes , In common wnsrt
nnd opera lasts. Tor style and 116
equal to thu llnest.
C/\ 1'or Ladles' Dongola Kill , cxtiu
CO VF quality , tlexlblo sole. " , ami equal lit
any so-called "adveitlser" W.UO
fchocs. J
-In this popular priced shoe , wcf
havoMlthontii doubt the best ns-
soitment In the rlty. In Hand Tiirna
anil imislilnu-i.eiiml KOOHS , cuuituou
seuso and opera lasts , all widths.
1'or l.adli'h'IIand Welt , line I'c'b-f
$3 bl s'li < K's ; luak''s an oxcolleuO
winter hhoo.
Tor Ladles' Ilnnd Turned , extra
tine Kid Shoo , far snpoilor to nny-
thuiK overbold for the bamo money.1
1'or this prlco. wo Imvo extra Him
Hand Welt and Hand Till nod Shoe *
iilth lltiht or neavy llexllile solct ,
on all htylcH of lasts , nnd In nil
widths ,
' ffIn tills priced shoo wo onn snow
$ i ' W b.irpilns imvor befoio olfered In
thoc'liy. Our t j. ( ) Kull 1'icMichKId.
Hand 'I'lirnod , nnd our Kangaroo
Kill llnnd-fowi'd r-hoos , for tha
sumo money , are attracting a great )
deal of attention.
FOIt OKNTLKMI'.N , wo have a largo line oC
Vine and .Medium I'rlced Shoes , consisting o
nil thu latest stjles , in wldthK froi i A to ! ' .
Hand-sewed from J.VOO to $ S.Oii. Machine-sew < !
range in prlco tram $1.10 to H.ikJ.
Not only ti'llevuil llko by moit medicines , bu6
cured iiennanently with llahn'B ( ioldeu lyuci | )
.slat lire. 1'iico MK a box. Alldrugclitii ,
I Ins obtained a reputation uherovor In *
ti'oiluuo.1 for "CouitKC'i ST r.u"IJKii
JTY. " Tliuy have no biipoi'iors iii lliuul
Tunis , Haiitl WoUb , Oooilycur Wolta ,
uud Miichlno Sowutl. [ .ailios , nt > k for tha
"Lrni.ow" SIIOK. Try them , nnil you
\villbuynootlicr. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
VI TIM C V " " 'I ' all urinary ti oubleH easily , quick-
MLJlltT ly aiKUuftly tnred by WM.'UTA ( 'ap-
HI'CS. ' Siivonist'ancsrnred In von dayu. Hold
tl.'iii ner box , all druggists , or by mall from Do-
Ult.iMrii.f.o , . 1U Whitefct..N. \ . Kull Direction * ,