Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 14, 1888, Part I, Page 7, Image 7

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For Sale by
Barker Block ,
CHOICi : tcn-acio tract , near licit
Line 11. R. , in West Omaha , only
twenty-live minutes' ride by suburban
trains fiom Wobitor street depot ; mug-
jiilieent view , plcnmint and healthy lo
cation. Just the nlneo for a nice homo
or fine fruit and vegetable gnrilenu ,
This property can bo platted into llfty
choice lots that will sell inside of three
years for four to live hundred each.
Can olTc-f the whole tract for a ihort
time at $0,500.
TWO lots , ! ) : ! xir > "i feet , corner .l.u'Kson
and Lowe lueniie. one of the finest
residence sites in West Omaha , $ o,5)0. ( )
EI..KGANT boiith front lot , 50x132 , on
llarnoy. near 2ith ( btreot , onlyjoOO
C HOICK residence site on 20th ave
nue , in Clark's addition. This lot
Is OlxlliH , perfect grade and nicely sit
uated , between St. Mary's avenue and
Ilarney stveot , $5,250. ,
CORNKR , ( Mxl ) 10 , on Howard and 28th
streets , cast front und on grade ,
EAST front lot , C0.xlf > 0 on 31st street ,
near I'opploton avenue , llanscom
Place , .hist the place for n nice home.
Cnn oiler for a few clays at W,500.
DOUHLK corner , 100x150 feet , on
Woolworth iivenuo nnil iWncl street ,
facing llanscom Park ; perfect grade.
Just the place for an elegant residence
block. $7,500.
AST front lot on Lowe avenue , in
Omaha , $1,000.
of the nicest residence lots in
Tlanacom Place , on Popploton ave
nue , for sale on very small cash pay
ment , long time. Now cable line will
mixlco tbi1 * the lincbt residence property
in the city.
CORNER , 100x150 foot , on 31st and
Popploton uvonffo , paved .street ,
Beworngo , water and gtvs ; perfect grade
and magnificent view ; one of the lines !
residence sites in the city. Call and got
beautiful south front lots or
Popploton nvunuD for sale for a few
days at a low figure. Only $050 cash required
quired ; balance can run 1 , 2,3 and
years. If you want to secure a nic <
homo In the nicest residence portion o
the oily , it will pay you to look this up ,
C HOICK business lot -1 1x132 feet , or
To nth near llarnoy , $20,000.
TRACKAGE nnd warehouse property
0(1x13' ( ! , coruer 12th and Nicholas
. Bide track in alley. There ib1,001
profit in this lot for some one , can olTei
for a short time at $0.000.
CORNER , 120x180 , less than sovei
blocks from Court House , with threi
small cottages renting for $720 per year
room for tbroo more ; ground alone i
worth fifty per cent moro than prici
asked. It will pay you to look this up
price $7,500.
ELEGANT residence and grounds ii
llan.-com place , barn , furnace bath
room , citj water &c. Can give im
mediate possession. Call and get price
NEW H room house , all modern con
viMiiences , in West Omaha ; a hi ]
bargain if taken at once.
BARGAIN Choice ten aero tr.ic
\\ithcomfortablo house , barn,8plon
did bhndo trees , etc. , close to city am
Boll line railway , just the place for llu
fruit and vegetable gardens. Can malt
this a big bargain if taken soon.
BUSINESS lot with now two-stor
store building , on M. near 27th St
Will rent for twelve per cent on tin
| Investment. Call and see it , pnco $ l,50 (
ONU of the finest Business Lots i
South Omaha , for a few days n
" 83,000.
LOT 4 , block 51 , South Omahn , 00x15
feet near J and 27th streets , enl
NICE little cottage nnd lull le
( Wxl60 in South Omaha , near 2St
&nd G streets for sale at $1,100.
Acres choice land in Howat
County , close to two rallroadi
for sale at u bargain.
SEVERAL good houses to rent. Ca
give immediate possession.
Worth of good Omab
property to trade f (
first-class farm land or stock runcho.
If you have goo <
property to sell , ex
changeor rent , call an <
list it.
Geo. N. Hick *
Room 40 , Baiker Block ,
Why the Omaha Ball Toatn Eudocl
In Fourth Plaoo.
Ami a Pnlr Khi\ro ofThclr Failure At-
trlliutahlo to Iloosc The Club
Will DUImiul Tor the Season
on Xo-Morrow.
Why Omaha Flnlihcd Fourth.
Thu Omaha b.iso ball team will disband at
Milwaukee to-morrow , and the players go
thi'ir several wajs. They wcro paid off in
full by President McCormick last wceit , and
the parting between the management nnd
the players was of the most friendly disposi
tion liuch ono attested to his satisfaction
as to his Omaha experience , nnd expressed
the wish to return hero when the robins nest
again. The ono regret pervading the team
was that they wore unable to quit the season
in n hotter position than fourth place Vain
regret ' Whoso fault was it that this was the
caso' Now that the season , with 1U
trials and triumph * , Its victories nnd defeats ,
its \c\ations , perplexities and disappoint-
IMiiutmeiiUs Is over , it can hurt no one , but
may do a good deal of good , to enter into a
brmf nnuljsw of the cause of the Omaha
team's comparatively poor showing As far
as the team Is concerned , It was made of
strong material Individually , and it was con
fidently expected would prove so collect
ively , considering the harmony that exited
within the ranks of the victorious Oshkosh
team of the year before , and which was the
same team almost wholly , only being ro-
christened. What changes there were
were only for the best sttougcr , bet
ter , moro skillful men , and yet
nothing panned out as expected.
Omaha hail l-'runk Seleo , the old Oskosh
mnnngpr , too , n man reiwrted to bo well up
in the managerial science an old player ,
thoroughly versed In the game , down to the
ninutcst technicality , and with a long stand-
ng acquaintance with the bust of the profes-
ion In the land. During trying circum
tances , amidst Hi ing breakers and lowing
, ho piloted Oskosh to victory , us ho
lad several clubs befoie , nnd yet he comes to
Dinalia with a much more powerful coiublna-
ion than ho was over at the head of before ,
nil makes but u trillo better showing than
lie chcnnest , poorest teams in the associa-
ion. Why was this , interrogatory is ro
tated. Was it the team , or was it the man
ger I
Tno answer is easily vouchsafed. It was
ho team in the main. Whoa they lirst came
lore they gave promise of great things :
hey were well selected , well captained and
ilmlrably managed ; thcyweie confident of
uccens , and determined mid aggressive if
njone dared suppose defeat at the hands of
veu tlio champion Ucs Moines , or the
i\postles or the Cowboys. They weio bull
ilayers , every ono of them , and Omaha was
iroud of them nnd lionized them to an extent
hat proved their demoralization nnd ruin.
iVith the first stroke of ill-success dissension
jcgan to crop out among the players ; Jeul-
uisy merged into enmity and half the tlmo
miny of the players wcro not on
.peaking . terms with each other. There wcro
llciues and clans , and each worked to the
other's dcrrogation. The old Oshkosh ele
ment was especially tabooed by new players
'omlng ' into the team , and the old Oshkosh
lument was responsible for the bulk of the
levilment Internal disintegration soon set
u , and by the middle of the summer the
cam was in anarchy. They did as they
jileasod , defying both management , manager
mid the neoplo. Some of the best , highest
inced and most valuable players black
guarded the directory and the town when
imd where und before whom they saw
iroper. They drank aud caroused , as
.ho whole city know , during the
: nest critical htagea in the champion
ship season , and is it any wonder that they
ilid not or could not play winning ball ) Of
ourso there were exceptions in all the rot-
.cn work ; there was a number of as consci
entious , reliable nnd honorable players in the
Omaha team as in any team in the country ,
but they were decidedly in the minority.
Of course naturally enough Manager Solco
ivas blamed , but ho did all within his power
without disrupting the team completely , and
the public has never been aware of the heavy
lues ho assessed upon these intractable und
recalcitrant players. The trouble did
not sot in until the season
was at its height , and Manager
Solcc was put to his wits ends to get any
kind of work out of his men , nnd under the
peculiar existing clrcumstancss ho did well.
After ono looks over the matter analytically
it doesn't scoui such n wonder after all that
Omaha did not come anywhere near warning
the pennant for ISsO.
The Chicago Mcctlntc.
Manager Selco will bo in Chicago and rep
resent the Omaha ball club In the meeting of
the Western association to bo held at the
Palmer house to-morrow nt 'J o'clock. Why
the cities of this association should go chas
ing about Chicago in the arrangements of
her affairs for another season is something
hard to understand. Chicago will not bo in
the Western association next year under any
circumstances , and it seems that there ought
to bo baseball brains and gumption enouuh
In St. Paul , Ouiuhu , les Moines and the
other western pities thai will comprise the
circuit another season , to manage their own
affairs , without consulting foreign wiseacres
who can only have personal cuds In view.
The Monkey Wort Cantlrnies.
Tlioro is no necessity of reducing the uuin-
her of called bulls to four. It could not DOS
slbly tinvo any Influence upon the batting , bul
Instead make all games redundant with thai
disagreeable feature of bases on balls. Every
body seems busy cudgeling their brains tt
propose some meritorius change in the rules.
As yet no one has met with startling success ,
The change In the distance between pitchci
and batsman is the most feasible and tliomosl
practical change yet suggested , if any change
is to bo made at all. Again THE HKK advise ;
that the present splendid code of rules bi
left Horiously alono.
Missouri tnllcy vs. Omaha.
Mr. C. C. Williams , a prominent buslnesi
man of Missouri Valley and one of the fines
trap shots in the whole west , and Frank S
Parmulee , of this city , will shoot n match ,
100 live birds , modified Hurllngham rules
tor $100 n side , ut the fair grounds , nox
Thursday afternoon , the ISth. The sportini
editor of THE ! : : was chosen as final stake
holder , but a icferce will bo agreed upon 01
the grounds.
Aflernoon'H Game.
The J. J. Hardm City league team and th
crack colored team , the Lafaycttcs , play i
match game nt the ball park to-morrov
afternoon. The contest will bo a fine one
there Is little doubt , and a largo crowd wil
bo on hand to witness the sport * The gam
will bo called at 3 o'clock.
yesterday's Winneru In the Nnllona
WASHINGTON , Oct. 1U. The Detroit lean
closed the championship season hero to-da ,
by defeating thu Washlnglons. Score :
Washington 0
Detroit 2 0021002 *
Pitchors-O'Day nnd Hcatln. Base hits-
Washington 11 , Detroit 10. Krrors Wash
Ington 0 , Detroit 4. Umpire Lynch.
NEW YOIIK , Oct. 13. The regular leagu
season closed hero to-day with a game be
twcen the New York und Indianapolis club ;
Score :
Indianapolis 1
New York 3
Pitchers Hoylo nnd Keofo. Uasa hlts-
Indlanapolls 1' ' , Now York -1. Errors Ind
lannpoli * 0 , NewYork 8. Umpire Kelly.
PHILADELPHIA , Oct. 13. Chicago , by non
appearance , forfeited Jhe game to the Plain
dolphLa team tq-Oity by n score of 0 to 0. "
UOMOX , Oct. 11. Th league scaso
closed hero to-day with two games. Hesul
of first game :
Hoston 0
Pittsburg. . ' 1 0000000
Pitchers Madden and Morris. Uaso hit
HoHton 0 , Pittsburg 4. Krror lioston , J
Pittsburg 3. Umpire Valentino.
Result of secoad guran ;
IJoston 0 01003 0
Pittburg , 0 0 0 1 l 1 0
Game called nt the nnd of the seventh In
ning on account of darkness.
Pitchers Iludburn nnd Morris. Hhso hits
Hostou t' . , Pitts burg 0. Hrrors Boston U ,
Pittsburg 3 , Umpire Valentino.
The Aniprlean Association.
CINCINNATI , Oct. 13. The game between
the St. Louis nnd Cincinnati clubs was not
played owing to bad weather.
lUi/riMoan , Oct. 13. Result of to-day's
game :
Ualtlmoro 0 0000000 0
Cleveland 1 3
Klght Innings.
HIIOOKLVM , Oct. 18. Result of to-day's '
Hrooklyn 0 0000 1000 1
Athletics 0 00000530 8
Hutchison's Future Onroor.
DEsMciiMis. la. , Oct. 13 , [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BEE ] Hutchison , Dos Moines'
fatuous pitcher , has finally concluded to enter
the professional Hold In earnest , and will
play In the National league next year. It Is
understood that he has signed with Chicago ,
though having received offers from all lead
ing clubs. _
Ilex Moines AVas Drunk.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Oct. 13. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : HUB.J The DCS Molucs ball
club attempted to play an exhibition game
with the homo team this afternoon , but as six
of thorn were drunk the game was disgust
ing. Hollldav , Stearin , Alvord , Van Dyke
and Manager Morton , who played short , wore
the ttlayers who thus disgraced themselves.
Shafcr , Phclati nnd Traflley were sober ,
although the latter gentleman's playing was
rather groggy. A fc.ituro of the game , which
the homo team won by a score of 11 to 4 , was
the work of Karlo behind the bat , ho taking
part In putting out twenty-three out of the
twenty-seven men.
FlnshcH From the Dliunimd.
Joe Walsh Is in the city nnd will winter
Dan Shannon wound up the season as second
end base for the Newark , N. J. , team.
The mall carriers beat the cublo line men
at the ball park Friday by a score oi 3d to 0.
Daddy Wells , Sioux City's ' star twirler ,
will eat his snow balls in Omaha this
.Inn Burns , the Poet , has failed to make n
hit In but one game since ho Joined the Kan
sas City Americans.
The probabilities are that Morlie will be
one of Omaha's catchers next season. Ho Ib
a promising backstop.
Uig Wilson has received sovcro roastings
by the eastern press on account of his con
tinued lushing after heavy lines has been as
sessed upon him.
Hutchinson , of the Des Moines team , will
bo found with the Chicagos next season.
Spaldinir has asked "Hutch" to take in the
Australian trip and ho may accept.
Hug Holliday , Des Moines' great center
Holder , und the popular favonto with ball
patrons , has been sold to Cincinnati ; whllo
Danny Stearns goes to Kansas City.
Davenport succeeded in making n holy
show of herself ns a member of the Western
association. She ' 'belonged" Just four weeks
and threw up the sponge in despair a week
before the close of the season.
The animus of the foul attack of the St.
Louis Sportinu News on Spalding's Aus
tralian expedition is well understood by all
legitimate ball patrons. Hy the way , has
anyone seen Spaldimr's "ad" in this sheet !
ThoC. M. & St. P.'s ' , of Doliauco , la. ,
played the Hurlan team ut that place i ester-
day. It was a walkover for the C. M. & St.
P's , the score ending 3T to 3. Hatteries
Palmer and Davis , C. . M. & St. P 's , and
Hlair and Moore for Harlan. Palmer struck
out sixteen men.
The different prizes put up this spring by
different pat tics for the best averages
by the individual members of the Omaha
team , will be awarded to the winners by the
sporting editor of THE HBK some time next
week. Mr. Morrison has turned over the
prizes ho offered.
Summary or Yesterday's Itaccs nt
the Ijutonln Course.
CINCINNATI , Oct. 13. The last day of the
fall meeting at La ton in was cold and disa
greeable , but the attendance was largo. The
track was very heavy from the incessant
rains of the past two days.
first race , soiling , six fui longs Lucy
Howard won , Fred Woolov second , Blue-
Dyed Hello third Time 1 : S.J.
Second race , selling , six furlongs Gelf'jrd
won , Hixloy second , Clara C third. Time
Third race , free handicap , one milo -Irani
H won , Robin second , Derochment thud.
Timo-1:51 : tf.
Fourth race , selling , flvo furlongs Specta
tor won , Murchbuin second , Chestnut Hello
third. Time 1:07. :
Fifth race , one mile Cotne-to-Taw won.
King Regent second , Nyleptha third. Time
1 .V ( .
Sixth race , nine furlongs Sateen won ,
Dad secoirl , Panama third. Time 2:05 : .
Jeioinc I'nrk I aces.
JEUOME PAIUC , Oct. 13. The largest racing
season Now York has known terminated here
to-day , and the racing admirers turned out in
full force to take leave of it for ono year ,
The track was not fast.
First race , ono mile Tristnm won in 1:40 : ,
Wilfred second , Llttlo Minch third.
Second race , 1,4'JO ' yards Fresno won in
l-M : > i , Pat Morris second , Champagne
Charley third.
Third race , ono and ono-olghth miloss
Huntress won in 2:01 : , Stockton second ,
Elevo third.
Fourth race , ono and one-half miles Unco-
land won m'J.iKHf , Firen/n .second , Kaloolah
Fifth race , ono und one-sixteenth miles
Stockton won in l'.r > 3 % , Maia second , Fntuta
Sixth race , 1,400 yards Lee II. won in
1 331/ , Joe Leo second , Specialty third.
Seventh race , three-fourths of a mile
Glcnmound won In 1:17 : < ! f , Drumstick second ,
Osccoln third.
General Sport Ing News.
The bets of $30 to $30 that Harrison will be
elected , nnd that Now York will go republi
can uro still posted on the board at the Turf
nud Field pool room , with no takers. The
alleged calling of the bluff by Jeff McGoath
nnd a friend , is one of the ludicrous breaks
of the campaign. Who over heard of n
gambler entering n pool room and o tiering to
take the management's proposition , provided
he put the stakes up with soma reliable bank.
Pool rooms , the country over , make
their bets to win , and make their
propositions partially for the advertising
there is in them. If the bets uro taken the
room holds the stake , and win or lose deduct ?
their legitimate per cent. Jeff McGcath , Jim
Crawford or no one clso is compelled to take
any of these bets , but If they do their money
will bo deposited in the pool room. Stop up ,
gentlemen , the bets are still open to you.
Don't want 'cm ; well , that's sensible.
The Collosciim Opening.
The new Colosoum will bo opened ono wccV
from next Saturday evening , the 27tb , with
a very attractive programme , In which manj
of the best known professionals in the couu
try will take part. There are nine events ,
two best In three , in all of them , with gold
medals nnd cash purses as the prizes. The
first will bo a ono milo walking match , open tc
all amateurs ; the second , a half milo umu
tour foot race ; third , ono inllo ama
teur lollor skating race ; fourth , ono mile
amateur bicycle chase ; fifth , one mile pro
fessional bic.vclo race ; sixth , tlvo mile
straight heat , uicyclcs against horses , with
M.irvo Boardslev , the world's champion , at
the rider of the horses ; seventh , nolo vault
ing , open to all amateurs ; eighth , higti
Jumping , open to amateurs : ninth , half mile
professional foot race. There will also be
nn exhibition by the turnvorcln in the gym-
Hornbacker nnd Kelly Fight Fifteen
Rounds to a Draw.
NEW YOKK , Oct. 13. [ Special Telegram to
TUB DEB. ] About Boveuty wall known sport
ing men , Including a number of promlnenl
Jockeys and turfmen , met in a roadside tav
crn on Long Island last night and witnessed
u prize fight for 1300 between Eugene Horn
backer , who was recently defeated by Charlie
McCarthy , and Tom Kelly , alias the "Har
lem Spider. " rho latter , who H n Jockey as
well ns n pupil&tAwelghcd about 10J pounds ,
whllo HorubJckftr was eighteen pounds
heavier Notwrttiffahdlng the odds in weight ,
Kelly pave the ox-champion a most deter
mined brittle , so that at the uml of fifteen
rounds both were so much exhausted Hint the
referee declared , ( no match a draw. When
the men entered .the ring shortly before 11
o'clock the dRforeiico In their sizes rnndo
Hornbacker a favijHto at three to ouc , Horn-
backer was attended by his brother and
Kelly wa lookrdntter by Hilly Oliver nnd a
friend. In thlu .varly rounds Hornbacker
took the lead and soon had Kelly bleeding
from thu nose nud mouth , the blood trickling
down his breast uutil ho looked like n victim
of a buzz-saw. Afterwards Kelly forced the
fighting aud In tholNlnth round closed Hotn-
backer's loft eye. ' Then ho cut his lips and
face , nnd In the fomtcenth round had him
groggy Both were very weak In the fif
teenth round.
Milliards In Prospect.
NEW YOIIK , Oct. 13. [ Special Telegram to
Tun Her. . ] Jacob Shuofor , the bllliardlst ,
recently issued a manifesto stating his will
ingness to play any American any style of
billiards lor any sum from $50J upward , and
logo anywhere to play the match. George
F. Slosson , his old rival , announced ycster-
duj his willingness to pluv Schaefer for $ . " 00
In this city within the next sixt.x days. The
style of game will be fourteen-lnch bain
line , which Schaefer regards us his strom-
est hold. Maurice Duly has replied to
Scliaefer's manllesto , too , verbally , by an
nouncing that he Is willing to back himself
for WOJ against Schncfer at cushion-caroms
The desire of the plnvoisto got at Schafer
indicates that New Yorkers may see some
billiards right after election after all.
Who Is the Unknown ?
There is little doubt entertained now but
that Sullivan is the unknown who is to flirht
Kllrain. As soon as John L. is sullleiently
recovered , which will bo in about two weeks ,
ho will go south to recuperate. George Mc
Donald , his old trainer in lOngland , Is now
in Now York , for the purpose of training the
unknown , whoever he may bo , and nothing
would suit him better than to have Sullivan
again under his charge.
The Hod , l > o and Gun.
George Kctchim took two first prires at the
Dunlap shooting tnurnov last Thursday
Judge Barnes , of Ponca , will probably referee -
ereo the Wllli.ims-Parmalee pigeon shoot
next Thursdaafternoon. .
Tin HIM : next Sunil.iy will contain a re
view of . I Bruce Wellington's ' recent elaborate
rate work on wild fowl shooting. It is a
handsome volume and replete with iclmhlo
information concerning all the details of this
greatest of field sports.
Some good baskets of black bass and pick
erel have been taken at Cut-off lake duniiL'
the past week , but owimr to the extensive
netting that is unlawfully prosecuted at
these waters , s | > ort with line and 10 ! here
will be of but short continuance.
The annual hunt of the Omaha Gun club
has been set for the " 'Ird , ono week fpctn
next Tuesday. There is much rivalry
evinced by the two hides and great ellorts
will be made bv each member to imUto a big
bag. Some will go for geese , others ducKs ,
antelope , chicken , quail and Jack snipe. The
banquet at the Miljard is to bo an elaborate
affair. ff
The continued mild weather has been a
disappointment to the wild fowl shooters , as
the ducks and geese have failed ' ) put in an
appearance in any considerable mimhris
They will be nlonK , though , plenty enough
within the next ten clays. Alroadv scatter
ing Hocks of mallard , pin tail , widgeon and
an occasional red head , are beginning
to drop in at the lakes and
marshes , nnd u cold snap is all that
is necessary to1 bring them by thousands.
The hank of th'e wild wosc , too , is heard
every night nnd nidi nmg , but owing to the
low waters along the Plutto , the pi aspects
for these noble birds uro notllrst class How
ever , n little wet weather in the mountains
will set the river booming , and shooting may
yet bo good.
The committee * , on the bridga celebration
will meet ut 3 : 'Mi Monday afternoon at the
board of trade rooms in this city.
A pleasant con-ort and gymnastic exhibi-
bition was given at Gernmnia hall last even
ing by the Turnverein society. At the end
ol the musical progrnmmo a dunce followed.
Hev. Q H. Shinn will preach In Boyd's
OUCT.I house to-day , morning and afternoon ,
at the usual hours. It is expected that the
great singers , Stanford Mitchell and wife ,
will take part in the service.
The Omaha Motor railway company has
asked the district court to modify its injunc
tion sufticionllvto allow it to lay a temporary
track on Douglas street only for use In the
bridge celebration of the 'iOth.
At their meeting yesterday the county com
missioners decided to sue ibhcrlff Cohnrn for
the county's claim against him. The sheriff
was given permission to correct hisrepoit for
IWi-T m the interest of certain court bailiffs
One of the Jtti actions for the coming week
Is the chicken tea , to bo given by the ladies
of Trinity M. E. church , on Thursday evenIng -
Ing , October IS , in the parlors of the church ,
corner of Twenty-first nnd Binney streets ,
Kount7O Place. This is the first entertain
ment of the kind in the now church , and nil
are cordially invited.
In the district court , yesterday , Judge
Donuo granted Amanda M. Kiesol nn nb elute -
lute divorce from Hemdrick ICiosel , on the
grounds of cruelty and lack of support. The
husband is in Europe , and is addicted to
drink. The wife left him and came to
America with her two children , whoso cus
tody is awarded to hor.
Chief Seavoy received n communication
yesterday from Mis. Sarah Madigan , ol
Lowell , Mass. , enquiring for her spouse ,
James. She claims that thcywuio mainecl
in 18S3 , nnd that tie is now living with an
other woman In Omaha. The letter is re
plete with marital woe. and should James be.
found ho will be piomptly uncsted.
Nick Wallace , a colored man about forty-
flvo years of ago , an old timer in the police
court who always had a long spoeeh for the
Judge , died last evening at 7H : ! ) . Nick was n
chronic "vug , " and his face was familial
in police quarters. Ills argument was evoi
for the colored man , nnd his name will be
missed from the docket in the future.
In the case of Wlnstanlcy vs. Start So Her
bo fora Judge Holmes mentioned in the i snc
of last evening , Tin : HER Is Informed that the
firm of Stnrz & Her have no interest in the
matter , und that they , as a matter of fact
have not boon sued , und no judgment has
been tendered against them. Thu real defendant
fendant in the case was Albert Meyer , ant
not Storz & Her.
The IJodies ol' Five IntttntH Found Ii
a $ oai > liox.
CHICVGO , Oct. 13. A ghastly discoveri
was mndo by acouple of boys in a descrtcc
brick yard at the corner of Thirty-third auc
Laurel streets tb , ! * afternoon , They fount
nu old soap box'-jind opened it. The dead ant
decomposed bodjes pf five babies lay side bj
side within. Ttto Thlrty-flfth street stattot
was notified and 'tho ' remains sent to tin
morgue. The , boillc-s wcro examined am
found to bo badly decomposed. ' 1 wo wen
males and the oAhor three females. One o
the males and ono of the females appeared ti
have lived about Uvo weeks , while the other
had died shortly of tor birth. A cursory ex
uminatlon revealed , scorning fracture of the
skull in two of the cases , but these wore th <
only marks of violence discovered. The b.i
bies had probably 1 > ecn dead for about tot
days. tt >
No officers have been assigned to work u ;
the case , the reason given being that ther
are none to spare , the strlko utMcssltatinf
the temporary abandonment of all detective
work. The police of the Thlrty-flftn slroo
district are of the opinion that the bodic
carao from some ' 'baby farm" or some lying
In hospital. None of these are known t <
exist in the vicinity , and it Is believed tha
the soap box was carried to the brick ynrt
from a distance with a pile of refuse , a con
sidcrablo amount of which has been dopositec
All Line * Kuanlng.
CHICAGO , Oct 13. In accordance with the
action taken by a general mooting last nigh
the striking conductors nnd drivers on th
West Chicago street railroad reported fp
duty at the various barns this morning , am
all lines are now In full operation.
A committee of Northside strikers callei
on Yerkes this morning. He told them. t <
appoint a sub-committee of six to formulat *
their demands and call on him later.
utonso Excltomout Prevailing In
the Llttlo Tovm of Uto.
V Yniing I/aily's Porneoutlotig At the
llnmlf ) of n Gang of Kitf-
lluns Vigilantes on
the Trnll.
A Mysterious AfTntr.
Dr.s MOIVKI , la. Oct. 13. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : UEE.I The llUlo town of Ute ,
oti the Sioux City branch of the Chicane ,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad , Is la n tcrrl-
> lo state of excitement over u series of out-
npes that have been perpetrated upon Luna
'liaplti , nffi-d 20 , daughter of one of the most
nlluentlal fatnlllos In the county. The cnio
s a parallel of the famous Kmuiu Hand iiiys-
cry , of Tayton llle , 111.
Two week's n o last Monday Miss Chnpln
vns ulono In the house of her uucle , Mr. lid-
vards , two miles noith of town. About noon
wo men called and asked for dinner. They
HUIO in to wait while something was bemtf
irepared lor them , and immediately seized
Miss Ohapln , and , under penalty of death ,
ried to make her tell whore her undo kept
ilsmonoi. falling in this they took her to
an adjoining shed and tied her in a crude
immier and left her gagged until she was
Hsc'ovored several hours afterward. One
week ago Tuesday night an attempt was
nade to abduet her when shi > stepped to the
nick door. She was sel/ed in the doorway by
ho s.imo two men and was being earned off
when she managed to give a half stilled
scream brought the assistance of her
inelp and three hit edition from the house.
: lornbductoi4 escaped without recognition.
'rida.\ there a stock and grain sale on
the Edwards lurm. It Is said that there
vero MX ) men present , who were guenu
urbecue dinner. At t > o'clock Miss Cliapln
slatted to return a basket of dishes hoi rowed
of u neighbor a iUatter | of a milo away. Im
mediately after leaving the house she was
sei/ea by the same men and carried nearly n
nlle up the creek , where the scoundrels
shamefully abused her in their efforts to
make her tell where Edwards had put the
nonoy and the notus of the clay's sale. Fail-
ng , they gagged her and tied her to the roots
of a tiee muter the overhanging bank of a
creek. When she was missed and search
commenced , the bioken dishes un4 the foot
irints of the men who had dragged her aw.iy
, ed to her dlseoverx tlirco hours afterwards
The young hi .y is very intelligent and has
icen teaching school lor the past tuo jeurs.
She is lU'CDinplished and well educated Her
incle otters heavy rewards for the arrests.
four hundred men are scouring the country
M\so % UITV , In. , Oet 15. [ Special Telo
jram to Tin1 Hi I.Tho ] giand Jury of
Wright count ) has put in n solid week's
work investigating the causes which led to
Lhu death of George Higgle , occunng at
Clarion on the ' -4th of last May. Mis. Dig-
gle was the leading iicti ess in Ford's dra
matic company , which was then traveling
through this section of the state. Digglo ,
who was of a Jealous disposition , ejected to
liis wife longer- appearing on the stage , and
on Mai left his home at Sioux Kails and met
the company at Clarion. After much per
suasion the wife teluctantly said she would
quit the stage and go homo with him. The
night before the ) were to leave she went to
one of the druggists of the city and pur
chased a large quantity of morphine , which
she said she hud been in the habit of using.
Mr. and Mrs. Higgle then went to their loom
in the hotel , but were very shortly called
dou n to supper. Uigglc had no moro than
bvcomc seated when ha saitl that he was so
di//y he could not see. Ho was carried into
a bod-room , and in less than two hours ho
was a corpse The coroner's Jury which in
vestigated the case returned a verdict that
he had come to his death by some cause not
known to them. A grrat deal of Inteiest is
manifested in the ease. Mrs. Higgle is n
charming and intelligent lady , about thiitv-
live years of age. She claims to be entirelj
innocent of committing the crime. The
grand Jury will not reach a conclusion until
the latter p.irt of next week.
The Supreme Court.
IJi : > Moisr.s , la. , Oct 1 ! ! [ Special Telegram
gram to Tin : Hrn.J ' 1 ho supreme court Hied
the following opinions hero to-day :
Daniel Pierce vs. David Hen-old et nl. , up-
pollanU ; Sac district ; reversed.
A. 15. Oeorgo & Co. vs. Swafford Hros. ot
al. , appellants ; Cedar Hapids superior ; nf-
U. I * . lirown. appellant , vs. the Ineorpo
rated town of ( Jr.incl Junction ct al. ; Greene
district ; reversed.
District township of High Lake , nppol
InutH , vs. Ivnnet Espcsct mid others ; Em-
inett district ; reversed.
Daniel Stout , appellant , vs Calvin Mar
shall ; Dallas district ; ulllrtuoil.
Tlu > RoTorm School Srnmlal.
Dm Mow. * , la. , Oct. lit [ Specal Telegram
gram to Tin : Hr.i : . ] The case of Laura IJow
land , the girl from Duburjuc who was sent tc
the Mitehellvillo reform school , and was the
subject of some scandal a few weeks ago , I'
practically settled. Governor Larrubce , aftoi
investigating it , announced to-day that no
tiling more would bo done , it being sliowi ,
that sun was a girl of bad character boiorc
she enteied the school. Audit was fuithcn
shown that the articles first written about hoi
in the Dnbuquo papers were unreliable , ami
the facts 1110 not , In his Judgment , such as U
require any further investigation.
The Chairman a Dof.uiHer.
DKS Moivr.s , la. , Oct. 13. [ Special Telegram
gram to Tin ; Uri : . ] A special from Cornlnt
says that Judge Harvey of the district rourl
has Just entered Judgment against E. H
Hunter for detalcution to the amount ol
$4,541 while serving as treasuier of Aduni !
county. The suit was a civil suit and Judg
meat was rendered by the Jmlgo without
leaving his seat at the close of the test !
mon.v. Mr. Hunter Is now the chairman ol
the democratic state central committee ol
Iowa and a member of the executive com
niittco for the northwestern states ,
A Hurclar Brenkn Jail.
MHOV CITY , In. , Oct. 13. [ Special Telegram
gram to Tnn BEK , ] Jerry Crum broke Jai
at Eldora lust night and cannot bo found
Ho was held on n charge of burglary. H <
effected his escape by tiling off the bars litho
the jail window.
Nominated for Henntor.
Scum LEU , Nub. , Oct. 13. The demooratii
senatorial convention of Platte and Col fin
counties met at the court house In this cit ;
and nominated Michael Mahcr of Platti
WASHINGTON , Oct. 13. [ Special Tolegran
to TIIR llEul Mrs. Surah A. Johnson wui
to-day appointed postmistress at V.'hfceiock
Whoolcr county , Neb. , vice George N
lijshop , resigned.
Failure nt Stroinslmrc.
SinOMsnEito , Neb. , Oct. 13. The Implement
ment firm of Lilnd & Lash has been closci
by attaching emitters. Liabilities abou
Jo.UOO. Assets very small.
TO ) Uj < YMlS.
An Accident That Notioily Knows
Anything About.
A serious and possibly fatal accident oc
curred nt the IJurllngton depot yesterday af
ternoon , mid the profit ami Idss account of
the company has to bo charged , with two
men injured , ono onglno disabled , ono coach
damaged ami ono express oftlco demolished.
About 4110 switch engine 100 was backing up
bnKKago car , the pay car , and the private car
of General Manager Holdrodgo , and placing
thorn on n sldo track that ended close against
the express oftlco of Wells , Fargo ft , Co.
When about Eighth street , there was n break
in the machinery , n rush of steam , and an en-
glnoor and Urcmati Jumping from the cab ,
whllo the train loft to Itself reached the cad
of the track and ornahud Into the express of-
flco burying Charlie Speiuor , day chock
clerk , George Taft , depot , agent , and C.
A. Goldsmith. bill clerk , In
the ruins. The entire end of
the oftlco was crushed in , the heavy iron snfo
tossed to one sldo with the door wrenched
from the hinges , and the flooring and parti
tlons ground Into match wood. Spjncer was
found beneath the ear with n broken leg and
a badly crushed chest. Taft was suffering
from Internal injuries , and Goldsmith had n
miraculous osenpo from death , being
knocked down by the car and thrown almost
under It.
Inquiry among the Burlington officials led
to the fact that not one of them know the
name of the engineer or fireman , that not one
of them know how long ho had been em
ployed by the company , not one of them
knew positively whether ho was competent
or not , not one of them knew that an
report had boon sent In , or that tlioro was
anything in It for publication , but all of them
knew It was an accident In which no blame
could bo attached to anyone. Ono version
of the affair was that the "boiler head plug"
had blown out and the cscnpidg steam had
forced the engineer mid fireman from the cab.
Another was that the "quadrant stud" had
blown out with the same effect , and n third
was that the water glass had burst. Enquiry
on the side showed that the engineer was
named Charlie Sewer , ntul that ho was but
little moro than a month in theservice. Some
b.\slanders who claimed to have seen the
whole atlalr say that when the steam filled
the cab ho lost his head , and instead of re
versing the engine , as he attempted to do , ho
pulled her wide open on the back motion and
sent the train with increased speed Into the
express odlce. They also state that- even If
the "plug , " "stud , " or "water glass" had
blown out , there was no necessity for him to
leave the cab , as there was no chnnco for him
to bo scalded , and accidents of tliu kind are
of common occurrence aud easily overcome.
Til 10 KKA1.TY MA UK 1ST.
Instrument * 1'lticucl on Ilecoril Dur-
liijr Yesterday.
I K t : Mr.hmsey ami utfo to M V Hush ,
lots 7 and S , bfk ! l. I.nwntU'lil mill , w cl J1.3XI
U Stcmmlorto r WoUs. lot 15. I > 1K t * . Wal
nut hill ; si " lot 1 , Lultu'tt add ; n 1 , lot
ll > , blk I , Armstrong s 1st .uld , and w
: i9 Ml ft of n no ft lot. ! , blK'-'in , Oumim :
lot -I , blk 'i , Kcmntzc .V Uuth's add , and
lots 16 mul 10. lilkT , ( Irammercy park ;
lotHliand 10. blk It , Albor place ; lot 17 ,
Kensington ; lot T , lik Ml , Ninth Omntiti ,
mid e 'II ft lot M , 1'iiiilsuu'R lulil ; s Vi of. '
u rtl It lot I , blk H , KouuUu'H 4th add , (1
A SoiftiM-n et ill to Ij Wtilrnlh et al , w 'i
ufo > t lot h , llautin'uilil , wil . . 8,0 < X )
\ \ T. Smith ut ill to (1 U Wyatt , lot 11 , lilK
20 , Kolint/c 8 pliiCH , w d . 0,000
0 (5 Wnllaiv. trusliMj. to K N Miller , lots
ISnud 1'J , blk" , Muumoutli park , w d . 1,500
h Stunner to U U C'ury , lots 1 nnd " , Isa-
bcl mill , w d . . . 2.COO
Union Moc k VaidsC'o toV I , Sulby , lots
1 , 1' , 11 and K , blk .1 , IM add So Uni'ihu ,
cl . . .
Wl.Solby und wlfo to 1) Sullivan , lot 1 ,
. clby'H sub , w cl. . Tliu
II Kouut7e and ! ! ( to M ( iiiidlner , Ioti3
and il , blk 21 ; lots U and 10 , Kountzo's
pliut1. w d . . . . . 1
H Kount/o und wife to M Gardiner , lot
1,1. blk Si ; lotd , blkUO ; lot K. blk Jl ; lot
1. til kltl ; lot.s luuml II , blk JO , Kountzc's
pluiu , w U . . . . . . .
II Konmze uml wife to M ( lardlner , lots
4 , U and 10 , blk 111. Kountzo's place , w d 1
C It Piittorson and husband to DTnjlor ,
lot 4 , blk 1 , West aide. No 3 , w d . 650
J I , reunion und nlfu to U O Iend trom ,
lots , I'lersou's Hub , wd . 1,000
David l.luu to W (1 llohu ut al , lot C ,
Hickory place , decree .
A ( ! Wnlrnth ut ul to I , Hauscn , lot 1 , blk
1 , Patrick's add. w d . 6,700
I. Munsui and uito to A X.le.sol , und Vi R1
tt ot o M It lot 1. blk 1 , I'utrlck'.s udd ,
wd . . . WJ
1. lluusc'ii i' ' nil \\lto to A.lose ! . s " 1 ft of n
4 tt of u M It , lot 1 , blk 1 , 1'atriok'a add ,
wd . 1 , W
1. llaiisun imd wife to City of Onmh.i , o 1"
ft ol will ft , lot 1 , blk 1 , 1'ntrick'n add ,
(1 cd . 1
U K Tuinui anilito to M Klleatty.lot 11 ,
Ink 4 , Summit "reserve , " w d . 5KW
A I1. Kell.y otal to W II Oral ) . ' , lot 11. blk
1.1 , lot C. blk S-.1 , CauliagB udd , w il . 1. 100
I , 1' 1'ruyn and Ife to .1 W Uuco , lot K ! ,
tilk 1 , 1'iuyn's sub Hyde 1'ark.wd . 50
CI'MuldH to II 1' Mulds , 48X1JO ft lot 4 ,
ll.irllett's add , w cl . 4,000
\V A Uimki-r and \\lfu to ( ! A Joslyn , pt
lots ; i nnd I , blk in I , Omiiha. w d. . 1
\V It Lnmberson and wlfa to I ) Ilommr ,
lot 1U , blk iai. South ( .malm , wd . . . 1,000
II W llumoUl toO 11 Slmuk , lot 3 , blk 'JJ ,
Cartlmgo , w il . . . . . 1,000
IIV Itumoch to.l I ) Montgomery , lot 11 ,
blk I.I , Carthage' , w d . 1,000
A .1 llyun and lf to JV Itedford , lots
17 nnd 18 , blk 17. lledford 1'lace , w d. . . 30
C O Howard to J M McUlane , lot o2 , blk 8 ,
l , wd . 100
Twenty-eight transfers . H7.-'CO
The following permits to build were is
sued yesterday :
I'eter .Icnscn , cottage , Twenty-sixth and
1'uikor strc'cts . JCOO
Immunucil lio.-plliil. t\\o story building ,
'I hlrty-foitrtli and Meredith streets . 11,700
It. A. William' , Improvements , Illondo.
between Tw entyeighth and Twenty-
ninth etreets . 600
- Callahan , barn , Jackson , between
'r ciity-nlKlith anilTttoiity-nlnth bt3. . KM
SK minor permits . tliW
'I en permits , aggregating . I17)0j ! )
Union I'nultlo llobUerlcs.
HAWMV.S , Wyo. , Oct. 13. The grand Jury
of this county has during the last three days
returned twenty-three indictments against
conductors nnd brakemcn of the Union I'acl-
llc railroad , charging them with robbing
freight trains running between this place
and Green Ulvcr. The robberies uro sup
posed to cover a period of from twelve to
fifteen months , and thousands of dollars
worth of valuable merchandise is missing.
Four prominent business men are Involved.
Arrested Tor Kinlio/.zlcinont.
Uni.i liviu.i ! , 111. , Oct. 13. A sensation was
created yesterday wheu the St. Clair grand
Jury returned an indictment charging Souoy ,
ex-supervisor of Cahokin township , with the
ombe/zlcuient of JM.OOO. Ho assorted that
ho had been short for several years , but
the fact was not discovered until recently.
Ho says ho will bo able to explain matters ut
the proper time.
The Increasing.
WII.KKSIHUIIE , Pa. , Oct. 13. A detective
of the Lchlgh Valley railroad visited the dls
trlct of the wrcclc yesterday and endeavored
to prepare a complete list of these killed in
the accident on the railroad Thursday. He
Had the names last night of seventy-three.
Of the names obtained , twenty-five have not
appeared on any list hcrctoforo published ,
Dr. Hamilton Wurron , irmgnotic phy
sician und surgeon , room K , C routine
block , cor. 10th und Capitol avunuo.
Chronic anil nervous diseases tv spec
ialty. Telephone 944.
A Knlli'oail Mail's Funeral.
COLCMUUS , O. , Oct. 13. The funeral ol
Henry Monett , late general passenger agcnl
of the New York Central railroad , took place
this morning. Passenger service cast and
west was largely represented , there bcinj
about three thousand officials und prommcnl
railroad men present.
Short Hand
Aud Typo-Writing Taught nt the Omaha Coimumclnl Collude , C'or
iicr 15th and Dodge , lloth Day ami livening.
With those wo Rive Penmanship. Business Letter-Writing , Duslnois Formi , Grammar and Spell
lilt ? I'liKE. If von think Shorthand hard coma and take three lOJions 1'KKU. Wucun clvo you tin
ba t advantages In the city , llatus ara reasonable. Studonta ant r any Urns. Ovw UJ slndent
now In attendance. Vlalttha college. A naw class begins Monday tuorumu and uvenlng. Al
graduate * holding good positions.
positions.ROHRBOUGH BROS. , Props.
BEUM & CO , ,
1319 Farnam Street.
Spooinl sale of Half \Vool Dross Gooili
worth from 1'JJo tolIOi1 ,
At 6 c Per Yard.
On sale Friday morning , October 10th.
at 10 oVlock. These poods can bo soot !
In the window , or if you will visit out
store wo will gladly show thorn to you
and KiA'o you samples if you wish. > Va
do this t > n.\ouiimv know what you are
bu > inji when the Any ot snlo comes. Do
not forcot the time , it is Friday iiiornini ;
October 10th , at 10 o'clock.
All Wool Serges
oti-iiu'hos wide- worth 'lOe ,
SALH. They come in the following col
ors : I'luiti , Unmet , Hrown , Nuvy lllim ,
Myrtle Given nnd Gobelin Blue. This
is ono of the bo-it bargains wo hava
over ottered in the \\i\y of _ Dross Goods ,
nnd our advice to you is to viwlt our
store nt once and examine the quality
of tlioro floods , ns tbei will not lust
loiitf. Keinoniber the priuu is only lijc ,
and the goods are all wool.
Special Sale !
\Vo have put on eitle every yard ol
Rlnck Gros Grain SilUn that we have in
stock at the following SPHCEAL
I'KICES. This bale will continue until
every yard is sold.
Allot our $1 quality in Black Grog
Grain Silks at 80c.
All of our SLIM quality at 90o.
All of our $1.40 quality at $1.
All of our $1.50 quality at $1.221.
All of our $1.05 quality at $ l.U7j.
All of our $1.85 quality at $ l.IJ7j.
Wo know this is an opportunity of ft
lifetime. These Silks are till guaran
teed to wear. Wo will bo glad to show
you these Silks , whether you wish to
lurchabo or not. Ask to see them.
1319 Farnam Street ,
TKD. who In hi * FOL.L.T tend IONOHANCE
bu TRI7LED away his VIGOR of BOUT ,
BIND and MAIfIIOOn.eAUilDK xhftUitlna
drains upon the FOUNTAINS of LIFE ,
Dream * . WEAKlf EHN of Msinorr. KAMII-
Ihn FACE , and all tba BFFEOTH leading to
VSON or IN8ANITT. should coniult at once
Ifaa UELEimATED ir. Clarke , EitabUthid
lAl. ET darks ban made IVEKVODN HE >
MIMTY , CHBONIfl and all DUtuei of
IM ) OEIflTO tTUINAnr Or ni a Life
* ndy. II make * WO difference WHAT you
OATe taken or WHO hu felled to cure you.
# S-FEHAR.EHiuCertnrfromdl | eftiefpCCU
Bar to their MX oan ooniult with tb auuranca
f ipaedjr rallet and cure. B nd 2 ccaU pottage
tor worki on jour dlienies.
4VOend 4 oenti poitarc for C l br tert
warka on Vtironle. Ncrvoua and D ll
eate Dlioaiea. Coniultatlon , penonalir or br
totter , IVee. Consult the old Doctor.
Vbormnoda enred. OBtcraand purloru
pr'vato. a-Thoie contemplating Marriage
aend fur Dr. Clarke's celebrated guldo
nle and Female , each 16c. , both JSc.
Utampi ) , Before confiding your caie , coniult
Br. CI.AHKE. A friendly letter or call may
mve future kuflcringaml almtne , and add , golden
yean to life.Book "f.ltf'n ( Secret ) Er
ror * , " DOc. ( stamp * ) . Medicine and wrlllngi
Bent everywhere , Moure from xxpoiurv.
Hours , 8 to 8 : Sundays , 9 to 12. Address.
F. D. OIiAAKB. M. D.
MJ8 So. dark Sh. SmOAOQ.
Boston. Mass. ; JfanxdH City , Mo.
Capital &Su plus , $1,500,000 $ , ,
This company lias opened nn Omaha olllcft mid
l8iic ] > paruil t furnish money promptly on Im
proved city und lurm property.
No applications wnt awny for approval.
Loans closed nnd paid for without delay ,
' 11NV. . dr" Manuuer.
30 ! ) South 13th Streut First NatlonuT luiik.
Capital , - - - $100,000
OOl Mouth Thirteenth Street.
General Banking mlaYings Business ,
CllAIU.UR . .
0. 1' . NKKIIIIAM , Vlro rresldi-nt.
Tor tlin benefit of Depositors the Savings Do-
rmitment will bu open on Saturday nlgUU from
OloHo'Uo : * .
G Per Cent on .S and Time
N ICtli street , Omaha , llulr and > 'ac
t" : also manicuring ;