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The Snundor.8 Street Citizen Con
firmed by the Council.
Din Imtior'tt Notnlnntlnn I'rnctlcnlly
Confirmed Tito Wlno llnnni Orill-
nnncuH DolonKMl Nc\\ City
Hall Ordinance.
Oily Council I'r
The ct ( } council mot last night with 1'rcsl-
flcnt Hechcl In the chair nnd the following
uldcnneti piosoiil Alexander , Ilniloy , lioyd ,
Uuruham , Cheney , Couutmian , Ford , Hat-
call , Kuspar , Klcrstcml , Kitchen , Lee ,
Lowry , Munvlllo , Snjtler niul Van C.unp
Alderman Lowry at Ibis point moved tint
before nny communications bo considered ,
Louis Hi'imrod lie privileged to explain to the
council the stand he took in connection with
the transactions between thu board of public
grorks nnd eerluln contractors. The chair
fculcd that the statement loulil only be intio
fluccd b.Mr. . . Heimrod through the inedium
Cf the board of uubllc woikof which he
* r s a member
Tills brought out Alderman Kord , who
plated that it was a strange transaction
\vhcrein a member of the olty government
\vix& denied to right the wrongs done his con
stituency and the tax-paj ing element.
Alderman Sh\der took u similar stand ,
nnd concluded by stating that
what Mr. Heimrod would make
known \\usof vast importance to every In
dividual that o\\ned ono foot of property In
the city Ho also stated that he was eogni
stunt of contain manipulations having been
made In the interests of lortnln contractors.
The chair declined to reverse its ruling , and
And the clerk proceeded with the regular
order of business
The ball opened with n communication
from the major , appointing John It fumy
as a member of the board of public works ,
Vlco Louis Heimrod , term expired
This was the menus of raising constcrna
lion among the democratic element of the
council , and in an instant Alderman I.ovtr.\
took the floor He stated t tut he considered
it n matter of Justloo that befino Heimrod s
Buccossor was appointed he i lleimiod ) be al
lowed to set forth his views on certain mat
ters concerning \\ork done bv and estimates
allowed to certain contractors , in which
Smith & Co , paunp contractors , \\cre di
rectly Implicated. The appeal , however ,
did not meet with the nppioval
of tlm chair , and upon a point
of order being raised , thoheavj weight alder-
inan from the First was systematically
The matter of Furay's continuation was
then put to a % oto , resulting as follows :
Yeas Alexander. Huiley. Unrnham ,
CUoney , Connsman , Kicrslcad , Kitchen ,
Lee , Manville .mil Mr. President Total 10.
Nojs iioyd , Pord , Kaspar , Lowry , Sny-
6or and Van Camp Total tl
Ho/ore the chair had announced the vote
Alderman Lowry moved that the matter bo
laid upon the table , but the motion was lost
by B straight party vote
The chair then announced the appointment
And contirimition of John It Ptnnv to suc
ceed Louis Heimrod on the bo.ud of public
The next communication reached was the
appointment of William I. Kiel stead mem
ber of the council from the Ninth ward to
succeed C. 1' . Maj nu as u member of the
board of public works.
Ac-am Alderman Lowry took the
floor and protested against immediate
action concerning KlersteaU's appointment
He was in favor , ho said , of the matter
being placed ut > on the table indefinitely.
Alderman Ford took the same view.
Alderman Leo took a stand nnd stated
tnai ho had concluded that at least common
fifteen cy existed in the democratic ranks , but
tie was sorry to state that ho had drawn his
conclusions unwisely.
Alderman Ford responded , and Insinuated
that It was n combination entered into in dc-
tense of the contractors nnd atrainst justice
to Ihe taxpujers , but was side tracked on a
JKilut of order raised by Alderman Leo.
The continuation of Kierstcad was then
voted upon as follows :
Ayes Alexander , Itailov.Hurnham , Couns-
tnan , Kaspar , Kitchen , Lee , Manville and
Mr. President. Total .
Najs Hojd. Cheney , Pord , Lowry , Snyder -
der nnd Van Camp. Total 0.
At this point a motion by Alderman
Lee to refer the appointment of Alderman
Klerstoad to the council committee on public
property and buildings , prevailed
On a vote , Kiersteud was con firmed , but
n * n matter of courtesy the matter was re
ferred to the above committee and the con
firmation withheld.
The resignation of Kierstead as alderman
from the Jv inth ward was read and accepted ,
The bond of John 11. Furay , as member of
the board of public works , in the sum of
* 10,000 , with E. L. Hiorbowcr and C. F.
( Taggart as suicties , was accepted.
A communication was received from the
Detroit and Mauinco Improvement company ,
pf Detroit , Mich. , stating that that company
kvas prepared to furnish the city with gas for
illuminating and fuel purposes , at a very low
rate , with a saving of from 'M to 50 per cent
to consumers , us compared with coal.
The gas inspector made his monthly report
elating that eighty-four tests had been made ,
Chewing an average of eighteen candle power
The contract for constructing n sewer in
Bower district No. Sit , awarded to Panning &
Co. by the board of public works , was ap
A resolution bj Ford that sufllcient funds
DO transferred from the Sixteenth to the
[ Eleventh street viaduct fund.for thu lattor's
completion , uus tabled.
, The matter of the building inspector grant
ing permission to the Now York Lifo Insur
ance company to excavate under the street
tor private purposes was taucn up and dis
cussed at some length. The opinion prevailed
that it was a bad precedent to establish , but
that thu superintei.dent of buildings did not
go beyond the mcaiiiug of the ordinance
The matter , on motion of Alderman Lee ,
Vras referred to the city allornci with in
fctruclious to diaft an amendtntnt to tni
building ordinance revoking that pouer , as
regards the department of buildings Thu
city attorney ruled that the permit grantee
the Now York company under the eilstnii.
ordinance was valid.
The petition of the republican club of th <
Eocond ward to suspend a banner from tin
/vlurraj hotel across the street , was gianted
On petition the colored citizens \\ero al
lowed the Ube ot the council chamber thii
evening for the purpose of holding a politi
cal meeting.
The retKirl of the city phjslcian for th (
tnontli of September , showitiK the total num
ier of deaths to have been eighty four , uiu
Vlrtbs 1U5 , w as received and placed on tile.
At this period Alderman Leo took tin
chair and in company with the retired chair
jpan , the members one by ono skulked ou
until there censed to bo u quorum The set
geaut-al-arms was dispatched for the absentees
eos and succeeded in corralling several o
them before an inventory of the liquor hai
been effected In an adjacent saloon
The following it-solutions wuru presented
Ity Alexander , Instructing thu board o
nubile works to eausu the curb to bo turtle *
on the LornerH of Pleasant , on the north sid
Cumlng , also on Thirty btxth and Cum
lUK ktrccU Adopted.
JJy CouiiMiiun , instructing the street com
ynUiIoucr to lay cross walks at the intersc.
lion of Cuti'ing and Fifteenth utid buieeni
Blreftlit. Adopted.
AKulu the New York Life Insurance mat
t/r vmi brought up In connection with th
rtt-Jivat/ on Huveiit'cnth street , by the to
tfiHliiK resolution by Alderman Lee
} ii * > t\n \ l , Tlmt the bulldliiK inspector b
ffjueiUxl lo rovoUn the permit given to th
mtvr York Llfo Iniuranuo company to exes
Tat4 under Htivoritcenlh itrcct.
AfUr a abort dl oui lon the resolutlo
pritrtlM alioott by a unanimous vota.
Hy AWcr/nau Buyder Ordering the plat
ttg til a t < ollca and lire alarm box on th
tantr ot J'uroVa and Mercer avenues.
Jfjr AlJftrmn Lowrjr-GrunlliiK the boilc
or a uiriough of tweuty Uuy lu utdu
Mlfht t * enabled to attend the No
bollw iMpcctor * , to b
and appro
_ .m was referred th
Uf. MM'ttottMisg bf exproi
" " ' reported favoi
M > ) o d Jn th
irovtditic for the licenMng of hncks nnj
ther yphiclen , for couv viinco of porsous.
TliocotninlUeo to whom was rolerrc.d the
onlllianco to legulalo Clnplo\indnt IIH-'IU'CS '
ejwrted Hut the same Itml licen Constvlercd
nnd iccominelided the following
Itoforo mi ) Hi ense shall be ijsiieil to nnj
KTSOII the appHennt. sh.ill piv to the eltv
rcTWrer t he sum of * " > mid shall lllo n bond
) f ? "i < , the lees be.nif tlit.s regulatlid
"emales fur ho > Mev\ii Jt , id- , \vageJO
per innnlh . . , . * M
'or tSO or over pet month 1 M
1or t-'fi ' or over jter month 1 M
\n f.Tioi ) ovei per month 'J 01
'or HII or over jior month . . . . . ! l CO
A violation lnllcti ! a tlno not to exceed
( I ( XI
The report was adopted.
Theeounell then went Into commute of the
vholu with Alderman Leo In the chair.
At this point the wine room oi-dlnancfl was
cpirted on by the special committee to
vhoin It was refei red. The committee
tated tli it uhiln the oiiginai oidlnance did
lot lonlhct with the municipal law or the
peeltli atlons of the charter , It did conflut
vlth the state law.
Aldi-nmin Pord raised his voice In opposl-
ion He stated that the ordinante was of a
enor that foreshadowed a nonsensual issue
le was of the opinion that it would bo ap-
illed to ceitnln elements , as regaids Its
snfni content , wluh ; the very institutions
hat should bo looked after would escape
Alderman Alex \nder staled that the onli-
lance was drafted for the purpose of pio-
ectlng society against a | > ractice that was
extremely lamentable. Ho felt , ho said , as
hough sumo steps should bo taken to pru-
cnt the public from the invasion of this
great oul. In conclusion ho s\id it was not
m account of the disorder that was given
ill th in Mich places , but the infamous crimes
hat w ere. pel petroled on the irentlcr se\
hat were lured into such dens of vice Al-
durman Hasealliuwcd thu matter as being
i compound of non onso and poor Judgment ,
le could not , ho stated , conscientiously sup-
iort such an ordinance that reached out in
> oiindless space , and failed to cover a single
ssuu from n definite standpoint. Ho hold
1ml the ordinance as diafted came in direct
eonllictlon with the Slocnni law poi taming to
hu retailing of liquor and prescribing the
abuse of the same.
Tiie committee of the whole rose nnd re
Mined back that thu oidinance as drafted by
Mdennan Hascall , icgulating wine rooms , bo
tassed.aml that the oidinamo by Alcxundor ,
> f a similar tenor , bo not passed.
Aldeiman Alexander stated that ho was
of the opinion that the Hascall ordinance
vns valueless when the aims were taken
nto consideration He insisted that it was a
larrieado between pi election to society
ind the suppression ot vice and thu punish
nentof dime
Citv Altai nov Webster was then con
sulted on the weight and stiengthof the or-
llnance and he st'ited that he was of the
> piunn ! that it would not lead to conviction
lofmu any court of Justice.
Alderman Alexander moved that the mat
er Ixi refeiicd to the city attoiney with In-
slim-turns to draft a substitute , but the melon -
lon was lost.
The ordinance then as drafted bv Hascall
vas placed upon its passage and was voted
lown by n vote of ' . to 2 , the major poition
voting against it giving as their reasen for
oting against it that enough ordinances in
his respect all eadj existed
An ordinance to dctei mine the location of
n city hall for the city of Omaha and to pro
'ido for the issuance of ? .WOOtXi bonds for its
consttuction , was placed upon its llrst and
hccond reading and referied lo the comuiit-
eo of the whole.
$ 8 1,000,000 In OMP Year.
The interest that merchants and financiers
who SCOK protection for their business and
.heir families take in life insurance is show n
> \ the fact that the three largest Amciic.ui
companies combined issued policies ainonnt-
ng to over * l3lODOOJO in Is r. The Mutual
-Ifo Insurance Company of New York ,
\liicHU the largest and most successful
n the world , had on January 1$11SMCN' ) > 1. 3
of accumulated assets belonging to its
wlicy-holders , to whom it has paid $ i" > 7,7.Vt-
V.i , since organization in IMt. The "Distri
bution Policy issued by the Mutual Lifo is
as safe as it United States bond , 2 and Is a
nuch bettor and less costly investment.
Jarvia poor cider. Sco Bales & Co.
I'nlnful Ignorance or a Constituent.
Chicago Tribune : "Dang it nil ! "
cxchuiuctl Statesman La\\lorof Illinois ,
running his index linger up nnd down u
column of nntnes in a congressional
directory , "here's a letler from a yahoo
in my district that wauls to know some
thing about 'Mills Bill. ' Mills Mill- .
.ot mo sco. Here's Morgan John ,
Mander&oii Charles F. , McPhcrson 1) . ,
Mason William E. , Mnhonuv Peter ,
McAdoo Wilham. Mills Mills why ,
lilistcr his hide ! the only Mills is Roger
Q. , and he's from Texas. There ain't a
'Mills Hill' in the whole blamed book.
That feller's ignorance makes mo
If you need a perfect tonic or a blood
purifier , take Dr. Jones' Hod Clover
Tonic. It speedily cures all Iroubles of
the stomach , kidneys and liver. Can
bo laken bv the most delicate. Price
50 cunlb. Goodman Drug Co. Agonl.
All druggists sell Jarvis brandy.
IIomoH ! ] iioiii > it Torn Sninll Nation.
A Helena ( M. T. ) special bays : Hun-
drodi of inquiries nro received by llio
biirvojor-gcuoml nnd the United States
innd ollico here every month from par-
tics all over the country in regard to
the lands of the Blnck'feot reservation
in northern Montana thrown open to
settlement. Chief Clerk Walter C. Do-
lacy , of the sanojor-goneraVs ollico ,
has just made his annual report , in
which he says , in regard to this matter ;
"Tho amount of 'agricultural , grazing
and mineral lands thrown open to &ot-
tlemont fromthe confederated tribes ol
the Ulackfeet nation in northern Mon
tana by the action of congress last win
ter aggregates i7,52G square miles , aftei
8"bG square miles have been deducted
for the dilTorent Indian and military
rosorvalion in that part of the territory ,
The laud thrown open to settlomonl
embraces 17,61,0010 acres. "
An Absolute Cure.
is only put up in largo iwo ounce lin boxes ,
and is an absolute cure for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chapped hands , and all skin erup
tions. Will positively care all kinds of piles ,
MENT bold by Goodman Drug Co. , nt 2C
cents per boxby mall 30 cents.
Mr. ficorgo W. Ketehem and J. H. Smlll :
left for IJunlap yesterday to participate
in the two days' shooting touiney lo bo held
there to-day and next day.
Causes Its victims to be miserable , hopeless ,
contused , and depressed In mind , very irrita
ble , languid , and drousy. It Is a disease
\ > hlch docs not get well 01 Itself. It requires
carclul , pcrMstcnt attention , nnd a remedy to
throw oil the causes and tone up the diges
tive organs till they perform their duties
willingly. Hood's Sarbanaillla has proven
Just the required remedy In hundreds of cases.
" I have taken Hood's Sarsaparlll.i for dys
pepsia , ( rum ttlilchj ha\c suHercd two jears.
I tried many other medicines , but none pro > cd
to tathlactory as Hood's Barsapatllla , "
'JIIOMAS Coou , llrusti Electric Light Co. ,
Kew York City.
Sick Headache
"For the r ' two years I hare been
afflicted with severe headaches and dyspep *
fix I was Induced to try Hood's Sarsapa-
rllla , and have found great relief. I cheer
fully recommend it to all. " Una. U. V ,
.A.VHAIIU : , New Haven , Conn.
Jlri. Slarjr C. Smith , Cambrldgcport , Mass. ,
was a sufferer from dyspepsia and sick head ,
ache , fiho took Hood's S.usaparllla and
( ouud It the best rcmeOy the ever used.
Hood's Sarsapar.lla
Bold ! > r Kit drarilsU. t BU for 95. Mad *
cnlybyal.UOOD ti CO. , I vell , Mass.
2OO Do o8 One Dollar.
\ .
Ami Were Arrested mul Fined for
Crotitlug tx Disturbance.
An Affair In VVhlrli One I'nrty Wan
All the Worst of It
by n Dciiun.T.itlo
llio Bltulrntfl.
DM MIIINKI , In , Oct. ' . ) ISpcclul Tele
Kfiitii lo Tin : Hie ] 2s'ow is Just bronkliiK
out of nn nttempt at bulldoliu ; by the di'ino-
rats of Iowa Clt.t List Saturduv nlt'ht. The
Into university I * located then' , nndvhllo
he demoe'iMts were Imvlnp n torehllKht p.i
ado , u ntimbei of the students formed a pro
essioii. lidlowuiK tin' denweitits nt u dls
mice and keeping step to the uotds , "
ison , lliiirlson , Mciijaniin Ilturison " These )
voids riled the free traders , who hud
he eollege hois arrested , locked up
uiul tried bofon- demoeratic Justice of the
peaeelio ruled that .shoiitini. "llanlson"
vas e'reat'ni ; n disturbance , and to shout the
lame of nnj op | > osinK ( .indlduto on the nlKht
of a rally u us unlawful. Ho lined them $ .1
aeh A polie'pinan at the trial ti'stilled that
10 had s-ilil he "would knock down any dd
Htudcnt that opened his mouth. " Some of
hei democrats nt the i our of the procession ,
> hon the'y hoard the IHJ.VH' iniirvhiiiK words ,
uincd on them nnd broke their lamii stlelts
n-er their heads , but these democrats were
not ancsted This is In lown , wheie youns
nen who attend colle go nto usually icpubll-
cans. _
Iiiocntllnrlcs Tliwnrtcd.
RtinNAMioAn , la , Oct. ! l [ Special Tele-
tjraiii to Tun HRI : . ] About 12 ISO o'clock this
norning a frame building on Sheridan live-
me , owned by Jacob Homier , and oe'cupled
iy n seumstiess named Allec Hovnus , was
llscovetcd to boon Hie. The b.ulnng of a
dog aroused n man asleep in the adjoining
luilding In time to extinguish the Humes be
'oro any serious damage was done , nnd also
n time ) to dise'loso the incendiary origin of
the lire. Some inllanimable inntn nils had been
ilaced against the rear wall of the building
ind Mitu rated with kerosene. The timely
llscovury of the llio snviul n eoilsideiablo
oss of property , as the buildings in the lo
cality are mostlj of wood nnd highly Inllam-
liable. No cine as vet has been discovered to
.he . pcipetrator of the dastaully deed.
The Supreme Court.
Dns MOINIJS , la. , Oct. 9. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun HII : 1 The supreme eourt Hied
ho following decisions hero to day :
The Dubuqtie & Sioux City Railroad com-
mny VB the Cedar Falls .V Minnesota Kail-
oad company , appellant ; Dubuque distuct ;
\V. H Ilovie , appellant , va A. U. Shaw ;
Adams district ; ulllimcd
Anna Seda et al , appellants , vs Tred
Hublo et al ; Tatna district ; aftlrmed.
Maj Hedliold vs George H. Hedileld , up-
> ellant ; Page district ; ufllrmcd.
The State of Iowa vs Uouglass & Hopkins
ct al , appellants ; Marion distiict ; aniimcd.
Ke/iah Foster et al vs .laeob Hinson et al ,
nppellants ; DCS Moincs district ; ufllrmed.
Charles Hnbenthal vs L. H. Kennedy nnd
II. H. Dickinson , nppollants ; ICuokuk super-
or ; uiodiHcd uud alllrmed.
A Costly Aocldont.
RRD OAK , la , Oct. 0. [ Special to Tin :
UEB. ] A collision which proved very disas
trous to thu Chicago , Hurlington & Qulney
railroad happened hero yesterday moinmg
at about rt o'clock. The engine ) had backed
onto the side-track to get a load of wheat at
Chase's elevator whou nn extra , Kngmoer
Wilson , cauiu in from the east at about a
thirty-mile rate. When the switch was
reached the train loft the main track and
crashed into the yard engine , driving a ear
load of wheat oft the end of the sido-tracK
and across the wagon road , knocking in the
end of the car and destroy ing u largo ouantity
of w heat. Six car loads of coal wcro de
railed , two of the ears being totally wiecked
nnd the track scale at Chase's elevator is
ruined. This is the third wreck of the kind
here during thu last year , all the ongiuuers
claiming that thu grade being so great that
could not control their engines.
Mvso.v CITY , la. , Oct. 9. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim HKB ] Folthouso , Hros. & Co.
whoso mercantile establishment was re
cently broken into and goods to the amount
of $000 stolen , have received a tolccrram from
the chief of police of Sioux City stating that
he had in custody a gungof supposed thieves ,
finding in their possession aiticles answering
to the description of those stolen from their
store. During the past six months thoru have
been frequent burglaries committed through
out northwestern Iowa , and it is the gen
eral opinion here that the gang huvo head
quarters west of here.
CI.IXTOK , la. , Oct. 9. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : HUK.J Charles Harrington nnd File
Durlee , wanted in Chicago for burglary and
shooting at an ofllcor , wcro to-day sentenced
heru to thu penitentiary for flvo years each
for burglary. The former has served several
jears nt .lolict.
Thomas \Vycr , a night foreman in the em
ploy of W. J. Young it Co. in their saw mill ,
fell dead from apoplexy while on duty last
night. Ho had lived in the city a long time
and was veiy popular.
IlRniournilu Itnlly.
MVSON-CITY , la. , Oct. 9. [ Special Tele
gram toTnc HEI : . ] The democrats of North-
wood had a rally to night. A largelv at-
ted meeting was addressed by John Cliggett
nnil L , . S. Hequo , candidate for congress.
Thu addresses were good. Cliggott is ono ol
thu oldest democrats in the state , aud us u
campaign speakur has few superiors.
A Orlnnoll Suicide.
WATnmoo , la. , Oct. . [ Special Tele
gram to Tun HEB ] H. K. Mussner , a Grin-
ncll marble dealer , shot himself through the
head Saturday night because of domcstie
troubles. Ho had previously threatened tc
kill his former partner , In man , aud hi'
( Mcsser's ) second wifu , and the story is told
that hu tried to poison his littlu son. The deceased -
ceased was a member of thu local lodge ol
Knights of Pythias.
The I > iit > tifiio Jobbers' Cases.
DuniiQUu , la , Oct. 9. The Iowa railroau
commission commenced hero to-day exaniln
Ing charges preferred by the Dubuque Job
hers' and Manufacturer1 association ngninsl
the Illinois Central , Milwaukee & St. Paul
nnd Chicago , Kansas City & St. Paul road
for charging higher rates than allowed bi
the tariff promulgated uudor the now btnti
A Hloux City Defaulter.
Sioux CITV , la. , Oct. 9. [ SpecialTeloGran
to THIS HEK. ] Louis Friedman , who cam <
hero from St. Louis n few months ago tc
rntcr the employ of F. Hanscti , n wholesale
druggist , last night disappeared from tlu
city and is found to bo a defaulter on collcc
lions for a considerable sum.
Doctors giyo Jarvis old brandy.
rtiHhcd Ills Skull.
ELKADEK , lu. , Oct. 9. [ Special TeJegrnn
to TUB DEB. ] While hitching horses to tlu
mill delivery wagon1 to-day Robert Schuildi
was kicked by ouo of the horses , crushliu
lib ) skulL * .
Poyclco Bros , for Jnrvls blackberry.
Morton at Salem.
BALEM , Neb. , Oct. 9. [ Special to Tin
HGE.I The democratic rally and barbccui
hero Saturday night was a credit to the bour
bans of Richardson county , Everybody wai
well fed and a largo pole was raised , folio wet
by a speech by J. Sterling Morion. Mr. Mor
ton said many funny things , which tlcklei
the lepubllcans more than the democrats. I
wa * im oul aud-out free trade Bpcecl * , *
Knnsan Cllj Wlm Ui'o Imrtl Oanio of
HID Synnou ,
Dps MOISTS , In. , Oct. U [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : IJimJ The visitors won the
game to ilny In thu ecbml Inning when they
'omul Smith's c\mo9 ; for a pnlrof singles and
n home , i un. This/ seemed to dishearten thu
champions , so Hint they plajud very list-
cssly afterwards , Although they pot ten
ills oft of McCuity , and the bnses full on
several occasions , the nevossary batting was
lot forthcoming to bring In the runs They
kept the visitors tHInklng , however , nndnlto-
luther It was n prettily contented game. 'I ho
oss of this gillie doe's not efToot the clinm-
) lonshlp , howcver ( and H great demonstration
s bc-lng given to night In honor of thu pen
nant winners. Those'oro :
Dos Molm > s . ( I n
Kansas ( Jlty . n * ' .
Kirned runs De * Moincs i ! , Kansas City
) Two-baso hit Johnson Throo-basolilt
1'iallley Homo inn Giinson. Double
> ln.\s Aidner , Long and Uartwright btiuck
out -Hv Smith 3 , bv McCnrty M. Huses on
all"d balls Hy Smith It , by McCaity .
Passed balls -Trallluy 1 , Ounson 1. Tlino of
gaino 1 U5. Umpire Vench.
Rudolph Keuilor has gone to California.
Iwv or seems to bo doing good work for thu
Mnimger Selco will return from Milwau
kee to day
A brother of Patsy Tebeau cajtalns ) the
Flynn , O'Connoll and Moolio loft for Hos-
ton last evening.
A. A. McCurdy , the bicyclist has joined
Llio tegular army.
The Hnrdlns and the Lafaycttes play Sun
day , at thu ball park.
John P. Clew , the pugilist , is In the city ,
thu guest of Prof. PatsoFullou. , .
Ueckloy is injured so badly that it is feared
ho will not bo able to play any inoro this seal
The Omaha rillo club hold their weekly
shoot at their range northeast of the city this
The Omaha Wheel club has a membership
of Hfty-.sK , nil of whom are lepublieans with
one exception.
Mrs Lovett has left for Milwaukee
to join her husband , who will not retuin
to Omaha this season.
It was so cold ut Milwaukee during thu
last game with the Omahas that some of the
boys \\oie ear-inutTs.
Thu majority of Omaha ball patrons ox
pea St. Louis to knock out New Voik in thu
world's set ics. The giants will cat 'em. the Chk-agos , is the greatest
splinter m the Westein association. His
time in running the bases is H 2 5 seconds.
Manager H.ut , of the Milwaukee club , will
taku a team of Westein association plajers
to the Pacific coast this winter. Annis will
be one of the team.
Sowdeis , ot the St. Pauls , nnd Swart/cl ,
of the Kansas Citys , hold the stakeout
rccotd for the Wustein association , each hav
ing struck out seventeen men in a nine in
ning game.
Unless the water in the Platte river rises ,
the prospects for goose shooting this fall on
these famous giounds urn oveeedingly poor.
The river bed all alone above Cnapman is as
dry dfa powder magazine.
Thu Otnnhni will not disband until the
Kith , Manager Selro bus nrrangud a series
of exhibition games with Milwaukee to bo
pla.\ed in that place and Oskosh , the Oma
has , old stamping grounds.
Hob Clancy , former manager of Put
Killen , Is in lecoiptof information con
vinces him that the Duluth Slasher is the par
t v whom thu Now York Illustrated News will
name as the unknown who is to light Kilrain
for the championship of the world.
Captain A. Flanagan has Just returned
from an antelope hunt a Mud Springs , Hex
Hutto county , this stato. lie was with a
party of three and eight antulopo weru
killed , the captain , who 5s an old hunter , gel-
ting three of them. They also killed a num
ber of wolves , and saw 'some elk signs , but
no elk.
Uurdick , of Indianapolis ; Krock , Toner
and Dwyer , of Chicago ; Titcomb , of New-
York ; Sowders , of Hoston ; Sanders nnd
Gleason , of Philadelphia ; fatalov. of Pitts-
buig ; Heatm and Gruber , of Detroit , and
Kcufo , of Washington , are the eiop of rising
twirlcrs the loaguu has developed this
Thu Omaha base ball directory are in re
ceipt of handsome offers from
two diffcicnt American Association clubs for
the purchasa of Tom Lovott , Omaha's crack
twirler. Ono club , probably the Clevolamls ,
offer $3,000 cash , nnd the probabilities are
that ere the lauso of manv more days the
acal will bo made.
The late Roscoe Conkling , in speaking of
the national game , hold up n paper nnd said :
"Hero is a full page about base ball and
hoi so racing. L've-ribody reads it. i see
men buying papers on the cai.s , in thu streets ,
at the hotels and in the clubs. The Hist
thing they turn to is the base ball column.
Sir , I tell you that the people of this country
mo more interested in base ball than they
ore in the coming of tin" Messiah. "
C. J. Williams , au English athlete , nnd a
handy all-round man , is in receipt of a letter
fiom G. C. Mnclagan , cashier of the Lo
Mars National bank , LeMurs , Iowa , asking
him to get up a team of foot ball pla.vors and
visit Lo Mnis nnd give the team of that place
a tussle. Mr. Williams is anxious to get up a
team , and all Rugby foot ball players who
may be in Omaha are requested to coinmuni-
catu with him. Addicss 1110 Douglas street.
In the event of n visit to Lo Mars u retuin
game will bo played in this city.
There will bo a meeting of the Western
association ut Chicago on the 1.1th. The pur
pose is to canvass the prospects for 18VJ , and
to ascertain us nearly us possible the cities
that will likely bo included in thu circuit.
Inasmuch as there is no possible show for
Chicago in this circuit another jcnr , it is
somewhat of a mystery why the associa
tion should bo compelled to meet
in that city to discuss their plans
for another season. It would have
been far inoro appropriate to huvo called
such a meeting for Omaha , or unv ono of the
live uities prominently and vitallv inter
ested. It is hoped , in any event , if Omaha is
included in the Western association next
year , that she will huvo a little louder voice
in the business nnd management of the en
terprise. This season the local management ,
in all matters pertaining to thu regulation
and govcinmont of the association's affairs ,
resembled muchly the proverbial bump on u
The Man on Horsclinolf.
Now York World : Mr. Gould was
down nt the Western Union ollico on
Saturday uud stnvcd there for an hour.
This is the first tune ; that ho has been
near the ] > lace for several months.
On Saturday ho w'ns away aejain before
anybody in ttio huUdiiiROiiUmio of those
in the olllee's inimcdiatolv adjoining
know that ho was in UiobuililiiiLr at all.
Dr. Orcon hasn't scon Mr. Gould per
sonally for over flvo 'months. ' Husboll
Sago and John T. Terry , however , sue
him frequently tuiQ they report that ho
is now bettor tluvu ho has boon for live
yours. His health tins materially Im
proved since ho 'loft1 Saratoga. Ho is
concorniiif ? himself about his business
just as little as possible. Among those
who have associated with , him the idea
of his having any \tlng } to do uith the
market , at present , ' a theory which is
very widely accepted in Wall street , is
Bcoutcd altogether. Ho is doing every
thing possible t pontributo to his
health and Btrongth and recently has
begun horseback-riding , and is mot
regularly every day on the raids nenr
his place at Irvington. The picture of
Jay Gould on horaoback will no n very
interesting one to Wall street liimn-
Yon sturdy oak whose branches wide
Holdly the storms and winds defy ,
Not long ago an acorn smull ,
Lay dormant 'nuath the summer sky.
Not unlike the thrifty oak in its
germ , development and growth , is con
sumption. Hut oven this mighty fee of
mankind , positively yields to the won
derful curative properties of Dr.
I'iorco'd Golden Medical Discovery H
taken early. Don't be blind to your Interests -
torosts and think yours a hopeless case ,
This renmkalilo remedy 1ms readied
thousands. Ol druuiUla. ;
Report on the Doflolonoy Dill Pro-
oontod to the Soiuito.
An Amendment to tlio Act Providing
1'or llio CounlltiK of 1'rcHlduti-
tlnl Votes Dolnijn lu
the House.
WAstitsfiTov , Oft. 9 In the senate to day
the conference repoit on the doflclcnry bill
was presented nnd read In full Mr. I'd-
mumts Ininiited of Mr Halu\\b.\ the senate
e'onferees had agieod to sti Iking out the
ptovlsion granting the balance of the year's
salurj of Chiuf Justice Walte to his widow
Mr. 11.ilu stated In leply that the subject had
been fullj discussed overund over again , anil
that the house < on forces had taken the
giound that they could not assent to it. The
house eonfeioe's asserted that there was no
pieccdent for an Item of such kind being put
m the appropriation bill , and had intimated
that If u spoe'ial bill we're passed hi thu sen
ate they ( the conferees ) would favor it. A
conforpwoasordered nnd agreed to
The senate bill to relieve the purchasers
of and to Indemnify certain states for swamp
and overllowed lands disposed of , was called
up , billowing to theio being no < iuoium It
was withdrawn.
Mr Nelson of Minnesota called up the
bill for the disposal of agricultural
hinds embraced within the limits
of thi ) Plpestone Indian reservation in Minnesota
seta , but on a loint of no quoium being
raised It was withdrawn.
Mr. Humus of Missouri obtained unani
mous consent to the report of the committee
on appropriations of n bill appropriating
> 0OUU for the enforcement of thu Chinese
exclusion act , and it was passed without de
Thu bill as to counting presidential votes
was taken up and passed. It directs that
the euitlllcates and lists of votes for pn-si
dent and vice president , ot the United States
shall bo foi warded to the president of the
senate foithwlth after the second Mond.iv In
Juntmiy , on which thu electors shall give
their votes ; and that section HI of the re
vised statutes of the United States is hero-
bv amended to read as follows :
"Whenever the ruititluitu of votes from
nn\ state has not been lueoived ut thu seat
of government on thu fourth Monday of
January the secietary of state shall send a
special messenger to the district
Judge in whoso custody the ceititi
cute of votes from that state bus been
lodged , nnd such Judge shall forthwith trans
mit that list to the' seat of goei nmcnt. "
The senate bill to constitute Lineoln , Neb. ,
n port of the dehvur.v in thu i-ollection dis
tnct of New Orleans , and to extend to it the
provisions of the act in relation to the un
mediate transposition of dutiable goods ,
was taken up and passed.
A resolution for nn inquiry Into the killIng -
Ing of Joseph Hoffman , a witness before the
committee on privileges and elections ( an in
vesligation into iwllticnl disturbances at
Htenham , Tux. , ) uas adopted.
Mr. Kdmumls Intioduced n bill to pay to
the widow of Chief Justice Waite f5,7l.r , a
sum equal to the balance of his salari for the
3 car inhk.h ho died , and nskcd unanimous
consent for its immediate consideration
After some objection it was referred to the
committee on Judiciary.
The resolution offered yesterday by Mr.
Hlair , calling on the president for informa
tion in thu matter of thu trial , conviction and
execution of Ricl for high treason in Canada
in lyUi , was taken up and n long statement
in reference to it was madu by Mr. Hlair ,
who based his resolution on the ground that
Rlel was a naturalised American citizen. It
was reform ! to the committee on foreign re
Mr Kdmunds then reported from the com-
initte-e on Judiciary the bill to pay to the
widow of Chief Justice Waite the balance of
his year's salary , and as Mr. Hurry still ob
jected to its immediate consideration the bill
was placed on thu calendar.
On motion of Mr. Spooner the house bill to
nuthori/o the building of a bridge or bridges
across the Mississippi river at La Crosse.
Wis. , was taken from the calendar and passed
with amendments.
The senate then resumed consideration of
the tunft bill , nnd was addicssed by Mr.
Hiscock. It was proper , he said , lo criticise
the recent attempt of the president and of
his party lo explain away and lo misrepie-
senl llio effect and pin pose ot the Mills bill ,
which they claimed to bo calculated to bone-
lit rather than to injure American labor
and capital. The issue was fairly drawn
between the two parties. The question was
fteo IraOo or pioteclion lo American labor.
Neither subterfuge nor new confessions of
faith would conceal or obscme ques
lion. Demociatii : oiators were attempting in
the manufacliiiing districts to shift their
ground and to conceal the put poses of then-
party. Hut thu otllcial utteianees of the
president and the reports of the secietury of
the Ircasury , omphnsi/ed by Iho Mills bill ,
which hud been endorsed by Iho national
democratic convention , and which passed
the house by a striet party votu , loft no dnubt
whatever ntt to the truu position of thu demo
cratic purl ) on that question. The senate
bill left no duubt ns lo Ihe position of Ihe re
publican party. Hoth parties conceded that
there should bo a reduction of the revenue ,
nnd to about the same amount. Thcrutoru
thu qucstioti of amount of taxation was not
involved in the dlscussiun , bul the question
was as to Iho inunner in which Iho reduction
should bo made. He had examined some of
the details ot Iho Mills bill In ordur to prove
that in the piefurrcd leduction Ihoro weru
disciiminalions in favor of Iho indnstiies of
the eonfcdomlo states against the industries
of thu not thci n stales.
Mr. Hawley suggested ns an explanation
of thai fat t Unit of thu democratic members
of the house ways nnd means committee ,
which made up the Mills bill , six were from
thu confederate slates and two from the
norlhern stales.
Mr. Hiscock proceeded lo llluslralo his
poml \ \ lib further instances drawn from the
Mills bill , and intimated Hint the minority of
the senate i omniilU-o on Hnanco wcro acting
on thu same policy. The effect of the Mills
bill , Mr. Hiscock dccl.itoil. could nol bo dis
guised. The senalu bill was equally pro
nounced in characler and principle. It fairly
illuslrated the republican policy of protec
tion , and when its provisions became a law
it would defend the American tnurkel against
foreign competition. It was not sectional.
Industi les noi th , south , east tind wesl were
equally provided for in il. H was Ihoopposilo
of Iho Mills bill. The dcmociacy had Icn-
deied Iho issno and evoiy effoit should bo
made lo meet it fairly.
At the close of Mr Hiscock's remarks Mr.
Halo obtained the Iloor and the tariff bill
went over till to-morrow.
Mr. Kdmunds appealed to Mr. Horry to
withdraw his objctlion to a coiihideralion of
Iho bill for Iho benulll of Iho widow of Chief
Juslico Wuilo.
Mr. Herry ( inclined In withdraw his objec
tion , staling that thai would bo equivalenl lo
a consent lo Iho passage of Ihu bill , which hu
considered llioroughly bad.
Mr. Kdmnmls thereupon gave notice that
ho would to morrow morning move to lake
up Iho bill for consideration.
Tno senate then adjourned.
W in.vtiTOX , Oct. 9. The senate bill ap
propriating f7r > ,000 to sccuru Cherokee freedmen -
men their porlion of corlain proceeds of land
under Iho act of March 3,1&S3 , and the con
ference report on the bill to allow persons
who relinquished homestead onlries lo make
another onlry , were presented. The former
was passed and the latlcr was agreed lo.
On motion of Mr. Peel , the senate bill was
passed supplemenlal to the act of February
3 , ls.37 , providing for a meeting of presi
dential electors , etc. It provides that ccr-
UHcalcs shall bo forwarded to the president
of the BO n a to forthwith after the second
Monday in January.
Mr. Hums of Missouri then submitted the
conference report on the general deficiency
appropriation bill ,
On ugruolng to Iho report the vote stood
300 to 8 , and Mr. Doughorly of Florida raised
a point of no quorum and the bouso ad
To promise and tokeop your word are
two different things. Wo promise that
Wurner'd Log Cabin Liver Pills afford
n and immediate relief. Try
them and see if the promibo is not kept.
Pj-U * o ccuta per bottlu ,
City Council Proceeding * .
The city oouiu II mel last evening ( n nd-
Journod session. Major Kohror nnd Alder
men Weaver , Waterman , Helllnner nnd
Knephor answered roll oill.
The Intersection paving bill of McAdams
A Amborg , umounUiig lo Mtls i } ' , , waft at
lowed , and nn ordur will bo drawn oil the
Intorsectlon paving fund for the amount
Various other bills reported by committees
wore also allowed.
Thu bill of a certain nose manufacturing
company for 1,000 , fool of hose , * 1,000 , was
Ahiurman Weaver ! "When was that hose
boughll' )
Aid. Waterman"A
jear or more ) ago ,
boforu Hits council ciimn In "
"Wh > was it not presented nnd paid bo
fore this I"
"It was not duo until last April under the
contriu t. and I have been letting thu timtler
inn until now. "
"Vour honor , I object to this wav ol doing
business I have in mj pockel a lol of bills ,
some of them dating bae-k lo IS.S1. There Is
no iixrtisu for this monkey business "
The bill was referred to thu Hnanco com
tnltlce for Investigation.
A petition was road from resident * asking
for u water main on Twonti eighth Hlrcol ,
between llroadwuy and Avenue A , and u
bydranl nt Ihe corner of Avenue A and
J wenly-eighlh slreui ; also n lire main on
Hlutt street. Hoth were referred Uj tV
\\atercouiinlttco. <
A communication from Cit\ Assessor Patton -
ton to J. L. Stewart , stating that the tux
of f > ,000 ugulnst him was bi error aim
should have been against J. T. btewarl. Ru
A protest against changing the grade of
Madison strcot was read and referred lo Ihu
committee on streels and ullujs and city en
A communication from the Sunlight Gas
nnd Light company , of Canton , O , to the
effect lliat vandals had deslroyed
largo numbers of Ihmr lamps In
Iho city nnel asking for protection
' 1 ho city marshal was instrucU-d to patrol the
locality referred to ( lower Uroud way ) at
least once a week.
A comunication from Iho Nebraska
Telephone company , hlallng that they would
put in and maintain a telephone at the city
building without expense to thu cily , was
road and ordered spread upon Iho rucords.
A resolution ordering sidewalks on parts
of Tenth , Sixth and Thlid avenues was
Aldunnan Weaver moved that us the supreme
emo court had decided that in assessing for
improvements , special notices wore not nec
essary , no uioro such bo issued and served.
Aldeiman Helllngrr presented n resolution
to the effect that as charges of illegal ion
duct have been nmdo against certain council
men thai u cordial hiilution be extended to
all citi/ens to attund a certain special meet
ing to be hereafter decided upon to make
such investigation. Thu lesolutlon was
unanimously adopted.
The matter of charging up the paving of
Willow Avenue was taken up. After dis
cussion it was decided to chitrgu that portion
on the south side of thu park to thu intursuo
lion paving fund.
General Hanks appeared in person In the
inlet csl of constructing a pontoon bndgu but -
t\\ ecu this city and Omaha. Ho asked that
llio c ty rescind the $51)0 ) license imposed by
the city ordinance ou the construction and
operation of a fun y. The pmposo of the
company is to operate u fuiry until the sec
retary of war renders his decision in the
case now before him , of the Nebraska City
biidgo , when the bridge will bo completed.
A\es and noes were called. The license was
rescinded for one jear , Alderman Weaver
vulmg no.
Adjourned for one week.
Well Fixi'U For Winter.
A number of boys herding caltlo on the
bottoms south of thu Iransfer jcsterday af
ternoon found a number of pairs of now over
shoes concealed in a hole , and sent word to
Chief Lucas , who Immediately went down
there to investigate the matter. There were
twenty-threo pairs of men's overshoes. The
chief visiled Ihu liansfor and found that a
car had been broken open Monday night and
a casu of overshoes stolen. The property
found in the hole answered the description
of Iho slolcn ptoncrly aud was lurncd over
to Agent W. H. Hums. There is no clue to
the thief , \\lio ) iai ono pair of tlio ovornhoctl
aul | thCi box the-y weir In ,
The MUlrlot Court.
The case of Holigh A Mitrlcpson vs Dntf
forth A , HooXcr was submltUM to the Jury
In tlio dUtrkt court last evening , after ( i
trlnl of two days. Thd unit U brought to recover -
cover fr.J , which tl'Oplalnllffs ' alli'go n duo
thorn for three bend of cattle driven off in
the herd ot the defendants. Colonel D. 11.
Dulh\ ) conducted the case for tlm plulnllffii ,
and u A. Holmes , i-si ] , for the defendants ,
In tint divorce case of Ida M , Crook v
James W I'rook , a Judgment was irmlurcd
in favor of the plaintiff and Ihu dex-reo wu *
granted as pru > od for.
Funeral of Mr * . li < m\ojr >
Th funeral of Mm. Idn Linojoy took
plant joslurda.N afternoon at U o'clock , fiom
the Hroudwiu M 1' church , and was very
hugely attended Tlm SHI vices were con *
ducted by Rev. Mr Alexander , of ( iarner
township , assisted bi Rev. Mr Franklin ,
pastor of thu church The Hot it ! offerings
weio profuse ntnl boaiittfnl At the flosi ) of
the' services , which weie1 very solemn mid
iinmi'Hstve' , Iho roileeo nun oil to Walnut
Hill i'om"tcri , whr-io the lemains woie In
tel i cd.
I'm nirjiiliH. |
Mrs , Chalmers , of Waukesha , WU , Is
spending a few diij s with her olil fiiend ,
Mrs. S , H Foster.
Mis. A McDoupnl , of Lincoln , whoso bus
> > nd is the pi os dent of the Missouri Valley
( Ami in the city the guest of Mr.
mid Mm. Hui dull.
Alderman CJeorgo Metcalf returned Moil-
du\ evening from u lwe > wcokn' trip tluough
S. N. and W. II Rico , of Wisconsin , ate In
the city on u shorl visit to their brother , A.
T Hlco , of the First Fationul bank.
Rev. T. J. Mnckay will go to Red Onk to
day to ofllciata at the wedding of Mr.
John L. Cannon , of this city , and Miss Duan
Palmer , the accomplished daughter ef Cap
tain H. H. Palmer , sheriff of Montgomery
county. The wedding will occur at Iho resi
dence of the brldo's patents nt 'J o'clock this
Those who tnko Dr. Jones'Ued Clover
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ness , bad breath , piles , pimples , ague
mid malaria , poor appetite' , low spirits ,
hcailae'ho , or Kidnov troubles. I'nceOO
cents. Goodman Drug ( \i. Agent.
There was an interesting mei-tlnir Hi the
republican hcadqmirtcrc last evening A
lluinbeau club was organbed with neat I ) two
bundled members. It is the intention to go
lo Omaha Sattuday o\oning , and II will bo
necessary to do considoiablu di tiling bufoiu
that time. Dining Ihu evening several stir-
ling addresses were madu , which wuro 10-
cnivud with great applause. U. F. Clayton ,
of Macedonia , was among these present , and
furnished some mlcrcsling slatlstics bearing
un the free tiado question.
Warner's Log Cabin Sarsaparilla regu
lates the regulator. Largest Sarsaparilla -
rilla bottle in the market. Manufac
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Cure. Sold by all druggixts. Take no
other it is the host.
Robert Simon and Kd Carver were urrcslofl
last evening for carrying concealed weapons.
Joe Olingur could not withstand Iho tump
tulions of this prohibition city and wasiun
In again uflcr six houis of liberty , us full as
n tick. Hu was charged with Indecent exposure
posuro of person. P Waddell was another
of the evening's victims. Hu was booked aa
n suspicious character.
For beauty , for comfort , for Improve
ment ol the complexion , use only I'o/-
zoni's Powder ; there is nothing like it.
There was a shoil scrap at n South Main
hotel IUHI evening over a friendly ( I ) game of
cards. A dispute arose , and ono of the play
ers , a bricklayer , elroppud "u hot "un" under
tnu eye of his opponent , a lamp vender , with
dlsastious results. Thu lampscllur's eye
glasses were smashed , the broken glass cul
ling u deep gush under his loft optic , and
otherwise scratching him. Ho prococded to
thu pollen stulion lo have his assailant ar
rested , but Hnally changed his mind , and af
ter laying in a supply of boofsleak poultices ,
stalled for homo. No arrests followed.
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. Ii-STAIin. IdlO Howard St.Omnlm. has drawn plans uud
. , . . _ . , . . specifications font' ' room fnima hemsulilUi combines
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liniihe that < osts from JI.IO to ll.iiOJ A mom lit in Ky & ! ) loon
\ \ ill tie built , so I can afford to oircr a co jiy for _ * hmul ten of
CJi thu iiHiinl fo s otlii'rwlmi Ixilng from . _ . .
. I'ntent for. * * p fr " " " "I'8 * . Mu r * '
f > to 7 per cent. applied for.tftf3
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Real Estate ,