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A Nebraska Murderer Gets a Now
Lease on Llfo.
Transacted nt
llic ItOKtilnr Meeting of tlie
Hoard Lincoln ( iencrnl and
LIXCOI.X Ht-nr.AtJ op run OMAHA HRB , 1
10'At 1' STUKIIT ,
tixcorx , Oct . 9. I
The sonlc-noo of Henry IJccrs , tlio youii ?
man \vho murdered Johanna Augusta Kcifcrt
near tins city about it year aio , and who \va *
sentenced to hani ; on the 13th of last April ,
will be reversed. JudRO Cobb announced
from the bench to-day that a formal opinion
would be given by the court to-morrow
| morning. The case was tried before Judge
Chapman last December and taken to the
supreme court on a writ of error. The sick
ening details of this horrible crime are too
familiar to the reading public to require
repetition. When the case was first tried
and submitted the Jury wai out but a short
tluio before rea chmg the vcrittct of murder
. . . in the llril drprce , and Judge Chapman pro-
1 I tiounred the st-nUinco of death upon him.
1 Hut Hcers hud able counsel and on some in-
forma ities and the admission of questionable
testimony the case was taken to a higher
court , and the decision is to bo reversed and
remiiii'lcd ' back for ; wnow trial. At the time
thnre was but little or no doubt as to the
prihonc. 's guilt , but he lias a new lease
on life , with sumo chance of ul
timate liberty. Hut the now trial will bring
added expense to the state , and | K > ssibly a reaction -
action of public sentnm-nt Ivfoio the law
can agiiMi run its cour-io. Heels' respite
may , however , run a shorter race than be-
lore A i hatige of venue will doubtless be
taken , and some other county will bear the
remainIcr of the burden.
l-t lll.ll I.AMIS AMI HUil.DISdS.
The board or public lands and buildings
met in regular session to-day , at U o'clock ;
present , Joseph Scott , William Iocso and ( ! .
L Laws The business transacted , while
"outme , contains Hems of more or less gen
eral ii..i'ri'st Reports from various state
iimtilutinris wcro received , p.issed upon and
placed on lllc. Coinmnndant Hammond , of
the Soldu-rV and Sailors' home , reiwrts live
empluyes on the btate's jiay roll , drawing the
aggreg.iti' sum of J12i.UO : per nicntli. This
sum is quite moderate considering the Im
portance of the institution. Dr. Knanp , of
the ins it.o . avv him , reports two de.ith.s dur-
"ig th > past few < luy * . v\f \ Kato James and
] ) , iV"l I iillitlower. The history of the first
nuini-'l sin > ws that her sad mental condition
mm di .iMi was duo to extreme melancholy ,
caused i > \ the death of a brother. She was
nilmitt'it to the hospital on the 2d : ! dav of
Juli , ! > ; , from Adams county , and died on
the ,10th mst On the adviro of her friends
she was buried at the hospital ccmetory.
Collillowcr'it history is somewhat sad. His
iiiminitv win induced by the excessive use of
alcohol and chloral , and first appeared about
n year ago during a severe attaclc of rheuma
tism. Ho was very wild and obstinate and
had to be cnmimtfctl to the asj lum to insure
the Rifety nf those around them. Heiwas
Rreatl.tmubled by men whom hi ! claimed
had changed into bugs. This was his great
delusion He died atC o'clock on the morn
ing of September ! M. Ho was committed
on the "M day of May from Seward
county. Warden Hyer- > submitted hi-t re
port for the month of September. It is as
follows Number of convicts in prison on
the 1st dav of September , HJ'J ; number re
ceived from the com ti miring the month , 10 ;
total , ill' . ) number whoso terms expired , 1'J ;
remaining in prison October 1st , . ' ( . ' 17.
allowed S'J..lVUM ' '
John Lanlmm was on
capitol gnmnds contract ; W. II.Vilcox for
superintending change of dome and the con
struction of columns , M9 ! M ; Joseph Hums ,
for boiler , pumps and fixtures for state
house , Ms 10 ; A L. Godfrey coal and lights ,
$ .13.01 ; meat bill for the insane asylum ,
{ Wt.75 This concluded the business and
the board adjourned.
Tin : \M > inii : UNION M ID :
Mr. 'J' W. Lowery has instituted a suit in
the district couit of Lancaster county
against the Western Union telegraph com-
janj * to recover S-'ml.O'J. that ho alleges ho
lost by the failure of tlio company to trans
mit a message promptly on the 23th of July ,
filed b.\ him at noon on that day. Hy Ins
attorneys. Judge Parker and John I1. Maule ,
ho died his pctitnm to-day , alleging that he
wired ins commission men at Cliic.igo to sVll
corn on the day stated , and that it did not
roach Its destination until after business
hour.-- , and that acting upon the advice of
the message the corn was put on the market
the day following and sold , losing him the
amount of his prayer for Judgment. The pe
tition reiitus that had tlte telegram been
ti'ansmitted promptlv from the ofllco of the
company in this city it would have reached
the commission men on a Hush market , in-
btead of which the reverse is the case , and
that the depreciation In value of the quantity
of corn sold aggregates HM m. for which
the phuntilT asks Judgment and the costs ol
tlio suit The suit will attract a wide inter
est owing to the Into complaints against the
lorvlri' of the company in the city.
Hon. J'lhn C. Watson , of Nebraska City ,
in In Lincoln to-day looking after cases he
has pending In the supreme court. Ho came
to the city from Weeping Water , where ho at
tended the district convention last night ,
which honored him by making him the unani
mous choice of the party for float representa
tive. No one who knows Mr. Watson will
question the wisdom of the choice of the re
publicans of Otoe and Cass counties. During
tlio last session of the legislature he servet
hU constituents with distinguished ability ,
and the appropriations for tlio blind asylun
and the relief fund for the Hohemlan pro e
cutions were largely duo to his efforts am
energv Whatever he touched in the shapi
of leiri.slation turned to the public good am
credit. While the appropriation bill wai
pending It looked as though Cass count ;
would bo left out in the cold so far as sona
torlal representation was concerned , and thi
did not suit the county in any sonso. Mr
Watson's influence was sought by prominen
citizens of the county to prevent this , and h <
succeeded to the eminent satisfaction of al
Mr Watson spent the day hero and returned
turned homo over the Missouri 1'acific. II
says that the republicans of Otoo county nr
un and doing , and that the count in Nc
vembtn will prove the loyalty of the party ii
both counties
si j-KKMi : COIT.T ritocEEniN-ns.
Court met this morning at l > o'clock pur
euant to adjournment. The foot of tin
docket of the second Judicial district wa <
called , and the following cases wore arguei
and submitted :
The state of Nebraska ex rol Sharkcy vs
Judge Allen W. Field.
Hart vs Dogge.
Court adjourned until to-morrow mornin
tSuO : o'clock.
Dr. Oaborn'b appointment as temporar ,
Jtato veterinarian has been made pcrmanen
ty the governor. This appointment Is es
teemed a wise one.
Capt J. K , Hill dropped down among * ' ,
Lincoln friends today , Jle is tanking "a
active 1-
canvass statq treasurer an
8tJcnU ; > * s the * ticket wherever ho goes.
* * -nc funeral services of the late u. E , Va
Pelt will take place from his residence t (
morrow morning at 9:45 : , and his i email :
will bo shipped to Sowanl an hour later ft
burial. Ho will soon rest in the city thi
tells of no Joys , sorrows or woes.
Humor has it that the Missouri Parlf
railway company will connect this city wit
Crete in the near future. It la also chitmc
that there Is no humbug In the move for
grand union depot. The roads appreciai
the needs of Lincoln In this line and wi
supply them at no distant day.
Ford Mickelwalt has reduced himself ovi
twenty jxjundb during the past seven day
The time for his allotted iiftc-cn day's ' fa
passed the halt uiilo stone at noon to-du
He will continue , he says , to the end. Hi
the symptoms will have to chnngo wondc
fully fast if he glows m any way poor ar
Senator Kecklcy , of York , was among tl
state visitors at TUB UEE headquarters t
day. He says that the canvass Is runnlt
smoothly in hU district now , Bad is confldci
of vindication in every souse at the polls. I
returned home to-night on the 10:30 : Ilu
llngton train.
Acting Chancellor Bessy , of the state ur
varsity has received a letter from the W ;
department at Washington , statingth
jfoutcnant Orlfttth , the ncvf military In
structor has boon ordered to reiort hero
vithotit necessary delay ,
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indues Its prison. The humor in your
jluod ! > not wood ; ilrivolt out with War-
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cc-op it.
A Switchman Crushed to Dentil In tlio
Union 1'aclflc Ynrdn ,
John Hcnoy , a young man , twenty-four
years of age1 , employed as a switchman on
: he L'nion Pacific , was crushed to death
yesterday by the cars.
The accident occurred about 3:33 : o'clock
near the crossing at Seventh and Jones
streets. Honey had been busily engaged at
his work on englno 11VJ , and was perfectly
sober aciordlng to the testimony of all who
paw him before the accident. He had
| ust boon turning the switch for a
tram that was to bo sidetracked
and stepped between two of the cars pre
sumably to climb up on top of ono of them to
set a brake. A moment later a teamster
named I < M. Young saw him clinging to the
deadwood , with his feet dragging on the
track , and shouting for help. Young imme
diately called the attention of John Ford , the
flagman , to Honey's perilous predicament
Ford immediately signalled to the enirtneer
and the train , which was going very slowly ,
was stopped before it hand gone a car length.
Hut it was too late to save Heney , as ho had
relinquished his grip on the deadwood
and had faMcn to the track with
his lees across the rails , The cars ran over
him , mutilating him horribly. The wheels
passed almost the entire length of his loft
leg. completely llattenmg it The rnrht leg
was also badly crushed. He fell with his
body on tlio south side of the track , and as
the wheels were passing over his legs ho
rose to a sitting posture , but the lower part
of the car struck him on the head , stunning
him. He did not retrain consciousness , ami
in fifteen minutes after ho was pulled from
under the wheels he had ceased to breathe.
The coroner was summoned and a Jury
impanelled. The testimony given was very
meager and not sufficient to make apparent
who could bo blamed for the accident. It Is
said , however , that the ballast had been re
moved from the rails for the purpose of re
placing it with fresh material , and that the
probabilities were the deceased had stumbled
over one of the exposed sleepers while ti'iing
to board the car.
A verdict was rendered that the "deceased
had come to his death by being crushed by
the cars while In the performance of his duty
as switchman in the Union I'acific yards. "
Hcney has been in the employ of the com
pany for six or seven months as a switch
man. He was a single man and boarded al
Dick Hurdish's , on Tenth and Capitol ave
nue. He was a member of tnc switchmen's
brotherhood and tliev will see that he re
ceives a decent burial. Ho had been work
ing under an alms as his real name was Idem
Hoagland , and his former homo in Hound
lirook , N. J. His parents were wired , and
in reply asked that the remains be forwarded
to that place , which will be done to-day
from Hcafey i : Heafey's.
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relieve that it external or inter
nal.Viinior' * Lo Cabin Extract is the
best , safest , mont reliable ) remedy for in
ternal and external use. Two si/.es.
Price $1. _
Democratic .Morton Men.
Mr. C. O. Lobeck has a political curiosity
in the line of a photograph recently taken in
Medina , N. Y. The democratic club in that
city have decided to support Hill for gov
ernor and Harrison and Morton for presi
dent aud vice president. To herald more
emphatically their choices they have swung
across the principal street an immense ban
ner on which are painted immense portraits
of Hill , Harrison and Morton , with senti
ments inscribed beneath each picture in
dorsing the onyinal for the oftlco for which
ho was running. When the banner was first
flung to the breeze it created great excite
ment in Medina.
"When the stomach lacks vioi ; % and
regularity there will be ilatulonce ,
heartburn , nausea , iickhoadaeho , net-v-
OUMICSS , use Dr. J. II. McLean's
Strengthening Cordial and Blood 1'uri-
ller , to give tone and regularity to the
The Sisli'r'H Funeral.
This morning the funeral of the late Sister
Mary Scholastic : ! will leave St. Mary's con
vent at 10 o'clocit , high mass first being cel
ebrated in the convent chapel. Solemn ser
vices were hold in the convent both yesterday
and to-day and prayers have been offered for
the repose of the departed soul. The pallbearers -
bearers selected are Dr. C. 1' . Harrlgan ,
John Hush , Michael Doe , Michael Donovan ,
Jeremiah Mulvahill and l d J. Hreunan.
The funeral will bo attended bv a number of
sisters and priests from Council Hluffs , and
the remains will bo interred in the Cemetery
of the Holy Sepulchre.
Uncertainty may attend business ventures
and enterprises , but it never attends the
prompt administration of Dr. Hull's Cough
Syrup. 1'rico iTi cents.
"My sore ran in the night , and my soul re
fused to be comforted. " "I'oor fellow ! of
course it did. 1'ity ho couldn't get Salvation
Oil. Omy 'Jo cents.
Oldest and the best , Jarvis brandy.
A Pontoon Hridge.
General Lyman Banks , representing
Colonel S. N. Stewart , the Inventor of the
pontoon bridge , is in the city for the purpose
of organizing a company to bridge the Mis
souri at this point. The essential points ol
tno pontoon bridge proposed are two sections
loading out to near the mam channel of the
river aud held perpendicular to the banks by
means of cables. From their extrcimtiet
two other sections Incline down the stream ,
meeting in a V shape , and constituting the
draw which on account of Its shape may be
closed without meeting the resistance of the
current and requiring only ono man for its
operation. The entire structure consists ol
boats twelve feet wide by twenty-four long ,
placed side by side and which are removed
entirely when the ice goes down in the
spring. General Hanks estimates the total
cost of such a structure to Omaha at 51S.OOO
The great advantages claimed are cheapness
bafcty , and Its adaptability for rapid travel-
no signs to walk being required. Leaven
worth has been investigating the Ncbraski
C'lty bridge and is now looking for u location
for one of its own. It is claimed that Omah ;
will nave a jxmtoon bridge at her levee-
within six months.
Its gunerlor excellence proven In millions n
homes for moro than u quarter of a century. I
Is used by the United Sutcs Unrernmrnt. K
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iuumoutt. llm nrtiluiii. Bolil nnly lu raiu.
ruicK DAKINO ro\rijit o > .
Vork. Chlcaeo. bt. Louli
Miu , TiiJUi , Jun JO , lTh l
Bwlfl Extnc Companr. Atlini , Oa.-OfD.
tl m a Ono of mf children wa tronhlwi
will ) rheumatlim and lollt for about two
yenrt. W * aaro i-erfcroiil | klnJi of motl-
loobut without t'rott.onJ ' benn todcipair
et curlnz h r at It , I nat penjadfel to try
your RtMtr < Specific. After ho had u > 3
e Tral boUl 4 the < ltl l fl all tilt appeared ,
and thi U nun a bale , brartr and bpMthjr
Irl twelro jran oil. Anolhflr child baa
Jmt l * finn amiottd In th * tAme waf , aad 1
urn uilng th * b. 6. B. aud nctlrlpatc a prompt
and pormautut cure. N. C. Wioaosm.
RICH HILL , Mo , Julr 7 , l -Ths Bnlfl
poclfij Co. , Atlanta , ffa. Oentltmtn i Our
llttl * girl when lint Uireo WMUold brok *
rut with eciemrv Wo tried the precrt | > tloBI
from eral c o < t dootori , but without any
pwtal lien ( lt We trlfd 8. 8 , 8. , tn-1 tij th *
tfraeoc * butlU WM ROB * br had began la
. . . . . . . . I ntf duty tu
tali statement , lUipectfully , H , T. Suoic.
Cmrunoooi , T HX , Juno ! 7 , lSSi-Th
Knit ! Speoinc Co. . Atlanta , Oa.-Ontlpraon t
In 1 I contracted blood poison , and at once
> ou2ht a cbyiUttaii , who treated me for ftr-
rafinontiu. ny lilt advloo I went to Crab
Urrhard Sprlngi , Ky. . wh r hit courev of
treatrient ivm ciri.fully observed. I rccor *
cred , at 1 tliouioit , but tb * next ( prtn * pirn.
rlc U-gaii to appear on my face at I body.
Those gradually increased to torfii and run
ning ulcer * . I was advlw.i tn try 8. H. S , and
Immediately aftr taking II I commcuci-d to
Improre , ilonly BI nut , Ii-it niotu rapidly
aIUrwar.l , and soon notblng reir.nluo.1 to
tell of mr trouble. My blood Ii now thor
oughly eloanird , aud my rtfm free rn > m
taint , and I ewe ray present condition a
perfect cure to year niddlolne. I cheerfully
Klro thin utateraenl that oltien who hst *
Iffoted ad I hav * . may reap tbo ftanie benefit.
1URDT M. IIOUT , 24 Welt Ninth St.
HOUKR , Li. , May 25 , ISRS-The Swift BpTlfl
Co , Atlanta , Oa Oentlnin i About two
year * & < > tny KeQeral health cave war en *
ilrtiy. I wu to debilitated that I afiuo t
d < xpaucd of ever feellnt wtil ncaln. All
that tbn phynlclaus done for mebrauphtro
rurmaneut rulli-f. frlendj Inilsti-l that I
ahould glv a 8. 8. a fair trial.although !
Ihought it would be throwing away money.
After taUnu n thorough course , my health
and itreimth returned , and I mint any that
. 8. H. alone cured me , u I discarded all
other * while n tnu U. An a tonic I cnn moil
heartily rwcommend U | for goueral Otblllty ,
II certainly U a iprclflo. W. F. BBIPOM , J. P.
ITourn , I. * . 1 know Mr. W F. llrMgen , and
Mil cay that hli itatrment Ii correct.
Josim BH LTO ! . Dni
TrcatUo on Iloo-l and Skin Dlscanpi mailed
Creo. Tug Bwi/r Drcctria Co. , Drawer 4
Thomson's Celebrated
I'.OU.U , TO PH13S-
MO UK POP til * A II
Three LonRths ,
Short , MuUluin ami Ilx-
tra l.oni ? .
Twelve Oracles.
Highest Awards
Granted ,
Mention tbu Oiualiu nee.
Louisiana State Lottery Company.
Incorporated by the legislature of IftH , for Ed
ucational and Charitable purposes , and Its fian-
chl e madu u p.irt of the nrn-ent State Constitu
tion , In 1H7C , bv ' an overwht-lmfnc popular vote.
take place Seml-Annually ( Juno and December )
and its (1ICAXU SlNCil-lJ NL'MHIIU DKAW-
INOS take place on each ottlm ithertcnmoutlis
In the year , and ara all drawn In nubile , at the
Academy of Music , New Orleans La.
"We do hereby certify that \ve supervise the
arraiiKenu'iit-i tor all the Monthly and SemiAnnual
nual llrawliiK < < of The Louisiana St.itu Lotreiv
Company , and in person imuiacn and control
the Drawings thomselvo-i , and that the s.imo
are conducted with honesty , fairness , and In
good faith toward all parties , and wo authorize
thommpany to use this certificate , with fac
similed of our signatures attached , lu Us adver
tisements. "
COMMl ! 8IONiilS. :
Wo , theunderslcned Hanks and Hankers , will
nay all Prices drawn In Tha Louisiana State
Lotteries w , bleu may ue presented at our count-
ters :
H. M. WALMHLHV , Pros. Louisiana Nat. Hank.
PIKHHK LANAtT.Prert. . State Nat'l Hank
A. HALDWIN , Pre.s. New Orleans Nat'l Hank.
CAUL KUIIN. Pres. I'nlon ' National Uank.
In the Academy or Music. New Or
leans , Tuesday , November III ,
CAPITAL PRIZE , $300,000.
100,000 Tickets at Twenty Dollars each.
Halves $10 ; Quarters , $5 ; Tenths , $2 ; Twen
tieths $1 ,
I.HT or i-iir/.ES.
I I'llIZK OFi.100.OoOU . 3l .00i )
1 PUIZK OK l ( > M Wls . 1UO , ( )
1 l'HI/i : OK WI.UMls . H,000 )
1 PUIZB OK ai.UWI . L'5a
3 PKIZKSOr 10 , ( X ) are . i.MK ,
CPltlXKSOK rit ) are . 1S.OOO
iiPlll/.KSOK l.Wflure . r > .uoO
1U ) PIII7.KSOP 5'W are . CO.aW
i ( ) Pltl/.KSOK IWOare . CO.OOd
KWPH1ZKSOK iW are . 100.UOJ
100 Prizes of | M i ure . ( AOOO
100 do aniaro . : , ooo
100 do SOOare . 20,000
TOD do IWare . 99 , H
IW ) do loOare . W.900
3,134 Prizes , amounting to . Jl.OM. M
NOTE.T.ckets druwmtt Capital Prltes re not en-
lllle > 1 tu tt'rmlnul | irlt i.
tVFoiiCi fit IlArLd , ur nnjr further Information
ilonlrcJ , write U-clbtj to the untlemlEneil , cloarlf
ttutluK your rcsldcncu.with Hutu , ( Munty. Mreet nnd
number. Moro rnplJ return malt cluUvrrj will bo *
nurpd hr your enclo lnff an envelope bu rlaff rour
lull aililreii.
deiiil 1'0 TAL NOTK3. 12iprc < 9 .Moner Orders , of
New York Kichanue In ordinary letter , Currencr \
Kipresn ( at our eipen.e
. I ) . 0
Address teiered etters to
New Orleani , IA ,
TJ IATT7TV1"R11J Tnat the Prc nc of Gen-
IViliilllMUJilliiV uraU llouuruk'ord nnd
KarlT , who r In charao or the drftwln < 9. Is tfuor-
intee of abioluta fulrnoas mil Intezrltr. that the
chances IVM all eunal , and ihnt no one can uo jblr |
fllvlne whxt ininilior will druwtt tirtio.
IIKMKMUKlt , alio , tliuttbu parmpnt Of prize * ti
u v wim NATIONAL UA.SKS or
Now otleani. and the Tickets are ilgncd hjr the I'rai-
UfDl of an Institution wuoia rhanore-1 rlgnU are
recu nl < ea In the Itlnheit courtts tlicrulore , towsro
of nr Imltatloui or nnonrmoui icbemet. *
Timber Claims ,
Tree Swth and PcwUlnu * for Timber Claims.
Fruit Trees , bmall Fruits OrnuueiUaU , liver-
grpent. etc.
tieail ( ur i > rlc * lUt-ntHK ! A'Wr ' ,
11. S. I.AKK , l rup , ,
Shenandoah , Iowa.
v For circulars addrc > II. HOOTU , CMcaco.lU ,
TED. who In hU POM.T end IliNOK AN4T.
hM TBirLKD w y Ml TinOB or HODr ,
aill > aad MANHOOD , cAuilti exhtuitlDg
rlM upon the FOIJNTAIFTn of LIVE ,
Dreamt. WKAHlfKMN of Memorr , HAN1I.
rVLKKM * In dOCIETT. PimPtrjl upon
the rAOE , and til thi ) BFFECTH IsiJlnctJ
A LY nKCAT wirt p rhtp CONHUMP.
? SON or INSANITY , should coiMUlt M once
the CKLKBBATCD Dr. Cluke , EnUbllihwl
l. Ct. Clarkt hM mad * NERVOl'H DE-
. CHKONK ! and all DUeaiei of
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ttvdjr. It makei NO dlCercne * WHAT you
hkT uken or WHO hat failed to cure you.
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Bar to thir MX can coruult with the aisurance
T ipedf relief and euro. Send 2 oenU pogtago
lot work * oo yonr dlieAtet.
* -C ncl i cenU potUgo for C Iebrn ed
Work * on Cbronle , NerTon * and I > ell *
* blieate * . Coniultatlon , peraonaUjr or by
tetter , flrtie. Consult the old orlor.
Thoniandi eor 4. OBrei and parlor *
prlritta. * V-Tho o contemplating Marriage
tend for Dr. Clnrkc'a celebrated gulila
ale and reualc. each l&c. , both &e.
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laye future sufferingatid ihame , and add golden
yean to life.Book l.ltf'm ( Secret ) Er.
r r , " 50c. ( itampi ) . Medicine and writing
Mnt Terynher * . * ecure from expoaure.
Hours , 8 to 8 : Sundays , 9 to 12. Addms ,
tee s . oiarfc au 4mcAQO. tVL.
Your Left Liver
AJfruyilt > tary Meillrinn that ncciU butkUUl
to prove Its worth.
Or , Callender's ' Left liner [ litters ,
The only Distilled Hitters In the United
States. The only Hitters recognized by tha
United States Internal revenue laws as a Pro
prietary Medirlue. Liiwfully Patented. No of
Patent 14-0.573. Contains no fusil
essential oils , no foreign substance or dumnK.
tag drtiiis. A perfectly pure medicine , com
pounded from Pure Hoot Herbs and Old Peach ;
pleasant to the taste , quiet and declaim In itl
effect. Cures Dyspepsia jr Yellow Jaundice In
flrcdtys. Hegulatei the Bowels. luvlcorates
Inacttre Liver , Guroi Dboase'l Mver , Kovlvei
toe Kidneys , Improves the Appetite Quickly.
RejruUte ? the wnole system. New Uf to th
whelt ijstem.
folrfft Uvur lllttcra are * > ld In Omaha. .Neb . bjrthe
Mowing druiojim Klolmnlwn Drug Co. Mi elal
Wholesale , fur tUo 6run Interest of Nebraska. He-
- " - follow
--i m *
.Inuin FonjtlV , It. U.Kell. . Ur.J * . J.Mitllle. C. M. Crls-
8er , K. i'haiuller , Hahn's IHmrniacr , ! hinn r A l > ar'
J.U KliiK.J. W. Clnrte.,1 H.Sc-limlilt. .Mm lleiht.,1
M.OhrUlenson. VV. K. Lntnl > L-rwn , II .H. Cor , .Max
Conrad , Frank \V. KOKR. it. Hnvnuivin. ( Ipn. Kuedcr
Bo > < l'B 1'Uaruiui'j. C , A. Mrlchcr , Hownrtl M 7t < r .
Krank Dcllnno A Co. . wholesale dealers In Clxars and
Left l.lver Hitters.
TansilPs Punch Cigars
wore shipped dnrltiR the past
two -years , without n drum.
* . , \v jmer In our employ. No other
SfflniSk nWA wSs11' ?
- one HKout ( dealer only )
f anted In each town.
R.W.TANSIU.&C0..55 Stale St.Chicaao.
nvcc Arc th
LOT 1. We ofTor COO strictly all wool
heavy weight Cussimere Suits , now Fall
and Winter styles , just made up from
the Mechanicsvillc Woolen Co.'s best
Silk Mixtures , worth $ : ! ,00 per yard , in
single breasted Sack Suit * , regulnrsizes
3.5 to 44dark blue and black stripe * very
nobby and very stylish , at only $12 per
suit. Tlio usual retail price is not less
than $18 per suit anywhere.
LOT 'J. Wo olTer 'JoO Suits of the
same attractive fabrics , made by the
Meehanicsville Woolen Co. , in brown
and black stripes , single breasted Sack
Suits very stylishly cut and made in
the best manner intended for an 313
suit this season. We oiler to close them
out at ill. ' . Scud for samples ; send your
measure before the si/es arc broken ;
they will not last long.
LOT a. We oiler GOO dark brown and
mixed Plaid Suits made by tlio Mechan
ics ville Woolen Co. , pure Silk and wool
fabric , heavy weight , otio of the most
de.-irablo styles made by this famous
mill tliis season at the same extraordi
nary low price , S1U per suit.
Please notice that all the above lots
advertised are new goods and new styles
made by one of the most reliable and
popular woolen mills in New England.
We slate only facts when we atllrm
that MS is the average retail price for
the-e suits throughout the country , but
for tin ) purpose of advertising and to
prove that only largo manufacturers can
offer such bargains , we will close them
out nt $12 per suit. They are not job
lots of broken sizes , but new regular
goods made in our best manner. Send
your orders at once if you do not wan
to bo disappointed. Send for samples.
for the * .tmo grade of goods. $ T.r > 0. Send
for u suit and if it is not satisfactoryre
turn it at our expense.
LOT 7.-Stock No. 2SS1. Wo offer
tho-o boys' plaited Norfolk Illouso
Suits , ages I to II , made from the celebrated -
brated Moehanicvillo Cheviotin a neat
red mixture , suitable for dress or school
purposes. The price is popular $ i.r > 0.
This suit wo know will give satisfaction
and if the buyer would pay tii * $7 for it ,
ho would not bo cheated. Hciuumber
the price , $ l0. .
500 pairs , excellent quality , new Fall
style fabric , at only 60 cent * per pair. Ev
ery boy commencing scboolevcn if he does
not need a new &uit , is very apt to need a
pair of new pantaloons to finish up the
tc.uonith. . This lot olTcicd will bu found
worth fully $1 per pair , but for the purpose
of calling attention to our Children's De
partment for the fall season , we will clo e
this lot out for 60 cents per pair ; new goods
and new styles.
We solicit correspondence from every
section of the United States in regard to
Winter Suits and \Vmter Overcoats ,
Youths' bulls , lto\s' Suits , Hats and Caps ,
Gentlemen's furnishing goods , Cloths ,
1'icce goods and trimmings , and Custom
Garments fin f.ict , anything pcitaining to
our line of business ) , and we will promptly
serd samples , laige enough to show any
bluer the colorings and styles that \\e are
offering. The reputation of the Continen
tal is at htake in everything c advertise
and we never advertise broken sizes or job
lots. All goods thai we advertise are reg
ular , straight goods , and will be found as
represented and give satisfaction.
LOT 10. We offer 150 Mens' nine Chin
chilla Overcoats , full indigo , trimmed with
heavy serge linings , edges bound , silk vel-
vt t collar , in regular sues Irt-m " > n to 44.
Tins lot carried from last season and
will close them at the remarkably low
price of § 12 , and do not expect to be able
to make such a liberal offer this seaso
again. Gord > bent to any address in tins
L'ni'ed State , and if not satisfactory may
be returned at our expense.
Freeland , Looniis & Co.
Proprietors ;
Cor. Douglas aud 15th Streets , Oiuaha , Nebraska.
The Largest Clothing House > Vcst of tiie Mississippi.
Notice to Contractors.
Proposali will bo received at the
ollice of county clerk. louila-i ) county , until
J o'clock p. m. yrvturd ly , Oct. I.ltli , IMS , for re
moving 4.UIO yards , moro or leas , nf e.irth , on
half bectlou line In Sec. in , ! . K , n r < K. , all
dirt to bo placed between railway track and
Certified check of $25.00 to accompany each
bid. Tliu board reserves the rluht to reject any
aud all bid- * II. I ) . Itnctn : , County Clerk.
rr. j.
Surgeon and Physician ,
Offlco N. W turner Hill an J \ > Jiul.ii St. 0Ile
telephone , tw,1 Uoildauca teleplions. JH
Light-weight Fall Overcoats ,
No garment is tnoro important for a
gentleman to have in his wardrobe
this time of the year when the night.- *
and mornings are beginning to bo very
cool , than a Light-weight Overcoat.
LOT 4.Vc olTer a most extraordi
nary bargain in a line worsted and wool
mixed Fall Overcoat ( oOO of them ) dark
color , made with fine sill : facings , a
goiiteel and dressy garment in every
respect , made new within the past . " 0
day.s. An Overcoat which in the ordi
nary course of retail business , would
not be sold anywhere for less than 31-3.
Tlte goods are made by the North
Adams Woolen Company are pureclean
stock , no mixture of cotton in them , and
line enough for servive on any occasion
all made with wide silk facings.Vo
offer them to close at $10 each , in regu
lar sixes from SI to 44. Do not fail to
see this line of overcoats. It is one of
the most remarkable bargains we have
over had the privilege of ottering.
LOT 5. Hoys' Suits $7.00 Stock No.
2IW1. These Suits are undoubtedly the
best bargain wo have ever offered in
this department ; they are full \Vintor
weights , of a dark brown casslmore , for
boys from lit to 17. Wo carried over
alxnit W suits from last sc.'ihon and will
oiler them at this sale for $7. If you
can duplicate this suit for ilO in any
other block return it to us and receive
the amount of your purchase money.
Remember the price , i7.
LOT . Hov ' Short Punt Suitsprice
? n.50 Stock No. U07 ! ! . This lot is cut in
regular short punt sizes from 4 to 1 land
is made from a dark mixed cassimerono
shoddy but now goods just put on our
counters and plenty of them. Wo never
advertise a lot utile we have all i/.es.
We recommend this suit for school pur-
po = e3 and oiler it at a prieo unheard of
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals will bo received nt the ofTlco
of. County Clerk , Douglas County , until i p. in ,
Saturday October 11th , A 1 > . HVI , for tomovln
H.COO yards of earth , more or li" > . near llonnlnn-
tou Station , between sortlon 11 anil H.T ID. It 11.
Certified check of. i2i > . ( X ) to accompany each bid.
The Ilourd roionxM the right tut eject any and
nllblda. M. I ) . ItOCHf : ,
01110 m\e ( it-wit County Cleik.
r > omh Wllllnmstown. nerMitro county ,
MasAprlv.ite hcliool for Imy-i. I'rapare for
college , scientific school or business. 1'orty-sev-
enth begins 'ihursday. September Mtli.
Tor c.italoiniu uddro a liKO. V. MILLS ,
I.OIJ.VTIOV-M mllni north of Chlraeo.
r.UIrvA ) Full Corps of Kzperlcncod la-
< ! llKKIfin.lTU KlveCour eiof Pludf.
PAf'llilTIKH urpn § ed fur Iintrue-tlon.
llcnllh Homo CoiiifiirtB. nml ClirMtlan Inriiirnret.
Mu.l. II. I' . l , \ V11IMO.V , Niipl. Ulcbluud
I'ark , 111. Send lur Cutaluuuo.
-L Pcoksklll-on-lltiilooii : N. V. fli ml forcata-
loguo. JNO M.TIl.DKN. M. D. , M. A. , Principal.
. PK.V OIVKN AWAV. Pnttlculanifrao
GOI.rt . . HOMKSTKAll. " Olliullll. Nob.
To attain the utatHlartl of business that a merchant strive * to vain , he must first obtain the implicit con-
flilcnreof the public. U is iiotaau matter ( as all business tncn are aware ) to accomplish this nijllcitlt taste.
ana U is an isolated case where it occurs liy tlolng a
( t. ( " ( "O for the public somt'thi ng which greatly bmeflttetl their pa.'Iiettmob . * ami their baclta , the
Mis/it Llothinu 1'arlors , 1J1V Furiunn street , hurc become vei'n popular , anil hare nut onlii ualneil the
conjitlcnce of the Omaha public but have also received their thanks. If'e ttrire at all times to please our
patrons , popularity is convinclnu pronf of our success. The ( Inline * * of trade counted with the fact
that , the tailors had a yreat quantity of youds left on their hands , has lent considerable towards our op
portunity to purchase their ,
At a very nominal figure , and below we quote prices for these uood * which will induce the mosl invctcrat *
_ bargain seeker to invest iyate.
Fall and Winter Suits
Correct Styles , Elegantly Made and Trimmed.
$ 0.50 buys a Seymour Sack Suit , which was made to order for $20.
11.50 buys a One-Mutton Sack Suit , which was made to order for $22.
13.75 buys a Straight-Cut Sack Suit , which was made to order for S2S.
1(5.00 ( buys a Hailroad Sack Suit , which was made to order for $30.
20.00 buys a Kour-HuttonjCutnway Suir ( 7 5cu Wa3 } mfo fo oi'dor fuV ? J.0.
24.00 buys n Oiin-liuttou Cutaway Suit , which was made to order for f 50.
oa - , oij srt Imys a Ikiinoeklmrn Cheviot , frock or sack , which was made to order for $00.
. ' 50.00 buys a Crepe Worstedim. ( ) 4-Uutton Cutaway , which was made to order for $ C5
§ 18.00 buys a cassinioro Prince Albert Suit which wamudo to order for * 37.
22.50 buys a Clmviot Prince Albert Suit , which was made to order for $16.
25.50 buys a Corkacre\y Prince Albert Suit , which was made to order for $50.
30 00 buys a Nobby Pin Check , light color , which was mad-1 to order fcr $00.
35.00 buys an importedWoratc'l ' , satin lined , which wa ? made to order for ? 70.
40.00 buys a Clay Worsted , silk lined , which was inatlo to order for * SO.
FALL AND WINTER OVERCOATS , Beauties from $8 up ,
A nobby and complete line of Pantaloons from $ if,7fito $10. All alterationslo improve a fll done free of charge
1119 FARNAM STREET. 1119
Three Doors East of i2th Street.
Omaha , Neb. Mai ! Orders Promptly Attended to
- r