Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 13, 1888, Page 7, Image 7

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. Advertisement * under tnl * head IB cents per
line for the firfA insertion , 1 reBt * for arh nub-
M < quetit insertion. Mid tl.f 0a tine ix-r mouth
Noit'IvtrtiseraeQt taken for less thaa2ot nu
tbe hrct Insert n , &ten ward * will l * counted
to the lint , they must run consecutive y and
tnurt to paid in ADVANCE. All advertise
ments tuuM be handed in before 12:30o clock p
m. and under no clrcumMances will they be
taken or dlMxmtlnued by telephone
Parties advertising in these column * and hav
ing tb lr uncwfrs addressed in rare of Til K ll
wfll pleane ak for a check to enable them la get
their letter * , a * nrm " ill 1 * delivered except on
presentation of clieck. All answers to adver
tisements should lie en closed iti envelopes.
AH advertisement * In thes" column" are pub
lished in both morning and evening editions of
THE llrr the circulation of which agirregatej
cnotethan 1S.OUU paper * daily , and gives the ad
vertiser * tee benefit , not only of the city circu
lation of THIS Hrr , but also of Council BluHs.
Wnioln and other dtlns and towns throughout
this * ection of the country
Advertising for the. e column * will be taken
on tbe al > ore condition * , at th' following lm l-
ne > > f > houses , who are authorized agent * for THE
Bw ; fcpcclal DotlfeA , and will quote tbe same
rates as can l > e hsd t the main olllce
OHN w'llEU * PharmftcHt. WO South Tenth
C II South APR 4 : KtDY , Stationer * and Printers. 113
BH. KAUNSWOUTH. Pharm heist , 2115 Cum-
ing Street ,
\\T J. IiUC Ulb , Pharmacist. CM North lUh
. Street
, JTiKO W. J'AJlIt , 'Pharmartst , 1 * St. Mary's
" vj 'Avenue.
A MAN of experience wishes situation In
gi > cery or crorkerj store. Addr-s K 42 ,
llee odico. CC3 12'
"IT ANTED Position as bookkeeper or oSlice
" ' work , bj lady of 2 years experience : good
references. Address I' to. Bee. Ml 14 *
"t\TANTiO : Situation by college graduate as
teacher , bookkeeper , salesman or ware-
bouse man : .strictly temperate aud capable.
427 I'Hxton. building. C4213'
SITUATION wanted by an exp erlenced dress
maker to go out by the day : stranger in the
City Pieaje call or address Sin S. 23d Kt. City.
74914 ?
SlTt'ATTONS wanted-Coachman. engineer.
. _ and i bookkeeper , fireman , bartender , collectors -
tors , watchman , suppled Iree. Commercial
Employment Agency , 1002 1'arnam : upstairs ,
loom 4. 021 14 ?
\\rANTED- lly a young man. place to work
foi board aud room , room 4 , Cronjtblk. .
119 N lUh. 17 12 *
\\T ANTEDBy first class butcher , a situation
in Miop or slaughter bouse. References if
rrqulrea Room 4 118 N ICth st. 575 121
\\7"ANTBD Situation by bread and cake
v baker , city or country. Address V. M Bee
Office. 4S1-12J
" \\TANTED-Sltnatlon as stenographer and
typewriter by lady .of experience and good
education whn can give excellent refeu-ncea.
Address O. H. . city 378 12 ?
\\TANTKD-A German boy about 11 years of
tige at Mooay's China Store , 302 North IRtb.
\\TANTKD Railroad laborers , for Washington -
ton Territory ; an all winter's job in a mild
climate ; wages guaranteed from 12 to 12.50 per
day , or ST7 to 40 per month and board. At
Altirtght's Labor Agency , 1120 Farnam fct , G > &
WANTED. BarOeit ; one good man to work
and one for-Saturdny and Sunday Mer
chant ( , Shaving Saloon. S. P Emmel. (37-I2J (
\TrANTED-A first-class gents' furnishing
' goods man The Pair , 13th and Howard (00 (
" \\rANTED-Agoodcoat maker and a tailor
" ' to work by the week. J. Larsen. Mlnden
Neb , KX 14
. . . > Young man to Instruct and take
charge of ? et of books. No < ember 1st Old
established bouse. Good ( .alary. J. B. Smith ,
room Mt. Kamg block. CSI13'
\\7ANTED-Youngman for wholesale bouse.
\ Apply , Commercial Emp. Agency. 1002
; upstaliN room 4 ( Kl 12 *
"IIT NTKB Ster.ograpner und typewriter to
- take care of ottlir iiid com-i-ponaence. No
expert needed. Addrea . riEl Bee. fc22 1
\\TANTED-Canvassers to canvas in the
' city on halary. Address FBI , Bee ottloe ,
551 1ST
\\7ANTED Pirst class Menograplier and
v trjiowrtter who bas some knowledge of
t > ook-teetln5. American Loan \ Trust Co.
tf.4 12 *
\\TANTED-AtJohn Epeneter'R. corner 10th
* and Dodge , three tin roofers , cornice-
leakers preferred. T-TM2
* lAfANTED-Three good tinners Weston &
T McCronetaJN Itith su 620 13
Vi T'ANTED-Mllkor. 4114 Saunders , K6
\\TANTED A man to solicit ; salary HOO per
' month ; must deposit Ci'i and give security
for money collected. Address George S. Cline ,
Wagner block , Ie Hollies , la. 635
AGENTS WANTED-I73 a month and ex
penses paid any active person to sell oui
roods no capital , salary monthly , expenses ir
ayance. particulars free. Mandard Sih erwan
Co , Boston. 7V
\\7ANTED Agent * to canvass for tbe beil
self-wringing mop made. Exclusive terrl
tory given to agents on application. No expert
ence necessary Send for descriptive circular !
tnd terms. Perfect Mop and Wringer Co , Car
roll , Iowa. 471 14 *
B - . Diet. Tel. Co , 1304 Douglas.
\\rANTKD-Manto take tbe agency of oui
? safes ; ulze2hxlbxl8 inches ; weight 500 lb
retail price 115 ; other sizes in pro ) > ortion /
rare chance aud permanent business. Tbesi
af.g meet a demand ne\er before supplied b ]
other safe companies , ns w are not eoverne (
l > y the safe i > ool. Alpine Safe Co. Cincinnati. O
_ _
\\rK wish to employ a few salesmen on salarj
to sell oui geMs by sample to the who lt >
sale and retail tiade ot Omaha , Neb. , and al
loluin nates. We are the lai gest mTt'g'sof our
line In tbe country. Send two cents in stamps f o
full particulars. No postals answered. Center
nlal M'fg Co Cincinnati. O. 132 J2 BV
T\rANTKD Flrst-claiw cook to take chnrg * o
f ktttlien ; must tinderstnud hit business. I *
pober and have good references. Addrcs B U
Bee office. _ 781
T\7 ANTED nnetgetie men and women evert
T i w here for a gtmteel , money-making bust
ne-ss. 189 weekly profit guaranteed easier than H
monthly otherwise. Experience absolutely un
ceoesfcary Penuanent jKisitiou and excfuslv
tftritorj- assured , ti samples f ree. Writ * fo
particulars. Address , witu stamp , Merrill Mf'c
Co. . B ra. Chicago. -
WANTKD-OcKxl life insuranc * solicitor
vitb bank references , are wanted by th
Union Life at 40 ] Merchants' national ban :
Imlldinc. Oznab * . 03ic hours to 10 a , m. an.
to B p.m. _ $45
TlirANTED A flm-clais erperlenc-ed vrlndo
TT dresaer. Inquire nt tbe Fair. 6M
WANTED First band waist trimmer : non
tmt first claas need apply. Room 4X
" '
671-13 *
a wholesale house , lad' '
stenographer and typewriter , one who ca'
' In other ottic * w-oik preferred. Address
Mi > ee. 68513
OirANTKD 23 jrtrU for general boutrwork
waltreiSB * . X chambermaids , 2 dlshwasb
* r ; cook , private family : lots of good placej
Omana Kmp. Bureau , 11 N. 16th. 6M ir >
\\TANTED Woman cook for raUroad eatln
T ' tionse. ri5 ; I dlning-rtwm girts out ot citj
120. fan < paid ; good kitchen girl , it ; 2 ex per
rnrod pantry cirU , 1 eeoond girl 1to refrenc <
i good cooks for private families , cook and eei
end girt in same bouse , 20 clrli ( or e nen
boubework. Mrs. Brega. li < Klt ; >
TirANTED A first-class tfrl for ccnen
7 T housework ; tnnjt bav reference. Appl
between 11 and li Saturday. r427 Dodge M.
tf. Itt
AGIKL for general tookewort at 2412 S
Marj-'kave. C01
T\r ANTKI > Good girl for general housewor
TT at 1712 Douila t. C31 13"
FIltST class rook and laundress , Mrs. S. 1
M one. 124 N S3d st , corner Cas * . CM li
\\rANTED-A peed nurse ptrl , good -wages t
> 1 tbe right paity. Si ; S sotli. in u
tlTANTKD A plrl at the Doran tiouso. K !
T lath St. near SU Mary' * ava. su
\\rANTKD Two lndle to solicit in this an
11 adjoining Ha teg ; stlary 7i p r numtt
call onbiule ll.roU. room llf MUlard hotel.
_ _ _
\\MNTED-nm-claisgirl forceneral bom
IT work at N , K. oi r. 1Kb and Learruivon ;
\ \ 7ANTED A Udy to ( .ollcit : wu.t denout I :
tt t and give tecurlty for muoey collects
dditu Oeorgt & 'CUa , > Va H r block , D <
1G15 Sherman aye.
/1ANADIAN employment office. Mrs. Urega
lUb. Reference Omaba National bank
Sit O 17 *
\V" ANTED T ibuv c > aJ sec end o and double
> beater. Radiant. Home , or Peninsular.
Mead i Jamison , 3)4 ) s. Uth st. C72-l ! >
T\rANTKD-On or Vfore Oct 15. by young
' ' couple , board wltc 1 or 2 rooms In private
family : best of reference * . Address Frf7. He- .
A YOt'NO rann about tonslt Ireland woull
x\undertake a commission. England and Scot
land included. Address X Lowry , Norfolk.Neb ,
WANTED MO wtirklne giris n < 3 women to
buy onptlr eath ot A. D. Morse s fJnuJ
14 button shoes , best value and will save you
60 cts. 14th aud Famam st.s. bis 13
XPERT ArCOl'NTANT-Wanted to adjust
romp.i'ated books : partnfr hlp accounts
and umipii' atd ar < ountmc of nil kinds , coun-
tn-corre-pondence solit .ted. Address } n Bee.
! S7n5 *
l\TANTED-To correspond with parties wno
> desire to local * In bnxlu'-HS or thoiw going
out , can furnish locations in any lint-or ex
change , and cash customer * for parties desiring
to sell U P Kraut , 10 r ; Furuam St. , Omaha.
4VI O.'l
\\T ANTED Tbe public to make good use of
v ' The ! > ' message boxes throughout the
City ' 06
\\rANTED-Ifyou have any landt. lots or
> T bouses and lots to .sell or exchange tor
oth-r property , call on me or-write. I can find
you a customer. C. C. frpotswood. 305" , S. IWn.
B LOAKD and rooms , 1141 North lutb.
\VANTKU-T tJe boardar * at 1GW ( Douglas.
> ' 75
\\TANTni > 12or 14 room bouse : must have
' ' all modern convenlwnces will pay liberal
ent if p r on will built nouse. will lease same
01 any term ot years. J L. llrandies , ISth and
I o ward. 3
FOK RENT T-room Hat with Imth room and
aio. . 5-room house , comenlentlv located ,
both furnished for housekeeping. C. I' Shaw ,
lC15Ho ard. CTO li
"CXKHEVr-Ch ap rt 4 mom house In city.
-E Apj'ly Kll Cnarles btroet ( W7-14'
house 120 month.
rOK HnNT-14-riTom , rent
Inquire 150J Jackson t , : . D(3 1J-
FOU KENT Larse P-room bouse. 24th and
Capitol a\e , with alt modem m > enlenceh.
S4-room lottaged uncouth lithstearb Jli 6' ) .
2 3-ioom Huts , on North 17th M.
4-rooni boue."JO 1'ierce t , J12.
4-n > om cottage north 2lEt near Clark st , I12..W
5 room tlat sari Leavenworth * t , cheap to
.teady . tenant.
I'lue 8-room flat 2715 Jackson st. This is one
if tbe best lionsei In Omaba
2C-room flats. < or I'.tb and Leavennorth sts
2store ruutiiK. cor 17th tnl Leavenworth f-t ?
Apply to Green Sc Wllllums. Itt Natl Hank
Bldg. ra
IlX M hou.-.B on 5 E cor Jltb and Vlnton.
per month , CIS
C10R KENT Elegant IS-room house , every
I ? convenience , furnace , bath , eta , new. gust
finished , will rent to good tenant at tr > per
month ; nlM > new 10-rooin house , all com en-
ienceK ) ; new 8-rooin hoUs , yS > , barn with
? ach Saunders rt , opposite the Kedlcfc resi
dence , also new lumse , 8 room ? . , on Dodge st
; iear'3itb. ! with b rn.t . C E. Mayne. l.lth and
'Jarney , Omaha Uancmg Co , 0 Vf
FOK KENT -12-room house , modern improve
ments , and all carpeted. Hoard will be
akeu in pHytnent of rent frnitll family pre-
erred Call Bt room 7. Iron bank , 12 to 1 o clock.
R KENT 6 room bouse , 514 iwr montli ,
32d and Seward. 6P7-13 *
TTtOK KENT By Boswurtb \ Joplin , Bartter
-V block , 3 , 4. ft. G , 7. S. , 1U , 11,14-room housea
' .n all parts of the city. 5'K )
H KENT Six loom cottage on Georgle
av . Enquire at B23 Georgle ave. 6JS
FOK KENT New 3 room houses , 30th and
Plnkney sts. fo per month. J. R. Hamil
ton , room 213,1st.National bank building. 54118J
TT1OK KENT e-room house , city water No. lilt
- Pacific st. Inquire ut 1G09 Howard. D44
"IJTOR RENT t-room dwelllng.Davenport street
JC tu per monjh. Apply Netherton Hall , room
423. First National bank. 664 12
OR KENT The best list of desirable houses
J-1 in tie city. Netherton Hall , agent , room 421 ,
Eil'st Nt bank. ft'n
T7XJ KENT Two six-room bouses. North 27tt
JD and Seward. 621
T WILL rent to responsible party my home oi
J-ll rooms , with or without furniture , nlcelj
located. 2 blocksto cable : good carriage house
and sewerage. Apply 2123 Burdette st. 4'.8 15"
B-room house , bath room , 'hot and cold
water , gas. newer , par ed street , nrw. C F ,
Harrisou , 418 S. 15th st. 522
KENT A flat of Mven rooms in Dug
gin's building. Kith and Pacitk sts. rent &r
ptr month. Inquire at room 5. L. Duggan.
i 4B7
F OK KENT st. Oottageof " 3rooms14at E24H S
fTW E largest line of small and large houses li
JLthe ciy ; low rent. J , U , Parrotte , IdOi
Clilcagott. 425-13
I71OK KENT t-room cottage on horse car lice
JD US a month. Apply M. Klguttor 1001. J' r
nainst. 41S
TCTOR KENT House 7 rooin. , Sd st near Cass
JL1 House rooms. 2221 Ca st. Inquire Roon
33. Barker block. 315
/1HEAP B nU Th largest list in the cltv
prices down. J. H. Parrotte , 160S Chicago
155 014
171OR KENT For G months , modern House o
JP 8 rooms , completely furnished , barn will
room for two horses , rent 170 ; possession ghei
Sept. 25th. 2204 N. 2Uh , 1 block north of Lake
FOK RENT S room modern Improved hotisi
Al locality st moderate price. Apply M
Elgutter. 10J1. Farnam. 827
bouse for rent. S. T. Peterson. H
e. cor. 15th and Dourlas. KW
FOK RENT New 8-room house on Cumlm
st , near Ixiwe ave Terms reasonable. Ap
ply quick SpofMvood , 305V , S ICth. 824
FOR KENT At very low rates. 10 and 14 nev
residinces. 4(4 ( and 2414 , Cass street , Clarki
Place. On block south of CreiRhton college. 01
Farnam and 24th street car line. All moden
Improvements. Apply , H. T. Clark Union Trus
Co _ or at 24' Cass street. fM
FOR RENT Dwelling. 1722 Capital ave , oppo
File Trintty catbcdraL Address H. U Hall
1223 Farnam ft. 401
FOR RENT A furnished -room > ttag (
llirnlture new. Would be sold if desired
Call before noon. 2215 Seward nt. 3-W-13
"CXR KENT 6-room bouse , 2418 , 7-room bousj
J ? 2423 Poppletoi ) ave. Geo. I. Gilbert. Witt
nell b'l' . SIP
OITSE for rent ; furniture for sale or trade
1615 Dodge. .U9
FOR RENT House No. C27 S. 17th ave , ren
MO per month. Inquire of II. Malcheln. 1C2
Howard st. Ni'J
RENT I cottages. 27th and Caldwel !
FOR S20. 1 North -JJtb cable line. t2J
Leavitt Bumhaov , Creighton block. 435
F _ K IlENT House 519 N. 18th street. Appl
? , tit. A , D. Balootnbe. ! I 12 California st.
T7HJH KENT One 7-room cottage. S42S Irani
JL ? iln st. ; Inquire at COS Paxton block. P. ;
Creodon. SI 4
"I7KR RENT When you wish to rent a bousi
JL1 store or office call on ua. H. K. Cole , root
C. Continnntal block. HAi
"CfOR RENT Three flats of seven rooms eacl
JL with every convenience , city waler.cas , etc.
newly built house * on Bina street ana Pacific
Apply to Kffloeer Br a. , 112 S 10th * t , Omaha.
FOK RENT l-room ootue OB S. 16th su tw
blocks aoutb of Yinton St. ; will rent for II
per month or sell on ternu to suit purchase ;
Geo. J. Surnsdorir , roon'8 , opposite P. O. 71
O FURNISHED front rooms for three your
inen or man ana wife , board if deslrad. 241
Frantlin. _ tfl t
"OOOM nd board In private bouse , gas , bat !
JLVand f nmaro heat , rales reasonable 21 :
Be ward. _ C82 lit
"CyR RENT Two fnrnUned room * for llgl
Jhnu.Bkecylaj , ID per month , iia Non
ISth. | 6
_ _ 1-14
T7V3E RENT Doivn town furnisbtd sieepla
JL1 rooms at t ! ) and upward * , payable weeklr c
montcty ; will beat roomi for one cent per hot
as wanted. d09 Howard st. _ E18 12
E LUG A NT rooma , single or ea suite , fin
Class board. KBSristit. C44 1
| 7 OR KENT-l"urntsbed or acfurnlfhed rooi
JL' tor two gentlemen , or man and wife. 20 :
Howarxl tt. _ Ml
RENT Newly furnUbed rooms for gsi
-i } tleaen only. KictilUnu Hotel , comrMIt
soil Uoueiu itrocla , . . t J-17
FrilKlSiraO psrlor for rent with or with-
out Ward. 1 < 17 Davenport st _ pm 12
ri'.SlSIIKI ) nxiiiu for light housekeeping
at IClftCaMHt. 607
EKJM ( and Iwarli heap for two in private
fainii ) aa Hurt u c
N'K KLY furnished front room , suitable f-ir
'me or tw U gentlemen 1111 Hurt st. i ?
T7 < OK RKXT Ni ely furnished room for single
Jgentleman. . IV IT Cass.
IJ UK KENT Fumlsbed room * , witb or with-
J out board. 1M rarnnm. _ fir 14'
"V"1CKLY furnished room with good board at
- > moderate pri-es , two blorks trom cable.
Ten minutes ride from postolbce. 1 ( > 17 North
l 1h street.
fltNlSHED room with board , 2 N linh.
Kg 15'
FrHMPHKD room for r nt. 17th and Jar-V-
.sou st. Ji jx-r mouth. Inquire room 2 fu > t
floor , llrowuell HalL 47-13 *
T A KG E pleasant room. funilsh"d , brick flat.
J-/1O6 fhi. . airost. 4C5
"fiXK KENT A warm , well furnished -nouth
A front room , even ' -onvenlence. suitable for
one gentleman , 2212 1'arnam st. > * ]
"V"l < ELY furnished room for 2 gentlemen ; In-
i > aulre A. Hospe. 1M3 Douglas st 37-13
JTHHi KENT A large front room , newly fur
nished , snntb front , cheap , corner 17tb and
Cutnlngs , northeast corner. Sits
ONE large front ronm , suitable for two " ntle-
men. Apply I'D ) 1 arnam * t , , i : >
Fill KENT-Nicely furnished rooms , Mngle
or en suite , 1S1I Cumiugs st. 157
tJXR KENT Furnished rt > oni in Greunlg blk
JC cor. 13th and Dodge ste. Inquire ot Geo. K. .
Darts. Mlllard hotel billiard rrxirc. s'BP
"V"EWLY furnished warm rooms for families
J > for winter. Suite "t parlors , bawindows. .
1 block Irom p. o. . private house lC13-161r. ( apl-
"IJOOMS and board. 1 12 ( . "hlcago st. M4o : *
1 PLEASANT furnished rooms , steam heat ,
gas , bath and t oard in private family , 20" > fa
24th. 670023
ELEGANT front rooms , cheap. C23 S. llth ,
ItB-U. 15
KOOMS including board m the Young W >
men B born * 1V10 Dodge st. References re
quired. W3
RENT A handsome room with alcove at
2.VI9SI Mary save KS
77 < OK KENT Elegantly furnished rooms
J board. Inquire IfiJJ Uouglai 3M
T AKGErt > om with alcove and clo et ; on cable
JUand car line ; terms low ; 112 S. ' 'Ith 3.Vi
) OOM and board , 201 S 2jth ave.
FURNISHED rooms for rent , Ms C'hicKgo.
sn ia-
Fl'KNISHED rooms single or eusuite , moden
conveniences , ( HI N. Inth s-t. J71 12t
VT1CKLY furnished room's. II per week or$3.5.
1 > per month , 502 , 604 and u'JS S ISth st.
'Is rr 'INCHED rooms t > rent at 1BII Cap
itol aie. ( . 'i 14 +
TTKiH KENT One suite uf 3 unfurnlslied rooui !
-T and one of 4 roums f yr houseKeeplng , goo :
yard , etc. , < : < 4 S 17th st between Jackson ant
Leai enw orth. blO lit
> OK KEVT SaM half of 2.M1 Duvenportiit.
J15.M. ( Inqmie 2Jli * t apltol ave. C2P 12"
fl HKEE unfurnished looms for housekeeping
-L 1431 N l ! th. 56 ! 12-
4rNTHNlMIEO ! roomin cotiace. l .tomai
and wile. Apply 823 S Itith tt. 60H.12 *
NrrilNlSHED Suitable f
t '
Tnree .Jirooins. . W > N 2 th st W tt
Three W rooms. 101G N. 21st st 12 W
Thr < t i3i r-Mims , 707 Pacltlc st. . . Hi (
Three ( , ! ) rooms , 7UI1Pacinr Bt 10 W
Three iJ IOOIIIM. lirJ4 \ 21s > t st 11 n
Four 4 room4'is ' N llth st J ( k
f OK KENT 2 ten-room flats , 410 412 N. 1411
1 fct. Enquire 41L-N. 14th st 3-M-12'
"CAOK KENT Two store rooms , N. E CerT
-T 20th and Hurt sts. ; corner t0. ! inUde } 1 pe
Six-room cottage. 1117 Saunders St. , } W p *
Eight-room hous > . with barn , city water etr
on Webster si. , nearllOih st . WJ per roontli.
I'otter S : Cobb. ] ) ) Farnam st. 1.41 * IS
FOK RKN1 Hri'k More , flat above , 24th an'
Hamilton , desirable business location. Leu
rltt Hui-nham , room 1 , Creighton bloi-k. OtK
TT1LAT suitable for oibces lor dentist , docto
-t or dressmaking ; central locution. Leslii
* Leilie. IBth and Dodge bts. 45213
K KENT 3 stores on ICth anil Leaver
worth , apply Bank of Omaha. 2"ii'
_ R KENT Storeroom , No. 214 S. llth st. Ap
plv at 1110 Howardst. Sul
" | 7 > OR KENT Office suite K5 month , 2 singl <
JU omces 115 each , all fronting 1'JUi St. , llusn
man block , N. E. Cor. 18th ana DougUs. W.M
Bushman , 1811 lavenworth. . Wl
STOKE for Kent-1210 Farnam. Apply fhas
Cbildis , N. W. Corner leth and Ltuvfuwor
TCfKK ) RENT more-room under Omnha Bank
J ? Ing Co. , cor. l.Mb and Harney. sultHble
money loaning or real estate business. Pfculsoi
4. Co No. 1M1. room s , I'arnam Rt. Kf8
STOKE for rent , llli Fainam street , inqulri
of Nathan hbelton. at 1500 Farnam street
rTWO choice store rooms m tne Her uuildmc
JL between Howard and Jackson tts. Appi
Raymer i Her store. 524 S ICth st 473 slj
RENT fine retail store room wit :
X ? large basement. JM per month. C. F. Hoi
risen , 41 ? S 15th Bt , 823
JD apanments , also livery stable. Enquire o
Han-is U. E. i L.Co. , Room 411.1st Nat , bank.
( Hi
TTHin KENT GCKK ! barn. 4 stalls , feed root
J ? and wagon sued. Inquire at aoil Howard HI
KENT Good stable , s e corner 2Uth an
Calllorma. Kb
GEOKGE J. STEKNSDOKFF. room B , opp. f
O. , will hereafter give special attention t
renting hou-es , stores and Hats. If you wau
your property rented without delay and to rel
able tenants , do tiot fall to list tse same wit
him K2i
1ST houses wltu me have lots of customer
J H Parrotte , illOG Chicago. 157 014
VVK give special attention to renting and co
> > lecting rents , list with us. H. E. Cole , rooi
8. Continental block. 8r7
Li YOU want your nouses rented place that
with Ben w . & Co , lilh , opposite poKtofflci
LOST In European Hotel pocket boot wit
note and money. (2U rew ard , return Bo :
ber shop 702 S 10th , 059-13'
JTUAYED-Bay pony with saddle and bridl
> Mulvltilll 4 Shelby. MB 14 ?
OSKAYED Chestnut sorrel horse , tl years oil
kJ weighs K50 Ibs branded on left hip O. K ,
liberal reward will be paia. return to A , 1
Haley , South Omaba , 640-12.
SllEWAJtD will be paid for the return of a
estray Jet black mare , twelve years oil
eight about ten hundred or ten hundred an
fifty pounds , shod all around , collar scars c
point of left shoulder , smooth md handsomi
strayed a way October 2d. IKis , and is the prot
erty of Dr. G. L. Nichols , of Omaba , Sboul
said mare have bean driven away or conceale
by anyone such person will be prosecuted a
cordtne to law. and if convicted of norse-ttea
Ing , tLe person pirlne information leading I
the finding of said mare , and tbe arrest an
conviction of the ibiit will be paid an add :
tlonjil reward of * Vi. Win , Ooburn , Sheriff <
Douglas county. Nebraska.
Omaha Oct-MBax SK5
"OEKSCtNAL-Don't miss the great auctic
J- sale of Salt Lake lots now being sold on
street. South Omaba. CiOH
T KOTHER A-M other lias been expecting 1
JLJbear from you ever since you wrote me fro
Kansas City , and the anxiety Is more than bl
can endure 1 shall be at home in D - in O
tober. Came or writ * ere it be too late. SUter 1
fc5tu ;
TER5ONAL If yon nare a peraonol Hem. <
X any communication , drop It In on * of Tt
Bx's message boxea , _ IW
TJ > OR 6ALE-3 room house , and Ground t
JP leaoe , n e corner 1'vtb and Irard , Co-op.
- 6SJ > 15
of tbe KeeO hotel. Sou' '
Oiuaba , tor sale and tlio building for rec
Inquire on tbe premises. 640 lut
" 170 K SALE Cheap , new lioust. 14r22 , c
X' leased ground ; alto furniture. Inquire IV
JobnCfcrr&U. , CJ81J *
- . . PALE or Kent nve-rootn tottage on
Capitol avenue in po d order ; terms easy.
Inquire on tbe prcmUeiptl3 Capital avenue.
U .
it i uxj r
CU'RNITrKR and le-R llf 11-room hou 8. fur-
Jnlture nearly new , bcnfM ontalnlng all mod-
trn convenience * , 17U7 Dodge * U 673 13 ?
; jVK SALE Pony , can and liarnei
- gentle and on * of th vVt driving in city.
\PplyatK Wakeley't. COT * lith. ( # 9 14
i -ALI'--A peed slrHto heater at a low
- priceV J nroatch j IA9 19
< iK SALE Very fine" family horse and
phaeton at your own tirirs. Inquire r om 210 ,
Jirst National Bunk [ y bc
[ SALE Out of the best paying C room
L furnished flats In the city. Payltic 141 above
ent. Must bo sold at once Inquire ; K1 N. E.
or. 10th an J Harney st. Ernest Kramer.
4W ( l'ij
( P 175 will buy furniture complete ofronm
Cphouse. Ikmpe for rent it wanted Address
T Bee. JS4 12'
[ JViU SALE or trade New two peaked car-
" rtage and single top buggy. Sslby. 1521
'arnam. 375
PALE A good family bors , buggy and
hRrnes for HVi. Address EH. Bee oltlce. 710
F01 ! SALE Seaman * wagoat and carriages ,
Omaha's largest variety , east side litb ( s-t.
north of Nicholas. The best and the cheapest.
7S ) o 1-6
GVK SALE A new 0 seat Hoceaway carriage
J. at lA-e A Nichols livery barn. Twenty-elchth
and Leavenworth. Telephone ! m ) . 417
WII SALK A family 'horse or for peneral
use , pri ( e 1150. Inquire No. 31St S. 10th. City.
( S3
EVENING employment wanted by unart
bookkeeper. Address F 41. Use. C3s 34
"Of can b'iv a Fan Lake lot very cbedi : at
tbe great au'tiun sale now in progress ou
< i ft. xmlh Omaha. ( T > 1 14
A NTIQVAH1AN book store. 1413 rarnam st ,
ii.higbe t caHh prices paid tor fcerond bund
books. ( HI n 101
TH1 ! 12th .ert s of stork of the Mutual Loan
and Ilulldlng Association Is no\ < open tor
-ubscription of hharei at 310 South 16th , be-
iweeu t , and C p in , dally There is no cheap r
: > r better v ay to buy a hem than through
ibi * building association plan. G. M. Nnttlncer.
ecietarv. 6 ! < V17
\1 113 K. rrUMAN. dressmaking , cutting aud
- . 'Jfltting. . Southeast cor. 10th and WetMer st.
4(2 ( 14j
TNO. MfU > OON i > S. 10th M ; 10 stone-
< J cutters. 12c lineal foot. Colorado t-sndstone.
T > HE banjo taught as an an by Oeo.K. Gellen-
beck. IKt So. Kith su 1SJ
Rj' 'OTcaHb for old and new books , furniture.
stoves and carpets. Orfl i Co , 117 N. ICtb.
HS : for Destitute Women and Children.
" \T rSIC A. ftohrs & Son are now urepared to
Ail turulsh the best and latest music lor recejw
ini. weddings , sociables , pnrtit" * balls et/
lra > und string Quartettes furnished , especial-
1 } tor tercniides. concerts , funeral- . , etc Othce
401 South 13th St. . A. E Men-is1 Music Store.
; ; i o is *
ROMAN'S Exchange , 1C17 Farnam st. Lunch
dally , supper Saturday nights. SiUl
"OAKTlEb having bors-es , mare ; , and colts to
J- winter 'ill ttud good stalls and yards at
Major C'rofts place , tirs barn nurth of fair
grounds. Terms uioderatp. 247 17J
T\T H. BAHIIEK Ces 'pnols i water closets
T > cleaned , w ork guaraoteed.uui S.Sn.luTel 521
15C 014 ?
ETTHOMTSON. ROOM 112 Sbeely block.
\ { IDLANt ) Guarantee /uU Trust Co. , 1505 f ar
I'-l-nain Complete abstract furnished , i titles
to real estate examinedpArt cte , ! i guaranteed ,
TDENSON CARM1CHAKL furnlsn complete
JJand guuranteed abstaitttts of title to any
real estate in Omaha and Douglas county upon
short notice. The most complete set of HU'tr
boots In tbe city. No 1503Tarnam Bt. H79
rT KACK-\GK. storage , lowest rates. * T. M
JL Hushman. Ull Leavenworth. 878
DO YOU want to borrow money f If you have
diamonds , -watches or jewelry and desire to
etlei-t a loan oa favorable terms In a strictly
private nnJ confldentiul manner , or should you
want a loan on furniture , horses , carriages ,
land contracts or personal property oJ any de
scription , yi u can have money advanced at
lowest raws of Interest and ample time to pay
by calling on or sensing postal card to the
Omaha Mortgage Loau Co.
We loan out our own money , makti out our
ownmpers and pay no commission , thus glv-
ing the oeneflt to tbe borrower.
uur facilities are such that xve can accommodate -
date you in a prompt and confidential manner - '
ner , giving you fair , honorable and courteous
All loans renewed at original rates.
We will pay otf any mortgage you now have
and give you long time and low rates : will loan
any Bum from $25 to $1,030.
Commercial and l t mortgage paper bought.
Omaha Mortgage Loan Co. , room 4U5. Paxton
block. 41
Omaha Ilnanclal Exchange , Kt > om 13 ,
JL Uarker Hloct , boutliweM corner of Farnam
and loth its.
Make * a specialty of short-time collateral
and real estate loans.
Money always on hand in sums of S10J and
upw ards to any amount , to loan on approved
Secured notes bought , sold or exchanged.
Clear real estate and cah to exchange for
good nrst or second mortgages.
lx > ans mode upon land contracts , stocks ,
bonds , trust deeds , first or second mortgage se
curity. without publicity , delay or red tape
Financial bu-lness of anv kind transacted
Promptly quletlv and fairly. " lloom 13 , Uarker
block , Corbett , Manager. _ Sal
MONEY To Loan By the undersigned , who
has tbe only properly organlied loan agency
in Omaha Loaus of HO to 11,000 made on furni
ture , pianos , , w agons , machinery ,
etc. , without removal. No delays All business
fctrictly conndential. Loans BO made that any
part can be paid at any time , each payment
r duclngthe co-t pro rata. Adrances made on
tine watche * and diamond * , Per-oas should
carefully consider who they are dealing with ,
as man ; new concerns are daily conimc into ex
istence. Should you need money call and see
me. W R Croft , room i Withnell building ,
15th and Harney. _ S-g
MONEY to loan on household furniture , pi
anos , horses , wagona and other personal
property ; also on mortgage paper and contracts
as collateral security ; cash always on band : lib
eral extensions granted : business transacted
fairly.quietlv and promptly T- Fairbanks In
vestment Co. , S W cor 16th A' Douglas , upstairs
WE keep on hand money to oan on inside
property in Omaba and South Omaba is
sums from * VJ to S-VO/J. and as we do our own
valuing , make all papero , etc we can complete
a loan any day you wish and pay you the money
Bates , Smith i Co. , Room 203 , liamge building
US3 31
MONEY to loan on improved property at flr i
hands No applications sent away for ap
proral. Security and title * examined free o !
charge o borrowers. Lombard Investment
company. 30 S. 13th st. 1G4
MONEY to loan ; large and small sums at lov
rates , for short time , on real estate or chat
tel security ; second notes thought ; all financial
business strictly conndential People's Fin&n
clal Exchange O Hous-aren , manager ,
66 > , Barker block , 15th and Faraam.
MONEY to Loan Lowest rates. Loans clos
promptly , H. E. Cole , Room G. Contlnenta
Block. 'Mi
_ _
to Loan On red estate and chatte
secuntr. Money without delay. Wes-ten
Land and Loan exchange , 117 S. IGih st ,
MONEY to loan on furultureragons , etc.
without removal , or oa' collateral security
Business strictly confidential , A. E. Greenwood
& Ckx , K 1 Cunningham bit , * cor. 13th * Jackson
of > t
MONEY to loan in any-arnotict , either foi
building or olhenvlte , at lowest rates o
interest and on short notice. O. V. Sholes , roon
HO First Nat'i bant , cor. 13tb and Farnam. Bit
015.000 to loan on inside property. Some firs
P mortgages for sal * . Nathan Sbelton , I'M
rarnam street. 8'J
DONT borrow money on furniture , borsei
wagons , etc. , until you hare seen C. U. J
cobs , room 410 , First National bank building
cor. 13tb and Farnam VKH
$100.010 to loa non Improved city and cour
try property. Cash on hand. First mortgag
notej bought by Guaranty Loan tna Invoct
mentCo , 1Mb andCnicago ; sts. 721 M
* WO.OJ 6 per cent. Money to loan on 1m
SJprovtid forms or city property. James A
woodman , at the old fire insurance ottc o
Murphy A. Lorett , SJ S. ISth it. 894
E ASTERN money cheap. City and country
Omce Philadelphia Mortgage and Trust Go.
Boom 13. Board ot Trad * . Ciuo.T. . P. coate *
MONEY to loan : cuh on band : no delay , J
W. Squire , 12l Fornam st. First Nation *
bonk building. ti )
MONEY to loan on furnltnre , borses , wagons
. etf or < Qor approved security. J. W. Kol
Uiu , U. J6 Sbetlr blk , Ijia aud Uovrwd. 01
MONEY to Loan City and country : cheap
rates no delay. L , P. Hammond , * Paxton -
ton building. 705
D. lilEY KVOrio ( to loan on city property
and Improved farm Und. Frenzer block.
LOANS mad * on real estate and mortgages
boueat , Lewts S Reed A Co. , 1K1 1'arnam ,
MONEY to loan oa Improved real estate.
Leavltt Burnham , Crelghton block. C7 ?
M ONEY to loan at G. H. Peterson , real es
tate and loan agent , 14U S 13th st , MH US
/"JOODclty and farm loan ) wantel by A. I
VJ luley. 111 rarnam. S
{ I'EH CENT money to loan Cash on hand
" W.AI. Harris , room 83 , Trrnzer block , opp.
' . O. S < j
"CHATTEL and collateral loan * . M. E Davis
V-/1H s mh su , room r . MCI
VMOK > to loan at C per cent. Llnahau A Ma-
_ $ hoaey. room WT. raxton t > lok. iHM
ONKY toloan. long time , George J. Paul'
low rarnam st Wl
B UILDING loam. Linahan AMahoney. .
r > HAL estate loan loweit rattn. Udell Bros.
1 A CoM Xi : S. ICUl st. 69J
MONTV to loan. O. P. Ia1i Co. , real estate
and loan agent ; , l.-ai Karnam st , 1'33
Foil 5ALE A confectionery and clear store
at a bargain. No. 1 location Inquire ll.M.N .
\v. cor 17th ana Nicholas 4.VI 1C *
RI > TAt"KANT Jor your own price , olticst in
tlty. Inquire 702 Leaveuwortb st. t > " > 6 14 *
T71OII SALE A lunch counter , ( horse sboei.
-L almo9t new and verjheap. . Cosmopolitan
restaurant. Ull and 31,1 S 14th. K 13'
" \ \TANTED A paitner to Uke a half lnttref.1
> ' in tiie best we-kly piit > er west < A Chicago ;
mnit be able to taUe lull ctiure of oihce ana
books : Jl.UWrtll buj it. a salary of tliM t > er
innntu Kuaranttied. Address F18. Hee. 013 14
A VANTKJJ A partner with ILtKVJ for restaurant -
' * rant In centre of business portion of the
city : tlr-t-class trade. Address } 3 . Bee oftice. .
"WANTED A partnerln a light manufaitur-
' incbu' < ines ! > ijayinc M percent. $ .VM re
quired. I'all at room 7 , Hushman block lit ! IK
T710K SA LE At a rare bargain , the finest and
-L1 most complete . ' ( -chair barber shop and 3
bath rooms In the mo'.t desirable location in
South Omaha. This chance for lOdajs only ,
fall or address A. H. fndeland A Co. . 1IW
Douclas su Mj ! <
FOH SALE ( . 'heap ; blacksmith shop , dwell-
in C and barn , gooa location , 30 miles S W of
Omaha. D llarratt , 1010 N 10th st. . Omaha ,
Neb. 633 14 :
T7VH SALE First class saloon and lone lease
-L on ground. AddteoS F u3 Bee ollice , D.-O 15 *
T7WH SALE Hot < l and meat market nt a bar-
J-1 gain in a thriving town in western Neb Ad-
dreas K. McNalr. Crawford. Neb. & & 12 *
F uU sALET Salt Lake lots tu each , at. i10 ! B.
FOK ALK or Exchange An old established
good paring Llvtry business in Council
lllufls. ! * . , In N Main st. Win. Stadleman. 6iil
F > U 5ALK A stock of general mercnandlse.
Address lock box 3'u , AtCinson , Neb
_ _ _ _ _ _ -M OIK
FOH SALK The furniture and lease of one of
the beM paying and bm-t located hotels in
the cltv. AjwJiyatonre to Green Williams ,
First Nat. bank bulldlnc. 27i
STOCK of groceries , crockery , glassware and
notlons.and store building on leased grounds ;
exchanue for clear Omaha property. Cooperative
tive Land A- Lot Co. , "Jj N IBth st < HW li'
tOK EXCHANGE About one and a half sec-
-L lions laud in Northern Nebraska for a good
stock of general merchandise. G. B. Hovland ,
Newman Grove. Neb W7 12 *
FOK Trade Choice lot In Gramtnerry Park
and choice double corner in Liptoa Place for
good land D. V. Snoles , 21P , I'lrst Nat'l bank.
OH F.x-rhanire Council Bluffs lots , lightly
liicnmb-r d , for farms or Omaha property.
H E. ( ole. Hoorn b , Continental bulldlni : .
& 12 14
TTKJll KXCHANGE-Good renting city and
J- South Omalia property : u.l o lots and ( arm .
Western Land ana Loan excnange , 117 S > . Ibth sf
5T , nS
\\7ANTED To erchange Inside eltyprop-
erty for improved farms near city. Box
754 , city. ; JH Q 1&
TF you have anythlni ; to exchange call and
Jbee our list. Western Land and Loan ex-
cnane. . 117 S. Itith. UJ n *
I HAVE real and personal property of all
kinds for trade. Call and see me , George J.
Stemsdorff. room 6 , opp. P. O. 825
HB Omaha Ruhlnesn Exchange. R. 6. s. vr. cor.
-L L'ttb and Douglas , makesa speclaltyof selling
and exchanging all classes of merchandise , etc
o EXCHANGE Or sell , houses and lots ,
JL farms or merchandise ct e Omaha Business
Bxchunge , room 5 , a. w. cor. 15th and Douglas.
Tr"ANTED Good lands and city property.
1 hornps , cattle , eta , to exchange for mer
chandise in all lines. L. I * Krans , KKJ7 Farnam
Bt . Omaha , Neb. 453 Oil
" \\r ANTED Storks of mort handise in any and
' all hnet to exchange for good farm lands ,
Omaha real estate , horses , cattle , etc L. P.
Kraus. 1TO7 Farnam sU , Omaba , Neb. 4"iS O21
A TTENT1ON The gifted destiny reader can
-TV. be consulted daily for two weeks in ail af
fairs of life or death ; tells your llf from the
cradl * to the grave : reunites the separated wltfc
the wonderful Egyptian cuarm ; locates disease
and heals them with Massage ana electric treat
ment Olhce417 3.11th st , up-stalrs. rooms !
and 3. 4SS-1-J
DR. NANNIE V. Warren , clairvoyant. Med
ical and business medium. Female diseases
a specialty. ll , N , Iftth st , Kooms S A3. . 2J5
Tlf" FHAN KLIN , real eat ate and loans. Hoora
-1-543. Paxton building , Cor 10th and Farnam
Bts. , Omaha , Neb. , October llth , IHHS.
For sale or trade One hundred veil improved
farrna. situated m Nebraska , Iowa and Kan-
Ka- . . The--e farms are M ) , W , la ) , 1(10 ( , and 2K (
acres in size , and will be sold at low figures
Terms , one-third cash , balance to suit ; or w ill
trade them for good improved or unimproved
cltj projierty. As all the ( anus 1 oflerareclear
of incumbrauce. 1 only want parties v ho wish for them to oiler nothing ut fairvaluf
for the same. You will llnd that 1 will give you
one hundred cents for every dollar of youi
property in exchange.
For full particulars , call or write to above ad
dr ss. Othce hours. 8 to 10 a. m. , is to 3 p. m. .
4 to 5 p m. faoa 14
FOK SALE Two elegant homes In Hanscorc
Place on reasonable terms ; mortgage papei
taken as part payment. llosworth Joplln
liarker block. ( > ' j
$ ,1riiiO buys a good 2-story S-room bouse an < !
lot. ea t front , in Windsor Place , a bargain.
D. V. Sholes. KoomilO. nrbt National Uauk
CI31.00 cash and K15.W monthly , including in
Pterest , buy a nice m-story fl-room house ot
red car line. Investlgats this. H. E. Cole
Itoom C , Continental block. 510 14
T7KHI SALE-Lot 50xlriU , with good S-slon
X ) house nicely f umishe-d. all modern conven
iences , within 1 blk paved St. . H blk from Pan
school and M. E. church. H&nscom pluoe. Tnii
is one of the best properties in the city , ane
can be bad at a bargain by addressing tbi
owner , F 14 , Bee office. U9
T7\OU \ SALE-Or 'xcnanKe. We bare aomc
J-1 good Omaha real estate and Nebraski
farms , which we will sell cheap or trad * foi
stock of clothing , furnishing goods , dry goods ,
boots and shoes , groceries or hardware , gchi * *
tnger Uro M 614 S. lOtb at ] 0
"C OH SALE-OTxlOO feet near corner Woolwortl
X1 ave and a-tb st.hou e of li rooms.bathroom
gas , cistern , hot and cold water , sewer connec
tlon. furnace , ! cellars , location all that can 1 *
desired , school , church and 2 lines of horse can
withlngS blocks , cable In project ; (4.500 : i LOO
cash balance easy , b per tent InU-resu C. F
Harrison. 41 * S 15th su
IHxlUOO feet cor Woolworth ave. and 2Sth st.
bouse and improvements materially tbe gam
as above , J0. . fl.KM cash , balance easy. I pe
cent Interest C. F. Harrison. 418 S 15th st. trj
CJHOO ( rays a full lot and good 4-rooin cottapi
Peasy terms and good location D V. Bbolei
room i : 10 , Firnt Nat'l bant , cor. 13tb and Far
nam OJ9
T7V3H SALE-Franlc Wasserman. at the Ban !
-L of Omaha , has nome of tbe choicest reel
deuce and busineu property in tbe city for fal
cheap. 4'B
T7 OK SALE 10.CKH acres land In Nebraska a
X ? low ratas on long time : good farm landi
C. H. Peterson. 1412 S. 13th st. iUl-O. '
" | T > OK BALE Or exchange for Omaba prop i
X ty. 60 acres , suitable tor platting ; will mak
4Uolou ; all clear ; big money in It for Borne on
who can push this ; located Just ontnlae ot th
city limits ot Council BlnOs , Inquire G o. J
SUrnsdortf , opp. x > O5tomoe. Mi
EDWAHI ) A. BKODBOLL , IJndsay. Neb.ta
several farm * ( or aalo in PUtto county a
nVR SALK-N'ot tor trade , D437B acret of itn-
X1 proveJ ian < ! I wlleii from Marquette in.
Hamilton Co. , Nebraska. Frame bouse , frame
stable , AP acrei under a cooJ 4 birb-wlr ( teuoo ,
round CMjBr } iast ntld z stay * ; llvinr water.
good corral. Z well * , wind mllU 820-barrel tank.
self-feeder tronl-h , etc75 acre * clorer : taoJej
ITIce < alKU It ! per acrel . 19. vn
Cash . S.rn.0
3 years time at C per cent , 3.1KU
Go and look over the land and address the
owner , F. K. Atkins , ITxB Larimer St. , Detver.
Colo. m
_ ? monthly and IVl.dO cvsh buys nice home
Pnear red car line. 11. K. Cole , llooui , G , Oontln-
emaliuulldlnc. _ ill 14
17VU ) SALK- Lot 11. b. iM. Hanscom place , 5.V )
X1 ofl what It is worth , C.F. Harrison , 41S 15th
( W7
LAND Seekeri. Attention For full par
ticulars alum frw and cJieap lands In west
ern Nebraska addres Tbos C Patterson. Heal
Estate Agent. North Platte , Neb 10101
An Evening With Artists.
Last evening Council BluiTs was grnnt-
ed a peculiar favor peculiar in its
rarity an evening with artists. Miss
Crama Juch. Miss Roa Linde. Mr.
William Lavin and Signer C'lemente
Bologna form nn incomparable qunr
tette. Tbe appearance of each was an
added pleasure and a delight. Encore
followed encore , and each was responded
to willingly. Comparisons would be cut
of place , for in their own voice each it
equally great. Peculiar favor inny per
haps be accorded Mis-/ Emma Juch , as
through her voice she touched the
hearts ot her audience more etteclually
than the others. Her number , were
well to that end. and each per
son in the auditorium felt himself to bo
drawn through sympathy to her. Her
solo numbers were delightful , in
both choice and rendition , and
her Marguerite will remniu with
those who heard it. a sweet re
membrance. for such a rendition of that
grand conception of injured innocence
is seldom heard. It more nearly re
sembles the Marguerite of Patti , al
though in no sense pntternitig after it ,
for it is distinctively her o n.
But what shall belaid of Mis * Adi-le
AusDerOhe. Grand yet delicate in
her conception ; cont-cientious as to her
interpretation ; a master of technique ;
her handling of the piano was a marvel.
"Artists are not made. " and Liz t had
simply directed the artistic instinct.
A ? Joseffv is great , so is Adcle Aus Der
Ohe. She is but yet a girl. What a
magnificent future is in store for her.
The attendance upon the entertain
ment at Dohany's was large , but not
nearly so large as the merits of the con
cert warranted. The ladies * of the P.
E. O. are de-erving of thanks for the
pleasure thus afforded through their
efforts. _
A peculiarity of Hood'sSarsaparilla is
that while it purifies the blood , it im
parts new vigor to every function of the
Arc Not of One Mind.
The board of education held a meet
ing last evening , with all of the mem
bers present except Mr. Stewart. Sev
eral bids lor furnishing the gas fixtures
for the new school building were opened ,
and tbe contract awarded to J. C.
Bixby. The matter of electing a secre
tary was then taken up , but the mem
bers were unable to agree. Several
ballots were taken , but neither of the
three candidates , Tinlcy , Maynard nor
Brown , received enough votes to elect.
This ia the second meeting for the pur
pose of electing a secretary , but the
ballots fail to count. Mr. Stewart is ex
pected home daily , and it is probable
that no definite result will be arrived at
until his return.
Another deadlock i * > threatened , and
all over so unimportant a matter as the
election of a secretary who shall draw
$300 a year for his services. The hitch
is not owing to any ill feeling between
the members of the board , but they like
H little recreation once in a while with
monotonous work of their routine meet
ings , and an occasional deadlock fur-
nibhes the necessary spice to make it
interesting. The present difficulty sig
nifies nothing. As soon as all of the
members can get together the matter
will be amicably settled , and a secretary
will be elected in short order.
Yon sturdy oait whose branches wide
Boldly tbe storms and winds defy ,
Not long ago an ucorn small ,
Lay dorment 'neath the summer sky.
Not unlike the thrifty oak in its
germ , development and growth , is con
sumption. But even this mighty foe of
mankind , positively yields to the won
derful curative properties of Dr.
Pierce' = Golden Medical Discovery il
taken earlv. Don"t be blind to your in
terests and think yours a hopeless case ,
This remakuble remedy has rescued
thousands. Qf druggists.
They Will "Play Ball" Next Year.
Base ball for this year is practically
over , and preparations are already
making for the organisation of a firs !
class nine for next year. There was t
great deal of dissatisfaction during th <
past season , both among the players and
outsiders , over the manner in whicl :
everything was conducted , and itisprO'
peed to run the matter differently nexi
year. Under- the new managcnieni
Rudio and Strock are left out in tin
cold , which fact will probably give rist
to some more kicking this "fall. Th <
reorganized club will give a ball a'
Masonic temple Friday evening , Octo
ber W , for the purpose of raising monej
to assist in purchasing new uniforms.
An early start is made so that there
"will be nothing to prevent opening uj
the season as soon as possible. It is
proposed to place a team of genuin <
ball players in the field , and have sorn <
good games here next season. An at
tempt will be made to convince the citi
zens of the Bluffs that they need not g (
away from home to see the nationa
game played as it should bo , and it i
hoped that the move will prove BUG
_ _
Oldest and the best , Jarvis branay.
There WAS a rousing meeting at re
publican headquarters last evening
Addresses were made by K. M. Fuse ;
and H. J. Smith , which were greatl ;
appreciated. The arguments of thes'
gentlemen carried conviction and wer <
unanswerable. There was a large at
tendance , and the greatest enthusiast
prevailed. On next Wednesday the re
publican club of the first ward will holi
a meeting , and able speakers will be 01
The best is cheapest. Jarvis 7 7 brandy
The Agricultural Cla s In
A Russian writer of considerable emi
nence asserts that in Russia the agri
cultural class constitutes fe'2 nor cent c
the entire population equal fcr Eurc
pean Russia , exclusive of Finland an
Poland , to about GS.000,000 souls. Th
tillers of the toil the morviks are c
necessity , therefore , the chief figures !
the social and political life of the state
and they must , for all interested in poll
tie , ba the prime object of study , o\
serration and investigation. The * mai
ciputipn act of .1SGJ utterly failed to re
ahze the expectation of its promoter !
The great benefit of the oieasura wa
purely moral , and. the bulk of the peas
antry is in a condition not far remove
from actual iUr vatloa. ' ' , ' '
Running between Council Blufl and Albright.
n addition to the stations mentioned , tralun
top at Twentieth and Twenty.fourtb streets ,
and at the Summit in Omaha.
Leave. Arrir * .
A No. 2 G.Vp. ) m. D No.l .7:00 a m ,
C No. 0 COOam.'C : ' No.D & :50n.m :
A No.4 . .940a. ; m.lA No. 3.- . . 6:60 : p.m
A No.4 . .11:40 : a. in. A No. 6..7:30 : a. m.
A * No. b. .5:35 p. m. A 'No.7 , . . .J > : 'Mr > . in.
A .AifiOn m. A No. 3 . :60p. : m ,
A No. C. . .40a. m. A No. 3 .7iJOa. m
A No.4 .fi : ( p. m. D No.l . . .7:00a.m. :
B No. 2 b.lOli. m. A No. 5 .6:45 D. ml
A No. 2 , U-40 a in , A No.l . .6-50 a. m ,
A No 4 7OOP. : in. A No 3 . . .0:50 P.m. ,
A No. 2 P:25a , tn-A No. 3 fls.TOn. m ,
A No 4 l':20p. in A. No 1 . C'JOp. : a.
sior.x 'CITY a. PACIHC.
A No. 10 . 7:05 a. m. A No. B. . . . 8:55 a.m.
A No.12 7lKp. in A No.Il 9:00p.m. :
A No P 3:40 : p m A No. 7 .11:35 : a. m.
A daily ; II dally except Saturday ; C except
Sunday. D except Monday ; fast mall.
Klectlon 1'roclainntlon.
Under and by virtue of tbe authority restei
in me by Msction eleven (11) ( ) of chanter twenty-
nix (2Ci ( of the compiled statutes of Ndbraxu ,
eutitled "Klbctions. " 1 , John M. Thayor. t < ) T-
ernor of tbe Mate of Nebraska , do hereby isso
in } proclamation , that on Tuesday , tn mrtB
day oJ November , A D. 18tK. there will be t *
election held at tbe usual places of voting in
paid state , for the purpose of electing the follow
ing officers , tc-wit :
J'h e electors of president and vice president
of the United States.
One member of congress from the First con
gressionnl district.
One member of congress from the Second coa
gressional district.
One member of congress from the Third coa > 1
pressional district. j
Lieutenant governor.
Secretary of state
State treasurer.
Auditor public Recount ! .
Attorney general.
Commissioner ot public- lands and bullOittf * .
Superintendent of public instruction.
State senator for acb senatorial district , an3
Kepresentatlves for each representative
district , as provided by law.
In witness whereof. I have hereunto set tor
hand and caused to be & ( hxed tbe grout seal of
the state Done at Lincoln tbU
Sd day of October , in tbe year ot
our Lord one thousand eight nun *
[ Seal. ] dred and eighty-eight , UHJ twen-
ty-Becond year of the state , and
of tbe Independence of the United
States the one hundred and thir
teenth ,
By the OoTtrnor. JOHN M. THAVBtt.
G. S. LAWS , Secretary State.
Dissolution Notice.
, .
wu * tfivA vtft * fTi v * kU 9M WV. 4-U VHV ! / * / \t +
Omaha , Nebraska , is this day dissolved by mu
tual consent. The business will be continnad tt
the same place by Jacob E. Trolel. to whom ,
alone , all accounts and indebtedness due the
said firm should be paid , and to whom all ac
counts and claims against said firm abould b
cresented for payment.
Dat d. Omaha. Nebraska , this 1st day at Octo '
b r. 1SSS
olOim WILLIAM H. HULiurrfm.
Notice. 1
Sealed proposals will be received at th
of the county clerk , of Douglas county , Meb. .
until : p.m. Saturday , October Llth , IM , ff
removing 4,000 cubic yards , more 6r Inu. e
on county road , in Section li. Tp. it. nurth
IL , the same being known as Center 8tre , u <
Klkhorn Station. Oertlfled check of K to ao-
company each bid.
The board reserves th rlgtt to reject MIT tad
all bids.
ProflU and specification ! In County BuTTe * B
office. By oroirofcountycommissionrs.
* LD. U&CUK , CountOl rJfc
oidliteam to U
Notice to Con tractor * .
Sealed proposals M'111 be receiT 3 at * ofio
ot County Clerk , Douglas County. unMrz ft.
Saturday Octebur IBtfi , A O. wfe'to remorlnjt
8.1IOJ yards of earth , more or less . nearer HenaloF-
ton but Ion , between section 11 14.tUl.ttlL
Certified check of I25.W to accompany aab Ul
Tbe Board reserm tae nebt urretiot euro * !
all bids. U. D. liuCHK ,
oct 10 m&e Ct-wlt County Clem.
Notice to Contractor * .
SEALED PropesaU will be recelr S at ( h *
office ot county clerk , Douglas cowttf , U1 "
t o'olosk n. ra. Saturday. Oct. 1XU , leH. tot
movicc t.oou yard * , more or leu , ot earth. n
bait bJcttOB line In Sec 10 , t. U. a. UK , all
din to I * placed beueea rial ray irloK &M
Certified cheek ot t.OD to accompany aaoh
bid. Tb board reMrres the right to r ) ol a r
aud all bids , MH , Uocai , Couat/ rt