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Our Team Takoa the First Gnmo
From Sioux City.
KnnRns City nnil DCS Moines IMny n
Oninc Kiirlnkluil With Hrrors
nnil Huns General Sport *
"Western AHsoelatlou Standing.
Following is tlio oiuclal standing of the
Western association teams up to and incluu-
Ing yestcrday'H games :
1'lnyea Won Lost 1'r Ct
Be Molncs 100 05 . " > .MO
St. Paul 100 ( W 3 .GiO
Kansas City 101 01 40 .cot
fmnha 103 CO i ! ) .MS
IWilwaukco 10S 51J 57 .50.-
fSloux City IK ) ! ! -J 113 .EC'S '
Chicago 100 40 CO . ! )75 )
Davenport 1)3 ) Gi .012
Onmlia ! , Sioux City 1.
Siouv CITV , Sept. IS. [ Special Telegram
to Tun HKK.J The Sioux City and Ornalm
clubs played n beautiful game of ball to-day.
Omaha was somewhat stronger at the b. t
tind their hits were better bunched. The
one error against Sioux City was Snecd's '
muff of turns' long hit t'o right in the sev
enth Inning and gave Omaha ono run. In
that Inning Omaha made the game hopeless
for Sioux City. Autils retired ; Toboau hit
for onobase ; Miller's sacrlllco advanced To-
foeau to second ; Naglo by a safe hit further
advanced him to third and ho scored on Lov-
ctt's single ; Sneod muffed Uurns' hit and Nix-
glo scored ; McGarr Hew out. It was , how
ever , a hard fought gauio and Omahu won by
effective work. Tlie score.1
Totals 33 1 S 2 24 10 1
btnaha ; 0 0002020" 4
E3iouxClty..O 1
Huns earned Sioux City 1 , Omaha 8. Two
Jjaso hits Tcbeau. Three base lilts Sliced ,
Vcach. Double plays Force , Hrosnan nnd
Powell. Uases on balls Off Webber 1 , off
, ovctt 1. Struck out By Webber 4 , by
Lovett 0. Left on basus Sioux City 4 ,
Omaha 5. Time 1:85. : Umpire Fessou-
Kansas City tt : , Des Mollies 1O.
KANSAS CITT , Mo. , Sept. 18. [ Special Tel
egram to Tim Hen. ] The game between
pnnsas City nnd DOS Moines to-day was full
Of excitement nnd interest. Though the
jBlues finally came out ahead , nt the close of
the flrst inning the score stood 2 to 1 in DCS
Moines' favor. After two of thu Blues had
l > ccn retired in the second Hassainaer got flrst
Dn balls. Gunson bit safely to center and
I'holan let Con way's grounder go through
him , Hnssmaer scoring. Conwny tried to
jnnkq second on the play but the ball was
( fielded to Pholan who made nn effort to
touch him but failed and did not claim ho
did. Umplro Hngan called Conway out to
ho astonishment of DCS Moines and the au
dience , who hooted Hngan. The latter in-
plsted that otto of the spectators bo put out.
This was'not done nnd ho said there would
bo no gamo. The Des Molncs players loft
the grounds , but after half an hour's argu
ment Manager Morton consented to play the
came out , which was dono. The score :
Kansas City 1 1 7 0 a 0 0 0 1 13
.Des Moines 8 0024000 1 10
Earned runs Kansas City 3 , DCS Molues
P. Two base hits Manning. Homo runs
Johnson , Holllday. Double plays Hollidny
nnd Phohin. Hates on balls Off Conway 1 ,
off Cushman 4. Struck out Uy Conway 10 ,
by Cushmnn 4. Passed balls Gunson 8 ,
Trott a. Wild pitches Conway 1 , Cushman
J. Stolen bases Long , Manning (2) ( ) , ICriog ,
iTohnsnii , Hassamaor , Shafcr. Mncullar , Al-
yord , Van Dyke , Pholan. First on errors
DCS Moines a. Hits Kansas City 13 , Dos
( molnoa 11. Errors Kansas City 4 , DCS
JMoinco S. Hatterics Conway and Gunson ,
Cusbman nnd Trott.
i'CBtordity'H Winners in the National
Ijonfcuo Contests.
CHICAGO , Sept. 18. Kcsult of to-day's
came :
Chicago 0 00000000 0
Philadelphia. . . 0 1 0 0 3 1 0 * 0
Pitchers Krock nnd Sanders. Base hits
Chit-ago 1. I'hiladulphia 10. Errors-Chi
cage 5 , Philadelphia 10. Umpires Daniels
nnd Powers.
. IS. Result of '
PiTijiiiuuo , Sopt. to-duy'a
pnuio :
Pittsburg 1 00000000 1
Now York 0 0000014 *
Pitchers Calvin nnd Kcefo. Uaso hits
Pittsburg 4 , New York 8. Errors Pitts-
) ) urg 2 , Now York 1. Umplro Lynch.
DETUOIT , Sopt. 18. Hesult of the flrsl
pamo :
Detroit 0 10001000 I
Boston 1 0350120 * 11
Pitchers Boutin nnd Clarkson. Haso hits
Detroit 0 , Boston 18. Errors-Detroit 4 ,
Boston 3. Umpire Kelly.
Hesult of second game
'Detroit t 11001000- . !
Boston 0 0 0 2 0 2 4 0 * i
Pitchers Gctzcln nnd Sowders , Bnst
lilts Detroit 10 , Boston 0. Errors Detroit
0 , Boston 0. Umplro IColly.
IxniAXpous , Sept. Ib. Kcsult of flrs1
game :
Indiiuuipolts..2 10000000 !
Washington 0
Pitchers-Hnrdick nnd Whitney. Basi
Jilts Indiannpolls 7 , Washington S. Erron
Indianapolis 4 , Washington 2. Umpiro-
Hesult of second game
Jndianapolm . . . .a 1
"Washington 1 20000208 !
Pitchers Hculoy nnd Kcefo. Base hits-
Indlanaiwlla i ) , Washington 11. Errors-
Xndlanapolis 1 , WusUiugton 2. Umpire Val
Aiucrionii Association.
BIIOOKLVX , Sept. 18. Hcsult of to-day'i
came :
Brooklyn 0 110100000001
Loulsvillo 0100001100000
ST. Louis , Sept. IS. Uejult of. to-duy's
pamo :
St. Louis 4 0003303 2-11
Ualtimoro 0 01810000
CINCINNATI , Sept. 18. Result of to-day'
parao :
Cincinnati 3 00100010
Athletics 0 00001000
KAXIUS CITV , Sept. 18. Result of to-day1 :
* pamo :
! " Kansas City.3 01133030 1
Clovolnnd. , 0
Plnttstnoiitli O , Beatrice O.
PI.ATTSMOUTH , Neb. , Sept. 18. [ Specie
Telegram to TUB Bus-J Plnttsmouth agnli
demonstrated her ability to hold the amateu
championship over the Beatrice Garlands tc
day. At the end of the flfth Inning the scor
Btood 8 to n , In favor of Plattsinouth. In tb
flrst half ot the sixth Beatrice kicked becnus
tbo umplro changed a rank decision , and al
left the ground. The umplro refused to cal
the game , and tlio Pluttsmouth boys stuyo
on the pround until It , WM too dark to play ,
vhcn the utnilro | Rnvo tlio pamo to thorn by
n Rcoro of 0 to 0. lioatrlcovna outiilayutl Ht ,
ivcry point. Hattcrlcs Patterson Bros , for
'lattstnouth. Weaver , Fulton nnd Oallas for
icatrlco , Umplro Price.
Biiiiitnnrlc * of Yoslorday'rt Ilnccs nt
LOIIISVIU.B , Sept. 18. The full race meot-
np opened with a largo crowd. Tlio weather
vas clear and the track light.
I'lrst race , half tulle Gentility won , Jullcn
second , Lady Winkle third. Timc--43K' ! .
Second race , seven furlong Urlfronotto
von , dead heat between Pnt Donovan nnd
Jowlatcr for n place. Time 1 : ! 11.
Third race , six furlongs ( Jliampagno
Charlie won. Ulossing second , Laura Stone
.bird. No titro taken.
fourth race , inilo dash Lottio Wall won ,
otif * UoH second , Colonel Hunt third.
rime 1 s-J-ftf.
Fifth rauo , ono nnd one-sixteenth miles
ionnio Klni ; won , Ilumlot second , Galatea
Codnr Knpltli Hnccfi.
CEDAK H.M'in ? , In. , Sept. IS , The first day
of the races wa * not well attended.
In the flrst race , ycnrllnR stakes , Paul
[ 'inkhum won in two Btrulght heats , Colonel
Strador second. Heat tlmo ltft : : .
In the 2:45 : trot Henry won in three
stralftht heats , Governess second. Host time
In the race lor four-yoar-old stakes Hlrdlo
ERinont won , Florence second , IJust tlmo
Brooklyn < Toclcy Club Itnoon.
Niw : VOIIK , Sept. 18. Hrooklyn Jockey
club results :
Throo-iiuarturs of a mile llrlttanlc won in
1:10 : , Yum Yum second , Bradford third.
Ono and one-eighth miles Hr.dto won in
2:01 : ; ' ( , ICItiR Idle second , Gallfet third.
Threo-quartors of n mile Favordale , colt ,
won In ll"i : Diablo second , Fresno third.
Oriental handicap , ono and one-quarter
miles Dunboyno won in 3:12 : , Queen ot Eliz
abeth second , LOH An clc ? third.
One-half mile Glitter won In 51 , Sourirc
second , Eceoln , Illly , third.
Sixth race , ono nulo Letretia won In 1:45 : ,
Satisfaction second , KcdarKhau third.
MntcliVrrnniu < l.
GitcKinr CK.VTIIII , Neb. , Sept. 18. [ Special
Telegram to TIIK Him. ] Arrangements
wore completed to-day for a wrestling con
tent between .lerry Council , of Upauldlnp ,
Neb , nnd Wosty W. Tolllvnr , the champion
side hold wrestler of northern Nebraska.
The match will be for ? ll ) a sldo nnd the
championship of northern Nebraska.
To .Sporting Men.
I have n blue English pointer pup , Dick ,
six months old September 3. Under dlrcc-
Lion of Ocden Hros. , I will test his capacity
for hunting chickens in the Held apainst any
imp no older. Challonpo open to everybody.
Match to take place nt Clearwater , Nob. , for
$100 u side. A. C HAHTMAX ,
Cleanvater , Neb.
Al'ronilnont Dcinocrnt TlilnkH It AVID
Hurt Hlfi Party.
NEW-YOKK , Sept. 18. [ Special Teleprain
to TUB Hi : . ] Hon. Enoch Ensloy , of Memphis -
phis , Toiin. , a typical representative of the
south in all except a strong faith in protec
tion , was nt the Fifth avenue hotel to-day.
Ho was n democrat of the old school until
Lho lines were drawn on the question of free
Lrado and protection. A reporter asked how
ho intended to vote. Ho said :
"I have been n democrat all my life , but
no w the question before the people is whether
wo will open the doors of our country to
European competition mid roiluclngtho work
ing people to the level of foreign pauper laborer
or maintain the protective tariff and bo pros-
liorous and independent. I will not vote for
Mr. Cleveland because I believe in protec
tion. "
"Do you think many democrats in the
south nro in favor of protection ! "
"Yes , but they will nearly all vote the
democratic ticket from force of habit. I do
not think they will do it till the tune. I be
lieve protection will bo the rock upon which
the solid south will split , Wo have no ether
Issue. "
"Do you think the south will bo solid for
President Cleveland ! "
"It may not bo with the present Issue be
fore the country. I should hesitate to proph
esy victory for the democrats in every south
ern state. "
The Unit County Fair.
GUAXD ISLAND , Neb. , Sept. 18. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BEE. ] The Hall county
fair commenced hero to-day. Every stall
nt the grounds is filled. A number
of horses are down town. The
free-for-all pace to-morrow promises to
bo very interesting. Silver Tall ,
Lotta I' , Agate and two ether horses will
start. The 2 id" nnd free-for-all trots are
illlo.l nnd will bo hotly contested. Agricul
tural and art halls will be completed tomorrow
row forenoon nnil will surpass any exhibit of
the kind over witnessed in central Nebraska.
A Dpsj > crmo Sentenced.
S.VNTA Fu , N. M. , Sopt. 18. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BKK. ] The notorious Jim
Curry arrived hero to-day in custody of the
sheriff of Lincoln county , and was turned
over to the penitentiary authorities to servo
n sentence of six years for u murder com-
tnlttud in that county last spring. Curry Is
the man who killed the actor , Porter , at Little -
tlo Itoelc ton years ago , nnd is considered ono
of the worst men in the west. Some half n
dozen killings nro crcdltett to him during the
past iiftcon years.
A Iloiuarknblo .lury.
ST. JosiiPii , Mo. , Sopt. IS. [ Special Telegram
gram to Tun Hun. ] A remarkable Jury has
been collected for the September term of the
Uuchaimn circuit court. The venlro tov the
regular petit Jury is complete and the aggre
gated weight of the twenty-four men is 5,033 ,
nn average of SKI5 pounds. The feather
weight ot the jury tips the beam at 200
pounds oven , and the heavy weight at 2(55. (
The Judge and bar comnlain that it is a
scheme of the deputy shonlfs , but the depu
ties stoutly duny ttio alleg.ition ,
\Vyommg oil lands for sale. Claims of 20 ,
40 , ( ' 0 to 100 acrea now on thu market. Com
plete abstracts lo same furnished.
220 So. Thirteenth St. , Omaha , Nob.
Tlio Manitoba Crops.
WINNIPEG , Man. , Sept. IS. Charles A.
Hell , secretary of the board of trade , esti
mates thu Manitoba crop at 8,000,000 to 10-
COO.OOO bushels.
Beware of Scrofula
Scrofula is probably more general than any
other disease. It is Insidious In character ,
and manifests itself In running sores , pustular
eruptions , boils , swellings , enlarged Joints ,
abscesses , sere eyes , etc. Hood's Sarsaparllla
expels nil trace of scrofula from the blood ,
leaving It pure , enriched , and healthy.
111 was severely afflicted with scrofula , nnd
over a ycaj had two running sores on my neck.
Took flvo bottles Hood's Sarsaparllla , and am
cured. " 0. K. I.OVEJOY , Lowell , Mass.
0. A. Arnold , Arnold , Mo , , had scrofulous
sores for seven years , spring and fall. Hood's
Sarsaparllla cured him.
Salt Rheum
Is ono of the most disagreeable diseases cruised
by impuroblood. It Is readily cured by Hood's
Sarsaparllla , tlio great blood purifier.
"William Spies , Elyrla , O. , suffered greatly
from erysipelas and salt rheum , caused by
handling tobacco. At times Ids hands would
crack open and bleed. Ho tried various prep *
orations without aid ; finally took Hood's Sar-
capnrllla , and now says : "lamentirely well. "
"Jly son had salt rheum on his hands and
on tbo calves ot his legs. Ho took Hood's
Sarsaparllla nnd Is entirely cured. " J. B.
Stauton , Jit. Ycnion , Ohio.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all drupftitJ. gl | ilxfargs. Widuonlr
by a I. HOOD & CO. , Apothocar loi.Ixmell , Mu * .
IOO DOSGS One Dollar
Cattle Thlovos Operating Exten
sively in Wlnnobngo County ,
A Democratic Illowout at Kookuk A
Singular Hallrond Accident Sioux
CIly'H Financial Condition
Huloon Injunction *
JoliIirrH on the "Warpath.
DAVENTOUT , la. , Sept. 18. [ Special Tele-
; rain to THE BEE. ] The jobbers of this city
are on the warpath In dead earnest. The
city council chamber Is the place where the
case Is being tried that of the forty-five jol > -
jcrs against tno Chicago , Hock Island & Pa
cific , the Burlington , Cedar Knplds& North
ern , and the Chicago , Milwaukee St Si. Paul
railroads for extortionate rates and unjust
discrimination , mostly under the May 10th
.arilT. Ono after another the witnesses tes-
Lifted to the destruction of their business
under thn May luth tariff ; that the Increase
of rates was about ! 10 per cent ; that the rates
from Pcoria and Chicago Into Iowa
were ns low , and even lower , than
from Davenport to the same Iowa
loints , not half the distance. Several of
the jobbers tostllled to hauling goods to
Uock Island to get a living rate into Iowa.
Mr. Preston , of Sickles & Preston , Bald
that their business foil off 30 per cent in the
four months after the May 10th tariff went
Into effect , and to compete with Chicago
they had to soil goods > it nn actual loss. A
B. Bird , general passenger agent for the
Milwaukee road , was on the stand for the
detouso to-day , the plaintiffs having con
cluded their side. The Hno of defense was
mainly Justification of the Mav 10th tariff ,
Mr. Bird even claiming that it was too low.
A comparison of the Iowa commissioners'
rates with the Inter-stnto rates was a
Lhorout.'h vindication of the commis
sioners' rates , they being generally
iilgher than the inter-state rates , though
i great reduction on Iowa rates
LJinl said that the former nystom of giving
rebates had bi-on swept away by the inter
state law , and that the Iowa law was in sev
eral respects similar. Ho conceded that the
Nebraska through rates across Iowa were
materially lower t ban the Iowa local rates
under the May 10th tariff. The Muy 10th
tariff , ho said , was a largo advance on the
tariff in effect prior to that dato. The cross-
examination by Mr. Lane developed that the
loss of revenue to the Chluago , Milwaukee &
3t. Paul the last year was largely caused by
Lho rate war of last winter. Thus far the
obbers have a strong case against the rail
roads. _
The Uiiivorsalist Convention.
WATF.JILOO , la. , Sopt. 18. ISpoclal Tele
gram to Tun Br.K.I The Iowa Universnlist
state convention mot hero to-day and a largo
number of the most talented ministers of the
Universalist church m Iowa and adjoining ,
nro present. The opening session of the con
vention was held this evening. The topic
for discussion was "Uevival Work. " Uni
versalist societies are growing in number
and inlluenco throughout the state , and the
present convention is expected to prove the
largest and most interesting yet held.
Sioux City's Financial Condition.
Sioux CITV , la. , Sept. 18. [ Special to THE
| } KB , ] The service yesterday of an injunc
tion to prevent the city from constructing a
sewer pumping station , brings out to-day the
financial straits of Sioux City. Arrange
ments had been made to place bonds for
518,000 for the construction of the pumping
station , but the injunction proceedings de
velop and put on record the fact that the
city , in pursuance of n wide open system of
[ inblio improvements , has exceeded the con
stitutional limitation of municipal indebted
A Singular Accident.
DanuQUE , la. , Sept. 18. [ Special Tclo-
jjram to Tun BKK. ] A singular accident
liappencd hero to-day. The Chicago , Burling
ton & Quincy northern transfer steamer ,
while transferring u locomotive and throe
cars of coal from east Dubuque to this side ,
struck a sand uar in front of the landing on
this side. The sudden stop of the boat throw
the locomotive forward and it pitched into
the river over the bow of the boat. The reg
ulations require that tbo wheels should bo
blocked , but this was neglected in this case.
The work of raising the engine is now in
Tlio-Ynrd Men's Fault.
PACIFIO JUNCTION , la. , Sopt. 18. [ Special
Telegram to Tun Biiu.J The wreck of the
Kansas City passenger last night was not
caused by a misplaced switch. The yard
men loft BOUIO cars on a sldo track without
taking care to see that they cleared the
track. When the passenger came along it
crashed into them.
Another bad wreck occurred this morning
in the Kansas City yards. Freight No. IT
on the Kansas City road ran into a "Q"
train , wrecking an engine and seventeen
cars. No ono was injured.
Good News For l 'lske.
WATKIILOO , la. , Sopt. IS. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim BEE. ] Uev. John Bowman , of
Cedar Fulls , several years ago a strong can
didate for congress In the Third lowu dis
trict against Pratt , republican , nnd noted
since for his activity in the pulpit In the In
terest of the democratic party , lias issued a
call for a prohibition comity convention nnd
and announced his intention to support Fisko
and Brooks.
A Complaint From Thnycr.
Dis : Moisns , la. , Sopt. IS. ISpeclal Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] The citizens of Thayer ,
Union county , have presented to the rail
road commissioners thirteen petitions with
100 signatures asking that the railroads bo
compelled to put In a "Y" at the crossing of
the Diagonal and Chicago. Burlington &
Quincy railroads near that place.
A Saloon Keeper Enjoined.
CMXTONla. . , Sept. IS. [ Special Telegram
to THE Bin. ] Judge Waterman , in the dis
trict court , to-day granted a permanent in
junction against John Dalton , a saloon
keeper. This is the third permanent injunc
tion that has been granted this term.
A Fourth District Nomination.
MASON CITY , la. , Sopt. 18. | Special Tele
gram to Tin ; BEE. ] The democrats of the
Fourth congressional district to-day nomi
nated II. D. Hciiue , president of the Nor
wegian Lutheran college at Dccoruh , for
Democratic Burbuciio at Koolcuk.
KEOKUK , In , , Sept. 18. The -state demo
cratic barbocuf hero to-day was attended by
about twenty thousand strangers from Iowa ,
Illinois and Missouri. Speeches were made
by J. J. Secry. of Burlington , and' F. W.
Lehman , of DCS Moincs.
AVill Support the Itopubllonii Ticket.
DATEXi'OKT , la. , Sopt. 18. The union labor
party convention for the Second district , de
cided to-day to support the republican candi
date for congress in tbo Second Iowa Oils-
WholitHiilo Cattle Stealing.
MASOX CITV , la. , Sopt. 18. [ Spoolal Tele
gram to Tun BKK. ] News roaches hero ol
wholesale cattle stealing in Winnobago
county. Six hundred head have been stolen.
Confessed the Murder.
MEMPHIS , Sept. 18. John Hiloy , n farmer
living at Troy , Tunn. , was murdered last
Wednesday , and Mrs. Hiloy and Tom Con
dor , the only other persons on the farm ,
wore arrested on suspicion. There was nc
evidence found against them and they would
have been released had not Mrs. Hiloy ,
whoso conscience troubled her , made a coil'
f ess Ion. She nnd Condor had been intimate ,
and they resolved to kill Ulloy. The exocu
tlon of their plan was modti easy when lUloj
went to sleep while sitting on the porch
Condor approached him with a Bhot gut
from behind and blow his brains out. Con
dor docs uot know of Mrs. JUloy's coufes
k lA8 GONK.
A Familiar Ihclttt "AII-NlRhtcrs"
Ijoltvefe. Oipalia.
"Hold on , thpro , DKK man , and let mo
shake you good-byi ) , " said u diminutive lad ,
wlio stood on the OurbMono near the corner
of Thirteenth and Farmim streets Monday
iftornoon , us n IJun reporter paused by. The
joy was making a , purchase f rom n bannim
vender , nud graciously offered to shuro the
fruit with the pcrilin Addressed.
"I'etey" was ttljj lai1 } who spoke , and there
is scarcely n newspaper man , hotel clerk ,
imck driver , gamWor jartondor or sporting
man in Omnha wlibvlll not rccognlzo him.
"Petoy" has been Tor years a district mes
senger boy , doing servlco in the Omaha oflloo
atnlsht. Hit face Is n familiar one In every
newspaper ofllce , sporting house and saloon
In the business portion of the city.
" \Vhat do you want to shako good-byo for ,
' 1'utoyt' " asked Tin ! Hun man. "Won't 1
see you to-night us Usual when you come In
with the Council Bluffs packages from the
11:00 : o'clock dummy I"
"No. 1 am going to Kansas City to-night
on the way to tiio train now. 1'vo grown
itlnd of tired of Omaha. Don't make near ns
much money out of our business now ns wo
used to. You RCO , the city council Is sort o"
biistin1 us up. It was n hard Knock they
gave us when the leglshitur' closed up the
rambllii1 houses. When they were running
t used to make $3 and Jl on the sldo every
night. A gambler Is a mighty liberal man
sometimes. Often I've boon sent to a gamb-
Ing house on a call and the man who
wanted the messenger boy had Just made a
jig winning. What did ho care for n dollar
estthenl Ho'd just as soon give mo n V as
.ho 15-cent fee that "wo collect. Why , a
iharp boy who was on the night watch dur-
ng those days had a good thing. Hut they
closed 'em up , and now they're after the
sporting houses. Pretty soon they'll pass an
ordinance ) to cut off all the perquisites us
District kids have been used to getting. I'm '
getting scared and am going down to
ICansas City where sporting housoi run
wide open , and I'll ' go Into the District ser
vice there. In about a week I'll have the
ilacc sized up in good shape , and then I'll
) o rolling up the same old bills I used to
inako In Omaha. This town's no good no
nero for us , and I'm going to migrate , and
lore's my car , old man , so good bye , " and
' 1'ctey" was off.
The night editors on the Omaha nowspa-
icrs will mtsH "Potoy's" pleasant face more
, lmn that of any of the other boys. Almost
svery night ho was assigned the job of cross-
ng the river to Council Hluffa to get the last
mokugcs of copy from that sldo for these
uipors. It was a job that had to bo performed ,
n rain or cold , and he was never known to
nlss connection , bringing in his package at
11 : oO as promotly as ono could desire.
Pretty Salcu : on the Forks of the
SAI.EM , Web. , Sept. 18. [ Correspondence
of TUB HUE. ] Salem Is prospering , although
not heard from very often. The village has
700 inhabitants and is located at the forks of
, ho Nemaha , in Richardson county , seven
miles west of Falls City. The town is al
ready on a solid business footing , never hav
ing had n mushroom boom. AH lines of bus
iness , except the saloon , are represented ,
and the people have vofod to exclude linuor
selling. A commodious school house is now
nearly completed , and \lio \ large mill which
was recently destroyed by lire is being re
placed. The county , fait opens hero to
morrow and promises tj ) bo a grand success.
The corn crop is wpndarful , not a poor field
to bo scon in the whole , county. The wheat
and potato crops wcro , a trifle short , but oats ,
hay and apples nrqnbuiidaut.
Politically the county is very eloso , but
this year everything points to a good ma-
lority for Harnsqn and protection. Two-
thirds of thi ) young voters will cast their first
ballots for the rcuubllcau ticket.
United States Oflloei-s Victors in 11 Butte -
to with Illicit Distillers.
HOT Si'iiiNOS , Ark. , Sopt. IS. Two gen-
tlouicn named Outhrio and Butt , residents ol
lilack Springs , Montgomery county , brought
in news yesterday of a sanguinary conflict
between two moonshiners and two deputy
United States marsnals near the foot of
llackbono mountain , in Clark county , thirty
miles from this city , in which botli moon
shiners were shot to death. Ted Bates and
.lohu Grossam were the moonshiners , and
they have been prosecuting their illicit busi
ness for fiomo time about three miles north
of Black Springs. The recent raids of gov
ernment olllciuls had the effect of breaking
up the organized gang , and Bates and Gres-
sain were attempting to get out of the state
when tracked from their haunts by deputies.
A New Schedule Itascd on the
lim System.
CHICAGO , Sept : IS. The railroads entering
Chicago from the west , northwest and south
west , have agreed upon rates to apply to live
stock shipments under the weighing system.
The rates from Omaha and Kansas City to
Chicago on cattle and sheep will be S7J4 cents
a hundred pounds. On hogs the rate will be
27J cents from Omnha and 25 cents from
Kansas City. From St. Paul to Chicago n
charge of twenty-five cents will bo made on
cattle and 80 cents on hogs and sheep. These
rates will take the place of the present rales
per car load and will go into effect October
Dillon Kelensed Prom .lull.
Loxiiox , Sopt. 18. The statement that
Dillon has boon released on ball is incorrect ,
On account of the medical report on the state
of his health ho has been granted un uncon
ditional release.
Drni.ix , Sept. 18. At 10 o'clock this even
ing Mr. Dillon addressed n crowd outside his
house. He thanked these present for then
kindly welcome. Ho explained that ho had
been released without conditions and with'
out negotiations of any kind. Ho said that
ho Intended to npply himself to the struggle
in behalf of Ireland more diligently than
over. _
Loxnox , Sept. , 18. [ Special Cablegram tt
Tins BKP. . ] Mr. Parncil , in a congratulatory
telegram to Mr. Dillon , says : "Yourtriunpti
over the brutalities of imprisonment is t
great victory fur Ireland and a signal dis
comlltnre for Balfour's coercion. "
The News says : "Wo believe there does
not exist a man in the kingdom , not except
ing Mr. Bnlfonr or Mr. Goschen , who does
not hope earnestly that Mr. Dillon has boot
released in tune. Ho was released because
had anything happqnod to him in juil Bui
four's oftlcial existence would not have been
worth a fortnight's ' purphasc. "
The Tyiiotlrctan Convention.
NEW YOUK , SopU 18. The United Typo
thetao of America , fin .association composed
of master printers throughout the Unitci
States , began its second annual meeting to
day with delegates' prositnt from Chicago
Milwaukee. St. Piiul , Omaha , Minneapolis
and other points.
After PresidentDovinno addressed the
convention , n letter from the Internationa
Typographical union Inviting some arrange
mcnts whereby there might bo n means 01
effecting arbitration nnft having at all time :
peace with honor , was read.
A. Chlnnnmn l nfiJHcd Citizenship.
Sr Louis , Sept. 13. .judge Barclay , of tin
St. Louis circuit court , to-day refused t <
grant naturalization papers to Argo Konno
haino , a Chinaman. The judge takes tin
ground that under the existing laws Chincsi
cannot become American citizens , and da
clarcs that the latest definition of the natur
allzatlon law of 1833 is that no state of the
United States shall grant citizenship to Chi
ncso. Konnohnmo has resided hero to
years , ana says ho will carry his case to con
gress. _ _
A St. Joseph Failure.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , Sept. 18. [ Special Tolc
gram to Tins Hm : . ] Charles Trobrldge , ;
fruit commission dealer , who opened a . bus !
ness on Edmond street two months age
closed his doors to-day and loft for parts uc
known. Creditors , whoso aggregate los
will amount to about $5,000 , mourn his dc
partura. The heaviest losers are Peyck
Bros. , of Omaha , and a St. Louis firm , cac
having bills to the amount of about $1,600.
Mr. Sbormim Dlsoussos the Presi
dent's Retaliation Policy.
A IJOIIR nnd Spirited Debate In the
House on the Matter of Ap
propriations Other
WASHINGTON , Sept , 18. In the senate , to
day the deficiency appropriation bill was re
ported back from the committee on appro
priations and ordered printed.
Mr. Sherman's resolution , offered yester
day , Instructing the committee on foreign
relations to inquire into the state of the rela
tions of the United States with Oroat Brit
ain and the dominion of Canada , and to re
port at next session such measures ns are ex
pedient to promote friendly commercial and
political Intercourse between these countries
nnd the United States , was taken up , and
Mr. Sherman proceeded to ndaress the sen-
itu on it. Ho made un allusion to the presi
dent's retaliation message and the Justifica
tion of the rejection of the fish-
cries treaty. Ho believed that the
evil could have been corrected if
.ho president had , by proclamation , with-
neld the privileges from Canadian fishing
vessels that hart been denied to American
ilshermcn. But the president , instead of ex
ercising the powers which ho had , had asked
congress , in his retaliation message , for
power to suspend commerce which had
amounted for the last six years to $270,000-
000. The president's proposition was , in other
words , to suspend nnd embarrass the
commerce of exports and imports
amounting to nearly $100,000,01)0 , ) a
veiir. Such a proposition , made without
warning in the midst of a popular election ,
nid been the president1 ! * response to the
earnest demand innae by American fisher-
non that they should bo bocurod in the on-
oymcnt of what they believed to bo their uu-
lucstionablo rights ,
Mr. Sherman's resolution went over with
out action nnd the senate adjourned.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 18. The speaker pro
in laid bcforo the house n communication
rrom the postmaster general in response to a
resolution calling for information relating to
the distribution through the mails of the Tux
llcforui Advocate in violation of the postal
laws. The postmaster general says thatstcps
liavo been taken by the department to inves
tigate the truth or falsity of offenses of the
nature described in the resolution , but as no
such offenses huvo occurred no steps had
been taken to punish such offences. The com
munication was referred to the committee on
poHtoftlccs and postroads.
Mr. Forney of Alabama then called up the
conference report on the sundry civil appro
priation bill. When last before the house
the report was opposed by Mr. Payson of
Illinois , who antagonized the appropriation
for continuing the now Horary building , and
advocated an absolute abrogation of the pres
ent plan of construction as inadequate. Mr.
Forney proceeded to reply to this attack and
to defend the plan as proposed in the confer
ence report.
Mr. Cannon of Illinois made a speech on
the general subject of appropriations , and
said that the democratic administration had
expended in four years $ Ofi,000OJO more than
liad been expended during the last four years
of the republican administration. Ho
charged the democrats with increasing the
number of public otllcials and with increas
ing salaries. The fiscal policy of administra
tion was an attempt by the president to weld
the solid south with Wall street , and on the
structure thus erected ho hoped to climb a
second time into the presidential clialr.
Mr. Burns of Missouri declared that
much of the increased appropriations was
duo to the republican senate , or amendments
creating them offered by the gentleman from
Illinois and advocated by his party friends.
Mr. Cannon declared that ho only advo
cated increased appropriation when ho
thought the Increase was right and proper.
Continuing his reply to Mr. Cannon , Mr.
Burns read a statement showing that the
senate in four years had increased the civil
bill by f'-M.OM.Ooy , and this in spite of the
fact that the house confercs , headed by Sam
uel J. Handall , had resisted increases witli
Mr. O'Ncil of Pennsylvania For the in
formation of the gentlemen on that side of
tbo house , I will inform thorn that ono week
from to-morrow Samuel J. Kandall will bo
nominated unanimously by a democratic
convention composed of all shades of demo
crats , without reference to the tariff. [ Ap
plause on the democratic side. ]
Mr. Burns , branching off into politics , said
that the democratic riders were in the saddle
and ready for the word "Go. " Ho saw vic
tory in the air In November.
Mr. Henderson , of lown , challenged the
statement , and in answer to his question as
to what gains the democrats expected , Mr.
Burns replied that Iowa might fall into Hn6.
Mr. Henderson wantedjto know whether the
gentleman found reason for his belief in the
result in Maine , Oregon and Vermont.
Mr. Burns replied that the democrats had
reduced the republican majority in Maine by
1,200. In Oregon they had voted long boioro
the democracy had gotten Its horses on the
Messrs. * Payson and Kelly spoke on the
library controversy , nnd pending further
discussion the matter went over.
Mr. Cutcheon of Michigan , from the com
mittee on rivers nnd harbors , reported a bill
authorizing thn secretary of war to prcscrlbo
rules and regulations for the mnnagetneiit of
the St. Clalr fiats ship canal. Passed.
The house then , nt 5 o'clock , adjourned ,
nnd a democratic caucus was announced to
bo held at 8 this evening ,
Oratory Dispensed With nnd Bust-
IIPSH Transacted.
The meeting of the city council last night
was short , and that body went through its
order of business perfunctorily. Fifteen
councilman were present , but none of them
had energy or Inclination to find n discussion
upon anything ,
A communication was received from
Mayor Broatch announcing his acceptance of
C. fc. Mayne's resignation from the board of
public works. It was about to be placed on
file , but at the suggestion of Mr , Lee the
council also accepted the resignation.
The mayor's appointment of the following
special policemen was confirmed : John
Alison , John ( . Daughc-rty and N. N. Ed
Gas Inspector James Gilbert reported
eighty-seven tests of gas during
August , giving an average of
eighteen candle power. The city has T'J3 gas
nud102 gasoline street lamps In use.
Fred W. Gray nsked the city to lease him
forty-eight feet of Harney street in front of
block ir > for ten years. The street cannot
bo used at that point for travel on account of
the B. & M. yard trackage. Heferrcd.
City Treasurer Hush reported that ho had
tendered to the respective property owners
the damages appraised on nccount of the
widening of Eleventh street south of the via
duct. All but Harold Sohoer accepted the
sums proffered. A resolution was introduced
declaring Ulovonth street legally widened
from Briggs to Hickory.
A resolution was adopted giving N city
employes who can bo spared a half holiday
Saturday afternoon , that they may attend
the ball game between cdunclliuon and mem
bers of the board of education.
The Bolt Line railroad was ordered to
construct a crossing at Twenty-second and
l/.ard streets.
The gas bill for August , ? ? , 'JOO , wasal
The city clerk was directed to advertise for
hay for the lire and police departments for
ono year.
A petition was received from property
owners on Vinlon street , botwcen Sixteenth
and Twentieth , asking the council to order
any street car line operating on Vinton street
to pave before other paving is done , or to re
imburse the property owners for the area be
tween the tracks. Koforrod.
The board of public works was ordered to
place a Hush tank for sewers at Pacific and
Eleventh streets.
The following ordinances were passed s
Creating sewer district 85 and ordering work
therein ; locating hydrants ; refunding JJS4 of
taxes to Lillie and Minnie McCague ;
also $30 to A. Johnson ; levying tax for curbIng -
Ing Vinton street from Thirteenth to Six
teenth ; orodring the paving of Twenty-first
street , in district 19" , with cypress ; also of
alley in blocks 9,10 , ! jy , 21 , 4H , M , 57 , 1U ! , IfcJ ,
200,1204,215X , 240 , IC.Oand .151 ; creating sewer
district 84 and curbing sewer therein ; orderIng -
Ing curbing of Twenty-fifth avenue from
Haruoy to St Mary's avenue ; also of Twenty-
second street in district 171 , nnd Howard
street in 172 ; ordering the paving of Seven
teenth street in district 128 with nsphaltum ;
levying n tax for the sewer in district ( ill ;
changing grade on Thirty-seventh street
from Furnnin to First ; vacating the alloy in
block 0.
The ordinance granting the horse car
company richt of way over the Eleventh
street viaduct was passed as amended last
week without discussion. Messrs. Snyder
and Bedford voted nay , but there were
twelve ayes.
A Conference of Delegates to Ilscus
ilio Situation.
NAsnviu.u , Tcnn. , Sept. 18. A conference
of delegates from the boards of health of
many of the southern states and Illinois was
held hero to-day for the purpose of discuss
ing the yellow fever situation. An exhaus
tive intercourse of ideas was had , and reso
lutions adopted declaring it the sense of the
conference that ten days' detention of the
yellow fever refugees should bo enforced
against these destined for points south of the
northern bonndary of Tennessee , but in view
of the lateness of the season it is recom
mended that the healthful refugees whoso
basgago has been disinfected should bo per
mitted to go north of that line without do-
JACKSONVILLE , Fin. , Sept. 18. We have
had n bright sunshiny , but delusive day. in
which the insiduous pestilence has seemed to
do Its worst. It has been the most terrible
In our history. The record of new cases is
150 for the twenty-four hours ending at (1 ( p.
in. This Includes some thirty-live cases re
ported by the medical bureau Just after the
official report closed. The death roll is
twenty. Three of these should bo added to
yesterday's report , making to-day's deaths
proper seventeen. Total cases to date , 1,2011 ;
total deaths , 153.
Punishment to Fit the Crime.
NEW YOIIK , Sept. IS. William Bohann , of
Rockawny , who gouged out his wife's eyes ,
was sentenced to-day in Long Island to
twenty-six years and seven months at hard
Other Nominations.
CHICAGO , Sept. 18. The democrats of the
the Fourth Illinois district to-day nominated
Jonathan B. Taylor for congress.
BOSTON , Sept. 18. General Nathaniel P.
Banks wits nominated for congress this af
ternoon by the republicans of the Fifth dis
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