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A Ooriflagrntlon Narrowly Avdrtod
at the Insnno Asylum.
In tlio lilticoln Cotu-ls A
Dclcantlnn nrManotiH Attend Dr.
IiUliiRstdti's l-'itncrnl Gen
eral anil Perflonnl.
1039 1' STHEKT , }
LI.NCOI.X. Oct. 1. )
Queer things happen at the asylum
for the Insane almost every day. The
doings there nro out of the ordlnnry
rind surprises rarely over happen , but
mi exception occurred yesterday. This ,
however , has nothing to do with the
freaks of the insane. The state has
just furnished the asylum with its win
ter supply of coal , nearly two hundred
tons , much of which was put into tlio
conl house in a wet condition. During
the forenoon ono of the attendants dis
covered that a great marts of the coal"
was on fire , having ignited hy spontan
cous comhustioii. Tlio fire commenced
in the heart of the pile. The theory is
that the wet coal and dust naturally set
tled there and generated enough heat
to produce fire. It is an unusual as
well a ? a peculiar case. The whole pile
of coal had to ho turned over. A stream
of water was poured upon the llamos ,
nnd although quenched by the action
it was doomed necessary to remove the
coal from the house , and it took a day
to do it. A disastrous conflagration was
doubtless averted by the prompt action
of Dr. Knapp and his assistants. Scien
tists may possibly call this an insane
ironk of the coal. It is certainly as
much out of the ordinary as bomo of the
Blrango acts of the human family com
mitted to tlio care of the state at that
Under the corporate name of the
Lumber Company of Blue Hill business
will bo tratibiictod at Blue Hill , Dladon
and Campbell for a period of ton years ,
with the principal plai-o of business at
the former town. The company will
buj and sell lumber , coal , limo and
stone subject to the laws of the state on
n capital stock of $120,000 , divided into
shares of 8100 each , which are owned
nnd controlled by C. Koohler , John S.
Hoover , Louis Sherman , II. G. Koehlor ,
Fred Gund , Louis IToobol , Matthias
Ilottingor and Henry Guild. Tlio com
pany dates its existence from the 1st
daj of October.
The State bank of Wilcox commenced
doing business on the 2lth day of Aug-
pust. 18bS , and will continue until alike
date in the year 1000. Its articles of in
corporation note a paid up capital of
120,000 and authorize $30.000 more whenever -
over the needs require. The company
do a general banking business and the
names of the incorporutors , W.R. Sapp ,
J. W. Moore and F. S. Smith , attest its
The articles incorporating these com
panies were lilod with the secretary of
state to-day.
The following cates were called in the
county court this morning :
Stewart-Chute Lumber company vsC.
W. Kitchon.
Sivmuel Uiddor vs W. M. Burnett.
S. Sockott vs Frank Workman.
H. K. S. Williams vs Nancy J. ShafTol
r Fox.
, I' . V. Krickson vs Sidney Land.
Norvillo & Mclntodh vs F. C. Kern
tvnd Julia Kern.
r May B. Jones vs J. H. Summer and
" Samuel Tilton vs B. S. William .t Co.
j John A. Iliggins vs Charles U. Pink-
' bam ,
W. II. Snolllng vs John V. Wallin.
W. II. Berger vs Charles L , Ervin.
Commercial bank of Exeter , la. , vs
William Sterns and A. H. Warren.
First National bank vs George
.Tamos Kane vs John Ynnke.
W. T. Scott vs Harry W. Shaw.
i Kntional Lumber comintny vs C. N.
Iowa Farming Tool company vs Hayden -
don & Flanagan.
John Doolittlo & Co. vs C. M. Bran-
Delaware County Creamery company
vs M. W. Hulifbon nnd J. W. Rulifson.
M. L. Trcstor vs Lowls Thompson.
Atehieon Sash and Door company vs
Hay don it Flanagan.
si John Kadon vs City of Lincoln.
Ir Thomas Karr vs W. B. Hughes.
Mctolllus Stoughton vs Lay no &
r- Krone.
Kent ft Root vs C. B. Parker.
Thomas Bonacum Patrick Egnn.
First National bank v& Claus Peters.
Thomas A. Herdman vs John Parlass.
Lasnh Bros , vs John Parlass.
Itoco Bros , tfc Co. vs John Parlass.
Poycke Bros , company vs John Par-
Arena Ghis it Co. vs John Parlnss.
Patterson , Murphv & Co. vs Kovs & .
A largo delegation of Lincoln citi-
Bens wont to Plattsmouth on the Bur
lington special this morning to uttetu
the funeral services of the late Dr. Liv
ingston. The Knights Templar and
other masons were especially promi
nent in the delegation. The funora
cervices were after the beautiful rites
of the masonic fraternity. Old neigh
bors of the lamented deadformer rcsl
dents of Plattsmouth , but now of thi :
city , were in the ranks of the mourn
ing cortege.AN'
John S. Finch , of TIIK HUE'S Lincoln
Bureau , loft for Sholbyvillo , Ind. , to
day over the Burlington , where , on
Thursday next , ho will wed Miss Flow
Thomas of that city. The Bureau's oh
shoo goes niter him in his wedding
iournoy , nnd through all the walks o
The governor to-day Issued notarial
commissions to the following Nobrus-
kans : II. II. Saunders , Atkinson , Holt
county ; John A. Shortoss , Wood River ,
Hull county ; George II. Thummol ,
Grand Island , Hall county ; John S.
Kced , Lincoln , Lancaster county ; J. H.
BrownGrand Island , Hall county ; M.
J. Moyo , Madison , Madison county ;
Herman F. Bosoler. Lincoln , Lancaster
county ; Burchard H. Schabcrp , Stanton -
ton , Stanton county.
Hon. W. J. Connell , of Omaha , the
coming congressman from the First
congressional dlbtrlet , was In the capital
city to-day.
The board of secretaries have issued
an order to the Burlington for the erec
tion of a new passenger depot at Cmor-
aid. Mr. Castor made his case after
Engineer Burns proposes to furnish
public water nt one-naif the present ex
pense for twenty years. The formal
proposition will bo mndo to the city
council this evening. Mr. Burns will
bond himself to furnish the city plenty
of pure wutor for every need.
The fnbor pushers of the State Jour
nal have challenged the evening papers
for a game of base ball nnd the emu-
ienge has boon nccoiitpii. Thd game
will bo played at the park next Thurs
day afternoon. It will bo n rich , rare
and raoy game , An admission too of 25
cents will bo charged and the proceeds
will go to publio charities. Colonel
Falrbrothor and Major Hays will com
mand the teams.
Hurry McKlnncy , the lad of aliases ,
and only fourteen years of ago , was up
before the police court again this morn
ing. Harry certainly belongs to the
incorrlgiblcs. Ills parents say that ho
has got beyond tholr control , and It is
probfibln that ho will bo sent to the re
form school. This seems to bo the only
course that gives any assurance that he
will become a useful man.
Vigor mill Vitality
Are quickly given to every part of the
body by Hood's Sarsaparillu. That
tired feeling Is entirely overcome. The
blood Is nurilledonrlchcd and vitalized ,
and carries health instead of disease to
every organ. The stomach Is toned and
strengthened , the appetite restored.
The kidneys and liver are roused and
Invigorated. The brain is refreshen ,
the mind made clear and ready for
woik. Try U.
Humiing ( i Newspaper.
Jacksonville ( Fla. ) Metropolis : It is
with regret that wo announce the tem
porary suspension of the Metropolis ,
which is caused by the ravages of yel
low fever , In this olllco every man and
boy , with ono exception ( a little carrier )
ha'ving been attacked by tills dread dis
ease which Is now raging bo mercilessly
in our city. At the present time our
editorial force , with ono exception ( a
lately recovered patient ) , is down with
the fever , and it is with the most stren
uous exertion that wo have managed to
issue the Metropolis to-day , for our
printers also have sulTored severely.
Lee C'AiiiNS were not
hot-houses and the people
who dwelt in them wore
not hot-house growths.
They wore a hardly healthy
75generation ? ) and the remedies -
" edios used wore simply
OLD ' preparations reproduced
in Warner's Log Cabin Cough and
Consumption Remedy and Warner s
"Tlppecanoo" the great stomach tonio
The Kits ; hikes.
Savannah News : A lady who has
given the matter much attention is au
thority for the declaration that in kiss
ing all men kiss with too much force. A
kiss to bo auprooiated by a girl , she
says , must bo gentle and not rough , and
under no circumstances should have
any suggestions of tobacco or John Bar
leycorn. As the reiult of comparing
notes with many lady friends , married
and engaged , she asserts that tlio kisses
of three-fourths of mankind , husbands ,
lovers and brothers , nro "smoky. "
You can find cool , well furnished
rooms at the Glebe hotel , heat located
house in Omaha.
Time : "Mamma , the quandary has
come ; Billings has proposed , and Too/.lo
oo. " "What shall you do ? " "lam at
a loss , mamma. Too/.lo writes that ho
vould surround mo with every luxury
and make his whole existence ono
sweet thraldom for a smile from mo. "
'And Billings ? " "Ho says he's very
, ) oor and has been working all his life
ind barely earned a subsistence. "
'Accept Billings , my child. Don't de-
ay another instant. A man must be
irotty well oil before ho has the cour
age to proclaim his poverty.
An OfToitbivo Itrcnth
s most distressing , not only to the per
son alllictcd if lie has any pride , but
, o those with whom he comob in contact.
.t is a delicate matter to speak of , but it
las parted not only friends but lovers.
3ad breath and catarrh are inseparable.
Jr. Sago's Catarrh Remedy cures the
woroo cabos , as thousands can testify.
A Dinner Spoiled.
Epoch : Old Mrs. Bently "What
makes yo so late to dinner ? " Old Mr.
Bontly "I've been to the ball game ,
in11 sot on the bleachSn' boards for two
lours , an' there was nothin' but geese
eggs. " Old Mrs. Bently ( with vexation )
"Now , Josiah Bontly , I hope to good
ness yo haven't gone an' ott goose eggs
and spiled yer dinner ! "
September , 1,000,000
October , 1,000,000
November , 1,000,000
December , 1,000,000
are the estimated editions of the Ladies
Homo Journal and Practical House
keeper for those four months , though
they have onlv " once before got above a
half million.
The reason is several fold : It costs at
news stands six cents ; you got it four
months by sending ton cents in silver
or stamps ; you got it a year for fifty
cents ; and it saves its cost in several
ways costs nothing at all.
Send the silver or stamps. LADIES'
HOMK JOURNAL , Philadelphia.
A passenger on a westbound train ,
from Chicago , hid his money in ono of
his shoes , on retiring for the night , and
then placed the shoe and its mate in
the aisle , near his berth. A porter ,
having subsequently blackened the
shoes and found the "hidden treasure , "
returned it to the owner , who is said to
have demanded a light , so that ho could
count the money and see if the finder
had taken any.
Ho said : "My love , I am &orry to dis
appoint you about thu picnic , but my
trotter has a lame foot. " That's noth-
ingl Wo'vo got plenty of Salvation
The Detroit Free Press Fiend has
been punning on Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup. Ills is only gratitude , for all
thinking moil knowits merits. ( Uxch. )
A man in Marshalltown , la. , is cred
ited with a novel expedient for refresh
ing his memory. "When ho has some
thing of importance to attend to next
day ho writes himself a postal card re
minding himself of the matter , and
finding the card among the mail next
morning attends to it the first thing. "
Mothers Heiul.
The proprietors of SANTA ABIE
have authori/.od Goodman Drug Co. ,
to refund your money if , after giving
this California King of Cough Cures a
fair trial as directed , it failb to give sat
isfaction for the cure of Coughs , Croup ,
Whooping Cough and all throat and
Lung troubles. When the disease
affects the head , imd assumes the form
of Catarrh , nothing is so ofleetivo us
preparations nro without equals as
houfohold remedies. Sold at 31.00 ti
package. Three for 82.50.
Those who are bitterly opposed to to
bacco-smoking should take note of the
fact that not a cigar-makor in Florida
has been attacked by the yellow fever ,
and that physicians recommend cigar-
suioking as a preventive.
About Shaltcnponro mid Dauun
there U a pending controversy , but
none is over liKely to take place regard
ing SOZODONT , foremost among arti
cles for preserving , restoring and bouu-
ifylng tlio tooth for over a third of a
ontury. This agreeable antiseptic
oraovos unpleasantness from the breath.
Terrific Conflict Between Ton Texas
Cattlemen nnd Thlrty-llvo Indians.
Ovorlnndi "Arkansaw "
Charley" was
always a favorite among the boys after
ward and was greatly drcadid by the
Indians. The roving life of a cowboy
upon the frontier plains suited his tastes
far bettor than the restraints of a small
escort , while the opportunities to score
oven with the redskins wore equally
good ,
It was during the general "round-up"
on the frontier border of Texas In tno
fall of 1SSO that "Arkansiiw Oharloy , "
in company with nine other cattlemen ,
was caught upon the plains bordering
the head waters of the Bnuos by a
band of thirty-lira Comanchcs , all well
mounted and armed , and led by one of
the most daring sub-chiefs. "Curly
Bill' ' Thompson , born in Arkansas , but
much older than Charley , was in charge
of the round-up. He was a cowboy of
much experience and was famous as tin
Indian lighter. The two were intimate
friends as the phrase goes out west ,
they wore "partners" what was owned
by ono belonged to the other , and many
daring exploits had already marked
their career.
The cowboys wore till well mounted ,
and each was armed with long-range
Winchester rilles and the cowboy's
friend , u pair of six-shooters. They
had plenty of ammunition , some jerked
beef and a canteen of water.
Arkansaw Charley , though not moro
than twenty-throe , was the recogni/.cd
loader when an Indian light was on
hand , and when the Commanehcs wore
discovered sweeping down upon thorn
from the direction of a skirt of timber
several miles to the northwest , ArKan-
bJiw Charley , after a short parley with
Curly Bill , put spurs to his her o to se
cure possession of u piece of high open
ground apparently about a mile away.
A lively race now began the cow
boys to gain peed fighting ground of
their own choice and the Coinmanohes
to cut thorn olT. Arkan aw Charley
was riding a .splendid black stallion ,
sure of foot and very Hoot , and the rest
of the boys had to put their to
full speed to keep up with their da h-
ing young leader , whoso long tlaxen
hair streamed out behind him like the
fan of an eagle. Not moro than one-
third of the distance had been made
when ono of their hor-ses foil , tumbling
the cowboy into the ditch and breaking
ono of his legs. Instantly- Charley and
Curly Bill halted to light whore they
wore rather than leave one of tliuir com
rades in the hands of the Communchcs ;
but seeing the disadvantage of the po
sition they roped the horse , placed the
crippled cowboy upon his saddle , and
bade him follow toward the ridgo.
Tlio delay had brought the Indians
near enough for showers of bullets nnd
arrows to liy at them , out happily over
thnir heads. The cowboys wore all ex
pert horsemen and were soon on a
sweeping run nnd luckily gained the
summit of the ridge. Quickly staking
the hor&os out of r.ingo they took posi
tion Hat on the ground at the highest
point and awaited the approach of the
Indians , who had stopped about one
hundred yards uuuy.
Presently with a'terrific yell the sav
ages charged , throwing themselves on
the sides of their horses and .sending
showers of bullets and arrows at the
little baud , but hitting wide of the
mark. The Americans hold their lire
till the enemy were within two hun
dred yards when they sent volley after
volley from their Winchesters , nnd fif
teen horses wore soon tumbling and
charging in the throes of death. For
some time not an Indian seemed to have
been hit , but before they retreated two
of thotn were shot down.
The Comanches collected In squads
and were gesticulating at .1 lively rate ;
then all at once thov started on a run
to gain llio same ridge which sloped to
the north from the point occupied by
the cowboys. A new danger now threat
ened , for aasoon as the Indians reached
the low ridge the horses were brought
within range of the onemv. Arkansaw
Charley had them immediately removed
to a secure place on the opposite slope
of the hill.
When the Indians discovered this
they made another desperate charge
but wore again repulsed , four Indians
and ton horses being killed. Over half
the Indians were now afoot and a coun
cil ensued and resulted in the Indians
dividing their force so as to cover the
whites in a charge from both west and
south which would airuin bring their
horses in range. Curly Bill and three
men at once moved lower down so as to
cover the stock with their rilles , while
Charlie and the rest of the boys hold
the summit. On came the savages with
defiant yollscharging on foot and on
horseback ; but again were they repulsed
with the loss of six horses and one
Indian wounded. A long parley en
sued and presently a do/on or moro
Comanches wore seen going over the
hill with their horses , and half an hour
the same number were seen approach
ing afoot in a very stealthy manner ,
which was soon followed by like ma
neuvers by the other squads. This
change of tactics on the part of the C'o-
mancho chief greatly perplexed Char
ley and Curly Bill. "They arc now
creeping upon us through the gras to
lay for cvorv man wno exposes himself
to their sight , " said Charley. 'Trawl
into the ground , if you can , boys. "
In this way the fight \uis Kept up till
thick darkness covered the plains , two
of the cowboys having been killed ,
both shot in the head. The broken-
legged boy , a lad of seventeen , though
suffering great pain , fought nil the time
but on changing his position to ease his
pain was shot dead by a musket ball.
Curly Bill crout back to the summit ,
sending three mun to guard the horses.
A council was held ate what was best
to bo done. The darkness gave the
savages the advantage , they being
below could not bo sighted , but every
time ono of the cowboys raised his head
it was outlined againsttheskyso pl'iinly
as to become a good target for the Com
uiancho marksmen.
"They can now creep within twenty
vnrds of us. can capture our horses , anil
kill ovorv man who pokes up his head.
They'll kill us by detail , " said Charley.
Their situation was indeed a critical
ono. To attempt to get away from the
Indians then seemed the merest folly ,
and to await the coining of day was
oven worse.
"It's a run for llfo anyway wo take
It , " continued Charley. "We'd bottoi
got to our horses , mount , scatter llko
quails , and run our chances. "
"Done , " answered the boys with ono
Crawling like a enuko in the gross
each man reached the picket which se
cured his horse , then to his foot , and in
an instant all wore mounted and off
each man talcing his own direction
Charloj and Curly Bill , leading the
horses of their dead comrades , rode o
together. The savages , however , were
not asleep , and as soon as the whites
showed themselves they began a vigor
our firing. But the cowboys were ot
liuo a Hash , leaving the Commancho
chief biting his lips with rage over the
slip they had given him. Throe-fourth
of hla horses were dead on the plain
many of his warriors killed am
wounded , and the whites hud gone am
not a horse captured.
Long was the night to that scattered
bunch of cowboys upon the silent plains
The Comnnches were not idle. The
chief grew desperate and , taking six
varrlors , was teen upon the trail of the
lorses , going in u northorstorly direc
tion , trailing them by the sound of the
shod hoofs trampling the earth. Just
it the approach of day Curly Bill's
sharp eye discovered Indians on the
track. Being unable to determine in
vhut number , they quickened tholr
fait In what direction they scarcely
mow. Soon losing sight of tlio pur *
suors , and thinking perhaps they were
nistakcn , they Mackoncd their pace ,
nnd rode leisurely along till about 10
o'clock , when they stopped at a water-
lolo to quonoh thu almost killing thirst
of themaolves and their horses. '
Thinking they were safe , they staked
out their horses and prepared to break-
ast on jerked beef and water , after
vhloh they stretched themselves upon
the grass to rest while tholr horses were
rrazing. It was not long , however , bo-
ere the tramping of horses' foot was
leard , and the chief and six warriotM
were upon thorn , shooting and jelling at
i terrible rate. Instantly they went for
, holr horses. Curly Bill mounted first ,
.urncd on them and' began shooting His
revolver us only a cowboy can. Arkan
saw Charley , by a mishnp in attempting
.0 . catch the picket rene whllo firing
lis pistol , stumbled and fell. For only
in instant , though , was ho down , but
eng enough for an Indian to put a ball
nto his body before ho gained hissad -
lie. The contest now became fierce bo-
, ween the live ravages for two of them
Imd already been killed and the
desperate cowbovs. Never were
comlutnnts moro deadly in carne-it.
The ohiof , scowling upon the gallant
Charley , fixed his how , but from HIM
American's quick and steady hand wont
i sudden ball , and the chief rolled dead
ipon the plains. But two savages now
emained , and each singling his matt
usliod upon him. Again the Amorl-
ans were victorsand seven Cpmnnohes
ay npnn the ground with their painted
aces hideous all In death. The con-
liot ended , and swooning , A'-kansaw
Charley fell from his horsj. Curly Bill
.Thompson instantly caught him in his
strong linn' . . "Water water " whis-
icred the white lips , and he swooned
The two friends remained for an hour
at the water bathing the wound , which
mived to bo only a bud llcsh cut in the
ide. It was carefully bandaged , and
Charley was ready to rido. Curl.i Bill
Jollectcd their own and the Indian
loises , and after scalping the dead
Comanches they mounted and lode
lowly away.
Ripe , luscious , sound fruit is the
ourco from which are derived Van
fixer's Flavoring Kxtrnets , without ad-
nixturo of chemicals , exquisite in taste ,
economic because highly concentrated ,
Hire and wholesome. They are used
videly in tlio households , hotels and
estaurnnt kilchens of this and other
ontinonts ; and the bottles contain as
nay bo ascertained by comparison
aore than the quantity held by other
lavoring extract bottles.
They riourrd Him.
Chicago News : "Gentlemen , " said
ho Arkunsis lawyer to tlio baekswoods
ury , "it is a fact that my client was
aught fooling around another man's
pan of mules' . But while ho may be
nistaken when ho says that he took
. .hoe mules out of the stable to water
hem , because their brutal owner had
icglected to attend to their wants.I toll
ou , gentlemen , that my client can out-
with a rillo any 'man within the
ound of my voieo. "
"That's a lie ! " yelled the jury in a
"Very well , gentlemen"said the law-
or. "If you send my client to prison
on give him no chance to provo his
claims. If you arc generous and want
o see some of the host shooting ever
lone in the O/.arks you have only to ae-
} uit my client and set up a mark for him
, o shoot tit. "
The prisoner was found not guilty.
What is moro ullrui'tivo than a pretty
'nco with a frchh. bright complexion ?
b'or it is use Po/woni's powder.
Unnecessary Worry.
N. Y. Sun : It was getting late when
the girf said shyly :
"You look worried about something ,
Mr. Ilarkintou. "
' 'I am , " ho replied. "I have in my
pocket a $ jO,000 package of government
jonds which I foolishly forgot to deposit
; o-dny , and and aside from that i I
, eve you so devotedly that , Mis.s Schor-
merhorn , I am afraid to learn my fate. "
"As for the bonds , Mr. Harkinton , "
replied the girl , witli a business air ,
"papa has a safe in the house ; and re
garding the the other matter , why
why , 1 think so many of us arc apt to
borrow trouble , Mr. Harkinton. "
It is by copying after nature that man
gets best results. Dr. Jones' Red
Clover Tonic is nature's own remedy , is
purely vegetable , can be taken by tlio
most delicate. Cures all stomach , kid
ney and liver troubles. GO cents. Good
man Drug Co.
A Valley ol'Dcad MPII'H Bonos.
Riverside ( Cal. ) Tribune : Frank
Morrison has kindly furnished some
very interesting facts concerning fcr-
tain discoveries on the island of San
Clomonti , whieh lies oil the coast from
Lagunu some twenty or thirty miles. A
party of gentlemen , among whom was
Arthur Choatham , ofjSantii Anna , vis
ited the island a few weeks ago. They
reached the island by yaeht from San
Diego. Of all the many strange discov
eries mndo by the party on the island ,
whihc Heomed to be a land of wonders ,
none was ' -o startling as their coming
suddenly upon a level sort of plain ,
which was strewn with the skeletons of
about five hundred human beings.
They lie scattered about in a promiicu-
ous manner , which suggests that the
whole lot must have been suddenly nnd
at once killed. They were apparently
Indians , and the place where their re
mains now lie is a veritable "valley of
dry boilei. "
IU suncrlor excellence proven In millions 01
homes for more tlmu a quarter of a cenrury 1
Is used by the United States ( ! eminent Ku
dnr > ed by tlixhuaiU of thu Kruut I'lllveiHttlPK as
the htronRf = t , p'.iifst and most healthful. Ir
Price's ( 'in in llakln Powder does not contuli
ainmonl i. lime or nltim. Hohl onlv In cans.
New York. Chicago. Bt. I.oul3
Burlington Burlingfon
Rote .
The Burlington takes the lead.
It was in advance of all lines in developing Nebraska *
It was in advance of all lines in establishing dining-car
service between Missouri river points and Chicago.
< .
! *
It was in advance of all lines in giving the people of
Omaha and the West a fast mail service.
It was in advance of all lines in running its trains from
the East into Omaha proper.
It was in advance of all lines in reducing the time of
passenger trains between Omaha and Chicago.
It was in advance , and is the only line by which you can
feave Omaha in the morning and arrive in Denver th
evening of the same day.
It has been progressive in the past.
It will lead in the future.
Travel and ship via the Burlington.
Ticket Office , 1223 Farnam Street. Telephone ) 250.
Depot on Tenth Street.
iTliMon !
Conn r of loth anil rariiaiu SttvHH , ChiiiuUor of
Comtnerco llulldlng
Capital Stock $100,000
Liiihllitj of StnrKiiohlprs S00,000
Mu > pt > r CL'tit p ml cm tlcpuflts. Inim tnntle on roil
c-l.iti' iintl | irr-tui i > 'ULiinty , lit.tej , MUrr.luU , stocks
nnn lioiuu pun Imvd
JO11M. MU ! > 1'iiiltlint
AMMKVi UOM WATKH , Vice I'rc ldPnt
DKVl'Kll Li TMOMAb.UiJhlcr.
1IOAU1) Or-
.Tnlin I , Mile * . KristiiH li'n < nn ,
Minucl I inner. John 11 ) ; > , iti ,
Andrew It . -ii vutcr , Morn < .MiirrKMti ,
W A I. Million , '
liiy Alrlu.iiinilorit , Dexto'r 1. 'I htm.\l.
jStinuiui A Kulin ,
r. II. Johnson. .liili IliKh,1
dee 0. Ilobbiu.
ttoi :
Cnpiliil Stock SloO,000 ?
Lialillltlosof Stoi'kholilcis : ! ( IO , Ol )
Fu-o L'er Cent Interest I'diil oil Del -
l exits Coni/mndcd Seini-
L M. HI3NNKTT , Vice l're-.ldent.
P.V. . WKSSriL , Miuianlni ; Director.
JOHN fi.VILUITK , Cushler.
.1. W. ClNNKTT , ( lirv C. lUiiTO.v ,
J , .1. liHOU.N , L. M IIINVHT.
C. 1" . ilMKI < HOX , TillU ICl'Jli\t.t ,
OMAIIl L. VT. CO. , L. II Wii.riAMS.
M \ \ MKVhll , Tltl'MN 1JUCK ,
I1.V. . \ \ t. i i.i. 1. K. ( OMIIION' ,
ANMV ( r. MtCOOK , N W. \ \ KII.-5.
Cnpltnl $500,000
Surplus 100,000
HKHMAN KOl'NTXi : . President.
JOHN' A. CKIU CUTON. Vice Piesldent
P. 11. D.VVH. Cashier.
\V. II , MKUUlKit , Assistant Cashier.
Tlin onlf roml to tak fnr DtJ * Molneo , Mnnhnltown llutilds , Cllntnn , Dlttin. Clilfiun .Mlhtnukt't' .
mill nil iiolnti Kn t rlo llio pfoplunf Nenraikii Oulo-
rmlo Wjrn.nlnif . , Itih. liliiliu. Nuvnd-i Oiejun , Wa h.
Inutun niiil t'aliuirniA. It otTers vupertor inlruntii ei
nut tio4tlilo ( | iiy liny ollior line
Aw nz u low of the nunipronipoints of superiority
enjoyi'il liftho palniin or thu rnail lietwoon < > m ill *
nna ChltUL'i. ure UK Ibrca traln < a tlav tit DAY
COAI'IIIIS , wliloh xro tli tlnoit Hint human Hrt nnd
liiK'-niiiiriHncriiHt.- I'Al.ACKM.KCI'I.SfU'AIti
luo eqiinl ot wlilrlipanniit Im fount H < At
Council lllnir < Hit ) train * of Ilia Union Pnclilo llnll-
\Tiy ; cimlcit In union doiKit with tlui u of tlia ChiC -
C KO \ Northwe'torn lly. In I'hlcnifo thu tr.ilniuf
tliln line make rloie cuiiDfctlon with thoio of all
othpr K.iatern lln1- *
Kor IH'irolt OilnmbiiK , InilUimpolli , flnrlnnfttl ,
NUjiru l-alls Iliitrulo , ruutiiK , IMnjiito , Moiilrnnl.
llo'l.'ii. New Vnrk , I'liilndplplilu , llnltlni in } , Wu4n >
Inutoti , nntl nil point ! in the iit. Auk for tickets via
lb °
If you wl h the best accommodation. All tlckat
Mi' t.V * l5j l l bli Iliit .
11 iiiciurr , j. , VUMV
( ien'l llunaxer. ( Jen'l I'ait'r ' Agent.
j , iirjt.
W N IIAIICOCK. ( Jmi'l Weitcrh Aifent.
1) E KIM1IAI.I. Ticket Ajtenl.
( J K \ \ Kriity ; Pims.'njter Agent.
1W1 Kiinmin Street Omntia , Nel > .
Trep Pooils nnd Senilllngs for Timber Claims ,
I'rult frwt , Small Krultn , UniamuntnU , liver-
Kreens , etc.
Semi Cur price list -I'KKKi Aildrais.
i > . a. ivrti ; , i r < > i > . ,
ShananUoah , Iowa.
AilturtUliitf haa nlnujg provcu
Bucce3ful. Ueforo placing any
Newspaper AovcrtlsliiK coasu&
iuTKinuisaIK ,
Tniil Up Capital $100,000
Surplus iO,000
H. W. YAIBS. ProMrtent.
LK I4 tKH.HI , Vice I'reMcli'iit.
A. r. . TOIUAM.V. 2nd Vlto PrMldent.
W. 11. i > . HrmiKCusliler. .
W. V. Mouse , Jons- . ,
Corner l"tli unil r.irimm Sts.
A General Hanking lluslucss Transacted.
The Kansas City Investment Co ,
30 Clmuihur or Commerce ,
No dolavg. All business ilono at this ofllce.
Dn. B. C. WrsT'fl Nitnvs AMD BnAiw T * A >
UKNT , agunrantfrd specific for IIy U > rla , Dizzi
ness. Conrulslona. Fits , Nervous Neuralgia ,
Ueadacne. Nervous Prostration , caused br tha
u o of alcohol or tobacco. Waltofulneas. Mental
Depression , Softening of the Drain , resulting In
Iiuanltr. Hnd leading to mlserr. decay and
death. Premature Old Age , Barrenness , Loss * (
Power In either sei. Involuntary I-osse * and
Bpermatorhcra caused by over-eiertlon of the
brain. Eelf-abu e or nrer-tndulRonce. Kaon box
contains one month's troatmcnt. tl.OO K box , or
Blr boxes for 05.00 , Bent by mall prepaid on r * .
ulpt ot prtc .
To cure any oua. With * ach order ncalrod by
ns for six boxen , accompanied with 15.00. w
will eend the purchaser our written guarantee
to refund th * money If the treatment rt es not
effect a cure. Guarantees Issued only by C. P.
GOODMAN. Dnurplst , Solo Agent , 1110 Farnam
prrppt Orcabn. Neb
Epp s's Cocoa.
"Ilv a tliornuxb knonloiU'e o ( tbo natural laws
wlik'n irnvern thn onerutlon of tllKit tlun utut nutrl *
tlon , mid bjr it cutotiil uppltcMlon f.fttmtliiH proper *
tlei of wi'll'telectutl < Vcoi : , .Mr. Kppn ) uu prutuetl our
l.retikfa . t tublu with u tlullcat lT MnTorotl bnTernvo
wblth muy save in ninny henry Ouctor * bills Ills
li > the Jiidlcloui mo of such arllclos of rfolt Unit a
cnn tltiitl < > M ninir Im Knuluiillr tiullt up until Btronit
iiuiuli to ic-Ht nrcry tvndpiiry to ilniMsn. liini-
Ireitnof Mibllo iiinlnlc ro llmitlnu urounil u rcidjr
onttnck wheri'Mtr tlier l a weak point. We m T
' cane many u final nlmft by keupliu'uurhelvei well
ortlticil with pure tiloml nml it properly iiourlihod
Irnnies' C'lfll service liarette.
Miiilt * Hltuply with iKillInx wuloror milk. Sold only
In hnlf { .ounct tlnn br i.ruu'r * Intjet d thun
Homu'opathio Cliemlsts ,
* JKAsyj
nVCNt $ fy
Kemsrtable for powerful rmp >
thetle tone , pliable action and ab-
aolat * durability. i ) years' record.
Ihe beit guarantee ot the excel
lence ot tnese Inairurm-ntii.
blLLU i I 10
NOB. 303-4O4-I70-6O4.
al ealljtiUloQ In the
cure oj Qouc rrhea and
Iprrscrlboltsn ;
( fel itelnromratnJ-
It to all itifrcmi.
i. J. KTOXHB , H.D. ,
Oooaiur. III.
PRIOR , 01.00.
TriJMSK n.rk1 | Slid bjr UrutKloti
i : < Dcsrborn ft , , Cldiajo ; atlvlea frees 21 je r
" ' Uu > luv > * uulillf > ud le < Dr traniactod
A No. 2. 0.V/pflrne'lJ : / ! No. I .liofS m.
O No. U tUOu ) m. C No. C. , t:60p. : m
A No. 4 . , :4Un.m.A | No. 3 . 0:60 : p. m
A No , i , y:40a. : Ul.'A No. 6 . "iJOft. m.
A No H . .oiSia.rn.iA'No.7 ,6:30r : .in ,
A . fi-M , ' . . .
n in.'A MC.ii .0160 is , to ,
ciuoAdo it NoiiTii WESTS ; ; : ; .
A M > .0. --r-
Ui40 a. in.lA
A No. 4 . .tijuup , m.i | > No. I JiOOa. 111.
11 No. 2 , 8:10 : . m.'A ' No. 6
A Jjo.8 .0:4Ua. : m.A No. 1 .6:50 a. ru.
A No 4 70 p. in.'A ' No. U .fiUp. : ) m.
A No. 8 UA'ia m.A , No. 3.
A No. 4 . 0'Alp : in ) A No 1. . .
sioux orrv & PACJU-IU.
A No. 10 7:05 a. in.lA No. S. .8Ua.m. :
A No. IS 7l : n.m.lA No. II - -
OMAHA & bT. l.OUIfl.
A No. 8 : i4Up ; m | A No.7 .11 :
AdMly : n dully except Saturday. 0 except
Sunday ; I ) excupt MonUujr ; fast mall , f
"JJ ! * \ i > rt4 , Tre.
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